When Was Freddy Fazbear’S Pizza Built?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a pizzeria set up by Fazbear Entertainment open from 1988 to 1993, and where the event of Five Nights at Freddy’s takes place. It is home to the animatronic entertainers, Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy.
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997) The third restaurant that Fazbear Entertainment created. Opened in 1997, this restaurant had all the animatronics from Fredbear & Friends (excluding Fredbear), repaired so that they would work properly again.

Why did they shut down Freddy Fazbear pizza?

The Puppet, wanting to help Purple Guy’s innocent victims, gave life to the animatronics by stuffing children in them. They were stuffed to Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Fredbear. The pizzeria shut down because of the animatronics smelling bad.

Did FNAF 1 burn down?

After beating Nightmare (Night 6), the player receives a newspaper informing that Fazbear’s Fright burned down before opening to the public. The cause of the fire is unknown, but is hinted in Night 1’s phone call to be a result of faulty wiring.

Is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza real real?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a purely fictional establishment. Photos and videos set forth by people within the community are works of photo manipulation and are not real. It’s worth noting that the number 1-888-FAZ-FAZBEAR is indeed a real number, but is unrelated to the franchise.

Is Freddy Fazbears pizza Still Open 2021?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is set to close by the end of the year, as potential buyers do not want to be associated with the tainted reputation of the company HOWEVER, WE ARE STILL OPEN, AND LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS!

What is the bite of 1987?

The Bite of ’87 was an event that occurred in the Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 restaurant in 1987. it allegedly caused the loss of the frontal lobe of the victim’s brain. Mangle is the main animatronic of accusation.

How old is Henry FNaF?


Age Unknown
Name Henry Emily
Hair color Light brown
Color eyes Black
Height 5’6

Who is Cassidy in FNaF?

Cassidy is a little girl with long black hair and possesses Bonnie. However, in the game series as confirmed by the Animatronics, she is a little boy with blackish blonde hair, possesses Golden Freddy, and possess a little girl-like voice.

Who possesses Golden Freddy?

Golden Freddy is a major character in The Silver Eyes. Unlike the games, He is possessed by a boy named Michael Brooks. In The Silver Eyes, he is also implied to be the mascot suit used to lure the children to the back room.

Was FNaF 1987 real?

You just got trolled, as this movie never existed.

Was the bite of 87 real?

The bite of 1987 is in reference to an occurrence that happened in a fictional video game in the horror video game released in 2014 called Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Is FNaF real in 2021?

Blumhouse confirmed late last year that the movie would be shot in Spring 2021 and shared a Reddit link to series creator Scott Cawthon.

Who founded Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza?

William Afton was the founder of Fazbear Entertainment and creator of all the animatronics featured in Fazbear Entertainment. He had 2 sons named Max and Cameron.

Who owns FNaF now?

Houston, Texas, U.S. Scott Braden Cawthon (born June 4, 1978) is a former American video game developer and writer. He is the creator of the Five Nights at Freddy’s media franchise, which began with the development of the eponymous survival horror game in 2014.


Year Title
TBA Five Nights at Freddy’s

Where Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is located?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Palace 2819 E Washington Blvd Pasadena, CA – MapQuest. Show tutorial hints NEW!

Fazbear Ent. History

  • This page is currently under renovation!
  • At the age of 14, William Afton was awestruck by the animatronics at Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre in Los Angeles.
  • When he grew up, he wanted to work with animatronics in some capacity.
  • A decade later, he founded ″Fazbear Entertainment,″ which allowed him to pursue his lifelong passion of working with animatronics.
  • He worked on animatronics for the television show mentioned below.

Fredbear & Friends! (1983)

  • Fredbear & Friends!
  • was the first (and only) television show produced by Fazbear Entertainment.
  • It aired on the Disney Channel in the United States.
  • In it, there were animatronic figures who could communicate and interact with one another.
  • Fredbear, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy the Pirate were among the characters in the show.

On several occasions, there would be a disagreement, and then Fredbear or Freddy would resolve it while singing a song that was relevant to the solution.It is most often the case that the disagreement was caused by someone making a mistake or by Foxy.Even though Foxy was meant to be the main antagonist of the program, he turned out to be a kind man in the restaurants.William was really pleased with himself for being able to create the animatronics while still directing the performance.

  1. Unfortunately, the show was canceled because it was too expensive to program five animatronic characters, which resulted in the production being scrapped.
  2. However, after four years, in 1987, the program was given a second chance on television before being formally discontinued in 1990.

Fredbear’s Family Diner (1987)

  • This was the first restaurant that Fazbear Entertainment designed and built from the ground up.
  • The restaurant had two animatronic creatures, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, who could be seen from left to right on the menu.
  • Fredbear was a character from the animated series Fredbear & Friends!
  • Spring Bonnie, on the other hand, was something quite else.
  • It wasn’t only animatronics that were used in this scene; they were also wearable suits.

This was made feasible by the use of ″SpringLocks,″ which were internal pieces of the animatronics that ‘locked’ and held back animatronic parts, then when unlocked,’sprung’ the parts back into place again.As a result, the term ″SpringLock″ was coined.In order for it to operate as a suit, one would need to open a small door in the rear of the animatronic and place a crank into the opening.Afterwards, one would spin the crank counter-clockwise until the machine was in ″costume mode.″ Then one would remove the mascot’s head and get inside the body of the creature.

  1. After that, one would place the mask over their head and then engage in child-friendly activities!
  2. When they got out, they would spin the crank in the opposite direction of the clock, and the machine would be able to work as an animatronic.
  3. Fazbear Entertainment, on the other hand, discontinued the production of Springlock Suits after two Springlock Failures.
  4. The Prize Corner, where one could purchase little walking and talking animatronics known as ″Spring Bonnie Walk-n-Talks,″ was another unique feature of the convention.
  5. They were essentially little Spring Bonnies that were completely moveable and could communicate with their owners.
  6. In addition, in the Prize Corner, one may purchase ″meal″ for him.
  1. In the case of putting it in one’s mouth, one would ″feed″ it by softly biting at it.
  2. Unfortunately, youngsters continued sticking their fingers into it, causing it to bite them in the process.
  3. It didn’t seem to bother the kids too much, but it did affect the small toddlers.
  4. People began referring to it as ″Plushtrap″ or ″Fingertrap″ at that point.
  5. They also have Fredbear plush toys for sale.
  6. Fredbear’s was forced to close its doors in 1986 due to financial difficulties.

Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction was created after Fredbear was cancelled, and Spring Bonnie was retained at the 1997 Freddy’s (Backstage, of course) until being discovered and used in Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction.

(The New and Improved) Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1987)

An old photo of The Showstage ″Toy″ Freddy
  • Fazbear Entertainment’s second restaurant venture was a success, as was the first.
  • The primary mascot was given the moniker ″Toy Freddy Fazbear,″ while his bandmates were given the names ″Toy Bonnie″ and ″Toy Chica″ respectively.
  • There was also Funtime Foxy, who was a ″put together and take apart″ activity that guests could participate in.
  • These four animatronics were the most technologically advanced that Fazbear Entertainment has ever produced.
  • They were outfitted with facial recognition technology, which allowed them to scan someone while they were gazing at them and match them to the criminal database, as well as call the police if they suspected a criminal was there.

This location also included two new characters, Balloon Boy (abbreviated BB) and The Puppet, who were introduced in the previous location.The goal of BB’s appearance was to advertise balloons.(Thus, the sign he was holding that said Balloons.) He didn’t move, but he had a speaker in his mouth through which he could ″spoke″ and advertise the fact that you could obtain balloons at The Prize Corner if you went to the right place.In addition to expressing things like ″hi!″ and ″hello!″ and even laughing, he could be observed saying things like ″hi!″ and ″hello!″ The Puppet was essentially a cardboard box with a puppet inside.

  1. Every time the crank on it’s music box was turned, it would play a song, which was usually ″My Grandfather’s Clock.″ When the music ended, the lid gently opened, allowing The Puppet to slowly emerge and say something before slowly re-entering the room with the lid still open.
  2. The Murray Bridge Bunyip’s motions were quite similar to that of this creature.
  3. It was decided to name the main band and Funtime Foxy after the characters from Fredbear & Friends!
  4. (See the preceding paragraph.) This Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was closed down after four weeks of operation.
  5. This was due to the fact that six killings happened both inside and outside of the structure.
  6. The first five victims were all youngsters, and the sixth victim will be discussed further below.
  1. Mistakes with the toy animatronics forced the company to abandon the project.
  2. All of the animatronics from Fredbear & Friends, on the other hand, were kept in the Parts & Service Room (excluding Fredbear).
  3. They were kept on hand in the event that the corporation underwent a restructure.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997)

  • This is the third restaurant that Fazbear Entertainment has developed.
  • This restaurant, which opened its doors in 1997, had all of the animatronics from Fredbear & Friends (with the exception of Fredbear) fixed so that they could function correctly once again.
  • They were outfitted in new suits that were styled after the previous ones, but the endoskeleton remained the same as it had been.
  • These animatronics were previously housed in the Parts & Service Room of the previous restaurant, which was closed down shortly after.
  • The members of the band went by the names of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, and Chica the Chicken, among others.

Foxy the Pirate had his own stage (Pirate Cove), which was subsequently taken out of commission.It was a few years later in 2002 that a second tragedy happened, this time involving five children who were slain in the pizzeria’s backstage area.Although the culprit was subsequently apprehended, neither the children nor their bodies were ever discovered.Following the killings, less and fewer customers began to visit Freddy’s, and the firm was unable to make enough money to stay profitable.

  1. They tried a few different things to balance their budget, such as removing the arcade games that were next to Pirate Cove and shutting down Pirate Cove altogether, but it didn’t help.
  2. In 2003, the pizzeria was forced to shut.
  3. It was also forced to close due to a terrible odor emanating from within the pizza.
  4. No one has a clue as to why this is happening.
  5. The fact that this pizza is the one that Fazbear Entertainment is most well-known for is a fun fact.
  6. As a result, we chose the moniker Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza rather than Fazbear Entertainment for the website.)

Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction

A Freddy mask with a light inside
  • ‘Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction was the very first attraction that Fazbear Entertainment designed and built.
  • It was a copy of the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which was housed within a local amusement park, and it was intended to resurrect the decades-old urban legend that the restaurants were haunted by ghosts.
  • A few (soon-to-be) managers were rummaging into the old pizza, which can be seen above, in search of items and decorations for Fazbear’s Fright when the attraction was still in the early stages of construction.
  • The following is a list of the things they discovered: – Remaining animatronic elements from the backstage area – Illustrations by children • Posters; arcade equipment; a rusted crate containing animatronic elements from the 1987 Freddy’s and Fredbear and Friends films; and more!
  • – A fan – A guy made of cardboard and paper plates – A desk- The Puppet’s mask (from the 1987 Freddy’s mascot).

– ″Present″ decorations made of plastic The following day, they received a tip about an elderly animatronic from Fredbear’s Family Diner, Spring Bonnie, who had been locked up in a room for some time.They then incorporate all of this information into the attraction.Patrons would go through the structure as they were walking through a haunted home, with Spring Bonnie following them.The facility was outfitted with antique animatronic components and uniforms, as well as dark lighting and realistic decor.

  1. With rips and tears covering his entire body, Spring Bonnie had been severely wounded.
  2. His hue had been tainted with a dirty golden-greenish tint, and he was tinted with a dirty golden-greenish tint.
  3. This is most likely due to years of decaying and gathering dust in the structure.
  4. The attraction was scheduled to open every Halloween season, however it was destroyed by fire before it could even open its doors.
  5. This was most likely caused by improper wiring.
  6. Few things survived the fire, and those that did were auctioned off in the open market.
  1. (See our Collectibles page for further information.)

William Afton

  • William Afton was the founder of Fazbear Entertainment as well as the designer of all of the animatronics that appear in the Fazbear Entertainment films and shows.
  • Max and Cameron were the names of his two kids.
  • Max was quite sensitive and had a tendency to cry quickly.
  • Cameron used this as an excuse to bully him.
  • Because William was the original developer of the animatronics, he often kept a few of the animatronics at his home.

Cameron intimidated Max by putting on plastic masks from the Prize Corner and frightening him.Max was terrified.Cameron, on the other hand, swiftly realized that he had been a bully during Max’s 10th birthday celebration.Max held his party at Fredbear’s Family Diner, and he was hurt by an animatronic when Cameron and his pals forced him into the animatronic’s jaws while playing a game.

  1. The animatronics SpringLocks sprang loose and ″bit″ Max, causing him to suffer a concussion.
  2. It was necessary for the doctor to execute a lobotomy in order for him to live.
  3. And that’s exactly what he did.
  4. A month later, Max was discovered dead in front of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1987), which had been suddenly closed.
  5. Only William and Cameron were left in the family, leaving no one else.
  6. William was on the verge of giving up on Fazbear Entertainment as a result of this.
  1. However, after ten years, he desired to open another restaurant in memory of his son, who had passed away.
  2. As a result, he established Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1997.
  3. Even though he had a less budget than the first Freddy’s in 1987, he made every effort to make it as safe as possible so that no one was injured.
  4. However, after six years, five children went missing within the pizza, and as a result, fewer people began to patronize the establishment.
  5. In 2003, William was forced to close the restaurant due to financial constraints.
  6. William was not to be seen the next day.
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Nobody was able to locate him, and Cameron was forced to relocate to his mother’s home until he reached the age of 19.Many people have come to assume that all of the restaurants that Fazbear Entertainment has built are haunted as a result of this.Particularly the 1997 Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which has been in operation for longer than Fredbear’s, the other Freddy’s, or Fazbear’s Fright has been in operation for longer than any of the others.Despite the fact that it is closed.

Other Cool Facts

  • In the movie Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997), the character says Each member of The Fazbear Band has his or her own curtain that could be raised and lowered independently.
  • In the movie Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997), the character says Bonnie and Chica would be the only ones to perform on Easter Sunday because rabbits and chickens are both traditional Easter symbols.
  • This would mean that Freddy’s separate curtain would be closed.
  • In the movie Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997), the character says Popcorn was on the menu, and it was served as people sat and watched the band perform.
  • In the film Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1987), the character says Freddy’s Pizza, which opened in 1987, used to bring pizza right to your door.

In 1997, however, this was not the case anymore.In the movie Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997), the character says Bonnie’s ″fur″ was initially lavender, but it was altered to a purplish-blue color in 2001 owing to misconception that Bonnie was a female, rather than a guy, when the character was introduced.- (Fredbear & Friends!1983; Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 1997; Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 1998) The ″fur″ of the animatronics felt similar to a dry fabric softener sheet on metal.

  1. In the movie Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (1997), the character says To demonstrate the SpringLock Suits that he planned to use, William dressed himself like a yellow bear to remind people of Fredbear’s Family Diner.
  2. However, it was deemed too unsafe and he had to put it in the backstage area.
  3. In the building, there are some lights that actually function!
  4. (Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, 1997) There are some lights in the building that actually work!
  5. This is due to the fact that the entire facility is powered by a large generator.
  6. In the year 1983, Fredbear and Friends were on the air.
  1. For all of the episodes, the animatronics were placed in front of a green screen to be seen by the audience.
  2. After that, a backdrop was added in post-production.

Our History

Our restaurant has a long and intriguing history, and our institution has undergone many changes and evolutions throughout the years. This is the true tale of the origins of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.

Fredbear’s Family Diner

Originally titled ″Fredbear’s Family Diner,″ the first Fredbear’s restaurant opened in 1973 as a neighborhood gathering place for families. There were no arcade games, and the business did not specialize on pizza. There were just two Animatronics left by that point. A couple of cartoon characters named Fredbear (also known as Golden Freddy) and Bonnie.

The Pizza Place

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 1.0

Eventually, the restaurant was sold, and the new owners chose to bring it back into the modern day. In addition to our well-known tagline, the new owner chose to present our beloved characters: Freddy FazbearTM, Bonnie The BunnyTM, Chica The ChickenTM, and Foxy The Pirate FoxTM to the public.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 2.0

  • After undergoing a renovation in the 1980s, the management considered repairing the animatronics from the original pizzeria and began retrofitting them with some of the newer technology, but they rejected this idea and instead decided to use the animatronics for parts and go in a completely different direction, creating new super kid-friendly animatronics, which they dubbed Toys.
  • Foxy was the most heavily remodeled of the group, having his fur dyed white and his gender altered, as well as having his pirate role erased.
  • They also introduced two new characters, the Puppet or Marionette, and Billy, who were both quite popular.
  • As for the Balloon Boy, the Puppet played the role of a Jack in the Box, popping out of a music box to delight youngsters, while Balloon Boy, as his name implies, distributed balloons to the children.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 3.0

  • Our new corporate identity The original designs of the Fazbear’s Gang have been brought back, but with fresh new animatronics, as part of our current exhibit.
  • We have relocated from our prior site, and we are really pleased with our new establishment.
  • We’ve also included a new adults-only menu for those who prefer something other than pizza on their pizza night.
  • As you can see, we are constantly striving to improve your experience, and while our establishment has evolved over the years, our mission has remained the same: to provide a beautiful place for children and adults alike.
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a place where fantasy and good times are brought to life!

The following people deserve credit for their work with TM Images:

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a pizzeria owned by Fazbear Entertainment that operated from 1988 to 1993 and is the setting for the event Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  • It is also the location for the event Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  • It is the home of the animatronic performers Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy, as well as other characters.
  • Even while violent occurrences can occur at any time of day or night, the majority of the movement and activity takes place at night.


  • Evenings at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza are dimly lit, as is the rest of the restaurant.
  • Additionally, the place is covered in pizza decorations and slices of pizza, a black and white tiled room, and other various decorations that have been strewn about the establishment in an unorganized manner, and the place is covered in posters with the characters saying various things such as ″Play, Party, Eat.″


Among the facilities’ rooms are the Show Stage, the Kitchen, the Pirate Cove, the Restrooms, the Dining Area, the West Hall, the East Hall, the West Hall Corner, and the East Hall Corner, the Backstage, the Supply Closet, and your office. There are a total of 12 rooms available.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 1

Show Stage, Kitchen, Pirate Cove, Restrooms, Dining Area, West Hall, East Hall, West Hall Corner, East Hall Corner, Backstage, Supply Closet, and your Office are some of the rooms in the institution. In all, there are 12 rooms.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

While the second game takes place in a new, larger Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant, the pizzeria from the first game serves as the setting for a tiny sequence of dream cutscenes towards the conclusion of the night in the first game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

  • Contrary to the previous games, the site does not show in its entirety, but a reconstruction of the area may be viewed during the night minigames that take place at the conclusion of the night.
  • Among those that were left were Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica on the Show Stage, while Foxy was left in Pirate Cove.
  • At some time, William Afton returned to the Pizzeria and took refuge in the Safe Room, where he worked to remove the animatronics in the restaurant.
  • In order to disassemble each of the main four animatronics, Shadow Freddy enticed them in with a gimmick.
  • They then pursued William into the Spring Bonnie suit, which failed while he was still inside it, killing him and transforming him into Springtrap.

Springtrap was finally discovered by the Fazbear’s Fright team 30 years after the Pizzeria was closed, when an architect of one of the buildings disclosed the presence of the Safe Room, which led to the discovery of Springtrap.

Help Wanted

The Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza from Freddy Fazbear’s Nightmare on Elm Street returns as a digital reproduction in the Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience. Every FNaF 1 level, as well as the Parts and Service levels, have it visible to the player at all times. All of the rooms from the original game, including the Kitchen, may be viewed in this level.


  • According to Mike Schmidt’s paycheck, Five Nights at Freddy’s takes place during the week of November 8th to November 13th in an unknown year during the week of November 8th to November 13th. The most plausible scenario is that the game takes place in the 1990s, due to the fact that the minimum wage was roughly $4-5 an hour (after taxes) during that time period
  • this was the final Freddy’s location to be called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
  • and the fact that the game is set in the 1990s.


  • Freddy and his ilk A distinct ″enhanced″ version of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza appears to have been a larger institution before the events of the first game took place, since it was open for a brief period of time in 1987 before the events of the game took place.
  • According to a newspaper article published after the team defeated Night 6 in the second game, the restaurant will be closed soon.
  • Though not ruled off, the potential of reopening is suggested, although with a smaller budget.
  • This helps to explain why the restaurant in the first game has restricted electricity, is in a smaller setting, and only has four active animatronics rather than six in the sequel.


Party Rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as the Game Area, Prize Corner, Air Vents, and Parts/Service are among the new additions to this institution. In addition to this, rooms that are comparable to those seen in the original game, such as the Office, Main Hall, Show Stage, and Kid’s Cove, are featured.


  • During the summer of 1987, Fazbear Entertainment established a new, larger facility, with Phone Guy serving as the location’s manager.
  • Pizzeria contained upgraded copies of the original animatronics, referred to as the ‘Toy’ animatronics, as well as Balloon Boy and the Puppet as animatronic mascots.
  • These animatronics were fitted with facial recognition software that was linked to a criminal database to deter criminal activity.
  • In the beginning, the company intended to repair the original animatronics and begin retrofitting them with the new technology, but this plan was eventually scrapped.
  • William worked as a technician at the pizzeria, and after protesting about the working conditions, he was transferred to the dayshift.

It is highly indicated that the Toy animatronics are in the possession of five more innocent children, so he employed the Spring Bonnie costume to murder them.As the week unfolds, horrific things begin to occur within the restaurant, prompting an inquiry, a lockdown, and ultimately the establishment’s closure.A police investigation was launched as a result of this.After a while, the building was placed on lockdown, and Jeremy Fitzgerald was transferred to the daytime shift.

  1. There were plans for the structure to be decommissioned, with one final birthday party booked as the final event, which would probably take place during the Bite of ’87.
  2. After Fritz Smith’s shift ended, the Pizzeria was forced to close after just a few weeks in business.


In Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, the presence of a Toy Chica figure without her beak inside Dreamgeist’s brain, as well as the inclusion of Toy Animatronics figurines in the Night 3 minigames from the previous game, it is hinted that the pizzeria may have existed before to 1987.

In the opinion of Phone Guy, Jeremy was the second security guard to ever work at the facility. In addition to additional statements from Phone Guy during the same call, the place is proven to have been open for the previous two weeks, including any days it was closed.

  • It is here that the incident of The Silver Eyes takes place, which takes place in an abandoned pizzeria put up by Fazbear Entertainment in 1984 and 1986.
  • It is the home of the animatronic performers Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy, as well as other characters.
  • Even while violent occurrences can occur at any time of day or night, the majority of the movement and activity takes place at night.


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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, commonly referred to as ″Freddy’s,″ is a fictitious place in the video games Five Nights at Freddy’s and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a fictional location in the video games Five Nights at Freddy’s and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.
  • A family restaurant in the vein of ShowBiz Pizza Place and Chuck E.
  • Cheese’s, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza delivers entertainment in the form of animatronic mascots that sing and dance to the music of the business’s theme song.
  • It is Freddy Fazbear himself who is the principal mascot and figurehead of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, accompanied by Bonnie and Chica, who form his upbeat band of characters.

History of Facts

  • Following the phone conversation with the Phone Guy in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, the original business was known as ″Fredbear’s Family Diner,″ which was probably a local family diner, before being purchased and re-opened as ″Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.″ After years had passed, the original diner and its owner were no longer there as the events of the second game unfold.
  • In the original game, according to various changed posters, an event happened in which a guy, supposedly disguised in a Freddy Fazbear outfit, led five children into the rear of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, but nowhere does it state that he was responsible for their deaths.
  • Although the culprit was subsequently apprehended, neither the children nor their bodies were ever discovered.
  • After receiving several complaints of blood and mucus oozing from the suits as well as a foul stench, the eatery is reportedly scheduled to close later this year, according to the original game’s storyline.
  • Furthermore, business has been slow, and the management has been unable to locate a buyer for the pizza, leaving them with little alternative but to close the establishment down completely.
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As a result of the accidents, the restaurant has been unable to generate a significant quantity of income.As a result, a power budget was implemented during the nighttime hours of operation.Another factor for the closure is the lack of a suitable replacement for the existing staff members.This implies that electricity must be utilized with caution throughout the night part of the game, as there will be no additional delivery of power during this period.

  1. Door opening, lights on and even the use of the security cameras will cause the power to deplete, depending on how much the player is using the electricity.
  2. The player must survive all five nights in order to complete the basic game; however, after completing the 5th Night, the player is granted access to the 6th Night.
  3. After completing the 6th Night, a new 7th Night is unlocked, which allows the player to adjust the complexity of the animatronic’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) from 0 to 20.
  4. While playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, it appears that Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a larger establishment than it was during the original game’s events.
  5. According to a newspaper article published after beating Night 6 in the second game, the establishment would be shuttered and maybe rebuilt, but with a smaller budget.
  6. Because of this, it is possible that the restaurant in the first game has limited power.


  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is reminiscent of, and may have been inspired by, Chuck E. Cheese’s, a real-life family entertainment center that sells pizza, caters parties, and has an animatronic band of singing mascots, as well as a retired fox character (Munch’s Make-Believe Band), all of which are featured in the film. It might also be a connection to ShowBiz Pizza Place, a similar restaurant that included an animatronic band (the Rock-afire Explosion), which included a guitar-playing bear named Billy Bob
  • it could also be a homage to ShowBiz Pizza Place
  • and it could be a nod to ShowBiz Pizza Place.
  • Both the period on which the game is expected to take place (November 8 to 12 in 1993) and the quantity of animatronics involved are comparable to those in the Nathan Dunlap case.
  • According to Mike Schmidt’s paycheck, the events of Five Nights at Freddy’s took place in an unknown year between the week of November 8th to November 13th (most likely 1993). The chance that the game takes place in the 1990s is increased by the fact that the minimum wage was roughly $4-5 an hour (after taxes) during that time period. Because of this, many believe that the game takes place around 1993, which would suggest that the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Fredbear’s Family Diner, opened its doors about 1973, as Phone Guy says: ″What if I was forced to sing the same idiotic songs for twenty years and I never took a bath?″ It was 1977 when the first Chuck E. Cheese’s was established. In Five Nights At Freddy’s 2, there is no kitchen in the pizza. It might be a clerical error, or it could simply not be displayed
  • According to Jeremy Fitzgerald’s paycheck, the events in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 took place during the week of November 8th to November 13th, 1987.
  • The continuous operation of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza defies logic, given the working conditions are very hazardous and in violation of federal and state worker safety regulations.
  • A missing person report will be made within 90 days after the discovery of damage or death, or as soon as the property and premises have been fully cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced, according to the phone guy who worked with Mike. This means that the firm will thoroughly wipe up any evidence of the player’s death before informing the authorities of the incident. They also do not state whether or not they will notify the police if someone died on the job, but they do state that they will submit a missing person’s report instead. They will attempt to keep the player’s death a secret, most likely for their own advantage
  • and
  • Many people are divided on whether or not Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza truly exists, which is understandable given that the establishment is legitimate. However, the image has been digitally modified, as seen by how incorrectly aligned the lettering are, thus denying the existence of the pizzeria.
  • East Hall was previously referred to as Backstage in the Five Nights At Freddy’s gameplay video that Scott released to his YouTube channel, and the East Hall Corner was incorrectly labeled as ″W. Hall Corner″ in the video (as was the actual West Hall Corner). The letter could have been a typo, as it was only one letter off and still on the east side of the building
  • unlike any other surveillance system used in other establishments, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza does not have a camera view of the entrance, nor can it be seen on the map
  • the letter could have been a typo, as it was only one letter off and still on the east side of the building

The Origins of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria

  • The date was August 27, 1971.
  • On the morning of August 27th, 1971, the sky was clear.
  • It had only been a few days since Robert Fazworth finished the drawings for the new restaurant he had envisioned: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.
  • For a long time, he had been thinking about how he might make his restaurant appealing to the entire family, and turn it into a location where both children and adults could have a good time while spending some quality time together.
  • He was in a museum one day when he saw an animatronic version of Abraham Lincoln, and it hit him like a truck.

A band of mechanical animals would be assembled to attract youngsters, while adults would delight in the famous songs that the animatronics sang, not to mention the adult-only cocktails he would provide.He named the primary animatronic, Freddy Fazbear, after his grandpa, Fredrick Fazworth, who was the inspiration for the character.A bit less imaginative were the names of the other animatronics: Chica the Chicken and Bonnie the Bunny, to name a couple.That didn’t make a difference, though.

  1. His long-held ambition of having his own restaurant was finally becoming a reality for him.
  2. Robert received a phone call from the technician on October 1, 1971, informing him that the production of the animatronics would be far more expensive than they had anticipated.
  3. Robert had asked for extremely powerful artificial intelligence for his machines; he would accept nothing less than the finest.
  4. Nonetheless, he inquired as to if there was anything they could do to bring the price down any further.
  5. They informed him that they had been working on an experimental artificial intelligence, and that if he was interested in participating in this project, it would be far less expensive than the conventional AI he had asked.
  6. He agreed to join.
  1. He accepted without asking any additional questions since he was too distracted by his grandiose idea.
  2. The project was completed on October 6, 1971, despite the fact that the specialists worked around the clock.
  3. They had already begun investigating how the human brain interacts with artificial nerves and attempting to devise a method of preventing the mechanical body from rejecting the brain they had discovered.
  4. Mr.
  5. Fazworth’s request just provided them with an opportunity to put the new robots through their paces in public and observe how they react to their surroundings.
  6. A method for inserting a human brain into the skull of an endoskeleton and connecting it to the endoskeleton’s nerves has been developed after months of study.

This would allow the brain to have total control over the body.The brain of a deceased person might be brought back to life using this procedure, assuming the brain is kept quickly enough after the death.They installed a safety switch on the endoskeleton for the sake of safety.If this button is hit, the ″free will″ of the user is turned off, and a crude artificial intelligence takes over the body.The four models were despatched to Mr.Fazworth once all of the bugs had been smoothed out of the system.

  1. The date was October 20, 1971.
  2. When he got the shipment of robotic endoskeletons, Robert couldn’t contain his excitement; the suits he had custom constructed for them had only arrived the day before.
  3. The fact that he had actually received one more than he had requested left him a bit bewildered when he opened the package.
  4. ″Well, with the price of these items, I SHOULD be able to acquire four…″ He thought about awhile, and then soon came up with an idea for a new animatronic to accompany the original band he had created.

Many ideas popped into his head, but he ultimately landed on Foxy the Pirate as his final choice.Children may accompany Foxy on his zany excursions at Pirate Cove once they had finished listening to the band perform on stage.He sketched out a design and placed an order for the last batch of animatronic suits that would be produced.On November 9, 1971, the outfit for Foxy had finally arrived, and Robert and his crew were anxious to get started unpacking it right away.

Pirate Cove was still under construction when we visited, despite the fact that Mr.Fazworth had just finished setting up the majority of the restaurant in preparation for its public debut in January.They transported Foxy to the backstage area, where they set to work connecting the animatronic suits to the endoskeletons of the actors.The emergency ″off″ switch was accessible through perforations in the back of all of the garments.

After everything had been set up, Robert decided to switch everything on (with the exception of Foxy) in order to put it through its paces.The animatronics moved their heads about, taking in the surrounding surroundings as they did so.They exchanged glances with one another, then with the individuals in front of them, and then with their hands.

At this moment, they began to act more wildly, jerking their arms and legs.Bonnie inquired, in a voice that was very human-sounding, ″What has happened to me?″Can you tell me what you’ve done?″ Assuming that the manufacturer was playing a joke on him, Robert became enraged and shut off all of the animatronics before calling the technicians who had designed the endoskeletons.They said that it was due to the powerful artificial intelligence they were employing, and that he could use another switch on the skeleton to instruct them to solely utilize pre-recorded voices going forward.The only other option was to ship them back to the manufacturer and request that they disable this function.Being virtually in debt as a result of the restaurant, Robert just switches off the ″Free chatting″ function of the animatronics and calls it quits for the evening.

He wasn’t going to allow anything as insignificant as a little flaw derail his plans.The date was January 6, 1972, and it was the official opening day.After months of anticipation, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria finally opened its doors to a throng of people.Everyone brought their children to see the band, and they all ate pizza together as a group afterward.It took Robert and his team several months to perfect the animation, but they ultimately achieved a condition that was suitable for the general public’s viewing pleasure.

He had prepared pre-spoken lines and songs for them to perform, and he was pleased by the positive response his business was receiving.He was a resounding success.Pirate Cove was teeming with children who were enjoying themselves aboard Foxy’s pirate ship.Despite the fact that he had been the most difficult animatronic to get to function correctly, everything was going according to plan.

Robert Fazworth passes away on June 25, 1985, leaving the restaurant to his son, Jeremy Fazworth, who continues the business.Given that he has no interest in it, he sells it swiftly to Funtime Inc., who gives him $1,000,000 for the property.Following this stage, the standards in the establishment begin to deteriorate.

  • The robots are programmed to roam freely so that the management does not have to worry with their servos locking up.
  • As a result, the area is cleaned less frequently, and less respectable individuals are employed for lesser rates.
  • The date was October 2, 1985.
  • Five children are enticed backstage at the restaurant and are never seen or heard from after that.
  • A guy suspected to be the culprit was apprehended by police.
  • However, in actuality, the Freddy animatronic, operating in free will mode, led the youngsters backstage where he mercilessly slaughtered them.
  • He shoved their remains into the additional animatronic suits he had lying around as a kind of retaliation for subjecting him to this existence.
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria’s popularity plummeted as a result of the incident, with no one willing to take their children there for fear of what may happen.

Visiting the institution on May 18, 1987, the district manager of Funtime Inc.was looking into how things were doing and whether any profits had been earned since the event in 1985.As he walked through Pirate Cove, Foxy lashed out and bit the man in the skull, pulling off his frontal lobe in the process.

  • Despite the fact that Foxy was soon tackled and switched off, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria will never be the same after this incident.
  • After this occurrence, Funtime Inc.
  • decided that they no longer wanted anything to do with the property, and they put it up for auction, selling it for a pittance of $10,000 to a man called Jonathon Hugo.

As an alternative to fixing Foxy, he just draped a curtain across Pirate’s Cove and posted a ″Out of Order″ notice in front of it.In order to prevent something like this from occurring again, he took the decision to only allow the animatronics to walk free at night.He began employing security guards for minimal salary to keep an eye on the property at night in case they attempted to flee and injured others, but he soon realized that he was wasting his money.Chica is declared to be in disrepair and is no longer in production as of April 28, 1990.Strangely enough, only a few months after one of the band’s security guards inexplicably left, Chica looked to have been mended and was fully operational again, and she was able to rejoin the group.

  1. Despite this, Foxy was kept locked away behind the curtain, never to be seen again in his natural habitat.
  2. Jonathon Hugo attempts to locate a new buyer for the establishment after failing to earn a return on his first investment.
  3. He is unsuccessful in his efforts.
  • Jonathon Hugo is sued by former security guard Mike Schmidt, who claims he spent a week locking himself in the security office while the animatronics attempted to break in and kill him.
  • On December 17, 1992, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is condemned and closed after a lawsuit against Jonathon Hugo is filed.
  • These charges were initially dismissed as ridiculous, but following a slew of complaints about the establishment, the police launched an extensive inquiry into the matter.
  • They discovered the decomposed human remains inside a number of outfits, including one on the stage, which they later identified.
  • After removing the endoskeletons, they discovered that they contained human brains as well.
  • The bones of the children were returned to their families, while the unidentified remains were laid to rest in unmarked graves on the outskirts of the town.

Jonathon Hugo’s life was devastated as a result of this, and he was sentenced to life in prison, whilst Funtime Inc.had already gone out of business a year prior as a result of the damage done to their image as a result of the events at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.The structure has been abandoned, and some believe that the souls of people who were trapped in the artificial bodies are still haunting the area.Saul Tiber is the original author of this work.

For Readers

  • The following is a fan fiction that I created.
  • Originally, I was attempting to create ″Trapped at Freddy’s,″ but the program kept destroying my work.
  • It’s not the administrators, it’s simply the wiki.
  • I believe it enjoys the role of butthead.
  • In any case, I hope you enjoy it.
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Now, I understand that some things aren’t quite perfect, but please bear with me.My friend came up with the concept, and I ran with it.

Pizzeria Timeline

  • Throughout the whole game series, few have discovered a solid chronology, until I discovered a youtuber who posted the complete timeline of not only the game’s history, but also the story’s timeline, thanks to the efforts of other people’s investigation.
  • I’ll go into more detail regarding the story’s timeframe in the following installment, but let’s get started.
  • It will be accomplished through the use of the restaurants stated in the games, the rental location, and the children’s bedroom (basically all the games and the mentioned restaurants).

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza (?-1983)

  • This Fazbear’s Pizzeria is the first one in which the four animatronics (Fredbear, Spring Bonnie, the puppet, and the spring lock animatronics) were all in one spot, all entertaining children simultaneously.
  • Until the Missing Children Incident, in which five children were reported ″missing″ from a Freddy Fazbear’s pizza, all was OK.
  • When, in reality, the purple person (also known as William Afton) murdered the five children and shoved them into the animatronic outfits to conceal the evidence, the restaurant was forced to close.

Circus Baby’s Pizza World (1983-1983 one day)

  • This pizza is located in the heart of the city.
  • Circus Baby’s Pizza World reopened in its original location despite the horrendous event that had taken place the previous day.
  • Because of the new name of the location, non-Fazbear-related theme characters such as the Minerinas, Balloon Boy (BB), JJ, and Baby herself were permitted to appear.
  • In the end though, it was only for a day because a small girl (who was later revealed to be Afton’s daughter, Elizabeth Afton) had strolled up to Baby’s stage all by herself while no one else was present and was captured by Baby’s iron claw, resulting in her being stuffed.
  • It was necessary for him to dispose of all the humanoid animatronics in an underground facility that would later be transformed into Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals in order to avoid this happening.

Others, such as BB and JJ, continued their journey to the newly remodeled Freddy’s Pizza.

Fredbear’s Family Diner (?-1983)

Being that it opened around the same time as Freddy’s and Circus Baby’s Pizzeria, this pizzeria is considered a ″sister site.″ William Afton, a technician, is inspecting the springlock suits before using them. As a result of The Bite of ’83, a youngster (Michael Afton’s brother) forced his brother (Michael Afton) into Fredbear’s mouth and had his head crushed, the museum is closed.

Freddy Fazbear’s pizza V.2 (?-1987)

  • As part of its renovation and upgrading, the pizzeria has installed new ″toy″ animatronics, as well as an emergency response system for the numerous occurrences of missing children in security puppets.
  • Because one of the restaurant’s former employees was convicted of murdering a child, the establishment sometimes takes extra care when dealing with former employees.
  • However, despite taking these measures, it did not help.
  • The kid of Henry, the facility’s owner at the time, was slain in the vicinity of the facility, and the cases involving missing children continued.
  • While another incident occurred in 1987 in which an animatronic bit the front of a night guard’s head in an occurrence known as The Bite of ’87, resulting in the closure of the restaurant and the removal of the toy animatronics from the premises,

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza V.3 (1993-?)

  • Another pizzeria was opened with the old animatronics being restored to power, but it would not endure for long due to the lack of funding.
  • In response to complaints from consumers about bad odors emanating from the animatronics, in addition to blood and mucus stains on the animatronics, particularly in the mouth region.
  • Due to the fact that one of the employees had tampered with the animatronics, it was decided that the restaurant would have to close.

Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals (?)

  • All of the animatronics in these rentals were designed by William Afton himself, and each one has a ″unique″ design.
  • The animatronics are rented out to parties, special events, and other venues by the rentals department.
  • It did, however, become perilous.
  • Every engineer in the animatronics rooms was mysteriously hung in the course of one workday.
  • The animatronics were destroyed, but their endoskeletons were not.

It was a strange night of work for everyone.As a result, the rental property had been abandoned.

Fazbear Fright (2023)

  • Fazbear Fright was established in honor of the traumatic memories associated with the Freddy Fazbear restaurants.
  • A work of terror, with exoskeleton sections of the animatronics scattered about the premises, bizarre and eerie kid paintings of the animatronics on the walls and floors, filthy floors and walls, and outdated décor, among other things.
  • However, catastrophe struck the building one night when a strange fire engulfed the structure and everything inside it, causing it to burn to the ground.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza V.4 (?)

  • This is the newest and last Pizzeria, and it has been constructed and outfitted with new and extremely diversified animatronics.
  • It appeared that nothing was wrong since there was never anything horrible that happened all that often, simply complaints from consumers about routine things, so it appeared that nothing was wrong.
  • When a mysterious fire broke out at the pizzeria, all of the animatronics were destroyed, as were two people: Henry And Michael Afton, who died in the blaze.

Where is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza located in real life?

Hughesville, Pennsylvania is home to a pizza restaurant.

Does Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza still exist?

Restaurant Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a well-known destination for both adults and children alike. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is likely to close before the end of the year due to a lack of interest from possible purchasers who do not want to be linked with the company’s tarnished reputation. We are still open, though, and we appreciate all of our customers!

When was Freddy Fazbear’s pizza made in real life?

William was on the verge of giving up on Fazbear Entertainment as a result of this. However, after ten years, he desired to open another restaurant in memory of his son, who had passed away. As a result, he established Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1997.

What does Freddy Fazbear’s look like?

Appearance. Froggy Fazbear comes in the form of a brown bear who is dressed with a black bowtie and a tophat. With three black freckles on each cheek of his face, he is distinguished by the presence of blue eyes and black eyebrows. Freddy appears to have a few handprints on the back of his skull as well.

How did Michael Afton die?

Scrap Baby was in the middle of a speech when the man who was assisting with the salvages, Henry Emily, the man on the recording, interrupted her and interrupted him. He set fire to the pizziera, releasing the spirits locked inside the animatronics, which included Elizabeth, William, and Charlie, who had been confined there for years. Michael perishes as well during this conclusion.

What was Foxy’s human name?

Foxy the Pirate is a pirate who lives in the Caribbean. An out-of-order and worn down animatronic character in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, Foxy the Pirate (with the human name of Fritz) is a significant opponent in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise.

Is Chris Afton real?

Because Terrence accidently murdered Chris Afton (on the bite of 1983), he wanted to alter his identity so that he would not be perceived as a child killer, and as a result, Terrence takes on the identity of Michel.

Is the bite of 87 real?

Because Terrence accidently murdered Chris Afton (on the bite of 1983), he wanted to alter his identity so that he would not be perceived as a child killer, and as a result, Terrence assumes the name of Michel.

Is purple guy real?

This blog is intended to be informative, and it is being written in order to demonstrate how much work Scott Cawthon has put into his fictional characters, as well as how similar they are to real-life events. Purple Guy himself, as we all know, is a fictitious character created by the author.

Is Freddy Fazbear a girl?

In and of itself, the game is a little frightening and should be rated E10+ due to the frightening backstory, the four animatronics (Freddy Fazbear, a male brown bear, Bonnie the bunny, a purple male bunny, Chica the chicken, a female chicken, and Foxy the fox, a male fox) who are possessed by dead children, and the increasingly frightening environment.

Is Freddy Real yes or no?

″DID YOU KNOW THAT? It was revealed on July 2 on Facebook by Michael Phariss that the horror film character Freddy Kruger (sic) was based on a real-life serial murderer who resided near Lightening Creek, Oklahoma in the 1800s.″ It was then transferred and became known as Alluwe, Oklahoma,″ the author writes.

Who did the bite of 87?

Given the size of Withered Freddy’s top and lower jaws, as well as the fact that his mouth is large enough to accommodate a whole human head, supporters assume that Withered Freddy was the one who bit them.

What is Chica’s human name?

In the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game series, Chica the Chicken (also known by her human name Susie) is a significant opponent who appears in several episodes. A female yellow chicken animatronic with a bib that reads ″Let’s Eat!″ is what she looks like.

What is Chica’s real name?

A Puerto Rican Fortnite broadcaster and content producer who goes by the name ″ Chica ″ (real name: Maria Lopez) is now signed to Luminosity Gaming.

Is Glitchtrap a girl?

Glitchtrap is the first canonical, completely three-dimensional, non-withered version of Spring Bonnie in the series, and he is also the first non-withered representation of Spring Bonnie. The identity of Glitchtrap is revealed in the Save File for Help Wanted. He was referred to as ″The Anomaly,″ even though he was never explicitly identified in the game.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

In the videogame Five Nights At Freddy’s, the fictitious restaurant Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, or simply Freddy’s, is the setting in which the action of the title character takes place. A sinister mystery lurks beneath the surface of the lovely and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant.


Five Nights at Freddy’s

  • According to the Phone Guy in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, the original business was known as ″Fredbear’s Family Diner,″ which was probably a local family diner before being purchased and re-opened as ″Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza″ by Freddy Fazbear.
  • After years have passed, the original diner and its owner are no longer there as the events of the second game unfold.
  • It is stated on posters in the original game that an incident happened in which a guy disguised in an animatronic outfit (proven to be Spring Bonnie) enticed two and eventually five children into the rear of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; however, there is no mention of him actually murdering them.
  • Although the culprit was subsequently apprehended, neither the children nor their bodies were ever discovered.
  • After receiving several complaints of blood and mucus oozing from the suits as well as a foul stench, the eatery is reportedly scheduled to close later this year, according to the original game’s storyline.

The business had also suffered, and the management was unable to find a buyer for the pizzeria since no one wanted to be linked with the name, leaving them with little choice but to shut the establishment down.As a result of the accidents, the restaurant has been unable to generate a significant quantity of income.As a result, a power budget was implemented during the nighttime hours of operation.Another factor for the closure is the lack of a suitable replacement for the existing staff members.

  1. This implies that electricity must be utilized with caution throughout the night part of the game, as there will be no additional delivery of power during this period.
  2. Door opening, lights on and even the use of the security cameras will cause the power to deplete, depending on how much the player is using the electricity.
  3. The player must survive all five nights in order to complete the basic game; however, after completing the game, Night 6 becomes available.
  4. After completing the 6th Night, a new Custom Night is unlocked, which allows the user to adjust the complexity of the animatronic’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) from 0 to 20.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza appears to have been a larger institution before to the events of the first game, according to the events of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.
  • According to a newspaper article published after the team defeated Night 6 in the second game, the restaurant will be closed soon.
  • Though not ruled off, the potential of reopening is suggested, although with a smaller budget.
  • The fact that the restaurant in the original game had restricted electricity, a smaller space, and only four active animatronics instead of six might be explained by this.
  • Updated versions of the primary four animatronics are included in the show, as well as a balloon vendor and a dancing puppet.

It includes face recognition technology and is linked to criminal databases.They are available for rent.The

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