How Much Is Chuck E Cheese Pizza?

Chuck E. Cheese offers a personal pizza for $8.99, a medium pizza for $14.99, and a large one for $17.99. Apart from this, there are additional add-on options, including different types of meats and veggies, at an extra price. You can decide what you want!
Chuck E. Cheese Menu & Prices 2021

Food Price
Personal Pizza $7.99
Large Pizza $14.49
Medium Pizza $12.49

Does Chuck E Cheese have Pizza on the menu?

Chuck E. Cheese menu features wings, pizzas, appetizing salad, and desserts, as well as a fully-stocked salad bar. Chuck E. Cheese menu prices are so affordable. Celebrating a lavish birthday party for your children in one of its restaurants will not take a toll on your wallet. What makes Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza special?

What is Chuck E Cheese famous for?

Chuck E. Cheese is famous for pizzas, wings, salads, desserts, subs, and beverages. You can easily get a meal under $20 at Chuck E. Cheese. What makes them special is the arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays.

How many Chuck E Cheese locations are there in the US?

Today, it operates 577 locations (as of March 2014) in the United States and Canada. All Chuck E. Cheese’s locations consist of two main parts in keeping with its thrust to become the world’s leader in family- and kid-friendly food and entertainment centers, namely: Restaurant, which features pizza as the main item on the menu.

Can you get a meal under $20 at Chuck E Cheese?

You can easily get a meal under $20 at Chuck E. Cheese. What makes them special is the arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays. They have amazing themes related to cartoon characters.

How much does it cost to play games at Chuck E Cheese?

All You Can Play games starts at $9 for 30 minutes of play time. Pricing may differ by location. Can you pause your time? Yes, you can make the most of your time by pausing your play one time when it’s time to eat and take a restroom break.

Is Chuck E Cheese pizza better than pizza Hut?

Chuck E. Cheese isn’t just for kids when it comes to food and its thin and crispy pepperoni pizza is getting some raves after winning a blind taste test against Pizza Hut’s pie. A nationwide blind taste test reveals the majority of pizza testers, 57 percent, preferred Chuck E.

Can a 21 year old go to Chuck E Cheese?

No one under 18 is admitted to Chuck E. Cheese’s without a parent or adult, since all minors have to enter and leave the establishment with an adult who has the same stamp for security purposes.

Is Chuck E. Cheese a FNAF?

However, these stories are simply not true. While many people can see that Chuck E. Cheese restaurants have a striking resemblance to the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria from the FNAF series, there are clear distinctions that separate them. In the real world, Chuck E.

Is Chuck E. Cheese good for a 1 year old?

From racing and stand up amusement games, there’s plenty to keep them occupied and entertained for hours. Whether you’re hosting a 4-year-old birthday party, a special day for a one-year-old child, or a party for a tween, Chuck E. Cheese is the perfect place to celebrate.

How much are Chuck E. Cheese tickets worth?

For those of you who were wondering: That means the approximate monetary value of a Chuck E. Cheese ticket is 0.13 cents. No wonder we all got addicted to credit card points.

How much are Chuck E. Cheese points?

When you make purchases with Chuck E. Cheese, scan the barcode or enter the number from your receipt to start earning Reward Points. Earn 1 Reward Point for every $1 you spend.

Does Chuck E. Cheese have unlimited play pass?

Cheese All You Can Play Works. For one flat fee, kiddos can play unlimited games without exception for a selected amount of time. Currently, unlimited game time comes in 30-minute increments starting at $9 with any Chuck E. Cheese deals purchase and is good any day of the week.

Does Chuck E Cheese have thin crust pizza?

All of our pizzas are topped with 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese, and baked fresh to order. Our pizzas are never one-crust-fits-all. Choose from traditional, stuffed, gluten free, or try our award winning thin & crispy pizza.

Why did Chuck E Cheese remove the animatronics?

Cheese himself will appear every hour. As part of the chain’s efforts to update its restaurants for a more modern age, Chuck E. Cheese locations throughout the nation will be ditching their robotic stage shows in favor of “modern” dance floors that light up as guests move across it. (CEC Entertainment, Inc.)

Is 8 too old for Chuck E. Cheese?


Chuck E. Cheese’s has launched a new party package that proves no one is “too old” for Chuck E. Cheese’s. It is the Eat More, Play More party package that was designed specifically for kids over the age of 8.

Is Chuck E. Cheese illegal?

“They are totally unregulated, there’s no oversight, and there is no protection for the consumer.” Business owners have argued that the games are legal sweepstakes because they allow anyone to participate for a few rounds without spending any money.

Can you play games at Chuck E. Cheese without eating?

Skip the meal!

Yes, Chuck E. Cheese’s is a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat when you visit. If it’s not meal time or you’re just not in the mood for pizza you can skip the menu and go directly to the games. Each game is only one token, so it’s a great value.

How Much is Chuck E Cheese Pizza? – ALL PIZZAHOLIC

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s is well-known for its arcade game selection.
  • Children enjoy themselves there, particularly at birthday celebrations.
  • In addition, children are always hungry after playing.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s pizza is the most popular food item on the menu.
  • ″How Much Does Chuck E.
  • Cheese Pizza Cost?″ you might be asking.
  • On the menu, there are three different size selections as well as specialty pies to pick from.
  • For $8.99, Chuck E.
  1. Cheese sells a personal pizza; a medium pizza is $14.99; and a large pizza is $17.99 at their locations nationwide.
  2. Additionally, there are various add-on choices, such as different types of meats and vegetables, that may be purchased for an additional fee.
  3. You have the power to determine what you want!
  1. Chuck E.
  2. Cheese’s mascot is Charles Entertainment Cheese, which stands for Charles Entertainment Cheese.
  3. In addition to having a good time at this family restaurant franchise, which first opened its doors in 1977, you can order Chuck E.
  4. Cheese pizza to go.

Order from their extensive menu and have it delivered fresh to your door using your preferred delivery app.What is the cost of a Chuck E.Cheese pizza?Visit the Chuck E.Cheese website to determine the location of the nearest Chuck E.Cheese.

  • You may choose from a variety of options, including a supreme, five meat, vegetable, build-your-own, and gluten-free.
  • Please keep in mind that, despite the fact that the crust is produced using Smart Flour, it is cooked in a kitchen where other gluten-containing goods are present, so it cannot be guaranteed to be completely gluten-free.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese pizza is prepared fresh everyday at the restaurant.
  • It is made with freshly grated all-natural mozzarella cheese, which ensures a deliciously gooey result!
  1. However, there are other alternatives to order wings and desserts, in addition to pizza, which is usually popular.
  2. When it comes to Chuck E.
  3. Cheese pizza, here is a breakdown of the costs you may encounter.
  • You will now have access to all of the information you require in order to answer the question ″How much is Chuck E.
  • Cheese Pizza?″

Cost of Chuck E. Cheese Additional Pizza Ingredients

Items like as bacon bits, chicken, ham, ground beef, pepperoni and additional cheese can be added to every pizza order. Other options include pineapple, green peppers and mushrooms as well as jalapenos and pineapple. You will not be charged any additional fees if you order extra sauce or request that they use less sauce.

Chuck E. Cheese Specialty Pizza Ingredient List

Take a look at the toppings that come with these Chuck E. Cheese speciality pizzas if you’re looking for something a little more savory.


  • Sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, and onions are some of the ingredients that can be found on a pizza.

Five Meat

  • sausage
  • pepperoni
  • ham
  • bacon
  • ground beef

Sweet Chili Hawaiian

  • Sweet Baby Rays sweet chilli sauce
  • ham
  • pineapple chunks


  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • black olives
  • red onions
  • green peppers

Special Seasonal Pizzas

  • Because Chuck E.
  • Cheese is a place where children can be children, the business offers a variety of entertaining seasonal offerings.
  • This fall, get a charming Pumpkin Pepperoni Pizza to add a little more excitement to your meal!
  • This limited-time offer is available for $19.98.
  • It costs $39.99 to purchase the ″Boo-tacular Family Pack Special,″ which includes two 1-topping pizzas, a slime cookie, a goody bag, and a game activity worksheet for the fall season.

More About Chuck E. Cheese

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s mascot is Charles Entertainment Cheese, which stands for Charles Entertainment Cheese.
  • The first location of the business opened its doors in 1977, and the mascot was a rat from that point until 1992.
  • The restaurant, on the other hand, transformed it from a rat to a mouse in 1993.
  • The concept behind this chain was to create an experience comparable to that of a carnival for children.
  • It’s a location where families can spend quality time together while having fun.
  • Despite the fact that Chuck E Cheese’s restaurants are geared at children, some locations provide alcoholic beverages to adults.
  • There is a restriction in place that only two alcoholic beverages can be sold to each customer.

How to Work Up Your Appetite at Chuck E. Cheese

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s is not only an arcade, but it also has a variety of additional attractions to keep you engaged. Stand-up games such as alley bowling, hockey, and foosball are available.
  • Games with a touch screen
  • Games for video game consoles
  • Prize games, which include a crane claw machine, are available.
  • Games that simulate shooting and racing
  • games that simulate dancing

More About Pizza

  • Visit this site for further information on how to prepare the best ″chicken to put on pizza.″ Have you ever had a ″Jersey pizza?″ If not, you should try one.
  • You may learn more about it by reading this article.
  • For those who are curious in whether pizza is a homogeneous mixture or not, click here to learn more.
  • Do you want to bake pizza at your house?
  • ″The greatest pizza oven kit may be found right here.″ ″Here’s where to find the greatest pizza oven on Amazon.″

Chuck E. Cheese Menu with Prices [Updated 2022]

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s is a well-known location for hosting kid’s pizza parties.
  • Since its inception, this children’s pizza and party restaurant franchise has been a source of fun for youngsters.
  • Chuck E.Cheese’s birthday party menu can be tailored to the specific culinary tastes of the guests attending the party.
  • Throughout this essay, I’ve included an enticing menu with the most up-to-date pricing, fantastic information, and much more.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s is known for its pizza, wings, salads, desserts, sandwiches, and drinks, among other foods and beverages.
  • At Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s, you can easily buy a dinner for less than $20.
  • The arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic shows are what distinguish them from the competition.
  1. They feature incredible themes that are based on cartoon characters.
  2. It is possible to walk through unexpected wall apertures that include animatronic singing animals.
  3. Chuck E.Cheese has emerged as the preferred sport for children’s birthday celebrations.
  1. Come for the party experience they have to offer.
  2. With this article, you will learn more about Chuck E.
  3. Cheese, a playdate spot menu that includes the most recent prices, franchise information, play pass information, and a nutritional analysis.
  4. Before we get started, let’s take a look back in time.

Chuck E. Cheese Menu Prices

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s menu includes a variety of appetizers, pizzas, salads, and desserts, as well as a fully stocked salad bar, among other things.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s menu pricing are quite reasonable.
  • Spending money on an extravagant birthday celebration for your children in one of its restaurants will not put a strain on your finances.
  • What is it about Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s pizza that makes it so unique?
  • There is nothing quite like the greasiest pizza covering, which has an oily feel that is smooth and delectable.
  • Furthermore, its pepperoni has been proven to be superior than other pizza brands in a nationwide taste test.
  • The comment was overwhelmingly positive regarding the greatest fresh, thin, crunchy crust, and generously topped pizza they’d ever had.
  1. The unlimited salad bar, drink station, pizza types, and desserts are all available to patrons at Chuck E.
  2. Cheese’s to satiate their appetites.
  3. The Fan Favorite Cali Alfredo pizza, which is the most popular, is made out of mushrooms, spinach, chicken, sausages, and a creamy alfredo sauce.
  1. The pizza is served on freshly made bread buns that have been handcrafted.
  2. It is possible to find indoor arcades with a variety of arcade games, animatronic singing animals, and amusement rides that are suitable for the entire family.
  3. Chuck E.
  4. Cheese will not only provide tasty meals, but it will also help to strengthen your child’s social and developmental abilities.
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For further information on how to obtain their play pass, please see the websites below.Come check out the new playdate location today.They are now in the process of selecting the Chuck E.Cheese winter champion for this year.The price of Chuck E Cheese per child is determined on the packages that you choose to purchase.Play some wonderful games and you may win one of the many Chuck E.

  • Cheese prizes available in winter winner land.
  • However, before we get to it, let’s take a look at the most recent Chuck E.
  • Cheese menu.

Family & Party Packs

Check out the most recent Hartz Chicken Buffet menu here.




Specialty Pizza


Check out the most recent Jason’s Deli menu pricing.



Sides & Extras

Chuck E. Cheese Nutritional Information

If you are a health-conscious individual, you may check out the website provided above to see the nutritional breakdown of all of the products on the Chuck E. Cheese menu that you might be interested in.

Chuck E. Cheese Franchising Information

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s restaurants may be found in over 600 locations worldwide.
  • It has grown to include operations in more than 15 countries.
  • We are the largest family entertainment brand in the United States and a global leader in providing family entertainment.
  • For anyone interested in opening their own Chuck E.
  • Cheese store, the following is the cost to do so.
  • Check out the new pricing on the Denny’s menu.

Important Links

Chuck E. Cheese Contact Details

Office Location: 1707 Market Place Boulevard Suite 200, Irving, Texas 75063 (Chuck E. Cheese Corporate Office Address) The phone number for Chuck E. Cheese is (972) 258-8507 You may also get in touch with the people behind Chuck E. Cheese’s menu by filling out the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

  • Brands have established a presence on social media so that their consumers can quickly contact them and receive the latest information about them and their products.
  • Consequently, the following are the social media profiles for Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Pizza.
  • Chuck Cheese’s Facebook page may be found at
  • Chucke Cheese has an Instagram account at
  • Chuck Cheese’s Twitter handle is: Chuck Cheese’s YouTube channel may be found at
  • Video Chuck’s Pinterest account is located at

Chuck E. Cheese Menu Prices (2022 Update)

  • It is possible to have a huge children’s birthday party in one of Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s restaurants without breaking the bank because its menu pricing are so reasonable.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre and later Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Pizza is the flagship brand of CEC Entertainment, Inc., which operates a chain of family-friendly restaurants and entertainment centers that was originally known as Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre and later as Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Pizza.
  • It draws its name from its mascot, an animatronic comedy mouse known as Chuck E.
  • Cheese, who performs a variety of activities such as singing, dancing, and interacting with customers.
  • The most recent pricing for Chuck E.
  1. Cheese’s menu items may be seen below.
Item Price

Popular Items

Family Fun Deal $21.05
Large Pizza $16.11

Build Your Own Pizza

Medium Build Your Own Pizza $13.15
Large Build Your Own Pizza $15.34
Personal Build Your Own Pizza $8.08

Family & Party Packs

Family Fun Pack $43.66
Party Pack $60.36
Small Party Pack $60.00
Large Party Pack $120.00

Limited Time Offer

Skee-Ball Pepperoni Bites $7.11
The Rock & Pizza Roll $4.99
Cauliflower Crust Pizza $10.07

Apps and Wings

Small Wings $11.92
Family Sampler $12.14
Party Sampler $20.14
Medium Wings $21.38
Large Wings $31.43
XL Wings $39.94
Chicken Nugget Platter $35.57

Limited Time Offers

Skee Ball Pepperoni Bites $6.21


Individual Pizza $8.18

Main Dish

Adult Nuggets $10.90
Kids’ Nuggets $4.88


Garden Salad $5.84
House Salad $5.45


Personal Pizza $8.94
Medium Pizza $13.72


Chicken Nuggets $5.41

Specialty Pizza

Medium Specialty Pizzas can be made with Traditional or Stuffed Crust Only.
Cali Alfredo Pizza $16.82
Supreme Pizza $16.61
Veggie Pizza $16.47
Five Meats Pizza $16.60
BBQ Chicken Pizza $16.73

Apps & Wings

Cheesy Bread $6.91
Parmesan Breadsticks $5.31
Mozzarella Sticks $6.49
French Fries $3.57
App Sampler Platter $12.35
Pretzel Bites $5.52
App Sampler $12.05
Large App Sampler Platter $20.34
Large App Sampler $20.05
Small Boneless Wings $11.28
Medium Boneless Wings $19.28
Large Boneless Wings $28.28
XL Boneless Wings $36.28
Small Bone-In Wings $12.48
Medium Bone-in Wings $21.48
Large Bone-In Wings $31.48
Chicken Nuggets Platter $35.49
Rock and Pizza Roll $4.99
XL Bone-In Wings $40.48


All calories are per serving
X-Large Wings $43.32
Regular Wings $14.49

Specialty Pizzas

Cali Alfredo Traditional Crust Pizza $10.06
Individual Specialty Pizza $10.18
Super Combo Pizza $17.49
BBQ Chicken Traditional Crust Pizza $10.06
Five Meat Pizza $16.02
Supreme Traditional Crust Pizza $10.07
Veggie Traditional Crust Pizza $10.06
Five Meat Traditional Crust Pizza $10.06
All-Meat Combo Pizza $17.49
Cali Alfredo Stuffed Crust Pizza $16.28
Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza $16.26
BBQ Chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza $16.24
Veggie Stuffed Crust Pizza $16.25
Five Meat Stuffed Crust Pizza $16.26


All calories are per serving
12 oz. Soda $1.67
Canned Drink $1.53
Can Drink $1.72
Mtn Dew $1.79
Can of Soda $1.58


Pepsi $1.67
Diet Pepsi $1.67
Mountain Dew $1.60


Cotton Candy $3.48
Churros $4.07
Iced Cinnamon Sticks $5.01
Giant Warm Cookie $6.80
Sheet Cake $18.99
Unicorn Churros $4.21

Sides & Extras

Extra Celery $0.59
Side of Buffalo Sauce $0.49
Side of BBQ Sauce $0.49
Side of Korean Sauce $0.49
Side of Honey Hot Sauce $0.49
Side of Ranch $0.49
Side of Marinara $0.49
Side of Blue Cheese $0.49
  • Disclaimer: PriceListo gets real-time price information from a variety of sources, including on-site visits, business websites, and phone conversations with vendors.
  • The prices displayed on this website are derived from one or more of the sources listed above.
  • Naturally, the prices shown on this page may or may not be up to date, and they may or may not apply to all of the locations of a certain business brand.
  • For the most up-to-date price information, please contact the specific company location that you are interested in.
  • PriceListo has published the pricing for Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s.


  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese is the brainchild of Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari and the man responsible for the Chuck E.
  • Cheese concept.
  • He wished to broaden the appeal of gaming arcades to include family- and kid-friendly settings, and the Pizza Time Theater was formed as a result of his efforts.
  • Upon opening his first restaurant in San Jose, California, he touted it as the country’s first family restaurant that combined food and beverages with a cheap indoor arcade and animated entertainment.
  • He was right.
  • In 1978, he acquired the concept from Warner Communications, which was at the time the corporate owner of Atari, and developed it further.
  • As part of a merger with Showbiz Pizza Place in 1984, the two companies became Showbiz Pizza Time, which was renamed Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Pizza in the early 1990s following a brand revamp.
  • CEC Entertainment, Inc.
  1. was established in 1998 as a spin-off of Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc.
  2. There are 577 sites in the United States and Canada as of March 2014, according to the company.

What They’re Famous For

  • In line with the company’s mission to become the world’s leading provider of family- and kid-friendly food and entertainment, all Chuck E. Cheese’s facilities are divided into two major sections: the restaurant, which serves pizza as its primary item on the menu, and the arcade. Other menu options include buffalo wings, cold-cut sandwiches, and desserts, as well as a fully-stocked salad bar for those who like to eat healthy on a regular basis. Several Chuck E. Cheese locations also serve new signature Chuck E. Cheese meals, along with beer and wine. You will also be pleased to know that most locations also offer gluten-free options, such as individual chocolate cupcakes and cheese pizza
  • indoor arcades with a variety of arcade games, animatronic displays, and amusement rides for the entire family to enjoy
  • and a variety of other activities for the entire family.

Why Eat Here

  • Aside from the low costs of Chuck E. Cheese, there are various more reasons to frequent the establishment, including the following: Exceptional food that caters to the diverse palates of both older and younger clients, particularly with the salad bar and children’s menu, respectively
  • The employees provided satisfactory service in light of the generally tough circumstances of dealing with groups of families with children varying in age from babies to teens
  • Exceptionally clean facilities and services, particularly the kid-friendly restrooms and changing areas
  • Although the arcade can be noisy for obvious reasons, the noise level in the restaurant is tolerable given the amount of youngsters in the establishment.

The website contains further information on Chuck E. Cheese, as well as a listing of locations near you.

New Holiday Gift Boxes Shipped To You

  • Where can you get Chuck E.
  • Cheese Pizza on the Frozen Food Isle?
  • Is Chuck E.
  • Cheese about to close its doors?
  • Send this wonderful, ready-to-gift package filled with Chuck E.
  • Cheese goodies and a personal letter from Chuck E.
  • Cheese to your favorite Chuck E.
  • Cheese fan who lives thousands of miles away.
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  • Cheese Holiday Ornament for 50% off when you place your order!
  1. Add the Holiday Gift Box to your shopping basket, and the discount will be applied during the checkout process.
  2. While supplies last, limit one per order.

It All Felt In A Word Cheap

  • Jeff Gross, Social Media Editor, explains what he does.
  • Pizza, according to popular belief, is similar to sex in that it is wonderful even when it is poor.
  • When it comes to Chuck E.
  • Cheese pizza, it is similar to terrible sex in that it is a passable imitation that is worth avoiding the instant it gets up and goes to the restroom.
  • Only the cauliflower crust version was available for me to try, and while it tasted exactly like pizza and didn’t have much of a cauliflower flavor, the dough did have a distinctly mass-produced feel to it.
  • While the garlic spray-on aftertaste is particularly prominent, the sauce is saccharine-sweet, and the meat is of a kind that does not appear to have any specific provenance.
  • Everything had a cheap feel to it, to put it bluntly.
  • A universe in which someone who is not celebrating a cursed birthday with one or more screaming children would want to eat Chuck E.
  • Cheese pizza does not exist, nor should it.
  • However, if we were all out of food after the apocalypse, this pizza would be the type of item that might suffice in a pinch.

Chuck E Cheese’s Menu Image Gallery

  • Chuck E Cheese’s menu pricing are subject to change at any time and without warning to customers.
  • It is recommended that you always verify with your restaurant before ordering because the prices indicated in the photos and in the following table are approximations only.
  • All menu items displayed in picture or table format on this page were acquired through e-mail from a Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant customer and a user.
  • makes no representations or warranties as to the pricing or availability of any menu items featured on this website.
  • Pricing may differ from one place to the other.
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What To Do With Kids At Chuck E Cheese

  • Even when you are not at home, your guests may take advantage of all Chuck E.
  • has to offer.
  • Visit the official website and navigate to the Kids Corner page, where you may spend time studying while also having a good time.
  • Games, applications, movies, coloring pages, and gorgeous Chuck E.
  • Cheeses wallpaper will be available for children to download and use on their computers and mobile devices.

Chuck E Cheese Pizza Now Available At Kroger

  • A license agreement between Chuck E.
  • Cheese and food maker Flatlander Foods has resulted in Chuck E.
  • Cheese pizza being sold in the frozen food section at Kroger stores across the United States.
  • The new pizzas, which are available in two flavors: Cheese and Pepperoni, are made in the United States of America and include 100 percent genuine mozzarella cheese.
  • Additionally, each pizza comes with an offer for 250 free e-tickets, which may be used for future visits at any participating Chuck E.
  • Cheese shop in the United States and Canada.
  • The new Chuck E.
  • Cheese frozen pizzas are available only at Kroger stores across the country for a suggested retail price of $6.99 per pie.
  • Image Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s is a popular amusement park in the United States.
  1. Also see Red Diamond Merlot 2011 for more information.

How Much Is A Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

  1. Priceparty Cheesemanyparty is Chuck Echeesemanyparty. Chuck ECheeseparty packages are available. Chuck E Cheese Coupons: 7 Ways to Save Money Instead of tokens, use quarters to make your purchase. If you acquire tokens, they will cost you around
  2. Please participate in the customer satisfaction survey. When you purchase your meal, you will be presented with a survey on your receipt
  3. take advantage of those coupons
  4. purchase small beverages and receive free refills
  5. Consider purchasing a dinner package.
  6. Make use of the free printable incentive charts.
  7. Become a member of their mailing list
  8. Don’t forget to use sour cream or cream cheese in your mac and cheese.

Fuck All Of You For Making Me Eat This

  • Nick Leftley, Senior Editor (in English): Look, I grew up in England in the 1980s, so I’m well-versed in the pitfalls of terrible pizza.
  • I didn’t have pizza that wasn’t made in a deep-pan at Pizza Hut or the frozen variety that came out of the oven brick-hard and coated with some kind of dried cheese scab until I was in my late teens, perhaps even later.
  • My attitude on pizza hasnt changed much since semi-edible pizza began to arrive on our shores in the late 1990sand even after relocating to New York, my perspective on pizza hasnt changed much from that of Miles Klee on burgers: They’re all in good shape.
  • Even the $1 2 Bros slice that I’ve diligently folded and stuffed down my throat entire while rushing to catch the train has always been totally OK.
  • No, I don’t even mind Chicago deep dish, which I’ve always considered to be excellent despite the fact that it’s essentially simply lasagna on bread, rather than because of it.
  • Consequently, I wasn’t anticipating much of a surprise when I went to the tasting today.
  • Normally, I preach that you should never complain about free food, but in this situation, fuck you all for having me eat this, fuck your dumb Chucky Mouse arcade-restaurant thing, and fuck the rest of the world for allowing anything like this to exist.
  • I despise each and every one of you.
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Free $10 Reward Coupon

  • When you sign up for the More Cheese Rewards program, you will receive a variety of freebies in addition to pizza.
  • Also available are reward vouchers that may be used for rewards such as video games, food, and beverages.
  • Members of the More Cheese Rewards program receive a $10 incentive after visiting the restaurant three times during a 12-month period.
  • We already go to Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s on a daily basis, so earning awards while doing so is a wonderful extra!
  • The more frequently you come, the greater the number of awards you may receive!
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What Is The Exclusive Play Band At Chuck E Cheese

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s Barstool Pizza – A Look Inside The Birthday Star Play Band is a one-of-a-kind item that can only be obtained by a youngster celebrating their birthday.
  • You may also be interested in: How to locate house parties.
  • Instead of utilizing a Play Pass card like the rest of the visitors, the birthday star will be picked out for special attention with his magnificent play band!
  • What exactly is VIP entertainment at Chuck E Cheese?
  • You’ll have the entire Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s to yourself if you choose VIP fun!
  • There are no other parties or persons present save those who have been invited.
  • How much does an hour of Chuck E Cheese fun cost at the restaurant?
  • * Prices start at $ 10 at the majority of sites.
  1. For pricing, information, and availability, check with your local store.
  2. ** Based on the average number of games played per hour resulting in an improved average number of tickets given out by purchasing tickets / engaging in skill games.
  3. *** Only available at participating locations.
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Eat At The Weekday Buffet

  • If you really must dine at the Chuck, attempt to take advantage of the weekday buffet.
  • The cost varies from location to location, however practically all of them provide a discounted pricing for children.
  • As an extra benefit, children under the age of three eat for free.
  • I generally eat something before I go.
  • For roughly $7, I can feed both of my children as much as they want at my local Community Education Center.
  • That takes us right up to the price of a Happy Meal, which is far more interesting than your regular trip to Mickey D’s.
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How Much Does Chuck E Cheese Get Paid

  • Salaries at Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s in the Los Angeles, California area Job Title Company Location Salary Cashier compensation There have been 11 salaries recorded.
  • General Manager wages in the Los Angeles, CA area start at $11 per hour.
  • There have been 7 salaries recorded.
  • Game Room Attendant wages in the Los Angeles, CA area are $47,433 per year.
  • There have been 5 wages recorded in the Los Angeles, CA area at $11/hr.
  • Take a look at these more resources: Ingredients for a Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Chuck E Cheese Menu With Prices

  • Chuck E.Cheese’s is a well-known destination for kids’ pizza get-togethers.
  • Since its inception, this children’s pizza and party restaurant franchise has been a source of fun for youngsters.
  • The Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s menu for birthday parties may be tailored to the specific gastronomic tastes of the customers.
  • Throughout this essay, I’ve included an enticing menu with the most up-to-date pricing, fantastic information, and much more.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s is known for its pizza, wings, salads, desserts, sandwiches, and drinks, among other foods and beverages.
  • At Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s, you can easily buy a dinner for less than $20.
  • The arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic shows are what distinguish them from the competition.
  1. They feature incredible themes that are based on cartoon characters.
  2. It is possible to walk through unexpected wall apertures that include animatronic singing animals.
  3. Chuck E.Cheese has emerged as the preferred sport for children’s birthday celebrations.
  1. Come for the party experience they have to offer.
  2. With this article, you will learn more about Chuck E.
  3. Cheese, a playdate spot menu that includes the most recent prices, franchise information, play pass information, and a nutritional analysis.
  4. But first, let’s take a look back to the beginning.

How Much Does Chuck E Cheese Cost

Chuck E Cheese’s prices, like those of any restaurant, will vary depending on what you choose to eat there. While many of the things may be purchased individually, they also sell bundles that include pizza, beverages, and tokens for a discounted price. Check out the chart below to find out how much it could cost at your local store.

Package Deals
  • NOTE: For additional information on pricing at Chuck E.
  • Cheese, please see this official Chuck E.
  • Cheese price PDF.
  • We have produced a guide for those interested in learning more about the pricing of a Chuck E.
  • Cheese birthday party package.
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  • Do Sealed Cheese Sticks Need to Be Refrigerated?
  • Don’t Miss This Article!

How Do You Get Free Chuck E Cheese Tickets

More Cheese Rewards users who recommend a friend to the More Cheese Rewards program will get 100 free tickets for each person that joins the program. A referral incentive can be earned up to a total of 20 times each year! Make an online reservation for a Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party and you’ll receive free tickets as well as free tokens or play points.

Chuck E Cheese Tastes Like Your Lost Youth

  • The following is an excerpt from Tim Grierson, Contributing Editor: Possibly because I was eating Chuck E.
  • Cheese, a pizza that I used to eat when I was a child, but I found myself in a rather nostalgic mood while biting on the slice of pizza.
  • Some types of factory-made pizza take me back to my youth, when I didn’t have a developed palate and would simply eat whatever pizza was put in front of me simply because it was pizza, and that sends me back to my childhood.
  • Pizza evokes recollections of birthday parties or post-game festivities, among other things.
  • When you’re young, pizza is connected with having a good time, to the point that the pizza itself doesn’t mean all that much.
  • And so there you have it: Chuck E.
  • Cheese tastes just like your long-lost childhood!
  • The reality is that when it comes to pizza, I’m a simpleton.
  • I don’t have a lot of requirements.
  • I’d like it to be stuffed with meat.
  1. My preference is for a thinnish crust on top.
  2. I’d appreciate it if there was cheese available.
  3. It is not even necessary for it to be heated.
  1. Pizza is dependable in this regard.
  2. To spoil pizza, you have to work quite hard at it.
  3. Just make sure you don’t burn it, and you’ll be OK.
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Chuck E Cheeses Menu Prices 2021

  • Are you seeking for the greatest spot to get a wonderful slice of pizza in a relaxing environment?
  • If you answered yes, then your quest is done because we are going to tell you about Chuck E.
  • Cheeses, a restaurant that specializes in pizza and other menu options.
  • In addition, we will provide you with the chuck e cheese menu pricing shown below.
  • First and foremost, we’ll tell you a little bit about the establishment’s history.
  • It was established on May 17, 1977, 43 years ago, in Sa Jose, California, United States, by Nolan Bushnell, who established this restaurant with the primary goal of providing its clients with the greatest and highest quality pizzas possible.
  • In addition to a restaurant where you may eat, there are arcade games, amusement rides, and animatronic displays so that you can keep yourself entertained while you wait for your dinner.
  • These restaurants are currently found in more than 602 locations across the world, with the most of them in North America, but they have also grown into nations such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and India.
  • Instead of wasting time, let’s have a look at the Chuck E Cheese Menu Prices so that you can start buying the meal based on your financial situation and preferences.
  • The following are the prices for the Chuck E Cheese menu:

Value Deals

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Chuck E Cheeses Free Pizza

  • Promotional Video for Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre Franchise While playing games, we usually build up an appetite, so when we go to Chuck E. Cheeses, we always order something to eat. The cheese pizza is a particular favorite among the ladies. Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive a FREE pizza? Chuck E. Cheese’s is offering a free pizza to those who follow the instructions below. It’s simple, and there’s no need to make a purchase! Join Chuck E. Cheeses More Cheese Rewards program and you will receive a free one-topping personal pizza on your next visit when you join the program. I promise you, it is that simple! In order to participate in the More Cheese Rewards program, you must do one of the following: Online at
  • on your smartphone with the free Chuck E. Cheeses More Cheese mobile app
  • and in-store at Chuck E. Cheeses.
  • After you join up, go to the rewards section of the website and you’ll notice that the free pizza has already been added to your account.
  • Simply inform the staff that you would want to redeem your free pizza on your next visit, and you will be on your way!
  • Our award was credited to our account within minutes of receiving it.
  • As a result, because it might take up to 24 hours for your reward to be applied, I recommend signing up as soon as possible so that your free pizza will be ready and waiting for you when you return to the restaurant.
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  • Check to see if the Babybel Cheese has been pasteurized as well.

Each Pizza Also Comes With 250 Free E

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese pizza is now available at your local grocery store, which means no more strange stares from parents when you go into your local Chuck E.
  • Cheese without your children or enduring an afternoon of costly games only to get your hands on a piece of pizza.
  • Our team is excited to introduce Chuck E.
  • Cheese to the supermarket aisle with a new product inspired by our iconic pizza and designed to be enjoyed in family homes around the country, according to a Chuck E.
  • Cheese spokesperson in a press release.
  • In the next years, we plan to expand our Licensing Division and introduce our brand to new categories for families to enjoy outside of our four walls.
  • Pepperoni and cheese on a pizza crust In addition to Kroger grocery shops around the country, Chuck E.
  • Cheese pizzas are now accessible.
  • They’ll run you around $6.99 apiece.
  1. Besides that, each pizza comes with 250 free e-tickets for the next time you visit a Chuck E.
  2. Cheese store, which seems like a pretty good offer.
  3. Consider all of the great things you could win, as well as how much less time you would have to spend playing Skeeball or whatever your favorite game is.

Bring Themed Cups And Plates

  • Besides providing all of the equipment you’ll need to enjoy your dinner and dessert, Chuck E.
  • Cheeses also provided us with the idea of eating the cake on outer space themed plates.
  • The staff is really courteous and helpful.
  • You are allocated to a party host, who is in charge of making sure everything goes as well as possible.
  • So, when we invited her to our celebration, we informed her that we would want to serve the cake on the outer space plates when it was time to cut the cake.
  • Babybel Refrigeration is a book that we recommend.

All You Can Play The Chuck E Way

  • It’s entertaining to participate in All You Can Play games.
  • You know what isn’t enjoyable?
  • Saying no to your children.
  • Other family entertainment facilities advertise that they feature ″All You Can Play″ video games.
  • However, upon closer inspection, you will discover that there are limits on the types of games that may be played, as well as that the deals are only accessible on specific days of the week.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheeses strives to be your children’s favorite place to visit, and part of achieving this goal is providing them with more of what they enjoy.
  • On each given day of the week, there will be more games, more tickets, and more prizes!
  • Because we believe that the amount of fun you and your family can have should not be restricted, Chuck E.
  • Cheeses offers All You Can Play on all games, every day of the week.
  1. Chuck E.
  2. Cheese’s offers an unlimited number of games.
  3. Weekdays are divided into two categories: Chuck E.
  1. Cheese’s is a popular restaurant in the United States.
  2. All You Can Play is an unrivaled experience.
  3. All You Can Play is available seven days a week, every day of the year, whenever Chuck E.
  4. Cheeses is open.

It is not an offer or a gimmick; rather, it is a completely new style of playing.Other establishments may have infinite games, but they may only be offered on specific days or at specific hours of the day.That doesn’t sound like an unlimited amount of time to us!The Games are a great way to spend time with friends and family.If a game is accessible in our gaming room, it is included in the All You Can Play package at Chuck E.Cheese’s.

  • This contains all of the arcade games, rides, and other attractions that are available at our restaurants.
  • Some other family entertainment facilities offer All You Can Play packages that are limited to a single type of attraction or solely video games.
  • Nothing destroys a good time faster than having to inform your children that they can’t participate in their favorite activity.
  • Value

Appetizers And Platters For Sharing Menu

Cheesy Bread

We’ve stuffed our delectable cheesy bread with garlic spread, freshly shredded, freshly melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, then baked it till golden brown. With pizza sauce and light ranch dressing on the side, this dish is perfect for sharing!

Pretzel Bites

Our bite-size pretzels are served warm with a flavorful cheese sauce for dipping, making them the perfect appetizer to share.

Parmesan Breadsticks

Pass the parmesan, please! Our parmesan breadsticks are topped with a garlic butter mix and melted Parmesan cheese, making them a delicious appetizer. A light ranch dressing and pizza sauce are provided beside it as dipping sauces.

Mozzarella Sticks

Cooked to golden perfection, real mozzarella cheese is a delicacy. All of our entrees are served with our marinara sauce on the side.

App Sampler

This and that, a little bit here and a little bit there. Four party classics are included in our appetizer sampler: breadsticks, cheesy bread, oven-baked fries, and your choice of traditional bone-in or boneless wings. App Sampler and Large App Sampler are both available in two different sizes.

Party Wings Platter

All of us have wings! Our platter of party wings serves around 6 to 8 partygoers, depending on their appetites. You may choose between boneless white meat nuggets and conventional bone-in chicken wings. In addition, don’t forget to select from one of our four delectable wing sauces.

Sandwich Platter

Everything is freshly made and ready to go to the celebration. Our sandwich plate includes three baked sandwiches that are cut up and served with fries so that everyone can get a taste of everything.

Veggie Platter

Is Babybel Cheese Required to Be Refrigerated? (Recommended Reading)

Chuck E. Cheese Menu & Prices 2021

  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s is a family entertainment facility that is most known for its extensive selection of arcade games and for hosting children’s birthday parties.
  • The popular mouse mascot, who can be found roaming around the store and taking photographs with clients, is another plus.
  • Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s, on the other hand, is more than simply an arcade.
  • They have become well-known for their food and beverage menu, particularly for their famous pizza, which they provide.
  • Additionally, they provide wings, salad, sandwiches, and dessert in addition to soda and alcoholic beverages.
  • They also have a drive-thru and a delivery service.
  • You may even order food for delivery on the internet.
  • This page contains the most up-to-date information about Chuck E.
  1. Cheese menu pricing.

View Estimated Prices in Your State


Food Size Price

Popular Items

Large Pizza $14.49
Parmesan Bread sticks 6 Sticks $5.49
Cheesy Bread 6 Sticks $6.99
Churros 4 Sticks $3.99
French Fries $3.49
App Sampler Platter $11.79
Iced Cinnamon Sticks 6 Slices $4.99
Small Wings (Boneless) $10.99
Giant Warm Cookie (Chocolate Chip) $6.49
Pretzel Bites $5.49


Personal Pizza $7.99
Large Pizza $14.49
Medium Pizza $12.49

Specialty Pizza

Cali Alfredo Pizza (Personal) $9.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza $15.49
Cali Alfredo Pizza $15.49
Veggie Pizza (Personal) $9.99
Supreme Pizza (Personal) $9.99
Veggie Pizza $9.99
Supreme Pizza $15.49
Five Meats Pizza (Personal) $9.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Personal) $9.99
Five Meats Pizza $9.99

Apps & Wings

Cheesy Bread 6 Sticks $6.99
Small Wings (Boneless) $10.99
Parmesan Bread sticks 6 Sticks $5.49
Medium Wings (Boneless) $18.99
French Fries $3.49
Medium Wings (Bone-In) $20.99
Pretzel Bites $5.49
Large Wings (Bone-In) $30.99
App Sampler Platter $11.79
Large Wings (Boneless) $27.99
Large App Sampler Platter $19.79
XL Wings (Bone-In) $39.99
Small Wings (Bone-In) $11.99
XL Wings (Boneless) $35.99

Limited Time Offer

Unicorn Churros $3.99
Cauliflower Crust Pizza $9.99


House Salad $4.99


Chicken Nuggets (Kids) $4.99
Chicken Nuggets (Adult) $10.99


Iced Cinnamon Sticks 6 Slices $4.99
Giant Warm Cookie (Chocolate Chip) $6.49
Churros 4 Sticks $3.99


Can Of Soda $1.50

You may find out more about Chuck E. Cheese by visiting their official website.

Are You An All You Can Player?

  • Part of our objective as the ″Fun Capital of the UniverseTM″ is to guarantee that our gaming packages are always changing so that our visitors receive the most value out of their visits to Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s.
  • We call this ″continuous evolution.″ First and foremost, we went back to the fundamentals in order to integrate more of what children genuinely desire….
  • In our conversations with a large number of children and their parents, it was clear that they want a large number of games, tickets, and an enjoyable experience for the entire family.
  • We took this into consideration while launching All You Can Play, a completely new way to play this summer.
  • When you purchase a certain period of time rather than Play Points, you are essentially paying for the entire game.
  • What is the reasoning for this?
  • The ability to purchase time rather than points helps children to maximize the number of games and tickets they may win during a visit.
  • When your children play All You Can Play games, you won’t have to worry about replenishing their Play Pass cards since they’ll burn through all of their Play Points rapidly.
  • The availability of unlimited games also means that your children will be able to play 50 percent more games* and even experiment with new games that they have never tried before.
  1. More games combined with more tickets equals more rewards!
  2. That is the type of math issue that we enjoy working on.
  3. It is not too good to be true that All You Can Play is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on any game of choice.
  1. As you can see, this is not a one-time promotion or gimmick.
  2. It is a long-term commitment.
  3. Every day of the week, at all hours of the day, you may take advantage of this unique manner of playing.
  4. All of the games and rides in the restaurant are included, and there is no need to go through any red tape.

All You Can Play was created because we prioritized the enjoyment of children.That is all there is to it!Having said that, children play in a variety of ways, and their preferences might vary depending on their age.To find out what sort of gamer they are, take our quiz!*Prices begin at $9 in most areas.Pricing and specifics are available at your location.

  • All You Can Play is a game with a time limit.
  • The time limit expires at the end of the day after the date of purchase.
  • Only available at participating locations.
  • Getting back to you on your questions: How much does All You Can Play run you?
  • All You Can Play games start at $9 for 30 minutes of play time, with more expensive options available.
  1. Pricing may vary depending on where you are.
  2. Do you have the ability to halt time?
  3. In order to make the most of your time, you might consider halting your play once when it’s time to eat or use the toilet.
  • When you are ready to continue play, simply return to the kiosk and press the ″Resume Play″ button.
  • Is it possible for me to store some of my time for another day?
  • Your time is only valid until the end of the day on which you purchased it.
  • When the timer expires, your Play Pass will no longer be valid.

Chuck E. Cheese’s pepperoni pizza beats Pizza Hut in taste test

  • New thin-crust pizzas are available on Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s revamped menu, and the company’s pepperoni pizzas recently defeated Pizza Hut’s in a nationwide taste test.
  • The 9th of September, 2015 When it comes to food, Chuck E.
  • Cheese isn’t only for kids.
  • Its thin and crispy pepperoni pizza, which won a blind taste test versus Pizza Hut’s pie, has garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback.
  • According to a press statement from CEC Entertatinment, the parent company of Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s, a countrywide blind taste test revealed that the majority of pizza testers, 57 percent, favored Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s over Pizza Hut’s.
  • On the revamped menu, which was launched last summer by Executive Chef Gregory Casale, Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s new thin-crust pizzas are highlighted.
  1. A recent expansion of the test kitchen at Casale’s new Dallas headquarters was announced, according to a press release.
  2. In addition, Chuck E.
  3. Cheese’s is receiving praise for its adult-friendly food as well as its children’s games, according to the press.
  1. For children, a visit to Chuck E.
  2. Cheese’s is all about the exhilarating experience — tokens, tickets, prizes, and of course, Chuck E.
  3. himself — but now we’ve struck a chord with parents by offering delicious pizza,″ said Tom Leverton, CEO of CEC Entertainment.
  4. ″We’ve struck a chord with parents by offering great tasting pizza,″ added Leverton.

″Beating one of America’s most well-known pizza companies just goes to show that we have the pizza skills to delight the whole family.The classic pepperoni pizza is a kid favorite, but we’re making it even better for mom with freshly-made dough, hand-shredded mozzarella, and a sauce prepared from vine-ripened tomatoes.″ Aside from that, Chuck E.Cheese’s has introduced two new pizzas: the Cali Alfredo, which is topped with alfredo sauce as well as mushrooms, spinach, sausage, and chicken; and the BBQ Chicken, which is topped with BBQ sauce as well as chicken, crispy onions, and green peppers.Both are available with a thin and crisp crust as well as a classic one.The roasted BBQ chicken and Italian sub sandwiches served on baked ciabatta bread, chicken caesar or club wraps served on whole wheat tortillas, and boneless wings are among the latest additions to the menu.

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