What Is The Healthiest Frozen Pizza?

Caulipower Veggie Pizza. Cauliflower pizza crust is all the craze right now for people seeking low-carb,gluten-free alternatives.

Are there any healthy frozen pizzas?

Frozen pizza, which usually contains preservatives and chemicals to make sure the pizza survives its stay in the freezer case, tends to be even more unhealthy. But are there any frozen pizzas that are downright healthy?

What is the healthiest pizza to eat?

Kashi’s pizzas are generally healthy (we’re fans of the Mushroom Trio & Spinach pie), as are Newman’s Own ( Roasted Vegetable Thin & Crispy is a good one). Amy’s is also getting involved in the pizza game — the brand’s Roasted Vegetable pizza is good, and its Light & Lean line very well might have the healthiest pizzas on the market.

What is the most popular frozen pizza in the US?

The top-selling frozen pizza brands in the U.S. are Nestle-owned DiGiorno, Schwan’s Co.’s Red Baron and Totino’s Party Pizza, owned by General Mills. But as one of the most popular brands, DiGiornio’s Four Cheese Pizza also often ranks as one of the least healthy.

What is the best low carb frozen pizza?

Real Good Foods Cauliflower Crust Margherita Pizza This is the best low-carb frozen pizza you can buy. ‘This pizza is perfect for if you’re following a low carb diet because it has a completely grain-free crust made from cauliflower, egg, almonds, and cheese.

What brand of pizza is the healthiest?

The 5 Best Healthier Frozen Pizzas

  1. American Flatbread Revolution. Like a lot of good food innovations, American Flatbread started in Vermont.
  2. Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza.
  3. Amy’s Pesto Pizza.
  4. Capello’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza.
  5. Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza.

Are frozen pizzas healthier?

Experts for the consumer group analysed 162 cheese-and-tomato and pepperoni pizzas available in the major supermarkets and takeaway chains, finding that frozen pizzas tended to be healthier than fresh versions.

Is frozen pizza good for weight loss?

Luckily, there’s no need to give up pizza altogether to stay healthy and lose weight, you’ve just got to heat up the best frozen pizza pie.

Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Uncured Pepperoni, ⅓ pie, 125 g.

Calories 320
Fat 16 g
Saturated Fat 6 g
Carbs 31 g
Protein 15 g

How unhealthy is frozen pizza?

Frozen Pizza

Often a diet staple of college students and busy families, frozen pizzas are popular meal choices for many people. While there are exceptions, most are high in calories, sugar and sodium. They’re typically highly processed and contain artificial preservatives, added sugar and unhealthy fats.

What pizza has the lowest sodium?

Low Sodium Store-Bought Pizza

  • Lean Cuisine Casual Cuisine Traditional Four Cheese Frozen Pizza.
  • Cali’flour Foods Supreme Veggie Pizza.
  • Totino’s Pepperoni Party Pizza Frozen Pizza.
  • Quest 4-Cheese Thin Crust Pizza.
  • Amy’s Margherita Pizza.
  • California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust White Frozen Pizza.
  • Is Quest thin crust pizza healthy?

    Quest® Thin Crust Pizza has a crust that’s rich in protein but has just 5-6 grams of net carbs per serving. Quest pizzas have 20-28 grams of protein and are also a delicious source of fiber. It’s way bigger than a pizza. It’s a Quest!

    Is Totino’s pizza healthy?

    The Worst: Totino’s Party Pizza, Hamburger

    But this one’s even unhealthier than it seems, with a whopping 5 g of trans fat. In case you need a little refresher, trans fat not only raises levels of LDL (or ‘bad’ cholesterol), but it also actually lowers levels of HDL (‘good’ cholesterol).

    What frozen food is healthy?

    10 Healthy and Affordable Frozen Foods

  • 1. Fruits and vegetables. Frozen vegetables and fruits are common go-tos for stocking the freezer — and for good reason.
  • Falafel.
  • Edamame.
  • Turkey meatballs.
  • Chicken or fish patties.
  • Cauliflower rice.
  • Brown rice.
  • Veggie pizza crust.
  • What is the lowest calorie pizza to eat?

    The lowest calorie Domino’s pizza is the chain’s Thin Crust Veggie Pizza. The lowest calorie Domino’s pizza option is their Thin Crust Veggie Pizza with light cheese. Each slice has 135 calories, 250 milligrams of sodium, two grams of sugar, and two grams of saturated fat.

    Which pizza is best for weight loss?

    Avoid Salty Meats & Add Lean Proteins

    But not any source of the muscle-building nutrient will do. Pizza classics like pepperoni, bacon, and sausage are packed with unhealthy saturated fats and tons of salt. Skip ’em and opt for grilled chicken, sliced ham, or anchovies (a potent source of healthy fats), instead.

    Is Daiya pizza healthy?

    Daiya cheese is not very healthy. It’s made mainly of processed starch and refined oil, and it has a similar amount of saturated fat and sodium as real cheese. For a healthier option, look for a plant-based “cheese” made of whole foods, such as a healthy cashew cheese.

    Is Margherita Pizza healthy?

    Unlike other pizzas, a Margherita pizza can be considered healthy as long as you’re mindful of ingredients. Which, you know I’m all about! My best homemade Margherita pizza recipe is fresh, light and its toppings only include basil, mozzarella, tomato and a tad of olive oil.

    Is frozen cauliflower pizza healthy?

    It all comes down to the other ingredients. There’s a healthy-sounding trend in the supermarket: pizza crusts made of cauliflower. Claims include “only 3 net carbs per serving” and “just 80 calories per slice.” It’s true that a crust made with a healthy veggie might be a better choice than one of refined white flour.

    Is Red Baron pizza healthy?

    Red Baron Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza

    ‘One serving size of this pizza contains almost half of the day’s recommended amount of sodium and saturated fat! And let’s be real-who ever eats one serving of pizza? It also has some questionable preservatives and over 1000mg of sodium per serving,’ says Michalczyk.

    What is the best frozen pizza in America?

  • Giordano’s Pizza,Chicago.…
  • Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria,Chicago.…
  • My Pi,Chicago.…
  • Pequod’s,Chicago.…
  • Pi,St. Louis.…
  • Pizano’s,Chicago. Debra W/Yelp.…
  • Pizzeria Uno,Chicago. Yelp/Samantha P.…
  • The Art of Pizza,Chicago. Yelp/Michael L.
  • Which frozen pizza is better?

    – You can find good quality frozen pizza at your local grocery store. – Better quality frozen pizzas usually range from $10 to $15. – You can still doctor up any frozen pizza to make it better than it would be on its own!

    How unhealthy is a frozen pizza really?

    – One frozen pizza (1550 calories) – Eight ounces of dry pasta (800) – Turns into a pound after cooking – 3/4 cup of marinara sauce (105) – 20 ounces of Coke Zero (0) – Five cups of water (0)

    Nutritionists Recommend Which Frozen Pizzas Are The Healthiest

    You’re not alone in your affection for frozen pizza, believe it or not.According to market research firm Information Resources Inc., sales in the category reached over $5 billion last year, representing a 4.5 percent rise over the previous year as new items continue to enter the market.The top-selling frozen pizza brands in the United States include DiGiorno, which is owned by Nestle, Red Baron, which is owned by Schwan’s Co., and Totino’s Party Pizza, which is owned by General Mills.However, while being one of the most well-known brands, DiGiornio’s Four Cheese Pizza is frequently ranked as one of the least healthful.This frozen pizza contains 290 calories per serving, which is one-sixth of a pizza, or 1,740 calories for the entire pie (which, let’s be honest, is closer to the amount of calories that the average person consumes when craving frozen pizza), as well as 10 grams of fat, 38 grams of carbohydrates, and 670 milligrams of sodium per serving.In order to assist us in our search for healthier choices, we contacted three nutritionists to provide their opinions on the top five healthiest frozen pizzas available.

    Samantha Stewart, RDN

    • As a registered dietitian nutritionist in Little Rock, Arkansas, Samantha Stewart is known for her love of pizza. She works with heart patients and frequently takes them grocery shopping to educate them on how to read nutrition labels. ″I absolutely love pizza,″ she says. ″It’s something I’m not ashamed to admit, even as a dietitian.″ She stated that she seeks for frozen pizza that is low in total fat, saturated and trans fats, salt, and sugar, but rich in protein, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, and fiber, among other things. In reviewing frozen pizza, Stewart is less concerned about carbs since ″we’re talking about pizza here, and I’m a proponent of a well-balanced diet.″ However, when it comes to frozen pizza, portion size is critical because it can vary greatly. Here are Stewart’s top picks for the best of the best: 12 pie (165 g)
    • 310 calories per serving
    • 14 g fat (of which 4 g are saturated)
    • 37 g carbohydrates
    • 500 mg sodium
    • According to her, she is a ″big proponent of a plant-based diet,″ and this recipe includes cauliflower as the first ingredient. Additionally, brown rice flour is used in the crust, which is a gluten-free whole grain. Each dish of the pizza provides 3 grams of fiber, which is 13 percent of the daily fiber requirement, which Stewart believes is significant because most Americans do not consume enough fiber. Also low in saturated fat and salt, but high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, this dish is a healthy choice. Serving size: one-third of a pizza (123 g)
    • 260 calories per serving
    • 11 grams of fat (4 grams of saturated fat)
    • 30 grams of carbohydrates
    • 540 milligrams of sodium
    • According to her, each serving has a minimal amount of total fat, saturated fat, and salt. In addition, Stewart stated that ″all of the components are organic, right down to the garlic, basil, and oil.″ Serving size: one-third of a pizza
    • 270 calories per serving
    • 10 grams of fat
    • 4.5 grams of saturated fat
    • 33 grams of carbohydrates
    • 540 milligrams of sodium
    • Despite the fact that this pizza has a slightly greater total fat, saturated fat, and salt content than her other selections, Stewart says the serving size is somewhat bigger and it is ″still a much healthier choice in compared to some of the other options out there.″ Serving size: one-third of a pizza
    • 260 calories per serving
    • 13 grams of fat
    • 0 grams of saturated fat
    • 0 grams of carbohydrates
    • 460 milligrams of sodium
    • ″When you think of DiGiorno, this may not be the first pizza that springs to mind, but it’s still a fantastic pick,″ Stewart said of the pizza. While the pizza is tiny in size, she claims that its salt content is on the lower end of the spectrum. However, she claims that the total fat, saturated fat, and fiber content are greater than those of other options. Serving size: one-third of a pizza (141 g)
    • 350 calories per serving
    • 16 g fat
    • 9 g saturated fat
    • 38 g carbohydrates
    • 830 mg sodium

    According to Stewart, ″some could argue that I’m no longer qualified to practice as a dietician since I’m advising this, but it’s honestly the greatest option if Red Baron is the only pizza looking back at you from the frozen pizza area.″ Although the bigger serving size of one-third of a pizza is a benefit, the total fat, saturated fat, salt, and sugar content are all on the high side.Nonetheless, it is ″much better than other frozen pizza alternatives,″ according to her.

    Malina Malkani, RDN

    • When you don’t have time to cook, frozen pizza can be a convenient and healthy meal option, especially when it’s topped with vegetables, which increase the nutrient content of a meal rather than processed meats, which tend to be higher in sodium and saturated fat. Malina Malkani is a registered dietitian nutritionist in New York City who is also a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the author of The Wholesome Way to Live. ″That being said, all meals may be included in a healthy lifestyle depending on how frequently and how much they are consumed,″ she explained, adding that moderation is the key. Malkani’s ranks are as follows: The serving size is 170 oz. (one package), and the calorie count per serving is 320. There are 9 g of fat and 3 g of saturated fat in each serving, and 46 g of carbohydrates. The sodium count per serving is 610 mg.
    • Organic tomatoes and organic portobello mushrooms are among the ingredients on this pizza, which Malkani applauded for include ″other recognized, whole food elements″ such as vegetables and ″other recognizable, whole food ingredients.″ This is a wonderful option for anyone who is trying to lose weight because the entire pizza is equivalent to one serving, and it provides a healthy balance of protein, fat, and fiber, which will keep someone feeling content for a longer period of time. 2. Caulipower Veggie Pizza (also known as Caulipower Pizza). Malkani, like Stewart, chose the Caulipower vegetable pizza for its gluten-free, cauliflower-based crust, which she found to be particularly appealing. Because of the added vegetable toppings, the pizza ″provides more vitamins and minerals than the bulk of other frozen pizzas,″ according to Malkani, who also noted that it contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. Serving size: one-third of a pizza
    • 190 calories per serving
    • 8 g fat
    • 4 g saturated fat
    • 21 g carbohydrates
    • 400 mg sodium
    • Malkani claims that this gluten-free version has fewer calories and salt than many other frozen pizzas on the market. It’s simpler than most to keep your daily salt consumption under control when you bear in mind that the American Heart Association advises no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day and that an optimal limit for most individuals is 1,500 milligrams per day or less,″ she added. Serving size: one-third of a pizza (132 g)
    • 360 calories per serving
    • Carbohydrates: 37 g
    • fat: 18 g
    • saturated fat: 4 g
    • sodium: 680 mg
    • calories: 240

    According to Malkani, the crust of this pizza is partially produced with whole wheat flour, which increases fiber and makes people feel fuller longer.The serving size is also ″ideal for sharing,″ as the crust contains some whole wheat flour.For people with food sensitivities, she says the recipe is created with primarily organic, easily recognized whole food components that are vegetarian, free of soy, and nut-free.5.Make Your Own Frozen Pizza For those who want to have the most control over what goes into their pizza, Malkani recommends making your own with a pre-made frozen crust.Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value, and Cali’flour all sell frozen cauliflower-based pizza crusts that are low in carbohydrates.

    According to her, ″I recommend picking a pile of vegetable toppings that increase the fiber, vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient value of your meal.″

    Kristi Coughlin, RDN

    • A Central Oregon-based registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Effectual Nutrition, an online private nutrition clinic, Kristi Coughlin enjoys pizza so much that she consumes it on a weekly basis, which she claims is unexpected given her line of work. In order to choose the healthiest frozen pizza, she stated, ″it was important to consider flavor in addition to nutritional statistics.″ ″Of course, the flavor was the most important consideration, followed by the overall number of calories, fiber, and protein.″ The following are Coughlin’s rankings, which are presented in no particular order: Serving size: one-third of a pizza
    • calorie count per serving: 300
    • fat content: 15 g
    • saturated fat content: 7 g
    • carbohydrates content: 30 g
    • sodium content: 470 mg
    • ″The flavor was great
    • even my smallest kid loved it, which is saying a lot,″ Coughlin said of this pizza, which he considered the finest traditional option available: ″ She commended the product’s short ingredient list, the absence of artificial tastes, the presence of 2 grams of fiber, and the presence of 12 grams of protein. Serving size: one-third of a pizza (113 g)
    • 330 calories per serving
    • 17 g fat
    • 5 g saturated fat
    • 32 g carbohydrates
    • 550 mg sodium
    • Coughlin described this pizza, which has a simple cheese and tomato topping, as a ″blank slate″ and suggested that it be topped with additional ingredients. Adding bell peppers and onions to the mix will give it more taste and fiber, she explained. Serving size: 1/4 pizza (126 g)
    • 230 calories per serving
    • 8 g fat
    • 5 g saturated fat
    • 27 g carbohydrates
    • 570 mg sodium
    • 230 calories per serving
    • The addition of zucchini, onions, red, yellow, and green peppers to the crust provided significant taste increase, according to Coughlin, who added that this frozen pizza is a good grain-free choice for individuals who wish to restrict their flour consumption or who have a gluten allergy. Another benefit is that one-quarter of the pizza has 2 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein. Serving size: one-third of a pizza (145 g)
    • Per serving, there are 200 calories, 7 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 38 grams of carbohydrates, and 300 milligrams of sodium.
    • It has a crust made from cornmeal, carrots, and chia that is distinct from typical pizza, according to Coughlin, and has a different taste than standard pizza. However, because of the abundance of vegetable toppings, one-third of the pizza has 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein. A serving size of 1/2 pizza (121 g) is 240 calories and contains 14 g of fat (8 g of saturated fat), 4 g of carbohydrates, and 660 milligrams of sodium.
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    Featuring a chicken and Parmesan cheese crust, Coughlin claims that this pizza is a fantastic low-carb, high-protein alternative for anyone watching their carb intake.″A novel take on crust″ provides it with 4 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein, but it has no fiber, according to the chef.The bottom line when it comes to selecting a healthy frozen pizza is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, according to Coughlin.As a result of the several sorts of dietary preferences available, she believes it is critical to choose a frozen pizza that best meets one’s own interests.« Choose the pizza that you think will taste the best and will match your particular calorie, fiber, and protein requirements.»

    The 11 Healthiest Frozen Pizzas

    The era of frozen pizzas has finally arrived, and it is a glorious one.Pre-made pies nowadays are far from the cardboard-flavored confections of your childhood, thanks to improved ingredients (such as feta cheese and roasted garlic) and diet-friendly recipes (cauliflower crust, anyone?).Our freezer aisle is stocked with the greatest frozen pizza for you and your family, making supper a cinch to put together any night of the week.If you haven’t already, have a peek around.

    Frozen Pizza Ingredients

    • What makes a frozen pizza more nutritious than a take-out pizza from your neighborhood pizzeria? It all starts with the preparation of the ingredients. With a focus on nutrition, our top companies use high-quality ingredients to create delicious products without losing flavor. Crusts for every dietary requirement: In the past, all-purpose flour crusts were the sole option for making a pie crust. Make recipes that are gluten-free and keto-friendly by using items such as cauliflower, gluten-free flour mixes, and even chickpeas.
    • Cheese (as well as cheese substitutes): Even while mozzarella is the gold standard (and a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano for added nuttiness is always welcome), don’t overlook vegan-friendly alternatives that taste startlingly similar to the real thing.
    • Beyond the realm of red sauce: Pesto is one of the quickest and most convenient methods to boost the nutritional value of your meal without lifting a finger. This foundation, which is made with herbs and vegetables such as basil and spinach, hits all of the key taste notes while sneaking in some extra greens.
    • Ideas for pizza toppings include: Pepperoni is a classic for a reason, but spinach, pesto (as mentioned above), and other vegetables such as peppers and spinach should be included as well.

    Freezer Must-Have: Pizza From Amy’s Kitchen

    1. Amy’s Kitchen provides us with quick, nutritious, and preservative-free meals for days when we need a little more help in the kitchen.
    2. From bean and cheese burritos to hearty lentil soup, we can always count on Amy’s Kitchen for quick, healthy, and preservative-free dinners.
    3. Their pizza line has become our newest passion, owing to the use of non-GMO vegetables, dairy from hormone-free cows, and tempting flavors that cater to a wide range of palates.

    Margherita Pizza

    1. Takeout is not necessary for the Neapolitan pizza on the menu.
    2. With a thin and crunchy crust that’s strewn with fresh ingredients like organic tomatoes, basil, and two types of cheese: mozzarella and Parmesan — this pie was inspired by childhood travels to Italy.
    3. ″This pizza bakes up beautifully!
    4. Since all of the ingredients are 100% organic, I feel comfortable about serving this simple meal to myself and my family.″ —Beth, from the state of Florida

    Cheese Pizza

    1. Amy’s cheese pizza, cooked with a wheat flour crust, organic tomato sauce, herbs, spices, and shredded mozzarella cheese, is a classic way to start the day.
    2. ″This is by far the greatest cheese pizza you can make with a box of frozen ingredients.″ The fact that it’s delicious and made with natural ingredients means that you won’t feel guilty about indulging every now and then.
    3. ″This is my personal fave!″ —Hannah, from the state of Minnesota

    Spinach Pizza

    1. Put the veggies (and 12g of protein per serving) first with Amy’s delicious spinach pie, which is topped with organic greens, salty feta cheese, creamy mozzarella, and basil leaves.
    2. Because I have been a veggie enthusiast my whole life, I am really glad that Amy’s provides this organic spinach version.
    3. The crust is quite excellent, especially while it is still warm from the oven.
    4. ″Five stars!″ —Lorraine, from the state of Oregon

    Vegan Margherita Pizza

    1. Thanks to this dairy-free dish, vegans no longer have to forego their favorite comfort foods.
    2. Starting with a hand-stretched dough, this pizza gets dressed up by layering on chopped tomatoes, Italian-style sauce, aromatic basil, and plant-based mozzarella cheese.
    3. ″This is by far my favorite vegan freezer pizza, and I’ve tried many others.″ Amy’s always delivers a first-class performance!″ —Gretchen, a Nebraska resident

    7 Best Frozen Pizzas

    Members of Thrive Market have spoken, and their affection for frozen pizza is undeniable. This section has seven additional selections from the greatest frozen pizza brands that you can’t get enough of.

    Against the Grain

    • Their name is self-explanatory. Against the Grain is a company that specializes in grain- and gluten-free foods such as breads and pizzas. This company uses artisan baking techniques in conjunction with naturally gluten-free ingredients to stabilize, bind, and leaven their breads. Pizza cooked with nitrate- and nitrite-free pepperoni, homemade tomato sauce, and a triple cheese blend (mozzarella, Parmesan, and cheddar) provides 13 grams of protein per dish. Having celiac illness, Anna from California states that these are her favorite gluten-free pizzas to have on hand
    • Pesto Pizza Made Without Grains: Pesto cooked from scratch with no nuts forms the foundation of this gluten-free pizza, which is topped with savory Parmesan and creamy mozzarella cheeses.


    • Banza began as a gluten-free pasta substitute produced from chickpeas in 2014, and we’re pleased to say that the product range has grown to include pizza. Consider the words of Monique in North Carolina, who claims that ″this recipe never fails to satisfy my pizza cravings.″ ″Super tasty with ingredients I can understand!″ says the chef. Pizza with Roasted Veggies: Its 9-inch gluten-free crust has 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of nutritional fiber per serving, and its substantial toppings, which include roasted red peppers, spinach, and mozzarella, make it a vegetable lover’s paradise.
    • Supreme Pizza with Plant-Based Meat: In addition to being lower in carbohydrates than traditional bread, chickpea crust makes for an excellent vehicle for peppers and onions, acidic sauce, and Beyond Meat crumbles.


    • Cappello’s has mastered the use of almond flour in a variety of recipes. Whether it’s pizza or pasta, their recipes are healthily balanced, crafted with real food products, and always delectable. Margherita Pizza: Introducing the world’s best gluten-free pizza. Starting with a crisp almond flour crust, Cappello’s layers on mozzarella and cheddar cheese, juicy tomatoes, fresh basil and roasted garlic
    • the result is a delicious and filling pizza.
    • With a done-for-you crust from Cappello’s, you can relax and enjoy your evening meal even more. For a grain-free and game-changing pizza night, simply top with your favorite toppings.

    Tattooed Chef

    1. Tattooed Chef is fascinated with plant-based eating, sourcing ingredients from sustainable sources, and delivering colorful tastes to every home kitchen he can get his hands on.
    2. Using a practical approach, the company is able to provide quick and easy farm to table dishes, such as family-friendly pizza, whenever the need arises.
    3. Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust and Cheese: You won’t be able to resist this cauliflower crust pizza topped with mozzarella and provolone cheeses, which is gluten-free, vegetarian, and has 15 grams of protein per dish.
    4. ″I completely forgot it was cauliflower crust while I was eating,″ Melissa from Washington comments.
    1. ″It’s so crunchy!″

    How to Cook Frozen Pizza

    Although it’s always ideal to follow the directions on the package, here are a few tricks we have in our back pocket for when we need to make the most of a frozen supper.

    1. It should be baked on a stone. Because you did not create the dough from scratch, you can still use your oven stone to help the crust crisp up
    2. just be sure to bake it in the centre of your oven. Preparing your pizza while the oven is preheating will prevent you from getting an uncooked pizza
    3. position it on the middle rack to ensure equal cooking.
    4. Extra toppings can be added. If you’re cooking up a simple cheese pizza, take advantage of the opportunity to customize it with your favorite toppings. Include anything you might have on hand, such as leftover shredded chicken, olives, or sliced mushrooms, in the spirit of ″cleaning out the fridge.″

    5 Best Pizza Side Dishes

    Make a simple and nutritious side dish with the time you save by warming up a frozen pizza to make a whole dinner out of your time savings.

    Almond Hummus

    Toss the hummus with the ingredients, which include crisp carrots, radish slices, and cucumber. This recipe is gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

    Roasted Brussels Sprout Chips

    When seasoned with salt and vinegar, the delicate Brussels sprouts leaves become even more delectable. An added bonus is that they just need to be roasted for 7 to 10 minutes.

    Grilled Romaine Salad

    With the addition of smokey flavor from the grill, this salad becomes much more intriguing. Prepare this side dish indoors or outside; romaine is a hardy green that can withstand high temperatures, and a creamy avocado-lime dressing adds a rich, tangy note to the dish.

    Baked Sweet Potato Chips

    These cumin-spiced sweet potato chips are the ideal accompaniment to any meal. Just remember to plan ahead: the chips will need at least 20 minutes in the oven and will be able to cool (and crisp up) while the pizza is baking.

    Roasted Broccolini With Nori Salt

    This umami-inspired side dish is a winning choice for a green complement to your menu. It’s prepared with coconut aminos, nori, and sesame, and you can use ordinary broccoli in place of broccolini if you can’t locate broccolini in your local market.

    The #1 Best Frozen Pizza to Buy, According to a Dietitian

    1. Can you tell me how many dishes are so well-liked that they receive their own night dedicated to them?
    2. Yes, we’re referring to pizza night this time.
    3. Pizza is a cornerstone of the American diet, and frozen pizza provided us with yet another reason to include this cheesy, carb-heavy cuisine in our daily routines.
    4. However, although it has been a success in terms of quick and cheap dinners, it has not been beneficial to our overall health.
    1. Pizza is one of the most common sources of saturated fat in the diets of Americans.
    2. Because saturated fat, as defined by the American Heart Association, is a type of fat that has been linked to an increased risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and other health problems when consumed in excess, public health officials recommend that you limit your intake of this fat whenever possible.
    3. In the past, finding a healthy frozen pizza when shopping in the freezer department would have been difficult, but times have changed.

    ″Frozen pizzas have gone a long way in terms of safety in the food industry.Past frozen pizzas were notoriously high in trans fats, other unhealthy fats, sodium, and cholesterol—not a great choice for those of us who are trying to maintain or improve our health, as was the case for many years ″Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, of Nutrition Now Counseling and a member of the Eat This, Not That!Medical Expert Board, says, ″Eat This, Not That!″ is a slogan that should be followed.From cauliflower crust to thin crust to chickpea crust and everything in between, there are now plenty of healthier choices to choose from.However, are all of these true?″″Are the ″better-for-you″ alternatives actually better for you?

    While you might be tempted to instinctively think that frozen pizzas made with cauliflower or chickpea crust are the healthiest option, certain kinds may still contain harmful trans fats despite the addition of the vegetable or the pulse to the crust ″Manaker expresses himself in this way: For one thing, ″healthy″ frozen pizzas may still be high in fat and salt, making them a poor option.They may also be less satisfying: ″If you don’t like the flavor of these kinds and want to stick to your standard pizza choice, then don’t push yourself to eat them!″ Manaker advises.So, what is the greatest way to obtain the best of both worlds?

    Is it possible to have a pizza that is both healthy and tastes just like the pizza you enjoy?Yes, there is such a thing.

    The best frozen pizza is…

    1. ″While there are several frozen pizza types that are really healthy for you and delicious, the one I like to rely on is Alex’s Awesome Sourdough,″ says Manaker.
    2. ″Alex’s Awesome Sourdough is a frozen pizza variety that is highly excellent for you and delicious.″ So, what is it about this pizza that makes it so ″healthy?″ The key lies in the sourdough starter.
    3. ″Sourdough bread, and specifically the crust, is lower in phytates, which are ‘anti-nutrients’ that may interfere with the body’s ability to absorb minerals.
    4. As fewer of them are present, the mineral absorption ability of the body is increased when compared to a typical pizza crust.
    1. With that said, the body may actually absorb more nutrients present in sourdough bread than it does when eating wheat kinds, which is a benefit of consuming sourdough bread ″Manaker expresses himself in this way: The fact that sourdough bread has better mineral absorption is not the sole reason to choose it whenever feasible.
    2. It’s also a fantastic alternative for those who are trying to control their blood sugar levels.
    3. As Manaker explains, ″Sourdough bread tends to have a lower glycemic index, which aids in the management of blood sugar levels and the prevention of a blood sugar rise (and eventual decrease).″ Ultimately, though, one of the most straightforward reasons why Manaker endorses Alex’s Awesome Sourdough as one of the healthiest frozen pizzas available is because it tastes great!

    ″Most significantly, this pizza does not have a ‘healthy’ taste to it.It just tastes like a delicious pizza that you would get at a restaurant, and eating it will help you satisfy your pizza need in minutes, according to the manufacturer ″Manaker expresses himself in this way:

    How to shop for a healthy frozen pizza.

    1. While Manaker promotes Alex’s Awesome Sourdough as a healthy pizza alternative, he acknowledges that it is not the only one.
    2. Fats, salt, and ingredients should all be considered while shopping on your own.
    3. ″In an ideal world, the pizza would be devoid of trans fats.
    4. Fortunately, the quantity of trans fats included in the pizza is indicated explicitly on the product label, so you don’t have to guess how much is in it ″Manaker expresses himself in this way: When it comes to toppings, Manaker suggests opting for vegetables and poultry over cured meats such as pepperoni whenever feasible.
    1. Check out the Dietitians’ Choice Award-winning list of the 25 Best Healthy Frozen Pizza Pies for additional detailed guidance.
    2. Make sure to join up for our newsletter to receive more information about healthy eating!
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    This Is Hands-Down the Best Healthy Frozen Pizza

    1. Mike Garten captured this image.
    2. Pies with nutrition claims such as ″high protein″ and ″fiber rich″ can now be found in freezer cases with nutrition labels.
    3. So we put hundreds of these apparently healthy choices through the ringer to see if healthy pizza can genuinely be good pizza.
    4. First and foremost, the protein content of your pizza selection should be as near to 30 grams per serving as feasible.
    1. That is the bare minimal amount of protein required every meal in order to grow and maintain muscle.
    2. If it doesn’t have enough protein, sprinkle some on top or serve it on the side.
    3. Second, look for a pizza that contains at least five grams of fiber per dish.

    Finally, less-processed foods (whole grains, olive oil) should be prioritized over highly processed ones (refined flour, soybean oil).

    Best Overall

    Sweet Earth’s Protein Lover’s

    1. Sweet Earth Foods is a brand that specializes on organic and natural foods.
    2. Despite the fact that the crust is filled with chia seeds, quinoa, flaxseed, and psyllium fiber, this high-fiber pie has a delicious flavor that belies its nutritional value.
    3. Give credit where credit is due.
    4. ″Are you sure this isn’t actual meat?″ ″You’re telling a lie,″ one of our testers remarked.
    1. The ″pepperoni″ and ″sausage″ are created using wheat gluten, yet it’s flavorful, meaty, and wonderful, regardless of the ingredient.
    2. It’s available at a variety of retailers, including Target and Whole Foods.
    3. For a 13-inch pizza, the cost is: 300 calories, 16 grams of protein, 33 grams of carbs (6 grams of fiber), and 11 grams of fat Safeway has these in stock.

    Best Plain Cheese

    Caulipower’s Three Cheese

    1. Caulipower The crust is made from cauliflower, although you’d never guess it from looking at it.
    2. Consider it more of a cauliflower-reinforced dish, with brown rice serving as the chewy component.
    3. In the event that you are concerned about paleo, the pie is not only paleo-approved, but it is also somewhat more nutritious than mass-market alternatives.
    4. The combination of mozzarella, Parmesan, and cheddar cheeses, which provides cheesiness without packing on the calories, is a significant benefit.
    1. A 12-inch pizza has 380 calories, 16 grams of protein, 37 grams of carbs (3 grams of fiber), and 18 grams of fat.
    2. Available for purchase on Amazon.

    Best Postworkout

    Realgood Pizza Co.’s The Supreme

    1. Foods that are actually good for you Crazy: Chicken and Parmesan are used in the crust.
    2. One is how this firm manages to restrict carbohydrate intake to a bare minimum while keeping protein intake high.
    3. As one taster put it, ″it’s like a chicken parmesan/pizza mash-up.″ Keep an eye on where you put it in the oven, however: If you don’t put it on the center rack, the cheese will burn before the crust is fully cooked.
    4. Consume it alongside a salad to meet your daily fiber requirements.
    1. Per pizza, there are 250 calories, 25 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs (1 gram of fiber), and 15 grams of fat.
    2. Wal-Mart carries this product.

    Best Wild Card

    California Pizza Kitchen’s Organic Chicken Pesto

    1. California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of pizza restaurants in California.
    2. It’s the most flavorful pie we’ve ever tasted.
    3. CPK uses a light hand with the cheese, allowing you to enjoy more of the pesto flavor.
    4. One tester expressed dissatisfaction with the product, saying, ″Some of these pieces hardly had any chicken.″ Instead of serving this pizza as a main course, divide it into squares and serve it as a side dish alongside a main course of seared salmon, sautéed shrimp, or roasted chicken instead.
    1. It may be found at various supermarket shops.
    2. A third of a pizza has 250 calories, 13 grams of protein, 32 grams of carbs (2 grams of fiber), and 8 grams of fat.
    3. Available at Kroger and other retailers.

    The authors like to express their gratitude to Dr.Brian St PierrE (RD, CSCSS), director of performance nutrition at Precision Nutrition, and Zach Moore (CSCSS), nutrition coach at Precision Nutrition for their assistance.This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website piano.io.

    Honestly, Frozen Pizza Is Pretty Damn Healthy These Days

    1. Jason Speakman is a professional speaker.
    2. Unless you top your pizza with veggies (and, let’s be honest, who does that?
    3. ), it doesn’t appear to be possible to have a nutritious pizza pie.
    4. Really, it’s generally simply a large circle of bread topped with cheese and greasy processed meat—and frozen pizzas are no exception to this generalization.
    1. Dietitian Lauren Harris-Pincus, RDN, and author of The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club, notes that frozen pizza, in particular, tends to be heavy in refined carbohydrates, saturated fat, salt, and often a slew of artificial ingredients and preservatives.
    2. It goes without saying that a small slice of pizza every now and then will not be detrimental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    3. However, certain alternatives (particularly when it comes to frozen foods) are preferable to others in terms of quality.

    Some frozen pizzas can really provide a quite well-balanced supper (shocking!).According to nutritionist Kelly Jones, RD, the first step is to choose a pie that is devoid of artificial ingredients and has some veggies.Increase your vegetable consumption even further by including extra vegetables in your pie, or by having a salad or a side of the good stuff with your pieces.Also, Jones recommends include a decent amount of protein in the pie or on the side to reduce the likelihood of overindulging in the dessert.You can cook up one of these 13 healthy frozen pizzas the next time you’re in the mood for a piece of cheesy pizza, the sofa, and a new Netflix program.1High-Protein, Low-Carbohydrate Diet Cali’flour Foods is a brand of Cali’flour.

    Supreme Veggie Pizza is a vegetarian delight.Despite the fact that many frozen pizzas these days claim a ″cauliflower crust,″ they frequently contain additional carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca, and potato as well as the cauliflower.This cauli crust is created from cauliflower and cheese, which makes the pie gluten- and grain-free—as well as low in carbohydrates.

    Plus, according to Harris-Pincus, ″it’s filled with 19 grams of protein, which is almost the same amount of protein as three eggs.″ 250 calories per serving, 16 g fat (10 g saturated fat), 8 g carbohydrates, 3 g sugar, 1 g fiber, 570 mg sodium, 19 g protein Ingredients derived from organic sources The Origins of Lean Cuisine Pizza from the Farmers’ Market (frozen) With this organic pie, Lean Cuisine has really upped their game, since it is created without the use of any artificial ingredients or preservatives.With kale, mushrooms, and red peppers on top, it’s tastier than plain pizza and makes a terrific vegetarian lunch when served with a side salad, says Harris-Pincus.″It’s also healthier than plain pizza,″ she adds.Per serving: 320 calories, 9 grams of fat (3.5 grams saturated fat), 46 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, 610 milligrams of sodium, and 14 grams of protein 3 Keto-Friendly and High in Protien Veggie pizza from Real Good Pizza Co.

    • Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust from Real Good Foods This low-carb pie features a crust made from cauliflower, almond flour, coconut flour, and cheese, making it a terrific choice for keto diners.
    • ″Even though this pie contains more fat than most, it contains less saturated fat than most since some of the fat originates from the plant-based flours,″ explains Harris-Pincus.
    • Furthermore, one serving contains 20 percent of your daily fiber requirements as well as 50 percent of your daily calcium requirements.
    • In one serving: 330 calories, 23 g fat (8 g saturated fat), 12 g carbohydrate, 5 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 670 mg sodium, and 19 g protein 4Broccoli Crust Spinatos 4Broccoli Crust Spinatos Handcrafted Broccoli Crust Margherita Pizza Cauliflower isn’t the only vegetable that can be used to make pizza dough any longer.
    • ″According to Jones, ″you’d never suspect that broccoli is the very first ingredient in this pizza.″ This is the world’s first frozen pizza with a broccoli crust, made with certified gluten-free ingredients and hormone-free mozzarella.
    • ″My husband considers it to be one of the best frozen pizzas available—and not just a top healthy frozen pizza,″ Jones continues.
    • 180 calories per serving, 8 g fat (4.5 g saturated fat), 21 g carbohydrates, 1 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 430 mg sodium, 7 g protein 5It’s Keto-Friendly and Extra High in Protein.
    • Spinach and Mushroom Thin Crust Pizza from Quest This Quest pizza is made with a dairy protein-based crust that is free of gluten, soy, and nuts, as well as other allergens.
    • According to Harris-Pincus, the dish is extremely high in protein and fiber while being low in net carbohydrates.
    • Because of the high salt content, however, limit yourself to one serving and have it alongside lots of water and vegetables.
    • 340 calories per serving, 22 g fat (10 g saturated fat), 22 g carbohydrates, 17 g fiber, 2 g sugar, 820 mg sodium, 28 g protein Ingredients that are vegan and organic Amy’s Frozen Roasted Vegetable Pizza is a delicious frozen vegetable pizza.

    This cheese-free pie, which is covered with mushrooms, sweet onions, and roasted red peppers, will be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans equally, because it contains no cheese.In Jones’ words, ″the BBQ tomato sauce is what draws people in, but the fact that it’s created from high-quality, primarily organic ingredients is actually what makes it so amazing.″ In one serving: 280 calories, 9 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat), 42 g carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, 5 g sugar, 540 mg sodium, and 7 g protein Plant Power Pizza Crusts from the outside aisle of 7Just Crust, a low-carb pizza crust.For those who want to make their own pizza toppings, begin with these cauliflower-powered pizza crusts.These include no artificial chemicals, are low in carbs and calories, gluten-free and grain-free, and are low in fat, according to Schapiro.If you want to add more protein, she advises topping them with your favorite sauce, vegetables, and a little chicken.

    1. Per serving, there are 120 calories, 6 g fat (3 g saturated fat), 4 g carbohydrates, 1 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 310 mg sodium, and 10 g protein.
    2. 8California Pizza Kitchen is a gluten-free restaurant.
    3. Crispy Thin Crust with a Light Flavor Margherita Pizza is a type of pizza that is popular in Italy.
    4. According to dietician Maggie Michalczyk, RD, ″The components in this CPK pizza are completely identifiable, and the sugar and salt level is lower than that of many other pizzas.″ She advises serving the pizza with a large salad.
    5. Additionally, gluten-free and cauliflower crust pies are available from CPK.
    6. Per serving: 190 calories, 8 grams of fat (4 grams saturated fat), 21 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, 400 milligrams of salt, 8 grams of protein 9Vegan and Veggie-Rich Recipe Pizza for Veggie Lovers from Sweet Earth This pie is an expert at sneaking in nutrients that are beneficial for you.
    • The crust is made of carrots and chia seeds, the sauce comprises cauliflower that has been mixed in, and the toppings include Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and broccoli, among others.
    • And, as an added bonus, Jones notes, ″the sodium content is lower than the bulk of frozen pies, and a serving delivers 50% of your daily vitamin C requirements.″ Per serving, there are 240 calories, 7 g fat (1.5 g saturated fat), 38 g carbohydrates, 5 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 300 mg salt, and 6 g protein.
    • Grains that are over a thousand years old Foods Made Using Smart Flour Grains from Antiquity Margherita Pizza is a type of pizza that is popular in Italy.
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    Dietitian Sofia Norton, MS, RD, says, ″This firm produces meals made from ancient grains such as sorghum, amaranth, and teff, which are gluten-free and thought to be beneficial for your health.″ Their margherita pie is constructed with an ancient grain crust, organic cheese, and a delectable tomato sauce, among other ingredients.According to her, ″It has a well-balanced macronutrient profile and is a particularly good source of calcium and protein.″ In one serving: 300 calories, 10 g fat (4.5 g saturated fat), 42 g carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, 6 g sugar, 710 mg sodium, and 10 g protein 11This product is organic and made in Italy.Pizza with organic spinach and ricotta from Sprouts Per serving, this pizza has a significant quantity of fiber and protein.″Its certification as organic and its production in Italy, where you’ll find some of the highest-quality pizza ingredients,″ Jones explains, make it stand out from the crowd.Additionally, Sprouts Brand goods are really reasonable, making this a fantastic budget-friendly pie.In one serving: 268 calories, 10 g fat (4 g saturated fat), 37 g carbohydrate, 4 g fiber, 5 g sugar, 670 mg sodium, and 10 g protein 12Thin Crust, Well-Known Manufacturer Thin & Crispy Garden Vegetable Pizza from DiGiorno Pizza & Pasta.

    1. In order to incorporate vegetables into your diet, try this thin-crust pizza recipe ″Norton expresses his views.
    2. ″Because of the thin crust, this pizza is lower in carbohydrates and calories than other frozen pies, which is a win.″ Because of the thin crust, this pizza is also lower in carbs and calories than other frozen pies, which is a plus.″ Serving size (in centimeters): A serving has 210 calories, 10 g fat (4.5 g saturated fat), 23 g carbohydrates, 2 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 450 mg sodium, and 8 g protein.
    3. This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.
    4. You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website piano.io.

    What’s the Healthiest Frozen Pizza?

    1. If you’re familiar with nutrition, you’re undoubtedly aware that pizza isn’t very beneficial to your health.
    2. Frozen pizza, which is typically loaded with preservatives and chemicals to ensure that the pizza lasts as long as possible in the freezer case, is even more detrimental to one’s health.
    3. Is it possible to get frozen pizzas that are both delicious and healthy?
    4. You might be astonished to learn that there are some.
    1. When shopping for frozen pizza, the first thing you should look for is the fat and calorie content, of course, but there are a couple of other things you should consider as well: the serving size (many frozen pizzas contain at least three servings), and the ingredients; try to find a pizza that contains as few chemicals and preservatives as you can.
    2. The addition of veggies to the pizza’s toppings, rather than only cheese and pepperoni, is a welcome addition.
    3. You should start with a few brands if you’re seeking for healthy frozen pizza.

    Here are some suggestions: Kashi’s pizzas are typically healthful (we particularly like the Mushroom Trio & Spinach pie), and Newman’s Own pizzas are also generally healthy (Roasted Vegetable Thin & Crispy is a good one).Amy’s is also going into the pizza business – the brand’s Roasted Vegetable pizza is delicious, and its Light & Lean range of pizzas may very well be the healthiest options available on the market right now.


    It is possible to eat pizza and yet maintain a healthy diet, as long as you choose a pizza that is not gushing with fat and high-calorie toppings and do not consume a whole 18-inch pie in a single sitting. A variety of frozen pizzas are available on the market that are nutritious, flavorful, and convenient, and they are accessible at most grocery shops.

    What to Look for

    1. Nutritional information, on the other hand, is not subject to interpretation.
    2. Dietary guidelines for the healthiest frozen pizzas all include the following characteristics: low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and medium in calories.
    3. Fried pizzas, because to the combination of ingredients (cheese, dough, and toppings), will seldom contain fewer than 250 calories per slice – yet most slices are only a single item of food.

    Diet and Healthy Brands

    How to Eat Healthy at Subway

    1. Several frozen food companies specialize in low-calorie, low-fat, and healthy options, and two of them were named to the ″Fitness″ magazine’s list of the best pizzas available.
    2. The Deep Dish Margherita Pizza from Lean Cuisine, a branch of Stouffer’s, was placed in the top four for its quality.
    3. Each mini-pie includes 320 calories, 4 grams of fiber, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, and 9 grams of total fat in a single serving, which is the complete mini-pie.
    4. With its Harvest Wheat Crust Pepperoni Pizza, the South Beach Diet brand was also included on the shortlist.
    1. An individual pie has 350 calories, 9 grams of fiber and 4.5 grams saturated fat.
    2. The pie contains 12 grams of total fat and contains 4.5 grams of saturated fat.

    Other Brands

    1. Just because a frozen food brand’s name does not contain the words ″lean,″ ″diet,″ or any other health-promoting words does not imply that the product is unhealthy.
    2. Amy’s and DiGiorno pizzas were named as ″healthy and delicious″ by ″Fitness″ magazine, and both are located in New York City.
    3. The pizzas are available in full-size pies, with a single serving counting as a single slice of pizza when purchased in bulk.
    4. According to the report, the Whole Wheat Crust Pizza Cheese and Pesto is the exact Amy’s version that made the list, with each slice comprising 360 calories, 2 g of fiber, 4 g of saturated fat, and 18 g of total fat per slice.
    1. In this case, the Harvest Wheat Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza is the product from DiGiorno, and each slice has 250 calories as well as 4 grams of fiber, 3.5 gram of saturated fat, and 8 grams of fat.


    Are Nestle Toll House Butterscotch Chips Gluten-Free?

    1. ″Women’s Health″ and ″Good Housekeeping″ also weigh in on their favorite frozen pizzas, albeit they place a greater emphasis on flavor rather than nutrition in their recommendations.
    2. Despite the fact that ″Good Housekeeping″ also acknowledged that DiGiorno and Amy’s are delectable, they ranked diet brands such as Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice, and South Beach Living at the bottom of the list for being bland and mushy, respectively.
    3. ″Women’s Health″ magazine praised Cedarlane Zone Pizza as a healthy alternative to junk food when cravings for it arise.

    The 5 Best Healthy(ish) Frozen Pizzas for Busy Nights

    1. Is frozen pizza anything you’ve ever considered a recommendation from a nutritionist?
    2. Most likely not!
    3. Moreover, it is hardly our first (or second) choice when it comes to the healthiest dinner on the menu.
    4. There are a variety of different options for getting whole meals on the supper table quickly.
    1. However, we also live (and cook) in the real (crazy) world, and there are times when just unwrapping a box and turning on the oven is all you can do at the end of a long and exhausting day at the office.
    2. IN CONNECTION WITH: The Best Frozen Crusts for Making Your Own Healthy Pizza The good news is that there has never been a time when there have been so many healthier alternatives available in the frozen food aisle as there are now.
    3. In recent years, the ″better for you″ frozen pizza industry has grown tremendously, and we’ve tasted practically all of the alternatives and analyzed their nutritional information in order to compile this list of the ones you should choose.

    Because they are still heavy in salt and calories, they are not meals to be consumed on a regular basis; rather, they are foods to be had just once in a blue moon.RELATED: Trader Joe’s Offers the 7 Healthiest Frozen Foods on the Market Preserve them in the freezer for use in emergency circumstances, and prepare a large salad to serve with them.You are capable of completing this two-minute dressing, we believe in you!(Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.)

    The 5 Best Healthier Frozen Pizzas

    1. American Flatbread Revolution

    1. American Flatbread got its beginnings in Vermont, where it has since spread around the world.
    2. It now offers frozen versions of its wood-fired pizzas all around the country, and the company’s dedication to using high-quality ingredients has not wavered.
    3. Aside from the mozzarella and mushrooms, almost every component in this pie is organic, and the caramelized onion-mushroom combination is a flavor combination unlike any other.
    4. (Image courtesy of Facebook/American Flatbread.)

    2. Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza

    1. Sweet Earth’s frozen pizzas are surprisingly good for frozen food, and this one is loaded with vegetables (yeah!
    2. ), featuring broccoli, Brussels sprouts, corn, and roasted tomatoes, among other things.
    3. Using a combination of wheat flour and nutrient-dense components such as carrots and chia seeds, the crust is created, with the great majority of the ingredients being organic.
    4. (Image courtesy of Instagram/Sweet Earth Foods.)

    3. Amy’s Pesto Pizza

    1. Despite the fact that a million fancy new varieties and innovations are infiltrating the ″healthier pizza″ industry, Amy’s Pizza stands out as one of the pioneers in the field.
    2. Instead of being outdated, the brand continues to produce some of the best-tasting pizzas—particularly the Pesto, which includes broccoli and tomatoes—while maintaining one of the most straightforward ingredient lists available.
    3. Organic tomatoes, basil, and broccoli, extra-virgin olive oil, and a crust prepared from organic, unbleached wheat flour are just a few of the ingredients.
    4. (Image courtesy of Instagram/Kitchen) Amy’s

    4. Capello’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

    1. Capello’s creates gluten-free, grain-free pizzas and pastas that have the look and feel of artisanal foods served at a gourmet supermarket while adhering to the highest standards of quality and design.
    2. As I previously stated, frozen pizza has come a long way.
    3. Because the crust is prepared with organic arrowroot flour, organic coconut milk, organic coconut oil, and organic coconut flour, it’s probably the best alternative if you absolutely want pepperoni (which we normally advise against).
    4. (Photo courtesy of Instagram/Capellos)

    5. Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza

    1. This isn’t the most authentically pizza-like of the alternatives available.
    2. In reality, it has more of the texture and flavor of a crunchy cracker topped with sauce and cheese.
    3. The flavor is not compromised and it is a delicious alternative for those who are gluten-free or who are just attempting to reduce their intake of wheat.
    4. The fact that the first ingredient on this frozen pizza is genuinely labeled as ″cauliflower″ is the most convincing argument to consume it.
    1. The firm, on the other hand, does not appear to place as much emphasis on ingredient sourcing, since none of the components are organic.
    2. (Photo courtesy of Caulipower)
    1. They are a group of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts who not only subscribe to — and live!
    2. — the 8 Pillars of Nutritious Living, but also have access to some of the most knowledgeable thought leaders in the health and wellness space, including Keri Glassman, our founder and resident dietitian, as well as other experts.
    3. From the newest health trends to the most recent medical research, we remain on top of it all in order to provide you with the information you need to live your most nutritious life possible.
    4. Consider enrolling in our Nutrition Coach Certification Program!
    1. Obtain your certification.
    2. Increase the size of your company.
    3. Come be a part of our vibrant community of health and wellness experts.

    Read on to find out more

    Frozen pizzas ‘are healthier’ option

    1. After a survey indicated that frozen supermarket kinds of pizza were among the healthiest available, a consumer advocacy group has urged for more specific front-of-pack labeling on takeout pizzas.
    2. The consumer research group Which?
    3. discovered that customers may be better off eating deep-pan, stuffed-crust, or frozen pizzas rather than so-called ″healthier″ thin-crust or fresh choices.
    4. Frozen pizzas were found to be more nutritious than fresh pizzas, according to the experts from the consumer organization who examined 162 cheese-and-tomato and pepperoni pizzas available in major supermarkets and takeout businesses.
    1. They discovered that thin pizzas may be higher in fat and saturates than deep-pan and stuffed-crust pizzas, with Tesco’s Italian Romana margherita with a ″ultra-thin″ base containing twice as much fat and saturates per 100g as the retailer’s Trattoria Verdi deep-pan cheese pizza, according to the findings.
    2. Which?
    3. also discovered a ″enormous and frequently unrealistic″ range of portion sizes, as well as a variety of front-of-pack labeling systems, according to the study.

    ″We want clear, front-of-pack labeling, including traffic-light colors, and consistent portion sizes so that consumers can simply compare like with like,″ said Peter Vicary-Smith, chief executive of Which?

    6 Best Frozen Pizza Brands for Weight Loss — Eat This Not That

    1. We know you’re craving a slice of pizza—and now you can indulge without feeling guilty about ruining your diet.
    2. The 12th of February, 2016 As soon as you stop to think about it, you can understand why so many Americans are overweight and suffering from heart disease.
    3. Traditional pies are simply slabs of starchy, nutrient-deficient carbohydrates that are filled with calorie-dense oil and saturated fat.
    4. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up pizza entirely in order to maintain your health and reduce weight; all you have to do is heat up the best frozen pizza pie.
    1. All of our waist-friendly frozen options are under 320 calories per serving and include less than 6 grams of saturated fat, which is the sort of fat that is most likely to be deposited in the belly and increase the likelihood of developing illness.
    2. To put this in context, many pizzas contain double that amount of cheese!
    3. Fortunately for you, whether you want pepperoni, vegetables, cheese, or even cheeseless pizza, we have something that will satisfy your craving.

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