Why 00 Flour For Pizza?

Using a dough hook,mix all the ingredients in a stand mixer for 3-5 minutes,until the dough has come together.

What is 00 flour in pizza?

In Italy, flour is classified as 1, 0, or 00. The number refers to how finely the flour is grounded and how much of the bran is removed. The 00 is a highly refined Italian pizza flour. It makes the crust tender and light crispy. In addition to finely ground, Caputo Tipo 00 flour has a lower gluten content than other flours.

How to use Italian flour for pizza?

Once you have found genuine Italian flour for pizza and collected all the required ingredients and toppings, you can move to the process of making your pizza. Begin with preheating the oven for at least 45 minutes. In a large bowl, add the Italian 00 flour, sea salt, and dry yeast.

What is double zero flour used for?

Double-zero flour, or ’00 flour,’ is a finely-ground wheat flour that’s commonly used for making traditional Neapolitan pizza doughs. When baked at high temperatures in wood-fired ovens, it yields a crispy, crackly pizza crust with moderate chewiness. What Is 00 Flour?

What makes a great pizza dough?

The most important factor for great pizza dough is the flour. The type of flour you use will impact the properties of your dough. It’s therefore important to choose a high-quality flour that gives the dough characteristics you’re looking for.

What is the best 00 flour?

  • Molino Grassi Italian Soft Wheat Flour The Soft Wheat Flour by Molino Grassi is the overall highest rated flour for pasta regarding price and quality.
  • MOLINO Caputo Semola di Grano Duro If you were looking for a high-quality ingredient that is easy to incorporate in all sorts of cooking,look no further!
  • Bob’s Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour
  • What is 00 flour, and how is it used?

    00 flour, also known as doppio zero (‘double zero’) is a super fine white flour from Italy, and considered the gold standard for making pasta and pizza bases.In Italy and some other European countries, flour is graded according to how finely it is milled, beginning at 00, the finest grade of all, through 0, 1 and finally 2, the coarsest grade available.

    What is the best flour for making pizza?

    The pizza features housemade ‘nduja, roasted corno peppers dressed with white balsamic vinegar, house-pickled jalapeños, sheep’s milk ricotta and finocchiona salami. The Dondini’s dough is made with Tipo 2 Buratto, stoneground spelt and emmer flour.

    The Pizza Lab: How to Make Pizza with Italian 00 Flour

    • The quest for the perfect pizza dough begins with the selection of the proper ingredients. Hold on to your hats! Using Italian 00 flour and a simple, original pizza recipe, you can make the ultimate Italian pizza dough at home in minutes. You may have ever wondered what it is about a genuine Italian-style pizza crust that makes it taste so different from the pizza bases you find at your local bakery. You may find out the key to making a superb pizza by asking a professional chef for help: dough. The legendary rustic taste of Italian pizza, or more precisely, Neapolitan pizza, is achieved by the use of a delicate, highly flavored dough. Why Should You Purchase Italian 00 Flour? In Italy, flour is divided into three categories: 1, 0, and 00. The number indicates how finely the flour is ground and how much of the bran is removed from the finished product. The 00 is a finely ground Italian pizza flour with a high level of refinement. It makes the crust soft and light crunchy, and it is delicious. The gluten concentration of Caputo Tipo 00 flour is lower than that of other flours, in addition to being finely ground. Natural protein gluten gives elasticity to a crusty loaf of bread and helps it to retain its shape after baking. The best grains are used to create the 00 flour, which has just 10-12.5 percent gluten. For pizza, using 00 flour provides the dough a silky smooth texture and results in a crust that has a layer of crispness on the outside and a slight chewiness on the inside. The Ingredients for Making Pizza using Italian 00 Flour Extra virgin olive oil (1 tablespoon)
    • dry yeast (1 12 teaspoon)
    • cold water (2 14 cups)
    • sea salt (1 12 teaspoon)
    • Italian pizza flour (00) (5 cups)
    • flour for dusting
    • Toppings Arrabiata sauce (with caramelized onions), ricotta meatballs (with fresh basil), sauteed mushrooms
    • heirloom tomatoes
    • green onions
    • smoked mozzarella cheese

    Instructions Once you have located authentic Italian pizza flour and gathered all of the necessary supplies and toppings, you can begin the process of creating your pizza.

    1. To begin, preheating the oven for at least 45 minutes is recommended.
    2. Add the Italian 00 flour, sea salt, and dry yeast to a large mixing bowl and mix well. In the event that you are using a mixer, be sure to combine the components on a low setting. After the dry ingredients have been mixed, add the cold water to the mixture. Now it’s time to create the dough. Make certain that it is smooth and sticky. It is also important to make certain that the dough does not stick to the bowl.
    3. If the dough begins to stick to the sides of the bowl, add a little amount of flour to the bowl. In addition, if the dough is too dry, a few drops of water can be added to it.
    4. Taking the dough, cut it into many circular pieces using a sharp knife. Place these pieces on a cookie sheet that has been lightly greased and drizzle with 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Cover the pieces with plastic wrap and allow them to sit at room temperature for at least two hours before serving.
    5. A small amount of flour should be sprinkled around the kitchen counter. Take a piece of spherical dough and push it down with your fingertips to form a smooth surface. Keep it at least half full ″thick and arranged in a circle Now, roll the dough out to approximately 10 inches in diameter ″the circumference of the circle Carefully follow this procedure to avoid tearing the dough.
    6. Once the dough is clean and ready, put a few spoons of pizza sauce (2-3 teaspoons) into the middle of the dough. To finish, slowly distribute the sauce over the pizza with the back of a spoon
    7. top with smoked mozzarella cheese and other toppings as desired. (Keep in mind that the crust is thin, so avoid piling on too many toppings).
    8. The next step is to place the pie in the preheated oven once the toppings have been placed on top. The oven must be at least 525 degrees Fahrenheit in this case. Baking the pie for at least seven minutes, or until the edges are golden brown, is recommended.
    9. Take it out of the oven and set it aside. Toss with fresh basil and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Enable for a few minutes of resting time to allow the cheese to set
    10. Your pizza is prepared and ready to be served!
    • NOTE FROM THE CHEF: Preheat the oven for approximately 45 minutes with the pizza stone in it before beginning this recipe.
    • If you are using heirloom tomato slices as toppings, make sure the tomatoes are firm slices; otherwise, the pizza may become watery due to the excess moisture in the tomatoes.
    • How to Purchase Authentic 00 Flour on the Internet Many internet companies promise to provide genuine, high-quality 00 four items, however this is not always the case.

    The greatest Italian 00 flour, on the other hand, is produced by well-known food businesses from Bella Italia.Additionally, get 00 flour online from an Italian company that has been providing authentic items created by Italian manufacturers for many years now.Purchase the appropriate flour product, gather fresh ingredients, and prepare an authentic Italian pizza in your own house.Good luck in the kitchen!

    What Is 00 Flour, and How Is It Used?

    In the baking world, double-zero flour (also known as ″00 flour″) is a finely ground wheat flour that is often used in the preparation of classic Neapolitan pizza dough. If you bake it at high temperatures in wood-fired ovens, it produces a crispy, crackly pizza crust with a reasonable amount of chewiness.

    Fast Facts

    • Made in Italy
    • finely milled
    • mostly used in the preparation of pizza dough.
    • Various gluten concentrations

    What Is 00 Flour?

    • In contrast to North America, where wheat flour is classified according to its protein level, flour in Europe is classified according to how finely it is milled.
    • On a scale from 2 to 00, where 2 represents the coarsest grind and 00 represents the finest, the coarsest grind having a consistency similar to baby powder.
    • If the flour is finer in texture, the resulting dough will be smoother and silkier in texture, which will result in a softer baked product.

    When making pizza dough, double-zero flour, also known as 00 flour, is typically used.This is especially true for classic Neapolitan pizzas, which are baked in wood-fired ovens.There are several different strengths of 00 flour, ranging from a minimum of 7 percent gluten to a maximum of 14 percent gluten content.There’s even a durum wheat variant of 00 flour that’s specifically created for use in pasta-making.The roots of double-zero flour may be traced back to flours that were milled hundreds of years ago in Italy.

    The doughs created with these flours did not require refrigeration and were fermented at room temperature.While using 00 flour, the finer grind enables for a longer fermentation period while still generating a light, airy, and crunchy crust (as opposed to chewy).The flour will also absorb less water, which is another way of expressing that less water will be required to bring the flour to saturation.This is critical in pizza doughs that are baked extremely quickly in wood-fired ovens that reach temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Increasing the hydration of the dough, or increasing the ratio of water to flour, resulting in a wetter dough, softens the glutens, allowing the development of bigger air pockets, resulting in increased rise and the production of an open, lighter, and airier pizza crust.
    • Because the oven spring is derived from the steam released from the dough, this wetter dough can normally be made with less yeast, resulting in less yeasty flavor in the finished pizza crusts.


    • There are five primary varieties of 00 flour, and while they are all milled to the same 00 standard, they employ various types of wheat to make flour with varying quantities of protein, making them distinct from one another.
    • It is possible that pizzeria flour has a protein concentration of 11.5 percent, which is comparable to all-purpose flour, and is therefore ideal for short fermentation and cooking periods.
    • Other kinds have various protein concentrations and absorption levels, allowing for a wide range of fermentation periods to be used with them.

    There are also two significant brands of 00 flour in Italy: Caputo and 5 Stagione, both of which produce distinct types of the flour under various brand names.Although there are some differences, in general, the disparities allow for variations in hydration levels, fermentation durations, and cooking temperatures.

    How to Cook With 00 Flour

    • To successfully cook with 00 flour, it is necessary to maintain a delicate balance between three factors: the hydration of the dough, the fermentation time, and the cooking temperature.
    • The various kinds of 00 flour are intended for use in a variety of different culinary methods.
    • Pizzeria flour, which may have a protein level of 11.5 percent and an absorption rate of 55 percent, is best suited for use in superhot ovens, such as those operating at 850 degrees Fahrenheit or more, where the pizza cooks in around 70 to 90 seconds.

    Because of the incredibly short cooking time, the water in the dough has had less opportunity to evaporate, resulting in a reduced hydration level in the dough.As a result, the higher the temperature in the oven, the lower the hydration.In order to make classic Neapolitan pizza, the best flour would be the one that absorbs the least amount of water, which would be pizzeria flour, which has 11.5 percent protein.For those who want to bake their pizzas in a typical home oven, one of the higher protein 00 flours will be more beneficial.A higher protein 00 flour will absorb more water, allowing for longer fermentation, which results in richer flavor.

    It is best suited for lower cooking temperatures and longer cooking periods, such as in a gas or electric oven, since it will absorb more water and allow for longer fermentation.

    What Does It Taste Like?

    • Products made with 00 flour gain their flavor from the other ingredients used in their preparation.
    • These ingredients include yeast, sugar, salt, and fats, which are added during the mixing process.
    • They also gain flavor during the fermentation process and finally from the caramelization of starches which occurs during baking.

    A longer fermentation period usually results in a more tangy flavor that is closer to that of sourdough.As previously stated, moister dough baked in a wood-fired oven requires less yeast, resulting in less yeasty flavor in the finished product.

    Double-Zero Flour Substitute

    • Unless you’re baking your pizza in a wood-fired oven, it’s not technically required to use 00 flour while making pizza.
    • If you find a recipe that asks for 00 flour and you don’t have any on hand, you may substitute all-purpose flour for it.
    • However, because 00 pizzeria dough has an absorption level of around 55 percent, and all-purpose flour may have a level of 61 to 65 percent, you may need to increase the amount of water in the recipe to compensate.

    Double-Zero Flour Recipes

    • While 00 flour is most commonly associated with pizza dough, there is also a variety that may be used to make pasta. High-gluten bread flour can also be used in other bread recipes that call for high-gluten bread flour, such as muffins and scones. Recipes for Neapolitan Pizza, Homemade Beet Pasta, and Italian Bread are all included.

    Where to Buy 00 Flour

    However, obtaining 00 flour online is preferable to purchasing it from speciality food stores or Italian markets.


    When it comes to keeping 00 flour, there is no difference between the two. Keep it well wrapped in a cool area where it will last for 6 to 8 months at room temperature.

    Double Zero (Tipo 00): The best Flour for Pizza Baking

    • The flour is the most crucial ingredient in making excellent pizza dough.
    • The characteristics of your dough will be influenced by the sort of flour you use.
    • The importance of selecting a high-quality flour that produces the dough properties you desire cannot be overstated, though.

    Pizza dough made in the traditional Italian style is elastic and supple to work with, and when baked in the oven, it becomes crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside.This double zero flour is necessary to get this result.

    What is Double Zero Flour?

    • Double zero flour, commonly known as Tipo 00 flour, is a kind of wheat flour that is milled in Italy.
    • The presence of a double zero (00) shows how finely refined the flour has been processed.
    • The Italian scale has four levels: 2, 1, 0, and 00, with 00 being the finest milled flour and 2 representing the coarsest.

    Double zero flour is of superior quality and has the smallest amount of brand and wheat middlings compared to regular zero flour.This dish may be cooked with any of the many various varieties of wheat available, including both soft and hard wheat.The protein/gluten level of wheat flour will vary based on the variety of wheat used to make it, but it will typically range between 8 and 12 percent.When it comes to pizza making, more protein flour manufactured from tougher wheat varieties, such as durum, is preferable.

    Pizza Baking

    When baking Italian-style pizza, you want a flour with a protein concentration of roughly 10-12 percent so that the dough will be elastic when it is baking. This will result in a soft, flexible dough that is simple to work with.

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    Gluten in Pizza Flour

    • For a better understanding of why you would want a high protein flour for pizza, it is necessary to understand how gluten functions.
    • Gluten is a protein group present in wheat that has been linked to gluten sensitivity.
    • Gluten strands begin to develop as soon as you combine flour and water and begin kneading the dough in your hands.

    With each stretching and kneading motion, the dough’s strands get longer and more resilient.The outcome is a pizza crust that is supple and elastic.Small pockets will appear in the dough as a result of the kneading process.During fermentation, when the yeast begins to create gas, the gases are trapped in these pockets and are unable to escape.This is referred to as the rising process.

    Increased gluten development occurs as the dough is kneaded more often.The production of gluten indicates that the dough will have a crisper texture when baked, because the gluten proteins are stiffening as they are heated throughout the baking process.

    Strength of the Flour and the W Index

    When it comes to making pizza, the firmness of the dough is an essential consideration. The capacity of the protein to form is what determines the strength of the finished flour.

    The W Index

    When baking pizza, the strength of the dough is a crucial consideration. The protein’s capacity to grow is what determines the strength of the flour.

    How Strong Flour Is Ideal for Pizza Baking?

    When it comes to baking pizza, the strength of the dough is a crucial component to consider. The capacity of the protein to grow is what determines the strength of the flour.

    Optimal Dough Hydration

    The ideal dough hydration varies based on the kind of flour used, as the water absorption of different types of wheat differs. However, 65 percent hydration is an excellent starting point.

    Double Zero vs All-Purpose Flour for Pizza Baking

    • The biggest advantage of using double zero flour over conventional all-purpose flour is the greater protein level it provides.
    • It is also finer, which aids in the formation of gluten and increases the elastic properties of the dough.
    • It is also simpler to deal with a dough that is more elastic.

    Making a thin, smooth pizza crust using all-purpose flour is much more difficult than it appears.Longer fermentation durations are possible because of the high strength of double zero flour, which is excellent for creating flavors in baked goods.Another advantage of using double zero flour is that the pizza crust becomes crispier during baking as a result of the hardening of the gluten during the baking process.Double zero is therefore a better choice for baking Italian pizza than single zero.It is possible to feel the difference when kneading the dough, if you have ever done it before.

    The finer Tipo 00 flour absorbs water more efficiently, resulting in a more stretchy dough in the end.It’s also far more pleasurable to deal with than the alternative.Making use of a high-quality double zero flour helps to reduce the amount of tearing in the dough.

    The Best Double Zero Pizza Flour

    • The biggest advantage of using double zero flour over conventional all-purpose flour is the greater protein level it provides..
    • It is also finer, which aids in the formation of gluten and increases the elastic properties of the dough, among other benefits.
    • It is also simpler to deal with a dough that has more stretch to it.

    The process of creating a thin, uniform pizza with all-purpose flour is significantly more difficult.Longer fermentation durations are possible because of the high strength of double zero flour, which is ideal for creating flavors in baked goods.Another advantage of using double zero flour is that the pizza crust becomes crispier during baking as a result of the hardening of the gluten during the process of making the dough.Double zero is therefore a better alternative for baking Italian pizza than the single zero option.It is possible to feel the difference when kneading the dough, if you have ever attempted it before..

    When using Tipo 00 flour, the dough will be stretchier because of the finer grain size.It also makes working with it a lot more enjoyable.When using a high-quality double zero flour, the dough will also rip less readily.

    Bottom Line

    • To summarize, double zero flour is the sort of flour that is commonly found in Italy for a good reason.
    • Overall, it is far more enjoyable to deal with than all-purpose flour or other sorts of coarser flours.
    • There are also no other flours that bake up as light and crispy as this one when the crust is baked.

    If you want to produce the ideal pizza, you need use high-quality flour.Double zero flour is the greatest choice for pizza baking because of its superior quality.You may learn more about Italian pizza by reading our guide to Neapolitan pizza or one of our recipes, which are both available online.

    Why 00 Flour Is Best For Pizza: What It Is & How It Makes A Difference

    • If you’ve been involved in the pizza-making industry for even a short period of time, you’ve probably heard about 00 flour, sometimes known as Tipo 00 flour.
    • How does 00 flour differ from conventional all-purpose flour, and why is it chosen over regular all-purpose flour?
    • The fineness of the granules in Tipo 00 wheat makes it the finest flour for making pizza for one reason only.

    Type 00 flour is an Italian milled flour that is finely crushed and ideal for making pizza because the small grains provide a delicate and fluffy crust.Tipo 00 flour is available in a variety of protein and gluten content variants, making it simple to pick the correct sort of 00 flour for your favorite form of pizza.You may get a wide variety of Tipo 00 flours in various sizes and shapes, and the differences between them aren’t quite as straightforward as many culinary blogs would have you believe.In fact, many credible food blogs state that 00 flour is ″poor in protein,″ which is actually simply a misinterpretation of what this sort of flour is capable of producing in the kitchen.This misinterpretation arises from the fact that American flours are classified according to their protein level, but European flours are classified according to how finely ground the grains have been.

    Tipo 00 flour, on the other hand, is available in a variety of protein contents.For the sake of removing any ambiguity, let’s go through what Tipo 00 flour is, why it’s the greatest flour for pizza, and how to pick the best sort of Tipo 00 flour for whichever type of pizza you enjoy.

    Tipo 00 Flour Is A Finely Milled Italian Flour

    • As I briefly indicated previously, the designation ″00″ relates exclusively to the fineness of the grain of the wheat.
    • That’s because ″00″ is a European classification for flour, and European flours are classified based on how finely crushed the grains are before being milled into flour.
    • Tipo 00 flour is the finest-ground flour available on the market.

    On the other hand, in the United States, flours are often classified according to their protein level.This indicates that the fundamental difference between all-purpose, bread, and pastry flours is the amount of protein they contain, which is more or lower depending on the flour.When it comes to dough, protein levels often influence how much gluten forms and, as a result, how chewy or rough the resultant crust bread turns out to be.As a result of the mismatch between American and European flour categorizations, there has been a great deal of uncertainty within the food blogging community over what exactly distinguishes 00 flour from other types of flour.Contrary to the claims of many famous culinary blogs, the protein content of 00 wheat or the amount of gluten formed in the dough has nothing to do with the amount of gluten formed in the dough.

    In reality, 00 flour is available in a variety of protein content and water absorbability options.The quantity of water that a flour can absorb before becoming oversaturated is referred to as water absorbability.

    Tipo 00 Flour Helps Make Pizza Light & Fluffy

    • It is important to note that 00 flour, being the most refined of all flours, has a variety of effects on the crust when used to prepare pizza dough.
    • Finer flours with smaller grains, such as 00, tend to absorb less water than coarser flours with bigger grains, such as all-purpose and bread flours, which are more commonly used in baking.
    • The result is that a pizza dough prepared with 00 flour will be more hydrated than a pizza dough made with a different type of flour and using the exact same recipe.

    Using the same example, if you follow a recipe that calls for 65 percent water and use an all-purpose flour that has a 65 percent water absorption rate, you will end up with a pizza dough that contains 65 percent water.However, if you use 00 flour with a 60 percent water absorption level instead of 00 flour, you will end up with a pizza dough that has a 70 percent hydration level, rather of a 70 percent hydration level.Due to the fact that 00 flour, on average, absorbs less water than other types of flour, this occurs.In other words, if you’re going for a super-hydrated dough, go ahead and use 00 flour.If you’re not, you may safely reduce the quantity of water you’re using to make a stronger and dryer dough.

    Another extremely significant manner in which 00 flour impacts pizza is in the texture and digestibility of the crust, both of which are quite crucial.Because 00 flour contains smaller grains than regular wheat, when used in pizza dough, the crust will be lighter and more readily puffs up.It also implies that the grains will be easier to digest for you and your stomach.Personally, I simply prefer the pizza crust that I get from using 00 flour over that I get from using all-purpose or bread flour.

    • But that doesn’t mean I haven’t produced some delicious pizza crusts with all-purpose flour in the past — they were simply a little heavier and had a more bread-like texture and flavor.

    Tipo 00 Flour & The “W” Index

    • In the case of Tipo 00 flour, the ″W″ index is something that will be indicated on the package, but not on the package of other types of commercial flour.
    • The letter ″W″ and the numerical value that follows it are merely indicators of the strength of the flour, and more precisely, the elasticity of the wheat’s gluten protein.
    • If the W is not specified on the package, it is generally possible to guess what it is based on the amount of protein present.

    For example, W280 flour has a protein value of 11 percent on average, according to the USDA.In general, a higher W index value indicates stronger gluten networks, which results in a stronger dough that can more easily trap gasses during fermentation.I use this index just as a fast method to identify which 00 flour will result in the most elastic dough, which is all I need.Typically, the 00 flour I purchase has a grade between W250 and W300, depending on the brand.For a broad grasp of how the W index generally corresponds to protein content, please see the following.

    Antimo Caputo Flours

    • If you’ve begun your search for 00 flours, you’ve almost certainly already come across Antimo Caputo, which is one of the world’s largest makers of Tipo 00 flour.
    • In 1924, the city of Naples welcomed the first employees of this Italian flour milling firm.
    • Caputo takes great satisfaction in sourcing the finest soft wheats from around the world and mixing them together to produce beautiful soft flours that have a wide range of additional qualities, such as high protein content.

    Aside from being a popular and prolific seller of 00 flour on Amazon, Caputo flour is the primary reason I’m bringing this brand to your attention.Selling on Amazon ensures that this flour and its various versions are available to everybody in the world who has access to their service, at the very least in the United States.However, if you’ve ever searched Amazon for Caputo’s products and looked through their selections, you’ll discover that they sell a variety of different flours advertised as 00.Let’s go through the different types of flour, what the terminology means, and how to choose the best flour for your next pizza.-

    Italian translations

    • Despite the fact that the Caputo firm does most of its business outside of Italy, the company’s packaging and website contain a significant amount of Italian. Indeed, I’ve observed several differences between the English and Italian versions of their website, with the most notable being that they give far more technical information regarding their flours in the latter language. So let’s go over the most commonly used Italian words for 00 flour to have a better understanding of what they imply. Farina is an Italian word that implies flour.
    • That’s called Antimo Caputo since it is the name of the firm that manufactures the flour.
    • Molino Caputo: Molino is a slang term for ″mill,″ and in this case, it alludes to the name of the mill Caputo employs, also known as the ″Caputo Mill.″
    • Antico Molino: Antico is an Italian word that meaning ″old,″ and in this case, it refers to the ″ancient mill″ that Caputo employs to grind its flour.
    • Di Grano Tenero: This phrase translates as ″of gentle grains,″ and it refers to the flour.
    • Il Mulino di Napoli: ″The Mill of Naples.″ Tipo 00: ″type 00″ is a slang term that simply means ″type 00.″ In reality, this is more of a catchphrase than anything else.
    • Panificazione: This term literally translates as ″bread-making,″ but it refers to the W index value in particular.
    • Elasticita: The elasticity of the gluten
    • Proteine: The protein content of the gluten

    Different Kinds Of Caputo 00 Flours

    • It’s tough to know where to begin when it comes to Caputo 00 flour because there are so many distinct varieties.
    • We will begin with the most popular things on Amazon, because the vast majority of people have access to them in one way or another..
    • All of these flours have their applications, but for the majority of people, Caputo’s 00 Chef’s Flour is the best choice.

    A high protein content and a good W index rating make this flour ideal for making soft pizza crusts that can withstand lengthy fermentation times without becoming soggy or crumbly.This is a particularly suitable dough for highly hydrated, no-knead doughs that will be fermented in the refrigerator for a few days after being made.On top of that, Caputo 00 Chef’s flour is widely available on Amazon, which is a significant benefit for individuals who live far away from large cities, where 00 flour is not readily accessible.

    Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour

    • Type of flour: 00
    • percentage of protein: 12.5 percent
    • 12 months from the date of purchase.
    • W260/W270
    • H20 Absorbability: 55-57 percent
    • ″W″ Index: W260/W270
    • The Caputo 00 ″Pizzeria″ brand of flour is one of the most popular lines of flour for pizzerias, and it’s not difficult to see why.
    • This flour has a high protein content and a high W index value, making it an excellent choice for baking.
    • This indicates that the flour will result in a dough that is firm and elastic, as well as one that can withstand prolonged fermentation durations.

    Caputo 00 Pizzeria is suited for use in high-temperature ovens, particularly those that achieve temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which are great for making Neapolitan-style pizza.Because of the suppleness and firmness of the gluten, this bread is ideal for storing in the refrigerator for several days to allow the bread to ferment.

    Caputo 00 Classica Flour

    • Type of flour: 00 Extra
    • percentage of protein: 11.5 percent
    • Shelf life: 12 months
    • ″W″ index: W220/W240
    • H20 absorbability: 55-57 percent
    • ″W″ index: W220/W240
    • ″W″ index: W220/W240
    • ″W″ index: W220/W240
    • Because of its low protein content and low W index rating, Caputo 00 ″Classica″ flour is considered to be on the weaker side of the flour range.
    • In order to achieve this, Caputo recommends using it for doughs that require a shorter rise and fermentation period.
    • So, in my opinion, ″classica″ flour is ideal for constructing a pizza crust that will be consumed the same day it is prepared.

    Even while the dough will obviously be on the weaker side, and it may rip if you aren’t careful with it, it will contain a lot of the characteristics we seek for in pizza doughs that have had a long rising period and/or have been cold fermented for many days.I still like to conduct the true long-fermentation in order to achieve those difficult-to-replicate sourdough taste profiles.However, if I needed to whip up an extremely delicate dough in a hurry, this would be the flour I’d use.

    Caputo 00 Pizza A Metro

    • Type of flour: 00
    • percentage of protein: 13.25 percent
    • 12 months from the date of purchase.
    • Indicator of ″W″: W310/W330
    • Absorbability of H20: 55-60 percent
    • Caputo’s 00 ″Pizza a Metro″ flour line is named after the Italian phrase meaning ″pizza by the meter.″ Given its high protein content and high W index rating, this flour will yield a dough that is both robust and elastic in its texture and appearance.
    • This flour was created particularly for a type of long rectangular pizza eaten in Italy, specifically Rome, that is sold by the meter and is quite expensive.
    • It’s also a good flour to use for focaccia bread, which is baked in a manner that is quite similar to that of thicker pan-shaped pizza.

    Generally speaking, the longer a pizza dough is allowed to ferment, the weaker the finished product will be.However, due of the hardness and endurance of this flour, it is ideal for use in lengthy fermentation periods.This implies that you may cold ferment your dough made with this flour for many days in the refrigerator without experiencing significant strength loss.Caputo 00 pizza a metro isn’t always readily accessible in the United States, but if you see it for sale, I recommend purchasing it and reserving it for use in hyper fermented pizza dough.

    Caputo 00 Chef’s Flour

    • Type of flour: 00
    • 13 percent of the diet is protein.
    • 12 months from the date of purchase.
    • W300/W320 is the ″W″ index.
    • Approximately 55-57 percent absorbability of H20
    • Chef’s Flour″ from Caputo’s 00 ″Pizzeria″ and ″Pizza a Metro″ lines of flour is unique in that it is located smack in the middle of the two lines of flour we described earlier.
    • Despite its comparatively high protein level and somewhat high W index rating, this ″chef’s″ flour has a rather low carbohydrate load.
    • Therefore, any pizza dough made with this flour will be pretty sturdy and will be able to withstand relatively extended fermentation periods without losing too much of its elastic properties.

    I believe that this is an excellent flour to use if you plan on fermenting your dough for more than a day or two at a time.The ″pizza a metro″ flour is also suitable for this use, but it appears to be more difficult to come by in the United States, whereas this flour is widely accessible on the internet.If you’re looking for a flour that can be used in a no-knead recipe and then allowed to cold ferment in the fridge for several days, this is an excellent alternative.The decreased water absorption rate will also guarantee that your dough is smooth and soft without the need to overhydrate it with a lot of water in your recipe, which is beneficial.

    Non-Caputo Flour: King Arthur “Italian Style” Flour

    • Type of flour: 00
    • percentage of protein: 8%
    • 12 months from the date of purchase.
    • Estimated ″W″ Index: W200
    • estimated H20 Absorbability: 50-55 percent (estimate)
    • estimated ″W″ Index: W200
    • Naturally, this isn’t a Caputo-branded flour, but it’s listed here since it’s readily accessible on Amazon and because so many people have inquired about it.
    • According to the company, King Arthur’s ″Italian Style″ flour is ″extremely soft and delicate,″ even more so than traditional Italian 00 flours.
    • Because the protein concentration of this flour is only 8.5 percent, I’m certain that any dough you create with it will be as soft and ″mellow″ as the company advertises.

    Personally, I find that 8.5 percent protein is a little too low, especially considering that I prefer to use no-knead pizza doughs, which are already on the low side in terms of nutrition.Because the wheat won’t have much of a chance to break down further, I would consider using this dough in conjunction with a pre-fermented dough starter like poolish or biga, but I wouldn’t ferment this flour on its own for too long.Because it is so fragile, it will be nearly difficult to deal with, let alone stretch into a pizza dough.It is just too weak to withstand the fermentation process.Instead, I’d prefer to use King Arthur’s Italian Style flour for things like pastries and crackers, among other things.

    Can I use plain flour instead of 00 flour for pizza

    In the event that you do not have access to Tipo 00 flour in your local market, or if you do not wish to purchase from Amazon for any reason, there are still choices available to you.When it comes to creating pizza dough, regular all-purpose flour will do just fine.In fact, it is preferable to stronger bread flours in my opinion.

    • Because the granules of all-purpose flour are larger than those of 00 flour, it may absorb significantly more moisture in many applications.
    • As a result, you may need to add a little additional water (2-3 percent) to your pizza dough when compared to a standard 00 pizza recipe in order to ensure that the crust is smooth and soft.
    • If you’re baking it in a lower-temperature home oven, it will take longer to bake because of the lower temperature.

    When 00 flour wasn’t available, I used all-purpose flour to make enough of pizza for my family.A nice intermediate ground flour, I recommend cold fermenting it for a couple of days before using it to soften it up a bit before using it in a recipe.

    Final Thoughts

    • Tipo 00 flour is excellent, and it’s what I prefer to use for creating pizza, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of baking ingredients. And, as you can see, there is a great deal of variety across different sorts of 00, which is understandable given that 00 is a category of flour rather than a specific type of wheat. The Caputo’s ″Pizza a Metro″ or the ″Chef’s Flour″ lines of 00 flour are both excellent choices if you’re seeking for the best 00 flour for all-purpose use. Because of the combination of these flours, you will have a pizza dough that is both sturdy and well-suited for extended fermentations, resulting in a light and airy crust when baked. As a general guideline, look for 00 flour that contains between 11 and 12 percent protein content. By using a strong bread flour, you can ensure that your pizza dough is robust but not overly chewy or bread-like as compared to when using a weak bread flour. When It Comes to Pizza Flour, Is It the Best Flour for Pizza?
    • What Is 00 Flour and Why Is It the Best Flour for Pizza?
    • What Is 00 Flour and Why Is It the Best Flour for Pizza?
    • When it comes to making pizza, what is the best flour to use?
    • What should the hydration level of pizza dough be? – Pizza Dough Hydration Guide 2021
    • What You Need To Make Pizza At Home – Pizza Making Buyer’s Guide
    • What You Need To Make Pizza At Home – Pizza Making Buyer’s Guide
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    Question: Why 00 Flour For Pizza

    Two factors make Caputo 00 flour suitable for pizza dough: first, it is finely ground, and second, it has less gluten than most flours, making it a less elastic dough. Gluten, a naturally occurring protein that remains after the starch in wheat grains is removed, is responsible for the elasticity you feel when you bite into a crispy loaf of bread.

    Does 00 flour make better pizza?

    00 flour is a finely ground Italian flour that contains approximately 12 percent protein, or 12 percent gluten, per 100 grams. In other words, because of the increased gluten concentration of 00 flour, it will make a pizza dough that is stronger than pizza dough produced with all-purpose flour but less elastic than pizza dough made with bread flour owing to the wheat type.

    Does 00 flour make a difference?

    The short answer is that you absolutely can. All-purpose flour is frequently substituted for 00 flour in many recipes that call for the finer flour. Using it in your favorite handmade cake should offer no difficulties; however, the all-purpose flour will have a little chewier texture than the other types of flour.

    What does 00 flour do for pizza?

    Another extremely significant manner in which 00 flour impacts pizza is in the texture and digestibility of the crust, both of which are quite crucial. Because 00 flour contains smaller grains than regular wheat, when used in pizza dough, the crust will be lighter and more readily puffs up. It also implies that the grains will be easier to digest for you and your stomach.

    Can I use plain flour instead of 00 flour for pizza?

    It may be substituted with plain flour in cake recipes, and it can be substituted with strong white bread flour in bread, pizza, and pasta dishes, among others. It is frequently lower in protein than British flours, resulting in a crisper crust on bread and a finer texture on cakes than traditional British flours.

    Do Italians use 00 flour for pizza?

    What Exactly Is 00 Flour? 00 flour is a finely ground Italian flour that is widely regarded as the gold standard for pasta and pizza dough.

    What is the best flour for pizzas?

    Flour has a lot of strength.Strong white flour, which is the most often used flour for baking bread, is also the most commonly used flour for creating pizza at home.With a protein content of around 12 percent, a proving period of 24 hours at room temperature is advised.

    • There’s also’very strong white flour,’ which has a greater protein concentration of roughly 14 percent and is used for baking bread and pastries.

    Can I use bread flour instead of 00 flour for pizza?

    Why is bread flour just ″okay″ although 00 flour is fantastic for making thin-crust pizza and pasta crusts? So, here’s the deal: you can undoubtedly use bread flour to make pizza dough and handmade pasta, but you should avoid doing so. According to Bon Appetit, bread flour is superior to all-purpose flour because it provides the chewy texture that is desired in pizza dough.

    Does King Arthur make 00 flour?

    Crust made in the manner of Neapolitan pizza. It is now possible to create this classic Italian delicacy in your own home oven, thanks to our ’00’ Pizza Flour, which contains the right combination of 100 percent American-grown wheat that has been milled to stringent ″00″ specifications.

    Can I substitute bread flour for 00 flour?

    It is OK to use pizza or 00 flour for bread as long as the flour is a bread flour, which normally has more protein and gluten than pizza or 00 flour. As for the outcome, I believe that the majority of home bakers would not notice much of a change unless they were baking on a consistent basis. It’s possible that it will result in a crispier crust on the bread.

    What is OO pizza dough?

    According to Italian standards, flour is classed as 1, 0, or 00, depending on how finely ground it is and how much of the bran and germ it contains. 00 flour is the most highly refined and has the consistency of talcum powder.

    How do I substitute all-purpose flour for 00 flour?

    According to Italian standards, flour is classified as 1, 0, or 00, depending on how finely ground it is and how much of the bran and germ has been removed from the flour. This flour has been refined to a talcum-powder consistency and is the softest available.

    What can I use instead of pizza flour?

    Pizza dough may be made with a variety of flours, including all-purpose unbleached white flour, cake and pastry flour, artisan bread flour, spelt flour, cassava flour, and gluten-free 1-to-1 baking flour. All of these flours are suitable for making pizza dough. Each flour contributes to a distinct texture, which is determined by the quantity of gluten present in the mixture.

    Is bread flour and 00 flour the same?

    Although the two types of flours are similar, there are a few minor variances between them, including: Grind size is a term that relates to the fineness or texture of the flour. Double zero flour is carefully milled, resulting in a soft, fine flour that is ideal for baking. Bread flour is often coarser in texture than other types of flour.

    Why is flour called 00?

    The terms 00 and 0 Flour refer to a type of milled flour that is especially utilized in the production of pasta in Italy. You will discover that this is sometimes referred to as Doppio Zero, which simply means double zero. The grading method is divided into five categories: 2, 1, 0, and 00, which show how finely ground the flour is and how much of the bran and germ has been removed from it.

    What is a strong pizza flour?

    The flour used in pizza dough is the most crucial element. The appropriate sort of flour is essential for making the ideal Neapolitan pizza, and here is where we come in. In general, Caputo Pizzeria flour is the finest all-around flour for Neapolitan pizza since it is a robust Italian Tipo 00 flour that can withstand a long fermenting period as well as baking at a high temperature.

    What is the difference between pizza flour and all-purpose flour?

    The flour used in pizza dough is the most crucial component. The appropriate type of flour is essential for creating the perfect Neapolitan pizza. In general, Caputo Pizzeria flour is the finest all-around flour for Neapolitan pizza since it is a robust Italian Tipo 00 flour that can withstand a long fermentation period and high-heat baking.

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    Why We Use 00 Flour For Neapolitan Pizza

    Flour is the most crucial element in pizza dough. So, in order to create the perfect Neapolitan pizza, you must use the proper sort of flour. Caputo Pizzeria flour is the ideal all-around flour for Neapolitan pizza since it is a robust Italian Tipo 00 flour that can withstand a long fermentation as well as baking at a high temperature.

    What is 00 Flour?

    The number relates to the fineness of the milling, and 00 flour has an incredibly fine texture that produces a thin crust that is extremely soft and tasty, and it is referred to as ″00.″ It is created with high-quality, all-natural soft wheat flour that has been milled carefully to provide optimal water absorption and yielding properties for the final product.The 00 flour we use and sell at Giolitti Deli is made by the Caputo brand, which is also known as ″the flour of Naples.″ Their flour contains a high concentration of protein and gluten, resulting in a consistent, long-risen dough.Take a bag of Giolitti’s bread flour home and combine it with Neapolitan yeast, water, and salt before kneading by hand or with a machine on low speed until the dough is smooth and elastic.

    • This will result in the most delicious dough for your homemade Neapolitan pizza ever.

    What Makes A Neapolitan Pizza

    Neapolitan pizza is distinguished by a number of distinctive traits, the most notable of which is that it is exclusively created with basic, fresh ingredients.These ingredients include the base dough, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes with basil and extra-virgin olive oil; they also include the toppings.Additionally, Neapolitan pizza is baked at a very high temperature for a very short period of time, often between 800 and 900 degrees Fahrenheit for less than 90 seconds.

    • The 00 flour is essential for preparing a genuine Neapolitan pizza because it cooks to the right consistency in a wood-fired oven, which is essential for creating a crispy crust.

    Types Of Caputo 00 Flour

    Caputo produces a number of distinct 00 flours, each of which serves a specific function.This style of pizza is among the most popular because it is designed particularly for baking in a wood-fired oven, which makes it one of the most popular forms of pizza.Caputo 00 Rinforzato may also be used to make pizza dough, although it results in a chewier crust than regular pizza dough.

    • The protein content is somewhat greater as well, at 13 percent as opposed to 12.5 percent in the previous version.
    • They also sell pasta flour, such as the Caputo 00 Pasta e Gnocchi, which is used to make gnocchi.
    • Caputo FioreGlut is a gluten-free flour that the company sells for individuals who have a gluten sensitivity or allergy.

    Authentic Italian Cuisine From Giolitti Deli

    A full-service delicatessen in Annapolis, Maryland, Giolitti Deli specializes on authentic Italian cuisine and offers a variety of other services.We opened our doors in 1992 and utilize only the freshest ingredients to create time-tested dishes from scratch, without the use of MSG or preservatives.We believe in the power of genuine food and provide a variety of healthy selections, including vegetarian and vegan options.

    • In our deli, we produce our own sauces, mozzarella, grilled and roasted veggies, bread, pizza dough, and desserts.
    • Our sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, pizza, and main meals are all cooked to order at Giolitti.
    • Annapolis now has a genuine flavor of Italy, thanks to the efforts of owner Mary Giolitti, who has merged her passion for wonderful food and superb wine.

    In addition to the owners, the following team members contribute to the success of the business: Manager Kathy Hunter, Manager and Catering Director Cheryl Molesky, Head Baker Porfirio Diaz, Executive Chef Alfredo Escobar, and Deli Manager Noe Merino.If you need to get in touch with us, please visit our contact page or phone us at 410.266.8600.Also, make sure to follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog!

    Italy, neapolitan pizza, flour, Giolitti Delicatessen, Giolitti Deli, pizza Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world.This entry was posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 at 8:47 pm and is filed under Pizza.You can keep up to date with any replies to this item through the RSS 2.0 feed.Commenting and pinging are temporarily closed for this post.

    Why is Caputo 00 Flour the best for Pizzas?- WE FOUND OUT!

    If you want to start making your favorite pizzas at home, you need be prepared with the necessary skills and supplies.This essay about Caputo 00 flour discusses the greatest flour, what makes it so special, and why everyone wants to use it while preparing a Neapolitan pizza, as well as the benefits of using it.This essay will go over all you need to know about Caputo 00 Flour so that you can comprehend it better.

    • While it is simple to make a delicious pizza, there are several factors to consider, including accuracy, heat, temperature control, and, most importantly, high-quality toppings.
    • A decent pizza will be determined by these factors.
    • As a result, the flour is possibly the most significant ingredient for preparing pizza since it allows you to customize and experiment with the other components such as the sauce, cheese, and toppings of the pizza.

    On the other hand, the flour must be of the highest quality in order to achieve the desired finish.If you want a crispy pizza crust, the type of flour you use and the way you prepare it are both important considerations.It is one of the major firms that produces high-quality flour for use in a variety of pasta and bread recipes.

    Caputo is based in Italy.This implies that they offer one of the greatest flours available for use in your favorite pizza recipes as well.Consequently, in this essay, we will examine the many components of this incredible pizza flour, as well as how to cook with it and generate the greatest dough by following the right processing procedures and techniques.

    What Is Caputo 00 Flour?

    If you want to talk about real pizza, you should prepare your pizzas with Antimo Caputo 00 Flour, which is imported from Italy.It is a sort of flour that may be used to produce Neapolitan pizzas in the comfort of your own home.So, yes, you can use it with various sorts of pizzas; in fact, it is the finest alternative available right now, in my opinion.

    • This sort of flour is produced in Italy by a firm named Antimo Caputo, or Caputo for short, which is situated in Naples.
    • This implies that they are well-versed in the art of making real Neapolitan pizza.
    • The Antimo brand from Italy is well-known around the world for the flour that they make.

    They are not the same as other brands that you may encounter in supermarkets since they are real and have been verified for quality.It is possible to produce the greatest pizzas at home or anywhere else with the Italian Caputo 00 flour, which is a high-quality brand of flour that you can use to make the best pizzas.Because it is of the highest quality, it differs from any other sort of flour that you may have used in the past to make pizzas.

    The texture, flavor, and nutritional value are all ideal for preparing the greatest dough for your favorite pizza recipe.It is possible to get Caputo flour in a variety of varieties, but the Tipo 00 flour is the company’s best-known product.This fine-milled flour pairs nicely with whatever sort of pizza sauce or topping you like.

    What is the Gluten Content in Caputo 00?

    When it comes to pizza dough, the gluten level of the wheat is incredibly significant since it dictates how elastic or flexible the dough will be.It is also the protein that is activated by the yeast, which is responsible for the incredible texture.When compared to other regularly used flours for pizza, the Caputo 00 has a higher gluten content, but not an excessive amount.

    • Because it is somewhat larger than typical, it may be stretched and kneaded even more heavily.
    • The Caputo 00 has 12.5 percent gluten, which is the ideal quantity for giving your pizza dough exactly the right amount of stretch.
    • With this amount of gluten in the wheat, it is possible to construct thin-crust pizzas.

    One of the things I enjoy about the Caputo flour is that it can be used to produce a thin crust pizza that is both chewy and crispy.

    What’s So Special About Caputo 00 Flour?

    For the most part, there are two key reasons why Caputo 00 Flour stands apart from the crowd.First and foremost, it is finely ground, allowing you to get the ideal ratio of water to yeast when you process it, making it more controllable.As you can see, the Caputo 00 or Tipo 00 flour is finely ground, which allows you to mold or knead it with relative ease.

    • To get the consistency that you desire, you must, nevertheless, be meticulous in your preparation.
    • Because the grains have been carefully ground, the tastes of each grain are revealed, and you can taste the genuineness.
    • The second reason is that it contains a little greater concentration of gluten than ordinary flour.

    Gluten is a protein that is found in flour and is broken down by the yeast that grows on it.The greater the amount of gluten present in the dough, the more stretchier the dough will be without breaking as it is molded into thin doughs.Due to the fact that it will not break readily, this flour may be used to construct thin-crust pizza with little difficulty.

    However, the gluten content is not overwhelming, as seen by the fact that the crust retains its crunch.

    What Is The Difference Between All-Purpose Flour And 00 Flour? 

    The objective of this portion of the post is to explain why Tipo 00 flour is superior to all-purpose flour rather than to discuss the distinctions between the two.As you can see, they both have the identical ingredients, however the 00 flour is far superior.Consider this: When comparing the 00 flour to all-purpose flour, the first thing you’ll notice is how the flour has been milled.

    • When compared to the all-purpose flour that you already have, the 00 flour is significantly finer milled.
    • When you take it up, it feels as if it has been powdered, and it softly glides off your fingertips as you hold it.
    • Pizzas and other pasta and bread recipes that call for all-purpose flour must be modified to accommodate the flour’s usage in them.

    The gluten level varies as well, as you will notice that the Tipo 00 flour has significantly more gluten than all-purpose flour.When you knead and shape it, it becomes stretchier and more elastic as a result of the increased stretch.Because of the strong relationship that exists between the gluten content and the activation of yeast, slow and cold fermentation are ideal when using Tipo 00 flour, which has a greater gluten concentration than regular flour.

    Different Types Of Caputo Flour 

    The flour available from Caputo is diverse, and you may find what you’re looking for.They each have their own set of names, but the color of the bag in which they are packed makes it easy to distinguish between them.Although there aren’t many distinctions between the several varieties of Caputo 00 flour, can they all be used in the same pasta and bread recipes?

    • Yes, however you will notice that one is superior to the other due to a tiny variation in the contents between the two.
    • Take, for example, the Caputo Chef’s flour or the Caputo Red, which are both available.
    • Because it has a higher proportion of protein or gluten than the other flours, Chef’s flour is ideal for lengthy fermentation periods.

    The Chef’s flour has 13 percent gluten, indicating that it is a robust flour of high quality.It may keep its shape for several days, and when you ferment it, there is a lot of material for the yeast to work with to do its job.The Caputo Blue or the Caputo Pizzeria has a lesser protein level than the Chef’s Flour, which means that the Caputo Pizzeria and Blue does not stretch as much as the Chef’s Flour, but it may still be used to produce excellent pizza when the situation calls for it.

    This Caputo Pizzeria flour is ideal if you want to make your pizza as soon as it is purchased.Alternatively, you may ferment the dough for up to 8 hours, which will provide you with all of the delightful flavors you want from the dough.

    Which Caputo Flour is best For making Pizzas?

    As you can see from the comparison above, Caputo employs two major types of flour, from which you can select one to use while making your pizza.That is dependent on how you would like to prepare your pizza for consumption.The Caputo Red or the Chef’s Flour are the best options if you enjoy baking pizzas with an extended fermentation period to extract as much of the distinctive flavor as possible from your ingredients.

    • Because of its reduced protein concentration, Caputo Blue is a good option for those looking to prepare pizza dough fast.
    • This will be completed in a short period of time, and you may even let it to increase inside 8 hours.
    • The type of flour you choose will be determined by how you intend to cook your pizza.

    For those who need it right away, the Caputo Blue is available; for those who want to wait and preserve it for later use, the Caputo Red is an excellent choice.You can get 1 kilogram of this flour on many websites, or you can purchase a 15 kg bag if you plan on preparing a large number of pizzas.The 1 kilogram package is better suitable for home chefs, whilst the 15 kg package is more suitable for commercial pizzerias.

    Which Pizza Flour Should You Pick?

    Based on the comparison above, Caputo employs two primary flours, from which you may select one to utilize in the preparation of your pizza.All of this is dependent on how you choose to prepare your pizza.The Caputo Red or the Chef’s Flour are the best options if you enjoy baking pizzas that have an extended fermentation period to extract as much of the distinctive taste as possible.

    • As a result of its decreased protein concentration, Caputo Blue is an excellent choice for making pizza dough rapidly.
    • This is going to be completed soon, and you may even let it to rise within 8 hours after completion.
    • Choosing the right flour for your pizza will be determined by how you intend to cook your creation.

    For those who need it right away, the Caputo Blue is available; for those who want to wait and preserve it for later use, the Caputo Red is available as well.When ordering this flour, you may choose between 1 kilogram and 15 kg packages depending on how many pizzas you intend to make.Although the 1 kilogram package is more suited for home chefs

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