What Basketball Player Owns Blaze Pizza?

Founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels, Blaze Pizza was modeled after Chipotle’s made-to-order approach to serving customers. Basketball player LeBron James is one of the original investors in the chain.

Is Blaze Pizza owned by LeBron James?

In 2012, LeBron James invested $1 million in a pizza chain called Blaze Pizza and opened two outlets.

How many Blaze Pizza does LeBron James own?

Business has always been a smart field for James. The investor owns 14 Blaze Pizza franchises and in 2015 he reached a $1 billion “lifetime deal” with Nike. He also owns Beats Electronics and shares in Liverpool FC. owns and operates SpringHill Entertainment, a production company.

What blaze franchises does LeBron own?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Blaze Pizza has more than 340 restaurants across 41 states and six countries. The chain gained national attention in 2012 when NBA superstar Lebron James invested $1 million in the company — which then grew to a $35 million investment.

How much money did LeBron make off of Blaze Pizza?

He gambled on fast-growing Blaze Pizza, reportedly paying less than $1 million for a 10% slice of the made-to-order assembly-line-style pizza chain; Blaze now has more than 300 company-owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Who owns Blaze Pizza Patrick Schwarzenegger?

In 2014, Schwarzenegger franchised his own Blaze Pizza at The Grove in Los Angeles. He has since opened up other locations at USC, which he attended, and Staples Center. Patrick is also signed with LA Models, which had plans to push him for Ralph Lauren and Armani ad campaigns.

Is klutch Sports owned by LeBron?

Klutch Sports Group is an American sports agency based in Los Angeles, California. It is founded by professional basketball player LeBron James’ best friend and sports agent, Rich Paul.

Is Blaze Pizza publicly traded?

Blaze Pizza has confirmed that it has the final elements in place to go public, a key step that brand leadership sees toward beginning to take a run at pizza’s so-called Big Three of Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, which are all publicly traded now.

Does LeBron James own a piece of the Red Sox?

The Los Angeles Lakers star and his longtime friend, Maverick Carter, last month became the newest partners in the Fenway Sports Group, the behemoth also known as FSG that owns the Sox, Liverpool Football Club, Fenway Park and a majority stake in NESN.

Who owns Mod Pizza?

MOD Pizza is a purpose-led, people-first brand founded in Seattle in 2008 by serial entrepreneurs Scott and Ally Svenson.

What does LeBron James invest in?

Nike, Fenway Sports Group and Epic Games also invest in NBA icon’s media firm. SpringHill Company, the media firm set up by basketball star LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter, has been valued at US$725 million after receiving major investment led by RedBird Capital Partners.

How much does LeBron own in Liverpool?

According to the latest data from Forbes, Liverpool is valued at $4.1 billion and generates annual revenue of around $619 million (based on figures for the 2019/20 season). That means that James’ stake in the club is now worth around $44 million.

Who is the owner of Blaze Pizza?

James got into the pizza game in 2012 when he and his business partners made a small investment (by their standards) into Blaze Pizza. The group invested roughly $1 million into the small pizza chain, and it has exploded. Now, you can find James tweeting about Blaze Pizza from time to time while his investment in the company continues to grow.

How much did James Corden invest in Blaze Pizza?

The group invested roughly $1 million into the small pizza chain, and it has exploded. Now, you can find James tweeting about Blaze Pizza from time to time while his investment in the company continues to grow.

Why didn’t LeBron James endorse Blaze Pizza?

After the initial investment in 2012, James wasn’t allowed to endorse Blaze Pizza, because he had a deal with McDonald’s, but news that he was involved was huge, Rick Wetzel said. ‘When he invested in us so early on, he established us as the market leader,’ Wetzel said. ‘He put a star on our forehead as a company that was legitimate.’

Blaze Pizza Lebron

  • March 16, 2022
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  1. PizzaRev has over 50 locations, whereas 800 degrees, a Dwayne Wade-backed enterprise, has approximately 15 locations.
  2. The value of LeBrons’ interest in the Blaze Pizza company has increased to at least $35 million.
  3. In accordance with Forbes Magazine, Blaze Pizza, which is one of Lebron James’ off-court businesses, is the fastest growing restaurant in the country.
  4. Nba Tv Marilyn Monroe Photographs

— LeBron James and his business partners have turned another small investment into a fortune.

  1. Lebron blazed a path to pizza.
  2. As of 2020, his investment has grown by a factor of forty, and his stock interest in the corporation is now worth around $40 million dollars.
  3. Ben Margot/Associated Press One of the most well-known and marketable sportsmen in the world has been a part of the team nearly from the beginning.
  4. LeBron James, a professional basketball player, is one of the company’s founding investors.
  5. Like his IQ on the court, LeBron James’ financial ability has earned him a prestigious reputation.
  6. James has gained at least $35 million off of that money, and the outpouring of social media support he has received has helped Blaze Pizza become the fastest growing pizza chain in the world.
  • Blaze Pizza CEO Jim Mizes argues that LeBron’s presence helps the company punch much above its weight in terms of brand recognition.
  • Blazes’ sit-down beer-inclusive approach to pizza places it in a whole distinct category from competitors such as Dominos Pizza Hut and Little Caesars, as does the extremely individualized nature of the service.
  • The keto crust at the fast-casual company includes only six grams of net carbohydrates, thanks to the substitution of wheat with components such as flax seeds, eggs, and cheese.
  • They are all under the $8 mark.
  • In 2012, LeBron James invested $1 million in a pizza franchise named Blaze Pizza, which he later expanded to include two locations.

By 2017, LeBron James’ initial $1 million investment had grown to a total of $3.5 million in his company.Customers are surprised when LeBron James works at Blaze Pizza.The basketball star was employed as a cashier at a Blaze Pizza shop in Los Angeles.JOIN ABC NEWS AS A SUBSCRIBER.

  1. Rick and Elise Wetzel LeBrons launched their first two pizza restaurants shortly after, and their financial advisor, Paul Wachter of Main Street Advisors, put James in touch with Blaze at a time when the firm was seeking to grow.
  2. ESPN was informed by sources that an.
  3. As of 2020, his investment has grown by a factor of forty, and his stock interest in the corporation is now worth around $40 million dollars.
  4. LeBron James and Blaze Pizza are two of the most well-known athletes in the world.
  5. Laker and the pizza delivery service.
  6. Pieology, a company in which Kevin Durant is an investor, has around 150 sites.

In 2012, LeBron James invested $1 million in a pizza franchise named Blaze Pizza, which he later expanded to include two locations.Basketball star LeBron James discusses Blaze Pizza and how it is essential to understanding his own brand strategy.According to a recent Harris Poll, Blaze came in second place among the greatest pizza chain brands, trailing only Papa Johns and ahead of Pizza.

  1. LeBron James is not just an outstanding basketball player, but he is also a successful businessman who may be on par with him.
  2. The Staples Center, where James calls home, even has a Blaze in the building, albeit it was there long before James ever donned a Los Angeles Lakers uniform.
  3. In 2012, LeBron James invested $1 million in a pizza franchise named Blaze Pizza, which he later expanded to include two locations.
  4. James claims that the pizza company has reached 300 locations.
  1. 180 seconds of fast-fired excellence in a blazing oven devoted to pizzasmiths.
  2. Blaze Pizza was founded by LeBron James, who was an early investor.
  3. The time is 6:37 p.m.
  4. Eastern Standard Time on December 31, 2020.
  5. As an investment franchisee and paid endorser of Blaze, LeBron James has put his whole trust in the firm today.
  6. He even turned down a 15 million dollar contract offer from McDonald’s in order to put his money into Blaze Pizza.

LeBron James has detailed why he turned down a $14 million offer from McDonald’s in order to support Blaze Pizza, the fastest-growing food brand in history.Scott Davis 2017-07-11T193709Z Keto Pizza from Blaze Pizzas In July 2019, Blaze Pizza became the first national pizza restaurant in the United States to provide a keto-friendly alternative for customers.MOD Pizza, which has over 400 stores in the United States and the United Kingdom, is Blaze’s most direct competitor.According to ESPN, a 2012 investment in Blaze Pizza by LeBron James and his business associates for less than one million dollars has grown to 25 million dollars, with James’s interest valued at about $1 million.Blaze’s initial one-million-dollar investment by basketball great LeBron James in 2012 was a slam-dunk for both the city and the company.Blaze Pizza’s Owners Talk About Their Experiences Working With LeBron James Their Dough-More Secret – Exclusive Interview on Facebook By Jorie Mark on August 1, 2012.

  1. After establishing two restaurant locations in Southern California, Blaze Pizza was established in 2012.
  2. The amount of money that LeBron James owns Blaze Pizza is a frequently asked question.
  3. His home arena, the Staples Center, even has a Blaze in it, despite the fact that it is not his home team.

It appears that his investment in Blaze Pizza is yielding a handsome profit.Is LeBron James the owner of Blaze Pizza?This business initiative exemplifies why LeBron has swiftly risen to the top of the corporate ladder.

  1. Signature pies such as the meat eater, green stripe, red vine, and veg out are available at Blaze Pizza franchise locations, in addition to custom-made pizzas and salads.
  2. As of 2020, his investment has grown by a factor of forty, and his stock interest in the corporation is now worth around $40 million dollars.
  3. Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual eating restaurant brand headquartered in Pasadena, California, that specializes on pizza.
  4. Elise and Rick Wetzel, owners of Wetzels Pretzels, founded the company in 2011.

Blaze Pizza was inspired by Chipotles’ approach to servicing consumers, which is based on bespoke orders.At present time, Blaze Pizza franchises are only available for purchase by individuals who have the financial means to create a minimum of ten franchise sites in a given area.LeBron James is a cashier at Blaze Pizza in Los Angeles.

  • James currently has a total of 19 Blaze Pizza franchises, with more on the way.
  • Exclusive: The Recipe for LeBron James’ Favorite Pizza, Blaze, is Unveiled.
  • Blaze Pizza, one of James’s early ventures, demonstrates how his vision is not restricted to his basketball career alone.
  • Blaze Pizza is now open in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it is a drugstore.
  • Food Recipes from Divas Who Love Food I made this pizza with my own two hands at Blaze Pizza, which is owned by Lebron James and opened just a few months ago.
  • It was a lot less difficult than I had anticipated.
  • Delightful Snacks Pizza The expansion of a pizza chain backed by Lebron James will take place in Southeast Louisiana.
  • Lebron James’s Pizza Franchises in New Orleans With Lebron James’ investment, Blaze Pizza has been named the fastest growing restaurant chain in history.
  • Lebron James has invested in Blaze Pizza, which has been named the fastest growing restaurant chain in history.
  • What is the reason behind Lebron’s expansion to ten locations?
  • A Profitable Online Business Investing Financial Advisors Lebron James Lebron James Children and Wife One of Lebron’s best investments during his career He has made a substantial amount of money outside of basketball S profitable online business investing financial advisors Blaze Pizza Franchise Spokesman Lebron James Lebron James is the new Blaze Pizza franchise spokesman.

Nba Players Basketball Players in the National Basketball Association Blaze Pizza’s newest team member is NBA superstar Lebron James.Lebron James is referred to as Lebron.The Cleveland Cavaliers are led by Lebron James.Pittsburgh is the newest assembly line market in the United States.Pizza Chains Fast Casual Pizza Chains Vegan Restaurants Fast Casual Pizza Chains Pin En Cyo Rkc (Pin En Cyo Rkc) Pizza customers are being pranked by Lebron James, who is also pranking the ABC News video feed.Gossip about Lebron James and his celebrity friends Lebron James attempted to make pizzas in a new Blaze Pizza advertisement.

  • A Chipotle-style pizza chain endorsed by Lebron James is posing a significant threat to Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut, according to the NBA’s television network.
  • Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain that serves pizza.
  • Pizza Delivery Services Pizza Delivery Services A pizza chain backed by the Lebronteam may be on the verge of receiving a $100 million valuation.
  • Nba Stars Lebron James On Blaze Pizza And How It Is The Key To Understanding His Own Brand Strategy Nba Stars Lebron James On Blaze Pizza And How It Is The Key To Understanding His Own Brand Strategy In the case of Lebron James’ brand strategy, a pizza chain’s image may include one or more people, as well as those who are involved in sports.
  • Pictures of Lebron James from the NBA The Lebron James Family is a well-known basketball family.
  • Blaze Pizza is a fusion of Italian and American cuisine.
  • Lebron James is a basketball player from the United States.
  • Lebron James is a basketball player from the United States.
  • Youtube Lebron Lebron Lebron Money Focus Money Focus Money Focus Money Focus Money Focus Money Focus Money Focus Money Focus A Lebronjames Investor’s Money and Earnings A Youtube Investing in the Value of Money on the Internet A Chipotle-style pizza chain backed by Lebron James is posing a significant threat to Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut.
  • Fast Casual Restaurant Dining Decor Restaurant Fast Casual Restaurant Dining Decor Restaurant PizzaRev has over 50 locations, whereas 800 degrees, a Dwayne Wade-backed enterprise, has approximately 15 locations.
  • The value of LeBrons’ interest in the Blaze Pizza company has increased to at least $35 million.
  • In accordance with Forbes Magazine, Blaze Pizza, which is one of Lebron James’ off-court businesses, is the fastest growing restaurant in the country.

Nba Tv Photos of Marilyn Monroe —…PizzaRev has over 50 locations, whereas 800 degrees, a Dwayne Wade-backed enterprise, has approximately 15 locations.The value of LeBrons’ interest in the Blaze Pizza company has increased to at least $35 million.

In accordance with Forbes Magazine, Blaze Pizza, which is one of Lebron James’ off-court businesses, is the fastest growing restaurant in the country.Nba Tv Photos of Marilyn Monroe —…

Does LeBron James own blaze pizza?

Between 2012 and 2017, LeBron James’ one-million-dollar investment expanded to a $35-million-dollar commitment. In fact, James’ own venue, The Staples Center, has a Blaze in the building, but it was there long before James even donned a Los Angeles Lakers uniform there. James currently has a total of 19 Blaze Pizza franchises, with more on the way.

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How much does LeBron James own of Blaze Pizza?

According to an ESPN article from 2017, the investment was for around $1 million, and James possessed approximately a 10% share in the company. He also worked as a franchisee in Blaze’s Chicago and Miami regions, where he collaborated with Levy Restaurants founder Larry Levy. However, in October 2015, James’s job in Blaze took on a new level of significance.

How many Blaze pizzas are there?

As of May 20, 2021, there are 310 Blaze Pizza outlets around the United States.

How much does Blaze Pizza pay an hour?

Blaze Pizza Salaries

Job Title Salary
Team Member salaries – 127 salaries reported $11/ hr
Team Member salaries – 62 salaries reported $12/ hr
Shift Leader salaries – 30 salaries reported $13/ hr
Pizza Maker salaries – 26 salaries reported $10/ hr

How much is a pizza from blaze?

Blaze Pizza’s 2021 Menu and Pricing

Food Price
Build Your Own Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza $8.45

What is special about Blaze Pizza?

Blaze allows you to personalize your pizza by selecting from a variety of toppings, including cheese, meats, veggies, and sauces. Using thin crust pizzas baked in a custom-built, extremely hot oven (900 degrees and 60,000 BTUs), the researchers were able to bring their creation to life in just 3 minutes.

Is LeBron James a billionaire 2018?

This year, LeBron James is getting closer to his goal of becoming a multibillionaire. The final truth is that, according to Forbes, LeBron James’ net worth was around $445 million as of July 2018. In 2016, he was named one of Forbes magazine’s richest entrepreneurs under the age of 40, and he is currently the world’s sixth-highest-paid professional athlete.

Is LeBron James A Millionaire?

According to basketball reference, James has earned more than $310 million dollars over his professional basketball career to this point. During his debut season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he made more than $4 million, and he has earned more than $30 million in every season since.

Why did Blaze Pizza close?

Two Blaze Pizza restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that were supported by James were forced to close in 2018 because live flies and dead roaches (which is worse?) were discovered in the food preparation area.

Who is the CEO of Blaze Pizza?

Earlier this year, Blaze Pizza elevated its chief financial officer to the position of president and CEO. Former Bloomin’ Brands employee Mandy Shaw, who has been with the firm since 2018 and has been serving as temporary CEO since August, previously worked for the company for a dozen years.

What is in blaze pizza crust?

Cooked cauliflower rice, low-moisture mozzarella cheese, casein protein, flaxseed meal and eggs are used to make the keto crust at Blaze. Other ingredients include yeast, spices and cultured brown rice. You may already have most of these components in your home, which is usually something to check for when getting takeout. Alternatively, you may buy online.

Why is Blaze Pizza so good?

It is possible for Blaze’s pizzas to cook in such a short amount of time because they are baked at a high temperature in the oven and the crust is extremely thin. Even with such a thin crust and a short baking time, their pizzas are really delicious! It is possible for the crust to become a bit scorched, but the cheese is properly melted and the pizza is always served hot.

Can you eat inside Blaze Pizza?

To ensure the health and safety of our customers and team members, we will be implementing significant adjustments to our restaurant operations that may have an impact on your dining experience in the near future. Depending on the location, some of our restaurants may only have pickup, delivery, or carryout choices, with no dine-in seats available.

What makes blaze pizza different?

Blaze Pizza, like Chipotle and Subway, places a strong emphasis on personalization. The company’s president and chief operating officer, Jim Mizes, told Business Insider that customers may customize their pizzas by picking from seven cheeses, eight meats, 20 veggies, and three sauces. Following that, the pizzas are baked in a stone hearth oven.

LeBron James, The Businessman: 5 companies owned by The King

  1. LeBron James has an unequaled reputation among basketball’s elite when compared to today’s players, and the same can be said about his standing among the game’s greats throughout history.
  2. When you contemplate what James has accomplished on and off the court over the course of his 18-year NBA career, it may feel surreal at times, and the fact that he is still largely regarded as the finest basketball player on the planet this late in his career is incredible.
  3. But what James has accomplished off the court is almost as spectacular as what he has accomplished on it.
  4. Throughout his professional career, he has regularly ranked among the most marketable players across all sports.
  5. While marketing an athlete is nothing new, the manner in which James has conducted himself as not only an endorser, but also as a partner, is noteworthy.
  6. James hasn’t simply been the normal athlete who appears in ads, essentially urging customers to purchase a certain thing; in a way, he has become a part of the product, and in many situations, he is the one who profits from the sale of the product.
  • The fact that James is not just an advocate, but at times he is also a part-owner of the firm in question, is noteworthy.
  • That may not be the true for some of his most well-known collaborations, but it is the case for a number of his lesser-known collaborations.
  • When James was a senior at St.
  • Vincent-St.
  • Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, at the age of 18, he had already established himself as a major star in the mainstream basketball world.

He had already been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, had his high school games nationally aired on ESPN, and was widely regarded as the best prospect in the country by every expert in the country at the time of his arrest.All of these factors combined to create a bidding war among shoe companies for the rights to contract the man who was tipped to be the next Michael Jordan.The largest shoe brands in the world of basketball all came knocking on my door.Adidas, Reebok, and, of course, Nike all wanted James to be wearing their sneaker when he hit the stage at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

  1. The sneaker battle that took place was expertly described in Brian Windhorst’s latest New York Times Best-Selling book, ″LeBron, INC,″ which was published in September.
  2. To conclude, Nike was not the highest bidder, but it was the brand that James identified with excellence – it was the clothing that he grew up dreaming of wearing when he was younger.
  3. There was nothing to be gained by the fact that Adidas had outfitted James’ high school basketball team or that Reebok had given more money up front.
  4. What mattered was that Nike was widely regarded as the finest of the best, a company that James wished to represent, and something he wished to achieve throughout his professional life and career.
  5. Nike is, without a doubt, the most well-known brand that James has been connected with for a long time.
  6. Currently, he’s on his 18th trademark sneaker, which includes 14 different iterations of his playoff shoe, the ″Soldier,″ as well as a handful of other releases.

However, that is by no means the only brand with which he has been affiliated during his career as a businessman.James has typical endorsement partnerships with corporations such as AT&T, Pepsi, and Calm, as well as stock in a variety of other brands, including: Owned By LeBron James The Fenway Sports Group, Inc.In recent weeks, James made headlines when it was revealed that he and longstanding business partner Maverick Carter had become part-owners of the Boston Red Sox.

  1. Because to their investment and collaboration in the Fenway Sports Group, this was made feasible for them.
  2. As a shareholder in Liverpool FC, James may soon find himself in a situation where he, together with Carter, will be able to influence important choices that the club makes in the future.
  3. SpringHill Entertainment is a company that provides a variety of entertainment services.
  4. In addition to SpringHill Entertainment, which is controlled by James, the company serves as his entry point into the movie industry.
  1. SpringHill takes its name from the Section-8 housing complex in which James spent a portion of his early years.
  2. This firm has created television series as well as the upcoming film ″Space Jam: A New Legacy,″ in which James will be seen as a character.
  3. UNINTERRUPTED The term ″shut up and dribble″ was used to conclude a diatribe by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham over James’ political affiliations.
  4. That experience fueled James’ desire to take control of his own media narrative, which he achieved through the formation of his own media firm.
  5. It is an opportunity for athletes to convey their own story through UNINTERRUPTED.
  6. It began as short videos shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, and has now grown to include podcasts and feature-length films.

More than an athlete is the motto of this campaign, which empowers athletes to express themselves on their own terms.Blaze Pizza is a fusion of Italian and American cuisine.In 2012, James and his business partners made a minor investment (by their standards) in Blaze Pizza, which became their first foray into the pizza sector.The group put around $1 million into the little pizza company, which has since grown tremendously.Currently, James can be found tweeting about Blaze Pizza on a regular basis, as his stake in the company continues to expand.There was also a video showing James working at a Blaze Pizza location, posing as ″Ron″ and assisting customers behind the counter.

  1. Ladder Ladder is arguably the least well-known of the James-owned products so far, but it was built by him and his trainer, Mike Mancias, who have worked together for years.
  2. Its website describes Ladder as a ″sports nutrition firm focused to developing high-performance, NSF Certified for Sport® training supplements for daily usage.″ In order to complement a good nutritional basis and unlock the next level in training and activity, we create products.
  3. As part of this effort, James is collaborating with famed bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

James owns an interest in each of these businesses and participates in the decision-making process.A few of years ago, according to ESPN, James received ″the largest equity cash compensation for a professional athlete in the history of sports.″ In exchange for marketing the headphones, he acquired a share in Beats by Dre, and when the firm was sold to Apple for $3 billion, James received a $30 million cheque.The fact that LeBron has always done things his way has resulted in his enormous success – both on and off the court.

  1. His financial acumen should allow him to continue to prosper long after his playing days are done, especially given the current business climate.

LeBron James Invested in a No-Name Pizza Joint and Now He’s $35 Million Richer

  1. It comes as no surprise to those who follow LeBron James’ professional trajectory that he has a wide range of interests outside of basketball.
  2. The fact that James has proven to be just as successful a businessman as he has been a basketball player has been demonstrated in a variety of endeavors, including producing music for superstar rappers, producing and acting in Hollywood productions, and launching his own brand of workout supplements.
  3. One single investment, on the other hand, may prove to be more beneficial than all of the others together.

What is Blaze Pizza?

  1. In 2012, James made a $1 million investment in Blaze, a rapidly expanding pizza franchise.
  2. At the time, Blaze was rapidly expanding into a nationwide franchise, and James launched a pair of locations in Miami and Chicago to capitalize on the opportunity.
  3. Blaze Pizza isn’t your normal pizza restaurant in the traditional sense.
  4. In contrast to the majority of pizzerias, Blaze creates individual pizzas in a brick oven that can be entirely personalized by clients and are intended for delivery, takeout, or as part of a class dinner for a birthday celebration.
  5. Much as Chipotle does with burritos or Subway does with sandwiches, customers at Blaze travel down a line and tell staff exactly what sorts of toppings they want on their burritos or sandwiches before placing their orders.
  6. It is possible to get creative with your pizza toppings, ranging from the traditional (pepperoni, sausage, olives and mushrooms) to the unusual (corn).
  • What consumers can do is virtually limitless, and for the proper price, they may customize their pizza with as many or as few toppings as they choose.
  • If his social media account is to be believed, James orders a pizza with as many as 16 different toppings.
  • The excellent pizzas are complemented by a range of fruit-flavored beverages that guests may enjoy as they dine.
  • If they still have room for dessert, they can indulge in an old-fashioned campfire treat known as a s’more.
  • On one of the most popular cuisines in the country, Blaze presents a casual dining rendition that is sure to please.

When James made his investment, he recognized this.

How much has LeBron James made? 

  1. During the period 2012-2017, LeBron James’ $1 million investment increased in value to a $35 million investment.
  2. Because of the amount of money that is being invested in the firm, it must be a profitable venture.
  3. Incorporating athletes’ financial interests into the restaurant industry is not a novel notion, but James’ success with Blaze stands out among even the most famous athletes who have taken on such a venture.
  4. Blaze has surpassed McDonald’s as the fastest-growing food chain in the history of the United States.
  5. Many Blaze events have been attended by James throughout the years, including one in which he dressed as an employee for the purpose of filming a viral video and spoke about the firm on more than one occasion.
  6. In fact, James’ own venue, The Staples Center, has a Blaze in the building, but it was there long before James even donned a Los Angeles Lakers uniform there.
  • James currently has a total of 19 Blaze Pizza franchises, with more on the way.
  • This investment, together with a number of other wise financial moves, has resulted in his becoming a very rich individual.
  • One issue, though, may cause some individuals to ponder is what this means.
  • Is James a billionaire or a millionaire?
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Is LeBron James a billionaire? 

  1. Only a few of sportsmen can lay claim to belonging to the elite billionaire’s club.
  2. Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan were among those who did it.
  3. Roger Federer is getting closer and closer to joining the club with each passing minute.
  4. James, on the other hand, is not a member.
  5. At least for the time being.
  6. James is now estimated to be worth $450 million, according to the most current Forbes assessment.
  • This may seem like a long way off from being a billionaire, but Jordan only recently become a member of the billionaire’s club.
  • Many of James’ investments, including films, businesses, and other ventures are still in the early phases of development.
  • Even without his lifelong Nike contract, he is reputedly worth $1 billion on his own, but the exact figures are still being worked out.
  • James has established himself as one of the most astute businessmen in the history of professional sports.
  • His increasing investment in Blaze is only a modest indication of this, which is part of a larger picture….

LeBron’s stake in Blaze Pizza chain now worth at least $35 million

— – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – With the help of his business associates, LeBron James was able to transform yet another tiny investment into a fortune.A source has told ESPN that a 2012 investment by James, his business partner Maverick Carter, and financial adviser Paul Wachter of Main Street Advisors in upstart fast-casual company Blaze Pizza, which they made for less than $1 million, has grown to more than $25 million.Blaze Pizza verified the valuation when it sold an undisclosed part of the company to private equity firm Brentwood Associates a few weeks ago, at which time the company was valued at about $250 million, according to sources.James has a 10% stake in the company.The value of James’ interest in the company, including endorsement payments that will be paid out in the near future based on an unannounced sales objective, is estimated to be between $35 million and $40 million, according to insiders.

  1. The collaboration with restaurateur Larry Levy, who manages franchisees in Miami and Chicago on his behalf, is not included in this figure.
  2. Although James, along with the vast majority of individuals who had invested in Blaze Pizza, took some money off the table, it is not known how much he collected from the transaction.
  3. It was via movie producer John Davis, who had made investments in food firms such as Wetzel’s Pretzels, that Wachter was given an inside look into the company.

Ric and Elise Wetzel came up with the concept for Blaze make-your-own-pizza in 2011, and it has since become a successful business.As Wachter explained, ″we don’t normally advise our customers to invest in food firms.″ According to the author, ″the risk-reward equation is not always favorable, and there is a lot of grinding and tackling to be done before a notion can be taken worldwide.″ He expressed his admiration for the management team, as well as his enthusiasm for the product.Wachter also expressed his enthusiasm for the product.

James and Carter were in the same boat.When Beats by Dre was sold to Apple for $3 billion, the two received around $30 million from their investment in the headphones firm.The two were eager to invest in the next big thing when they met.″LeBron and I have always been about selecting companies in which we have genuine faith and investing significant resources in them,″ Carter added.″We’re not talking about making a $15,000 or $20,000 investment.

  1. In addition to LeBron’s brand and likeness being associated with the product, we are adding our experience, insight, and knowledge to the table.″ Because of a licensing agreement with McDonald’s, James was not permitted to advocate Blaze Pizza after the first investment in 2012, but the knowledge that he was engaged was widely publicized, according to Rick Wetzel.
  2. In Wetzel’s words, ″He put his money where his mouth was and positioned us as the market leader early on.″ ″He put a star on our forehead to indicate that we were a respectable corporation.″ In 2015, with three years and $14 million remaining on LeBron’s McDonald’s contract, James and Carter were faced with a difficult decision.
  3. Carter’s online series, ″Kneading Dough,″ featured an appearance by James on the show.
  4. ″It was a fantastic collaboration with McDonald’s, and we did some incredible stuff on television,″ James added.
  5. What we might potentially make if we put in the time and effort was greater than what McDonald’s had promised me.
  6. As a result, James took the decision to leave McDonald’s and become a Blaze Pizza spokesperson.
  • A person’s worth was instantly apparent when they looked at James’s social media following, which presently stands at 37 million Twitter followers and 32 million Instagram followers.
  • According to Elise Wetzel, ″Every time LeBron tweets about Blaze, it sounds like a sonic explosion.″ In the United States and throughout the world, it jump-starts conversations with tens of millions of people, resulting in actual connection between individuals who know and love the brand and others who haven’t heard of us.
  • A video of James behind a Blaze Pizza counter, disguised as ″Ron,″ was shot in April and has received millions of views on YouTube as well as extensive media coverage worldwide.
  • For James and Carter, the actual payoff of their investment may still be some time away from becoming a reality.
  • According to industry tracking firm Technomic, Blaze Pizza just surpassed McDonald’s as the fastest-growing restaurant brand in North American history, having opened 200 locations in four years.
  • By 2022, the firm hopes to have 1,000 outlets and $1 billion in revenues, as well as an initial public offering (IPO), which will be the company’s big cash-out moment.

What Company Owns Blaze Pizza?

How Blaze Pizza’s founders figured it out – Restaurant …

August 1, 2019 — Rick Wetzel is the founder of four businesses. He feels he has achieved perfection with his most recent creation, Blaze Pizza. Wetzel, wetzel, wetzel…

LeBron James Invested in a No-Name Pizza Joint and Now …

The month of April 2020 — James currently has a total of 19 Blaze Pizza franchises, with more on the way. This investment, together with a number of other wise financial moves, has helped him to achieve financial success…

About us & our beliefs – Blaze Pizza

Quick: We pride ourselves on delivering great quality at lightning-fast turnaround times. Dough that has been freshly prepared from scratch. Ingredients that are both healthy and artisanal.

How Blaze Ignited a Pizza Revolution | QSR magazine

Ian, the year 2019 — In fact, neither Rick and Elise Wetzel, the founders of Blaze Pizza, nor Jim Mizes, the company’s CEO, are very showy individuals. However, this hasn’t prevented the…

Blaze Pizza – Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Using an assembly line structure, Pizza is the market leader in the fast-casual artisan pizza segment, producing pies at breakneck speed. For Profit Company Last Funding Type: Private Equity Sub-Organization of: Cypress Five Star Phone Number: (626)584-5880 Company Type: For Profit Last Funding Type: Private Equity

Blaze Pizza owner confirms brand’s plans to go public within 3 …

September 2019 — Blaze Pizza co-founder Rick Wetzel told Yahoo Finance on Thursday that the business’s mobile ordering system is now ″firmly in place″ and that the chain has most recently…

Blaze Pizza Company Profile: Funding & Investors | PitchBook

Information; Previously Known As: PYR Pizza; Ownership Status; Contact Information Privately held (in terms of ownership); financing status The company is backed by private equity.

The Top 5 Businesses LeBron James Owns – EssentiallySports

The month of February in the year 2021. In 2012, LeBron James invested $1 million in a pizza franchise named Blaze Pizza, which he later expanded to include two locations. Even a $15 million offer was turned down by him…

How Many Restaurants Lebron James Own?

For James, business has always been a shrewd career choice. The businessman owns 14 Blaze Pizza locations, and in 2015, he signed a $1 billion ″lifetime contract″ with Nike, which will keep the company in business forever. He also has a stake in Beats Electronics and a minority stake in Liverpool Football Club. SpringHill Entertainment, a production firm, is owned and operated by him.

How Many Businesses Does Lebron James Have?

Several enterprises and investments amount more than ten million dollars, despite the fact that he is not publicly traded. According to LeBron, his media empire consists of his own organization as well as a number of retail brands and franchises. According to a media fact report, LeBron was one of those well-known public individuals from the historical period in question.

What Companies Do Lebron Own?

According to claims from Yahoo, LeBron James is the CEO of SpringHill Entertainment. The firm creates a diverse spectrum of material, which has featured on a variety of platforms, including Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Apple+, CBS, NBC, ABC, and ESPN.

How Many Blaze Franchises Does Lebron Own?

The corporation already has 19 Blaze Pizza franchisees, with a new location on the way, according to James. The return on this investment, together with his several other wise financial decisions, have made him a very rich individual.

What Is Lebron James Restaurant?

Blaze Pizza, which received national notoriety by giving out free pies, was founded by NBA player LeBron James in 2012. James invested $1 million in the company in 2012.

Does Lebron Still Own Blaze Pizza?

From a $1 million investment in 2012 to three $3 million contributions between 2017 and 2018, a $30 million investment in LeBron James’ estate has grown significantly.James is also the owner of 11 additional culinary enterprises in addition to the 19 Blaze Pizza franchises.As a consequence of this investment, as well as a number of other wise financial moves, he has become one of the country’s wealthiest individuals.

What Is The Name Of Lebron James Company?

Founded in New York City and owned by James, SpringHill Co. is a division of James’ entertainment enterprise. The L.A. Lakers player has been pushed to branch out into cinema, television, video games, and other live events as a means of furthering his professional development as a result of the private equity-led investment.

What Are All Of Lebron James Investments?

  1. Paul Fireman, then the CEO of Reebok, presented LeBron James with a cheque for $10 million when he was 18 years old.
  2. Two years have passed since the release of Beats by Dre.
  3. It was the Liverpool Football Club that first exposed me to these facilities.
  4. Blaze Pizza is just what I’m in the mood for.
  5. Unstoppable
  6. Throughout our time as a member of SpringHill Entertainment, we endeavor to give you with memorable experiences.
  7. I sip on the 1707 Tequila from Lobos.
  8. This promise has come to fruition

Is Lebron A Billionaire?

Currently, Forbes estimates James’ net worth to be $850 million, with his career earnings before taxes and agent’s fees hitting the $1 billion mark this year, according to Forbes.

What Stocks Are Lebron James Invested In?

Although Adidas, Reebok, and Nike were his initial choices, despite the fact that their offers did not total the most, their association with brilliance convinced him that they were the best. He has been well-known for wearing Nike sneakers for more than 25 years, and the company is undoubtedly the best-known brand for which he has ever worked. He is now sporting his 18th trademark sneaker.

Does Lebron Own Anything?

The Boston Red Sox ownership group also includes LeBron James, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Liverpool F.C., a team from the English Premier League. This week, it was confirmed that LeBron James is the driving force behind the Fenway Sports Group, along with his business partner, Mav Mav Carter, as previously reported.

What Percent Of Blaze Does Lebron Own?

ESPN. According to Darren Rovell of Darren Rovell.com, James is expected to get at least $25 million for his about 10% ownership in Blaze Pizza, which operates a nationwide chain of pizza stores.

Who Is Blaze Owned By?

Blaze Pizza has expanded from its original five locations to over 340 locations in the five years since its creation by Elise and Rick Wetzel. Joe Stein and Rick Fortman are the owners of Blaze Pizza, which has 13 locations around California. By the end of the year 2021, Tony and Tom Petro intend to create a second Blaze Pizza franchise in Dallas, according to their daughter Marina Petro.

Watch How Many Restaurants Lebron James Own Video

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Lebron James-invested Blaze Pizza chain coming to Panama City Beach area

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA — Blaze Pizza, one of the nation’s fastest-growing pizza companies, wants to build a location in Panama City Beach in the near future.Announcing their expansion into Florida, Texas and Tennessee earlier this week, Blaze Pizza, which was formed in 2011, revealed that they had signed development agreements for a total of 16 new stores.Current plans anticipate having a location available by the winter, with Pier Park being considered as a possible choice for the project.Within the following several years, the planned PCB site is projected to serve as the starting point for an expansion plan that will include the Panhandle and surrounding states like as Alabama and Mississippi.Blaze Pizza, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, has more than 340 locations in 41 states and six countries worldwide.

  1. A $1 million investment by NBA superstar Lebron James in the firm, which later swelled to a $35 million investment, brought the franchise to national recognition in 2012.
  2. Blaze Pizza is noted for its savory handmade pizzas and a customized made-to-order menu prepared with fresh, natural ingredients that are devoid of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners.
  3. Blaze Pizza is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

To produce its pizza, Blaze Pizza employs an assembly-line method similar to those of Chipotle and Subway.A franchise owner in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Kunal Patel is leading the development of the Florida project, which will incorporate the city of Panama City.Patel and his family own and operate a variety of hotel properties throughout the United States, including properties affiliated with globally ranked brands such as Marriott, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, and Wyndham, among others.

They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in hospitality and guest services to the fast-casual franchise.According to Patel, his family just relocated to the Panama City region, where he believes there is significant potential for expansion in the industry.He claims that the Panama City market is a popular tourist destination in Florida.Patel further stated that Blaze Pizza is different from other pizza establishments.’What distinguishes Blaze from other fast-casual pizza ideas is that Blaze has been completely developed with the customer in mind,’ Patel explained.

  1. ″The high-quality food and great service provided by the brand will rapidly win the hearts of the Panama City community,″ says the company.
  2. Blaze Pizza’s vice president of franchise development, Ed Yancey, stated that the firm is attempting to capitalize on a successful 2020 and carry that momentum into 2021.
  3. In addition, Yancey said that ″Blaze Pizza opened off this year with incredible momentum, which our development team has utilized to push our franchise expansion efforts, as seen by our recent multi-unit agreement signings.″ We are looking forward to tapping into the wealth of potential in these regions while exponentially expanding our footprint over the next few years.″ ″Texas and the Southeast have continued to be ideal markets for our brand, and we look forward to tapping into the wealth of potential in these regions while exponentially expanding our footprint over the next few years.″
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The NBA superstar has earned more than $1 billion in his career, but that doesn’t mean he’s worth that much yet.

Dawn Chmielewski and Chase Peterson-article Withorn’s In addition to rich endorsement deals with Nike, Walmart, and other major businesses, NBA legend LeBron James has landed a leading part in the animated film Space Jam: A New Legacy, co-starring with Bugs Bunny and directed by Steven Spielberg.However, according to recent rumors, there is one long-shot that the four-time league MVP has yet to nail: becoming a multibillionaire.With almost $400 million in pay and more than $600 million in off-court profits during his 18-year NBA career, James has made more than $1 billion during his 18-year career.However, he is not a billionaire, despite earning more than $1 billion during his 18-year NBA career.James’ net worth, after deducting taxes, expenditures, and investment returns, is estimated to be around $850 million by Forbes magazine.

  1. On the court, James’ Lakers deal makes him the fifth-highest-paid player in the NBA, but it is his off-court acumen that distinguishes him as a player in a class by himself.
  2. Over the course of the previous year, James earned an estimated $65 million in endorsements, memorabilia, and appearances, setting a new record for an active NBA player and earning $21 million more than Kevin Durant, the league’s second-highest earner off the court during the same 12-month period.
  3. Nike is James’ most significant sponsor, having signed a lifetime endorsement pact with him in 2016 that pays him tens of millions of dollars every year.

James has taken those millions of dollars in earnings and invested them in a variety of well-timed investments, high-end real estate, and his own entrepreneurial ventures.One thing is certain about his capacity to convert celebrity status into large money: he’ll make a lot of money.The 36-year-old is on course to become a billionaire before his 40th birthday in December 2024, becoming only the second NBA player to do it after Michael Jordan (who did so several years after his retirement).

The Forbes projections were not confirmed by James, according to a spokeswoman for him.The following is a breakdown of LeBron James’ current net worth and assets.

The SpringHill Company: $300 million 

The SpringHill Co.was founded in 2020 by James and his childhood friend and business partner, Maverick Carter, after raising $100 million from investors including James’ investment advisor, Paul Wachter, founder of Main Street Advisors; financial services firm Guggenheim Partners; Elisabeth Murdoch’s production company, Sister; and the University of California’s UC Investments.To do this, the firm embarked on an unapologetically noble quest to ″empower excellence.″ SpringHill is named after the apartment complex in Akron, Ohio, where he and his mother finally found stability after living with a variety of family members, acquaintances, and neighbors for a number of years before that.His marketing agency, the Robot Company—which has clients such as JPMorgan Chase, Beats by Dre, and Sprite—and SpringHill Entertainment—which was founded in 2007 as a production vehicle for the award-winning documentary about James’ high school years, More Than A Game—have been combined into one entity.In recent years, it has produced scripted and unscripted projects, such as the recent revival of the Michael Jordan classic Space Jam, the HBO documentary What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali, and unscripted shows such as the NBC competition series The Wall.

  1. Uninterrupted, the third business, provides athletes with a platform to directly connect customers through social and traditional media, podcasts, in-person events, and products.
  2. The Shop, an HBO conversation program that shows celebrities conversing in barbershops throughout the country, is produced by the company.
  3. Moreover, it sells customized items, such as a line of sweatshirts made by soccer player Megan Rapinoe to mark the month of Pride.

The Information initially reported in July that James was considering a sale or investment that could value the company at $750 million; a source close to James verified to Forbes that a deal might occur between 60-90 days of the publication of the article.James is the corporation’s greatest single shareholder, albeit it is thought that his holdings do not surpass 50 percent of the company.Because of the uncertainty surrounding the amount of James’s ownership and the fact that a transaction has not yet been disclosed, Forbes estimates James’s holding at a more conservative $300 million, according to the publication.

Real estate: $100 million

In addition, James has invested a portion of his earnings in real estate.He owns at least four properties, which are worth a combined total of around $100 million.In his hometown of Akron, Ohio, he constructed a residence worth $10 million.While living in California, James has purchased three residences, two of which are in the exclusive Brentwood district of Los Angeles, which he purchased for $21 million and a third for $23 million in 2015 and 2017, respectively.Earlier this year, he spent $36.75 million to purchase a 13,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion, which he would presumably demolish in order to construct an estate on the site.

Fenway Sports Group: $70 million

The Boston Red Sox, the Liverpool Football Club, half of Roush Fenway Racing, and 80 percent of the New England Sports Network are among his other significant holdings.A minority investment in the English Premier League team was obtained by James in 2011 when his sports marketing company, LRMR, came into a relationship with Fenway Sports Group, which was facilitated through Wachter’s network of contacts.Wachter, James, and Carter traded their share in the soccer club for a portion of the ownership of FSG earlier this year.According to reports, the sale was part of a bigger transaction in which RedBird Capital Partners acquired an approximately 10% share in the firm for a total of $750 million.

Blaze Pizza: $30 million

Earlier this year, James walked away from a four-year endorsement agreement with McDonald’s for an estimated $15 million.Investing in fast-growing Blaze Pizza, he paid less than $1 million for a 10% stake in the made-to-order assembly line type pizza restaurant.Blaze currently has more than 300 company-owned and franchised locations across the United States and Canada, according to reports.Aside from that, James has a tiny stake in 18 Blaze franchise locations in Florida and Illinois, which are managed by restaurateur Larry Levy.

Cash and other investments: $350 million

In spite of high taxes, extravagant spending by an A-lister, and high agent and management fees, Forbes estimates that James has at least $350 million in assets, which includes his investments in SpringHill, Blaze, and the Fenway Sports Group, as well as his real estate portfolio, according to Forbes.Aside from a collection of luxury automobiles, James’ wealth includes the proceeds from the sale of Beats by Dre to Apple for $3 billion in 2014 (of which he owned a small stake), as well as stock in publicly traded fitness company Beachbody, which acquired Ladder, the sports nutrition company James cofounded with Arnold Schwarzenegger, for $28 million in stock last year.


FORBES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION By David Jeans, author of Data in the Dark: How Big Tech Secretly Secured $800 Million in Tax Breaks for Data Centers.CONTINUE READING FROM FORBESCovid’s Forgotten Hero: The Untold Story Of The Scientist Whose Breakthrough Made The Vaccines PossibleBy Nathan Vardi WHAT ELSE IS NEW FROM FORBESAre NFTs the Next Napster?When It Comes to the Music Industry, There Are No Second Chances By Michael del Castillo FORBES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Figma, the design-focused startup with a market capitalization of $10 billion, was founded by Alex Konrad.FORBES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Reasons Behind A Secretive Chinese Billionaire’s Purchase Of 144,000 Acres Of Land In Texas By John Hyatt

Blaze Pizza owner confirms brand’s plans to go public within 3 years

The 6th of September, 2019 Blaze Pizza has verified that it has all of the necessary components in place to go public, which the company’s leadership believes is an important step in taking on pizza’s so-called Big Three, which include Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s, all of which are now publicly listed.Blaze Pizza co-founder Rick Wetzel told Yahoo Finance on Thursday that the restaurant is ready to take on the major competitors now that it has established mobile ordering and, most recently, introduced larger ″family-sized″ pies.″We are prepared to compete with Domino’s,″ Wetzel said in an interview with Yahoo Finance.Wetzel and his wife, Elise, are co-owners of the business, which is well-known for its explosive rate of expansion.Blaze Pizza anticipates to have launched 50 additional locations this year, increasing its total number of locations to around 400, which is far less than the combined total of the three major competitors in the category.

  1. Wetzel told Yahoo Finance that the company intends to go public within three years of its founding.

Keep up with what’s happening in the restaurant industry

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Lebron James Now Owns Part Of the Red Sox. What Does That Mean For Sports?

With his purchase of a minority investment in the Boston Red Sox, LeBron James became part of a larger trend of professional sportsmen breaking into the exclusive club of sporting team ownership.Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Lakers player and his longtime buddy Maverick Carter joined the Fenway Sports Group, the giant known as FSG that owns the Red Sox, Liverpool Football Club, Fenway Park, and a controlling ownership in the New England Sports Network (NESN).James had previously acquired a shareholding in the Liverpool Football Club.When speaking to media after a recent Lakers game, James expressed his excitement about the agreement.″First and foremost, it’s a pleasure to be a part of such an outstanding organization as FSG,″ he told reporters.

  1. In the past several years, they’ve accomplished a great deal, and just the aggregate group of individuals is a pleasure to work with.
  2. The addition of James gives a significant boost to the brand of FSG at a time when the company is eager to expand.
  3. Additionally, players are becoming increasingly regular fixtures in front offices across all professional sports, prompting this investment.

One of the reasons for this is that athletes have only recently begun to be compensated adequately to enable them to earn the kind of money necessary to purchase sports franchises, according to Victor Matheson, a professor of sports economics at the College of the Holy Cross who specializes in the field.Matheson cites the early example of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Mario Lemieux, who took over as majority owner of the organization in 1999 and then returned to the ice the following year to play for the team in its first season.During the previous year, two active sportsmen were involved in the fun and games.

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, purchased a stake in the Kansas City Royals, while basketball star Kevin Durant purchased a five percent investment in the Philadelphia Union soccer team.Former players such as Magic Johnson and LeBron’s former colleague Dwayne Wade have also gotten into the business of owning businesses.In terms of labor management interactions, ″one concern is really what occurs in terms of how athletes are treated by management and how that impacts the negotiation positions of the athletes when you have athletes on the other side of the coin as well,″ Matheson explained.It’s possible that LeBron’s involvement as a partner with FSG may have little direct influence on what happens at the negotiating table, but his presence is having an impact in other ways: James and Carter are the first African-American partners in the history of FSG, making them part-owners of the final major league baseball team to be integrated, the New York Mets.″I think it’s pretty darn exciting for me and my partner Maverick to be the first two Black guys to be a member of that ownership group in the history of that franchise,″ James said of becoming the first two Black men to be a part of the ownership group.

  1. Black ownership in sports is extremely unusual across the board.
  2. The only Black majority owner in the four major men’s American sports leagues is Michael Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association.
  3. Despite the fact that having a Black owner at the highest levels of sport is a positive step forward, Joseph Cooper, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston who studies gender and race in sport, cautions that simply having a Black owner does not necessarily imply change.
  4. This is true even if he happens to be one of the richest athletes on the planet who has amassed a fortune in a career that has lasted much longer than the average NBA career.
  5. When it comes to African Americans in baseball, Cooper believes that if he stays on as owner of both Liverpool Football Club and the Boston Red Sox for another 30 years, ″the numbers of African Americans playing baseball do not increase, the number of African Americans in managerial positions don’t increase, and the number of African Americans as partial or majority owners do not increase, then essentially we’ll be in the same position as we are now.″ ‘There’s only one LeBron, and he’s more of an exception to the rule than the rule itself,’ says the coach.
  6. However, based on LeBron’s statements, he has no intention of stopping at becoming a part-owner.
  • ″I’ve always stated that my ultimate ambition is to acquire a sports franchise,″ he r

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