What Dessert Goes With Pizza?

The desserts that pair beautifully with pizza are— ice cream, tiramisu, sorbet, cannolis, dessert pizza, gelato, affogato, chocolate chip cookies, fruit tart, Persian love cake, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, churros, cheesecake, fudge brownies, pie, watermelon, panna cotta, doughnuts and fruit salad.

What should I bring to a pizza party?

Here are a few party supplies you won’t want to forget when planning a pizza party:

  1. Forks and knives.
  2. Plates and cups.
  3. Napkins and wet wipes.
  4. Serving tongs for salads.
  5. Serving spoons for salad dressing.
  6. Serving spoons for pasta or lasagna.

What is the most popular dessert to eat?

The Most Iconic Desserts in America

  • Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Apple pie.
  • Cheesecake.
  • Pecan pie.
  • Carrot cake.
  • Ice cream.
  • Boston cream pie.
  • Banana pudding.
  • What is the favorite dessert in Italy?

    Tiramisu. Probably the most famous of all Italian desserts, Tiramisù is a powerful layering of coffee-soaked savoiardi (sponge finger biscuits) and a rich cream made with mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar, sometimes spiced up with a drop of liqueur.

    How do you pair desserts with main course?

    Dessert Pairings by Main Course

    You can go with a classic option like apple, sweet potato or pumpkin pie. If you’re too full for a heavy dessert, you can go with a small sweet treat like a dessert shooter. These can be created in many flavors like strawberry shortcake or decadent chocolate mousse.

    What goes well with pizza for dinner?

    What to Serve With Pizza? 30 of the Best Side-Dishes To Try

    1. Family Style Caesar Salad.
    2. Garlic Bread.
    3. Citrus, Fennel, and Avocado Salad.
    4. Greek Wedge Salad.
    5. Cacio e Pepe Brussels Sprouts.
    6. Asparagus Caesar Salad.
    7. Mozzarella Bites.
    8. Green Monster Salad.

    What fruit goes good with pizza?

    4 fruits to use as pizza toppings

  • Pineapple. One of the most common fruits used on top of pizzas is pineapple.
  • Figs. Figs have a meaty consistency and a bold flavour, and thus pair well with bolder and pungent cheeses.
  • Pears.
  • Apples.
  • 4 delicious apple and cheese pairings.
  • 4 cheese-free pizza ideas.
  • What are the five best desserts?


  • Cheesecake.
  • Cupcakes.
  • Jell-O.
  • Carrot Cake.
  • Apple Pie.
  • Ice Cream.
  • Brownies.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • What is the number 1 dessert?

    According to a New Study, Ice Cream Is America’s Favorite Dessert.

    What are the 5 types of desserts?

    These are some major categories in which desserts can be placed.

  • Cakes.
  • Small cakes and pastries.
  • Confection.
  • Custards.
  • Deep-fried.
  • Frozen.
  • Gelatin.
  • Pastries.
  • What are the top 5 Italian desserts?

    Top 5 Italian Desserts: Traditional Sweets!

  • 1) Tiramisù
  • 2) Cassata Siciliana.
  • 3) Panna Cotta.
  • 4) Babà
  • 5) Tartufo di Pizzo.
  • What are some French desserts?

    10 Top Classic French Dessert Recipes

  • 01 of 10. Pears Belle Helene. The Spruce.
  • 02 of 10. Apple Tarte Tatin. Ben Monk / Getty Images.
  • 03 of 10. Cherry Clafoutis. The Spruce / Regis Vincent.
  • 04 of 10. Babas au Rhum.
  • 05 of 10. Orangettes.
  • 06 of 10. Chocolate Mousse.
  • 07 of 10. Crème au Caramel.
  • 08 of 10. Lemon Tart.
  • What dessert is Germany known for?

    10+ Must-Try German Desserts & Sweet Treats

  • 1 Must-Try German Desserts and Sweets.
  • 2 1. Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)
  • 3 2. Rote Grütze (Red Berry “Pudding”)
  • 4 3. German Chocolate Bars.
  • 5 4. Fruit and Quark Pastries.
  • 6 5. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake)
  • 7 6. Käsekuchen (German Cheesecake)
  • 8 7.
  • What do you serve cake with?

    Here are 10 great ways to serve a pound cake, to suit anyone’s taste!

  • Greek Yoghurt, Honey and Almonds.
  • Greek Yoghurt, Pistachio Nuts and Dried Cranberries.
  • Blueberries and Creme Fraiche.
  • Banana, Honey and Greek Yoghurt.
  • Greek Yoghurt and Fresh Passionfruit.
  • Creme Fraiche and Shaved Dark Chocolate.
  • Peaches ‘N Cream.
  • How do you pair dessert with dinner?

    5 Dinner & Dessert Pairings Easy Enough for Busy Weeknights

    1. One-Pot Pasta Bolognese + One-Bowl Caramelized Banana Bread Bundt Cake.
    2. Impossibly Easy Pizza Bake + Skillet Cookie Pizza.
    3. Easy Oven-Baked Chicken Fajitas + Cinnamon Fried Ice Cream.
    4. Ultimate Chicken Fingers + Brownie Sundaes.

    What dinner goes well with pie?

    Pork and Poultry dishes.

    White meat dishes are complimented well by berries and purees. Try a pumpkin pie or a blueberry or blackberry pie when serving chicken, turkey or pork. Can’t decide? No need…just grab a mixed berry pie and have the best of four berries in one delicious pie.

    19 Desserts That Go With Pizza (With Recipes)

    Pizza is a delicious baked dough that can be topped with a variety of ingredients to enhance its flavor.It is mostly served as a comfort food, but it can also be served as a dinner dish if served with other side dishes and accompaniments.When it comes to desserts, the nutritional value of the dessert is not taken into consideration, and the type of dessert you choose is largely determined by your cravings.However, when it comes to deciding which dessert to serve with pizza, the situation becomes more complicated.Desserts, which are typically consumed after a meal, serve only one purpose: to aid in the digestion of the food consumed after a heavy meal or a course meal.

    1. This means that every person has a different idea of which desserts are best to pair with pizza and what kind of desserts are the best.
    2. The next time you are to host a party or on duty for pizza night, try integrating some desserts to impress your friends and guests.
    3. In case you are looking for Italian desserts, light or decadent desserts, here are some of the options you can use when pairing pizza and desserts.


    It is one of the greatest, if not the best, desserts that you can serve with a pizza.It is also often quite light, with several sorts of fruits being utilized to create a flavor that is both refreshing and delectable.Especially after having copious amounts of cheese and pepperoni, sorbet is an excellent option in terms of washing and clearing up the taste receptors and palate.When it comes to cleaning, lemon sorbet is the finest choice, since it also helps to increase saliva production in the mouth.It is available in a variety of fruit tastes, so if you do not care for the lemon flavor, you may experiment with other fruits such as pineapple and berries.

    1. When compared to ice cream, most sorbets are not as creamy or as rich as they are.
    2. Despite this, it is quite healthy and serves as a wonderful palette cleanser.
    3. Here is the recipe for sorbet: sorbet recipe


    Gelato is another famous dessert that goes well with pizza and is easy to mix with it.The gelato is a perfect complement to the pizza.It is mostly frozen and, when compared to other types of ice cream, it often has lower quantities of fat.It is impossible to count the amount of distinct tastes that may be created from the gelato dessert, which varies from one location to another.It is an excellent palette cleanser after you have scarfed down a few pieces of meat pizza or any other sort of pizza you may have had.

    1. It is an Italian dessert ice cream, and most people confuse it with ordinary ice cream.
    2. So, how can you tell the difference between this ice cream and ordinary ice cream?
    3. Gelato desserts are often thicker, creamier, and smoother than other desserts.
    4. It also has a lower butterfat level, at 4%, and contains less air than regular ice cream, making it a healthier option.
    5. As an alternative to regular ice cream, try the gelato ice cream and enjoy the typical Italian delicacy of ice cream without breaking the bank.

    The fact that you are reading this means that you will undoubtedly adore this dessert.Here’s how to make gelato at home.


    As you are aware, many of the doughnuts are made from yeast dough or cake-based dough, as is customary in the industry.In contrast, pate choux dough is used to make these donuts, which are often crispy, light, and of course, quite tasty….In addition to powdered sugar toppings, the filling is made out of pastry cream, custard, jelly or butter, and honey that have been combined together.The choux dough is typically fried, resulting in a doughnut that is crunchy and soft while still being quite sweet.Zeppole doughnuts are originally from Italy, and they make for a delicious treat to enjoy after you’ve finished your pizza slices.

    1. They come in a variety of flavors, and the contents may include ricotta combined with chocolate in certain cases.
    2. It is also prepared in a savory manner on occasion.
    3. The recipe for zeppole is provided below.

    Ice cream

    The same way that pepper and salt make for fantastic combinations, ice cream and pizza make for ideal matches as well.So, anytime you’re looking for a pizza combo, go no farther than ice cream since it’s very fantastic.When it comes to the flavors of ice cream, there are no boundaries to be broken.They are available in a broad selection of flavors from which to pick, whether you prefer chocolate, vanilla, or peppermint; they all make delectable desserts, and you can never go wrong with any of the options.Also available is banana-flavored ice cream, which, despite the fact that it is ice cream, contains bananas, which are considered to be a nutritious food.

    1. The recipe is as follows: ice cream


    It is an Italian delicacy that is prepared with coffee that has been flavored.This delicacy is constantly piled with different components, such as cheese, whipped eggs, and sugar, to create a beautiful presentation.The coffee-soaked savoraidi or ladyfingers are always served with a side of coffee and are generally considered to be quite excellent.This dessert is a great way to round off a pizza meal, but it is not the greatest dessert for individuals who are trying to maintain a slim and light body weight in general.The Tiramisu dessert is a popular choice since it is airy and light, and it is an excellent accompaniment for your pizza.

    1. Other components have been introduced into these desserts, resulting in a wider variety of flavors to choose between.
    2. Instead of the cake, other ingredients such as bananas, raspberries, lemon juice and pineapple have been added to make picking your preferred taste easier.
    3. The recipe for tiramisu is provided below.


    After you’ve finished your main course, you can’t go wrong with this delectable fried dough.These pastries, which are typically formed in a tube-shaped pattern from fried dough, are extremely sweet and always baked with plenty of sugar.When it comes to desserts, cheese is usually the greatest ingredient to utilize in the preparation of the dessert.The filling for this fried dough is a creamy mixture made of ricotta cheese, almonds, and chocolates, which is baked till golden brown.These Italian pastries are a fantastic complement to a slice of pizza.

    1. Here’s how to make it: cannoli

    Chocolate cake

    A classic dish that never goes out of style, this is a must-have for every occasion.Although it is considered an old-fashioned dessert, it makes an excellent accompaniment with pizza.Cakes like this may be readily combined with various treats, such as vanilla ice cream..There are several types of chocolate cake that match well with practically every sort of pizza, including ones that have been topped with berries and those that have been dusted with fudge.Because of the richness of the chocolates used in this cake, a tiny slice of this cake will satisfy all of your cravings.

    1. Listed below is the recipe for chocolate cake.

    Fruit tart

    After having a pizza party, this is another excellent alternative to consider.Fruit tarts add a refreshing taste to the table, and you may utilize the tarts to signal the conclusion of the celebration.Aside from that, there are various other types of fruit tarts from which to pick, depending on your preferences.It is advantageous to make this sort of dessert since you may modify it to your desire when creating it, and the toppings are typically composed of fresh fruits and custard, which makes it more appealing.When you think about it, these tarts are practically identical to pizza, with the exception that they are sweets.

    1. The recipe for the fruit tart is provided below.


    When it comes to summer pies, blueberries, apples, strawberries, and lemons are among the finest; but, when it comes to winter pies, classic tastes such as pumpkin, pecan, apple, and cranberry are among the best.If you are hosting a pizza party, making handmade pies is the greatest alternative since you may prepare a variety of varieties of these pies, allowing your guests to pick their favorite flavor from a variety of options.In addition, it would be beneficial if you maintained the fillings fruity and the toppings crunchy.This enticing combination or paring of a dessert pie and pizza almost always turns out well, especially when the pies are prepared correctly.Here’s how to make the pie:


    These deep-fried, light, and airy Mexican nibbles are also a great accompaniment to your favorite pizza dish.They are often long and thin sticks that are normally golden brown and coated with cinnamon, and they are usually quite tasty.Making these sticks is also not difficult, so you won’t have to travel to a chureira to get your hands on a supply of these sticks.Dip the sticks in caramel or melted chocolate for a sweet bite to give them a pleasant and tasty taste.Here’s how to make them: churros.

    Dessert pizza

    Despite the fact that they seem similar to the conventional and customary design pizza, they are not necessarily delicious in flavor.The nicest part about dessert pizza is that it can be made in a variety of different styles and with a variety of different ingredients.Cinnamon streusel dessert pizza, for example, contains a significant amount of cinnamon and is typically tasty.In addition to making a cinnamon dough crust, you may use cookie dough or pie shells to create a variety of other dessert pizza varieties using the same method.Butternut, cheese ice cream, chocolate sauce, and marshmallow are used as toppings; however, there are no restrictions on whatever toppings you may use based on your personal desire.

    1. Make the pizza toppings your own by using whatever you like.
    2. Listed below is the recipe for dessert pizza.


    This delectable delicacy is often made up of numerous layers, although it can also be made up of a single layer on occasion.The cakes are often soft and made with fresh mozzarella, and they go well with pizza as a side dish or appetizer.It’s available in a number of flavors and may be cooked or eaten straight from the container.So, if you’re having a pizza night with your pals, serve these cheesecakes and cover them with fudge to make them more better.You can also top them with strawberries, lemon cream, or white cream if you want to be more creative.

    1. Listed below is the recipe for cheesecake.
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    Plain fruit

    It would be beneficial if you consume fruits as a dessert since it will provide a change of pace from what you ate for dinner.Plain fruit is not widely seen as a healthy option, but you may give it a try.After you’ve finished your meaty pizza, round up your meal with a dish of fruits; any berry would do here, really.Of course, there are countless variants on how to prepare basic fruit, and each has its own specific flavor profile.You may make a fruit salad by slicing different types of fruits and blending them together, or you can cook some mango and pineapple slices on a grill pan.

    1. While most individuals will be opposed to the thought of using fruits as a dessert, others will embrace the concept due to the freshness of the fruits and the high concentrations of vitamins that these fruits contain.


    This dish is constructed with fruits that are layered and piled with sponge or ladyfingers that are always soaked in cream, custard, or distilled wine before being served to guests.The components, on the other hand, vary, and it is not restricted to layers of fruits alone.White cream or the customary topping known as syllabub is used as a garnish on top of the cake.It is typically served in transparent glasses or bowls so that your visitors can readily see the alternating layers of fruits and other components that have been used in the preparation.Pizza and trifle dessert go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is why it is regarded one of the greatest sweets to serve alongside pizza.

    1. These sweets are extremely adaptable in that they may be served at a variety of events, celebrations, and parties.
    2. The recipe for trifle is provided below.


    These golden-brown sweet pastry sweets are also a terrific alternative if you’re thinking of serving them with your pizza as an accompaniment.They are constructed with alternating layers of syrup or honey that are kept together with a rubber band, and they are frequently packed with chopped walnuts.The fillings for this delicacy may be made with a variety of nuts and spices; some people choose almonds, hazelnuts, and cinnamon.Baklava is a delicious dessert that goes well with Italian cuisine, and especially with pizza.The recipe for baklava is provided below.

    Chocolate chip cookies

    These chocolate chip cookies are one of my all-time favorite sweets.Having a chocolate chip cookie after finishing your pizza is the perfect way to end a fantastic night.It is also available in a variety of flavors, and vegan chocolate chip cookies, as well as vegan margarine, are freely available on the market.It is impossible to resist these mouth-watering chewy and thick cookies, which are alluring and seductive due to their peculiar sweet character, which is derived from the use of specific and unique ingredients during the manufacturing technique.Here’s how to make it: cookies with chocolate chips

    Fudge brownies

    My favorite treat is a batch of these chocolate chip cookies.Following your pizza meal with a chocolate chip cookie, you have completed a great dinner.As with vegan margarine, it is available in a variety of flavors.Vegan chocolate chip cookies, on the other hand, are freely available.It is impossible to resist these mouth-watering chewy and thick cookies, which are alluring and seductive due to their peculiar sweet character, which is derived from the employment of specific and unique ingredients during the baking process.

    1. Recipe for a delicious dessert is as follows: Cookies with chocolate chips


    This Italian treat, which looks similar to gelato and is frequently topped with a hot expresso shot, is typically very good and served cold.This dessert is perfect for when you have afternoon meetings to attend since it contains stimulants that will keep you alert.Traditionally, it is served in a narrow and tall glass, which allows the gelato to melt and combine with the expresso, which is often put at the bottom of the glass.Here’s how to make affogato (coffee).


    This frozen treat goes great with a variety of different types of pizza. In this dish, multiple flavors of ice cream are combined to form the center, which contains a fruit syrup that is covered in either cocoa powder or cinnamon. The tartufo recipe is provided below.

    Quick Answer: What Desserts go Well With pizza?

    Pizza is a great partner for ice cream, tiramisu, sorbet, cannolis, dessert pizza, gelato, affogato, chocolate chip cookies, fruit tart, Persian love cake, chocolate mousse, churros, cheesecake, fudge brownies, pie, watermelon panna cotta and doughnuts, as well as fruit salad.Check out these 20 sweets that go perfectly with pizza and will send your serotonin levels soaring!Choose any of the desserts from this list and watch as your visitors be envious of your culinary skills.It is important to guarantee that the person’s mood stays calm and pleasant after a meal by serving a delicious dessert.In this section, I’ve compiled a list of all of the desserts that go well with pizza and will leave you feeling completely fulfilled on a sweet note.

    1. So let’s get down to business.

    What Desserts go With Pizza – Quick Comparison

    Recipe Total Calories (per 100g) Total Preparation Time
    1. Ice Cream 216 25 minutes
    2. Tiramisu 283 45 minutes
    3. Sorbet 77 35 minutes
    4. Cannolis 254 90 minutes
    5. Dessert Pizza 202 32 minutes
    6. Gelato 128 36 minutes
    7. Affogato 148.8 5 minute
    8. Chocolate Chip Cookies 489 65 minutes
    9. Fruit Tart 350 40 minutes
    10. Persian Love Cake 444 55 minutes
    11. Chocolate Cake 371 45 minutes
    12. Chocolate Mousse 209 20 minutes
    13. Churros 447 35 minutes
    14. Cheesecake 321 90 minutes
    15. Fudge Brownies 466 45 minutes
    16. Pie 237 70 minutes
    17. Watermelon 30 5 minutes
    18. Panna Cotta 223 260 minutes
    19. Doughnuts 426 120 minutes
    20. Fruit Salad 50 20 minutes

    1. Ice Cream

    216 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 25 minutes Everyone in the room is screaming for ice cream, including me and you.Ice cream is the most popular dessert to have after a dinner, regardless of the food.Pizzas are extremely flavorful and full, necessitating the consumption of a dessert that may soothe the palate.And ice cream is the ideal dessert for this!If you are in the mood for something fruity, go for it!

    1. If you want something more popular, go for chocolate chip or even the classic vanilla to serve with pizza!
    2. Visit The Cooking Foodie for a fast and easy meal that is sure to please.

    2. Tiramisu

    283 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 45 minutes ‘Tiramisu’ is an Italian delicacy created with coffee-dipped ladyfingers that is rich, creamy, and ″soft but not mushy.″ The word ″Tiramisu″ means ″lift me up″ and refers to the dish’s texture.Especially after a hearty cheese pizza, the silky and sweet yet bitter flavor of tiramisu will leave you speechless.Serve it at your next pizza party and watch your guests’ knees buckle under the weight of tiramisu!Preppy Kitchen has created a simple and delicious meal.-

    3. Sorbet

    77 calories per 100 grams (total calories).Time required for total preparation: 35 minutes After a hearty meal of cheesy pizza, we’re all in need of a sweet treat that won’t give us a headache from all of the calories.Consequently, with the addition of juice or water as a component, as well as the addition of refreshing fruity tastes, sorbet becomes an ideal after-pizza treat.Choose the most popular flavor, such as lemon, or any other delicious tastes, such as cherry, lime, or orange, and have a great time!Take a look at this simple and quick recipe from The Domestic Geek.

    4. Cannolis

    254 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 90 minutes Another Italian dish to keep the Italian theme going throughout the festival!Traditionally, cannolis are firm tubular pastry shells that are filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and decorated with almonds or chocolate crumbs.They have a crispy texture and a faint sweetness to them, which makes them a perfect crunchy treat to serve after pizza.Check out this simple and delicious meal from Preppy Kitchen.-

    5. Dessert Pizza

    202 calories per 100 grams (total calories).Time required for total preparation: 32 minutes What could be better than a slice of pizza?More pizza, please!Dessert pizza is a delicious option since it has a thin crust, a cream cheese-based white pizza sauce, and a generous amount of chocolate topping.If you like to utilize toppings other than chocolate on your dessert pizza, you can choose for fruit-based toppings instead.

    1. Presented below is a quick and simple recipe from Bigger Bolder Baking –

    6. Gelato

    128 calories per 100 grams (total calories per 100 grams).Time required for total preparation: 36 minutes Gelatos, which are served at a little higher temperature than ice cream in order to keep their silky and smooth texture, are the treat to choose if you want a dessert with a lower fat level.The cheese and spices in pizza will make your taste buds work overtime with excitement, while the flavor and texture of gelato will put them into a state of ‘Zen.’ Lemon, strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, and vanilla are some of the most popular varieties of gelato in the world.For a more refined taste, pistachio or hazelnut flavorings are available upon request.

    1. Stay at Home Kitchen has created a simple homemade dish for you.

    7. Affogato

    148.8 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 5 minutes Do you want to round off your Italian meal with a decadent Italian dessert?Affogato is a dessert that fulfills your aspirations.Affogato is an Italian word that meaning ‘drowned.’ It refers to a dish in which a liquid is poured over food.When it comes to dessert, nothing beats a scoop of vanilla ice cream drenched in hot espresso.After enjoying a wonderful pizza, treat yourself to an affogato to satisfy your sweet taste.

    1. Natasha’s Kitchen shows you how to make a simple and delicious dish.

    8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

    489 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 65 minutes The chocolate chip cookie is the most well-known treat in the entire world!Cookie dough is crispy on the exterior and gooey on the inside, making them a lovely treat to enjoy following a hearty, fulfilling pizza meal.Tips: Enjoy a chocolate chip cookie with a glass of warm milk to bring out your inner child.Check out this quick and simple dish from Honeysuckle – it’s delicious!

    9. Fruit Tart

    350 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 40 minutes Fruit tarts, with a crisp sweet pastry crust encircling a creamy custard and a filling of refreshing fruits, will fulfill your sweet needs.Pizzas are a taste explosion, and fruit tarts are a sweet treat that go together like peanut butter and jelly.You may decorate the top of your tart with your favorite berries or sliced seasonal fruits, or a combination of both, depending on your preference.Preppy Kitchen has created a quick and simple dish for you.

    10. Persian Love Cake

    444 calories per 100 grams (total calories).Time required for total preparation: 55 minutes A Persian prince once fell head over heels in love with a woman who cooked this dessert, and thus the Persian love cake came into being.Served with crushed pistachios and rose petals, this aromatic cake is perfumed with freshly ground cardamom and almonds and topped with freshly ground cardamom and almonds.This elegant dessert will elevate the pizza-eating experience and make your guests fall in love with the dessert you’ve selected.Check out this simple recipe from CupcakeJemma- it’s delicious!

    11. Chocolate Cake

    371 calories are consumed in total.Time required for total preparation: 45 minutes Isn’t it true that no one can turn down a nice chocolate cake?Chocolate cake is the perfect dessert companion for a pizza menu because of its smooth texture, creamy taste, and chocolatey flavor.It can be served as a dessert, either with or without icing.Either way, you’ll be happy with the outcome.

    1. Recipe for making things at home-

    12. Chocolate Mousse

    209 calories per 100 grams (total calories per 100 grams).Time required for total preparation: 20 minutes Take the following scenario: you’ve just finished a delicious pizza for lunch, you’re burping, and you’re desiring something sweet and creamy—chocolate mousse is the answer to your prayers.Chocolate mousse has a light, fluffy texture that allows one to savor the richness of the chocolate with each bite.Recipe for making things at home-

    13. Churros

    447 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 35 minutes Are you throwing a pizza party? Churros, with their fluffy inside and crunchy ridges, make excellent treats to prepare ahead of time. Churros have a cinnamon flavor to them, and they are delicious when served with chocolate dipping sauce. Recipe for making things at home-

    14. Cheesecake

    321 calories per 100 grams (total calories). Time required for total preparation: 90 minutes Cheesecake after a cheesy pizza sounds absolutely delicious. Cheesecake has a sweet, creamy flavor with a slightly acidic finish that makes it a favorite dessert. It’s a delicious, full dessert that will fulfill your gluttony cravings. Recipe for making things at home-

    15. Fudge Brownies

    466 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 45 minutes Fudge brownies have an incredibly chocolatey flavor and a super-moist, gooey texture that makes them a favorite among bakers.They are a very popular delicacy that is enjoyed by both children and adults.When serving a cheesy pizza, consider using fudge brownies to make your dinner more enjoyable.Recipe for making things at home-

    16. Pie

    237 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 70 minutes The classic dessert of pie is a fantastic choice after a hearty cheese pizza meal to satisfy a sweet taste after a meal of nourishing cheesy pizza.Most people prefer the tastes apple and peanut butter, but you may use your imagination and create your own unique flavor combinations.Recipe for making things at home-

    17. Watermelon

    30 calories per 100 grams (total calories per 100 grams) Time required for total preparation: 5 minutes Watermelons are nature’s treat, and they are the simplest thing on the entire list. This dessert is great for serving after a lunch of pizza because of its fresh, crisp, and sweet taste! Cut slice a large, juicy watermelon and serve it up! Recipe for making things at home-

    18. Panna Cotta

    223 calories per 100g (total calories) Time required for total preparation: 260 minutes Panna cotta is Italian for ″cooked cream,″ and it has a silky, creamy texture as well as a sweet, milky flavor. With its rich and toasted flavor, it transforms into a delicious dessert to enjoy after a fulfilling pizza dinner. Recipe for making things at home-

    19. Doughnuts

    426 calories per 100 grams (total calories). Time required for total preparation: 120 minutes Due to the fact that they are deep-fried in oil, doughnuts have a sweet flavor with a hint of umami flavor. After a hearty pizza supper, a basic sugar doughnut, the famous chocolate doughnut, or a doughnut with cream are all excellent choices for dessert. Recipe for making things at home-

    20. Fruit Salad

    50 calories per 100 grams (total calories per 100 grams) Time required for total preparation: 20 minutes Are you hosting a Saturday afternoon lunch with your friends and want to provide something healthy and low in calories after a large pizza dinner? Simply said, prepare a dish of fresh fruit salad with your favorite dressing and you’re set to go! Recipe for making things at home-

    Drinks That go as Desserts After Pizza

    After a hearty lunch, it is customary in Italy to follow it up with a cup of coffee.After you’ve finished your pizza, you should have a cup of coffee to give your metabolism a boost and give you a burst of energy after chowing down on a hearty meal.A strong cup of coffee is best served black; if you like something sweet, a frothy cappuccino or blended cold coffee with syrups would do the trick well.You may also use green or black tea for coffee if you want.Serve cocktail desserts if you’re throwing a gathering for adults only.

    1. Martinis flavored with chocolate or caramel; dessert shots that blend booze and pudding; and conventional cocktails created with flavored liqueurs such as raspberry, almond, and others are all possibilities.

    To Sum Up

    We hope that this healthy guidance helped you in your quest for the perfect dessert to pair with your pizza. If you have any tips or recommendations, please share them with us in the comments section! Please forward this advice along to your relatives and friends as well.

    What Dessert Goes With Pizza (12 Perfect Pairings)

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    4. Check.
    5. A sweet and tangy marinara sauce is included.

    Check.Meat and vegetable toppings are included.Check.Stringy, ooey-gooey cheese: a given.Every morsel is a little piece of bliss!However, even though pizza is usually a favorite, it isn’t complete without a sweet treat to follow.

    I’ve put up a list of 12 desserts that go nicely with pizza.Whether you’re in the mood for something light, something hearty, or something Italian, I’ve got plenty of alternatives for you to choose between.Believe me when I say that you will adore these pastries and ″pizzas!″

    1. Ice Cream

    Whenever there’s pizza in my house, there’s always ice cream as well.This combo is just as timeless as salt and pepper, if not more so!When it comes to ice cream flavors, there is no end to the possibilities!There’s absolutely no incorrect choice when it comes to cookies, whether it’s chocolate, vanilla, peppermint, or butter pecan.Alternatively, how about a naughty banana split for the whole cheat lunch experience?

    1. Come on, you’ve earned every bit of it.
    2. Given that it contains fruit, it is quite nutritious!

    2. Sorbet

    A excellent alternative to ice cream if you want something lighter but still want the benefits of ice cream, sorbet is a fantastic choice.Sure, it’s not as rich and creamy as the real thing, but it’s at least semi-guilt-free.Sorbets with fruit flavors are a great way to counteract a heavy supper.A palette cleanser made with pineapple, lemon, and berries is a delicious and refreshing treat!

    3. Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza 

    Can’t get enough of the stuff?So, how about even more pizza for dessert this time around?Would you like to save this recipe?If you provide your your address here, we’ll send you the recipe right to your inbox!Dessert pizzas may have the appearance of conventional pizzas, but they contain no savory ingredients at all!

    1. For example, a cinnamon streusel dessert pizza is laden with cinnamon, sugar, and butter, among other ingredients.
    2. What a delightfully delicious and indulgent way to finish your dinner.

    4. Tiramisu 

    Finish your Italian meal with a delicious treat from Italy! Tiramisu is a dessert made of layers of ladyfingers soaked in espresso and filled with mascarpone. This traditional Italian dessert is light, fluffy, and delightfully creamy, and it’s a delicious way to round up your dinner on a sweet note.

    5. Cannolis

    Do you want dough for your main dish and dough for your dessert? What’s the harm in trying? End your dinner with delectable cream-filled cannolis to round out your experience! These deep-fried delights are unquestionably delectable.

    6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

    What could be better for supper than a slice of pizza?The solution is as simple as having chocolate chip cookies afterward!Please excuse my partiality, but chocolate chip cookies are the finest way to conclude any dinner, whether it’s a fancy or rustic meal or even takeaway!No one can resist the temptation of thick, chewy cookies that are studded with chocolate pieces.They’re the undisputed champions of the dessert world!

    7. Chocolate Mousse

    While we’re on the subject of chocolate explosions, chocolate mousse is another delectable treat that goes especially well with pizza. Its silky and velvety consistency is one of my favorites. Every spoonful is a piece of culinary art.

    8. Churros

    These Mexican snacks may be simple, but they certainly satisfy a need.Is there anything better than a light and airy dough that is deep-fried to golden perfection and then covered with cinnamon sugar?It’s very delicious!In order to get the best bite possible, dip these sticks in melted chocolate or caramel.Anyone will surely find space for dessert after reading this delicious conclusion.

    1. Furthermore, did you know that making churros is actually rather simple?
    2. It is no longer necessary to visit a churreria in order to obtain this beloved dish.
    3. Simply head to your kitchen and whip up a batch for yourself!

    9. Fudge Brownies

    Wow, just typing it made me drool a little.And I’m not embarrassed to admit that brownies are my absolute favorite dessert.If you’re looking for a decadent, chewy brownie that’s fudgy and chocolaty, go no further.They’re the perfect way to cap off your pizza night.The best part about brownies, in my opinion?

    1. You will find them to be the most forgiving baked dessert ever created by man!
    2. No one will be able to mess them up because they are so simple to produce.

    10. Fruit Tart

    Do you want to finish your pizza party with another fruity treat?It’s going to be a fruit tart, then!A sweet crust covered with a thick custard and fresh fruits: now that’s what I’m talking about!Think about it: fruit tarts are similar to pizza in that they are served as a sweet dessert.It’s no surprise that these two gentlemen get along so well!

    1. When it comes to this dish, you have the freedom to make it your own!
    2. Just as long as you have the three fundamental components – crust, custard, and fruit – you’re good to go with your pie.
    3. Choose your favorite fruit or custard flavor from the list below.

    11. Gelato 

    Gelato is another another popular treat that goes perfectly with pizza in my opinion.It seems sense to continue the Italian theme since you’re already eating Italian for supper.As you may be aware, gelato is an ice cream made in Italy.

    But do you know what I’m talking about, and can you recognize the difference?Gelato includes more milk than ice cream, but less egg and cream than ice cream.This means that it’s thicker, denser, and more delicious than ordinary ice cream, without sacrificing texture.For the most part, there are no valid reasons not to fall in love with it!

    12. Affogato

    Another Italian dessert that will provide you with an extra jolt of energy brings this list to a close. Is it OK for a meeting after lunch that is critical? Affogato is a dessert that consists of vanilla ice cream (or gelato) that has been soaked in espresso. The flavor is fantastic, but the balance of spicy and cold really makes this dish stand out from the crowd.

    What Dessert Goes With Pizza (12 Perfect Pairings)


    • The following desserts are available: Ice Cream, Sorbet, Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza, Tiramisu, Cannolis, Choco Chip Cookies (chocolate Mousse), Churros (french fries), Fudge Brownies, Fruit Tart, Gelato (affogato), and Affogato (affogato is a kind of Affogato).


    • Choose your favorite recipe from the list
    • Organize all of the ingredients that will be needed
    • Prepare a delectable dessert that goes wonderfully with pizza
    • and

    Best Dessert and Pizza Pairings

    There’s no doubting that pizza is a complete meal in and of itself – simply ask someone what their favorite cuisine is, and the chances are good that they’ll reply pizza.And what’s not to like about that?The combination of stretchy cheese, warm crust, tasty sauce, and all your favorite toppings is unparalleled.

    Nothing beats getting in with your favorite friends and a six-pack of beer and consuming a whole pie in one sitting.However, when dessert is included in the equation, things become a bit more tricky.When it comes to pizza, how do you know what dessert to serve with it?Do you want anything fruity?

    Do you want something cheesy or chocolaty?To be sure, some individuals enjoy eating cheese for dessert or relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening to wind down the night.Many people believe that the only meals that go well with pizza are wings, breadsticks, and – even better — more pizza.While enjoying deep-dish or thin-crust bliss, why not take advantage of the opportunity to savor every mouthful and conclude the dinner on a high note.Make a dessert buffet that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth the next time you’re hosting a pizza night for your friends and family.Below you’ll find some of our favorite pizza and dessert combinations.

    Choosing the Best Dessert to Pair With Your Pizza

    Your dessert selection is usually dictated by your desires, rather than by what you believe you are lacking in terms of nutritional value.For those who are interested in the why of dessert, there is a ″why″ that goes beyond the simple pleasure of eating it.The greatest desserts, as well as whether or not they should be had after indulging in pizza, are debatable topics amongst those who have tried them.

    The concept of ″dessert″ is really intended to aid in the digestion of a meal, particularly if you’ve had something substantial — think multi-course dinners or a large serving of spaghetti.Seasonality may also be a factor to consider.In the summer, consumers choose lighter desserts such as gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt, which are typically made with fruits.When it comes to the fall and winter months, however, there is a strong urge to indulge in sumptuous desserts as well as soothing tastes like pumpkin, apple, chocolate, and cinnamon.

    Richer, more decadent sweets are also more appropriate for the colder months, but there are always some exceptions to the generalization.And, of course, it all relies on the types of toppings you choose to use on your pizzas.Fresher components, such as seasonal vegetables, pair best with lighter cuisine, such as fruit tarts, sorbet, or a dish of berries drizzled with balsamic vinegar.Meaty pies will pair well with creamy sweets such as cannoli, chocolate cake, and cheesecake, all of which have a rich, creamy texture.So, what kinds of sweets go well with pizza?Even if you’re serving pizza, don’t feel like you have to keep everything strictly inside the Italian realm.

    Modern pizzerias provide a variety of less genuine, but no less tasty, options such as BBQ chicken pizza or fusion pizzas, among other things.Desserts should be able to express themselves in the same way, with the same degree of creativity and adaptability.

    Our Fruity Faves

    • Using fruit-based desserts as a basis, you can achieve the ideal blend of post-pizza indulgence and a light, refreshing flavor. Furthermore, with so many various fruit desserts to pick from, you won’t have any trouble finding a delectable delicacy to celebrate the conclusion of your dinner as a reward. Some of our favorite fruits to pair with pizza for the ideal sweet-savory combo are the following selections: Pineapple: Is it OK to put pineapple on a pizza? Whatever camp you belong to, one thing we can all agree on is that pineapple is well suited for use in a dessert. The acidity of pineapple is greater when compared to other fruits, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking to cut through the cloying sweetness of conventional sweets.
    • Bananas: Bananas have a powerful presence in sweets, but they are also light, which allows them to compliment components such as rum or chocolate, as well as a variety of tropical flavors
    • Berries: Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries — no matter which kind you like, berries are a juicy, sweet fruit combo that is also highly versatile and can be readily adapted to match your favorite dishes, whether they are baked or fried. Furthermore, berries are a natural complement to cheese.

    On top of all of that, some fruits, such as those listed above, have high quantities of enzymes, which can aid with digestion and help you feel your best overall. Here are a few more of our favorite fruity desserts to try out this summer.


    Sorbet is a delicious post-pizza dessert that also serves as a fantastic palette cleanser.Nothing surpasses sorbet as the ideal palate cleanser after a hearty helping of pepperoni and a mountain of extra cheese on your pizza.Lemon increases salivation and helps to cleanse the taste buds of any unpleasant flavors.

    If lemon isn’t your favorite flavor, try one of your favorite berries or pineapple instead – whatever tastes good to you at the moment.

    Fruit Tarts

    Individual fruit tarts are delicious and a lot of fun to make since, despite the fact that they seem like mini pies, you can customize the toppings to your liking – just like you would with pizza!Among the essential components of a fruit tart are a flaky crust, a rich pastry cream filling, and a colorful array of fruit on top to finish it off.In the event that you have those three items, you are free to be as imaginative as you like.

    You might make a sticky fruit glaze to drizzle over the top of the tart, or you could choose fruits that when arranged on top of the tart create an intriguing pattern or shape.You’re also not limited to a single fruit topping – you may use as many or as few fruits as you’d like to make your salad.

    Banana Splits

    Banana splits may contain ice cream, but they also contain bananas and cherries, therefore they qualify as a fruit treat, don’t you think?We’re going to go with the affirmative.Banana splits are similar to pizza in that you can customize them with any combination of your favorite toppings, such as nuts, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or coconut flakes.

    It’s even possible to make your banana splits into a fun dessert bar if you’re having a gathering so that each guest may construct their own personal masterpiece.


    An English dish made of numerous stacked layers of fruit, soaked sponge cake or ladyfingers, and some kind of cream or custard is known as a trifle.You’ll want to serve trifles in transparent glass bowls so that everyone can appreciate the visual contrast created by the different flavors and textures.The fact that you can simply customize a trifle recipe to meet any event, company, or season makes them one of the greatest desserts to serve with pizza.

    Summer trifles could feature seasonal favorites such as kiwi, strawberries, and blueberries, whilst an autumn trifle might include more luxurious fruit toppings such as spiced pears and apples, or a combination of both.

    Plain Fruit

    Do you have an unpopular opinion?Maybe.However, sometimes all you need for dessert is something that is diametrically opposed to what you ate for dinner.

    Are you feeling a little cheesy?Take a bite out of the fruit dish.Is there too much meat?Make sure you’ve got some berries on hand.

    There are a variety of techniques to make simple fruit even more delectable.Make a colorful fruit salad by chopping up many different varieties of fruit, or grill a few slices of pineapple and mango for a smokey taste that is both intriguing and delicious.Easy and refined, you might roast fruit in balsamic sauce, which is both simple and elegant.You could also serve a scoop of vanilla ice cream with some berries and a sprinkling of herbs on top, or chop up some watermelon and strawberries and serve them with a hot cup of tea on the side.When it comes to dessert, some people may scoff at the thought of eating fruit, but many others will appreciate the increase in freshness it provides, as well as the extra dosage of antioxidants and vitamin C.

    Classic Italian Desserts — a Winning Pizza Pairing Every Time

    When people think of pizza, they almost always think of Italian cuisine, which is never a bad thing in our opinion.You should start thinking about dessert if you’re serving pizza, and the Italian bakery is an ideal place to start.Desserts that are traditional in Italy include tiramisu, cannoli, zeppoles, and gelato, all of which are perennial favorites that serve as the ideal conclusion to a delectable dinner.

    After much deliberation, here are some of our favorite desserts from Italy, presented in no particular order.We may be a touch prejudiced because some of these selections are included on Giordano’s dessert menu — but it’s safe to say that there’s a good reason for that.


    Tiramisu is a creamy dessert formed from ladyfingers that have been steeped in espresso and topped with whipped cream and mascarpone cheese. This decadent meal is not for people following a low-carb or low-fat diet, but we think it is the perfect way to cap off a pizza supper. As an alternative, you might serve it with a glass of dessert wine or a shot of espresso.


    Occasionally, people are drawn together by their commonalities.Consider ending the evening with a hint to the direction of pizza.Cannoli is a seemingly straightforward delicacy consisting of a tube-shaped confection of fried dough filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate, and almonds, then baked till golden brown.

    Because cheese is the star of this dessert, it’s a safe bet that it’ll pair well with a slice of pizza.This dish is a dessert version of pizza.


    Zeppoles are a variation on the conventional doughnut that originated in Italy.Unlike doughnuts, which are normally made from a yeast-based or cake batter dough, zeppoles are made from a light and airy pâte à choux dough that is cooked till golden brown.You can eat your zeppoles plain or with cream, custard, or fruit filled into them.

    Serve with a sprinkling of powdered sugar on top if you want to make a typical zeppole.


    Pizza and gelato are the greatest of friends if you want a meal that is always on point and never disappoints.For several years, the small gelato business has gained in popularity, and we are not pleased with this development at all.Gelato, with its plethora of flavor options and rich, luscious texture, is the perfect palette cleanser after you’ve devoured a meat-lovers’ slice — or three — of your favorite grilled meat dish.

    If you want to go all-in on Italian food and offer the excellent stuff, don’t just scoop up any old ice cream.Gelato is thicker and denser than conventional ice cream, owing to the higher milk content and lower proportion of fatty eggs and cream in comparison to ice cream made from cream.As a result, more of the taste — whether it’s espresso, raspberry, or mint chocolate chip — is brought to the forefront.And, after a night of great, yet substantial, pizza, there’s nothing better than a quick trip over to the gelato store.

    It’s a Piece of Cake — or Pie

    What to do after a cheese-laden pizza meal is to try something new and exciting. After a round of cheesy, meaty, vegetarian bliss, it’s impossible to go wrong with having your cake and eating it too.

    Chocolate Cake

    While chocolate may seem a little indulgent after such a substantial lunch, we recommend that you indulge.The dinner table and our social media feeds have both been graced with a number of popular desserts in recent years.Although certain trends come and go, the traditional chocolate cake remains a timeless favorite.

    Served with hot fudge and a dollop of vanilla ice cream, exactly as nature intended, this is our favorite.Chocolate cake made without wheat that is drizzled with fudge and/or garnished with fruit is always a pleasant treat.In addition to providing some contrast to almost any pizza, the richness of the chocolate ensures that a tiny slice will satisfy any chocolate cravings you may be experiencing.


    Cheesecake is another delectable alternative for those occasions when you want to indulge in the unique blend of cheese and sweetness.Despite the fact that it’s quite sweet, this dessert can hold its own among a sea of powerful tastes — from beers and Buffalo wings to the main course.If you’re having friends around for pizza on a Friday night, whipping up a cheesecake will be sure to please the entire group.

    It may be dressed up with strawberries or raspberries to make it more festive, or it can be dressed down with a drizzle of fudge to make it even more decadent.


    Pizza and dessert pie go together like peanut butter and jelly.Pies created with citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, rhubarb, strawberries, and blueberries are especially delicious throughout the summer months.Traditional tastes such as apple, pumpkin, pecan, and cranberry are ideal for the cooler months.

    Individual handheld pizzas are a terrific alternative if you’re looking for something quick and easy to serve at a pizza party.You can provide a variety of flavors so that no one is forced to make the hard choice between their favorite and least favorite.Keep the delicious crust and toppings — we mean fillings!— coming for dessert, whether it’s fruity, chocolaty, or festive.

    Dessert Pizza

    Consider the possibility that the ideal dessert after pizza is…more pizza.The term ″going back in for seconds and thirds″ does not refer to the practice of returning for further servings.In this case, we’re talking about a delectable dessert pizza.

    At Giordano’s, we are great fans of this inventive take on dessert since it not only mimics our favorite dish, but also because there are countless variations on how to create the ultimate dessert pizza.Recipes with a cookie dough, pie shell, or cinnamon roll dough crust are some of our favorites.They are covered with cream cheese, nut butter, marshmallow, chocolate sauce or icing and then baked to perfection.Whatever you want to put on top of a dessert pizza is OK.

    Follow a theme, such as S’mores or peanut butter and chocolate, or make it more like a tart and top it with your favorite fruits and berries.Alternatively, if you prefer simplicity, you may exclude the toppings entirely – much like ordering an all-cheese pizza!

    Dessert Drinks

    Many of the sweets we named aren’t really the best digestifs, as we’ll see later.The idea of sprinkling more cheese and bread with additional cheese and bread — as well as sugar and chocolate — sounds a bit crazy.However, just because you’ve had a substantial amount of pizza does not exclude you from indulging in some of the more delicious dessert selections.

    In our opinion, the best course of action is to Order a variety of treats to split with the party — cannoli, brownies, cookies, or even a few slices of cake — and have them delivered to the venue.You may also provide delectable drinks to encourage all of those heavy eaters to make way for even more food.Drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are a terrific addition to any menu, especially as the evening progresses into the dessert portion of the evening.These beverages will assist you in making more room in your stomach so that you may appreciate the finer things in life more fully.


    There’s a deeper meaning to the Italian custom of sipping coffee after a large dinner.Coffee delivers a metabolic boost and helps to keep the system running smoothly, to put it another way.It may also provide that extra burst of energy that you might want after indulging in many pieces of deep-dish pizza, if you so choose.

    Coffee has the advantage of tasting fantastic with, well, just about any food or beverage.Make a pot of your favorite bean blend and serve it black to get a powerful, bold flavor that stands out.Making an at-home cappuccino with foam and topping it with mocha sauce, caramel, and whipped cream is a great way to make something that tastes more like dessert.


    When it comes to tea, green or black can be used to provide a similar effect as coffee.Although the caffeine in tea helps to accelerate your metabolism, it is slightly less effective than the caffeine found in its bean-based equivalent.Aside from that, drinking herbal teas such as ginger, mint, or chamomile can help soothe the digestive tract – and there is no need for caffeine in this case.

    There are also tea varieties that are inspired by desserts, such as vanilla-almond, chocolate, and cake, to pick from.

    Dessert Cocktails

    • Are you looking for a pizza and dessert match that is solely for adults? Rather of serving as an after-dinner drink, dessert cocktails are more like sweet indulgences that are served with dessert. Among our favorite dessert drinks are the following: Martinis with chocolate, caramel, or pumpkin spice flavors are available. Dessert shots, which blend alcoholic beverages with pudding, whipped cream, and indulgent drizzles, can be served by lining the rim of the glass with dessert toppings such as sugar or sprinkles.
    • Fizzy prosecco, strawberries, and a dollop of homemade vanilla ice cream are combined to make an amazing frozen treat!
    • Cocktails created with flavored liqueurs, such as hazelnut, almond, or raspberry, that are considered traditional

    With a little imagination, you can even turn your favorite dessert dish into a drink with minimal effort. What’s the best part? If you don’t want to consume alcohol, you may exclude it entirely and these dessert cocktails will still be great!


    Because their primary goal is to help with digestion, digestifs vary from dessert cocktails.This category includes alcoholic drinks such as fortified wines, such as port or sherry, as well as spirits such as brandy, Kahlua, Jägermeister, and many more.Of all, just though they aid in the digestion of your food does not rule out the possibility that they may be delicious.

    Typically, digestifs include ingredients such as herbs and spices, a pinch of sweetness, or a whiff of something bitter, among other things.The key to selecting the appropriate digestifs is to consider the taste combinations of your sweets.If you’re offering cheesy sweets like cannoli or tiramisu, a lemony liqueur like limoncello will serve as a nice contrast.You may also try pairing a tawny port with the nut and caramel tastes to enhance their intensity.

    More Than Just Pizza — Order up Your Favorite Pie and a Little Something for Later

    Not many people are aware that you may order pizza and dessert at the same time. Check out our menu and choose from a range of Giordano’s Italian favorites, which will be delivered fresh to your door along with your choice of pie. Moreover, even though we know you’ll be pretty dang full after devouring a couple pieces of Chicago deep dish, we also know you’ll have space for dessert!

    The Best Desserts To Go with Pizza – Slice Pizza Blog

    What is pizza if it does not include dessert?After all, it’s still a very fantastic meal, but there’s nothing quite like something sweet after a few slices (or four…we don’t judge) of your favorite pie.Based on our discussions with the professionals at Slice, we can confidently state that these desserts are the finest to serve with pizza: Ice Cream is a delicious treat.

    This is a no-brainer, especially during the summer months: ice cream and pizza are the most powerful culinary match since Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco first shared the plate.Even though the flavor choices are unlimited, our personal favorite is a vanilla-based ice cream to serve after a summer slice to help calm you down after your summer slices.Alternately, if you’re constantly hungry in Philadelphia and want to continue your pizza exploration, stop by Little Baby’s and enjoy their pizza-flavored ice cream, which is prepared with tomato sauce, basil, garlic, and oregano.Tiramisu After indulging in one of Italy’s most famous exports, why not carry it back with you in the form of a rich and luscious tiramisu?

    Chocolate, coffee, and mascarpone cheese – now that’s what I call a perfect combination.Cannolis You have to admit that as soon as you saw the photo, you started drooling for them.Watermelon An

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