How Many Employees Does Pizza Hut Have?

Pizza Hut employs 300,000 workers worldwide, including 120,000 in the United States, and has 15,600 restaurants in 97 countries, with plans to expand. In addition to Pizza Hut, the parent company owns KFC and Taco Bell. CNNMoney (New York) First published January 19, 2017: 10:25 AM ET
Pizza Hut’s key executives are Artie Starrs, Vipul Chawla and James Watts. How many employees does Pizza Hut have? Pizza Hut has 51,076 employees. What is Pizza Hut revenue?

How many Pizza Hut restaurants are in the world?

In 2020, Pizza Hut accounted for 17,639 restaurants worldwide, a decrease of 1,064 units over the previous year. The ten percent rise in the number of restaurants between 2017 and 2018 was the largest year-on-year increase in recent years. Pizza Hut is owned by YUM!

How many employees does Pizza Hut have in the UK?

Pizza Hut Restaurants ran 244 branches across the UK before the coronavirus pandemic hit, employing 5,700 people. However, it was forced to shut all its restaurants during the UK’s lockdown and the sector has been forced to contend with further restrictions across the UK’s nations.

Who owns Pizza Hut Australia?

Pizza Hut Australia is owned by private equity group Allegro Funds, which in mid-2021 floated retailer Best & Less on the ASX.

How many pizza Huts are there in the US?

Pizza Hut

Logo used from 1974 to 1999; and from 2019 onward within the USA
The distinctive roof shape and lettering style shown here were typical of U.S. Pizza Huts.
Founders Dan Carney Frank Carney
Headquarters 7100 Corporate Dr., Plano, Texas
Number of locations 18,703 restaurants worldwide (2020)

What is the net worth of Pizza Hut?

Brand value: $8.5 billion.

Is Pizza Hut zero hour contracts?

Pizza Hut, JD Wetherspoon, Sports Direct, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King and McDonalds all employ staff on zero-hours contracts.

Is Pizza Hut still in business in Australia?

Today, Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world with more than 12,000 Pizza Hut Restaurants and Delivery Units operating worldwide. Approximately 270 stores are located in Australia.

What happened to Pizza Hut Australia?

The chain’s Australian operations were sold by US-based Yum! Brands in 2016 to Allegro, which made major changes to the business including stripping down the menu and setting up much-needed tech systems to allow the brand to compete in the UberEats-driven delivery market.

What is the 7.99 deal at Pizza Hut?

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How many Pizza Huts are there 2021?

In 2021, Pizza Hut accounted for 18,381 restaurants worldwide, an increase over the previous year’s total of 17,639. The ten percent rise in the number of restaurants between 2017 and 2018 was the largest year-on-year increase in recent years.

What state has the most Pizza Huts?

How many Pizza Hut locations are there in United States? There are a total of 3639 pizzahut locations in United States as of April 22, 2021 The state with the most number of Pizza Hut locations in the United States is Houston with 86 locations, which is 10% of all pizzahut locations in United States.

How much does a Pizza Hut franchise make per year?

Average Store Sales / Revenue per Year

The average Pizza Huts store generates $714,000 sales per unit on average. The entire system makes $3.5 billion average sales in revenue per year. Each franchisee will average around $100,00 profit overall after all expenses.

Is Pizza Hut going out of business?

While Pizza Hut Isn’t Going Out of Business, One of Its Biggest Franchisees Filed Chapter 11. The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on many business sectors in the U.S. and abroad, but perhaps no industry has been harder hit than food service.

How much did Pepsi pay for Pizza Hut?

Frank Carney, in an undated photo, opened Pizza Hut with his brother. They sold the business to PepsiCo for about $300 million.

How many Pizza Hut restaurants are in the world?

Worldwide, Pizza Hut operated more than 10,000 restaurants in 89 countries in the late 1990s and has an especially strong presence in the United Kingdom. In addition, Russia, France, and Hong Kong house some of the chain’s highest-volume restaurants.

When did Pizza Hut become a public company?

At the end of 1972 Pizza Hut made its long-anticipated offer of 410,000 shares of common stock to the public. The company expanded by purchasing three restaurant divisions: Taco Kid, Next Door, and the Flaming Steer.

Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide 2021

With 18,381 locations globally in 2021, Pizza Hut will have increased its presence from the previous year’s total of 17,639 locations.The growth in the number of restaurants between 2017 and 2018 was the highest year-on-year increase in recent years, accounting for 10% of the total increase.It is anticipated that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will have an impact on the number of Pizza Hut outlets globally in 2020.

Pizza Hut delivers more restaurants than rivals

Yam!Brands, the parent company that owns Pizza Hut as well as KFC and Taco Bell, is the corporation that owns and runs Pizza Hut.Yum!In 2021, the brands will have more than 53 thousand units globally, with Pizza Hut running the second-highest number of restaurants behind KFC.Having around 18.38 thousand restaurants worldwide, Pizza Hut outpaced competitors such as Papa John’s and Domino’s Pizza in terms of total number of locations worldwide in 2011.

Pizza Hut watchful of Domino’s effect on pizza market

Pizza Hut was listed as one of the most valuable fast food brands in the world in 2021, ranking second only to Domino’s Pizza in terms of market capitalization.During that year, the pizza company maintained its position as a major participant in the worldwide pizza business, with yearly revenues in excess of one billion United States dollars.Domino’s Pizza, on the other hand, recorded a global revenue of around 4.12 billion US dollars in 2020, which is comparable.

Pizza Hut confirms 29 UK restaurants to close, putting 450 jobs at risk

After creditors approved a plan to attempt to preserve the pandemic-hit company, the owner of Pizza Hut restaurants in the United Kingdom will proceed with plans to close 29 locations, putting 450 jobs at risk.Pizza Hut Restaurants, the brand’s largest franchise arm in the United Kingdom, has reached an agreement with its landlords and other creditors to reduce its rent and liabilities as part of a corporate voluntary arrangement (CVA).The CVA will have no impact on Pizza Hut’s delivery operations, which are managed and operated independently.The restaurants in the United Kingdom are operated under a franchise agreement with Yum!Brands, an S&P 500 corporation that is also the owner of the KFC and Taco Bell eateries with Mexican themes.

There will be closures across most of the United Kingdom, with branches in London, Glasgow, and Cardiff among those that will be affected.According to a spokesman, the agreement would result in the preservation of more than 5,000 employment.Before the coronavirus epidemic struck, Pizza Hut Restaurants had 244 locations in the United Kingdom, with a total workforce of 5,700 workers.

  1. However, it was forced to close all of its restaurants during the United Kingdom’s shutdown, and the industry has since been subjected to additional restrictions in all of the country’s countries.
  2. Many of Pizza Hut’s rivals in the casual dining industry, including Pizza Express, the Azzurri Group, which owns Ask Italian and Zizzi, Carluccio’s, and the Casual Dining Group, which owns Bella Italia, Café Rouge, and Las Iguanas, have all sought similar closures.
  3. Pizzeria Hut Restaurants recruited its first outside counsel throughout the summer as it looked at debt restructuring possibilities despite the fact that it had declared a ″position of strength″ when it entered the lockdown.
  4. In a statement, a representative for Pizza Hut Restaurants stated, ″We are glad to have reached such a productive conclusion in collaboration with our landlords and creditors.″ We are grateful for the support of everyone involved, and this decision provides us with a solid foundation to guarantee the long-term future of the company, which includes over 5,000 employment and more than 200 restaurants,″ said the CEO.
  5. It is now business as usual for us, and we are committed to supporting all of our team members and continuing to providing a Covid-safe dining experience for our customers.″

Full list of Pizza Hut closures

  • Grassington, Huddersfield, Glasgow (Great Western retail park), Cumbernauld, Plymouth, Maidenhead (Grenfell Island), Oxford (George Street), Dunstable, London E10, Scarborough, Worcester, Stafford, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Thornton-Cleveleys, Sheffield (Penistone Rd), Croydon (North End), Maidstone (King St), Grassington, Huddersfield, Grass

Domino’s rival, Pizza Hut, aims to double stores to 500

Allegro Funds, the private equity firm that owns Pizza Hut Australia, also owns retailer Best & Less, which will be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in mid-2021.Pizza Hut sells around 350,000 pizzas every week, with the majority of its locations operating from premises that are less than 80 square metres in size.Only 12 of the 260 locations are eat-in restaurants in the original ″red roof″ design that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s and used a ″all-you-can-eat″ concept that has since been phased out of operation.Because of Pizza Hut’s transition to a delivery strategy, the company no longer required its locations to be in high-traffic commercial areas.It is not necessary to locate them in great real estate, according to him.

Using digital technology and analytics, the company has significantly increased the efficiency of its operations, resulting in a reduction in average delivery time from 49 minutes to 31 minutes.During his presentation, Mr Reed stated that the business planned to build another 45 locations in 2022 and that it has a ″pipeline″ of 100 new stores planned overall.He hopes to have around 500 locations functioning in Australia within four years, and he hopes to have more than 750 outlets operating over a longer period of time.

  1. ″By the end of the year, we’ll have between 750 and 800 stores in Australia,″ he stated.
  2. When he first started at the firm, he set his sights on completely redesigning the operations.
  3. ″First and foremost, it was a turnaround in terms of operations.″ Mr Reed stated that the pandemic and structural change to at-home consumption had been a plus, but that the group’s trajectory had been been steadily upward for some years.
  4. ″The COVID lockdowns,″ says the author.
  5. ″It was a catalyzing agent.″ Similar store sales, which are measured without taking into account the impact of any new shop openings, increased by 13.7% in the year ending October 31.
  6. He stated that Pizza Hut Australia was on track to generate $240 million in sales revenue for the 12 months ending December 31, an increase from around $190 million a year earlier, according to his estimates.
  1. In late 2016, Allegro Funds acquired the Australian master franchise for Pizza Hut from Pizza Hut.
  2. It collaborates closely with Pizza Hut parent company Yum!
  3. Brands on a worldwide scale.
  4. Mr Reed stated that the Pizza Hut business in Australia was well shielded against inflationary pressures on raw materials as a result of long-term contracts with its parent company that will run for the next 2 12 years, according to Mr Reed.
  5. ″We’ve reached a point when everything is locked in.″ He said that the top-five-selling pizzas at Pizza Hut accounted for 80 percent of total sales.

The Super Supreme and the Pepperoni are the top two most popular pizzas.Only around 55% of the population is served by the existing 260 stores, and Pizza Hut has identified more than 340 ″trade zones″ where a new location may be established.

Do you know what zero-hours contracts actually mean for you? Here are the facts

Are workers employed on a zero-hours contract eligible to the minimum wage and paid holidays?All of this is explained by an employment lawyer.Are you looking for work?Make sure you understand what you’re committing to before you join up (Image courtesy of Flickr/Kate Hiscock).According to new numbers issued by the Office for National Statistics, the number of people employed on zero-hours contracts is increasing.

As recently as 2006, it was believed that 134,000 persons were enrolled in restricted agreements; nevertheless, by autumn of last year, the number had increased to 622,000.Unions predict that the number will reach 1.5 million by the end of 2015, as more and more firms adopt the policy to protect workers’ rights.Nevertheless, how much do we truly know about these occupations?

  1. Would you be able to tell someone what benefits a zero-hours contract worker is entitled to if they asked you?
  2. To find out the truth, we turned to Homa Wilson, an employment lawyer at Slater & Gordon, for assistance.
  3. The following are eight commonly asked questions about the subject, as well as her replies.
  4. If so, do you have a zero-hours contract?
  5. Is it a good fit for your way of life, or do you wish to make a change?
  6. We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.
  1. Please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this article.

1. What are zero hours contracts?

″Zero-hours contracts, often known as casual contracts, are a type of employment arrangement.They permit companies to hire employees with no assurance of future employment.As a result, some critics have compared them to the days when workers would line up outside the factory gates, waiting to be selected for a day’s labor.Individuals who work under zero-hours contracts only work when they are required by their employer – which is sometimes at short notice – and the amount of income they get is determined by the number of hours they work.Some zero-hours contracts require workers to accept the shifts they are given; however, others do not need them to do so.

In many cases, there is no certainty of a shift pattern.Workers appointed under these conditions should review the wording of their employment contract to see whether or not there is any mention of fixed shift patterns or guaranteed minimum hours.″ When working under a zero-hour contract, it is normal for shift patterns to be irregular.

2. Am I entitled to earn the minimum wage?

‘Workers must be compensated at the national minimum wage for the hours that they really work, even if that time does not include rest periods.’ Additionally, workers who are expected to be available for work ‘at or near the place of work’ during that period must be compensated at the national minimum wage, regardless of whether or not labor is actually delivered.Workers who are called into work only to be told that they are not needed (which is reportedly common practice among some employers) can claim the national minimum wage at the very least for the time that they were required to be present at their place of employment while they waited to be assigned work.Employees on zero-hours contracts may be feeling the squeeze in this economy.(Image courtesy of Flickr/Jez s)

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3. What about paid holiday?

″Yes. However, keep in mind that, due to the unpredictable nature of the work schedule, it may be difficult to determine holiday entitlement.″

4. Can I get more than one job?

″In most cases, zero-hours contracts do not provide for exclusivity.In other words, a person should be able to engage into contracts with other employers.″ Although there are no promised hours under zero-hours contracts, one of the major concerns has been that businesses that use them are expecting workers not to work for anyone else.″The employer is allowed to issue as many zero-hours contracts as it likes,″ says the Supreme Court.As a result, as compared to the amount of work that is really available, a disproportionate number of zero-hours contracts may be granted as a result.In addition, there are worries that bosses may favor some persons over others when it comes to supplying work, which can result in a culture where employees are too afraid to voice any problems they might have for fear that the job would mysteriously disappear.

5. Which employers use them?

For a long time, zero-hours interactions appear to have been frequently employed in areas such as tourism and retail, according to the data.″ ″However, they are becoming increasingly popular across a larger number of industries.″ A large number of teachers, journalists, and attorneys are also employed on zero-hours contracts.Zero-hours contracts are more common among certain categories of workers, including those under 25 and over 65 years of age, those in full-time school, and women, who account for a disproportionately significant proportion of those employed on zero-hours contracts.Zero-hours contracts are used by Pizza Hut, JD Wetherspoon, Sports Direct, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, and McDonald’s, among other companies, to hire employees.In November of last year, Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour Party, criticized Sports Direct for their ″Victorian business methods.″

6. What are the pros and cons?

″Employers assert that zero-hours contracts give both sides with much-appreciated flexibility,″ says the article.Zero-hours contracts, on the other hand, might be problematic from the perspective of the employee.When faced with uncertainty about how much a worker is expected to make, it’s tough to budget, and it’s much more difficult to plan childcare when there is no guarantee about the worker’s working hours or times.″

7. Am I an employee?

″The quick answer is that you might be right — it all depends on the facts.″ A comprehensive variety of legal rights and benefits are available to those who fall under the category of ″workers″ under the law.People employed on zero-hours contracts will have varying legal standing depending on a variety of criteria (such as whether the employer has a degree of control over the worker or whether the worker is required to carry out the work themselves).Would you be interested in being considered for this position?(Image courtesy of Flickr user Matthew Hoelscher) ″This is not a very satisfying position since it leaves workers on these contracts in the dark about the employment rights they are entitled to under the law.″ Although many zero-hours contracts expressly state that the employer is under no obligation to provide work and that the worker is under no obligation to accept work, ″this will not automatically mean that an individual is not a ’employee,’ especially when the terms of the contract do not accurately reflect the reality of the arrangement,″ says the author of this article.

8. Do I have a right to claim unfair dismissal?

In contrast to workers, employees have the ability to file an unfair dismissal claim if they believe they have been unfairly terminated. Visit the Slater & Gordon website for further information or guidance on your zero-hours contract.

Pizza Hut aims to topple Domino’s as owners mull ASX IPO

This article was published a year ago today.Pizza Hut, the iconic fast-food company, has proclaimed plans to dethrone competitor Domino’s as the nation’s largest pizza chain, as its private equity owner Allegro Funds considers a possible IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange.Although Pizza Hut has experienced a decline in popularity since its peak in the 1980s and 1990s, the company has been bolstered by recent investor interest in the booming fast-food sector.Earlier this year, Allegro acquired the chain’s Australian operations from Yum!Brands, a US-based company.

Allegro implemented significant changes to the business, including a reduction in the menu and the implementation of critical technology systems that will allow the brand to compete in the UberEats-driven delivery market.Chief executive Phil Reed, who was appointed in 2018, claims that the company has experienced tremendous growth over the previous 24 months, which he attributes to increased demand for takeout meals as a result of the COVID.As Mr Reed said to The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, ″we are in a very, very strong position because of the technology that we have put in place and also because of our operational excellence, which has resulted in an increase in cash flows of 60% over the course of COVID.″ Loading ″Our goal is very clear: to restore Pizza Hut Australia to its former position as the number one pizza chain in the country.″ Domino’s presently owns the lion’s share of the pizza business in Australia, and the company is seeing its own growth surge at the same time as well.

  1. The stock of the $7 billion-valued publicly traded pizza vendor has increased by more than 70% since April, and the company projected a 12.8% increase in sales for the 2020 fiscal year.
  2. However, most of CEO Don Meij’s attention is focused on developing the company’s overseas operations, which may allow Pizza Hut to capture a larger share of the pie in the United States.
  3. Mister Reed hopes the partnership with British service station operator EG Group, which was recently announced, will result in the introduction of a series of branded kiosks at EG’s service station networks across Australia.
  4. By doing so, he believes the brand will be exposed to a greater number of customers.
  5. Loading ″Being flexible and adaptable in this environment allows us to begin to emphasize the ‘grab and go’ side of the business,″ he explained.
  6. Chester Moynihan, the firm’s founder and managing director, told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that the company has began to gain its stride in the last two years after a tremendous amount of work had been put into restoring the brand following its acquisition.
  1. While some of this success may be attributed to COVID-19, Mr Moynihan asserted that investor trust in the fast food sector has increased dramatically, as illustrated by fund management firm Magellan’s recent $86.8 million investment in Mexican brand Guzman y Gomez.
  2. ″I believe that everyone is comfortable with the fact that this is not necessarily a discretionary expenditure,″ he remarked.
  3. ″Due to the fact that a number of fast-food options are reasonably priced.″ ″As long as you check the value box, the industry will continue to be well-served even in times of economic adversity.″ With an investment horizon of between four and six years, Allegro might be in a position to find a new owner for Pizza Hut within the next year or two, if not sooner.
  4. Mr Moynihan stated that the fund was considering a range of alternatives, which might include an initial public offering (IPO) on the Australian Securities Exchange or a trade sale.
  5. The fact that they are a private equity fund necessitates the need for them to locate an exit, he explained.

″A new partner who will continue to participate in the company’s growth narrative is a positive development for the company.It will be determined at that time whether an initial public offering (IPO) or some other method will be used.″

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Q&A with Pizza Hut

Reasons to shop with Pizza Hut

  • Create the pizza of your dreams from the ground up. Keep the whole family pleased with Pizza Hut, and create your own custom-made pizza from the ground up. Choose your favorite kind of crust and delectable toppings, then enter a coupon code from us and let Pizza Hut deliver the goodies
  • this is done using the Pizza Hut mobile application. Download the free Pizza Hut app to your smartphone and place orders for all of your favorite pizzas right from your device. This application is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • A+ for the pizza lunch program at the school. The A+ PizzaTM Program provides pizza to school cafeterias on a regular basis. With a 51 percent wholewheat crust, light cheese, and four delectable recipes to select from, kids will enjoy their lunch while parents can rest assured that it complies with the National School Lunch Program and Smart Snack Entree Regulation.

Saving money at Pizza Hut

How do I use my Pizza Hut discount code?

  • Choose your offer and then click ″See Code″ or ″Get Deal″ to view the code or deal. If you have a code, make a copy of it. You’ll be directed to the Pizza Hut website after clicking this link.
  • Decide whether you want delivery or takeout, and then select your pizza, sides, desserts, and beverages from the menu.
  • Fill out the code field at checkout (deals are applied automatically), then click ″Check Out″ and complete your payment to secure those discounts.

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Sign up for Hut Lovers to receive exclusive offers from Pizza Hut through email or text message. You’ll even receive a voucher for a free cheese stick when you place a future online order with the company.

Pizza Hut deals

Next time you’re in the need for takeaway, take a look at all of the current Pizza Hut promos to see if there are any new flavors of pizza, special specials, or meal box packages available.

10% military discount

When military members display their identification at the time of checkout in-store, they will get a 10 percent discount at participating stores.

A buyer’s guide to Pizza Hut

Where is my nearest Pizza Hut location?

To discover the Pizza Hut location closest to you, select your state from the drop-down menu. The delivery of your pizza feast will be at your door before you can blink.

Where can I buy a Pizza Hut gift card?

Give the unmatched gift of pizza to your friends and family by purchasing a gift card from the Pizza Hut website. You may save money by purchasing an Egift card instead of a physical gift card, or you can purchase in bulk if your purchase is part of a corporate order.

How will I know when Pizza Hut received my online order?

You will be able to read a confirmation page showing the moment your order was received by the Pizza Hut team once you have submitted your order. A time estimate for when your purchase will be ready will also be available to you when you place your order online. Take out your phone and call the restaurant where you placed your order if you require further information.

Where can I find the Pizza Hut nutrition and allergen information?

On the Pizza Hut website, under the ‘Nutrition’ option, you will discover all of the nutrition and allergy information you could ever need to know.

Connecting with Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut may be reached at 1-800-948-8488 for urgent concerns, and the Hut Rewards hotline can be reached at 1-844-244-2552. Alternatively, you may get in touch with the team using this online contact form or on Twitter.

How Much Will it Cost You to Open a Pizza Hut in 2021?

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How Much Will it Cost You to Open a Pizza Hut in 2021?

How much does it cost to start a Pizza Hut franchise business?A total investment ranging from $297,000 to $2109,000, as well as a $25,000 franchise fee, is necessary to get started.You’ll need $360,000 in cash money and a net worth of around $700,000 to get started.The amount of liquid cash you have on hand is different from your entire net worth, which is a mix of your assets such as a home and retirement funds.In this research, we examine the obstacles, advantages, and fee structure of this pizza franchise so that you may make an informed choice about whether or not to franchise your business.

Please see the next section for a full study of Pizza Hut’s business plan.You can also take our 7-minute franchise quiz to determine which franchise is the best fit for you.

Table of Contents

  • In this section, you will find information on the financial requirements and fees, annual sales / revenue, facts about the Pizza Hut franchise, average profits, and advantages of owning a Pizza Hut franchise.
  • The difficulties of owning a Pizza Hut franchise

Financial Requirements and Fees

Fees/ Expenses Financial Amount
Liquid Capital $360,000
Net Worth $700,000
Total Investment $297,000 – $2,109,000
Franchise Fee $25,000

The following is a more detailed breakdown of their first financing fees.

Name of Fee Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $25,000 $25,000
Equipment $100,000 $300,000
Opening Inventory $4,000 $8,000
Smallwares $10,000 $50,000
Building and Site Improvements $190,000 $1,575,000
Leasehold Interest/Land Varies
Computer System $20,000 $40,000
Computer System Training $0 $1,500
Additional Funds (3 months) $5,000 $21,500
Miscellaneous $10,000 $22,000
Advertising $0 $16,500
Start-Up “Other” $3,000 $4,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL* $367,000 $2,063,500

This is a list of the remaining expenses that may be incurred on a monthly or annual basis, including their royalty charge, if applicable.

Type of Fee Amount
Monthly Service Fee 6% of gross sales (6.5% under certain circumstances).
Taxes As levied by tax authorities.
System Advertising Fund Contribution 4.75% of gross sales.
International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association (IPHFHA) Dues 4.75% of gross sales (set by franchisees).
Digital Innovation Fees Currently, $0.38 per transaction conducted through a digital or other automated channel established by the franchisor.
Restaurant Technology Fee (currently, a “SUS Fee”) $2,500 per year.
Software Training Fee $1,500 plus travel and living expenses.
Initial Training Costs All living and transportation expenses of all trainees. The amounts are unknown and may vary depending upon factors such as the third-party supplier selected and the franchisee’s distance from training. Additional and subsequent trainee charge: $500 per person per week.
On-Site Training and Assistance The then-current training fees plus expenses.
On-Going Training The then-current training fees plus expenses.
Proprietary Products Franchisees must buy proprietary products from the franchisor (RSCS, if it offers and sells same), its affiliate or designee.
Inspection and Testing Costs Franchisees must reimburse the franchisor for all costs and expenses incurred in connection with the review, inspection and/or approval of a proposed product or supplier, including any salary, travel and lodging expenses.
Audit The amount of the audit expenses is unknown and may vary depending upon factors such as the auditor selected.
Late Charges Currently 1.5% per month.
Unauthorized Closure An amount equal to 24 times the average Monthly Service Fees paid or due with respect to the closed system restaurant during the prior calendar year.
Relocation Varies, depending on the franchisor’s costs in connection with reviewing and/or approving the request.
Transfer Fee $2,500 plus an additional $250 per system restaurant transferred.
Advances Varies.
Indemnification of PHLLC Varies.
Attorneys’ and Experts’ Fees, Court Costs The amount of these fees and costs are unknown and may vary depending upon factors such as the attorneys and experts selected and the court costs.

When it comes to fees, Pizza Hut has a massive collection that has a significant influence on profit margins and is one of the primary reasons why franchise owners are not generating a lot of money.

Average Store Sales / Revenue per Year

Average revenues per Pizza Hut restaurant unit amount to around $714,000 annually.The total money generated by the system is around $3.5 billion on an annual average basis.After all expenditures have been deducted, each franchisee will make an average of around $100,000 in profit.International sales for the franchise have been strong, and they have expanded their global reach, however sales in the United States have been disappointing.

Pizza Hut Franchise Facts

Total Units 17,842
Incorporated Name: Pizza Hut
Franchising since: 1959
Industry Quick Food Services
Subsector: Restaurants

How Much Profit Does Pizza Hut Store Actually Make?

Franchisees generate an average of $100,000 in profit every year on their investments.Due to all of the costs franchisees must pay to their corporate headquarters, the final profit margin is just 3 percent to 7 percent of yearly retail sales at the end of the day.There were, of course, numerous stores that outperformed the aforementioned average performance.Here are some of the reasons why certain stores consistently outperform expectations.


Pizza Hut has more than 17,000 outlets worldwide, indicating that they have a significant presence.Franchise locations for Pizza Hut include school campuses, airports, shopping malls, and stand-alone businesses, among other places.Delivery, carryout, and pick-up services have also been offered for many decades.This gives a level of variety that is not often available at fast-food businesses.Interested in learning more?

Check out How Much Does It Really Cost to Open a Chick-fil-A?


Pizza Hut’s menu is constantly evolving to reflect current trends and consumer preferences.They’ve run a number of one-of-a-kind campaigns and encouraged the development of innovative concepts, including macaroni and cheese sauce, cheeseburger filled crust, meat pie crust, hot dog bites crust, beef poutine, and many others.Chicken wings, which are a very profitable menu item that is also simple to prepare, are also available at Pizza Hut.When particular franchisees open in other regions of the country, they will change their menu to suit the needs of the local population, concentrating on developing new sorts of pizza flavors such as the famous Taco Pizza that is accessible in many parts of the Midwest.This encourages customers to return again and again.


Pizza Hut would not be in the position it is in today if it did not have the backing of its corporate headquarters, Yum!Brands.They are also responsible for Pizza Hut’s ability to provide such a varied range of options on its menu.Yum!Brands allow this to occur and directs marketing and management to undertake consumer engagement efforts on their behalf.

A branding business, the company understands how to effectively market your franchise to clients because they specialize in this field.If you become a part of the brand and name, you can be sure that you will receive the marketing and technical assistance that you require through mobile applications.

Advantages of Pizza Hut Franchise

  • Here are some of the most significant advantages of establishing a Pizza Hut franchise. The most important thing to remember is that you will be a part of a large network and a well-known brand organization. Not only will you be associated with Pizza Hut Inc., but you will also be associated with other Yum! Brands businesses, such as KFC and Taco Bell. As a result, many new avenues and prospects for franchise expansion may open up for you in the future. For example, your marketing will already have a significant presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You will receive branding assistance, as well as multi-branding. For example, Pizza Hut has already begun to include chicken wings on their menu. Pizza and chicken wings go together like peanut butter and jelly, resulting in greater potential for expansion, a broader consumer base, and, ultimately, more revenue. Readings related to this article: What Is the Real Cost of Opening a Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise in the United States? Customers will have more options and variants when it comes to how they do business with you because your Pizza Hut franchise will be able to provide delivery and carryout services as well. You may also seek assistance from the corporate headquarters by calling toll-free telephone numbers or submitting a support ticket online. They will give any necessary training, as well as keep you and your employees up to date on the latest trends and provide managerial assistance. Pizza Hut alone has over 17,000 outlets, which means there are numerous prospects for networking inside this system. Pizza Hut also offers territorial protection for new franchisees when they first open their doors. This helps to ensure that other restaurants and competitors within a specified radius of your stores will not be able to establish a foothold in your market, allowing you to have a defined territory where you can be assured that other store owners will not be able to establish a foothold. Pizza Hut does have various loan aid options for franchisees that they may take advantage of. However, because these monies are not applied to the original investment, you will be required to contribute your own cash up front. However, while some franchisees do not provide any form of financial aid, this is still an excellent alternative. The main advantages are as follows: Through various initiatives, it provides some financial support.
  • Yum! Brands provide managerial assistance, training, and other services.
  • Menu selections that are unique

Challenges of Pizza Hut Franchise 

  • Every franchise has its own set of problems that it must face and conquer. Pizza Hut operates in the same way. There are a plethora of other pizza shops out there, some of which specialize on pizza and others which provide a variety of various flavors, making it difficult for Pizza Hut to survive in the face of rising competition. For example, Domino’s Pizza, which has 17,600 locations in 90 countries, is the leader in American fast-food restaurants that serve pizza. Additionally, there is New York-style pizza and Chicago-style pizza, which provide competition to tiny ma and pa operations as well as other types of food establishments. Not sure what type of business to start? Take our 7-Minute Franchise Business Quiz to find out more! In addition, Pizza Hut’s company and sales have been dropping in the United States, which should be taken into consideration. This might be due to trends, competitors outperforming Pizza Hut, or other things, but the fact remains that same-store unit sales declined by 4% last year compared to the previous year. Having said that, the corporation appears to be serious about turning around the company’s performance through new management and menu innovation, which is encouraging. With a modest decline in sales comes an increase in the amount of money you’ll need to invest, which may quickly add up, especially when you include in the costs you’ll incur down the road. The range of expenditures might be anything from $300,000 to $200,000! It’s a significant increase in distance. There are also recurrent costs that will add up to a significant sum of money over time, squeezing your profit margins even further. Furthermore, Pizza Hut does not assist you with the development of a store during the initial stages of your franchise operation. They also need that your restaurant’s opening take place within a year, so you’ll have to make sure that all of the building work is finished and that you have the necessary resources / financing in place. Pizza Hut does credit checks on potential franchise owners to ensure that they have strong credit, in order to ensure that the start-up does not have too many difficulties, particularly when it comes to finance. The Most Significant Obstacles There is a lot of rivalry
  • the initial investment is not insignificant
  • There has been a little reduction in overall sales.
  • Process of screening that is extremely strict

Is the Pizza Hut Franchise Best for you?

Opening a Pizza Hut franchise would necessitate substantial financial resources, therefore you should have a combination of cash funds and assets available before making the investment in the franchise.And even then, your credit must be in good standing because, if it isn’t, Pizza Hut will deny your application and terminate your account.In general, a credit score of 740 or above is regarded acceptable, with scores of 800 or higher being considered outstanding.For Pizza Hut’s first training, you’ll be required to put in more on-the-job hours than you would in a classroom setting.You should be prepared to get your hands, if not dirty, then at the very least cheesy and saucy.

There’s no need to be concerned about the business management side of things because they have the means to educate you in that area as well.Anyone interested in working at Pizza Hut should have previous management or business experience, ideally in the restaurant or fast food industry, to be considered.This will expedite the approval process on their end, allowing you to be ready to begin operating on your own sooner.

  1. Even if you have never managed someone or worked in the food business, Pizza Hut will still teach and educate you since it will take less time for them to train and educate someone who has had some previous experience.
  2. In this franchise review, we’ll look at how much it really costs to open a Subway franchise.
  3. Despite the fact that you have the support of the Yum!
  4. Brands, don’t expect everything to be taken care of for you; you’ll need to put in the effort if you want to turn a profit for yourself.
  5. You must differentiate yourself from your competitors in order to succeed in the pizza business in the United States.
  6. When you invest in a Yum!
  1. Brands franchise, you’re placing your bet on the ability of the company’s management to innovate in the future.
  2. This has historically been a profitable wager, but there is no assurance that it will continue to be so in the future.
  3. Pizza Hut is one of the largest American fast-food restaurant chains that specializes on pizza, coming in second only to Domino’s in terms of sales.
  4. Pizza Hut was established in 1958 and offers a variety of Italian-American food alternatives such as pasta, side dishes, and desserts in addition to pizza.
  5. It has more than 17,000 shop locations worldwide, with locations in a number of different nations all over the world.

As previously stated, Pizza Hut is a part of Yum!Brands, Inc., which is one of the largest restaurant corporations in the world and owns Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Taco Bell, among other restaurants and brands.They are supported by a major brand firm that provides extensive marketing and business management assistance, and which generates more than $3.5 billion in sales system-wide from only Pizza Hut franchises.As a whole, there isn’t a restaurant franchise out there that is simple to handle and maintain.

  • If you’re searching for something simple and straightforward, franchising is not the appropriate road for you.
  • Alternatively, if pizza is your specialty, you have excellent credit, and you are able to follow a winning strategy, Pizza Hut will gladly accept your application.
  • You may find out more about this opportunity by visiting the official website for potential franchisees, which has detailed information about the firm.

While Pizza Hut Isn’t Going Out of Business, One of Its Biggest Franchisees Filed Chapter 11

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a negative impact on a wide range of economic sectors in the United States and internationally, but probably no industry has been struck more than the food service industry.Due to the fact that the majority of restaurants in the United States are only open for carryout and delivery, tiny family-owned businesses are closing their doors and even giant corporate brands are failing.Wendy’s and Pizza Hut appear to be the most recently afflicted fast food restaurants.Many people are asking whether Wendy’s and Pizza Hut would go out of business as a result of the bankruptcy filing of the businesses’ largest franchisee.The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

Wendy’s and Pizza Hut aren’t going out of business, but many stores may shutter.

In the first place, it’s critical to note that Wendy’s and Pizza Hut did not apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.NPC International, Inc., a franchisee that owns and runs more than 1,225 Pizza Hut restaurants and more than 385 Wendy’s restaurants around the United States, was the one who did it.In all, there are approximately 19,000 Pizza Hut locations worldwide, and more than 6,700 Wendy’s locations worldwide, according to the company.The rest of the article is below the advertisement.Also, keep in mind that declaring bankruptcy does not always imply that a company is going out of business.

It frequently enables a firm whose obligations exceed its assets to restructure and renegotiate repayment terms with its creditors, which is beneficial to both parties.If the firm is unable to pay its debts, a Chapter 11 petition may result in the company being liquidated.According to Fortune, NPC International is able to continue operations while bankruptcy and restructuring processes are taking place.

  1. Other franchisees, on the other hand, are unaffected.
  2. Having said that, Pizza Hut, in particular, has experienced some significant transformations in recent years.
  3. Several dine-in sites have been shuttered by the business over the past several years as consumers increasingly prefer to order takeout or delivery instead.
  4. The rest of the article is below the advertisement.
  5. They have also had to contend with significantly greater competition over the years, as Domino’s has improved the quality of its cuisine and increased its sales to become the largest pizza business in the country.
  6. Other competitors, such as Papa John’s and Little Caesars, have also snatched market share away from Pizza Hut in recent years.
  1. The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

While stock prices for Pizza Hut’s parent company are down, Wendy’s is up.

In spite of the negative news for privately-held NPC, stock prices for YUM!Brands, which is the publicly-traded parent company of Pizza Hut as well as KFC and Taco Bell, have only had a little impact on stock prices.In contrast, Wendy’s stock was up 2 percent at the time of this writing and appeared to be on course to conclude the day higher than the previous closing of $21.78 per share, according to Bloomberg.Although the National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) is not doing well, all YUM!Brands restaurants reported same-store sales increase in May.

An increase in income generated by a chain’s current outlets over a certain time as compared to an increase in revenue generated by the same outlets over a similar period in the past (often the previous year).Even while the rise was slight, it is significant when considering the difficulties of operating during a pandemic in which many people are dining out considerably less than they did the previous year, even for carryout or home delivery.

Pizza Hut system working to hire 40,000 new team members by the end of 2021

  • In order to meet their goal of hiring 40,000 new permanent team members to work in its locations across the country by the end of 2021, Pizza Hut and its franchisees are recruiting. As Pizza Hut’s momentum continues, the company is experiencing high demand for cook and driver positions at both corporate and franchised locations. Positions are available at all levels in both corporate and franchised restaurants, with the majority of open positions focusing on cook and driver roles. Pizza Hut and its franchisees will organize a free virtual ″Pizza Hut: Pathways to Possibility″ conference on Sept. 29 beginning at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) to assist current employees across the system and highlight the Pizza Hut brand’s culture for new recruits. Opening its doors to all pizza enthusiasts, the conference will include snackable breakout session topics such as the company’s inclusive culture, franchise organizations, the resume-building opportunities that come with working at a Pizza Hut branded restaurant, and how current or new employees can advance their careers within the brand. Register today for the free virtual conference, which will take place on September 29 from 1p.m. Central Standard Time to 5p.m. Central Standard Time. You will also be able to see the complete ″Pizza Hut: Pathways to Possibility″ conference agenda at the site HERE. Notable speakers include Tre Wilcox, a professional chef who has competed on Top Chef and has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation award twice (″Rising Star Chef″)
  • Michael Wigge, an author and motivational speaker who has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation award twice (″Rising Star Chef″)
  • Chequan Lewis, Pizza Hut’s Chief Equity Officer
  • Cristi Lockett, Pizza Hut’s Chief People Officer
  • Mike Quinn, a Pizza Hu A wide range of other franchise and corporate employees in the Pizza Hut family will speak at the conference, including drivers, restaurant and multi-unit managers, regional directors, and franchise owners. They will share their personal experiences with the brand and the advantages of working for Pizza Hut throughout the course of the event. In the past few months, Pizza Hut has had explosive growth, with the company operating very well as a consequence of rising demand, according to Cristi Lockett, Pizza Hut’s chief people officer. ″Pizza Hut has continued to experience explosive growth,″ she said. The importance of highlighting our best-in-class brand culture has never been greater than it is now, as we struggle to continue delivering America’s favorite pizza in an unusually tight labor market. Employees at a Pizza Hut branded restaurant may be eligible for a variety of attractive benefits, including: Life Unboxed EDU, an educational program through which team members can earn college credits through on-the-job experience and training, as well as reduced tuition for college courses
  • Life Unboxed EDU, an educational program through which team members can earn college credits through on-the-job experience and training
  • Life Unboxed EDU, an educational program through which team members can earn college credits through on-
  • The establishment of a defined professional path that supports advancement and progress within the company
  • Career recognition through initiatives such as the Pizza Hut Proud Awards, which recognize restaurant teams and managers that go above and beyond while serving their customers, team members, and communities
  • and career advancement opportunities.

The website provides information about opportunities and open positions throughout the Pizza Hut system, as well as the ability to apply for those openings.The vast majority of Pizza Hut locations are owned and operated by independent franchisees.Consequently, franchisees are the only employers of their employees and are exclusively responsible for all employment-related concerns in their restaurants.It is possible that the perks mentioned below are not available at all Pizza Hut locations.Pizza Hut and its franchisees are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace environment for all of its employees.

The History of Pizza Hut® Founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum!Brands, Inc.(NYSE: YUM).

  1. The company now has approximately 18,000 locations in more than 100 countries and employs more than 200,000 people.
  2. When it comes to convenience, Pizza Hut offers a variety of ordering options that include the Pizza Hut app and mobile website, as well as Amazon and Google devices.
  3. The company also offers Hut Rewards, a customer loyalty program that awards points for every dollar spent on food regardless of how you order it.
  4. Restaurants play an increasingly crucial role in ensuring that families can eat securely in today’s society.
  5. Pizza Hut, one of the leading pizza companies in the United States in terms of shop count, is devoted to doing its bit.
  6. For the safety of both team members and customers, consumers may order their favorite Pizza Hut pizza via one of three contactless options: curbside pickup, delivery, or carryout, all of which are available without a credit card.
  1. Pizza Hut is also the owner of The Literacy Project, a program that aims to increase access to reading, empower teachers, and instill a lifelong love of reading in children.
  2. Based on the basis laid down by the Pizza Hut BOOK IT!
  3. Program, which is the longest-running corporate-sponsored literacy program in the world, reaching more than 14 million kids each year, the program is a natural fit.
  4. Pizza Hut is the NFL’s official pizza sponsor and the only pizza sponsor in the league.
  5. For more information about Pizza Hut, please see their website.

Pizza Hut Inc

9111 East Douglas Boulevard Wichita, Kansas 67027, United States of America (316) 681-9000 Contact us via fax at (316) 681-9869.PepsiCo, a wholly owned subsidiary o

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