How Much Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

How Much Does an Outdoor Pizza Oven Cost? Depending on the model and fuel method you choose, outdoor pizza ovens can range from less than $200 to several thousand. If you’re building a masonry pizza oven, consider the cost of materials, including rebar and cement block for the base and stone and brick for facing.
Practical and Affordable

Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $500
Name Fuel Price
8. Gasland Gas See
Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $1500
Name Fuel Price

How much does it cost to build a pizza oven?

The estimated cost of a pizza oven based on the different methods: Buying a portable oven: $300-$1000. Buying a premade oven: $1000-9000+. Building your own clay or cement oven: $275-350. Building your own brick oven: $950+. If you are thinking of building a wood fired oven, here are the estimated costs: Clay.

What are the best outdoor pizza ovens?

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens BakerStone Gas Stove Top Pizza Oven CAPT’N COOK OvenPlus Gas Pizza Oven ilFornino Professional Wood Fired Pizza Size: 22′ x 22′ x 18′ 20′ x 20′ x 13′ 1007 sq in Heat: Propane Propane Wood Max Temp: 800F 900F +500F Cook Time: 5 minutes 5 minutes Varies

What is the Ooni outdoor pizza oven?

The Ooni is actually the first portable outdoor pizza oven to feature different fuel type options. You can use wood or gas, or both if you prefer. We prefer wood as it’s more natural, and also gives pizzas that authentic wood-fired flavor.

Do you need a garden for an outdoor pizza oven?

And you don’t necessarily need a garden, with indoor pizza ovens now widely available for use on kitchen countertops. You can easily pay over £1000 for a larger outdoor pizza oven, but if you don’t have that to spend, there are more wallet-friendly options, with some hovering just under the £200 mark.

Are outdoor pizza ovens worth it?

At $299 for their base model, the Ooni pizza oven is definitely an investment. However, adding a pizza oven to your outdoor area may really spark some joy for you and make pizza night more exciting! Also, this is a well-made, quality cooking appliance that is going to last for years as long as you take care of it.

How much does it cost to build a pizza oven?

The material cost to build a brick pizza oven is over $950 for an average-sized oven. Brick ovens are the most expensive option. Clay and concrete ovens cost between $275 and $350 if you build them yourself.

Can you buy an outdoor pizza oven?

Outdoor pizza ovens come in all sizes, from small portable ovens that cook one pizza at a time, to larger ovens that can cook multiple pizzas at once. When looking for a pizza oven, think about how you plan to use it for outdoor cooking.

What is the best type of outdoor pizza oven?

The best outdoor pizza ovens you can buy today

  1. Ooni Koda 16. The Best Overall Outdoor Pizza Oven.
  2. Gozney Roccbox. The Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for Parties.
  3. Ooni Fyra 12. Most portable pizza oven.
  4. BakerStone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven Box.
  5. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven.
  6. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Does wood fired pizza taste better?

Since the pizza cooks very quickly in a wood fired oven, it has the effect of imparting a delightful contrast on the finished pie. The bottom of the crust will cook very quickly, giving it a pleasing charred flavor on the edges that makes it taste just a little smoky, in a good way.

Is it better to build or buy a pizza oven?


Many may argue that building it could save considerable money. This is true if you have purchased the proper materials, in the proper quantities and execute the project flawlessly. Flawlessly means that there are no false starts or need to redo certain sections.

How much does a masonry oven cost?

Average Cost to Build a Brick Oven

High Cost $8,000
Average Cost $5,000
Low Cost $2,000

Does a pizza oven need a chimney?

Without a chimney to produce this draught effect within a wood fired oven, the smoke finds another outlet, which is the door/opening of the oven. This means that flames dangerously flick outwards and smoke is expelled into the face of the chef.

How much does a Neapolitan pizza oven cost?

Napoli Commercial Pizza Oven Starts at $16,450.

It is a mid- to large-sized, fully assembled commercial pizza oven designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, caterers, and vineyards looking for a gas or wood fired pizza oven to complement other cooking equipment.

What kind of wood do you use for a pizza oven?

Hardwoods, which usually contain broad leaves as trees, are a better option than softwoods, which usually have needles and cones. One reason hardwoods are better for cooking in a pizza oven is because they are cleaner and last longer than softwoods. The best examples of hardwood are ash, beech, sycamore, birch and oak.

Is OONI Koda worth?

The Ooni Koda is worth it as it did manage to perform much better than we expected given that we didn’t get good results when we tested the Ooni 3. It needs a slight learning curve to consistently cook great pizzas, especially with regards to temperature management and turning the pizzas at the right time.

Which is better wood or gas pizza oven?

Gas offers high temperatures like wood ovens do, but it allows you to cook without the need for wood or the production of ash and soot, making it the cleaner option. Many gas ovens also provide a cooking area that’s slightly larger than a wood oven.

What can you cook in a pizza oven?

What Foods Can Be Cooked in a Pizza Oven?

  • Roasted vegetables.
  • Baked or grilled fish.
  • Slow cooked meats.
  • Flamed ribeye steak.
  • Smoked and barbecued meats.
  • Jacket potatoes.
  • Freshly baked bread loaves.
  • Focaccia and flatbreads.
  • Which is the best BBQ pizza oven?

    The Best BBQ Pizza Ovens

    Product Review Rating
    Tepro Hott Box-Pizza Oven Read Review 4.7
    Oxford Barbeques Pizza Oven Read Review 4.7
    KettlePizza Basic Pizza Oven Kit Read Review 4.6
    La Hacienda Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven Read Review 4.1

    What to Know About Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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    Fun and easy to use, an outdoor pizza oven can be a great addition to your backyard cooking area. Here’s what you should know before investing.

    When installed as the focal point of an outdoor kitchen or patio, an outdoor pizza oven is a fantastic way to bring family and friends together for a fun afternoon or evening of baking and cooking pizzas, bread, roasts, and even whole turkeys in the fresh air.

    What Is an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

    • An outdoor pizza oven can be either built-in or freestanding, and it can be fueled by wood, gas, or charcoal to make pizza.
    • Its cooking chamber, which is normally dome-shaped, may achieve extraordinarily high temperatures – up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius) or more.
    • The high temperatures are responsible for the crisp crust that is characteristic of pizzerias.
    • Outdoor pizza ovens are often equipped with a ceramic, brick, or stone cooking surface, which draws moisture from the pizza dough in order to achieve the desired crispness in the crust.

    Gas and Charcoal Pizza Oven

    • Because of the growing popularity of outdoor pizza ovens, an increasing number of models are becoming available in a variety of sizes and pricing ranges, as well as with a variety of fuelling options.
    • Gas and charcoal pizza ovens are often smaller and less costly than wood-fired pizza ovens.
    • They range in size from tabletop units to ones that sit directly over a gas or charcoal grill and take their heat directly from the heat source on the grill.
    • There are also portable and convertible types available that may be heated with charcoal, gas, wood pellets, or wood chips, among other things.
    • There are some electric versions available on the market, but they are not capable of producing the high temperatures that gas and charcoal can achieve.

    Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

    • Wood-fired pizza ovens are more comparable to what you’d find at a traditional pizzeria, and they’re more expensive.
    • This sort of oven is heated by constructing a wood fire over the cooking surface and allowing it to burn until the temperature is reached.
    • The wood and embers are then moved out of the way, and the pizza is allowed to cook directly on the hot surface of the griddle.
    • A smokey flavor is imparted to pizzas baked in wood-fired ovens that cannot be produced using gas or charcoal briquettes.
    • In general, wood-fired pizza ovens are bigger and more costly than their gas or charcoal counterparts.

    They may be heavy-duty countertop ones that are difficult to move after they’ve been set up, or they could be light and easily transported.If you’re up for an ambitious DIY project and want to make an outdoor pizza oven the main point of your backyard cooking area, you may get a pizza oven kit and design and build the brick and stone oven from scratch.A ready-made oven interior is also available, which may be constructed and fronted in stone or brick to suit your needs.Take a look at how one reader created a terrace in front of their homemade pizza oven.

    How Much Does an Outdoor Pizza Oven Cost?

    Outdoor pizza ovens can range in price from less than $200 to several thousand dollars, depending on the model and fuel method you choose to use. Considering the cost of materials is important while creating a masonry pizza oven, including rebar and cement block for the base, as well as natural stone or brick for the façade.

    Accessories and Maintenance for an Outdoor Pizza Oven

    • To get the most out of your outdoor pizza oven, you’ll need a few more gear.
    • Oven gloves with a high level of protection against burns are recommended.
    • When it comes to sliding pizzas into and out of the oven, a broad, long-handled spatula known as a pizza peel is crucial.
    • Generally speaking, wood-fired pizza ovens require little maintenance; a wire brush for mopping up spills and a few other tools are all that are required.
    • It’s typically sufficient to wipe off stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens with a moist, soft cloth.

    The best pizza ovens for cooking outdoors

    • By using the proper oven, you can make the blistered, quick-cooked, charred pizzas (and, in certain situations, many other recipes as well) that satisfy in the way that only a good pizza can satisfy. In order to locate the best pizza oven for your needs, you must first cut through the clutter. Our reviewers put 20 different pizza ovens through their paces, including budget, mid-range, and luxury models, to come up with this list of the ones we’d buy ourselves. Using established criteria, each model was graded out of five on the following basic aspects: overall construction quality, performance and cooking outcomes, simplicity of assembly and usage (including safety), value for money, and overall design (including aesthetics). The average of these scores was used to generate the overall star rating of each pizza oven. Learn more about how we test goods and browse our selection of triple-tested pizza recipes for creating delectable pizza at home, including anything from a simple margherita or sourdough pizza with a deliciously chewy crust to a spinach and blue cheese pizza with a tangy dressing. The following sections are included: What to look for in a pizza oven
    • How to pick the finest pizza oven
    • Best pizza ovens at a glance
    • Best pizza ovens to purchase in 2022
    • How we tested pizza ovens

    What to look for in a pizza oven

    • Begin by determining your spending limit – but keep in mind that more money does not automatically equate to a better pizza.
    • You should avoid huge, built-in stone ovens if your budget is limited to a few hundred pounds or less since these intricate goods are quite expensive, typically costing at least £500.
    • Also, take into consideration the amount of room you have accessible.
    • Some will be powered by gas, while others will be powered by wood, or it may be powered by a combination of fuels.
    • Indoor pizza ovens are powered by electricity and so do not require any other methods of generating heat.

    How to choose the best pizza oven

    • Portable pizza ovens are available.
    • If you have a small yard and don’t intend to cook pizza on a regular basis, a portable pizza oven might be a good choice for you.
    • Gozney, Ooni, and Firepod are among the leading brands in this sector, and their ovens are among the best available on the market.
    • When used properly, these pint-sized pizza devices can achieve temperatures that match bigger ovens, they can be stored indoors or in a shed, they provide outstanding cooking results, and they are really simple to use.
    • Pizza ovens that are freestanding If you anticipate baking pizza on a frequent basis and have the space in your yard to handle a larger pizza oven, a larger pizza oven may be the best option for you.

    It is not necessary for these huge ovens to be built-in (this is where costs really start to mount up).It is possible to purchase freestanding, huge pizza ovens that can be moved about but have the capacity to cook more than one pizza at a time.These are normally equipped with protective covers, allowing you to leave them outside throughout the summer, however you will most likely have to purchase the cover separately.Pizza ovens with a hybrid design In certain situations, hybrid pizza ovens may also be used as a grill, while in others, the reverse is true.The majority of the time, we discovered, cooking tools that are expressly created for preparing pizzas alone offer the greatest cooking outcomes for the particular task at hand.

    Accessory for making a barbecue pizza Regarding barbecues, one inexpensive option to prepare pizzas in your backyard is to purchase a barbecue accessory, such as a pizza stone or box, that can be placed on top of your gas or charcoal barbeque.They, too, may produce the required stone-baked flavor and finish by reaching astonishing temperatures.These barbecue-top items outperform traditional pizza ovens in terms of storage capacity, although they are not necessarily considered pizza ovens in the traditional sense.However, in order to highlight the huge range of DIY pizza equipment available for a variety of prices, we’ve included a few of our favorites in this collection.

    Best pizza ovens at a glance

    • Optima Pizza Express Napoli countertop pizza oven, £169
    • Delivita The Chilli Red pizza oven, £1,295
    • La Hacienda stainless steel BBQ pizza oven, £118
    • Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven, £300
    • Gozney Roccbox pizza oven, £399
    • Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven, £300
    • Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven, £300
    • Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven, £300
    • Among the best pizza ovens for families is the Igneus Classico, which costs £689
    • the best pizza oven for small spaces is the Ooni Koda 12, which costs £299
    • the best investment indoor pizza oven is the Sage the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, which costs £699.95
    • and the best investment outdoor pizza oven is the Igneus Classico, which costs £689
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    The best pizza ovens to buy in 2022

    • The BBC Good Food on-test crew made quantities of our basic pizza dough and then headed to our gardens to put them through their paces in pizza ovens from a variety of manufacturers.
    • Continue reading to find out which pizza oven to purchase.
    • Check out our reviews area for additional information on this and other products like it.
    • There are 400+ buyer’s guides there, including round-ups of the finest charcoal barbecues, camping stoves, BBQ accessories, outdoor dinnerware, and much more.

    Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven

    The most effective portable pizza oven This item is available at Ooni for £399.20, Cuckooland for £399.20, John Lewis and Partners for £499, and Harrods for £499


    • Quick to assemble
    • Perfect pizzas

    Cons: The oven does not include an essential pizza peel or a storage cover, which are both required.

    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars It’s no surprise that Ooni is a top name in the pizza oven industry, and with good reason.
    • Their product line includes pizza ovens powered by wood, coal, and gas, which are available at a variety of pricing points.
    • With the Ooni Koda 16, you can make authentic-tasting pizzas in only 60 seconds, thanks to its gas-powered engine.
    • In summer 2020, the original gas-powered Koda will be replaced by this new model, which will be somewhat smaller and capable of cooking a 16-inch pizza.
    • It is one of the most costly ovens in Ooni’s lineup because of its larger size.

    The Koda features a revolutionary L-shaped flame that provides a waterfall effect on the heat transmission, resulting in a delicious flame-cooked flavor and excellent heat retention, all while conserving fuel use.When it was completed, the pizza looked fantastic, with wonderful charred bubbles in and around the crust, a crisp base, and plenty of melted, oozy mozzarella.At £399, it represents excellent value for money for such a long-lasting, high-quality pizza oven.See our whole Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven review for more information.

    Optima Pizza Express Napoli pizza oven

    What is the most effective countertop pizza oven for indoor use? Pizza United (£169) has them available for purchase.

    • Advantages: Suitable for usage on a tabletop in an indoor environment
    • Approximately the size of a slow cooker

    • Materials feel a bit flimsy, but perform well
    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars The Optima Pizza Express Napoli pizza oven, which was designed and manufactured in Italy, is the genuine deal, packed into a countertop device that is suitable for use inside and is designed to last a lifetime.
    • Instead, it connects to the mains and, owing to its two heating components, generates heat at a temperature of 450 degrees.
    • The lid is opened with a heat-resistant grip to reveal a refractory stone behind it.
    • Two wooden pizza paddles are included in the package, which may be used to carefully transfer the dough to the hot stone and remove the finished pizza off the stone.
    • During our testing, our pizza took four and a half minutes to cook when the lid was left down.

    A crisp, puffy crust covered the whole pie, and the interior was cooked through completely without any sogginess from the topping.The pizza itself received a score of 9/10.In the absence of a yard, balcony, or secure storage space for a more industrial, outside choice, this is a terrific value for money and a really practical method of producing wonderful pizza.Read our whole Optima Pizza Express Napoli pizza oven review for more information.You may get it through Pizza United (£169).

    Sage the Smart Pizziolo

      Best investment indoor pizza oven

    • Pros: It is quick to prepare
    • it is ideal if you do not have access to an outside grilling area.
    • A pizza peel and a pizza pan are included.

    • Large footprint
    • Difficult to clean
    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars The Sage Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is an indoor tabletop pizza oven that claims to deliver ‘brick oven performance at a fraction of the cost’ of a traditional brick-oven pizza oven.
    • The sleek metal oven, which resembles a larger microwave, can be conveniently placed on a countertop or kitchen island and plugged into the wall outlet, eliminating the need for an outside cooking spot.
    • The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo heats up to 400 degrees Celsius in just 2 minutes, allowing you to prepare pizza in record time.
    • With seven preset settings for different types of pizza (from New York to deep dish and even thawed), plus a manual mode where you can pick your own cooking method, including temperature, timings, and even heat direction, you’ll be able to create the perfect pizza every time.
    • Along with the oven, you’ll get a hefty circular pizza stone that you can slide into your oven and use to bake your pizzas straight on.

    You’ll also get a long-handled metal pizza peel as well as a round metal tin for baking deep-dish pizzas.Once the oven is turned on, it takes around 20 minutes to heat up and can accommodate one pizza at a time.Using the ‘wood-fired’ method, we were really pleased with the outcome of our pizza.Cooked at 400 degrees Celsius for just two minutes, the pizza had a crisp leopard-spotted crust and precisely melted cheese, and it was ready in under two minutes.This is a high-end oven that requires a significant investment, but it is great if you enjoy making handmade pizza but do not have access to an outside environment.

    See our complete Sage the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo review for more information.

    Delivita The Chilli Red pizza oven

      Best investment pizza oven

    • Pros: The results are of restaurant-quality
    • the temperature is maintained.

    • High price
    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Cover your eyes immediately if you want to keep costs as low as possible.
    • In case you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Delivita sells high-end outdoor cooking equipment that generates beautiful outcomes.
    • In addition to being attractive and high-quality, its Chilli Red pizza oven also produces amazing pizza.
    • If you’re looking for a true wood-fired oven rather than a barbecue accessory or a pizza-only cooking device, this is the best option available.
    • When it comes to the Chilli Red, one of our favorite features is the ability to prepare tandoori chicken, sourdough bread, a side of fish with naan, and pizza.

    All of the meats were perfectly roasted, smokey, and delicious.It’s also incredibly portable, weighing in at less than 30kg, which is incredible for an oven with such exceptional cooking quality to begin with.It’s a significant investment, but it’s one that should pay off in the long run, allowing you to take your outdoor cooking to the next level.To learn more about the Delivita The Red Chilli pizza oven, read our entire review.

    La Hacienda stainless steel BBQ pizza oven

      Best pizza oven for a barbecue


    • No assembly
    • Works on your barbecue
    • Easy to store

    • Large barbecue required
    • No accompanying peel
    • 4.2 out of 5 stars (A).
    • Because it is 40 x 35 cm in size, this portable oven by Hacienda is a reasonably priced buy for people who have limited room.
    • However, you will need a barbeque with a similar capacity to accommodate it.
    • The charcoal barbeque we used was a barrel-shaped type, but it would also fit a square or rectangular gas barbecue and a huge circular charcoal barbecue – make careful to verify the specifications before purchasing.
    • The use of a pizza stone allows this pint-sized oven to provide results that are comparable to those obtained by a much bigger appliance.

    The housing distributes heat evenly across the pizza, ensuring that the top cooks at the same rate as the base, resulting in spectacular final results.The temperature dial is particularly user-friendly; rather of being divided into numerical increments, it is divided into three sections: ‘warm’, ‘perfect’, and ‘hot’.We discovered that cooking on the hotter side of ‘optimal’ resulted in the best-tasting pizza.Read the entire review of the La Hacienda BBQ pizza oven on

    Gozney Roccbox pizza oven

    The best portable pizza oven for first-time pizza makers You may get it through Gozney (£399).


    • Easy set-up
    • Excellent pizza results

    • Small oven space
    • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars It is true that the Roccbox is an investment, but for the money you are getting a pizza oven with excellent build quality and faultless performance.
    • Gozney is a high-end brand, and the Roccbox is built in a way that reflects this distinction.
    • In this conversation-starting device, there are no fragile or substandard components.
    • Even if you are a complete novice to the art of dough-slinging, the end product is restaurant-quality.
    • It is, on the other hand, less portable than other tiny pizza ovens, such as those of those made by Ooni.

    The fact that it weights 20kg, which isn’t exactly featherweight, means that moving it will take some work.For those who truly enjoy pizza and plan to use the oven frequently, investing in a protective cover and leaving it out all summer will allow you to effortlessly light the gas and have pizza ready in minutes when the weather warms up.To learn more about the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven, check out our entire review.

    Available from Gozney (£399)

    Igneus Classico pizza oven

    The best pizza oven for large groups of people Igneus (£730) and The Pizza Oven Shop (£730) are two places to get one.


    • Good quality materials
    • Sleek appearance

    • High price
    • Heavy
    • Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars Igneus, a wood-fired oven manufacturer located in Yorkshire, promotes the fact that it provides high-quality goods at a reasonable price to customers.
    • We were quite impressed with the design and construction of its wood-fired Classico oven.
    • However, the fact that it is inexpensive should not be construed as ‘cheap’ – this oven is pricey, but it provides excellent value for money.
    • The fact that it can cook two enormous pizza ovens at the same time is a major selling feature — in fact, the oven cavity is large enough to accommodate a whole roast dinner.
    • The increased size makes it simpler for families to sit down and dine together when so many household pizza ovens only have the capacity to prepare and consume one pizza at a time (which, of course, means that you can only eat one at a time).

    With a near-perfect score of 9/10, the quality of the prepared pizza is outstanding.When it comes to summer pizza parties, this may be the perfect oven to keep out in your yard (ideally under cover).To learn more about the Igneus Classico pizza oven, please read our entire review.

    Available from: Igneus (£730)The Pizza Oven Shop (£730)

    Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven

    The most effective pizza oven for tiny places Available from Ooni (£299), Lakeland (£299), and Cuckooland (£299), among other retailers.


    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Collapsable legs
    • Conveniently missing a pizza peel, which is a major drawback of this product.
    • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars The Koda 12 pizza oven from Ooni is a smaller version of the company’s Koda 16 pizza oven.
    • It is a tiny and compact gas-powered pizza oven.
    • This variant is lightweight, so it is simple to move around and travel with, whether or not it has a stone attached to it.
    • Setting it up is also straightforward: simply flip out the three legs that are flush with the underside of the table, slot in the stone, and connect the pipe to a propane gas canister.
    • A single strip of fire runs along the rear of the pizza oven, and the intensity of the flame may be regulated using a dial on the side of the pizza oven.

    Because the letter-box opening on this model is somewhat tiny, launching your pizza needs some dexterity on your part.When our 12-inch pizza was through cooking, it featured a pillowy, leopard-spotted crust, a crisp base, and flawlessly melted cheese above it all.See our whole Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven review for more information.

    How we tested pizza ovens

    • We put a variety of portable, freestanding, and barbecue-top pizza ovens through their paces. We included both gas and wood-fired pizza ovens, as well as outdoor cooking equipment that may be used as pizza ovens, such as wood burners and stoves, in our list of recommendations. We utilized our standard pizza dough recipe to test the ovens, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations for fuel usage. We received pre-assembled pizza ovens in boxes, which we assembled following the instructions in the manuals. Aside from that, we tested ovens with a variety of recipes when the capacity of the oven permitted it. We utilized our test matrix to evaluate the ovens, making notes on the most important characteristics, which were as follows: Overall construction quality: Because pizza ovens are an investment buy, they should be constructed to last for many years. They must also be capable of withstanding and maintaining the high temperatures necessary for pizza preparation.
    • The final criterion was how well the pizzas turned out, and we graded them on a scale of 1 to 10.
    • Easy to assemble and operate: We timed how long it took us to assemble the oven and evaluated the instruction booklet. After that, we evaluated how simple it was to operate the oven.
    • Safety: Because pizzas require extremely high temperatures to cook properly, we sought for good insulation and safety measures to make using the pizza oven as simple as possible.
    • When it comes to value for money, if the pricing didn’t feel right, the item didn’t make it onto our best-of list.
    • In addition, we made comments on the following considerations: Provides a convenient fuel source and is simple to operate: How simple is it to get started in the kitchen? Is it simple and efficient to add fuel to the vehicle? It was important to us to choose ovens that were easy to operate, as well as scoring accessories.
    • Ovens that claim to be portable: How simple is it to transport ovens that claim to be portable? What is the cooling time of the ovens and are they safe to handle?

    To read in-depth evaluations of each pizza oven, click on the links provided below the table.

    All our pizza oven reviews

    The Firepod pizza oven is reviewed in detail. Review of the Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven Review of the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven Review of the Igneus Classico pizza oven Review of the Delivita The Red Chilli pizza oven Review of the Optima Pizza Express Napoli pizza oven Review of the Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven Review of Sage the Intelligent Pizzaiolo

    Pizza oven recipes and tips

    • Recipe for the most basic pizza dough All of our best pizza dough recipes may be found here.
    • Recipe for pizza sauce Pizza made with sourdough 10 strategies for baking a margherita pizza that is out of this world.
    • How to Make a Pizza in a Video For any concerns, recommendations for future reviews, or to report anything that has changed in pricing or availability, please contact us at [email protected] (or using the contact form on this page).

    How Much Does An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cost? –

    A portable oven may be purchased for between $300 and $1.000, with the cost of installation and maintenance varying based on the manner of installation and maintenance. The cost of building your own clay or cement oven ranges from $275 to $350 for a manufactured oven.

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    Describe Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens In Greater Detail.

    Wood pellet ovens and propane gas ovens cost an average of $500 per year, according to industry estimates. The average cost of a typical wood pizza oven for your garden is between $1200 and $8000. A gas pizza oven will cost around $2000 to purchase. The price of various fuels is determined by the source of the gasoline as well as the brand.

    The Cost Of Building A Pizza Oven Would Range From $4,000 To $6,000.

    What is the cost of a Brick Pizza Oven, and how long does it take to make one? Brick pizza ovens are built of wood and may be purchased for upwards of $950 for a standard model. Brick ovens are the most cost-effective choice available. It costs between $275 and $350 to construct a clay or concrete oven from scratch.

    How Does Wood Fired Pizza Oven Work Ed Pizza Oven Worth It?

    The Ooni pizza oven may be purchased as a base model for $299 dollars. It could also offer a little happiness to you, as well as making eating pizza outside a bit more thrilling. It is well-constructed and of high quality, and it will remain in good condition for many years provided you take great care of it.

    Are Planning Permission Required Application For An Outdoor Pizza Oven?

    It is doubtful that a stand-alone oven would necessitate the acquisition of construction permits. If, on the other hand, you intend to construct an elevated storage facility for your pizza, you may be required to obtain a permission.

    What Is The Cost Of A Neapolitan Pizza Oven?

    It is estimated that the oven cost around $25,000 to build. A minor part of its price reflects its status as the most costly Neapolitan wood-burning oven that can be found anyplace in the world.

    Is Outdoor Pizza Oven Safe To Usiness Pizza Oven?

    The size of a pizza oven can vary depending on its purpose, whether it is a little portable oven that can cook one pizza at a time, a full outdoor pizza oven that can cook many pies at once, or an entire bigger oven that is quite helpful. Plan on utilizing an outdoor pizza oven in a manner that is considerate to the environment.

    Are Pizza Ovens So Expensive?

    In general, pizza ovens are relatively expensive, in part because they must be manufactured from materials that are capable of withstanding high levels of temperature. Furthermore, due of the high capacity of the pizza, it is advisable to have a close look at the design before ordering. Bricks, clay, and stone are all utilized in the construction of classic wood-fired ovens.

    Which Of The Following Offers A T Can A Pizza Oven Cost?

    Oven Type Pizzas Produced / Hour Cost
    Convection 40 / chamber $1,000-$10,000
    Conveyor 80 / belt $5,000-$30,000
    Deck 50 / deck $5,000-$30,000
    Brick 80 / deck Largely varies by contractor, size, materials, and aesthetic design

    What Is The Cost Of A Woodfire Oven?

    • The vast majority of completely completed or customized pizza ovens are constructed from kits, although they can also include locally fabricated components such as an aluminum cabinet and concrete floor, among others.
    • If you purchase a fully completed oven from an independent store (which includes the base), you may expect to pay up to $3000 for the appliance in total.
    • The typical cost of a bespoke oven can range from $5000 to more than $60000, depending on the size of the oven, the size of the base of the oven, and the size of the bench of the oven.

    Do You Need To Pay R Built Your Own Wood Fired Oven?

    For example, a totally erally constructed oven might cost upwards of $3,000. (including the base). You may anticipate to pay at least $5000 for a custom-built oven, depending on whether it will be installed in a base, perform various duties, or be built on a bench.

    Would A Pizza Oven Ng A Pizza Oven?

    Many purchasers believe that pizza ovens are a fantastic investment since they may save you a significant amount of time. However, what you give up in the name of saving time is what makes pizza so delicious. In the long run, however, they are more energy-efficient since they need less time to preheat and do not produce as much heat as traditional ovens.

    Are Wood-Fired Pizzas Ftal Pizza Better?

    After savoring a perfectly charred pizza, a little crunch, less fat, and a healthier option is always welcome. Because the pizza cooks so quickly in a wood-burning oven, the toppings are able to retain their nutrients as a result of the high temperatures.

    Question: How Much Does An Outdoor Pizza Oven Cost

    Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $500 Name Fuel Price 8. Gasland Gas See Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $1500 Name Fuel Price 9. Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $500 Name Fuel Price 10.

    How much does a outside pizza oven cost?

    The following is an estimate of the cost of a pizza oven based on the various methods: Purchasing a portable oven will cost between $300 and $1000. Purchasing a prefabricated oven costs between $1000 and $9000. Building your own clay or cement oven will cost between $275 and $350.

    Are outdoor pizza ovens worth it?

    The Ooni pizza oven, which starts at $299 for their base model, is a significant investment. It is possible that installing a pizza oven to your outdoor space can bring you a great deal of delight and make pizza night even more thrilling! Additionally, this is a well-made, high-quality cooking device that will endure for years if you take good care of it.

    How much does it cost to build a pizza oven?

    The materials required to construct an average-sized brick pizza oven cost more than $950 in total. Brick ovens are the most costly type of oven available. If you build your own clay and concrete ovens, they will cost between $275 and $350 to purchase.

    Can you buy an outdoor pizza oven?

    The Dimensions of a Pizza Oven A wide variety of outdoor pizza ovens are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small portable ovens that can only cook one pizza at a time to big ovens that can cook many at the same time. When shopping for a pizza oven, consider how you want to utilize it for outdoor cooking before making a purchase.

    What kind of concrete do you use for a pizza oven?

    Calcium It is aluminate cement and lime that will perform the best as cement in high-temperature cooking conditions- this is true for both refractory concrete and heat-resistant mortar applications. (Lime is sometimes used in the production of fire clays.) This mortar is made in the same way as a standard cement-based mortar, with half of the cement substituted with lime.

    Are wood pellet pizza ovens good?

    The greatest alternative for pizza lovers who want to bake their own pizza at home is a pellet pizza oven, which is the most affordable and most convenient. It will save you time and energy while yet allowing you to make pizzas of restaurant-grade quality.

    Is a brick pizza oven worth it?

    It was customary to cook in a huge brick wood-fired oven in the past. Neapolitan pizza is distinguished by its distinct flavor and texture, which is achieved by the use of high heat and open flames. Those wishing to recreate this sort of pizza will find that a pizza oven is more than enough. It’s an absolute must!

    Does wood fired pizza taste better?

    A wood-fired oven’s rapid cooking of the pizza results in a delicious contrast in the final product. A nice charred flavor will develop on the edges of the crust as the bottom of the pie cooks fast, making the crust taste a touch smoky, but in a good manner.

    Does a pizza oven need a chimney?

    Due to the lack of a chimney to provide this draught effect in a wood fueled oven, the smoke is forced to find another exit, which is the oven door or aperture. Your food may become polluted by the smoke, and your pizzas will most likely become blackened and unpleasant to taste as a result of the smoke. This is not what you want from a wood-fired pizza oven, to be honest with you.

    Can you use house bricks for a pizza oven?

    Just a few of the numerous reasons why it is far preferable to avoid utilizing house bricks and pavers for the interior of pizza ovens can be found here. If you want to use regular bricks around the exterior and for the construction of the stand, you may do so – in fact, we encourage it because ordinary bricks are really better in wet conditions.

    How much does a Neapolitan pizza oven cost?

    The Napoli Commercial Pizza Oven has a starting price of $16,450. Designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, caterers, and wineries that want a gas or wood fired pizza oven to compliment their other culinary equipment, this completely constructed commercial pizza oven is mid-to-large in size and comes fully installed.

    What is the top rated outdoor pizza oven?

    • The greatest outdoor pizza ovens available on the market today Ooni Koda is the sixteenth member of the Ooni Koda group.
    • The Best Overall Outdoor Pizza Oven may be found here.
    • Gozney Roccbox is a box made of gozney.
    • The Best Pizza Oven for Outdoor Parties – Reviews and Ratings.
    • The Ooni Fyra 12 is the most portable pizza oven available.

    BakerStone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven Box is a portable gas-powered pizza oven.Camp Chef Italia is a culinary camp in Italy.Artisanal Pizza Oven with a wood-fired brick oven.The Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven is a great addition to any backyard or patio.

    What pizza oven is the best?

    • The greatest pizza oven for the year 2022 Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven is a 12-inch multi-fuel pizza oven.
    • Overall, this is the greatest pizza oven available.
    • Gozney Roccbox is a box made of gozney.
    • The top-of-the-line pizza oven.
    • Breville Smart Oven (Breville Smart Oven) Oven de Pizzaiolo (Pizzaiolo Oven).

    Ooni Fyra is a fictional character created by Ooni Fyra.Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven is a 16-inch multi-fuel pizza oven.The Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven is a great addition to any backyard or patio.The Ooni Pro 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven is a 16-inch outdoor pizza oven.Pizza Oven with Talavera Tiles.

    How do I stop my pizza oven from cracking?

    If the face of your oven cracks, you may patch the break using transparent silicone that can withstand high temperatures. Keep in mind that any cracks will enlarge when the oven is heated and then seal up when the oven is cooled down. When your oven is not in use, the best practice is to keep it covered.

    Can you use breeze blocks for a pizza oven?

    The foundation – a firm foundation While the supports for your outdoor pizza oven can be constructed of concrete, breeze blocks, house bricks, or even old railway sleepers, it is essential that they be solid and level due to the weight of the oven itself. If you’re using bricks or breeze blocks, you’ll want to use cement to join them together.

    Can you use wood pellets in a wood fired pizza oven?

    Wood pellets are widely used to heat pizza furnaces, but they are also utilized especially in outdoor or stone pizza ovens, as well as in other applications. For wood pellets, the majority of outdoor pizza ovens will feature a dedicated chamber. All that is required is that you place your wood pellets in that chamber and light them on fire in order to bake your pizza.

    Does Traeger make a pizza oven?

    The question you may be asking yourself is ″does Traeger have a pizza oven?″ No. In this model, there is no attachment for the Traeger pizza oven. There is a Traeger pizza grill kit available, which includes a pizza stone, a pizza cutter, and a spatula.

    Does pit boss make a pizza oven?

    Pit Boss Charcoal Pizza Oven has two cooking levels within the Charcoal Pizza Oven itself: make pizzas on the top cooking level, which includes the cooking grill and pizza stone, or cook barbecue and smoke on the bottom cooking level, which includes the cooking grill.

    How much is an outdoor pizza oven?

    • A modest DIY pizza oven will cost less than $1000 to build in total.
    • A little clay oven of this size will require a longer heat-up time and will be of limited utility, but it will be an appealing addition to your patio or barbeque area regardless of size.
    • DIY woodfired pizza oven kits that are more durable may be purchased for between $1500 and $2500.
    • The majority of completely assembled or custom manufactured pizza ovens are constructed from kit components, but they may also have a concrete base and a custom-built cabinet as well.
    • A completely constructed oven might cost upwards of $3000 dollars (including the base).

    A custom-built oven can cost up to $5000 or more, depending on the size of the oven and the size of the foundation or bench underneath it.Do wood-fired pizza ovens come with a price tag?The oven was estimated to have cost roughly $25,000 to build.It’s a staggering amount of money, and it’s one of the most costly Neapolitan wood-burning ovens available on the market right now, according to the manufacturer.In the same vein, how much does a pizza oven run you on average?

    Statistics on the use of a pizza oven in general

    Oven Type Pizzas Produced / Hour Cost
    Convection 40 / chamber $1,000-$10,000
    Conveyor 80 / belt $5,000-$30,000
    Deck 50 / deck $5,000-$30,000
    Brick 80 / deck Largely varies by contractor, size, materials, and aesthetic design
    1. What is the greatest outdoor pizza oven you can get right now? Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven with Wood Fire and Natural Gas. A review of the Ooni 3 outdoor pizza oven
    2. ? A pizza oven that is portable and easy to use is the Pizzacraft PC6500 PizzaQue. Portable outdoor pizza oven (Pizzeria Pronto) by Pizzacraft (PC6000)
    3. A portable outdoor pizza oven from Cuisinart, the CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven.

    Question: How Much Is An Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $500 Name Fuel Price 8. Gasland Gas See Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $1500 Name Fuel Price 9. Outdoor Pizza Ovens Under $500 Name Fuel Price 10.

    Are outdoor pizza ovens worth it?

    The Ooni pizza oven, which starts at $299 for their base model, is a significant investment. It is possible that installing a pizza oven to your outdoor space can bring you a great deal of delight and make pizza night even more thrilling! Additionally, this is a well-made, high-quality cooking device that will endure for years if you take good care of it.

    How much is an outdoor wood pizza oven?

    Typical prices for small wood pellet ovens and propane gas ovens are in the neighborhood of $500. The cost of a classic wood pizza oven for your backyard ranges from $1200 to $8,000 dollars.

    How do you build an outdoor pizza oven?

    Place the bricks on the foundation.Step 1: Draw a dome shape on the paper.Lay the first course of the dome form with clay bricks around the perimeter of the capstone on three sides, starting at the top of the structure.Step 2: Prepare the Oven’s Flooring.Step 3: Combine the Mortar ingredients.Step 4: Spread the Mortar over the ground.

    • Step 5: Make any necessary alterations to the design.
    • Step 6: Allow the Mortar to cure for a few minutes.

    How much does it cost to build a pizza oven UK?

    How much does it cost to construct a pizza oven?Construction of a pizza oven on your own will cost you around £500.If you do not intend to undertake the job yourself and instead hire a bricklayer to construct the pizza oven, expect to pay an additional £800 – £1000 in labor costs.Bricks make up the majority of the expense, and it is startling how many bricks you will require for the project.

    Why are outdoor pizza ovens so expensive?

    That price, though, is that it is the most costly alternative available. They are frequently constructed using high-quality refractory and insulating materials in order to provide efficient ovens that are well-built and will survive for a long period of time. This is due to the higher insulation, which will allow them to retain heat for an extended amount of time.

    Does wood-fired pizza taste better?

    Wood-fired pizza is superior to traditional pizza because the high heat and wood smoke impart a distinct flavor and texture to each pie.

    Are wood pellet pizza ovens good?

    The greatest alternative for pizza lovers who want to bake their own pizza at home is a pellet pizza oven, which is the most affordable and most convenient. It will save you time and energy while yet allowing you to make pizzas of restaurant-grade quality. Using this style of stovetop burner, anyone can create their own handmade pizza from scratch with a little patience and practice!

    What else can you cook in a pizza oven?

    Is It Possible to Cook a Variety of Foods in a Pizza Oven? Vegetables roasted in the oven. Fish that has been baked or grilled Meats that have been slow cooked. Ribeye steak cooked over an open flame. Meats that have been smoked or grilled. Jacket potatoes are a type of potato that has a jacket around it. Loaves of bread that have just been made. Focaccia and flatbreads are on the menu.

    Can you buy a pizza oven?

    While some people prefer to have their pizza delivered, others love baking it at home in either a regular oven or a home pizza oven, which they may accomplish in any case. Also available is a countertop pizza oven with a convection feature, which continually circulates hot air around the pizza to ensure that it is cooked evenly on all sides.

    Do you need fire bricks for pizza oven?

    They are intended to be used to line the interior of stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces in both residential and commercial settings. While using fire bricks for a pizza oven is not required, it is highly recommended by professional chefs and customers alike for a variety of reasons.

    Can you use concrete to make a pizza oven?

    Fill the mold halfway with your concrete, which should be mixed in a 1:2:4 ratio (cement, sand, and aggregate). Level off the concrete with some scrap wood and make sure it’s flat so that your pizza oven is resting on a level base before installing the oven. Creating the shape of the pizza oven: Once your base has dried, you can begin forming the shape of the pizza oven.

    Does a pizza oven have to be dome shaped?

    Square or rectangular pizza ovens with an arched ceiling are possible, but they are less popular than others. The heat efficiency of a domed pizza oven is improved due to more evenly reflected heat and improved hot air flow.

    How much does a commercial brick pizza oven cost?

    Pie chart comparing the efficiency of several pizza ovens The number of oven-type pizzas produced per hour is calculated as follows: Convection 40 per chamber, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 Conveyor 80 belt $5,000-$30,000 Conveyor 80 belt Deck 50 / deck 50 / deck $5,000-$30,000 Deck 80 bricks / brick 80 The cost varies greatly depending on the contractor, the size of the project, the materials used, and the aesthetic design.

    How far should a pizza oven be from a house?

    We also recommend that you provide a 3-foot space between the oven and any structure, such as walls, fences, trees, or other such objects. Ensure that the front / aperture of your oven is towards the direction of the incoming wind as a final precaution.

    Can you use pizza oven in garage?

    Even in inclement weather, Ooni pizza ovens are safe and completely functional. In fact, Ooni pizza ovens have been tested in temperatures as low as -22 degrees Celsius, or -8 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you may use the Ooni Frya, Karu, Koda, and Pro ranges of pizza ovens with confidence even in adverse weather — as long as you don’t mind getting a little wet in the process!

    How much does a Neapolitan pizza oven cost?

    The Napoli Commercial Pizza Oven has a starting price of $16,450. Designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, caterers, and wineries that want a gas or wood fired pizza oven to compliment their other culinary equipment, this completely constructed commercial pizza oven is mid-to-large in size and comes fully installed.

    My Honest Review of the Ooni Pizza Oven

    The use of outdoor pizza ovens is growing increasingly popular, and it’s easy to understand why!They provide a quick and convenient method to enjoy the flavor of wood-fired pizza in the comfort of your own garden.They’re just as convenient as a traditional grill, but they’re also far more flexible because they can reach such high temperatures and cook a wide variety of meals.We’d been wanting an Ooni pizza oven for a long time and were eventually able to get our hands on one a few months ago.My opinions, tips, and tactics will be shared, as well as whether I believe the Ooni is worth the purchase.I know you’ve been asking about whether I believe the buzz is justified or not, so I’m here to answer your questions.

    • To be really honest, Ooni gave me this pizza oven as a present.
    • As is always the case, all of my views and opinions are entirely my own.

    The Ooni Pizza Oven

    The Ooni is a portable pizza oven that can be used outside. It warms up to around 950 degrees in about 20 minutes and can cook a pizza in about 60 seconds on each side. It features a pizza stone in the bottom that produces the delectable, crispy crust that is characteristic of a classic wood-fired pizza oven.

    Different Models

    It is a portable pizza oven that can be used outside. Within 20 minutes, it will reach around 950 degrees and will be ready to cook a pizza in less than 60 seconds. An internal pizza stone produces the beautiful, crispy crust that you would expect from a classic wood-fired pizza oven.

    An Investment

    The Ooni pizza oven, which starts at $299 for their base model, is a significant investment.It is possible that installing a pizza oven to your outdoor space can bring you a great deal of delight and make pizza night even more thrilling!Additionally, this is a well-made, high-quality cooking device that will endure for years if you take good care of it.It is a bit pricey, but in my opinion if you’re going to use it at least a couple of times a month or more, it is well worth the investment.


    The Ooni pizza oven is a significant investment, costing $299 for their base model.In contrast, installing a pizza oven in your outside space may bring you great delight and make pizza night even more thrilling.Apart from that, this is a well-built, high-quality cooking device that will endure for years if you treat it with respect.It is a bit pricey, but in my view if you’re going to use it at least a couple of times a month or more, it is well worth the investment!!

    How to Use the Ooni

    You will find that using the Ooni pizza oven is much simpler than you believe!It was far less difficult than I had anticipated.It’s as simple as turning on the propane tank and letting it heat for 20 minutes once it’s been connected to the stovetop.Afterwards, reduce the heat to low, add your pizza, and let it cook for a couple of minutes.My boyfriend and I were both pleasantly delighted by how simple the Ooni is to operate, as well as how entertaining it is to watch the pizza cook!This oven only has flames on the rear and left sides, which means the front right side is the cool region, which allows you to have greater control over how the pizza is cooked.

    • The 16″ Koda provides enough of room to maneuver the pizza about and also provides a sufficient distance between the pizza and the flame itself in case it begins to cook too rapidly.

    Cooking Time

    • According to Ooni, it can cook a pizza in 60 seconds, which it very certainly can and does. According to a couple YouTube tutorials, however, turning the heat down to low and cooking the pizza for a little longer at a lower temperature may be more manageable for inexperienced pizza bakers like ourselves. As a result, the following is our favorite cooking method: Preheat the oven on high for about 15-20 minutes, then turn the heat down to low and place a pizza in the oven to bake.
    • Cook the pizza for around 2-3 minutes, flipping it every 20-30 seconds or so, depending on the size of the pie and the number of toppings

    The Learning Curve

    I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about the learning curve that would come with cooking with the Ooni.I anticipated that it would be a bit difficult to get the heat exactly right and keep it moving.I was right.To my joyful surprise, after only a few of pizzas, I discovered that I had gotten the hang of it very quickly!I believe we are becoming a bit better each time as we refine our dough shape and topping techniques.But, to be quite honest, we didn’t cook our Ooni for a few weeks since I wasn’t quite ready to take on what I anticipated would be a challenging cooking procedure.

    • I couldn’t have been more incorrect on anything.
    • Using the pizza oven is quite simple, and I wish we had used our Ooni right away after receiving it!

    Cooking Tips

    • Grease and lightly flour the work surface on which you will be assembling the pizza. Also, gently dust the pizza peel before using it. This will make it easier to transfer the pizza to the pizza peel and then into the oven later on in the process. If possible, use semolina flour, but we’ve had no problems with all-purpose flour. Don’t make the crust too large unless you’re really comfortable with the procedure of moving it about. After assembling the pizza, you’ll need to transfer the finished product on a pizza peel before sliding it into the oven. The smaller the pizza, the less difficult it is to make. The larger the pizza, the greater the likelihood that you will wind up with a tangled mess. Despite the fact that the 16″ Koda can handle a 16″ pie, we still keep them between 10″ and 12″. I usually divide a one-pound ball of dough in half and use the other half to roll out two pizzas
    • don’t overwork the dough at this point. The key to achieving that distinctive pizza crust is to handle the dough as little as possible throughout the baking process. As it turns out, I got quite lucky since my spouse used to work in the pizza industry and is, in essence, an expert. He suggests that you use your fingers to gently press the dough into the crust while rotating it in a circle around your hands. then smacking it back and forth between your hands/forearms until it grows to a sufficient size. In an ideal situation, the dough should be thicker at the borders and very thin in the centre. Using this method, you will achieve the unique wood fired pizza oven texture that you are searching for. If the dough is too thick in the centre, the pizza will not cook through completely
    • avoid piling on too many toppings on your pizza. Another approach to guarantee that your pizza is fully cooked is to top it with only the bare minimum of toppings. I’d recommend using half of the ingredients you’d typically use for a pizza that’s going to be baked in a conventional oven. Because of the number of toppings on the pizza, the transfer is a bit difficult, and the more toppings you have, the more difficult it is. As a result, keep it basic and apply a little layer of cream on top. This is not the time to whip up your famous extra extra cheese pizza, as you may think!
    • Don’t allow yourself to become distracted. When you’re making pizza in the Ooni, you want to devote all of your attention to that particular pizza. Due to the high temperatures inside the oven (over 900 degrees), it’s critical to keep a close eye on the pie since it may go from perfectly done to perfectly charred in a matter of seconds.


    I’ll admit that I was both eager and doubtful that the flavor would be as close to that of a wood-fired pizza oven as it turned out.And holy cow, I was completely taken aback!Despite the fact that it is made solely with gas, the flavor is remarkably comparable to that of wood-fired pizza.You get those wonderfully charred small pieces all over the pizza, the dough is delicate on the inside and very crunchy on the outside, and the cheese melts into an ooey-gooey melty mess in only a few of minutes!I could go on and on about how great the pizza is, but I’ll just say that you’ll be shocked at the difference between the pizza you make in your Ooni and the pizza you make in your oven after you taste it.They just cannot be compared.

    Which Dough to Use

    Actually, we buy dough from the grocery store 9 times out of 10 for this recipe. In the Ooni, they have a wonderfully excellent dough that is both affordable and cooks exceptionally well. We do, however, use my No-Knead Pizza Dough or my Quick Pizza Dough when I’m in the mood for something more traditional and handmade.

    Ooni Accessories

    • 16″ Pizza Peel – The 16″ pizza peel is one of our favorites! The long handle makes it simple to place the pizza directly into the oven
    • nevertheless, it is not recommended.
    • Although we have not yet acquired a turning peel, I would definitely recommend purchasing a pizza turning wheel to aid in the turning of the pizza while it is in the oven. We are presently only using the pizza peel to accomplish this, which is a little more time-consuming.
    • Modular Table – The enormous modular table was something I debated and then decided against. I wasn’t sure if we should buy it or just attempt to locate something comparable on the internet, so I put it off. However, allow me to save you some time and effort. There is nothing else on the market that is equivalent to this table at a lower price point. With a shelf and hanging dowel

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