How To Ship Pizza From New York?

How to ship pizza. Shipping a pizza is easy as long as proper packing procedures are done. To preserve pizza, it should be frozen first and packed with dry ice to keep the temperature. Using dry ice in shipping food are not prohibited as long as they are sent via ground transportation.

How are the pizzas made and shipped?

The pizzas are made at the original Whitehall location and partially baked, shrink wrapped and frozen. We ship using insulated shipping containers and dry ice via UPS. Upon arrival, the pizzas can be baked according to our partial bake instructions in your home oven. Baking instructions are included with your package or you can access them HERE.

Can You ship a frozen pizza with dry ice?

If the dry ice touches the pizza, it could cause damage and ruin the food, so it’s advisable to wrap the pizza several times. Pack the wrapped frozen pizza in the insulated shipping container. If you have more than one frozen pizza, stack them one on top of the other in the bottom of the container. Put on the gloves.

How are Massey’s Pizza’s shipped?

MASSEY’S BY MAIL BACK IN STOCK – NOW SHIPPING!!!!! The pizzas are made at the original Whitehall location and partially baked, shrink wrapped and frozen. We ship using insulated shipping containers and dry ice via UPS. Upon arrival, the pizzas can be baked according to our partial bake instructions in your home oven.

Can you ship pizza from New York?

Using a process invented by proprietor A.J. Scalise, Prima Pizza can ship a 100% natural, preservative-free New York pizza anywhere in the USA overnight.

Can you ship a pizza?

We ship 3 pies per container in an effort to get the best value for your money. Pies are packed in an insulated container with dry ice for shipping anywhere in the USA. Your pizza will be made fresh to order, frozen overnight, and shipped the next day.

How do you freeze pizza for shipping?

Wrap the slices individually in plastic wrap and then freeze these wrapped slices in a single layer in the freezer on a baking sheet. Then move the frozen pizza slices to an airtight container or zip-top bag for long-term storage.

Can you order NY pizza online? This site offers pizza from a network of New York state–based pizzerias. You order a pie, and your order is ‘routed to a participating pizzeria’ and shipped via second-day delivery on iced gel packs.

Can you freeze and ship pizza?

Shipping something like a homemade pizza is a lot more complicated than delivering a book or a coffeemaker. Freeze the pizza too much and it might break in half on the way there. Make it the wrong size, and it will cost extra for shipping.

How much does it cost to ship frozen food?

How much does it cost to ship frozen food? For most industries and products, you can expect to pay between $30 and $150 for shipping frozen food packages. Your final frozen food shipping cost depends on how much you’re sending, its destination, package weight, and the shipping service you selected.

How do I ship frozen food?

Use a thin plastic liner for the inside of the package, and enclose the food in a plastic bag as well. Thick insulated foam containers are suggested for keeping food as cold as possible. Packaging using dry ice is acceptable. Gel packs are a good solution as well, but frozen water is not recommended.

Can you ship perishable food through USPS?

USPS does allow for perishable food items such as refrigerated and frozen food to be shipped, however, it is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that the food does not spoil in transit.

Is it better to freeze pizza cooked or uncooked?

The main trick you need to know for freezing homemade pizza is to par-bake the crust. All this means is that you partially bake the crust by itself before covering it with toppings and freezing. This ensures a crisp, non-soggy pizza when you’re ready to enjoy it.

Does pizza freeze well?

The good news is that pizza freezes very well, and will keep its flavour and texture once it has been thawed out and reheated. Most of us have enjoyed perfectly tasty store-bought frozen pizzas, after all.

How long is pizza good in the fridge?

Pizza is safe to eat even after it’s been sitting out for a while. If it’s been sitting out for more than two hours at room temperature, pizza is unsafe to eat. Pizza that’s been sitting in the fridge can stay fresh up to four days.

How long does dry ice last for shipping?

1-2 blocks of dry ice will last 18-36 hours in small styrofoam shipping boxes. Dry ice can last up to 2-3 days if you use larger blocks and larger total amounts of dry ice. Some shipping companies can replenish dry ice during long trips to ensure your package never gets warm.

Does UPS ship dry ice?

Dry ice is a safe and effective way of shipping goods that need to stay frozen, if used properly and compliantly. Whatever your dry ice shipping need, UPS can help. Get your shipment on its way today.

How can I ship frozen food cheaply?

First, you’ll need to use something insulated to reduce heat transfer and maximize the amount of time your perishable food will remain cold. You can accomplish this by simply using a styrofoam box. Other options include styrofoam cut sheets, insulated liners, air-filled insulated liners, and insulated pads.

Did Joe’s Pizza ever ship pizza to transplanted New Yorkers?

But like much folklore, the point stands regardless: Joe’s has never before bothered shipping its pizza to any of the transplanted New Yorkers who asked for it, no matter how famous they were. Kevin Spacey once asked Joe’s Pizza to ship a pie from New York City to a film set in London, and Joe’s Pizza said no.

How much does it cost Joe’s to ship a pizza?

When Joe’s did once last year try to send a pizza to a longtime customer who had relocated to Texas, the initial cost for shipping eight pies was $500. After Lafrowitz modified their containers (cutting up the pizzas, individually wrapping slices in plastic wrap) the price dropped to $250.

How to ship pizza

  • Shipping a pizza is simple, provided that the right packaging methods are followed.
  • To keep pizza fresh, it should be frozen first and then packed with dry ice to maintain the temperature stable throughout transport.
  • The use of dry ice in the delivery of food is not forbidden as long as the food is transported by ground transportation.
  • The following is a guideline on how to properly package and send pizza so that it arrives in pristine and scrumptious shape when it is delivered.
  • Allow the pizza to cool completely before wrapping it in shrink wrap.
  • Place in the freezer overnight or until the ice crystals are completely frozen.

To prepare the pizza for shipping, remove it from the freezer and wrap it in shrink wrap one more before placing it in the box.Wrapping the pizza numerous times is recommended to ensure that the food does not become contaminated even if the dry ice comes into contact with it.Then, place the frozen pizza in an insulated shipping container after it has been wrapped.You may stack frozen pizzas one on top of the other if you have more than one available.Put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands.Dry ice packs should be placed immediately on top of the frozen pizza; do not separate the ice from the frozen pizza.

Utilize the packaging material to fill up any gaps that may occur during shipment in order to prevent the pizza from moving during transit.This will also aid in preventing the dry ice from becoming too heated.In addition to the pizza, it’s a good idea to give baking or reheating instructions.

  • Seal the insulated container when it has been closed.
  • Ensure that the label has the correct recipient address information in accordance with the shipping company’s rules.
  • Bring the container to your local shipping office and complete the standard shipping procedures.

New York Pizza Shipped to Your Door

  • It has been four days since the start of the holiday shopping season.
  • Did you make any progress on your holiday shopping list over the weekend?
  • A bag of Kingsford should be sufficient punishment for being naughty.
  • A slice of cake for the kind people.
  • Consider making like Santa and giving a few pies to any expatriate New Yorkers on your holiday shopping list, as well as anyone who enjoys New York pizza but cannot get their hands on a piece of the Big Apple.
  • If you want to distribute them personally, there’s nothing prohibiting you from doing so as well.

You have three alternatives when it comes to Slice: Rocco’s Pizza (Rocco’s Pizza): Rocco’s Pies, situated in Bay Ridge, delivers four 12-inch pies (at left) the next day.The pizzas are ″simple″ (that is, they have no toppings, only cheese) and are transported through UPS in a packaging that is fitted with leakproof refrigerant gel packs to keep them cool.Upon delivery, the pies will be frozen, with reheating instructions provided, so that recipients may either reheat them in a prepared oven or store them in the freezer for later pleasure.$39 for four pies + $35.25 delivery for a total of $74.25 Pizza from Eddie’s New York City Pizza, which is situated in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, is 18-inches in diameter.As stated on the company’s website, ″the pies are wrapped in unique packaging that allows you to take individual slices from your refrigerator or freezer as needed.″ You can get as little as one pie or as many as four, eight, or twelve pies in a bundle.The price of the item includes shipping (through FedEx 2nd Day Air).

Call 800-969-NYPIES to place an order online or over the phone.One pie costs $19.95; four pies cost $64.92; eight pies cost $124.96; twelve pies cost $ This website provides pizza from a network of pizzerias in the New York state area.

  • Order a pie, and your order is ″routed to a participating pizzeria″ and supplied through iced gel packs via second-day delivery.
  • In addition to the standard round pies, now offers Sicilian pies for delivery.
  • It also provides a ″Pizza of the Month″ option, as well as a ″Make Your Own NY Pizza″ four-pie box that includes dough, sauce, cheese, and seasonings to create your own pizza at home.

Prices range from $17.98 plus $31 shipping for a standard pie to $19.99 plus $31 shipping for a Sicilian pie to $49.99 plus $31 shipping for a Make Your Own NY Pizza.

Pizza by Mail (Mail Order Pizza)

We ship The Pie’s Pizza anywhere in the USA!


  • Sending flowers to someone is such a cliché!
  • Next time, do something different and send them a piece of your home with you.
  • an introduction to Salt Lake City!
  • A Pie Pizza from The Pie is a one-of-a-kind and extremely scrumptious present that may also serve as a temporary solution for homesick friends and family who grew up at The Pie.
  • You requested it, and you received it!
  • The Pie is now offering national shipping of its products!

All of our Pie pizzas are hand-crafted from scratch and flash-frozen before being vacuum-sealed to ensure maximum freshness the day they are delivered.Each pie is cooked to order and stored with dry ice in an insulated cooler before being dispatched by UPS Next Day Delivery service.Pie Pizzas may be delivered to any location, including your home or workplace, and are packaged with baking instructions and your own message printed directly on the box.Each Pie Pizza is 14″ in diameter and serves roughly 4-6 people.

Ordering is quick and easy!

  1. For further information, call toll-free 1-801-495-4095.
  2. You can place an order for three 14-inch pies from our helpful Pie Representative
  3. Please provide us with the recipient’s name, delivery information, and a personalized gift note.
  4. Pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) and we’ll take care of the rest

Choose Your Pie

Unfortunately, not all pizza combinations are available for shipping; please call 1-801-495-4095 for information on shipping menu item availability..

The Pie Pizzeria’s Shipping Terms and Conditions

  • The cost of shipping is not included. Each order will be charged a $9 handling fee to cover the cost of the insulated shipping box and dry ice, in addition to the actual shipping rates. Our shipping charges are not established by us, and we do not mark them up! We send three pies each container in an effort to provide you with the greatest possible value for your dollar. Pies are shipped in an insulated container with dry ice to any location in the United States of America. You will receive a pizza that has been freshly prepared to order, frozen overnight, and dispatched the following day. Please see the following schedule for delivery: Unless otherwise specified, all orders placed Monday will be delivered on Wednesday
  • all orders placed Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday
  • all orders placed Wednesday will be delivered on Friday
  • all orders placed Thursday will be delivered on Tuesday
  • and all orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

By mentioning the desired day on the order, you can choose a delivery date that is one day later than the default day, and the order will be processed accordingly. Any and all orders will be processed out of the Salt Lake City location.

You have questions, we have answers

Can I send a Pie pizza to a P.O. Box?

Please be advised that UPS can only ship to street addresses.

Can I send a Pie pizza with raw meats or seafood ingredients?

We regret that we are unable to transport any raw meat goods at this time.

Can I specify a thin or thick crust pie?

Because of this, we cannot send thin or thick crust pies; instead, we only transport our standard crust pies.

Can I have a card or message enclosed?

Yes, if you choose, we may include a message with your package. You may include a remark in the comments box that appears once you have completed the order.

How are the pies packaged?

Pies are produced in-store, flash-frozen, then packed with dry ice in specially designed ″cooler″ shipping boxes to ensure safe delivery. Cooking instructions are included with each pie.

Can you ship outside of the USA?

Unfortunately, perishable products cannot be sent outside of the United States.

What day should I expect my order to arrive?

It is possible that your Pie pizza will be baked fresh to order on the day it is received by The Pie Pizzeria, flash frozen that night, and then dispatched the following day, often using UPS Next Day Air service. Orders received by The Pie Pizzeria on Friday will be shipped on the following Monday, unless otherwise specified.

What time will the pizzas be delivered?

The majority of the time, our items are shipped out by UPS for next-day delivery. As a result, shipments should arrive by the end of the business day at the latest.

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Can I request a shipping time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to request a specific shipment time frame at this moment. Due to the perishable nature of the contents, we recommend that packages be refrigerated as soon as possible when they arrive at their destination. We recommend sending an email to the receiver to let them know that the product is on its way.

Can UPS or The Pie Pizzeria call before delivering the pizza?

We’re sorry, but we’re unable to meet your request.

How can I obtain a tracking number for my order?

Following the completion of the transaction, a UPS tracking number will be provided in the confirmation email delivered to the customer.

How is shipping cost calculated?

The cost of shipping is not included. Our shipping charges are not established by us, and we do not mark them up! In order to get the most for your money, we propose sending three pies per container, which will result in a better value. Each order will be subject to a $9.00 handling fee to cover the cost of the insulated shipping box and dry ice.

What should I do with my Pie pizza when I receive my order?

  • If you need to work with dry ice, put on thick gloves first.
  • If this is not done, the dry ice will ultimately melt on its own.
  • The dry ice should not be stored in a regular household freezer.
  • It is recommended that you take your frozen pies out of the insulated shipping container and keep them in a freezer until they are needed.
  • For the sake of avoiding freezer burn, we recommend that you keep them covered.

If you want to eat your pie the same day it is delivered, you may refrigerate it; otherwise, it should be kept frozen until you are ready to cook it.It is recommended that you do not store it in your freezer for an extended period of time, just like any other frozen item.We recommend that you consume your Pie pizzas within two to three weeks.

How should I cook my Pie pizza?

Instructions for cooking will be included with each pizza, or you may download this PDF.

The Brilliant, Low-Effort Way to Always Have Pizza at a Moment’s Notice

  • Every Friday night, for our weekly pizza night, we order two huge pizzas from Domino’s.
  • We ordered two big cheese pizzas and one large pepperoni pizza, which is more than enough for our family to consume in a single sitting, but we did so on purpose so that we could freeze the leftovers.
  • Even if you think of it as a slacker approach to dinner preparation, storing additional pizza in the freezer rather than simply eating up the leftovers ensures that we always have pizza slices available.
  • These slices may be used as a quick weekday lunch for one person, or we can cut them into many pieces for a weeknight supper that requires little to no cooking.
  • In the last few months, I’ve used this pizza method to salvage supper more times than I can remember.

Stock Your Freezer with Leftover Pizza Slices as a Gift to Your Future Self

  • In spite of the fact that I personally enjoy pizza for breakfast (as does my 5-year-old), buying additional pizza is a meal prep technique I learnt from food writer and meal prep guru Tracy Benjamin (of the popular site Shutterbean).
  • Simply order slightly more pizza than you normally consume (or, better yet, a whole additional pizza) and freeze the pieces individually.
  • When you’re bored of cooking, you can use your single slice pizza stash to make quick workday lunches or late-night snacks.
  • And, while I do occasionally have frozen pizza from the supermarket on hand, doing the takeout-and-freeze way offers a few of advantages over the other options.
  • For starters, I don’t have to make a whole pie if only my son wants a short lunch — there’s no need to heat up an entire pie if only my son wants a quick lunch.
  • In addition, I enjoy the notion that ordering a large takeout order allows me to support our local companies – which is very important right now!

The Best Way to Store Pizza for the Freezer

  • While we generally just store leftover pizza slices in a large zip-top bag in the fridge, freezing individual slices that are quick to grab and reheat needs only a minor amount of extra effort to accomplish.
  • Make separate cuts between the slices using a knife or a pizza cutter to prevent them from sticking together.
  • Wrap the slices individually in plastic wrap and then place them in a single layer on a baking sheet in the freezer to freeze for a few hours.
  • Moving on to long-term storage, place the frozen pizza slices in an airtight container or ziptop bag to keep them fresh.
  • Generally speaking, frozen pizza slices stay well in the freezer for approximately two months, assuming they can be kept that long.

The Best Way to Reheat Frozen Pizza

  • Depending on the quantity of frozen pizza slices we have, we employ a variety of warming procedures to get them hot and crispy.
  • Reheating a slice or two of pizza on the stovetop using a large pan and some water is the most effective method available.
  • The broiler works well for four or more slices because it allows me to pre-heat a baking sheet for approximately five minutes under the broiler before placing the slices on top of the hot pan and broiling everything for four to five minutes until the cheese is bubbling.
  • Meghan Splawn is a food editor with a variety of skills.
  • Meghan works as a Food Editor for Kitchn’s Skills content, which includes recipes and tutorials.
  • She specializes in everyday baking, family cuisine, and capturing natural light in her photographs.

Meghan approaches eating with an eye on saving money and time while still having a good time.Meghan holds a bachelor’s degree in baking and pastry arts and spent the first ten years of her professional life as a member of Alton Brown’s culinary team.Didn’t I Just Feed You?is a weekly podcast on food and family that she co-hosts with her husband.Meghan should be followed.

How to Make A 2,000-Mile Pizza Delivery

  • Sal Pozzuoli is so swamped with orders that he doesn’t have time for small conversation even though it isn’t even noon at this point.
  • In near quiet, he orchestrates the activity in the small kitchen like a conductor, moving between two staff topping pizzas at the counter, a refrigerated area in the rear, and the occasional early lunch client at the pay register, all in close proximity to one another.
  • He takes a break every now and then to remove a pie from the big brick oven.
  • Pozzuoli, a grandson of the original Joe of Joe’s Pizza, has been running the business for 11 years, following a pattern that is nearly identical to his grandfather’s.
  • However, he just began working on a pizza recipe that necessitated the creation of some new musical soundtracks.
  • This pizza is 14 inches broad rather than the standard 16 inches.

In the meantime, it goes into the oven for only 90 seconds, cheese-free and naked.Then there’s the cheese, which has to be frozen for a while, followed by a vacuum seal, a pizza box, a Styrofoam-lined box, and dry ice.What exactly is all the hubbub about?Joe’s Pizza is now delivering to new communities, some of which are more than 2,000 miles distant.The future of food delivery has come, due to the efforts of forward-thinking businesses such as Joe’s Pizza and a startup known as Goldbely.Special delivery requests are not innovative in and of themselves; the magic lies in the execution of the demands.

In one instance, Kevin Spacey asked Joe’s Pizza if they could send a pie from New York City to a film shoot in London; Joe’s Pizza declined.At least, that’s what the tale says.″Because this rumor has been around for a while, I can’t guarantee that it is completely accurate,″ adds Ian Lafkowitz, a Joe’s Pizza business partner.

  • However, as with much mythology, the point remains: Joe’s has never before bothered to transport their pizza to any of the transplanted New Yorkers who inquired about it, regardless of how famous they were.
  • Delivering anything as involved as a handmade pizza is far more difficult than delivering a book or a coffeemaker, for example.
  • If you overfreeze the pizza, it may split in half on the route to the destination..

If you order the wrong size, you will be charged an additional delivery fee.Too much or overly little cooking will result in the dish being too soft and mushy when reheated in a home oven.Last year, Joe’s attempted to mail eight pizzas to a loyal client who had migrated to Texas; however, the first cost of delivering eight pies came to $500.

Prices reduced to $250 after Lafrowitz updated their packaging (by breaking up the pizzas and individually wrapped portions in plastic wrap).Even still, it wasn’t the best answer because the slices became soggy, and Sal does not offer wet pizza on his menu.It didn’t seem like it was worth the effort to figure out exactly how to transport pizza correctly.To be precise, until Lafrowitz met a fellow named Joe Ariel, who had turned his passion for delivering food from tiny local purveyors–New York hot dogs, Philadelphia cheesesteaks, and Maine lobster rolls–into a successful company.Ariel, a transplanted New Yorker himself, desired to have New York pizza delivered to his office in San Francisco, and he was successful.

While ordering a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s, a well-known Jewish deli in New York’s Lower East Side area, Ariel tells me, ″I like to think of myself as a culinary adventurer.″ Ariel’s words resonate with me.″There’s a certain amount of conceit involved with the term gourmet.″ Since launching Goldbely, a website that sells specialist local food items, last year, Ariel has maintained a consistent diet of classic meals.Despite the fact that his office freezer is stocked with Chicago-style Lou Malnati’s Pizza, he tries to go to the gym three or four times a week to avoid developing a bulging stomach that would betray the fact that a large portion of his business development efforts involves consuming pizza, cookies, cakes, and hot dogs.

Both the exercises and the business growth have proven to be worthwhile endeavors.And he has 324 food partners in 45 states, ranging from Texas’ Salt Lick Bar-B-Que to Virginia’s Rappahannock River Oysters, according to his website.You can use Goldbely to order pizza from four different locations (including one from Missouri, who knew?) and barbecue from eight different cities using the Goldbely platform.

Since its inception, Goldbely has received orders from more than 100,000 clients worldwide.Among those who have placed many orders, 18 percent do so on a monthly basis.Ariel explains that with Goldbely, ″food adventurers″ no longer have to rely on what their local grocery shops have in stock in order to purchase the delicacies they desire.And small food producers do not have to rely on a major chain to pick up their stuff in order to grow their enterprises into huge retail operations.

It is a democratic system.It’s possible that the mission came at an opportune time.Chefs are becoming superstars, specialist food stores are causing ″frenzy,″ and consumers are spending more money on culinary experiences than they used to.Despite the fact that the amount of disposable income Americans spend on food has been continuously declining since 1960, the percentage of disposable income they spend on meals consumed away from home has stayed stable.It has also become commonplace to order anything from beds to toothpaste over the internet in this time period.Sandwiches and baked goods, as well as oysters and cheese, across the country like it’s a local Chinese takeout joint, may be the final frontier of e-commerce, according to some experts.

  • However, pioneering is never without its difficulties, and when it comes to food from tiny local businesses, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is logistics.
  • A Katz’s pastrami sandwich, for example, is a towering unwieldy mass of well preserved meat that appears tough to consume (at the very least, politely), let alone stuff neatly into a box when it comes at the counter.
  • Joe’s Pizza is now accessible for a short time through Goldbely, following a year of testing several shipping methods.
  • The service began last week and will run through the end of the year.
  • Joe’s is offering it for $20, the same price as it is in the shop, for the time being, but the company is considering expanding into the online market.
  • Most of the things that Goldbely sends, such as cakes, cookies, pastries, coffee, and maple syrup, do not need the same level of preparation as a New York City pizza.

The procedure of packing them for shipping is nearly identical to the process of preparing them for sale in the store.However, there are other items, such as Joe’s Pizza, where matching the quality of the sent product to a chef’s level requires a bit more effort.Dominique Ansel, the creator of the Cronut, first stated that there was no way to send the dessert without it being ruined.

According to Ariel, ″we actually attempted 15 different shipments over the course of six months.″ Ultimately, the bakery flash frozen around 250 cronuts, which were then transported to the few of Goldbely clients who were fortunate enough to catch the offer before it was too late.However, Katz’s Deli has been sending meat to soldiers since World War II, when the company began an advertising campaign encouraging civilians to ″send a salami to your guy in the army.″ Pastrami sandwich, which looked like an unusual choice for FedEx while it was sitting on the counter, is delivered in a kit consisting of frozen slices of pastrami beef, one-quarter cup of mustard, and one-half-pound of rye bread, all of which are assembled within the box like a jigsaw puzzle.Pickles necessitate a packing regimen that would make any environmentalist squirm in their boots (Ariel says Goldbely eventually plans to develop more planet friendly shipping materials).They are delivered in a plastic tub that is placed inside another plastic tub that has been sealed with packing tape to keep the elements out.And then everything is placed in a plastic bag just in case something happens.

According to Jake Dell, whose family has operated Katz’s for three generations, ″you have to make sure the interior of the box is an universe unto itself and that the outside world is not going to harm it too much.″ Both Katz’s and Joe’s Pizza do not require the endorsement of Kevin Spacey, let alone the endorsement of Goldbely.Both are well-known enough to be cast in big motion pictures on their own merits.Each order is subject to a percentage charge by Goldbely.So what’s the point of signing up for the site?Most of the answers to that issue, once again, boil down to practical considerations.In addition to collecting numerous gourmet foods on a single site, Goldbely also gathers their admirers, exposing even the most well-known food producers to a whole new audience.

  • It becomes evident as we tour the offices of Goldbely’s New York customers, munching our way through the tour, that Goldbely’s newsletter, in particular, has a reputation for generating sales.
  • Almost everyone has an idea for a new promotion that Joe should run in the email.
  • Jake from Katz’s Deli has suggested a Hanukkah special for you.
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President of Papaya King, Wayne Rosenbaum, has a concept for a New York special box that may contain collaborations with a number of other historic businesses, according to the New York Daily News (Papaya included, of course).Orders for shipments of Papaya King hotdogs, which have been produced using the same recipe for more than 80 years, were formerly taken over the telephone by Rosenbaum.Then he’d inform them about the overnight shipping expenses, and they’d break down in tears, he claims.Despite the fact that a six-pack of hotdogs only cost $7, shipping it overnight guaranteed cost roughly $25, which, I suppose, is still reasonable when compared to the $55 pickle Katz’s Deli once mailed to California for $55.When it comes to Ariel’s ambition of democratizing food, shipping costs are a huge impediment.

  • Brooklyn’s bacon, egg, and cheese cragels are $79 for a dozen, and that does not constitute a democratic process.
  • However, the most significant logistical victory for Goldbely is the fact that all of its merchants share a single FedEx account.
  • They have so many orders that even tiny businesses like Cape Whoopies, a one-woman enterprise in Maine, may obtain a 70 percent discount because of their combined purchasing power.

Ariel anticipates that by the end of next year, the discount will be 90 percent off.He expects that, in the future, purchasing a Katz’s deli sandwich while traveling in Florida or Oregon will be roughly the same price as ordering one when traveling in New York.For example, he cites Uber’s original niche of luxury vehicles as evidence that ″everything starts premium.″ ″Then the economies of scale kick in and the prices return to normal.″ Can you picture being able to purchase everything in the nation at regular prices?That is a true example of democratization of food.″ There is still much work to be done.Shipping and packing expenses might add anywhere from $5 to $50 to a Goldbely order, depending on the item being purchased.There are a limited number of vendors who can manage a large volume of orders at a given moment.

And most sellers, including some with well-known brands such as Papaya King, still consider e-commerce to be a minor component of their overall operations.As soon as we arrive at the hot dog restaurant, Rosenbaum serves us hot dogs and coconut champagne before introducing us to what he refers to as ″the inner-sanctum of the monarch.″ Wayne and Papaya’s marketing manager share a small cinder-block basement office, which is also home to a few other employees.A stack of yellow T-shirts is stacked against one of the walls.The other contains Papaya’s latest shipment of shipping materials.

To share with the group, Joe has brought a shipment of Muffuletta sandwiches from a deli in New Orleans, and when Joe opens the package, Wayne reaches for the crumpled brown paper that has been placed on top of the order.″This is exactly what we’re looking for,″ he says.Its packaging, which covers the disc-shaped sandwich in plastic paper, deli paper, and a plastic bag in the same manner as it would be packaged at the store, impresses him as well.

″It’s just wonderful,″ he says.″It’s jam-packed to the gills.″

How To Ship Frozen Food

  • Owning and operating a food and beverage distribution business may be a thrilling and rewarding experience.
  • In order to contact potential consumers, you may use a variety of methods, regardless of whether you are learning how to sell food from home or splitting your time between different sorts of markets.
  • Selling food in person is one thing; transporting it, on the other hand, is a very different story.
  • It is particularly difficult to ship frozen food since it is necessary to ensure that the items reach in their whole untouched.
  • If you don’t have the proper eCommerce packing to protect your products, they can deteriorate very rapidly.
  • A tarnished reputation will both harm your brand and cause you to lose revenue since customers will believe you didn’t put out any effort on your part.

So, what can you do to keep your goods from spoiling while in transit?Continue reading to find out how to mail frozen food.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Frozen Food?

  • It is possible that the average cost of exporting frozen food will vary from $30 to $150.
  • The precise cost of delivering frozen food cannot be predicted in advance due to the fact that each package’s contents, size, and weight are different.
  • The diverse services and features offered by eCommerce shipping firms, such as shipment speed and extra insurance, can influence pricing variation.
  • When it comes to food shipping expenses, the weight of the package is the most important issue to consider because frozen food requires special packing to remain frozen.
  • This is why understanding how to calculate shipping costs based on weight is beneficial.
  • By standardizing the weights of your items, you will be able to anticipate shipping costs per unit with more accuracy.

It also makes your monthly eCommerce accounting easier to manage if you create a weight chart of your best-selling items.Changing just one kind of packing material may result in significant weight reduction and cost savings of thousands of dollars over the course of a year.If you’re selling through a wholesale marketplace, BlueCart eCommerce, or with the assistance of an eCommerce website builder, your customers will enjoy the savings you pass on to them on their purchases.

How To Ship Frozen Food Cheaply

  • Given the meticulous attention to detail required when shipping frozen commodities, it’s no surprise that business owners are looking for methods to reduce expenses. Customers want their orders to arrive swiftly and at a reasonable price, thus regular expenditure reduction should be high on your goal list at all times. You can lose money even if you just send a few dozen things each month if you don’t take steps to reduce your expenditures and increase your profits. Seven universal ways for exporting frozen food at a low cost are listed below: Find a carrier that specializes in the transportation of frozen goods. The majority of shipping businesses have sufficient fleets
  • nevertheless, only a small number of services are familiar with the demands of temperature-sensitive items. Cold freight carriers use vehicles with air conditioning and train their staff to keep track of the state of the things they are transporting during the whole delivery process. Utilizing the services of a seasoned carrier might be the difference between your things being spoiled and arriving in perfect shape.
  • Always store items in some sort of insulated container. The use of high-quality insulated containers is critical in the art and science of delivering perishable food. Although you do not need a large box or a container full of gel packs, your package should be prepared to withstand high temperatures. Begin with a box or bag that is of reasonable size. Next, add some insulating padding, such as air pillows or metal box liners, to keep the temperature stable. Maintain the cushioning on all sides of your product to reduce cold temperature loss.
  • Make use of dry ice. In its most basic form, dry ice is liquid carbon dioxide, and it has been used to keep goods cold for long periods of time for decades. Because it can remain solid for such a long period of time at a low enough temperature, it aids in the cooling of other materials. Because companies that provide dry ice are well-acquainted with the needs of the food industry, you should have no trouble locating them if you want to incorporate it into your operations. The dry ice shipping rule of thumb is about five pounds of dry ice for every 24 hours spent in transit.
  • Look around for the greatest deals. Once you’ve reduced your search down to a few reputable providers, it’s time to compare their pricing. A carrier’s cutting-edge capabilities may not imply that they are the greatest fit for your needs and requirements
  • Inquire about any bulk shipping savings they may provide, as well as any first-time customer discounts. Additionally, by scheduling one or two carrier pickups, you may cut down on the amount of time you spend shipping. This allows your employees to prepare orders in batches rather than having to rush back and forth between cold storage and the packing table on a regular basis. Given that you’re sending out frozen foods, make certain that they don’t sit out for long periods of time. Alternatively, if you’re packing five comparable goods at the same time, take them out of the freezer and package them all at the same time. Alternatively, buy packaging materials in large quantities. Because the food sector is built on steady demand, it is essential to have a large supply of packaging supplies on hand. Purchasing packaging materials in bulk allows you to save money while also improving your warehouse management. This allows you to store hundreds of packing units at a time and recover them in a short amount of time. Additionally, it will decrease your cost per item sold. Even if it is a tiny sum, over a period of several months, it adds up.
  • Make sure that your packaging is optimized for each product. It’s no secret that the cost of transporting frozen things may rapidly rack up. Check the packaging of your items and determine whether or not you are maximizing product packaging. You’re putting tiny things in enormous containers only to avoid having to deal with them later, right? You’re incurring more delivery costs, which reduces your profit margins. Look for insulated styrofoam containers that are appropriate for certain commodities and include them into your selection and packaging process.
  • Whenever feasible, ship in bulk to save money. You may also think about setting up a separate refrigerated area where boxes can be stored until the collection time arrives. Try out these approaches and evaluate which ones perform best for your company.
  • When it comes to further methods of lowering delivery expenses, BlueCart has you covered, as well.
  • Our integrated shipping solutions pool our clients’ purchasing power in order to negotiate the best possible costs with over 60 shipping carriers.
  • Calculate prices, generate labels, print labels using a shipping label printer, track shipments, and more with this powerful toolkit.
  • To learn more about what our platform can do for you, schedule a demo.

How To Ship Frozen Food USPS

  • If you choose the United States Postal Service as your food courier, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because the United States Postal Service does not provide refrigerated carrier services, the extent to which your items are safeguarded is completely up to you. Here are four helpful hints on how to transport frozen food via the United States Postal Service: Make use of long-lasting shipping materials. Any frozen food that is being shipped by the USPS should be properly wrapped to ensure safe delivery. Insulating materials such as an insulated box, a styrofoam enclosure, dry ice, and bubble wrap are all effective. Purchase materials that are within your budget while also ensuring that the materials will maintain low temperatures for the length of the transport. This is particularly vital if you operate a subscription-based business
  • for example, frozen gel packets are an excellent example. Investing in frozen gel packs may increase your spending by a little amount (excellent gel packs cost around $3.50-4 each pack). When compared to dry ice or styrofoam, they are a perfect substitute for these. Make sure to wrap your frozen food in its packaging paper or sleeve as tightly as you can, and then place the gel pack on top of it. This will reduce the amount of heat that is trapped between the top of your goods and the box flaps, allowing the product to remain cooler for a longer period of time.
  • Look into the use of dry ice. Dry ice, often known as frozen carbon dioxide, has been in use in the food sector for many years. It retains its solid state at extremely low temperatures, and as a result, it is able to keep the things in its immediate vicinity cold for a lengthy period of time. Dry ice should be packed in a plastic liner or vented bag, both to protect your hands while moving it and to allow the CO2 gas to escape
  • ensure that your things are packed appropriately and safely. Because the United States Postal Service does not provide cold freight or dry ice, it is your duty to ensure that damage does not occur. The United States Postal Service’s website outlines the standards for shipping frozen food using dry ice, including the absence of leaking, smells, or open containers. You’ll also be held liable for any damage to the merchandise of other customers that you cause. Take the time to properly package your items so that both you and your customers can rest easy.

Once you’ve completed all of these procedures, you may utilize the shipping cost calculator on the United States Postal Service’s website. Walk through the steps on the screen and print off your shipping label to start the gift on its way.

How To Ship Frozen Food FedEx

  • Do you want to deliver your frozen meals to your consumers in a stylish manner? FedEx is an excellent method of delivery. In the case of cold and frozen commodities, FedEx provides some of the most competitive services available. Additionally, they have a number of cold storage facilities where temperature-sensitive goods may be kept cool in the case of inclement weather or other unanticipated events. Detailed instructions on how to transport frozen food by FedEx are provided below: Look through their selection of temperature-controlled alternatives. FedEx offers many cold-friendly packing options for frozen food vendors, which is a welcome relief. This company categorizes the shipping choices into four categories: standard room temperature shipment
  • cold shipment
  • frozen shipment
  • and deep frozen shipment. You may go over the specifics in each of these categories, select the one that interests you, and then click the ″Talk to an Expert″ option. FedEx will learn more about your requirements and provide you with a customized price.
  • Take a look at the value-added services that they provide. The FedEx Quality Control Services program includes optional quality management services such as gel pack replenishment, real-time temperature monitoring, and top-notch package security. Learn more about these alternatives and get in touch with them using their website’s contact form. A FedEx representative can offer you with specifics on which items are most suited for these add-ons as well as the charges you may expect.
  • If you have any questions, you should speak with a member of the staff. If you’re not sure which service to choose or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A customer service professional will be delighted to learn more about your company and make appropriate recommendations.

How To Ship Frozen Food Via UPS

  • Along with USPS and FedEx, UPS is one of the biggest shipping and handling services in North America. These companies are well-known for having large fleets and offering competitive ground shipping rates to their customers. If UPS is calling your name, they’re a skilled carrier to work with. You should be aware of the following when learning how to ship frozen food. UPS: Choose a shipping solution that matches your products. UPS offers numerous temperature-controlled shipping options. These include UPS Temperature True Plus, True Standard, True Saver, and True Dangerous Goods. True Saver offers basic temperature protection and package delivery, whereas True Dangerous Goods offers the most advanced level of product protection at all points of transit. Choose a service that fits the type of products you sell and how often you ship orders out.
  • Consider their value-added services. Similar to FedEx, UPS has several value-added options for frozen items. These include air-conditioned vehicles, guidance during customs clearance, advanced packaging materials, additional security measures, and temporary storage facilities with controlled environments. The services you choose depend on product packaging needs and how quickly you want items to arrive at customers’ delivery addresses.
  • Take advantage of UPS’ temperature optimized packaging. UPS has their own line of packaging options specifically for cold and frozen items. It starts with Med Eco and goes up to Med 500, with each option offering progressively greater protection from the elements. UPS doesn’t require customers to buy this packaging if you’re shipping frozen food, but it doesn’t hurt if you want to give your customers the best.
  • \sContact UPS if you have additional questions. As always, specific scenarios and detailed questions can be worked out by contacting company staff. If a specific type of food must be kept in a narrow temperature range or you’re dealing with several kinds of products on a daily basis, their employees can help.
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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Ship Frozen Food

If you sell food that is sensitive to temperature changes, it is essential that you understand how to send it without it rotting. Frozen food is infamous for melting and turning bad if it hasn’t been properly stored and transported. Listed below are some frequently asked questions regarding how to send frozen food to give you a head start on your research. Now, have a look at our responses:

How much does it cost to ship frozen food?

  • For the majority of businesses and goods, you can anticipate to pay between $30 and $150 for delivering frozen food shipments to their destination.
  • Final frozen food shipping costs are determined by several factors, including the amount of frozen food being shipped, its destination, the package weight, and the shipping provider you choose.
  • It is more expensive to send frozen food in bulk containers, but it is less expensive per unit or shipment if the food is shipped in smaller quantities.
  • This is due to the fact that bulk shipping is sometimes reduced, making it easier to send big quantities of merchandise at the same time.

Can I send frozen food through USPS?

  • You can ship frozen food through the United States Postal Service as long as your goods is adequately wrapped.
  • Because the United States Postal Service does not provide chilled packing or transportation services, your items will have to complete the journey on their own.
  • You should wrap your product(s) in plastic overwrap in addition to using frozen gel packs, dry ice, or ice bags to protect it from damage.
  • Not a regular shopping bag, but a double-sealed food-grade plastic bag with a tight seal.
  • It also prevents water from seeping into your shipment and ruining the box, in the unusual event that there is a spillage.

What is the best way to ship frozen food?

  • It is possible to send frozen food in a number of effective methods, including in polystyrene containers, with cushioned aluminum box liners, and with vented dry ice.
  • It is possible to utilize one of these strategies that is appropriate for your items, or you may use all of them if your goods require more assistance.
  • In the end, the most efficient method of shipping frozen food is determined by your items, the distance traveled by the box, and the preferences of your clients.
  • It’s not a bad idea to give consumers add-ons such as more dry ice and packing supplies.
  • Not only does this demonstrate to clients that you value their business, but it also provides you with piece of mind knowing that your items will arrive in good condition.

Ship, Ship, Ship It Away

  • Shipping frozen food to consumers or learning how to ship alcohol to customers might be difficult tasks.
  • It has been observed that many business owners have learnt how to send temperature-sensitive commodities by seeing what does not work.
  • Delivering frozen food successfully necessitates the use of smart packaging and the optimization of the warehouse management process flow.
  • In order to avoid having more issues than solutions, make sure your warehouse environment is designed to make packing and shipping as simple as possible.
  • eCommerce shipping firms are more than ready to assist you, even if you are learning how to do it for the first time yourself.
  • There’s nothing you can’t get to the right buyer at the right time if you follow the advice in this post and use your favorite shipping company.

How to Ship Frozen & Cold Foods in 2022

  • Important Points: Extreme temperatures, humidity, and spoiling are all problems that might arise while exporting frozen foods.
  • When packaging frozen items, make sure you utilize the right shipping boxes and containers and to avoid cutting corners whenever possible.
  • The United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS are all capable of shipping frozen food goods securely and economically.
  • It is vital for your online business to understand how to send frozen meals, especially if you are involved in shipping a variety of different items.
  • Whatever type of food you sell and transport, it’s critical that it arrives in good shape, is fresh, and is free of any potential contamination before it can be consumed.
  • Having your food arrive in bad shape will almost certainly result in lost clients and cash for your firm.
  • First and foremost, before you get too far into the business of selling and sending food, you should be aware of certain critical shipping guidelines for frozen foods.
  • This blog post provides a brief but comprehensive overview of how to ensure that your frozen meals are sent without experiencing any serious complications.

Table of Contents

01 Difficulties in Transporting Frozen Foods Best Practices for Shipping Frozen Foods, Part 2 03 How to Ship Frozen Food with the United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service, and FedEx 04 What Is the Average Cost of Shipping Frozen Foods? 05 How to Pack Frozen Foods for Shipping: A Step-by-Step Guide 06 How Easyship Can Assist 07 Shipping Frozen Foods Frequently Asked Questions

Challenges of Shipping Frozen Foods

As many eCommerce merchants are well aware, transporting virtually any form of frozen or chilled food presents significant difficulties. Just a few examples are as follows: Temperatures that are extremely high or low

When the weather is extremely hot or cold, it has a significant impact on the quality of packaged and frozen goods, especially if the foods are not adequately packed to survive the extreme conditions. Humidity

Another big concern to frozen foods is humidity, which, like heat in general, can cause them to spoil. Spoilage

This is one another problem that frozen food merchants must contend with throughout the delivery process. It considerably increases the likelihood of food spoiling before it is delivered to its intended recipient if it is not adequately packed in insulated boxes and kept refrigerated until it is delivered.

Shipping Frozen Food Best Practices

  • Understanding how to transfer frozen goods through couriers without having them become contaminated throughout the shipping process is essential for online retailers that sell frozen meals. General solutions to these serious problems include: Properly planning your shipment timing
  • utilizing appropriate shipping boxes and containers
  • collaborating with a reputable shipping company
  • not taking shortcuts when packing
  • properly refrigerating and packaging food shipments
  • arranging for special courier arrangements, as needed
  • and utilizing a reliable shipping company.

How to Ship Frozen Food with USPS, UPS, and FedEx

Find out how to transport frozen meals with the major couriers by visiting this page.


  • Here are some requirements you should be aware of if you want to transport frozen food through the United States Postal Service. The United States Postal Service does not provide particular cooling services for shipments.
  • Dry ice packaging is allowed
  • nevertheless, it is not recommended.
  • Containers must be leak-proof and free of smells in order to be effective. Because condensation and carbon dioxide gas from melting ice must be able to escape, they must not be completely airtight.
  • International shipping does not allow for the use of dry ice packing.
  • It is advised that you use a sturdy polystyrene box rather than a cheap styrofoam cooler.
  • Carbon dioxide solid, or dry ice, must be prominently indicated on all packages containing dry ice, which must be labeled with a Class 9 DOT miscellaneous hazardous substance warning notice.
  • Shippers’ declarations for dangerous commodities, completed in triplicate and fastened to the exterior of the package, must be included in the shipment.
  • The box must be properly labeled with the name of the food being chilled and must include the net weight of the dry ice
  • otherwise, the shipment will not be accepted.


  • There are certain criteria you’ll need to follow when delivering frozen food with UPS, but overall, it’s an excellent option for shipping frozen food. Try to limit the shipping time under 30 hours if at all possible. Next Day Air is the best option.
  • Incorporate a thin plastic liner into the package’s inside as well as a plastic bag to contain the food.
  • For the best possible preservation of food temperature, thick insulated foam containers are recommended.
  • The use of dry ice for packaging is permitted. Gel packets are also an excellent option, while frozen water is not suggested.
  • More than 5.5 pds of dry ice must be carried through air, and there are limits on how much can be shipped.
  • In the event that you are shipping dry ice overseas, IATA laws will apply.


  • FedEx, like UPS, is a fantastic choice for sending frozen meals across the country. Listed below are some general recommendations to bear in mind. Think about implementing FedEx Temp-Assure, which is a suite of temperature-control systems.
  • FedEx offers cold shipping packing
  • for shipments to the United States, FedEx Express requires perishable products to tolerate a minimum transit period of 24 hours higher than the delivery commitment
  • and FedEx Express offers overnight shipping packaging.
  • It is recommended that you utilize insulated foam containers with walls that are at least 1-1/2″ (4 cm) thick.
  • When shipping with dry ice, make sure that your outer carton has the proper identity, classification, markings, and labeling.
  • In order to protect the foam containers, they should be placed within durable exterior containers.

Choosing frozen food shipping containers

  • Shipping frozen food is best accomplished using the following packaging to ensure that the food remains frozen throughout transit: Styrofoam and other foam-insulated food transport containers are examples of this.
  • Dry ice containers
  • Using cardboard boxes with insulating box liners to keep temperatures chilly is an excellent idea.

It’s preferable to select a shipping container that is somewhat larger than your goods in order to allow for the addition of ice packs or dry ice to keep temperatures as low as possible throughout shipping and delivery.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Frozen Foods?

  • If you’re wondering how much it will cost to send frozen, perishable food from one region to another, the answer is that there is no set pricing.
  • Shipment costs are mostly decided by the distance, length, weight, and type of frozen food you’re transporting, as well as the price of the frozen food itself.
  • You should also consider the fact that you will almost certainly need to spend in dry ice and packing gel, with the amount you purchase being decided by the weight of your items and the distance that must be traveled before they are delivered to their destination.
  • In order to find out how to transport frozen food for the least amount of money, it’s important to do a thorough assessment of the materials that will be necessary to ship it correctly as well as any additional service fees that your courier may charge.
  • Once you have a grasp of the numbers involved in packaging and transporting frozen meals, Easyship may be a very beneficial resource for your business.
  • A wonderful approach to acquire precise shipping and delivery time estimates from our worldwide courier network, as well as our assistance with printing labels, tracking international shipments and other services, is to use our shipping calculator.

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How to Pack Frozen Foods for Shipping

  • It’s critical to check that your frozen food is properly packaged and chilled before it goes into travel. To bear in mind when packing frozen and chilled meals, here are a few important guidelines: Ensure that baked foods are properly wrapped with an airtight seal to prevent the passage of heat and humidity
  • Foods that must be kept frozen until they are delivered should be wrapped in proper insulation.
  • Plastic that is watertight should be used in the packing of items that are prone to leaking
  • Seafood should be double-bagged in order to provide additional protection from adverse weather conditions.
  • Packing materials such as ice packs, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and craft paper can be used to fill up the gaps in durable corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping.
  • Ensure that you utilize a proper number of dry ice and frozen gel packs when packing your frozen food shipments for transportation. Whenever you’re working with dry ice, make sure there’s some form of ventilation in the box or container.
  • Notably, couriers will not take dry ice in airtight packaging, and some postal services, such as the United States Postal Service, will not accept dry ice for foreign shipments.
  • According to basic guidelines, one pound of gel pack should be used for every three pounds of meat.
  • Packing peanuts, crumpled newspapers, or other similar packing material should always be used to fill in the empty space in each box when sending cookies and other goodies
  • otherwise, the cookies and other treats will not arrive.
  • Consider utilizing customized cold shipment boxes with insulated cooling to fit inside normal cardboard shipping boxes
  • this will save money and time.

Whether you’re sending frozen food in containers, bags, or anything else in between, always make sure that the packaging are appropriately cushioned to minimize needless moving that might increase the likelihood of your items being damaged during transit.

How Easyship Can Help

  • If you sell perishable, frozen, or chilled foods, it’s critical that you transport them correctly to ensure that they arrive fresh and free of hazardous contaminants when they arrive.
  • Shipping frozen food through FedEx or another major courier service is entirely doable – as long as you follow the neces

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