How Much Is Kura Sushi?

Kura Japanese Restaurant prices are modest and fall under the price range of $200.00.

Combination Sushi Plate.

Chirashi Rice Bowl $25.00
Kura Special $25.95
Kura Deluxe $61.95
Sashimi Sampler $41.95
Sashimi Dinner for Two $74.95

The Kura in Japan sells their sushi plates for around 100 yen, or roughly $1, and the quality is meh relative to what you can find in terms of sushi in Japan. The Kura here is no different, but the prices are $3 per dish, and the quality is still meh. I’m not really complaining about the $3 / dish. What you’re really paying for here is the experience.

How many plates do you need for Kura?

The small prizes are collaborations with popular brands and our Kura original manufactured features. Once you have inserted 15 green sushi plates into the plate disposal slot, you will receive a prize dropping from the Bikkura Pon dispenser! Note, these prizes are dispensed randomly and cannot be exchanged.

Who owns Kura revolving sushi bar?

Kura president and CEO Jimmy Uba wrote a letter today on the restaurant’s website explaining that the company’s intention was to use the $6 million federal loan to keep its non-furloughed workers employed for as long as possible.

How many Kura Sushi are there in the US?

Kura Sushi (Japanese: くら寿司, Hepburn: Kura zushi) is a Japanese sushi restaurant chain. It has 451 locations in Japan, 22 in Taiwan, and 30 in the United States.

Is Kura Sushi a public company?

Kura is the U.S. operations of the Japanese-based Kura Sushi. The company went public in 2019, and its stock increase on Friday means its shares have increased 400% since the IPO.

How do I redeem Kura points?

After you create your account, you will receive your own unique QR code to use and participate in Kura Rewards. You can add your unique QR code to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. You can also take a screenshot and use the photo of your unique QR code at participating locations.

How do you eat Kura sushi?

Once you sit at the table, you can order items from a menu on a tablet at the end of table. Then things start magically coming down the conveyer belt! You pick them up and enjoy your tasty food.

What does Kura mean in Japanese?

Kura (倉 or 蔵) are traditional Japanese storehouses. They are commonly durable buildings built from timber, stone or clay used to safely store valuable commodities. Kura in rural communities are normally of simpler construction and used for storing grain or rice.

Why is sushi so expensive?

One of the reasons why sushi is so prized is because it is very labour intensive to produce. Each of the rolls must be made by hand, putting together the delicate and fresh ingredients carefully and arranging them artfully on the plate.

When did Kura go public?

The company operates a network of Japanese restaurants in the United States. The company operates a network of Japanese restaurants in the United States. Kura Sushi USA (KRUS) priced its IPO on July 31, 2019, selling 2.9 million shares at $14.00, garnering more than $40 million in gross proceeds.

Where did Kura Sushi originate?

Since the opening of its first restaurant in Japan in 1977, Kura Corporation has grown substantially with over 540 locations across Japan, Taiwan and the United States. We pay particular attention to ingredients, taste, and preparation for all of our dishes.

Is sushi bad for?

One of the biggest problems with sushi is portion control. While it may look compact, sushi can have a lot of calories: a single sushi roll cut into six to nine pieces can contain as many as 500 calories, says Isabel Maples, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Is sushi healthy to eat?

Sushi can be a healthy choice, but it depends on the variety you order. Oily fish such as salmon and tuna contain omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid. The World Health Organisation recommends eating 1-2 portions of oily fish a week, so sushi can be a delicious way to reach these targets.

Is Krus a good buy?

Kura Sushi USA, Inc.

may be overvalued. Its Value Score of D indicates it would be a bad pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of KRUS, demonstrate its potential to underperform the market.

Is sushi a food?

sushi, a staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine, consisting of cooked rice flavoured with vinegar and a variety of vegetable, egg, or raw seafood garnishes and served cold.

What is Kura Sushi USA?

Deposit enough plates and he’ll reward you with a prize! Kura Sushi USA, Inc., is an innovative and tech interactive Japanese restaurant concept established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Kura Sushi, Inc.

What is revolving sushi?

As pioneers of the “revolving sushi” concept, the Kura family of companies have improved upon the idea and developed innovative systems that combine advanced technology, premium ingredients, and affordable prices to create a unique revolving sushi dining experience.

Why choose Mr fresh sushi?

Our patented Mr. Freshᵀᴹ ventilated sushi lid and plate-tracking technology ensures your food is always fresh and delicious. We are continuously coming up with delicious and delightful menu items. Enjoy our seasonal dishes and themed menus every time you return.

Kura Japanese Menu Prices [Updated 2022]

  • Kura Japanese restaurant is a wonderful place to experience the exquisiteness of Japanese cuisine.
  • This page discusses the menu pricing in order to give you a better picture of what you can anticipate when you pay a visit to the restaurant.
  • Various foods are served at Kura Japanese Restaurant.
  • They have different menus for different hours of the day, including a lunch menu, Kura house special menu, Kura special house, dinner menu, and sushi menu.
  • The marinated beef bowl is the most popular item on their menu, and anyone can have a delicious lunch here for less than $40.00 per person.
  • This was only a small overview of their whole menu.
  • I’ve included a complete menu of their offerings below.
  • In addition to this, I will provide you with information on their franchise opportunities, contact information, and the nutritional breakdown of the foods on their menu.

Kura Japanese Restaurant Menu Prices

  • Among Kura’s typical dinner sushi menu items include salads and appetizers, sashimi appetizers, combo sushi platters, sushi rolls, and a variety of sushi rolls and rolls.
  • They feature meals like as seaweed salad, tuna don, yellowtail, and spicy California amongst their offerings in these categories.
  • Besides the Kura dinner menu, Kura Japanese offers a Kura lunch menu that includes items such as shumai, entrée salad, tempura combination, katsu don, teriyaki chicken with tempura and crab balls, among others.
  • Several items from the Kura house special menu are available on the restaurant’s menu, including spiced edamame, seasoned onigiri, tempura veggies and calamari, and a dinner salad.
  • For evening, they provide a special menu that includes noodles and soup, donburi rice bowls, fried rice, and a children’s selection.
  • It is possible to get approximately one hundred different types of sushi, sashimi, tempura, bento, and other dishes at Kura Japanese Restaurant, which is located in downtown Los Angeles.
  • When you eat at one of their restaurants, the chefs will always make you feel joyful since they are passionate about what they do.
  • Generally speaking, Kura Japanese Restaurant pricing are reasonable and fall within the $200.00 price range.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at the most recent Kura Japanese Restaurant Menu Prices.

Regular Dinner Sushi Menu

Salads and Appetizers

Sashimi Appetizers

Also, have a look at the newly revised Gyoza no Ohsho menu.

Combination Sushi Plate

Sushi (2pcs per order)


Check out the most recent Cactus Club menu pricing.

Kura Lunch Menu





Bento Boxes

Kura House Specials

Also, be sure to check out the most recent Mr. Greek Restaurant menu.

Kura House Special


Deep Fry


Dinner Menu

Noodle and Soup

Donburi Rice Bowl

Fried Rice

Kid’s Menu


Check out the official Ippudo menu, complete with pricing.

Kura House Special

Special House Rolls

Kura Japanese Nutritional Information

To view the nutritional information for the foods served at Kura Japanese Rrestaurant, please visit the website I mentioned above in this paragraph.

Important Links

Kura Japanese Franchise Details

Kura Japanese has more than 100 restaurants, however at this time, they are not offering franchise opportunities to individuals.

Kura Japanese Restaurant Contact Information

Irvine, California 92614 (17932 Sky Park Circle, Suite H) is the address for the Kura Japanese Restaurant’s corporate office. the phone number for Kura Japanese Restaurant’s corporate office is (949) 748-1786 Fill out the contact form on the Kura Japanese Restaurant’s website to get in touch with the restaurant’s staff.

Social Media Handles

Kuraco Springs’ Facebook Page is located at Kuracos has an Instagram account at

Kura Sushi returns $6 million federal loan meant for small businesses after public outcry

  • With the passage of the federal CARES Act, Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, an Irvine-based restaurant chain with 25 locations, has opted to return a $6 million Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan it got as a result of the program.
  • Following in the footsteps of Shake Shack, which got $10 million in government loans until a public backlash forced the New York City-based burger business to return the cash, this decision is significant.
  • Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is a publicly traded company with more than two dozen locations around the country, 11 of which are in the Southern California area.
  • Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is a publicly traded corporation with more than two dozen locations across the country.
  • Its current market capitalization is $87 million dollars, and it announced earlier this month that it has $24 million in cash reserves, as well as a $20 million loan from its Japanese parent company, Kura Sushi, Inc., to fund its operations.
  • In a message posted today on the restaurant’s website, Kura president and CEO Jimmy Uba explained that the company’s objective was to use the $6 million government loan to keep its non-furloughed employees working for the shortest amount of time feasible.
  • Kura halted the majority of its restaurants on March 18, after a statewide suspension of eating establishments in reaction to the current coronavirus outbreak, according to the company.
  • According to Uba, the firm was originally pleased about the prospect of keeping existing employees on the payroll and even rehiring furloughed employees, who made up around 35 percent of the company’s employment at the time the PPP news was made public.

In contrast to this, competition for the $350 billion set aside for the PPP loans was fierce, and it appears to have favored well-connected entities, as evidenced by a slew of lawsuits filed against banks that issued the loans.These lawsuits included numerous large, highly capitalized restaurant chains, such as Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.As a result, hundreds of independent eateries in Los Angeles and around the country were barred from participating in the program.

  1. It is Uba’s desire that the returned monies would be used to benefit small companies and maybe other restaurant owners who are not as well funded as Kura: With the Paycheck Protection Program, we made the assumption that all restaurant employees would be able to continue receiving their wages, regardless of where they worked, and that the money would be sufficient to cover all of their needs.
  2. This was an erroneous assumption on my part.
  3. We have decided to return our PPP loan, which was approved earlier this year.
  4. Despite the fact that our workers are highly important to us, we couldn’t overlook the reality that our financial position allows us to withstand economic downturns for a longer length of time than independent restaurant owners.
  5. This money, in our opinion, should be distributed evenly among the most worthy candidates.
  6. To begin with, the PPP was meant to assist small firms with fewer than 500 workers in making payroll during the coronavirus epidemic, so keeping employees on the payroll and off of unemployment benefits.

Business entities with less than 500 employees per site were eligible to qualify under the law.This meant that major chains like as Shake Shack, which may have thousands of employees, were able to obtain PPP money.The government-backed loans will be repaid as long as they are used for payroll expenditures to the tune of 75% of the loan amount.

  • A number of large restaurant businesses, including Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Potbelly’s, and others, have refused to repay payments.
  • It has been requested that Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, in particular, reimburse government loan monies so that the money may be used to assist ″genuine small companies.″ Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, in particular, was able to get twice the maximum of $10 million by utilizing two corporations.
  • A new aid bill was passed by the House of Representatives this afternoon, including $310 billion to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Thirty billion dollars were set aside specifically for community-based lenders, with another thirty billion dollars going to mid-sized banks and credit unions.
  • This should increase the number of small businesses that qualify for federal loans.
  • A $6 million federal loan for small businesses was awarded to a sushi chain with an estimated worth of $82 million.

Kura Sushi’s sales soar, and so does its stock

Kura Sushi USA’s stock has increased by 400 percent since the company’s initial public offering in 2019./Photo courtesy of Shutterstock Apparently, consumers have been clamoring for more sushi in the last two months.Kura Sushi USA, a network of restaurants that serves sushi on conveyor belts, announced on Thursday that same-store sales increased by 22 percent over the previous year in the company’s fiscal first quarter, which included the first two months of the current fiscal year.That was a significant acceleration from the previous quarter, which saw same-store sales increase by 4.9 percent over the previous two-year period.As a result, investors poured money into the company’s shares.

  1. Kura’s stock soared by more than 25 percent in early afternoon trade on Friday, surpassing its previous all-time high in the process.
  2. Pricing had a significant role in this.
  3. Kura’s CEO, Hajime Uba, told investors that the business raised prices in September to the ″high single digits″ to cover growing expenses for food and labor.
  4. He described the price raise as ″the single most significant operating event in our company’s history.″ Consumers, according to him, were receptive to his message.
  5. According to a translation posted by the financial services website Sentieo, Uba stated, ″In fact, we’ve heard from visitors who believe Kura is still a fantastic bargain even with this pricing.″ He stated that the business’s pricing ″remain considerably below″ those of many of its competitors, and that the company is attempting to improve the efficiency of its operations.
  6. Kura Sushi is the American branch of the Japanese company Kura Sushi, which is situated in Tokyo.

In 2019, the firm became public, and with Friday’s stock gain, the company’s shares have surged by 400 percent since its initial public offering (IPO).California was one of the issues that Kura had to deal with throughout the summer.The market was only able to operate at half capacity during the first half of June, which was the beginning of the quarter.As consumers have returned to the chain’s restaurants, officials have stated that the company is sustaining the majority of the off-premises sales that were obtained during the pandemic period.Uba stated that the business anticipates its off-premises mix to be in the mid-single digits of sales in the foreseeable future.Executives have stated that they are reevaluating their training programs in order to give employees with more opportunities to progress within the organization and thereby increase employee retention.

However, they also stated that the labor scarcity hasn’t been as severe a problem for Kura as it has been for some of the other ideas in the company.According to CFO Steven Benrubi, ″we have practically complete operating capacity in our restaurants right now.″ Despite this, the organization has a large number of new workers who need to be brought up to speed on the system.Because of the high sales Kura has created, the restaurant’s operating margins have increased, and are currently over 16 percent, which is near to pre-pandemic levels.Uba believes that with technological advancements, the organization may make even greater strides forward.Kura is experimenting with table-side payment and drink ordering, which it hopes will increase efficiency.

Using a translator, he stated, ″This is our greatest opportunity.″ ″The sales leverage that we saw in the past quarter was the driving force behind our margin rise.″ We believe that as we move tables more quickly and serve more guests per day, this will become a significant comp driver, particularly in more mature shops.″ Members make our journalism possible by contributing to it.Become a Restaurant Business member now to take advantage of special perks, such as unrestricted access to all of our content and discounts on products and services.Please register here.

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Obtaining Benefits You will receive a $5.00 voucher (an ″Earned Reward″) as soon as you reach 500 points (a ″Points Accumulation Bonus″).It will be possible to add your Earned Reward to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay by receiving a separate pass for it.A Earned Reward is only valid for 21 days from the date of issuance.Once you have accumulated sufficient points to qualify for an Earned Reward, you may begin earning points toward another Earned Reward.

  1. Kura Sushi locations that participate in the program allow you to redeem up to two (2) $5.00 Earned Rewards in a single visit.
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  • By making announcements on the Online Services, we may provide you with notice under this agreement.
  • NOTICES Email any questions or comments to [email protected], or write to Kura Sushi USA, Inc., Attn: Rewards Department, 17932 Sky Park Circle, Suite H, Irvine, CA 92614, or fax it to (949) 793-2000.
  • This version of the Terms & Conditions was last revised on March 26, 2019.

Interactive Sushi Experience at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

I got the opportunity to enjoy supper with some friends at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in Pleasanton, and it was so much fun that I just had to write about it on my blog!This is also close to the Livermore Outlets, which is convenient if you’re in the neighborhood for some shopping and have some money left over afterward.Eating at Kura Revolving Sushi Bar was a fun, participatory experience that seemed almost like a game, which I thoroughly enjoyed.The following are the fundamental instructions on how it works.

  1. Once you have taken your seat at the table, you may place your order from a menu displayed on a tablet at the end of the table.
  2. Then items begin to appear as if by magic, as they pass across the conveyor belt!
  3. You take them up and sit down to eat your delicious supper.
  4. There are so many different options on the menu, from sushi and hand rolls to ramen!
  5. The meal is delivered in these little containers that you just pop open and place on your dish.
  6. Here are a few photos of the meal we served!

Of course, I received a California roll.I’m quite aware that I’m a typical American.There are so many options on the menu!The most exciting element, in my opinion, was placing orders on the tablet and watching with anticipation as the items were sent down the conveyer belt.Occasionally, ordering becomes a bit too simple, and you find yourself with an excessive number of orders in the queue!Due to the fact that they are brilliant, the restaurant has also made ordering and dining more enjoyable by including games.

Bikkura-Pon was the name of the game segment, I believe.At the end of the table is a plate drop where you may discard your plates when you have finished them on them.The tablet maintains track of how many plates you’ve placed in it (so that it can calculate the total cost of your meal, which is a predetermined amount multiplied by the number of dishes).However, the more dishes you place in there, the greater the prize.After around ten plates, there’s a cute little cartoon animation that plays on the tablet screen, which is rather entertaining.

There’s also a tiny reward thing that descends from the ceiling after maybe 15 plates or so.That was a lot of fun!It was almost robotic in nature, so it appeared to be magic!

We were naturally compelled to consume even more food — in increments of 15 plates, to be precise!I recorded a little video of it, which you can see here: Kura Sushi Bar Bikkura-Pon Game Kura Sushi Bar The reward that was given away!The buildup to it all…A creamy tart keychain in the shape of a culinary item.It’s not a big deal.I’m not sure who ended up with it in the end.

However, the process was more enjoyable than the final product.Ha!In any case, we had a fantastic time while dining here!I would welcome the opportunity to return.Note that the queue is really lengthy, however I believe they have an app that allows you to ″get in line″ faster.

  1. And when you’ve stuffed yourself to bursting point, you can travel a few doors down to 85C Bakery for some sweet treats!

Why is Sushi So Prized? Find Out the Value of Sushi

Historically, sushi dates back to ancient China and Japan, when chefs would wrap raw fish in rice to keep it fresh longer.The meal evolved into the present sushi that we are all familiar with and enjoy.Around the years, the combination of raw fish (sashimi), rice, seaweed, and vegetables has grown increasingly popular not just in Japanese culture, but also in other cultures throughout the world.Sushi restaurants may be found in virtually every major city in the world, and sushi is a favorite of millions of people worldwide.

  1. Raw fish, rice, veggies, and seaweed are all used in the preparation of sushi, and the cost of these ingredients is typically considerably more than you would imagine.
  2. You might be wondering why sushi is so well regarded.
  3. What exactly is it about Japanese cuisine that makes it so unique?

The Value of Sushi

One of the reasons sushi is so well regarded is the fact that it is an extremely labor-intensive dish to prepare.Each of the rolls must be assembled by hand, with care being taken to combine the delicate and fresh ingredients and arrange them in an artistic manner on the dish.Sushi platters are a visual pleasure as well as a delicious culinary one, thus a great deal of effort is put into the presentation of the dishes.Furthermore, high-quality fresh ingredients are required for making fresh and tasty sushi.

  1. Seafood that is good enough to be deemed ″sushi grade″ is extremely costly, with some of the highest-quality fish, such as tuna, costing hundreds of dollars per pound or more.
  2. Some of the greatest sushi restaurants will obtain their seafood from both local and international sources, including direct imports from Japan.
  3. They will have to take into consideration not just the expense of shipping, but also the fact that this highly sought after species carries a significant premium over other fish.
  4. While it is true that you can get inexpensive sushi at your local supermarket at a reasonable price, if you want to sample the highest-quality sushi, you will have to pay more.
  5. Furthermore, it is critical to consider the distinct abilities of the sushi chef while making a sushi dish.
  6. They must have had specialized training and extensive experience in order to correctly cook the sushi.

The components must be handled with extreme caution in order for them to be served raw without posing a threat to your health.These chefs receive their training in Japan, where they study everything from how to chop fish to how to prepare rice to how to put together the ideal roll.To be regarded a master sushi chef, one must have spent the greater part of a decade honing their craft.

It’s Absolutely Worth It

Yes, a sushi supper may be rather expensive, especially if you want to enjoy the greatest possible quality.The effort is, however, completely worthwhile.Sushi that has been properly prepared has very fresh, delicate flavors, and an incredible mouth-feel that you will not find in any other dish.The flavors of the various components come to life and compliment one another in a way that is just mind-blowing, and the experience of eating on an assortment of beautifully arranged dishes is a true delight for the eyes and palate.

  1. A high-quality sushi lunch should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lives, so put it on your gourmet bucket list!

Post-IPO Review: Kura Sushi USA Is Constrained By Capacity Limitations

Kura Sushi USA (KRUS) priced its initial public offering (IPO) on July 31, 2019, selling 2.9 million shares at $14.00 per share, generating gross revenues of more than $40 million.Japan Restaurant Corporation maintains a network of Japanese restaurants around the United States.KRUS is investing in off-premises capabilities, but its dining operations will continue to be limited by 50% for the foreseeable future as a result of the investment.Kura Sushi, based in Irvine, California, serves Japanese cuisine made with high-quality ingredients that are free of artificial seasonings, sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.

  1. The company was founded on the success of its parent company, which opened its first restaurant in 1984 and has since expanded to more than 400 locations worldwide, including the parent company’s headquarters in Japan.
  2. Kura currently has 32 locations open in the United States.
  3. Seats at Kura’s restaurants are positioned adjacent to two conveyor belts: one that continually cycles sushi rolls, nigiri, and desserts that customers may choose from at any time, and another that serves food on demand to clients.
  4. As shown in the diagram below, customers order food using a tablet that gives them access to the company’s entire menu, which includes items such as gyoza, tempura and soups, as well as ramen, ojyu boxes and additional desserts, while the plates are returned through a special slot cut into the inside of the table: Web-based magazine as a source Japan The return of five dishes results in the display of a brief 15-second anime animation on the tablet, and the return of 15 plates results in the dispensing of a toy from the restaurant’s own tableside Bikkura-Pon rewards system, which recognizes the eating accomplishment of its visitors.
  5. A patented Mr.
  6. Fresh dome, which lifts up as soon as the diner lifts his or her plate, has been designed by the firm to keep the food clean.

By reducing the number of restaurant servers required, the conveyors assist the company in lowering labor and food costs in the kitchen.The company also uses automated equipment and systems such as sushi robots, RFID readers, robotic arms, and food replenishment algorithms to reduce labor and food costs there.The unique eating experience, which management refers to as the ″Kura experience,″ is one of the company’s most valuable competitive advantages, according to management.According to a 2017 market research analysis by ResearchandMarkets, the fast-casual restaurant industry in the United States is expected to develop at a quick pace between 2017 and 2021.Market expansion is being driven mostly by an increase in the urban population, a rise in employment, increasing menu customisation, and an increase in disposable income.Competitive quick casual restaurant operators in the United States include, for example, the following: Chipotle Mexican Grill is a Mexican restaurant chain (CMG)

  • Firehouse Restaurant
  • Five Guys
  • Panda Express
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However, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the hospitality industry, especially restaurants, has been particularly heavily hit, with closures and operating limitations having a significant impact on their ability to generate income.Before the Covid-19 epidemic struck in the most recent reporting period, KRUS’ topline revenue was increasing on a quarter-by-quarter basis: It had been holding steady until the fourth quarter, when it began to decline and eventually fell into negative territory: Quarter-by-quarter, operating income stayed around breakeven until the quarter ending May 31st, when it plunged suddenly into negative territory: In a similar vein, earnings per share (diluted) followed a similar trend, as seen in the following graph: The following is the source of the chart data: Alpha is on the prowl.Kura’s stock price has plummeted 38.5 percent in the last year when compared to the S&P 500.This is seen by the 18.5 percent reduction in the Hospitality Index and the 17.0 percent gain in the overall US market, as illustrated in the figure below: Simply Wall StreetCommentary is the source of this information.

  1. Restaurant management stated during the company’s most recent earnings conference for fiscal Q3 2020 that its restaurants had been ″mostly shut down.″ Notably, despite the fact that the company might have continued to conduct take-out operations, management chose to forsake that option for the sake of security and liquidity considerations.
  2. Beginning in late May, Kura Restaurants began reopening its doors to the public.
  3. As of now, all of their locations are open, subject to 50 percent capacity limitations, with the exception of their California locations, which are temporarily restricted owing to a prohibition on indoor eating in the state.
  4. Because the firm has been unable to utilize the conveyor belts to distribute food in a number of marketplaces, it has been required to recruit additional employees to run the food from the tables, which has increased the company’s operational costs.
  5. Although the rapid reopening and closure of different markets has been a significant challenge to management, this has been compounded by the fact that regions experiencing greater infections have responded by closing public gathering places such as restaurants.
  6. Management also discussed the company’s new restaurant opening initiatives, which are continuing, albeit at a slower pace in some cases owing to construction constraints.

Management stated that the company entered the crisis with a ″solid capital position,″ which included $14 million in cash and no debt, as well as a $20 million revolver from its Japanese parent company, which had no borrowings as of the end of the fiscal quarter.Kura’s persistent challenge is that even when the restaurants are fully operational, the maximum capacity of the dining room is limited to 50 percent of its total capacity, resulting in sales comps that are at most half of the previous year’s figures.A discussion was held on the company’s off-premise activities, which included the development of their internet ordering platform, which is currently their main focus.The take-out portion of the company’s overall sales accounts for only 6.5 percent of total sales at this time.In the end, sales will be significantly curtailed as long as the capacity restrictions of the 50 percent dining room remain in force.With a Covid-19 vaccination not expected to be widely available in the United States until the end of 2021, my prediction is that Kura will not see a major removal of the 50 percent capacity constraint until 2022 at the earliest.

It is unlikely that the firm will achieve its former revenues any time soon, despite the fact that some sales are anticipated to improve as a consequence of its investment and operations off-premises.Given the limited eating capacity, which is out of management’s control, my assessment of the stock is Neutral at the current price level.Dictionary of Terms (I have no holdings in any of the stocks discussed in this article as of the date of this article, and I have no intentions to initiate any positions within the next 48 hours.I also have no business relationship with any of the companies whose stock is mentioned in this article.Initial public offerings (IPOs) can be quite volatile in the days after their initial public offering.

It should be noted that the information supplied is just for educational purposes and may contain errors, is incomplete, or is out of date.It does not represent financial, legal, or investment advice.- To sign up for automatic notifications of new IPO activity, go to the top right corner of the website and click the ″+ Follow″ icon.

Is Sushi Healthy? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The United States consumes sushi in a variety of settings, including high-end restaurants and the prepared foods department of grocery stores, and many people feel it is a healthy meal option.Is sushi, on the other hand, healthy?In the words of Katherine Zeratsky, a registered dietitian nutritionist and associate professor of nutrition at Mayo Clinic, ″Sushi has this aura of being good.″ As a matter of fact, classic sushi has all the makings of a nutritious dish: it’s loaded with fresh fish, wrapped in thin sheets of seaweed, and served in tidy little rolls.However, doctors advise that you should not anticipate your weekly spicy tuna delivery to help you lose weight.

  1. Portion management is one of the most difficult aspects of eating sushi.
  2. The calories in sushi, even if it is served in a small portion, can add up quickly: one sushi roll that has been chopped up into six to nine pieces can have as many as 500 calories in it, according to Isabel Maples, a registered dietitian who is also a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  3. (According to the USDA, a spicy shrimp roll with condiments has around 550 calories.) According to Zeratsky, ″our sense of taste will tell us something, and that something might or might not line up with what is occurring nutritionally.″ And that’s before you consider in more rolls, appetizers, or a cup of sake.
  4. ″Over time, it may mount up.″ The sticky white rice that keeps your roll together accounts for the majority of the calories in your meal.
  5. Sushi rice is often produced by mixing vinegar and sugar into the rice, and the sugar adds more calories to the dish than steamed rice, according to Zeratsky.
  6. According to Nancy Farrell, a registered dietitian nutritionist located in Fredericksburg, Va., this sweetened sticky sushi rice is also patted and packed down significantly throughout the cooking and assembly process, so you might be ingesting half a cup to an entire cup of white rice in just one roll.

In order to avoid recognizing how much rice you’ve consumed, ″it’s incredibly easy to put them in your mouth.″

How to make your sushi order healthier

In spite of this, according to Zeratsky, sushi can undoubtedly be included as ″part of a balanced diet.″ You just have to be picky about how and what you order. ″It all depends on how you go about it,″ she explains. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for.

Choose the right roll

The contents that are nestled within (and stacked on top of) your sushi roll are the most important criteria in determining whether or not your sushi is nutritious.In general, fish is low in calories, high in protein, and filled with strong nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids.Incorporate steamed and fresh veggies, which are high in fiber, as well as avocados, which are high in monounsaturated fat, according to Farrell, who is also a spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.Keep things simple, and your sushi roll will almost always be more nutritious for you.

  1. However, stay away from mayonnaise-based sauces (which are a common element in most rolls with ″hot″ contents) and battered and fried veggies (called ″crunchy″ or ″tempura″).

Cut down on dips and soy sauce

Dips and sauces have the potential to quickly raise the salt and fat content of your sushi supper.According to Zeratsky, spicy mayonnaise, for example, is a ″very concentrated source″ of fat and calories.She advises using ″just a touch to your tongue″ to savour the flavor rather than liberally drenching your food with it.When it comes to soy sauce, even a tablespoon of a low-sodium type can include 575 mg of sodium, which is nearly a quarter of the daily recommended upper limit for salt.

  1. If you can’t bear the thought of giving up your soy sauce, Maples recommends dusting a small amount over your sushi or dipping carefully to err on the side of caution.
  2. Some condiments, on the other hand, are bursting at the seams with taste and nutrition.
  3. Ginger, which is popular in sushi rolls because of its pickled form, has anti-inflammatory properties, according to Maples, and daikon radish is ″an fantastic source of vitamin C,″ according to Farrell, who also mentions ginger.

Get quality raw fish

While it comes to raw fish, even if you aren’t concerned about sushi’s influence on your waistline, experts advise that you exercise caution when eating raw fish.Because germs and parasites are present in ″everything that is eaten raw,″ according to Zeratsky, customers should get their fish from a reputable restaurant and ensure that it has been properly chilled before eating it.In her opinion, a strong fishy aroma indicates that the food may not be fresh enough to eat at the time.As Maples points out, the most secure options are rolls stuffed with veggies or grilled fish.

  1. Also, be mindful of how long sushi from a takeout or delivery service has been sitting out before you ingest it.
  2. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, raw fish should not be kept out for more than two hours, or for more than one hour if the temperature is 90 degrees or higher.
  3. Earlier this year, a man claimed he had contracted a 5-foot-long tapeworm after eating raw salmon nearly every day for several weeks.
  4. Parasites can survive in raw fish if the internal temperature of the fish rises too high or if the fish is improperly frozen, as was the case in the story that made headlines.
  5. Another potential health hazard associated with sushi consumption is mercury, a metal that occurs naturally in our environment but is exacerbated by pollution and subsequently absorbed by the majority of seafood and shellfish species.
  6. Although consuming trace amounts of mercury through seafood is generally safe for most people, it can have a negative impact on early development, so pregnant women and young children should avoid raw seafood and even certain types of cooked fish that contain high mercury levels, such as ahi tuna, king mackerel, and swordfish, according to Maples.

Most individuals who consume sushi on a regular basis are not at danger, but if you eat it several times a week, ″one of the easiest ways to decrease your risk is to switch up the sorts of sushi you receive,″ Maples suggests, ″so that you don’t have the same ones over and again.″ The consumption of seafood that is ″rich in omega fatty acids but low in mercury, such as salmon or shrimp,″ is another preventative approach.

Upgrade your sushi order

  • There are a variety of options for making a sushi supper a nutritious meal. Rather than using starchy white rice, Maples prefers brown rice because it is richer in fiber and fills you up more than starchy white rice, which digests fast and can leave you feeling hungry just a few hours after a sushi feast. Zeratsky suggests that ordering sushi wrapped in cucumber or sashimi, which is thinly sliced fresh fish served without rice, are two more ways to make your sushi order more health conscious. Another option is to order rolls or go to sushi places where the ratio of fish to rice is greater, which will provide you with more nutritious, full protein and less of these starchy carbohydrates. If you can’t bear the thought of giving up your white sushi rice, try eating less of it. To do this, it is recommended that you serve your sushi with something that has more protein or fiber, such as edamame or a side of vegetables, or that you begin your meal with a miso soup or salad. As for dining out, don’t be hesitant to ask your waiter questions about how a roll is created or what’s in it so that you ″know what you’re receiving and can make a smarter choice,″ Zeratsky advises. More TIME Magazine’s Must-Read Stories Moldovans are concerned that they may become Putin’s next target. A Haitian man’s brutal encounter with U.S. border agents sparked outrage
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