When Did Taco Bell Discontinue The Mexican Pizza?

Much to the disappointment of Taco Bell loyalists everywhere, the fast food joint pulled the beloved pizza-taco hybrid from the menu in November 2020, along with several other fan favorites (via Thrillist).

Does Taco Bell still have the Mexican pizza?

And while Taco Bell ended up bringing back several discontinued menu items this year, the Mexican Pizza wasn’t one of them. Enter Del Taco, with its own version of a crunchy tostada called the Crunchtada.

Is Del Taco making a new Mexican pizza?

At long last, the Mexican Pizza is back—but not at Taco Bell. Instead, rival chain Del Taco is launching a new product line aimed at assuaging the disappointment of Taco Bell customers.

The Untold Truth Of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

Shutterstock Can’t make up your mind whether to have tacos or pizza tonight?Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza may have been the solution, but unless you want to try your hand at manufacturing a copycat version of it, you’re out of luck for the time being.Sadly for Taco Bell fans everywhere, the renowned pizza-taco combination will be removed from their menu in November 2020, along with a number of other popular items (via Thrillist).Mexican Pizza, which is fully customizable with all of Taco Bell’s sauces and add-ons at your disposal, has long been a crowd favorite, and at just four dollars for a double tostada layered, meat-loaded pizza, there’s no other option on the Taco Bell menu that will give you quite the same value for money.Many people were taken aback when they learned that the Mexican Pizza had been discontinued, given how distinctive it was.

Since its launch in 1985 (as documented on YouTube), the Mexican Pizza has stayed on the menu through every logo change, recipe update, and the introduction and discontinuation of special edition products.So, how did all of Taco Bell’s years of success result in the company discontinuing such a popular item apparently overnight?

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza wasn’t discontinued because of low sales

Shutterstock As seen by the outpouring of support on social media, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza was and continues to be one of the most popular menu items on the company’s menu.However, despite the fact that this item was consistently popular, Taco Bell took the choice to discontinue its availability.According to a press statement posted on Taco Bell’s website, the decision was taken in light of the company’s aim to being a more environmentally responsible restaurant in the future.An official press release states that just at Taco Bell’s United States locations, the packaging for the Mexican Pizza contributes to the production of more than seven million pounds of paperboard material every year.These actions are completely in opposition to the restaurant’s purpose, which was modified in January 2020 to emphasize the need of ″making all consumer-facing packaging recyclable and biodegradable or reusable by 2025 globally″ (via Taco Bell).

Although Taco Bell could have used this opportunity to make the Mexican Pizza’s packaging more environmentally friendly, they instead chose to discontinue it entirely, making room on the menu for other exciting new items as well as the possibility of an equally successful modern classic to take its place.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza used to be called Pizzazz Pizza

As reported by the Orange County Register, Taco Bell initially released Mexican Pizza in 1985 under a different name: Pizzazz Pizza, which the company used for three years before it was rebranded.It wasn’t until 1988 that Taco Bell renamed their pizzazz pizza as Mexican Pizza, and despite the Mexican Pizza advertisement advertised it as ″a new addition to our menu,″ it appeared to be an exact replica of the pizzazz pizza that had been in the Pizzazz Pizza commercial just a few years before.Aside from the names, the only difference between the two was how they were promoted.In contrast to the pizzazz pizza, which was presented as more of a fun midnight snack, Mexican Pizza was all about the fresh, wholesome ingredients that combined the best elements of Mexican and Italian cuisine.These ingredients included ground beef, tomatoes, green onions, black olives, and a two-cheese blend, among other things.

Green onions and black olives were gradually taken out of the Mexican Pizza throughout the years, owing to a decision by Taco Bell to phase them out (via Reddit).Finally, refried beans were added in place of the original toppings, and the two-cheese blend was updated to a three-cheese blend.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza led to a rise in South Asian American customers

Photograph by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images If there was one specific population to which Mexican Pizza catered, it would be Italians, but according to The Takeout, it was Taco Bell’s South Asian American consumers who were the most enthusiastic about the classic menu item in the first place.The reason for this is that Mexican Pizza may be either vegetarian or halal-friendly according to your preferences.Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza had been on the menu for decades, and it was actually quite tasty.While other fast food restaurants have only recently begun offering plant-based options on their menus, most notably the Impossible Whopper in 2019, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza had been on the menu for decades.According to a previous client, ″we used to go after mosque a lot on Fridays because it was the only place that stayed open until 10 p.m..″ ″If individuals wanted to stick to halal eating, they could purchase a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish or a vegetarian Mexican Pizza at the restaurant.

Taco Bell was usually the winner.″ As the change.org petition highlights, Mexican Pizza is not just a beloved cuisine of many consumers, but also an accessible alternative for South Asian customers whose fast food selections are otherwise limited.

Taco Bell hinted that the Mexican Pizza could make a comeback

Getty Images/Bloomberg News There’s a significant likelihood that Mexican Pizza will return to the Taco Bell menu in the near future, despite the fact that the change.org petition hasn’t yet reached its 200,000-signature target.In response to consumer concerns, Taco Bell restored potatoes back to their menu only four months after opting to eliminate their use.This is a hopeful sign (via Insider).Even more encouraging is what Taco Bell Officer of Global Chief Food Innovation Liz Matthews told Insider about the company’s food innovation efforts.With regards to the possibility of a Mexican Pizza revival, Matthews stated, ″There’s always a chance.″ ″We are continuously listening to what our consumers have to say.

As a result, I would not rule out the possibility.″ Matthews did not provide a timeline for when the Mexican Pizza would be brought back, but given that the primary reason for its suspension was the use of less-than-environmentally friendly packaging, it is possible that it will be brought back whenever (or if) Taco Bell decides to redesign it.Clearly, there’s cause to be optimistic — not to mention the fact that the Taco Bell menu includes a lengthy description of Mexican Pizza, which goes as follows: ″Who would want to live in a world where Mexican Pizza is no longer available?Warning: there is a spoiler ahead, but the answer is no one.As you can see, this would never happen.″

Del Taco launched its own version of Mexican Pizza after Taco Bell’s was discontinued

Del Taco took full advantage of the upset over the termination of Mexican Pizza by adding its own to its permanent menu in April 2021, which is known as the Crunchtada (via Eat This, Not That).Even though comparable versions of the Crunchtada have been available on the Del Taco menu since 2013, the fast food company has modified the recipe to make it more pizza-like and is pushing it as a superior option to the one previously available from Taco Bell.The Del Taco company explained the situation in a statement published on Eat This, Not That.″More than a year ago, a certain tostada-like menu item, described as a Mexican Pizza, was removed from a major Mexican fast-food chain, and fans took to social media and other online platforms en masse to air their grievances,″ the statement read.Despite the fact that Del Taco did not specifically mention its competitor by name in any of their promotions, it is clear that the company is more than willing to serve the customers that Taco Bell may have lost.

The company has even established a dedicated hotline where customers can call to receive a Crunchtada coupon code.Taco Bell has long been the only location to obtain Mexican Pizzas, but with Del Taco taking over, it’s possible that Mexican Pizza’s chapter in Taco Bell history may come to an end as a result of the acquisition.Customers can only hope that it will make a comeback in the (near) future.

Why is Taco Bell getting rid of Mexican pizza?

Regarding the most recent set of modifications, Taco Bell stated that there were a number of additional factors that led to the company discontinuing the five products. Removal of the Mexican Pizza, for example, is part of the company’s commitment to being environmentally friendly: Every year, more than 7 million pounds of paperboard are used in the packaging of this item.

Does Taco Bell still have the Mexican pizza?

Taco Bell pulled Mexican Pizza from their menus in November, and many are still not happy about it. Taco Bell has just reinstated potatoes to their menu after they were removed in 2020.

What is Taco Bell bringing back 2021?

When Taco Bell begins testing its Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, it will become the next participant in the Chicken Sandwich War of 2021. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich will be available worldwide later in 2021.

What is in a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza?

This wonderful hybrid of Mexican and Italian food is made possible by crisp pizza shells, refried beans, and a layer of seasoned beef for the ″crust,″ and pizza sauce, a three-cheese mix, and tomatoes for the topping.

Are they bringing back Mexican pizza?

In the beginning of this month, Taco Bell reinstated its potato offerings. Also encouraging is that the firm itself isn’t exactly dismissive of the possibility that its Mexican Pizza may make a comeback as well. ″At this time, there are no plans to bring back the Mexican Pizza,″ a business official stated in a press release.

Is Taco Bell bringing back potatoes?

Whether or if Taco Bell will bring back potatoes remains to be seen. Yes! Taco Bell has expanded its menu to include potatoes.

Is Taco Bell bringing back shredded chicken?

Shrimp and Shredded Chicken: On November 5, shrimp and shredded chicken will no longer be available as a protein choice on our menus, which means the Shredded Chicken Soft Taco, Shredded Chicken Burrito, and Shredded Chicken Quesadilla Melt will be discontinued.

Is Taco Bell bringing back Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes?

Earlier today, Taco Bell revealed that it will be bringing back its potato choices in a matter of weeks. Taco Bell stated in the release that its Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and Spicy Potato Soft Taco would be available PERMANENTLY beginning on March 11.

Why is Taco Bell removing potatoes?

The restaurant stated that the potatoes were taken from the menu in 2020 in an effort to streamline the menu, but many customers have written out to the firm in the hopes of having the menu items reinstated. Customers who want vegetarian choices may substitute potatoes or beans for meat in any Taco Bell menu item on the market today.

What is the new item at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell’s newest menu item is a Crispy Chicken Sandwich that can also be eaten as a taco. The crispy chicken ″ taco ″ with a ″puffy bread″ shell will be tested in a limited number of locations next month before being on sale nationwide later this year.

Is Taco Bell Mexican Pizza healthy?

This Mexican Pizza is more nutritious than the Taco Bell version for a number of reasons. Taco Bell Mexican pizza is a remarkably well balanced meal, despite its harmful fast-food beginnings. It contains whole grains, fiber, protein, and plenty of fresh vegetables.

What is the healthiest thing to eat from Taco Bell?

  • According to nutritionists, these are the eight healthiest items to order from Taco Bell. Tacos with a soft texture. Taco Bell’s Power Menu Bowl Veggie is provided courtesy of the company. Bean burrito provided courtesy of Taco Bell. Taco Bell provided the following items: Spicy Tostada, Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Chicken Soft Taco, Beefy Mini Quesadilla, Side of Black Beans

When did Taco Bell discontinue the Mexican pizza?

These are the fast food delicacies that many would like to see come back from the grave again. The decision by Taco Bell to stop its Mexican Pizza on November 5th in the cause of conserving paper has dealt another blow to the year 2020, and 26.67 percent of you are not on board with it.

When is Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican pizza?


  • 17:46 ET, Jan 6 2022
  • Updated: 17:46 ET, Jan 6 2022

The Mexican pizza, a long-time customer favorite, is returning to TACO Bell’s menu this year. The beloved pizza will be brought back to the menu by the fast-food chain after it was removed from the menu in November 2021.

When is Taco Bell bringing back the Mexican pizza?

Customers may look forward to the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, which will be available in April or May of this year, according to the company.The Mexican pizza, which consists of meat and refried beans sandwiched between two pizza-styled shells, has redefined what may be expected from a pizza.A three-cheese mix, chopped tomatoes, and pizza sauce are spread over the top shell of the pizza.In addition, according to Living Más, there are reports that there will be a variety of new and enhanced variants of the pizza to pick from, including a ″double cheesy″ version, a hot chorizo version, and another with bacon and ranch influences.According to the Taco Bell website, the Mexican pizza comprises a total of 530 calories and is available for purchase for $3.89.

Why did Taco Bell get rid of the Mexican pizza?

In 2020, ABC7 reported on the reasons for Taco Bell’s decision to discontinue the Mexican pizza.According to reports, the decision was made in an effort to be more ecologically sensitive in general.″Getting rid of the Mexican Pizza, for example, is part of the company’s effort to being environmentally responsible because the packaging for the item accounts for more than 7 million pounds of paperboard every year.″ In the same year, the fast food restaurant made a number of additional adjustments to their menu, including replacing their pico de gallo with chopped tomatoes and deleting their shredded chicken entirely.

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How are customers responding?

Many Taco Bell enthusiasts resorted to social media like Twitter to share their adoration of the Mexican pizza.One person expresses fondness for the pizza since it reminds him of his childhood.″You may pretend that Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza wasn’t the most dependable part of our upbringing, but I was there to see it all.I’m not sure what happened, but I remember.I’ve never been let down by anything.

Every time, it hit me in the face ″They penned a letter.Other users responded positively to the tweet, which earned over 2,000 likes.

Why Taco Bell Got Rid Of Its Mexican Pizza

Photograph by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images The statement ″it’s like pizza, but it’s different″ was used by Taco Bell to describe their Mexican Pizza in 1988, and we would probably use it to describe Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza today: ″It’s like pizza, but it’s different″ (via YouTube).Those who are in the know are in the know.However, for those who do not: It’s made up of two tortilla shells that carry a flavorful mixture of ground beef and beans in between them, which are then topped with a variety of toppings such as tomatoes, onions, salsa, and loads of cheese.Perhaps Elle Fanning does a better job of describing it, but the point is that Taco Bell had struck the correct chord in the hearts of its consumers by putting a Mexican touch to America’s favorite cuisine.The Mexican Pizza remained on the menu for many years, with just a number of minor variations throughout the years.

It was decided to add refried beans as a substitute for the green onions and black olives that were previously used as toppings, and the cheese mix was increased from two cheeses to a three-cheese blend.Those who remained faithful to Taco Bell accepted the adjustments without ever questioning the pizza’s long-term status on the menu.As a result, when the company announced in late 2020 that they would no longer be selling Mexican Pizza in their locations, consumers were devastated and expressed their disappointment on social media (via Delish).Some pounded on Taco Bell’s door on Twitterverse, some joined petitions to bring it back, while some others earnestly busied themselves replicating the pizza in their own kitchen.However, the issue remains as to why the brand discontinued its Mexican Pizza.

Mexican Pizza was a staple at Taco Bell since 1985

Taco Bell injected some pizzazz into its brand in 1985 when it introduced the appropriately called Pizzazz Pizza to its menu selections (via YouTube).For this reason, and in accordance with the brand’s belief that food should be ″held in your hands and in your heart″ (through Taco Bell), the pizza was only large enough to cover your palms and sufficiently fill your stomach.That is, assuming you did not distribute it to your social circle.A tortilla shell was used in this dish, and it was both crunchy and cheesy at the same time.Does this sound a lot like Mexican pizza to you?

Taco Bell just promoted them differently in the beginning since it was the case in the first place.In reality, according to Justia US Law, Taco Bell originally intended to market the pizza as ″Mexican style Pizza″ across the country, but its advertising firm urged the company to go with Pizzazz Pizza instead.″Mexican Pizza″ did not adequately represent the food, according to the investigation, and the word ″Mexican,″ with its implication of spiciness, would repel potential customers, according to the report.After being popularized as a late-night snack perfect for satisfying that familiar hankering after a late-night movie, the product was rebranded in 1988 and became the Mexican Pizza, which is described as ″a love child of Mexican and Italian cuisine″ (via YouTube and Taco Bell) and is made from scratch with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.Taco Bell never changed the name of the pizza-taco hybrid again, and it remained a staple on the menu until the company decided to discontinue it in November 2020.

It was dropped as part of Taco Bell’s major menu declutter in 2020

Photograph by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images It was a rude awakening for many who began the year 2020 with the security of knowing that they could always rely on Taco Bell’s traditional menu to provide a fast pick-me-up.First, in August, the company announced that it would be removing 11 items from its menu, including the grilled steak soft taco, 7-layer burrito, spicy potato soft taco, nachos supreme, beefy Fritos burrito, spicy tostada, triple layer nachos, cheesy fiesta potatoes, loaded grillers, chips and dips, and mini skillet bowl (via CNN).As taco aficionados were presumably preparing for the pandemic lockdown in 2020 by starting their own starters or creating wild foccaccia bread, Taco Bell dropped yet another bomb on them: a new taco flavor called ″Wild Taco.″ In November, the decision to eliminate three more items from the menu — Mexican Pizza, pico de gallo, and shredded chicken — appeared to be a little too harsh on the customers (via CNN).While the 7-layer burrito could still be ordered using the Taco Bell app (as reported by QSR Magazine), there was no way to get a slice of the Mexican Pizza other than either going back in time or travelling all the way to the north of the United States (via Taco Bell).

Taco Bell ditched Mexican Pizza to make space for new items

Taco Bell was able to make ″space for new ideas″ on the menu by eliminating a few select products from the menu (via CNN).It’s likely that the firm was inspired by Marie Kondo’s tidying up approach when it went on an unstoppable decluttering spree earlier this year.The Doritos Locos Tacos company announced on its blog that it will be discontinuing two famous varieties of Doritos Locos Tacos: Nacho and Nacho Cheese ″As you can see, we have redesigned our menu in order to make ordering more convenient.In some ways, it’s similar to our idea of cleaning a closet ″(Image courtesy of Nation’s Restaurant News.) The entire decluttering process, on the other hand, was definitely not a source of delight for the fans (via NY Daily News).Taco Bell’s explanation for the modifications was that they would allow for ″new fan favorites, continuous advancement in areas such as plant-based diets, and even potential for the return of select classics on a limited time basis,″ according to the company (via CNN).

Additionally, new goods were introduced during the mass purge in 2020 — for example, the shredded chicken was replaced with a chicken chipotle melt and the pico de gallo with basic chopped tomatoes, among other substitutions.They’ve also added a Grande Nachos Box, a beef burrito, a new green sauce recipe, and a dragon fruit frozen to their repertoire (via QSR Magazine).They’ve even brought back their traditional quesalupa dish from the past.While these are all welcome additions, they clearly fall short of fully compensating for the loss of Mexican Pizza in the menu.

Mexican Pizza had to go for Taco Bell to simplify its menu during the pandemic

Photograph courtesy of Joe Raedle/Getty Images It’s safe to say that Taco Bell’s decision to remove Mexican Pizza off its menu was not taken on the spur of the moment.According to the corporation, it took months of deliberation to arrive at this decision (via QSR Magazine).People stayed primarily at home and watched John Krasinski’s ″Some Good News″ during the COVID-19 outbreak, and when they did go out, they preferred not to get out of their automobiles.Therefore, Taco Bell changed its business model by requiring drive-through and take-out only choices in its locations and investing in improving the speed and safety of its service (via QSR Magazine).For this, they recognized they needed a more simpler menu that could be made and given to the consumer quickly and efficiently.

They cut the amount of combinations in half, following the pattern of many other fast food restaurants who were also cutting back on their menu offerings.For example, McDonald’s discontinued its all-day breakfast option (as reported by Fortune), Chick-fil-A reduced the number of items available (as reported by Today), and IHOP’s menu began to resemble a pamphlet rather than the booklet it had previously been (via Fox News).In a statement to QSR Magazine, Taco Bell stated that their first objective is to ″provide a smooth and fast ordering experience for our guests and team members while keeping safety in mind.″ Instead than having their workers think in person in the kitchen, they conducted virtual brainstorming and taste testing through the drive-thru window.

Selling Mexican Pizza was going against Taco Bell’s commitment to be environment friendly

Photo credit: KT Stock Photos/Shutterstock One of the reasons that Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza had to be discontinued was the paperboard that kept the pie together in an all-too-organized manner.It was estimated by the corporation that around seven million pounds of paperboard material was consumed annually in the United States alone (via QSR Magazine).What exactly is the problem here?When it comes to materials, paperboard is a close cousin to cardboard, but they are not the same.One layer of thick paper is used, whereas three layers of cardboard are used.

Having said that, paperboard and cardboard must be recycled in their own distinct containers.According to Econocorp, a firm that manufactures carton equipment and case packing, it turns out that finding a center to recycle cardboard is easier than finding a center to recycle paperboard.Despite the fact that paperboard is completely recyclable, it is created from paper that, by definition, originates from trees.As the World Wide Fund for Nature reported in 2015, the pulp business is a significant contributor to ″deforestation and degradation″ (via Innovation Forum).As stated in a 2020 report published by Yum!Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, the corporation is dedicated to using environmentally friendly packaging, waste reduction, and putting a stop to forest loss in its supply chain by 2030.

The elimination of Mexican Pizza, and thus the development of paperboard waste, is only logical under this situation.Customers are encouraged to send in their old sauce packets, which Taco Bell will recycle in partnership with the waste management business TerraCycle, as a way of demonstrating their commitment to the environment even further (via Delish).

Also, Taco Bell has a habit of changing its menu often

QualityHD/Shutterstock Taco Bell’s strategy of changing up its menu on a regular basis has caused those of us who are philosophically inclined to reflect about the frailty of human existence.or the Mexican pizza, to name a few options.It used to be right here on the menu, but it’s no longer there.If history has taught us anything, it’s that Taco Bell thrives when its menu is constantly being updated.The business makes it appear as though it is exercising tough love, claiming that it is making the modifications to deliver its consumers a fresh set of favorite dishes (via CNN).

However, this does not appear to be of any use in quelling the need.When Taco Bell released the Nacho fries in 2018, fans flocked to the new delicacy, which was ordered 53 million times before being unexpectedly removed off the menu in April of the following year (via Business Insider).It was only a few months later that the chain brought it back, just as unhappy consumers were preparing to say qué será, será and accept the decision.It is possible that Taco Bell performed the entire squeezing the infant and rocking the cradle procedure up to seven times between 2018 and 2021.According to Insider, selling consumer favorites for a limited time period makes such things even more tempting to potential customers.The cheesy fiesta potatoes and the naked chalupa, two popular delicacies, have been temporarily removed off the menu before being returned back (via Business Insider).

Having said that, there are a number of products on the Taco Bell menu that were never reintroduced into the lineup.Do you recall the Bell Beefer?What about a seafood salad?No?That’s understandable; those are some of the people who were never given a second chance.

Fans weren’t happy with Taco Bell axing Mexican Pizza off its menu

Fizkes/Shutterstock Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza appears to have been the primary reason for many people to visit their local location.So when the business waved adieu to the public favorite, the overall sadness was vented in the form of tweets, with one remarking ″Today is day 70 of my Taco Bell boycott.So yet, there are no signs of a break down,″ while another added: ″Today marks day 300 of my Taco Bell boycott until they bring back the Mexican Pizza.″″ Some people took it to heart: ″I will never forgive @tacobell for getting rid of the Mexican pizza,″ one Twitter user lamented, while many others expressed their displeasure, sadness, or simply a desire for something a bit different.Doja Cat, an American rapper, has also joined the chorus of people calling for the item to be brought back.″Please, @tacobell, bring back the Mexican pizza and spicy potato soft taco that were formerly available.

First, I’d want to ask you a polite question ″A month after the chain’s decision, she took to Twitter to express her disappointment.Taco Bell, on the other hand, refused to budge, even when Cat’s song ″Get Into It (Yuh)!″ was used in a Taco Bell advertisement (via Uproxx).

Taco Bell’s competitor Del Taco further rubbed it in

Customers at Taco Bell were having a difficult time, and Del Taco, the company’s arch competitor, took note.Taking advantage of the widespread dissatisfaction, the brand launched a campaign in which it poked fun at Taco Bell for leaving customers ″hangry, sad, and GHOSTED,″ while also promoting its own product Crunchtada, which is a Mexican pizza-like dish served on a freshly fried tortilla with a variety of toppings.″We are extending emotional and gastronomic help to these dissatisfied fans via a Mexican Pizza Ghosted Support Hotline at 1-877-3-Ghosted,″ according to a press statement from the business.The hotline number, by the way, was legitimate; those who phoned received a coupon for Del Taco’s crunchtada as well as ″words of encouragement from an actual real live human being,″ according to Forbes.The marketing was amusing, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for its release.

If Twitter is to be believed, some Taco Bell devotees have been persuaded to switch.″I’ve officially ghosted Taco Bell and am now messaging Del Taco,″ one of the group’s members wrote on social media.

A petition to bring Mexican Pizza back on Taco bell’s menu got an overwhelming response

The poor treatment of Taco Bell customers was noticed by Del Taco, the company’s archrival.As a result of the widespread dissatisfaction, the brand launched a campaign in which it poked fun at Taco Bell for leaving customers ″hangry, sad, and GHOSTED,″ while also promoting its own product Crunchtada, which is a Mexican pizza look-alike served on a fresh-fried tortilla with a variety of toppings.″We are extending emotional and gastronomic help to these dissatisfied fans through a Mexican Pizza Ghosted Support Hotline at 1-877-3-Ghosted,″ according to a press statement from the company.The hotline number, by the way, was legitimate; those who phoned received a coupon for Del Taco’s crunchtada as well as ″words of encouragement from a genuine real live human being,″ according to Forbes magazine.Aside from the campaign being amusing, the timing could not have been more perfect.

If Twitter is to be believed, some Taco Bell devotees have been won over.As one of the members put it on Twitter, ″I’ve officially ghosted Taco Bell and am now messaging Del Taco.″

Taco Bell has finally decided to bring its Mexican Pizza back

Ken Wolter/Shutterstock It’s difficult to believe that Mexican Pizza is truly returning, especially after the false information that circulated in 2021 – we understand that once bitten, twice shy — but it is.Fortunately, this time around, the good news is well worth the joyous occasion.And the reason for this is as follows.In the first instance, food blogger and influencer Markie Devo shared the news with his more than 60,000 followers that Taco Bell will be bringing back Mexican Pizza in April or May of 2022.Two days later, Living Más released a PDF transcript from a Taco Bell franchise convention in which Mike Grams, Vice President and COO of Taco Bell, is reported to have said the magic words, ″We are bringing back the Mexican Pizza!″ The Mexican Pizza will not only be back, but it will be available in new varieties such as double cheesy bacon ranch, chocolate Mexican ganache, and so on.

And, of course, it will not be packaged in the same way as before, but rather in a different container.In the meanwhile, you may decide what type of toppings you’d want to add to your Mexican Pizza to commemorate the restaurant’s re-opening, since their online menu offers a broad variety to choose from.

Why Did Taco Bell Discontinue The Mexican Pizza?

According to Taco Bell, the dish is being removed off the menu as a result of its negative impact on the environment, among other reasons. More than seven million pounds of paperboard material is used each year in the United States for the packaging related with the meal itself. What caused Taco Bell to discontinue their Mexican Pizza?

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Is the Mexican pizza still on the Taco Bell menu?

One of more than a dozen products removed from Taco Bell’s menu in 2020, along with other popular dishes such as the seven-layer burrito and cheesy fiesta potatoes, was the Mexican Pizza.

When did Taco Bell stop selling their menu items?

Taco Bell was not the only restaurant business to announce a menu reduction when it did so in July, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here is a list of all of the menu items that fast-food restaurants will no longer be selling in 2020.

What foods are being eliminated from the Taco Bell menu?

New York is the capital of the United States (CNN Business) Taco Bell is removing five additional items from its menu, marking the second time in less than three months that the company has made changes to its offerings. Beginning on November 5, Taco Bell will discontinue the sale of Mexican Pizza, pico de gallo, and shredded chicken.

When did Taco Bell remove Pico de Gallo from menu?

Taco Bell has discontinued the sale of Mexican Pizza, Shredded Chicken products, and Pico de Gallo from its retail locations nationwide. Taco Bell stated on July 17, 2020, that the business would be ″cleaning space″ on its menu in order to ″create a more efficient Taco Bell experience.″

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Lactose is a form of sugar found in dairy products.If you don’t mind my saying so.Contains a lot of fat.Even if your body generates enough lactase, you may be able to consume it.More.

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In theory, a piece of a very simple pizza pie may be perfectly fine for your cat, as long as they don’t generally exhibit any indications of illness after consuming dairy products. The likelihood of feeding your cat pizza increases dramatically if you cook the pizza yourself and know precisely what components are going into it, as opposed to purchasing it.

What Is Extra Cheese In Pizza?

In that case, you’d be mistaken; if it were simply a cheese pizza, you wouldn’t notice any sauce, since this establishment lays the cheese down first, followed by the sauce, so additional…

How Many Ww Points Is A Slice Of Pizza?

The question is, how many Weight Watchers Points are there in a slice of pizza. If you order a slice of pizza (1/8th of a big pizza) from a local pizza restaurant, you may expect to receive 10 SmartPoints and 8 PointsPlus for your meal. It appears to be a little less for most frozen pizzas, mostly due to the fact that the slices are often smaller in size.

Does Domino’S Make Whole Wheat Pizza?

″Smart Slice″ pizza is available from Domino’s for schools, and it has a crust made with 51 percent white whole-wheat flour.In a similar vein, Pizza Hut’s A+ Pizza program offers a pizza with a crust made up of 51 percent whole wheat.However, these whole grain pizzas are currently only offered through school lunch programs and are not yet available for takeout or delivery across the country.

Can You Lose Weight Eating Just Pizza?

According to a new study, eating pizza may really be beneficial for weight loss in some cases. Participants in the study were placed on a diet that had a calorie restriction of only 10,500 per week. Remember that the average American male consumes approximately 18,000 calories every week, on average.

What Do I Say When Ordering A Pizza?

That’s a substantial slice of pizza. Large pizza, according to the take-out clerk. Okay. Customer: It would be great with pepperoni and mushrooms, as well. Take-out clerk (informal title): Pepperoni and mushrooms are included in the price. Is there anything more you’d want to say? Customer: Yes, please add olives and additional cheese to your order. Take-out clerk: All OK. I’ve

Is It Ok To Eat An Expired Frozen Pizza?

When properly maintained, frozen pizza will retain its optimum quality for around 18 months in the freezer, but it will likely still be safe to consume after that time period. Is it safe to consume frozen pizza after the expiration date on the packaging has passed?

Is Oregano Good For Pizza?

It’s also one of the most commonly used herbs in Italian cookery, and given that pizza is considered a component of the Italian cuisine, it’s obvious that oregano is a must-have pizza topping ingredient.Pepperoni and spinach are the two toppings that go best with oregano, so if you’re using any of these as your base, make sure to sprinkle on a big quantity of the herb for an additional blast of flavor.

What Is E631 In Pizza?

E631 is a sort of food additive that protects food from spoiling, allowing the pizza to be kept fresh for an extended period of time. This is referred to as disodium insosinate, and it may be found in a variety of foods…

What Is The Difference Between Sicilian Pizza And Regular Pizza?

When it comes to the flour quality, there is a difference; Neapolitan Pizzas require very high-quality flour, whilst Sicilian Pizzas may be created with ordinary wheat. You must prepare your own sauce for the Neapolitan Pizza, and it must be made with fresh tomatoes in order to achieve the desired flavor.

Is Taco Bell’s Most Popular Discontinued Item Coming Back?

  • A recent Reddit post caused quite a stir among the Taco Bell fan base. Originally published on August 16, 2021 Taco Bell is well-known for its practice of abruptly dropping and then putting popular menu items back into production. This past year, the company took consumers on an emotional roller coaster trip by discontinuing the extremely popular Cheesy Fiesta Potato in July 2020 just to bring it back six months later, causing them to lose their minds. Another heartbreaking discontinuance that hasn’t been rectified yet? The Mexican Pizza, which was removed off the menus in 2020, much to the displeasure of fans, who filed a petition calling for its reinstatement. 166,000 people signed the petition. Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, which was first introduced in 1984 under the name Pizzazz Pizza, has been a fixture of the company’s menu for decades. It was a brilliant reinvention of a conventional quesadilla, combining two tortillas, seasoned meat, cheese, and beans in a dish that could easily be turned vegetarian by omitting the beef and cheese. In the years after its demise, it has remained a recurring source of internet curiosity among fans and workers, and it has served as the inspiration for a number of famous copycat recipes. It’s still so popular that Taco Bell’s primary competitor, Del Taco, didn’t bother to disguise the fact that its Crunchtada was an almost exact replica of the original. OTHER STORIES: Taco Bell Introduces Two Exciting New Items to Their Menu Unsurprisingly, the rumor about the resurrection of the Mexican Pizza circulates among the 92,000 members of the Taco Bell Reddit group on a periodic basis. Moreover, a Taco Bell advertisement that appeared to be inspired by Halloween and touting the item’s comeback in October recently fueled the flames of controversy. According to the billboard, the pizza is to return as a limited-time promotion on October 5, in two distinct versions: Original and Bacon Ranch. Nevertheless, if it seemed too good to be true, it was—the advertisement was quickly exposed as fraudulent by the fast-food industry’s sharpest minds. The mock advertising did little to ease the pain of Mexican Pizza devotees who are now in their eleventh month of mourning. ″This should not be done. Give up on me,″ and ″This is cruel,″ among other things ″These were only a few of the responses that followed. Those who were not fooled were quick to point out mistakes, aesthetic problems, and even holes in the logic—such as the fact that October 5 is a Tuesday, while all real Taco Bell aficionados are aware that new menu items are introduced on Thursdays—in the spoof advertisement. And, although we acknowledge that the advertisement is a hoax, let us take a moment to play devil’s advocate and point out that the company itself has left the door open for a Mexican Pizza sequel. When questioned about the possibility of the item being brought back, Taco Bell’s chief culinary innovation officer, Elizabeth Matthews, stated the following in March: ″I believe that there is always a possibility. We are continuously listening to what our consumers have to say. As a result, I would not rule out the possibility.″ In the meanwhile, Taco Bell lovers will simply have to keep adding their signatures to the online petition until it reaches its goal. And don’t forget to join up for our newsletter to have the newest restaurant news delivered directly to your inbox on a regular basis. More information may be found at: A revolutionary new Taco Bell restaurant will open soon
  • Arby’s has quietly discontinued these six menu items
  • Taco Bell is experiencing major national shortages of these ingredients
  • and Arby’s has quietly discontinued these six menu items.
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Taco Bell fans are demanding the chain bring back Mexican Pizza after the return of potatoes. Here’s why a top Taco Bell exec says not to give up hope.

  • Taco Bell pulled Mexican Pizza from their menus in November, and many are still not happy about it.
  • According to a company executive, ″there’s always a chance″ that the beloved dish will be brought back.
  • Taco Bell has just reinstated potatoes to their menu after they were removed in 2020.
  • More stories can be found on the Business Insider homepage.
Loading Something is loading. Taco Bell cut the Mexican Pizza from menus back in November, but some fans now have renewed hope that it might come back soon.The Mexican Pizza was one of more than a dozen items cut from Taco Bell’s menu in 2020, alongside other beloved items like the seven-layer burrito and cheesy fiesta potatoes. Mexican Pizza consists of a flour tortilla shell filled with refried beans, seasoned ground beef, and Mexican sauce, topped with another tortilla, Mexican sauce, cheese, and chopped tomatoes.Read more: Taco Bell’s Grilled Cheese Burrito — and its controversial decision to kill menu items like its beloved potatoes — send sales soaring″While we know fans may be understandably sad to see some of their favorites go, this evolution of our menu truly paves the way for fresh new ideas,″ Taco Bell President and Global Chief Operating Officer Mike Grams said in a September press release. Since the announcement, fans have rallied around the Mexican Pizza and called for Taco Bell to bring it back.—Regular Human Bartender(@raba_leia) January 14, 2021—Brian Makowski(@bmakowski35) January 13, 2021Fans shared recipes to recreate the dish at home, and a popup in Austin recreated the Mexican Pizza and other dishes fans missed the most.Now, Mexican Pizza lovers might have reason to hope again. Taco Bell announced potatoes are returning to menus on March 11 after months of protest. ″We definitely heard from our consumers — because they love our potatoes,″ Taco Bell’s global chief food innovation officer Liz Matthews told Insider. ″We do have a direct line with our consumers and they’re loud and vocal, and we love that because they’re passionate about our brand.″ When Insider asked about the potential return of Mexican Pizza, Matthews said ″I think there’s always a chance. We’re constantly listening to our customers. So, I wouldn’t pull that off the table.″ Taco Bell frequently changes its menu, though rollout of new items slowed slightly during the pandemic. Despite outcries from fans last year, the leaner menu proved to be a smart decision as Taco Bell shifted to more drive-thru orders, and sales grew 5% in the quarter following the menu change. The chain has since announced that chalupas would also return on March 11.

Taco Bell’s Fan-Favorite Mexican Pizza Is Already Being Removed From Menus Despite Customers’ Pleas

Taco Bell’s jaw-dropping chutzpah to remove its fan-favorite Mexican Pizza from the menu (along with a slew of other dishes) garnered widespread attention last month, and it’s no wonder that customers were outraged.And while the consumer is almost always correct, it doesn’t appear like Taco Bell believes the same way, since they have refused to remove the item from their menu.It’s a somber reminder that the Mexican Pizza, which has been a staple on the menu for 32 years, will only be available for a few more days before being permanently retired off the menu.Fanatics, on the other hand, have made every effort to put a stop to the November 5 removal plan, including distributing excessively impassioned pleas and rallying other MP enthusiasts to sign petitions.One last ditch effort to persuade the firm to rethink removing the beloved menu item from the menu has even amassed more than 130,000 signatures on an online petition.

Titled ″Save the Mexican Pizza,″ the Change.org petition invites people to join by highlighting the affection that the South Asian community has for it.While encouraging people to purchase as many as they could to increase the numbers, the advertisement stated that ″losing this item would not only be the loss of one of our favorite cuisines, but also a portion of our youth and legacy as Indian Americans.″ However, it is not because of a lack of demand that this cherished item is being phased out.According to Taco Bell, the dish is being removed off the menu as a result of its negative impact on the environment, among other reasons.More than seven million pounds of paperboard material is used each year in the United States for the packaging related with the meal itself.Despite all of the petitions that have been circulated to conserve one of the finest specialized products that Taco Bell has ever made, the company has stated that it has no intention of altering its mind.Unfortunately, it has already been deleted from the ″specialty menu,″ which can be seen both in the mobile app and on the website.

As for going to your local Taco Bell to acquire one final slice of Mexican Pizza, good luck locating one that still has it on the menu.A few of the venues have already removed it in advance of the formal November 5 start date of the campaign.Disappointing, to say the least.Ni’Kesia Pannell is a model and actress.Author who contributes to the work Ni’Kesia Pannell is an entrepreneur, multi-hyphenate freelance journalist, and self-proclaimed Slurpee aficionado who covers news and culture for The Kitchn.She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

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Taco Bell’s Beloved Mexican Pizza Is Already Disappearing from the Menu

After 32 years on the menu, the Mexican Pizza’s time has come to an end, which is a shame.The fact that you only have a few days left to savor the popular Taco Bell invention before it is permanently removed from the menu is brought to you with a heavy heart.That is, if you can find a location that hasn’t already ceased serving it is brought to you with great sadness.The Mexican Pizza will be formally retired on November 5 as part of Taco Bell’s second phase of menu reductions this year, following the unfortunate elimination of more than a dozen long-standing items, including potatoes, in the previous wave of menu reductions.The decision was made despite passionate pleadings and even petitions from Mexican Pizza devotees urging Taco Bell to rethink its decision and save the favorite off the chopping board.

Among the petitions on Change.org is one titled ″″Save the Mexican Pizza″ also emphasizes the importance of the menu item among Indian Americans, stating, ″This is an entrée that is enjoyed by many, particularly those from the South Asian community.″ If we were to lose this item, we would not only be losing one of our favorite delicacies, but we would also be losing a bit of our youth and ancestry as Indian Americans.″ The petition has received more than 136,000 signatures as of the time of this writing.According to a spokeswoman for the chain who responded to an email sent by Thrillist, the item is really being deleted as scheduled.In fact, if you look at Taco Bell’s ″specialty″ menu, which is available both online and on its mobile app, you’ll see that the Mexican Pizza is no longer available as a selection.A quick Google search brought up the official Mexican Pizza menu page, which now includes a statement at the top that reads, ″Welcome to the Mexican Pizza Family.″ ″This item is not presently available for purchase online.Check check the remainder of our menu to see if there’s anything else you’ll enjoy.″ Meanwhile, a consumer recently claimed on Reddit that they had to visit many T-Bells before they were able to locate what would be their final Mexican Pizzas before they closed.″We confirmed the elimination of the famous Mexican Pizza as part of our final 2020 menu update in September,″ Taco Bell said in a statement.

″The iconic Mexican Pizza is being removed as part of our final 2020 menu revamp,″ Taco Bell stated in a statement.″While we appreciate that our fans will be disappointed to see it depart, we believe that simplifying our menu will open the way to future cuisine innovations that we are confident our fans will enjoy just as much as it did.We’ve enjoyed watching fans and influencers share their favorite Mexican Pizza moments on social media, and we just gave it the send-off it deserved with a homage on Instagram, which you can see below.While announcing our departure was a difficult choice, we have appreciated the passion and enthusiasm that our fans have shown us and want them to know that we are always listening and that we care.″ Friends, we tried our hardest, but we just couldn’t pull off the victory in this one.To be clear, the Mexican Pizza isn’t really a pizza, but that hasn’t stopped people from adoring it for decades.Made with crispy shells that hold an interior layer of refried beans and season meat, this dish is a must-try.

Cheese, tomatoes, and ″pizza sauce″ are smeared on top of the pizza.Taco Bell offers it cut into four pieces, which makes it convenient to eat on the move, though it’s not the best option if you’re in a hurry.Mexican Pizzas are best enjoyed when you can take your time and relish each piece, maybe with a drizzle of Fire Sauce on top.Mexican Pizza was discontinued by Taco Bell in early September, according to the company’s announcement.Back then, the firm asserted that doing away with it would increase productivity in its restaurants, significantly reduce the amount of packaging it uses, and open the door to new menu developments in the future.″We’re continually looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our restaurant experience, and we’ve already noticed improvements as a result of reducing our menu,″ says the company.

Taco Bell’s president and worldwide chief operating officer, Mike Grams, stated in a statement on September 3.″While we recognize that some of our fans may be naturally disappointed to see some of their favorite dishes disappear, this change of our menu certainly paves the door for innovative new concepts.″ Creativity and invention in our kitchen have not slowed at all, and we look forward to introducing new fan favorites in the near future.″ Taco Bell is also discontinuing the Mexican Pizza, as well as everything made with shredded chicken protein, including the Shredded Chicken Soft Taco, the Shredded Chicken Burrito, and the Shredded Chicken Quesadilla Melt, as of November 5.The Mexican Pizza will remain available until further notice.However, there will be some new and returning items on the newly revamped menu as follows: In addition, on November 5, the Chicken Chipotle Melt, a sandwich that combines grilled chicken with chipotle sauce and cheddar cheese, will become a permanent option on the Cravings Value Menu for $1, and Green Sauce, a previously discontinued customization option, will return to ″select markets″ with a ″new and improved recipe.″ Aside from that, Taco Bell recently revealed that the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa would be making a comeback to the menu on the same day, as well as the addition of a few of new vegetarian options.In terms of the ″new fan favorites″ that Taco Bell has promised, what more can we anticipate from the fast-food chain?

  • Perhaps the chicken wings that were discovered in August will make their way throughout the country.
  • Alternately, perhaps the tortilla-crusted fried chicken tenders that the restaurant was meant to introduce earlier this year will finally make their way into our hands.
  • The Mexican Pizza-sized holes in our hearts and bellies are going to take a lot of food to fill, no matter how much we try.
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It Is Official – Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Is Returning This Year

Taco Bell will be bringing back their Mexican Pizza as a result of the huge response on social media platforms.YES!After years of anticipation, the much-loved crispy layered pizza filled with refried beans and meat and topped with cheese, pizza sauce, and tomatoes is finally back on the menu.While we don’t know (now) if the Mexican Pizza will be around indefinitely, the fact that it has returned is certainly a Christmas miracle for us.Taco Bell Mexican Pizza was first introduced in 1984 and remained a popular menu item for several decades.

When Did Taco Bell Get Rid of The Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell pulled their mexican pizza from their menus in 2020, causing outrage among consumers around the country. People started a petition, and 166,000 people signed it, pleading with the government to bring it back!

Is The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Coming Back?

YES!Food blogger @markie devo, who announced the comeback on social media, has confirmed that Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza will be available starting in the year 2022.Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is slated to return to the menu next year, in March or April of the following year!Although there is a short period of expectation, I believe it will be worth it, am I right?We’re bracing ourselves for enormous queues at the drive-thru on the day when the Mexican Pizza is officially available again!

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