How Many Pizza Hut Locations Are There?

Pizza Hut has a total of 6,660 locations in the US. The top three states with the most number of locations are Texas (870), California (577), and Florida (459). For Pizza Hut, the company reported a record-breaking week of off-premise sales in early May 2020 and added 30K employees to meet increased demand.
Pizza Hut

Logo used from 1974 to 1999; and from 2019 onward within the USA
The distinctive roof shape and lettering style shown here were typical of U.S. Pizza Huts.
Number of locations 18,703 restaurants worldwide (2020)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Vipul Chawla (President Pizza Hut International)

You can expect your closest Pizza Hut to be open on Christmas Eve, even if just for a couple of hours. Hours will likely be limited, and the chain will be closing up shop early so employees can spend the day with their loved ones. On December 25, though, Pizza Hut locations will definitely be closed.

What 5 states have no Pizza Hut?

These States and Territories do not have any Pizza Hut locations – Puerto Rico, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.

How many Pizza Hut locations in the world?

From our modest beginnings in 1958, Pizza Hut has grown to become the largest pizza company in the world. We have more than 18,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. No matter where you find us, we’re making sure each meal our customers enjoy is delicious, bold, and one-of-a-kind. We don’t just make pizza.

How many Pizza Hut locations are in the United States?

In total there are 7,496 Pizza Hut locations in the U.S., according to the Yum Brands website. Of that, 6,100 locations are traditional restaurants and 1,350 are express units said Gibbs.

How many Pizza Hut are there in the world 2020?

In 2020, Pizza Hut accounted for 17,639 restaurants worldwide, a decrease of 1,064 units over the previous year. The ten percent rise in the number of restaurants between 2017 and 2018 was the largest year-on-year increase in recent years.

What is the 7.99 deal at Pizza Hut?

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What state has the most Pizza Huts?

How many Pizza Hut locations are there in United States? There are a total of 3639 pizzahut locations in United States as of April 22, 2021 The state with the most number of Pizza Hut locations in the United States is Houston with 86 locations, which is 10% of all pizzahut locations in United States.

Is there Pizza Hut in Italy?

Even Pizza Hut, which has a total of 11,139 branches worldwide, hasn’t dared set foot on Italian soil soil because: ‘Italy does not fit with our global brand story.’

How many Pizza Hut are there in Japan?

Pizza Hut as a brand has been present in Japan for over 40 years with 370 outlets currently including both equity and sub-franchisee stores. It has also been a leader in major pizza chains in delivery pizza market in Japan, Endeavour said in an announcement on Thursday.

How many Pizza Hut stores are there in Canada?

How many Pizza Hut restaurants are there in Canada? There are 163 Dine-in locations, 149 locations that offer take-out and delivery, with a grand total of 330 Pizza Hut locations in Canada!

How many locations does Papa John’s have?

Papa John’s has over 5,199 establishments—4,456 franchised restaurants operating domestically in all 50 states, and in 44 countries and territories. Papa John’s operates 246 ‘company owned stores’ under joint ventures and 35 units in Beijing and North China.

Does Pepsi still own Pizza Hut?

PepsiCo, based in Purchase, N.Y., owns the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC chains, which together have 29,000 units around the world. That’s more than McDonald’s, which has 21,000.

Who invented pizza?

That did start in Italy. Specifically, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is often given credit for making the first such pizza pie. Historians note, however, that street vendors in Naples sold flatbreads with toppings for many years before then.

How much did Pepsi pay for Pizza Hut?

The business thrived and soon was signing up franchisees. By 1977, the Carneys saw that Pizza Hut needed more capital. They sold the business to PepsiCo Inc. for about $300 million.

How to find Pizza Hut store number?

Pizza Hut online order form page. Find a store. Order carryout or delivery, login to your account, sign up for deals, and download our app!

How many employees work at Pizza Hut in the US?

Pizza Hut is an industry leader with 300,000 employees and an annual revenue of $21.2B that is headquartered in Texas. To bring more flavor to life. Read more about us: our story, our purpose, and the Pizza Hut customer promise.

How many countries has Pizza Hut store?

Pizza Hut, which includes company and franchise restaurants, is currently present in nearly 10 countries on the Continent with more than 100 restaurants and expects to be in more than 20 countries

Top Pizza Chains in the U.S. – An Analysis

  • According to the United States Department of Commerce, the pizza business is valued $45.73 billion, and the North American pizza market is predicted to grow at a rate of 10.2 percent over the next five years. Here are some insights on the store locations and income of the main pizza chains in the United States – Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Marcos, MOD Pizza, Round Table Pizza, Cicis, and Sbarro – as well as several other pizza-related companies. Insights in a Nutshell Pizza Hut is the pizza company with the most locations in the United States, with 6,660 locations
  • Texas has the most pizza locations (2,763)
  • Domino’s (6,363) is second only to Pizza Hut in terms of number of locations, but has been more lucrative in recent years
  • Pizzeria Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Papa John’s are the only pizza chains with more than 3,000 locations in the United States of America. The states of Texas, California, and Florida are home to the greatest number of pizza franchises. The cities with the greatest number of franchises include Houston (TX), San Antonio (TX), and Las Vegas (CA).

You may get these datasets, as well as others, from our data repository.

How many stores do each pizza chains have in the US?

Pizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States, with 6,660 locations.Pizza Hut has 6,660 stores across the United States.In terms of the total number of sites, Texas (870), California (577), and Florida are the top three states with the most locations (459).With regards to Pizza Hut, the firm claimed a record-breaking week of off-premise sales in early May 2020 and boosted its workforce by 30K people to accommodate the increasing demand.

However, the pandemic forced the company to close more than 1,000 Pizza Hut locations for a period of time.The filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by NPC International, Pizza Hut’s largest franchisee in the United States with more than 1.2K outlets, was perhaps the most devastating blow.In the United States, there are a total of 6,363 Domino’s restaurants.The top three states with the greatest number of sites are Texas (669 locations), California (555 locations), and Florida (480 locations) (425).

Little Caesars Locations US

Little Caesars has 4,205 restaurants across the United States.California (535 sites), Texas (500 locations), and Michigan (400 locations) are the states with the most number of locations (319).Papa John’s has 3,020 restaurants in the United States.The top three states with the greatest number of sites are Texas (289 locations), Florida (272 locations), and California (270 locations) (182).

Papa Murphy’s Locations US

Papa Murphy’s has 1,283 locations across the United States.In terms of number of sites, the top three states are Washington (149), California (144), and Oregon (140).(104).Papa Murphy’s operates locations in 37 states around the United States, with no plans to expand in the northeastern areas.

Marcos has a total of 1,009 sites around the United States.It is Ohio (141), Texas (122) and Georgia (122), in that order, that have the most number of site options (118).MOD Pizza has a total of 496 locations throughout the United States.Texas (87 sites), California (63 locations), Washington (63 locations), and Oregon are the states with the greatest number of locations (28).

In addition to being a mission-driven organization, MOD Pizza is also the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States.MOD Pizza’s impact-hiring philosophy places a strong emphasis on diversity, giving employment opportunities for those who have suffered with disability, substance abuse, and incarceration.

Round Table Pizza Locations US

Round Table Pizza has 413 locations around the United States.California (346) is the state with the most number of sites, followed by Washington (27) and Nevada (16).Only eight states in the United States are served by this leading west coast regional pizza brand.Cicis has a total of 330 sites throughout the United States.

Texas (145 sites), Florida (31) and Tennessee (29 locations) are the states with the most number of locations (18).Cicis sites are only found in 26 states, with the most of them concentrated in the southeast areas.Sbarro has a total of 310 locations around the United States.California (32 sites), Illinois (29 locations), and Florida (28 locations) are the states with the most number of locations (27).

Top 10 States with the most Pizza Chains

Texas has the most number of hotel locations, with 2,763 establishments.California (2.4K) and Florida (2.4K) are the next most populous states (1.5K).The typical suspects were among the best-performing chains in 2020, according to the results.When it comes to overall pizza sales, Domino’s remains at the top of the pack with more than $7 billion in sales, followed by Pizza Hut ($5.58 billion), Little Caesars ($3.77 billion), Papa John’s ($2.63 billion), and Papa Murphy’s Pizza ($748.35 million).

Domino’s had such a successful year in 2020 that the company embarked on a recruiting binge, hiring 10K new employees immediately after the crisis began and another 20K in the late summer.In addition, Papa John’s plans to hire an additional 30K people in 2020 as part of its historic return.MOD Pizza has the upper hand when it comes to the quickest growth.MOD expanded by 65 units, bringing the total number of MOD pizza outlets to 496.

Adoption rates for new technologies might vary depending on a variety of factors.Because third-party platforms will make it simpler to get food into the hands of more consumers, many restaurants are intending to have a good balance of on-premise and off-premise sales in their business models, according to Forbes.The demand for touch-free at-the-table ordering will be stronger than ever in 2021, and customers will continue to choose contactless delivery in the future.Touch-free is extremely essential to customers and has the potential to remain around indefinitely.With increasing numbers of people adopting plant-based diets and avoiding items derived from animals, the desire for vegan choices is bigger than ever—particularly in America’s favorite cuisine category, pizza, where the demand is particularly strong.A number of major meat-substitute businesses, such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, have invaded fast-food restaurants.

  • Major pizza delivery companies such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut have also been working on autonomous cars for pizza delivery, although the results of that research are still pending.
  • If implemented successfully, the notion of adding robots to cook, clean, serve, and validate debit card transactions might be the best present that operators could ever get.
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Number of Pizza Hut Outlets by Country

This Map Displays the Number of Pizza Hut Locations in Each Country. 7 years have passed since the last update.

Code Country Value
ARG Argentina
ATG Antigua
ABW Aruba 3
BHS The Bahamas 2
BRB Barbados
BOL Bolivia
BES Bonaire
BRA Brazil 79
CAN Canada 345
CHL Chile 51
COL Colombia 9
CRI Costa Rica 49
CUB Cuba
CUW Curacao 4
DMA Dominica 1
DOM Dominican Republic 19
ECU Ecuador 35
SLV El Salvador 50
GUF French Guiana
CYM Grand Cayman 2
GRD Grenada
GLP Guadeloupe
GTM Guatemala 34
GUY Guyana 1
HND Honduras 45
JAM Jamaica 9
MTQ Martinique
MEX Mexico 182
NIC Nicaragua 10
PAN Panama 31
PRY Paraguay
PER Peru 73
PRI Puerto Rico 54
KNA St Kitts
LCA St Lucia
SXM St Maarten 2
VCT St Vincent 1
SUR Suriname 1
TTO Trinidad & tobago 7
USA United States 7,891
URY Uruguay
VIR US Virgin Islands 3
VEN Venezuela 10
AFG Afghanistan
ASM American Samoa
AUS Australia 299
BGD Bangladesh 11
BRN Brunei
KHM Cambodia
CHN China 1,264
FJI Fiji
GUM Guam 6
HKG Hong Kong 78
IND India 315
IDN Indonesia 297
JPN Japan 370
KAZ Kazakhstan 1
MAC Macau 6
MYS Malaysia 332
MNG Mongolia
NPL Nepal 2
NCL New Caledonia
NZL New Zealand 84
PAK Pakistan 54
PHL Philippines 153
REU Reunion Island
MNP Saipan 1
SGP Singapore 54
KOR South Korea 332
LKA Sri Lanka 31
PYF Tahiti
TWN Taiwan 177
THA Thailand 79
VNM Vietnam 37
WSM Western Samoa
AND Andorra
AGO Angola
ARM Armenia 2
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijan
BHR Bahrain 11
BLR Belarus
BEL Belgium 100
BIH Bosnia
BWA Botswana
BGR Bulgaria
HRV Croatia
CYP Cyprus 34
CZE Czech Republic
DNK Denmark
DJI Djibouti
EGY Egypt 63
EST estonia
FIN Finland 6
FRA France 125
GEO Georgia
DEU Germany 64
GHA Ghana
GIB Gibraltar
GRC Greece 16
HUN Hungary 2
ISL Iceland 1
IRL Ireland 26
ISR Israel 51
ITA Italy
JOR Jordan 15
KEN Kenya
KOS Kosovo
KWT Kuwait 50
LVA latvia
LBN Lebanon 26
LSO Lesotho
LIE Liechtenstein
LTU Lithuania 1
LUX Luxembourg 7
MLT Malta 5
MUS Mauritius 8
MDA Moldova
MCO Monaco
MAR Morocco 35
MOZ Mozambique
NGA Nigeria
OMN Oman 32
NAM Namibia
NGA Nigeria
NOR Norway 3
PSE Palestine 1
POL Poland 54
PRT Portugal 92
QAT Qatar 30
ROU Romania 23
RUS Russia 10
SAU Saudi Arabia 195
SRB Serbia
SVK Slovakia 3
SVN Slovenia
ZAF South Africa
ESP Spain 18
SWZ Swaziland
SWE Sweden 13
CHE Switzerland
SYR Syria
TZA Tanzania
NLD The Netherlands 2
TUR Turkey 37
UKR Ukraine
GBR United Kingdom 640
YEM Yemen
ZMB Zambia

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Pizza Hut Outlets by Country,, accessed 16th March, 2022, seen 16th March, 2022,

Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide 2020

During the fiscal year 2020, Pizza Hut will operate 17,639 restaurants globally, representing a drop of 1,064 units from the previous year. The growth in the number of restaurants between 2017 and 2018 was the highest year-on-year increase in recent years, accounting for 10% of the total increase.

Pizza Hut delivers more restaurants than rivals

Yum!Brands, which owns Pizza Hut and other popular quick-service restaurants such as KFC and Taco Bell, is the corporation that owns and runs Pizza Hut.In 2020, brands will have more than 50 thousand units worldwide, with Pizza Hut running the second-highest number of restaurants behind KFC.Having around 17.64 thousand restaurants in 110 countries, Pizza Hut outnumbers competitors such as Papa John’s Pizza and Domino’s Pizza in terms of total number of outlets globally.

Pizza Hut watchful of Domino’s effect on pizza market

Pizza Hut was recognized as the second most valuable fast food brand in the world in 2020, after only Domino’s Pizza in terms of market capitalization.However, while maintaining its position in the worldwide pizza industry, Pizza Hut’s yearly sales declined in 2020, falling to a little more than one billion U.S.dollars from a little more than one billion U.S.dollars the year before.

Some speculate that the high expansion of Domino’s Pizza, which recorded global sales of around 3.6 billion US dollars in 2019, representing an increase of almost six percent over the previous year, is a contributing factor to this.

All Pizza Hut Locations in United States

Furthermore, Beyond Italian Sausage is excluded from any and all non-Beyond-branded promotions, specials, and offers.THE DELIVERY FEE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A DRIVER TIP.Offers are only available for a limited time period.Certain offers need you to inquire about them or to click on them.

An additional charge may be applied for more cheese, the stuffed crust, the pan, and any additional toppings.You must choose whether you want contactless or curbside pickup.Team Members will make every effort to accommodate contactless, curbside, and other requests; however, availability may vary and cannot be guaranteed in all cases.Product availability, the ability to combine discounts and specials, prices, participation, delivery areas and charges, and the minimum purchase amount required for delivery are all subject to change without prior notice.

Sales tax, delivery charges, and driver tips are not included in the discounts.The availability of Fried WingStreet® products and flavors varies depending on the location of the Pizza Hut® restaurant.If you are using a screen reader and are experiencing difficulties using this website, please contact us at 800-948-8488 for more assistance.2020 Pizza Hut, LLC.All rights reserved.All Intellectual Property Rights are Reserved.

  • The Pizza Hut name, logos, and related marks are trademarks of Pizza Hut, LLC.
  • The Pizza Hut logo is a trademark of Pizza Hut, LLC.
  • Other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.
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  2. 1997-2019 Patents 5,991,739; 6,801,228; Other Patents Pending Portions IPDEV, Co.
  3. 1986-2019 Patents 5,991,739; 6,801,228; Other Patents Pending Permission has been granted for use.

Pizza Hut

A little more than 60 years ago, the Carney brothers borrowed $600 from their mother and set out to revolutionize how people across the world ate pizza.After starting with humble beginnings in 1958, Pizza Hut has risen to become the world’s largest pizza company.Over 18,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries make up our global network.Every meal we prepare for our guests is tasty, bold, and one-of-a-kind, no matter where they are served by one of our locations.

We don’t only create pizza at our establishment.People’s days are made better by us.It was founded on the premise that pizza night should be something special, and we continue to uphold that philosophy through all we do.We deliver more pizza, pasta, and wings per capita than any other restaurant in the world, including our competitors.

As a real pioneer in the pizza market, we were not only the first to introduce Pan Pizza to the United States, but we were also the first to deliver pizza into space!We know how to provide the finest service possible to our clients by following tried and proven service concepts.We prepare cuisine that we are happy to serve and deliver it quickly and courteously.All of this is made possible by maximizing the potential of each person of our organization.We guarantee that at Pizza Hut, you will be able to achieve your goals, make new friends, and have a good time.Because we’re the pizza company that believes in living life outside of the box.

  • And, yeah, we’re big fans of pizza.
  • Despite this, we are also human beings; we make decisions from the heart and believe in giving back to the global society.
  • In partnership with Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project, we have made a global commitment to assist 100 million individuals throughout the world in unlocking their potential through literacy and reading.
  1. In fact, via the BOOK IT!
  2. Program in the United States, Pizza Hut encourages more than 14 million kids and 37,000 K-6 students in the United States to read each year by rewarding their reading efforts with praise, recognition, and pizza.
  3. Through our Harvest Program, we’re also focusing on minimizing food waste and eliminating hunger in the areas that we serve.

Harvest has contributed more than 100 million pounds of food to local communities since its founding in 1992.Pizza Hut may be found online at, where you can discover more about the company.

Pizza Hut plans to shut down more than 500 dine-in locations across US

It’s time to say goodbye to your neighborhood Pizza Hut as the firm prepares to make a move.According to Food Business News, more than 500 Pizza Hut stores in the United States are set to shut as a result of increased competition from delivery and carryout orders.Yum!Brands announced the closures during an earnings conference call with David Gibbs, the company’s chief operating officer.

″This will, in the long run, improve the Pizza Hut business in the United States and position it for speedier long-term growth,″ says the company ″Gibbs expressed himself in this way.According to the Yum Brands website, there are a total of 7,496 Pizza Hut restaurants in the United States of America.According to Gibbs, 6,100 of these sites are traditional eateries, while 1,350 are fast-casual operations.″″It’s difficult to predict how quickly a shop will close and then when a replacement unit will open,″ Gibbs said of predicting when a store would close and when a replacement unit will open.

″There will be some gaps on some of those, but our objective is to try to keep those gaps to a minimum,″ says the team.As Pizza Hut transitions away from its famous red roof dine-in restaurants and toward speedy delivery, Gibbs has stated that the company expects to reduce its number of stores to 7,000 in the next two years.More Freep: The ex-girlfriend of the Dayton shooter claims she noticed red flags and a dark side to him when they were together.At the hearing for Aretha Franklin’s estate, family differences come to the fore.

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You will be able to read a confirmation page showing the moment your order was received by the Pizza Hut team once you have submitted your order. A time estimate for when your purchase will be ready will also be available to you when you place your order online. Take out your phone and call the restaurant where you placed your order if you require further information.

Where can I find the Pizza Hut nutrition and allergen information?

On the Pizza Hut website, under the ‘Nutrition’ option, you will discover all of the nutrition and allergy information you could ever need to know.

Connecting with Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut may be reached at 1-800-948-8488 for urgent concerns, and the Hut Rewards hotline can be reached at 1-844-244-2552. Alternatively, you may get in touch with the team using this online contact form or on Twitter.

Domino’s thinks it can sell pizza to Italians: world remains sceptical

There are two types of pizza: traditional pizza and Italian pizza.Pizza is regarded as an institution in Italy, and it is not to be messed with.As a result, the announcement this week that the American pizza brand Domino’s has opened an outpost in Milan and plans to build four additional stores in the nation by the end of the year has raised a few eyebrows among Italians.As the Milanese newspaper Corriere della Sera puts it: ″Let’s face it: selling ice cubes to Eskimos is akin to selling ice to polar bears.″ Domino’s, on the other hand, continues to be optimistic.

In the words of Richard Allison, president of Domino’s International, ″No big American pizza brand has ever successfully entered the market.″ ″We’re going where no major pizza brand has ever gone before,″ Allison stated.Considering how seriously the Italians regard their world-famous cuisine, it’s a risky move on the part of the franchise to take this step.An Australian colleague was threatened with death earlier this year over the best method to cook pizza, while a group of chefs recently took legal action against a McDonald’s advertisement claiming that Italian youngsters prefer hamburgers to pizza, which was later withdrawn.Italy is so foreign to Pizza Hut that the company has never dared to open a branch there because ″Italy does not match with our global brand story.″ Pizza Hut has a total of 11,139 locations globally.

In an effort to win over Italian customers, Domino’s will exclusively utilize ingredients produced from within the country while making their pizzas: As a starting point, we’ve developed a new recipe based on the original pizza recipe, using Italian ingredients such as 100 percent tomato sauce and mozzarella and other specialties such as prosciutto di Parma, gorgonzola, grana padano, and mozzarella di bufala campana.The various sales gimmicks that Domino’s has used in different countries to help boost sales, such as the Sriracha spicy sauce pizza or ordering your meal using emoticons, have yet to be used in the United States.Only three items can be found in Italy and nowhere else on the planet except in Italy.Starbucks, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut are the three establishments.— Jamese (@ItsMeseyBaby) on Twitter The 13th of March, 2014 In fact, Domino’s isn’t the first American corporation to try to market something to Italians that they themselves developed.In 2011, Ben and Jerry’s launched two ice cream shops that only lasted two years, while in 2012, Starbucks sought to ″shock Italy’s coffee culture″ by attempting to ″rock the Italian coffee culture.″ This did not sit well with the Italian public, and the coffee business now has a grand total of zero locations in the nation.

  • It appears that Italians have had nothing to say about the situation on social media so far, although one post on the matter on Reddit Italy was titled: ″Signs of the Apocalisse″ (signs of the Apocalypse).
  • Meanwhile, Domino’s plans to add outlets in the Italian capital of Rome.
  • I’m not exaggerating when I say this.
  1. — Jorie (@MmedeSevigne) on Twitter The 7th of October, 2015 When @dominos felt his pizza was good enough to be sold in Italy, he was completely wrong.
  2. I can’t even wait to see what the Italians have to say about this craziness.
  3. — JohnathenDD (@JohnathenDD) on Twitter: ″Genius the Expat″ The 7th of October, 2015 According to non-Italians on Twitter, Domino’s attempt to invade Italy will end up in the same manner as Starbucks’ attempt did: a terrible, albeit amusing, disaster.

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  1. According to PepsiCo Inc.’s announcement on Thursday, the corporation will focus on its two most profitable operations, soft drinks and snack foods, and will spin off its massive restaurant segment into a separate publicly listed company.
  2. PepsiCo, located in Purchase, New York, is the parent company of the Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC restaurant chains, which collectively operate 29,000 locations throughout the world.
  3. That is more than double the number of McDonald’s employees, who number 21,000.
  4. However, the Oak Brook-based McDonald’s Corp.’s cash register total of about $32 billion in 1996 outperformed the total of $20 billion generated by PepsiCo locations.
  5. The split was disclosed by Pepsi’s board of directors on Thursday, after the stock market had closed.
  6. In the meantime, talk of a restructure continued throughout the day, making Pepsi the most actively traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange and driving the stock price up $3.50 to $35.00 per share.
  1. Competition in the United States restaurant industry—in the form of low-price promotions to attract customers—has harmed profitability for even the largest chains, such as McDonald’s, in recent years.
  2. Despite the fact that Pepsi’s Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC franchises have all enjoyed successful years owing to innovative new products and creative marketing efforts, maintaining consistent performance has been tough.
  3. Furthermore, many observers feel that Coca-Cola Co., Pepsi’s archrival, is gaining ground in the hard-fought cola wars as a result of its relentless emphasis on the worldwide soft-drink market to the detriment of nearly everything else.
  4. With the statement, Roger A.
  5. Enrico, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, who has held the position since April last year, reinforced the company’s policy of battling Coke’s fire with part of its own resources.

″One of our objectives in taking these actions is to significantly sharpen PepsiCo’s focus,″ Enrico said.″With incredible financial strength and a very promising future, our restaurant industry is well-positioned.However, given the fundamentally different dynamics of restaurants and packaged products, we feel that having two separate and independent management teams and corporate structures would help all of our companies thrive more effectively.″ PepsiCo is predicted to generate $20 billion in revenues in 1996 even if the restaurant industry is not included.

  • Frito-Lay Co., the company’s snack-food segment, is the largest in the world, while Pepsi-Cola Co.
  • is the second-largest beverage company in the world.
  • After hiring Karl von der Heyden, a former co-chairman and co-chief executive officer of RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp., for a one-year tenure as chief financial officer and vice chairman, rumors of a corporate reorganization began to circulate in the fall of 2013.
  • Although Enrico stated in September that the firm wanted to keep its three largest restaurant brands, he also stated that smaller ones such as Chevy’s and California Pizza Kitchen will be put up for sale as part of his succession plan.
  • In 1995, the restaurant industry generated around $11 billion in sales (proceeds from franchisee fees and company-owned restaurants), accounting for approximately 37 percent of PepsiCo’s total revenues of $30 billion.
  • Food and drinks accounted for 45 percent of overall operating earnings, but restaurants contributed just 14 percent of total operating profits, according to the National Restaurant Association.
  1. According to PepsiCo, the spinoff would take the form of a tax-free distribution of the shares of the new firm, with the transaction scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.
  2. In addition, PepsiCo does not intend to transfer any of its existing debt to the new firm.
  3. Pepsi has been troubled by losses in its worldwide soft-drink business, in addition to troubles with its restaurant segment, which experts predict will post lower operational earnings for 1996.
  4. Upon completion of the separation, Pepsi will be able to redirect its investment spending into reconstructing the potentially profitable foreign beverages sector.
  5. Furthermore, experts believe that extending Frito-Lay goods outside of its major foreign markets of Canada, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom would be a better investment than opening new locations.
  6. The Pepsi Company has been involved in the restaurant industry since 1977, when it acquired Pizza Hut.

Taco Bell and KFC were introduced in 1978 and 1986, respectively.

Who Invented Pizza?


Have You Ever Wondered.

  • Who was the inventor of pizza?
  • How long has pizza been in existence?
  • What was the location of the first pizza in the United States?
  1. Mykah from Allison, Texas, provided the inspiration for today’s Wonder of the Day.
  2. ″Can you tell me who invented pizza?″ Mykah wonders.
  3. Thank you for joining us in our WONDERING, Mykah!
  4. Mmmm…can you detect a scent?
  5. A hot pie rests on the counter, fresh from the oven and ready to be devoured.
  6. The fragrance of heated bread, melting cheese, and boiling tomato sauce fills the air, enveloping your senses completely.
  1. Are you ready to tuck into your favorite of all foods?
  2. Are you ready to plunge in?
  3. What exactly are we discussing?
  4. Of course, we’re talking about pizza!
  5. Some children enjoy meat, while others do not.

Some children enjoy veggies, while others avoid them at all costs.Some children like seafood, while others believe that fish should be left in the water.But there is one thing that almost all children can agree on: pizza is fantastic!

  • What is the origin of this widely acclaimed dish?
  • Pizza is frequently associated with Italian cuisine.
  • Do the Italians, on the other hand, receive the credit?
  • Alternatively, did someone else create the first pizza?
  • There isn’t a simple answer here.
  • Different historians have come up with different conclusions.
  1. A great deal relies on your definition of ″pizza.″ Do you conceive of pizza as a flatbread that has been baked in a brick oven?
  2. If this is the case, its origins can be traced back to ancient periods in the Middle East.
  3. Flat bread was eaten by the ancient Babylonians, Israelites, and Egyptians, all of whom baked it in mud ovens.
  4. Do you believe that a pizza must have toppings to be considered complete?
  5. In such instance, it may be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, among other civilizations.
  6. They both ate flatbreads that had been prepared and were covered with olive oil and spices.

This dish is now referred to as focaccia bread.What about the type of pizza that most people are familiar with?Those pizzas with tomato sauce, cheese, and various toppings, you know the ones.That did begin in Italy, to be sure.

  1. In particular, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is frequently credited with creating the world’s first pizza pie.
  2. However, historians point out that street sellers in Naples had been selling flatbreads with toppings for many years before to it.
  3. According to legend, the Italian King Umberto I and his wife, Queen Margherita, paid a visit to Naples in 1889.
  4. Esposito was summoned to the location and requested to prepare a pizza for them.
  5. Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil were strewn on the top of the pizza.
  • That particular pizza is still referred to as Pizza Margherita today.
  • Immigrants from Italy carried pizza with them when they settled in Spain, France, England, and the United States.
  • However, it did not receive widespread acceptance until after World War II.
  • It was at this point when returning soldiers began looking for the meals they had grown to like while serving overseas.
  • The first pizza in the United States, G.

Lombardi’s, opened its doors in 1905.Gennaro Lombardi was the property’s owner.In New York City, he launched his restaurant at 53 1/3 Spring Street, which is now closed.It is still in operation today, with the same oven continuing in use, albeit in a different location.

As of today, pizza is one of the most widely consumed foods in the United States as well as around the entire world.Do you eat pizza on a regular basis?What are some of your favorite accoutrements?Do you believe that toppings such as pineapple should be included on pizza?Everyone has their own set of tastes and interests!Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Council for the Social Studies″>Standards: C3.D2.His.2, CCRA.L.3, CCRA.L.6, CCRA.R.1, CCRA.R.2, CCRA.R.10, CCRA.SL.1, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.SL.3, CCRA.SL.6, CCRA.SL.1, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.SL.1, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.

Wonder What’s Next?

Are you prepared to stick it out for the long haul? Prepare yourself by loading up on carbs and drinking plenty of fluids before you hit the road. It’s possible that today’s Wonder of the Day will exhaust you…

Try It Out

  • Mmmm! Are you starting to feel hungry? Take part in the following activities with a friend or family member and sink your teeth into them: Make a trip to your local food shop or supermarket with your class. What is the number of different sorts of pizza that you can find? You undoubtedly already know that pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, but did you understand just how widespread its popularity is? Keep an eye out for frozen foods and pasta sections where you may locate boxes of homemade pizza mix if you’re on the hunt for pizzas. However, you might be able to buy pizzas in the meat department, which is also where portable lunch-sized meals are available. In addition, you may frequently buy prepared, ready-to-eat pizzas in the deli sections of supermarkets. How many different sorts of pizzas did you come across in total?
  • What toppings would you put on your ultimate pizza? Do you want some extra cheese? Pepperoni? Sausage? Onions? Peppers? Mushrooms? Take some time to plan out the perfect pizza, starting with the crust and working your way up. Do you have a preference for crust type? Is it better to be thick or thin? Fillings of cheese, herbs, and spices, or something else entirely? After that, think about the sauce you’d want to use. Do you want something hot and spicy? Is it sour or sweet? What do you think of the cheese? Is it possible to consume too much cheese? What kinds of cheeses would you put on your pizza if you were making it? Mozzarella? Parmesan? Something a little more original? Finally, add your favorite meats and vegetables to the top of your pizza. Finished! When you’ve finished designing the perfect pizza pie, show it to a trusted adult friend or family member and ask them to assist you in turning your vision into a homemade reality fresh from the oven. Schedule time for you and your friends to make pizza together, and then get to work.
  • Have you ever been to a restaurant and watched a pizza being made? Instruct an adult friend or family member to assist you in locating a local pizzeria that would be willing to allow you to get a close-up look at the process of making pizza from scratch. Possibly, you’ll be able to lend a hand in the process, as well! There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty and doing everything yourself, from making the dough to sliding the pizza into the oven. What’s more, the best part is. When it’s finished, you’ll be able to sample your labor of love.

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Wonder Contributors

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Pizza Hut to close up to 300 locations operated by bankrupt franchisee

  1. On July 2, 2020, a Pizza Hut restaurant may be seen in Plano, Texas, in the United States of America.
  2. Dan Tian, Xinhua News Agency, and Getty Images contributed to this report.
  3. Under the terms of a settlement reached between the Yum Brands group and its largest U.S.
  4. franchisee, NPC International, up to 300 Pizza Hut outlets would be closed.
  5. Along with that, NPC will put up for sale its remaining 927 Pizza Hut locations.
  6. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in early July after laboring under a debt load of over $1 billion.
  1. The franchisee also owns and runs almost 400 Wendy’s locations.
  2. a Pizza Hut spokesperson said in a statement to CNBC that ″in the event NPC executes a sale of its Pizza Hut business, Pizza Hut’s primary focus would be to ensure that new ownership brings to NPC’s Pizza Hut restaurants a strong capital structure, healthy balance sheet, commitment to operational excellence, and growth mindset.″ Approximately one-fifth of the total number of Pizza Hut locations in the United States are owned or operated by National Pizza Corporation (NPC).
  3. The Pizza Huts that are closing underperform the rest of the chain’s locations, and the vast majority of them are slated to be dine-in establishments.
  4. In recent years, the pizza brand has attempted to distance itself from its reputation as a dine-in restaurant by focusing on its delivery and takeout services, a shift that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus outbreak.
  5. During the month of May, Pizza Hut recorded its best-ever average sales week for delivery and carryout in the company’s history, which dates back to 2008.

Those employed at NPC-owned Pizza Hut stores that have closed will be relocated to better-performing sites, if at all feasible, according to a statement released by the company.The National Petroleum Corporation has not made any final decisions on which locations will close or when the closures will take place.

Pizza Hut to close as many as 300 restaurants

  1. August 18, 2020 / 12:17 p.m.
  2. / CBS/Associated Press Around 300 Pizza Hut restaurants will close, the majority of which are dine-in facilities that are not well-suited for carryout and delivery at a time when millions of people are seeking shelter and preparing meals at home.
  3. NPC International, a franchisee of Pizza Hut, announced Monday in bankruptcy court records that it had reached an agreement with the company to liquidate hundreds of outlets.
  4. The firm, based in Leawood, Kansas, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month.
  5. During the epidemic, the demand for pizza has skyrocketed.
  6. Domino’s Pizza, the nation’s largest pizza business, recorded a 30 percent increase in quarterly earnings last month, according to the company.
  1. The corporation said on Monday that it wants to add more than 20,000 staff to deal with the influx of orders.
  2. The hiring rush has extended to other food companies, which are benefiting from high levels of joblessness across the United States.
  3. Competitor pizza manufacturer Papa John’s is also hiring thousands of new employees, while McDonald’s announced in June that it will require around 260,000 people to service its restaurants throughout the summer months.
  4. NPC controls 1,225 Pizza Hut restaurants and 385 Wendy’s restaurants in 27 states, with the majority of them being in California.
  5. In the United States, there are presently 7,000 Pizza Hut establishments.

According to the company’s filing, shutting outlets that are not equipped for pick-up or delivery would free up funds to invest in smaller stores that are more suited to handling online purchases.According to Yum Brands, the Louisville, Kentucky-based restaurant conglomerate that also owns KFC and Taco Bell, Pizza Hut’s carryout and delivery sales in the United States reached an eight-year high in May of this year.However, Pizza Hut’s systemwide sales in the United States increased by only 1% for the period April to June.

  • Domino’s Pizza, which operates smaller, carryout-only locations, reported a 20 percent increase in sales in the United States.
  • Domino’s Pizza has reported that orders are increasing throughout the epidemic as Americans continue to stay at home.
  • Even as the economy has slowed, the company’s revenues have continued to rise, hitting $920 million in the second quarter, exceeding expectations on Wall Street.
  • Yum Brands stated in a prepared statement that the stores that were closing had outperformed those owned by NPC, and that closing them would help NPC’s remaining portfolio by reducing competition.
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FYI, Pizza Hut Is Closed On Christmas Day

  • Call it a hot take, but I grow bored of leftovers from Christmas gatherings very fast. A person can only eat so many dishes of reheated ham and potatoes before they start to feel sated. As a result, I’m sitting here wondering whether there are any alternative supper options available on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Will there be pizza shops open late enough to satisfy all of my late-night appetites? Is it possible that this is true? For those of you who are thinking the same thing, you’re probably wondering if Pizza Hut will be open on any of these days. The following is an overview of the situation. It is reasonable to expect your local Pizza Hut to be open on Christmas Eve, even if it is only for a few short hours. Hours will most certainly be restricted, and the chain will likely close early in order to allow staff to spend the day with their families. Pizza Hut outlets, on the other hand, will undoubtedly be closed on December 25. So if you’re craving Pizza Hut on Christmas Day, order some the night before to keep it safe and reheat it the following day. Alternatively, it can be eaten chilled. I have no idea what is going on in your life! You make your own decisions! In the days following Christmas, Pizza Hut will be open as normal on December 26, so if you have any last minute gift-opening returns to make at the mall or errands to run before New Year’s Eve, feel free to swing by for a piece of pizza or wings, breadsticks, or whatever else your heart wants. After the craziness of the holiday gift-giving season, you most certainly deserve it. You Might Also LikeCarbohydrate Cravings? We crafted this 21-day Keto plan specifically for you
  • insanely simple weeknight dinners to try this week
  • 29 insanely delicious vodka cocktails to try this week
  • and more.

R&L Foods Overview

  1. R&L Foods, Inc.
  2. is a restaurant company based in Texas.
  3. Taco Bell and Pizza Hut restaurants, as well as KFC fast

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