Who Has Vegan Pizza?

How to Order a Vegan Pizza at Your Favorite Restaurant Chain

  • Domino’s. The Pacific Veggie pizza is loaded with roasted red peppers, spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and more!
  • Papa John’s.
  • Little Caesars.
  • Pizza Hut.
  • zPizza.
  • Mellow Mushroom.
  • California Pizza Kitchen.
  • What pizza chain makes vegan pizza?

    Blaze Pizza

    Blaze Pizza is a pizza chain that offers many vegan options, and has locations all over the United States. The traditional pizza crust is vegan, and there is also a gluten-free crust option available that is plant-based, as well.

    Who makes a vegan pizza?

    Mellow Mushroom is the oldest pizza chain out of our favorites and most likely the original vegan friendly pizza chain. Founded in 1974 by two Georgia Tech grads (Go Jackets!), Mellow Mushroom is an eccentric dine-in pizza spot with a plethora of vegan options.

    Does Pizza Hut have a vegan pizza?

    Signature Pizzas

    Pizza Hut’s Veggie Lover’s pizza can be made vegan simply by removing the cheese and choosing the Original Pan, Hand Tossed, or Thin ‘N Crispy crusts. The limited-time Beyond Pepperoni Pizza can also be made vegan by requesting the same changes.

    Does Domino’s pizza have vegan cheese?

    From the crusts and toppings, to the sauces, dips, pasta, and sandwich. There are a lot of options, they’re just all cheese-less and meat-less since Domino’s doesn’t currently offer vegan cheese or vegan meat.

    Does Papa John’s have dairy free cheese?

    Build Your Own Vegan Pie

    The original Marinara sauce is the iconic staple of the pizza chain, but its new BBQ pizza sauce is also completely vegan. Select Some Fresh Veggies: Since Papa John’s does not offer any vegan cheese in the United States yet, the most important parts of the pie are the toppings.

    Is Papa John’s pizza crust vegan?

    Papa John’s doesn’t have a crust that it refers to as a pan crust. Their Original Hand Tossed Dough is vegan. They have two other crust options, a thin crust and a Gluten Free crust. The Thin Crust contains milk and the Gluten Free contains egg and milk.

    Does Little Caesars have a vegan pizza?

    Little Caesars has plenty of vegan pizza options to choose from, including tons of veggie-toppings and of course some tasty vegan-friendly sides to go with your pizza.

    Is Papa John’s garlic bread vegan?

    Unlike Pizza Hut and other pizza places, Papa John’s Original Breadsticks come standard as vegan. Papa John’s has a separate option called “Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks” that contain milk ingredients—but their normal Breadsticks come dry (and vegan).

    Is Dominos crust vegan?

    The thin crust at Domino’s is vegan, which opens up loads of cheese-free pizza possibilities. Just make sure you tell the employees that you’re vegan and therefore want a cheese-less and meatless pizza. The bread and penne pasta noodles are also vegan, meaning you have lots of sandwich and pasta options, too.

    Are Domino’s breadsticks vegan?

    Domino’s breads are very cheesy

    Vegans should avoid all of Domino’s bread dishes, which are made with cheese. Most, including the stuffed cheesy bread, bread twists, and Parmesan bread bites, are good for vegetarians, as only the stuffed cheesy bread with bacon and jalapeño has meat in it.

    Is Cinnabon vegan?

    Unfortunately, Cinnabon restaurants do not have any food options for vegan. The only menu items Cinnabon has that are vegan friendly are their sodas, coffee, tea, lemonade, and juice.

    Are Pizza Hut onion rings vegan?

    Are Pizza Hut onion rings vegan? Pizza Hut onion rings are suitable for vegetarians and may be considered suitable for vegans as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. According to Pizza Hut, deep-fried onion rings are not vegan because there is a risk of cross-contamination with eggs and milk.

    Does Pizza Hut have plant-based cheese?

    Pizza Hut does not carry vegan cheese yet, so no matter what you order, you’ll want to go cheeseless. For a few weeks during late fall of 2020, the chain partnered with Beyond Meat to offer Beyond Meat Italian sausage crumbles on two new signature pan pizzas and as an à la carte option.

    Is Pizza Hut dough vegan?

    The Breadstick Dough at Pizza Hut is vegan. What makes the breadsticks not vegan when you order directly off the menu is the addition of Parmesan cheese seasoning sprinkled on top. To make Pizza Hut’s breadsticks vegan, simply order them WITHOUT this Parmesan seasoning. What is this?

    Is Domino’s Brooklyn Style pizza vegan?

    Domino’s Pizza carries 4 different crust options: Brooklyn, Deep Dish Crust and Hand Tossed Crust all have whey. The only vegan-friendly crust is the Thin Crust. This does not contain whey or other nasty dough conditioners. You can view the Ingredients Listing to verify.

    Does Domino’s have a vegan pizza?

    1. You can make your own vegan pizza at Domino’s even though they don’t provide plant-based meat or cheese.
    2. Simply leave the cheese out of your order when you place your order.
    3. Here are some vegan alternatives available at Domino’s in the United States: Pizza made entirely of plant-based ingredients: The thin crust should be used, and it should be topped with standard tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, and as many vegetables as you desire.

    Do Pizza Hut have vegan pizza?

    Veggie Lover’s Pizza from Pizza Hut may be turned vegan by eliminating the cheese and selecting the Original Pan, Hand Tossed, or Thin ‘N Crispy crusts instead of the cheese. The vegan versions of the limited-edition Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza and The Great Beyond Pizza are also available by requesting the same modifications.

    Who has vegan pizza crust?

    • Where to get vegan pizza in Los Angeles There is a Little Caesars on every corner. Papa John’s vegan pizza dough, pizza sauce, crazy bread, and crazy sauce are all available at the restaurant. Vegetarians can enjoy its pizza sauce and dough.
    • Pizza Hut is a chain of restaurants in the United States that specializes on pizza. It offers vegan dough, sauce, and toppings
    • it is gluten-free.
    • Mushroom with a mellow tone. There is a vegan pizza with vegan cheese available
    • California Pizza Kitchen, zpizza, Pizza Fusion, and other similar establishments

    Does Papa John’s have vegan pizza?

    Fortunately, we have several excellent alternatives for pizzas that do not include any animal ingredients. Our components are already vegan in many cases – simply follow this advice to veganize your dish, and make sure you pick ″no cheese″ while constructing your pizza.

    Does Pizza Hut offer vegan cheese?

    Due to the fact that Pizza Hut does not currently provide vegan cheese, you’ll want to order without it no matter what you purchase. No matter what you pick, be sure to select the ″additional″ option so that your pizza-maker knows to fill the dough canvas with vegetables as much as possible.

    Does Little Caesars have vegan cheese?

    Unfortunately, Little Caesars does not provide Vegan Cheese, and they have mainly discontinued their vegan -″meat″ premium topping, so it’s back to the standard vegetables, which I really like over the vegan option.

    Does Pizza Pizza have vegan cheese?

    You get to pick the crust, the sauce, the cheese, and the toppings. Pizza Pizza’s dairy-free vegan cheese is made from plant-based ingredients and is Vegan Society approved. As a result of the new addition, Pizza Pizza now offers six different types of cheese, including conventional mozzarella, a four cheese blend, feta, parmesan, and goat cheese.

    Is Pizza Hut vegan pizza good?

    Taste. Everything is discernible, including the tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperphoni, which was a pleasant surprise. I’ve noticed that the vegan pizzas at Pizza Hut are pretty cheese-heavy, and the other flavors sometimes get a little lost in the mix. The tomato sauce and the smokey, flavorful pepperphoni go together like peanut butter and jelly, and you can taste the difference.

    Does Pizza Hut have vegan cheese in Canada?

    Violife was first introduced in March at more than 400 sites of the big Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza, before being made accessible in the United States last month through the rising pizza business WisePies Pizza & Salad. In July, the Israeli branch of the competitive pizza company Domino’s introduced vegan cheese from the UK-based business VBites to 55 of its restaurants.

    Does Papa John’s have dairy-free pizza?

    Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza franchises in the United States. There is currently no dairy – free cheese replacement available in North America, so you’ll need to place a specific order for ″no cheese″ if you’re looking for dairy-free pizza.

    What fast food pizza is vegan?

    Pizza chains such as Little Caesars, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut Vegan pizza sauce and dough are available in Little Caesars and Papa John’s restaurants. Pizza Hut’s marinara sauce, as well as all of its crusts with the exception of the loaded crust, are vegan, and the business is currently providing Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Crumbles for a limited time only.

    Is Papa John’s vegan pizza good?

    The cheese had a nice, smooth melted texture and didn’t have a strong flavor to distract from the rest of the dish. Papa John’s is well-known for their guilty-pleasure pizzas, but the vegan version has taken away most of the guilt, and probably even some of the pleasure, associated with eating meat and cheese.

    What is Papa John’s vegan cheese?

    Papa John’s offers vegan options. Pizzas covered with Sheese, a dairy-free cheese derived from coconut oil, were introduced as the restaurant’s first vegan menu item at the beginning of 2019. The dairy-free cheese was gone practically as soon as it was introduced. A variety of different vegan pizza varieties are now available at the restaurant chain.

    Does Papa Murphy’s have vegan cheese?

    At Papa Murphy’s, it’s simple to order a vegan meal. There are several different vegan cheeses to choose from, including Daiya, Follow Your Heart, So Delicious, Parmela, Miyoko’s, and many more. And the sky is the limit when it comes to plant-based meat!

    What is Papa John’s vegan cheese made of?

    ‘Sheese’ is a vegan cheese brand made on the Scottish island of Bute, and each of the three pizzas contains a different type of vegan cheese, all of which have been cleverly named. The company’s line of cheeses is created entirely of coconut oil and is therefore completely devoid of animal products.

    Who has the best vegan pizza?

    1. Who makes the greatest vegan pizza? Is Domino’s a good option for vegetarian pizza?
    2. Is there a vegetarian pizza option at Papa John’s?
    3. Is there a vegan pizza available at Papa John’s?
    4. Is it possible to eat pizza as a vegan?
    5. What do vegans abstain from eating?
    6. How can vegans obtain 150 grams of protein each day?

    Who has the best vegan pizza?

      The 7 Best Vegan Pizza Chains Restaurants (2021)

    1. 1.

    Does Domino’s have vegetarian pizza?

    If you feel that more is more, the Domino’s Pacific Veggie pizza is an excellent pick. roasted red peppers, baby spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and black olives are just a few of the ingredients in this dish. Cheeses such as Parmesan-Asiago, provolone, and mozzarella are used on this vegetarian pizza in addition to feta.

    Does Papa John’s have veggie pizza?

    Is there vegetarian pizza available at Papa John’s? Without a doubt, we do! Our Handcrafted Meatless Specialty Pizzas are bursting with flavor and contain just your favorite vegetables: Garden Fresh — On top of our distinctive cheese, we pile on peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and olives for a flavorful and filling pizza.

    Does Papa John’s have a vegan pizza?

    If you’re ordering a veggie pizza from Papa John’s, the sauce and original hand-tossed dough are both vegan, so feel free to order as usual—just omit the cheese. With all of the vegetarian toppings available at Papa John’s, you can act like a crazy child. Order the garlic, BBQ, or Buffalo dipping sauces (all of which are vegan!) or ask for BBQ sauce on your pizza as a special treat.

    Can I eat pizza as a vegan?

    Yes, vegan pizza can be every bit as wonderful and gratifying as a non-vegan pizza, to begin with, which is the most vital point to make. Not all pizza types, on the other hand, can be produced in a suitable manner.

    What do vegans avoid?

    • Vegans are unable to consume any foods derived from animals, including: beef, hog, lamb, and other red meat
    • chicken, duck, and other fowl
    • eggs
    • and dairy products.
    • Crabs, clams, and mussels are examples of fish or shellfish.
    • Milk, cream, ice cream, and other dairy products
    • mayonnaise (because it contains egg yolks)
    • honey
    • and eggs are some of the foods that are considered healthy.

    How can vegans get 150g protein a day?

    Vegan Protein Sources: What to Eat and Avoid

    1. Tempeh and Edamame are two types of legumes. Beans, like tofu, are derived from soybeans, which are an excellent source of this vitamin
    2. Beans are created from soybeans. The majority of vegans rely on this as their primary source of protein.
    3. Lentils. This nutrient is found in around 18 grams per cup of cooked lentils.
    4. Spirulina, nutritional yeast, hemp seeds, seitan, and hemp oil are all good options.

    What pizza crust is vegan?

    Papa John’s Pizza The original hand-tossed crust, as well as the red pizza sauce and BBQ sauce, are all vegan options. The vegan options include the garlic, buffalo, and pizza dipping sauces, as well as a variety of veggie toppings.

    Is regular pizza crust vegan?

    1. Vegan pizza dough is typically used for pizza bases, which means it is devoid of dairy and eggs as well as other ingredients.
    2. Flour, yeast, salt, water, perhaps sugar, and oil are the most common components, with the addition of sugar and oil being unusual.
    3. Cheese and Italian meat are typically the most problematic ingredients on a pizza, with the most prevalent being cheese and Italian meat.

    Is Domino’s crust vegan?

    When you order a vegan thin crust pizza from Domino’s, you have a plethora of options for cheese-free pizza. Just make sure you inform the staff that you are a vegan and, as a result, prefer a pizza that is cheese- and meat-free as well. Because the bread and penne pasta noodles are also vegan, you have a plethora of sandwich and pasta alternatives to choose from as well.

    Is Papa John’s pizza crust vegan?

    Begin with our Original Dough Recipe. Our original hand-tossed dough is delicious, made entirely of plant-based ingredients, and includes no animal products. Nope, not even honey will suffice. Please keep in mind that our other crust alternatives contain dairy and/or egg components.

    Does Pizza Hut have vegan cheese?

    Due to the fact that Pizza Hut does not currently provide vegan cheese, you’ll want to order without cheese no matter what you purchase. Selecting the ″additional″ option will ensure that your pizza-maker knows to fill the crust canvas with vegetables, regardless of what you pick.

    Do Vegans eat pasta?

    Is spaghetti a vegan option? Vegan pasta may be found in almost every sort of packaged food, including spaghetti, rotini, and any other variety. If you find ″egg″ mentioned as an ingredient in a ″fresh″ pasta, steer clear of it; otherwise, pasta includes no animal-derived substances, as is the case with most other foods.

    Can you eat pizza as a vegan?

    Yes, vegan pizza can be every bit as wonderful and gratifying as a non-vegan pizza, to begin with, which is the most vital point to make. Not all pizza types, on the other hand, can be produced in a suitable manner.

    What fast food fries are vegan?

    Vegan french fries are difficult to come by at fast food establishments since the majority of them are fried in oil that contains some form of animal byproduct. (The more you know, the better, right?) Carl’s Jr., on the other hand, is a vegan-friendly establishment. In addition, their criss-cut fries and hash rounds are acceptable fare.

    Do Vegans eat cheese?

    Vegans can consume cheese that is made from plant-based materials such as soybeans, peas, cashews, coconut, or almonds, among other things. Some of the most prevalent varieties of vegan cheeses include cheddar, gouda, parmesan, mozzarella, and cream cheese. All of these cheeses are available as non-dairy alternatives to dairy cheese.

    Does Papa John’s have vegan cheese?

    Is vegan cheese available at Papa John’s? No. Papa John’s now has a webpage dedicated to explaining how to order a vegan pizza, although there is still no vegan cheese available on the menu.

    Does Papa John’s have dairy free pizza?

    Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza franchises in the United States. There is currently no dairy-free cheese replacement available in North America, which means you will need to place a specific order for ″no cheese″ to get a dairy-free pizza.

    Is anything at Taco Bell vegan?

    Taco Bell has always been a favorite among vegans, and it’s now taking things to the next level. The Naked Chicken Chalupa shell, which is crispy and plant-based, has been tested in one of the chain’s locations in Irvine, California, and has been added to the menu. This follows a successful trial of a unique vegan meatless ground beef in April of this year.

    Is Papa John’s vegan pizza good?

    However, this was unquestionably their vegan pizza, complete with all the fixings. Because of the soft but not too stodgy dough on the Papa John’s pizza bases, I like it much more, and the cheese loaded crust made it even more enjoyable to eat. When it comes to the toppings, both the imitation pepperoni and the pretend sausage are excellent.

    What pizza chain has vegan cheese?

    Boston’s Pizza (United States) and Boston Pizza (Canada) (Canada) These sibling firms have expanded their vegan pizza offerings to include additional toppings such as Beyond Meat crumbles and vegan cheese in some locations, as well as new vegan pizza alternatives.

    Does Pizza Hut make vegan pizza?

    Veggie Lover’s Pizza from Pizza Hut may be turned vegan by eliminating the cheese and selecting the Original Pan, Hand Tossed, or Thin ‘N Crispy crusts instead of the cheese. The vegan versions of the limited-edition Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza and The Great Beyond Pizza are also available by requesting the same modifications.

    The 7 Best Vegan Pizza Chains Restaurants (2022)

    1. Everything about a delicious, hot piece of pizza (or, perhaps, a cold slice of pizza!) is better when it is hot.
    2. You’d think that by now, there would be a greater number of vegan-friendly pizza restaurants.
    3. It’s actually not that difficult to accomplish.

    Put some vegan cheese on your menu, such as Daiya Mozzarella, and you’ll be set to go for the rest of the night.You’ll be a hero if you include a nice mock meat.However, the vast majority of the world’s largest pizza corporations have yet to make the transition.

    However, the good news is that there are several chain restaurants all throughout the country where you may have a delicious pie.Our seven pizza businesses have a combined total of over a thousand locations across the United States, so there’s a strong possibility that at least one of them is close to you.Vegans have benefited greatly from the introduction of the ″build your own″ Chipotle-style ordering option.Customer customization is made possible by this method, which allows you to witness your pizza being made right in front of your eyes from the dough to the toppings.Aside from that, not only have these restaurants adopted vegan cheese and many of them fake meats, but the flexibility to customize your meal with as many vegetables as you like is a game changer.I remember witnessing Jen buy a pizza with only vegetables before I became vegan, and it ended up costing her close to $20.

    That was before I became vegan.

    Blaze Pizza

    1. It is the second largest of the chains on our list, with more than 300 stores across the United States, as well as a few overseas outlets in recent years.
    2. When Blaze Pizza became the first fast casual pizza company to embrace the ‘build your own’ pizza ordering technique, it was a nod to the Chipotle phenomenon.
    3. Lebron James, who is well-known for his investment in the company, was an early investor.

    As an extra advantage, the eatery makes use of environmentally friendly packaging.The pizza boxes have been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, while the salad containers are made of recycled polyethylene plastic.There are a few of factors that contribute to Blaze Pizza’s ranking as one of the best vegan pizza restaurants.

    First and foremost, they provide vegan cheese as well as a Spicy Vegan Chorizo.You then have the option to select precisely what you want and have total control over every aspect of your pizza, from the dough to the sauce and toppings to the crust itself.Finally, you may add as many of the over 20 different toppings as you like to your pizza and pay the same amount for everything.For those of you who have ever had to pay ″per topping″ for extra vegetables, you understand how wonderful it is to be able to have as many as you want for a single fee.The whole list of vegan alternatives at Blaze Pizza can be seen on our Blaze Pizza Cheat Sheet, or you can visit Blaze’s Official Menu Page if you want to see what they have to offer.

    Mellow Mushroom

    1. Mellow Mushroom is the oldest pizza company among our favorites, and it is most likely the first vegan-friendly pizza business to open its doors to the public.
    2. Mellow Mushroom, a quirky dine-in pizza place with a wide variety of vegan alternatives, was founded in 1974 by two Georgia Tech graduates (Go Jackets!).
    3. Mellow Mushroom has almost 200 locations in twenty different states, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find one in your neighborhood.

    They feature a wide variety of speciality pizzas that can be turned vegan by just substituting vegan cheese for the regular cheese.You also have the option of using seitan, tofu, or even Portobello mushrooms as a replacement or simply for variety.The freedom to substitute vegan-friendly ingredients into the speciality pizzas, along with the originality of the specialty pizzas, creates the impression that you have an overwhelming amount to select from.

    Mellow Mushroom also offers vegan-friendly appetizers such as Hummus and Bruschetta (just omit the cheese), salads, and even calzones and hoagies that can be easily converted to veganism with a few simple swaps.Mellow Mushroom Cheat Sheet |Mellow Mushroom Official Menu |Mellow Mushroom Cheat Sheet

    MOD Pizza

    1. MOD Pizza is a pizza business that allows customers to design their own pizza, similar to Blaze.
    2. In truth, MOD is an abbreviation for ″Made on Demand.″ The company was created in 2008 in Seattle by the same family who founded the Seattle Coffee Company, which was eventually sold to Starbucks, and has since expanded nationwide.
    3. MOD Pizza is the largest pizza chain among our favorites, with over 400 stores in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Dairy-Free Cheese (available at no additional fee) and around 25 different toppings are available on MOD’s vegan menu, with customers free to combine as many as they like.MOD is a vegan-friendly restaurant.The menu at MOD does not include any synthetic meats, but it does have some interesting toppings such as shredded carrots, artichokes, green chilies, and five different roasted ingredients, such as roasted corn and roasted garlic.

    As an alternative to pizza, they also provide Garlic Strips and Cinnamon Strips, both of which may be made vegan upon request.MOD Pizza Cheat Sheet |MOD Pizza Official Menu |MOD Pizza Cheat Sheet

    Pizza Rev

    1. In addition to Pizza Rev, another ‘build your own’ type pizza restaurant with over 30 locations, the bulk of which are in California, where the company was formed, is Pizza Factory.
    2. In a similar vein to the other ‘build your own’ locations such as Blaze and MOD, they sell 11-inch artisan pizzas.
    3. Pizzeria Rev was included on the list because to its extensive menu, which includes three distinct crusts, four different sauces, Daiya vegan cheese, and vegan sausage crumbles, among other things.

    Over 15 different vegetable toppings are available, including a number of interesting alternatives such as roasted cauliflower and sun-dried tomatoes, among others.Pizza Rev Cheat Sheet |Pizza Rev Official Menu |

    Pizza Rev Official Website


    1. Pieology is another another California-based pizza company with over 140 outlets in 23 different states, including New York.
    2. They are a ‘build your own’ pizza shop in the same vein as a couple of the other establishments on our list.
    3. In a similar vein, they also provide individual artisan style pizzas that are prepared in an open flame oven.

    Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that the two creators of Pieology were previously connected with MOD pizza, a concept that has become more popular.One vegan crust, which also happens to be their gluten-free crust, is available from Pieology alone.The fact that Pieology does not use Daiya mozzarella cheese may be a slight knock against them, but they more than make up for it by offering both vegetarian and vegan ″Spicy Italian Sausage Rounds″ and ″Beef Meatballs.″ There are also 14 different vegetable toppings and five different sauces to pick from..

    Pieology Cheat Sheet |Pieology Official Menu |Pieology Recipes


    1. In the United States, there are 36 locations of the &Pizza quick casual pizza company, with the bulk of them located in the northeast.
    2. Their headquarters are in Washington, DC, and their sites range from there up to New York and Massachusetts.
    3. A similar concept may be seen at their company as well: ″build your own.″ They do, however, specialize on oblong-shaped pizzas, which distinguishes them from the other sites on our list of top pizza places.

    Vegans can enjoy &Pizza because of its Daiya Mozzarella, Vegan Sausage, and a spicy chickpea topping that is truly unique to the restaurant.They also have two different sauces to choose from, as well as over a dozen different veggie toppings, ranging from mushrooms to broccoli.Broccoli on a pizza crust.

    Who would have believed it?Cheat Sheet for Pizza |&Pizza Official Menu for Pizza

    Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

    1. BRIXX is a pizza franchise based in North Carolina that has 25 locations, the most of which are in the state of North Carolina and nearby states.
    2. Brixx is a pizza restaurant that serves dine-in customers.
    3. Order at the table, and your pizza is prepared and baked in a wood-fired oven, which is often positioned in the center of the restaurant’s main dining area.

    Brixx provides a variety of vegan crusts and sauces, and while none of their iconic pizzas are overtly vegan, there are around a half dozen pizzas that can easily be converted to vegan by swapping out the cheeses.Brixx vegan cheese is included in the price of the package.Besides pizza, Brixx provides an appetizer consisting of three distinct hummus varieties, spaghetti, and a few sandwiches that may be easily converted to vegan by substituting a few basic ingredients.

    Brixx’s Official Menu is available here.Are these the only pizza restaurants that provide excellent vegan options?Without a doubt, this is not the case.This does not even begin to cover some of the fantastic local pizza establishments that may be available in your area.One of the nicest pizzas I’ve ever had was from Blackbird Pizzeria, a little pizza joint in Philadelphia that I frequented frequently.We’re just sharing some of our favorite chains with you since, as a vegan, it may be difficult to find places that provide more than just crust and vegetables.

    (If you’ve been vegan for a long enough period of time, I’m sure you’ve suffered a crust and a vegetable pizza.) Finally, what if you find yourself with friends and family and they’re ordering delivery from one of the large chain restaurant chains?Don’t worry, we’ll still be here to assist you.Vegan guidelines for Papa John’s, Domino’s, California Pizza Kitchen, and Cici’s are available on VeggL.You will most likely not be able to acquire the exact pizza you desire, but we will guide you through the process of determining which crusts, sauces, and toppings are vegan.

    Rejoice, Vegans! These 15 US-Based Pizza Chains are Offering Plant-Based Options

    Does pizza happen to be one of your favorite foods? There are lots of plant-based pizza choices available at many pizza restaurants around the country, which is a welcome development. See this list of 15 pizza restaurants that provide plant-based options on their menus, including vegan crust, plant-based cheeses, tempeh and tofu toppings, among other things!

    1. Blaze Pizza

    1. Nation’s Restaurant is owned by Johnathon Maze.
    2. NewsBlaze Pizza is a pizza franchise with locations all across the United States that provides a variety of vegan alternatives.
    3. In addition to the regular pizza crust being vegan, there is now a gluten-free crust alternative that is also plant-based to choose from.

    They have a plethora of veggies to choose from, and they even have vegan cheese available – wonderful!

    2. MOD Pizza

    1. Nation’s Restaurant News photographer Johnathon Maze When you order pizza from MOD Pizza, it is created to order and may be customized to your specifications!
    2. Plant-based cheese is available as an option, and the dough is suitable for vegans.
    3. All of the sauces, including the red sauce, barbecue sauce, and garlic sauce, are vegan as well.

    Fresh veggies such as spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes are available to choose from.MOD Pizza offers the convenience of having stores all over the country.

    3. Mellow Mushroom

    1. L0ve2Travel03/TripAdvisor It’s a pizza shop with a quirky feel, and the menu provides a plethora of vegan alternatives for you to select from!
    2. They also have a distinct vegan menu, which includes items such as the Thai-Dye Pizza and the Mega-Veggie Pizza, among other things.
    3. For your pizza toppings, Mellow Mushroom provides Daiya vegan cheese, tempeh, tofu, and a plethora of vegetables.

    You may order a calzone, but be careful to specify that you want vegan cheese.Over 150 Mellow Mushroom establishments may be found throughout the United States.

    4. Pie Five

    1. Wikiuserb/Wikimedia Pizzeria Pie Five offers a variety of plant-based alternatives, including vegan options such the crispy thin crust or the gluten-free crust, all of which are available.
    2. They provide Daiya vegan cheese, and all of the sauces, with the exception of the ranch and buffalo ranch, are dairy-free.
    3. Choose from over 15 different veggies to put on top of your pizza!

    As well as California, Pie Five has sites throughout the southeast portion of the United States as well as in other states.

    5. Pieology

    1. Submitted by Ted Williams/Charlotte AgendaPieology is a fantastic place to visit if you are in the mood for a good, meaty pizza.
    2. Choose between a gluten-free crust and either red sauce or barbecue sauce for your pizza.
    3. Only a few locations sell Daiya vegan cheese, so call ahead to make sure it’s available where you’re going before you go.

    If that’s the case, simply pile on a lot of vegetables and you’ll be set to go!

    6. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

    1. Brixxdeerfield/Instagram There is a huge array of vegan alternatives available at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza for diners to pick from.
    2. Their vegan cheese, Daiya vegan cheese, may be added to pizzas, salads, and sandwiches at no additional expense, and the original whole wheat crust is also vegan!
    3. It is a smaller business with stores in the southeastern United States, as well as in Ohio.

    Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is owned by the Brixx Group.

    7. PizzaRev

    1. Pizzarev/Instagram Due to the fact that all of the crusts at PizzaRev are 100 percent vegan, you may choose between their distinctive thin crust, double dough crust, and gluten-free crust.
    2. A range of plant-based sauces are also available, including organic tomato sauce, spicy organic tomato sauce, sweet and bold barbecue sauce, and olive oil, among others.
    3. They have Daiya vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and a variety of veggies that you can use to customize your pie!

    PizzaRev has outlets all around the United States, and it even has three sites in Mexico, according to its website.

    8. Pi Pizzeria

    1. Oneyeddogmama/Instagram Pi Pizzeria is a small pizza company that serves a wide variety of plant-based options on its menu.
    2. The thin crust is vegan, and the deep dish may be turned vegan upon request; however, if you plan on ordering deep dish, please phone at least six hours in advance to ensure that it can be made vegan.
    3. Any of the pizzas or salads may be customized with vegan cheese and vegan meat from Daiya Vegan Products!

    Pi Pizzeria offers outlets in the St.Louis and Washington, D.C.metro areas, as well as online ordering.

    9. Uncle Maddio’s Pizza

    1. Unclemaddiospizza nl/Instagram Because both the whole wheat crust and the gluten-free crust are vegan, customers at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza are able to choose between the two.
    2. The restaurant also sells Daiya vegan cheese, tomato basil sauce, garlic olive oil, zesty barbecue sauce, spicy buffalo sauce, and balsamic vinaigrette, among other things.
    3. There is a great range of fresh veggies that you may use to top your pizza, as well as grilled tofu, black bean corn salsa, fresh herbs, and even walnuts, which you can add to your order.

    Uncle Maddio’s Pizza is a chain of pizzerias with locations throughout the eastern United States.

    10. Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

    1. Yummy sea/book of yumminess Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen offers a wide selection of plant-based choices, which are available on the menu.
    2. Pick your favorite crust from the vegan gluten-free crust, organic original crust, or organic whole-grain crust options.
    3. Organic red sauce, olive oil, and garlic, organic barbecue sauce, organic spicy red sauce, or vegan cauliflower Alfredo sauce may all be used to top your pizza.

    In addition to a wide selection of fresh veggies, they also sell Daiya vegan cheese and Beyond Meat Chicken.As of right now, Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen can only be found in the state of Arizona.

    11. Pizza Fire

    1. The author, Brent Flanik, uses WordPress.
    2. Pizza Fire is a brick oven pizza restaurant that makes pizzas to order.
    3. The original crust, as well as the traditional Neapolitan red sauce, as well as the spicy Neapolitan red sauce, are all vegan options.

    Among the numerous vegan toppings are mushrooms, fresh basil, arugula, and sun-dried tomatoes, amongst a wide range of other ingredients.For an additional $1, you may customize your pizza with vegan cheese.Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida are among the states where Pizza Fire operates establishments.

    12. Patxi’s Pizza

    1. Patxi’s Pizza is a family-owned and operated business.
    2. Dining Guide for San Francisco and the surrounding area Patxi’s Pizza has all of the components necessary to create a delicious plant-based pizza.
    3. Chicago style pizza dough and red sauce are both vegan, and Daiya vegan cheese is available as an option.

    Patxi’s Pizza has locations in San Francisco, Colorado, the South Bay, the East Bay, Southern California, and Seattle, among other cities.

    13. Sammy’s WoodFired Pizza and Grill

    1. Youngdoggett/Instagram Sammy’s WoodFired Pizza and Grill is a small franchise that specializes in vegan meals of all types and sizes.
    2. Vegan options are available, including the typical crust and red sauce, as well as vegan cheese.
    3. Of course, you should take advantage of the abundance of fresh veggies that are available.

    Sammy’s WoodFired Pizza is a chain of restaurants with locations in California and Nevada.

    14. Your Pie

    Yourpiepizza/Instagram You may choose between white dough, wheat dough, or gluten-free dough at Your Pie, and all of the options are vegan-friendly. There’s also vegan cheese and more than 40 non-dairy sorbets to choose from for dessert. Your Pie is available in a number of places around the country.

    15. Zpizza

    1. Mmm9ad/Instagram When it comes to plant-based dining at Zpizza, there are several alternatives to select from!
    2. Vegetarian ingredients include the pizza dough and the gluten-free crust, as well as the tomato sauce and marinara sauce.
    3. Besides that, they offer Daiya vegan cheese, as well as Beyond Meat Veggie Crumbles, which you can use to top any pizza – delicious!

    Zpizza has locations around the United States, with the majority of them being in California.Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Domino’s, CiCi’s Pizza and other prominent pizza businesses make it simple to order vegan meals on the menu.For more details, see our post on How to Order a Vegan Pizza From Any Delivery Store for more information.

    Do you want to remain in and make your own plant-based pizza at your leisure?You can read about how These 27 Vegan Pizzas Will Blow Your Mind as well as 10 Tricks and Tips for Rocking Vegan Pizza by downloading the Food Monster App.You can also read about how These 27 Vegan Pizzas Will Blow Your Mind by downloading the Food Monster App.The app is accessible for both Android and iPhone devices, and it can also be found on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.The app offers more than 10,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and users have access to ten new recipes every day.The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

    Take a look at it!Nomstoppable is the source of the lead picture.

    Pizza Chain MOD Pizza Adds First Vegan Meat Option

    1. Vegan pizza is, without a doubt, the finest culinary invention ever created on the world.
    2. And now it’s even better at a slew of chain restaurants.
    3. The PETA Foundation has been working with businesses to increase their availability of meat and dairy-free choices, and we are happy that so many of them now offer vegan cheeses, imitation meats, and delicious vegetables.

    When you want fresh, wonderful pizza but don’t want to contribute to the brutality of the meat and dairy industries, here are some excellent alternatives.

    MOD Pizza

    1. MOD Pizza has introduced its first vegan meat option, a plant-based Italian sausage crumble from Plantly, to its menu for the first time.
    2. The following vegan alternatives are available: Daiya mozzarella cheese, original pizza dough, gluten-free pizza crust, tomato sauce (including hot and spicy), BBQ sauce, garlic rub, balsamic fig glaze, BBQ swirl (for the BBQ swirl), hot Buffalo sauce, and limited-edition romesco sauce.
    3. Caesars
    1. It is possible to order a Planteroni Pizza from Little Caesars, which is topped with Field Roast vegan pepperoni.
    2. Order it sans cheese to make it vegan; we recommend making your own vegan cheese at home to complete the dish.
    3. Although participation may vary by location, the deal is offered in a number of the chain’s outlets in Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, among other cities and states.

    As part of the Slices-N-Stix offer, you can also have a taste of this pig-friendly pizza by ordering the Planteroni Pizza on one half of the pie and the bread sticks on the other.

    Toppers Pizza

    1. In addition to its signature pizzas, Toppers Pizza provides a variety of delectable vegan choices, such as the Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper, the Vegan Korean BBQ Chicken-Less Topper, and the Vegan Tuscano Topper.
    2. Its hand-tossed, thin, and Tall Boy crusts, as well as several of its sauces, are all vegetarian (including even vegan ranch).
    3. Make your own toppings, such as plant-based crispy chicken, tater tots, and roasted garlic, to make your sandwich stand out!

    Pizza Hut

    Beyond Meat Pepperoni is the second vegan meat alternative available at this multinational pizza company, following Beyond Meat Sausage. Despite the fact that the company does not currently provide vegan cheese, its new Beyond Pepperoni Pizza may be made vegan if you order it without the addition of cheese. How to Order a Vegan Pizza at Pizza Hut

    UNO Pizzeria & Grill

    UNO Pizzeria & Grill offers a variety of customized pizzas that include a variety of vegan choices such as Daiya mozzarella cheese and Beyond Burger Crumbles, among others. The company also provides a vegan Beyond Burger, low-carb Zoodles Primavera, and a refreshing Mixed Berry & Walnut Salad, among other options. PIZZERIA UNO CORPORATION is a corporation that specializes in pizza.

    Sarpino’s Pizzeria

    1. This pizza franchise, which has stores throughout the Midwest and Southeast, is well-known for its creative topping combinations.
    2. Sarpino’s provides an intriguing vegan cuisine at certain locations in Florida and Illinois.
    3. The menu varies by location and can include everything from classics like a Vegan Margarita pizza to inventive dishes like a Vegan Sausage Calzone prepared with Daiya cheese and Beyond Meat Italian sausage.

    Vegan cheesy bread, garlic bread, salads, pastas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and other options are available at various locations.Sarpino’s Pizzeria is a family-owned and operated business.

    Boston’s Pizza (U.S.) and Boston Pizza (Canada)

    These sibling firms have expanded their vegan pizza offerings to include additional toppings such as Beyond Meat crumbles and vegan cheese in some locations, as well as new vegan pizza alternatives. Choose from the Original or Thin crusts, and then top on your favorite vegetables.

    Pizza 73

    1. It’s been an especially good week for vegans in Canada, thanks to the addition of a slew of new vegan choices on the menu of popular restaurant Pizza 73.
    2. Customers who care about animals may personalize their animal-free pizzas by choosing from a new vegan cauliflower crust, dairy-free cheese, and two new plant-based protein selections: Yves Veggie Cuisine pepperoni and Field Roast spicy sausage crumbles, among other possibilities.
    3. 88 Pizza 73 locations around the country now offer these delectable new vegan alternatives to customers.


    Whenever you’re in the mood for a thick pizza, PizzaRev has vegan sausage and vegan cheese on hand to satisfy your craving. Top it with some vegetables and either the original or gluten-free crust (both of which are vegan options). Locations

    Pizza Pizza

    1. Toronto-based pizza juggernaut Pizza Pizza has joined with Field Roast and Yves Veggie Cuisine to introduce two new delectable vegan toppings: plant-based chorizo crumbles and plant-based pepperoni.
    2. The new vegan toppings are available now at participating locations.
    3. Due to the fact that both its traditional and whole grain pizza crusts are vegan, and that it also offers wonderful dairy-free cheese from Violife, which can be substituted for regular mozzarella on any of its pies, Pizza Pizza is quickly becoming a go-to for compassionate Canadian consumers.

    Blaze Pizza

    1. Following discussions with PETA, Blaze Pizza is stepping up its game by offering a vegan Spicy Chorizo topping as an option on their pizzas.
    2. The restaurant also serves Daiya cheese at no additional cost to those who want cheese pizza.
    3. Both the conventional and gluten-free crusts, as well as the classic red sauce, the spicy red sauce, the BBQ drizzle, and the olive oil drizzle, are all vegan alternatives to animal products.


    Mellow Mushroom

    Not only do we enjoy the fact that Mellow Mushroom uses red sauce, olive oil, or BBQ sauce as a basis for its pizza, but we also enjoy the fact that it uses plant-based toppings like tofu, tempeh, and vegan cheese. Locations


    In addition to vegan toppings, the fast-casual brand Pieology provides a variety of vegan meats, including Gardein vegan meatballs, chicken, and Italian sausage! Make use of the gluten-free crust, red sauce, olive oil, or BBQ sauce to dress up your dish. Daiya cheese is now available for purchase! Locations


    You may have more than a dozen different pizzas at this place merely by selecting vegan cheese as your topping. Its interactive web menu, which is extremely user-friendly, instructs you on how to make your pizza vegan simply by clicking a box. Also, don’t forget to try the Beyond Meat sausage! Locations

    Buddy’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

    Buddy’s serves a delectable Tuscan vegan pizza on a multigrain crust and topped with Daiya cheese, which is a vegan cheese alternative. Locations

    Brixx Pizza

    Vegan cheese is available for purchase at no additional cost! That’s exactly what we want to hear. Vegan dough is available in both traditional and whole-wheat varieties. Look for locations in your immediate vicinity.

    Minsky’s Pizza

    Minsky’s gourmet pizza, made with Daiya vegan cheese, is a delectable treat. Locations

    Patxi’s Pizza

    This vegan pizza shop uses Daiya vegan cheese and handmade sauce, and all of its crusts are created from plant-based ingredients. Locations

    Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

    1. Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria provides clearly labeled vegan alternatives, including the One Step Beyond Pizza, which may be ordered with vegan cheese.
    2. Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria also has gluten-free and kosher options.
    3. In addition to pizza, the Orecchiette Pasta with house-made Beyond Meat Sauce and the Beyond Open-Faced Sloppy Joe Sliders, which may be ordered with vegan cheese, are both highly recommended.


    Fresh Brothers

    Fresh Brothers offers vegan cheese and vegan sausage as pizza toppings and even has baked vegan tenders as well as dairy-free cinnamon rolls and brownies for dessert. Locations

    Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

    Photo courtesy of Picazzo’s. An Arizona business with a wide variety of meat-free alternatives, Picazzo’s provides not just vegan cheese as a pizza topping, but also Beyond Meat Beyond Chicken Strips as an appetizer and dairy-free cheesecake for dessert. Locations


    Cucinova has expanded its vegan cheese offerings to include all of its outlets. It goes nicely with the other delectable toppings, such as the fire-roasted vegetables, on the plate. Locations

    Pizza Lucé

    This establishment is a vegan utopia! You can’t go wrong with faux duck, tofu, and handmade vegan cheese made from tofu and cashews, among other delectable alternatives. Locations

    Pie Five Pizza

    Although this Dallas-based franchise has 87 stores in 24 states, until recently, it was not a popular choice for vegans. The menu has been expanded to include game-changing Daiya cheese, in addition to the previously vegan crust and five vegan sauces. Get yourself to a location as soon as possible. Locations


    MidiCi, which has outlets in over 24 states, specializes in creating Neapolitan-style pizzas and also includes vegan cheese and sausage on its menu. Locations

    Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint

    Make your pizza with vegan cheese and top it with some grilled tofu for a satisfying meal. Locations


    1. You can’t go wrong when there are clearly designated vegan alternatives.
    2. The classic dough as well as the ″ancient grains″ dough are both vegan.
    3. Classic tomato, spicy tomato, red chickpea purée (roasted garlic purée), basil spinach pesto (tomato olive pesto), and red chickpea purée (roasted garlic purée) are some of the sauce/spread options available.

    Daiya in the shape of mozzarella is also available, and ″meaty″ toppings such as falafel crumbles, spicy chickpeas, and vegan beef crumbles will satisfy even the most discerning palate.Locations

    Two Boots

    At Two Boots, you can sink your teeth into a slice topped with delectable dairy-free cheese, vegan sausage, and an abundance of vegetables. Besides that, the company offers its own vegan innovations, such as V for Vegan and Earth Mother, which are available all of the time as full-sized pizzas or on rotation for purchase by the slice. Locations

    The Pie Pizzeria

    Vegan cheese and vegan ground beef, please and thank you! Locations

    800 Degrees

    Not only can you purchase Daiya mozzarella shreds at 800 Degrees, but certain locations now offer vegan Soyrizo as a topping option as well. Locations

    Other great pizza chains that offer vegan options:

    1. Blast 825 Pizza is America’s Most Incredible Pizza Company.
    2. Escape from New York City for Busboys and Poets Pizza Pizzeria with a Fire Pit at It’s Extreme!
    3. Pizza as a source of energy Ian’s Pizza is a family-owned business.

    Pizza with fresh basil on the grill New York is the capital of the United States.Oath of the Pizza Department Craft Pizza Panago Pizza Company Paulie Gee’s Pete’s New Haven Style (Paulie Gee’s Pete’s New Haven Style) Apizza Pi Pizzeria is a pizzeria in Pisa, Italy.Pitfire Pizza is a type of pizza cooked over an open fire.

    Pizza Fusion Pizza Studio Fired-up pizza from Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza Pizza cooked in a rapid fire oven Ribalta Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza and Grill is located in Ribalta, California.Ynot Italian, to be precise.Your Pie is Delicious!Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, Inc.is a Chicago-based pizza restaurant.That’s all there is to it!

    Waiting for what?What are you waiting for?Make your way to these restaurants as soon as possible.And on days when you’re feeling really creative, you can always make something from scratch.Yum!

    Vegan Guide to Blaze Pizza: 2022 Menu Options and Swaps

    1. Blaze Pizza places a strong value on high-quality ingredients, environmentally sustainable packaging, and a positive ordering experience.
    2. For vegans, coming to Blaze is a special pleasure because the menu here offers a greater variety of selections than at other prominent pizza businesses.
    3. The most difficult decision at this fast-casual eatery is determining what should and should not be included on your pizza.

    But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.Listed below is a comprehensive list of everything you can order vegan at Blaze Pizza, including some of our personal favorites.

    Our Top Picks

    Due to the distinct tastes and great quality of these Blaze menu staples, they were chosen from the rest of the menu.

    Vegan Pizza

    1. Blaze’s ready-to-order standard vegan pizza, which was formally released in 2019 and has quickly gained popularity, is the clear frontrunner.
    2. Made with vegan ″Classic″ dough, it’s topped with dairy-free cheese, spicy meatless chorizo, grilled mushrooms, green bell peppers, basil and an olive oil drizzle before being baked in the oven to crisp perfection.
    3. You may always play around with the ingredients to make this pizza your own style.

    Agua Fresca Drinks

    In addition to many traditional Coca-Cola products and several varieties of Blue Sky beverages, Blaze also offers its own Agua Fresca drinks in a variety of refreshing and upscale flavors such as Blueberry Basil, Tangerine Passionfruit Agua Fresca, Pear Cucumber, and Tangerine Passionfruit Agua Fresca. Blaze’s innovations in fast-casual meals are elevated even more as a result of this.

    Vegan Pizzas

    • Blaze is the place to go if you’re in the mood for a high-quality, cafe-grade pizza experience. Customers who are vegan are encouraged to ″Build Your Own″ from the menu, which is written with enthusiasm. Pizza made entirely of vegan ingredients
    • Red Vine Pizza is a type of pizza made using red vines. Replace the mozzarella and Parmesan with Blaze’s vegan cheese blend, but leave the cherry tomatoes and basil, red sauce and olive oil drizzle on the plate.)
    • Bringing Your Own (BYO) (Build Your Own) with vegan foods of your choice

    Vegan Dough

    • Flavorful vegan crust doughs are available in Blaze’s most popular flavors, offering a sturdy basis for plant-based consumers. Dough Types: Classic Dough
    • High-Rise Dough

    Vegan Sauces

    • Due to the presence of dairy in the pesto and Alfredo sauces, you will only see red and red only. Red Sauce (classic and spicy)
    • Red Sauce (classic and spicy)

    Vegan Toppings

    • Blaze Pizza’s ultimate luxury is the ability to create the vegan pizza of one’s dreams, allowing each and every client to indulge in their culinary fantasies. Vegan cheese made with Daiya’s ″Cutting Board Collection Shreds″
    • The following ingredients: Spicy Vegan Chorizo
    • Arugula (add it last, as a ″extra″ finishing touch)
    • The following ingredients: artichokes
    • banana peppers
    • basil
    • black olives
    • cherry tomatoes
    • chopped garlic
    • green bell peppers
    • jalapenos
    • Kalamata olives
    • pineapple
    • red onions
    • red peppers
    • roasted garlic
    • sautéed onions
    • spinach
    • zucchini

    Vegan Extras

    • To further customize your pizza, add a last drizzle of sauce or glaze or a sprinkle of freshly ground spices as a finishing touch. The ingredients include: Balsamic Glaze, BBQ Drizzle, Buffalo Sauce, Olive Oil Drizzle, Chimichurri Drizzle, Oregano, and Sea Salt.

    Vegan Salads

    • You should check with your local restaurant to see whether they have any salads available, since some menus may feature them while others may not. Tomatoes and arugula (omit the cheese or use Daiya vegan cheese for the cheese)
    • Salad de Arugula et de Fruit frais (sans fromage)
    • Salad de Veggies rôtie (sans fromage)
    • Salad de Veggies rôtie (sans fromage).

    Vegan Sides

    Blaze Pizza only offers one side dish, but we’re not complaining because it’s cheesy bread with Daiya cheese, which is delicious.

    Vegan Drinks

    • Blaze, in addition to standard Coca-Cola varieties, provides a diverse array of Agua Fresca flavors to choose from. Agua Fresca
    • Blackberry Basil Agua Fresca
    • Mango Agua Fresca
    • Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca
    • Pomegranate Limeade Agua Fresca
    • Strawberry Agua Fresca
    • Tangerine Passionfruit Agua Fresca
    • Sprite
    • Lemonade
    • Black Cherry Blue Sky
    • Mango Blue Sky
    • Root Beer Blue Sky
    • Black Cherry Blue Sky
    • Mango Blue Sky
    • Root Beer Blue Sky
    • Tangerine
    • Frequently Asked Questions are included below. Is the pesto on the pizza at Blaze Vegan? No, the pesto at Blaze Pizza is not vegan since it contains Parmesan cheese
    • however, the sauce is vegetarian.
    • Can I get the Blaze Pizza cookies in vegan form? There is no doubt that the chocolate chip cookies at Blaze are made with milk and eggs.
    • I’m curious what kind of vegan cheese Blaze prefers. Customers who prefer dairy-free cheese can get it from Blaze Pizza, which also offers Daiya cheese.
    • Are the Blaze Pizza Dough Knots vegan in any way, shape, or form? According to Blaze’s allergy declaration, the Dough Knots include both milk and animal ingredients.

    Here Are the Major Pizza Chains that Offer Vegan Cheese Right Now

    Several media sites claimed over the weekend that Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza business, will begin providing vegan cheese at all of its locations countrywide. Unfortunately, it turned out to be false information. However, screw Pizza Hut. Here are four prominent chains (each with more than 100 outlets) that now sell vegan cheese.

    1. MOD Pizza

    MOD, which has over 400 locations, not only serves vegan cheese, but they also have a variety of vegetables to pick from. In addition, if you’re gluten-free, they have a gluten-free crust available for an extra two bucks.

    2. Blaze Pizza

    Blaze Pizza has more than 300 outlets throughout the United States, according to the company. (When my husband was on location filming in Texas, he would frequent this establishment on a regular basis!) Additionally, they just released a spicy vegan chorizo option as an addition to their existing vegan cheese options. A gluten-free crust is available upon request, just like at MOD.

    3. Mellow Mushroom

    1. This location is fantastic!
    2. In Alabama and Florida, I’ve had the pleasure of dining at Mellow Mushrooms, and they’re great!
    3. Mellow Mushrooms may be found in approximately 200 locations around the country.

    In addition to serving tofu and tempeh at all of their locations, they now provide a vegan cheese alternative.When you order a vegetarian item from their menu, it will be prominently labelled with a ″V,″ and they will work with you to make it vegan if that is your preference.They also provide a gluten-free pizza crust as an alternative.

    4. Pie Five Pizza

    Pie Five has almost 100 locations, with the majority of them located in the southern United States and California. There is vegan cheese available at all of them, as well as a large variety of vegetables to pick from. Not only can you request a gluten-free crust, but they also offer a cauliflower crust option available on their menu!

    All-Vegan Pizzerias!

    1. Vegan pizzerias are cropping up all over the place, primarily in large cities, and they are taking plant-based pizza to a whole new level.
    2. Find Screamer’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, if you’re in the mood for some pizza.
    3. If you’re in Philadelphia, make a stop to Blackbird Pizzeria.

    Cruzer Pizza is also a popular option in Los Angeles.I’ll include links to their Instagram accounts so you may follow them!

    How to Order a Vegan Pizza at Your Favorite Restaurant Chain

    1. 1.
    2. Domino’s Pizza The Pacific Veggie pizza is a delicious combination of roasted red peppers, spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and more.
    3. Make sure you get it on a thin crust and leave the cheese off the plate.

    Request the garlic, barbeque, or sweet mango habanero dipping sauces if you really want to take it to the next level…Papa John’s Pizza, No.2 The Garden Fresh pizza, which is topped with green peppers, onions, black olives, crimini mushrooms, and Roma tomatoes, is guaranteed to satisfy (just don’t forget to skip the cheese).

    For those of you who are extremely hungry, try the breadsticks with Buffalo or garlic sauces, or the barbecue sauce.3.Little Caesars Pizza, it’s all about the pizza!Just as at Papa John’s, the crust and sauce at Little Caesars are made entirely of plant-based ingredients.While the Veggie Pizza (without the cheese) is an excellent starting point, don’t be afraid to really load up on the vegetables and toss in some banana pepper rings, jalapenos, or pineapple for good measure.Pizza Hut (number 4) Try the Premium Garden Veggie, which is served on a hand-tossed or Thin ‘N Crispy crust and topped with green peppers, mushrooms, red onions, fresh spinach, diced Roma tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic sauce!

    Available in two sizes.Check out the Fiery Red Pepper breadsticks, which are seasoned with crushed red pepper and cayenne pepper.They’re delicious!5.zPizza zPizza is one of the major pizza companies that offers Daiya, a famous vegan cheese that is becoming increasingly popular.You are welcome to make your own pie topped with all of your favorite ingredients, or you may purchase a Berkeley Vegan: Cooked in a cast iron skillet with roasted zucchini, mushrooms and bell peppers.

    Topped with Roma tomatoes and Gardein vegan sausage.Wow!Mellow Mushroom (number 6) This establishment is outstanding!Try the Thai Dye Pizza, which has a foundation of olive oil and garlic, onions, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, cucumbers, and a delectable Thai chili sauce on the side.Ensure that you ask for Daiya cheese and that the chicken is replaced with spicy tofu.

    California Pizza Kitchen is ranked seventh.Try the California Veggie pizza, which is topped with baby broccoli, eggplant, red onions, crimini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted corn, among other vegetables.Just remember to request your meal sans the cheese!

    — Click here to see a collection of mouthwatering vegan pizza recipes.

    Pizza Hut Tests Vegan Beyond Pepperoni

    1. Published on the 19th of November, 2020.
    2. The most recent update was made on August 13, 2021.
    3. By placing an order for vegan pizza at Pizza Hut, you may create an array of delectable creations.

    Everything from standard vegeta

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