What Is The Biggest Pizza In The World?

Share All sharing options for: The World’s Largest Pizza Ever Weighed 26,883 lbs. According the keepers of human history over at the Guinness World Records, the largest circular pizza ever baked weighed was made in Norwood, South Africa by Norwood Hypermarket on December 8, 1990. It weighed 26,883 pounds.

How much is the biggest pizza in the world?

Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, California, serves the world’s largest deliverable pizza. It’s called the ‘Giant Sicilian,’ and it’s 54 inches wide and 54 inches long. The pizza is cut into 200 square slices and can feed 50 to 70 people. The pizza starts at $249.99.

What’s the biggest pizza you can buy?

The largest pizza commercially available has an area of 1.98 m² (21 ft² 48 in²), and was achieved by Moontower Pizza Bar (USA) in Burleson, Texas, USA, on 26 May 2018. ‘The Bus’ is a rectangular pizza measuring 8 ft x 2 ft 8in.

Who ate the world’s largest pizza?

Joey Chestnut singlehandedly won this challenge and ate the pizza fully in 32 minutes and 13 seconds before the seven competitors on one team could finish the slice. Joey Chestnut was rewarded with a pizza trophy.

Who invented pizza?

Specifically, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is often given credit for making the first such pizza pie. Historians note, however, that street vendors in Naples sold flatbreads with toppings for many years before then. Legend has it that Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889.

What is the smallest pizza in the world?

In the case of wonderful food artist Jessica Hlavac, she’s created this incredibly miniature pizza. So miniature, that a slice of fits comfortably on a quarter. A truly remarkable creation from a truly remarkable artist.

Where is the world’s largest pizza?

In the town of Burlson in Texas, USA, Moontower Pizza Bar’s latest menu offering is a dish that’s claimed the record for the world’s Largest pizza commercially available.

What state has the largest pizza?

Number of pizza restaurants in the United States in 2019, by state

Characteristic Number of units
California 7,281
New York 5,719
Texas 5,200
Florida 4,838

Is there such thing as a $70000 pizza?

$70,000 Golden pizza

A celebrity YouTuber called Mr. Beast ate a $70,000 Golden pizza with his friends and it was covered by Business Insider and Insider.com. The price tag seems insane, the location of offering is not revealed in this video which means this was a pizza made on request and is not commercially sold.

Is there a 70000 dollar pizza?

Finally, it was time for the $70,000 golden pizza. It was made by a private chef who usually only cooks for billionaires, so the trio got changed into suits for the occasion. The pizza is so expensive because the base is covered with an ounce of gold, followed by a ten-year-old parmesan bechamel.

How big is the biggest pizza slice in the world?

As the title suggests, the video shows MrBeast eating a massive pizza slice that weighs 8kgs. MrBeast invited Joey Chestnut, who is a professional eater with a world record for downing 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Where was pizza first made?

Pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy as a fast, affordable, tasty meal for working-class Neapolitans on the go. While we all know and love these slices of today, pizza actually didn’t gain mass appeal until the 1940s, when immigrating Italians brought their classic slices to the United States.

Why is pizza called pizza?

Pizza could come from the Greek word “pitta” meaning “pie”, or the Langobardic word “bizzo” meaning “bite”. It was first recorded in a Latin text dated 997 in Italy and entered into an Italian-English dictionary in 1598 as “a small cake or wafer.”

Is pizza a pie?

a flat, open-faced baked pie of Italian origin, consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with spiced tomato sauce and cheese, often garnished with anchovies, sausage slices, mushrooms, etc. Also called pizza pie.

10 Largest Pizzas Ever Made

Pizza is enjoyed by people all across the world, not only in the United States and Italy.Pizza restaurants may be found just about wherever you go.In 2017, there were more than 75,000 pizza restaurants in the United States alone.In 2017, the total income from the sale of pizza surpassed 134 billion USD worldwide.As competitive as the industry is, eateries will use all tactics necessary to get our attention.One method of accomplishing this is to create massive pizzas that attract the attention of the media.

  1. Individual eateries have benefited from large-scale pizza-making events, but so have the general public.
  2. The creation of large pizzas has involved the participation of city governments and food manufacturing corporations.
  3. The corporations and organizations involved frequently make donations to charity causes, such as by donating earnings or pizza.
  4. Everyone benefits, but those who enjoy pizza the most benefit the most.

The Pizza Machine Pizza

Size:1,600 Chef de cuisine on site Where: Tennessee, United States When is it taking place: 2016 Christy R.from Yelp provided the information.A name like The Pizza Machine could imply that a robot would deliver your pizza or, at the absolute least, that your pizza will be obtained from a vending machine.This is not the case.In this case, the Pizza Machine was literally a gigantic crane that delivered a 40-inch pizza to your table from the kitchen.The restaurant itself may have a more intriguing backstory than the pizza itself, which is little when compared to some of the other pies on our list.

  1. The restaurant had been closed for some years.
  2. The proprietors now operate a pizza delivery service out of an old school bus, which they call a ″food truck.″ Yes, the 40-inch signature pizza and the crane are still available for purchase.

Did You Know?

The prices of their pizza are not established by the proprietors. Customers are asked to pay what they estimate the pizza is worth at the time of ordering.

Big Lou’s Super 42

Size:42” Big Lou is the chef of the house.Where: Texas, United States of America When is it taking place: 2009 Source: Big Lou’s on Facebook.Big Lou’s Super 42, one of the most popular restaurants in San Antonio, TX, emphasizes the importance of weight as much as it does of square inches.The restaurant places a strong emphasis on toppings when calculating portion sizes, allowing guests to add on as many pounds of anything they like.Even though the pizza is little, it may weigh up to 30 pounds, which is equivalent to the weight of a handful of the bigger sized pizzas on our list!For those who find the 42″ pizza to be too much, Lou’s 37″ pizza is a good compromise option.

Did You Know?

Having been broadcast on the Travel Channel twice and once by the Food Network, Big Lou’s Super 42 is well-known even outside of the restaurant.

The Giant Sicilian

Size: 2,916 square feet Chef:Restaurant management team Where: California, United States Originally published on Pinterest by Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria in 2010.Largest commercially accessible and deliverable pizza in the world, according to Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, was held by the restaurant for eight years.It is a 54″ square, thick crust pizza that can serve up to 70 people and is available in two sizes.The restaurant runs a pizza-eating competition in which they use their signature pizza as the prize.Eight individuals may complete the pizza in two hours or less, and the group will get a monetary award in addition to receiving the free pizza.At this time in 2018, no one has been able to take home the cash prize.

Did You Know?

It was necessary for the restaurant to construct a special delivery container for the pizza since it was so huge. On the car’s roof, there is a container for storing items.

The Bus

Dimensions: 3072 square inches Amber and Paul Rouse are the chefs.Where: Texas, United States of America When: The year 2018 Guinness World Records is the source of this information.It is stated that the people of Texas enjoy large scale events.That appears to be true for pizza as well, since the Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson, Texas, a location outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan region, sells the world’s largest commercially accessible pizza.One of these pizzas requires around 10 pounds of cheese and 10 pounds of dough, as well as the restaurant’s own handmade sauce, to be assembled and baked.It is necessary to place an order for one of these massive square pizzas with at least two days notice.

Did You Know?

In the Moontower neighborhood, the business is known for its gigantic pizzas. A 30″ pizza is also available for delivery, which is double the size of the largest pizza that can be ordered at most locations.

The Colossus

Size: 4,900 square feet Chef de cuisine on site Sydney, Australia is the location.The year is 2012; the website is waltspizza.com Sports enthusiasts might work up quite an appetite.The Il Colosseo restaurant in the Allphones Arena offered a variety of dishes that would delight even the most voracious of diners.The Colossus was a 58-pound pizza that was, at the time of its release in 2012, the world’s largest commercially available pizza.To make its 600 AUD pizza, the restaurant employed 28 pounds of wheat and 10 pounds of cheese as the main components, which were baked in a custom-built oven.Additionally, the restaurant hosted a pizza eating competition, in which the group that finished the pizza first would win four complimentary tickets to any event in the arena for the next year.

Did You Know?

The massive pizza was unable to draw in enough customers, and the eatery was forced to close.

Napoli Pizza

  • Dimensions: 6,082 feet in total length. 250 cooks from the surrounding area Naples is the location. When is it taking place: 2016 mulinocaputo.it is the source of this information. Napoli pizza is a popular variety of pizza that can be found all over the world. While the Napoli Pizza Association has not lost sight of this reality, they are working hard to maintain the Napoletani pizza in the public’s consciousness. The Napoli Pizza Festival is one of the city’s most important annual events. Local groups came together to construct what was at the time the world’s longest pizza in the town of Aachen, Germany, in 2016. Some of the components that were employed were: 2,000 kilograms of flour
  • 2,000 kg of fiordilatte cheese
  • 1,600 kg of tomatoes
  • 2,000 kg of wheat
  • 2,000 kg of barley

The pizza was donated to various charity organizations in Italy by the groups involved, however anybody who visited the event was entitled to purchase a slice to take home with them.

Did You Know?

The chefs employed a number of mobile wood-burning ovens to prepare the pizza that stretched for a mile.

Fontana Pizza

Dimensions: 6,333 feet in total length.Chef:dozens Where: California, United States When: The year 2018 Canyon News received this information from Joanne.The owner of PizzaOvens.com, Fash Asvadi, was inspired to form a group of some of the top pizza makers in California after learning that the Napoli team had built the world’s longest pizza.They set out to break the record, and they succeeded.In order to raise funds, Asvadi solicited donations for the ingredients and then selected a local motor speedway as the location for the bake, which began at 7 a.m.for preparation and concluded cooking by 4 p.m.

  1. It took some innovative cooking procedures to complete the baking, such as utilizing a mobile oven and having hundreds of people help to feed the dough through it as the car turned the bend on the racetrack.

Did You Know?

Each fan who stayed to observe the event received a complimentary slice of pizza when it was completed. The majority of the pizza, on the other hand, was delivered to homeless shelters in the surrounding region.

Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza

Size:10,000 square feet Chef de cuisine: Lorenzo Amato Where: Florida, United States When it happened: 1987 (Photo credit: Thomas, State Archives of Florida) It appeared as though Lorenzo Amato was hell-bent on achieving a world record for the biggest pizza ever made.Twice he was successful, and twice he was outperformed by someone else.Nonetheless, his 1987 attempt is considered to be one of the biggest pizzas ever constructed.He worked out of his restaurant in Tallahassee, Florida, where he built what was at the time the world’s biggest oven in order to create the world-record pizza.It was a griddle with a diameter of 73 feet, which was heated by hundreds of propane tanks.Amato sold pieces of the pizza for a dollar each, with the proceeds going to the American Red Cross charity.

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Did You Know?

Amato spent $250,000 to prepare the pizza, half of which went toward the oven and half toward the pizza ingredients. Roma Foods sponsored his attempt, providing him with $500,000 to complete the task.

Norwood Hypermarket Pizza

Dimensions: 122 feet in diameter The Norwood chef team is in charge of the cuisine.South Africa is the location.When it happened: 1990 Source: Guinness Book of World Records/Eater The pizza developed by a crew at the Norwood Pick n’ Pay Hypermarket in Johannesburg, like the other pizzas on this list, was a marketing tactic to attract customers.In this case, however, marketing was carried out in the service of a good cause, since revenues from the sale of thousands of slices of pizza were donated to charity organizations around South Africa.Saint Mark’s College, a secondary school in a Black township in South Africa, received the majority of the revenue.The city of Johannesburg’s municipal government was also involved in the scheme.

  1. The first piece was sliced by the mayor.
  2. There’s no news on whether he really ate one.
  3. The following items were used in the recipe: 9,920 pounds of flowers were harvested.
  4. 2,000 lbs.
  5. of finely sliced tomatoes Mushrooms weighing 1,800 pounds

Did You Know?

The Norwood attempt is still the world’s heaviest pizza today, weighing around 27,000 pounds, despite finishing in second place for the biggest pizza of all time.


  • Size:13,580.28 square feet Italy’s Dovilio Nardi is the chef at this establishment. When: 2012 Where: World Record Academy Source: World Record Academy The Ottavia holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest pizza ever produced, which was set in 2007. This gluten-free monster was developed by Nardi in Rome, together with two other head chefs and a crew of hundreds of helpers, in the margherita manner, and is now available to the public. The pizza has a circumference of 131 feet. Due to the fact that there is no oven large enough to make the pie in a single batch, they had to bake the dough in more than 5,000 distinct batches. Ingredients in this recipe include: There were 19,800 pounds of mozzarella cheese, 1,500 pounds of margarine, and 550 pounds of rock salt used in this recipe.

The chef explained that he constructed the pizza to show Italy’s economic and cultural resurgence in the world.

Did You Know?

Ulrich Ladurner of the Dr. Shar group came up with the concept of creating a pizza of this size in order to demonstrate that gluten-free cuisine can be both enjoyable and delicious.

Who’s bigger Pizza Hut or Dominos?

The top-grossing pizza franchises in the United States in 2019. At around $7.04 billion USD in sales in 2019, Domino’s Pizza was the largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States, according to the National Pizza Association (NPA). Burger King came in second place, followed by Pizza Hut and Little Caesars.

Who made the world’s largest pizza?

At Fiera Roma in Rome, Italy, on December 13, 2012, Dovilio Nardi and Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi and Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte (all from Italy) created the world’s largest pizza, which had a total surface area of 1,261.65 m2 (13,580.28 ft2) and was cooked by NIPfood employees.

What was the biggest pizza ever?

At Fiera Roma in Rome, Italy, on December 13, 2012, Dovilio Nardi and Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi and Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte (all from Italy) created the world’s largest pizza, which had a total surface area of 1,261.65 m2 (13,580.28 ft2) and was made by NIPfood.

Where is the world’s largest pizza?

In Texas, a state that takes great pleasure in its excess, it is possible to order a pizza that is almost as large as a room-sized carpeting. The Moontower Pizza Bar, located in the village of Burlson, recently broke the famous Guinness World Record for the largest commercially accessible pizza by serving an 8′ by 2′ 8′′ monstrosity on its menu, which was officially certified as such.

What is the number 1 pizza in America?

Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano’s Mushroom and Pepperoni Pie is number one on the list.

Who sells the most pizza 2020?

  • In 2020, the United States will be the world’s largest pizza market, accounting for $46.24 billion of the $145 billion in total worldwide sales that will be generated by the industry. The Top 10 Largest Pizza Chains in the United States The following pizza restaurants are available: Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa John’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Sbarro, and Marco’s Pizza.

What is the world’s most expensive pizza?

Renato Viola’s Louis XIII Pizza is located in Salerno, Italy.Finally, the pizza with the highest price tag in the planet.When you see how much this pizza will set you back, you will be completely taken by surprise.The Louis XIII pizza has a price tag of $12,000.It takes more than 72 hours to manufacture this pizza, and it’s possible that the astronomical price is tied to the method by which it’s created.

Which is the smallest pizza in the world?

  • The world’s tiniest pizza. – Photograph of Basilico – Tower Bridge, London Europe
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • England
  • London
  • London Restaurants
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs
  • Basilico – Tower Bridge Photographs

What is the best pizza in the world?

  • The World’s Best Pizza: 2020 L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples
  • The Good Son, Toronto
  • Bst, Copenhagen
  • Pizza Fabbrica, Singapore
  • PI, Dublin
  • Animaletto Pizza Bar, Bucharest
  • Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, Adelaide
  • The Good Son, Toronto
  • Bst, Copenhagen
  • Pizza Fabbrica, Singapore
  • PI, Dublin
  • The Good Son, Toronto
  • The Good Son, Toronto
  • The Good Son, Toronto

What is America’s favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the United States.

What is the world’s biggest burger?

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Detroit is the rightful owner of the title. A cheeseburger weighing 1,794 pounds has recently been certified as the world’s largest commercially sold burger. It took four years for Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Detroit to devise a plan for cooking and serving the hulking beef beast. And it’s literally on the menu right now..

Who made pizza first?

In particular, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is frequently credited with creating the world’s first pizza pie. However, historians point out that street sellers in Naples had been selling flatbreads with toppings for many years before to it. According to legend, the Italian King Umberto I and his wife, Queen Margherita, paid a visit to Naples in 1889.

Where is the world’s largest McDonald’s?

This is the largest entertainment complex in the planet. McDonald’s, sometimes known as Epic McD, is a fast-food restaurant chain that first opened its doors in Orlando, Florida, in 1976.

World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s
Restaurant information
Street address 6875 Sand Lake Rd
City Orlando
County Orange County

What is the biggest cake in the world?

The Bakers Association Kerala (India) established the world record for the longest cake on 15 January 2020 at Thrissur, Kerala, India, with a length of 5,300 meters (17,388 feet).

We tried the world’s largest deliverable pizza, which has 200 slices and can feed up to 70 people

  • The ″Giant Sicilian,″ which is 54 inches wide and 54 inches long, is served at Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, California. It is the world’s biggest delivery pizza, and it is served at the restaurant.
  • Approximately 50 to 70 people may be fed by cutting the pizza into 200 square slices.
  • The pizza starts at $249.99
  • many individuals are required to create and transport the pizza
  • and the pizza is available for pickup only.
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I Ate the World’s Largest Slice of Pizza

MrBeast’s I Ate the World’s Largest Slice of Pizza is a costly challenge video that he prepared for himself.Throughout this movie, MrBeast and up to six colleagues (it should be mentioned that the number of teammates on MrBeast’s side rose as the video progressed) compete against one another to see who can eat the world’s largest slice of pizza in the shortest amount of time.Joey Chestnut is the only contender that is on the other side of the spectrum from MrBeast.Joey is well-known for being one of the world’s quickest eaters, which is primarily due to his adaption of eating food quickly while minimal chewing and drinking water.


″This slice of pizza was a little on the pricey side.″ Description of the video in its official form


Joey Chestnut won this task by himself, finishing the pizza in 32 minutes and 13 seconds, much ahead of the other seven contestants on one team who were unable to eat a single piece.Joey Chestnut was presented with a trophy in the shape of a pizza.As an added bonus, MrBeast and his teammates weighed a combined 537 pounds before beginning the challenge, and their weight had risen to 547 pounds by the time it was completed.Joey Chestnut’s starting weight was 229 pounds, but by the end of the challenge, he had grown his weight to 250 pounds.


  • MrBeast (team leader)
  • Chandler Hallow (teammate of MrBeast)
  • Chris the Meme God (teammate of MrBeast)
  • Karl Jacobs (teammate of MrBeast)
  • Tyler (teammate of MrBeast)
  • Jackson (teammate of MrBeast)
  • Dustin (teammate of MrBeast)
  • Joey Chestnut (competitor)
  • MrBeast (teammate of MrBeast)
  • MrBeast (teammate of MrBeast)
  • MrBeast (teammate of MrBeast)


MrBeast is shown in the thumbnail clutching the bottom portion of a really huge piece of pizza in a kitchen environment. His mouth is wide open in surprise.

Who Invented Pizza?


Have You Ever Wondered.

  • Who was the inventor of pizza?
  • How long has pizza been in existence?
  • What was the location of the first pizza in the United States?

Mykah from Allison, Texas, provided the inspiration for today’s Wonder of the Day.″Can you tell me who developed pizza?″ Mykah wonders.Thank you for joining us in our WONDERING, Mykah!Mmmm…can you detect a scent?A hot pie rests on the counter, fresh from the oven and ready to be devoured.The fragrance of heated bread, melting cheese, and boiling tomato sauce fills the air, enveloping your senses completely.

  1. Are you ready to tuck into your favorite of all foods?
  2. Are you ready to plunge in?
  3. What exactly are we discussing?
  4. Of course, we’re talking about pizza!
  5. Some children enjoy meat, while others do not.

Some children enjoy veggies, while others avoid them at all costs.Some children like seafood, while others believe that fish should be left in the water.But there is one thing that almost all children can agree on: pizza is fantastic!What is the origin of this widely acclaimed dish?Pizza is frequently associated with Italian cuisine.

Do the Italians, on the other hand, receive the credit?Alternatively, did someone else create the first pizza?There isn’t a simple answer here.

Different historians have come up with different conclusions.A great deal relies on your definition of ″pizza.″ Do you conceive of pizza as a flatbread that has been baked in a brick oven?If this is the case, its origins can be traced back to ancient periods in the Middle East.Flat bread was eaten by the ancient Babylonians, Israelites, and Egyptians, all of whom baked it in mud ovens.Do you believe that a pizza must have toppings to be considered complete?In such instance, it may be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, among other civilizations.

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They both ate flatbreads that had been prepared and were covered with olive oil and spices.This dish is now referred to as focaccia bread.What about the type of pizza that most people are familiar with?Those pizzas with tomato sauce, cheese, and various toppings, you know the ones.

That did begin in Italy, to be sure.In particular, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is frequently credited with creating the world’s first pizza pie.However, historians point out that street sellers in Naples had been selling flatbreads with toppings for many years before to it.According to legend, the Italian King Umberto I and his wife, Queen Margherita, paid a visit to Naples in 1889.Esposito was summoned to the location and requested to prepare a pizza for them.

Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil were strewn on the top of the pizza.That particular pizza is still referred to as Pizza Margherita today.Immigrants from Italy carried pizza with them when they settled in Spain, France, England, and the United States.

However, it did not receive widespread acceptance until after World War II.It was at this point when returning soldiers began looking for the meals they had grown to like while serving overseas.The first pizza in the United States, G.Lombardi’s, opened its doors in 1905.Gennaro Lombardi was the property’s owner.In New York City, he launched his restaurant at 53 1/3 Spring Street, which is now closed.

  1. It is still in operation today, with the same oven continuing in use, albeit in a different location.
  2. As of today, pizza is one of the most widely consumed foods in the United States as well as around the entire world.
  3. Do you eat pizza on a regular basis?
  4. What are some of your favorite accoutrements?
  5. Do you believe that toppings such as pineapple should be included on pizza?
  6. Everyone has their own set of tastes and interests!
  1. Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Council for the Social Studies″>Standards: C3.D2.His.2, CCRA.L.3, CCRA.L.6, CCRA.R.1, CCRA.R.2, CCRA.R.10, CCRA.SL.1, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.SL.3, CCRA.SL.6, CCRA.SL.1, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.SL.1, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.

Wonder What’s Next?

Are you prepared to stick it out for the long haul? Prepare yourself by loading up on carbs and drinking plenty of fluids before you hit the road. It’s possible that today’s Wonder of the Day will exhaust you…

Try It Out

  • Mmmm! Are you starting to feel hungry? Take part in the following activities with a friend or family member and sink your teeth into them: Make a trip to your local food shop or supermarket with your class. What is the number of different sorts of pizza that you can find? You undoubtedly already know that pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, but did you understand just how widespread its popularity is? Keep an eye out for frozen foods and pasta sections where you may locate boxes of homemade pizza mix if you’re on the hunt for pizzas. However, you might be able to buy pizzas in the meat department, which is also where portable lunch-sized meals are available. In addition, you may frequently buy prepared, ready-to-eat pizzas in the deli sections of supermarkets. How many different sorts of pizzas did you come across in total?
  • What toppings would you put on your ultimate pizza? Do you want some extra cheese? Pepperoni? Sausage? Onions? Peppers? Mushrooms? Take some time to plan out the perfect pizza, starting with the crust and working your way up. Do you have a preference for crust type? Is it better to be thick or thin? Fillings of cheese, herbs, and spices, or something else entirely? After that, think about the sauce you’d want to use. Do you want something hot and spicy? Is it sour or sweet? What do you think of the cheese? Is it possible to consume too much cheese? What sort of cheeses would you put on your pizza if you were making it? Mozzarella? Parmesan? Something a little more original? Finally, add your choice meats and veggies on the top of your pizza. Finished! When you’ve completed drawing the perfect pizza pie, show it to a trusted adult friend or family member and ask them to assist you in turning your vision into a handmade reality hot from the oven. Schedule time for you and your friends to bake pizza together, and then get to work.
  • Have you ever been to a restaurant and watched a pizza being made? Instruct an adult friend or family member to assist you in locating a nearby pizzeria that would be willing to allow you to have a close-up look at the process of producing pizza from scratch. Possibly, you’ll be able to provide a hand in the process, as well! There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty and doing everything yourself, from mixing the dough to sliding the pizza into the oven. What’s more, the finest thing is. When it’s finished, you’ll be able to sample your labor of love.

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  • (accessed 25 June 2019)
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Please accept our thanks for the questions you sent concerning today’s Wonder subject from Kylee, Emma, Rosa mae, Gloria, and Mailee. Continue to WONDER with us! What exactly are you puzzling over?

Texas restaurant breaks record for the world’s largest commercially available pizza

Pizza connoisseurs: What if you could get a delightfully cheesy 8 ft x 2 feet 8in pizza pie delivered straight to your doorstep?The Moontower Pizza Bar in Burlson, Texas, USA, has added a new item to its menu: the world’s largest commercially accessible pizza, which has been dubbed the ″World’s Largest Commercially Available Pizza.″ yt It costs $299.95 (plus tax) and includes one topping.It is only available for delivery within a specified region – and 48 hours notice is required.Advertisements This sizzling pizza has a surface area of 1.98m2 (21 ft2 x 48 in2) and is called as ‘The Bus’ because of its imposing rectangular form.The Bus, which is baked in a rotating oven for 30 minutes and delivered in a custom-built giant box, is created using fresh sauce and dough that is produced from scratch.With the creation of the 96″ x 32″ rectangular pizza, which the restaurant describes as ″3,072 square inches of deliciousness,″ Moontower has successfully surpassed the record that had been held by Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, California, since 2010.

  1. Advertisements Over 100 friends, family members, and pizza-hungry members of the general public gathered for the official record announcement in the restaurant’s outdoor seating area recently, ready to devour the massive pie as soon as adjudicator Claire Stephens announced that The Bus had been named a successful Guinness World Records title holder by the organization.
  2. Advertisements If you’re considering of buying this big pie for your party, Moontower advises that you do it at your own risk ″″You’d best have something to eat!″″ Over ten pounds of cheese and toppings, including pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers, were added to the pizza just before it was rolled into the oven and placed in the oven.
  3. The entire process of getting the pizza through the rotating oven took around 30 minutes before it was put out and measured to be eight feet by two feet and eight inches in dimension.
  4. The Moontower has officially been designated as Amazing!″ — Claire Stephens, a panel of adjudicators Advertisements Is it possible for your firm to leverage an attempt at a Guinness World Records title to introduce a new product or generate brand awareness?
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Pizza restaurants by U.S. state 2019

S. Lock published an article on November 5, 2021. With 7,281 pizza shops, California has the most number of pizza restaurants in 2019. Wyoming, with a total of 138 pizza restaurants in the same year, was the state with the lowest number of pizza restaurants.

Number of pizza restaurants in the United States in 2019, by state

Characteristic Number of units
California 7,281
New York 5,719
Texas 5,200
Florida 4,838
Pennsylvania 4,633
Ohio 3,740
New Jersey 3,161
Michigan 2,718
Massachusetts 2,312
North Carolina 2,235
Indiana 1,941
Virginia 1,928
Georgia 1,911
Missouri 1,522
Tennessee 1,441
Maryland 1,413
Washington 1,382
Arizona 1,344
Minnesota 1,314
Connecticut 1,302
Wisconsin 1,266
Colorado 1,170
Iowa 1,091
Kentucky 1,086
South Carolina 1,052
Oklahoma 895
Oregon 878
Alabama 844
Louisiana 758
Kansas 742
Arkansas 718
Nevada 681
Utah 593
West Virginia 559
Mississippi 535
Nebraska 456
New Hampshire 454
Idaho 401
Rhode Island 379
New Mexico 367
Maine 339
Delaware 329
Montana 273
South Dakota 248
North Dakota 206
Hawaii 202
Vermont 165
Washington DC 153
Alaska 147
Wyoming 138
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Statistics on ″Pizza restaurant industry in the U.S.″

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14 Most Expensive Pizzas from around the world.

Pizza is a subject about which you may accuse me of being obsessive, and I won’t even bat an eyelid about it.The history of pizza is highly intriguing, as is the combination of toppings that are used on it.I aim to create a complete book about pizzas, which will be published in the near future.Wait!You know what, I’d want to publish a collection of books that will be devoted entirely to the subject of pizza.If you say obsession, don’t be shocked if I mean obsession when I say it.

  1. And this is what it appears to be.
  2. Let’s go back to the point: today, I’m going to provide a list of the world’s most costly pizzas from various countries.
  3. Just a few days ago, I was browsing the internet and came across an odd advice.
  4. A popular YouTuber posted a video of himself eating the most expensive pizza in the world, which has now gone viral.
  5. The title didn’t bother me at all, but when I viewed the video, I was really taken aback.

Particularly, the price of the pizza was so high that you could easily take many trips across the world, or purchase a new home, or even a car, or even start your own business with the money.Last but not least, you have the option of depositing the money in a bank and living off the interest income for the rest of your life.Was there something that piqued your interest?It did cause my blood pressure to rise.What puzzled me was the irony of the fact that a cuisine like pizza was created as a cheap, quick meal that could be devoured in a short amount of time.

In this country, however, it is establishing a reputation as one of the upscale cuisine products that may be enjoyed by the wealthy.In any case, it appears to be working as a kind of enjoyment for the majority of the population.So let’s take a short look at the evolution of a pizza from its modest beginnings to its final destination as a hole burner of pockets.

Here is a list of the most costly pizzas from across the world, compiled by myself.

List of Most expensive pizzas in the world

A medium-sized pizza in the United States typically costs between USD 7 and USD 15, whereas a medium-sized pizza in Europe costs roughly EUR 10 to EUR 15. It is equivalent to around 1000 rupees in Indian currency. As a result, anything that costs ten times as much as these numbers will be regarded pricey and will not be taken into account.

The Magic Gold Pizza

Is gold a vegan option?Why do I ask this?Because this pizza contains gold and is also a vegan-friendly option.It’s from the Magic Oven restaurant in Canada and costs $108 to purchase.In other words, it is ten times more expensive than the ordinary pizza sold around the world.Despite this, it is the most affordable option on the list.

  1. It is created with a gluten-free dough recipe.
  2. The components utilized for the toppings are all vegetarian or vegan in nature.
  3. Toppings include edible 24-karat golden leaves, which are one of the most popular.
  4. Indians are extremely fond of gold; if you give them a pizza at $108 and they decline, they will instead ask for the money and use it to purchase gold.
  5. So it’s possible that this is the reason why you won’t be able to find such gimmick-filled establishments that try to offer unusual pizzas in India.

Whatever the case, this is only the beginning of the list.Let’s see what’s in store for us next.

The Astice E Tartufo

You will need to travel to the country of gold in order to consume this pizza.Yes, you will be required to travel to Dubai.A restaurant named Third Avenue Café is located in Dubai Mall, and it is where the world’s most costly pizza is served.The unusual and exotic ingredients that are used in the pizza are imported by the chef who prepares the pizza.This pizza is topped with truffles from Italy and lobsters from across the world that are among the best available.At $125, it is unquestionably one of the most costly pizzas on the menu, but when you consider the high-quality ingredients that are used, and if you are a pizza enthusiast, this one is absolutely worth your time.

  1. Just a piece of advice: bring a friend along with you and divide the fee.
  2. Bring along more than one companion; the more the merrier on this excursion.

Triple Mille-Feuille Pizza

Are you qualified to go on a vacation to Japan?Are you interested in traveling to Japan?I’ve heard that it’s a breathtakingly gorgeous nation.Because the Domino’s franchisees in Japan have an extremely popular pizza called Triple Mille-Feuille, which has three layers to it with a significant quantity of cheese between each of the layers.There are a plethora of toppings available to choose from when ordering this pizza.It is one of the most difficult pizzas to get your hands on since it has all of the toppings on it.

  1. Even without all of the toppings, I’m betting that the cheese elevates this pizza and elevates it to the level of legends in the pizza world.
  2. It appears to be an expensive item, given its $140 asking price.
  3. Nonetheless, if the cheese is worth it, I don’t have anything else to say.
  4. For those who wish to sample this pizza, bring a buddy along, forward this post to him/her, and book a flight to Japan immediately.
  5. In the style of the renowned French pastry mille-feuille, this three cheese pizza is a must-try for every pizza lover.

The diameter is smaller, but the thickness is five times more than that of a typical pizza, and it may weigh up to three kilograms at times.

Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza

If you’re talking about a well-known dish like pizza, is it even feasible to avoid any relationship with the world-famous chef who created it?There’s no way!Gordon Ramsay’s pizza is served at his Maze restaurant in London, which is owned by chef Gordon Ramsay.The pizza is made with some of the most finest ingredients sourced from all around the world.An Italian onion puree is the star of this pizza, and it serves as its trademark flavor.Treviso truffles from Italy, Cep mushrooms, Fontina cheese, mozzarella from buffalo milk, white truffle pasta, rare herbs, and cured pig belly are some of the ingredients you’ll find on the menu.

  1. The price of the pizza starts at $250 and increases depending on how much truffle you want in the topping.
  2. This was from a long term record holder for one of the most costly pizzas in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
  3. With the passage of time, other pizzas on the list surpassed it in terms of popularity.
  4. If you are a lover of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking, then this pizza should be on your must-try list.

C-6 Pizza

What is your favorite type of seafood to eat?Do you eat pizza on a regular basis?What if a location has a mix of both of these amenities?I am confident that you will not mind forking out a substantial chunk of money in order to take advantage of this exclusive offer.Stevetson Pizza, located in Richmond, British Columbia, sells it as a takeout option.This location is regarded for having the greatest and freshest seafood available, and as a result, even at $450, this is one of the most costly pizzas with seafood toppings available.

  1. Because the dough must be produced over a period of 73 hours, you must notify and submit your order three days ahead of time.
  2. It is a family-owned and operated establishment.
  3. Smoked salmon, tiger prawns, black Alaskan cod, lobster thermidor, and Russian osetra caviar are among the items utilized in this dish.
  4. Such a large quantity of delicious seafood will almost certainly increase the cost of the pizza, as seafood is normally extremely costly and they only utilize the finest of their catch in the pizza.
  5. Have you ever had a seafood pizza?

If not, you should.

Nino Bellissima Pizza

The first pizza on this list of the world’s most expensive pizzas to surpass the $1,000 mark is the Margherita.Chef Giovani Spatala introduced this pizza in 2012, and it is priced at a perfect thousand dollars a slice.This dish is available at Gino’s restaurant in the upper Manhattan area.The cost of creating the pizza is around $820, leaving a profit of only $180 after all expenses are deducted.Even so, it is a proud invention that was developed after the proprietor Nino Salamache’s 33 years of expertise in the pizza industry.Thin lobster slices, salmon rolls, crème Fraiche, wasabi paste, chives, and 4 to 6 different varieties of caviar are among the components used in this dish.

  1. Every year, more than 50 of these pizzas are sold in this location.
  2. The majority of the purchasers are top-tier stock traders or wealthy politicians.
  3. By the sheer amount of orders received each year, I have to declare that this is one of the most popular pizzas on the market.

The 24K Pizza

This opulent-looking pizza is made in the Industry kitchen in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.When it comes to $2,000, it is a high-end pizza that can be shared by eight individuals who each contribute $250 to the cause.So, aren’t you intrigued as to what it is about this pizza that makes it so expensive?First and foremost, you must notify the establishment 48 hours in advance so that they can arrange for the components to be delivered to the location.Everything is ordered specifically for you, which ensures that everything is as fresh as possible.The dough is stained with black squid ink and has a blackish hue to it.

  1. ″If pizza were synonymous with luxury, then this is the most extravagant list…″ To send a tweet, simply click here.
  2. As a finishing touch, they use 24-karat gold foil and 24-karat gold dust to decorate the cake.
  3. Other than that, truffles from the area of France, some foie gras, Ossetia caviar from the Caspian Sea, and shilton cheese from England are also included in the menu.
  4. The foie gras is one of the most difficult components to come by out of all of the ingredients.
  5. It is a duck’s liver that has been force-fed in order for the liver to increase in size.

I’m not sure whether anyone would want to purchase this pizza after hearing what I’m about to say.Even if you do consume foie gras, attempt to limit your consumption.Take a look at it in the video embedded below.

World’s Most Expensive Pizza

When the name of the pizza itself states that it is one of the most costly pizzas, it was unavoidable to leave it off.In 2010, it was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as a world record.It originates in Malta and was produced by the highly skilled chefs of the Margo’s restaurant group.The attention to detail that has been put into this pizza is just amazing.The flour used in this recipe comes from a single farm.The dough for the foundation is no thicker than 2 millimeters in diameter.

  1. It contains white truffles, a few gold leaf, and buffalo mozzarella cheese that has been sourced locally.
  2. Only 12 of these pizzas were sold up to the end of 2019.
  3. It is surely a meal that will burn a hole in your wallet, since it is priced at $2,880.

Pizza Royale 007

Are you a fan of the James Bond film series?I mean, come on, who doesn’t?Who doesn’t like the adventures of James Bond?The way you seem, the way you dress, and the way you carry yourself all make a statement.Mr.Bond was the inspiration for this dish, which was created at the Domenico Crolla Restaurant in Haggis, Glasgow.

  1. It is now priced at $4,200, and you will soon discover why it is so expensive in the first place.
  2. One aspect of it is the fact that it is a recipe developed by Chef Mr.
  3. Crolla himself.
  4. For business reasons, it is not normally available for purchase, and if you like to sample it, you must make direct contact with the chef.
  5. The toppings include white and black truffles, 24-carat gold dust, vintage balsamic vinegar, lobster tails marinated in thousand-year-old cognac, and caviar that has been bathed in Dom Perignon champagne, among other ingredients.

Prosciutto (cured pork meat) of superior quality, Scottish smoked salmon, and deer medallions are also available for purchase.In addition, it is served with a glass of martini that has been shaken rather than stirred, in the style of James Bond.Made in 2007 to generate cash for the Fred Hollows Foundation, this pizza was sold to the public.

The Miss Verdun Pizza

While you’re still reading, why don’t you try to figure out what the ingredients on this pizza are on your own?Gold, caviar, truffles, and lobsters are some of the most costly food items on the market, to name a few.As a result, they are automatically included with this pizza.But does that justify the price of one of the most costly pizzas on the market, or the $4,250 price tag?What if I told you that if you live in Canada, you can order this from the comfort of your own home?It is available from Mizzou Pizza, which is located in Verdun, Montreal.

  1. The offer for the pizza is as follows: you may order this pizza from the comfort of your own house, and the chef will come to your home and prepare this pizza right in front of you.
  2. Not only that, but you will also be provided with a fleet of musicians who will perform in the background like an orchestra as you eat your pizza.
  3. This is an idea: why not purchase this while planning your large events or weddings in Canada?
  4. You will save money on the orchestral fees by using this service.
  5. Please let me know in the comments if you are willing to do so.

Favitta’s Pizza for Lovers

Do you and your better half enjoy pizza?Do you and your better half have a thing for diamonds?To promote their business, the proprietors of Favitta Pizza came up with the concept of selling a heart-shaped pizza, accompanied with an engagement ring and a glass of Dom Perignon champagne.The objective was to create a pizza experience that was so suited to proposing to someone that it would help you in your endeavor.Unfortunately, the response to this gimmick was underwhelming.Despite the fact that the intentions were good.

  1. It was done in order to save the tax that a buyer must spend on jewelry by purchasing it on their behalf and passing along the tax savings.
  2. The only pizza on the list that is no longer available for purchase.
  3. It was priced at $8,180, with prices fluctuating in accordance with the market value of the diamonds.
  4. In 2008, this pizzeria was forced to shut.
  5. I believe

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