How Much Is Cici’S Pizza?

The base price of Cicis Pizza, which includes the crust and cheese, for a medium is $4.74, for a large is $6.74, and for a giant is $9.49. The highest-priced pizza on the menu is under $14. Cicis is an excellent choice, especially for large families or groups of kids to dine together.
Cicis Pizza Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size Price
Create Your Own Large $5.74
Cheese Medium $3.99
Cheese Large $5.74
Pepperoni Medium $3.99

What is new at CiCi’s Pizza?

Some locations are now offering crisp chicken wings in four different flavors (extra charge). A new item to the pizza buffet is Flatbread Pizza in 3 new flavors. Below are the latest CiCi’s Pizza menu prices. In a hurry and can’t sit and eat. No need to worry. CiCi’s has a ToGo menu so you can take it home to satisfy your cravings.

What is CiCi’s?

CiCi’s simple menu prices found here. CiCi’s invented the unlimited pizza buffet. Many have copied the concept but none can offer the value that CiCi’s does. CiCi’s realizes that differences are what add flavor to life.

How much does Cici’s cost?

Find Cici’s Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items Food Details Price Lunch Buffet Lunch Buffet $5.49 Happy Hour Buffet Happy Hour Buffet $4.99 Kids Buffet 3-10 Years Old $3.49 Kids Buffet Ages 3 & Under $1.59 51 more rows

Why CiCi’s Unlimited pizza buffet?

CiCi’s invented the unlimited pizza buffet. Many have copied the concept but none can offer the value that CiCi’s does. CiCi’s realizes that differences are what add flavor to life. Go ahead, be different. Individuality rules at CiCi’s. The buffet table offers patrons hot pizza, crisp, flavorful salads, savory sides, and sweet-tasting dessert.

Why is Cici’s so cheap?

Cicis Pizza is so cheap for a few reasons — but first and foremost, though, is that its ingredients just aren’t as good as what you’ll find at other restaurants. The cheese is not all-natural and has added flavors, colors, and preservatives among other added ingredients, according to Food Babe.

What are Cicis pizza sizes?

You can find four different pizza sizes ranging from:

  • Small pizza of 8 to 10 inches (20 – 25.5 cm) in diameter.
  • Medium pizza of 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter.
  • Large pizza of 14 inches (35.5 cm) in diameter.
  • Extra-large pizza of 16 to 18 inches (40.5 – 46 cm) in diameter.
  • How many slices come in a Cici’s large pizza?

    Prices vary for additional toppings but should cost around $1.50 per topping. Each Cicis Giant Pizza includes twelve slices.

    What does Cicis stand for?


    Acronym Definition
    CICIS Chemicals in Commerce Information System

    Is Cicis pizza healthy?

    The good thing about creamy and delicious pizza with just 140 calories per slice is that ‘you can have two slices plus a cup of soup for less than 400 calories,’ McGrane says. ‘Additionally, one slice has less carbs than a typical slice of bread, and it’s relatively low in sodium,’ she adds.

    Why did Cicis pizza close?

    Slow business was the reason given for closure. “Business wasn’t going as well as they anticipated,” Rosales said. “They weren’t getting the traffic they needed.” But loyal customers, who noticed immediately on Monday that the eatery was mysteriously closed, claim there were always cars filling CiCi’s parking lot.

    How big is a giant Cicis pizza?

    Starting at $10.99 for a one-topping pizza, fans can choose to create their own 16-inch Giant Pizza with multiple toppings, or, select one of Cicis’ specialty recipes like Mac & Cheese, Spinach Alfredo or Buffalo Chicken for an additional cost.

    How big is a sixteen inch pizza?

    16-inches is considered its extra-large size. So how big is a 16 inch pizza? The total area of a 16 inch pizza is 200.96 square inches. Based on the mathematical formula, the pizza of this size appears to be 2.6 times bigger than a standard pizza, about 10 inches.

    How many calories in a slice of Cicis pizza?

    Cici’s Pizza Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

    Calories Sugars (g)
    BBQ 1 slice from 12″ 156 6
    Beef 1 slice from 12″ 164 2
    Buffalo Chicken 1 slice from 12″ 135 1
    Cheese 1 slice from 12″ 152 1

    What size is a large pizza?

    Medium pizzas run 12 inches in diameter and will give you about eight slices. Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and will offer approximately 10 slices. Extra-large pizzas come in between 16 and 18 inches in diameter and will provide at least 12 slices.

    How many calories are in a large Cicis pizza?

    Nutrition Facts

    Calories 200 (837 kJ)
    Saturated Fat 3.5 g 18%
    Trans Fat 0 g
    Cholesterol 15 mg 5%
    Sodium 350 mg 15%

    What happened to Cicis?

    Cicis declared bankruptcy Monday as the COVID pandemic and economic downturn “severely strained” finances. The 318-unit pizza chain agreed to sell itself to D&G Investors as part of a pre-packaged and expedited bankruptcy process. The move came after D&G acquired $81.6 million in debt from Cicis previous lenders.

    Is Cicis pizza only in Texas?

    Cicis (formerly named CiCi’s Pizza) is an Italian American chain of buffet restaurants based in Irving, Texas, specializing in pizza. The company was founded in 1985, and started franchising by 1987. There are 297 franchised and corporately owned restaurants in 24 states.


    Type Private

    Is Cicis pizza still around?

    Cicis operates just over 300 locations, or about 25% fewer than the 420 it operated at the end of 2019, and about half of where it was at the chain’s 2009 peak. Cicis system sales in the five years going into the pandemic averaged a 2.4% decline, according to data from Restaurant Business sister company Technomic.

    How Much Is Cicis Pizza? – ALL PIZZAHOLIC

    It makes no difference whether you eat in or purchase takeout; Cicis pizza is delicious.If you’re wondering ‘how much does Cicis pizza cost,’ continue reading to find the answer.Decide if you want to go for the all-you-can-eat buffet or whether you’d rather remain in and order your supper from a restaurant.In any case, you’ll have a variety of alternatives to choose from.Cicis Pizza’s base pricing, which includes the crust and cheese, is $4.74 for a medium-sized pie, $6.74 for a large-sized pie, and $9.49 for a giant-sized pie, according to the company.

    • The most expensive pizza on the menu is around $14 dollars.
    • Cicis is a fantastic alternative, especially for large families or groups of children who want to lunch together as a group.
    • We not only have the traditional toppings, but also an extensive selection of specialized toppings to ensure that everyone may find something they like.

    How Much Is Cicis Pizza?

    With 297 Cicis locations around the United States, you can choose the one that is most convenient for you right here.A total of 24 states have locations for the business, with Texas accounting for 46 percent of all locations.Cicis’ traditional pizzas are covered with tomato sauce and 100 percent genuine cheese, and they are delicious.In addition, the crust is coated with garlic butter to give it an added layer of taste.

    Pizza Price Breakdown by Size

    Pizza Price Breakdown by Type

    Cicis Specialty Pizza Ingredient List

    Consider the toppings that appear on the most popular speciality pizzas offered by Cici’s if you like a more savory pizza experience. It will almost certainly be impossible to choose a favorite!

    Meat Eater

    • sausage
    • pepperoni
    • ham
    • beef


    • Pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushrooms, green peppers, and red onions are some of the ingredients that may be found on a pizza.


    • ham
    • pineapple


    • mushrooms
    • tomatoes
    • black olives
    • red onions
    • green peppers

    Mushrooms, green peppers, red onions, and pepperoni are among the ingredients that can be added to a pizza.

    Cicis Pizza Buffet

    • Cicis Buffet is a fantastic value for individuals with a large appetite or a large number of growing children. One modest fee allows you to indulge in as much pizza, spaghetti, salad, and dessert as you wish. It is not included in this inexpensive buffet pricing that wings are available for purchase. Adults pay $6.99, while children pay $3.99.
    • For those attempting to be more mindful of their calorie consumption, one slice of Cicis cheese pizza includes 100 calories..
    • Cicis Pizza is available seven days a week.
    • The greatest venue to take your children’s sports teams to celebrate after a huge win is Cicis Restaurant and Bar.
    • If you wish to try out the firm’s all-you-can-eat policy, keep in mind that you may be asked to leave if you consume more than the ‘unlimited number’ of servings that have been set by the company.

    People have been warned that they have exceeded their allotted number of slices after consuming 22 pieces in 45 minutes, according to the rules.

    The Cost of Some Cicis Pizza Deals

    • Cicis is known for having specials on their menu all of the time.
    • Ordering an Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza for $13.99 and adding either cheesy bread or cinnamon buns for $18.99 is a good example of how you may save money.
    • If you find yourself unable to choose a side, don’t be concerned.
    • You can purchase both for the low price of $23.99.

    All offers are subject to change based on the place and time of year they are offered.

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    CiCi’s Pizza Menu with Prices

    • Jen Kristensen’s blog was last updated on April 3, 2018.
    • Prices for CiCi’s basic menu may be found here.
    • CiCi’s is credited with inventing the limitless pizza buffet.
    • Many have tried to copy the concept, but none have been able to match the quality of CiCi’s.

    CiCi’s understands that it is the differences that make life interesting.Don’t be afraid to stand out.CiCi’s is a place where individuality reigns supreme.

    • A variety of hot pizza, crisp and tasty salads, savory sides, and a sweet-tasting dessert are all available at the buffet table.
    • All of this for a minimal, one-time fee.
    • But there’s more to it than that.
    • Crisp chicken wings are now being offered in four distinct flavors at some establishments (extra charge).
    • Flatbread Pizza, available in three new varieties, has been added to the pizza buffet.
    • The prices shown here are for the most recent CiCi’s Pizza menu.
    Food Cal Price


    Pizza, Pasta, Salad & Dessert 2125 $5.29
    Kid’s Buffet (ages 4-10) 980 $3.39
    Kid’s Buffet (ages 3 & under) 280 $1.59


    Adults 110-220 $1.69
    Kids 20-110 $1.39

    To-Go Menu

    1-Topping Pizza Medium 12″ 2000 $5.49
    1-Topping Pizza Large 15″ 2400 $6.99
    Deep Dish Medium 12″ 1600 $5.49
    Deep Dish Large 15″ 1920 $7.49
    Specialty Pizza Medium 12″ 2100 $5.49
    Specialty Pizza Large 15″ 2520 $7.49
    Additional Toppings 20-190 $0.99
    Garlic Bread Medium (2-Slices) 60 $2.99
    Garlic Bread Large (4-Slices) 120 $4.99
    Dessert Medium 100-140 $2.99
    Dessert Large 220-380 $4.99
    To-Go Value Pack Medium 12″ 2230 $12.99
    To-Go Value Pack Large 15″ 2630 $15.99

    Specialty Pizzas

    Spinach Alfredo, Alfredo, Mexican Style Ole, BBQ, Zesty Tomato Alfredo, Bacon Cheddar, Zesty Pepperoni, Zesty Ham & Cheddar 160-180


    Cheese, Pepperoni, Italian-Style Sausage, Onions, Pineapple, Beef Topping, Ham, Mushrooms, Banana Peppers, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives, Jalapenos, Anchovies 10-200

    What’s new at CiCi’s Pizza

    ToGo Menu 

    I’m in a rush and won’t be able to sit and eat. There’s no reason to be concerned. CiCi’s offers a ToGo menu, which allows you to take your food to go and satisfy your appetites. CiCi’s can also provide catering services for your next occasion.

    My CiCi’s Mobile App

    • Every time you come to CiCi’s, you may earn incentives.
    • Download the CiCi’s app and you’ll receive a prize for every time you use it.
    • Earn 5 visits and you’ll receive a complimentary buffet.
    • You may also get unique deals and promotions by using the app.

    The software is available for both iOS and Android devices.Go to the CiCi’s website to find out more and to obtain a copy of the application.

    Pizza Perks Loyalty Program

    CiCi’s Pizza Perks is a terrific way to get great savings delivered straight to your inbox as well as the newest news from CiCi’s Pizza. Signing up is simple and completely free.

    Gift Cards 

    A gift card to CiCi’s is the ideal present for any event or person. It is the most effective method of spreading pizza enthusiasm. Guests can purchase traditional gift cards and have them delivered to the recipient’s postal address, or they can get e-gift cards and have them delivered to the recipient’s email inbox immediately after placing their order.

    Menu Nutrition Information 

    It is critical to make healthy eating choices. Cici’s Pizza makes it simple for customers to obtain nutritional information about the foods on their menu. Before visiting your local CiCi’s store, check out the official CiCi’s Pizza website for more information on the nutritional value of their products.


    CiCi’s Pizza is always on the lookout for applicants who are self-motivated and self-sufficient. Visitors to the official website are invited to learn about current jobs and to apply for positions directly through the site.


    • Mike and Joe Cole began CiCi’s Pizza in Plano, Texas, in 1985 as a family business.
    • The popularity of the pizza buffet idea, along with a cheap fixed price, has resulted in the establishment of over 500 restaurants in 35 states.
    • Multiple trade journals have recognized CiCi’s as the greatest kid-friendly restaurant and as a leading family-friendly eating destination.
    • CiCi’s is a privately held company with its headquarters in Plano, Texas.

    Today, CiCi’s Pizza continues to bring people together to celebrate their uniqueness, and the company strives to surpass its customers’ expectations in terms of cuisine, service, and cleanliness on a daily basis.Visit CiCi’s Pizza’s official website for more information about their products and services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the hours of operation for CiCi’s Pizza?

    CiCi’s Pizza is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with extended hours on weekends. They close at 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

    5 Responses

    1. They sell wings everywhere
    2. South Parkway has become a wasteland during the last few months.. The quantity and quality of the meal are both limited. The staff need public relations, customer service, and attention training. The restrooms are substandard and virtually unusable by gas station standards. For years and years, we have been loyal and frequent customers at this establishment. We have absolutely no desire to return. I could go on, but I’m afraid my words would be ignored. A one-star rating would be extremely generous.

    For starters, you do not specify where you will be doing your evaluation. Second, this is fast-food pizza, and it should not be compared to the pizza served at a traditional pizzeria. Cicis is a popular restaurant in Kissimmee, and they provide wonderful food.

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    Cicis Menu Prices

    • This is the correct page to view the whole Cicis® menu, including pricing.
    • Cicis is a pizza restaurant that serves pizza and extras in a casual, buffet-style setting.
    • Cicis is a terrific way to make sure that everyone in the family receives their favorite foods while yet remaining within a reasonable price range.
    • The all-you-can-eat pizza buffet will satisfy the needs of the majority of people.

    Extras like as chicken wings, salads, and desserts will ensure that no one will leave hungry once the party is finished.Look no farther than Cicis if you’re searching for a quick and affordable lunch or supper alternative.The whole menu, as well as some of the finest offers, may be found in the section below.

    Food Details Price
    Prices may vary by location. Consult your location’s menu & your server for exact pricing.

    Buffet (Dine-In)

    Adult Buffet $5.49
    Lunch Buffet $5.49
    Happy Hour Buffet $4.99
    Kids Buffet 3-10 Years Old $3.49
    Ages 3 & Under $1.59

    Drink Menu

    Diet Coke, Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Barq’s, Fanta Apple, Fanta Orange, Sprite Large $2.39
    Regular $1.89
    Kids $1.39

    To Go Menu


    1-Topping 12″ Medium $4.99
    15″ Large $5.99
    Specialty 12″ Medium $5.99
    15″ Large $6.99
    Super Supreme 12″ Medium $8.99
    15″ Large $9.99
    Ultimate Meat or Veggie 12″ Medium $7.99
    15″ Large $8.99

    Deep Dish

    1-Topping 12″ Medium $5.99
    15″ Large $6.99

    Italiano (Thin Crust)

    The Meltdown, veggie, Italiano garlic or pepperoni & Sausage 15″ Large $5.99


    Extra Cheese Additional Toppings $1
    Italian-Style Sausage
    Green Peppers
    Black Olives
    Green Olives
    Banana peppers
    Diced Tomatoes

    Specialty Pizzas

    Alfredo $7.00 – $8.15
    Buffalo Chicken $7.00 – $8.15
    Classic Chicken $7.00 – $8.15
    Zesty Veggie $7.00 – $8.15
    Mac & Cheese $7.00 – $8.15
    Spinach Alfredo $7.00 – $8.15
    Zesty Ham & Cheddar $7.00 – $8.15
    Zesty Pepperoni $7.00 – $8.15
    BBQ $7.00 – $8.15

    Dessert Menu

    Cinnamon Rolls $4.25
    Apple Pizza $4.25
    Bavarian Dessert Pizza $4.25
    Brownies $4.25

    Buffalo Wings

    Buffalo Wings 6 Piece $4.99
    10 Piece $7.49
    20 Piece $14.49

    To Go Value Packs

    3 Medium 1-Topping or Specialty Pizzas $10.00
    2 Large 1-Topping or Specialty pizzas & Choice of Dessert or Garlic Breadsticks $15.00
    3 Large 1-Topping or Specialty pizzas & Choice of Dessert or Garlic Breadsticks $20.00

    Buffet On The Go

    5 pcs of pizza + 2 Breadsticks or Desserts + A 16 oz. Drink $5.00

    Family Size Extras

    Apple or Bavarian Cream Dessert Pizza, Brownies or Cinnamon Rolls $4.99
    Garlic Breadsticks $4.99
    Garlic Parmesan Knots 12 pc $4.99
    Garden Salad Individual $2.99
    Large $3.99
    Soft Drinks 2-Liter $1.99
    Iced Tea Gallon $1.99

    Feed A Crowd

    Pizzas 20 – 50 $6.49
    51 – 99 $4.99
    100 or More Pizzas $4.79

    Popular Menu Items

    • Cici’s offers a wide variety of pizza options, ensuring that there is a flavor to fit everyone’s preferences.
    • There are many who will want to stop in and stay for the buffet, which is a fantastic deal.
    • Do not forget that Cici’s provides excellent prices on pick-up orders as well as catering for large groups of people.
    • The following are some of our favorite budget-friendly options from the menu:

    Adult Buffet

    • For dine-in customers, this is the most popular choice available.
    • You will get unlimited access to the whole selection of speciality pizzas, which is continuously being restocked with hot, fresh pizzas in a variety of flavors, including vegetarian and vegan options.
    • The menu includes everything from conventional favorites like as pepperoni and supreme to more daring taste combinations such as BBQ Pork and Mac & Cheese.
    • It’s only $5.49.

    Specialty To-Go

    • A Cicis pizza is a popular choice for people who want to take it home or bring it to a party.
    • Alternatively, choose one of the speciality pizzas, such as the Buffalo Chicken or the Zesty Ham & Cheddar.
    • The Zesty Veggie, which is laden with mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, is a must-try if you have vegetarian members of your household!
    • An Italian-inspired crust made of garlic butter and seasoned with parmesan and oregano provides lots of the Italian tastes that everyone loves.

    A big 15-inch pizza costs just $6.99.

    Buffalo Wings

    Cicis offers delicious buffalo wings in four different flavors: Garlic Parmesan, BBQ, and Hot or Mild Buffalo. Whether you want your wings spicy, salty, or sweet and smokey, Cicis has a flavor to suit your preferences. This is a great accompaniment to a pizza delivery order. You may get ten for $7.49.

    Feed a Crowd

    Cicis is a popular choice for those looking to cater a huge event on a tight budget. For your next event, whether it is a birthday celebration for the kids or a family reunion, think about hiring Cicis for your pizza delivery service needs. If you purchase 20-50 pizzas, the cost each pizza is just $6.49, and if you order 51-99 pizzas, the cost per pizza is only $4.99.

    Cicis’ History

    • The first Cicis facility was in the Texas city of Plano.
    • Joe Croce and Mike Cole, the company’s founders, opened the doors in 1985.
    • After launching in 2001, the network quickly grew to include 363 outlets by 2005, and more than 500 eateries by 2010.
    • Croce withdrew from the company in 2003, and an executive committee led by then-Dallas General Manager Craig More, who subsequently became president, took over.

    More served as president until 2009.Darin Harris is the current president and CEO of Cici’s Pizza.When the firm first started working on rebranding its restaurant chain in 2015, it made it clear that the restaurant offered much more than just pizza.

    • Cicis Pizza was also renamed after the founder of the company, CiCi, who was born in the 1960s.
    • According to the most recent data, there were more than 500 outlets spread throughout 35 states.

    CiCi’s Pizza Menu with Prices [Updated 2022]

    • CiCi’s Pizza is an American buffet restaurant franchise that was created in the state of Texas in 1989.
    • It is especially well-known for its delectable pizza selection.
    • This restaurant specializes on a variety of various varieties of pizza.
    • So if you’re considering of visiting, make sure you’ve done your research on the food before you arrive.

    CiCi’s Pizza is well-known for its pizzas, spaghetti, salads, soups, desserts, and buffets, among other things.They are one of the greatest quick-service restaurants for families with children.You can easily have a dinner for less than $10 if you shop around.

    • They also provide value packs to a big number of customers.
    • This was a high-level summary of their full food selection.
    • Prices, nutritional information, franchisee information, contact information, and social media connections are all provided in the following section.
    • But first, let’s take a look back at the history of this establishment.
    • CiCi’s Pizza is an American buffet restaurant franchise established in the state of Texas that serves pizza.
    • It was formed in 1985 by Joe Croce and Mike Cole in the town of Plato, in the state of Texas.
    1. Since its founding in 1985, CiCi’s Pizza has grown at a rapid pace, opening more than 600 locations around the country.

    CiCi’s Pizza Menu Prices

    • It is CiCi’s Pizza menu that offers a broad selection of pizzas such as conventional, filled crust, and flatbread pizzas, among others.
    • You may personalize your pizzas by selecting from a variety of sizes, including medium, large, Large-Garlic Parmesan Crust, pan, and enormous.
    • There is no need to be concerned if you dislike pizza.
    • Oven-roasted chicken wings, garlic bread, baked spaghetti, salads and desserts are just a few of the mouthwatering options available at the restaurant.

    Afterwards, you may indulge in delectable treats from the desserts department, which includes goodies such as brownies, cinnamon buns, and more.Because the ingredients used in their pizzas are mostly comprised of meats, fresh and cooked vegetables, herbs, as well as more unusual toppings such as chocolate, marshmallows, and tofu, among others, people like their pizzas.Also available at an inexpensive price is the ability to create your own personalised pizza.

    • Visit Cici’s if you’re looking for a nice lunch for less than $10.
    • As a result, let us take a look at the CiCi’s menu that I have been raving about!


    Take a look at the official Papa Murphy’s website.


    Traditional Pizza

    Specialty Pizzas

    Also, have a look at the Round Table Pizza official menu.

    Stuffed Crust Pizza

    Flatbread Pizza

    To-Go Value Packs



    Check out the updated Gabriel Pizza menu



    CiCi’s Pizza Nutrition Information

    Simply click on the link provided above to see the nutritional information for the items on the CiCi’s Pizza menu that are currently available.

    CiCi’s Pizza Franchising Information

    CiCi’s Pizza has more than 600 locations in 35 states across the United States. CiCi’s Pizza is the largest pizza buffet franchise in the United States, and the following is an estimate of what it will cost you to create a CiCi’s Pizza location. Also, have a look at the most recent Shakey’s Pizza menu.

    Important Links

    CiCi’s Pizza Contact Information

    CiCi’s Pizza is located at 1080 W Bethel Rd in Coppell, Texas. The phone number for CiCi’s Pizza is (972) 745-4200. You can also get in touch with the team at CiCi’s Pizza by filling out the contact form found on their website.

    Social Profiles

    Cicis has a Facebook page at Cicis has an Instagram account at (My CiCis’ Twitter handle) Cici’s YouTube channel may be found at


    • It is a family-friendly buffet type restaurant that specializes in pizza, spaghetti, salads and desserts.
    • CiCiâ€TMs Pizza is located in the heart of the downtown area.
    • They are well-known for having a family-friendly ambience, which makes them an excellent choice for families wishing to dine out.
    • Not only that, but their incredible value for money on their buffet options has propelled them to the top of the list of fastest growing pizza buffet restaurants in the United States.

    You may get a decent sense of the prices of Cicis pizza by looking at the tables below:

    CICI’S PIZZA PRICES – BUFFET All day & Everyday
    ADULT $5.75
    KIDS – Aged 4 -10 $3.39
    KIDS – Aged 3 & Under w/ a drink and free ice cream $1.59
    SENIORS $5.17
    ADULTS $1.69
    KIDS – Ages 4 – 10 $1.39
    KIDS – 3 & Under FREE
    1-Topping Pizza – Medium 12″ $5.49
    1-Topping Pizza – Large 15″ $6.99
    Deep Dish – Medium 12″ $5.49
    Deep Dish – Large 15″ $7.49
    Specialty Pizza – Medium 15″ $5.59
    Specialty Pizza – Large 15″ $7.49
    Garlic Bread – Medium $2.99
    Garlic Bread – Large $.499
    Dessert – Medium choice: apple crumb pizza cinnamon rolls fudge brownie $2.99
    Dessert – Large apple crumb pizza cinnamon rolls fudge brownies $4.99
    To- Go Value Pack – Medium 12″ Two one topping pizzas & 1 Large Desert or Garlic Bread $12.99
    To-Go Value Pack Large 15″ Two one topping pizzas & 1 Large Desert or Garlic Bread $15.99
    • History This restaurant franchise is established out of Coppell in Texas, and it presently has around 500 locations throughout 35 different states.
    • A number of honors have been bestowed to CiCi’s Pizza, notably in the previous 10 years or so, including being named one of the Wall Street Journal’s top 25 performing brands.
    • The food is often regarded as being healthier than that of most other fast-food establishments, with the brand appearing on Men’s Health’s list of America’s Healthiest and Best Restaurant.
    • Founded in 1985, CiCi’s Pizza was the brainchild of Joe Croce and Mike Cole, who established the first location in Plano, Texas, 30 years ago this month.

    The company’s popularity increased as the years went by, and by 2001 it had 363 outlets, with plans to establish more.Because of the potential that the company was demonstrating, the buffet menu was expanded to include even more delicious cuisine at even better costs.Not only that, but all of the restaurants were renovated in an effort to increase the amount of revenue they could generate.

    • The growth has proven to be extremely successful, as CiCi’s continues to expand and quickly rises to become one of the most popular buffet chains in the United States.
    • The company is still aiming to expand, and they hope to build more franchise locations around the country in order to reach as many customers as possible, including college students and tired travelers in airports, among other demographic groups.
    SUN – THURSDAY 11 AM – 10 PM

    Cicis Pizza Menu Prices 2020

    • Joe Croce and Mike Cole launched Cicis Pizza in 1985, and it is a popular American pizza business.
    • The restaurant originally opened its doors in Plano, Texas, and now has 450 locations around the United States and in Puerto Rico.
    • Customer service is a priority at Cicis Pizza, which provides a limitless pizza buffet in a friendly, informal setting.
    • Sunday through Thursday: 11:00 a.m.

    to 10:00 p.m, Friday and Saturday: 11:00 a.m to 10:00 pm; Friday and Saturday: 10:00 pm; and Friday and Saturday: 10:00 pm to 10:00 pm at most Cicis Pizza locations; Monday through Thursday: 11:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.The restaurant offers a wide selection of pizzas, wings, pastas, and desserts to choose from.Customers who visit Cicis Pizza will have the option to choose from a variety of culinary items on their buffet menu, with prices starting as low as $5.99 for certain options.

    • An extensive salad bar, with fresh Romaine and Iceberg lettuce mix, sliced red onions, black olives, banana peppers, tomatoes, homemade Italian dressing, chopped chicken, and other ingredients, is also available.
    • The following is a list of the most recent Cicis Pizza menu pricing as of today.

    View Estimated Prices in Your State


    Food Size Price

    Create Your Own

    Create Your Own Medium $3.99
    Create Your Own Large $5.74
    Cheese Medium $3.99
    Cheese Large $5.74
    Pepperoni Medium $3.99
    Pepperoni Large $5.74

    Specialty Pizzas

    Meat Eater Medium $3.99
    Meat Eater Large $5.74
    Supreme Medium $3.99
    Supreme Large $5.74
    Veggie Medium $3.99
    Veggie Large $5.74
    Hawaiian Medium $3.99
    Hawaiian Large $5.74
    Buffalo Chicken Medium $3.99
    Buffalo Chicken Large $5.74
    Spinach Alfredo Medium $3.99
    Spinach Alfredo Large $5.74
    Mac & Cheese Medium $3.99
    Mac & Cheese Large $5.74
    Classic Chicken Medium $3.99
    Classic Chicken Large $5.74
    Alfredo Medium $3.99
    Alfredo Large $5.74
    Zesty Ham & Cheddar Medium $3.99
    Zesty Ham & Cheddar Large $5.74
    Zesty Pepperoni Medium $3.99
    Zesty Pepperoni Large $5.74
    Zesty Veggie Medium $3.99
    Zesty Veggie Large $5.74

    Cicis Favorites

    Spinach Alfredo Medium $3.99
    Spinach Alfredo Large $5.74
    Alfredo Medium $3.99
    Alfredo Large $5.74
    Mac & Cheese Medium $3.99
    Mac & Cheese Large $5.74
    Zesty Ham & Cheddar Medium $3.99
    Zesty Ham & Cheddar Large $5.74
    Zesty Pepperoni Medium $3.99
    Zesty Pepperoni Large $5.74
    Zesty Veggie Medium $3.99
    Zesty Veggie Large $5.74

    Pan Pizzas

    Cheese Pan $5.74
    Pepperoni Pan $5.74
    Meat Eater Pan $5.74
    Supreme Pan $5.74

    Stuffed Crust

    Cheese Stuffed Crust $5.74
    Pepperoni Stuffed Crust $5.74


    Hot Buffalo Wings 5 Wings $4.99
    Hot Buffalo Wings 10 Wings $8.99
    Hot Buffalo Wings 20 Wings $17.99
    Hot Buffalo Wings 50 Wings $41.99
    Mild Buffalo Wings 5 Wings $4.99
    Mild Buffalo Wings 10 Wings $8.99
    Mild Buffalo Wings 20 Wings $17.99
    Mild Buffalo Wings 50 Wings $41.99
    Bbq Wings 5 Wings $4.99
    Bbq Wings 10 Wings $8.99
    Bbq Wings 20 Wings $17.99
    Bbq Wings 50 Wings $41.99
    Garlic Parmesan Wings 5 Wings $4.99
    Garlic Parmesan Wings 10 Wings $8.99
    Garlic Parmesan Wings 20 Wings $17.99
    Garlic Parmesan Wings 50 Wings $41.99
    Naked Wings 5 Wings $4.99
    Naked Wings 10 Wings $8.99
    Naked Wings 20 Wings $17.99
    Naked Wings 20 Wings $41.99

    Sides And Desserts

    Cinnamon Rolls $4.99
    Fudge Brownies $5.99
    Cheesy Bread $4.99
    Dipping sauce(Ranch) 2 Oz $0.50
    Dipping sauce(Blue Cheese) 2 Oz $0.50
    Dipping sauce(Marinara) 2 Oz $0.50

    Visit Cicis Pizza’s website to find out more about the restaurant.

    The Reason Cicis Pizza Is So Cheap

    • Shutterstock Pizza is one of those foods about which everyone has an opinion, and it seems to be the most popular.
    • Buffets are not the best choice for a wonderful lunch out, according to what is arguably a universal fact in the dining world.
    • In order to draw a diverse range of evaluations and opinions throughout the internet, from Reddit to TripAdvisor and everywhere in between, Cicis Pizza offers a free online survey.
    • Although the cuisine may not be particularly appetizing, it is still one of the most affordable alternatives for pizza in town, with a buffet that costs only $5.50 per adult for an unlimited amount of pizza (via MouseSavers).

    It is important to note, however, that while Cicis facilities are independently owned, price can and does vary from one location to the next (via Cicis Pizza).With or without the ″3 for $5 each″ promotion, the chain’s take-out costs are competitive with those of other big rivals, like as Little Caesars of Chicago (via Cicis Pizza).

    Cost of quality is a factor in Cicis Pizza’s cost

    • Before you head to your neighborhood Cicis, it’s important to understand that the actual cost of inexpensive pizza is its quality.
    • Cicis Pizza is so inexpensive for a variety of reasons — the first and most important of which is that the ingredients used are not as high-quality as those used by other restaurants.
    • According to Food Babe, the cheese is not all-natural and contains artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, among other things, in addition to the natural components.
    • In addition, a former cook on Quora describes how Cicis is able to keep its prices so low by delivering cuisine that is both satisfying and nutritious, preventing most customers from eating more than is profitable for the business.

    It also allows the business to reduce food waste, which would otherwise result in money being squandered on ingredients as well as time and labor being spent cooking pizzas.While the comment on Quora indicates that the business may save money by cooking in bulk rather than customizing pizzas and, as a result, can employ a lesser workforce, this is not entirely true of Cicis Pizza’s operations.Because of the store’s commitment to bring new types of pizzas, visitors may construct their own customized pizzas if they do not find what they are looking for on the buffet, which has standard pizzas, Cicis Signature pizzas, and filled crust pizzas (via QSR Magazine).

    Cici’s Pizza Size & Price: How Many Do I Order?

    • In 1985, Joe Croce and Mike Col opened the first Cici’s pizza buffet restaurant in the United States, and the rest is history.
    • It started off as a single restaurant in Plato, Texas, but has grown to encompass more than 600 locations around the United States.
    • In addition, it is the largest pizza buffet franchise in the world.
    • As implied by the brand name, the firm has focused in the production of pizza.

    CiCi’s Pizza, on the other hand, has produced an endless buffet with a very inexpensive pricing range as an offer extension.There are a few companies that are attempting to imitate this model, but none of them deliver the value that CiCi’s does.Finally, it’s time to find out how big and how much Cici’s pizza will set you back.

    CiCi’s Pizza Menu With Prices

    CiCi’s pizza menu features a variety of pizza, pasta, and salad options, as well as a variety of Italian specialties. Enjoy any of their delicious deep-dish pizzas, filled crust pizzas, or flatbread pizzas while you wait for your dinner.

    Traditional crust CiCi’s pizza slice price

    Pizza type Medium Large
    Cheese $5.5 $6.5
    Pepperoni $5.5 $6.5
    Meat Easter $8.5 $9.5
    Supreme $9 $10
    Hawaiian $6.6 $7.6
    Spinach Alfredo $5.5 $6.5
    Buffalo chicken $5.5 $6.5
    BBQ pork $5.5 $6.5
    Mac & Cheese $5.5 $6.5
    Alfredo $5.5 $6.5
    Veggie $7 $8

    With all of the items on the list, you may create a pizza that suits your preferences at a reasonable cost. Even a nice lunch can be had for less than $10 in certain places.

    Deep dish crust CiCi’s pizza slice price

    Pizza type Medium
    Cheese $8
    Pepperoni $8
    Meat Easter $10
    • Cici’s Pizza offers a broad selection of different varieties of pizza on their menu. Among the ingredients that go into making them are: meat, tofu, fresh and cooked veggies, seasonings, exotic fruits, chocolate, marshmallow, and whipped cream.

    Specialty pizzas – Mediterranean

    Pizza type Small Medium Large Extra large Party
    Chicken $18 $19 $20.5 $26 $41
    Feta $18 $19 $20.5 $26 $41
    Mushrooms $18 $19 $20.5 $26 $41
    Black olives $18 $19 $20.5 $26 $41

    The best part is that Cici’s pizza is always expanding its menu by offering a variety of various ingredients and pizza toppings to customers. So you can always expect to find amazing pizzas on their menu, as well as a few surprises here and there.

    Specialty pizzas – Cici’s supreme

    Pizza type Small Medium Large Extra large Party
    Extra cheese $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Pepperoni $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Green peppers $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Mushrooms $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Bacon $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Crumble $17 $18 $19 $24 $37

    One fascinating detail about this restaurant business is that the titles of the pizzas they serve are unusual and appealing. Hawaiian hot, Soprano, Green goddess, Augustino’s, and Cici’s ultimate are just a few of the most well-known flavors.

    Specialty pizzas – Hawaiian heat

    Pizza type Small Medium Large Extra large Party
    Pineapples $15 $16 $17.5 $22 $33.5
    Bacon Crumble $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Ham $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Hot Peppers $17 $18 $19 $24 $37

    Regarding pricing, you should be aware that Cici’s Pizza is one of the largest franchises with a buffet in the world, so expect to pay a premium. As a result, you will notice a substantial variance in the price of pizza depending on where you live.

    Specialty pizzas – Augustino’s

    Pizza type Small Medium Large Extra large Party
    Bacon crumbles $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Mushrooms $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Pepperoni $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Hot banana peppers $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Chili flakes $17 $18 $19 $24 $37
    Black olives $17 $18 $19 $24 $37

    With this in mind, it is important to note that specified rates are not set in stone, and they will fluctuate based on the nation and even the area where you live.

    Specialty pizzas – Green goddess

    Pizza type Small Medium Large Extra large Party
    Extra cheese $15 $16 $17.5 $22 $33.5
    Green peppers $15 $16 $17.5 $22 $33.5
    Broccoli $15 $16 $17.5 $22 $33.5
    Spinach $15 $16 $17.5 $22 $33.5

    How Much Is Cici’s Buffet Per Person?

    Cici’s Buffet Per Person, which offers an unlimited buffet of pizza, spaghetti, salads, and desserts for as little as $5.49 per person, is a fantastic deal. It enables you to sample every meal type you see on the menu for less than $6 per serving.

    CiCi’s Pizza buffet

    Food Price
    Pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert $5.29
    Kid’s Buffet for children ages from 4 to 10 $3.39
    Kid’s Buffet for children ages 3 $1.59
    • In contrast, Cici’s To Go is a limited-time deal that cannot be used multiple times. For example, if you want to add more cheese and toppings to your pizza, you’ll have to spend a few dollars more. To make your salads more interesting, you may use things such as: tomatoes
    • jalapenos
    • radish
    • cucumber
    • green peppers
    • olives
    • red onion rings
    • sliced mushrooms
    • broccoli
    • pineapple
    • croutons
    • and croutons.
    • Also included is a list of delectable salad dressings, such as Ranch and Light Ranch, as well as Italian, French, and Catalina dressings

    In this restaurant, you may also order a children’s buffet, which is less expensive. There is a $3.39 fee for children under ten years of age, and a $1.59 fee for children under three years of age is charged. You should also be aware that the pricing of a Buffet Per Person will most likely vary based on where the pizza shop is located.

    How Many Pizzas to Order

    Pizza with meat, fresh and cooked veggies, and herbs in a variety of combinations is a popular choice among customers. Additionally, it is a convenient alternative for both solitary and family dinners, and it is a true party queen no matter what the occasion is.

    Walk-in specials

    Pizza Price
    Large pizza plus one topping $10
    Extra-large pizza plus one topping $12
    Large pizza, 3 toppings, 2 cans of pop $14

    If you intend to host a larger gathering and offer pizza to your guests, you need first determine how many pizzas you will need to purchase. Let’s see what happens.

    Pizza Bar

    • Always make an effort to purchase a variety of pizza kinds in the hopes that everyone at the party will pick their favorite.
    • Another alternative is to set up a pizza bar, which is popular for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations.
    • In order to make it easier for customers to utilize the pizza bar, only cheese pizza with a variety of toppings and extras is available for purchase.
    • Your buddies will be able to make pizzas according to their preferences and tastes in this manner.

    A benefit is that you may prepare a toaster that also serves as an oven, so that visitors can reheat their pizza slices with additional ingredients as required.Once you have made the decision to have a party, it is recommended that you call the pizza shop at least 24 hours in advance.You will be able to guarantee that your pizza delivery will come on time and in the amount you requested.

    • It is a fantastic approach to ensure that everything is well arranged and prepared for the future.

    How Many Pizza Slices for a Party

    • The following are the available pizza sizes: small pizzas measuring 8 to 10 inches (20 – 25.5 cm) in diameter
    • medium pizzas measuring 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter
    • and large pizzas measuring 14 inches (35.5 cm) in diameter.
    • Extra-large pizza with a diameter ranging from 16 to 18 inches (40.5 to 46 cm)
    • When you are hosting a party and intend to offer pizza to your guests, you will be faced with the challenge of appeasing their palates. As a result, you should ensure that you order enough food in advance to avoid running out of food at a critical moment. But there is no need to overdo it in terms of calorie consumption. As a result, it is vital to consider the following factors: the number of visitors you will have
    • the number of adults and children on your guest list
    • and the location of the event.
    • How many individuals will most likely consume a single pizza slice
    • how many people will most likely consume a single pizza slice
    • Determine how many persons will most likely require more than one pizza slice
    • and

    Pizza size

    Slice number

    Small of 8 to 10 inches (20 – 25.5 cm) 6
    Medium of 12 inches (30.5 cm) 8
    Large of 14 inches (35.5 cm) 10
    Extra-large of 16 inches (40.5 cm) 12
    Extra-large of 18 inches (46 cm) 14
    • You will almost certainly order a medium-sized pizza, which will be sliced into eight slices at the very least.
    • The 3/8 approach is the most efficient method of determining how much pizza you will need for a gathering.
    • If you estimate that the typical hungry adult consumes three pizza slices, calculating the number of attendees by 3/8 will give you an estimate of the approximate number of pizzas you will require for the party.

    Pizza number per guests

    People number Estimated pizza number
    10 4
    15 6
    20 8
    30 12
    50 19
    • In most circumstances, you will not receive the entire amount of pizza slices, so be sure to round it up to whole pizzas.
    • After all, it is always preferable to have pizza leftovers than to have people leave a gathering without eating something.
    • When planning a party for children, keep in mind that the equation will need to be tailored to their needs.
    • As a rule of thumb, you should plan on one to two pizza pieces per child in this situation.

    Because teens have a voracious appetite, it is prudent to predict that they will consume around four pizza slices each person.


    • In addition to being a part of the family heritage, Cici’s Pizza is well-known for its delectable pizzas, pastas, salads, soups, desserts, and of course, the famed buffets.
    • It is one of the top fast-food restaurants in the United States, and it is especially well-suited for families with children.
    • Fortunately, CiCi’s pizza continues to bring people together, to celebrate difference, and to work tirelessly to meet and surpass the expectations of its consumers throughout the world.


    • In its admission, Cicis acknowledges that the intrusion took place more than a month after KrebsOnSecurity first reported on it.
    • Cicis claimed in a statement that the restaurant chain got reports from some of its sites in early March 2016 that their POS systems were not functioning correctly.
    • The 12th of September, 2016 – Cicis, a pizza buffet restaurant company situated in Coppell, Texas, has been bought by Arlon Group, a food and agricultural investment organization based in New York City, according to the company.
    • Cicis was the first company to provide an Unlimited Pizza Buffet, and the company has grown to more than 440 locations in 33 states since its foundation in 1985.

    Cicis was sentenced to five years and four months in prison at Derby Crown Court after admitting to burglary in which a victim was subjected to physical abuse.″Cicis had left his fingerprints at the scene, and we were able to identify him through his DNA on a cigarette that was later discovered inside the stolen bag,″ Detective Sergeant Steve Shaw of Derbyshire Police said.New York, NY, February 24, 2011 -( New York, NY, February 24, 2011 -( It was reported today by BoeFly, the foremost online marketplace linking lenders with business borrowers, that CiCi’s Pizza, an award-winning pizza franchise, has chosen the company’s online marketplace to aid its franchisees in getting bank financing.

    • CiCi’s serves a never-ending buffet of fresh salad, tasty pasta, delectable desserts, and hot-from-the-oven pizzas at a reasonable price at locations all around the United States.
    • CiCi’s Pizza, a family-dining restaurant company established in the United States, has announced a franchise extension in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.
    • ‘For more than 25 years, CiCi’s has been offering its quality, made fresh daily pizza buffet, and we’re delighted to expand our footprint in Phoenix,’ said Jim Sheahan, the company’s head of franchise sales.

    Cicis Pizza Menu: The Best and Worst Foods — Eat This Not That

    • If you’re ever in the desire for some fantastic yet reasonably priced pizza, Cicis is a great place to start your search.
    • The Texas-based restaurant company is well-known for its unending buffet-style spread of gourmet pizzas, wings, and a salad bar, with an almost limitless number of selections to choose from.
    • As a result of having all of the options on the Cicis menu right at your fingertips while dining at one of the more than 400 Cicis locations across the United States, we spoke with Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, of the food tracking app Lose It!
    • to learn about some of the best and worst items available at Cicis restaurants.

    With their extensive menu of savory options, we discovered that their speciality, filled crust, pan, and flatbread pizzas all made the cut in some shape or another.When you’re standing in front of the buffet, use this helpful breakdown to guide you toward making better choices.Here is a list of the worst and finest foods available on the Cicis menu, in no particular order.

    Specialty Pizzas

    • 160 calories per slice, 5 grams of fat (2.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat), 250 milligrams of sodium, 24 grams of carbohydrate (one gram of fiber, three grams of sugar), and seven grams of protein The low calorie and low saturated fat content of this pie—which is topped with 100 percent genuine cheddar cheese, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and Parmesan oregano seasoning—is what makes it so appealing to dieters and health-conscious individuals alike.
    • ″You could have two pieces of bread and a cup of soup for a little more than 400 calories,″ McGrane points out.
    • We think that sounds like a satisfying supper!
    • 220 calories per slice, 10 g fat (4.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 450 mg sodium, 24 g carbohydrate (1 g fiber, 3 g sugar), and 10 g protein (per slice).

    The saturated fat content of this pizza, according to McGrane, is the highest.Just two slices have approximately the same amount of calories, saturated fat, and salt as a Double Cheeseburger from McDonald’s.When you stop to think about it, that’s a lot of meat!

    Cicis Favorites

    • 160 calories per slice, 5 grams of fat (2.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat), 250 milligrams of sodium, 24 grams of carbohydrate (one gram of fiber, three grams of sugar), and seven grams of protein The Zesty Veggie Pizza has done it again, this time taking home the title of best pizza to eat in the Cici’s Favorites category as well as the best pizza to eat overall.
    • The recipe is minimal in calories, saturated fat, and salt while still delivering seven grams of protein p

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