How Much Is Papa John’S Stuffed Crust Pizza?

28. The Epic Stuffed Crust is $12 for a large one-topping pizza with the promo code STUFFED.

Do you deliver Papa John’s pizza?

We absolutely do! The power of cheese is no joke, and if you’ve got a hankering for a stuffed crust pizza then look no further than your local Papa John’s for delivery or carryout.

What is an epic stuffed crust pizza?

A piping hot pizza dripping with cheese inside the crust as well. Don’t pretend like you didn’t just drool a little when you read that! With our Epic Stuffed Crust pizza, every bite is full of as much flavor as you’d expect from Papa John’s. Treat your tastebuds to one of our signature pizza pies with an extra helping of cheese.

How much is a stuffed crust pizza?

Pizza Hut customers can grab the iconic Large Original Stuffed Crust pizza, with up to three toppings, for just $11.99 for a limited time at participating Pizza Hut locations nationwide.

Does Papa John’s make stuffed crust pizza?

Does Papa John’s Have A Stuffed Crust Pizza? We absolutely do! The power of cheese is no joke, and if you’ve got a hankering for a stuffed crust pizza then look no further than your local Papa John’s for delivery or carryout.

How big is Papa John’s Stuffed Crust Pizza?

Papa John’s is offering an 8 cut “Large” 1 topping Stuffed Crust for $12. Most Stuffed Crust deals almost always feature only one topping, which has always given me the impression that the pie can’t sustain much more.

What is the 7.99 deal at Pizza Hut?

$7.99 Large 3-Topping Pizza | Pickup Deal

Pick up a Large 3-Topping Pizza for only $7.99 at Pizza Hut! Order Now!

How much is a large stuffed crust from Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza Pricing

A large stuffed crust pizza is only $16.99. This includes cheese only, Cheese-Lovers, Meat-Lovers, Veggie-lovers, BBQ-Lovers, New Primo Meat, and Hawaiian pizzas. The large Chicken Supreme and Super Supreme are $17.99 each.

What happened to stuffed crust pizza?

According to Paste Magazine the Mongiello family sued Pizza Hut for $1 billion, but ultimately lost. Essentially, the judge noted that owning the idea of cheese stuffed inside bread is impossible, leaving Pizza Hut to continue to make stuffed crust for pizza lovers for years to come.

What’s in Papa John’s stuffed crust?

Epic Stuffed Crust delivers on taste and quality, starting with Papa John’s original dough, made from only flour, water, sugar, soybean oil, salt and yeast. The dough is then hand stuffed with extra cheese, topped with cheese and the topping of your choice and baked to a gooey, crispy golden goodness.

What kind of cheese is in Papa John’s Stuffed Crust?

Introducing Papa John’s NEW Stuffed Crust Pizza Base! Made with 100% fresh dough (of course), glazed with garlic and herb sauce’ & hand-rolled around delicious mozzarella.

When did Papa John’s start Stuffed Crust?

We launched Epic Stuffed Crust in January of 2021 and it set a new, ongoing customer sales level. I mean, it really took our business up significantly. It brought in new customers and traded current customers up. We’ve been able to sustain that for the balance of the year.

How many calories in a Papa John’s stuffed crust pizza?

There are 360 calories in 1 slice of Papa John’s Large Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza.

Is Pizza Hut or Papa John’s better?

Nevertheless, both chains are still prominent players in the fast food pizza scene. But how do they compare? We ordered similar popular items from each store, and while Pizza Hut shone brightly in certain areas, Papa John’s is the better choice when it comes to consistent quality across each category.

Who has better stuffed crust pizza Hut or Papa Johns?

The Bottom Line. It might not look like a blowout, but Papa John’s probably deserves more than a single point win for how much better an overall experience the Epic Stuffed Crust pizza provides. Hands down, it’s the better pie.

Does Papa John’s Stuffed Crust come with garlic sauce?

Introducing Papa John’s NEW Stuffed Crust Pizza Base! Made with 100% fresh dough (of course), glazed with garlic and herb sauce’ & hand-rolled around delicious mozzarella.

Papa John’s Announces New Epic Stuffed Crust

  1. Company continues to provide pizza customers with what they want — For a limited time, the company is providing Papa Rewards members with a sneak sample of a new cheese-filled crust.
  3. (AP) — The 17th of December, 2020, is a Friday.
  • Adding more cheese to its original fresh, never frozen, six-ingredient crust, which is then hand-stuffed, Papa John’s has announced the long-awaited launch of its new Epic Stuffed Crust.
  • The new Epic Stuffed Crust will be available in limited quantities.
  • Papa John’s is offering an exclusive first taste of the delectable new crust to its Papa Rewards members from December 21 through December 27 as a way to commemorate the debut of the crust.

This news release includes a variety of multimedia.You can read the entire press release here: Using the brand’s signature fresh, never-frozen, six-ingredient crust and additional cheese, the Epic Stuffed Crust pizza is hand-stuffed and baked until it is gooey, crispy, and golden in color.(Image courtesy of Business Wire) We are always inspired by our customers as we continue to develop new craveable menu choices,″ said Tom Smith, Papa John’s director of culinary innovation.″Those who enjoy stuffed crust pizza are die-hard pizza fanatics, and it is something that our customers have often requested.Because we place a high value on quality crust, we’re thrilled to be able to provide stuffed crust fans with an experience they’ll remember.″ From the beginning, the Epic Stuffed Crust delivers on taste and quality.It begins with Papa John’s original dough, which is made with flour, water, sugar, soybean oil, salt, and yeast.

A generous amount of extra cheese is then hand-stuffed into the dough before being covered with our unique pizza sauce, additional cheese, and the topping of your choice before being cooked to a gooey, crispy, golden perfection.Members of the Papa Rewards program will get the opportunity to sample the new Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza starting on Monday, December 21, and continuing through December 27 at select locations.On December 28, the brand will make the crust available to all pizza enthusiasts around the country.

Using the discount code STUFFED, you can get a large one-topping pizza for $12 on the Epic Stuffed Crust.This is just the second modification on Papa John’s original crust to be introduced in 35 years, following the introduction of Garlic Parmesan Crust in 2019.Its commitment to menu innovation has seen it introduce more than six new products this year alone, including the Papadia, an Italian flatbread-style sandwich, Jalapeo Popper Rolls, and the limited-time Shaq-a-Roni Pizza, developed in collaboration with board member and franchisee Shaquille O’Neal, among others.Visit to place an order for the new Epic Stuffed Crust pizza or to join up for Papa Rewards.To access further media materials, please visit this page.Regarding Papa John’s PZZA is the stock symbol for Papa John’s International, Inc.

  • (NASDAQ: PZZA), which began operations in 1984 with one purpose in mind: BETTER INGREDIENTS.
  • It is the belief of Papa John’s that employing high quality ingredients would result in superior-quality pizzas.

Its unique dough is produced with only six ingredients and is never frozen; it is baked fresh daily.Papa John’s tops its pizzas with real cheese produced from mozzarella, pizza sauce prepared from vine-ripened tomatoes that are picked and canned on the same day they are harvested, and meat that is free of additives.It was the first major pizza delivery business to announce that artificial tastes and synthetic colors will be removed from its whole food menu, making it the first of its kind.

At the time of this writing, Papa John’s has more than 5,360 stores in 48 countries and territories worldwide.The firm is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the world’s third biggest pizza delivery company, according to the company’s website.To find out more about the company or to place an order for pizza online, customers need download the Papa John’s mobile app for iOS or Android devices.

  • On, you may see the original source document: Contact Information for the Media Blair Carpenter is a Senior Manager in the Corporate Communications department.
  • Blair [email protected] Papa John’s International, Inc.
  • is the source of this information.

How much is a cheese stuffed crust pizza?

Asked in the following category: General The most recent update was made on February 3rd, 2020. Prices on the Pizza Hut Menu

Food Size Price
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $11.99
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $14.99
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $16.99
Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $14.99
  • Little Caesars is pushing the frontiers of pizza for a limited time with the new ExtraMostBestestTM Stuffed Crust Pizza, which is available for only $9 plus applicable tax at participating U.S. stores. According to Edward Gleich, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Little Caesars, ″we are absolutely infatuated with cheese, just like so many other people are.″ One can also wonder if Stuffed Crust Pizza is any good. Pizza Hut’s filled crust pizza does not have a significant increase in calories. Pizza isn’t particularly well-known for its nutritional value. It’s made out of carbs, carbs, and more carbs, and it’s topped with sauce, meats, vegetables, and cheese to make it taste even better. As it turns out, adding a filled crust to your meal does not significantly increase the number of calories you consume. Additionally, which pizza establishments serve loaded crust pizza? Pizza Delivery | Order Quality Pizza Online With Papa John’s
  • Food and Drink: DIGIORNO® Cheese Stuffed Crust Five Cheese
  • Little Caesars Pizza > Store Menu
  • Marketside Stuffed Crust Large Pepperoni Pizza, 46 oz –
  • Bosco’s Pizza
  • Pizza Delivery | Order Quality Pizza Online With Papa John’s
  • Food and Drink: DIGIORNO® Cheese Stuffed Crust Five Cheese
  • Little Caesars Pizza > Store Menu
  • Marketside Stuffed Crust Large Pepperon And finally: CiCi’s Pizza offers loaded crust |

Is there a certain type of cheese that Pizza Hut uses for its packed crust? The new Pizza Hut 3-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza, made with a combination of white Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Provolone cheeses, draws on the brand’s heritage of crust innovation.

Pizza Hut Introduces $11.99 Stuffed Crust Pizza Deal

  1. In select Pizza Hut shops around the country, guests can get the legendary Large Original Stuffed Crust pizza, with up to three toppings, for just $11.99 for a limited time.
  2. For the ORIGINAL Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut has gone above and beyond by separating the most delectable component of the Original Stuffed Crust and allowing it to shine on its own.
  3. The new Nothing But Stuffed Crust – available only in select Los Angeles and Dallas locations while supplies last – is made up of only the most iconic portion of the pizza – the crust – and is served with only the most legendary part of the pie.
  • Customers in Dallas and Los Angeles can sink their teeth into Nothing But Stuffed Crust, a literal ring of golden-brown crust baked to perfection with cheese-filled goodness inside, from January 5-7.
  • Nothing But Stuffed Crust will be available for free with a $10 purchase to the first fifty customers each day, per location, during the promotion period.
  • 2 This offer is not available online, nor is it available for delivery or dine-in; instead, phone to place an order for carryout or contactless curbside pickup, if that option is available.

‘The Original Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut was a game changer 25 years ago, and while there have been many clones, nothing comes close to the Original Stuffed Crust from Pizza Hut,’ explains George Felix, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer.We’ve even had fans ask us if they could order the stuffed crust by itself because it’s that good over the years, which is why we’re thrilled to not only offer our Original Stuffed Crust pizza with up to 3 toppings for just $11.99, but also to give some lucky people in DFW and LA the chance to try the ultimate crust experience with Nothing But Stuffed Crust.While supplies last, Nothing But Stuffed Crust is offered at the following Pizza Hut locations while supplies last: The following addresses are in Los Angeles: 1555 S.Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90006 6660 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 Dallas/Fort Worth: 17580 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75252, and 8605 Ohio Drive, Plano, TX 75024 The $11.99 Large Original Stuffed Crust pizza with up to 3 toppings is available for a limited time at eligible traditional Pizza Hut restaurants nationwide for contactless delivery, carryout, and curbside pickup.The deal is valid at participating traditional Pizza Hut shops nationally.To discover the Pizza Hut location closest to you, go to this page.

It should be noted that neither QSR, Food News Media, nor Journalistic, Inc.have confirmed the news and information included in this release.

Papa John’s Epic Stuffed Crust [Review]

  1. For the most part, the Stuffed Crust game has been a one-man show for the longest period.
  2. Let’s take a look at how Papa John’s new entry compares to Pizza Hut’s GOAT and how it performs.
  3. The Epic Stuffed Crust is described in the following way by Papa John’s: Do you want some more cheese?
  • We are aware of the solution.
  • As a result, we loaded our freshly made, never-frozen original dough with melty cheese and cooked it till it was crispy and golden in appearance.
  • Pizza Hut’s ″Original Stuffed Crust,″ which was introduced a few decades ago, has been destroying the competition unabated.

We’ve all had the pleasure of witnessing it in all its prefab, floppy beauty.The crust is so thick and stable that the actual bottom layer of dough, which carries the sauce, cheese, and toppings, never appears to hold up to the pressure of the toppings.Papa John’s claims that their Epic Stuffed Crust is genuinely created on the spot using fresh dough, and this is supported by research.After speaking with some of my family’s notable pizza specialists, I’ve learned that producing filled crust from scratch is a time-consuming and labor-intensive procedure that requires you to produce a conventional pizza dough, put cheese around the border, and then wrap it up to enclose the cheese.This doesn’t appear to be anything that could be mass produced in a single day, yet it is exactly what Papa is saying to be true.For $12, you can get an 8-cut ″Large″ Stuffed Crust with 1 topping from Papa John’s.

A single topping is nearly usually used in most Stuffed Crust recipes, which gives me the feeling that the pie cannot withstand much more filling than that.When you first open the pie, if you look closely at the crust, you can see that it is bursting at the seams and appears to be rather sturdy.The pizza itself has a very traditional appearance for a Father Jonathan’s pizza.

See also:  How To Cut A Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter?

The pizza is greasy, has a lot of cheese, and has exposed pepperoni.When you cut a piece of Stuffed Crust away from the rest of the pie, the traditional belief is that the crust cheese will flow back with practically extended arms, attempting to remain with its family.Needless to say, this never happens, no matter how fresh the meat is, and it did not happen here, which is unfortunate.The crust itself is smothered in mounds of melted cheese.Even though it was obviously melty to the point of rupture, the cheese was so homogenous and stayed together that it couldn’t possibly be shredded cheese.In my infinite knowledge, I see a string cheese tube curled up in the crust that is almost as long as the crust itself.

  • Regardless, the taste of the crust itself was excellent, especially because it was hot and sticky.
  • A good amount of zest was there, and the packed crust element of this pie was a hit with the family.
  • It wasn’t only the pizza that turned up to play, though.

The bottom layer of crust is thicker and more durable than Pizza Hut’s version, and there was no discernible flop in the process.The essential parts of a Papa John’s pie have stayed unchanged, and the company has maintained its position as a fairly reliable chain pizza restaurant.According to my observations, the Papa John’s Epic Stuffed Crust pizza may have supplanted the traditional thin dough as the preferred alternate crust choice in fast food.

In contrast to Pizza Hut, it does not have the prefabricated smell and does not have the ″sog dog flop″ element that many fast food restaurants have.It just tasted like a normal pizza that had cheese filled into the dough, which is exactly what we had hoped for all along.8 out of 10 for Papa John’s Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza.

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  • Create the pizza of your dreams from the ground up. Keep the whole family pleased with Pizza Hut, and create your own custom-made pizza from the ground up. Choose your favorite kind of crust and delectable toppings, then enter a coupon code from us and let Pizza Hut deliver the goodies
  • this is done using the Pizza Hut mobile application. Download the free Pizza Hut app to your smartphone and place orders for all of your favorite pizzas right from your device. This application is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • A+ for the pizza lunch program at the school. The A+ PizzaTM Program provides pizza to school cafeterias on a regular basis. With a 51 percent wholewheat crust, light cheese, and four delectable recipes to select from, kids will enjoy their lunch while parents can rest assured that it complies with the National School Lunch Program and Smart Snack Entree Regulation.

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How do I use my Pizza Hut discount code?

  • Choose your offer and then click ″See Code″ or ″Get Deal″ to view the code or deal. If you have a code, make a copy of it. You’ll be directed to the Pizza Hut website after clicking this link.
  • Decide whether you want delivery or takeout, and then select your pizza, sides, desserts, and beverages from the menu.
  • Fill out the code field at checkout (deals are applied automatically), then click ″Check Out″ and complete your payment to secure those discounts.

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When military members display their identification at the time of checkout in-store, they will get a 10 percent discount at participating stores.

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Where is my nearest Pizza Hut location?

To discover the Pizza Hut location closest to you, select your state from the drop-down menu. The delivery of your pizza feast will be at your door before you can blink.

Where can I buy a Pizza Hut gift card?

Give the unmatched gift of pizza to your friends and family by purchasing a gift card from the Pizza Hut website. You may save money by purchasing an Egift card instead of a physical gift card, or you can purchase in bulk if your purchase is part of a corporate order.

How will I know when Pizza Hut received my online order?

You will be able to read a confirmation page showing the moment your order was received by the Pizza Hut team once you have submitted your order. A time estimate for when your purchase will be ready will also be available to you when you place your order online. Take out your phone and call the restaurant where you placed your order if you require further information.

Where can I find the Pizza Hut nutrition and allergen information?

On the Pizza Hut website, under the ‘Nutrition’ option, you will discover all of the nutrition and allergy information you could ever need to know.

Connecting with Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut may be reached at 1-800-948-8488 for urgent concerns, and the Hut Rewards hotline can be reached at 1-844-244-2552. Alternatively, you may get in touch with the team using this online contact form or on Twitter.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza is the name of the product. Price: $16.99 for a limited time. USD is the currency used. Availability: Currently in stock Prices at Pizza Hut Menu at Pizza Hut

Even though there are many different types of pizza available, not all pizza is made equal. Having said that, I’m not a huge pizza fanatic, yet I’ve like just about every pie I’ve encountered. My children, on the other hand, are quite outspoken about which pizza they like over the others, and it is always Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza.

History and Inspiration

  1. The Stuffed Crust Pizza, which was designed by Patty Scheibmeir and debuted by Pizza Hut in 1995, was a hit with customers.
  2. However, it took her around three years to establish her approach, which includes stuffing dough with mozzarella string cheese before baking it.
  3. While it may have looked groundbreaking at the time, it wasn’t without its critics who were outraged.
  • In 1987, a Brooklyn-based cheese-maker called Anthony Mongiello received a patent for his stuff crust pizza process, and in 1999, he filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Pizza Hut for patent infringement.
  • He was unsuccessful in his lawsuit because the items were too similar to be considered infringing on a patent, as Mr.
  • Mongiello claimed was the case.

The introduction of stuffed crust pizza raised sales at Pizza Hut by 37 percent.In order to prevent the outer crust from rising as much as the original, the chain developed a new dough mix that does not rise as much as the original.Since its inception in 1995, filled crust pizza has taken on a variety of new and fascinating shapes and flavors.For example, Pizza Hut once introduced a pizza with a hot dog crust that was a hit with customers.Pizza Huts in New Zealand serve pizza with a Marmite-stuffed crust.In addition, pizzas with shrimp and mayonnaise filled into the crust are available in Japan.

For my part, I’m quite content with simply the cheese-stuffed crust.

Types of Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza

  • A variety of crusts are available at Pizza Hut, giving consumers a variety of alternatives. While the cheese-filled crust is the most popular, you may also get it packed with bacon if you want. Alternatively, you can order your crust in any of the methods listed below. Pan The perfect pizza is one with a thick crust that has been roasted to golden perfection on the surface and is soft and chewy on the inside.
  • Hand Tossed Pizza, with a lighter, airier dough that has been coated with garlic buttery spice, is served.
  • Thin ‘N Crispy, so that you can concentrate on the toppings instead
  • Crust: Original Stuffed Crust is a pizzeria-style crust that is baked into the crust and has a ring of melted cheese baked into it.
  • Introducing Skinny Slice, which features the same wonderful flavor as regular Slice, but in smaller serving sizes for less calories per slice.
  • With hickory smoked bacon and a combination of delectable cheeses, the Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust is a must-try.
  • 10-inch crust that has been certified gluten-free

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

The Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza is an extra-fun pizza that you can consume by turning it over in your hands. It is made using a pizzeria-style dough, and the cheese is baked into the crust in a ring around the edge. It’s offered in two sizes: medium and big; if your children are anything like mine, you’ll want a large size. Or two, depending on your preference.

1.      Taste and Texture

  1. I won’t go into detail about the toppings because everyone has their own personal tastes, and I don’t want my voice to be added to the chorus of those who believe that pineapple is an acceptable topping (it most certainly is not).
  2. The crust, in and of itself, is delectable.
  3. Every time you order it, it will be fresh and hot, never soggy, and will have the perfect mix of crispiness and dough in the texture.
  • If you’re anything like me, you eat your pizza slice and then save the cheese-stuffed crust to enjoy at the finish.
  • If you’re anything like my children, your crust would have been gone by the time you finished reading this sentence.
  • Since the packed crust is still hot and fresh, I don’t believe eating it first is a terrible idea because the cheese hasn’t had a chance to settle or harden too much yet.

It is ideal for biting into and squeezing to obtain a long string of cheese from the pizza to your tongue since mozzarella is soft.You may think of it as eating a very large cheese stick with a slice of pizza connected to it, which is quite enjoyable.The importance of freshness cannot be overstated.If the pizza is left out for an extended period of time, the cheese will become less ″stringy.″ Even if you re-heat it at home, it won’t taste nearly the same as the original.Make careful to consume it while it is still warm and fresh.

2. Are they healthy?

  1. No matter where you go, bread loaded with cheese isn’t one of the healthiest foods available.
  2. However, it is not as horrible as you may expect.
  3. To be more accurate, a serving size of filled crust pizza contains approximately the same number of calories and fat as any big slice of pizza from Pizza Hut.
  • It’s also less expensive than the majority of fast-food burgers.
  • Choosing a pizza with loads of vegetables and drinking water instead of soda with your lunch are both good choices if you’re managing your calorie consumption.

3. Are they Worth it?

  1. The Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut is absolutely worth it.
  2. In fact, if it weren’t for my children, I would order a medium and eat it all by myself for a few days (not that my children would ever allow me to do so!).
  3. As I previously stated, it’s like eating pizza and cheese sticks at the same time—two of my favorite foods combined into one delicious meal.
  • You can get away with feeding four people on one pizza and a few beverages, which keeps the cost cheap, plus there are Pizza Hut locations all across the United States and in other countries.
  • You may take a small piece of home with you wherever you go.

Final Verdict

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza is one of our favorite go-to Friday night dinners, especially when we’re watching a movie together. Delicious dinner, prompt delivery service, cheese-oozing bread, and a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge? What more could you ask for? That’s something I’m quite fine with. This pizza receives a unanimous thumbs-up from this critic.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza Nutrition Facts 

  • The following are the nutritional values: calories 310
  • total fat 13 g
  • saturated fat 7 g
  • trans fat 0 g
  • cholesterol 35 milligrams
  • sodium 660 milligrams
  • total carbohydrate 35 grams
  • dietary fiber 3 grams
  • sugars 2 grams
  • protein 14 grams

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza Pricing 

  1. Large filled crust pizzas are priced at $16.99 per pie.
  2. This comprises cheese-only pizzas, Cheese-Lovers pizzas, Meat-Lovers pizzas, Veggie-Lovers pizzas, BBQ-Lovers pizzas, New Primo Meat pizzas, and Hawaiian pizzas, among others.
  3. The big Chicken Supreme and Super Supreme are both $17.99, while the small Chicken Supreme and Super Supreme are $16.99 apiece.
  • In many cases, using Pizza Hut coupons will result in significant discounts on filled crust pizza and other Pizza Hut favorites.
  • What are your thoughts?
  • Do you prefer your pizza with a traditional crust or with a thin crust?

Or do you prefer to indulge in a cheese-stuffed crust every now and then?Which of the following pizza toppings do you prefer on a filled crust pizza?Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Truth About Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizza

  1. Pizza is one of those go-to dishes that everyone enjoys, and there are endless ways to alter it to suit your preferences and tastes.
  2. The possibilities are almost unlimited, ranging from pineapple and ham to adding vegetables.
  3. And because there are so many alternatives, we are completely smitten with the product.
  • Pizza is so popular in the United States that every day, Americans consume 100 acres of pizza, which equates to 46 pieces of pizza for every person in the country.
  • However, as pizza franchises have grown in popularity over the years, there has been an increased need for them to introduce new and innovative concepts to their customers, and Pizza Hut has proven to be up to the challenge.
  • Pizza Hut’s packed crust pizza was, without a doubt, one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of pizza.

Just something about that soft, golden crust packed to the brim with warm, gooey cheese is really breathtaking.It’s the pinnacle of the pizza-eating experience.But apart from that, what more is there to packed dough?The filled crust, in addition to being unbelievably tasty, has an interesting history, and we’re excited to learn more about it.This is the reality of Pizza Hut’s filled crust pizza, from the guy who made it famous to the countless amount of creative combinations that have resulted as a result of it.

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza has been around since 1995

  1. For years, the loaded crust from Pizza Hut has been a staple in families across the United States and around the world.
  2. The ingenious pizza combo first appeared on the scene in 1995, and it has since taken on a life of its own as a result.
  3. Pizza Hut first opened its doors in Wichita, Kansas, in 1958, and the brand has not released a new style of crust since the Pan Pizza was debuted in 1980, until the filled crust recipe was introduced in 2009.
  • With its latest addition, Pizza Hut has shaken up the pizza market.
  • According to FoodBeast, the new style of crust was a game changer for many people at the time, and we can all thank Patty Scheibmeir, a former food scientist at Pizza Hut, for that.
  • Because of her managers’ mistrust, Scheibmeir revealed to FoodBeast that she was first dismissed as ″completely insane″ when she first began talking about the new dish, and it took three years for the filled crust to become a reality.

However, when it eventually made its appearance, it became an instant hit.According to Restaurant News, the packed crust earned more than $300 million in sales in its first year, and it served as the foundation for Pizza Hut’s continual product innovation.

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza doesn’t add that many more calories

  1. Pizza isn’t particularly well-known for its nutritional value.
  2. It’s made out of carbs, carbs, and more carbs, and it’s topped with sauce, meats, vegetables, and cheese to make it taste even better.
  3. So it stands to reason that if you pile on even more cheese by practically shoving it into the crust, your calorie count will skyrocket.
  • So, filled crust enthusiasts may rejoice!
  • As it turns out, adding a filled crust to your meal does not significantly increase the number of calories you consume.
  • When it comes down to it, a large hand-tossed Pizza Hut pizza with marinara, pepperoni, and cheese has 300 calories per slice when it comes to the nutritional value of the dish.

In reality, adding the choice of filled crust to your pepperoni pizza only raises your calorie count by 40 calories per slice, bringing the total calorie count for each slice to 340 calories per slice.With a daily suggested calorie intake of 2000 calories, an additional 40 calories isn’t a significant amount of calories in the broad scheme of things.Is it possible that every pizza night should be filled crust night instead?We’re not going to pass judgment.

President Trump was once a stuffed crust spokesperson for Pizza Hut

  1. Since the introduction of Pizza Hut’s packed crust more than two decades ago, a great deal has changed in the industry.
  2. For starters, Donald Trump, who served as the first spokesman for Pizza Hut’s loaded crust, is currently serving as President of the United States.
  3. However, before assuming the presidency, Trump became well-known for his work on a filled crust pizza advertisement, which he appeared in alongside his ex-wife, Ivana, and which gained widespread attention.
  • According to Business Insider, the advertisement aired in 1995 after Pizza Hut had explored a variety of marketing methods to promote the new product release before settling on one.
  • According to Janet Lyons, who was one of the creative directors entrusted with marketing the packed crust pizza, ″they tried to sell it a million times, a million different ways, and it simply wouldn’t sell,″ according to Business Insider.
  • According to reports, hiring two celebrities who were garnering a lot of media attention following their divorce at the time and asking them to characterize eating filled crust as doing it ″the wrong way″ was exactly what they were searching for to get the answer they needed.

There’s still some debate over who invented stuffed crustpizza

  1. Over the years, Pizza Hut has built a reputation for developing outlandish menu items, but the packed crust was only the beginning of the company’s bizarre culinary experiments.
  2. Even after more than two decades of hanging on to the filled crust crown, there is still some controversy about whether Pizza Hut was the first to introduce the concept of stuffed crust into their products.
  3. It was reported by Business Insider that when the gooey, cheesy crust first appeared at Pizza Hut, innovators claimed to have created it themselves as long back as the 1940s, prompting Pizza Hut to launch an investigation.
  • Nevertheless, a Brooklyn resident called Anthony Mongiello has come forward to claim that he created a similar style of pizza in 1987, and he has produced a patent to support his claim.
  • According to Paste Magazine, the Mongiello family filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Pizza Hut, but eventually lost.
  • Overall, the court stated that it is difficult to possess the concept of cheese filled within bread, allowing Pizza Hut to continue to produce stuffed crust for pizza lovers for years to come.

The dough is frozen, but the cheese is added in-house to Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza

  1. Some people may find it difficult to comprehend the notion of filled crust and how it is prepared when they sit down and think about it.
  2. However, it is actually fairly easy.
  3. According to a Pizza Hut employee who posted on Reddit, everything starts with the company’s exclusive frozen dough recipe.
  • ″The dough is delivered frozen in boxes….
  • A pan or baking sheet is greased with nonstick spray, and the dough is placed in it before being placed in the walk-in freezer overnight to thaw out ″″They″ stated.
  • Following thawing and rising the dough in the morning, they can prepare it for filled crust, hand tossed, or other types of pizza in the afternoon.

In order to create the packed crust, according to a Pizza Hut employee on Reddit, it all starts with the hand tossed dough.employees pull the sides past the frying surface, add string cheese along the edge, and then fold it back over on themselves You’ve got yourself a wonderfully golden crust packed with gooey mozzarella in no time!

Little Caesars tried to mimic Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza

  1. Shutterstock With the release of their filled crust pizza in 1995, Pizza Hut unquestionably grabbed the market by storm, and as far as big pizza chains were concerned, they were the only ones in the business serving that sort of pie for years to come.
  2. Pizza Hut has a significant advantage over its primary competition Domino’s because of the manner the company makes its dough.
  3. This has given Pizza Hut a significant advantage in the market.
  • After Little Caesars introduced its filled crust to the market, things began to alter dramatically.
  • Little Caesars introduced its DEEP!DEEP!
  • Stuffed Crust DEEP!DEEP!

in 2016.Featured in this dish pizza is a pepperoni pizza with a crispy crust and plenty of cheese on the interior.Since then, Little Caesars has introduced its xtraMostBestest Crammed Crust Pizza in 2018, which features more than three feet of cheese stuffed into the crust.They’re also working on a stuffed pretzel crust pizza, which will be released later this year.

Pizza Hut has packed as much cheese as possible in some varieties of stuffed crust pizza

  1. Who has tasted filled crust pizza knows that it is a delicious combination of lovely, gooey cheese and a thin, crispy crust.
  2. With each passing year, Pizza Hut has continued to push the envelope, offering new features.
  3. Who, on the other hand, is complaining?
  • Following the introduction of the packed crust, Pizza Hut presented the first new permanent menu pizza that the company has introduced in several years.
  • Pizza Hut created a 3-cheese stuffed crust pizza with mozzarella, white cheddar, and provolone in 2013, which was the first time a stuffed crust was prepared with a different cheese.
  • and cheese connoisseurs went insane.

It was clear that the cheesiness was not going to end there.Pizza Hut took things to a whole new level in 2017 with the introduction of their Ultimate Cheese Crust Pizza.For its introduction, the stuffed crust had 16 cheese-filled pockets that could be ripped apart from their pizza, therefore functioning as the crust.It consisted of a variety of mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar, Asiago, and fontina cheeses.It was a delicious combination.However, rest certain that the amount of cheesy creations and things that Pizza Hut can load into its crust will continue to grow in the coming years..

Pizza Hut has introduced multiple meat stuffed crust pizzas over the years

  1. As if packing a ton of cheese into their pizza crust wasn’t challenging enough, Pizza Hut had to continually coming up with new and inventive methods to update the loaded crust and keep things exciting.
  2. One of the ways they’ve accomplished this is by including meat in the crust.
  3. According to Business Insider, Pizza Hut developed a hot-dog-stuffed crust pizza in 2015, which first appeared in the United Kingdom and Canada before making its way to the United States in 2016.
  • The one-topping pizza had 28 hot dog bits baked into the dough, providing a unique combination of two of America’s favorite cuisines — hot dogs and pizza — in a single dish.
  • But it was only the beginning of the story.
  • In 2016, Pizza Hut determined that everything, even their loaded crust, would be improved by the addition of bacon.

According to Business Insider, the firm had previously introduced a version of the bacon and cheese loaded crust in 2014, but this was an improved recipe that included three varieties of cheese and Applewood smoked bacon, making it the ideal pizza for bacon enthusiasts.

Other countries have taken stuffed crust to a whole new level

  1. The amount of bizarre ingredients that Pizza Hut has crammed into its crust in the United States and Canada dwarfs the number of bizarre recipes that have been presented across the world.
  2. In New Zealand, Pizza Hut introduced a Marmite packed crust pizza for the first time in 2017.
  3. Marmite is a yeast-based spread that is popular in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and Pizza Hut believed it was important to include it into a pizza crust.
  • However, the inventiveness of the combinations does not end there.
  • In Australia, the firm collaborated with a well-known meat pie producer to bring its meat pie crust to market.
  • In order to make the crust, they used eight little meat pies, with some customers opting to top theirs with ketchup as well.

However, in Taiwan, where Pizza Hut developed a Pineapple Bun Crust Pizza, it is possible to get the most wonderful crust alternative.Taking inspiration from the popularity of Pineapple Buns in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, we created a crust that is constructed by layering a crispy shell with a soft, sweet crumb that is loaded with cheese.Talk about the ideal combination of sweet and savory flavors.

Pizza Hut wants you to eat stuffed crust pizza backwards

  1. While President Trump and Ivana advised customers to eat pizza ″the wrong way″ in their 1995 advertisement by eating loaded crust backwards, Pizza Hut has maintained that marketing approach for years and years after that.
  2. In response to the commercial’s popularity, Pizza Hut has maintained its position on eating pizza backwards, rebranding it as the filled crust slogan.
  3. Some of the new stuffed crust items that Pizza Hut has produced have surely followed this lead.
  • The filled crust pizza is described on the Pizza Hut website as ″the fun pizza we eat backwards,″ but the reverse pizza eating fad doesn’t stop with that description.
  • Pizza Hut introduced their Cheesy Bites Pizzas in 2006, and the item has since been reintroduced on a regular basis.
  • As a result, each pocket surrounding the crust is filled with gooey cheese, providing consumers something genuinely new while eating what is presented to them as the crust, then eating the main section of the pizza slice, all in the spirit of continuing to eat their pizza in the reverse direction.

Papa John’s launches the new Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

  1. Pizza with a filled crust from Papa John’s Posted at 8:47 a.m.
  2. on February 16, 2021, and last modified on 2021-02-16 08:47:34-05.
  3. The New Epic Stuffed Crust pizza from Papa John’s Pizza is now available.
  • Beginning with Papa John’s traditional dough, which is prepared from simply wheat, water, sugar, soybean oil, salt, and yeast, Epic Stuffed Crust is a culinary triumph in terms of taste and quality.
  • The dough is then hand packed with more cheese, covered with cheese and the topping of your choosing, and cooked until it is gooey, crispy, and golden brown in color.
  • We get down with Nick Leone, the Director of Operations, to find out more information!

More information may be found at: Media, Inc.retains ownership of the copyright until 2021.All intellectual property rights are retained.This information may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the prior written permission of the author.

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Papa John’s CEO: We Embrace the ‘Stuffed Crust Pizza Rivalry’

  1. ″We’ve always said that we’re not going to attempt to beat Domino’s by trying to be Domino’s.
  2. I believe this is true.
  3. Our purpose isn’t to brag about how we offer the cheapest and quickest pizza in the area.
  • Ultimately, we want to be able to tell customers that we offer the greatest pizza and that they can feel good about purchasing it from Papa John’s.″ Let’s talk on the aggregator aspect of the situation.
  • It’s not every day that a big pizza business collaborates with third-party providers to distribute its goods, as many people are aware.
  • That is something we consider to be highly incremental business.

Customers come to us through those channels; they are people who would not have found their way to us otherwise.And now they’re learning to appreciate the food at Papa John’s.Once they’ve determined that we’re a brand with whom they want to do business, they can come into our organic channels and negotiate a better price with us than they would have gotten through the aggregator.We believe that there is a virtuous cycle at work here.In exchange, we provide a huge number of trips to DoorDash, which is pleased with our business because we are one of their major clients.It’s been a really fruitful collaboration.

Strategically, it has aided us in both the acquisition of new customers as well as the mitigation of some of the labor difficulties that the entire industry is currently experiencing.What do you think of the concept that a ″stuffed crust pizza rivalry″ (as this report claims) is forming between Papa John’s and Pizza Hut if you’re an executive with a marketing background?Absolutely.

The fact that not only are our consumers paying attention to what we’re doing, but our rivals are as well, made me happy when I read that (article).This shows that they are paying attention to our efforts, and for them to recognise the existence of an inter-restaurant rivalry over filled crust signifies that we have achieved our goal.We, of course, feel that our items are the best available.That is why we speak about ″Better Ingredients″ (better ingredients).Pizza that is better.The stuffed crust we used wasn’t just any stuffed pie; it was Papa John’s crust that had been packed with everything we wanted.

  • Customers who may not have previously discovered your brand will be drawn in by our crust, which is always fresh and never frozen, made with only six simple ingredients.
  • Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this and offer it in a variety of craveable ways to customers who may not have previously discovered your brand?
  • I really enjoy the rivalry between filled crusts.

We believe we have a winning product that will enable us to win that race.You’re also making a lot of money off the Shaq-a-Roni Pizzas.In September and October, more than 3 million people visited the site.

Shaq is more than simply another face for our company.He is a franchisee, as you may have guessed.He has a vested interest in the company’s brand.

  • He serves on the board of directors.
  • As a result, when we came up with the concept for Shaq-a-Roni, we were thinking about more than just releasing a product.
  • All of the fantastic things he brings to the table needed to be married with all of the great things we’re striving to become and wanting to be, and that’s what the conversation was about.
  • The Shaq-a-Roni component of the program, as well as the fundraising component, are the most crucial aspects of it.
  • A dollar from every pizza sold goes to the Papa John’s Foundation, thanks to this product.
  • This equated to $3 million in revenue for the year).

It is not about the product or the sales; rather, it is about the good that is accomplished through it.With every pizza that we sell, we make a $1 profit, which is then able to be re-invested back into the communities where we live, work, and operate.Shaq is a big fan of this.We are out there talking about ″pizza with purpose,″ while our rivals are out there talking about giving away free items and offering discounts, which demonstrates the difference in viewpoint and approach between us and them.Our objective is to raise the profile of our company.Our objective is to assist consumers in understanding how Papa John’s is distinct from many of the other national companies in the pizza industry.

In addition, I believe that the fact that Shaq-a-Roni is not only a fantastic product, but also a great contributor to communities who could need the assistance, is something that has significantly aided our brand in moving in the direction we are attempting to go.We’ve always said that we’re not going to attempt to beat Domino’s by trying to be Domino’s.I believe this is true.Our purpose isn’t to brag about how we offer the cheapest and quickest pizza in the area.Ultimately, we want to be able to tell customers that we offer the greatest pizza and that they can feel good about purchasing it from Papa John’s.So, how can Papa John’s capitalize on a 31 percent increase in same-store sales over the previous two years and maintain that momentum?

It’s completely insane.For the last two years, it has been an extremely crazy trip.However, we have not altered our essential strategy in any way.As of January 2019, we have not made any changes to our plan, which was put in place in 2019.Everything has been expedited as a result of this.It all comes down to offering the greatest goods that we can while remaining inventive in everything that we do, says the company.

Utilizing technology to better engage with our consumers and increase productivity throughout our whole system, as well as expanding our restaurant footprint, is a priority.Find excellent partners, both domestically and globally, who will assist us in achieving our goals.That’s what we’re concentrating on right now—those same things.From a product development standpoint, we’ve got a fantastic portfolio of innovations lined up for 2022.

  1. We have just announced some fantastic partners that will be joining us to assist us in the development of restaurants both abroad and domestically.
  2. We’re putting more money into our technological footprint, our consumer-facing operations, and our retail infrastructure than we’ve ever put into anything else.
  3. As a result, it will not be a significant divergence from what we have been doing over the past two years.
  4. For the time being, it appears to be effective.
  5. We’re just going to put more effort into everything.

Calories in Papa John’s Large Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza and Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 slice
  1. Amount per serving Calories Daily Values 360 percent Amount per serving * The total fat content is 17.00g, with 22 percent being saturated fat and 9.000g being trans fat.
  2. The cholesterol content is 50 mg.
  3. The sodium concentration is 17 percent (950mg).
  • 41 percent of the population dietary fiber 3.0g 11 percent sugars Total Carbohydrate 34.00g 12 percent dietary fiber 3.0g 11 percent 1.00g Protein 16.00g Carbohydrates Calcium, iron, and potassium are all essential nutrients.
  • The percent Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient in a portion of food indicates how much that nutrient contributes to a person’s daily diet.
  • For general nutrition guidance, 2,000 calories per day is recommended.

Is the information on this page incorrect or incomplete?To make changes, click here.The most recent update was made on March 6, 2008, at 08:21 a.m.FatSecret Platform API is the source of this information.

18% of RDI* (360 calories)
Calorie Breakdown: Carbohydrate (39%)Fat (43%)Protein (18%)

The following calculations were made using an RDI of 2000 calories: What is my Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for this supplement?



Nutrition summary:

Calories 360 Fat 17g Carbs 34g Protein 16g
There are 360 calories in 1 slice of Papa John’s Large Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza.
Calorie breakdown: 43% fat, 39% carbs, 18% protein.

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