How Much To Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?

The average income for a delivery driver in the U.S. is recorded here at $16.40 per hour, but updated salary information can be reviewed on Indeed. There is no data available for pizza delivery drivers specifically.
Pizza delivery drivers earn an average of $21,690 a year, or $10.43 per hour at the US level. However, there is a significant variation in driver earnings for delivering pizza depending on the state where they live.

How much do you make an hour as a delivery driver?

Add in the base of $7.25 for the state of CO and another 5–16 minutes in store at $10.25 and you can make $18-$30+ an hour ($15–$25 an hour after gas/car/tax expenses). I am 3rd–4th/maybe tied for third in terms of deliveries in a night at around 33–34 in 5.5 – 6 hours.

What are the job duties of a pizza delivery driver?

  • Deliver Pizza. The delivery driver must be efficient and deliver pizza to the customer quickly.
  • Greet Customers. Whether the driver greets customers in the restaurant or in the home,it is important to remain positive and greet the customer with a smile.
  • Take Orders.
  • Handle Cash.
  • Prepare Pizza.
  • How much should you tip a pizza delivery driver?

  • Should I tip for pizza delivery?
  • Don’t blame the driver for being only a few minutes late: There could be a massive traffic jam on the road that makes the delivery driver late with your food.
  • The truth about delivery fees: Most of these drivers get 50% (at most) of the amount that you pay in a delivery charge and the other half goes to the
  • How much does Pizza Hut pay drivers?

    While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $51,613 and as low as $13,763, the majority of salaries within the Pizza Hut Delivery Driver jobs category currently range between $21,628 (25th percentile) to $37,849 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $51,121 annually in California.

    How much does Amazon Pay delivery drivers?

    Delivery Driver salaries at Amazon can range from $9 – $82 per hour. This estimate is based upon 843 Amazon Delivery Driver salary report (s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Delivery Driver at Amazon can expect to make an average total pay of $17 per hour.

    How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make? (Chart)

    Dallas Pizza delivery drivers have been in existence since the first pizzeria in the United States opened its doors.Despite the fact that their occupation is widely underappreciated, they are among the most conscientious employees.This role is critical for many pizza establishments since it guarantees that fresh pizza is delivered to customers within a certain time frame.

    Pizza delivery drivers are paid by the hour, with the opportunity of earning more money through tips and reimbursement for fuel and mileage if they use their own vehicles to deliver pizza.However, while it is not the most financially rewarding employment, it is frequently beneficial for students and those who wish to supplement their income with another work.So, let’s find out how much pizza delivery drivers are paid in today’s world.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Job Description

    The task of the pizza delivery driver is to plan the delivery in the most efficient manner possible so that the requested food reaches at its location fresh and undamaged.The fact that the pizza is delivered quickly guarantees that the quality of the pizza remains at the desired level.Pizza delivery drivers are most often seen driving a car, however it is also possible to arrange delivery on bicycle or motorbike in some circumstances.

    When the driver is not delivering pizzas, he or she can help out at the pizza business by cleaning or washing dishes, among other things.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Necessary Skills

    • Because this work does not necessitate any special formal education, all you need is a high school diploma and a driver’s license to do it. Pizza delivery drivers, on the other hand, require a set of particular abilities, such as the ability to drive quickly and deftly
    • effective communication with customers
    • and the capacity to work in a team.
    • Knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics

    Drivers of pizza delivery vehicles must use caution when operating the vehicle in order to avoid the possibility of damaging the pizza during transit.Extreme caution must be exercised when braking and turning quickly.But there is a catch: a leisurely trip ensures that the pizza is delivered to the customer when it is still warm.

    When there is a traffic jam, having a good understanding of the region where the pizza delivery drivers work will allow them to use shortcuts and make rapid route modifications.Additionally, drivers who are well-versed in GPS technology have a significant advantage since it makes their jobs much easier.

    Risks Involved

    Despite the fact that the pizza delivery driver works in the food and catering sector, the majority of their tasks are carried out outside. This can put these hardworking individuals in danger, something that other workers in the food sector do not have to deal with.

    Traffic accidents

    The fact that the profits of pizza delivery drivers in the vast majority of pizza restaurants are dependent on the quantity and speed of deliveries increases the likelihood of traffic accidents.


    Another significant danger associated with this industry is the possibility of drivers being robbed.The automobiles that are utilized for delivery are frequently marked with a pizza shop advertisement, suggesting that the driver has cash in his or her pocket.It is true that the risk is greatest in the neighborhood where the pizza delivery drivers work, but something similar to this might occur everywhere.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Earnings in the US

    Believe it or not, this is one of the most sought-after first jobs for many young people in the United States today.It is appropriate for people who do not yet have the necessary education to qualify for higher-paying positions.Some organizations compensate their pizza delivery workers fairly, but others pay them far less than they ought to be compensated.

    In the majority of situations, firms pay pizza delivery drivers on an hourly basis.They can also utilize a system that combines an hourly wage with a bonus that is provided to the driver after the package has been delivered successfully.Some of them supply their employees with a vehicle to utilize while doing their duties, while others search for people who are able to transport packages using their own vehicles.In such instance, staff are reimbursed by the restaurant for the gasoline and mileage they have incurred.

    • They may also be eligible for reimbursement for operating expenses and depreciation on their vehicle.
    • Keep in mind that some organizations pay drivers for pizza delivery only after the pizzas have been delivered, meaning that they receive no compensation when there are no pizzas to deliver.
    • This encourages pizza delivery drivers to be more efficient and to deliver more pizzas per hour by accepting more orders at the same time.


    • The majority of pizza delivery drivers make additional cash in addition to their pay, primarily through tips. The quantity of money earned in this manner will vary based on the following factors: Distance between the ordering party and the recipient
    • The size and price of the order
    • It is the middle of the day

    The average revenue from tips might reach $50 per day on a good day.If you work the evening shift on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, your tips may be even greater than the national average because of the increased demand.Unfortunately, if you work the morning shift throughout the working day, this will not be the case for you.

    Anyhow, the pizza delivery driver has the right to retain the gratuities he or she receives.Be aware that some restaurants pay their drivers a reduced wage because of the significant amount of tips they receive.For another thing, some restaurants demand that the tips of all staff be collected in a single bowl and then distributed equally to all employees.However, for pizza delivery workers who operate on their own, this is an unusual occurrence to encounter.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by State

    Pizza delivery drivers make an average of $21,690 per year, or $10.43 per hour on the national level in the United States.However, drivers’ pay for delivering pizza vary significantly depending on where they live in the country and in which state they work.In large part, this is determined by the population density and the average income of the people living in a certain state or territory States with a larger population density have more pizza orders per hour, which has a beneficial impact on the earnings of pizza delivery drivers.

    Furthermore, pizza restaurants situated in higher-income areas will charge more for delivery, resulting in higher earnings for delivery drivers.

    Pizza delivery driver’s salary

    State Annual salary
    South Dakota $15,906 to $20,321
    Montana $16,130 to $20,608
    Nebraska $16,435 to $20,997
    Mississippi $17,350 to $22,166
    West Virginia $17,621 to $22,513
    Idaho $17,741 to $22,666
    Oklahoma $17,828 to $22,777
    Wyoming $17,916 to $22,889
    Georgia $17,940 to $22,919
    Tennessee $18,086 to $23,106
    Maine $18,259 to $23,328
    New Mexico $18,271 to $23,343
    Alabama $18,298 to $23,376
    Kentucky $18,404 to $25,512
    South Carolina $18,534 to $23,678
    Utah $18,547 to $23,695
    Iowa $18,574 to $23,729
    North Dakota $18,662 to $23,842
    North Carolina $18,777 to $23,989
    Florida $19,000 to $24,275
    Missouri $19,102 to $24,404
    Kansas $19,159 to $24,477
    Missouri $19,216 to $24,550
    Vermont $19,218 to $24,552
    Pennsylvania $19,224 to $24,560
    Arizona $19,279 to $24,631
    Louisiana $19,307 to $24,666
    Wisconsin $19,315 to $24,677
    Ohio $19,317 to $24,679
    Texas $19,390 to $24,770
    Virginia $19,474 to $24,879
    Michigan $19,850 to $25,360
    New Hampshire $19,903 to $25,427
    Nevada $19,936 to $25,470
    Maryland $20,063 to $25,632
    Hawaii $20,231 to $25,846
    Oregon $20,262 to $25,886
    Rhode Island $20,562 to $26,269
    Illinois $20,705 to $26,450
    Minnesota $20,793 to $26,564
    Washington $21,339 to $27,262
    Alaska $21,706 to $27,731
    Washington, DC $21,725 to $27,755
    Massachusetts $21,989 to $28,093
    Connecticut $22,171 to $28,325
    New Jersey $22,503 to $28,748
    New York $23,478 to $29,995
    California $24,395 to $31,170

    In South Dakota, for example, pizza delivery workers make less than $16,000 per year, but in California, they earn roughly $30,000 per year.

    Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Salary Variation by Company

    Aside from large variances in wages at the state level, you will observe that the compensation of pizza delivery drivers varies significantly depending on the firm for which they are employed. To use an example, Pizza Hut stands out as the firm that pays its employees the highest yearly average compensation on a consistent basis.

    Annual pizza delivery drivers’ salary

    Company Salary
    Pizza Hut $34,595
    Papa John’s Pizza $32,885
    Domino’s Pizza $31,265
    Pacpizza $20,990
    American Pizza Partners LP $20,630

    Pizza delivery drivers employed by Pizza Hut earn an average of $15.66 per hour, while those employed by Papa John’s Pizza earn an average of $12.53 per hour. These employees at Domino’s Pizza are paid $14.72 per hour at the federal level in the United States.

    Average Pizza delivery driver’s salary

    State Company
    Pizza Hut Papa John’s Pizza Domino’s Pizza
    New Jersey $15 $15 $15
    California $15 $14 $15
    Missouri $14 $14 $13
    North Carolina $14 $13 $13

    Keep in mind that pay for this position are not the same for all people working for the same organization. They differ based on the state and even the location in where the pizza shop is situated, among other factors.

    Pizza delivery driver’s salary

    City Pizza Hut Papa John’s Pizza
    Hourly rate Hourly rate
    New Orleans, LA $7.25 $14.30
    Brandon, MS $8.94 $12.84
    Ithaca, NY $10.49 $14.81
    Kansas City, MO $11.86 $14.57
    Sant Louis, MO $11.92 $16.36
    Pittsburgh, PA $12.93 $13.01
    Las Vegas, NE $13.23 $14.47
    Charleston, SC $13.23 $18.83
    Minneapolis, MN $13.54 $18.99
    Cleveland, OH $13.71 $16.30
    Chicago, IL $13.76 $17.49
    Milwaukee, WI $13.91 $14.84
    Dallas, TX $14.06 $15.70
    Tacoma, WA $14.26 $21.15
    Phoenix, AZ $14.43 $15.10
    Los Angeles, CA $15.08 $16.01
    Manchester, NH $16.19 $9.56
    Paterson, NJ $16.42 $10.58
    Atlanta, GA $16.97 $14.57
    San Francisco, CA $16.99 $16.27
    Charlotte, NC $17.01 $13.27
    Denver, CO $17.26 $18.27
    Springfield, TN $17.32 $12.23
    Richmond, VA $17.32 $16.51
    Lafayette, IN $17.32 $15.59
    Miami, FL $18.54 $17.34

    Nonetheless, at the state level, these variances in revenues within the same firm are not statistically significant. True or not, the situation is completely different at the municipal level, and you may see discrepancies in pay that can reach up to $11 per hour in some cases.


    Pizza delivery drivers do not earn a lot of money in the United States, but they are essential to the success of any pizzeria.During the course of their job, they gain information and abilities that they may use to their future careers in the corporate world.Keep in mind that this employment provides an opportunity to learn about the organization’s abilities and strategy on a functional level, making it a highly sought-after experience for many young individuals.

    PTM 011: Making Extra Money as a Pizza Delivery Guy to Payoff $45,000 in Debt

    In today’s episode, I speak with Jeff Kosola, a debt relief professional from’s tale is fantastic.I believe you will as well.

    This is especially true if you are striving to pay off a large amount of debt.Have you ever been curious about how much money pizza delivery drivers earn?Evidently, enough is enough!Jeff and his wife took on the traditional part-time job of delivering pizzas on the weekends in order to get out from under the weight of almost $100,000 in debt.

    • In the two years after he began working his part-time job, he has been able to pay off more than $45,000 of his outstanding debt using his earnings.
    • With this article, Jeff has also taken to the personal finance blogosphere to share his thoughts.
    • Keep an eye out for his latest web video venture: Minute Money Suggestions Part-time job search engine is a useful resource.
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    Jeff’s Story: Pizza Delivery Side Hustle

    After hearing Dave Ramsey talk about delivering pizzas in an effort to battle his debt with gazelle-like fervor, Jeff Kosola took Ramsey’s words seriously and began delivering pizzas himself.He went to a new pizza restaurant near his house and obtained a job there.Jeff and his wife had racked up more than $100,000 in credit card debt.

    He and his wife had recently returned from working in China, and his wife did not have a job because she was staying at home to care for their little son.As a result of this, Jeff’s credit card debt had grown out of hand.He and his family were enjoying a lifestyle that was much above their means.The fact that he was engaging in the balance transfer game, as well as taking out home equity loans, meant that he had effectively broken every debt regulation in the book.

    • They browsed through their belongings for personal stuff that they might sell to get additional money, but they didn’t find much.
    • Please go through the entire text if you want assistance in getting out of debt.
    • Jeff was still working his full-time job as an engineer at General Motors, but the notion of delivering pizzas seemed like a good match for him because he could do it at night and on weekends while still maintaining his full-time job.

    In addition to working Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm to 1am and Sunday evenings from 5pm to 11pm, Jeff also worked some Saturday and Sunday afternoons.Getting the job was a piece of cake.Jeff’s employer was only interested in his desire to work because he already had a car and insurance and was familiar with the location.As a waiter, Jeff was paid an hourly rate of $6, plus $1.50 for delivery fees and any tips he received.

    When he was initially starting out, his average hourly wage was roughly $19, which converted into a weekly salary of almost $400.

    Getting Serious About Paying Down Debt

    For the first 11 months, Jeff and his wife relied on Jeff’s part-time salary to maintain their current standard of living.They were serious about debt reduction, but not serious enough to take any further steps to address the situation.They finally woke up after nearly a year of nonstop effort and no progress toward debt reduction.

    Jeff and his wife sought outside assistance from a local financial coach, who assisted them in putting spending strategies into effect.They worked together to determine how much money they would need to live on his GM salary in order to be able to put 100 percent of the money they received from pizza deliveries to debt repayment.They were able to start paying off debt within a month.Read this post for tips on how to hold yourself accountable when it comes to your finances.

    • Almost the course of a year and a half, they were able to pay off over $100,000 in debt and lower it to $30,000.
    • It is not a difficult job.
    • It’s actually rather enjoyable.

    To be quite honest, I enjoy delivering pizza.

    Jeff’s Tips for Delivery

    • When contemplating pizza delivery as a possible alternative for supplemental income, Jeff offers two suggestions for maximizing the amount of money that may be earned: The importance of customer service cannot be overstated. It is usual to have repeat customers, so he made an effort to remember their names and guarantee that every purchase was exactly what they desired. In addition, he had a few extra drinks in his car to hand out in the event of a breakdown in order. And if there was ever a problem with an order, he would bear the financial burden of it. People remember such particulars, he asserted
    • drive aggressively. The sooner you complete a pizza delivery, the sooner you may return to the store and join in line to do other deliveries. The more deliveries you make, the more money you earn.

    Thanks to our successful debt repayment efforts, it was straightforward to qualify for a new home and move out of our current residence.That was the most important thing: to make a difference in our lives now, rather than waiting another 3-4 years to do so.That was the main point of emphasis.

    My first child had been born at that time period.I had a daughter with me at the time of delivery.Now I’m expecting a second son to join the family.With all of those children on the way, I want to get rid of my debt so that I don’t have to be concerned about it any more.

    Where to Find Part-Time Jobs

    Whether you want to work as a pizza delivery driver or somewhere else, there are a few of excellent tools for obtaining suitable part-time employment. They will assist you in paying down your debt or achieving any financial objectives you may have.


    ZipRecruiter is one of the most popular job search engines in the globe.You may look for employment on their website or through their mobile app, which is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.Users may set job alerts, save jobs, upload their resumes, and even apply for positions on ZipRecruiter’s website, according to the company.

    The best aspect is that it is completely free to utilize.It is possible to pick from thousands of job postings, all of which can be readily filtered in order to narrow down your search.Don’t start your job search without first checking out ZipRecruiter.Here’s how you get started with ZipRecruiter.

    Listen to the Podcast

    • Podcast: Open in a new window | Save as a podcast Some of the questions I ask Jeff include the following: Part-Time Money: What Gives You the Motivation? What prompted your desire to earn money on the side?
    • What happened to cause you to go into so much debt?
    • What was the impetus behind your decision to finally get out of debt?
    • Concerning Pizza Delivery So, what was it about delivering pizzas that worked so well for you?
    • What was it about the work that drew you in?
    • What was the experience like throughout the job application process? What abilities did you require?
    • How many hours did you put in every week?
    • Dealing with Debt and Your Family What was your wife’s reaction to this situation?
    • What prompted you and your wife to band together in pursuit of a shared objective?
    • Why did you require the services of a financial coach?
    • So, what did you learn from your financial coach?
    • What was the length of time it took you to pay off your debts?
    • Did you make any further efforts to pay off your debt?
    • What is it about your debts that permits you to put them on hold and concentrate on saving for the down payment?
    • Making Money in the Pizza Delivery Business I was wondering how much money you were making an hour delivering pizza.
    • How did you manage to stay on track?
    • How can you make the most of your efforts while working as a pizza delivery driver?
    • What were some of the blunders you made early on?
    • Are you getting tired of pizza yet?
    • Debt Reduction Blogging Is A Good Idea When and why did you decide to launch
    • Do you use the money you earn from your blog to aid you with debt reduction efforts?
    • What are your plans for the future?

    To view the complete transcript, select show.

    How Much Money Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Typically Make?

    Tricky Shark/Shutterstock The COVID-19 epidemic has not so much leveled the playing field as it has altered the fundamentals of the food market – to the benefit of some and to the detriment of the majority.Pizza, on the other hand, is a clear winner.According to a research published by the Food Institute in December 2021, major pizza companies had a six percent gain in sales in 2020.

    So, while other businesses were experiencing a crisis of confidence, pizza firms were enjoying themselves.A large part of pizza’s popularity may be ascribed to the fact that it is a fantastic fatty cuisine for dealing with the uncertainty of the epidemic.According to a Fortune magazine article published in August 2020, ″Pizza is the ultimate comfort meal for me – it’s not too messy, it’s difficult to mess up, it’s wonderful whether it’s hot or cold, and it doesn’t require any utensils.″ However, it goes without saying that the primary reason for the success of pizza is that it is a dish that was previously dependent on delivery.As reported in the same Fortune article, Pizza Hut saw its greatest week in eight years during the epidemic.

    • However, Pizza Hut was still losing market share to Domino’s, which was the leader in the sector.
    • No matter how you feel about Domino’s pizzas, there’s no denying that the company has spent years improving its delivery system, which has allowed them to avoid having to rely on Grubhub and DoorDash amid the recent rise in online ordering demand.
    • Those sector surveys, on the other hand, do not examine the individuals who have contributed to their success.

    It is necessary to look elsewhere in order to realize how fortunate one has been.

    What do pizza delivery drivers currently make?

    Photograph courtesy of ViDI Studio/Shutterstock Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a research funded by the government or a think tank that looks at the overall status of pizza delivery drivers in the country.Looking at the different sums that websites claim a pizza delivery driver normally makes, a very clear picture begins to emerge.According to, as of February 25, the median hourly wage for a truck driver is between $10 and $12, depending on experience.

    Indeed, the more lucrative perspective is available for $16.40 per hour, while Glassdoor estimates that the yearly pay of a pizza delivery driver is $52,899.They get at this figure by assuming a basic wage of $33,161, which works out to around $15 per hour, and an extra $19,738 in tips on top of the base income.The additional compensation is significant since it is the uncertain amount that individuals will tip that is important.Glamour recommends a 20 percent gratuity for delivery app drivers in an article on the service.

    • However, according to a recent survey published with Nexstar by the digital payment startup Square, customers have lately began to tip around 18.6 percent for a fast service restaurant, while tipping a slightly higher figure of 19.12 percent for a full service restaurant.
    • In spite of the fact that delivery drivers do not get tips from restaurant patrons, this demonstrates that, depending on the generosity of their clients, they can expect to earn at least a little bit more than their hourly salary.

    How does being a pizza delivery driver compare to delivery apps?

    Rblfmr/Shutterstock One significant upheaval in the environment of pizza delivery drivers has been the influx of delivery app drivers, which has been fueled by the epidemic.While many pizzerias rely on delivery apps to acquire their orders, they are by no means as common as they are for more general businesses such as fast food establishments.This is partly due to the fact that pizzerias have traditionally relied on delivery services.

    The most significant distinction between the two is that one is a hired worker, and the other is an independent contractor.A look at the job advertisements on Indeed for pizza delivery drivers reveals that the position is regularly part-time and that it has a set working schedule.On the plus side, this implies that you will have guaranteed hours.On the negative side, it means that you must physically appear.

    • In addition to the first difference, the app drivers will be required to pay self-employment tax on the amount they earn as a result of their work.
    • A worker’s paycheck is subject to a 15.3 percent tax, which includes the social security and medicare taxes that are deducted from each paycheck.
    • There is a third distinction that was brought up in a Reddit discussion regarding the advantages of working for a pizza business as opposed to a delivery app: individuals who work for a store do not have to worry about ratings as much as their app-based colleagues.

    As previously said, the alternative is greater freedom and flexibility.As a result, the nature of the work is determined by what the individual expects from it.

    What does the future of pizza delivery look like?

    Getty Images/Bloomberg News All of them are currently available alternatives.However, the increase in the number of deliveries has also meant that finding ways to reduce the cost of delivery has become in importance.A corporation that can save $30,000 a year will very certainly use all methods required to achieve that goal, after all.

    In this context, it should come as no surprise that Domino’s began experimenting with robot delivery units in April 2021, a move that should be welcomed by everybody.Reports from CNN state that the completely autonomous gadgets have begun to be tested in Houston.It is possible for customers to request that their meal be delivered by robot.If they did so, they would get a code that would allow them to open the robot’s pizza container when it arrived at their location.

    • In June, the smaller Austin-based restaurant Southside Flying Pizza began a program along the same lines.
    • For the time being, drivers may take solace in the knowledge that autonomous vehicles have been promised to us for many years.
    • For example, in January, Uber’s robots firm, Serve Robotics, stated that they had achieved the stage where its units could move in a loop — as long as there were no humans around to interfere.

    And that’s without taking into consideration places that are anti-robot, such as Philadelphia.As a result, it appears that sci-fi dreams of widespread unemployment will not be realized in the delivery business for some time.Furthermore, it will take even longer until small businesses realize that investing in these robots is a more cost-effective option than just paying for a pizza delivery person.

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    Hourly wage for Pizza Delivery Driver

    In the United States, how much money does a Pizza Delivery Driver make an hourly wage?As of February 25, 2022, the average hourly compensation for a Pizza Delivery Driver in the United States is $11, with the salary range often falling between $10 and $12.Education, certifications, extra talents, and the amount of years you have spent in your career are all crucial considerations to consider when determining your hourly rate. provides more online, real-time salary data than any other website, allowing you to pinpoint your exact wage objective.Related titles that were recently searched for include: Hotel Desk Clerk Jobs with a wage range that is similar to that of a Pizza Delivery Driver include: Home care aide, day care assistant, and part-time cashier are all positions available.PJCA – Fontana, California – Papa John’s – PJCA Drivers of Delivery Vehicles – Flexible work hours, no previous experience required, discounts, and more!In addition, there is a 100$ BONUS.

    • They all work together to create not just the finest pizza, but also the best team members!
    • We are a company.
    • Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 19 days ago.

    Toppers Pizza is located in Wauwatosa North, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Our Pizza People are the heart and soul of our organization, offering Great Food and Memorable Experiences to our customers.Prior work experience as a delivery driver, messenger service, doordash, grubhub, uber driver, or lyft driver is preferred but not required.Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 8 days ago Delivery Driver for Papa John’s – Sun Pizza in Cave Creek, Arizona While working as part of a team, the Delivery Driver ensures that all items are accurate and meet quality standards before delivering them to clients in a safe, courteous, and timely way.

    Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 11 days ago.Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Klamath Falls – Klamath Falls, Oregon Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Klamath Falls – Klamath Falls, Oregon Interested in being a delivery driver for Mike’s Pizza in Klamath Falls, OR?Contact us now!Our ideal applicant is self-motivated, ambitious, and dedicated to his or her job.The following are your responsibilities: * Drive the car to the location.

    1. Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 80 days ago.
    2. Domino’s Franchise – Sandy, OR INFORMATION ABOUT THE POSITION Do you know why Domino’s Pizza employs such a large number of drivers?
    3. That is, aside from the fact that Come see for yourself why other contract delivery drivers make more money by making more deliveries per hour at the same time as you.

    Jobs in the ZipRecruiter ATS for ZipSearch/ZipAlerts posted 7 days ago.Willmar, Minnesota is a college town.COMMENTS FROM DOMINO’S DRIVERS ON THE JOB Do you know why Domino’s Pizza employs such a large number of drivers?Let’s put it aside for a while.

    16 days have passed since Delivery Driver Startwire/Appcast was launched.

    Average Pizza Delivery Driver Salary By State

    All 50 states have different pay scales for pizza delivery drivers, as indicated by the darker areas on the map.

    Pizza Delivery Driver average salary by State

    How much should you get paid?

    Fill out the form below to receive a free, tailored Zippia Salary Report, as well as tips on how to boost your earnings potential.

    Highest Paying Cities For Pizza Delivery Driver

    How much doesa Pizza Delivery Driver make?

    In the United States, the typical compensation for a Pizza Delivery Driver is $30,600 per year, or $14.71 per hour on average.People at the lower end of the range, to be precise, those in the poorest 10 percent of the income distribution, earn around $22,000 per year, while those in the top 10 percent earn $41,000.A location can be essential in a variety of situations.

    New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington are the states with the highest average pay for Pizza Delivery Drivers.

    Average Pizza Delivery Driver Salary Over Time

    Salary comparisons between particular cities or states and the national average are available.

    Average JOB Salary by Field

    A Route Driver is responsible for ensuring that supplies or items are delivered and transported within the time frame specified.The duties of a Route Driver will vary depending on the organization or industry for which they work, but the most of the time they will center around picking up and dropping off products at certain locations ranging from homes to businesses, as well as connecting with clients.Furthermore, Route Drivers are responsible for keeping their cars clean and in good working order, notifying supervisors if there is a problem, and adhering to all business laws and regulations at all times.

    9,039 Pizza Delivery Driver Positions Available The average compensation for a Route Sales Person is $46,188.A route salesman is someone who specializes in achieving sales objectives while traveling to various locations to meet with customers.They are largely responsible for developing strategies for selling products and services, making phone calls and responding to letters, scheduling meetings, making follow-up calls, and developing relationships with clients in order to increase the number of consumers they serve.As well as selling door-to-door, route salespeople may be required to give product demos, negotiate contracts and processes payment as well as informing current and prospective customers of product and service upgrades that have been made.

    • 27,193 Route Salesperson Positions Available.
    • Average pay for Route Sales Representative: $45,490A route sales representative is responsible for providing goods and services to clients in a certain geographic region.
    • Route sales representatives collaborate closely with the marketing team to develop effective sales strategies, develop sales pitches, and launch promotional offers in order to generate sales, increase revenues, and increase the organization’s profitability.

    Route sales representatives are also responsible for generating leads for the marketing team.They also analyze the current market trends in order to uncover sales possibilities and convey results to the rest of the team in order to develop new services.When it comes to assisting consumers with their issues and concerns as well as negotiating sales contracts, route sales representatives must have outstanding customer service and communication abilities.Route Sales Representative Positions: 79,716 Average income for a driver/merchant: $26,068 The function of a driver/merchant in society is to personally deliver things to clients on schedule while displaying excellent communication skills in order to comprehend and pass messages and instructions to others.

    A driver/merchandiser is also responsible for inspecting the vehicle’s condition, repairing or replacing broken parts, and transporting the truck to reputable auto repair shops if the damage is serious or extensive.They must adhere to all traffic regulations and legislation set by the state or city in which they are employed.Driver/Merchandiser Jobs (210,846 available)DriverAvg.salary: $32,528 Chauffeurs are responsible for the safe transportation of passengers, parcels, and other items from one location to another.They should be knowledgeable with the many routes that may be followed in order to reach the target destination.

    1. They should be skilled navigators, and they may rely on navigation applications to assist them along the route.
    2. They should also be knowledgeable with the fundamental mechanics of the vehicle they are operating, as well as the necessary maintenance and cleaning procedures to keep the vehicle in good working order.
    3. It is required of drivers to have outstanding customer service skills, a strong sense of direction, and excellent organizational abilities.

    933,221 Driver Positions Available for a Route Sales Driver: $44,500 A route sales driver is a corporate driver who is in charge of delivering goods or products to clients along a certain route or in a specific geographic area, such as the United States.Additionally, in certain businesses or organizations, they are also assigned with the responsibility of collecting money for delivered items and maintaining an audit trail.Inspection and maintenance of vehicles, as well as the maintaining of records of deliveries and payments, are among their tasks and responsibilities Route Sales Driver Jobs: 176,011 available The average compensation for a Route Driver is $48,195A.

    The Route Driver is responsible for ensuring that supplies or commodities are delivered and transported within the time frame specified.The duties of a Route Driver will vary depending on the organization or industry for which they work, but the most of the time they will center around picking up and dropping off products at certain locations ranging from homes to businesses, as well as connecting with clients.Furthermore, Route Drivers are responsible for keeping their cars clean and in good working order, notifying supervisors if there is a problem, and adhering to all business laws and regulations at all times.

    229,028 Route Driver Positions Available Find High-Paying Positions in Your Area

    Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs You Might Like

    • Jobs as a Pizza Delivery Driver with a Salary of $41K and Above Look for jobs in your neighborhood in the United States.
    • Jobs as an Entry Level Pizza Delivery DriverLittle to no prior experience is necessary.
    • Pizza Delivery Driver Positions on a Part-Time Basis
    • Part-Time Positions Available Immediately
    • In-DemandPizza Delivery Driver positions have been updated within the past 7 days on Actively Hiring.
    • Jobs as a Pizza Delivery Driver with No Degree
    • Look for employment that don’t require a degree.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Salaries By Years Of Experience

    Which Companies Pay Pizza Delivery Drivers The Most?

    For those seeking the best salary as a Pizza Delivery Driver, working for a firm like Schwan’s or Verizon Communications would be a wise decision, since these are the companies that offer the highest wages available in this area.Additionally, organizations such as The St.Joe Company and American Huts say that their compensation for Pizza Delivery Drivers are extremely competitive in the industry.

    How much should you get paid?

    Fill out the form below to receive a free, tailored Zippia Salary Report, as well as tips on how to boost your earnings potential.

    Recently Added Pizza Delivery Driver Salaries

    Average Pizza Delivery Driver Salary by Demographic

    Pizza Delivery Driver Gender Pay Gap

    Gender Income
    Male $30,746
    Female $27,627

    Income of the Median Pizza Delivery Driver Depending on Race The average income for white pizza delivery drivers is higher than the average salary for drivers of other ethnicities. White Pizza Delivery Drivers earn the least on average, with an annual pay of $28,783. $30,000$24,000$18,000 $12,000$6,000 $0If you are black or African American,

    Ethnicity Salary
    White $29,553
    Black or African American $28,891
    Asian $29,303
    Hispanic or Latino $29,402

    Salary Ranges for Pizza Delivery Drivers Depending on Education Level Pizza Delivery Drivers with a High School Diploma or equivalent make $30,746 per year more than those without a diploma or equivalent.Pizza Delivery Drivers with an Associate degree make a median annual salary of $30,723 compared to Pizza Delivery Drivers with a Bachelors degree earning a median annual income of $30,130.$35,000 $28,000 $21,000 $14,000 $7,000 $0High school diploma or lessSome college or associate degreeSome college or associate degree

    Education Salary
    High School Diploma or Less $30,746
    Bachelor’s Degree $30,130
    Some College/ Associate Degree $30,723

    What Does a Pizza Delivery Driver Do?

    Customer deliveries are transported from the restaurant to the customer’s selected location by pizza delivery drivers. They are responsible for doing the last inspections on a restaurant’s goods before it is delivered to the consumer. Pizza delivery drivers are also responsible for processing cash or credit card payments and returning change as needed.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Job Overview

    The pizza delivery driver is responsible for driving your car to the location given by the customer and delivering the client’s ordered pizza to them. You will be in charge of collecting inventory, filing paperwork, and maintaining the vehicle allocated to you for delivery. Your ability to provide accurate orders to clients in a timely way will determine your success in this position.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Job Responsibilities and Duties

    • Asses whether or not customer orders are valid
    • delivers food products to the customer’s specified location
    • returns unpaid customer orders
    • Payment is accepted in cash or via credit card.
    • Responds to consumer inquiries
    • Customers are informed about current and forthcoming specials
    • Following traffic rules and road safety practices is mandatory.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Job Requirements

    • There are no educational requirements.
    • It is necessary to be at least 18 years old.
    • A valid driver’s license with no points against it
    • Physically capable of lifting a number of boxes of pizza
    • Customer-centric
    • A basic understanding of arithmetic
    • Interpersonal and communication abilities that are exceptional

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    Reference this guide for how much to tip a pizza delivery if you ordered from a local joint or used a food app.

    We’ve all been in that situation.It’s dinnertime, everyone’s hungry, and the refrigerator is completely barren.Thanks to technological advancements, ordering meal delivery has never been more convenient.

    From traditional pizza delivery to the numerous meal delivery apps available today, there is a good chance that you can have your favorite restaurant cuisine delivered directly to your home.What’s the catch?It’s still really difficult to figure out just how much to tip.For your convenience, we’ve put up a quick guide on how much to tip pizza delivery drivers (and how much to tip in 2022 everywhere else).

    • We conducted a taste test to see which pizza chain was the greatest, and we came up with a clear winner.

    The Minimum Tip

    After surveying the Internet, we’ve discovered that nearly everyone agrees on a $5 minimum donation.For example, if you reside in a tiny town with a limited driving radius, experts recommend a $3 minimum.) With so many people choosing takeaway and delivery over eating at a restaurant these days, many consumers tip for delivery using the dine-in minimum recommendation of 15-20 percent of the total cost, which is the case for many restaurants.If you consider the time it takes a driver to pick up the meal from the restaurant, bring it to your location, wait for you to arrive at the door, and then return to the restaurant, you’re looking at at least 20 minutes, and perhaps more.

    Consider the following: Would I take that vacation for less money?Keep in mind that the majority of delivery personnel drive their own cars and are responsible for all related expenditures (such as petrol), not to mention that they must tolerate the persistent odour of pepperoni pizza lingering in their upholstery.(This would not be a problem if, in the future, robots were to deliver pizza.)

    What If There’s a Delivery Fee?

    You shouldn’t expect any of the delivery or service costs you may have paid to a restaurant or food delivery app to be distributed to the driver.In most cases, such fees are used to finance the costs of running the meal delivery app or service’s operation.Always remember that the restaurant and the driver consider tips to be a portion of the driver’s salary, so never forget to leave a tip.

    The guidelines for tipping for takeout are not always the same as those for delivery.

    When to Tip More Than the Minimum

    • If your order meets any of the criteria listed below, you should leave a larger tip—at least 20% of the total. Bad weather, such as sleet or snow (although we don’t recommend placing an order in such conditions)
    • Orders for a large group (for example, 10 pizzas or a large number of entrees with a large number of sides)
    • Delivery outside of the typical delivery range is available.
    • If the driver contacted with updates or went above and above in any other way, this is a plus.

    Should You Ever Tip Less Than the Minimum?

    If the driver is excessively disrespectful, drives over your prized flower beds, spills the meal, or engages in any other clear violation, you can reduce your gratuity.What happens if the meal is delivered late or ice cold?It’s possible that the restaurant is to blame, rather than the driver.

    If you have a problem with your food, it’s usually recommended to tip the driver the bare minimum and then phone the restaurant to express your dissatisfaction with the meal.They might be able to help you out with refunds or discounts.

    To Sum Up Tipping

    If the driver is excessively disrespectful, drives over your prized flower beds, spills the meal, or engages in any other clear violation, you can reduce your gratuity accordingly.If the meal is delivered late or is ice cold, what should you do?Instead of the driver, it is possible that the restaurant is at fault.

    If you have a problem with your food, it’s usually recommended to tip the driver the bare minimum and then phone the restaurant to express your dissatisfaction with the meal..Some companies may take care of you by giving you a refund or offering you discounts.

    Pepperoni Pan Pizza

    The perfect pizza crust and sauce are two things I’ve been working on for years, and they’re combined in this recipe. I make this crispy, savory pizza for my family on a regular basis, and it is a huge hit with my husband and boys. Susan Lindahl, of Alford, Florida, sent this message. Check out these copycat bread recipes from some of the best restaurants in the world.

    Asparagus Beef Lo Mein

    Easy as it gets, this springtime beef lo mein recipe is a must-try. It’s even more enjoyable with ramen noodles. The following is a letter from Dottie Wanat of Modesto, California:

    Five-Spice Chicken Wings

    When it comes to these wings, the word ″bird″ comes to mind. They’re cooked until they’re a lovely golden brown and infused with subtle, delectable Asian flavors. Because of the marinade that was applied overnight, the chicken within remains soft while the skin retains its trademark crunch. —Crystal Jo Bruns lives in Iliff, Colorado with her husband.

    Baked Egg Rolls

    They are minimal in fat, but the crispiness from baking will deceive you into believing they were deep-fried instead. —Barbara Lierman from Lyons, Nebraska.

    Chicken Sausage Gyros

    After a day at the beach, treat your family to this quick and substantial lunch that can be prepared in minutes. The whole wheat pitas are filling and delicious, and they are filled with vegetables and flavor. • Kerri George from Berne, Indiana

    Garlic-Chive Baked Fries

    Yes, you definitely want fries with that—especially these crispy, golden fries, which are bursting with garlic flavor and just a hint of spice. Mr. Steve Westphal of Wind Lake, Wisconsin.

    Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza

    When my family and I spend the night at my grandmother’s farm, she prepared the most delicious food for us.Her delicious pizza, fresh from the oven, was topped with cheese and infused with aromatic herbs in the dough.It was delicious!

    My husband and I, as well as our family, have come to rely on this pizza as a regular supper.—Michele Madden, of Washington Court House, in the United States

    Orange Beef Lettuce Wraps

    This is a lighter version of a popular restaurant dish that is sure to please. I also recommend that you try these wraps using either chicken or turkey instead of ground beef. Cranston, Rhode Island resident Robin Haas

    Baked Crab Rangoons

    When I’m out to eat, crab rangoons are one of my favorite foods to order. I made the decision to make a healthier version of the dish at home. — Emily Higgins lives in the town of Wingdale in the state of New York.

    Wisconsin Butter Burgers

    It’s no secret that Wisconsinites like their dairy products—so much so that they occasionally smother their burgers with a thick layer of melted butter. My recipe is quite similar to the butter burgers that can be seen at several prominent restaurants around the state. Becky Carver of North Royalton, Ohio, sent this response.

    Barbecued Chicken Pizzas

    These saucy, smokey pizzas, made using refrigerated pizza dough, are quick and easy to create, and their rustic, hot-off-the-grill flavor is sure to win you over. Those on the go cookouts and summer meals on the terrace are ideal for them. The writer, Alicia Trevithick, of Temecula, California


    Poutine, the ultimate in French-Canadian fast food, is often made up of heated fries covered with cheese curds and gravy, and it is a Canadian institution. This side dish is easy to prepare since it uses frozen potatoes and pre-made gravy, yet it still has the flavor of a typical greasy spoon. Shelia Terry from Henderson, Nevada sent in this message:

    Cinnamon Twists

    These delectable golden twists are the ideal addition to a spring brunch or luncheon buffet. Brown sugar and cinnamon give them a mild spice taste that is not overwhelming. People rarely eat only one at a time. Jessica Mooberry from Peoria, Illinois, sent in this message:

    Chili-Lime Chicken Wings

    Who would have believed that combining maple syrup, chili sauce, and lime juice would result in such delectable tasting chicken wings? Everyone in the family and guests will be scrambling to get their hands on more than one of these really delicious wings, so make sure you make enough of them! —Taste of Home Cooking Demonstration Kitchen

    California Sushi Rolls

    This tastes just as wonderful as any California roll from a restaurant or from a grocery store. Furthermore, it is one of the simplest sushi recipes for those who are just learning how to make sushi.

    Sesame-Beef Pot Stickers

    Having these potstickers as a late-night snack is a treat for me. They are also a good option for a fast snack during family gatherings. — Carolyn Turner of Reno, Nevada, sent in this photo.

    Meatball Pizza

    I always have meatballs and pizza crusts in the freezer in case I want to whip up this speciality on the spur of the moment. With a tossed salad on the side, you’ve got a great meal on your hands. • Mary Humeniuk-Smith lives in Perry Hall, Maryland.

    Crispy Baked Wontons

    To cook this dish on the spur of the moment, I always have meatballs and pizza crusts on hand in my freezer. Combine this dish with a tossed salad for a delightful evening meal. • Mary Humeniuk-Smith, from Perry Hall, Maryland

    Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings

    Try these sweet and sticky wings instead of the hot Buffalo sauce for a change of pace. The likelihood is that they will quickly become your new favorite! The following is a letter sent by Susan Seymour of Valatie, New York

    Vegetarian Pad Thai

    This is a straightforward pad thai recipe that is packed with crisp veggies and fiery flavor. It’s quick, easy, and deliciously fresh-tasting. The writer, Colleen Doucette, of Truro, Nova Scotia

    Double Nut Baklava

    It may take some time to prepare this decadent, buttery delight, but the results are well worth the wait! Kari Kelley of Plains, Montana says the combination of coconut, pecans, and macadamia nuts is irresistibly delicious.

    Herb-Happy Garlic Bread

    The fresh garlic and herbs used in this dish will be a hit with you. The mild goat cheese that has been sprinkled on top adds an added layer of richness and flavor. — Test Kitchen for Taste of Home

    Cauliflower & Tofu Curry

    Cauliflower, garbanzo beans, and tofu are all delicate flavors on their own, but when combined, they form a delicious curry broth foundation. We make this meal on a weekly basis since one of us always has a hankering for it. • Patrick McGilvray, from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Cheese Fries

    After my kid tried cheese fries at a restaurant and couldn’t stop raving about them, I decided to create my own version of the dish. She like the fact that I can whip these up in minutes at home. In addition, the frozen fry packets may be kept and reheated several times. – Melissa Tatum, a resident of Greensboro, North Carolina

    Easy Chicken Fried Rice

    After the birth of my first kid, I wanted meals that were both filling and quick to prepare. This quick and easy chicken fried rice recipe has become a staple in our supper rotation. The author, Alicia Gower, of Auburn, New York

    Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

    In an attempt to replicate the deep-dish pizza recipe from a prominent restaurant, my husband and I made Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, which I believe was even better than the original. Cooking it in a cast-iron pan is the key to success. • Lynn Hamilton (Naperville, Illinois) says:

    Korean Wontons

    In an attempt to replicate the deep-dish pizza recipe from a prominent restaurant, my husband and I made Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, which I believe was even better than the restaurant’s version. Using a cast-iron skillet to bake it is the key! • Lynn Hamilton (Naperville, Illinois) says

    Chicken Tikka Masala

    This Indian-style chicken tikka masala recipe has flavors that have me going back for more. It’s a simple meal flavored with garam masala, cumin, and gingerroot that is really delicious. — Jaclyn Bell lives in Logan, Utah.

    Like ‘Em Hot Wings

    These hot and spicy Buffalo-style chicken wings have a fantastic seasoning blend. You can whip up a batch in no time and they will be gone in no time! — Myra Innes of Auburn, Kansas, is a writer.

    Fast Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

    Cheesesteaks and pizza are two of my favorite foods, so I couldn’t resist combining them. We make a hand-held feast out of a pizza crust topped with roast meat, cheese, and vegetables. Jackie Hannahs of Cedar Springs, Michigan sent this in:

    Veggie Sushi Rolls

    These sushi rolls are perfect as a finger snack, side dish, or even a full-course meal. They’re quite adaptable and may be prepared with whatever vegetables you like. Making these is a lot of fun for the kids. San Diego, California resident Sarah Christenson writes:

    Bread Machine Naan

    Using a bread machine, you can quickly and easily manufacture chewy yeast-raised flat bread. With your favorite Indian cuisine, serve naan on the side to soak up the curries and sauces. — Shannon Ventresca of Middleboro, Massachusetts, is the author of this article.

    Pork & Vegetable Spring Rolls

    My initial notion was that rice paper wrappers would be a simple and entertaining way to package salad items into a portable snack or dinner. I’ve also made it with prawns or with cranberries added in. Experiment as much as you want! Ozark, Missouri resident Marla Strader contributed to this article.

    Spicy Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

    These fall-off-the-bone delicate wings with just the right amount of fire to keep you coming back for more. Using a chilled blue cheese dressing, you can create the perfect taste combination for dipping your vegetables. Kevin Henderson from Hayward, Wisconsin sent in this message:

    Swiss Cheese Bread

    The perfect amount of heat is there in these fall-off-the-bone delicate wings. Dipped in a chilled blue cheese dressing, this dish offers the ideal taste combo. Kevin Henderson from Hayward, Wisconsin contributed to this article.

    Saucy Beef with Broccoli

    Whenever I’m searching for a quick supper, I turn to this beef and broccoli stir-fry recipe for inspiration. An enticing sauce prepared with garlic and ginger is served alongside the dish. —Rosa Evans, from Odessa, Missouri.

    Veggie Pizza with Herbed Tomato Crust

    This recipe is one of my favorites since the crust is extremely tasty, thanks to the use of tomato juice in place of most of the oil. It’s one of my children’s favorite dinners! • Karen Shipp, from San Antonio, Texas.

    Asian Tofu Noodle Soup

    This vegetable and noodle soup is flavored with ginger, garlic, and sherry, and it’s a crowd pleaser. Peanuts and green onions are some of our favorite garnishes for this dish. — Diana Rios, a resident of Lytle, Texas

    Grilled Cherry-Glazed Chicken Wings

    In this vegetable-and-noodle soup, ginger, garlic, and sherry add a spicy kick. Nuts and green onions are some of our favorite garnishes. — Diana Rios of Lytle, Texas, is a writer and artist.

    Dad’s Favorite Pizza

    This vegetable and noodle soup is flavored with ginger, garlic, and sherry. Peanuts and green onions are some of our favorite garnishes. — Diana Rios lives in Lytle, Texas.

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