Who Eats The Most Pizza?

Which Country Eats The Most Pizza?

  1. Norway
  2. United States. In the United States, there are 350 slices of pizza consumed every second.
  3. United Kingdom. The United Kingdom comes in third on the list for eating the most pizzas.
  4. Germany. Germany is fourth on the list for eating the most pizza.
  5. Italy. Italy is fifth on the list for consuming the most pizza.

Norway consumes the highest amount of pizza in the world. This is based on the pizza-per-person ratio. A person consumes about 11 lbs of pizza annually in Norway (still way less than I do). Considering 5.5 million people live in the beautiful and pizza-ful country, this accounts for a huge amount of pizza.
Norway/Pizza eaters. While pizza is usually associated with Italy,people from Norway would like to change that.

How many countries eat the most pizza?

We explore the eating habits around the world with this list – 11 countries that consume the most Pizza.

What is the most popular pizza day of the year?

The Super Bowl is the most popular pizza day of the year. 70% of those who watch the NFL Championship will eat at least one slice of pizza during the game. Americans consume 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni every year, with much of that being on pizzas. 36% of all pizza orders in the US are for a pepperoni pizza.

Is everyone eating Pizza Today?

Eating pizza is especially prevalent in the United States, where it is ranked as the 4th most craved food item. The annual amount of pizza sales in the United States contributes $38 billion worth of revenues to the food industry. Everyone is eating pizza today.

How many slices of pizza does the average American eat?

The number of slices of pizza that are sold, on average, in every second in the US: 350. 46. That’s the number of pizza slices that the average American is going to eat over the course of the next 12 months. 93% of Americans will eat pizza at least once in the next 30 days. The average American eats 23 pounds of pizza every year.

Who eats the most pizzas in the world?

Italy – The Home of Pizza

Napoli, Italy is thought to be the birthplace of Italian pizza, but this country consumes a surprisingly small amount of it compared to the other players on this list. Each day, approximately 1 million pizzas are consumed in Italy.

What demographic eats pizza the most?

Children between the ages of 6-19 are the most likely to eat pizza. 51% of girls in this age demographic will eat at least once slice of pizza.

Which city eats the most pizza?

According to their latest list, Worcester has the most pizza shops per capita in the U.S. — 38.4 pizza shops per 1ook people — making it the #1 city for pizza lovers.

Worcester Named #1 City for Pizza Lovers in America.

Worcester Scranton
185,877 77,182
331 200
72 42

What age group eats the most pizza?

Pizza consumption was highest in the 6-11 and 12-19 age range, and tapers out after that with just 6 and 5 per cent of men and women over 60 having pizza on any given day.

Who loves pizza the most?

1. Norway. Norwegians consumes the most pizza in the world on a per-person ratio. This small nation has a population of about 5.5 million, and they eat about 5 kg (11 lbs) pizza each annually.

Is pizza healthy to eat?

What about nutrients? Pizza is a great source of nutrients in the American diet. It provides high percentages of the total daily intake of protein, fat, saturated fat, fibre, calcium and lycopene.

Who sells the most pizza in the US?

With sales worth approximately 8.29 billion U.S. dollars, Domino’s Pizza was the leading pizza restaurant chain in the United States in 2020. Pizza Hut and Little Caesars were ranked second and third, respectively. Since 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the leading pizza chain in the U.S. in terms of sales.

Who invented pizza?

Specifically, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is often given credit for making the first such pizza pie. Historians note, however, that street vendors in Naples sold flatbreads with toppings for many years before then. Legend has it that Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889.

What is America’s favorite pizza topping?


This may not come as a surprise, but pepperoni is by far the most popular pizza topping in the United States.

What is the pizza capital of USA?

The study pinpointed Detroit—known for its square, deep-dish, crispy-crust style of pizza—as the “pizza capital of the U.S.” The city, home to the legendary Buddy’s Rendezvous, where Detroit-style pizza originated, boasts around 1,050 pizza shops and 15.5 places for every 10,000 residents.

What is the pizza capital of the world?

Nestled in the southwest corner of Lackawanna County, is the amazing town of Old Forge, PA. The town has been very successful in transitioning into a highly respected Mecca for Italian Cuisine and has attained the distinction of being regarded as the ‘Pizza Capital of the World.’

What country eats the most?

Which Country Eats the Most?

Rank Country Average Daily Intake Per Capita (Kilocalories)
1 Austria 3800
2 United States 3750
3 Greece 3710
4 Belgium 3690

How many pizzas does dominos make in a day?

The Pizza Chain Sells 1.5 Million Pizzas Every Day.

With over 11,000 locations scattered across the globe and 5,000 international locations, it should come as no surprise that Domino’s deals with a heavy amount of daily pizza traffic.

What is the best pizza in America?

– Regina Pizzeria – Boston, Massachusetts. – Bleecker Street Pizza – New York City, New York. – Modern Apizza – New Haven, Connecticut. – Home Slice Pizza – Austin, Texas. – Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria – Anchorage, Alaska.

Who sells the most pizza?

Lawson, Family Mart, 7-Eleven and Mini Stop are all in the running for the top spot. This winter, we’ve been visiting the country’s top convenience store chains, comparing some of their food offerings against each other to see which one is worth your money.

What are the top pizza chains in the US?

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Pizza Hut
  • Little Caesars
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Sbarro
  • Marco’s Pizza
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza
  • Cici’s Pizza
  • Which Country Eats The Most Pizza?

    • Record-breaking opportunities exist in a variety of arenas: for countries and states
    • for counties and school districts
    • and for big groups of people in general. With regard to specific events, there is always something that one might be renowned for being better and bigger at. With the large number of individuals who enjoy a delicious pizza, it’s no surprise that some people desire to be regarded as the top pizza eaters in the world. So, which country can claim to consume the greatest amount of pizza? Norway wins the prize for consuming the greatest amount of pizza. Norway has the world’s highest per capita consumption of pizza, with an average of eleven pizzas consumed per person per year. This surpasses any other country’s record on the planet. Frozen pizza is the most popular type of pizza in Norway, with restaurants accounting for a lesser proportion of total consumption and preparing fresh pizza at home accounting for a smaller proportion. Despite the fact that the United States is known as the ″birthplace of fast food,″ the country ranks second in the world in terms of pizza consumption. Every second, around 350 pieces of pizza are devoured in the United States, according to estimates. What Percentage of Pizza is Consumed in Other Countries? Pizza’s widespread appeal can be attributed to its adaptability, which allows it to be used to produce whatever flavor impression a person desires. There are practically no restrictions on what may be included into the thin crust drenched in tomato sauce and topped with that wonderful snowy white mozzarella cheese on top of the thin crust. In fact, even the crust now has the ability to fluctuate from being extremely thin to being: The New York-style crust is distinguished by being slightly crisp on the outside and soft and pliable on the inside
    • the St. Louis-style crust is known as a cracker-like crust
    • the flatbread crust is lighter and airier
    • the thick crust is considered the traditional pan-pizza style crust and is generally about a half-inch thick
    • the thin crust is considered the traditional thin crust
    • Deep-dish pizza, often known as Chicago-style pizza, is characterized by a deep ledge that allows for more generous quantities of toppings to be placed on the dough.
    • Known for its thick, rectangle-shaped crust that is sometimes more than an inch thick, the Sicilian crust is a specialty of the region.
    • Wood-fired crusts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most distinguishing attribute of these crusts is the smoky flavor they get as a result of the use of real wood to heat the oven in which they are baked.
    • Focaccia crusts are often served without a coating of sauce on top of them. An olive oil glaze is applied to the dough, which has been infused with a variety of herbs
    • Custom pizza crusts are becoming increasingly popular as a method for chefs and cooks to infuse their own distinctive taste into the dough of a traditional pizza crust. Stuffed crusts made with cheese, honey, garlic butter, or toasted asiago are just some of the options available to you with these types
    • you can also customize your pizza by adding your favorite toppings.
    • Homemade pizza – Pizza prepared in an electric or gas oven is also a delicious option. It is preferable to bake on a pizza stone rather than a baking pan.

    Pizza is not only a delicious dish to eat, but it is also a lot of fun to prepare thanks to the use of imagination and a little knowledge of how components will blend together. Other nations’ rankings on the list of countries with the highest consumption of pizza are as follows:

    1. Norway

    Norway, a country with a population of about 5.5 million people, is the country that consumes the most food per person per year (around 11lbs)

    2. United States

    A slice of pizza is devoured per second in the United States, amounting to 350 slices every second.

    3. United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom ranks in third place on the list of countries with the highest consumption of pizza.They also come in third place on the list of countries with the highest consumption of fast food.Almost half of the population of the United Kingdom consumes pizza on a daily basis, or once every 10 days.They prefer to consume their pizza as takeout or in a restaurant rather than at home.

    4. Germany

    Germany is in fourth place on the list of countries that consume the most pizza. Every second, more than a hundred pieces of pizza are consumed in the German-speaking country of Germany.

    5. Italy

    Italy is in fifth place on the list of countries that consume the most pizza.Despite the fact that this country is known as the ″birthplace of pizza,″ it does not rank among the top five countries in terms of pizza consumption.The enormous number of Italians who immigrated to the United States during the 1940s might have an impact on this figure.Despite the fact that many people have relocated to the United States, pizza is still widely consumed throughout the nation, and the original recipe for the dish has been preserved.

    6. Russia

    Russia stands in sixth place on the list of countries that consume the most pizza. In Russia, the popularity of pizza is continuing to increase. Pizza Hut has increased in popularity and is widely available in and around Moscow, as you shall see.

    7. France

    France is also included on the list, and it ranks eighth in terms of pizza consumption. The people of France have risen to the top of the list of countries with the highest cheese consumption. In France, pizza and hamburgers are two of the most popular dishes to consume.

    8. Australia

    Australia is ranked eighth on the list because more than 52 million people visit fast-food outlets to eat not only pizza but also hamburgers and fries, according to the World Bank. They like hamburgers, but pizza is a close second on their list of favorite fast-food dishes.

    9. Japan

    Japan, like the rest of the world, follows the trend of fast food consumption, with the average person eating pizza at least once a week. Okonomiyaki is the name given to the Japanese version of pizza, which is frequently served at festivals.

    10. China

    China is tenth on the list of countries with the highest per capita consumption of pizza. Though pizza with meat and cheese on top is not the usual Chinese dish, it is gaining in popularity and may soon overtake the chicken and wonton dishes as the most popular dish in the country.

    11. Turkey

    Turkey is one of the countries that consumes a large amount of pizza. It appears that they are following the fast-food trend, which includes pizza eating, since they are ranked eleventh on the list. The olive oil, onions, basil, minced meat, and cloves that are used in the Turkis variety of pizza are among the ingredients.

    The Popular Pizza

    Pizza is a food that is enjoyed all over the world.It is consumed in a variety of varieties, including vegetarian, with a variety of toppings, seafood, and with spices from all over the world, among others.This classic meal may be found in a variety of variations no matter where you go in the world.You may go through the various websites and blogs to discover new techniques to construct a crust or to incorporate a topping you had never thought before.Even while some individuals believe that pizza is a bad item to have in one’s diet, others cannot image living in a world where it is not accessible to purchase.The pizza industry is shifting its attitude toward the dish.

    Frozen pizza is now more readily available and more economical, as well as more convenient to cook.The pizza stands on city streets are now being offered as take-out by restaurants, and you can find them in most major cities.By searching the internet, you can find hundreds of recipes that will allow you to experiment with different crusts and toppings to create a unique flavor experience.Pizza has unquestionably become a world-wide sensation.

    11 Countries that Consume the Most Pizza

    With this list, we will investigate the eating habits of people all throughout the world — There are 11 nations in the world that devour the most pizza.This simple meal, which was invented by resourceful Italians in the 1600s and is now one of the most famous and most consumed foods in the world, has a thin crust, delicious tomato sauce, snow white mozzarella, and a variety of possible toppings, such as pepperoni, ham, or even pineapple, and is baked in the oven.Who doesn’t enjoy a good slice of pizza?The global trend of fast food expanded quickly and widely, with pizza being the most popular of the many options available.Consider the following 11 nations that consume the most fast food in the world to get a sense of the magnitude of the problem: Pizza enthusiasts all over the world enjoy their favorite meal in a variety of ways and with a plethora of variants.Seafood, a variety of garnishes, and all of the spices in the world are included in this vegetarian dish.

    You can discover a different pizza recipe in every part of the world, and there are a plethora of culinary websites and blogs dedicated to sharing new ideas on ingredients and methods to enjoy the most popular fast food in the world, pizza.Despite the fact that smoking is deemed harmful, millions of people cannot envision their lives without it.The invention of frozen pizzas, which were more economical and extremely simple to cook, had a significant impact on the food manufacturing business.You may just purchase a large quantity and reheat one or two of them in the oven as needed.Restaurants have takeout and pizza stands outdoors for customers who are passing by and don’t have the time to wait in line.

    Pizza is so widely consumed that the economy that surrounds it is worth around $30 billion per year, according to industry estimates.There are several case studies that demonstrate pizza’s widespread appeal in the United States, and there are hundreds of intriguing facts about it.Every second, 350 pieces of pizza are consumed in the United States.Pizza Hut, with approximately 13,000 locations worldwide, is the largest provider of pizza in the United States and the globe.Regular pizza is not only unhealthy, but it is also tasty and highly addicting.

    Long periods of time spent eating nothing but pizza can lead to an eating problem, which is known as pizza bingeing.With no question, we are huge fans of pizza, and we devour vast quantities of it.We conducted some research for you and compiled a list of the 11 nations with the highest per capita consumption of pizza in the world.Is it possible for you to predict who the largest consumer of pizza is?You’ll be pleasantly pleased.

    11. Turkey

    It appears that fast food – including pizza – is highly popular in this nation located between Europe and Asia.The country is recognized for the gigantic Hagia Sophia, kebab, pasta, coffee, and cigarettes, among other things.The Turkish version of this fast-food delicacy is made with olive oil, garlic cloves, onions, basil, parsley, and minced beef, amongst other ingredients.The Turks prefer to eat pizza in the evenings, mostly.11 nations with the highest per capita consumption of pizza Australia ChinaCountries Quick Service Restaurants France Germany Italy Japan List XFinancethe most popular fast food Norwaypizza Russia Slideshow Turkey The United Kingdom is a country in the European Union.USA Please provide additional information.

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    29 Great Pizza Consumption Statistics

    Stats › 29 Interesting Pizza Consumption Facts and Figures The most popular pie in the world isn’t an apple pie or a lemon meringue pie.The culinary item in question is a pizza, and there are parts of the globe where people are completely infatuated with this particular food item.Pizza consumption is particularly common in the United States, where it is regarded as the fourth most sought food item in the country.Every year, pizza sales in the United States generate revenues in the amount of $38 billion, which is a significant contribution to the food business.

    Pizza Consumption

    • Today is a pizza day, therefore everyone is eating pizza. Pizza shops are even offering gluten-free crusts on their pizzas in order to cater to customers with specific spending habits and health concerns. The fact that the toppings may be so different, the crust layers can be thin or thick, and one can even put barbecue sauce on a pizza and call it a meal, there’s no doubting the widespread popularity of pizza throughout the world today. Every year in the United States, it is estimated that 3 billion pizzas are consumed.
    • It is estimated that around 350 slices of pizza are sold in the United States per second (46 slices per second). Approximately how many pizza slices the average American will consume over the next 12 months is represented by the number 1.
    • The majority of Americans (93 percent) plan to eat pizza at least once in the next 30 days.
    • The typical American consumes 23 pounds of pizza each year, with the Super Bowl serving as the most popular pizza day of the year in the United States. The NFL Championship game is expected to be watched by 70 percent of those who will have at least one piece of pizza while watching.
    • Every year, the United States consumes 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni, the majority of which is consumed on pizza. Pepperoni pizza accounts for 36% of all pizza orders in the United States, or 70,000 orders. The number of pizzerias now operating in the United States is about this figure. One in every four of those pizzerias is a Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Papa John’s, and pizzerias account for 17 percent of all eateries in the United States. A total of more than 10% of all pizzerias in the United States may be located in New York City.
    • For example, an adult eats 744 calories when eating pizza in an usual session.
    • On any given day, around one in every eight Americans consumes pizza

    When it comes to a quick dinner in the United States, pizza is unquestionably the best option.It may satisfy a number of different dietary categories, depending on the toppings, and it can give someone with the opportunity to satisfy their hunger pains in a comprehensive manner.When compared to potato chips and other snack foods that are high in calories, pizza appears to be a relatively healthy alternative to consider.Although pizza may be consumed in large quantities without harming the body, it can be misused and lead to long-term health problems in individuals who consume large quantities of it.If someone’s diet consists mostly of pepperoni pizza, then it is unlikely that they will consume any veggies.Sorry, but tomato sauce is just a fruit offering at the very best of times.

    Pizza Eating Starts Early and Lasts a Lifetime

    • On any given day, 13 percent of the population of the United States aged 2 years and older will consume pizza. That indicates that almost 1 in every 8 individuals will consume pizza today
    • Pizza consumption is highest among children between the ages of 6 and 19 years. At least one slice of pizza will be consumed by 51 percent of the female population in this age group.
    • When consumed on the day it is consumed, pizza will give someone with 25% of their complete daily energy requirements.
    • An individual’s daily sodium intake is increased by 33 percent when they consume pizza, which is when it happens.
    • In the United States, the most common time to consume pizza is at dinner. When it comes to eating pizza for lunch, children are more likely than adults to do so
    • Less than 6 percent of elderly citizens over the age of 60 will have at least one piece of pizza today
    • Almost 10% of pizza consumption happened at a time when people were snacking rather than eating a meal
    • 59 percent of the population. That represents the proportion of pizza eating that takes place in the house.

    If you grew up in the public school system in the United States, then pizza day was one of the days you looked forward to at lunch every day.Because it was impossible for the cafeteria staff at school to make a mistake with the pizza, you were certain that you would have a satisfying lunch.That practice has persisted into adulthood, with the only difference being that now it is customary to look forward to a supper pizza rather than a lunch pizza.With companies such as Papa Murphy’s allowing customers to take a fresh pizza home and bake it in their own oven, it’s simple to understand why 2 percent of pizza consumption occurs at breakfast.Grab a slice of bread from the refrigerator and go about your morning routine, and you’ll be satisfied.

    How Deep Is The Obsession With Pizza?

    • On this day, one in every six men between the ages of two and 39 consumed pizza for breakfast, lunch, or supper
    • Since 1995, the average amount of cheese consumed per person has increased by 41%.
    • A normal day’s consumption of pizza will account for 39 percent of a person’s daily intake of saturated fat
    • nevertheless, it is not uncommon for people to consume pizza on a weekly basis.
    • Alaska’s capital city, Anchorage, is home to the highest-grossing independent pizza in the country, with yearly sales of $6 million.
    • The biggest pizza ever created has a diameter of 122 feet and eight inches. 9,920 pounds of flour, 198 pounds of salt, 3,968 pounds of cheese, and 1,984 pounds of tomato puree were required for this project.
    • A thin crust will be found on six out of every ten pizzas sold. Additionally, an additional 11 percent of pizzas will have a ″extra″ thin crust.
    • Saturday is the most popular day of the week to eat pizza
    • Sunday is the least popular.
    • ″Luxury Pizza,″ a 12-inch pizza from Bellissima topped with six different types of caviar, fresh lobster tail, crème fraiche, and chives, sells for $1,000.00
    • it is one of the most expensive pizzas in the world. The average number of pizza boxes used by a pizzeria on a daily basis is ten thousand.

    Consider this: pizza may only account for 10% of total food sales, but consider this: Every year, around 5 billion pizzas are sold throughout the world.Every year, there are probably a few of million more pizzas baked from scratch at home than are consumed in restaurants.In the United States, pizza sales account for more than 60% of total sales.This is why the rest of the world believes that the United States is obsessed with pizza.What is it about Americans that they consume so much pizza?Because it allows for the quicker pace of living that is required by American civilization.

    Which is more nutritious if you’re in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B and need something to eat?What do you prefer: a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza?This explains why pizza sales in the United States will continue to soar to unprecedented heights.

    Who Eats the Most Pizza in the World? The Answer May Surprise You

    Everyone knows that pizza originated in Italy, but it may come as a surprise to learn that the country does not dominate the world in terms of consumption. We must drive much farther up Northwestern Europe to the little nation of Norway, which is a long distance away. The United States surprises many by being the nation with the highest per capita pizza consumption in a calendar year.

    1. Norway

    On a per-person basis, Norwegians consume the greatest amount of pizza in the world.This little country has a population of around 5.5 million people who consume approximately 5 kg (11 lbs) of pizza per person per year.If you ever find yourself in Norway, you’ll notice that there are pizza places on practically every street corner you turn.Norwegians also eat a lot of pizza at home, which is usually purchased frozen and baked in the oven.Grandiosa is the name of the most popular frozen pizza on the market.

    2. USA

    There are more than 327 million people living in the United States, and 350 pieces of pizza are consumed every second. Despite this, Americans do not consume enough pizza to overtake Norway as the world’s leading pizza consumer. This country, which is often regarded as the ″birthplace of fast food,″ must settle for second place in the rankings.

    3. United Kingdom

    Pizza is a popular food in the United Kingdom, with more than half of the population eating it at least once every 10 days. With a population of more than 66 million people, it is a significant number of pizza.

    4. Germany

    Germany comes in fourth position, with a hundred pieces of pizza consumed every two seconds in the country. That is not enough pizza per person to earn a position on the podium in a country with more than 82 million residents.

    5. Italy

    Italy is often regarded as the birthplace of pizza, yet the country is only ranked sixth on this list, which is unexpected. Napoli is widely regarded as the birthplace of Italian pizza, and the culinary technique of ″Pizzaiuolo″ (the art of preparing authentic Neapolitan Pizza) was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2017.

    6. Russia

    Pizza has been incredibly popular in Russia in recent years, and Pizza Hut is well-known and widely distributed across the city of Moscow and its surrounding areas.Dodo Pizza is a Russian pizza delivery franchise that was created in 2011 and has expanded to 11 additional countries with 457 pizzerias.Dodo Pizza is a Russian pizza delivery business that was founded in 2011.Dodo Pizza is the world’s first commercial drone delivery service that delivers pizza.

    7. Dubai

    It may come as a surprise to you, but pizza is currently quite popular in Dubai, and you can find it anywhere from delivery services to upscale restaurants in high-rise luxury hotels. It is highly recommended that you stay at the Metropolitan Hotel if you are seeking for accommodations in Dubai. platform for real estate transactions

    Who Holds the World Record for Eating the Most Pizza?

    Do you believe you have the ability to consume a large amount of pizza?While we believe you can do it, there is still a long way to go before you can compete for the world record.Geoff Esper is introduced to you, ladies and gentlemen.Geoff is a mild-mannered teacher during the week, but on the Major League Eating tour, he is a tough competitor.He also demonstrated to the world that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to everyone’s favorite meal by winning the World Championship in Pizza in 2018.Geoff ate 83 pieces of pizza in 10 minutes, which is a record for him.

    It was in April of 2018 when Geoff Esper made his foray into the high echelons of the pizza eating world by devouring 83 pieces of a 10-inch pie in under ten minutes.Each pizza was made up of six slices, which means that Geoff consumed roughly 14 pizzas in less than one-third of the time it takes for a typical pizza delivery to be completed by a delivery driver.Have you ever boasted about the time you devoured a whole pizza in one sitting?Geoff scoffs (in a courteous manner) at your bragging.In doing so, he set a new world record for pizza consumption, outdistancing the day’s second-place finisher by a margin of 21 slices.

    For Geoff, there was nothing more he could eat than 19.25 personal pies in the span of 10 minutes.Despite the fact that Geoff got his grease-stained hand up on that gorgeous April day, he was still yearning for more.A few months later, he faced up against Joey Chestnut, the world’s most renowned gurgitator, who is most known for his ten championship triumphs in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.Chestnut is the undisputed ruler of the hot dog world, while Geoff’s preferred mode of transportation is the pizza parlor.With that, he fearlessly joined the International Pizza-Eating Championship in Ontario, Canada, where he ingested 19.25 9-inch personal pizzas in one sitting.

    Chestnut gave him a run for his money, but in the end, they were only able to find space for 17 people.Both guys had amazing courage, but Geoff proved to have the more capable stomach when it came to pizza eating.Afterwards, there was little doubt: Geoff Esper holds the world record for pizza consumption, both in terms of whole pies and individual slices of pizza.What is Geoff’s secret to success?Competitive eaters come in many forms and sizes, and they all use a variety of training and preparation tactics to achieve their goals.Geoff’s, on the other hand, is very distinctive.

    Takeru Kobayashi, a Japanese celebrity who used to rule supreme on the Fourth of July by maintaining a small 128-pound figure, has passed away.When Chestnut came up to the plate to defeat him, he did so with a sick dadbod to show for his efforts.Esper approaches the problem from a unique perspective — he is a former powerlifter with biceps that are as large as his hunger.Is it possible that Geoff’s calorie-burning workouts propelled him to previously unimaginable heights in the world of competitive pizza eating?The program provided a solid foundation, but he needed to adjust his game strategy in order to walk away with the prize money.

    ″I had to take some steps back,″ Esper said.″When you lift really big weights, your stomach becomes tight and stiff, making it difficult to move.That was interfering with my ability and would be stopped.The greatest way to lose weight is to get slim.″ Esper used to be able to deadlift and squat with the best of them, but now days, his fitness program is primarily designed to allow him to consume as much pizza as he possibly can.Surely, that is a fitness objective that we can all support.

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    The people who eat pizza every day

    Written by Gabriela Torres Health correspondent for BBC Mundo Published on the 28th of February, 2014.On any given day, more than 40 million people in the United States will consume pizza.It is often regarded as the most popular supper on the planet, and it is certainly one of the most popular in the United States.The Department of Agriculture recently issued a study on the levels of consumption of this item, demonstrating just how popular it has become.″A contributor of nutrients of public relevance in the American diet, including total fat, calcium and salt,″ according to the report’s authors.However, just because something is popular does not always imply that it is harmful to your health.

    Experts contend that pizza in terms of itself is not harmful to your health; rather, the issue is when and how you consume it.Children and teens account for 22 percent of the population of the United States, according to the data, which shows 13 percent of the population consumes pizza on any given day.If it were primarily a home-cooked food, this would not be a major source of worry.In the words of Giuseppe Russolillo, head of the Spanish Association of Nutritionists: ″You have to keep in mind that while this is an artisanal product in the majority of Italy, it is more closely associated with ‘junk food’ in the United States.″ He claims that the majority of the time it is purchased from a fast food restaurant or frozen at a supermarket.Men consume more pizza than women in the United States, however eating patterns differ depending on ethnicity.

    The non-Hispanic whites are the ones who consume the greatest amount of pizza (around 16 percent of them).In contrast, around 14 percent of both black non-Hispanics and Hispanics consume at least one slice of pizza on a daily basis.″This informs us about the diet in the United States, and that this might very well be one of the reasons why this nation has the largest number of obesity patients,″ said Ruben Bravo, of the European Medical Institute of Obesity, in an interview with BBC Mundo.Russolillo agrees with Bravo on this point.A pizza should not be consumed more than twice or three times each month, according to him.

    ″Also, it should not be a part of a daily diet, and much less so for children,″ he continues, ″since it is at this era of developing growth that you must give a diverse and balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit.″

    ‘Pizza abuse’

    Due to the impact of Italian immigration, the pizza was first introduced in the United States around the beginning of the twentieth century.In 1905, the first restaurant in the United States opened its doors in New York.Since then, the popularity of this cuisine has expanded to the point that it is believed that three billion pizzas are sold each year.According to the survey, pizza accounts for 6 percent of total calorie consumption in children aged two to nineteen years, and for 4 percent in individuals aged twenty-one and above.Pizza accounts for 27 percent of total energy consumption among all customers on the day it is consumed.Approximately 538 kilocalories were gained from pizza for children and 744 kilocalories were received from pizza for adults, according to the data.

    ″It is not the pizza itself that is the problem; rather, it is the abuse of pizza.It is a high-calorie dish with a lot of calories ″Ruben Bravo expresses himself.″However, the situation is the same with a sandwich.We’re talking about refined flours that are high in fat and are bad for your health.″

    What about nutrients?

    If you follow the American diet, pizza is a fantastic source of nutrients.It contributes significant amounts of protein, fat, saturated fat, fiber, calcium, and lycopene to a person’s total daily calorie intake.According to the analysis, this food provides one-third of the recommended daily calcium consumption and more than half of the recommended daily lycopene intake, a micronutrient and highly powerful antioxidant.This meal also contains salt, which is beneficial for both children and adults.Bravo, on the other hand, argues that while it is possible to cook healthy pizza at home, the majority of the time we are talking about a pizza factory product that is heavy in carbs and saturated fat.Because it contains refined wheat rather than wholemeal, we now know that an excess of this element promotes to obesity, raises cholesterol, and has a propensity to elevate blood sugar levels over time.″ Bravo, on the other hand, acknowledges that pizza, like a cereal, contains minerals and micronutrients that are equally important.

    When it comes to handmade pizza, Russolillo believes that it should be included in the diet once a week.He claims that this does not obligate us to promote this product ″when there are many that are more vital, such as vegetables,″ and that we should refrain from doing so.

    Star dish of the night

    Not only what individuals eat, but how they consume it is maybe the most concerning aspect of the experts’ concerns.It is possible to consume a healthy amount of nutrients from pizza if it is prepared at home without the use of preservatives and industrialized products that are heavy in fat and salt.However, it is not recommended to consume pizza at night.When it comes to eating pizza in the United States, 44 percent of youngsters and 59 percent of adults prefer to do it during dinnertime.’According to the most recent study on the body’s biorhythms and circadian rhythms, consuming foods heavy in carbohydrates and saturated fat late at night leads to a rise in body fat,’ notes Bravo.This suggests that, over the long run, these nutrients may be contributing to the development of obesity-related diseases.

    Furthermore, ″a heavy dinner (such as pizza) might be the source of sluggish digestion and sleep issues,″ Dr Bravo explains.As a result, eating pizza at noon and eating pizza at night are not the same thing.But, how do you make the most of the fact that millions of people in the United States consume pizza?″First and foremost, do not consume it at night,″ says Bravo.″Second, choose items that are minimal in fat.″ And you should manufacture it yourself.

    ″If you want to eat pizza, do it with caution and moderation,″ says Russolillo, who believes the message should be.

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    The BBC is not responsible for the content of any web sites linked to from this one.

    The Most Pizza Loving States And Each State’s Favorite Slice – Zippia

    Most Interesting Findings

    • They want their pizza cheesey, and they are the largest admirers of the dish in Connecticut. New England and the Midwest are the biggest fans of pizza overall. Hawaii is the state that enjoys pizza the least, despite the fact that the rest of the country appears to make less educated selections regarding pizza. I’m not sure they like genuine pizza at all, given that their favorite pizza is Caprese (not Hawaiian!).
    • Cheese pizza is the favorite in a staggering 29 states
    • Can we speak about how much pizza is being ordered in Georgia, North Dakota, and New Mexico? Perhaps we should stage an intervention?
    • Move over pepperoni, barbecue chicken pie is the state favorite in seven states.
    • Interestingly, chicken as a whole is surprisingly popular, with 10 states preferring some form of fowl on their pizza
    • The top three pizza restaurants in terms of sales are: 1.) Domino’s, 2.) Pizza Hut, and 3.) Little Caesar’s
    • in that order.
    • The average pizza delivery driver earns only $9.95 an hour and travels 75 to 100 miles every shift—please tip generously, people.

    Continue reading to view the whole map of the states with the highest concentrations of pizza lovers, as well as other information.

    Where has the most pizza places?

    How We Determined This

    Using data from Yelp and Eat24, we were able to determine the most popular pizza toppings throughout the country.We then sorted the results by state.While this may result in orders that are a little more expensive than usual (I’m looking at you, caprese and white pizza!), it still gives an excellent view into the ordering patterns of residents in each state.Finally, we looked to PMQ Magazine for information on the number of pizza establishments in each city.With the safe premise that the greater the number of pizza establishments in a state, the greater the number of pizza enthusiasts in the state.

    All of them came together to make our really corny article.


    It’s a freak.In that case, go ahead and get yourself an xl-pizza topped with all of your preferred toppings.If you live in one of the 29 states where this simple ‘za is your go-to meal, you might as well just order cheese.For those of you who are among the half million Americans for whom pizza is not just a hobby, but also a profession, you may be eligible for a discount as an employee.Talk about an underappreciated employee perk!You can find the rest of our cheese-y, pineapple-topped, BBQ facts farther down on this page: Table of All Things Pizza (Table of All Things Pizza)

    State Favorite Pizza Stores Per Capita
    Alaska White Pizza 2
    Alabama Cheese 1
    Arkansas Cheese 2
    Arizona Cheese 1
    California BBQ Chicken 1
    Colorado BBQ Chicken 2
    Connecticut Cheese 3
    Delaware Buffalo chicken 3
    Florida Cheese 2
    Georgia Hawaiian 1
    Hawaii Caprese 1
    Iowa Taco 3
    Idaho Cheese 2
    Illinois Cheese 2
    Indiana Cheese 2
    Kansas Cheese 2
    Kentucky Cheese 2
    Louisiana Meat Lovers 1
    Massachusetts Cheese 3
    Maryland Cheese 2
    Maine Grilled Chicken White Pizza 2
    Michigan BBQ Chicken 2
    Minnesota BBQ Chicken 2
    Missouri Cheese 2
    Mississippi Cheese 1
    Montana Pepperoni 2
    North Carolina Cheese 2
    North Dakota Hawaiian 2
    Nebraska BBQ Chicken 2
    New Hampshire Cheese 3
    New Jersey Cheese 3
    New Mexico Hawaiian 1
    Nevada Cheese 2
    New York Cheese 2
    Ohio Cheese 3
    Oklahoma Cheese 2
    Oregon Pepperoni 2
    Pennsylvania Cheese 3
    Rhode Island Cheese 3
    South Carolina Cheese 2
    South Dakota Chicken Bacon Ranch 2
    Tennessee Cheese 2
    Texas Cheese 1
    Utah BBQ Chicken 1
    Virginia BBQ Chicken 2
    Vermont Cheese 2
    Washington Cheese 1
    Wisconsin Cheese 2
    West Virginia Meat Lovers 3
    Wyoming Meat Lovers 2

    Never let an opportunity pass you by that is a good fit for you.


    Discover short videos related to who can eat the most pizza rolls on TikTok.Watch popular content from the following creators: hollydierenfield(@hollydierenfield), hollydierenfield(@hollydierenfield), hollydierenfield(@hollydierenfield), tazzynicolewazzy(@taznicole), itsnateshaw(@itsnateshaw).




    9.7K Likes, 95 Comments. TikTok video from itsnateshaw (@itsnateshaw): ″everytime and blowing doesn’t help comedypizzarollsrelatablefyp″. everyone who eats pizza rolls. Ca$h App.

    Ca$h App




    134.7K Likes, 764 Comments. TikTok video from hollydierenfield (@hollydierenfield): ″who can eat the most? @jesussoto01fypeatingchallengepizzarollspizzafoodeating @Totino’s Pizza Rolls″. seeing who can eat the most pizza rolls | 1-5 | 6-10 |. Super Mario Bros Main Theme.

    Super Mario Bros Main Theme

    Download the TikTok application. TikTok may be downloaded by scanning the QR code with your camera. Send yourself a text message with a link to TikTok’s download page.

    10 Countries That Eat The Most Pizza [#1 is not U.S.A.]

    Do you wish to live in a place where pizza is as popular as it is in your own country?If the answer to this question is a resounding YES!, then you need search no further than here.The top ten countries where the most pizza is consumed will be revealed today, and I’ll do so in a list style, no less, to keep things simple.I am a huge admirer of pizza and have often wondered where I might discover other folks who share my passion.I’ve done a lot of study and have come up with the answers to all of my questions, and I’m going to share the gift of my knowledge with you.This visit is just for the purpose of informing you of which nations in the globe consume more pizza than any other country in the world.

    You must come along with me on this journey.In the opinion of those who have spent their entire lives to pizza statistics, the following is the list of the top ten nations where the most pizza is consumed.

    1. Norway, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Australia, Japan, and China

    You don’t believe this is over, do you? I’ve just just gotten begun. I’ll give you a full analysis of the list, along with my two cents on each nation with a large population of pizza eaters. My fantastic details may be found farther down on this page. It’s entirely up to you whether you swipe up or down.

    1. Norway

    Norway is the country with the largest per capita consumption of pizza in the world.This is based on the number of slices of pizza consumed per person.In Norway, the average person consumes around 11 pounds of pizza each year (still way less than I do).When you consider that 5.5 million people live in this lovely and pizza-filled country, you can see that a significant amount of pizza is consumed.To be quite honest, I was a little taken aback when the United States was not at the top of the list.However, this is correct, and statistics do not lie.

    As a result, if you aren’t already a resident of Norway, I strongly advise you to get so.Please excuse me while I get the necessary documents for my passport.

    2. The U.S.A.

    Moving on, the United States of America is the next country with massive pizza consumption figures.After all, we all know that the United States consumes a significant lot of pizza (and fast food in general).However, it isn’t enough to put you at the top of the list.When compared to the rest of the globe, the second place isn’t too terrible.Getting a little more serious, according to the latest figures, the average American consumes around 350 pieces of pizza every year.If you ask me, it’s quite amazing.

    With a little more effort, the United States might be competing with Norway for first place.

    3. United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom is yet another ‘United’ country to be included on the list.In fact, if you believe the numbers, you may conclude that the British enjoy fast food almost as much as they enjoy tea.This is one of the reasons why they rank among the top three nations in the world when it comes to pizza consumption.That said, the British people prefer to relax in a chair while eating their cheese burst pizza or take one to their favorite picnic spot, rather of sitting in a pizzeria or deli queue.Yes, takeout pizza is a favorite of the British people.This is one of the most popular pizza delivery services in the United Kingdom, at least according to the pizza business.

    4. Germany

    A frequent perception of Germans is that they are *self-proclaimed* culinary experts, which is not entirely accurate.This is especially true when it comes to pizza.The Germans are really enthusiastic about pizza.You don’t believe me, do you?Then allow me to inform you that the German pizza sector alone is worth around € 1.2 billion.If that isn’t enough evidence, consider the fact that around 100 pieces of pizza are consumed in Germany every second.

    Now, do you trust me when I say this?The Germans are huge fans of pizza!

    5. Italy

    Italy is well-known around the globe as the birthplace of pizza.We will be forever thankful to you for this.It is a little surprising to learn that the city where pizza was invented is ranked 5th on the list of most visited places in the world.When Italians immigrated to the United States in the 1940s, they carried pizza with them (in the form of a recipe, not physically).They may not be devouring the greatest amount of pizza in the world, but they have managed to keep the essence of the original pizza, and that is crucial!

    6. Russia

    People who are committed to examining pizza data have discovered that Russians enjoy pizza as much as they do vodka, which is rather significant in and of itself.With the increasing popularity of pizza shops in the capital as well as other regions of the nation, this country has earned a spot on this renowned list of countries that serve pizza.Additionally, the pizza has been transformed into a Russian delicacy.You’ll see folks eating pizza and drinking vodka.They top their sandwiches with salmon, tuna, and even caviar.Is it possible to become any more Russian than this?


    7. France

    Not surprisingly, the world’s most esteemed experts on cheese and bread agree that pizza, which is the ideal combination of the two ingredients, is delectably wonderful.Well, if you strip it down to its simplest form, pizza is just what it sounds like, right?Returning to the subject, France ranks 7th in the world and 3rd in Europe in terms of pizza consumption, according to the World Pizza Report.The pizza business in France is estimated to be valued over € 700 million.That is a significant amount of accomplishment to be proud of.

    8. Australia

    Pizza is not the most popular fast-food item in Australia, despite its popularity in the United States.However, it is a close second to hamburgers in terms of popularity.Despite this, there are far more pizza eaters in Australia than there are in any other country in the globe, according to the World Pizza Survey.In Australia, there are around 52 million fast-food customers every month, and this figure just includes those who eat hamburgers, pizza, and fries.The number of persons is still staggeringly large despite this.

    9. Japan

    This list also covers Japan, which is known as the ″kawaii″ capital of the globe.When it comes to pizza consumption in East Asia, the Japanese people are among the most enthusiastic customers.According to information I obtained from my colleague, Uzumaki Naruto, the Japanese buy pizza at least once a week (although he is a ramen fanatic).Japan, like many other countries, enjoys experimenting with pizza.There are many different types of pizza meals available, ranging from pizza rice bowls to pizza sandwiches.

    10. China

    China is the last country on the list, and it is also the most shocking. China appears to be embracing the world’s preoccupation with it, as seen by its successful inclusion on the list. According to reports, the dish’s popularity is growing throughout the country, with individuals reportedly visiting an increasing number of pizza joints (see what I did there).


    The voyage across the world has come to a conclusion with this announcement.On the list, you’ll find the top consumers of pizza.It is now up to you to determine which nation you would want to relocate to.If you are already a resident of one of the nations, please share your thoughts on how much you enjoy pizza in the comments section.It is now time for me to say goodbye to all of you pizza lovers.We’ll meet up again in another one of my crazy writings in the future.

    Pizza, please take good care of yourself till then.

    What country eats the most pizza? You may be surprised

    It should come as no surprise that pizza is a widely consumed meal around the world.This fast-food staple has traveled far with immigrants and has found a welcoming home in practically every country where it has made its home.The United States does not dominate in worldwide pizza consumption, as one might think given our position as the world’s largest economy.There are numerous additional nations where pizza is consumed in large amounts in addition to the United States.

    Norway – Consumers of the Great Frozen Pie

    What people eat in Norway will blow your mind if you believe we Americans consume an excessive amount of pizza.Norway’s population consumes around 11 pounds of pizza per person per year on average.When you consider that pizza was not even a well-known food in Norway until the 1970s and 1980s, this is a staggering figure.In an unusual twist, the vast majority of these pizzas are not prepared in restaurants.Norwegians, on the other hand, prefer to bake a frozen pie in their own kitchen and eat at home.Every year, 47 million frozen pizzas are consumed in the United States of America.

    Because we in the United States tend to favor freshly baked pizzas, it may seem surprising for Norwegians to have such a strong preference for the boxed, frozen type.They may, on the other hand, have access to something that we do not.Grandiosa brand frozen pizzas account for more than half of all frozen pizzas consumed in Norway.In fact, grandiosa pizza is so well-known in the country that 20 percent of the public believes it should be designated as an unofficial national dish.Grandiosa manufactures 18 different types of frozen pizza, the most popular of which is the Grandiosa Classic, which is made with tomato sauce, Jarlsberg cheese, ham, and paprika and is available in both large and small sizes.

    Grandiosa sells more than 9 million of this specific pizza pie each year, according to the company.This is not to suggest that there aren’t any pizza places in Norway; there certainly are.In fact, you’ll discover that they’re increasingly being used in conjunction with prominent kebab restaurants.On top of that, you may order your pizza with kebabs on top of it, which is an excellent combination.Other pizza toppings that you may encounter in Norwegian restaurants include bearnaise sauce and french fries, however they are not always served in the same dish.

    The United States – Hundreds of Slices a Second

    The United States comes in second position in terms of pizza consumption.Despite the fact that we are regarded the fast-food capital of the world, our selection is so broad that pizza accounts for a lesser proportion of our total consumption.Americans, on the other hand, consume a disproportionately large number of slices.Our entire annual pizza consumption is equivalent to around 350 slices consumed per second.Pizza is consumed by the average American on a yearly basis (40 pizzas).It should come as no surprise that 93 percent of Americans have eaten pizza in the recent month, and that around 13 percent of the population consumes pizza in some form on a daily basis.

    You could wonder what kind of shape I’m referring to.American consumers consume 251.7 pounds of pepperoni each year, making it the most popular pizza topping in the world.Americans favor meat toppings over vegetables, with 62% preferring meat toppings over vegetables and 38% preferring vegetables over meat toppings.Women are twice as likely as males to order a vegetarian pizza, according to the National Vegetarian Association.Sixty-one percent of respondents like a thin crust on their pizza.

    The United Kingdom – A Fast-Food Favorite

    In the United Kingdom, pizza is the preferred fast food option.Every ten days or so, more than half the population of the United Kingdom consumes pizza, according to official statistics.Over the course of their lives, the average Brit consumes 731 pizzas, or 5,847 slices each person.Pepperoni pizza is also a popular choice in this establishment, followed by Margherita pizza, which has mozzarella and tomato.The third most popular pizza in the United Kingdom is a hotly contested topic in the United States!The Hawaiian pizza, which is laden with ham and pineapple, comes in third place in the United Kingdom.

    Approximately one person in every five people in the United Kingdom believes that pizza is not only convenient, but it is also their favorite cuisine of all time, according to a recent survey.Since 2016, there has been a steady increase in consumption.In the 2018/2019 academic year, the typical person in the United Kingdom consumed 89 grams of pizza per week.With the largest consumption of pizza in the country, Oxford ranks first, followed by Glasgow, Liverpool, and London.

    Germany – A Growing Trend

    Pizza consumption in Germany ranks fourth in the world, according to the World Pizza Survey.In Germany, a hundred pieces of pizza are devoured every second of the day.Despite the fact that this is only a portion of what we consume in the United States, it is a significant quantity.The pizza market in Germany is seeing rapid expansion.During the year 2017-2018, the value of pizza sales climbed by 0.49 percent, and it increased by another 0.44 percent from 2018 to 2019.Meanwhile, our Americanized pizzas are gaining popularity among Germans; nonetheless, the country also has its unique pizza variety that is well-liked.

    Flammkuchen is a peculiar pizza pie that originates in southern Germany and the Alsace area of France, where it is known as Flammkuchen.Flammkuchen is traditionally baked in a wood-fired oven, which results in a thin, crispy crust that is great for serving with a cup of tea.Bacon, onions, and creme fraiche are strewn across the top of the dish.Also popular in Germany is tuna-topped pizza, which you won’t find anyplace else in the world except in Germany.

    Italy – The Home of Pizza

    Although Napoli, Italy is often considered to be the home of Italian pizza, the country consumes a shockingly modest amount of the dish when compared to the other countries on this list.In Italy, around 1 million pizzas are devoured each day, according to official figures.Pizza is a popular dish in this area, both among residents and visitors who wish to sample some true Italian cuisine in an authentic setting.There are over 63,000 pizzerias in Italy, with approximately 100,000 pizza makers working in them.Each of these pizzerias produces an average of 80 pizzas each day, seven days a week.In Italy, you may purchase almost any type of pizza you want.

    Pizzas created with a range of local cheeses are common in each region, ranging from 4-cheese pizzas topped with a variety of local cheeses to seafood pizzas topped with tuna, mussels, anchovies, and shrimp.Dessert pizzas, with toppings such as honey, jam, or Nutella, are served pretty frequently in Italian pizzerias as well.This makes it simple to devour pizza during the course of your entire dinner!Have you ever had pizza from other parts of the world?Please get in touch with our staff at Pequod’s Pizza and let us know about your culinary adventures.

    You might even place an order for a hot, fresh pizza pie of your own while you’re at it.We provide local delivery as well as countrywide shipping so that you may have a taste of our products no matter where you are.

    Worcester Named #1 City for Pizza Lovers in America

    • National Pizza Month is celebrated every October, and we almost missed it. Who would have thought it? With so ma

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