What Pizza Franchise Has The Most Locations?

Pizza Hut was the pizza chain with the most units in the United States in 2020. The company had 6,561 restaurants across the country, which was a little over 200 more than Domino’s Pizza and 2,000 more than Little Caesars.

What is the biggest pizza franchise in the world?

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world in terms of revenue and second in terms of stores opened. It has over 15,900 stores across 85 different countries.

What is the number 1 pizza chain in America?

Restaurant Name Gross Sales
1 Domino’s~~ $12,252,100,000
2 Pizza Hut~` $12,034,000,000
3 Little Caesars Pizza* $4,000,000,000
4 Papa John’s International* $3,695,000,000

Which pizza restaurant chain sells the most pizzas worldwide?

What is this? Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world by gross sales.

What is the number 1 pizza company in the world?

Domino’s Pizza claimed the title of largest pizza company in the world this week, passing Pizza Hut. The company, in its fourth-quarter earnings report, said its self-proclaimed No. 1 ranking is based on global retail sales.

What day sells the most pizza?

Halloween is one of the top five busiest days for ordering pizza including Super Bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Who sell the most pizza?

With sales worth approximately 8.29 billion U.S. dollars, Domino’s Pizza was the leading pizza restaurant chain in the United States in 2020. Pizza Hut and Little Caesars were ranked second and third, respectively. Since 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the leading pizza chain in the U.S. in terms of sales.

Who sells the most pizza 2021?

A February 2021 Zippia report listed the 10 largest pizza chains in the U.S. by gross sales and found that the three top sellers were Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars. Rounding out the top 10 list were Papa John’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Sbarro, Marco’s Pizza, Chuck E.

What state eats the most pizza?

Most Interesting Findings

Connecticut loves pizza the most, and they like it cheesey. In fact, New England and the Midwest are the biggest fans of pizza. With the rest of the country clearly making less informed decisions about pizza. Hawaii likes pizza the least.

Which US city has the best pizza?

Here are the top 15 cities for pizza:

  • Detroit.
  • Cleveland.
  • Columbus.
  • Boston.
  • Pittsburgh.
  • Indianapolis.
  • Providence.
  • St. Louis.
  • What is the oldest pizza chain?

    Pizza Hut (1958)

    That’s right—Pizza Hut was the first chain pizza joint in America.

    Where is the biggest domino’s pizza in the world?

    Domino’s Pizza is now making a pizza in New Zealand and Australia that literally envelops the rest of the fast food pizza game. It’s ‘Biggest Pizza Ever,’ as it’s advertised, barely fits into cars or through doors because of its sheer size.

    Which pizza chain operates the most stores outside the United States?

    Which country has the most stores outside of the U.S.? Domino’s Pizza had 6,355 stores in the United States in 2020, bringing its total number of stores worldwide to 17,644 – this represented an increase of 624 stores between 2019 and 2020. India had the greatest number of stores outside of the United States.

    Which restaurant delivers the most pizzas?

    Pizza Hut: The champion for many years, Pizza Hut has over 11,000 units as of 2017 and over $13 billion in gross sales. Domino’s: The delivery king, Domino’s has over 14,000 units and delivers more than 1.5 million pizzas every day worldwide. Little Caesars Pizza: Little Caesars has been around since 1949.

    Which is bigger Pizza Hut or Domino’s?

    But beyond absolutely dominating on its home turf, Domino’s has now achieved a major global milestone as well—it has become the largest pizza chain in the world by the number of restaurants, overtaking its biggest rival Pizza Hut.

    Which company pizza is best?

    Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Pizza in India

  • Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza is the best selling brand of Pizza in India, known for its taste and also the largest pizza seller worldwide.
  • Pizza Hut.
  • Smokin’ Joe’s.
  • Laziz Pizza.
  • Oven Story Pizza.
  • Pizza Corner.
  • Papa John’s Pizza.
  • KFC.
  • Pizza restaurants: top U.S. chains by units 2020

    • In 2020, Pizza Hut was the pizza chain with the most number of locations in the United States.
    • According to the firm, it has 6,561 locations across the country, which was slightly more than 200 more than Domino’s Pizza and 2,000 more than Little Caesars Pizza.
    • Despite having the most number of locations in the United States, Pizza Hut did not have the highest sales among the major pizza brands.

    Which chain sells the most pizzas in the U.S.?

    • In 2021, annual pizza restaurant sales in the United States will surpass 40 billion dollars for the sixth consecutive year, totalling 45.59 billion dollars, according to the National Pizza Association.
    • In terms of sales, Domino’s Pizza continued to be the most successful pizza business in the United States in the year 2020.
    • Burger King came in second place, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesars.
    • According to sales figures from 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the largest pizza chain in the United States since 2015.

    Independent stores hope to break the chains

    In 2021, the overall number of pizza restaurants in the United States will have decreased to 75,117. In the same year, there were 39,808 independent pizza restaurants in the United States, a decrease of around two thousand from the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of pizza chain restaurants in the United States is expected to reach 35,309 by 2021.

    10 Largest Pizza Chains In The US – Zippia

    1. In 2020, the United States will be the world’s largest pizza market, accounting for $46.24 billion of the $145 billion in total worldwide sales that will be generated by the industry. This demand is only increasing, with nearly 15% more American customers consuming pizza per week than they were two years ago. The majority of people connect pizza with well-known corporations such as Domino’s and Papa John’s. Precisely equal shares of the pie are shared by both chain and independent pizzerias, with each kind of establishment accounting for 59 percent and 41 percent of the market share, respectively. In actuality, independent pizzerias increased the number of total outlets they established in 2020, whereas chain pizzerias had a modest net loss. If you’re an investor or a market analyst, you should definitely concentrate most of your attention on the chain store side of the business, since they are the key force in establishing trends and affecting the direction in which a market is going. Domino’s Pizza is a pizza delivery service. Headquarters are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sales revenue during the year: $12.25 billion Domino’s is the world’s largest pizza chain in terms of revenue and the second largest in terms of the number of outlets it has opened. It has more than 15,900 outlets in 85 different countries throughout the world. With its signature ″30 minutes or less″ guarantee, Domino’s was one of the first pizza delivery companies to introduce the notion of quick pizza delivery. Nowadays, their standard has evolved into an industry-wide expectation that every pizza company must satisfy if they are to have any chance of competing. Interestingly, the vast majority of Domino’s earnings does not come from direct pizza sales, but rather from the sale of supplies such as dough and toppings to its franchisees and other businesses, according to the company. A whopping 81 percent of their overall revenue comes from the sales of ingredients.
    2. Find Domino’s Pizza Employment Opportunities Near You Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants in the United States that specializes on pizza. Piano, Texas serves as the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue for the year: $12.03 billion Pizza Hut, together with Domino’s, controls more than half of the whole pizza market in the United States. The Carney brothers saw a gap in the market for pizzerias in their hometown and saw an opportunity to fill it. They opened their first location in 1958. The brothers borrowed $600 from their mother to start their first Pizza Hut, which served free pizza on the first night of operation. Since then, their one outlet has grown into a network of 18,703 locations, making it the world’s most successful pizza franchise. The firm distinguishes itself from its primary competitor, Domino’s, by emphasizing price and originality as key differentiators. Pizza Hut attempts to create and sell new novelty pizza concepts, such as pan pizza and filled crust, more regularly than any other brand in order to keep them fresh and current in the eyes of consumers.
    3. There is a Little Caesars on every corner. Detroit, Michigan is the location of the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue: $4 billion dollars each year You might be shocked to find that the term ″Little Caesars″ was not originally used to allude to the Roman monarchs, but rather to Marian Ilitch’s nickname for her husband, who was a co-founder. Little Caesars’ competitive advantage has historically been the pricing of their pizzas, as well as the quickness with which they are delivered to customers. By concentrating on less expensive ingredients and operating in smaller outlets with minimal overhead, the business is able to serve pizzas of comparable size for a price that is half or even less than that of competing establishments. There’s a solid reason why, when you see college kids carrying pizza around, it’s almost always Little Caesars. Little Caesars Jobs Near Me: The renowned tagline ″Pizza! Pizza!″ was first used in 1979 as a promotional tool for the chain’s ″two pizzas for the price of one″ bargain. Pizza from Papa John’s. Louisville, Kentucky serves as the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue during the year: $3.695 billion Papa John’s Pizza was started in 1984, which is a decade later than the majority of the other major pizza chain corporations. They have however swiftly gained a significant fan base and expanded across the country, reaching a total of 5,199 outlets by the beginning of 2021. Because they were the first pizza delivery service to allow online ordering, they were able to capture every customer who wanted a pizza but did not want to phone or physically visit a shop. Papa John’s was also one of the first fast-food restaurants to pay attention to the rising customer desire toward fresh, organic foods. Whereas many of its competitors’ slogans emphasize the price or speed of delivery, Papa John’s has chosen the phrase ″Better Ingredients. Better Pizza″ to draw attention to the freshness of its ingredients. In recent years, the company has seen a little decline in its market share share. This is partially due to specific commercial mistakes, but it is also owing to the numerous and ongoing issues that have surrounded the creator of the company. In states where local brands are preferred above national names, Papa John’s appears to be the most popular among the huge pizza businesses. Papa John’s managed to sneak into the number two slot in Nebraska and Iowa despite the fact that the most popular pizza companies in both states have state-exclusive brands.
    4. Find Papa Johns Pizza Employment Opportunities Near Me California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of pizza restaurants in California. Playa Vista, California is the location of the company’s headquarters. Annual gross sales revenue: $840 million California Pizza Kitchen sprang into the scene by popularizing novel concepts such as BBQ chicken pizzas and Thai chicken pizzas, among others. Despite the fact that their total income is far lower than that of the top four pizza conglomerates, the company enjoys a devoted following that can’t get enough of their unique flavor combinations. California Pizza Kitchen is also unique in that they serve their meals in a restaurant environment rather than the usual order-and-takeout establishment.. When compared to the majority of other pizza restaurants, they place a greater emphasis on the production of frozen pizzas for distribution to grocery shops.
    5. Papa Murphy’s is a pizza restaurant. Vancouver, Washington serves as the company’s headquarters. Annual gross sales revenue: $827 million Consumers can expect the freshest possible pizza experience from Papa Murphy’s, which is the goal of the company. The concept of ″take-and-bake″ was pioneered by the company, and it is still one of the few in the industry. Customers receive an uncooked pizza to take home and bake themselves, rather than ordering and picking up a pre-cooked pizza. As a result, guests will have less time between when the pizza is freshly baked and when they can enjoy their first great taste of pizza. When it comes to their unique take-and-bake idea, Papa Murphy’s Pizza is so committed that its restaurants don’t even have freezer space or ovens. According to certain sources, the brand is really the most popular pizza restaurant in various states, such as Oregon.
    6. Locate Papa Murphy’s stockpiles of goods. Jobs in my neighborhood Sbarro’s corporate headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. Sales revenue for the year: $609 million Almost everybody who has spent any time in a big mall in the previous several decades has come across a Sbarro restaurant. Carmela and Gennaro owned and operated an Italian salumeria in the early days of the franchise. After discovering how popular their pizzas were, they decided to open a new restaurant that would just serve the item in question. Once the Sbarro brand gained some traction, the firm decided to focus its expansion efforts on shopping malls in order to avoid direct rivalry with pizza behemoths such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut, which were already established. However, this mode of expansion might potentially spell doom for the pizza company in the future years if it continues in this direction. Even once the coronavirus epidemic is ended, the downward trend in shopping mall visits will have a negative impact on a pizza restaurant that relies heavily on them for revenue.
    7. Find Sbarro America Jobs Near Me Marco’s Pizza is a chain of pizzerias in the United States. Toledo, Ohio is the location of the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue for the year: $596.36 million It is odd that, despite the fact that pizza originated in Italy, Marco’s Pizza is the only chain that makes an effort to identify their product with the nation. The eatery has a small but devoted following among its customers. Because of the efforts of its creator, Pasquale Giammarco, an Italian immigrant with culinary skills and a lifelong passion for pizza, the restaurant has flourished. Marco’s Pizza distinguishes itself from the competition by attempting to maintain the authenticity of Italian-style pizza. According to the vice president of buying, ″We are the only chain of any scale that was created by someone who was born and bred in Italy.″ This feature plays a significant role in all of their marketing activities. Find Marco’s Pizza Jobs in Your Area Marco’s Pizza makes a point of serving ingredients that have been freshly chopped in-store rather than ones that have been frozen and bulk-packaged. Chuck E. Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza is a popular fast-food restaurant. Headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and Irving, Texas, respectively. Sales revenue for the year: $504 million In addition to hosting birthday parties for children, Chuck E. Cheese’s is well-known for offering a venue packed with electronic games and activities. However, given how much children like eating pizza, it is not unexpected that this establishment has made it onto our list, despite the fact that it does not operate primarily in the evening. Because Chuck E Cheese had already established the procedures for shipping materials and manufacturing pizza, they launched Peter Piper Pizza to advertise that pizza to adults and increase sales even more. During the coronavirus epidemic, this aspect of their company has proven extremely beneficial. In part due to the fact that so many families are avoiding gatherings with large groups, Peter Piper Pizza has been producing the majority of the company’s sales throughout the year 2020. Cici’s Pizza is a local pizzeria. Irving, Texas serves as the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue for the year: $445 million Cici’s Pizza is similar to Chuck E Cheese’s in that they serve pizza while also providing opportunities for children to play. In addition to a pizza bar, each Cici’s Pizza location has arcade rooms and other activities that allow guests to dine while having a good time in a fun and relaxed environment. Despite the fact that the company primarily focuses on offering exciting experiences for adults and complete families rather than simply children, they do provide a variety of activities for youngsters. In one instance, Cici’s Pizza offers a ″LunchLearn″ field trip program that employs pizza-making as a fun technique to teach children basic arithmetic concepts such as division and multiplication. Unfortunately, the chain declared bankruptcy in early 2021 as a result of the financial toll that the coronavirus epidemic had had on its operations. Although it is unclear whether they will manage to survive and continue on our list
    8. Find Cici Enterprises Jobs in My Area
    9. Find Cici Enterprises Jobs in My City
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    2018 Top 100 Pizza Companies

    Graphic by FreePik

    Pizza Today releases its 2018 Top 100 Pizza Companies list.

    What’s happening with America’s largest pizza companies?

    • Who opened new locations in 2018?
    • Who was it that drove their sales to new highs?
    • Who has slowed down a little?
    • Who are the people who will make a difference this year?
    • The Top 100 Pizza Companies list for 2018 is generated based on total yearly sales of pizza units.

    We released our list of the nation’s 100 most successful independent enterprises last month, and we’ve updated it this month.Now, we’d like to offer to you our annual ranking of the 100 largest pizza chains in the United States.Every year, in November, the list is published online.According to Pizza Today’s 2018 Top 100 Pizza Companies list, Domino’s has surpassed Pizza Hut as the largest pizza company in the United States based on worldwide retail sales.As pizza companies jockey for place at the top of the list, there has been some movement at the top of the list.

    Pizza Hut, Little Caesars Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, and California Pizza Kitchen are the other major pizza brands that compete with Domino’s for first place on the list of the world’s largest pizza chains.More information about the Top Five Pizza Chains in the United States may be found here.Fast-casual leaders have increased market share and earned a footing in this year’s ranking as a result of their efforts.

    Buddy’s, which was previously ranked first on the Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias list, is steadily climbing the ranks of the best pizza companies.Keep up to current on the nation’s best pizza chains and independents by visiting pizzatoday.com/pizzeria-rankings/, which includes our 2018 Top 100 Pizza Companies list and our 2018 Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias list, among other things.Take a look at the Top 100 to see who is winning big.

    * Chain Store Guide’s 2018 Database of Chain Restaurant Operators ** Estimate based on 2017 per-unit sales ~~Some information taken from Domino’s Annual Report  2017 ~`Some information taken from YUM Brand’s Annual Report 2017
    Restaurant Name Principle Executive City & State Units Gross Sales
    1 Domino’s~~ 2 J. Patrick Doyle Ann Arbor, MI 14,856 $12,252,100,000
    2 Pizza Hut~` 1 Arthur Starrs Plano, TX 16,748 $12,034,000,000
    3 Little Caesars Pizza* 4 Michael Ilitch Detroit, MI 5,500 $4,000,000,000
    4 Papa John’s International* 3 Steve M. Ritchie Louisville, KY 5,199 $3,695,000,000
    5 California Pizza Kitchen* 6 Jim Hyatt Playa Vista, CA 267 $840,000,000
    6 Papa Murphy’s International 5 Weldon Spangler Vancouver, WA 1,550 $827,000,000
    7 Sbarro* 7 J. David Karam Columbus, OH 830 $609,000,000
    8 Marco’s Pizza 8 John Butorac Toledo, OH 901 $596,358,506
    9 Chuck E. Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza* 9 Thomas Leverton Irving, TX 756 $504,000,000
    10 CiCi’s Pizza* 10 Darin Harris Irving, TX 465 $445,000,000
    11 Hungry Howie’s Pizza 12 Steven E. Jackson Madison Heights, MI 551 $410,336,588
    12 Round Table Pizza* 11 Robert McCourt Concord, CA 450 $398,000,000
    13 Jet’s Pizza 13 John Jetts Sterling Heights, MI 387 $372,294,000
    14 Blaze Pizza 16 Jim Mizes Pasadena, CA 278 $314,700,000
    15 MOD Pizza* 24 Scott Svenson Bellevue, WA 367 $275,000,000
    16 Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom* 14 Srini Kumar Bloomfield, CO 106 $265,409,945
    17 Godfather’s Pizza* 15 Ronald Gartlan Omaha, NE 465 $250,000,000
    18 Uno Chicago Grill* 18 Louie Psallidas West Roxbury, MA 113 $245,000,000
    19 Pizza Ranch** 17 Adrie Groeneweg Orange City, IA 207 $231,386,000
    20 Papa Gino’s Pizzeria* 32 Mark Deblois Dedham, MA 281 $215,000,000
    21 Rosati’s Pizza 20 Anthony Rosati Elgin, IL 143 $211,500,000
    22 Mellow Mushroom* 19 Richard Brasch Atlanta, GA 194 $210,645,000
    23 Donatos Pizza 21 Tom Krouse Columbus, OH 161 $191,000,000
    24 Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen 23 Anthony Scotto Morristown, NJ 235 $170,044,066
    25 Mountain Mike’s Pizza 27 Chris Britt/Ed St. Geme Newport Beach, CA 195 $157,625,000
    26 LaRosa’s Pizzeria 26 Michael LaRosa Cincinnati, OH 65 $156,120,372
    27 Mr. Gatti’s Pizza 25 Michael Poates Fort Worth, TX 80 $145,200,000
    28 Pieology Pizzeria* 28 Carl Chang Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 142 $128,158,000
    29 Giordano’s Restaurant & Pizzeria* 30 Yorgo Koutsogiorgas Chicago, IL 63 $121,700,000
    30 Ledo Pizza 33 Robert Beall Annapolis, MD 106 $120,000,000
    31 Fox’s Pizza Den 31 James R. Fox Murrysville, PA 219 $100,000,000
    32 Mazzio’s Italian Eatery* 35 Sheri Miksa Tulsa, OK 113 $98,986,000
    33 Noble Roman’s Pizza* 36 Paul W. Mobley Indianapolis, IN 2,422 $88,000,000
    34 Pizza Inn 29 Scott Crane The Colony, TX 211 $86,801,000
    35 Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza* 37 Wayne Jones Fort Lauderdale, FL 68 $84,000,000
    36 Famous Famiglia* 38 Paul Kolaj White Plains, NY 104 $82,400,000
    37 Imo’s Pizza* 34 Edward Imo St. Louis, MO 101 $82,395,000
    38 Dion’s Pizza 42 Mark Herman Albuquerque, NM 23 $76,307,277
    39 Monical’s Pizza 41 Janelle Reents Bradley, IL 63 $67,311,980
    40 Giovanni’s Pizza 45 Tom Lemaster Ashland, KY 105 $66,000,000
    41 Buscemi’s Pizza 69 P.A. Buscemi Roseville, MI 48 $64,000,000
    42 Pizza Pro* 43 Scott Stevens Cabot, AR 315 $63,113,000
    43 Shakey’s Pizza* 47 Nick Mayer Alhambra, CA 57 $59,000,000
    44 Aurelio’s Pizza 48 Joseph Aurelio Homewood, IL 42 $57,200,000
    45 Pizza Guys 51 Shahpour Nejad Rancho Cordova, CA 66 $56,624,000
    46 Johnny’s Pizza/ Johnny Brusco’s 50 Bruce Jackson Newman, GA 67 $56,000,000
    47 Grotto Pizza 49 Dominick Pulieri Rehoboth Beach, DE 24 $51,500,000
    48 zpizza* 52 Sid Fanarof Laguna Beach, CA 46 $48,560,000
    49 Pizza Patron* 53 Antonio Swad Dallas, TX 93 $48,483,000
    50 Beggars Pizza 54 Larry Garetto Blue Island, IL 25 $48,366,809
    51 Pizza Boli’s* 56 Javed Nasir Pikesville, MD 78 $48,229,000
    52 Cottage Inn Pizza** 55 George Michos Ann Arbor, MI 60 $47,000,000
    53 Vocelli Pizza 57 Casey McEwen Pittsburgh, PA 91 $46,600,000
    54 Hideaway Pizza 64 Brett Murphy Tulsa, OK 18 $46,400,000
    55 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria Brian Petruzzi Millville, NJ 30 $46,153,000
    56 Russo’s New York Pizzeria 82 Anthony Russo Houston, TX 50 $46,000,000
    57 Buddy’s Pizza 63 Wesley Pikula Farmington Hills, MI 12 $45,000,000
    58 Valentino’s 75 Anthony O. Messineo, Jr. Lincoln, NE 36 $45,000,000
    59 Me-N-Ed’s Pizzeria/Blast 825 Pizza* 40 John A. Ferdinandi Fresno, CA 71 $44,500,000
    60 Pizza My Heart 62 Chuck Hammers Los Gatos, CA 25 $43,000,000
    61 The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen* 60 Don Bellis Sumner, WA 21 $42,000,000
    62 Toppers Pizza* 46 Scott Gittrich Whitewater, WI 75 $41,725,000
    63 Johnny’s Pizza House 61 Bernie Lear West Monroe, LA 49 $41,049,386
    64 MacKenzie River Pizza* 58 Brad Ridgeway Whitefish, MT 25 $40,000,000
    65 Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza* 65 Jeff Van Dyke Charlotte, NC 30 $40,000,000
    66 Oregano’s Pizza Bistro* 79 Frank Sbordone Scottsdale, AZ 21 $39,970,000
    67 Pizza King* 66 Scott Schultz Lafayette, IN 78 $39,390,000
    68 Rocky Rococo* 67 Tom Hester Oconomowoc, WI 42 $38,850,000
    69 Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders** 68 Kim D. Losik Portage, MI 57 $38,828,400
    70 Ameci Pizza and Pasta 70 Nick Andrisano Canoga Park, CA 61 $38,200,000
    71 Oggi’s Sports Brewhouse Pizza 76 George Hadjis San Clemente, CA 17 $37,860,405
    72 Minsky’s Pizza Café/Bar 73 Gregg D. Johnson Kansas City, MO 17 $37,143,000
    73 East of Chicago Pizza 72 Tony Collins Lima, OH 77 $36,000,000
    74 Pizza Factory* 39 Mary Jane Riva Oakhurst, CA 109 $35,841,000
    75 Abby’s Legendary Pizza 74 B. Mills Sinclair Eugene, OR 36 $35,000,000
    76 Davanni’s Pizza & Hot Hoagies* 77 G. M. Stenson Minneapolis, MN 24 $34,000,000
    77 Patxi’s Pizza Bill Freeman Sausalito, CA 21 $33,135,000
    78 Nancy’s Pizza 71 David C. Howey, Jr. Mokena, IL 31 $31,400,000
    79 Jerry’s Subs & Pizza* 78 Stewart Brown Gaithersburg, MD 35 $30,625,000
    80 Salvatore’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria Salvatore Fantauzzo Webster, NY 27 $30,500,000
    81 Pies & Pints Craft Pizza and Beer 85 Rob Lindeman Powell, OH 14 $30,000,000
    82 Mary’s Pizza Shack* 81 Vince Albano Sonoma, CA 20 $30,000,000
    83 DoubleDave’s Pieworks 84 Chuck Thorp Austin, TX 32 $29,300,000
    84 Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria 80 Peter Cooperstein/Mike Forter San Mateo, CA 10 $29,000,000
    85 mamma ilardo’s pizzeria** 83 Harry Ilardo Towson, MD 13 $29,000,000
    86 Izzy’s* 88 Dave Freeman Albany, OR 12 $26,666,000
    87 Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria* Marc Malnati Northbrook, IL 52 $26,529,000
    88 Cassano’s Pizza King* 89 Victor J. Cassano, III Kettering, OH 33 $25,235,000
    89 Belleria Pizzeria* 87 William Liberto Youngstown, OH 13 $25,134,000
    90 Sauce Pizza & Wine 95 Scott Kilpatrick Scottsdale, AZ 14 $25,000,000
    91 Lamppost Pizza* 90 Thomas C. Barro Tustin, CA 24 $24,667,000
    92 B.C. Pizza 99 Chris Nelson Boyne City, MI 34 $24,500,000
    93 Fresh Brothers* 86 Adam Goldberg Los Angeles, CA 20 $24,444,000
    94 Jimmy’s Pizza* 92 James Gordon Willmar, MN 35 $24,167,000
    95 PizzaFire** 93 Sean Brauser Medina, OH 32 $24,000,000
    96 Romeo’s Pizza 96 Ryan Rose Medina, OH 32 $23,034,467
    97 Zeek’s Pizza Dan Black Seattle, WA 14 $23,000,000
    98 Snappy Tomato Pizza 94 Jeremy Deters Burlington, KY 53 $22,618,411
    99 Grimaldi’s Pizza* 97 Joe Ciolli Scottsdale, AZ 51 $22,615,000
    100 Antonio’s Real Italian Pizza** 100 The LoSchiavo Family Brunswich, OH 16 $21,000,000

    Domino’s is now the biggest pizza chain in the world

    • Domino’s Pizza has surpassed Pizza Hut to become the world’s largest pizza company, according to a report published this week.
    • When the corporation reported profits for the fourth quarter, it explained that its self-proclaimed No.
    • 1 rating was based on worldwide retail sales.
    • The company is situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
    • With global sales of $12.2 billion in 2017, Domino’s Pizza surpassed Pizza Hut of Plano, Texas, which had previously been the largest pizza brand in the world.

    Pizza Hut, which is a subsidiary of Yum Brands, located in Louisville, Ky., together with Taco Bell and KFC, had revenues of $12.03 billion in 2013.It has made much of digital innovation in recent years, including order tracking applications and a driverless pizza delivery pilot program, among other things.Meanwhile, according to researchers, Pizza Hut is losing clients who are younger in age.The firm generated a $277.9 million profit for the 2017 fiscal year, according to Domino’s.In fiscal 2017, the firm said that it established 1,045 locations, of which 216 were in the United States and 829 were in other countries across the world.

    Domino’s began as a tiny operation in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1960 with just one location.DomiNick’s was the name of the establishment back then.The property was purchased for $500 by brothers Tom and James Monaghan, who christened it.

    There are currently more than 14,400 Domino’s restaurants in operation across the world.J.Patrick Doyle, who has served as president and CEO of Domino’s for the past eight years, said this year that he will step down in June of this year.Richard Allison, the president of Domino’s International, will take over as his replacement.At the time, he stated that he wished for Domino’s to become the world’s leading pizza company.

    American Pizza Community

    • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Christy Moran may be reached at 703-299-2602 Families choose pizza, according to the American Pizza Community, because of its ease and convenience. Washington, D.C. – October 27, 2016 – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a statement. The same time as families throughout the country prepare for an exciting Halloween night, pizzeria businesses across the country are gearing up for one of their biggest days of the year: Black Friday. According to the American Pizza Community (APC), a significant volume of pizza orders are placed on Halloween every year because of the convenience of having a hot, crowd-pleasing dinner delivered or picked up on the way home on a holiday when many families are gathered together and too busy to cook. ″Customization is unquestionably a fundamental reason in why pizza is so popular,″ stated Tim McIntyre, Chair of the American Pizza Committee. ″The many alternatives and the large number of possible combinations easily accommodate a wide range of preferences.″ Make the most of your Halloween pizza order by following these tips. Here are a couple of pointers: Place your order before 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time! Prior to the popular evening rush, call and place your order for pizza to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of calls.
    • Takeout is a great option! Given that Halloween falls on a Monday this year, you should pick up your order on your way home from work
    • Place your order online! The convenience of ordering online eliminates the need to wait on hold, since phone lines are likely to be busier than normal, especially during peak supper hours.
    • Super Bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are among the top five busiest days for pizza delivery in the United States, according to Domino’s Pizza.
    • The American Pizza Community is a group of people who like eating pizza in the United States.
    • The American Pizza Community is a combination of major and small pizza companies, operators, franchisees, vendors, suppliers, and other organizations that make up the American pizza industry.
    • It was founded in 2003 by a group of pizza industry professionals.
    • The International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association is comprised of Little Caesars, Nick-N- Willy’s, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Papa Romano’s, Pizza Factory, Pizza Schmizza, Sam & Louie’s, and Sam & Louie’s Pizza, among others.

    Blackjack Pizza, Breadeaux Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza, Hungry Howie’s, Hungry How Coca-Cola, Leprino Foods Company, Middleby Marshall, Paradise Tomato Kitchens, PepsiCo, and Tyson Foods are just a few of the company’s supplier partners.Consortium for Common Food Names, National Pork Producers Council and Tomato Products Wellness Council are some of the organizations that have joined as affiliate partners.www.AmericanPizzaCommunity.com

    Pizza restaurants: top chains by sales US 2020

    Domino’s Pizza was the largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States in 2020, with sales of around 8.29 billion U.S. dollars, according to the company. Burger King came in second place, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesars. According to sales figures from 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the largest pizza chain in the United States since 2015.

    Domino’s domestic success

    • Pizza restaurant sales in the United States are expected to reach around 46.24 billion U.S.
    • dollars in 2020, with chain restaurants accounting for approximately 60% of overall sales.
    • From 2012 to 2019, Domino’s Pizza raised their advertising expenditures in the United States, and this trend was mirrored in the company’s sales figures over the same period.
    • The brand, despite its popularity among consumers, did not rank among the top three most popular pizza franchises in the United States last year, according to a survey.

    Which pizza chain has the most stores in the U.S.?

    In the year 2021, there will be 75,117 pizza restaurants in the United States. It was discovered that there was a decline of roughly three thousand eateries as a result of closures associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. As of 2019, Pizza Hut had the biggest store count of the major pizza brands in the United States, with 7,306 locations around the country.

    This Is The Most Popular Pizza Chain In 24 States, According To A Report

    • Photograph courtesy of V.
    • Matthiesen/Shutterstock The epidemic and the ensuing lockdowns have thrown the restaurant business into disarray in ways that are still being revealed.
    • According to Zippia, pizza consumption in the United States will account for over one-third of global pizza sales in 2020 – $46.24 billion out of $145 billion, to be exact.
    • That’s a lot of pie, right there!
    • So, what exactly do Americans consume?

    That is dependent on where you live, to a large extent.The regular cheese pizza, according to Thrillist, is the overwhelming choice in 29 states.Interestingly, just two states, Montana and Oregon, indicated that pepperoni was their favored pizza topping option, which is surprising.BBQ chicken, which won seven states in the race for the second most popular pizza topping in America, was making a move for the top spot.We had no idea what was about to happen.

    When you factor in additional chicken variations, such as buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, and grilled chicken white pizza, poultry outperforms beef by a considerable margin, even when you factor in the three states where meat lovers’ pizza is the preferred option for many people.Now that we know what toppings people like, we can figure out which pizza company has been the most successful during the epidemic.

    Consumers prefer this pizza chain

    • Photograph courtesy of Keith Homan/Shutterstock According to a Zippia research published in February 2021, the top ten largest pizza companies in the United States by gross sales were identified, with Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars topping the list.
    • Papa John’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Sbarro, Marco’s Pizza, Chuck E.
    • Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza, and Cici’s Pizza rounded out the top ten list of pizza restaurants.
    • Even though Domino’s is at the top of the food service industry in terms of yearly total sales, the company generates the vast majority of its money by selling just ingredients to franchisees and other food service businesses, according to the company.
    • However, if you flip the script and look at the top-performing pizza business based on consumer preference rather than gross yearly sales, Little Caesars takes the top place.

    TOP Data discovered that the popular pizza business ranked top in 24 out of the 48 states included in its survey, with particularly strong performance in the central states, according to its findings.Papa John’s, which only had a presence in ten states, came in second place, a long way behind the leaders.People clearly enjoy Little Caesars’ ″Hot-N-Ready″ pizzas as well as the garlic-parmesan breadsticks they provide with them.

    A bright future for pizza

    • Photograph by Ryzhkov Photography/Shutterstock Despite the fact that these poll results appear to have altered the pizza landscape, the situation appears to be very similar to that which was before to the outbreak.
    • According to a survey from Statista, Domino’s ranked #1 in sales and made nearly twice as much money as Little Caesars, while Pizza Hut came in second place.
    • Little Caesars landed in third place in terms of profitability in the Zippia report for 2021, just like it did in the previous year.
    • Many eateries were forced to close permanently as a result of COVID-19, while pizza sales remained relatively stable.
    • According to Franchise Chatter, over 300 new pizzerias will debut across the United States in 2020.

    These figures demonstrated that the pizza sector can survive economic and societal challenges, and the desire to prepare meals at home ended up benefiting the pizzeria restaurant model in the long term as a result.Even though the majority of people like Little Caesars’, analysts believe Pizza Hut and Domino’s made more money because of their revised ordering procedures.During the pandemic, Domino’s made significant improvements to its digital ordering infrastructure, including a significant upgrade to its online ordering system and mobile app.In fact, according to Franchise Chatter, app orders account for 60% of total pizza sales, and 88 percent of clients utilize a delivery app of some kind in order to get their food order delivered.A text-based approach, implemented by smaller chains such as &pizza, guaranteed that this manner of ordering kept a personal touch by allowing consumers to communicate with pizza cooks and delivery personnel.

    A positive future for Little Caesars

    • Rblfmr/Shutterstock Little Caesars might surpass Papa John’s to become the nation’s second largest pizza chain by the year 2022, if the company continues on its current path.
    • The largest Pizza Hut franchisee filed bankruptcy in 2021 and shuttered 300 sites, according to Franchise Chatter.
    • Despite the fact that Pizza Hut is the second-most lucrative pizza brand, the report said.
    • As a result, rival national chains have had the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.
    • By their very nature, pizza franchises such as Little Caesars cater to vegetarian and flexitarian diets, which are becoming increasingly popular in the food industry.

    According to a poll conducted by OnePoll and Eat Just, Inc in 2020, around 60 percent of Americans are consuming more plant-based meals (via Plant Based News).If Little Caesars focuses its marketing efforts on this demographic, it has the ability to increase sales and, in the long run, even surpass Pizza Hut in terms of market share.Pizzerias continue to be one of the most popular and dependable types of eateries in the United States.It’s possible that large pizza restaurants may introduce even more innovative products in the following year.

    The Most Pizza Loving States And Each State’s Favorite Slice – Zippia

    Most Interesting Findings

    • They want their pizza cheesey, and they are the largest admirers of the dish in Connecticut. New England and the Midwest are the biggest fans of pizza overall. Hawaii is the state that enjoys pizza the least, despite the fact that the rest of the country appears to make less educated selections regarding pizza. I’m not sure they like genuine pizza at all, given that their favorite pizza is Caprese (not Hawaiian!).
    • Cheese pizza is the favorite in a staggering 29 states
    • Can we speak about how much pizza is being ordered in Georgia, North Dakota, and New Mexico? Perhaps we should stage an intervention?
    • Move over pepperoni, barbecue chicken pie is the state favorite in seven states.
    • Interestingly, chicken as a whole is surprisingly popular, with 10 states preferring some form of fowl on their pizza
    • The top three pizza restaurants in terms of sales are: 1.) Domino’s, 2.) Pizza Hut, and 3.) Little Caesar’s
    • In that order.
    • The average pizza delivery driver earns only $9.95 an hour and travels 75 to 100 miles every shift—please tip generously, people.

    Continue reading to view the whole map of the states with the highest concentrations of pizza lovers, as well as other information.

    Where has the most pizza places?

    How We Determined This

    Using data from Yelp and Eat24, we were able to determine the most popular pizza toppings throughout the country.We then sorted the results by state.While this may result in orders that are a little more expensive than usual (I’m looking at you, caprese and white pizza!), it still gives an excellent view into the ordering patterns of residents in each state.

    Finally, we looked to PMQ Magazine for information on the number of pizza establishments in each city.With the safe premise that the greater the number of pizza establishments in a state, the greater the number of pizza enthusiasts in the state.All of them came together to make our really corny article.


    It’s a freak.In that case, go ahead and get yourself an xl-pizza topped with all of your preferred toppings.If you live in one of the 29 states where this simple ‘za is your go-to meal, you might as well just order cheese.For those of you who are among the half million Americans for whom pizza is not just a hobby, but also a profession, you may be eligible for a discount as an employee.

    Talk about an underappreciated employee perk!You can find the rest of our cheese-y, pineapple-topped, BBQ facts farther down on this page: Table of All Things Pizza (Table of All Things Pizza)

    State Favorite Pizza Stores Per Capita
    Alaska White Pizza 2
    Alabama Cheese 1
    Arkansas Cheese 2
    Arizona Cheese 1
    California BBQ Chicken 1
    Colorado BBQ Chicken 2
    Connecticut Cheese 3
    Delaware Buffalo chicken 3
    Florida Cheese 2
    Georgia Hawaiian 1
    Hawaii Caprese 1
    Iowa Taco 3
    Idaho Cheese 2
    Illinois Cheese 2
    Indiana Cheese 2
    Kansas Cheese 2
    Kentucky Cheese 2
    Louisiana Meat Lovers 1
    Massachusetts Cheese 3
    Maryland Cheese 2
    Maine Grilled Chicken White Pizza 2
    Michigan BBQ Chicken 2
    Minnesota BBQ Chicken 2
    Missouri Cheese 2
    Mississippi Cheese 1
    Montana Pepperoni 2
    North Carolina Cheese 2
    North Dakota Hawaiian 2
    Nebraska BBQ Chicken 2
    New Hampshire Cheese 3
    New Jersey Cheese 3
    New Mexico Hawaiian 1
    Nevada Cheese 2
    New York Cheese 2
    Ohio Cheese 3
    Oklahoma Cheese 2
    Oregon Pepperoni 2
    Pennsylvania Cheese 3
    Rhode Island Cheese 3
    South Carolina Cheese 2
    South Dakota Chicken Bacon Ranch 2
    Tennessee Cheese 2
    Texas Cheese 1
    Utah BBQ Chicken 1
    Virginia BBQ Chicken 2
    Vermont Cheese 2
    Washington Cheese 1
    Wisconsin Cheese 2
    West Virginia Meat Lovers 3
    Wyoming Meat Lovers 2

    Never let an opportunity pass you by that is a good fit for you.

    Sorry, New York City and Chicago, you aren’t the best places for pizza, study says

    • Which state is indeed the greatest for pizza, and why is this so? A new study from lending business Anytime Estimate indicates that New York is not the best place to live in the United States. It’s Ohio, where Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati are all ranked among the top 20 pizza cities in the United States, according to Zagat. Cleveland was placed second, followed by Columbus, which was ranked third, and Cincinnati, which was ranked nineteenth overall. The criteria used to compile the list, which included the 50 biggest metro areas in the country, were as follows: Google Trends interest in 20 different pizza variations
    • The number of pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents
    • The number of pizza restaurants per square mile
    • Google Trends interest in general pizza terms
    • The number of independent pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents
    • The average price and affordability of cheese pizza
    • The average price and affordability of pepperoni pizza
    • And the number of big chain pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents.

    On the list, the average price of a cheese pizza in Cincinnati was $7.02, the yearly cost of weekly pizza was $365.04, and the proportion of annual income spent on pizza was 0.61 percent, according to the report.It also boasts 9.8 pizza restaurants per 100,000 inhabitants, 3.7 independent pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents, a ″pizza love″ score of 81.3, and an average distance between a pizza restaurant and a person’s home of 2.53 miles.McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce is returning soon: McDonald’s is bringing back its Szechuan Sauce in the near future.Here’s how to acquire it for free, as well as when you can receive it.

    Money newsletter emailed to your inbox every day: Get money insights and advice delivered to your inbox every day.Please register here.

    Which city has the best pizza?

    Detroit was previously regarded as the pizza city of the Midwest, but it can now add the title of ″pizza capital of the United States″ to its slew of accolades.The Motor City is rated highly in a variety of categories.There are 6 independent pizzerias per 100,000 residents in Detroit, nearly double the national average of 3.1, and the city has the greatest appreciation for a wide range of pie styles.Detroit has the highest number of independent pizzerias per capita (6 per 100,000 residents), nearly double the national average of 3.1.

    Detroit also ranks first for searches for BBQ chicken pizza, second for searches for Chicago-style pizza, and first, of course, for searches for the Detroit-style pizza, which is a thick crust square pizza with crisp corners of brick cheese that was first created by Buddy’s Pizza in the city’s downtown area.Here are the top 15 cities for pizza in the United States:

    1. Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Boston, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Providence, St. Louis, Norfolk, Baltimore, Tampa, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Nashville are some of the cities that are represented.

    Surprise, surprise: the city that is famous for its broad, thin crust type pizza was rated 22nd on the list.As Anytime Estimate noted, ″While the Big Apple surely has many pros for pie-lovers, its pizza culture has its own share of problems.″ These problems include a lack of independent pizzerias, a low number of pizzerias per 100,000 population, and a lack of variety in pizza types.Jordan Mendoza of USA TODAY contributed to this article.

    Many of today’s best-known chain restaurants have been around since the early 1900s! Can you name all 15 of them?

    1/15th of a total of 15 Photograph courtesy of Susan Montgomery/Shutterstock

    A&W (1919)

    That’s right, the root beer monarchs were responsible for the establishment of the first ever chain restaurant in the United States.By the 1970s, A&W had opened more outlets than McDonald’s, which was a record.Today, they’re not as well-known for their meals as they are for their root beer.but we wouldn’t have it any other way if we had our choice.

    Gather your supplies and make our Root Beer Float Cake at home.two-fifths of one-hundred fifteen Photograph courtesy of Ken Wolter/Shutterstock

    White Castle (1921)

    White Castle got its start by selling five-cent sliders, which were a less expensive version of hamburgers at the time.The business concept was successful, and White Castle has been in operation for more than 90 years.The Original Slider was awarded the ″most influential burger of all time″ by Time magazine in 2014.These little sliders are bursting with flavor.

    Photograph by Kevin Brine/Shutterstock, 3/15

    Dairy Queen (1940)

    Your Blizzard has been upside down for more than 75 years, thanks to their expertise!Dairy Queen was one of the first restaurant franchises to open its doors, but, unlike the majority of other chains, the company’s first site was not in a major city like most of the others.Instead, the city of Joliet, Illinois, was the birthplace of the soft-serve cone.Placing an order is simple; all of our Dairy Queen imitation recipes are delicious.

    4 out of 15 Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock / JStone

    Dunkin’ Donuts (1948)

    Although it was originally known as Open Kettle—and subsequently Kettle Donuts—the Dunkin’ Donuts we know and love today got its origins in the 1940s. The original Starbucks, which opened its doors in the 1970s, was established many years before that. You can find out more about the delicious Dunkin’ Donuts history right here. 5 out of 15 courtesy of shutterstock / meunierd

    In-N-Out (1948)

    When you see the iconic red and yellow emblem with its graphic design reminiscent of the 1940s, you know In-N-Out has been around for a while.Its high-quality fast food, thick milkshakes, and not-so-hidden secret menu have made this Californian burger stand a local favorite among locals.The restaurant’s original site used to be on what is now Interstate 10 but has since been relocated.Because to our collection of In-N-Out replicas, you may enjoy In-N-Out wherever in the globe.

    6 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 / 15 Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

    Jack in the Box (1951)

    Although Jack in the Box was not the first chain restaurant to open its doors, it was the first to do it in the shortest amount of time. In addition to two-way radio communication and a separate pick-up window, they were the first to use an intercom system for drive-thru service! 7 out of 15 Photograph by Sergey Edentod/Shutterstock

    KFC (1952)

    Salt Lake City was the site of the first KFC restaurant. This establishment is credited for developing the rotating sign, which included a depiction of a big bucket of chicken that could be rotated 360 degrees. Using this top-secret formula, you can manufacture KFC chicken in your own kitchen. 8 out of 15 Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

    Denny’s (1953)

    Denny’s was not originally known as a diner, though.Initially, they were known for their donuts!Afterwards, they shifted their business strategy to concentrate on coffee before eventually evolving into the 24-hour pancakes and burgers brand that we know and love today.(The chain’s current logo, which appears to be vintage, was actually developed in 2002, despite its appearance.) 9 out of 15 courtesy of Shutterstock / Ken Wolter

    Sonic (1953)

    Sonic is different from most other fast food restaurants in that it does not feature a drive-through or a pick-up window.In order to get a Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger, you must first park your car at one of the drive-in stations, place your order, and then wait for a waiter to deliver the meal to your car.This manner of transmission was one of the factors that distinguished Sonic in its early years.Tupungato/Shutterstock, image 10 of 15.

    McDonald’s (1955)

    McDonald’s was not formed until the mid-1950s, despite the fact that most people believe it was the first.It was originally known as ″McDonald’s Bar-B-Q,″ but the company’s founders chose to alter the name in order to concentrate on burgers.(Take a look at all of the modifications to the McDonald’s menu.) Despite the fact that McDonald’s is often considered the world’s most popular fast food franchise, the company is really a distant second behind an unexpected front-runner.15th of November Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

    Waffle House (1955)

    With its distinctive yellow-lettered sign, it’s simple to identify a Waffle House from a long distance away.The Waffle House brand was started in Decatur, Georgia, and the first restaurant has been transformed into a museum dedicated to the history of the company.You can create Waffle House waffles at home if you follow these instructions.15th of December Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock / Jonathan Weiss

    IHOP (1958)

    Many people were surprised to learn that IHOP will be rebranding as IHOB in order to showcase the chain’s new hamburger offerings. To their credit, the International House of Pancakes opted to return to its old name in celebration of their 60th anniversary, and we are grateful that they did. 13 out of 15 Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock / Jonathan Weiss

    Pizza Hut (1958)

    That’s true, Pizza Hut was the very first chain pizza restaurant in the United States. The initial restaurant had only twenty-five seats and was considered to be a small establishment. Aside from that, they only had nine letters available on the sign, so they opted to call the establishment ″Pizza Hut″ owing to the building’s diminutive size. The original publication date was July 30, 2018.

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