What Is The Biggest Pizza Chain?

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world in terms of revenue and second in terms of stores opened. It has over 15,900 stores across 85 different countries.
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What is the largest pizza chain in the US?

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the US with 6,660 store locations. Pizza Hut has a total of 6,660 locations in the US. The top three states with the most number of locations are Texas (870), California (577), and Florida (459).

What are the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the United States?

MOD Pizza, a mission-driven company that also happens to be the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the U.S. MOD Pizza’s impact-hiring policy emphasizes inclusivity, providing jobs for people who have struggled with disabilities, substance addiction and incarceration. Round Table Pizza has a total of 413 locations in the US.

Which Pizza Hut has the most stores in the US?

Pizza Hut has the most stores in the U.S. Domino’s falls behind Pizza Hut in the number of stores but has been more profitable in recent years. Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesars and Papa John’s are the only chains that have more than 3,000 stores in the U.S.

Who is bigger Dominos or Pizza Hut?

In 2017, Domino’s overtook Pizza Hut as the largest pizza chain by global sales.

What is the largest selling pizza chain?

With sales worth approximately 8.29 billion U.S. dollars, Domino’s Pizza was the leading pizza restaurant chain in the United States in 2020. Pizza Hut and Little Caesars were ranked second and third, respectively. Since 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the leading pizza chain in the U.S. in terms of sales.

Who is the largest pizza chain in America?

Pizza Hut was the pizza chain with the most units in the United States in 2020. The company had 6,561 restaurants across the country, which was a little over 200 more than Domino’s Pizza and 2,000 more than Little Caesars.

What is the number 1 pizza chain in America?

Restaurant Name #Units
1 Domino’s~~ 14,856
2 Pizza Hut~` 16,748
3 Little Caesars Pizza* 5,500
4 Papa John’s International* 5,199

Who sells the most pizza in the world?

What is this? Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world by gross sales. The pioneer of fast pizza delivery and the “30 minutes or less” pizza delivery concept, this iconic pizza chain began when the Monaghan brothers started running a local pizzeria called “Dominick’s”.

Who invented pizza?

Specifically, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is often given credit for making the first such pizza pie. Historians note, however, that street vendors in Naples sold flatbreads with toppings for many years before then. Legend has it that Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889.

What day sells the most pizza?

These are the busiest pizza sales days of the year:

  • #1 Halloween – Believe it or not, Halloween has dethroned the Super Bowl as the busiest day for pizza orders.
  • #2 Thanksgiving Eve – Right after Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve seems to be another peak holiday for pizza sales.
  • Who sells the most pizza 2021?

    A February 2021 Zippia report listed the 10 largest pizza chains in the U.S. by gross sales and found that the three top sellers were Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars. Rounding out the top 10 list were Papa John’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Sbarro, Marco’s Pizza, Chuck E.

    Who has the biggest pizza?

    The world’s largest pizza as measured by the Guinness Book of World Records had a surface area of 13,580 ft²! It was made in Rome, Italy on December 13th, 2012. The pizza, named ‘Ottavia’ after the Roman Emperor, was made by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte from NIPfood.

    What state eats the most pizza?

    Most Interesting Findings

    Connecticut loves pizza the most, and they like it cheesey. In fact, New England and the Midwest are the biggest fans of pizza. With the rest of the country clearly making less informed decisions about pizza. Hawaii likes pizza the least.

    What restaurant delivers the most pizzas?

    Pizza Hut: The champion for many years, Pizza Hut has over 11,000 units as of 2017 and over $13 billion in gross sales. Domino’s: The delivery king, Domino’s has over 14,000 units and delivers more than 1.5 million pizzas every day worldwide. Little Caesars Pizza: Little Caesars has been around since 1949.

    Has Dominos out pizza d the hut?

    Nobody thought it could be done, but after decades of underground research, Domino’s has finally managed to out-pizza The Hut. In order to fully comprehend the magnitude of this society-altering achievement, we must first consider what it truly means to get out-pizza’d.

    Is Papa Johns or Dominos better?

    The general consensus seemed to be that quality of the cheese and toppings was higher with Papa John’s, but the quality of the sauce and crust was higher with Domino’s. We also all unanimously were disappointed with the amount and distribution of toppings on the Papa John’s pizzas when compared to the Domino’s pizzas.

    Which pizza brand is the best?

    Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Pizza in India

  • Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza is the best selling brand of Pizza in India, known for its taste and also the largest pizza seller worldwide.
  • Pizza Hut.
  • Smokin’ Joe’s.
  • Laziz Pizza.
  • Oven Story Pizza.
  • Pizza Corner.
  • Papa John’s Pizza.
  • KFC.
  • Who makes the best pizza in the United States?

    50 Top Pizza USA 2021 – The Rankings

  • Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – San Francisco.
  • Una Pizza Napoletana – Atlantic Highlands.
  • Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago.
  • Ribalta NYC – New York.
  • Razza Pizza Artigianale – Jersey City.
  • Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix.
  • Kesté Fulton – New York.
  • Ken’s Artisan Pizza – Portland.
  • What is the largest pizza franchise in the world?

    Domino’s is by far, the world’s largest pizza franchise based on their gross sales. The company was the pioneer of the pizza delivery concept which allowed people to receive their orders right to their door.

    Who sells the most pizza in the world?

    What is this? Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world by gross sales. The pioneer of fast pizza delivery and the “30 minutes or less” pizza delivery concept, this iconic pizza chain began when the Monaghan brothers started running a local pizzeria called “Dominick’s”.

    Which pizza chain has the healthiest pizza?

    – Papa John’s – Pizza Hut – Little Caesar’s – Domino’s

    What is the highest rated Pizza chain?

    What does make you America’s mega-pizza gold standard, though, is being the top pizza chain in both size and popularity. As of 2018, Domino’s is both, having surpassed Pizza Hut in revenue and

    Top Pizza Chains in the U.S. – An Analysis

    • According to the United States Department of Commerce, the pizza business is valued $45.73 billion, and the North American pizza market is predicted to grow at a rate of 10.2 percent over the next five years. Here are some insights on the store locations and income of the main pizza chains in the United States – Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Marcos, MOD Pizza, Round Table Pizza, Cicis, and Sbarro – as well as several other pizza-related companies. Insights in a Nutshell Pizza Hut is the pizza company with the most locations in the United States, with 6,660 locations
    • Texas has the most pizza locations (2,763)
    • Domino’s (6,363) is second only to Pizza Hut in terms of number of locations, but has been more lucrative in recent years
    • Pizzeria Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Papa John’s are the only pizza chains with more than 3,000 locations in the United States of America. The states of Texas, California, and Florida are home to the greatest number of pizza franchises. The cities with the greatest number of franchises include Houston (TX), San Antonio (TX), and Las Vegas (CA).

    You may get these datasets, as well as others, from our data repository.

    How many stores do each pizza chains have in the US?

    Pizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States, with 6,660 locations.Pizza Hut has 6,660 stores across the United States.In terms of the total number of sites, Texas (870), California (577), and Florida are the top three states with the most locations (459).With regards to Pizza Hut, the firm claimed a record-breaking week of off-premise sales in early May 2020 and boosted its workforce by 30K people to accommodate the increasing demand.

    1. However, the pandemic forced the company to close more than 1,000 Pizza Hut locations for a period of time.
    2. The filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by NPC International, Pizza Hut’s largest franchisee in the United States with more than 1.2K outlets, was perhaps the most devastating blow.
    3. In the United States, there are a total of 6,363 Domino’s restaurants.
    • The top three states with the greatest number of sites are Texas (669 locations), California (555 locations), and Florida (480 locations) (425).

    Little Caesars Locations US

    Little Caesars has 4,205 restaurants across the United States.California (535 sites), Texas (500 locations), and Michigan (400 locations) are the states with the most number of locations (319).Papa John’s has 3,020 restaurants in the United States.The top three states with the greatest number of sites are Texas (289 locations), Florida (272 locations), and California (270 locations) (182).

    Papa Murphy’s Locations US

    Papa Murphy’s has 1,283 locations across the United States.In terms of number of sites, the top three states are Washington (149), California (144), and Oregon (140).(104).Papa Murphy’s operates locations in 37 states around the United States, with no plans to expand in the northeastern areas.

    1. Marcos has a total of 1,009 sites around the United States.
    2. It is Ohio (141), Texas (122) and Georgia (122), in that order, that have the most number of site options (118).
    3. MOD Pizza has a total of 496 locations throughout the United States.
    • Texas (87 sites), California (63 locations), Washington (63 locations), and Oregon are the states with the greatest number of locations (28).
    • In addition to being a mission-driven organization, MOD Pizza is also the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States.
    • MOD Pizza’s impact-hiring philosophy places a strong emphasis on diversity, giving employment opportunities for those who have suffered with disability, substance abuse, and incarceration.

    Round Table Pizza Locations US

    Round Table Pizza has 413 locations around the United States.California (346) is the state with the most number of sites, followed by Washington (27) and Nevada (16).Only eight states in the United States are served by this leading west coast regional pizza brand.Cicis has a total of 330 sites throughout the United States.

    1. Texas (145 sites), Florida (31) and Tennessee (29 locations) are the states with the most number of locations (18).
    2. Cicis sites are only found in 26 states, with the most of them concentrated in the southeast areas.
    3. Sbarro has a total of 310 locations around the United States.
    • California (32 sites), Illinois (29 locations), and Florida (28 locations) are the states with the most number of locations (27).

    Top 10 States with the most Pizza Chains

    Texas has the most number of hotel locations, with 2,763 establishments.California (2.4K) and Florida (2.4K) are the next most populous states (1.5K).The typical suspects were among the best-performing chains in 2020, according to the results.When it comes to overall pizza sales, Domino’s remains at the top of the pack with more than $7 billion in sales, followed by Pizza Hut ($5.58 billion), Little Caesars ($3.77 billion), Papa John’s ($2.63 billion), and Papa Murphy’s Pizza ($748.35 million).

    1. Domino’s had such a successful year in 2020 that the company embarked on a recruiting binge, hiring 10K new employees immediately after the crisis began and another 20K in the late summer.
    2. In addition, Papa John’s plans to hire an additional 30K people in 2020 as part of its historic return.
    3. MOD Pizza has the upper hand when it comes to the quickest growth.
    • MOD expanded by 65 units, bringing the total number of MOD pizza outlets to 496.
    • Adoption rates for new technologies might vary depending on a variety of factors.
    • Because third-party platforms will make it simpler to get food into the hands of more consumers, many restaurants are intending to have a good balance of on-premise and off-premise sales in their business models, according to Forbes.
    • The demand for touch-free at-the-table ordering will be stronger than ever in 2021, and customers will continue to choose contactless delivery in the future.
    • Touch-free is extremely essential to customers and has the potential to remain around indefinitely.
    • With increasing numbers of people adopting plant-based diets and avoiding items derived from animals, the desire for vegan choices is bigger than ever—particularly in America’s favorite cuisine category, pizza, where the demand is particularly strong.

    A number of major meat-substitute businesses, such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, have invaded fast-food restaurants.Major pizza delivery companies such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut have also been working on autonomous cars for pizza delivery, although the results of that research are still pending.If implemented successfully, the notion of adding robots to cook, clean, serve, and validate debit card transactions might be the best present that operators could ever get.

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    10 Largest Pizza Chains In The US – Zippia

    1. In 2020, the United States will be the world’s largest pizza market, accounting for $46.24 billion of the $145 billion in total worldwide sales that will be generated by the industry. This demand is only increasing, with nearly 15% more American customers consuming pizza per week than they were two years ago. The majority of people connect pizza with well-known corporations such as Domino’s and Papa John’s. Precisely equal shares of the pie are shared by both chain and independent pizzerias, with each kind of establishment accounting for 59 percent and 41 percent of the market share, respectively. In actuality, independent pizzerias increased the number of total outlets they established in 2020, whereas chain pizzerias had a modest net loss. If you’re an investor or a market analyst, you should definitely concentrate most of your attention on the chain store side of the business, since they are the key force in establishing trends and affecting the direction in which a market is going. Domino’s Pizza is a pizza delivery service. Headquarters are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sales revenue during the year: $12.25 billion Domino’s is the world’s largest pizza chain in terms of revenue and the second largest in terms of the number of outlets it has opened. It has more than 15,900 outlets in 85 different countries throughout the world. With its signature ″30 minutes or less″ guarantee, Domino’s was one of the first pizza delivery companies to introduce the notion of quick pizza delivery. Nowadays, their standard has evolved into an industry-wide expectation that every pizza company must satisfy if they are to have any chance of competing. Interestingly, the vast majority of Domino’s earnings does not come from direct pizza sales, but rather from the sale of supplies such as dough and toppings to its franchisees and other businesses, according to the company. A whopping 81 percent of their overall revenue comes from the sales of ingredients.
    2. Find Domino’s Pizza Employment Opportunities Near You Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants in the United States that specializes on pizza. Piano, Texas serves as the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue for the year: $12.03 billion Pizza Hut, together with Domino’s, controls more than half of the whole pizza market in the United States. The Carney brothers saw a gap in the market for pizzerias in their hometown and saw an opportunity to fill it. They opened their first location in 1958. The brothers borrowed $600 from their mother to start their first Pizza Hut, which served free pizza on the first night of operation. Since then, their one outlet has grown into a network of 18,703 locations, making it the world’s most successful pizza franchise. The firm distinguishes itself from its primary competitor, Domino’s, by emphasizing price and originality as key differentiators. Pizza Hut attempts to create and sell new novelty pizza concepts, such as pan pizza and filled crust, more regularly than any other brand in order to keep them fresh and current in the eyes of consumers.
    3. There is a Little Caesars on every corner. Detroit, Michigan is the location of the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue: $4 billion dollars each year You might be shocked to find that the term ″Little Caesars″ was not originally used to allude to the Roman monarchs, but rather to Marian Ilitch’s nickname for her husband, who was a co-founder. Little Caesars’ competitive advantage has historically been the pricing of their pizzas, as well as the quickness with which they are delivered to customers. By concentrating on less expensive ingredients and operating in smaller outlets with minimal overhead, the business is able to serve pizzas of comparable size for a price that is half or even less than that of competing establishments. There’s a solid reason why, when you see college kids carrying pizza around, it’s almost always Little Caesars. Little Caesars Jobs Near Me: The renowned tagline ″Pizza! Pizza!″ was first used in 1979 as a promotional tool for the chain’s ″two pizzas for the price of one″ bargain. Pizza from Papa John’s. Louisville, Kentucky serves as the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue during the year: $3.695 billion Papa John’s Pizza was started in 1984, which is a decade later than the majority of the other major pizza chain corporations. They have however swiftly gained a significant fan base and expanded across the country, reaching a total of 5,199 outlets by the beginning of 2021. Because they were the first pizza delivery service to allow online ordering, they were able to capture every customer who wanted a pizza but did not want to phone or physically visit a shop. Papa John’s was also one of the first fast-food restaurants to pay attention to the rising customer desire toward fresh, organic foods. Whereas many of its competitors’ slogans emphasize the price or speed of delivery, Papa John’s has chosen the phrase ″Better Ingredients. Better Pizza″ to draw attention to the freshness of its ingredients. In recent years, the company has seen a little decline in its market share share. This is partially due to specific commercial mistakes, but it is also owing to the numerous and ongoing issues that have surrounded the creator of the company. In states where local brands are preferred above national names, Papa John’s appears to be the most popular among the huge pizza businesses. Papa John’s managed to sneak into the number two slot in Nebraska and Iowa despite the fact that the most popular pizza companies in both states have state-exclusive brands.
    4. Find Papa Johns Pizza Employment Opportunities Near Me California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of pizza restaurants in California. Playa Vista, California is the location of the company’s headquarters. Annual gross sales revenue: $840 million California Pizza Kitchen sprang into the scene by popularizing novel concepts such as BBQ chicken pizzas and Thai chicken pizzas, among others. Despite the fact that their total income is far lower than that of the top four pizza conglomerates, the company enjoys a devoted following that can’t get enough of their unique flavor combinations. California Pizza Kitchen is also unique in that they serve their meals in a restaurant environment rather than the usual order-and-takeout establishment.. When compared to the majority of other pizza restaurants, they place a greater emphasis on the production of frozen pizzas for distribution to grocery shops.
    5. Papa Murphy’s is a pizza restaurant. Vancouver, Washington serves as the company’s headquarters. Annual gross sales revenue: $827 million Consumers can expect the freshest possible pizza experience from Papa Murphy’s, which is the goal of the company. The concept of ″take-and-bake″ was pioneered by the company, and it is still one of the few in the industry. Customers receive an uncooked pizza to take home and bake themselves, rather than ordering and picking up a pre-cooked pizza. As a result, guests will have less time between when the pizza is freshly baked and when they can enjoy their first great taste of pizza. When it comes to their unique take-and-bake idea, Papa Murphy’s Pizza is so committed that its restaurants don’t even have freezer space or ovens. According to certain sources, the brand is really the most popular pizza restaurant in various states, such as Oregon.
    6. Locate Papa Murphy’s stockpiles of goods. Jobs in my neighborhood Sbarro’s corporate headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio. Sales revenue for the year: $609 million Almost everybody who has spent any time in a big mall in the previous several decades has come across a Sbarro restaurant. Carmela and Gennaro owned and operated an Italian salumeria in the early days of the franchise. After discovering how popular their pizzas were, they decided to open a new restaurant that would just serve the item in question. Once the Sbarro brand gained some traction, the firm decided to focus its expansion efforts on shopping malls in order to avoid direct rivalry with pizza behemoths such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut, which were already established. However, this mode of expansion might potentially spell doom for the pizza company in the future years if it continues in this direction. Even once the coronavirus epidemic is ended, the downward trend in shopping mall visits will have a negative impact on a pizza restaurant that relies heavily on them for revenue.
    7. Find Sbarro America Jobs Near Me Marco’s Pizza is a chain of pizzerias in the United States. Toledo, Ohio is the location of the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue for the year: $596.36 million It is odd that, despite the fact that pizza originated in Italy, Marco’s Pizza is the only chain that makes an effort to identify their product with the nation. The eatery has a small but devoted following among its customers. Because of the efforts of its creator, Pasquale Giammarco, an Italian immigrant with culinary skills and a lifelong passion for pizza, the restaurant has flourished. Marco’s Pizza distinguishes itself from the competition by attempting to maintain the authenticity of Italian-style pizza. According to the vice president of buying, ″We are the only chain of any scale that was created by someone who was born and bred in Italy.″ This feature plays a significant role in all of their marketing activities. Find Marco’s Pizza Jobs in Your Area Marco’s Pizza makes a point of serving ingredients that have been freshly chopped in-store rather than ones that have been frozen and bulk-packaged. Chuck E. Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza is a popular fast-food restaurant. Headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and Irving, Texas, respectively. Sales revenue for the year: $504 million In addition to hosting birthday parties for children, Chuck E. Cheese’s is well-known for offering a venue packed with electronic games and activities. However, given how much children like eating pizza, it is not unexpected that this establishment has made it onto our list, despite the fact that it does not operate primarily in the evening. Because Chuck E Cheese had already established the procedures for shipping materials and manufacturing pizza, they launched Peter Piper Pizza to advertise that pizza to adults and increase sales even more. During the coronavirus epidemic, this aspect of their company has proven extremely beneficial. In part due to the fact that so many families are avoiding gatherings with large groups, Peter Piper Pizza has been producing the majority of the company’s sales throughout the year 2020. Cici’s Pizza is a local pizzeria. Irving, Texas serves as the company’s headquarters. Sales revenue for the year: $445 million Cici’s Pizza is similar to Chuck E Cheese’s in that they serve pizza while also providing opportunities for children to play. In addition to a pizza bar, each Cici’s Pizza location has arcade rooms and other activities that allow guests to dine while having a good time in a fun and relaxed environment. Despite the fact that the company primarily focuses on offering exciting experiences for adults and complete families rather than simply children, they do provide a variety of activities for youngsters. In one instance, Cici’s Pizza offers a ″LunchLearn″ field trip program that employs pizza-making as a fun technique to teach children basic arithmetic concepts such as division and multiplication. Unfortunately, the chain declared bankruptcy in early 2021 as a result of the financial toll that the coronavirus pandemic had taken on its operations. Although it is unclear whether they will manage to survive and continue on our list
    8. Find Cici Enterprises Jobs in My Area
    9. Find Cici Enterprises Jobs in My City

    10 Largest Pizza Chains in the World

    Almost everyone enjoys a delicious slice of pizza.Friends and families gather at local pizzerias in practically every town throughout America to have a few pieces of pizza and catch up with one another.There are several pizza chains that have taken advantage of the huge demand for a pleasant eating experience by offering inexpensive and delicious pizza at locations all over the world.With so many pizza lovers all around the world, how much money can the largest pizza restaurants make is a legitimate question.

    1. Today, we’ll take a look at ten of the largest pizza businesses in the world, as defined by gross sales, and discover what distinguishes each one from the others.

    CiCi’s Pizza

    Gross sales amount to $445,000,000.Irving, Texas is the location of the company’s headquarters.The year when the company was founded was 1985.Joe Croce and Mike Cole were the company’s founders.

    1. Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.
    2. This Texas-based pizza restaurant became well-known for its pizza bar and adjacent arcade rooms, which worked together to provide a pleasant environment for the entire family to enjoy.
    3. In fact, Cici’s Pizza was named America’s Favorite Fast-Casual Pizza Chain for the second consecutive year in 2017.
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    Did You Know?

    Lunch & Learn field trips to Cici’s Pizza are now available for school-age students, who may learn practical math applications while making their own pizzas for lunch.

    Chuck E. Cheese’s/Peter Piper Pizza

    Sales in Gross: $504,000,000 Irving, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona are the locations of the company’s headquarters.1973 was the year when the company was founded.Nolan Bushnell and Anthony M.″Tony″ Cavolo are the founders of the company.

    1. Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.
    2. Most people equate pizza with Chuck E.
    3. Cheese’s because of the family-friendly setting it provides–but the corporation took it a step further by acquiring the Peter Piper Pizza franchise in 2014.
    • A similar kid-friendly and celebratory atmosphere can be found at Peter Piper Pizza, which frequently includes game rooms with arcades and even playground equipment for the little ones.

    Did You Know?

    Chuck E. Cheese’s has varied their cuisine and enhanced their hospitality training in an effort to remain relevant and appeal to a wider range of customers, including adults.

    Marco’s Pizza

    Sales totaled $596,358,506 dollars.Toledo, Ohio is the location of the company’s headquarters.Year the company was established: 1978 Founders: Pasquale Giammarco and his wife.Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.

    1. As one of the fastest-growing pizza businesses in the United States, Marco’s Pizza has become well-known for its big servings and use of fresh ingredients that are chopped and cooked in their own kitchens.
    2. Pasquale Giammarco, the Italian immigrant who created the firm, claims that he consumes pizza on a nearly daily basis for his own use.

    Did You Know?

    Purchasing Director Don Vicek has remarked that ″we are the only chain of any scale that was formed by someone who was born and raised in Italy.″ He also added that ″we are the only chain of any size that has been created by someone who was born and raised in Italy.″


    Sales in Gross: $609,000,000 Columbus, Ohio is the location of the company’s headquarters.Year the company was founded: 1956 Gennaro and Carmela Sbarro are the company’s founders.Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.Actually, the history of Sbarro dates back to the 1950s, when the Sbarro family had an Italian salumeria and Carmela Sbarro made some pizza slices to provide to their employees as a fast dinner.

    1. The slices were so successful that the pair decided to create their own pizzeria in the manner of New York.

    Did You Know?

    Sbarro restaurants are most often located in food courts in shopping malls around the United States, prompting some to speculate that the firm would go out of business as a result of the fall in the number of shopping malls.

    Papa Murphy’s

    Gross sales amount to $827,000,000.Vancouver, Washington is the location of the company’s headquarters.The year 1995 marked the beginning of the company’s existence.Robert Graham was one of the company’s founders.

    1. Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.
    2. In 1995, the merging of Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza resulted in the formation of this take-and-bake pizza company.
    3. People are so enthusiastic about the idea of being able to purchase a pizza that they can bake at their leisure that Papa Murphy’s has been nominated as the finest pizza in America.

    Did You Know?

    Papa Murphy’s Pizza takes pride in assembling customers’ pizzas as rapidly as possible using only the freshest ingredients, and its locations do not even have ovens or freezers!

    California Pizza Kitchen

    Gross Sales: $84 billion (USD) Playa Vista, California serves as the company’s headquarters.The year when the company was founded was 1985.Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax are the two men that founded the company.Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.

    1. It is well-known that California Pizza Kitchen is responsible for popularizing California-style pizza and for spicing up their pizzas with innovative and unconventional toppings.
    2. As well as serving up delicious pizza in a restaurant environment, this firm also produces frozen pizzas for distribution to grocery shops.

    Did You Know?

    California Pizza Kitchen is credited with being the first chain to introduce the now-popular BBQ and Thai chicken pizzas, but the company didn’t stop there. ″We didn’t stop there,″ says the company. Also available in Japan is Unagi pizza, as well as pork belly pizza in China.

    Papa John’s Pizza

    Sales in Gross: $3,695,000,000 Louisville, Kentucky is the location of the company’s headquarters.Year the company was founded: 1984 John Schnatter was one of the company’s founders.Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.Papa John’s claims to utilize fresher ingredients than its competitors and claims to be the first national pizza company to provide online ordering.

    1. A great deal of controversy has surrounded the corporation in recent years, including allegations of a severely poisonous workplace climate, which the company denies.
    2. The franchise has taken initiatives to enhance its treatment of employees, including implementing a program that provides some of its employees with free college tuition.

    Did You Know?

    When Papa John’s opened its 4,000th location in New Hyde Park, New York, they celebrated by giving away 4,000 free pizzas to people all across New York City to mark the occasion.

    Little Caesars

    4,000,000,000 dollars in gross sales Headquarters Location:Detroit, Michigan Year the company was established: 1959 Mike and Marian Ilitch are the founders of the company.Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.Marian and Mike Ilitch, a married couple, invested their life savings of $10,000 in the creation of Little Caesars, adding an appealing personal touch in the form of Marian’s nickname for her husband, ″Little Caesar.″ The pizza company had rapid growth and was widely considered as the fastest-growing pizza franchise in the United States for many years after its founding.

    Did You Know?

    Little Caesars’ tagline ″Pizza! Pizza!″ was initially used in 1979 to promote a fantastic bargain that offered two pizzas for the price of one at their location in New York City.

    Pizza Hut

    Gross Sales: $12,034,000,000 US Dollars Plano, Texas is the location of the company’s headquarters.The year 1958 marked the beginning of the organization.Dan and Frank Carney are the founders of the company.Wikipedia.org is the source of this information.

    1. When the Carney brothers were offered the recommendation to create a pizza parlor, they regarded it as a good chance to position themselves as leaders in the neighborhood.
    2. They borrowed $600 from their mother to get started, and they gave away free pizza to their first 100 clients on opening night.
    3. In addition to innovations such as pan pizza and loaded crusts, the business has maintained its competitive advantage.

    Did You Know?

    While most people in the United States associate Pizza Hut with fast food, the Chinese business model elevates the experience by providing a formal dining ambiance with cutlery on the tables.

    Domino’s Pizza

    Gross Sales: $12,252,100,000 US dollars Ann Arbor, Michigan serves as the company’s headquarters.Year the company was founded: 1960 James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan are the company’s founders.Wikimedia.org is the source of this information.Domino’s Pizza is the world’s largest pizza chain in terms of gross sales revenue.

    1. This legendary pizza restaurant had its start as a small local pizzeria named ″Dominick’s,″ which the Monaghan brothers ran for a few years before expanding to become the world’s first fast pizza delivery service with a delivery time of ″30 minutes or less.″ What started out as a small-town diner has grown to include 15,900 locations in more than 85 countries across the world today.

    Did You Know?

    Despite the fact that Domino’s is best known as a pizza delivery company, the company generates a significant portion of its revenue by selling dough, ingredients, and toppings to other businesses.

    The Biggest Pizza Chains in the World

    Pizza is delicious.There are no complicated steps, and it may be brought to your home after having been prepared by someone else.When folks are feeling particularly lethargic and out of the mood to cook, there’s nothing better than a slice of pizza to satisfy their craving.Some individuals are concerned about the name of the pizza business that creates their pizza, while others are content to order from whatever is nearest, quickest, or least expensive.

    1. Discover which pizza franchises have had the most success in the following paragraphs.
    2. California Pizza Kitchen has a $715 million market capitalization.
    3. This franchised pizza shop was established in the 1980s in, you guessed it, the state of California.
    • Since then, it has grown to become one of the most successful and valuable pizza companies in the whole world, according to Forbes.
    • It already has more than 270 outlets in 30 states and 11 foreign countries, and it plans to grow into new states in the future years, according to the company.
    • $1.72 billion in revenue for Papa John’s In 1984, a guy by the name of John opened the doors to the first Papa John’s.
    • Since then, he has opened more than 3,800 restaurants in over 100 countries throughout the world.
    • Papa John’s has outlets in 29 different countries, and they can be found in every state in the United States.
    • Although the value of their shares has declined in recent years, they remain one of the most successful pizza companies in the world.

    2.51 billion dollars was invested in Little Caesars.Little Caesars is a nationwide brand with locations in every state in the United States.It first opened its doors in 1959 and has grown to become one of the most well-established pizza companies in the country.

    At the moment, it has more than 3,500 sites around the country, with additional places launching on a consistent basis.Domino’s Pizza – $4.07 billion in revenue Domino’s has seen greater success than ever in recent years, largely as a result of the popularity of its newly updated pizza recipe.The corporation is no longer interested in producing substandard pizza.It is attempting to produce healthier and more tasty pizza in its 10,000 outlets throughout the world.Pizza Hut has a market capitalization of $34.17 billion.

    1. In 1958, the state of Kansas became the site of the world’s first Pizza Hut restaurant.
    2. It has been expanded to a few additional sites throughout the world, bringing the total number of locations to more than 13,700 across 90 nations.
    3. This YUM organization, which generates more than $11 billion in revenue on its own, is a subsidiary of a company that generates more than $34 billion in revenue annually.
    4. (Image courtesy of Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images) Tiffany Raiford has lived in Florida her entire life.
    • She is married to my high school sweetheart and the mother of four children (two daughters and boy/girl twins).
    • No, they are not identical, and yes, I am confident in my statement).
    • My children enjoy whining, and as a result, I enjoy drinking wine.

    Nap time, bed time, date night, vacation, and nights and weekends when my husband is home since he is in charge of all diaper changes are some of my favorite things.

    This American Pizza Chain Is Now Officially the Largest One In the World

    • The date is August 18, 2021. When America’s No. 1 pizza chain revealed at the beginning of the year that there is still significant space for expansion for their brand, it was clear that the corporation was aiming for complete international dominance in the fast-food pizza industry. Domino’s Chief Financial Officer Stu Levy admitted as much when he stated that the brand isn’t satisfied with simply being the largest pizza chain in the United States based on systemwide sales, but instead wants to be a ″dominant1,″ which means it wants to capture even more of the domestic market share for quick-service pizza. CONNECTED: 5 Major Fast-Food Chains That Are Losing Popularity With Customers But, in addition to completely dominating its domestic market, Domino’s has now reached a significant worldwide milestone as well: it has surpassed Pizza Hut to become the largest pizza chain in the world, measured by the number of stores. To be precise, there are currently more Domino’s restaurants in the globe than there are Pizza Hut restaurants, which have a total of 17,809 locations. It has been reported by Restaurant Business that this is the fourth criteria by which Domino’s has outperformed its rival. Pizza Hut is already more widely available in the United States than it is in the rest of the world, and it generates more systemwide sales than its competitor both domestically and internationally. It now has the number of worldwide units to equal its absolute popularity, which is a first in the industry. Over the past decade, the number of Domino’s locations has more than doubled, surpassing Pizza Hut’s total number of locations. While Pizza Hut developed rapidly in China, the company lost as many as 1,000 outlets in the United States over a ten-year period, suggesting a decline in the company’s general appeal among Americans. The slump was mostly caused by Pizza Hut’s inability to adapt quickly enough to modernizations, such as the transition from a dine-in to a take-out business model. Domino’s, on the other hand, increased its domestic footprint by 1,400 stores over same time period. It has kept up with technological advances and now gets as much as 75% of all purchases digitally, according to the company. It has begun investing in alternate delivery methods, such as self-driving vehicles and bicycles, in order to retain one of the industry’s shortest delivery times. More information may be found at: This well-known national pizza chain has just introduced a brand new mashup item on its menu.
    • Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC are the first fast-food companies to do so
    • America’s second-largest burger chain plans to open 700 new locations
    • Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC are the first fast-food companies to do so
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    The largest pizza chains in the U.S.

    Technomic’s Top 250 list includes the highest-grossing pizza franchises, and these are the companies that provide the most financing. The image is courtesy of Domino’s Pizza. Sales in the pizza sector increased by 2.6 percent in 2019. Unit growth was practically unchanged, increasing by 0.1 percent over the same period last year.

    Rank Chain name 2019 U.S. sales ($000,000) Sales stimated 2019 U.S. units
    9 Domino’s  $7,044    6,126
    11 Pizza Hut  $5,558    7,306
    20 Little Caesars  $3,811  * 4,237
    28 Papa John’s  $2,638    3,142
    61 Papa Murphy’s Pizza  $748    1,329
    70 Marco’s Pizza  $628    915
    93 MOD Pizza  $484    467
    97 Round Table Pizza  $451  * 435
    100 Hungry Howie’s Pizza  $440    537
    106 Cicis  $411  * 420
    109 Chuck E. Cheese’s  $382  * 537
    113 Blaze Pizza  $367    313
    125 Jet’s Pizza  $332  * 383
    141 Pizza Ranch  $270    212
    153 Godfather’s Pizza  $251  * 569
    163 Sbarro  $219  * 300
    187 Mountain Mike’s Pizza  $182    215
    191 Donatos Pizza  $180  * 165

    Technical estimate based on data from Technomic’s Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report.Learn more about Technomic’s Top 500 by clicking here.Take a look at the top 250 restaurants.Members make our journalism possible by contributing to it.

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    Pizza Party: Ranking Every Major Pizza Chain From Worst To Best (Sorry Not Sorry)

    The truth is that not every chain pizza shop serves the greatest pizza available.However, despite the fact that the whole globe would want nothing more than for fast-food pizza to be on par with their favorite family-owned Italiana restaurants, this just isn’t the case and probably never will be.After all that has been said, there are certain pizza companies that are – excuse the pun – out of control when it comes to making hot and cheesy concoctions that fulfill both a pizza lover’s want for something delicious and the desire to avoid eating cardboard.It was time to assess which pizza businesses are worth ordering from and which brands’ coupons should definitely remain in our inboxes, especially because pizza has been one of the most popular takeaway orders for the last year (and generally).

    1. Although no two pizzas are exactly the same due to the fact that every individual has their own unique choice for dough, sauce, cheese, and/or toppings on their pizza, the following is a rough guideline.

    Uno Pizzeria & Grill

    According to Mashed, it’s strange that a restaurant chain with the word ″pizza″ in its name serves some of the least-liked pizza in the country.While the pizza itself isn’t horrible, it’s the way it’s prepared that causes the most problems when it comes to enjoying pizza from Uno’s Restaurant.Deep-dish pizza is not conventional in the manner that most people expect it to be, and while their thin-crust pizza will fulfill a hunger (to an extent), it is not up to grade when compared to the quality of pizza coming out of other chains’ pizza ovens.

    Little Caesar’s

    Little Caesar’s is unquestionably popular, thanks to its catchy ‘Pizza!Pizza!’ tagline, which so many people have been accustomed to hearing and which causes them to immediately crave pizza.Despite its widespread acceptance, though, it is clearly not the best contribution to the world of pizza.Depending on the day and time it is requested, this pizza might be regarded as mediocre; nevertheless, because it is manufactured in such a short amount of time, it is understandable that some quality would be compromised in order to have pizza that is always ″hot ‘n ready.″

    Papa John’s

    In terms of relationships with Papa John’s, it would appear that there is a love/hate dynamic.In terms of pizza toppings, while the business provides a variety of inventive and imaginative alternatives, it is not necessarily what customers desire.The pizza is subpar at best at times and does the job, but it lacks some of the heaviness and grease that distinguishes other types of pizza as what they are meant to be.The garlic sauce, on the other hand, is really delicious, despite the fact that it is likely to block an artery after only one dish.

    Pizza Hut

    In fact, it is the stuffed-crust pizza that has earned Pizza Hut the reputation as a maker of excellent pizza.Having said that, there are a significant number of consumers who would prefer to eat at one of Pizza Hut’s competitors instead.Outside of that, many would say that Domino’s is a greater value for money; however, Pizza Hut does include a wide variety of side dishes and desserts, as well as party-sized meals, which elevates it even higher on the ranking.


    This mall brand got its start in Brooklyn, which makes it one of the top competitors for some of the greatest chain pizza available on the market.Several people have expressed dissatisfaction with the quantity of oil that drips off a slice of pizza, but if they’ve never had pizza in New York City, it is unlikely that they would comprehend the situation in the first place.Furthermore, this restaurant offers a variety of extras that are reminiscent to those found in a typical pizzeria, and they have significantly improved their pizza recipe over the previous decade or so.

    California Pizza Kitchen

    The reason that California Pizza Kitchen is consistently outperforming the competition with its culinary innovations is mostly due to the fact that the products utilized are of a better quality than the majority of other restaurants.In addition, their topping choices combine well with the proportions of cheese to sauce to dough thickness, resulting in gratifying and flavorful pizzas, and it’s evident how much effort goes into establishing a menu of this caliber and variety.


    The usage of a wood-burning oven is something that Bertucci’s can take pride in, which is something that many other pizza restaurants cannot.The fact that the pizzas served at this site are authentic in their preparation, despite the fact that it is a franchise, is clear.Because they’re so much more genuine, they always manage to attain the exact degree of crispness to pair with the somewhat chewy dough, and their toppings are as bit as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing.


    All things considered, Domino’s Pizza continues to remain the undisputed leader in the field of chain restaurant pizza delivery.In fact, it has the most followers, who are loyal to it because of its high quality, innovative yet not overly complicated menu, and virtually ideal ratio of melted cheese to sauce.It’s almost astonishing to get such wonderful pizza from a chain, and while it’s certainly not as good as mom and pop shops, it’s still a strong candidate to become one of the most popular pizza chains in the United States of America.Following that, the best pizza joints in Italy, London, New York, and other major cities will be discussed (According To Stars) Do America’s Giant Arrows Still Exist, and If So, Where Can You Find Them?

    1. Katie Machado’s biographical information (2145 Articles Have Been Publishes) Katie boarded an aircraft by herself for the first time when she was 12 years old, traveling over 9,000 kilometers halfway around the world.
    2. Taking that first journey was the spark that started a lifetime passion for writing, which has continued to be nourished by pen and paper to this day.
    3. Alternatively, a keyboard and a computer screen in this situation.
    • Her life path became clearly evident after several travels while pursuing a B.A.
    • in English Literature and a brief stint into the world of digital marketing.
    • Prior to finding a home with TheTravel, she focused on independent magazines, and she has been published in a variety of journals, including Bolde, The Arts Fuse, The Silver Tongue, LI Pulse, Tattooed Heroine Magazine, and others.
    • The following email address is: [email protected] Katie Machado has more to say.

    Why Pizza Hut fell behind in the pizza wars

    You may expect Pizza Hut’s sales to grow as a result of people being confined to their homes and ordering pizza.Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, pizza companies who have a strong delivery strategy in place as well as well-maintained digital assets have witnessed significant advantages.According to experts, while Pizza Hut’s U.S.company has benefitted from the trend, the 60-year-old brand recognized for its dine-in restaurants still confronts substantial problems.

    1. In 2017, Domino’s Pizza surpassed Pizza Hut as the world’s largest pizza chain in terms of worldwide sales.
    2. NPC International, the largest Pizza Hut franchisee in the United States, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July 2020, after laboring under the weight of more than $1 billion in debt.
    3. Pizza Hut, a brand of Yum Brands, continues to be embroiled in a tough competition with rivals Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Papa John’s, all of which are introducing new items and expanding their delivery options in an attempt to win over customers.
    • What exactly went wrong at Pizza Hut, and will the chain’s takeaway and delivery services be sufficient to compensate for the reduction in the dine-in restaurant experience in the future?
    • Take a look at the video above.

    Pizza restaurants: top chains by sales US 2020

    Domino’s Pizza was the largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States in 2020, with sales of around 8.29 billion U.S. dollars, according to the company. Burger King came in second place, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesars. According to sales figures from 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the largest pizza chain in the United States since 2015.

    Domino’s domestic success

    Pizza restaurant sales in the United States are expected to reach around 46.24 billion U.S.dollars in 2020, with chain restaurants accounting for approximately 60% of overall sales.From 2012 to 2019, Domino’s Pizza raised their advertising expenditures in the United States, and this trend was mirrored in the company’s sales figures over the same period.The brand, despite its popularity among consumers, did not rank among the top three most popular pizza franchises in the United States last year, according to a survey.

    Which pizza chain has the most stores in the U.S.?

    In the year 2021, there will be 75,117 pizza restaurants in the United States. It was discovered that there was a decline of roughly three thousand eateries as a result of closures associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. As of 2019, Pizza Hut had the biggest store count of the major pizza brands in the United States, with 7,306 locations around the country.

    Pizza restaurants: top U.S. chains by units 2020

    In 2020, Pizza Hut was the pizza chain with the most number of locations in the United States.According to the company, it had 6,561 locations across the country, which was slightly more than 200 more than Domino’s Pizza and 2,000 more than Little Caesars Pizza.Despite having the most number of locations in the United States, Pizza Hut did not have the highest sales among the major pizza brands.

    Which chain sells the most pizzas in the U.S.?

    In 2021, annual pizza restaurant sales in the United States will surpass 40 billion dollars for the sixth consecutive year, totalling 45.59 billion dollars, according to the National Pizza Association.In terms of sales, Domino’s Pizza continued to be the most successful pizza business in the United States in the year 2020.Burger King came in second place, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesars.According to sales figures from 2017, Domino’s Pizza has been the largest pizza chain in the United States since 2015.

    Independent stores hope to break the chains

    In 2021, the overall number of pizza restaurants in the United States will have decreased to 75,117. In the same year, there were 39,808 independent pizza restaurants in the United States, a decrease of around two thousand from the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of pizza chain restaurants in the United States is expected to reach 35,309 by 2021.

    2018 Top 100 Pizza Companies

    Graphic by FreePik

    Pizza Today releases its 2018 Top 100 Pizza Companies list.

    What’s happening with America’s largest pizza companies?

    Who opened new locations in 2018?Who was it that drove their sales to new hi

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