How Long Do You Air Fry Pizza?

How to Cook Pizza in an Air Fryer

  1. Cook crust in the air fryer for 3 minutes.
  2. Assemble pizza in the air fryer.
  3. Cook at 375 degrees F for about 7 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and cheese has melted.
  4. Eat after letting the pizza cool (it’ll be piping hot!)

How do you cook a pizza in an air fryer?


  1. Preheat the Air Fryer. Unlike home and pizza ovens, the air fryer will not take long to preheat.
  2. Assemble the Pizza. First, cut the ball in two if it is too large for the air fryer.
  3. Cook. Once the air fryer has preheated and has reached the desired temperature, place the pizza carefully inside it, and then close the lid.
  4. Serve.

How to cook a frozen pizza in air fryer?

Tips for Cooking Frozen Pizza in an Air Fryer

  • Make sure to give your frozen pizza plenty of space for the hot air to get all around it.
  • Use a rack or baking tray that has holes in it to allow the hot air to flow through and crisp up the pizza base.
  • Use the temperature designated on the instructions for a fan oven, as well as halving the cook time for the same.
  • How to cook frozen Bagel bite pizzas in air fryer?


  • Preheat the air fryer to 375° F.
  • Decide how many bagel bites you’d like and remove them from the package.
  • Place the bagel bites in the air fryer basket in a single layer so they don’t overlap. Air fry for 5-6 minutes.
  • Can You reheat pizza in the air fryer?

    You can reheat a pizza in an air fryer and it gives you much better results than microwaving or using your convection oven. The best part about the appliance is that it almost acts like a deep-fryer, so food doesn’t come out dry or dull when cooked with little oil.

    How to cook pizza in a gas oven?

    Put the pizza and the container on the oven rack. Bake for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Check if the dough feels cooked and cook for longer if necessary. Cooked pizza dough appears crispy from the outside with a tender inside. To get a brown crust, cook for further 5 minutes. Leave the pizza for 5 minutes to let the cheese cool down.

    What is the best way to cook a frozen pizza?

    Cook your pizza for the recommended length of time. It usually takes about 15-25 minutes for a frozen pizza to cook all the way through, depending on the size and amount of toppings. Be sure to set a timer so you don’t forget about it while it’s in the oven.

    How to cook frozen pizza with no oven?

    Tips and Tricks

    1. Only split your pizza while it’s still frozen. The reason for cutting a pizza into small slices I mentioned at the beginning of the post isn’t the only reason
    2. Cut using a firm and sharp kitchen knife. Now that we’ve established that one needs to cut their pizza while it is still frozen, it is time to look
    3. Do the cutting on a sturdy surface.

    How to reheat leftover pizza in air fryer?

    How to Reheat Leftover Pizza in an Airfryer: Place a foil or a parchment sheet to the base on the air fryer basket. Place the leftover pizza slice on top of it. If needed, lightly spray a little amount of oil on top of the pizza so that the toppings don’t get burnt.

    How long do I air fry frozen pizza?

    Preheat air fryer for 2-3 minutes. Unwrap frozen pizza from packaging. Place pizza in air fryer basket. Cook at 380 degrees F and cook for 6-15 minutes depending on pizza size.

    Can you do pizza in air fryer?

    Yes! Reheating your pizza in an air fryer is so much better than using a microwave and way quicker than using the oven. Add it to a preheated air fryer at 320F and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. It will come out perfectly crispy like it’s just been made.

    How long do you reheat pizza in an air fryer?

    It couldn’t be easier to reheat your pizza in the air fryer. Simply place a few slices into the air fryer basket and heat at 350 for approximately five minutes. Make sure not to overlap your slices or you’ll end up with a bit of a cheesy mess.

    Will a frozen pizza fit in an air fryer?

    Yes, absolutely. As long as the size of your frozen pizza can fit inside the fryer basket, you may cook frozen pizza in your air fryer. If the frozen pizza dough is slightly larger, you may cut the pizza in half and cook with two batches.

    Does your no pizza cooking instructions?


    1. Preheat & bake at 400°F. Keep pizza frozen while preheating.
    2. Place pizza directly on center oven rack.
    3. Bake 18 to 21 minutes.

    How do I cook pizza in my Ninja air fryer?

    For one pizza you can use a small pizza pan, the crisping basket or the cooking rack that came with your Ninja Foodi. Turn Ninja Foodi ‘on’ and select ‘bake’ and change temperature to 400 degrees. Bake for 10 minutes. When timer beeps, change function to ‘broil’ and broil on high for 2 minutes.

    What setting should my air fryer pizza be?


    1. Sprinkle cornmeal in the bottom of your air fryer basket. Roll the pizza dough ¼ inch thick and place in the basket of the air fryer. ( see note)
    2. Spread the pizza sauce 1 inch from the edge. Place pepperoni on top and sprinkle with cheese.
    3. Cook at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

    Do you preheat an air fryer?

    Do I Need To Preheat My Air Fryer Before Cooking in It? Yes. In most cases preheating helps your recipes get that signature crispiness we all love. Thick cuts of raw and frozen meats like frozen bone-in chicken breasts and ribeye steaks benefit from preheating.

    How do you bake in an air fryer?

    Here are some points to consider if you are baking with an air fryer instead of an oven.

    1. Reduce the suggested temperature by 25°F/14°C. There is a formula to successfully convert a regular recipe to one for an air fryer.
    2. Reduce the baking time by 20%
    3. Check for doneness periodically.

    How do you crisp pizza in an air fryer?


    1. Place foil or perforated parchment sheet to base on air fryer basket, rack or tray. Place the pizza on top.
    2. Air Fry at 360°F/180°C for 3-6 minutes or until cooked to your desired crispness. If unsure, start cooking for 3 minutes first.
    3. Let the slice of pizza cool for a touch & enjoy!

    Can I put parchment paper in an air fryer?

    Is Parchment Paper Safe In the Air Fryer? Absolutely! If it’s safe for the oven, it’s safe for the fryer. Most parchment papers can withstand a heat of over 400 degrees.

    What size pizza fits in air fryer?

    Enjoy your favorite fried food when you have an Air fryer at home.

    How long do you cook a frozen pizza?

    Cook for the specified period: Frozen pizzas usually take between 15 and 20 minutes to cook properly. But the length of time will also depend on the amount of toppings, with some pizzas taking up to 30 minutes to bake. Set your timer so you can know when your pizza is ready.

    How to Cook Frozen Pizza in Air Fryer

    Do you enjoy pizza and want to know how to cook frozen pizza in an air fryer or how to reheat frozen pizza in an air fryer?The days when cooking could only be accomplished via the use of archaic and time-consuming conventional methods are over.Those were the days when cooking was a time-consuming and monotonous job.The introduction of air fryers as kitchen assistants has brought a new level of excitement to the process of preparing meals.

    It’s an interesting leap in technology to have a kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air all over it, cooking it from the outside to the inside utilizing a process known as the convection mechanism.Something for the foodie in your life!Here’s how to make a frozen pizza crispy in the air fryer, according to the instructions in this tutorial.

    Instructions and Steps to Cook Frozen Pizza

    • Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to make the greatest frozen pizza rolls at home, using just frozen ingredients. To begin, raise the temperature of the oven to 400°F and let it there for around 3 minutes to warm
    • Remove the pizza pan from the air fryer and spray it with cooking oil to prevent sticking. This is done in order to prevent the pizza from sticking to the pan.
    • Put frozen pizza in the pan and put the pan back into the air fryer
    • this will take about 15 minutes.
    • Allow approximately 10 to 15 minutes of cooking time for the pizza.

    How Long Do You Cook a Frozen Pizza in an Airfryer? 

    Preparing frozen mini pizzas or a frozen pizza slice in the air fryer with an air fryer is one of the most straightforward things you could ever do in the world.Preparing frozen pizza requires minimal to no stress and little to no time.If you follow the Frozen Pizza heating requirements, the complete procedure will take around 15 to 20 minutes and will require only a few ingredients: your favorite frozen pizza brand, cooking spray or any other oil of your choice, and your preferred topping.Cooking a frozen pizza is simple if you follow the directions and step-by-step guidance provided below.

    Why Cook With An Air Fryer?

    Air fryers are quite simple to use.You may offer what you intend to cook as well as how you intend to prepare it with some of them because they are equipped with digital control systems.You may program the gadget to prepare the food you want to cook, as well as the cooking time and temperature, and then sit back and relax while the device takes care of everything else.The cooking period is generally quite quick, if at all (30 to 60 minutes).

    The cooking temperature can be be increased to as high as 400°F if necessary.As a result, you’ll be able to get your dinner on the table quickly.Even yet, the most intriguing aspect of using an air fryer is how healthy it is to prepare food in it.When using an air fryer, you may cook with little or no oil.As a result of using this strategy, you may still eat delicious meals while using 80 percent less oil than you would if you were to cook in the usual manner.

    Furthermore, the possibilities for what you can accomplish with an air fryer are virtually limitless.When it comes to using an air fryer, the proverb goes something like this: ″you can cook it if you can visualize it.″ Not only is it possible to use the air fryer to execute a variety of cooking tasks, such as baking, roasting, grilling, and frying, but it is also quite versatile.On top of that, it is extremely feasible to cook virtually any type of food on it, even frozen pizza.

    Conclusion & Final Thoughts

    • Cooking frozen pizza in an air fryer is typically a simple process, and while various models may come with slightly varied instructions on how to operate the equipment, the processes for creating a frozen pizza will remain largely the same as those mentioned above. In addition, it is crucial to note that not all air fryers are equipped with a pizza pan
    • nevertheless, if yours does, you will be able to prepare delectable pizza whenever you want. Check out our other air fryer recipes that we’ve created for you, including: In this video, you will learn how to cook frozen mozzarella sticks in an air fryer.
    • Recipes for Cooking Frozen French Fries in an Air Fryer
    • Recipes for Cooking Frozen Chicken in an Air Fryer
    • Recipes for Cooking Frozen Cheese Curds in an Air Fryer
    • Recipes for Cooking Vegetable Spring Roll in an Air Fryer

    Crispy Air Fryer Frozen Pizza

    It is possible that this content contains affiliate links.It is possible that I will get a small compensation if you click on a link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.For additional information, please see my disclaimer, which may be found here.Air Fryer Frozen Pizza is a simple dish to prepare that results in a crispy crust that you will savor for days.

    Cooking frozen food in the air fryer is one of my favorite things to do, and air fryer frozen pizza is no exception.The crust turns out crispy, and the cheese melts at just the right rate to complete the dish.In fact, let me tell you that I make this in my air fryer on an almost daily basis.With two small children at home all of the time right now, it’s important to have something quick and simple to prepare when putting together the children’s lunches.When it comes to frozen pizza, there are a variety of options, from frozen French Bread Pizza to frozen Deep Dish Pizza to even Ellio’s rectangular pizza.

    However, there are a few temperatures and times that I have discovered that provide great results.Simply choose your favorite type of pizza from the list below, cook it according to the instructions, and enjoy!These instructions are for tiny personal pizzas or mini pizzas, not for large pizzas.Using a bigger air fryer, such as a toaster oven-style air fryer, and attempting to cook a larger pizza will need an adjustment in your cooking time.

    What Kind of Frozen Pizza Can I Cook in the Air Fryer?

    • In the air fryer, you may cook whatever type of frozen pizza you choose! Here are some examples of well-known brands, to mention a few: Ellio’s, Red Baron, Totinos, DiGiorno, Store Brand, Stouffer’s, Celeste, and Tony’s are just a few of the brands available.

    And even more! If you want, you may bake a handmade french bread pizza in the air fryer instead. See this page for more information!

    How to Make Air Fryer Frozen Pizza

    In this section, you can find the general instructions for cooking frozen pizza in an air fryer. Depending on the type of pizza, it may take less or more time to prepare (noted below).

    1. Start by preheating your air fryer to 400°F.
    2. In an air fryer, cook the frozen pizza for 6 to 8 minutes, or until the pizza is heated and the cheese has melted
    3. Take the pizza out of the air fryer and serve it immediately

    It’s just that simple! Do you enjoy preparing frozen foods? Check out this list of the greatest frozen meals to cook in an air fryer for some inspiration!

    Cooking Frozen Pizza in the Air Fryer with Temperatures and Times

    • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes for a small frozen personal pizza (mini pizza).
    • French bread pizza (frozen): bake at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes
    • Personal frozen deep dish pizza (such as Red Baron’s): bake at 400 degrees for 6 to 8 minutes till golden brown.
    • Elio’s pizza is baked at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes, with a little additional cheese sprinkled on top towards the end for added cheesiness.

    Do I Need to Preheat My Air Fryer?

    In order to ensure that the frozen pizza is crispy on the exterior and thoroughly cooked and hot on the inside, I recommend preheating your air fryer before using it.Consider your air fryer to be similar to a little oven.You always preheat a conventional oven before putting food in it, and you should do the same with an air fryer.This manner, recipe instructions will always include the right cooking time, and you may start cooking dishes in the air fryer and forgetting about them, such as a frozen pizza!

    Can I Place the Frozen Pizza on a Parchment Round?

    I’ve found that cooking frozen pizza in the air fryer works best when there is no parchment round or aluminum foil below.Because the heat source for an air fryer is located on the top, you want it to circulate as much air as possible to the bottom in order to get a crispy crust.A softer crust will result from the use of parchment paper.In addition, I do not advocate utilizing an air fryer silicone basket for these preparation instructions.

    The baskets elevate the meal to a little higher level, allowing the cheese to brown somewhat more.If you do decide to use a silicone basket, set your oven temperature to 380 degrees and cook for a few minutes longer than normal to ensure a crispy outside.Disinfecting silicone baskets is a breeze because they are fully dishwasher safe.

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    How Do I Reheat Frozen Pizza in the Air Fryer?

    If you’re making pizza from scratch rather than frozen, follow the instructions above. If you’re reheating pizza from leftovers in the fridge, make sure you follow these steps!

    1. Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Cook the remaining pizza in the air fryer for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on how large it is.
    3. Remove the fried chicken from the air fryer and serve immediately
    • In the mood for some huge takeaway slices to rewarm? Follow the directions in this post on how to reheat pizza in an air fryer to achieve the desired results. Some other air fryer recipes you might enjoy are as follows: Heat up Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls, Frozen Chicken Nuggets, and Corn Dogs in the air fryer to make a quick and easy meal.

    Do you enjoy air frying? Subscribe to our newsletter! You may also follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or you can join our free Facebook Air Frying Community to learn more about air frying. Preparation time: 6 minutes Time allotted: 6 minutes


    • 1 personal frozen pizza


    1. Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Preheat the air fryer to 600°F and cook the frozen pizza for 6 to 8 minutes*, or until the pie is heated and the cheese has melted
    3. Take the pizza out of the air fryer and serve it immediately


    *Cook frozen French bread pizza or Ellio’s frozen pizza at 400 degrees for approximately 5 minutes if using frozen French bread pizza.

    How to Reheat Mini Pizza in the Air Fryer:

    Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. 2. Cook the pizza for 2 to 3 minutes, or until it is warm, before serving.

    Nutrition Information:


    Serving Size:

    1 Serving Size (in grams): Calories: 576 per serving 26 g of total fat 9 g of saturated fat 0 g of Trans Fat Contains 13 g of unsaturated fat.Cholesterol: 30 milligrams Sodium: 961 milligrams 62 g of carbohydrates 5 g of dietary fiber 8 g of sugar 22 g of protein It is based on the specific goods that I used in this recipe that I have calculated the nutrition information.Brands and sizes of items have the potential to modify the actual nutrition of a product, thus it is always best to calculate nutrition separately.

    How to Make Air Fryer Pizza (With A Crispy Crust!)

    There’s a new person in town, and he’s not the frozen pizza guy.The Air Fryer Pizza is what we’re talking about!Personal pan pizzas that are perfectly crispy and easy to create are about to change the way you think about pizza night.This recipe has been UPDATED to address the issue with the undercooked crust that has been brought to our attention.

    Thank you to everyone for their contributions – this community wouldn’t be the same without you all!We’ve demonstrated that you can cook a substantial amount of food in an air fryer.Vegetables, French fries, and even Buttermilk Fried ″Chicken″ are some of the options.Nonetheless, being a lover of all things pizza, I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to experiment with baking a pie in an air fryer.However, given that it is Pizza Week on the site, I decided to give it a go.

    And all I can say is that air frying pizza is a game changer in the pizza world.You get that wonderfully crispy bottom crust that might be difficult to get in a regular oven because not only does the pizza cook faster, but it also cooks more evenly.(Are you interested in learning more about which air fryer is best for you?(See our roundup of the top air fryers.)

    How to Cook Pizza in an Air Fryer

    Generally speaking, the following is the procedure to follow while making a handmade pizza in an air fryer:

    1. Cook the crust in the air fryer for 3 minutes on medium heat. Precooking the crust will assist you in achieving a crispy bottom without overcooking the toppings.
    2. Prepare the pizza in the air fryer by assembling it. The way most air fryers are constructed, it would be far too difficult to prepare a pizza and then move it to the air frying basket of the appliance. Keep the pre-cooked dough in the air fryer until you’re ready to top it with your favorite toppings. In other cases, such as when your air fryer is designed like a little oven and has a front-opening door, you may be able to build your pizza outside the air fryer.
    3. Continue to bake at 375 degrees F for approximately 7 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the cheese has melted
    4. After allowing the pizza to cool (it will be boiling hot! ), eat it.

    Our favorite homemade pizza recipes

    • When it comes to these air fryer pizzas, I like to keep it basic with a simple tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella mix, but here are a few more pizza toppings you might like! The Easy Seitan Pepperoni Pizza, Asparagus Pizza with Burrata and Arugula, Autumn Pear Pizza, Beet Pesto Pizza with Goat Cheese and Kale, Beer Caramelized Onion and Brussels Sprout Pizza, Goat Cheese and Mushroom White Sauce Pizza, and Three Cheese Roasted Grape Pizza are some of my favorite pizzas.
    • In order to prepare these air fryer pizzas, I used a Philips Air Fryer (affiliate link), which I really adore, but any air fryer should work just well. Pro tip: Make this fast and easy Restaurant-Style Olive Oil Bread Dip to dip your crust into before you eat it! The recipe has been updated to address the issue with undercooked crust that many folks were experiencing! There’s a new person in town, and he’s not the frozen pizza guy. The Air Fryer Pizza is what we’re talking about! Personal pan pizzas that are perfectly crispy and easy to create are about to change the way you think about pizza night. The following ingredients are required: Buffalo mozzarella
    • Pizza dough (one 12-inch dough will provide two personal-sized pizzas)
    • Olive oil, tomato sauce, and basil. The following are optional finishing touches: fresh basil, parmesan cheese, and pepper flakes.
    • Preparation: Preheat the air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius). Spray the inside of the air fryer basket with oil. Using paper towels, pat the mozzarella dry (this will prevent a soggy pizza)
    • Cook Crust: Pizza dough should be rolled out to the size of your air fryer basket. Carefully put it to the air fryer and carefully coat it with a teaspoon or so of olive oil before cooking it. Cook for 3 minutes at a time.
    • Assemble: Spoon a thin layer of tomato sauce onto the precooked crust and top with slices of buffalo mozzarella
    • bake for 20 minutes at 350°F.
    • Baking time is approximately 7 minutes, or until the crust is crispy and the cheese has melted. Just before serving, you can garnish with basil, grated parmesan, and pepper flakes if you choose.

    How to Cook Air Fryer Potatoes

    Making baked potatoes, handmade French fries, and potato chips in your air fryer is simple when you use both white potatoes and sweet potatoes, as demonstrated here.

    Eggplant Bacon

    All of the taste and crispiness of bacon is packed into a thinly sliced eggplant dish.

    How to Cook Frozen Bagel Bite Pizzas in Air Fryer

    It is possible that this content will include affiliate links and advertisements.Please see our disclosure policy for more information.Bagel Bite Pizzas are a delicious snack or appetizer that cook up quickly and flawlessly in an air fryer!Cooking frozen Bagel Bite Pizzas in your air fryer is as simple as it is delicious.

    In only five minutes, you can make perfect bite-sized pizzas!Have you gotten on board with the air fryer craze yet?We began by refusing to use the air fryer for a number of years.This was a mistake.We already have a ridiculous number of appliances and didn’t want to give one more item prime real estate on our kitchen counters, so we skipped this step.

    Slow cooker, Instant Pot, food processor, toaster, and coffee maker are all excellent options.Was it really necessary to add another machine?Well.Having purchased our air fryer, we immediately discovered that yes, in fact, we DID require this incredible cooking gadget.

    Now, almost one year later, I can say that the air fryer has completely taken over our culinary routine.On many days, we will use our air fryer many times in the same day.(We tried making s’mores in the air fryer for the first time the other day.) OMG!SO DELICIOUS!)

    Air Fryers cook frozen food to PERFECTION!

    I’ve got a new air fryer recipe for you today, and guess what?It’s delicious!It’s yet another popular frozen food item.This recipe, like the one I posted about other frozen meals that may be cooked in the air fryer, may appear to be a little ridiculous.

    Remember, it’s already prepared food that simply has to be heated up, right?Exactly.Both yes and no.When it comes to cooking some of our favorite frozen apps in the air fryer, I have discovered that it may be difficult.It may take a little trial and error to find the optimal time and temperature combination.

    So, since I found it out on my own, I decided it would be beneficial to pass along the information!One of the best things about using an air fryer and frozen food is that it actually replicates a consistency that is the perfect combination of baked (and deep fried, if you’re creating breaded food) and fried.Make sure to check out the other air fryer recipes we’ve created, including these: 15+ Insane Game Day Air Fryer Recipes to Try This Weekend 25+ Quick and Easy Air Fryer Recipes for Complete Beginners Instructions for Making Kale Chips in an Air Fryer Recipe for Lemon Dill Salmon Cooked in the Air Fryer Cooking Frozen Pigs in a Blanket in an Air Fryer is Simple.Cooking Frozen Potstickers in an Air Fryer is a simple process.

    In an air fryer, cook frozen loaded potato skins until crispy.Cooking Frozen Tator Tots in an Air Fryer is simple.Cooking Frozen Pierogies in an Air Fryer (with Pictures) Roasted Eggplant in the Air Fryer is a simple and delicious dish.How to Cook Bacon in an Air Fryer (with Pictures) Prepare Frozen Chicken Nuggets in the Air Fryer (with Pictures) Frozen Mozzarella Sticks in the Air Fryer are quick and easy to make.Please also see these EASY Air Fryer Donuts for further inspiration.

    THEN create some AIR FRYER S’MORES to round off the meal!

    Cooking Frozen Bagel Bites Pizzas in an Air Fryer

    This cuisine is similar to other frozen applications in that it requires no preparation. Simply place the frozen pizzas in a single layer in your air fryer and bake for 10 minutes. Cooked them for 5 minutes at 390 degrees for the best results. Bake bagel bite pizzas in a conventional oven until the top is just beginning to brown, about 10 minutes per side. Perfection!

    Frozen Bagel Bites Pizza in Air Fryer

    In your air fryer, you can make frozen bagel bite pizzas that are very delicious! Appetizers and a snack will be served. American cuisine is served. Air fryer, bagel, and pizza are some examples of keywords. 12 frozen bagel bite pizzas (served frozen).

    • Place bagel bite pizzas in an air fryer in a single layer and cook until golden brown.
    • Cook for 5 minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Air Fryer is a Healthier Cooking Alternative

    I recall many years ago when my mother presented my father with a deep fryer for Christmas.Consumer deep fryer versions were quite popular, and you could set that gadget on your counter and deep fry to your heart’s content for hours on end.I recall him preparing a variety of dishes, ranging from chicken wings and chicken nuggets to french fries and tator tots.My memory also includes the foul odor of frying oil that persisted for days after the last fried meal was had in the kitchen (and, indeed, throughout the home).

    When you combine the fragrance with the fact that food fried in oil is often not the healthiest option, you have even more reasons to appreciate an air fryer.We began off with a smaller air fryer and are already thinking about upgrading to a larger machine in the future.In a typical week, we use our air fryer at least four days out of seven, and sometimes more than once a day, depending on the recipe.Many of our meals have benefited from the use of an air fryer since they are now more nutritious without compromising taste.As a matter of fact, I would wager that our meals are now tastier than they have ever been before, because to the constant crispy frying that we achieve with the air fryer.) If that isn’t a strong recommendation to invest in an air fryer, I don’t know what is!

    Do you have an air fryer in your kitchen?If so, how frequently do you make use of it?PIN Frozen Bagel Bite Pizzas in the Air Fryer to your favorite Pinterest board!You might also be interested in these other posts…

    How to Reheat Pizza in the Air Fryer

    When you have the incredible convenience of reheating pizza in an air fryer, you can enjoy your favorite dish at any time of the day or night without having to worry about it burning.Only a few minutes and a few simple guidelines are required!Your air fryer cooking time will vary based on the size and type of pizza you’re making in the air fryer.Use of thinner doughs or toppings that do not require extensive heating, such as veggies and cheese, is the most effective method for achieving a crispy crust.


    You can reheat pizza in an air fryer, and the results are far superior than those obtained by microwaving or using your convection oven.Most impressive about the device is that it practically behaves like a deep-fryer, which means that even when cooking with minimal oil, the food does not come out dry or dull.Many people believe that leftover pizza (that has been left overnight) is spoiled, but this is not true; all they need to do is reheat their dough in the appropriate manner!


    What are air fryers?Cool.They’re a lot quicker than reheating pizza in the oven, which saves time.And there’s less cleanup to do as well!

    It’s not necessary to use a baking sheet or aluminum foil when cooking your freshly made hot pizza in an air fryer; the machine takes care of everything and ensures that your pizza is crispy (and therefore healthier)!There are a variety of methods for reheating leftover pizza, but some methods are just not as effective as others.For example, the traditional oven approach takes longer than the air fryer method, and the results are never exactly perfect.Air frying your leftovers, on the other hand, may be accomplished in a matter of minutes with consistent results.205 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) or until the air fryer reaches 350°F/180°C after preheating, then add around 1 spoonful of cooking oil every slice of pizza you wish to heat up, placing them flat in the basket so that they crisp up.

    evenly depending on how many pieces you have, wait 3-6 minutes.


    To ensure that a pizza is cooked evenly, use an air fryer that has been preheated for at least 5 minutes before placing the pizza in it.If you are using a basket container with wide exhaust vents and rapid airflow, you may wish to add water to the bottom of the container; this will help to keep the moisture in the basket container during cooking and prevent the pizza from drying out throughout the heating process.If a thicker crust is favored over a thinner one, it is preferable to cook the crust at a lower temperature for a longer length of time rather than vice versa.Cleaning up after using an air fryer is a snap because the majority of the pizza will transfer directly from your hands to the basket, and once it’s cooked, you can just wipe away any residual crumbs with a paper towel.

    If your toppings are going to be very messy (such as cheese oozing off), make sure to wrap them in aluminum foil or parchment paper before baking!

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    What is the best way to heat up leftover pizza?

    The ideal method for reheating leftover pizza varies depending on how old the pizza is – for example, frozen or refrigerated – and the type of pizza.If the pizza is in a container that can be warmed quickly, such as Tupperware, place it in a 350-degree oven at 10-minute intervals until the required temperature is attained until the pizza is done.Instead of reheating it in this manner, put up a couple of tablespoons of oil and some tomato sauce from a new jar next to the cooktop and pour a thin coating over the doughy surface before placing it in a saucepan of boiling water (keep the small pot covered).

    How do you reheat in an air fryer?

    In an air fryer, reheating food is often accomplished by setting the temperature between 175° F and 240° F and then selecting ″frozen″ or ″steam″ from the menu.The best choice for warming leftover pizza would be to use this method.The pizza will essentially cook within the air fryer when using this technique of cooking.Bake breaded things such as chicken strips with a variety of sauces at a lower temperature than you would normally since higher temperatures might cause oil to pool on the surface of your baked goods.

    How do you reheat pizza so it’s crispy?

    There are a few things you should be aware of if you want to ensure that your pizza has the proper crispiness.For starters, it’s vital not to reheat slices of cold leftover pizza in the microwave since doing so will cause them to get soggy and result in even more splattering.If you only need one slice, or if you want something warm for brunch with eggs and bacon, you may bake it in the oven instead.For 5 minutes, preheat your oven to roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit while wrapping aluminum foil over your food dish to avoid any issues with burnt cheese on top; this generates an extraordinary level of heat retention while also safeguarding important components.

    Can I put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

    Yes.Cooking food in air fryers is a great way to get it crispy and brown while using significantly less oil than you would in a pan or oven.However, placing foil on the floor of the air fryer will allow you to take it up another level by allowing even more grease (liquid) to get away from your food–meaning whatever drips off will be enough for both your cookware and any tray that is placed underneath it.If you want to learn more, you may read the entire tutorial here.

    Do I need to use oil while reheating pizza in an air fryer?

    For the finest flavor, it’s a good idea to drizzle a little olive oil over the top, but you aren’t required to. The use of more oil is not necessary if your pizza is already bursting at the seams with fat and taste.


    Traveling through the heartland of pizza has been a fantastic experience.Hopefully, you had as much fun learning about all of its various flavors as we did sharing them with you.So, now that we’ve reached the end of our adventure, what are some suggestions for reheating your remaining pizzas?If you cook it in an air fryer, you won’t have to worry about burnt or soggy crusts anymore, which is great news for everyone.

    Just keep in mind not to overcrowd the container and to constantly open the container while checking on progress to ensure that nothing burns.

    How to Make Pizza at Home That’s Better Than Takeout

    Pizza is a crowd-pleasing option for hectic weeknight dinners as well as enjoyable weekend feasts with friends.For excellent pizza, though, you don’t have to rely on restaurants or take-out services.Continue reading for helpful hints on how to bake your own pizza at home.We’ll go through how to prepare a pizza dough, how to top a pizza, what temperature to bake pizza at, and how long to bake pizza.

    In addition, we’ll offer some of our favorite homemade pizza recipes that you can try out at home.

    How to Make Homemade Pizza

    Pizza Crust

    First and foremost, let’s talk about the foundation, the crunchy crust that binds everything together.You have a few options when it comes to the crust: You can make homemade pizza using store-bought dough, pre-baked crusts (such as Boboli), or even English muffins and pita bread for personal pizzas; or you can make your own pizza dough from scratch using the instructions below.Here’s how to prepare a basic no-knead pizza dough, as shown by Chef John.(He also makes a fantastic Cauliflower Pizza Crust, which you should try.) Check out the video to see precisely how the pizza dough should appear before it is placed in the refrigerator to rise.

    The ″rotation, stretch, and tuck″ method used by Chef John to shape the dough will also be demonstrated in this video.

    Pizza Sauces

    It’s time for the sauce.A wide variety of tasty pre-made marinara sauces are available for use as pizza sauce.We also offer a plethora of recipes for homemade pizza sauce.Aside from traditional red pizza sauces, other options include pesto sauces, white sauces, and even a basic olive oil and garlic sauce.

    They have the ability to increase the size of your pizza by virtually endless proportions.

    Pizza Toppings

    When it comes to toppings on a pizza, there are virtually no restrictions.You’re probably familiar with tomato sauce and pepperoni.But what about apples and walnuts?Without a doubt.

    What about figs in season with prosciutto?Yes, without a doubt!What about sweet corn and peas?Corn and peas, on the other hand, are popular pizza toppings in Europe and Japan.The bottom line is that when it comes to toppings, pizza allows for a limitless amount of experimentation.

    A pizza with shredded lettuce, black olives, and chopped tomatoes as toppings is served.The following are some additional suggestions for various pizza sauces, toppings, and cheeses to try: Consider the sequence in which you’ll arrange your toppings on the pie crust once you’ve arranged them on the plate.It is significant!

    Layering the Pizza

    If you layer the ingredients in a certain way, you will have pizza perfection.If you arrange the same elements in a different sequence, the result is the same as before.For example, if you put the cheese on first, then pile the tomatoes and basil on top, the basil will burn and shrivel while the cheese would remain unbrowned and unbrowned.It’s possible that the pizza will fail.

    Of course, you may top the cheese with tomato slices if you choose.The high moisture content of tomatoes means that they will not caramelize, but will instead dry slightly, resulting in a more concentrated tomato flavor when cooked.

    Choosing Cheeses

    Cheeses such as mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan are all excellent choices. Because all of these cheeses have a low moisture content, they will brown rather rapidly. Fresh mozzarella contains a high concentration of water, which may cause the crust and toppings to get soggy.

    How to Cook Pizza on a Stone

    1. Heat the oven.

    In general, the higher the temperature of the oven, the better the pizza will be.Oven temperatures between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for baking pizza (250 to 260 degrees C).Pizza ovens cook at temperatures ranging from 800 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.You won’t be able to get that level of heat in your home oven, but the higher the temperature, the better.

    Lower the oven rack and place a pizza stone ($39; Amazon) on it.450 to 500 degrees F (250 to 260 degrees C) oven temperature is required since the stone needs to be heated while the oven is heating.A higher oven temperature of 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) may be required for large, thick-crusted pizzas in order for the crust to cook entirely before the toppings begin to brown.Tip: Preheat a baking sheet or a cast iron pan in the bottom of the oven for a crispy crust before beginning.Immediately after you’ve finished assembling the pizza, put some ice cubes into the heated pan to generate a burst of steam.

    2. Form the pizza dough and place it on a peel dusted with a little flour or cornmeal.

    If desired, gently coat the crust with olive oil before baking.This assists in the creation of a golden brown, crispy crust as opposed to a dry, powdery outer crust.See how to create and shape your pizza dough in this video.Okay, the oven is preheated, and the pizza has been topped and is ready to be delivered.

    To begin, get your pizza peel ($22; Amazon), a huge shovel-like instrument that allows you to quickly transport pizza from the counter to the baking stone without causing a mess.Slide your pizza onto the peel using a spatula.It is time to turn on the oven.

    3. Slip the pizza onto the hot pizza stone.

    Check to see that the pizza isn’t clinging to the peel by jiggling the peel.You want it to be able to readily slide off the peel.If the dough becomes stuck, carefully lift the sticky dough and sprinkle it with a little extra flour or cornmeal to loosen it.Place the tip of the peel on the edge of the baking stone at the rear of the oven to prevent it from burning.

    Jerk the pizza peel out from under the pizza in a single fast motion to release it.A well cooked pizza should land perfectly in the centre of the pizza stone if the pizza glides easily on its peel while baking.You’ll hear the kids hear you say things you’re not meant to say in front of them if your pizza adheres to the peel and your toppings slip off the pizza and onto the stone if your pizza sticks to the peel.Close the oven door and let the pizza to bake for a few minutes.

    4. After 5 minutes of baking, check the pizza.

    If certain areas of the pizza are browning more quickly than others, turn the pizza over and slide the peel underneath it like a large spatula to even things out.Using the same fast motion described above, rotate the pizza on the peel and place it back on the baking stone to finish baking.Removing the pizza from the oven halfway through baking allows you to spray additional oil on the crust if you choose.This additional oil will aid in darkening the crust and making it even more delectable.

    Infuse the oil with minced garlic to provide a hint of garlic flavor to the dish.

    5. The pizza is done when the cheese is melted to a medium-to-dark brown.

    Color denotes the presence of taste.Remove the pizza from the oven using the peel and set it aside to cool slightly.If you wish, you may top it with more fresh vegetables and toppings.Slice the pizza with a pizza wheel ($15; Amazon) or a chef’s knife and serve it to your enthusiastic audience.

    Do Not Blame the Cheese: If your pizza ends up scalding the roof of your mouth, don’t point the finger at the cheese.It’s most likely the sauce that’s to blame.This is due to the fact that heat is preserved in the wet sauce, and the addition of an insulating layer of cheese is almost certainly adding insult to injury.Lift the heat-trapping cap of the cheese with a fork the next time you get a slice fresh from the oven, and you’ll witness how the steam streams off the hot, hot sauce.Within that chamber, it’s like being inside the molten core of the earth.

    Content that is related to this:

    How to Make Frozen Pizza Better

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Consider this: if you think frozen pizza is monotonous, think again!You can quickly and simply upgrade a frozen pizza to a higher degree of flavor by doctoring it up a bit.Make your frozen pizza even better by chopping up some fresh ingredients, adding more cheese, and adding other toppings.You may also improve the texture of the pizza by allowing it to thaw before baking it at a high temperature to simulate the conditions of a genuine pizza oven.

    1. 1 Recreate your favorite classic pizza recipes with fresh ingredients by combining them together. There are many different pizza recipes to choose from, and they are all wonderful! Get the ingredients that aren’t currently on your frozen pizza so that you may customize it to your preferences. Place the toppings on your frozen pizza before putting it in the oven to ensure that everything cooks evenly across the pie. Make a Hawaiian-inspired meal out of some delicious ham and pineapple
    2. A frozen cheese pizza may be transformed into a Margherita pizza by just adding some fresh tomatoes and basil.
    3. Make a buffalo chicken pizza by combining grilled chicken breasts, hot sauce, and ranch dressing on a pizza crust.
    • 2 To add even more cheesy pleasure, top with more mozzarella or parmesan. Even if your frozen pizza already has cheese on it, adding a little extra couldn’t harm, could it? Furthermore, using fresh mozzarella that will bubble up while the pizza cooks will further enhance the whole experience. Freshwater mozzarella should be sliced and placed on top of the pizza as a topping. You may also experiment with other cheeses to create a more nuanced flavor. Adding slices of gouda or asiago cheese to a pizza, for example, may give it a strong flavor.
    • If you don’t have any freshwater mozzarella on hand, shredded cheese will do just well in its place
    • In order to make your pizza extra gooey and delicious whether you’re vegan or have a dairy allergy, substitute a plant-based vegan cheese for the dairy-based one.
    • Promotional material
    • 3 Fresh veggies should be chopped and placed on top of the pizza. Fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, or any vegetables you want will make your frozen pizza experience that much more enjoyable. Make some fresh ingredients and lay them equally on top of your pizza before you put it in the oven to bake. A variety of fresh veggies will cook with the pizza, altering the texture and flavor of the frozen pizza, respectively.

    4 For a meat lover’s pizza, add some fresh sausage, pepperoni, or chorizo to the toppings.Pepperoni and sausage are two of the most traditional components for a delicious, meaty pizza.Mexican chorizo is a spicy sausage that is excellent on frozen pizzas because it adds a ton of flavor.Cut up some chunks of meat and place them on top of your pizza before it is baked for a tasty addition to your meal..

    12 inch (1.3 cm) thick slabs of sausage, cut into bite-sized pieces.

    • If you like, you may use a spicy chorizo to add some fire to your frozen pizza.
    • 5 To give it a little more taste, sprinkle on some basic pizza ingredients. To draw out the taste of the pizza, sprinkle on some Italian ingredients such as oregano, garlic, and basil on top of it. Spices such as cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes may also be used to create your own unique taste combinations. Sprinkle only a modest bit of spice on top of the pizza to avoid overpowering it with a single seasoning. If you don’t have fresh spices on hand, dried or powdered equivalents would suffice
    • nevertheless, fresh seasonings are preferable.
    • Don’t add any additional salt to the dish. There will be enough of it on the frozen pizza

    6 When the pizza is finished, arrange a large bunch of greens on top of it.Put some fresh arugula or a mesclun mix on top of the pizza when you take it out of the oven to give it a nice crunch and some color.Any greens will do; simply pile them high on top of the pie after it’s finished cooking, and you’ll be able to enjoy pizza and salad at the same time!Spinach, kale, and even shredded cabbage can be used to elevate the flavor and texture of a pizza’s flavor and texture profile.

    7 When you take it out of the oven, drizzle some olive oil over the top of it.To add the final touches of flavor to your frozen pizza, drizzle it with high-quality olive oil.After baking for 15 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven and pour some of the oil on top of the finished product.You may also spray a small amount of honey on top of the pizza to balance out the saltiness of the dish.

    1. 1 To achieve the best results, choose a high-quality frozen pizza. 2 Improving the quality of a frozen pizza that is of low quality to begin with is challenging. Select a higher-end brand of frozen pizza from the frozen area when you’re in the frozen section. Your taste senses will appreciate your efforts. At your local grocery shop, you can purchase high-quality frozen pizza.
    2. The price of higher-quality frozen pizzas is generally between $10 and $15.
    3. You can still make any frozen pizza taste better than it would have tasted on its own by doctoring it.

    2 Defrost the pizza and preheat the oven to 550 degrees Fahrenheit (288 degrees Celsius).Remove the pizza from its packaging and allow it to remain on the counter for about an hour, or until it has completely defrosted, until it is ready to serve.Increase the temperature of the oven to a high setting and allow it to fully pre-heat before using it to simulate a genuine pizza oven.Because of this, your frozen pizza will have a better crust and will taste much more like a pizza that has been baked in a pizza oven.

    3 Place the pizza on the lowest oven rack, immediately on top of it.Instead of using a baking sheet, lay the pizza directly on a rack in the oven to achieve the greatest crust and the most bubbling cheese possible.If possible, bake your pizza on the bottom oven rack for improved convection and circulation around the pizza.Allowing you to avoid burning yourself as well as the toppings shifting, slide out the rack and set the pizza on it.

    • Using a pizza stone or a big cast-iron pan, set the pizza on the lowest rack of the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Four of them will aid in the replication of the surface of a true wood-fired pizza oven. Preheat the oven to 500°F and bake the pizza for 5 to 8 minutes. The high temperature of the oven, along with the fact that the pizza has been defrosted, ensures that it will cook quite rapidly. Keep an eye on it, and take it out of the oven when the crust is as crispy as you like it, around 20 minutes later. Allow the pizza to cook for at least 5 minutes to ensure that all of the ingredients are fully heated.
    • Keep an eye on the pizza and make sure it doesn’t cook for longer than 10 minutes or it may burn.

    5 Approximately 2 minutes before the crust is done, brush the crust with garlic butter.In a small mixing bowl, melt 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of butter and whisk in 2 cloves of minced garlic until everything is well combined.Make use of a pastry brush to cover the crust of the pizza 2 minutes before it’s completed cooking to add more flavor and to make the crust golden brown and crispy while cooking.If you don’t have a pastry brush, use a spoon to sprinkle the garlic butter over the crust.

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    Best Way to Cook a Frozen Pizza

    Pizza from the freezer.It’s a dorm-room staple, a quick meal for the kids, or, let’s be honest, it’s what we eat when nobody is looking.Whatever its numerous variations and abominations, pizza remains a perennial favorite, regardless of its quality or price point.As a result of our association with frozen meals, which we identify with a poor level of quality and a bland, limp profile, many of us fail to see that what hides in the freezer does not have to be so frightening.

    Some may even qualify as ″excellent″ if they are given a little bit of imagination.In order to assist you, we’ve put up a guide filled with tips and methods to help you master the underappreciated art of how to cook a frozen pizza.How to bake a frozen pizza in the oven is simple if you follow these simple guidelines.

    Read and Follow the Directions…

    There’s a good reason why the preparation instructions are placed on the back of the package in the first place.Before you start creating your pizza, have a quick look over these guidelines.From there, you have the freedom to improvise.When it comes to frozen pizza cooking instructions, Giordano’s is quite detailed in order to ensure that you receive the greatest loaded deep-dish pizza experience possible, even from the comfort of your own home.

    …Well, Except for This One

    What is the reason for the exception?That icy rock of a pizza, on the other hand, isn’t quite ready to go into the oven.Continue reading to find out more.When you prepare frozen pizza, it’s likely that you won’t have a lot of insight into what will happen.

    It’s frequently a last-minute decision motivated by the desire to save time.However, for the best results, let your pizza out for a few hours before baking it, or place it in the refrigerator the night before baking the pizza.To be sure, some recipes call for thawing frozen pizza before serving.While it is true that there is a danger of contamination if you defrost and refreeze your pie, if you bake your pie shortly after thawing it, you should be OK.Rather of attempting to wrestle a wet, limp pizza onto the oven’s rack, use a pizza stone or baking sheet to make your pizza.

    Make Holes in Your Crust

    • No, we’re not suggesting that you sabotage your pizza with this ″off-the-shelf″ suggestion. It’s just that, in order to make things better, you have to be a bit more upfront about them occasionally. A clever little method may be used if you’re working with a frozen pizza that has been wrapped in plastic, which is the case for the most majority of them. Before you take the cellophane off the package, consider the following: Place the pizza on a flat surface with the cheese facing up
    • Cut the back of the plastic wrap with a sharp knife to uncover the crust, then discard the plastic wrap.
    • Then, using the same knife, make numerous small holes in the crust on the other side of the pie from where the toppings will be

    These holes will provide some ventilation to the pizza, allowing steam to leave rather than allowing excess moisture to remain trapped inside. Voila! Your pie has the crunchy crust and melted cheese of a high-end restaurant-quality pie.

    Heat Oven All the Way

    Turn the volume up, darling!Why?Because professional pizza businesses — such as Giordano’s — are equipped with pizza-specific ovens that reach temperatures far higher than those seen in the average household.Preheat the oven to 700 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the pizzas to bake fast and evenly.

    To get the same parlor-quality texture at home — a lovely, crunchy crust, soft cheese, and the ideal toppings — is really difficult.In your kitchen, though, things are different.We understand what you’re saying.You’re dealing with minimal resources rather than high-end equipment of artisanal grade.Don’t give up hope, though!

    You may still get that crispiness by cooking it yourself.Preheat your oven to 550 degrees Fahrenheit (this is the maximum temperature for most home ovens) and place a pizza stone directly inside the oven to heat up.Then, after it’s hot enough to handle, place the frozen pizza onto the preheated stone and bake it for five to eight minutes, rather than 12 or 15.Is there no stone?

    It’s not an issue.Place the pizza straight on the center rack of the oven and leave it to cook on its own.

    Let the Cheese Set

    Everyone has hunger pangs at some point in their lives.But, as is often the case, patience is a virtue.You’ll want to be certain that you’re receiving the greatest pie possible before you order.Allow a few minutes to pass before slicing through that item with your pizza cutter.

    Why?You’ll want the cheese to become firm before serving.As a result, it will remain in place as you cut.So, unless you want to spend your time peeling the cheese and toppings off your pizza and undoing all of your hard work, you’ll follow my advise.No one wants to spend their time reattaching pizza cheese to their hair like a poor wig, do they?

    The Best Way to Cook a Frozen Pizza: Deep-Dish Edition

    We would be negligent if we did not provide some deep-dish warming tips here at Giordano’s.Because a Chicago-style pie is a larger, denser, and doughier experience, the cooking requirements for it differ significantly — particularly in terms of timing and baking time.This tutorial will help you figure out what to do with any leftover pizza you may have in the fridge at the end of the day.Just keep in mind that our frozen pies need a somewhat different method of preparation.

    You may put your trust in us on this.The deep-dish pizza takes a little more patience than a thin-crust pizza from the grocery shop since it does not cook as quickly as a thin-crust pizza from the supermarket.The oven should be preheated at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.Meanwhile, defrost the pie by placing it in the microwave for six minutes on high for six minutes.Trust us when we say that it also provides you with all of the gooey cheese you’d find in-house, without the hassle of preparation.

    After the pizza has finished cooking in the microwave, distribute the excess sauce package over the top of it.When the oven is preheated, lay your Giordano’s pizza straight on the middle rack and bake for 40 minutes, until the crust is golden brown.Remove the pizza from the stove and allow it to cool for a few minutes before slicing.For much more information, please see our PDF handout, which may be downloaded here.

    We take our work very seriously — pizza is a serious business!

    10 Tips for Doctoring That Substandard Pie

    Having progressed past the fundamentals of frozen pizza and oven dynamics, you’ll need to come up with some creative solutions for bringing that pie to its peak performance.Putting aside the high-heat temperatures and thawing activity, a $3 cheese pizza from the gas station lacks the zing of a professional pie.However, you can quickly enhance any pie with a variety of inventive toppings that are easy to make.The only thing that can stop you is your own imagination.

    1. Make Frozen Pizza Taste Fresh by Using Fresh Ingredients

    When you add anything fresh to a frozen pie, it instantly transforms into a whole other dish. Remove those strange pepperoni nuggets that came with the pizza and replace them with some higher-quality meats of your choosing. Make sure to include veggies in the mix. Things as simple as a ripe tomato, fresh basil, or simply a sprinkling of unfrozen cheese may make a big difference.

    2. Use the Artful Olive Oil Drizzle

    Olive oil has the ability to elevate anything from plain bread to mundane vegetables to new heights.There are a few of options for accomplishing this.Before putting the pie in the oven, brush the crust with olive oil and minced garlic to flavor it.The oil will aid in crisping the crust and achieving that gorgeous golden brown color that you previously believed could only be achieved by delivery.

    Alternatively, when it has been taken out of the oven, pour a little olive oil and lemon juice over the entire thing.After all, it’s the little things that make frozen pizza taste like it just came out of the oven.Do you want to be a little more daring?Add garlic-infused oil or chili oil to your icebox pizza for a flavor boost that will last for days in the fridge.

    3. Raid the Fridge

    The time-honored fridge raid is a terrific technique to reduce food waste while also transforming that pizza into a true work of culinary beauty.Capers, olives, artichoke hearts, and jalapeño peppers, among other ingredients, should be sought for through the side entrance.Add some leftover sandwich meat or chicken shredded over the top if you want to go fancy.Do you have an onion?

    Put it on right away.Veggies?Take a chance.Pizza is a blank canvas on which to paint.Don’t be frightened to try something new!

    The advantage here is that if you’re dealing with a low-cost frozen pizza, you don’t stand to lose anything.Have any fruit that needs to be used up?Great.Lightly sauté a couple of your favorite ingredients, such as spinach and mushrooms.

    Bell peppers, tomatoes, and even items like maize and peas can be used in place of the traditional ingredients.

    4. Throw Another Sauce on There…

    Sauce combinations are a terrific way to dress up a pie that would otherwise be uninteresting.After you’ve finished adding your desired toppings, add some swirls of something that complements the flavors already there.Add some pesto from a jar or a sprinkle of alfredo sauce, some bruschetta, or a red pepper puree to finish it off.Using a few drizzles of sauce on your frozen pie not only tastes good, but it also helps you to use up that pesto that you didn’t have enough noodles for before it starts to turn brown.

    While on the subject of condiments, spicy sauce — from Pete’s to Sriracha and Tabasco to Cajun — is always appreciated on any pizza, regardless of the quality of the crust or other toppings used.

    5. … Or Make Your Own

    • If you go through your cupboard and discover that you don’t have any great sauces, don’t be discouraged. Why not start from the beginning? Experiment with different flavors and be inventive – you have the option to mix and match your elements to create something that suits your taste buds perfectly. Here are a few recipes you c

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