How Many Slices In A Half Sheet Pizza?

What’s great about most sheet pizza places is that they offer a half sheet, which is usually 12 slices.

How big is a half sheet of pizza?

Available in Full, Half and Quarter Sheet Sizes

Sheet Pan Sizes (Inches) Width Length
Quarter Sheet Pan 9 13
Half Sheet Pan 13 18
Full Sheet Pan 18 26

How many slices are in a full sheet pizza?

Each full sheet pizza is cut in 40 squares and serves between 8 and 12 people, add premium toppings, or add traditional toppings.

Is a half sheet bigger than a large pizza?

– 8 slices), large (14 in. – 10 slices), extra large (16 in. – 12 slices), half sheets (20 slices) and full sheets (40 slices).

What size is a full sheet pizza?

About Party Sheet Pizza

This Sicilian style rectangle pizza measures 18′ x 26′ and can be cut into 32, 40, 48 or 64 pieces.

How many slices are in a small Romeo’s pizza?

Available in small (10 in. – 6 slices), medium (12 in. – 8 slices), large (14 in. – 10 slices), extra large (16 in.

How many pieces of cake are in a half sheet?

A half sheet cake has up to 36 servings. A full sheet cake has up to 64 servings.

How many slices are in a slice of pizza?

A general assumption for a pizza party is two to four large pizza slices per person. This means that an 8-piece pizza should serve 2 to 4 people. It is better to have some leftover at the end than to run out of pizzas in the middle of the party.

How many slices are in a party tray pizza?

Small (8-10′): 6 slices. Medium (12′): 8 slices. Large (14′): 10 slices. Extra large (16′ or more): 12 slices.

How many sheets of pizza do I need for 40 adults?

The following chart shows how many pizzas to order for your party. Table showing how many large 14″ pizzas you should order to feed a party.

How Many Pizzas Should You Order?

Guests Pizzas Needed
25 10 pizzas
30 12 pizzas
40 15 pizzas
50 19 pizzas

How many slices are in a small pizza?

Small pizzas average between 8 and 10 inches in diameter and will yield about six slices.

How many slices are in a 10 inch pizza?

If you’re planning a pizza party or just having pizza for your family dinner, you may wonder how many slices are in a 10 inch pizza! A regular 10 inch pizza should offer you six slices – ideal for serving a group of three people.

How big is a 16inch pizza?

16-inches is considered its extra-large size. So how big is a 16 inch pizza? The total area of a 16 inch pizza is 200.96 square inches. Based on the mathematical formula, the pizza of this size appears to be 2.6 times bigger than a standard pizza, about 10 inches.

How many pieces are in a Titan pizza?

Titan – 24 Slices

Mozzarella cheese, spanish white onions, mshrooms, green peppers, bacon, and pepperoni.

What is the area of a sheet pizza?

Sauce weight (7 ounces) divided by 113 = 0.0619469 ounces per square inch. Cheese weight (6 ounces) divided by 113 = 0.05300973-ounces per square inch. Now, that 18-inch x 26-inch sheet pan has 18 inches x 26 inches = 468-square inches of surface area.

A Guide to Sheet Pizza

  • While giant rectangular pizzas aren’t exclusively seen in the Binghamton area, they are a significant part of our regional culinary tradition….
  • Brozzettis is one of the most prominent sheet pizza restaurants in the area.
  • It is a place that you either love or hate, and most outsiders refuse to even recognize it as pizza because it is made with American cheese.
  • A lot of establishments around here utilize American cheese in their pizzas, which is something that the sheet pizza producers took from the early pizzas in our region, which were hot pies, to build their pizzas.
  • Although a number of popular hot pie spots in Johnson City, such as Red’s Kettle Inn and The Oasis, served only American cheese on their pies at first, new restaurants began combining it with provolone and mozzarella cheeses over a thicker doughy crust to create the pizzas that locals have come to know and love today.
  • Despite the fact that I’m not familiar with the histories of all of these establishments, it appears that the most of them began serving pizza in the 1960s or 1970s, which is 20 to 30 years after pizza was first brought to our region (although that is definitely debatable).
  • There is no way I could have included every restaurant in the region that serves sheet style pizza, but I did chose the ones that are the most well-known and popular.

I’m going to start with my least favorite spot and work my way up to the one I believe is the finest in the world.For those of you who are reading this who haven’t eaten a sheet pizza before, I implore you to toss away all of your preconceived notions about pizza and appreciate this form of pizza for what it is: doughy, saucy, sweet (for the most part), and rectangular in shape.7) Jim Roma’s Bakery, located on Nanticoke Avenue in Endicott.When it comes to half sheets, most sheet pizza establishments provide 12 slices, which is a wonderful deal of food for the money.That’s what I chose to do here, as well as in a lot of the other areas I looked at as well.

At Jim Roma’s, they prepare a whole sheet of pizza and then cut it in half and deliver it to your table in a smaller box with wax paper on the top (Vestal Bakery used to do this with their pizzas, but I’m glad they stopped doing it).The use of scissors to cut the pizza slices at Jim Roma’s is another one of the restaurant’s distinctive features.My order included additional sauce and cheese, which resulted in the messiest pizza on the menu by a long by!See the cheese that’s been charred on the pictures?As a matter of fact, when American cheese gets a bit charred like this, it tastes even better, which is why they include it in their cheese blend.

I’ve had additional cheese here in the past and it’s always been wonderful, but this time it was a little too sweet for my taste; I think they must have used more American cheese in the mix than normal.The additional sauce, on the other hand, was a great touch; it was semi-sweet and not excessively seasoned (most of the sauces in this pizza blog are similar in that aspect).The crust on this pizza is one of my least favorite aspects about it.Look at the bread to sauce and cheese radio in the second photo.This is a very bready pizza, which is why I got additional sauce and cheese.It needs more taste, as you can see from the bread to sauce and cheese radio in the second picture.

The crust lacks any discernible taste, and although it is not quite mushy, it is also not crisp in the least, making it the chewiest crust of all the establishments I will be reviewing.It’s also a touch more expensive than some of the other options; a half sheet of pizza with extra sauce and additional cheese cost $15, when at other establishments, I receive more toppings for that amount.The sausage and pepperoni they provide are both disappointing to me, therefore I recommend sticking to the simple version of the dish at this establishment.Expect a 30-minute wait if you order in advance, however if you walk there and are lucky, they’ll pull a fresh sheet of pizza out of the oven and you’ll be able to take half or a quarter of it home with you right away.6) DiRienzo’s Bakery, located on Henry Street in Binghamton, New York This location is rather straightforward to locate; simply look for the large delivery truck parked 15 feet above the ground in front of the establishment.

This is one of the more unusual pizzas on the menu; it is not sweet in the least.I think it has the same flavor profile as Cortese Pizza; it’s a little salty, which I believe is due to the fact that they utilize Pecorino Romano cheese in addition to the conventional mozzarella.The crust is particularly distinctive; it is the most browned of all the locations, yet it is not scorched in any way.It’s semi-crisp, which makes me question whether they don’t use any oil in the production of it.Despite the fact that they don’t use much sauce on it, it still has a very robust flavor, with the exception of the toppings, which I thought were a touch boring.

However, while it is a tasty flavor, it is not one that I find myself yearning on a regular basis.They’re more well-known for their ″classic″ pizza, which is simply a loaf of bread with sauce on it and sometimes a sprinkling of parmesan on top, another attribute derived from certain old-school hot pie traditions.I don’t like for the pizza here, but they have the greatest fresh baked bread around.

Their loaves of Italian bread and their Kaiser rolls are not to be missed!Another half-hour wait and around $15 for a half-sheet with 12 slices was experienced.5) Rossi’s Pizza, located in Oak Hill Endicott, New York The funny thing about Rossi’s is that when I first tried it, I believed it was a shoddy knockoff of Nirchi’s.A buddy told me that it was ″like Nirchi’s if Nirchi’s was fantastic″ when I questioned him about it one night.

I was surprised by his response.That only goes to show that everyone has their own preferences and viewpoints on what is excellent.He also sent me out to Nineveh once to sample a horrible stromboli that he thought was wonderful, so don’t always believe what your friends tell you about their food.

  1. This pizza comes from the original Rossi’s store in Endicott, which is about 15 minutes away.
  2. I’ve gotten pizza from here in the past, but I can’t remember how it tasted.
  3. Despite the fact that I’ve never eaten pizza from the Owego location, I have had it from the JC location, which I didn’t think was particularly good.
  4. Everyone has remarked that the Endicott location is preferable, and I believe that I will have to agree with them for the most part.
  5. While the crust at the Endicott location was less dense than the one at JC, it did have a buttery flavor that was comparable to Nirchi’s.

I would recommend it over JC.However, when I went to the grocery store today, I saw that one of their frozen pizzas stated American and provolone cheeses, which led me to believe that they may have included those cheeses in the mix, although it was difficult to determine.While it tastes quite similar to Nirchis, it was a touch less sweet, which I believe is due to the fact that Nirchis had a little more American in the mix.I enjoyed the sauce on this dish as well; it was a touch brighter than the sauce on Nirchis.

  1. Pepperoni had a wonderful flavor, and I would definitely order it again.
  2. The spiedies had a wonderful flavor as well, but the texture was not the finest.
  3. Although the JC location utilizes conventional full-sized spiedies, which I found to be satisfactory, the Endicott location has opted to divide them into small cubes, which I find to be strange.
  • However, they were neither completely dry nor completely damp.
  • Even though the pricing was comparable to the other options thus far, the phone representative estimated a 20-minute wait time, which was 10 minutes less than the other options.
  • It was still not ready when I arrived, despite the fact that I was just a minute or two late.
  1. When the pizza came out of the oven, there was a problem: the person who cooked it had unintentionally made it a full sheet of pizza instead of the half sheet that I had ordered.
  2. It wasn’t a big problem, but it did take them an extra minute or two to chop it up and Frankenstein it together into the proper proportions, and it also resulted in me getting less crust pieces.
  3. The central slices of sheet pizza are the one thing about them that I don’t like for.
  4. Generally speaking, I like it, but when it comes down to it, I’d prefer to have…
  5. 4) Nirchi’s on Taft Avenue in Endicott.
  6. Because of their several locations, especially with the Vestal site being so close to SUNY Binghamton and the downtown one being so convenient to student housing and the bus station, Nirchi’s is frequently the place where newcomers to sheet pizza are first exposed.

However, for this particular blog, I opted to return to the original spot.Unfortunately, I was incorrect in my assumption about which one was the original.It turns out that the original location is on Pine Street in Endicott, rather than the one on Taft Avenue in Endicott as I had assumed.

Nirchi’s pizza was refined at this location, which I discovered for the first time while dining there.Nirchi’s would be more frequent destination for me if all of their locations were as nice.This was the pizza that I ate the most while I was growing up, so I became sick of it after a time, but it is something that I want every now and again.I could definitely eat their chicken pieces every day of the week; it’s only that I get tired of the usual red sauce after a while.The pepperoni was on the point of being crunchy, which I appreciated because I enjoy a nice crisp pepperoni.

I used to enjoy their old pepperoni since it had a fantastic flavor and the edges would crisp up and produce a tiny bowl of oil, but they changed their pepperoni a few years ago and it no longer tastes the same.Even though this pepperoni had a good flavor, it was a touch too salty for my taste.That’s really the only thing I have to say.Everything about this pie was wonderful, including the crust, which was browned on the bottom but not overly crisp and not too dense, was light and semi-soft, and had a subtle buttery flavor to it.Although the red sauce was not too sweet, it was a little tangier than most places on this list, and it was also not overly seasoning-heavy.

  1. The cheese was excellent, with a wonderful ratio of mozzarella to American cheese.
  2. It was predominantly mozzarella with a small amount of American cheese put in to enhance creaminess but not enough to make it too sweet.
  3. In particular, the white chicken spiedie pizza benefited from this technique.
  4. The marinade they used was excellent, and the chicken was perfectly cooked, remaining moist and tender throughout.
  5. That I don’t live closer to this location is a disappointment.

Again, the pizza cost around $15, which I believe to be a fairly reasonable price.There was a 30-minute delay after I placed my order, which led me to believe it could have been a very busy day for them, as generally there is only a 20-minute wait when I order from another Nirchi’s.You can get nice pizza from the downtown and Vestal restaurants if you can’t make it out to this location, and I’ve had good pizza from the main street location as well.

3) Brozzetti’s, located on Baldwin Street in Johnson City, Tennessee It’s one of my favorite restaurants, but it’s only on my mind once every few months, whereas the following two restaurants on this list are somewhere I could eat every day.Additionally, it’s incredibly distinctive; many people believe it contains peanut butter, but such folks are complete morons.Many people believe that the sweetness originates from the sauce, but this is not true; rather, the sweetness comes from the American cheese, and the crust is likewise sweet in flavor.

Years ago, I prepared pizza dough with honey and brown sugar in it, and after the pizza was finished baking, the crust tasted just like Brozzettis cookies.I’m not implying that they put that item in their dough; rather, I’m stating that the sweetness comes from the dough.Aside from being less thick than a lot of the other establishments, their dough is also denser and chewier than a lot of the others.The sauce is simple, but it serves its purpose perfectly.

  1. To be quite honest, the pizza I received for the review was a touch below par for Brozzettis, but it was still tasty.
  2. They don’t only use American cheese; there’s also provolone and mozzarella in there as well, but the flavor of the American cheese is the most prominent.
  3. The white garlic pizza at this location has a reputation for being superior to the red sauced pizza, but it does not contain fresh garlic, and I was told by someone familiar with the establishment that the secret to the white garlic pizza is simply that they put more cheese on it than the regular red sauced pizza.
  4. Because I enjoy both types, I generally order half and half.
  • This time, I went with a white pizza that had jalapenos and bacon on it instead of pepperoni.
  • That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?
  • I wasn’t a fan of the bacon that was utilized in this dish.
  • Although it was delicious, it was a touch too sweet and ham-like, and it was not crisp at all, and there wasn’t quite enough of it.
  • The jalapeño was also a touch too much for my taste.
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The sausage and pepperoni here, on the other hand, are both excellent, so you should definitely try them.I’m not sure how much I spent for this, but it was a complete page, which I recall.One thing to bear in mind is that acquiring a whole sheet from this source is preferable.

It has 24 slices, and a basic sheet costs around $20.It’s possible to obtain a 10 slice pizza for around $10 if you want it plain, but that’s a massive swindle because the slices are significantly smaller; the 10 slice pizza is around a fourth the size of the full sheet, so it’s best to order a large.Another thing to bear in mind is that this establishment is tiny and only offers take-out; there are no tables.

  1. Although I believe they do sell slices if you just want to stop in and grab one on the way out.
  2. 2) Pudgies Pizza, located on Robinson Street in Binghamton.
  3. Pudgies Pizza was the best pizza in town back in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  4. They had a large number of sites in the Binghamton region, as well as throughout upstate New York.

Their original location was on Robinson Street in Elmira, and while I had previously eaten at that location, it was no longer in operation, and I didn’t want to make the long trip to Elmira, so I went to the Robinson Street location instead.When they closed down all of their outlets in our region back in the early 1990s, we were devastated.Following their acquisition by the short-lived Papa G’s, several of those restaurants were subsequently taken over by Nirchi’s Pizza.Finally, in the spring of 2009, they launched a second facility in Binghamton, this time on the east side of town in a structure that had formerly housed Kearnsy’s Pub.

I absolutely adore their pizza; if it weren’t for the price, I would definitely gobble their pizza and have it on a daily basis.Unfortunately, whomever opened this new site was well aware that Binghamton was nostalgic for it and hence ready to spend a little more money on it than they should have done.For this 32 piece (smaller slices, same size as the 24 slice Brozzettis pizza) sheet pizza with pepperoni on half, the total cost was roughly $25, and that was after applying a coupon that knocked a couple dollars off the total cost.Ouch.The pizza, on the other hand, was fantastic.

  1. I usually just get plain, but this pepperoni was really good; the flavor was great, and it was a little crisp, so I think I’ll be ordering it from now on instead of plain.
  2. The sauce is fantastic; it’s sweet and tangy with a hint of sour, and it’s not overly seasoning-heavy either.
  3. Although the crust has a slight sweetness to it, it is also delicate and airy, and it has a good stretch to it.

I believe the cheese is simply mozzarella, but it works extremely well in this application.They also provide circular pizzas, and they introduced a half sheet pizza that is really a square rather than a rectangle just a year or two ago, according to the company.That’s the one I normally get.When it comes to sheet pizzas, if you’ve never tried any of the ones on our list, this one could be the greatest way to ease yourself into them.It’s sweet, but it doesn’t have any American cheese on it.

  1. Vestal Bakery- Vestal Parkway, Vestal
  • This pizza is so delicious that I often order it without any toppings since I believe it does not require them.
  • They also smother the pizza in sauce, which is fantastic; it’s a well-balanced sauce that pairs well with the cheese, which contains American cheese but isn’t overpowering; they cook it long enough so that it browns nicely and isn’t overly sweet; and they bake it long enough so that it browns nicely and isn’t overly sweet.
  • However, despite the fact that the dough has a slight yeast flavor to it, it is pleasant and light and not dense, a firm shell forms around the edges of the crust, which makes it really delightful.
  • This is something I grew up with, and it’s the one thing that my incredibly slender older sister claims she was able to outeat me when we were kids.
  • In addition to this type, they also create a really decent conventional New York style circular pizza, which I prefer.
  • It’s one-of-a-kind, it’s local, and it’s not too costly.
  • A basic half page costs around $10, while a full sheet costs approximately $20.

They also have some really amazing bread here, and I’m quite sure I’ve eaten a really delicious canoli when I was here as well as elsewhere.If you haven’t been here before, you should absolutely go.Try ordering a whole pizza instead of just pieces; believe me, it’s far more satisfying that way.

How Many Sheet Cakes And Servings Calculator

  • Published on the 4th of October, 2017. This calculator will assist you in determining the size and quantity of sheet cake you may require based on the number of attendees attending your event. It will also include a breakdown of the calories for various serving sizes. This can help you determine whether or not you will have enough cake for a wedding, birthday party, or other event. You may also alter serving sizes to match your budget. Sheet cakes are normally available in three sizes: quarter, half, and full sheets. A quarter sheet measures 9′′x13′′, a half sheet measures 13′′x18′′, and a full sheet measures 18′′x26′′. Sheet cakes are generally 2 inches in height. The number of servings provided by each cake is determined by the size of the serves. Servings per sheet cake are determined by the number of equally sized slices that can be cut, according to the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association and Cake Central. For a 1′′x2′′ serving, a quarter sheet cake has up to 54 servings, a half sheet cake has up to 108 servings, and an entire sheet cake has up to 192 servings.
  • For a 2′′x2′′ serving, use the following measurements: There are as many servings in a quarter sheet cake as there are in a half sheet cake
  • a full sheet cake has as many serves as there are in a complete sheet cake.
  • For a 2′′x3′′ serving, use the following measurements: A quarter sheet cake can hold up to 18 servings, a half sheet cake can hold up to 36 servings, and a full sheet cake can hold up to 64 servings.
  • In order to make a dish measuring 2′′x3′′, follow these steps: Quarter sheet cakes may serve up to 18 people, half sheet cakes can serve up to 36 people, and a full sheet cake can serve up to 64 people.

Plan The Perfect Pizza Party

  • Pizzeria is a well-known and diverse dinner that is enjoyed by people all around the world.
  • Pizzas are available in a wide range of flavors to satisfy the palates of all customers.
  • Hosting the ultimate pizza party may be as simple as inviting your friends over and arranging several boxes of pizza on a table for them to enjoy.
  • A well-thought-out pizza party, on the other hand, may save you time and money while also ensuring that everyone has a good time.
  • So, what are some of the considerations you should keep in mind in order to have the finest party possible?

Number of Guests

  • Making a decision on the size of your party is an important step that must be taken early in the planning process.
  • This dictates where, when, and how your pizza party will take place.
  • The amount of guests you expect will determine whether you can throw the party at home or whether you will need to rent a larger location.
  • Knowing how many guests you expect might also assist you in estimating the number of pizza that will be required for your event.
  • A basic rule of thumb for a pizza party is that each guest will consume two to four big pizza pieces.
  • This implies that an 8-piece pizza should be able to feed 2 to 4 people comfortably.
  • Having some leftover pizza at the conclusion of the party is preferable to running out of pizzas in the middle of the celebration.

What is the Occasion?

  • Do you want to celebrate a birthday, watch a sports game, or just get together with some friends to have some food and a good time?
  • It is critical to be aware of the occasion so that you can plan your decorations accordingly.
  • The standard birthday fare includes balloons and streamers, as well as, of course, the traditional cake.
  • In contrast, if it is a sporting event or a championship, you would create a theme around your favorite team.
  • For a basic get-together, the décor would be less significant; the focus would be on the food and company rather than the design itself.

Flavour Preferences

  • Pizzas are produced with a wide array of ingredients and toppings to elicit a wide range of flavors in the palate.
  • When preparing a pizza party, it is important to consider the tastes and meal preferences of all of your guests.
  • If you can learn about your visitors’ tastes, it will be much easier to serve them.
  • Some people may follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, while others may have religious convictions that influence their eating habits.
  • Others, on the other hand, may be allergic to certain substances such as lactose or gluten.
  • Finding out what your guests like and ordering their pizzas with that in mind might help them have a more enjoyable time at your gathering.
  • The pizzas can be labeled by the restaurant and placed in an attractive serving arrangement when they arrive.

When serving, divide your table into distinct portions that clearly indicate the main meal types.For visitors who do not want to eat pizza, you may provide them with other options in addition to pizza.The most important aspect of a successful pizza party is that everyone involved enjoys themselves.Allow Bubba Pizza to do all of the heavy lifting.All you have to do is phone us and place your purchase, or you may order online.

Our extensive menu includes everything you could possibly need to have the ideal party, from pizza to salads to home style pasta to sides and so much more!There are plenty more considerations to consider while preparing the ultimate pizza party; however, these cover all of the essentials.Once the first three items are in place, it is possible that the rest of the party’s details, such as the entertainment, beverages, discussion topics, and other aspects, will be less complicated to prepare.

Pizza Party Calculator

  • Consider the following scenario: you’re planning the most epic party your friends have attended in years.
  • A lot of people are having a good time, and there’s even a massive game of beer pong going on.
  • You do, however, notice that you are running out on food at some time.
  • ″Let’s order pizza!″ someone exclaims, which is a fantastic idea, but you begin to have doubts.
  • How many pizzas do you think you’ll need to feed this large group of people?
  • If parties aren’t your thing, consider the following alternative situation.
  • You and your coworkers have decided to remain late at the workplace to watch a football game on the television.

The only thing that’s lacking is a hot pizza with stretchy cheese and a couple of great slices of pepperoni to round it off.Then there’s the matter of how many pizzas you should order, which you have to ask yourself again and again.Instead of scratching your head in bemusement, you can just go for your phone and use this pizza party calculator instead.Not only will you be able to predict how many pizzas for 30 people you should purchase, but you will also be able to figure how much money everyone owes you!

How many slices are in a large pizza?

  • Before we get started with our calculations, let’s take a quick detour and speak about the amount of slices that are contained within each pizza. Despite the fact that our pizza calculator automatically assumes that each pizza would be divided into eight pieces, the reality is significantly more complex. As a general rule, you may anticipate the following number of slices per pizza: 8-10″: 6 slices
  • medium (12″ or larger): 8 slices
  • big (14″): 10 slices
  • extra large (16″ or larger): 12 slices

Make careful to double-check your local pizza place’s method of cutting pizza, as it may differ from the way taken by some fellas from Omni Calculator. There is a genuine battle going on.

How many pizzas for 30 people, then?

  • Having had a peek at the webpage for your neighborhood pizza joint, let’s get started with the computations! In order to determine how much pizza to order, you must first determine the following information: There are a certain number of persons. The answer should be quite simple, unless the place is really busy and half of the people keep leaving suddenly just when you need them.
  • Hunger levels are at an all-time high. Check your work with an easy test: toss a bag of chips at your colleagues. If it vanishes in mid-air, they’re most likely famished, and you should get that pizza order out to them as soon as possible.
  • Pizza of your choosing is on the menu. Some information is required, such as the size of the pizza, the number of slices (oh, the battle), the dough type, the pizza type (a little bit of everything is a safe option unless you’re quite convinced that everyone adores Hawaii pizza), and, of course, the price. Each of these criteria will have an impact on your final order, so make your selection carefully!
  • It will be possible to truly rest once you have worked out all of the specifics. We’ll take care of everything from here on out with our pizza party calculator! You may expect to get the following information in particular: How many pizzas you should order is a personal preference. It should go without saying
  • one slice per person. In order to prevent two or three gluttons from devouring your whole supply of pizza, you must inform your visitors of the following information. If the result is a fraction and you don’t want to trim the slices, you can round it down to the nearest whole number. Then, using the modulo calculator, you can figure out how many slices are left for you or another hungry visitor to enjoy. Calories are calculated per person. As you might expect, if there are any persons in the group who are on a diet, you can joyfully offer them a letter with the calorie value of their portion.
  • The total cost of ownership. Make sure to have the money ready ahead of time.
  • Cost is per person. Finally, but certainly not least, our pizza party calculator determines how much money everyone owes you – unless you’re feeling kind and intend to sponsor the meal.
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Did I get the best deal?

  • Naturally, the most important thing on your mind is to feed everyone in the room.
  • In order to ensure that you are not overpaying for your pizza, you should use our pizza size calculator to determine the size of your pie.
  • What exactly does it do?
  • Put another way, it determines which of two pizzas of varying sizes is the more cost-effective option.
  • (It also has some amusing animated GIFs.) (I’m just throwing it out there.) Do not forget to provide a gratuity for your pizza delivery person.
  • It’s a fantastic thing to be able to share your happiness with others.
  • Our tip calculator can assist you in dividing the bill (and tip) evenly or based on the number of slices you have consumed!

This calculator will also inform you of the appropriate amount to tip for certain services in the United States as well as other nations.It’s time to start thinking about your next party! Choose the size of your BBQ and the amount of food you’ll need to feed a specific number of people.

Pizza Calculator – Find How Many Pizzas to Order

    Have a crowd to feed and need a quick, easy, and delicious meal for the party? We’ve got you covered! Enter the number of guests and calculate how many pizzas you should order.

How Many Pizzas do you Need?

  • It might be difficult to order pizza for a large gathering of people.
  • For those of you who are similar to us, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself scratching your head in frustration when attempting to determine how many pies you should get on more than one occasion.
  • Depending on the number of visitors, their hunger level, and the type of pizza purchased, you will require a different amount of pizza for your party.
  • A reasonable rule of thumb is to allow three slices of classic crust pizza per adult and two pieces per child when serving a large group.
  • Of course, if everyone is famished, you might want to consider increasing those numbers by one or two slices to accommodate everyone.
  • Since the majority of big pizzas contain eight to ten pieces each pie, you should buy a large pizza for every three adults and four to five children.
  • And this takes us to the pizza recipe itself.

The Pizza Formula

  • It took a lot of parties, um, research sessions, but we’ve come up with the ideal pizza-ordering recipe.
  • p = 3a8 is a prime number.
  • In this case, the number of pizzas p you should order is equal to three times the number of visitors a divided by the number of people attending.
  • And don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself.
  • The good guys over at Giordano’s, who are specialists in the art of pizza making if there ever was one, recommend that a 3/8 ratio of pizza is the proper ratio to order for a gathering of friends.
  • That being the case, anybody organizing a party might want to check out our cake calculator to get an idea of how much cake they’ll need.

How Many Pizzas Should You Order?

The chart below illustrates how many pizzas you should order for your gathering.

Table showing how many large 14″ pizzas you should order to feed a party.

Guests Pizzas Needed
5 2 pizzas
10 4 pizzas
15 6 pizzas
20 8 pizzas
25 10 pizzas
30 12 pizzas
40 15 pizzas
50 19 pizzas

Pro Tips When Ordering Pizza for a Group

Here are a few things to think about before placing your order.Order the biggest size available: The extra-large pizza is undoubtedly more expensive than the medium, but larger pizza sizes often cost less per slice than smaller ones, resulting in a more cost-effective purchase in the long run.Look for bargains: Pizza stores frequently offer discounts and coupons, so it may be worthwhile to check around for the best deal, particularly if you are placing a large order.Choosing to pick up your pizza rather than having it delivered is a thoughtful gesture because most pizza places charge a premium for delivery, and it is customary to give a big tip for large orders.The delivery process can also be more time-consuming because the driver may have other stops scheduled before yours and is not waiting in the kitchen for your order to be ready.

You should also check out our turkey and ham size calculators if you’re in charge of hosting Thanksgiving or Easter dinner this year.

How Many Pizzas Do I Need? What To Order For Your Next Pizza Party

Pizza is served boiling hot and hearty, and it has the ability to bring people together with a single mouthful of crispy, cheesy perfection.Pizza is a popular dish to serve for every occasion, no matter how you slice it.Pizza night is a special occasion, and you don’t want to get caught short with your pies.For your convenience, we’ve put up the following chart to assist you in determining how many pizzas you should purchase to satiate the hunger of your family and friends.

Start With the Basics

  • Before you go into the specifics, you need consider the following fundamentals: What is the estimated number of persons you will be serving?
  • How many adults and children are going to be eating pizza tonight?
  • Is pizza the only thing you’ll be offering, or will there be other dishes as well?
  • Do you want to send a few slices home with visitors, or do you want to make enough for yourself and some friends?

Once you’ve figured out the answers to these questions, you can start delving into the delectable details while calculating how many pizzas you’ll need to purchase.

Figure Out the Slices Per Size

  • The size of the pizza you purchase will impact the number of slices that may be expected to be served by each pie: Small pizzas are typically between 8 and 10 inches in diameter and generate around six pieces each pie.
  • Typically, medium-sized pizzas are 12 inches in diameter and provide around eight pieces.
  • Approximately 10 slices will be provided by large pizzas, which are 14 inches in diameter.
  • In the United States, extra-large pizzas are 16 to 18 inches in diameter and will serve at least 12 people.

Please call ahead of time to confirm the quantity of slices per size for your pizzas before you place your order.

Don’t Underestimate Appetites

Obviously, if Uncle Joe can finish half of a medium-sized pizza and still be hungry, you know that a single pie will not suffice for your gathering.Despite the fact that it might be difficult to predict how many slices individuals will consume, it is important not to underestimate anyone’s appetite.When estimating the number of pizzas to order, three slices per adult and two slices per child is a good starting point from which to build your estimate.If you know ahead of time that you will have visitors with large appetites for pizza, plan on one or two extra pieces per person just to be on the safe side.If your pizzas will be smaller in size or have a very thin crust, make sure to allow for an additional slice per person in your calculations.

The following is an alternative method of calculating the number of pizzas you’ll need, based on a medium pizza size (eight slices) as an example:

  1. Make a calculation based on the number of guests you’ll be feeding and multiply the amount of slices per adult or two slices per youngster
  2. This quantity should be multiplied by the number of slices you may anticipate to obtain from the pizza size you’ve chosen.

For example, if you’re feeding five adults who will each have three slices of pizza, you’ll need to purchase two medium pizzas based on the above method.

Consider the Occasion

It’s critical to consider the time of day as well as the meal itself when planning your menu.If you’re planning a pizza-only lunch for two to four individuals, one big pizza should be sufficient for the occasion.When putting up a Sunday sports day spread of chips, dips, wings, and other finger foods to serve eight people, you may want to consider ordering two, three, or four pizzas to fill out your spread, especially if the event is going to linger for a lengthy period of time.Pizza and children’s parties go together like peanut butter and jelly.Pizzas in the medium size range are ideal for this sort of gathering.

Rather than the traditional eight slices per pizza, request that your medium pizzas be cut into 10 slices when you place your order.However, even if you’re focused on providing food for kids, some parents may want a slice or two while they’re picking up and dropping off their children.

Top Off Your Planning With Toppings

  • Nobody likes to get into a squabble about pizza toppings. Pizza toppings, on the other hand, continue to be a topic of contention among pizza purists. According to a YouGov study conducted in 2019, pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping among 52 percent of Americans, with sausage coming in at number three on the list at 34 percent and mushrooms coming in at number three at 31 percent. Bacon and plain cheese were only two of the top three choices among the 20 percent of pizza eaters who took part in the poll. Before placing your order for pizza, gather your family’s input on their preferred toppings in order to prevent a pizza-fighting situation. If all you have to deal with is simple cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and peppers to serve three people, then one pizza should be more than enough space to do the job. Consider the following example: one large pizza might be divided into three thirds basic cheese, one-third pepperoni, and one-third sausage and peppers. Don’t forget about the people who enjoy simple cheese pizzas. You should save around one-third to one-half of your pizzas as basic cheese if you’re buying numerous pizzas for your gathering. Pequod’s also provides a delicious selection of vegetarian pizzas to choose from. Keep the following considerations in mind while choosing your pizza toppings: When making specialty pizzas with a mixture or range of toppings, it is vital to know the toppings your guests love before you begin. If you’re unsure, don’t be hesitant to ask for clarification. In any other case, you may find yourself with a lot of leftovers.
  • The addition of additional toppings, such as more than two toppings per pizza, will result in a somewhat thicker pizza than the same pizza with a single topping. Extra toppings on your pizza, when combined with speciality or thicker crusts, will give each slice more bulk than a thin-crust pizza with a single topping.

Know How to Place Your Order for a Group

  • Parties and family get-togethers with a dozen or more guests necessitate the following specific considerations: Choose the biggest pizza size that is available: Despite the fact that an extra-large pizza will be more expensive than a medium pizza, the cost per slice will be less expensive than pizzas of a smaller diameter. Your order’s overall price will be lower as a consequence of this reduction.
  • To prepare for expected leftovers, gather the following ingredients:
  • Consider how many visitors may ask for a piece or two to take home with them once they have finished their meal. After all, pizza tastes just as good the next day as it does the day after that – even for breakfast. When placing your order, round up to the next dollar and request an additional pie.

Another word of caution: it takes time to create the perfect pizza for your visitors.The fact that you’ve ordered in advance of your party provides the opportunity for your preferred delivery crew to have the time they need to cook your pizzas just the way you want them.Is it still unclear how many pizzas you should order?You may just place an order from Pequod’s Pizza the next time you’re hosting a meeting in the Chicago or Morton Grove areas, and we’ll work with you to determine exactly what you want.

How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza? When To Order Small-sized Ones?

In case you’re organizing a pizza party or simply serving pizza for supper with your family, you might be wondering how many pieces are in a 10 inch pizza.In general, a typical 10 inch pizza should provide six slices, which is plenty for a party of three people to share a meal.Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?Keep an eye out for more interesting facts about this small-sized pie in the future!

How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza?

To begin, you should be aware that 10 inch pizzas are considered to be a tiny size, with a diameter ranging from 8 and 10 inches in circumference.Typically, a 10 inch pie is 78 square inches in size and provides around six nice pieces, however this is not always the case.Some restaurants now offer 10 inch pizzas with eight or even ten pieces, which are available in a variety of sizes.Of course, their slices are far smaller than the national average.

How Many People Can A 10-Inch Pizza Feed?

It’s recommended to serve a 10 inch pizza to a party of no more than three people at a time.This implies that each diner will be able to eat two pieces of pizza, which is an ideal quantity if there are also some side dishes.If your company is comprised of six individuals, you might want to try providing them with this small-sized pizza as an appetizer.Nonetheless, it is necessary to prepare more food for your meal.You can make a meal out of breadsticks, broccoli, salad, spaghetti, or chicken wings.

How Many Calories Is In A 10 Inch Pizza?

Since the number of calories in a 10 inch pizza varies substantially depending on its toppings and brand, it is recommended that you inquire about the calories before placing your order. A whole 10 inch pizza, on the other hand, will typically give roughly 1,000 calories.

How Much Does A 10 Inch Pizza Weigh?

When preparing the dough for a 10 inch pie, a pizza cook should follow this calculation to ensure that they have the necessary weight of dough: 3.14 x 25 = 78.5 square inches multiplied by 0.08849 (ounces per square inch) equals 6.946 ounces (7-ounces)

How Much Bigger Is A 12 Inch Pizza Than A 10 Inch Pizza?

It’s no secret that even a little alteration in the circumference of a pie may have a significant impact on its overall size. With an area of 78 square inches, a 10 inch pizza will be smaller than a 12 inch pizza, which is 113 square inches. These little pies are also 75 inches smaller in circumference than 14-inch pies.

When Should You Order A 10 Inch Pizza?

We all know that even a tiny alteration in the circumference of a pie may have a significant impact on the overall size of that pie. When measured in square inches, the 10 inch pizza will be smaller than the 12 inch pizza, which has a surface area of 113 square inch. Furthermore, these little pies are 75 inches smaller than 14-inch pies in circumference.

How Does Pizza Type Affect the Quantity You Need?

We are all aware that the size of the pizza is the most important thing to consider when determining the number to be ordered.However, it is not as straightforward as that.Another issue that is frequently overlooked is the sort of pizza that is being served!Pizza is available in a variety of tastes and styles.Some are more satisfying than others, which means that customers will consume less slices of pizza as a result.

For example, those with thicker crusts or those are stuffed with toppings may simply be served in two slices and still please your visitors.As a result, if you plan to get a dense pizza variety such as Sicilian or deep-fish, you should order a bit less than you normally would.If you prefer thin-crust or less filling pizza kinds, you should eat more of these to make up for the increased intake of other forms of pizza.

The Bottom Lines:How Many Slices Are In A 10 Inch Pizza?

Choosing the proper size for your pizza is quite crucial when ordering since the world of pizza is wide and exciting. In response to your original question, we hope you’ve received a thorough response. It’s time to have a look at the options and decide which one you like! Take pleasure in your food!

How Big Is A 16 Inch Pizza? Compared To Pizzas Of Other Sizes

Pizza is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from little to extra big.The width of 16 inches is regarded to be its extra-large size.So, how large is a 16-inch pizza, precisely?A 16-inch pizza has a surface area of 200.96 square inches in total.A typical pizza looks to be around 10 inches in diameter, however based on the mathematical calculation, this pizza appears to be 2.6 times larger than a standard pizza.

In this post, we’ll go through how to calculate the weight of a 16-inch pizza.We also discuss the benefits of ordering an extra-large pizza.Let’s go right into this article to make everything crystal obvious!

How Big Is A 16 inch Pizza?

The extra-large pizza size is 16 inches in diameter. It is recommended that you get one 16-inch pizza per group of up to 5 or 6 persons if you are ordering for a large party.

Size concept 

Some individuals buy two 8-inch pizzas at the same time.Is the size of these pizzas the same as a 16-inch pizza?You might be surprised to learn that a 16-inch pizza is almost four times larger than an 8-inch pizza.If you prefer a lower size, you will need to increase the quantity of pizzas you order.To put it another way, you would need to buy four 8-inch pizzas to serve six people, whereas a 16-inch amount would be plenty.

Formula for the size

So, what exactly is the formula for determining the size of a pizza?A pizza is made in the shape of a circular.The circumference of a circle increases in proportion to the square of the radius.It is possible to calculate the surface area of the pizza by applying the formula r2.The radius (R) of a pizza is equal to half the diameter of the pizza.

Let’s start with the 16-inch pizza, which is a good example.It has an 8-inch radius around it.This results in an area of: r2= 3.14*82 = 200.96 square inches (r2= 3.14 * 82).According to the opposite equation, the computation for an 8-inch pizza equals r2= 3.14*42 = 50.24 square inches.As you can see, there is a significant disparity between their respective areas.

Using the same logic, we may deduce that a 16-inch pizza is approximately 2.6 times greater in size than a 10-inch pizza.It’s important to understand that the normal pizza size is 10 inches in circumference.

How Many Slices Are There In A 16 inch Pizza?

There are various methods to cut a 16-inch pizza into pieces.When served by the pizzeria, pizzas of this size are often cut into 12 pieces.Other cutting procedures, on the other hand, might result in anywhere from 17 to 24 slices depending on the method used.Half-slice orders, which are ordinary slices that have been split in half to give additional portions, are accepted by the majority of restaurants.Because of this conversion factor, a regular 16-inch pizza with 12 slices would yield 24 half pieces.

Also see: What Is the Size of a 14-Inch Pizza?Certain pizza restaurants will cut their dish into rectangles or squares upon request for customers who find the wedges too difficult to consume.Due to the fact that square slices seem smaller than triangle slices, a pizza is more likely to have square pieces than triangular portions.

How Many People Can A 16-inch Pizza Feed?

An average 16-inch pizza serves 5 to 6 people, depending on the size. As previously stated, a pizza of this size is often divided into 12 pieces.. If each person eats two pieces of pizza, the pizza may serve up to six people. Other elements, such as the eater’s hunger and taste preferences, as well as the toppings, sauce, and accompaniments, also influence the response.

Why Should You Order 16-Inch Pizzas?

We’ve done the math and have come to the conclusion that we should always order a big pizza.A 16-inch pizza is nearly four times larger in size than an 8-inch pizza, according to the manufacturer.In terms of price, you may have to spend an additional $20 for the larger size (for example).However, if you get two small-sized pizzas, you will be required to spend around $30 to $35.The price of a pizza has increased by 70% for the same volume of food.

A 16-inch slice of pizza is less expensive than an 8-inch piece of pizza, on average.The extra-large pizza is only $4 per person, which is a great deal.A small pizza costs $8, and a large pizza costs $13.If you want to save money, it would be better to purchase a larger pizza for your party rather than a smaller one.

The Bottom Line:How Big Is A 16 inch Pizza?

A 16-inch pizza can easily accommodate up to 6 people at a time.In terms of price, you may also save money by ordering an extra-large pizza.There are several elements to consider while ordering pizza, including the sauce, the toppings, and any accompanying sides or sauces.Hopefully, you may find this information to be of assistance!Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Dough Doctor Tom Lehmann calculates party-sized pizza

Josh Keown captured this image.Q: We are intending to serve a party-size pizza that will be prepared on a sheet pan that is 18 inches by 26 inches.Can you tell me the most accurate method for calculating how much dough and toppings we will need?A: The formula for calculating the surface area of a circle, which is Pi x R squared, is the most accurate approach to determine the dough, sauce, and cheese amounts for any size and type of pizza.With Pi equal to 3.14 and R equal to one-half of the diameter, all that is required is to square the radius (multiply it times itself) and then multiply that result by 3.14.

This is the simplest solution.This will provide you with enough surface area to make a circular or round pizza of any size or diameter.Simply divide the weight of dough, cheese, or sauce used on a known-size pizza by the surface area of that size pizza, and you will have what we refer to as a ″dough, sauce, or cheese loading factor″ for your pizzas, as shown in the table below.Here’s an illustration of how it might function.Consider the following scenario: you’re creating a 12-inch pizza with 13 ounces of dough and 6 ounces of cheese.

So 6 inches × 6 inches = 36 inches and then multiply this by 3.14 to get 113.04 square inches of surface area on a circular pizza with a 12-inch diameter.R= 12 of the diameter(6).The weight of the dough (13 ounces) divided by the number of square inches of surface area is 0.1150442 ounces of dough per square inch of surface area.The weight of the sauce (7 ounces) divided by 113 is 0.0619469 ounces per square inch of surface area.The weight of the cheese (6 ounces) divided by 113 equals 0.05300973-ounces per square inch of cheese.Now, an 18-inch by 26-inch sheet pan has a surface area of 18 inches × 26 inches = 468 square inches.

In order to get the right weight of each ingredient for a new pan size or diameter, just multiply 468 inches by the dough, sauce, and cheese ratios.468 x 0.1150442 = 53.84 ounces (for the dough) (call it 54 ounces) Sauce: 468 divided by 0.0619469 is 28.99 ounces (call it 29 ounces) 468 x 0.05300973 = 24.8 ounces (in ounces) of cheese (call it 24.75 ounces).Those are the weights of dough, sauce, and cheese required to maintain the size of your 18-by-26-inch pizza equivalent to the size of your 12-by-12-inch pie.If you follow this technique for each of your pizza sizes, the only thing that will differ between the different sizes is the proportionately more or fewer ingredients used in each of the different sizes.By following this easy process, you can virtually build any size pizza you want, knowing that the proportions of dough, sauce, and cheese are all exactly the same.If you bake the different size pizzas for around the same amount of time, you will be able to price the pizzas more easily and accurately as a result of this.

  1. Q: I’ve been experimenting with several types of deep-dish pizza dough for my restaurant.
  2. I’ve discovered that increasing the oil percentage in the completed crust results in a crust that is very soft to the touch yet crisp to the bite.
  3. What precisely does oil accomplish in my dough is a mystery to me.
  4. A: The purpose of oil or fat in pizza dough is to make the dough more soft by acting as a tenderizer.
  5. The fat performs this purpose by resulting in a more soft eating crust.
  6. Increasing the fat content of the crust to above 10% of the total flour weight will also result in an unusual shortness to the bite, giving the crust a biscuit-like chewing texture and eating quality.
  • Ordinarily, the fat content of most pizza dough formulas will range from one to three percent, but when this is elevated to more than five percent, we begin to notice the typical softness in the completed crust.
  • In the final crust, we begin to see a biscuit-like eating quality forming when the quantity of ash reaches 10%, as previously stated.
  • 15 to 20 percent fat is often the maximum amount we see employed, with the highest limit of 25 percent fat being used in some cases.
  • When adding fat levels more than 10%, caution must be used to avoid excessive encapsulation of the flour with the fat, which can result in overly weak, putty-like doughs with less than optimal handling capabilities.
  • It is advised that the fat be added to the dough in two or three stages in order to avoid this problem.
  • Begin by mixing in approximately five percent of the fat with the other dry ingredients, or by adding the shortening or oil in the same manner as you would typically do.
  • It is possible to add the remaining fat after the dough has been mixed to the point where it is smooth and relatively elastic, then mix the dough only long enough to ensure that the fat has been well absorbed.
  • It is recommended that the final five percent or so of fat be added after the dough has been well blended smooth following the second fat inclusion if the overall fat content is greater than 20% of the total weight.
  • Josh Keown captured this image.

Besides serving as a tenderizer, fat may also have a considerable impact on the flavor of the finished crust when baked at a high temperature.For example, the addition of olive oil, butter, or lard to the fat blend might provide a special or distinct flavor to the finished crust when combined with the other ingredients.Because fat also acts as a lubricant in the dough, it can enhance the way the dough behaves as it is shaped into a pizza skin, as well as prevent moisture from the sauce and toppings from leaking into the baked crust.Because of this, it is more resistant to becoming soggy, and the fat – especially at greater levels -– may assist to keep the completed pizzas hot for a longer period of time than pizzas produced either without fat or with low amounts of fat.

When adding fat — particularly in the form of oil — we have discovered that it is most useful to add the oil after the dough has been allowed to rest for a couple of minutes, enabling the flour to absorb the fat.In addition, if the oil is applied before to this, the flour may absorb part of the oil, making it incapable of forming the proteins into what we refer to as ″gluten.″ So there might be large variances in the completed dough, which have been wrongly attributed to changes in meteorological conditions that occurred during dough preparation in previous years.Toby Lehmann works as a director of the Manhattan, Kansas-based American Institute of Baking (AIB).

how many slices in sheet pizza

Hello, dear friends, and thank you for considering us for your needs. ″How many slices are there on a sheet pizza?″ is the topic of this post on the Solsarin website. Please bear with us. Thank you for making your selection.

How many slices are in a party pizza?

Concerning Party Sheet Pizza This Sicilian-style rectangle pizza spans 18 inches by 26 inches and may be sliced into 32, 40, 48, or 64 pieces depending on your preference. For each additional topping, add $4.50. Extra cheese and premium toppings are available for an additional $9.00.

How big is a party tray pizza?

30 slices

How much pizza do I need for 15 adults?

6 pizzas for a group of 15 people. 8 pizzas for a group of 20 people.

How many slices is a 12 inch pizza?

eight slices

How much bigger is a 12 inch pizza?

Pizza Contrasts and Contradictions (old version)

Diameter (in) Area (sq in) Times bigger than 10in
10 79 1
12 113 1.4
14 154 2.0
16 201 2.6

Is it better to get 2 medium pizzas or 1 large?

Getting one giant pizza rather than two medium pizzas, according to mathematicians, is a better choice than buying two medium pizzas. Surprisingly, one 18-inch pizza contains more ‘pizza’ than two 12-inch pizzas, which is a good thing.

Are 2 small pizzas bigger than a large?

In virtually all cases, a big pizza is a better price than two medium pizzas. For example, a 16-inch large pizza may appear to be double the size of an 8-inch small, yet it contains four times the amount of pie.

How much is a large 2 topping pizza at Dominos?

It is nearly always more cost effective to order a big pizza rather than two mediums. While a 16-inch large pizza may appear double the size of an 8-inch small, it contains four times the amount of food.

Which pizza size is the best value?


Is Pizza Hut or Dominos cheaper?

After all is said and done, Domino’s Pizza comes out on top in terms of convenience, variety, and overall value (or pie). Although it is not the most inexpensive of all the chains we considered, it is significantly less expensive than its two largest competitors, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s.

Is Dominos or Pizza Hut better?

Furthermore, the delivery speed and the quality of the ingredients used by Pizza Hut are significantly superior than those of Domino’s. Pizza Hut isn’t always the best option. They are criticized for serving fewer servings of food than Domino’s, according to their critics. Aside from that, they have less pizza options than D

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