What Nationality Is Pizza?

Pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy as a fast, affordable, tasty meal for working-class Neapolitans on the go. While we all know and love these slices of today, pizza actually didn’t gain mass appeal until the 1940s, when immigrating Italians brought their classic slices to the United States.
– New York-style is a Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizza developed in New York City by immigrants from Naples, Italy, where pizza was created. – Ohio Valley-style pizza is pizza that was developed in Steubenville, Ohio and has made its way up the Ohio River to Pittsburgh, PA. – Pan pizza – deep-dish styles like Chicago and Detroit are pan pizzas.

Where did pizza originate?

Modern pizza evolved from similar flatbread dishes in Naples in the 18th or early 19th century. Prior to that time, flatbread was often topped with ingredients such as garlic, salt, lard, cheese, and basil.

How old is pizza really?

‘A Stone-Age Snack : History: Pizza topped with tomatoes, pepperoni and cheese is only 100 years old, if that. But the basic idea of pizza actually goes back thousands of years’.

How many pizzerias are there in the world?

In 2017, the world pizza market was US$ 128 billion, and in the US it was $44 billion spread over 76,000 pizzerias. Overall, 13% of the U.S. population aged 2 years and over consumed pizza on any given day. The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (lit.

Where is the best pizza in the US?

  • Bollo Woodfired Pizza. 2202 W.
  • Cart-Driver. Denver’s Cart-Driver presents a stellar selection of wood-fired pizzas,fresh oysters and more.
  • Double Zero. Behemoth wood-burning ovens turn out the primo pizzas at Double Zero in Atlanta.
  • Full of Life Flatbread.
  • Ken’s Artisan Pizza.
  • Pizza Domenica.
  • Stella Barra Pizzeria.
  • Where is the best place to get pizza?

  • Joe Squared Pizza&Bar. There are times when you’re craving for some pizza but you want the whole shebang.
  • HomeSlyce Pizza Bar. If you’re out looking for something strictly pizza,HomeSlyce offers plenty of unique menu items.
  • Matthew’s Pizza. Matthew’s boasts the perfect pizza,and we’re close to being convinced.
  • Iggie’s.
  • Birroteca.
  • Where to find the best pizza?

    Find the best Pizza near you on Yelp – see all Pizza open now and reserve an open table. Explore other popular cuisines and restaurants near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers.


    • In the United States, pizza is a sort of fast food prepared from yeasted flat bread.
    • However, despite the fact that predecessors to what we now know as pizza have existed for hundreds of years, an Italian man from Naples called Raffaelle Esposito is often regarded as the ″father of contemporary pizza.″ He started selling pizza as early as 1889, according to historical records.
    • Pizza is often topped with cheese, tomato sauce, a variety of meats, veggies, and other condiments – whatever the cook feels like putting on it at the time.
    • The preparation of pizza in the oven can be either baked or grilled, and cheese is an important component in the preparation of pizza.
    • Pizza comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors that vary from region to country.
    • Tandoori Paneer pizza (India), Spicy Pizza Balado (Indonesia), Pizza Margherita (Italy), Pizza al taglio (Rome), Sicilian pizza (Sicily), Mexican pizza (Mexico), New-York style pizza (New York), and Chocolate Pizza (Brazil) are some of the most popular pizzas in the world.
    • Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Little Caesars, and Sbarro are just a few of the well-known pizza shops across the world today.

    Brief History of Pizza

    • Greeks who had arrived in Italy around 600 BC are supposed to have eaten the first pizza, which is said to have been made about 600 BC.
    • However, it wasn’t until the year 1889 that pizza began to achieve widespread acceptance, when the cook Esposito was requested to prepare pizza in honor of a visiting queen named Margherita.
    • This particular pizza was cooked with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, which Queen Margherita deemed to be very appetizing.
    • Later, Esposito decided to name this pizza type after the Queen of England.
    • Pizza was brought to the United States by Italian immigrants in the nineteenth century, and the rest is history.
    • New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago were among the cities where it gained widespread popularity very rapidly.
    • In reality, Gennuardo Lombardi built the first American pizza business in New York City in the early 1900s, and the rest is history.
    • During the following years, the popularity of pizza expanded to other cities in the United States, and eventually to the entire world.
    • The relationship between pizza and the United States has always been significant in the history of the dish.
    • In instance, did you know that the United States has a National Pizza Month every September?
    • By the year 1984, Gerry Durnell had declared the month of October to be ″Pizza Month.″ Several pizzerias are open and consumers devour a variety of pizzas on this particular day.

    Pizza World Records

    • In 2012, the city of Rome made the world’s biggest pizza.
    • It was given the name ″Ottavia″ and measured 13,570 square feet (1,261 m2).
    • Then, in 2016, the city of Naples produced the world’s longest pizza.
    • The pizza measured 1.85m in length and was produced using a number of ovens that were moved down the length of it.
    • There is also a record for the most costly pizza ever made, which is in addition to these two pizza awards.
    • According to the Guiness World Records, this extremely costly pizza may be found at Maze Restaurant in London, where it costs 100 Sterling pounds each slice.
    • The price of a pizza has risen even higher in recent years, reaching £4,200 (Haggis Restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland) and US$1,000 (Nino’s Bellissima pizzeria in New York City, United States).
    • These, on the other hand, have not yet been entered into the Guiness World Records.

    One Great Invention!

    It is safe to say that the creation of pizza has profoundly altered the world of fast food. The history of the snack food is rather interesting to learn about. Businesses continue to expand and make enormous profits as a result of the introduction of many sorts of pizza that can be customized to suit any palate.

    Who Invented Pizza?

    • Pizza has a long and illustrious history.
    • Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks all ate flatbreads with a variety of fillings and toppings.
    • A variant with herbs and oil was served to the latter, which was comparable to today’s focaccia.) However, the current birthplace of pizza is the Campania area in southwestern Italy, which is home to the city of Naples.
    • Naples, which was founded as a Greek village around 600 B.C., was a prosperous beachfront city in the 1700s and early 1800s, and it is still so today.
    • Although it was technically an autonomous kingdom, it was infamous for the swarms of laboring poor, known as lazzaroni.
    • As Carol Helstosky, co-author of Pizza: A Global History and an associate professor of history at the University of Denver, explains, ″the closer you got to the bay, the more dense their population was.
    • And much of their living was done outdoors, sometimes in homes that were little more than a room.″ These Neapolitans required food that was economical and could be devoured in a short period of time.
    • Pizza, which are flatbreads with a variety of toppings that can be eaten for any meal and are offered by street vendors or casual restaurants, filled this void perfectly.
    • ″Judgmental Italian authors frequently referred to their eating habits as ‘disgusting,’″ according to Helstosky.
    • The delectable toppings that are still popular today, like as tomatoes, cheese, oil, anchovies, and garlic, were originally found on the pizzas devoured by the poor of Naples.
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    • King Umberto I and Queen Margherita paid a state visit to Naples in 1889, following the unification of Italy in 1861.
    • According to legend, the traveling couple grew dissatisfied with their continuous diet of French gourmet cuisine and requested a selection of pizzas from the city’s Pizzeria Brandi, which was created in 1760 and is the successor of Da Pietro pizzeria.
    • The pizza mozzarella kind was the one that the queen preferred the most; it was a pie covered with soft white cheese, red tomatoes, and green basil.
    • In fact, it’s possible that it wasn’t a coincidence that her favorite pie was decorated in the colors of the Italian national flag.
    • According to legend, that particular topping combination became known as ″pizza Margherita″ from that point on.

    The blessing of Queen Margherita might have marked the beginning of an Italian pizza obsession that would spread throughout the country.However, pizza would not become widely popular in Italy until the 1940s, when it spread beyond the confines of Naples.However, thousands of miles away, immigrants to the United States from Naples began reproducing their dependable, crusty pizzas in New York and other American cities, including Trenton, New Haven, Boston, Chicago, and St.Louis, as well as in other parts of the world.The Neapolitans, like millions of other Europeans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, were not looking to make a gastronomic statement; rather, they were looking for manufacturing employment.

    1. However, non-Neapolitans and non-Italians began to be intrigued by the smells and scents of pizza quite rapidly after its introduction.
    2. Continue by scrolling down.
    3. One of the earliest known pizzerias in the United States was G.
    4. (for Gennaro) Lombardi’s on Spring Street in Manhattan, which was granted a license to serve pizza in 1905.
    1. In the past, the meal had either been produced from scratch or sold by illegal vendors.
    2. Lombardi’s, which is still in business today after being relocated from its original location in 1905, ″has the same oven as it did originally,″ according to culinary critic John Mariani, author of How Italian Food Conquered the World (How Italian Food Conquered the World).
    3. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Meet the Long-Lost Father of New York City PizzaAs every pizza enthusiast knows, heated debates about whose slice is the best in town often ensue.

    Mariani, on the other hand, credited three East Coast pizzerias for keeping the century-old tradition alive: Totonno’s (Coney Island, Brooklyn, launched in 1924); Mario’s (Arthur Avenue, the Bronx, opened in 1919); and Pepe’s (New York City, inaugurated in 1924).(New Haven, opened 1925).Because of the large influx of Italian-Americans and their food as they moved from city to suburb, east to west, particularly after World War II, pizza’s popularity in the United States increased dramatically.No longer considered a ″ethnic″ treat, it has increasingly been characterized as a quick and enjoyable meal.Regional, clearly non-Neapolitan variants arose, eventually resulting in California-style gourmet pizzas topped with everything from grilled chicken to smoked salmon, among other ingredients.

    Pizza made after World War II eventually made its way to Italy and beyond.″Pizza, like blue jeans and rock and roll, was adopted by the rest of the world, including the Italians, simply because it originated in the United States,″ argues Mariani.There are around 60 different nations where foreign branches of American franchises such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut operate today.As a reflection of regional preferences, worldwide pizza toppings might range from Gouda cheese in Curaçao to hardboiled eggs in Brazil, among other things.

    1. WATCH: Full episodes of The Food That Built America are available to stream right now.

    Pizza Name Meaning, Family History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

    • Origins Available:
    • Spain

    Sale The surname Pizza is derived from the Spanish word ″pizarra,″ which literally translates as ″slate.″ As a result, it was most likely first used by someone who lived near a slate quarry, or as an occupational name for someone who worked in a slate quarry. Sale

    Early Origins of the Pizza family

    Sale A person with the surname Pizza is descended from the Spanish word ″pizarra,″ which literally translates as ″slate.″ As a result, it was most likely initially given to someone who lived near a slate quarry or worked in one. Sale

    Early History of the Pizza family

    • This web page contains only a small portion of our Pizza study findings.
    • Another 306 words (22 lines of text) covering the years 11, 18, 10, 1471, 1541, 1535, 1502, 1548, 1539, 1689, 1762, 1749, and 1753 are included under the topic Early Pizza History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.
    • Another 306 words (22 lines of text) covering the years 11, 18, 10, 1471, 1541, 1535, 1502, 1548, 1539, 1689, 1762, 1749, and 1753 are included Sale

    Pizza Spelling Variations

    Among the various spelling variants of this surname are Pizarro, Pizarra, Pizarrón, Picarra, Pizon, and a number of others.

    Early Notables of the Pizza family (pre 1700)

    • Famous bearers of the surname Pizza have included: Known for conquering Peru’s Inca Empire and creating the city of Lima in 1535, Francisco Pizarro (c.1471-1541) was the Spanish conqueror who arrived in the Americas about 1471.
    • Gonzalo Pizarro, his half-brother, was killed in a car accident (c.1502-1548).
    • In addition to the chapter Early Pizza Notables in all of our PDF Extended History products and printed goods wherever available, another 33 words (2 lines of text) are provided under the topic Early Pizza Notables.
    • Sale

    Migration of the Pizza family

    Cristobal Pizarro, who moved to Colombia in 1536, Francisca Pizarro, who landed in Peru in 1560, and Gabriel Pizarro, who arrived in NewSpain in 1588 were among the earliest immigrants of this family name or some of its derivatives. Later arrivals included Diego Pizarro, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1812 and founded the city of San Juan.

    Contemporary Notables of the name Pizza (post 1700) +

    Joseph Pizza was an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who served as an Alternate Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Maryland in 1936.

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    Little Caesars – Wikipedia

    Little Caesar Enterprises Inc.

    Logo of Little Caesars since 2017
    A Little Caesars restaurant in Salida, California
    Trade name Little Caesars
    Type Private
    Industry Fast foodPizza chain
    Founded May 8, 1959; 62 years agoGarden City, Michigan, U.S.
    Founders Mike IlitchMarian Ilitch
    Headquarters 2125 Woodward AvenueDetroit, Michigan48201
    Number of locations 5,463 (2017)
    Area served Worldwide
    Key people David Scrivano(President and CEO)Paula Vissing (COO)
    Products Pizza, chicken wings, breadsticks, soft drinks
    Owner Ilitch Holdings
    Website littlecaesars.com
    • Little Caesars Enterprises Inc.
    • (doing business as Little Caesars) is an American multinational pizza corporation that operates under the Little Caesars brand.
    • According to 2020 figures, Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States in terms of total sales, trailing only Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza in that category.
    • Founded in 1983, Pizza Hut operates and franchises pizza shops in the United States, as well as in Asia, the Middle East, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
    • Firm headquarters are at the Fox Theatre building in downtown Detroit, where it was established in 1959.
    • The company was formed and is based in Detroit, Michigan.
    • Ilitch Holdings is the parent company of Little Caesars Enterprises, Inc.


    • Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian Ilitch launched Little Caesars Pizza on May 8, 1959, in Chicago, Illinois.
    • Located in Garden City, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, the first Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat shop was opened in a strip mall and was entitled ″Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat.″ The first business closed its doors in October of this year.
    • Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat was the name of the first Little Caesar’s franchise site, which debuted in Warren, Michigan, in 1962 and was still in operation at the time.
    • In the same year, the Little Caesar’s logo was transformed into a three-dimensional figure that was utilized for outdoor signs.
    • When the firm first created the tagline ″Pizza!
    • Pizza!″ in 1979, it became instantly popular around the world.
    • The expression alludes to the fact that two pizzas are being provided for the same price as a single pizza from a competing restaurant.
    • In the beginning, the pizzas were delivered in a single, lengthy bundle (a piece of corrugated cardboard in 2-by-1 proportions, with two square pizzas, placed side by side, then slid into a form-fitting paper sleeve that was folded and stapled closed).
    • Little Caesars has subsequently dispensed with the clumsy packaging in favor of more conventional pizza containers.
    • In addition to pizza with ″strange″ toppings, they also sold hot dogs, chicken, shrimp, and fish to its customers.
    • The business began using shaker boards to promote its ″Hot-N-Ready Pizza″ in 1997, which was a giant pepperoni pizza that sold for $5.

    The concept was successful enough to become a permanent component of the company, and Little Caesars’ business strategy has altered to place a greater emphasis on takeout and delivery.A total of 13,386 pizzas were delivered to the VF Corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1998, making Little Caesars the company that fulfilled the world’s biggest pizza order at the time.Little Caesars was one of the first restaurants to employ a new type of speed-cooking conveyor oven, known as the ″Rotary Air Impingement Oven,″ to prepare its pizza.

    • Located at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and Columbia Street in downtown Detroit, the new Global Resource Center will be eight stories tall and 205,000 square feet in size.
    • The project was announced on December 10, 2014.
    • The new building, which is intended to more than double the size of the Little Caesars World Headquarters Campus, was chosen because it is close to the Fox Office Center building, which houses both the Fox Theatre and 186,000 square feet of office space for Little Caesars and other Ilitch-affiliated ventures.
    • In order to connect the Fox with the future Little Caesars Global Resource Center, which would provide workspace for an additional 600 jobs that will be brought to Detroit over time, an overhead pedestrian bridge across Columbia Street was proposed.
    • Earlier this month, it was revealed that the proposed new Little Caesars Pizza Global Resource Center has been expanded by one level, making it a nine-story structure located near the intersection of Woodward and Columbia Street.

    The building was originally slated to be finished in 2018, however owing to construction difficulties, the completion date was pushed back to October of that year.Earlier this year, to coincide with the opening of Little Caesars Arena, the company unveiled a slightly revised logo that removed Caesar’s chest hair and replaced it with a wreath with hidden letters spelling ″LC″ for ″Little Caesars.″ The wreath also contained hidden letters spelling ″LC″ for the name of the company.In addition, the firm began employing the modernized Caesar in its advertising, which replaced the more cartoonish Caesar that had been featured in advertisements since the 1980s, according to the company.


    • In addition to managing professional services for Marian Ilitch-owned firms such as the Fox Theatre, where the headquarters of Little Caesars is housed, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
    • is also responsible for the management of the Fox Theatre.
    • The Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League (whose NHL arena, as of 2017, is named for the pizza chain), the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball, Blue Line Foodservice Distribution, Little Caesars Pizza Kits, Champion Foods, Olympia Entertainment, Olympia Development, Uptown Entertainment, the Hockeytown Cafe (which also serves as the home of City Theater), and the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit are among the organizations that have benefited from the Little Caesars Pizza Kits sponsorship.


    • Little Caesars sold its first franchise in 1962, and by 1987, the company had locations in all 50 states of the United States.
    • Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Little Caesars was a popular fast-food restaurant that could be found at Kmart shops, notably Big Kmarts and Super Kmarts.
    • Many older Kmart outlets that had been refurbished had Little Caesars pizza as an option.
    • Garden City, Michigan, was the site of the first Kmart and the first Little Caesars Pizza restaurants.
    • Following Kmart’s insolvency, several of the retailer’s stores replaced the Little Caesars with their own branded ″K-Cafes.″ In Guam, one Little Caesars Kmart store will remain open until the year 2021, though.
    • Between 2008 and 2015, Little Caesars was the fastest-growing pizza chain in the United States, according to the company.
    • At the end of 2017, the corporation had 5,463 sites, which included both domestic and foreign locations.

    International growth

    • With operations throughout the northern United States by 1987, the firm acquired the Mother’s Pizza franchise from receivership in 1989 and expanded its operations into Canada and the United Kingdom the following year.
    • As of 2022, the company has operations in Canada (some Canadian cities have had operations since 1969), Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Guatemala, Barbados, Bahamas, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Jamaica, Bahrain, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Singapore, Russia, and India.
    • The company has operations in Canada (some Canadian cities have had operations since 1969), Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic The Little Caesars brand has been present in the Philippines since the 1990s, although it has been steadily phased out since the 2000s.
    • A new franchisee and a new location in Ermita, Manila marked the company’s reentry into the market on January 25, 2019, with its relaunch.
    • Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, this one and only branch has been closed since then.
    • Having first opened their doors in Australia in 2014, Little Caesars outlets in the country were forced to close their doors and go into administration this year.
    • Little Caesars launched its operations in India on January 29, 2020, with the inauguration of two locations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


    • Little Caesars is a pizza restaurant that serves a range of pies.
    • Several basic menu items are included in the HOT-N-READY menu, which is aimed to make popular products accessible for instant carry-out, while others are classified as either speciality pizzas or bespoke pizzas, depending on their preparation.
    • The Deep!
    • Deep!
    • Dish Pizza, a Detroit-style pizza, was added to the menu in 2013 as an experiment.
    • Salads are also available at some places.
    • Additional entrée options include flavorful Caesar Wings and a variety of breads, including Crazy Bread and Italian Cheese Bread, among others.
    • Salads are available at some places.
    • Pepsi products are available at all Little Caesars restaurants.
    • In 1996, they created Pizza by the Foot, which was a rectangular pizza that was three feet in length.
    • Although the product has since been discontinued, its equivalent, Pizza by the Meter, has been available in the Saudi Arabian market since the 1990s and has proven to be a very successful product.

    Little Caesars occasionally provides specials that are only available for a short period.The Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza was released in 2014, while the ″Bacon Wrapped Deep!Deep!

    • Dish Pizza″ was presented the following year.
    • Little Caesars began testing a vegetarian sausage created by Impossible Foods in May of this year, and the results are in.
    • Stuffed Crazy Bread will be relaunched by Little Caesars in June 2020.
    • They initially used it in 1995, and it was a big hit.
    • Crazy Bread was initially offered to the public in 1982 as a novelty item.

    Love Kitchen

    The Little Caesars Love Restaurant is a mobile pizza kitchen that delivers pizza to individuals in need in the community. Following the Love Kitchen’s establishment, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush honored Little Caesars with a Citation for the President’s Volunteer Action Award Citation.

    Veterans Program

    After launching its Veterans Program in 2006, Little Caesars has helped thousands of veterans who are returning to civilian life or seeking a career change succeed. He was motivated to launch the program after hearing an account of a soldier who had lost both of his legs during the war and was returning to civilian life. Mike Ilitch is the founder of the program.

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      • Domino’s Pizza and other fast-food restaurants (list) The following restaurants serve pizza: International Boston Pizza
      • California Pizza Kitchen
      • Chuck E. Cheese
      • Dodo Pizza
      • Domino’s Pizza
      • Little Caesar’s
      • Papa John’s Pizza
      • Pizza Hut
      • Pizza Inn
      • PizzaExpress
      • Rossopomodoro
      • Sbarro
      • Sarpino’s Pizzeria
      • Telepizza
      • The Pizza Company
      • Vapiano
      • Yellow Cab Pizza Co
      • Debonairs Pizza (ZA)
      • Roman’s Pizza (ZA)
        • Among the restaurants are Asia Origus (CN), Aoki’s Pizza (JP), Greenwich Pizza (PH), Mr. Pizza (KR), Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza Corner (IN), Pizza-La (JP), and Pizza Corner (IN).
        • Across Europe, Ask Restaurant (UK), EasyPizza (UK), Kotipizza (FI), Peppes Pizza (NO), Pizzaland (UK), Prezzo Restaurant (UK), Speed Rabbit Pizza (FR), Spizzico (IT), Tops Pizza (UK), and Zizzi (UK) are some of the most popular pizza restaurants.
        • Pizza restaurants in North America include Benedetti’s Pizza (Mexico), Blaze Pizza (US), Cicis (US), Donatos Pizza (US), Fox’s Pizza Den (US), Giordano’s (US), Godfather’s Pizza (US), Greco Pizza Restaurant (CA), Happy’s Pizza (US), Home Run Inn (US), Hot Lips Pizza (US), Hungry Howie’s Pizza (US), Hunt Brothers Pizza (US), Imo’s Pizza
        • South America Jeno’s Pizza (Colombia)
        • Mario’s (Trinidad and Tobago)
        • Mister Pizza (Brazil)
        • Oceania Eagle Boys (Australia)
        • Hell Pizza (New Zealand)
        • Pizza Capers (Australia)
        • Pizza Haven (Australia)
        • Oceania Eagle Boys (Australia)
        • Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (Australia, Belgium, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, and New Zealand)
        • Domino’s Pizza Group (Chicago, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom)
        • Jubilant FoodWorks (Domino’s – Bangladesh, India, LK, and Nigeria)
        • and Domino’s Pizza Group (Chicago, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom)
        • Articles are listed alphabetically. Canadian pizza franchises
        • United States pizza franchises
        • List of pizza franchises
        • List of pizza franchises
         Companies portal

        What is Jimmy Garoppolo’s Ethnicity? — Girlfriend Revealed

        • Because of his high school experience as a linebacker and quarterback, American footballer Jimmy Garoppolo was able to finish his three and a half year quarterback apprenticeship with the New England Patriots under Tom Brady after being drafted in the second round.
        • The next year, he was dealt to the San Francisco 49ers, where he now serves as their quarterback.
        • The San Francisco 49ers’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 23, 2018, saw him finish with 251 passing yards before exiting with a left knee injury.
        • He was playing for the 49ers at the time.

        Jimmy Garoppolo: Ethnicity, Bio, Parents, & Siblings

        • Jimmy Garoppolo was born on November 2, 1991, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, to James Richard Garoppolo and Jennifer Garoppolo.
        • As a result, he was born in the United States and so has an American nationality.
        • He is the third child of Anthony J.
        • (Tony) Garoppolo and Denise F.
        • (Malec) Garoppolo, who are both professional football players.
        • Mike Garoppolo, Tony Jr., and Billy Garoppolo are his three brothers.
        • A chef named Denise Garoppolo and her electrician husband Tony Garoppolo raised their three children in a suburb northwest of Chicago where they worked as a family.
        • Jimmy went on to graduate from Rolling Meadows High School in Illinois, where he also competed for the Mustangs football team as a quarterback and linebacker during his senior year.
        • Following that, he went on to Eastern Illinois University, where he majored in business administration.
        • From 2010 through 2013, he was a member of the Eastern Illinois Panthers football team.
        • During his time at the University, he was the recipient of various accolades and broke the Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo’s school record for career completions of pass attempts.

        Jimmy Garoppolo Embraces Mixed Ethnicity

        Mr. Garoppolo hails from a multi-ethnic heritage that includes German, Italian, and Polish ancestors. Rose and Anthony Garoppolo, his paternal grandparents, were Italian immigrants, whilst Harriet D. Seidel and Theodore J. Malec, his maternal grandparents, were of German and Polish descent.

        Jimmy Garoppolo Signed Largest Contract In NFL

        • A number of trade speculations about Jimmy Garoppolo had surfaced throughout the 2017 NFL season.
        • The Chicago Bears and the Cleveland Browns were both speculated to be interested in trading for him, but he ended up staying with the Patriots for the 2017 season and then joining the San Francisco 49ers in October 2017.
        • In February 2018, he signed a five-year contract with San Francisco worth $137.5 million, which was the richest contract in NFL history at the time.

        Jimmy Garoppolo’s Dating History

        • Jimmy’s name continues to be in the news not only because of his games and injuries, but also because of his dating life and girlfriends.
        • Pictures of him holding hands with Alexandra Rose King, an Instagram sensation and model, leaked on the internet, and he became the subject of speculation about his relationship with her.
        • Jimmy, however, revealed to Bleacher Report that he was completely unaware of the supposed affair until his buddies brought it to his attention.
        • Jimmy’s relationship with adult film star Kiara Mia was widely reported in the sports and entertainment media shortly after that incident occurred.
        • The photographs and videos of the two enjoying supper at a high-end Greek restaurant first appeared on the internet in July of the same year.
        • Some pundits and fans chastised him for his relationship with an adult film actor.
        • Nevertheless, several of his superiors and coworkers backed him, claiming that his dating life had no impact on his job or team.
        • Jimmy has not disputed nor acknowledged his connection with Kiara, but he has stated in an interview that he would be more cautious in the future about how he presents his personal life to the public in the future.
        • My personal life, away from the field – I’ve never been one to make things about myself extremely public, even on social media.
        • I don’t spend a lot of time on there.
        • My life, on the other hand, has been viewed in a different light.

        Jimmy’s personal life has remained a closely guarded secret since then.There has been no mention of him having a girlfriend or a wife in the media.

        Who Invented Pizza First? 

        • Despite the fact that topped flatbreads were consumed in ancient Egypt and Rome, it is the Italians who are credited with being the first to develop pizza.
        • Locals were obliged to discover quick and cheap methods to provide for their family throughout the 1700s and 1800s when Naples was a thriving coastal city, particularly along the beach, because of overpopulation and a predominantly outdoor lifestyle.
        • Because of the few ingredients and the portability of pizza, it quickly became a popular dish, but it was seen as a street snack for the poor and inappropriate for the upper classes.
        • They had no idea how this seemingly basic innovation would grow into a worldwide phenomenon, and they were wrong.

        Where Was Pizza Invented? 

        • It is true that pizza originated in Italy, but it was not until the arrival of Neapolitans in the United States that this cheesy food began to gain widespread popularity.
        • Italians began delivering their pies to customers in the United States in the 1940s, and Americans were immediately drawn to the distinctive flavors.
        • Pizzerias began to appear in major cities such as Boston, Chicago, and St.
        • Louis, however the first confirmed pizza parlour was built in New York City in 1905, according to historical records.
        • Following Globe War II, the world began to yearn for all things Americana, propelling the popularity of pizza to unprecedented heights.
        • Chefs all over the globe began experimenting with this centuries-old masterpiece, reinventing it with regional flavors and ingredients, such as Sicilian-style pizza, to make it fresh and exciting again.
        • Once considered an improper supper, pizza became an immediate sensation, spawning an avalanche of franchises and countless variations on the traditional dish to satiate desires.
        • They originally opened its doors in 1966, and they’ve been serving up delicious pizza to the people of Chicago ever since!

        Who Invented Pizza and Why: Fun Facts  

        • When King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889, they were treated to the world’s first piece of pizza. The queen preferred her pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, and this famous combination has been known as the Margherita pizza ever since. This meal is also known as the ″first pizza delivery″ because it was the first to arrive!
        • In spite of the fact that it is uncertain who coined the term ″pizza,″ the earliest documented use is attributed to Gaeta, Italy, in 997 AD.
        • The first documented Internet purchase occurred in 1994 when a pizza was bought online, marking the beginning of the modern era of online shopping. Americans consume 350 pieces of pizza per second, according to the latest statistics.

        Grab a Slice From Salerno’s Pizza Today!

        Now that you know who invented pizza, try our unique take on this traditional Italian dish. Check out our menu to discover a pie that will satisfy your tastes, and don’t forget to ask about our catering services for larger gatherings!

        Pizza in China – Wikipedia

        • The existence of pizza restaurant chains in Mainland China and Hong Kong has contributed to a large growth in the consumption of pizza in these regions.
        • Additionally, this had the impact of introducing cheese as a culinary element and everyday meal in China, which had previously been rather uncommon in Chinese cuisine prior to the introduction of pizza franchises.
        • Pizza Hut debuted its first location in China in 1990, and the country now has a number of pizza restaurant franchises to choose from.

        Pizza chains in China


        • Pizza Hut established its first store in China in 1990, followed by Domino’s Pizza, which opened its first location in China in 1995.
        • During the decade of the 2000s, both pizza businesses saw significant growth in the Chinese market.
        • Prior to entering the market, Pizza Hut conducted market research and analysis to determine consumer food preferences, tastes, and eating patterns, whereas Domino’s merely entered the market by offering its normal menu items.
        • Pizza Hut was successful in its attempts because to careful planning and research, and the company opened over 1,300 outlets in China.
        • Domino’s, on the other hand, was less successful, building only 40 stores in the nation in 2014.
        • At the time, Domino’s gave the company’s delivery guarantee of thirty minutes or less, but this did not account for the high vehicular traffic and jams that plagued many Chinese cities at the time.
        • Another factor contributing to Domino’s failure in the Chinese market is the chain’s food lacking appeal to Chinese consumers, the lack of sit-down restaurants (Domino’s stores were only for take-out and delivery), and the large size of Domino’s pizzas, which made them difficult for consumers to consume while walking or hanging out on the street.
        • Many Chinese consumers dislike cheese, and others may be unable to digest it, according to specialists who advised Pizza Hut management before to launching outlets across the country in 2008.
        • In addition, the company’s management was advised that tomato is not a common culinary item in Chinese cuisine.
        • Pizza Hut was advised that Chinese consumers would not eat pizza as a result of these considerations.
        • As a result, Pizza Hut altered its pizza recipes to include less tomato sauce and cheese while also integrating indigenous components that were popular with Chinese consumers, such as tuna, crab sticks, soy sauce, chicken, and corn.

        It also developed unique pizzas for the Chinese market, like the Homemade Sweet and Creamy, which is reminiscent of apple turnovers, and the Thousand Island dressing pizza, which did not have tomato sauce but did contain Thousand Island dressing.As of 2014, Pizza Hut had more than 1,300 locations in China, with a particularly significant presence in Shanghai and other major cities.


        Currently, Pizza Hut, which is owned by Yum Brands, has over 2,000 locations in China, while Domino’s has over 200 locations, with ambitions to build 1,000 locations by 2025.

        Other pizza chains in China

        • In the Chinese city of Haikou, there is a Magritta Pizza restaurant. California Pizza Kitchen has a few locations in China.
        • Mr. Pizza is a South Korean pizza restaurant brand that had seven locations in China as of 2005, according to the company. It now has around 28 shops throughout China.
        • At the end of 2011, the Chinese firm Origus Pizza Buffet has around 100 locations in China and Inner Mongolia. Restaurant outlets are often found in metropolitan areas
        • Papa John’s has been operating in China since 2009, but sold a piece of their franchise in 2018
        • and
        • Several Peppes Pizza franchise locations exist in China, which is owned by a Norwegian pizza brand.
        • Pizza Corner was a defunct pizzeria franchise brand that had a presence in China and on the Chinese island of Hainan, mainly in the capital city of Haikou, before it was acquired by Pizza Hut. In 2014, the firm was purchased by the Indian affiliate of Papa John’s Pizza.
        • In 2015, PizzaExpress had eight locations in China.
        • Pizza Factory is a pizza restaurant chain based in the United States that has several locations in China.
        • There are a few Yellow Cab Pizza locations in China, which is a Filipino restaurant franchise.
        • Joe’s Pizza has two locations in the Chinese city of Shanghai.
        • In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there are three sites of The Pizza Factory, which was China’s first ″make your own pizza″ business.

        Supermarket pizza

        Carrefour store deli area in Haikou, Hainan province, selling pizza by the slice The deli area of a number of supermarkets prepares pizza by the slice, which is then sold by the slice. If you choose not to use cheese, a salad dressing similar to Miracle Whip can be used in its instead. Hot dog pieces are frequently used as toppings.

        Independent chains

        In addition to multinational chains, an increasing number of strong independent businesses, owned and operated by both local and foreign entrepreneurs, are emerging in the market. Una’s, Melrose, and Homeslice are just a few examples.

        See also

        • You may learn more about Cong you bing, Chinese fast food, the history of pizza, and a list of pizza companies here.



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        External links

        • Media related to Pizzas in China at Wikimedia Commons

        Focaccia – Wikipedia

        • Focaccia is a type of flatbread that originated in Italy. Ingredients that are essential flour with a high gluten content, oil, water, salt, and yeast Focaccia is the name of the cookbook
        • Focaccia is the name of the medium
        • Focaccia is the name of the dish.

        This flat leavened oven-baked Italian bread, which is similar in form and texture to pizza (in some locations it is referred to as ″pizza bianca″ (″white pizza″), is made using a yeast dough and cooked in an oven until it is golden brown. In addition to being eaten as a side dish or sandwich bread, foccaccia may be made in a variety of shapes including round, rectangular, and square.


        • Panis focacius was a flat bread that was baked on a fireplace in ancient Roman times.
        • ″Baking″ is derived from the Latin focus, which means ″hearth″ or ″baking place.″ However, while some believe that the fundamental recipe dates back to the Etruscans, it is now mostly linked with Ligurian cuisine.
        • Outside of Liguria, the term is most commonly used to refer to the Genoese varieties.
        • It is referred to as fügassa in Genoese.
        • It is referred to as fecàzze in Barese.
        • The term focaccia first occurs in print in 1300, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
        • Pizza is commonly mistaken for focaccia; however, focaccia is allowed to rise after it has been flattened, whereas pizza is baked immediately after it has been prepared.

        Regional variants

        • Throughout the Ligurian coast, there are various variations on the traditional focaccia, ranging from the biscuit-hard focaccia secca to the corn-flour-based, oily-based, soft Voltri form, with some resembling the Genovese version and others not.
        • Focaccia col formaggio (also known as focaccia di Recco or focaccia type Recco), which is prepared in Recco, near Genoa, is an extreme illustration of what can be achieved with a simple loaf of bread.
        • Tracchino cheese is sandwiched between two layers of paper-thin dough in this variation of the dish.
        • Other variations feature a sauce or ham layer on top of the surface.

        Focaccia genovese

        • It is brushed or coated with olive oil, coarse salt, and occasionally water before the final rise to give it its characteristic finger-sized holes on the surface (ombrisalli in Genoese dialect) and rises to a golden brown color.
        • In Genoa, focaccia is typically consumed for breakfast or as a snack during the day.
        • At breakfast, it is frequently dipped in milk or cappuccino and consumed while still warm and moist.

        Other variants

        • Focaccia col formaggio, also known as focaccia di Recco, is a type of focaccia that is traditionally baked in Recco.
        • In Northwest Italy, a popular variety is focaccia dolce, which translates as’sweet focaccia.’ It is made with a little dusting of sugar and may contain raisins or honey.
        • In Northeast Italy, focaccia veneta, also known as ‘Venetian focaccia,’ is a traditional Easter bread made with eggs, sugar, and butter, and is comparable to panettone and pandoro in taste and texture.
        • Osterfochaz (in Krimml Fochiz) is a customary Easter present given by godparents to their godchildren in the South Tyrolean hamlet of Krimml and the Austrian village of Krimml.
        • It has been designed somewhat thinner in the center so that colorful eggs may be placed inside it without breaking it.

        Focaccia al rosmarino

        • It is topped with rosemary and known as ″focaccia al rosmarino″ or ″focaccia with rosemary.″ Antipasto, table bread, or a snack are all options for this dish. Fresh rosemary leaves can be used whole or chopped, while dried rosemary can also be utilized. After baking, it may be topped with sprigs of fresh rosemary and a sprinkling of salt to finish it off. In New York City, potato rosemary focaccia is commonly referred to as ″potato pizza.″ Although rosemary is the most popular herb used to flavor focaccia, sage (focaccia alla salvia) is also a common herb used in the preparation of this bread. When baked with rosemary, the texture of the bread may be wet, and the specific recipe differs. It can be salty or sweet in flavor. It is normally baked, however it can also be fried on occasion. It is possible to include garlic or basil. When served with slices of prosciutto crudo, it is considered a special occasion. Sandwiches can be made with it if you want to be creative. Focaccia al rosmarino (rosemary focaccia)
        • View of focaccia al rosmarino from a close distance.

        See also


        1. ″Focaccia with Rosemary
        2. Makes 1 (12-inch) pizza″
        3. ″Focaccia with Rosemary
        4. Makes 1 (12-inch) pizza″
        5. ″What is the most significant distinction between pizza and focaccia? The flattening of the dough, the length of time it takes to roll out the dough, and the amount of time it takes to cook the dough are all important considerations. Before it is cooked, the focaccia is allowed to sit and rise. It is only placed in the oven after the dough has completed its rising process. Immediately after making the pizza, it is placed in the oven.″ – Gabriele Bonci et al.


        1. ″Panis focacius″ is an abbreviation for ″Panis focacius″. The original version of this article was published on July 12, 2017. Riolo, A. (2008-12-30)
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