How Many Apple Pies In Pizza Hut Order?

You may be tempted to hug your delivery driver, too, next time you order from Pizza Hut. The company teamed up with Cinnabon to create the perfect dessert to follow your pizza. Crafted By Cinnabon Mini Rolls are available now exclusively at Pizza Hut, and I can tell you firsthand—they’re amazing.

How many slices are in a Pizza Hut Pizza?

What’s their size? How many pies should you order? Pizza Hut’s small 8” personal pizza has four to six slices, serves one or two, and costs $9.99. The 12” pizza goes for $12.49, has six to eight slices, and serves two to four people. Then, the large 14” goes for $15.49-$18.49 and has 12 slices enough to feed 4-6 people.

How much is a large pizza at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut’s small 8” personal pizza has four to six slices, serves one or two, and costs $9.99. The 12” pizza goes for $12.49, has six to eight slices, and serves two to four people. Then, the large 14” goes for $15.49-$18.49 and has 12 slices enough to feed 4-6 people. Who is Pizza Hut?

How many slices of apple pie should I order?

Order with three slices for adults in mind, and two for kids. But, remember that the kids don’t have to take too much. Of course, they will insist, but you’ve got to be smarter. If kids took two small pieces, they would appreciate more than one large slice. Ask the attendant to cut the pie into more slices.

What size pizza should I order for a group?

Whether you are ordering for a group or just for two, you’ll need to get your number right. If you’re hungry and you need a pie to fuel your afternoon, a small pizza would do. But, if you’re in a large group, the large-sized pie might be an understatement!

Does Pizza Hut sell apple pies?

Pizza Hut Apple Pie (2 pies) Calories

There are 330 calories in a Apple Pie (2 pies) from Pizza Hut.

Is apple pie the most popular?

What’s the most popular pie in the United States? According to The Harris Poll, the all-time favorite is as American as apple pie because it is apple pie, with 12 percent of those surveyed ranking this dessert as their number one.

Where is Apple Pie the most popular?

Apple pie with cheddar is popular in the American Midwest and New England, particularly in Vermont, where it is considered the state dish.

Why did McDonald’s discontinue apple pies?

McDonald’s made the decision to discontinue the fried pies in 1992, opting instead for a baked version to appeal to customer preferences and dining trends.

What is the 7.99 deal at Pizza Hut?

$7.99 Large 3-Topping Pizza | Pickup Deal

Pick up a Large 3-Topping Pizza for only $7.99 at Pizza Hut! Order Now!

What is Pizza Hut $10 deal?

Pizza Hut is introducing the $10 Tastemaker, where you can choose any three toppings on a large pizza for just $10 – and get it any way you want it, via contactless delivery, carryout or curbside pickup.

What is the number 1 pie in America?

And the vote is in: America’s favorite pie is apple pie. As we wrote about in our blog on the history of apple pie, today’s apple pie is quite unlike the delicious dessert’s predecessor. In fact, the pies were once made with hard, inedible crusts that simply served to preserve the pie’s contents.

Which pie is the most American?

America’ favorite pie is apple pie. There’s no major surprise there, as apple pie ranked the highest with 12 percent of Americans marking it as a favorite. However, the second place winner is the most surprising.

Is apple pie really American?

Apple pie is a longstanding symbol of America, but the dessert didn’t actually come from America, and neither did the apples. Apples are native to Asia, and have been in America about as long as Europeans have.

What are the 3 most popular pies in America?

America’s Favorite Pies

  • Chocolate creme, 32 percent.
  • Cherry, 27 percent.
  • Apple crumb, 25 percent.
  • Pecan, 24 percent.
  • Lemon Meringue, 24 percent.
  • Blueberry, 21 percent.
  • Key lime, 18 percent.
  • Peach, 16 percent.
  • What is the most eaten pie?

    What Is the Most Popular Pie in America? The search data reveals that the most popular pies across the country are apple pie and peanut butter pie.

    What is the most famous pie in the world?

    The Most Popular Pies Around the World

    Shockingly, the savory Maple Bacon Breakfast Pie beat out apple, chocolate, pecan, and coconut cream to take home the social media site’s top honors.

    What happened to Burger King apple pie?

    A Burger King rep confirmed to Delish: ‘Burger King restaurants will no longer be offering the apple pie as part of our dessert menu since our supplier is no longer producing the product.’ This year is just great, isn’t it?

    Does Popeyes have apple pie?

    Popeye’s Cinnamon Apple Pie is covered in cinnamon.

    At $1.29, Popeye’s Cinnamon Apple Pie has a higher price point than Taco Bell’s version, but it’s also closer to what you’d expect from a traditional pie.

    What happened to McDonald’s fried apple pies?

    That was the year that the Fried Apple Pies from the McDonald’s menu were permanently removed from the regular menu. The fried pies were replaced to add the baked ones available today, even though those too were recently revamped.

    Do you have a discount at Pizza Hut fried WingStreet?

    Discounts Are Not Applicable To Tax, Delivery Charge, Or Driver Tip. Availability Of Fried WingStreet® Products And Flavors Varies By Pizza Hut® Location. If You Are Using A Screen Reader And Are Having Problems Using This Website, Please Call 800-948-8488 For Assistance.

    What is the phone number for Pizza Hut customer service?

    If You Are Using A Screen Reader And Are Having Problems Using This Website, Please Call 800-948-8488 For Assistance. © 2019 Pizza Hut, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Pizza Hut Name, Logos And Related Marks Are Trademarks Of Pizza Hut, LLC.

    Is Pizza Hut a registered trademark?

    The Pizza Hut Name, Logos And Related Marks Are Trademarks Of Pizza Hut, LLC. The HERSHEY’S® And SPECIAL DARK® Trademarks And Trade Dress Are Used Under License From The Hershey Company. PEPSI®, PEPSI®-COLA, PEPSI® MAX And The Pepsi® Globe Are Registered Trademarks Of PepsiCo, Inc.

    Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes & Price: How Many Pizzas Do I Order?

    • Are you seeking for a tasty snack that will keep you full? Get yourself to a Pizza Hut! Despite being the world’s largest pizza chain, the restaurant doesn’t always get enough credit. Here you can get a pepperoni pie or one of the more complex varieties of pizza. However, there are various additional options on the menu. So, how much do Pizza Hut pizzas cost and how big are they? How big are they? How many pies do you think you should order? The small 8″ personal pizza from Pizza Hut includes four to six slices, serves one or two people, and costs $9.99.
    • The 12″ pizza costs $12.49 and serves two to four individuals with six to eight slices.
    • The large 14″ costs $15.49 to $18.49 and comes with 12 slices, enough to feed 4-6 people.

    Pizza Hut Pizza Sizes & Price

    Features\ Sizes Personal Pizza Medium Pizza Large Pizza
    Size in Inches 8” 12” 14”
    No of slices 4-6 6-8 12
    Price in USD $9.99 $12.49 $15.49 to $18.49
    Servings 1-2 2-4 4-6

    Keep in mind that this information differs from one site to another and might change over time. It’s a good idea to double-check with your local retailer.

    Who is Pizza Hut?

    Since 1958, Pizza Hut has been providing the globe with some of the most delectable pizzas available anywhere.When Dan and Frank Carney opened the first Pizza Hut location in Wichita, they probably had no idea that their business would grow into the household name that it is today.Today, Pizza Hut maintains its headquarters in Plano, Texas, and has more than 18000 locations worldwide, serving Italian-American food.When it comes to the number of locations, Pizza Huts outperforms all other pizza restaurants throughout the world.The restaurants are based on the core notion of a family supper, with the tagline ″Flavor of Now!″ as their slogan.The menu consists of Italian-American cuisine as well as Mediterranean delicacies such as Italian-themed wine, dry spaghetti, extra virgin olive oil, and tomato sauce.

    The Italian cuisines, in fact, are one of the top three most popular cuisines in the United States.Yum!Pizza Hut is owned by Brands, Inc., but the locations are operated as franchises by thousands of owners across the world.

    • More than 160,000 individuals are employed by the company across the world.

    Size & Price By Pizza Hut Types

    Just taking a look at Pizza Hut’s menu will demonstrate why they are known as ″the Cadillac of pizzerias.″ Their extensive assortment of pizza ensures that everyone will find something to fulfill their hunger!When faced with such a diverse selection of delicacies, it might be difficult to determine which is the most nutritious.However, if you already know what you enjoy, this may be a simple task.

    Pizza Hut’s Meat Pizza

    Do you consume a lot of meat? If you answered yes, the Meat Lover’s Pizza should be your go-to pizza! This pizza is jam-packed with a variety of meat toppings and will satisfy your cravings!

    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49

    Pizza Hut’s Barbeque Pizza

    BBQ can be even more delectable than fried meat on occasion. This sentence makes sense to you. If this is the case, you’d prefer a couple slices of barbeque on top of your pizza. Your requests are granted by the pizzeria, which adds many chunks of meat to your pizza toppings.

    BBQ Lover’s™ (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49

    Pepperoni Pizza

    You should start with the pepperoni pizza if you want your pizza to have a bright red color. It’s a classic pie, and its devotees would almost certainly sue us if we didn’t put it on this list.

    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49

    The all-natural pizza

    If eating healthy is second nature to you, you might want to experiment with a pizza composed entirely of natural ingredients.Consumers all across the world are clamoring for healthier options on the menus of fast-food establishments.They’re even ready to pay a higher price for healthier, organic, and natural food options.Pizza Hut, on the other hand, offers a variety of nutritious options on its menu.The all-natural pizza is available in a variety of tastes, toppings, and combinations.It’s still pizza, but it’s far more nutritious and natural.

    Pizza Hut Cheese Pizzas

    Do you have a weakness for cheese? The Mozzarella Stuffed Crust Pizza turns out to be a good choice for you! To be sure, it’s more of a pizza base than it is a pizza itself. When you don’t want to be bothered with too many toppings, or when you’re ordering a neutral pizza for a group, this is the pie for you!

    Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza Size & Price

    Hand-Tossed Medium $8.49
    Hand-Tossed Large $10.49
    Pan Pizza Personal $4.29
    Pan Pizza Medium $8.49
    Pan Pizza Large $10.49
    Thin N Crispy Medium $8.49
    Thin N Crispy Large $10.49
    Stuffed Crust Large $12.49
    Skinny Slice Large $10.49

    Pizza Hut’s Vegan Pizza

    Vegans, like everyone else, have a valid argument.Nutritionists are still divided on the feasibility of a vegetarian diet in its entirety, but that is a discussion for another day.Pizza Hut has enough space for everyone, and they feel that everyone deserves a slice of their delicious pizza!There are a plethora of delectable vegan pizzas available on the menu.You’d get a variety of vegetables, including red onions, mushrooms, spinach, lettuce, and pepper, among others.The Premium Garden Veggie Pizza, for example, is not only nutritious, but it is also flavorful and appealing.

    By ordering your pizza from Pizza Hut, you may reduce your carb intake.

    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49

    Pizza Hut Toppings

    • A pizza without the toppings is only a base, and it is not a complete meal. The toppings are what distinguish a pizza from the others. Pizza Hut, on the other hand, has a more limited assortment of basic toppings than either Domino’s or Papa John’s. For example, you won’t find the usual feta, salami, provolone, or spinach toppings on your sandwich. Of course, it isn’t harmful to anyone because many people stick to the traditional toppings such as peppers and mushrooms while making pizza. Some of the toppings include: beef
    • olives
    • jalapenos
    • onions
    • sausage
    • bacon
    • chicken
    • red and green peppers
    • mushrooms
    • and a variety of other ingredients.
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    How many Pizza Hut pies should I order?

    Whether you’re purchasing for a party or just for yourself, you’ll need to be sure your order is accurate.A small pizza would enough if you’re hungry and need something to power your afternoon activities.However, if you’re traveling with a large party, the giant-sized pie may be an underestimate.But how can you figure out how many pies you need to order?How will you strike a balance between the possibility of having leftovers and serving too little food to your guests?How many slices will the adults consume, and how many less slices will the children consume?

    Order with three slices for adults and two slices for children in mind.However, keep in mind that the children are not required to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.Of course, they will demand, but you must be more intelligent in your approach.

    • Children would appreciate two tiny pieces of pizza more than one huge slice if they were given two small pieces of pizza.
    • Inquire with the attendant about cutting the pie into more wedges.

    How to order from Pizza Hut

    After you’ve determined how many pizzas you’ll need, make sure to place your order in the proper manner.Pizza Hut provides a plethora of easy options for ordering your favorite food.You may place your order by just walking into any store.Alternatively, you may contact the firm and request that a pizza delivery representative be dispatched to your area.When you want to sit down, have your lunch, and then go, the walk-in technique is the most convenient.You may even pay with cash and have your bespoke pizza delivered directly to your door.

    Alternatively, you may relax on your party sofa and let the delivery agents take care of the rest.You can order your Hut Pizza directly from your Xbox, as well as through a variety of other handy means.The best part?

    Ordering by phone

    All you have to do is call the business if you have the phone number or email address of the location where you want to go. In less than an hour, they should have your pizza delivered.

    Ordering Online

    Domino’s began a strategic initiative in 2010 to embrace high-tech means of delivery.Pizza Hut, on the other hand, had different plans and began developing locations all over the world.Each of the two restaurants achieved success in its respective endeavors: Hut dominated the globe in the number of shops, while Domino’s reaffirmed its position as the undisputed leader in online orders.You could find your Yelp or Google Maps app useful when you’re on the go with your phone.Simply look for the address of the nearest restaurant to your house or location.Then you can see if the Pizza Hut location offers the pizza you’re looking for.

    However, according to The Drum, Pizza Hut is already in the midst of putting up a big strategy to dethrone Domino’s as the world’s largest online ordering company.The company has already begun rolling out many bots and an online department to guarantee that you may place purchases from whatever social media site you want!

    Video showing Pizza Hut’s quick delivery strategy

    Order from Pizza Hut App

    Become one of the 20 million smartphone users who rely on the Pizza Hut application to order their pizzas and other items from the restaurant chain. The application is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems. This software truly puts the restaurant in the palm of your hand, so to speak.

    Get a $10 voucher if the delivery exceeds 40 minutes!

    One of the most interesting aspects of Pizza Hut’s strategy to win the internet wars is the company’s ability to serve food quickly. If your pizza delivery takes more than 40 minutes, you have the option of claiming $10 in vouchers from the restaurant.


    Can I tip the pizza delivery guy?

    The unwritten convention in the United States is that you should tip the attendant around 15 percent of the entire amount you have spent.To be honest, it’s not a crime to bypass this step, but Pizza Hut does not have an issue with you tipping the delivery representative.Of course, you are not permitted to tip more than you are able to afford.When it comes to pizza delivery, $3 is more than plenty, especially if the weather is bad or the delivery is problematic.

    How much is Pizza Hut’s delivery fee?

    Previously, Pizza Hut charged $8 for delivery services. You may save money on your pizza by buying it online, though, because the eatery has abolished the surcharge. Pizza Hut was the first of the world’s top five pizzerias to provide free delivery, and it remains the only one to do so.

    • Advantages of Pizza Hut Cons of eating at Pizza Hut With approximately 20,000 locations worldwide, Papa John’s is the largest pizza franchise in the world.
    • A large selection of specialty Italian pizzas is available
    • Free delivery is provided.
    • Pizzas with reduced calorie and high nutritional value are available on the menu.
    • There is a large assortment of vegan pizzas
    • A limited selection of toppings
    • Calories in Pizza Hut Apple Pie and Nutrition Facts

      Food database and calorie counter Source: Member
      Nutrition Facts
      Serving Size 2 pieces (87 g)

      Calories in a serving: 330 percent of the daily recommended intake * 17.00 grams of total fat; 22 percent saturated fat; 5.000 grams; 25 percent trans fat; 0.000 grams 0.000g Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 0.000g Monounsaturated Fatty Acids Cholesterol is zero milligrams.Sodium 190mg (zero percent) 8% of the population Carbohydrates in total: 40.00g 2.0g of dietary fiber (15 percent of total calories) 7 percent of the calories come from sugar.20.00g Protein 2.00g Carbohydrates The following nutrients are present: Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium.* 0% of the total The percent Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient in a serving of food indicates how much that nutrient contributes to a person’s daily diet.For general nutrition guidance, 2,000 calories per day is recommended.Is the information on this page incorrect or incomplete?

      To make changes, click here.The most recent update was made on October 19, 2011 at 7:24 p.m.FatSecret Platform API is the source of this information.

      16% of RDI* (330 calories)
      Calorie Breakdown: Carbohydrate (50%)Fat (48%)Protein (2%)

      The following calculations were made using an RDI of 2000 calories: What is my Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for this supplement?



      Nutrition summary:

      Calories 330 Fat 17g Carbs 40g Protein 2g
      There are 330 calories in 2 pieces (87 g) of Pizza Hut Apple Pie.
      Calorie breakdown: 48% fat, 50% carbs, 2% protein.

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      Other Types of Pies:

      Cherry Pie
      Pumpkin Pie
      Lemon Meringue Pie
      Apple Pie
      Blueberry Pie
      Pecan Pie
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      Other Types of Desserts:

      Ice Cream
      Chocolate Chip Cookie
      Chocolate Cake (with Chocolate Frosting)
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      The Most Popular Pie In The U.S. Is A Classic

      Shutterstock What is the most popular type of pie in the United States of America?According to a poll conducted by The Harris Poll, the all-time favorite is as distinctly American as apple pie itself.because it is apple pie, with 12 percent of those polled naming this delicacy as their favorite dessert in the world.So, who is the second-place finisher?For 10 percent of those who answered the survey, seeing the moon as if it were a delicious pizza pie is a romantic moment.However, a surprising number of respondents (72 percent) stated that they prefer sweet pies over their savory counterparts.

      Could it be that they are simply not aware that pizza does not contain any sugar, because they are so sweet on this nighttime favorite?An increasing number of American celebs share our national fondness for apple pie, according to Bon Appetit, including the Obama family, Miss Americana Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber, among others.However, when it comes to what we want for dessert on Thanksgiving Day, particularly, this all-American delicacy comes in third place, according to a survey regarding Thanksgiving desserts performed by Harris as part of its research into Thanksgiving desserts.

      • More than a third of us, or 36%, want to finish our Thanksgiving meal with a slice of pumpkin, and 17% want pecan, compared to only 14% who want an apple.

      Americans want to eat all the pies

      Shutterstock What other kind of pies received high marks in the poll?Simply said, if we were all presented with one of those rotating dessert displays found in diners, we wouldn’t all be fighting over the final piece of any one particular dessert.According to the results of the study, pie preferences are as diverse as our country itself, with pecan, cherry, pumpkin, coconut cream, chicken pot pie, key lime, and other crust-ensconced alternatives each garnering a tiny number of votes, according to the results.Of course, the person who makes the pie may have some effect on whether or not the pie is your personal favorite.Your grandmother’s apple pie is unbeatable, but your sister’s chocolate cream pie is just delectable.And if you’re dining somewhere else, you’re out of luck.

      Among the greatest pies in the United States, a rating of the best slices recognized the key lime pie provided at Sweet Delights in Miami, Florida, as the best slice, with the second-best slice going to a gelato pie offered at Gelatology in Las Vegas, Nevada (per Insider).

      Apple pie – Wikipedia

      • Apple pie is a traditional dessert in the United States. A pie with a lattice top is an apple pie. England is the country of origin. Temperature at which food is served Whether hot or frigid Ingredients that are essential Apples, flour, sugar, milk, cinnamon, butter, and salt are some of the ingredients. 236 kcal of energy per 100 g portion of food (988 kJ) Apple pie in a cookbook
      • apple pie in a piece of media

      An apple pie is a type of pie in which apples serve as the primary filling ingredient.England is home to the world’s first printed recipe.When serving apple pie, whipped cream, ice cream (″apple pie à la mode″), or cheddar cheese are common accompaniments.It is often double-crusted, with pastry covering both the top and bottom of the filling; the upper crust may be solid or latticed.It is served warm (woven of crosswise strips).It is possible to bake the bottom crust separately (″blind″) in order to avoid it from becoming mushy.

      Deep-dish apple pie is frequently made with only the top crust.Tarte Tatin is traditionally baked with the crust on top, but it is typically served with the crust on the bottom.Apple pie is an unofficial national emblem of the United States, as well as one of the country’s most beloved comfort meals.


      Apple pie can be cooked with a variety of apples depending on the kind.Braeburn, Gala, Cortland, Bramley, Empire, Northern Spy, Granny Smith, and McIntosh are among of the more popular cooking apples, along with Cortland, Bramley, and Bramley.The fruit for the pie might be fresh, tinned, or made from dried apples and reconstituted in a pie pan.Originally, dried or preserved apples were only used as a replacement for fresh fruit when fresh fruit was unavailable.A typical filling for a pound cake consists of sugar, butter, and cinnamon, with or without lemon juice or nutmeg, depending on the recipe; many earlier recipes ask for honey in place of the then-expensive sugar.


      A slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top Apple pie is frequently served a la mode, that is, with ice cream on top of it.— Philadelphia, 1893: ″Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.″ Another method of presenting the finished pie is to lay a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top of or beside a slice of the finished pie.Appetizers such as apple pie with cheddar cheese are popular in the American Midwest and New England, and especially in Vermont, where it is regarded as the state dessert.Wensleydale cheese is commonly used in the northern regions of England.


      • Apple pie made with enriched wheat and professionally prepared apples (Daily Value) Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz) of dried fruit 992 kilojoules (237 kcal) of energy Carbohydrates Sugars: 34.0 g, 15.65 g 1.6 g of dietary fiber 11.0 g of fat 1.9 g of protein Vitamins % of DV in a given quantity Thiamine (B1)2 percent 0.028 mg Thiamine (B1)2 percent 0.028 mg Riboflavin (B2)2 percent 0.027 mg Riboflavin (B2)2 percent 0.027 mg Niacin (B3)2 percent 0.263 mg Niacin (B3)2 percent 0.263 mg Pantothenic acid (B5)2 percent 0.119 mg Pantothenic acid (B5)2 percent 0.119 mg Vitamin B63 percent 0.038 mg Vitamin B63 percent 0.038 mg 28 micrograms of folic acid (B9) cholesterol1 percent (7.2 mg) Vitamin C4 (3.2 mg) as a percent of total vitamin C Minerals % of DV in a given quantity Calcium1 percent 11 mg calcium1 percent 11 mg calcium1 percent 11 mg calcium1 percent 11 mg Iron3 percent 0.45 mg (in gram) Magnesium2 percent (7 mg) Magnesium2 percent Manganese9 percent 0.18 mg manganese9 percent The phosphorus content is 3 percent (24 mg). 65 milligrams of potassium per one percent of the total. Sodium (13 percent of total) 201 mg The percentage of zinc2 is 0.16 mg. Quantity of other constituents 52.2 g of water This is a link to the USDA Database entry. Micrograms (g) are the smallest unit of measurement. mg stands for milligrams
      • IU stands for international units.
      †Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults. Source: USDA FoodData Central

      Approximately 52 percent of an apple pie produced professionally is water, followed by 34 percent carbs, 2% protein, and 11 percent fat (table). A 100-gram portion has 237 calories and 13 percent of the recommended Daily Value of salt for adults in the United States, with no other micronutrients in significant amounts in the serving (table).

      English style

      The Forme of Cury, a 14th-century recipe book, includes a recipe that includes nice apples, good spices, figs, raisins, and pears baked in a cofyn, a pastry casing, as well as other ingredients.The filling is colored with saffron.Shortcrust dough is used to cover a thick layer of sweetened apple slices (typically Bramley), which are piled into a dome shape to allow for downward shrinkage and avoid a droopy centre.The pie is then baked until the apple filling is done.Apple pie is a popular dessert in English-speaking nations, where it is commonly referred to as a ″comfort meal.″ It can be served hot or cold, on its own or with ice cream, double cream, or custard.

      Dutch style

      Dutch apple pie has been around since the Middle Ages, according to historical records.A recipe for Appeltaerten (modern Dutch Appeltaarten ‘apple pies’) is documented in an early Dutch language cookbook from 1514, Een notabel boecxken van cokeryen (″A remarkable small cooking book″), which was letterpress printed in Brussels by Thomas van der Noot, who may possibly have been the author.On top of a regular pie crust, slices of very soft apples with their skins and seeds removed were placed, followed by den selven deeghe daer die taecte (more of the same dough), which was another early dish that was easy.After that, it was cooked in a traditional Dutch oven.It is possible that the apple slices would be passed through a sieve before being mixed with a wooden spoon after the pie was cooked (except for the edges) and then the top crust (except for the edges) would be cut out from the centre.As a final step, according to the book, the pie should be seasoned with a variety of spices such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, mace, and powdered sugar.

      Following that, the pie is placed back into the oven to finish drying once the contents have been well mixed with the cream.It is possible to find two types of traditional Dutch apple pie: a crumb pie (appelkruimeltaart) and a lattice pie (appeltaart) style pie.Both recipes are unusual in that they often ask for the addition of flavorings such as cinnamon and lemon juice, and they differ in texture rather than flavor.

      • Apple pies made with Dutch cream butter, raisins, and almond paste, in addition to the standard components of apples and sugar, can be distinguished from other apple pie recipes by the presence of additional ingredients such as raisins and almond paste.
      • The crust on the bottom and around the borders of a Dutch apple pie serves as the foundation.
      • In this pastry crust, bits or slices of apple are placed, generally a crisp and somewhat tart kind such as Goudreinet or Elstar, before being baked.
      • In most cases, cinnamon and sugar are added to the apple filling before baking.
      1. Alternatively, strands of dough wrap the pie in a lattice, holding the filling in place but allowing it to be seen through the lattice, or crumbs can be sprinkled on top of the pie.
      2. It can be served warm or cold, and it is sometimes topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream to make it more decadent.
      3. In the United States, ″Dutch apple pie″ refers to an apple pie made in the traditional way with a crumb or streusel topping.

      French style

      1. When compared to the traditional version of the sweet treat, one type of French style apple pie is somewhat different.
      2. As opposed to being served right way up with a crust on top and bottom, it is actually served upside down with caramelized fruit on top and bottom.
      3. This recipe may be made not just with apples, but also with other fruits or vegetables, like as pears or tomatoes.
      4. See Tarte Tatin for further information.
      5. Another option is to offer the dish in a more traditional manner, which includes variations such as the Norman tart.

      Swedish style

      1. In contrast to a standard crust pie, the apple pie made in the Swedish manner is largely a type of apple crumble mixture.
      2. Breadcrumbs are frequently substituted for flour (either entirely or in part), and rolled oats are occasionally used in place of flour.
      3. It is frequently served with vanilla custard or ice cream and has a cinnamon flavoring to enhance the experience.
      4. Additionally, there is a highly famous variation known as äppelkaka (apple cake), which varies from the pie in that it is a sponge cake that has been baked with fresh apple bits in it.

      In American culture

      1. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the English, the Dutch, and the Swedes brought apple pie to the American colonies.
      2. Because there were no native apples other than crabapples, which produce very small and sour fruit, the creation of the apple pie had to wait until the planting of European varieties that had been brought across the Atlantic and developed into fruit-bearing apple trees that could be selected for their cooking qualities.
      3. By contrast, meat pies, or ″pasties,″ were more commonly made by the colonists, who referred to them as coffins (which means basket) rather than fruit pies; and when apples were available, the principal use for them was in apple cider (which they called ″coffins″).
      4. However, there are American apple pie recipes dating back to the 18th century, both in manuscript and written form, and the delicacy has since become a highly popular treat.
      5. Apple varieties are often propagated by grafting, or as clones, although in the New World, planting from seeds was more common, which resulted in the emergence of hundreds of new local kinds.

      Apple varieties are typically propagated by grafting, or as clones.Apple pie was a popular dish in Delaware throughout the 18th century.Dr.Israel Acrelius, a New Sweden historian, said in a letter to the editor of the journal New Sweden: ″Fresh apples are used in apple pie throughout the year, and when fresh apples are no longer available, dried apples are substituted.It is the children’s evening supper at this time.″ The faux apple pie, which is constructed of crackers, was most likely devised for usage onboard ships, as it was known to the British Royal Navy as early as 1812, according to the National Geographic.

      • The antebellum period of the 1850s is when the earliest known published recipes for imitation apple pie were discovered to exist.
      • Ritz Crackers advertised a recipe for imitation apple pie that used their product, as well as sugar and a variety of spices, in the 1930s and for many years beyond that period.
      • During the Siege of Petersburg, Rhode Island army officers celebrated the Fourth of July by eating apple pie, which was one of the delicacies served during their celebrations.
      • Although apple pie has been consumed in Europe for centuries prior to European colonization of the Americas, the term ″as American as apple pie″ refers to anything that is ″essentially American.″ Apple pie rose to prominence over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a symbol of American affluence and national pride.

      The following year, a newspaper story said that ″No pie-eating population can be fully conquered.″ This was in 1902.The meal was also honored by the slogan ″for Mom and apple pie,″ which was allegedly the standard response given by American soldiers during World War II when asked why they were fighting.In their patriotic 1950 song ″The Fiery Bear,″ Jack Holden and Frances Kay created a contrast between this icon of American culture and the Russian bear of the Soviet Union by singing: ″The Fiery Bear.″ Baseball and apple pie are two of our favorite things.Our county fair is one of our favorite events.We’ll keep the American flag flying high.

      There’s no room for a bear in this environment.A popular commercial jingle from the 1970s used the words ″baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet″ to draw attention to the patriotic link.A 9-inch-diameter pie crust baked in a fluted pie dish with an apple filling flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice is typical of modern American apple pie recipes.

      The pie can be topped with lattice or forms carved out of the top for decoration, or it can be plain.Apple pie is the favorite pie of one out of every five Americans questioned (19 percent), followed by pumpkin pie (13 percent) and pecan pie (11 percent) (12 percent ).Pie Town, New Mexico is an unincorporated hamlet in the state of New Mexico that gets its name from apple pie.


      • Rose Apple Pie
      • Apple Roses Pie

      See also


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      External links

      • History of food in chronological order Notes: Apple Pie
      • A Apple Pie, an 1886 painting by Kate Greenaway. Published by Project Gutenberg, this children’s book is printed on woodblocks and is based on an older rhyme.
      • The Dutch Table is a formalized version of the term ″Dutch Table.″ Dutch Apple Pie
      • Liesbeth de Vos’ Dutch Apple Pie Recipe
      • Liesbeth de Vos’ Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

      A Brief History of McDonald’s Apple Pie

      1. Throughout its almost 50-year history, McDonald’s apple pie has grabbed the attention of the American eating public, undergoing various modifications along the way.
      2. The history of the pastry-wrapped apple-filled dessert begins with its introduction in the late 1960s, continues through a controversy over whether it should be fried or baked, and concludes in the current day with another attempt to make the dessert healthier.
      3. Over the years, the fast-food company has developed more than 40 different variations of the apple pie, each with a different filling, such as strawberry, pineapple, or pumpkin, depending on the season.
      4. Popular tastes in countries other than the United States include taro (China), sweet corn (Thailand), and berries and currants (UK).
      5. Here’s a short look back at the history of the McDonald’s apple pie.

      The recipe for McDonald’s apple pie comes from a franchisee in Knoxville, Tennessee, called Litton Cochran, who had founded the city’s first McDonald’s in 1960 and was also the city’s first McDonald’s employee.When McDonald’s released the Big Mac in 1968, it was the first dessert to be added to the menu.The apple pie was the first dessert added to the McDonald’s menu in 1968.Original recipe and turnover-style pie were fried until crisp and golden brown, then served hot in a cardboard carton folded in half and stuffed with apricot preserves.According to Mental Floss, the apple pie served at McDonald’s in the 1970s was the inspiration for a new McDonaldland character: the Apple Pie Tree.

      • (The tree, as well as the other McDonaldland characters that were introduced at the time, such as Officer Big Mac, Grimace, and the Hamburglar, were decommissioned in 2003; Ronald McDonald is the sole mascot that the company presently uses.) McDonald’s took the decision to withdraw the fried pies in 1992, choosing instead for a baked variant that would appeal to the changing tastes of customers and eating choices.
      • As of today, the baked pies are filled with six species of apples that the firm claims are chosen and farmed in the United States: Fuji, Golden Delicious, Jonagold (also known as Rome), Gala (also known as Gala), and Ida Red (also known as Ida).
      • As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, McDonald’s challenged its culinary staff in 2016 to develop a new recipe for the pie that employed sliced apples rather than diced and switched the conventional solid top for a more attractive lattice-top crust.
      • Versions of this pie were tested in Southern California and North Carolina before being made available across the United States.

      Then, in 2018, the apple pie was given a contemporary facelift, as follows: According to the firm, the new recipe features less sugar and fewer additives in general, as well as genuine butter and more cinnamon for added taste and flavor.Despite the fact that McDonald’s fried pies have been out of business for 25 years, nostalgia for the original persists.It’s a combination made in heaven when the crispy outside crust is paired with the hot, sweet filling inside.″ ″The pies were really apple turnovers in the shape of a golden-flaky rectangle,″ according to a post on the pie blog Everything Pies.For some, the new baked version never quite managed to capture the flavor of the crunchy, fried crust they were accustomed to.According to Los Angeles magazine, Eric Greenspan, the chef behind the now-defunct Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese in Los Angeles, discovered a treasure trove of McDonald’s original apple pies when attending a trade event in Chicago a few years ago.

      Upon meeting a man who was linked to the vendor who supplied the pies to McDonald’s, Greenspan was able to buy cases of the originals to use on his restaurant’s menu, said Eater.Greenspan’s restaurant, The Greenspan, is located in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District.″People were really taken aback.

      We didn’t sell as many as we had hoped since, basically, it’s still fried apple pie with a grilled cheese sandwich, which isn’t that appetizing.He describes it as ″aggressive.″ Despite this, Greenspan claims that several fried pie connoisseurs made their way to the restaurant for a taste of the unofficial fan favorite dessert..The adage goes, if you can’t produce something better, you should purchase it.″I’ve always felt this to be true.

      There’s no one who can build anything greater than that,″ he claims.″It’s the bubbles,″ says the narrator.When you fried them, they burst into flames.″ In fact, when the original recipe was deep-fried, small bubbles appeared on the top, giving the chips a distinct crispness that was unlike any other potato chip.Other like-minded enthusiasts have attempted to recreate the texture in their own works.Obsessed with food Chef J.

      1. Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats, who is also the culinary director, detailed his own personal experience in 2012.
      2. He obtained two of today’s standard baked apple pies and fried them, first at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes, which proved to be too hot, and then at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for three minutes, which resulted in a pie with ″a crisp crust with the deep, burnished hue that immediately transported me back to my childhood,″ according to the author.
      3. A look back at the history of McDonald’s apple pie may be found here:

      1968: Apple pie joins the menu

      McDonald’s apple pie was deep-fried and served hot in a cardboard wrapper when it first opened its doors. Since then, McDonald’s has introduced more than 40 distinct variations of its apple pie, each with a different filling, a different cooking process, and a lattice or plain top, among other variations.

      1971: McDonald’s introduces the Apple Pie Tree

      1. Apple Pie Tree, the Hamburglar, Grimace, and Ronald McDonald are just a few of the McDonaldland characters that have been released by McDonald’s.
      2. The tree was a supporting figure who was frequently visible behind the main characters, with apple pies dangling from its branches.
      3. A brand marketing campaign featured it at restaurant play areas all around the country as part of a promotional push for the company.
      4. The characters of McDonaldland (with the exception of Ronald McDonald) were retired in 2003.

      1992: Baked pies

      McDonald’s makes the decision to switch from its usual fried pie to a baked pie, generating considerable consternation among its customer base. In addition, the company offers a baked cherry pie.

      2011: The pie family grows

      McDonald’s Pie is available in a variety of flavors, including cherry, peach, strawberry, pumpkin, and sweet potato, as well as a special seasonal recipe.

      2012: Pies get fancier

      McDonald’s is introducing a new array of Signature pies, which will debut with a strawberry and crème pie this year and expand throughout the year. A s’mores pie is also being introduced by the brand.

      2013: More new pie flavors

      New mixed berries and lemon pie, as well as cherries and crème pie, are being tested by McDonald’s. A new peaches and crème pie is also being tested by McDonald’s.

      2014: Fried pies make a (minor) comeback

      Having made contact with a vendor that supplies McDonald’s with apple pies, chef Eric Greenspan decided to include one on the dessert menu at his now-defunct LA eatery Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese. The business is no longer in operation.

      2016: Welcome back, lattice-top

      After testing a new pie recipe that used slices of apples rather than chopped, McDonald’s decided to replace the basic solid top with a more attractive lattice-top crust. The new recipe was introduced in 2016.

      2016: The pie lineup expands further

      Strawberry and crème, cherry, cherries and crème, blueberries and crème, guava and crème, peaches and crème, pumpkin and crème, and sweet potato and crème are some of the new flavors that have been introduced recently.

      2018: The apple pie’s modern makeover

      1. During the month of September 2018, McDonald’s unveiled its newest attempt to make the apple pie more nutritious: The new recipe comprises less sugar and fewer ingredients in general, including genuine butter, and it also contains extra cinnamon to give it a more flavorful finish.
      2. Dana Hatic is an associate editor at Eater Boston.
      3. She has a background in journalism.
      4. Daniela Galarza is the editor of this publication.
      5. Eater has a comprehensive coverage on McDonald’s.

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