What Is Licorice Pizza About?

While their ever-evolving relationship provides the framework for the film, “Licorice Pizza” is really about this young woman’s journey of self-discovery: trying out different jobs and clothes, different priorities and personalities, and seeing what fits.

What is Licorice Pizza about?

The story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and going through the treacherous navigation of first love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973. LICORICE PIZZA is the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.

Is Licorice Pizza in the movie goody goody?

The stores were bought by the company Musicland in 1986, and rebranded as Sam Goody stores in 1987. Licorice Pizza the store does not appear in the film. In fact, Gary and Alana (Alana Haim) do not play much music at all in the film-though like many other Anderson films, the movie soundtrack has plenty of needle drops.

What is’Licorice Pizza’about?

The Movie’s Title Explained Licorice Pizza is the new movie from director Paul Thomas Anderson which is picking up critical praise and controversy in equal measure. Reactions of viewers coming out of screenings have been mixed.

Why was it called Licorice Pizza?

Licorice Pizza is actually named after a famous SoCal record store that existed in the late ’70s and ’80s, according to Thrillist. The term is also slang for vinyl records, which have the appearance of shiny, black licorice and are the size of a small pizza.

Why is Licorice Pizza rated so high?

Cast: Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Bradley Cooper. Rating: Rated R for language, sexual material and some drug use.

What happens at the end of Licorice Pizza?

Gary and Alana finally kiss and embrace at the end of Licorice Pizza, suggesting their romance is official. However, it doesn’t seem like Gary and Alana would become a real couple.

Who was the 12 guy in Licorice Pizza?

Bradley Cooper as Jon Peters in ‘Licorice Pizza’

Why is Licorice Pizza not in theaters?

Originally set to be released on around 2,000 screens, according to Indiewire, the studio shifted gears and reduced the expansion to some 800 venues, leaving theaters across the country looking for a last-minute replacement.

Is Licorice Pizza sad?

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film is an antic comedy, but it’s also a bittersweet reminiscence about how difficult embracing adulthood can be.

Is Licorice Pizza based on a true story?

Set in the early 1970s, the Licorice Pizza true story elements are also based on the real Hollywood-set memories of director Paul Thomas Anderson and his friend Gary Goetzman.

Is Lucille Ball in Licorice Pizza?

‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ Shares Original Lucille Ball Clip Recreated In ‘Licorice Pizza’ The Ed Sullivan Show YouTube channel has celebrated the hit movie Licorice Pizza by sharing the original segment that was recreated in the film.

How old is Alana Kane in Licorice Pizza?

In the movie, Alana Haim plays Alana Kane, an earnest 25-year-old who’s figuring out life. She’s the love interest of a confident teen, played by Cooper Hoffman. She helps him with his waterbed business and pinball arcade and branches out on her own. ‘Alana Kane is a little unhinged,’ Haim explains of her character.

Why do people run in Licorice Pizza?

“Running” is to Licorice Pizza as “flying” is to Peter Pan—ignited by feeling and belief and camaraderie, it is a physical attempt to outrun fate, to prolong youth, to maintain freedom.

Who was the weird guy in Licorice Pizza?

Gary Valentine, the teenage actor-turned-entrepreneur at the heart of Licorice Pizza, is a fictional character. But according to Variety, Anderson was heavily influenced by Gary Goetzman’s showbiz anecdotes while he was writing the character.

Is there an end credit scene in Licorice Pizza?

There is nothing extra during, or after, the end credits of Licorice Pizza. The credits run for approximately 6 minutes.

Here’s why ‘Licorice Pizza’ is called ‘Licorice Pizza’

  1. Licorice Pizza is the latest film by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, and it has received both critical acclaim and controversy in equal measure since its release.
  2. Following the screenings, the reactions of the audience have been varied.
  3. A lot of people enjoyed this vivid portrayal of California in the 1970s, while others had serious issues about the film’s age-gap romance.

The majority of audiences, on the other hand, are likely to walk away from the movie with one question: why is the film named Licorice Pizza?After all, the film has a great deal of material, yet we never see any licorice or pizza, and the phrase ″licorice and pizza″ is never used in the film.Fortunately for fans of the film, Anderson explained in an interview the precise reason why he chose such an unusual title for his new film.

How Licorice Pizza got its title

  1. In an interview with Variety, the director of Phantom Thread, Boogie Nights, and The Master confessed that it took him ″several months″ to come up with a title for the film.
  2. It was even speculated that the film’s title would be Soggy Bottom when the release date was revealed in April, according to a report from the time.
  3. There is a more obvious source for this title: it is the original name of the waterbed company run by Gary Valentine (played by Cooper Hoffman) that is featured in the film.

The film’s title, however, was rejected by Anderson, who stated that Soggy Bottom was the name of the production company he had established in order to make the film.″In the long run, I couldn’t live with titling a picture Soggy Bottom,″ he said to Variety about the title.The filmmaker finally landed on a title that he felt represented the spirit of the 1970s, given that the picture is set in California during that time period.

  • He went on to explain: ″When I was growing up in Southern California, there was a record shop chain called Licorice Pizza that I frequented.
  • It seems to be a catch-all phrase for the overall mood of the picture.
  • I think if you don’t know anything about the store, it’s just two fantastic phrases that go well together and may perhaps convey a vibe.″ What was the source of that store’s distinctive name?
  • Although it has been generally claimed that the name derives from an old Abbott and Costello performance, the company’s then-senior vice president Ruth Sims stated in a 1986 Los Angeles Times story that the name comes from the album Bud & Travis.
  • It is in this song that the folk duo joke that their album was so unsuccessful that it was being sold at feed shops as a ″licorice pizza,″ according to the lyrics.
  • The name ″Jimmy″ was chosen because ″Jimmy felt it was hilarious and thought it would make a wonderful store name,″ Sims stated.

After being purchased by the firm Musicland in 1986, the stores were renamed as Sam Goody outlets the following year in 1987.A scene from the film does not depict Licorice Pizza, the restaurant.The film does not feature much music from Gary and Alana (Alana Haim), yet, like many previous Anderson films, the movie soundtrack has a lot of needle drops and other musical instruments.Although Licorice Pizza is not Anderson’s first film, it is the first in which the title does not appear to have much to do with the action of the story.The fact that many of the people in Magnolia reside on a street with that name, for example, will not be seen by every viewer, and even fewer will realize that the name is a play on Magonia, a location described by cult writer Charles Fort as a place where objects fall out of the sky.Licorice Pizza is now playing in cinemas.

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Licorice Pizza’ on VOD, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Ode to Verboten Love (and Early ‘70s Los Angeles)

  1. Licorice Pizza, Paul Thomas Anderson’s next ambitious project, is now available on VOD.
  2. It is a period comedy set in Southern California that races childish along urban streets and rolls perilously down curved hills.
  3. It’s a love story made all the more complicated by the presence of Alana Haim of the pop-rock band Haim, who plays the older woman to Cooper Hoffman’s (son of Philip Seymour Hoffman) not-yet-of-age teen romantic interest – and you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s catnip for critics, who continue to hail Anderson as the next Robert Altman.

″It’s a love story made all the more complicated by the If you give a damn about awards season (and you really shouldn’t), the picture received three nominations, including one for Best Picture.Is it, therefore, deserving of the accolades and hype?Oh, what an absurd question.

  • Unquestionably true.


  1. Summary: It’s 1973, and Alana (Alana Haim) and Gary (Cooper Hoffman) are the most hard of people to love.
  2. They’re bigger than life – just like memories are bigger than life.
  3. Memories of a bygone era.

She’s aimless, unsure, prickly, brave, and humorous all at the same time.He’s self-assured, personable, entrepreneurial, selfish, and completely ignorant.He’s 15 and she’s 25.

  • I believe they are in love, but, oof, that hurts.
  • It is for this reason that they are impossible.
  • They finally meet on picture day at school.
  • A student, and she works as a photographer’s assistant, are the two main characters in this story.
  • In response to his use of the cornball charm, she states that she would never go out with him since ″you’re 12″ and that she could simply walk away from him but chooses not to.
  • Magnets.

What is the procedure for using them?Gary called her the next day and informed her he’d be at Tail o’ the Cock that night.She appears later that evening.She is, in fact, the one.Shows.Up.

He grins with pride.The high-beams on his mother’s 1968 GTO convertible served as inspiration.Was there a button on the floor to switch on the lights in that room?What do you call the one that makes a ch-CLUNK sound when you toggle it with your toe?No, but I’m going to assume that it does for the sake of argument.

  • ″Please don’t be weird,″ she expresses her displeasure.
  • It’s impossible for him not to be weird.
  • He’s 15 and she’s 25, and they’re going on a date…

what do you think?The two of them aren’t going on a date, she states calmly but firmly.This is where we discover that he’s a child actor who appeared in the movie with the major TV actress, in which he played one of her numerous children, and that he’s appeared three times on Merv Griffin.Oh, and he owns his own public relations agency.

How is this possible?When he’s 15, she’s 25.She has nothing going for her other than a shabby, go-nowhere underling work for a photographer who gives her the middle finger when she doesn’t do what he says.Gary requires a chaperone for a trip to New York in order to make a television appearance to promote the film about his insanely large family, and Alana volunteers to be that chaperone for a variety of reasons.What caused this to occur?I told you it was because of one or another issue.

It’s impossible for us to see how it happens, but we can imagine it, and that’s good enough for us.When she meets LANCE (Skyler Gisondo), Gary is saddened since his crush is madly in love with a person who is, y’know, legal.Alternatively, she may not be madly in love with LANCE and only wishes to make a statement to Gary about her readiness to make herself accessible to Gary, and to express gratitude to him.For the record, she wants to be accessible to Gary, but she is purposefully not making herself available to Gary for the sake of propriety, which is why I’m here to clarify her intentions.She is therefore completely unavailable to Gary, except that she keeps appearing in scenes with Gary, entire sequences with Gary, entire chunks of the movie with Gary, entire chunks in which he starts a waterbed business and tries to sell them at the local Teen-age Fair and opens a storefront and delivery service, things that Alana improves by not just assisting Gary, but by working in tandem with Gary on them.People ask him if she is his girlfriend, and she responds on his behalf, ″NO, we are business partners,″ and the strong denials press so hard and defiantly that you wonder if she wishes the response had been ″YES″ instead.

  1. Gary would want the answer to be YES, but there are complications here.
  2. For starters, he’s a shit, although a small shit, and for another, he’s 15 and she’s 25.
  3. Is there a movie that it will remind you of?
  4. This is a parody of Paul Thomas Anderson’s American Graffiti, except that he was three years old in 1973, so it’s not a perfectly accurate comparison.
  5. A lot of similarities can be seen between it and Linklater’s films Dazed and Confused and (the criminally underappreciated) Everybody Wants Some!

Aside from that, is it any coincidence that Licorice Pizza and Red Rocket, two films that tackle the taboo of the older-underage relationship dynamic, also happen to be the funniest films of 2020 and 2022, respectively?(Yes, that is a coincidental occurrence.) The following is a performance that should be seen: Despite the fact that she was passed up for an Oscar nomination, Alana Haim is a sparkplug who delivers a performance that, we are persuaded, no one else could have given under the same circumstances.Hoffman is as excellent, and their on-screen chemistry is the film’s pulsating, bleeding, pulsing heart.Dialogue that stands out: Alana and Lance are no longer together: Alana: Can you show me a picture of your penis?

Lance: What are you talking about?Alana: How does your penis.Appear.

To.Be.Like?Lance: I suppose it’s similar to an ordinary penis.

Skin and genital issues: none.She needs to ask since she can’t see his penis, which is why she has to.Our Opinion: All the flashy stuff in ″the gist″ above, as well as the entertainment references, cameos by famous people, and the general L.A.-ness of it all, has been passed over, so here it is: When Alana’s life takes a turn for the worst, she is invited to an audition for a movie star, portrayed by Sean Penn, who then forces her to ride on the back of a motorbike for an immoral stunt, encouraged by a booze-fueled barker played by Tom Waits.Alana, played by Benny Safdie of the Safdie Brothers, makers of Good Time and Uncut Gems, portrays a councillor who is running for mayor, and she proves to be a crucial volunteer for his election campaign (she hires Gary to shoot the promotional films).

  1. One of Gary’s public relations customers is the proprietor of a Japanese restaurant, played by John Michael Higgins, who creates a prejudiced image of Japanese people, which has…
  2. questionable results?
  3. one would wonder.
  4. For those of us in the crowd.
  5. Is it an appropriate way to express it?
  1. The most notable performance comes from Bradley Cooper, who plays ″Barbra Streisand’s lover,″ a drugged-up madman who wants to destroy or have sexual relations with everything he sees.
  2. It is too late for Alana and Gary to realize that dealing with the man isn’t worth the waterbed sale, and this leads to the greatest sequence in cinema history from 2022, which takes place during the height of the energy crisis and features Alana piloting an ancient truck that requires two hands to shift into gear as it rolls down the Hollywood hills, out of gas.
  3. They can devour her f—ing DUST if they are swift and angry.
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This adornment does not detract from the film’s central theme, which is a love story entangled and winding through all of the craziness – elevated for comedic effect, of course, but never to the level of absurdity – its tension rendered taut as Alana and Gary dabble in outside romantic possibilities while they try, try, try to push aside their true feelings and recognize the situation’s unavoidable taboos This is a charming picture that is joyful and carefree, anecdotal and episodic, loosey-goosey in all of the right ways, and a treat to see.I couldn’t stop laughing at Haim’s tangled portrayal, the way she veers erratically between ambivalence and violence, and her line-readings, which were like bottle rockets directed directly at your eyes.Sure, Licorice Pizza evokes memories of someone else’s youth, but when you’re completely engaged in its immediacy and authenticity, it’s a powerfully seductive experience.It’s been suggested that Anderson’s usual style (after all, isn’t he supposed to be a heavyweight?) is out of character for him, but he’s undoubtedly a master at this sort of vast story, and the film further refines his ability to deliver explosive humor from unexpected angles.Although it is not immediately apparent, the film shares a great deal in common with his later masterpieces There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Phantom Thread – his characters regularly engage in moral relativism, with Alana and Gary being on the rosier end of the spectrum.

Anderson, as he always does, refrains from passing judgment.Our Instructions: STREAM IT.Licorice Pizza is an enthralling, charming, roughhousing film that is unlike any other, and perhaps even unlike any other.John Serba is a writer and film reviewer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who works as a freelancer.More of his art may be seen at johnserbaatlarge.com.


  1. LICORICE PIZZA is a light romantic comedy set in Los Angeles in 1973 that is aimed at a broad audience.
  2. Gary Valentine is a 15-year-old child actor who develops feelings for Alana Kane, a 25-year-old photographer’s assistant portrayed by Alana Haim.
  3. Gary Valentine is a kid actor who develops feelings for Alana Kane.

Alana tells Gary that she only wants to be friends with him.But she agrees to accompany Gary and other young performers on a trip to New York to appear in a television variety program, which she finds appealing.Gary returns to California and explores a variety of other endeavors, including the establishment of a waterbed business and then a pinball arcade.

  • Following it, there are some amusing and odd adventures.
  • Will Alana and Gary ever be able to have a romantic relationship?
  • Will they ever be more than just friends, or will they become something more?
  • LICORICE PIZZA is a well-acted and occasionally humorous film with likable and believable characters.
  • The tale, on the other hand, is excessively episodic, and the film is far too lengthy.
  • In addition, the film presents a heterogeneous worldview, with pagan, Romantic, moral, and pro-capitalist themes and conduct interspersed throughout.

There is also plenty of severe harsh language, one crude humorous moment, and explicit bits of conversation in LICORICE PIZZA.Finally, the existence of a gay connection between two minor male characters is disclosed.As a result, MOVIEGUIDE strongly advocates extreme care.


(Pa, Ro, H, B, CapCap, PC, Ho, LLL, V, S, AA, DD, M): (Pa, Ro, H, B, CapCap, PC, Ho, LLL, V, S, AA, DD, M): There are two worldviews: the dominant worldview and the other worldview.Content/Elements: It has some light moral elements, such as a young Jewish woman yelling at her new Jewish boyfriend for claiming to be an atheist in front of her father at dinner when the father begins leading a mealtime prayer, and some overtly pro-capitalist elements, plus it is revealed that a supporting character who is running for mayor of Los Angeles has a secret homosexual lover, so the lead female character has an utmost respect for the LGBT community.Inappropriate Language: Approximately 52 obscenities (including numerous ″f″ and ″s″ words), seven GD profanities, and four light profanities, in addition to a crude question from a young Jewish woman to her Jewish boyfriend about being circumcised because he embarrassed her earlier at dinner when he told her father that he is an atheist.Mild, sometimes comical violence includes a teenager taking a golfclub to the Ferrari’s windows because the crazy absent owner threatened to kill his family, reckless driving of a truck backwards down a hill because the truck has run out of gas, and a man on a motorcycle recklessly jumping a deliberately set fire on a golf course, and a woman falling from the back of the cycle when he starts his run (no one is seriously hurt in either incident).Violence: Despite the fact that there are no depicted or implied sex scenes, there are a few crude sexual references (including one that involves multiple visual gags when teenagers horse around), and a young male political candidate is revealed to have a secret homosexual lover who complains about the candidate’s attempts at keeping their affair a secret, as well as some innuendos about selling waterbeds, and a man suddenly flirts with two younger women he sees on the street.Although there is no nudity in the video, two or three females are wearing bikinis at the waterbed shop.

The father is outraged when his adult daughter arrives home wearing a bikini.Alcohol Consumption and Drunkenness: Some alcohol consumption and drunkenness Short smoking breaks, one or two references to marijuana, and a joke about LSD are all included; yet, there is no mention of alcohol.Vandalism, a crazy rich man threatening the boy’s family while he’s delivering and filling a waterbed to the man’s fancy house, some reckless driving of a truck and a motorcycle, but no one is seriously injured, two cops mistakenly arresting a teenage boy for murder because he matches the description, but an eyewitness immediately says the boy was not the killer, and two cops mistakenly arresting a teenage boy for murder because he matches the description In this light romantic comedy set in Los Angeles, we follow a 15-year-old actor in 1973 who forms a connection with the 25-year-old photographer’s assistant, a friendship that has the potential to blossom into something more despite their age gap.LICORICE PIZZA, which is largely based on some actual tales, is amusing and well-acted, but the plot is too episodic and has a secular worldview, with loads of strong filthy language, one obscene humorous scene, and a few lewd bits of conversation.In the film, Gary Valentine is played by Cooper Hoffman, the son of the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.In a movie about two widowed adults who marry and have a huge family, Gary, a 15-year-old child actor, gained notoriety for his role as Gary in the movie Gary.

  • Yours, Mine, and Ours, a 1968 family comedy starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda, is definitely the inspiration for the film.
  • Gary’s role is partially based on the life of actor Gary Goetzman, who went on to become a famous film producer after appearing in the 1968 picture and subsequently made acquainted with Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of LICORICE PIZZA.
  • LICORICE PIZZA, on the other hand, takes place a few years in the future, in 1973, in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.
  • The film begins with Gary at his high school, where he is taking part in class photo day.
  • Gary, who is unusually mature for his age, notices a girl, Alana King, who happens to be the assistant to the photographer.
  1. Gary is intrigued by Alana and decides to pursue her.
  2. Even though she tells Gary that she is 25 years old, he persuades her to meet him for dinner.
  3. Alana, on the other hand, makes it apparent that she is far too old for him and informs Gary that they would simply have to be friends after the supper.
  4. Despite her conversion to Christianity, Alana continues to live with her Jewish parents, which appears to be a cause of conflict within the family.
  5. Alana is constantly on the lookout for jobs.

As a result, she takes a position as one of the chaperones for Gary and the younger stars of the family movie, who are appearing in a musical skit on a television variety program that is filming in New York City at the time.When Gary causes a rift with the red-headed actress who played the lead role in the movie, the appearance on television does not go as planned.Gary and Alana are back in California, where they are unsure about their future.While working on Gary’s movie, Alana begins dating one of the older co-stars, but she ends up breaking up with him when he offends her Jewish father by claiming he is an atheist, even though the father has been circumcised and is therefore a Jew, as the father begins to pray before dinner.Meanwhile, Gary’s acting career appears to be coming to an end, so he investigates opportunities outside of the industry, such as founding a waterbed business and later a pinball arcade.

Alana even works for him at the waterbed business where he has a store.She, on the other hand, feels envious when Gary expresses an interest in two attractive adolescent females, despite the fact that she and Gary are still just friends.Unfortunately, Gary’s waterbed store falls out of business during the 1973 October oil crisis, as waterbed skins are composed of vinyl, which requires oil to function properly.Alana begins working for a young politician campaigning for mayor of Los Angeles after having amusing interactions with Hollywood producer Jon Peters, who was at the time dating Barbra Streisand, and with an egotistic Hollywood actor.

A discussion Gary overhears while attending a campaign party gives him the inspiration to start a pinball arcade, and the rest is history.The invitation to attend the arcade’s grand opening is extended to Alana by Gary, but she is preoccupied with her political duties and the candidate’s attractive appearance.Will Alana and Gary ever be able to have a romantic relationship?Will they ever be more than just friends, or will they become something more?

LICORICE PIZZA is a well-acted and humorous film that has endearing characters and amusing escapades.The tale, on the other hand, is excessively episodic, and the film is far too lengthy.If the storyline had been more coherent and vibrant, the length wouldn’t have been such a big issue for me.Gary and Alana’s relationship isn’t the focus of the film, but there are plenty of unusual situations and moments of hilarity throughout.For example, at one point, while Gary is demonstrating his waterbeds at a local trade exhibition, two police officers arrive and arrest him for murder.

The police car carrying Gary is chased down by Alana, but as Gary arrives at the police station lobby, a young guy takes one glance at Gary and declares that he is not the murder victim.Gary is handcuffed to a couch in the empty lobby as the man and the two officers depart into the precinct’s bowels.He is not allowed to leave.

  • Meanwhile, Alana, who is standing on the sidewalk, is staring at him and wondering what is going on.
  • LICORICE PIZZA does not have any overtly moral or spiritual aspects to it.
  • Instead, it adheres to a worldview that is a blend of pagan, amoral, and secular.

Even though Alana hails from a Jewish family, she rejects her new Jewish partner because he claims to be an atheist, which is in contrast to the Romantic, pagan worldview shared by the two main characters in the film.Despite Alana and Gary’s anti-religious stance, they do not engage in sexual relations with other individuals.Gary, on the other hand, isn’t deterred from delivering two or three filthy visual gags about sex in a single quick scene.

  1. In addition, Alana finally kisses the youngster at the end of the film, despite the fact that he is a minor by law.
  2. On a positive side, the philosophy of LICORICE PIZZA is a blend of moral and pro-capitalist aspects, which is a rare combination.
  3. It is, however, hampered by more than 60 obscenities and profanities, many of which are ″f″ words, as well as seven general derogatory terms.
  4. As well as obscene and crass sexual references throughout the film, there is a mention of LSD, some inebriation, and a minor male character who turns out to have a hidden homosexual partner.

Overall, MOVIEGUIDE® recommends that you proceed with utmost caution when seeing LICORICE PIZZA.Perhaps without all of the strong bad language and sexual content, the producers might have gotten away with a PG-13 classification, or even an R-rating if they had edited out the significant age gap between the two stars.Cooper Hoffman, who portrays Gary, appears to be a few years older than his actual age, whilst Alana Haim, who portrays Alana Kane, appears to be a few years younger than her actual age.In addition to producing films such as THAT THING YOU DO, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, THE POLAR EXPRESS, JOHN ADAMS, GREYHOUND, and NEWS OF THE WORLD, Gary Goetzman (the former child actor on whom Gary is based) has also directed several MOVIEGUIDE® Award-winning films.

Licorice Pizza True Story: Every Character Based On A Real Person

Licorice Pizza, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, may be a fictional coming-of-age narrative, but the nostalgic Hollywood picture has a large number of characters who are either based on or depict real-life individuals.Alana Kane, a photographer’s assistant in her mid-20s, and Gary Valentine, a 15-year-old actor and entrepreneur, are the subjects of the documentary Licorice Pizza, which follows their exploits, rocky relationship, and blossoming romance.The actual tale aspects of Licorice Pizza, which takes place in the early 1970s, are also based on the real-life Hollywood set recollections of filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson and his buddy Gary Goetzman, who both worked on the film.When compared to Paul Thomas Anderson’s previous films, Licorice Pizza has an unmatched level of realism, which is partly due to how true the cast, characters, and stories are to the director’s own experiences in his actual life.In Licorice Pizza, Alana Haim makes her feature film debut as Alana Kane, the film’s leading woman; yet, she and her family have a long-standing relationship with the filmmaker.Alana is most known for co-founding the band HAIM with her sisters.

Her entire family appears in Licorice Pizza, in which they practically portray themselves.Because her mother was previously his instructor, and her father was the director of many of their music videos, she has a strong relationship with PTA, which is partly responsible for her success.While the Haims aren’t exactly portraying themselves or their real-life Hollywood counterparts from the 1970s, the dynamic of the family in Licorice Pizza contributes to the film’s achievable realism by showing how they interact with one another.Aside from the Haims, Paul Thomas Anderson cast rookie Cooper Hoffman as the film’s main man Gary Valentine, who happens to be the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who worked with PTA on a number of projects.Also appearing in Licorice Pizza are tiny cameos by PTA’s wife, Maya Rudolph (of Saturday Night Live), and their children, all of whom help to provide legitimacy to the film’s genuine, familiar feel.The only important occasions on which Licorice Pizza deviates from its intimate setting are when Gary and Alana invite real-life Hollywood stars and professionals to their customers.

  • Many of Licorice Pizza’s characters are based on real personalities from the Golden Age of Hollywood, which helps to further enhance the nostalgic atmosphere.
  • Here’s a guide to the at least mostly true narrative of Licorice Pizza, as well as a list of every character who is based on a real person.
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Gary Valentine

Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman), the main character in Licorice Pizza, is based on Paul Thomas Anderson’s buddy Gary Goetzman, who was a child actor in the 1980s.From his own adolescent years, Goetzman, now a well-known producer who regularly collaborates with Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks, drew inspiration for practically all of the individual incidents in Licorice Pizza that appear in the film.Goetzman was a youngster when he starred in Yours, Mine, and Ours (which was renamed Under One Roof in Licorice Pizza), and he had a slew of other acting credits during this time period.He was also a regular hustler and businessman who ran water bed and pinball businesses.A noteworthy scene from Licorice Pizza comes when Gary and Alana are delivering a waterbed to producer Jon Peters’ house, which is based on a circumstance that actually occurred during Goetzman’s tenure as a waterbed salesperson, but in a much less monstrous manner.

Jon Peters

Licorice Pizza is based on the true story of Jon Peters, a real-life producer and former hairdresser from the 1970s who was really dating actress Barbra Streisand at the time of the film’s setting, as Cooper’s portrayal of Peters points out to Gary.It turns out that Jon was a producer on Barbra Streisand’s A Star Is Born remake, which makes for a great Easter egg given that Bradley Cooper recreated A Star Is Born only last year.In Licorice Pizza, Jon Peters is introduced into the story when Gary and Alana bring a waterbed to his residence, a situation that the real-life Gary Goetzman was familiar with.PTA gave his consent to Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of him in Licorice Pizza, which turned out to be one of the film’s most memorable elements.Peters stated that Cooper may appear in the film as long as Cooper used his ″favorite pick-up line″ when flirting with women, which is asking them whether they like peanut butter sandwiches.Cooper agreed to use his ″favorite pick-up line″ as long as Cooper used it while flirting with women.

The producer, who has a reputation for being controversial, was thrust back into the spotlight around the release of A Star Is Born (2018), when Jon Peters’ sexual harassment charges and lawsuits were revived.

Jack Holden

Licorice Pizza’s motorcycle-riding actor Jack Holden is based on Oscar-winning actor William Holden, who appeared in the film Licorice Pizza.Jack Holden is a ″stand-in for William Holden,″ according to PTA, who stated that it was more acceptable not to use the actor’s true name.Alana is introduced to Jack Holden’s Licorice Pizza persona, played by Sean Penn, when she receives an audition to feature alongside him in a film.Eventually, when he does a stunt on a golf course, he is flung from his motorcycle, and he later dies as a result.Given that Licorice Pizza references ″Jack″ Holden riding a motorbike in multiple films, including one with Grace Kelly, it’s no surprise that this is intended to be William Holden, who played William Holden on Sunset Boulevard in the film.

Joel Wachs

Joel Wachs, a politician who stood for council member in Los Angeles in the early 1970s, is another real-life character whose name isn’t changed in Licorice Pizza.Chairman Wachs, who is played by Uncut Gems director Benny Safdie in Licorice Pizza, plays a crucial part when Alana quits Gary’s waterbed company and accepts a position as a volunteer on Chairman Wachs’ election campaign.Alana’s character is summoned to a restaurant by Wachs, who is attempting to conceal his partner from the public and avoid any ″distraction″ from his political ambitions.This is one of the most melancholy and self-realization moments for Alana in Licorice Pizza.Wachs’ sexual orientation was a closely guarded secret until 1999, when he ran for mayor and became a vocal advocate for homosexual rights and the arts.

Lucy Doolittle

The character of Lucy Doolittle in Licorice Pizza is yet another example of the PTA altering the name of a real-life Hollywood performer to make it more acceptable for the film.Doolittle appears early in the film as the star of Gary’s variety show Under One Roof, and her name is Lucy Doolittle.This time, Anderson preserves the inspired actress’s first name but alters the last, as Lucy Doolittle is based on none other than Lucille Ball, who played Lucy in the hit television show I Love Lucy.Cooper Hoffman’s role Lucy’s appearance in Licorice Pizza is based on Gary Goetzman’s real-life experience, since he was around the same age as Cooper Hoffman’s character when he appeared in the film Yours, Mine, and Ours, which also starred Lucille Ball.Thus, Licorice Pizza’s Under One Roof is unmistakably a parody of the 1968 film Yours, Mine, and Ours.

Fred Gwynne

Another great celebrity of the 1960s who has been depicted as himself on movie is Paul Thomas Anderson’s regular collaborator John C.Reilly, who makes a brief appearance in Licorice Pizza in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.While Gary is setting up his ″Soggy Bottom″ stand at the Teen-Age Fair, Licorice Pizza pans over to a booth for The Munsters’ original cast, where Fred Gwynne (Reilly) is dressed as Herman Munster and assures children that he is, in fact, the real Herman Munster.Licorice Pizza pans over to a booth for The Munsters’ original cast, where Fred Gwynne (Reilly) is dressed as Herman Munster and assure The Munsters was a creation of the 1960s, like many other booths in the Teen-Age Fair sequence.Despite this, the television program and Gwynne’s character retained a large pop cultural presence with nostalgia, which Licorice Pizza perfectly captures in its name.

B. Mitchel Reed

As soon as Alana and Gary make the decision to start a business together for Fat Bernie’s Water Beds, they arrange a live radio advertisement, which is produced by B.Mitchel Reed.Only approximately two minutes of screen time is devoted to Licorice Pizza portraying the radio DJ as the fictional character B.Mitchel Reed, who is voiced in the film by veteran voice actor Ray Chase.During the early 1970s, Reed was most known for his disc jockey work on Top 40 and rock radio stations in Los Angeles, which is a fitting tribute to the music culture of the time period that served as the inspiration for the title of Licorice Pizza.

Mary Grady

In a brief but remarkable sequence, Alana and Gary are introduced to Mary Grady, a real-life child actor agent from the 1970s, who they encounter for the first time.As played by Harriet Samson Harris, a regular collaborator on the PTA, Mary Grady was a well-known talent agent who represented many of Hollywood’s biggest kid stars of the era.Grady, the real-life mother of Licorice Pizza, was also the mother of child performers Don Grady (from The Mickey Mouse House) and Lani O’Grady.Following that, Paul Thomas Anderson’s net worth will be discussed.According to Charlie Cox, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Daredevil should be a soft reboot.a little bit about the author Jordan Williams is a young man who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (728 Articles Published) Jordan Williams works as a Senior Staff Writer at Screen Rant, specializing in movie and television feature writing.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Media Studies from the University of Oregon, she is set to graduate in 2020.Jordan’s home base is Seattle, where he likes exploring the natural wonders that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.She survives on coffee and old films, and she takes great delight in having seen every film on the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Films list, as well as every Best Picture Oscar winner.Jordan Williams has more to say.

Licorice Pizza movie review & film summary (2022)

A vision of the 1970s San Fernando Valley, captured in ″Licorice Pizza″ by Paul Thomas Anderson is so dreamlike and full of promise that it appears as if it could not possibly have been in the real world at all.As the day changes to night, it’s a location where anything may happen, thanks to its extended magic-hour walk-and-talks and its feeling of adventure around every corner and down every block.Despite this, there is an undeniable undertone of danger lurking underneath the surface of this joyous, whimsical daydream.It’s in the music, composed by Anderson’s longtime collaborator, the amazing Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, and it serves to put you on the verge of losing your mind.It’s shining brightly in the searchlights outside the grand opening of a pinball parlor on Ventura Boulevard, appealing to the heavens at all hours.Furthermore, it’s in the big, bombastic moments where Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn, both of whom go all-in on their supporting roles, steal the show.

As the day fades into night, anything may happen—but are you prepared to deal with it?Anderson has a strong connection to this location because it is where he grew up and where he still resides now.With its sprawling suburbs and uninspiring strip shops, the Valley holds a special place in his heart and is tangible to those who know him.In addition, this is the location of my childhood—I grew up in Woodland Hills, which is just a few miles down the 101 Freeway from where the events in ″Licorice Pizza″ take place, and I have vivid memories of the Southern California record shop chain that serves as the film’s title.(I used to frequent the one on Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Canoga Park, which was across the street from Topanga Plaza when I was a youngster.) He’s already taken us on a tour of this region in a few of the great, early films that helped put him on the map (″Boogie Nights″ and ″Magnolia″), but in ″Licorice Pizza,″ he takes a more delicate approach to the subject matter.Anderson has harnessed all of the exciting, muscular tactics that have become his directing hallmarks, as well as his love of high drama that he has developed as a writer, and put them to creating a narrative that is pleasantly surprising.

  • It’s also completely unpredictable from one scene to the next, thanks to Anderson’s brilliant transitions from outrageous humor to poignant romance, with a handful of actual action sequences tossed in for good measure.
  • It meanders in the greatest possible way: you’re never sure where it’s going, but you can’t wait to find out where it’s going to end up, and when it’s finished, you’ll wish it hadn’t come to an end so quickly.
  • Despite the fact that the credits were about to roll, I had no inclination to get up from my seat and leave the theater because I had become so enchanted by the film’s warm, nostalgic enchantment.
  • Moreover, Anderson has provided us with the most magnificent mentors in the form of Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, who are both making their feature film debuts.
  • ″Licorice Pizza″ will undoubtedly elevate them to superstardom, and with good reason.
  1. In addition to being the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hoffman has a long and successful association with Anderson, which has resulted in some of Anderson’s most defining work, ranging from the sorrowful (″Boogie Nights″) to the horrific (″The Master″).
  2. Hoffman is a totally different person from his father in terms of appearance and temperament (he exudes an infectious, childlike optimism), yet he possesses the same captivating film presence as his father.
  3. Haim, on the other hand, is a straight-up movie star.
  4. She possesses that ″something″: a brilliant, captivating aura that makes it hard to take your gaze away from her at all times.
  5. She’s the youngest of the three sisters who make up the indie rock band HAIM—they’ve had a long and profitable association with Anderson, who has directed numerous of their music videos—and she’s got perfect comic timing as well as a knack for making brilliant decisions.

Together, she and Hoffman have a quick chemistry that’s reminiscent of classic screwball comedies, yet they also appear to be completely at ease in this ’70s milieu.The inclusion of Haim’s sisters, Danielle and Este, who play Alana’s sisters, contributes to the genuineness of the production.And their real-life parents appear as their characters’ parents, which culminates in a hilarious shabbat meal scene on a Friday night.We haven’t even gotten started on the storyline, but that isn’t really the goal of this discussion.The film ″Licorice Pizza″ is a romantic comedy in which Alana played by Haim and Gary played by Hoffman are seen running around the Valley, starting various businesses, flirting, pretending that they don’t care about each other, and potentially falling for other people to avoid falling for each other.

One thing: she’s 25 and he’s 15, and they happen to meet cute at his high school, where she’s assisting the photographers on picture day when they first meet.Why this amorphous relationship works is because a) it is incredibly chaste, b) she is somewhat stunted at the beginning of the film, and c) Anderson correctly demonstrates early on that Gary possesses confidence and intellect well above his years.All of the grownups Gary comes into contact with take him seriously and treat him as an equal, in a manner that is reminiscent of Max Fischer’s character in ″Rushmore.″ One of the reasons for his maturity is his long-standing role as an actor in children’s films (and the character of Gary is based on Tom Hanks’ longstanding producing partner Gary Goetzman, who was also an actor in his childhood).As a result, when he meets Alana and is immediately taken with her, he exudes such self-assurance and greets her in such a straightforward manner that she can’t help but be lured into his world.

The film is structured around their ever-changing relationship, but ″Licorice Pizza″ is truly about this young woman’s voyage of self-discovery, as she tries on various occupations and attire, as well as different priorities and personalities, to find what works for her.(Award-winning ″Phantom Thread″ costume designer Mark Bridges creates a look for her that is completely different for each circumstance.) From Dirk Diggler to Reynolds Woodcock, Anderson has primarily focused his attention on male characters throughout his career; therefore, to see him direct the vast majority of his immense artistic instincts toward a female character is only part of what makes ″Licorice Pizza″ such a welcome breath of fresh air.Alana’s optimism is unwavering, but the reality of living as a young woman in Los Angeles—or, for that matter, anywhere in the world—continues to raise its head.Perhaps it’s an invasive talk with an agent while she’s thinking about pursuing a career as an actor.

Alternatively, it might be a midnight motorcycle trip with a considerably older movie star (Penn, as a William Holden figure, gets to be unusually charming).When Cooper plays Jon Peters, a real-life hairdresser turned producer who once dated Barbra Streisand, he comes across as much more obvious source of danger.Cooper absolutely tears it up in just a couple of scenes, and does so in an entertaining and ferocious way that is both funny and ferocious at the same time.In this crowded ensemble, there are many performers who stand out for their performances.(Christine Ebersole, Skyler Gisondo, Benny Safdie, Joseph Cross, and Tom Waits are among the many actors that stand out for their performances.) Peters’ presence in this location is critical to the whole narrative of Hollywood’s dominance in this time and place.

When I saw Gary, I was reminded of so many of the kids I grew up with: they had agents and headshots, they got to leave school early to go to auditions, and they had parents who would schlep them all over town in order to chase their dreams of becoming celebrities.Instead, Gary just takes that initiative and channels it into a variety of undertakings, with Alana finding herself thrown in to accompany him on his journey.″Boogie Nights″ opens with a lengthy tracking shot of Gary entering the Hollywood Palladium to start his waterbed firm (something Goetzman really accomplished), which is reminiscent of the beginning of ″Phantom Thread″ as well as the finale of ″Boogie Nights.″ Once again, Anderson, who is also directing the film and serving as cinematographer (this time with Michael Bauman), fills these and so many other moments with a blend of wonder and sorrow.

  • And, as is typically the case with him, he gets a lot of details about the setting and time period accurate.
  • A baby-blue rotary phone hanging on the kitchen wall or a sign for the rock radio station KMET perched above a gas station are examples of accurate details that never devolve into cheesy caricature.
  • Gary does indeed reside in Sherman Oaks, but rather than in one of the more exclusive areas south of the boulevard, he lives in a humble, mid-century ranch-style home.
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And the gas scarcity that afflicted this time period adds even another element of stress to the characters’ already high levels of anxiety as they attempt to make their place in the world.Anderson does not beat us over the head with geopolitical reasons, but instead shows Gary jogging in slow motion past lengthy lines of automobiles at the gas stations, with David Bowie’s ″Life on Mars?″ playing in the background as a dramatic choice of music.Nonetheless, by the end of the film, an achingly romantic tone has returned, as has the feeling that, despite the fact that we may not have arrived anywhere in our wanderings, we have just witnessed the best film of the year.

  1. On sale in select cities beginning November 26th and nationwide beginning December 25th.

Christy Lemire

Christy Lemire has been writing for RogerEbert.com since 2013, where she has been a film reviewer for over a decade.Her previous experience includes over 15 years as a cinema critic for The Associated Press, as well as co-hosting the public television series ″Ebert Presents At the Movies″ with Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, and working as managing editor for Roger Ebert’s magazine.Her responses to our Movie Love Questionnaire may be seen here.

Licorice Pizza (2022)

The film is rated R for profanity, sexual content, and a little amount of drug usage. 133 minutes are allotted. 1 minute has elapsed 2 minutes have passed. 3 minutes have passed. 3 minutes have passed.

Where Did Paul Thomas Anderson Get the Title ‘Licorice Pizza’ From?

For his latest film, Licorice Pizza, director Paul Thomas Anderson travels back to the 1970s in California’s San Fernando Valley, where he grew up.Licorice Pizza sends Paul back to the area where he grew up in the Valley, where he has spent the most of his life.Five of Paul’s nine films have been set in the Valley, and the film brings him back to the community where he grew up.The rest of the article is below the advertisement.Paul’s Licorice Pizza has the sense of one of his most personal inventions, but how did he come up with such a distinctive name for the dish?What is the significance of this phrase?

The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

Why is Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie called ‘Licorice Pizza’?

The story of Licorice Pizza revolves around a precocious adolescent named Gary Valentine who falls in love with Alana Kane, a lady who is ten years his senior.Gary draws Alana into his world, and the two of them go on to build a waterbed company, learn about local politics, and audition for movies in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, among other things.Nowhere in the film, however, is there any reference to the title or any explanation as to why Licorice Pizza was chosen as the title.Neither licorice nor pizza are consumed for the length of the film’s two-hour and thirteen-minute running period.In fact, according to Thrillist, Licorice Pizza is named after a well-known Southern California record store that operated in the late ’70s and early ’80s.Vinyl records, which have the look of slick, black licorice and are about the size of a small pizza, are also referred to as ″vinyls″ in slang.

The rest of the article is below the advertisement.The store itself does not featured in the film, but the filmmaker felt that the name represented the essence of the narrative well enough to include it.After months of deliberation, Paul came to the conclusion that ″these two phrases crammed together brought back the most memories of my boyhood.″ The rest of the article is below the advertisement.James Greenwood created Licorice Pizza in 1969, and the company has been in business ever since.The franchise’s initial site was in Long Beach, and at its peak, it had 34 locations throughout the state of California.The business was a vital component of the Los Angeles music scene, and even the workers who worked there looked forward to spending their free time at the store on weekends and holidays.

  • A former sales worker and then a singles buyer at the club, Kurt Peterson, told Thrillist that the atmosphere was ″fantastic″ and that it was ″a total hangout.″ ″We’d get together and talk about music, arguing over who was better.″ The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

What other landmarks from the Valley made it into the movie?

Aside from the now-defunct music store that served as the inspiration for the film’s title, there are a few of other well-known Valley landmarks that feature in Licorice Pizza.When the film was made, the Tail o’ the Cock, which serves as Gary’s hangout area, was an upmarket restaurant in Studio City that was frequented by celebrities such Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Robert Kennedy.The restaurant closed its doors in 1987 and was later demolished to make way for a commercial mall.Scenes were also shot at The Mikado Restaurant, which was the Valley’s first Japanese restaurant and where American customers got their first taste of Japanese food.The Mikado Restaurant was also included in the film.The hotel with which the restaurant is associated is still in business, however the restaurant itself has now been designated as permanently closed on the restaurant’s website.

One of the most significant moments occurs in front of the El Portal movie theater, which is one of the few landmarks that has survived to the present day.The theater, which first opened its doors in 1926, is now a performing arts center.

‘Licorice Pizza’ is a thrilling, esoteric dream world. What makes it a near-perfect movie

″Licorice Pizza″ is a lot of fun.That gives the impression of being some type of action-adventure film, which it is not.It is the polar opposite of that.To be more precise, it’s a gentle, meandering look back at Paul Thomas Anderson’s depiction of 1970s Southern California, particularly the San Fernando Valley.However, it is as bit as exhilarating as any of the ″John Wick″ films in its own right.However, in this instance, the sensations are not as tangible.

They are more esoteric in nature.It is a large element of effective filmmaking to create worlds for us to explore, if not fully inhabit, as we watch.Anderson, like he has done with the majority of his films (″Magnolia,″ ″Boogie Nights″), is successful with this one.In some ways, it’s a dream world, with the odd dark edges that occasionally intrude into dreams.However, it appears to be both loving and sincere, with only a few incorrect notes.

Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman’s natural chemistry carries the film

Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman have had a significant impact on this.No previous acting experience was had by either Haim, a member of the band Haim, or Hoffman, the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.You’d never guess that from looking at me.These actors’ performances come off as so genuine that they don’t even appear like they’re being staged – yet it takes exceptional acting to pull this off.At a high school, we meet them for the first time on photo day.Gary (Hoffman) is 15 years old, a bit of a schlub, but he is also, if not a star, then at the very least a celebrity-in-waiting.

He was a kid actor who had appeared in a film that was akin to the ″Yours, Mine, and Ours″ series.Now he’s scrounging for advertising, yet his given name has significance in the community.As a businessman, he is known for making rapid money and investing it in whatever the next great thing is, or could be, in the marketplace.’Whoa!’That’s my face,’ I say: How Alana Haim developed a ″crazy feeling of confidence″ in order to make her acting debut In this scene, Alana (Haim) is working for the photographer, who is an obnoxious jerk.She claims to be 25 years old, but she fudges the numbers.

  • Gary, on the other hand, has made the decision that he will marry her eventually.
  • Despite the fact that she thinks this is ludicrous, she finds herself agreeing to meet him for dinner nevertheless.
  • She’ll be chaperoning Gary on a trip to New York for a reunion of the film’s actors, and she’ll have no idea how she got there.
  • (Christine Ebersole, as Lucille Ball’s replacement, is a temper tantrum-throwing riot.) Alana and Gary end up together despite the fact that one of Gary’s co-stars (Skyler Gisondo) has a thing for her and has gotten her on a few of dates with him.
  • No, not all at the same time.
  1. Only friends and, when Gary invests in waterbeds that experience a brief renaissance, business partners are involved.
  2. It is via this that they are able to bring a waterbed to Hollywood producer and Barbra Streisand’s lover Jon Peters, which is one of the film’s greatest sequences (as he constantly reminds everyone).
  3. Peters is played by Bradley Cooper as a drugged-up egotistical crazy man who is unable to control any of his cravings.
  4. Cooper having a great time with the role.
  5. And it’s a lot of fun to watch him.

There are missteps, but most of what Anderson attempts lands perfectly

There are several blunders.His character, played by white actor John Michael Higgins, is a restaurant entrepreneur who cycles through several spouses, all of whom are Japanese and are depicted by him as replaceable.When he speaks to them, he uses a ridiculously convincing Asian accent.It is intended, perhaps, as a critique of the casual racism that was pervasive at the time, but it is a difficult sell.However, the majority of the film is flawless.For example, Haim’s sisters and parents appear in the film as her sisters and parents.

Her father, Moti, is a complete hoot.Anderson is just as enthusiastic about bringing this to life as the players are.From ‘In the Heights’ to ‘Spencer,’ here are the finest movies of 2021 and where to watch them online.Gary and Alana are both striving to find their way in life, although in separate directions.Ingenious and self-aware enough to realize he can’t keep up with the latest craze, he’s also unclear of what to grab onto as his next trend to hook onto.She is more traditional in that she is adrift, not knowing what she wants to accomplish with her life and so not doing anything at the time.

  • She appears to be more intrigued by Gary than she is attracted to him for a period of time, but she has nothing else planned, so why not hang out with him?
  • While high on marijuana, she inquires of a companion, ″Do you think it’s strange that I hang around with Gary?″ Because I am one of them.
  • Gary expresses an interest in a number of different females.
  • Alana has an odd dinner meeting with a fading celebrity (Sean Penn, who is clearly enjoying the part) and then goes to work for a mayoral candidate (Benny Safdie, who is playing the real-life Joel Wachs), who she is clearly attracted to despite not knowing anything about him beforehand.
  • All of this is unpleasant for the audience, to the point of becoming unnerving.
  1. Gary and Alana are so at ease with each other, in whatever setting they are in, that seeing them apart is weird.
  2. Everything appears to be quite real.
  3. Anderson’s vision of this world, this age, and these people is so compelling that you feel as if you are a part of it, despite the fact that you are only a spectator.
  4. It is effective.
  5. That is one of the reasons why ″Licorice Pizza″ is such a hit.

‘Licorice Pizza’ 5 stars

Paul Thomas Anderson is in charge of the direction.Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, and Bradley Cooper star in this film.For profanity, sexual content, and some drug use, this film is rated R (for mature audiences).Please keep in mind that the film will be released on December 24th.Goodykoontz may be reached at [email protected] on Film may be found on Facebook at facebook.com/GoodyOnFilm.

Follow me on Twitter: @goodyk.You can sign up for the weekly movies email here.Today is the day to subscribe to azcentral.com.Is there anything more you want to do?

Licorice Pizza Ending Explained: What Alana & Gary’s Final Scene Means

WARNING: There will be major spoilers for Licorice Pizza ahead!The film Licorice Pizza, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, comes to a close with an uncertain last moment for Alana and Gary; here’s what the sequence signifies for the film’s protagonists.In Licorice Pizza, Paul Thomas Anderson portrays Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman), a 15-year-old child actor and entrepreneur, as well as Alana Kane (Alana Haim), a 25-year-old photographer’s assistant, as the two come together, run around, fall in love, and help each other find themselves in the San Fernando Valley in 1973.Licorice Pizza is the director’s ninth film.As two individuals grow up and experience the hardships and tribulations of youth in different ways, Licorice Pizza nostalgically captures a period in time of their lives.They create a waterbed firm and a pinball palace, and eventually join a mayoral campaign.

While many have said that Licorice Pizza is narrated from Gary’s point of view as a dream about an older lady like him back, the film is also driven by the problems that Alana’s character faces.In Licorice Pizza, which is named after a record shop chain, Gary’s narrative of wooing an older lady is told first, but the story eventually becomes Alana’s as the coming-of-age formula applies more to her path than Gary’s.Despite the fact that many viewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the age difference between Gary and Alana, it is essential to understanding their internal tensions and motives.Their love story is every bit as unorthodox as their vario

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