Why Pizza On Google?

Google Doodle is celebrating the anniversary of Pizza’s recognition as a symbol of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, through this interactive game!

What is the pizza puzzle on Google Doodle?

Read all about it here Google Doodle is celebrating Pizza today with an interactive and fun puzzle game that asks users to cut slices based on the toppings and slices ordered. Why is Google Doodle celebrating pizza today?

How to celebrate World Pizza Day with Google pizza puzzle?

To celebrate the day, Google released a fun game for its users. The puzzle features some of the most beloved pizza toppings from all over the world. The challenge in the game is to cut slices based on the type of pizza ordered. However, keep in mind the requested toppings and number of slices while cutting the pizza.

What are the pizza options provided by Google in the game?

Some of the pizza options provided by Google in the game are Pepperoni Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni), White Pizza (Cheese, White Sauce, Mushrooms, Broccoli), Calabrese Pizza (Cheese, Calabrese, Onion Rings, Whole Black Olives), Margherita Pizza (Cheese, Tomatoes, Basil), Mozzarella Pizza (Cheese, Oregano, Whole Green Olives), Hawaiian Pizza.

What is it about pizza?

It is a culinary practise comprising of four different phases relating to the preparation of the dough and its baking in a wood-fired oven, involving a rotatory movement by the baker. Moreover, Naples is widely credited as the birthplace of pizza in the late 1700s.

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