How Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Get Paid?

Pizza delivery drivers are paid by the hour, with the possibility of higher earnings with tips and compensation for fuel and mileage when using their own cars. This job is not the most lucrative, but it is often helpful for students and people who want to supplement their budgets with another job.
These charts show the average hourly wage (core compensation), as well as the average total hourly cash compensation for the job of Pizza Delivery Driver in the United States. The average hourly rate for Pizza Delivery Driver ranges from $9 to $12 with the average hourly pay of $10.

How much do pizza delivery drivers get paid in tips?

The amount of additional income you can make in tips as a pizza delivery driver will vary depending on factors like: The average additional compensation in tips is $50 per day.

How old do you have to be to deliver pizza?

Most have some high school education, since drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Many pizza delivery drivers get their start by working for a pizza restaurant in some capacity and moving into a delivery role. Others start immediately with the company as a delivery driver.

Why do some restaurants pay delivery drivers a lower wage?

Some restaurants pay delivery drivers a lower hourly wage than other employees since they have the ability to earn more in tips. Some restaurants do tip pooling, in which all tipped employees contribute their tips to a common pot which is then equally redistributed.

How much do delivery drivers get paid per mile?

To avoid this potential dispute, some employers reimburse delivery drivers at the IRS rate for travel, currently at 58 cents per mile, although they’re not required to do so. Other employers combine the IRS method of reimbursement with technologies that track delivery drivers’ actual mileage.

Is it worth it to be a pizza delivery driver?

Pizza delivery is a very relaxing and rewarding job. You get to work with plenty of great people in a laid-back environment whilst not being completely bored, and you get to spend your day making most of your customers happy (I say most because some will simply never be happy).

Is being a pizza delivery driver a good job?

They are happy to train you if you show a drive for it. Even just being a driver is a flexible but good paying job. Was this review helpful?

What are the job duties of a pizza delivery driver?

  • Deliver Pizza. The delivery driver must be efficient and deliver pizza to the customer quickly.
  • Greet Customers. Whether the driver greets customers in the restaurant or in the home,it is important to remain positive and greet the customer with a smile.
  • Take Orders.
  • Handle Cash.
  • Prepare Pizza.
  • How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?

    1. Pay & Salary
    2. How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?
    1. The Indeed Editorial Team contributed to this article.
    2. The date is March 4, 2021.
    3. While many other restaurants provide home delivery services for their meals, pizza is the dish that receives the most requests for home delivery.
    4. Working as a pizza delivery driver necessitates the development of certain hard talents, as well as soft skills and a clean driving record.

    Knowing how much you can expect to make as a pizza delivery driver is essential for anyone considering a career in this field.To learn more about being a pizza delivery driver, read on.We’ll also go over the typical salary for the profession, explore employment development prospects for pizza delivery drivers, and address some commonly asked concerns regarding the work.Related: 20 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

    How do you become a pizza delivery driver?

    • The majority of pizza delivery drivers do not require any formal schooling to do their duties. Since drivers must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid driver’s license, the majority have completed some form of high school education. Many pizza delivery drivers begin their careers by working at a pizza restaurant in some way before transitioning into the delivery industry altogether. Others begin working for the corporation as a delivery driver right away, and so on. Some firms supply delivery cars, but others ask the driver to use his or her own personal vehicle to make the deliveries. Some pizza delivery drivers are employed as part of the sharing economy and deliver a variety of other foods in addition to pizza deliveries. It’s more common for these delivery drivers to work through an app that links them with individuals who need someone to pick up and bring their food, whether or not it’s precisely pizza. They don’t necessarily work for a single restaurant. When making deliveries, some drivers utilize their own vehicles. Delivering pizzas and other menu items to customers’ homes
    • ensuring the quality of the food upon delivery
    • collecting and processing payment
    • preparing and cleaning food prep areas
    • keeping the customer dine-in area clean and orderly
    • providing customer service are some of the many important responsibilities of a pizza delivery driver.
    • Pizza delivery drivers need have a certain skill set in order to do a good job in their position. This covers both hard and soft abilities, as well as other certifications, such as the following: Customer service abilities
    • a clean driving record
    • a high level of responsibility
    • Risk-averseness
    • communication abilities
    • math abilities

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    What is the average income for a pizza delivery driver?

    1. The average hourly wage for a delivery driver in the United States is $16.40 per hour, according to one source, although more recent compensation statistics may be found on Indeed.
    2. There is currently no information available on pizza delivery drivers in particular.
    3. In addition to their hourly income, many pizza delivery drivers receive tips from customers on each delivery and are reimbursed by the restaurant for mileage and gas expenses incurred while making deliveries in their own car.
    4. The geographic location of a pizza delivery driver is the most important element in deciding their hourly compensation.

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    Job growth for pizza delivery drivers

    1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not give particular statistics on pizza delivery or other food delivery vocations, but it does provide information on the job outlook for delivery truck drivers, which is a good starting point.
    2. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry has a 2 percent growth potential.
    3. Please keep in mind that this statistic does not include freelance food delivery drivers who utilize apps to locate delivery gigs because the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have data for this industry.
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    Based on Skills and Compensation

    Frequently asked questions about pizza delivery drivers

    Several doubts arise in the minds of many potential pizza delivery drivers regarding the profession, its requirements, and other relevant variables while determining whether or not to pursue a career in the sector. Consider the following responses to frequently asked questions regarding working as a pizza delivery driver.

    How much money do pizza delivery drivers make in tips?

    • As a pizza delivery driver, the amount of additional revenue you may earn in tips will vary based on factors such as: location
    • time of day
    • size and cost of the order
    • and the number of deliveries you make.

    The average additional pay received in tips each day is $50.00. If you work during the dinner shift on a Saturday evening, for example, you’re likely to earn more than the average wage, but if you work during the morning shift during the week, you’re likely to earn less.

    Will I get to keep all my tips?

    1. Yes, you will be able to keep all of your suggestions.
    2. Because delivery drivers have the potential to earn more in tips than other employees, some restaurants give them a lower hourly rate than other employees.
    3. Some restaurants use tip pooling, in which all tipped staff pay their tips to a single pot, which is subsequently equitably shared among all tipped employees.
    4. The latter is more typical among delivery drivers who operate alone than among dining room waitstaff who work in a more team-oriented environment.

    Do I have to have my own car?

    This is dependent on the establishment. The majority of pizza shops, particularly the larger franchises, require drivers to supply their own transportation. Some independent eateries, on the other hand, may be able to supply a car for delivery. In the course of an interview for a pizza delivery position, this is a crucial question to ask.

    Will the restaurant reimburse me for mileage?

    1. The answer is yes, if you are driving your own car, your employer is required to compensate you for your mileage.
    2. The Internal Revenue Service establishes yearly minimums for reimbursement; according to the IRS, the normal mileage rate for firms in 2020 will be 0.56 cents per mile.
    3. Inquire with your supervisor about the procedure for recording your miles and submitting your totals for payment.

    Will the restaurant provide me with car insurance?

    • Whether or not the restaurant provides you with vehicle insurance will be determined by a number of circumstances, including: whether you are driving your own car or a corporate car
    • whether or not you are driving a company car
    • and whether or not you are driving a company car.
    • What kind of personal automobile insurance do you have
    • The total number of delivery drivers that are employed by the establishment
    1. Pizza delivery workers who drive their own vehicles are almost always required to have automobile insurance.
    2. Some restaurants provide additional insurance in the event of an accident, but the terms of their policy will determine whether or not you are covered.
    3. Some delivery drivers prefer to purchase a separate business usage insurance policy in addition to their personal insurance coverage.
    4. A vehicle provided by a restaurant is likely to be accompanied by automobile insurance to protect the vehicle in case of an accident.

    Ideally, review the terms of your automobile insurance with the manager to ensure that you, the vehicle, and the employer are all adequately covered if an accident occurs.

    5 Things Pizzeria Owners Must Know About FLSA Violations for Delivery Drivers

    1. Despite the fact that third-party delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats are becoming increasingly popular, ordering directly from a restaurant that has its own delivery service is by far the most favored way of food delivery.
    2. According to a research performed by Morning Consult in 2018, 82 percent of consumers who place delivery orders prefer to purchase straight from a restaurant.
    3. While the procedure appears to be straightforward to the customer, the employer is faced with a more complicated issue, particularly when it comes to compensating delivery drivers.
    4. The majority of delivery drivers are paid a pay that is below the federal minimum wage, with the balance of their earnings coming from tips.

    After accounting for tips, this arrangement undoubtedly benefits employers, who can pay lower wages to delivery drivers.However, it is in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), because delivery drivers theoretically earn more than the minimum wage for their efforts after taking into account tips.The fact is that firms who hire delivery drivers at less than the minimum wage should proceed with caution since there are several possible dangers that might result in major financial consequences for the company that hires the driver.Jimmy John’s, Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut have all been the subject of multi-party and class action employee lawsuits involving the manner in which delivery drivers are compensated in the past.The following are the top five difficulties that companies should be aware of before hiring delivery drivers that earn less than the federal minimum wage: 1.Inform the driver of the tip credit that has been granted.

    It is the difference between the amount an employee is required to be paid under the Minimum Wage Act and the amount that is directly paid to a tipped employee that is known as the ″tip credit.″ For example, if the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and the employee is paid $6 an hour, the company receives a tip credit of $1.25 for every hour the person works.As a result of this arrangement, the employee must obtain a minimum of $1.25 in tips in order to earn the hourly minimum wage.It is necessary to inform the tipped employee about this arrangement in advance.

    1. The following information should be provided to delivery drivers, at a bare minimum: 1) the cash wage that the delivery driver will receive from the employer; 2) the difference between this payment and the minimum wage (that is, how much tip credit the employer is claiming); and 3) the delivery driver is entitled to the full minimum wage through a combination of the cash wage and the tips received by the employer (in other words, if tips are less than the tip credit, the employer must make up the difference).
    2. According to case law, delivery drivers may be made aware of their tip credit by signed acknowledgements, written materials, signage, and training, among other methods.
    3. When used together, these approaches should provide ample notice of the tip credit in order to comply with the FLSA’s requirements for notification.
    4. 2.
    1. Put in place adequate methods to keep track of the tips that have been paid.
    2. As previously stated, if tips fall below the tip credit, employers are required to make up the difference.
    3. This straightforward principle of law, on the other hand, creates concerns regarding audits and recording tips.

    Employers must be prepared to deal with delivery drivers who assert that their gratuities did not raise their wages above the minimum wage level.With today’s electronic payment methods, it is simple to keep track of tips received through credit cards and gift cards.However, some drivers are given cash or cheques as gratuities in exchange for their services.Employers should be prepared to account for any tips received and should have a system in place for tracking these sums of money.

    The majority of businesses require their drivers to confirm their tips, either electronically or by signing a paper acknowledgement at the conclusion of their shifts.When combined with the additional tips received, these acknowledgements will provide compelling proof that the employee is getting more than the minimum wage.3.The expenditures incurred by a driver are taken into consideration when determining the minimum pay.Companies are also obligated to pay delivery drivers for expenditures incurred in order to ensure that their hourly salaries do not fall below the minimum wage when such expenses are taken into consideration.

    Delivery drivers have complained that they are not adequately reimbursed for expenses incurred while making deliveries, such as the costs of wear and tear on their vehicles, gas, tires, car maintenance, insurance, and other related expenses, resulting in their hourly earnings falling below the legal minimum wage in some cases.FLSA laws provide that an employer may pay an employee for real expenses incurred or a fairly approximate amount spent by the employee while traveling to and from work to make deliveries.Due to this, many businesses pay delivery drivers a set cost every delivery in order to recompense them for their expenditures.A flat rate is appropriate if it surpasses the amount spent or if it is a true and reasonable estimate of the actual amount expended.

    Some delivery drivers, on the other hand, are critical of the amount of flat fees, stating that they do not cover their expenditures.Some firms compensate delivery drivers at the IRS rate for travel, which is presently 58 cents per mile, in order to prevent the possibility of a disagreement.However, this is not required by federal law.Other firms combine the IRS method of payment with technology that measure the actual miles driven by delivery drivers to maximize efficiency.Another option is for the corporation to invest in a fleet of delivery cars, which would eliminate the need for a reimbursement issue.4.

    1. Loss of tip credit for effort that is not directly linked to delivery.
    2. While FLSA regulations allow employers to deduct tip credit for time spent performing duties related to the tipped occupation (in this case, pizza delivery), employers should exercise caution when tipped employees spend a significant amount of time performing prep work, maintenance, or other tasks that do not generate tips.
    3. For example, a delivery driver may spend his or her time between deliveries replenishing condiments, folding boxes, or cleaning the delivery vehicle.
    4. Despite the fact that these activities are not directly linked to the principal tip-producing employment, they are plausibly related to the job for which a tipped wage credit is permissible.
    5. Although this is not always the case, when delivery drivers conduct a significant number of non-tipped jobs, the delivery drivers may assert that they are working in a second employment.
    6. According to FLSA laws, employers are prohibited from deducting tip credit from employees who execute non-tipped job obligations while working a second job.
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    Before, the Department of Labor (DOL) used an analysis known as the 80/20 Rule to determine whether or not a person was working in more than one position.Employers were not permitted to claim a tip credit if workers spent more than 20% of their time doing non-tipped job activities under the terms of the previous regulation.With the release of a new guidance letter in November 2018, the Department of Labor (DOL) abolished the 80/20 Rule and stated that ″no limitation shall be placed on the amount of these duties that may be performed, whether or not they involve direct customer service, as long as they are performed concurrently with the duties involving direct customer service or for a reasonable time immediately before or after performing such direct-service duties.″ For this reason, some firms have established two distinct rates for drivers: an inside rate set at minimum wage for while the driver is conducting related operations and an outside rate for when the driver is making deliveries and getting tips.Employers should exercise caution when entrusting sub-minimum wage delivery workers with an excessive number of additional responsibilities.Nonetheless, according to the recent DOL advice, comparable non-tipped chores are permissible as long as they are done concurrently with, or close in time to, the tipped responsibilities.5.

    1. A service charge cannot be deducted from the total amount of a tip.
    2. An employer’s service fee is not automatically deducted from an employee’s tip credit, unless the firm specifies that it should be.
    3. As an example, according to the Department of Labor’s Field Operation Handbook, ″a mandatory service fee (usually mentioned on the menu) which is added to a customer’s bill is not included in the server’s tip income but is instead included in the employer’s gross revenues.″ So the employer has total choice in deciding how to spend his or her portion of the service charge″ The use of a service charge is also permitted under 29 CFR 531.55, which states that a ″compulsory charge for service, such as 15 percent of the amount of the bill, imposed on a customer by an employer’s establishment is not a tip and, even if distributed to its employees, cannot be counted as a tip.″ However, this does not rule out the possibility of an employer imposing a predetermined delivery charge on clients, which is subsequently transferred to the delivery driver, from being forbidden as part of the employer’s minimum wage requirements.
    4. For example, according to 29 C.F.R.

    531.55(b), ″As previously mentioned, service charges and other comparable sums that constitute part of the employer’s gross earnings are not considered tips for the purposes of the Act.″ In the event that such sums are given by the employer to its employees, they may be applied in their whole to meet the monetary requirements of the Act.″ The FLSA allows an employer to use a service charge that is collected, counted as part of gross receipts, and then delivered to the delivery driver to meet or offset the employer’s minimum wage responsibilities under the Act.After all has been said and done, delivery drivers are an essential element of today’s business.In the process of setting up pay plans for delivery drivers, companies must be aware of the numerous hazards that must be avoided.When it comes to pizza companies, the majority of the collective actions revolve on the failure to appropriately compensate drivers for their expenditures and the failure to ensure that drivers are paid at least minimum wage, taking into consideration the expenses spent and other non-tipped labor completed.Ruth Ann Daniels and Fred Gaona are attorneys with the Dallas-based legal firm Gray Reed, which also has offices in Houston.Ruth Ann Daniels is the chair of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the firm.

    She has more than 30 years of expertise as a trial lawyer and legal counsel for employers in Texas and around the country, and she has dealt with every combative and operational issue that may occur in the employer-employee relationship over her career.Her previous expertise includes trial work in state and federal courts, dispute resolution through arbitration, performing investigations and audits, giving workplace training, and dealing with day-to-day workplace issues.In a variety of industries, she has worked with Fortune 500 firms as well as small and mid-sized enterprises.Her clientele include companies in the automotive industry, retail, energy, restaurants, and many more.

    Send her an email at [email protected] and employers throughout the country rely on Fred Gaona to resolve a wide range of labor and employment disputes, including claims brought under Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and a variety of state statutes, among others.The use of dispositive motions, skilled negotiation, and vigorous litigation, where required, have helped him successfully defend companies against a wide range of high-stakes claims in the past.Fred’s clientele come from a wide range of industries, including transportation, energy, retail, restaurant, and construction, to name a few examples.Send him an email at [email protected].

    Do Pizza Hut delivery drivers make good money?

    While salaries as high as $51,613 and as low as $13,763 have been reported on ZipRecruiter, the majority of salaries in the Pizza Hut Delivery Driver jobs category currently range between $21,628 (25th percentile) and $37,849 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $51,121 per year in California, according to the most recent data.

    How does Pizza Hut pay their delivery drivers?

    For those who are interested in knowing when drivers are paid specifically, they are paid in CASH every day or night that they work, for both tips and distance. The number of delivery might be modest or large depending on the number of deliveries. Drivers are paid $7.25 an hour plus tips on a biweekly basis.

    Do pizza delivery drivers pay for their own gas?

    California has some of the most stringent restrictions in the country when it comes to employee reimbursement. In practice, this implies that workers who use their personal vehicles to make deliveries must be fully compensated for all business vehicle expenditures, including not only petrol but also insurance, depreciation, state/local taxes and fees, among other things.

    Do Pizza Hut delivery drivers get paid minimum wage?

    Salary and Other Forms of Compensation Despite the fact that many Pizza Hut delivery drivers begin their careers on minimum wage, with more expertise and time spent working for the pizza delivery firm, Pizza Hut employees receive better wages. During their shifts, delivery drivers can also accept cash tips and other forms of gratuity.

    How much do you tip for a $20 pizza delivery?

    How much should you give the pizza delivery driver as a gratuity? In general, delivery orders that are less than $20 in value are given a $3 minimum gratuity. If the order totals more than $20, it is normal to compute a gratuity equal to 10 percent to 15 percent of the total (but never less than $5) of the order.

    Is it worth being a pizza delivery driver?

    Only if you can deliver to an upper-middle class area or better, and if you can do it during peak hours, is pizza delivery a worthwhile endeavor. I used to work only on weekends during football season. In a six-hour shift, I would earn an average of around $80 in tips. Seconded, I would generally make 60-80 dollars in a 4 – 6 hour shift if I worked a full time schedule.

    Which pizza chain pays drivers the most?

    • Which companies provide the highest wages to pizza delivery drivers? Pizza Hut. 4.1. $34,593. Avg. Salary. $18k. $39k
    • Papa John’s Pizza. 4.2. $32,884. Avg. Salary. $18k. $39k
    • Domino’s Pizza. 4.2. $31,266. Avg. Salary. $18k. $39k
    • Pizza Hut. 4.1. $34,593. Avg. Salary. $18k. $39k
    • Domino’s Pizza. Salary range: $18k to $39k on average. P
    • PacPizza. 3.3. $20,990. Avg. Salary. $18,500. $39,500
    • American Pizza Partners Lp. 4.0. $20,772. P
    • PacPizza. 3.3. $20,990. Avg. Salary. $18,500. $39,500
    • American Pizza Partners Lp. 4.0. $20,772. Salary range: $18k to $39k on average
    • Job Corps

    How often do Pizza Hut drivers get paid?

    Depending on how many days you work, you’ll get paid every two weeks at $7.25 an hour, with a maximum earnings of around $400 per week if you work 6-7 days each week.

    Does Dominos delivery pay for gas?

    With a Domino’s topping on your own car, you can go anywhere. You will get compensated for the distance you put in on each run. The fact is that Domino’s requires you to drive your own vehicle. Domino’s reimburses drivers between 26 and 55 cents every mile.

    What happens if you don’t tip the pizza guy?

    1. In most cases, nothing.
    2. As a delivery driver, I can tell you that some of the proposals individuals have put up are unlawful.
    3. While most pizza restaurants value speed over everything else, they may not be eager to serve your pizza quickly if they are facing a butt chewing situation.
    4. If you didn’t tip me, all I would be able to do is thank you for your business and hope that the next client does as well.

    How much should you tip the pizza guy?

    It is recommended that you charge 15 percent for regular service, with a $2 minimum; 20 percent for great service; 10 percent or less for poor service; and a minimum of 10 percent for purchases of $50 or more, according to the Web site. Don’t assume that the delivery fee, if there is one, is paid to the pizza delivery company. Inquire with the person who will be taking your order.

    Is it rude not to tip delivery driver?

    While a tip is not required by law, failing to leave a gratuity for the delivery person is considered disrespectful by many. So, if you don’t want to leave a tip, you can opt to have the food delivered instead.

    Is delivering pizza a good side job?

    Pay! Pizza delivery might bring you a substantial income. When business is brisk and you are able to make more than one delivery, it is not uncommon to earn approximately $20 an hour or more. Plus, it’s a great feeling to go to work every day and leave with money in your pocket.

    Is Pizza Hut Delivery a good job?

    It’s simple, and you get paid well for what you do. It is advantageous to have a beater automobile for delivery purposes. When it comes to gratuities from customers, Pizza Hut doesn’t pay as much as some other restaurants, but you may still make a good living driving for them. I enjoy spending time with the folks I meet, and we always have a nice time chatting to one other about everything.

    How much do Ubereats drivers make?

    After deducting vehicle expenditures from their earnings, Uber Eats drivers may expect to earn between $8 and $12 per hour. It is critical to work the lunch and dinner rushes if you want to make money at the top end of the pay scale. Delivery compensation can fluctuate significantly from day to day and hour to hour, so it is important to plan your schedule accordingly.

    How Pizza Delivery Drivers Get Cheated Out of Wages

    1. A pizza delivery driver may be anyone — a youngster, a college student, or a retiree — and work anywhere.
    2. It might be a part-time job or a full-time career.
    3. Furthermore, because to the wide variety of pizza sellers, these personnel may be handled and managed in a variety of ways.
    4. Because most chains are franchised, abuse of delivery workers sometimes goes unnoticed.
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    In instance, there are several methods in which companies refuse to pay delivery employees their full wages.

    Vehicle Repairs

    1. If you’re doing pizza deliveries in your own car, your company is required to reimburse you for certain expenditures incurred.
    2. There are occasions when reimbursement does not stack up: In one instance, Pizza Hut drivers filed a lawsuit not just because they were not paid the minimum wage, but also because they were not paid enough money for the amount of wear and tear their cars were doing on them.
    3. According to a poll, 77 percent of respondents stated that vehicle upkeep was one of the most difficult difficulties faced by pizza delivery drivers, a problem that can have a negative impact on your earnings.

    Gas Compensation

    1. When you make deliveries in your own automobile, you are legally required to be reimbursed for the distance you have incurred.
    2. The IRS business mileage standard rate, which is now 58 cents per mile, is used as a guideline by the vast majority of companies in this situation.
    3. During normal working hours, drivers should be earning at least that much per mile traveled.
    4. Tips are not used to pay the cost of gasoline.

    Multiple Positions

    1. Drivers should be compensated on a per-mile basis.
    2. Line cooks should be compensated with line cook wages.
    3. Cashiers should be compensated on a cashier’s salary basis.
    4. Everything makes clear now.

    However, suppose you regularly work as a delivery driver, but your employer asks you to fill in for him on a night shift as a cashier.You should be compensated for your cashier hours at the rate that is appropriate for that position, not at the driver’s rate.

    Underpaid Wages

    1. A large number of tipped workers are paid less than the federal minimum wage; instead, they are paid the ″tipped″ federal minimum wage, which is $2.13 per hour on average.
    2. However, this does not imply that such employees should be paid less than $2.13 per hour.
    3. You should be receiving advice as well.
    4. You should be able to increase your hourly rate to at least $7.25 (the federal minimum wage) if you receive the additional revenue.

    If it does not, your employer is responsible for compensating you for the discrepancy.

    Working ‘Off the Clock’

    Do you have job responsibilities that you need to do before or after you clock in for your shift? Such chores, whether they are baking bread, delivering a meal, or washing dishes, should never be conducted ″off the clock.″ If you’re working on a job assignment, you’re considered to be on the clock and should be compensated. That is all there is to it.

    Reviews about Pay & benefits for Delivery Driver at Pizza Hut

    Lots of tips

    Former employee seeking delivery driver position in London, Greater London on January 12, 2022. Nice firm with tons of free pizza and friendly employees that enjoy working with clients. Drivers are welcome to work several hours with no overtime and are paid on time. If you want to become a manager, this is the place to go.

    Easy job

    Broadstairs – 5 July 2021 – Pizza Hut Delivery Driver (Former Employee) – An acceptable environment to work. It’s not that tough. All of the other members of the team are OK as well. While being silent might be tedious at times, you are compensated for your efforts, so everything is OK.


    If you are silent, you may be sent home early.

    Okay place to work just be prepared to get ya pay messed about with

    Previously employed Pizza Hut delivery driver (Kettering, OH) needed for a job starting April 26, 2021.Working with the firm for around 2 months before leaving due to inconsistent pay after working 40+ hours only to get paid p**s and fuel money, which takes forever to get paid, and even when it does, takes even longer to be resolved.Try your hardest to avoid working for this bunch of jerks; this is the best advise provided.


    That is all there is to it in terms of free meals.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers, the Minimum Wage and Split Pay

    Many pizza delivery drivers are compensated on a ″split salary,″ which is a combination of hourly and commission-based pay.Drivers are paid a tip credit pay, such as $5.00 per hour, in addition to any tips they get from their clients.Many drivers, on the other hand, spend a significant amount of time inside the restaurant getting their orders ready for delivery or even waiting for the pizza to finish cooking before leaving.It is common for this time spent inside the restaurant to account for about half of the whole 8-hour shift.

    It is unjust for the driver to be compensated with the $5.00 per hour tip credit salary in this situation; thus, the law mandates that the driver be compensated with at least the minimum wage for the whole time spent inside the restaurant.To ensure that drivers get at least the minimum wage for all of their hours worked, the restaurant is required to maintain account of all of their hours spent inside and outside of the restaurant.In practice, restaurants frequently do not keep track of this time and pay the driver simply the tip credit salary for all or most of the hours worked, despite the fact that the driver may be spending a significant portion of their time inside the restaurant performing non-delivery-related duties.This practice is widespread across the pizza delivery industry in the United States, and it is in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

    For further information on your legal options, call Robert S.Norell immediately if you have worked as a tipped pizza delivery driver in any city or town in the United States and have not received the minimum wage for the hours you spent inside the restaurant.Robert S.Norell, P.A.|Attorney at Law On June 27, 2015, a post was made.

    How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make? (Chart)

    Dallas Pizza delivery drivers have been in existence since the first pizzeria in the United States opened its doors.Despite the fact that their occupation is widely underappreciated, they are among the most conscientious employees.This role is critical for many pizza establishments since it guarantees that fresh pizza is delivered to customers within a certain time frame.Pizza delivery drivers are paid by the hour, with the opportunity of earning more money through tips and reimbursement for fuel and mileage if they use their own vehicles to deliver pizza.

    However, while it is not the most financially rewarding employment, it is frequently beneficial for students and those who wish to supplement their income with another work.So, let’s find out how much pizza delivery drivers are paid in today’s world.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Job Description

    The task of the pizza delivery driver is to plan the delivery in the most efficient manner possible so that the requested food reaches at its location fresh and undamaged.The fact that the pizza is delivered quickly guarantees that the quality of the pizza remains at the desired level.Pizza delivery drivers are most often seen driving a car, however it is also possible to arrange delivery on bicycle or motorbike in some circumstances.When the driver is not delivering pizzas, he or she can help out at the pizza business by cleaning or washing dishes, among other things.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Necessary Skills

    • Because this work does not necessitate any special formal education, all you need is a high school diploma and a driver’s license to do it. Pizza delivery drivers, on the other hand, require a set of particular abilities, such as the ability to drive quickly and deftly
    • effective communication with customers
    • and the capacity to work in a team.
    • Knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics

    Drivers of pizza delivery vehicles must use caution when operating the vehicle in order to avoid the possibility of damaging the pizza during transit.Extreme caution must be exercised when braking and turning quickly.But there is a catch: a leisurely trip ensures that the pizza is delivered to the customer when it is still warm.When there is a traffic jam, having a good understanding of the region where the pizza delivery drivers work will allow them to use shortcuts and make rapid route modifications.

    Additionally, drivers who are well-versed in GPS technology have a significant advantage since it makes their jobs much easier.

    Risks Involved

    Despite the fact that the pizza delivery driver works in the food and catering sector, the majority of their tasks are carried out outside. That can put these hard employees at risk, which other workers in the food business rarely experience.

    Traffic accidents

    The fact that the profits of pizza delivery drivers in the vast majority of pizza restaurants are dependent on the quantity and speed of deliveries increases the likelihood of traffic accidents.


    Another significant danger associated with this industry is the possibility of drivers being robbed.The automobiles that are utilized for delivery are frequently marked with a pizza shop advertisement, suggesting that the driver has cash in his or her pocket.It is true that the risk is greatest in the neighborhood where the pizza delivery drivers work, but something similar to this might occur everywhere.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Earnings in the US

    Believe it or not, this is one of the most sought-after first jobs for many young people in the United States today.It is appropriate for people who do not yet have the necessary education to qualify for higher-paying positions.Some organizations compensate their pizza delivery workers fairly, but others pay them far less than they ought to be compensated.In the majority of situations, firms pay pizza delivery drivers on an hourly basis.

    They can also utilize a system that combines an hourly wage with a bonus that is provided to the driver after the package has been delivered successfully.Some of them supply their employees with a vehicle to utilize while doing their duties, while others search for people who are able to transport packages using their own vehicles.In such instance, staff are reimbursed by the restaurant for the gasoline and mileage they have incurred.They may also be eligible for reimbursement for operating expenses and depreciation on their vehicle.

    Keep in mind that some organizations pay drivers for pizza delivery only after the pizzas have been delivered, meaning that they receive no compensation when there are no pizzas to deliver.This encourages pizza delivery drivers to be more efficient and to deliver more pizzas per hour by accepting more orders at the same time.


    • The majority of pizza delivery drivers make additional cash in addition to their pay, primarily through tips. The quantity of money earned in this manner will vary based on the following factors: Distance between the ordering party and the recipient
    • The size and price of the order
    • It is the middle of the day

    The average revenue from tips might reach $50 per day on a good day.If you work the evening shift on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, your tips may be even greater than the national average because of the increased demand.Unfortunately, if you work the morning shift throughout the working day, this will not be the case for you.Anyhow, the pizza delivery driver has the right to retain the gratuities he or she receives.

    Be aware that some restaurants pay their drivers a reduced wage because of the significant amount of tips they receive.For another thing, some restaurants demand that the tips of all staff be collected in a single bowl and then distributed equally to all employees.However, for pizza delivery workers who operate on their own, this is an unusual occurrence to encounter.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by State

    Pizza delivery drivers make an average of $21,690 per year, or $10.43 per hour on the national level in the United States.However, drivers’ pay for delivering pizza vary significantly depending on where they live in the country and in which state they work.In large part, this is determined by the population density and the average income of the people living in a certain state or territory States with a larger population density have more pizza orders per hour, which has a beneficial impact on the earnings of pizza delivery drivers.Furthermore, pizza restaurants situated in higher-income areas will charge more for delivery, resulting in higher earnings for delivery drivers.

    Pizza delivery driver’s salary

    State Annual salary
    South Dakota $15,906 to $20,321
    Montana $16,130 to $20,608
    Nebraska $16,435 to $20,997
    Mississippi $17,350 to $22,166
    West Virginia $17,621 to $22,513
    Idaho $17,741 to $22,666
    Oklahoma $17,828 to $22,777
    Wyoming $17,916 to $22,889
    Georgia $17,940 to $22,919
    Tennessee $18,086 to $23,106
    Maine $18,259 to $23,328
    New Mexico $18,271 to $23,343
    Alabama $18,298 to $23,376
    Kentucky $18,404 to $25,512
    South Carolina $18,534 to $23,678
    Utah $18,547 to $23,695
    Iowa $18,574 to $23,729
    North Dakota $18,662 to $23,842
    North Carolina $18,777 to $23,989
    Florida $19,000 to $24,275
    Missouri $19,102 to $24,404
    Kansas $19,159 to $24,477
    Missouri $19,216 to $24,550
    Vermont $19,218 to $24,552
    Pennsylvania $19,224 to $24,560
    Arizona $19,279 to $24,631
    Louisiana $19,307 to $24,666
    Wisconsin $19,315 to $24,677
    Ohio $19,317 to $24,679
    Texas $19,390 to $24,770
    Virginia $19,474 to $24,879
    Michigan $19,850 to $25,360
    New Hampshire $19,903 to $25,427
    Nevada $19,936 to $25,470
    Maryland $20,063 to $25,632
    Hawaii $20,231 to $25,846
    Oregon $20,262 to $25,886
    Rhode Island $20,562 to $26,269
    Illinois $20,705 to $26,450
    Minnesota $20,793 to $26,564
    Washington $21,339 to $27,262
    Alaska $21,706 to $27,731
    Washington, DC $21,725 to $27,755
    Massachusetts $21,989 to $28,093
    Connecticut $22,171 to $28,325
    New Jersey $22,503 to $28,748
    New York $23,478 to $29,995
    California $24,395 to $31,170

    In South Dakota, for example, pizza delivery workers make less than $16,000 per year, but in California, they earn roughly $30,000 per year.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by Company

    Aside from large variances in wages at the state level, you will observe that the compensation of pizza delivery drivers varies significantly depending on the firm for which they are employed. To use an example, Pizza Hut stands out as the firm that pays its employees the highest yearly average compensation on a consistent basis.

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    Annual pizza delivery drivers’ salary

    Company Salary
    Pizza Hut $34,595
    Papa John’s Pizza $32,885
    Domino’s Pizza $31,265
    Pacpizza $20,990
    American Pizza Partners LP $20,630

    Pizza delivery drivers employed by Pizza Hut earn an average of $15.66 per hour, while those employed by Papa John’s Pizza earn an average of $12.53 per hour. These employees at Domino’s Pizza are paid $14.72 per hour at the federal level in the United States.

    Average Pizza delivery driver’s salary

    State Company
    Pizza Hut Papa John’s Pizza Domino’s Pizza
    New Jersey $15 $15 $15
    California $15 $14 $15
    Missouri $14 $14 $13
    North Carolina $14 $13 $13

    Keep in mind that pay for this position are not the same for all people working for the same organization. They differ based on the state and even the location in where the pizza shop is situated, among other factors.

    Pizza delivery driver’s salary

    City Pizza Hut Papa John’s Pizza
    Hourly rate Hourly rate
    New Orleans, LA $7.25 $14.30
    Brandon, MS $8.94 $12.84
    Ithaca, NY $10.49 $14.81
    Kansas City, MO $11.86 $14.57
    Sant Louis, MO $11.92 $16.36
    Pittsburgh, PA $12.93 $13.01
    Las Vegas, NE $13.23 $14.47
    Charleston, SC $13.23 $18.83
    Minneapolis, MN $13.54 $18.99
    Cleveland, OH $13.71 $16.30
    Chicago, IL $13.76 $17.49
    Milwaukee, WI $13.91 $14.84
    Dallas, TX $14.06 $15.70
    Tacoma, WA $14.26 $21.15
    Phoenix, AZ $14.43 $15.10
    Los Angeles, CA $15.08 $16.01
    Manchester, NH $16.19 $9.56
    Paterson, NJ $16.42 $10.58
    Atlanta, GA $16.97 $14.57
    San Francisco, CA $16.99 $16.27
    Charlotte, NC $17.01 $13.27
    Denver, CO $17.26 $18.27
    Springfield, TN $17.32 $12.23
    Richmond, VA $17.32 $16.51
    Lafayette, IN $17.32 $15.59
    Miami, FL $18.54 $17.34

    Nonetheless, at the state level, these variances in revenues within the same firm are not statistically significant. True or not, the situation is completely different at the municipal level, and you may see discrepancies in pay that can reach up to $11 per hour in some cases.


    Pizza delivery drivers do not earn a lot of money in the United States, but they are essential to the success of any pizzeria.During the course of their job, they gain information and abilities that they may use to their future careers in the corporate world.Keep in mind that this employment provides an opportunity to learn about the organization’s abilities and strategy on a functional level, making it a highly sought-after experience for many young individuals.

    r/Winnipeg – PSA: your pizza delivery drivers do not make minimum wage

    It’s been a long day, so I’m on level 2.1st grade It is not my responsibility to finance substandard workplace practices.level 1I believe that everyone should be entitled to a minimum salary, but I despise tipping with a vengeance.I will gladly pay or reward for above and above service, just as I would if a plumber or handyman performed work for which I did not directly compensate them.

    I will not pay someone extra money simply because their company does not pay them more money.level 2I get what you’re saying, but perhaps not with the same enthusiasm.Simply charge me what it truly costs to keep the doors open, the personnel employed, and a respectable profit being made on the operation.Sorry, but until I’m completely blown away by the service, you won’t be seeing more than 20% of the total.

    1st level of difficulty Do you have any idea what this is?It’s the tiniest violin ever played on the planet.1st grade I’m willing to guess that you don’t deduct your income from your taxes either.In my previous life, I worked as a delivery driver for three different pizza restaurants.One was paid the bare minimal pay and deducted the appropriate taxes.The other two were paid in cash under the table, plus a buck each delivery and tips.

    When I wasn’t getting paid minimum wage, I was bringing in between 80 and 200 dollars in cash, depending on the day.It was the most stress-free job I’d ever had in my life.After many years of working, delivering pizza has always been my favorite job in terms of income compared to the job description.level 1It’s a shame for them that they’re in this situation.They should file a complaint with the labor board.level 2It is lawful since they are considered independent contractors, who are exempt from the provisions of the labor laws.

    At level 190 percent, drivers are terrible, and 100 percent of drivers do not divide gratuities with the chefs who really create the pizzas.I’m not depressed at all; just find a better job.As a result, I tip $4-5 on a $30 order, depending on the service.

    1. a second-grade education That is also one of my issues with the tipping system.
    2. Most restaurant tip pools distribute 1-3 percent of their gratuities to the chefs, who are perhaps the most difficult to please.
    3. level 1Keep this in mind the next time you place an order for delivery.
    4. Instead of speaking with your customer, speak with your boss.
    5. level 2However, there is the matter of the customer’s culpability.

    Level 2 is what I have.Wages are established by corporate, not by franchise owners.level 1I usually tip, but I despise these types of articles more than anything.

    1. It is not my responsibility to pay your wages; nevertheless, I am covering the cost of the pizza.
    2. Your compensation is determined by your employer, not mine.
    3. Downvotes to the left are indicative of unpopular opinion.
    4. level 1I absolutely despise tipping.
    5. I wish it was simply a part of the overall package.

    r/melbourne – What can I expect to get paid as a pizza delivery driver?

    The chains pay significantly more than they used to; I used to deliver for them years ago and received something like $10 an hour plus $1.5 per delivery; the minimum wage was something like $14 an hour at the time.I’m not sure how Domino’s got away with it, but Pizza Hut was paying something like $4.5 per delivery and no hourly rate.If you do it yourself and drive your own car, preferably a small, inexpensive, in good condition vehicle, you normally take two deliveries at once, so the return trip would be less than 10 kilometers; as someone mentioned on here, the cost of a delivery is $2.20 at the moment, so the total cost of a trip is $4.40; during peak hours, you would make approximately two trips or four deliveries an hour, or perhaps three deliveries at once.Luckily, I knew the neighborhood and had organized the orders so that it only took 45 minutes to go to the last house from when I left the shop.

    The hot cells that Domino’s offers are fantastic, and the last person I offered coupons for free garlic bread and other goodies was really appreciative of my generosity!According to the data posted on this site, if I had made those eight deliveries today, I would have received $34 for my eight hours of effort.

    How Much Do Domino’s Delivery Drivers Make? (2022 Guide)

    The notion of pizza delivery employment has existed almost as long as the establishment of the first pizzerias themselves.And if the COVID-19 epidemic taught us anything, it’s that delivery drivers are among the most conscientious employees on the labor market.Now, you might be familiar with the fundamentals of delivery work — you’re in responsible of making sure the pizza gets to the clients on time, for example.However, how do delivery drivers get compensated?

    And how much money do Domino’s delivery drivers make in the United Kingdom, specifically?We’ll go over all of this and more in our guide, so if you’re thinking about applying for a position at Domino’s, be sure to read it all.

    How Much Do Domino’s Delivery Drivers Make In The United Kingdom?

    Delivery drivers’ hourly wages at Domino’s in the United Kingdom typically vary from £4 to £10 per hour, depending on experience.However, the average hourly wage for delivery drivers is around £9.78, resulting in an annual income of over £12,000 for Domino’s delivery drivers in the United Kingdom.Because the National Minimum Wage in the United Kingdom is determined by your age, the hourly rate might range from £4.30 to £8.36 per hour, depending on your situation.On average, a delivery driver will make slightly more than the federal minimum wage.

    While we’re at it, how does Domino’s Pizza’s compensation package compare to those of its competitors?Because Pizza Hut drivers earn an average of £9.76 per hour, the wage disparity between them and their Domino’s counterparts is minor – if not non-existent.

    How Much Does A Delivery Driver Make In Tips?

    Tip revenue is a source of additional income for Domino’s employees in addition to their hourly wages.The amount of money collected through tips, however, is dependent on various circumstances, including the time and day of day, the quantity and cost of the order – as well as the client himself or herself.Based on the information supplied, the following is a rough pay estimate: Every workday during his or her five-hour shift, the delivery driver makes between 8 and 10 deliveries and earns an average of £15 in tips.It’s a wonderful addition to your base wage, there’s no doubt about it.

    Domino’s Pizza: Additional Benefits, Insurance & More

    • It’s important to note that the pay rates for Domino’s pizza employees may vary based on factors such as the amount of time spent working there, the actual location of the pizza business, how busy your shifts are, and other factors. In either case, obtaining a position as a delivery driver at Domino’s may entitle you to a number of enticing work perks, including: a pension plan
    • maternity and paternity leave
    • medical insurance
    • paid time off
    • and a performance-based incentive.

    Aside from that, all Domino’s Pizza employees benefit from flexible work hours, meal savings – including, yes, even free pizza – as well as paid training and career chances.

    How Many Miles Do They Drive Per Day On Average?

    You should expect to travel anything from 20 to 100 miles each day on average, with some days reaching up to 150 miles per day on extremely busy days.The mileage, on the other hand, varies depending on how long you work each shift.Alternatively, if the delivery driver drives their own vehicle, the employer will normally compensate them for petrol and mileage in addition to their regular salary.

    How Often Do Domino’s Drivers Get Their Salaries?

    Employees indicate that they get their paychecks biweekly – usually on the second or third Thursday or Friday of the month.Although the pay period may vary from week to week, it is normally scheduled to begin on Saturdays and terminate on the second Sunday of the month.Here’s an illustration of how bi-weekly wages are calculated: If you are employed by Domino’s as a delivery driver and begin working on a Saturday during the second week of their pay cycle, you will most likely receive your compensation for that week two Fridays after that.

    How Often Does Dominos Give Raises?

    You should be aware that the vast majority of Domino’s locations are owned by franchisees.That implies that your chances of receiving a raise will be determined by a variety of factors, including the store’s management, your work ethic, and the length of time you have been employed there.Some employees have stated that they may anticipate an annual rise of 2 percent to 3 percent – but this has not been the case for everybody.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Job Description

    • The employment market is presently flooded with opportunities in the food delivery industry, which includes pizza delivery. With few requirements to get started – a clean driving record puts you one step ahead of the game– and a great deal of flexibility, it’s a perfect chance for young individuals to get their feet wet in the financial world. The following information will be helpful if you have never done this sort of work before applying for a position. It is the responsibility of this profession to complete orders in the most efficient manner possible, to ensure that the pizza reaches its destination, and to manage payments. Customers’ satisfaction with your service is decided by your ability to deliver orders from the shop to them in a timely way. That appears to be straightforward, doesn’t it? As previously stated, this role does not need any formal educational qualifications. When it comes to education, the only requirements are a high school graduation, a driver’s license, and access to a reliable vehicle in good working order. After all of this is said and done, your prospective employers may expect you to possess certain specialized talents, such as excellent driving abilities, excellent customer service skills, a basic understanding of arithmetic, familiarity with your surroundings, and the ability to multitask.

    Despite the fact that they work in the food sector, delivery drivers’ primary responsibilities lie outside of the pizza restaurant – on the streets of London and in direct touch with the clients.

    Conclusion: Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make Good Money?

    The answer to this question is extremely subjective, to put it mildly.Despite this, many employees – both current and past – have stated that Domino’s is a firm that cares about its employees and fosters a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere for everyone.Generally, you’ll work flexible hours, and in addition to your hourly pay, you’ll also receive a portion of your tips – on top of being rewarded for mileage, which should cover the cost of gasoline and oil changes.Furthermore, they inform us that receiving free pizza is a perk of the work – which is always a plus in our book.

    Although this may not be the most profitable career option available, working at Domino’s is definitely worth considering if you’re searching for a method to supplement your income.If you’re ready to make some extra money delivering pizzas in London, sign up with Service Club and begin searching for jobs in this area right away!

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