How To Cut A Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter?

If you don’t have a pizza cutter on hand, Kim recommends a larger chef’s knife that’s big enough to fit the circumference of your pizza. To cut, you can rock the knife back and forth; however, unlike the pizza cutter, Kim recommends waiting before you start to slice.

How do you cut a pizza without a knife?

Scissors allow you a great amount of control when cutting your pizza. You can cut the pizza into small triangles and squares, longer strips, or any other shape you like. In my opinion, they are also easier to use than pizza cutters.

Can you cut pizza with scissors?

‘In general,’ he says, ‘scissors seem to work really well for long, slab-type pies, and for thinner pizzas, or pizzas that are in small pans,’ he says, adding that in Italy you’ll often see either scissors or ‘a kind of small steak knife just kinda hacking it out of the pan.’ And a tip: ‘If you have something fresh

What do I cut my pizza with?

Wooden cutting boards can be made from many different types of wood. To avoid scratches, and to make sure you have a long lasting pizza board, the best choice is a hardwood, such as, maple, oak, teak or walnut. Another good option is bamboo, that technically is a type of grass, and even harder than hardwood.

Do you cut a pizza hot or cold?

Give the pizza 2 to 3 minutes to cool after it comes out of the oven so the cheese and other toppings will have time to set. I’ve cut a Lot of pizzas, it is always best and easiest to cut them straight out of the oven. The crust is crisp and the blade runs through the crust easily.

How do Italians cut their pizza?

In Italy, unless sold on the street or “al taglio” (sold in rectangular or square slices by weight), it’s always round and served on a plate. 2. You cut the pizza yourself and then eat it with a knife and fork, the most common way, or fold each slice and eat it with your hands.

Why do Koreans love scissors?

Why would people cut their food with scissors at the table?’ The answer is very simple: for efficiency. Not only are scissors used for cutting meat, many Koreans also use them to cut basically all of their food, including kimchi, vegetables, noodles; oe anything else that would need to be cut into smaller sizes.

Do they use scissors to cut pizza in Italy?

Using scissors to cut pizza is common practice in Italy when serving square, Roman-style pizza (or Pinsa-style pizza). So, if you’re serving thin-crusted, slab-style pizza, these sheers make it easy to dole out.

Can you cut a pizza before cooking?

You could, but some of the cheese will fall off the edges of the pizza as it melts. You’re better off cooking the whole pizza, eating a quarter of it and refrigerating the rest for later.

Can you cut a pizza on a baking sheet?

If all you have is a light-colored baking sheet, you can absolutely use it to make pizza. Just increase the oven temperature to 510°F (or up to 550°F if possible) and bake your pizza for an additional 5 to 10 minutes, checking the underside every few minutes to make sure it’s evenly browned but not burnt.

Do you cut pizza on the peel?

Wooden peels are very pretty. Wood is also the best material to prevent sticking of raw pizza dough—essential for inserting a raw pizza into the oven without disturbing the toppings. You can also cut and serve your pizza directly off the peel without damaging your knife or pizza wheel.

Can you cut pizza on a pizza screen?

Pizza screens, which are flat mesh disks, are meant for cooking pizzas with crispy crusts when pizza stones are impossible or impractical to use. These lightweight pieces are made of thin aluminum, making them easy to stack and store.

3 Better Ways to Cut Pizza, According to a James Beard Award-Winning Chef

When cutting pizza, chef Ann Kim of Minneapolis hotspot Young Joni suggests cutting it immediately after it comes out of the oven.Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested.If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission.The taste of freshly baked pizza is one of life’s greatest joys, whether you order it from a pizza delivery service or make it yourself.In an ideal situation, the crust is warm and crunchy, with a subtle yeasty aroma, and the cheese is just piping hot enough to gulp down without scorching the inside of the mouth.The actual cutting of the pizza, on the other hand, does not always go as well.

It is possible that the pizza cutter is not sharp enough to penetrate the dough, resulting in jagged slices; even worse, you may wind up removing part of the cheese from the pizza as a result of the procedure.As someone who has annihilated far too many pizzas from late-night takeaway orders, I decided to seek advice from the professionals.Pizza-cutting abilitiesImage courtesy of Irina Marwan/Getty Images Enter Ann Kim, the chef behind Minneapolis landmark Young Joni, which serves imaginative wood-fired pizzas such as the broccolini pie with Calabrian chiles, Castelvetrano olives, and almonds, as well as Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza, among other establishments.

Kim just received the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Midwest, and she also collaborates with Wüsthof, which creates a fantastic chef’s knife, among other things.We were able to catch up with her and go over some fundamental knife skills, as well as how to maximize pizza cutting to achieve the greatest outcomes.Take a look at some of her most important suggestions below:

Use a super-sharp pizza cutter (or sharpen the one you have)

Keep in mind that a pizza cutter is the same as a knife.In the beginning, I thought it was a simple pizza cutter and that was the end of it.You’ll need a good, sharp cutter, no doubt about it.It is still a knife, despite the fact that it is rounded,″ Kim explains.At the restaurant, we get them properly polished once a week by a local company.To make sure we obtain a clean slice, we want to be thorough.″ has a Wüsthof 3-stage PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener for $200 (list price $250), which is a good deal.

Cut the pizza the second it’s out of the oven.

As she explains, ″this is based on our previous restaurant experience, where we chop the meat as soon as it comes out of the oven.″ ″Once you give it time to settle, it begins to toughen up and becomes more difficult to work with.″ I would strongly advise you to wait a few minutes before actually picking up the slice and eating it, to avoid burning the roof of your mouth on the hot slice.We’ve all done it before, so why not now?However, once it has been taken out of the oven, allow it to cool for a few seconds before cutting through it.″

. Unless you’re using a chef’s knife (which you can totally do)

Instead of a traditional pizza cutter, Kim advises using a bigger chef’s knife that is large enough to fit around the circle of your pizza.To cut, you may rock the knife back and forth; but, unlike the pizza cutter, Kim recommended that you wait before you begin slicing the pizza.″When you use a wheel, the cheese is less likely to attach to the wheel because of the motion of the wheel traveling around,″ Kim adds.″However, if you were to cut through it with, say, a chef’s knife, I can see how the cheese may become stuck.All you need is a clean dish towel or a clean paper towel on hand, and you’ll be fine.And then slowly, lightly, swipe through the rest of the way before going for the second cut.

That is the course of action I would advocate.It’s also worth waiting for the chef’s knife to cool down before using it since this will prevent the cheese from adhering to a room temperature knife.″ has the Wüsthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife for $150 (list price $165).

How to cut Pizza Without a Pizza Cutter

  • The cuisine known as pizza is a favorite of many people all around the world. After you take it out of the oven, you will need to cut it into symmetrical wedges so that it can be served easily. In this case, the use of a pizza cutter is necessary. The pizza cutter can assist you in cutting out those ideal slices of pizza. Especially if the pizza cutter supplied is dull or damaged, cutting the pizza might be a difficult task. However, there are many tools available to you in addition to the pizza cutter for cutting those pieces, which is a welcome relief. In this post, we’ll look at some of the alternatives to pizza cutters that are available. Continue reading to find out more! But first, before we get into pizza cutter alternatives, it’s important to grasp the various laws that apply when you’re not using a pizza cutter or a pizza cutter replacement. Some of the things you should be aware of are as follows: Allowing the pizza to cool after it has been taken out of the oven is recommended before beginning to slice it. Allowing it to settle for a few minutes will avoid you from ripping the toppings and cheese off the pizza
  • and
  • You should choose a blade size that will allow you to cut through the entire pizza diameter with a smooth and clean cut
  • Make a back and forth motion when cutting the pizza to prevent getting cheese and toppings all over the place.

Pizza cutting tools and equipment

It’s possible that your pizza cutter isn’t cutting as effectively as it should be. Assuming this is the case, I’d like to give some more tools that you may use to cut out pieces from your pizza crust. These instruments are as follows:

i. Chef’s knife

The chef’s knife can cut flawless slices from your pizza, but only if it is large enough to span the whole circumference of your pie.If you have one around, you may use it to cut pieces of cheese without having to fuss with the cheese.Please allow for some cooling time after the pizza has been baked before cutting it into slices.Additionally, when cutting, you should be careful not to let the blade twist as you slice through the pizza dough.Otherwise, the aesthetic of the wedges may be tarnished as the cheese and other toppings may spread throughout the wedges.

ii. Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears are multi-purpose kitchen equipment that may be used for everything from slicing salads to opening processed goods. They are quite similar in appearance to scissors, and they have not been left out of the pizza-making process. Cut effortlessly through your pizza crust and along the circumference of the pizza with these kitchen shears!

iii. Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors are available in a variety of patterns.Some will be standard scissors in appearance, while others will have a spatula connected to them.The spatula makes it simple to transfer the cut pizza to the serving plate.It is possible to slice the pizza on the pizza stone using scissors since they will not become dull throughout the cutting process.Compared to sharpening pizza cutters, they are considerably easier to sharpen, which is why you should have one in your kitchen to use on rainy days to save time.

iv. Bladeless cutting

The goal of bladeless pizza cutting is to break the pizza. It’s most effective when used with frozen pizza. You just need to cut the pie into pieces so that you can easily pluck out one piece or slice at a time once it has been baked.

v. Pizza knife

Pizza knives are made with curved blades, which allow for excellent back and forth movement on your pie when cutting it.It is simple to use; all you have to do is take it in your hands and lay it in the centre of the pie, then slice from one side of the pie to the other.Larger blades are also available, which can easily span the entire pizza width and produce clean cuts with little effort.

vi. Hybrid ulu

When chopping vegetables, the hybrid ulu is employed. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of using it for the purpose of cutting out pizza slices. This knife’s curved blade is ideal for slicing through pie crusts with ease, since it allows for back and forth movement without difficulty. This pie cutter is equipped with grips for a secure hold when cutting through the pie crust.

vii. Meat Cleaver

A meat cleaver is a big knife with a blade that is rectangular in form.It is employed in the process of cutting through tough boney meat.Chefs often use its broad blade to smash garlic bulbs, which allows them to easily remove the outer peel.The knife is available in a variety of weights and sizes, allowing the user to select the one that he or she feels most comfortable with.As well as being used to chop pieces off your pie, a meat cleaver may also be used to rotate the pizza while it is baking inside of the oven.This big knife may also be used to remove pizza from the oven with ease.

After you’ve finished slicing the pie, you may still use it to serve the wedges to your visitors and family members.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

How long should I wait before slicing my pizza after it has been taken out of the oven?

It is best to let your pizza cheese and toppings remain at room temperature for 3 minutes before using them to prevent tampering with them. What do you recommend I use to cut my pie?

There are high-quality wooden pizza boards available for purchase on the market, which you may use to set the pie on.


The tools listed above are excellent alternatives for pizza cutters, and you should feel free to experiment with them to get those perfect slices on your pizza.Make no mistake about it: sharp tools are essential for getting an excellent finish on your project.You should, however, exercise caution while working with sharp instruments such as a meat cleaver in order to avoid any mishaps.The last 26 years of Jennifer D.Simon’s life have been dedicated researching and practicing nutrition science.She has dedicated a significant portion of her time to enhancing the livelihoods of others.

She has accomplished this by developing unquestionably sound strategies for addressing food insecurity in her neighborhood.More information can be found at

How to Cut Pizza WITHOUT a Pizza Cutter

In this short and entertaining lesson, I’ll demonstrate my preferred method of cutting pizza, which does not involve the use of a pizza cutter or a knife. As a matter of fact, it only takes one piece of equipment that almost everyone has at home: scissors!

Who am I to tell YOU how to cut pizza?

If you’re new around here, welcome!And thank you for visiting my recipe website, On The Bias.My name is Gianna, and I’m a home cook turned recipe developer based in Brooklyn, New York.And I’m a self-proclaimed ″Pizza Scissors Enthusiast,″ which means I enjoy cutting pizza with scissors.Despite the fact that I like cooking and developing recipes from a variety of cultures, Italian-American cuisine is my expertise.This is the type of food I grew up eating.

One of my favorite foods, and one that puts me right back to my youth, is my grandmother’s sheet pan pizza (recipe below).Beautiful in its own right, and something I grew up taking use of on a regular basis but now only get to experience a few of times each year.My grandmother, like many other Italian home cooks I know, does not possess a fancy wood-burning oven or an Ooni Oven, which are currently highly popular among home cooks in the United States.

They bake their pizzas in their own kitchen ovens, which produce incredibly wonderful and crispy results.And many of them, including me, believe that scissors are the greatest tool for cutting pizza.

Why Scissors?

When cutting your pizza with scissors, you have a great deal of control over the outcome.It is possible to cut the pizza into little triangles and squares, as well as longer strips, or any other form you like.They are also, in my opinion, more convenient to use than pizza cutters.Pizza cutters require a strong, vigorous wind-up and roll before they can be used.Even then, they are not always successful in cutting through the pizza.Scissors get the job done correctly the first time.

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The sound of the snipping is also really gratifying.

How to cut pizza with scissors

  1. Set aside for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the crust is cold enough to handle.
  2. Remove the pizza from the sheet pan by loosening it with a spatula. Alternatively, if you’re not using a pizza stone, move the pizza to a big cutting board and start slicing! This is the most enjoyable part. Make forms that are consistent, or be inventive! Everyone will have a great time selecting their ideal item.


Sheet Pan Pizza Recipe

This recipe for Lemon Ricotta Pizza with Calabrian Chili Oil will put your scissors or kitchen shears to good use.

More cooking how-to’s

How to Prepare and Cook a Flank Steak ″loading=″lazy″ data-medium-file=″ data-large-file=″ data-small-file=″ height=″1024″ width=″768″ width=″1024″ data-id=″3128″ When cutting a flank steak on the bias, make sure you use the proper technique.″ 680×480, 225x1152x800x600x300x150x1200x720x360x180x1320x1536x768x600x300x150x1200x720x360x180x1320x1536x1536x1536x1536x1536x1536x1536w sizes=″(max-width: 768px) 100vw, 768px″ styles=″(max-width: 768px) 100vw, 768px″ How to Cut a Flank Steak data-recalc-dims=″1″>How to Cut a Flank Steak

How do you cut a pizza without a knife?

The 7 Best Pizza Cutter/Cutters

  1. Meat Cleaver is an abbreviation for Meat Cleaver. The Bladeless Cutting tool is a multi-functional item that you almost always have in your kitchen. Because it does not involve the use of anything sharp, this is perhaps the safest method of cutting your pizza.
  2. Pizza Knife, Hybrid Ulu, The Chef’s Knife, Scissors, Shears, and other kitchen implements

Can you cut pizza with scissors?

No, I don’t think so. Pizzerias with scissor-wielding chefs may appear to be a recent phenomenon, yet the method is centuries old. It is one of the most specialist culinary equipment, but it is also one of the most accessible, since it can be found in almost any kitchen.

Do you let pizza Cool before cutting?

Allowing your pizza to cool for a few minutes after it comes out of the oven can help you avoid those unpleasant moments and ensure that your pizza stays intact. This will also give the cheese time to harden, keeping it from falling off your slice as soon as you cut it with a knife.

What should you cut pizza on?

Cutting boards made of wood may be created from a variety of different types of wood. The ideal choice for a pizza board is a hardwood such as maple, oak, teak, or walnut, which will prevent scratches and provide a long service life. Also a fantastic alternative is bamboo, which officially is considered a form of grass but is really tougher than hardwood.

How long should pizza sit before cutting?

Simply allowing the pizza to sit at room temperature for three minutes will allow it to firm up and be safe to slice. Despite the fact that 3 minutes may feel like an eternity while you are staring at a mouthwatering pizza, it is not long enough for the pizza to become chilly.

Why is pizza not cut in Italy?

It is customary in Italy to cut their pizzas with a fork and knife before eating the slices with their hands. For starters, it’s because pizza is delivered sizzling hot, making it impossible to break apart with your hands.″ Last but not least, in Italy, pizza would never be offered in a commercial establishment.″

Why is pizza cut in squares?

What is the reason for the square cut of thin crust pizza in Chicago?A: According to Rose Barraco George, this crisp, square-cut type of pizza evolved in Midwest taverns during World War II and became known as ″party cut″ or ″tavern cut″ (or perhaps just the appropriate way to cut pizza).According to George, the squares were just more convenient for tavern guests to dine while drinking beer.

How do you cut pizza with a pizza cutter?

Making Use of the Pizza Cutter First and foremost, you must insert the pizza cutter into the center of the pizza. When you put your pizza cutter in the centre of the pizza, you have a better chance of getting equal-sized pieces. After that, you’ll need to roll the blade. Hold the handles of your pizza cutter tightly in your hands and carefully roll to slice your pizza.

Is it better to cut a pizza hot or cold?

Slicing pizza right out of the oven provides the opportunity to get the first slice out of the oven as soon as possible. Allowing a complete pizza to cool before removing a slice ensures that the initial slice taken will cool considerably more quickly, since its heat loss has begun to stabilize with the cutting board during the cooling process.

Can you cut pizza on a stone?

No, the stone is too hot, and the stone cannot be removed from the oven while the pizza is still on it. When you cut the pizza, the sauce and cheese will melt into the stone, resulting in black burn streaks on the surface. Purchase a ″pizza screen″ as well, which will allow the pizza to cool slightly and prevent the crust from becoming soggy.

Why is my homemade pizza soggy?

While there are a variety of factors that might contribute to soggy pizza (such as using toppings that leak excessive amounts of water), the most common is that the pizza was not baked in a hot enough oven. Allow your oven to reach a temperature of 500 degrees (or as close to that as possible).

How do you cut a pizza into 6 slices?

6 is the result of dividing 360 by 60. As a result, you will have six equal slices.

What is pizza cut in squares called?

In the process of slicing a round pizza into squares, a phenomena known as ″the corners″ occurs. Pizza with a thin crust Instead of being sliced into wedges, this pizza is cut into squares, which are also known as ″tavern style″ or ″party cut.″

Cut Your Pizza With Scissors. No, Really.

Although scissor-wielding pizzerias may appear to be a recent phenomenon, the method is centuries old and has been used for centuries.If you’ve visited recently-opened pizzerias such as Rock Pizza Scissors or Bonci, you might have noticed something different about the way the slices are sliced in these establishments.It is specifically stated that they are using scissors to accomplish it.And you may have wondered: why is this happening?It is one of the most specialist culinary equipment, but it is also one of the most accessible, since it can be found in almost any kitchen.Is it merely for the sake of novelty that you switch it out for scissors, or is it a worthwhile invention to test yourself?

However, it turns out that your choice of pizza is dependent on the type of pizza you’re eating in the first place.After studying baking in Italy prior to starting Sullivan Street Bakery & Co., Jim Lahey has been cutting Roman-style pizza using scissors for more than two decades (though he prefers to refer to them as food shears in his restaurants).According to him, as he described to Food & Wine, the method is truly a tradition that can be traced back to the place where pizza originated.

He explains that in Italy, pizza businesses, notably those that specialize in lengthy slab pizza types such as Pizza al Taglio or Pizza Bianca alla Romana, employ scissors to personalize the size of each slice for each customer.As Lahey explains, ″the tradition is that the person cutting your slice will ask you how large of a slice you want and you will respond with ‘okay, cut it there.’″ This is highly adjustable since ″they weigh it and offer you a charge based on it.″ The use of scissors for large, slab-type pies, as well as smaller pizzas or pizzas cooked in tiny pans, he adds, noting that in Italy, you’ll often see people using either scissors or ″a sort of small steak knife just kinda chopping it out of the pan″ to remove the pizza from the pan.And here’s a tip: ″If you have something hot out of the oven and want to give someone a little little taste of it, this method works extremely well.″ Larger, thicker pieces, however, should be avoided, according to Lahey.In the event that shears are all you have and the cheese is molten hot and has just come out of the oven, you will almost certainly burn your hand.″

The Best Pizza Cutting Board

A good pizza cutting board is vital for keeping your pizza cutters in good condition.It’s possible that you’ll destroy both your pizza cutter and the surface you’re cutting on if you cut pizza on your countertop, on your pizza stone, on your pizza steel, or on your pizza pan if you cut pizza on your countertop.A decent cutting board is not only useful for pizza cutting; it is also a useful equipment that should be included in every home kitchen.In addition to being useful for cutting, it is also excellent for serving pizza!

How to Pick the Right Pizza Cutting Board

Pizza cutting boards are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials to suit your needs. It is critical to first understand your requirements before selecting the best pizza cutting board.

Pick the Size

The size of your cutting board is primarily determined by the size of the pizza you’re creating. The size of the cutting board should correspond to the size of the pizza.

Find the Right Shape

Round and squared pizza cutting boards are the two most common forms for pizza cutting boards.Additionally, they are occasionally available in the shape of a pizza peel, but please do not attempt to use your wooden pizza peel as a cutting board while doing so.Cutting pizza on a pizza peel may result in (possibly deep) scratches on the peel, which will make it more difficult to move the pizza on and off the peel in the future.As a result, you should avoid cutting pizza on your pizza peel!Because most pizzas, at least mine, are round, utilizing a circular cutting board is a terrific way to showcase your finished product.The pizza peel-shaped cutting boards are very attractive and elicit a sense of dining-in-a-restaurant atmosphere.

Some round pizza cutting boards are also equipped with grooves, which make it easier to slice even pizza slices.However, if you want a cutting board that can be used for all of your cutting and chopping needs, not only for pizza, a squared or rectangular board may be more practical.

Best Pizza Cutting Board Material

Wood and plastic are the two most common materials used to make pizza cutting boards.Plastic cutting boards are simpler to disinfect than wooden cutting boards, mostly due to the fact that they are dishwasher safe.However, they have a tendency to develop deeper scrapes, which germs may hide in over time.Plastic cutting boards are also frequently less expensive than wooden cutting boards.In comparison to plastic cutting boards, the major advantage of hardwood cutting boards is that they are more durable and last longer.They are less likely to accumulate significant scratches and, as a result, may be less difficult to clean.

However, you should avoid putting your wooden cutting board in the dishwasher since it may cause damage to the board.Cutting boards made of wood may be created from a variety of different types of wood.The ideal choice for a pizza board is a hardwood such as maple, oak, teak, or walnut, which will prevent scratches and provide a long service life.

Also a fantastic alternative is bamboo, which officially is considered a form of grass but is really tougher than hardwood.Generally speaking, wooden cutting boards are more expensive than their plastic equivalents, especially when it comes to high-quality hardwood boards.However, if you take good care of them, they will last you for a longer period of time.They also appear to be more attractive!

That is why I advocate using a hardwood cutting board instead of a plastic one.

The Best Pizza Cutting Board All Around

The John Boos Walnut Wood Edge End Grain Chopping Block is our top selection and the best pizza cutting board on the market.Beautiful dark walnut cutting board with a solid construction and a thick surface that is ideal for both cutting and serving pizza.Walnut is one of the greatest hardwoods for cutting boards because it is one of the softest forms of closed-grain hardwood and will dull your knife or pizza cutter less than tougher types of wood.Walnut is also one of the most durable hardwoods for cutting boards.Close grain indicates that the wood has small holes, and as a result, it is more water resistant than open-grained wood, which has bigger pores.Walnut also shrinks less than some of the other materials, therefore it requires less care in the form of oil than other materials.

This cutting board is likewise created from end grains, which are preferable over edge grains for cutting since they provide a superior surface for your blades to cut on.The rich, brown tone is also quite stunning!Because the cutting board is 3 inches (7.6 cm) thick, it is a very sturdy cutting board!

In addition to being used on both sides, it is available in a variety of various sizes, ranging from 1212 inches (30.5cm) all the way up to 3030 inches (76.2 cm).Personally, I like the 15 x 15 inch (38 cm) version to the smaller one.Ideal for my homemade pizzas, which are the perfect size!It also has convenient handles on either side, which makes it simple to use while delivering pizza to customers.

With this cutting board, you can make pizza as well as any other type of cutting and chopping that you need to do.In addition, John Boos provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults.The John Boos WAL-CCB151503 Walnut Wood End Grain Chopping Block is made of walnut wood.If you purchase something after clicking on this link, we will receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.

The Best Round Pizza Cutting Board

Especially if you’re like me and prefer to bake round pizzas, a circular cutting board is a terrific tool for both cutting and serving pizza!The Daddy Chef Round End Grain Wood cutting board is 16 inches in diameter and is the greatest overall round pizza cutting board.It’s a sturdy oak cutting board that was created in the United States.In addition to a gorgeous oil finish, this high-quality cutting board has silicone feet that prevent cutting as well as handles that allow you to move the cutting board effortlessly and use it for serving.Oak is considered a medium-hardwood.This is an end grain cutting board, which means it will dull your knife and pizza cutter less than an edge grain cutting board would do.

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Two handles, one on each side of the cutting board, make moving the pizza from the kitchen table to a dining room table a cinch.When used in conjunction with the detachable silicon feet, it is ideal for serving pizza!The feet prevent the board from slipping and ensure that it is entirely stable during cutting.

It’s 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) thick and feels really sturdy, and it’s not only for cutting and serving pizza.It can be used for a variety of tasks.This is a fantastic cutting board for any type of knife work, from vegetable cutting to butchering and everything in between.It should be washed by hand, just like any other high-quality hardwood cutting board, to avoid warping and breaking.

In addition, you should apply oil or wax to your cutting board on a regular basis to keep it from drying up and becoming brittle.Another source of cracking comes from this source.When used properly, this cutting board is of high quality and will last you for a very long time!This cutting board is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangular and circular.The cutting board has a diameter of 16 inches (40 cm), which should be plenty for most home-made pizzas; however, if that is not sufficient, it is also available in a 20 inch (50 cm) version.

The Daddy Chef 16-inch round end grain wood cutting board is made of hardwood.If you purchase something after clicking on this link, we will receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.

The Best Rectangular Pizza Cutting Board Under 200 Dollars

It is the John Boos Walnut Wood Edge End Grain Cutting Board that is a terrific, less expensive alternative to the John Boos Walnut Wood Edge End Grain Chopping Block.The John Boos Company has created yet another magnificent walnut pizza cutting board with grips on both sides.In addition, it is thick and strong, although it has edge grains.Edge grains are a little harsher on your knife than end grains, but walnut is still a fantastic choice, whether you’re working with end or edge grains of the tree.Because of the precise graining in the walnut, the cutting board is moisture resistant, making upkeep simple.The cutting board has a thickness of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and may be utilized on both sides of the board.

It’s thick and substantial, and it’s available in three distinct sizes: 1812 inches, 2015 inches, and 2418 inches in diameter.Personally, I favor the medium size, which measures 2015 inches (5138 cm).My handmade pizzas will be the ideal size in this dish!

In addition, John Boos provides a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults.Reversible cutting board made of walnut wood with an edge grain by John Boos, 20×15 inches.If you purchase something after clicking on this link, we will receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.

The Best Pizza Cutting Board Under 50 Dollars

My best option in this area is the Indigo True Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board, which is available on Amazon.This is an example of Although bamboo is technically a form of grass rather than a type of wood, it is 2-3 times tougher than most hardwoods.Because of this, bamboo is quite robust, but it comes at the expense of being a little rougher on your blades.Nonetheless, bamboo is a fantastic material for cutting boards.A long time ago, bamboo cutting boards were my go-to tool for all kinds of chopping, from ordinary cutting to slicing and serving pizza.Bamboo is a low-cost material that will survive for an extended period of time.

This cutting board is 17.5 x 13.5 inches (44.5 x 34.5 cm) and is 0.75 inches (1.9 cm) thick.It measures 44.5 x 34.5 cm.It can be utilized on both sides, one with and one without a groove, depending on the application.

The side that does not have a groove is ideal for delivering pizza!The Indigo True Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board is made of sustainable bamboo.If you purchase something after clicking on this link, we will receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.

How to Take Care of Your Cutting Board

How to Clean Your Pizza Cutting Board

The dishwasher should never be used to clean high-quality hardwood cutting boards!The reason for this is because hot water has the potential to cause warping and cracking of wood.Gluing together smaller pieces of wood is also a common method of creating cutting boards, and some lower-quality glue may even melt when exposed to the high temperatures of your dishwasher.In addition, rattling and harsh detergent are not ideal for your cutting board’s surface finish.You should wash your cutting board in the sink with warm water and dishwashing detergent, use a nylon brush or a sponge to remove any food residue from it.You should not, however, immerse the cutting board in water for an extended period of time; instead, give it a fast clean.

How to Condition Your Pizza Cutting Board

Mineral oil or wax should be applied to wooden cutting boards on a regular basis to ensure that they last as long as possible.Cutting boards dry out and become brittle if they are not treated with oil or wax after they have been used.Another source of cracking comes from this source.Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil, which is a food-safe mineral oil manufactured in the United States, is a low-cost alternative.This oil is also excellent for use on wooden pizza peels and other culinary implements.Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil is a high-quality mineral oil for chefs.

If you purchase something after clicking on this link, we will receive a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.Make sure your cutting board is clean before you begin conditioning.If it’s already clean, wash it thoroughly in warm water with soap and allow it to dry fully before you begin working on it.

Apply oil on a chopping board and spread it evenly with a cloth or paper towel to prevent spotting.If there is any extra oil, it should be wiped away with a fresh towel.If you have any scratches on the surface of the cutting board, I recommend that you use a cloth towel to prevent any flaking from the paper towel during the cutting process.

How to Eat Pizza like an Italian, like Locals

When you think of Italy and cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably pizza.Italians differ in their preferences for toppings and pizza size, but they all agree on one thing: true Italian pizza was founded in the Italian city of Naples.The Margherita is the most basic type, and it is distinguished by the use of the three colors of the Italian flag—red, white, and green—in its design.Pizza was originally conceived as a pauper’s dish, made from leftover dough from a bread baking session.Pitta, a circular bread from Greece, was given its name by a misinterpretation of the Greek word ″pitta.″ At first, it was topped with simple farm products such as olive oil and fresh tomatoes, which were grown on the property.Raffaele Esposito made the decision in 1889 to include mozzarella cheese, which is currently one of the most important products of the Neapolitan area, and to garnish it with fresh basil.

The invention was named after Queen Margherita of Savoy, who was the wife of King Umberto I of the Kingdom of Italy.This dish was decorated in hues that matched the new Italian flag: white mozzarella cheese, bright red tomato sauce, and bright green leaves of pungent basil.

How to eat pizza like an Italian

1.Do not ask for a slice of pizza to be delivered.Except when sold on the street or ″al taglio″ (by weight in rectangle or square slices), all pasta in Italy is served on a plate and is always circular in shape.2.You may either cut the pizza yourself and then eat it with a knife and fork, which is the most typical method, or you can fold each slice and eat it with your hands, which is another option.Keep in mind that your pizza will be quite hot when you fold it and eat it with your hands, so proceed with caution.

3.Don’t anticipate any uncommon toppings on your pizza—for starters, you won’t find pineapple, chicken, ketchup, or grated Parmesan on your pie.Maintain consistency in the items on the menu if you want to enjoy authentic Italian pizza at its best.

The Italians are quite serious about their pizza, and it shows!4.Never, ever, ever request dipping sauce.Authentic Italian pizza is a unique culinary experience; make the most of it.

In addition, if a restaurant only provides pizza for supper, there is minimal possibility of obtaining it for lunch the next day.The key to making a wonderful pizza is to turn on the oven many hours before baking.In order to accommodate this, most restaurants do not serve pizza until later in the day.6.There is an unwritten rule that wine and coffee are not to be ordered with a slice of pizza.

Beer or sparkling water are the most popular beverages to drink.With your pizza—and whatever else you order—in the region surrounding Sorrento, you’ll be handed a little glass of Limoncello.7.Your leftover pizza is returned to the restaurant rather than being transported home.Doggy bags aren’t widespread in Italy, and you’ll almost certainly finish your meal nonetheless.Prepare yourself for a delectable feast!

  1. 8.
  2. When you order pepperoni pizza, you will receive pepperoni pizza, not salami or cold meat.
  3. Pepperoni, in the Italian language, is spelled ″peperoni,″ which means ″peppers.″ 9.
  4. Before ordering a pizza, Italians typically purchase a few nibbles, the majority of which are fried.

5 places to get Real Pizza in Naples

If you happen to be in Naples, the birthplace of the real pizza, here are some of the best locations to get a genuine Neapolitan pizza that has been acknowledged by the European Commission: 50 Kal, Pizzeria Sorbillo, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Pizzeria Di Matteo, Pizzaeria Starita, and Pizzeria Sorbillo are just a few of the top locations in Naples to try authentic Italian pizza.Italian pizza differs from American pizza in that it is not doughy and is rich in taste.Indulge yourself while on your Italy holiday.Consume food in the manner of a native.Enjoy a slice of real pizza wherever you are as well.Visit this page to learn more about Italy holidays.

Scissors for EVERYTHING Food-Related!

Consider the atmosphere of a typical American restaurant or family.Food is traditionally eaten with a fork, spoon, and knife when we sit down to eat it.Many individuals in various locations across the world, however, do not eat with forks, spoons, and knives for the majority of their meals!Korea is one of those countries where the majority of people eat using chopsticks, spoons, and scissors.If you’re thinking about it, ″Scissors, perhaps?Why would individuals use scissors to cut their food at the dinner table?″ The solution is straightforward: for the sake of efficiency.

Lots of Korean dishes are served in the middle of the table, and individuals just reach out with their chopsticks and take what they want from the dish.In the middle of the table, grilling meat is more convenient than removing it from the grill, placing it on a plate, and then returning it to the grill to continue cooking.Use scissors to cut the meat directly at the grill.

Apart from chopping meat, many Koreans use scissors to cut virtually everything of their meals, including kimchi, veggies and noodles; as well as anything else that requires slicing or dicing.Even though forks and knives are commonly used when eating Western food, using scissors to chop food is far more effective!Having been fascinated by the traditions of the Korean people, I’ve begun to add minor details that I find amusing into my daily routine, with scissors serving as the primary tool for cutting the majority of my meals.It is quite useful to me since it saves time while cutting not only cooked meat, but also raw meat!

I save time by cutting the fresh meat with scissors rather than chopping it on a cutting board and cleaning it immediately afterwards.In case you haven’t tried cutting different meals with scissors yet, you are truly missing out.This is only one of many changes that I intend to retain in my life, and you might as well as well!

The Italian-Approved Secret To Creating Perfect Pizza Slices Is Cutting Them With Scissors

Remember that a decent pizza cutter may be really effective.It may frequently be the difference between a crispy piece of handmade pizza (fresh from your pizza stone, perhaps!) and a ripped-apart disaster with half of the cheese gone from the toppings.Don’t let a perfectly nice pie go to waste because your pizza cutter has become dull and is unable to perform its function properly.Fortunately, improving your pizza cutter does not need a large outlay of funds; all of these alternatives are priced around $25.Here are the finest pizza cutters to use if you want perfectly cut slices that need little to no elbow grease.Never again will you misplace your cheese when attempting to separate two pieces.

courtesy of Delish

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Pizza FAQ: What’s the Best Pizza Pan for Baking in a Home Oven? [VIDEO]

If you don’t have a baking stone, don’t worry! If you follow the instructions in this post and video, you’ll be able to pick the ideal pizza pan for your needs — as well as discover some useful tips and methods for producing restaurant-quality pizza in your home oven.

Choosing the Best Pizza Pan for You

It might be stressful to go shopping for a pizza pan.What kind of material should it be constructed of?Whether you prefer a circular baking pan or a rectangle baking sheet, the choice is yours.Is it better to have perforations or smooth surfaces?What do you prefer: gleaming stainless steel or dark gray nonstick?Fortunately, if you know what you’re looking for, finding the finest pizza pans shouldn’t be difficult.

Material and Color

You’ll need a pizza pan that can withstand the high heat of 500°F (more on that below), because you’ll be baking your pizza at that temperature (more on that below).Please ensure that you read the whole product description before purchasing a new pan or baking sheet.If it’s made of steel, carbon steel, or aluminized steel, it’s most likely a good investment for the long term.If you notice the terms ″heavy gauge″ or ″heavy duty,″ you’ll get an extra point.When compared to fragile aluminum cookie sheets and pans, which tend to distort when heated beyond 400 degrees Fahrenheit, heavier steel pans remain flat and transmit heat more evenly, resulting in a flawlessly browned pizza crust bottom.And, course, the color is important as well.

Dark metal pans absorb more heat than lighter metal pans, so avoid putting your hands near shining items.Those beautiful silver pans may be attractive, but they will not assist you in achieving the golden brown pizza crust that you desire.Do you want a crust that is especially crispy?

Opt for a pizza pan with perforations.The fact that these pans are less flexible than baking sheets and standard pizza pans (you can essentially just bake pizza or bread on them) is offset by the fact that they take up less space in your kitchen and are excellent for reheating pizza leftovers in the oven the next day.

Shape and Size

Pizza pans and baking sheets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.A 12-inch circular pan or a tiny rectangular quarter sheet pan may work well if you want your pizzas on the smaller side.In other words, if you’re anything like me and like to create pizzas that range in size from 12 to 14 inches in diameter, search for a pan that can hold the largest size pizza you want to make, preferably with some extra space left over.If you leave a small amount of space between the dough and the edge of the pan for air to circulate, the crust will be crispier.Additionally, if you have a limited amount of counter space in your kitchen, you may want to consider purchasing a dark-colored heavy-duty rimmed baking sheet that can be used for more than simply baking pizza.

My Picks

As an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make qualifying purchases via my links. If you choose to purchase an item through one of the product links on this page, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you.

How to Bake Homemade Pizza on any Baking Sheet or Steel Pan

  1. Start by preparing a batch of pizza dough (or get a ball of high-quality store-bought dough). I prefer Overnight Dough because the extended fermentation time lets it to bubble up attractively around the edges, but any dough would suffice.
  2. Preheat the oven to 500°F for at least 1 hour before you start baking. While the oven is preheating, prepare the ingredients for the topping.
  3. Stretch or roll out the dough, set it on a baking sheet, and top with the desired toppings. Instead of using nonstick spray, you may rub a little extra-virgin olive oil on the pan or line it with parchment paper before you put the dough in it.
  4. Place the pan in the oven for 15 minutes. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown around the edges and uniformly toasted on the bottom (depending on your oven). (If your pan is light in color, you may need to bake it for an additional 5 minutes longer than recommended.)
  5. Enjoy! Take the pizza out of the oven and set it aside. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before transferring it to a cutting board and slicing it to serve.

Pans that are larger in size are more versatile.If you typically make 10- to 12-inch pizzas, you might assume that a 12-inch pizza pan is your best bet.However, this is not necessarily true.The advantage of baking two personal-size pizzas at once in a 14-inch pan is that you’ll get a crisper crust on your pizzas (since the edges of your dough will get more air flow in the oven) and you’ll have more room to experiment with larger pizzas if you use a larger pan.Do not slice the pizza in a nonstick pan after it has baked; instead, transfer it to a cutting board!If you penetrate the nonstick coating, your pan will be more prone to rusting and, over time, it will not cook as evenly as it should.

If you choose a light-colored pan, your pizza will require additional baking time.It is quite OK to use a light-colored baking sheet to create pizza if that is all you have on hand.It’s as simple as raising the oven temperature to 510°F (or higher if feasible) and baking the pizza for an additional 5 to 10 minutes, checking the underside every few minutes to ensure it is uniformly browned but not burned.

The Best Pizza Peels

Learn more about our methodology, which includes independent investigation, testing, and assessment of the top goods before making recommendations.If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission.A nice, crisp, well-charred undercarriage on a pizza requires the use of a method for transferring it to a scorching-hot surface (such as a pizza stone or a grill) without the use of a pan in between.Using a peel—a long handled instrument with a flat paddle on one end that pizzaioli use to deposit and remove hot pies from hot ovens—is the most efficient method of accomplishing this.A safe distance from the mouths of their 1,000°F ovens is maintained by the employment of long, heavy-duty, rounded metal heads by the vast majority of professional pie bakers.But what about those of us who cook at home?

Which pizza peel is the most effective for use in a home oven or grill?

What to Look for In a Good Pizza Peel


Generally speaking, professional peels have a rounded head, and for good reason: a professional must be able to work with pizzas in all four corners of a huge oven, all while working via a single little opening.Because of the angle at which a square-headed peel is inserted into the oven, it is considerably more difficult to handle pies at the sides of the oven.Consequently, for them, a peel that is symmetrical no matter what angle it is placed (that is, round) is an absolute must.A home cook, on the other hand, works in a little oven or on a grill that is not very large.It is always necessary to assault your pizza from the front.As a result, using a square-headed peel makes the process of inserting and recovering the peel considerably more efficient.

It’s a square deal.


Pizza peels are available in three main materials: wood, metal, and plastic.Peels made of wood are really attractive.Wood is also the most effective material for preventing raw pizza dough from adhering to a surface, which is necessary for inserting a raw pizza into an oven without upsetting the toppings.If you want, you may cut and serve your pizza right off the peel, avoiding any damage to your knife or pizza wheel.There are, however, some significant drawbacks.Maintenance is a pain in the neck.

In order to avoid warping, the peel must be dried with care after being washed.It must be rubbed with mineral oil on a regular basis to prevent it from absorbing scents or stains.Furthermore, hardwood peels are not fire-resistant.

Although it should be handled with extreme caution, it will produce burn scars if cooked on a grill or in a wood-burning oven.Last but not least, wooden peels are thick.There isn’t any getting around that.Because of the thickness of the peels, it is nearly impossible to sneak beneath a half-baked pie to rotate it, or even a completely cooked pie to recover it.

You are compelled to go into the oven with a smaller spatula or tongs in order to move it up onto the peel of the baking sheet.Composite peels are less difficult to maintain than wood peels and are slightly thinner, but they have the same fundamental flaw as wood peels: they are far too thick.Furthermore, I have yet to come across a composite peel with a handle that is long enough to reach the back of a really hot oven without singing the hairs off the back of your hand.Metal peels are manufactured from a variety of different materials.Metal blades are super-thin, making them easy to fit beneath a pie, whether it’s baked on a stone or grilled on a grill.

They’re also easy to clean and maintain.The only drawback is that it isn’t free.Raw dough has a greater tendency to adhere to it than it does to a wooden peel.This may be readily remedied by either making sure to liberally coat the peel with flour or corn meal before adding the dough and working rapidly, or by lining the peel with a piece of parchment paper before baking.The pizza may be formed on the parchment paper and then placed onto the stone, parchment paper and all (this will clearly not work for grilled pizza, though).So, where does this leave us in this situation?

  1. Pick up a wooden peel for launching and a metal peel for retrieving as well as a launching and retrieving stick.

Handle Length

When using a peel, the handle should be long enough so that the head of the blade can reach all the way to the back of your oven while still enabling you to keep your hand at least 4-5 inches away from the oven door.

The Best Pizza Peel for Launching: American Metalcraft Wooden Pizza Peel

Visiting a professional pizzeria will include assembling your pizza on a marble or hardwood surface, then dragging it onto a perforated metal pizza peel to finish cooking it.This is a technique that has been built specifically for restaurants since they move much more quickly than you would at home.The dough will stick if you try to stretch it on a solid metal peel or a perforated metal peel at home and then try to transfer it into the oven after it has risen.That’s why I propose that you use a wooden peel while cooking at home.A wooden peel that has been lightly sprinkled with semolina or cornmeal allows you to work with the dough for significantly longer periods of time.

The Best Wooden Pizza Peel Upgrade: The Baker’s Board Pizza Peel

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, the Baker’s Board Pizza Peel is a great option to consider. It is made by hand in the United States, is pleasant to use, and is lightweight for easy maneuverability.

The Best Pizza Peel for Retrieving Your Pizza: American Metalcraft Aluminum Pizza Peel

In order to extract your pizza from the oven, a wooden peel will be far too thick to use.When that occurs, it is necessary to bring in an aluminum one.Similarly to the previous peel, this one from American Metalcraft has a flat, thin, lightweight aluminum blade as well as a hardwood handle that can be adjusted to fit any oven size.Additionally, it is really affordable.The only issue with it is storage: many individuals, including me, may have difficulty finding a place to store a 26 to 40-inch piece of equipment that is not frequently utilized.A nail in the wall will suffice, or if you have the room, you may slip it into the area between your fridge and its enclosure (like I do).

You could even use a guitar mount if you wanted to be more imaginative.

The Contenders

The Super Peel: There has been some controversy regarding the Super Peel, which is a wooden pizza peel with a cloth conveyor belt that allows the pizza to be transferred to a stone much more readily than it would be with a traditional peel.Due to the fact that I have not had the opportunity to try one, I am not equipped to make any claims on how well it truly functions.On the basis of my observations while seeing it in action, I will state that if you are using a really hot oven, it appears that its small handle and the close closeness of your hand to the stone when moving the conveyor belt will pose a problem for you.Although you can transfer the pizza to the stone, it appears like you’ll need a second peel to rotate and remove the pie, as the super peel is somewhat thick, and the cloth would make sliding beneath a baked pizza difficult.The fabric is also constructed of a cotton/polyester blend, which makes it inappropriate for usage over an open flame due to its composition.Grilling pizza necessitates continual monitoring of the underside and rotation of the dough as necessary to achieve even charring.

I don’t want my peel to catch on fire while I’m doing this, so please don’t.A pizza peel with an offset blade, such as the Offset Pizza Peel from Outset, is meant to prevent your knuckles from coming into touch with a hot pizza stone when you are making pizza.The shortness of its handle, on the other hand, renders it ineffective.

r/LifeProTips – LPT: Try cutting your pizza with scissors! Works better than a knife or pizza cutter

  • Level 2It appears that the actual LPT is lurking in the comments section, hehe.
  • 1st grade Bonus LPT: Before you begin, wash your scissors.
  • Don’t cut your exquisite pizza with a pair of scissors from the rubbish drawer.

That is just incorrect.The nice ones, though, I use for my toenails, which are at level 2.level 2I believe that if you need to be reminded of this, even LPTs will be unable to assist youlevel 2Definitely!Pizza cutting is done using scissors from my cutlery drawer.level 1Prepare your children’s pancakes with a pizza cutter.

1st grade I knew a guy who did this in college, and it was hilarious.It did not go nearly as smoothly as the OP suggested it should havelevel 2I’ve been using scissors without incident for years.What exactly went wrong?level 1I make handmade pizza on a regular basis and cut it with kitchen scissors every time; I don’t have a pizza cutter and don’t think I’ll ever use one anyhow.Is it mandatory for me to participate?

  • No, although it’s preferable than using a knife that isn’t especially designed for pizza, like a paring knife.
  • 1st grade Is there anything better than a pizza cutter?
  • As far as I can tell, we don’t give a damn about cheese and feces going all over the scissors.
  • The ease with which the pizza cutter can be cleaned makes it worthwhile.
  • Scissors are a futile source of muddle.
  • In terms of cleaning, I’m having a hard time visualizing how scissors would be more difficult to maintain than a pizza cutter.

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