How Much Is A Pizza Oven?

Comparison Chart of Pizza Oven Efficiencies

Oven Type Pizzas Produced / Hour Cost
Convection 40 / chamber $1,000-$10,000
Conveyor 80 / belt $5,000-$30,000
Deck 50 / deck $5,000-$30,000
Brick 80 / deck Largely varies by contractor, size, materials, and aesthetic design

How much does it cost to build a pizza oven?

The estimated cost of a pizza oven based on the different methods: Buying a portable oven: $300-$1000. Buying a premade oven: $1000-9000+. Building your own clay or cement oven: $275-350. Building your own brick oven: $950+. If you are thinking of building a wood fired oven, here are the estimated costs: Clay.

What is the average price of a pizza oven?

The estimated cost of a pizza oven based on the different methods: Buying a portable oven: $300-$1000. Buying a premade oven: $1000-9000+ Building your own clay or cement oven: $275-350.

Is it worth buying a pizza oven?

In short, pizza ovens can be fantastic, but not all pizza ovens are made equal. The best ones cook pizza at extremely high temperatures, around 450C/900F! This high temperature creates the amazing taste and texture of an authentic Italian style pizza. What’s more, pizza ovens can also cook pizza in just 60 seconds!

How much is a small pizza oven?

Pizza ovens come in a wide range of prices, depending on their versatility or convenience. Small gas-powered outdoor ovens can cost $300 to $400 on the lower end of the spectrum and around $700 for a wood and gas combination oven.

How much does a wood fired pizza oven cost?

Altogether, a small DIY pizza oven will cost under $1000. A small, clay oven like this will have a longer heat-up time and will be of limited use, but will be an attractive addition to your patio or barbecue area. More robust DIY woodfired pizza oven kits range in price from $1500 to $2500.

How much does an indoor pizza oven cost?

For the more convenient and practical options, pizza ovens can cost from around $150 to as much as $1000. When it comes to price, brick ovens are the most expensive type of pizza oven. They usually cost between $600 and $4000, depending on the size and features of the oven.

Are pizza ovens bad for you?

The wood burning stoves used to cook pizzas churn out dangerous emissions which may be polluting some built up urban areas where the crusty favourites are particularly popular. It is not just pizzas that could be taking a bite out of attempts to clean up the environment, the study says.

Can you use shop bought pizza in a pizza oven?

Answer: Yes! It will cook shop bought pizza’s,this oven is brilliant to use and it is worth making your own pizza’s, If you are buying this oven look at the video on utube.

What else can you cook in a pizza oven?

What Foods Can Be Cooked in a Pizza Oven?

  • Roasted vegetables.
  • Baked or grilled fish.
  • Slow cooked meats.
  • Flamed ribeye steak.
  • Smoked and barbecued meats.
  • Jacket potatoes.
  • Freshly baked bread loaves.
  • Focaccia and flatbreads.
  • Which is better gas or wood pizza oven?

    Gas offers high temperatures like wood ovens do, but it allows you to cook without the need for wood or the production of ash and soot, making it the cleaner option. Many gas ovens also provide a cooking area that’s slightly larger than a wood oven.

    How much does a Neapolitan pizza oven cost?

    Napoli Commercial Pizza Oven Starts at $16,450.

    It is a mid- to large-sized, fully assembled commercial pizza oven designed for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, caterers, and vineyards looking for a gas or wood fired pizza oven to complement other cooking equipment.

    How hot does a pizza oven get?

    Pizza ovens cook at temperatures between 800 and 900 degrees F. You can’t get that hot in your home oven, but the higher you can go, the better. Place a pizza stone ($39; Amazon) on a lower oven rack. Preheat the oven between 450 and 500 degrees F (250 to 260 degrees C) — the stone needs heat up while the oven heats.

    What kind of concrete do you use for a pizza oven?

    Mix your concrete in a 1:2:4 ratio (cement/sand/aggregate) and use a spade to fill the mould. Use some scrap wood to level off the concrete and ensure that it’s flat so that your pizza oven is resting on a level base. Create the shape: once your base has dried, you can start creating the shape of your pizza oven.

    Is wood fired pizza better?

    Wood-fired pizza isn’t just tastier than other kinds of pizzas, it’s also healthier. The extreme heat in a wood-burning oven cooks the pizza super-fast, which helps the toppings hold onto their natural nutrients.

    Do you need fire bricks for pizza oven?

    “Do I Need to use Fire Bricks for a pizza oven?” While you don’t have to use fire bricks for a pizza oven, it is very highly recommended by professionals and consumers alike. Because fire bricks are better for retention of heat it means you dont have to keep stocking up the fire and can use less wood in the long term.

    Types of Pizza Ovens

    A pizza oven is the most crucial investment you’ll make if you’re opening a pizzeria from the ground up.Commercial pizza ovens are classified into five categories: brick, conveyor, deck, convention, and countertop.While individual models differ, there are five types of commercial pizza ovens: brick, conveyor, deck, convention, and countertop.

    • Models of varied sizes and capabilities are divided into five categories by these five types.
    • It is easier to focus your search if you understand how the different types of pizza ovens function and their heating methods.
    • You can also learn about their typical cost, production volume, and dimensions.
    1. All Commercial Pizza Ovens may be found here.

    What Is the Best Commercial Pizza Oven?

    Brick ovens are the most popular commercial pizza oven model, according to foodservice specialists.While it’s natural to desire the greatest commercial pizza oven available, you also need to consider your pizza order volume, budget, kitchen size, and the sorts of pizza you want to cook before making your purchase.Make use of our advice to find the most suitable industrial pizza oven for your establishment.

    • Make sure to read our evaluations of commercial pizza ovens as well!

    Different Types of Pizza Ovens

    Generally speaking, the three primary characteristics that define different types of pizza ovens are their operation, the amount of available space, and the price of the ovens. Everything you need to know about each of the five pizza oven types is broken down into manageable chunks so that you can make an informed choice regarding the advantages and drawbacks of investing in each.

    1. Brick Pizza Oven

    Brick pizza ovens, which are heated by wood fires and impart smokey tastes to the pizzas they bake, are designed to cook pizzas slowly and evenly.It takes a long time for the bricks to heat up, but once they are heated, brick pizza ovens sustain extremely high temperatures.You may use your brick pizza oven as an outdoor pizza oven if you construct it that way.

    • In addition to providing the same wood-burning, artisan tastes as indoor versions, outdoor pizza ovens typically take up less room.
    • They’re ideal for pizzerias with nice patio areas, and they’ll help any wine garden’s menu stand out from the crowd.

    Brick Pizza Oven Fast Facts

    • There are around 80 brick pizzas baked every hour in a brick pizza oven
    • the brick pizza oven cooks for 2 to 5 minutes
    • and the brick pizza oven uses three different heating methods: convection heat, reflection heat, and conduction heat.
    • Preparation time for a brick pizza oven is 45-60 minutes.
    • Cost of a Brick Pizza Oven – Because each oven is custom manufactured, the price varies depending on the contractor, the size, and the materials used.
    • The best types of pizza to cook in a brick pizza oven include California-style, New York-style, Neapolitan-style, Chicago-style, and Sicilian-style pizzas.

    Brick Pizza Oven Production Volume

    The majority of brick pizza ovens can accommodate 10-12 pizzas at a time and can cook a pizza from start to finish in less than five minutes.By keeping the fire going in your brick oven, you may cut down on heat recovery time.The majority of brick pizza ovens have only one cooking platform, which limits the amount of cooking area available.

    • These pizza ovens are dependable for medium-sized companies, but high-volume pizzerias would be wise to invest in a conveyor oven instead.

    Brick Pizza Oven Dimensions

    While the majority of brick pizza oven measurements range from 150 cubic feet to 400 cubic feet, each oven is custom-built to meet its specific location.Brick pizza ovens, which may be as large as 30 square feet in size, are frequently built from the ground up to the ceiling.Restaurants employ brick ovens for a variety of reasons, including function and presentation.

    • A brick pizza oven serves as the main attraction, and it is frequently placed in a prominent location where consumers can see and admire it in action.
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    2. Conveyor Pizza Oven

    A conveyor oven produces pizzas at the speed of thought, allowing you to make them on a continuous cooking surface.You just need to place it on the conveyor belt and the oven will take care of the rest, dragging it through the oven automatically at a predetermined speed.It is possible to stack up to four conveyor ovens on top of each other in some variants, which increases manufacturing capacity.

    • Conveyor ovens are the most efficient alternative in situations where efficiency is the most important consideration, and you may purchase them with either a gas or an electric hookup, depending on your company needs.

    Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Fast Facts

    • 4-5 Minutes for a Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven
    • Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Heating Method – Radiant Heat or Convection Heat
    • Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Preheat Time– 10-15 Minutes
    • Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Cost – $5,000-$30,000
    • The Best Types of Pizza to Cook in a Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven – New York and Neapolitan
    • Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Preheat Time- 10-15 Minutes

    Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Production Volume

    Each deck of a big conveyor oven can manufacture around 100 pizzas per hour on a continuous basis.Medium-sized conveyor deck ovens can normally create 75 pizzas per deck every hour, depending on the size of the oven.Cooking a pizza on a conveyor deck oven takes between four and five minutes.

    • In addition, because the pizzas move under or through the continual heating components, there is no time lost for heat recovery to take place.

    Conveyor Deck Pizza Oven Dimensions

    The cubic capacity of conveyor deck pizza ovens ranges from 100 cubic feet to 180 cubic feet, and the majority of them are broad enough to accommodate two enormous pizzas side by side.Restaurants require a large amount of floor area to accommodate a conveyor oven as well as the extended conveyor belts at the entrance and exit of the establishment.A single stack conveyor oven may use up to 150 cubic feet of floor space (about half the volume of a storage unit), while triple stack conveyor ovens can take up to 330 cubic feet of floor space (almost the same volume as a storage unit).

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    3. Pizza Deck Oven

    Pizza deck ovens are great for baking pizza pies because their hot stone decks directly heat the pizza crust, allowing the dough to be cooked through without charring the toppings.Deck ovens also use radiant heat, which spreads infrared heat waves throughout the pizza, preventing it from becoming scorched on the bottom or from becoming unmelted on the top.In the long run, deck ovens are an excellent investment since they survive for many years, if not decades, and retain their resale value.

    • Simple maintenance is required to keep a pizza deck oven in good condition; simply scrub burn marks off the decks and clean off the exterior.
    • Because they have no moving components, pizza deck ovens require little maintenance and are seldom repaired by a professional.

    Pizza Deck Oven Fast Facts

    • A pizza deck oven can produce approximately 50 pizzas per hour
    • the cooking time for a pizza deck oven is 6-8 minutes
    • the heating method for a pizza deck oven is conduction or radiant heat
    • the Preheat time for a pizza deck oven is approximately 60 minutes
    • the cost of a pizza deck oven ranges from $5,000 to $30,000. The best types of pizza to cook in a pizza deck oven are New York, Chicago, Sicilian, and Neapolitan
    • and the best types of pizza to cook in a

    Pizza Deck Oven Production Volume

    Each pizza deck holds four to six pizzas on average, and each deck can generate 50 pies each hour.The baking time varies between six and eight minutes depending on the recipe.Pizza deck ovens are not a hands-off cooking method, as some people believe.

    • While the pizzas are cooking, your personnel will need to monitor them and shift them around, which means you may lose time to heat recovery and run out of room.
    • Some versions make up for the inherent limitation of cooking area by providing numerous stacked decks of cooking surfaces.
    • Pizza deck ovens can feature anything from one to six decks, depending on the manufacturer.

    Pizza Deck Oven Dimensions

    The cubic capacity of a pizza deck oven ranges from 100 to 180 cubic feet.Given that a high-capacity, four-deck oven takes up around 160 cubic feet of floor space, they’re perfect for medium-sized pizzerias and restaurants.While pizza deck ovens are comparable in size to conveyor ovens in terms of total dimension, they are built in a stacked configuration that requires more vertical space than horizontal space.

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    4. Convection Pizza Oven

    Commercial pizza convection ovens circulate hot air throughout the oven, evenly cooking each side of the pizza at the same time.A convection pizza oven often browns the cheese toppings before it finishes cooking the pizza dough, since the heat is generated by circulating air.Commercial pizza ovens are an excellent way for businesses other than pizzerias to save money because they are the least expensive to acquire and maintain.

    • You may save money on replacement or repair charges by cleaning the inside of the car every day and the intake fan every week.

    Convection Pizza Oven Fast Facts

    • A convection pizza oven can produce approximately 40 pizzas per chamber per hour
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • the heating method used is convection heat
    • the cooking time is 15-20 minutes
    • the cost of a convection pizza oven is $1,000-$10,000
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • the cooking time is 5-6 minutes
    • In a convection oven, the best types of pizza to cook include Neapolitan, New York, and Chicago-style pizzas.
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    Convection Pizza Oven Production Volume

    Convection pizza ovens can create 40 pizzas per chamber every hour on average, according to the manufacturer.Most versions feature two to five racks per chamber and can accommodate one or two 16-inch pizzas on each rack, depending on the design.In most cases, a convection oven will take between five and six minutes to cook one pizza.

    • Preparation time varies based on the temperature of the oven and the quantity of pizzas in it.
    • When you open the oven door to remove your pizzas, you will lose some heat, but most convection ovens are designed to counteract this impact and reduce the amount of time it takes for the heat to return.
    • Businesses that provide pizza as a menu choice but do not specialize in pizza are the most likely candidates for commercial convection ovens.

    Convection Pizza Oven Dimensions

    The majority of convection pizza ovens have a footprint of 15 to 60 cubic feet, making them an excellent alternative for businesses with little available space. Some convection pizza ovens feature a limited width and a high height, allowing for more valuable floor space to be used for other equipment and storage. Return to the top of the page

    5. Countertop Pizza Oven

    • Countertop versions of convection, conveyor, and deck ovens are available, allowing you to save both money and valuable counter space. Despite the fact that the number of pizzas produced by a countertop pizza oven per hour varies greatly depending on the oven type, they always create less pizzas than their full-size equivalents. Considering that the vast majority of countertop pizza ovens are electric, you can put them almost anyplace there is an electrical hookup or outlet. Countertop pizza ovens not only save important floor space, but they can also be stacked on top of one another or other pieces of equipment to save even more valuable countertop space. For food trucks and concession booths, these are the best pieces of equipment to have on hand. Countertop pizza ovens are available in three different configurations: convection, conveyor, and deck.
    • In comparison to their full-sized counterparts, countertop pizza ovens produce similar cook times.
    • Preheat time for a countertop pizza oven is around 12 minutes, however it varies depending on the oven model.
    • Cost of a countertop pizza oven ranges from $100 to $11,000.
    • Using a Countertop Pizza Oven to Cook the Best Types of Pizza – New York, Neapolitan, and Heating Frozen Pizza

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    Comparison Chart of Pizza Oven Efficiencies

    Oven Type Pizzas Produced/ Hour Size Cost Heating Method Preheat Time Cooking Time Operator Skill Level
    Convection 40 / chamber 15 ft3-60 ft3 $1,000-$10,000 Convection heat 15-20 minutes 5-6 minutes Low
    Conveyor 80 / belt 150 ft3-300 ft3 $5,000-$30,000 Convection or radiant heat 10-15 minutes 4-5 minutes Low-Medium
    Deck 50 / deck 100 ft3-180 ft3 $5,000-$30,000 Conduction and radiant heat 60 minutes 6-8 minutes Medium-High
    Brick 80 / deck 150 ft3-400 ft3 or more Largely varies by contractor, size, materials, and aesthetic design Convection, reflection, and conduction heat 45-60 minutes 2-5 minutes High

    How to Make Different Types of Pizza: The Best Oven for Each

    Oven Type Pizza Style Topping Level Crust Thickness
    Convection New York and Neapolitan Light and Medium Toppings Thin and Medium Crusts
    Conveyor New York and Neapolitan Light and Medium Toppings Thin and Medium Crusts
    Deck New York, Neapolitan, Chicago, and Sicilian Light and Heavy Toppings All Crusts
    Brick California-Style, New York, Neapolitan, Chicago, and Sicilian Light and Heavy Toppings All Crusts

    Return to the top of the page Finding the ideal industrial pizza oven for your company may be accomplished by taking your operational requirements and budgetary requirements into mind…. Whether you want a constant stream of pizzas or simply want to add a few of pies to your menu rotation, there is a pizza maker that will meet your requirements.

    How Much Does a Commercial Pizza Oven Cost? (Quick Guide)

    The content of is completely free.When you make a purchase after clicking on one of our referral links, we receive a commission at no additional cost to you.Pizza ovens are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges, with the smallest countertop oven being the most economical and the most expensive industrial pizza ovens costing somewhat more than $9000.

    • The capacity of the pizza oven to achieve and hold high temperatures, the size and number of pizzas it can support, and the amount of time it takes to reach your desired temperature all play a role in the price fluctuation.
    • The purchase of a commercial pizza oven is essential if you want to open your own pizzeria.
    • It’s quite acceptable to be curious about how much a commercial pizza oven costs these days, especially with the industrialized ones.

    Is a Pizza Oven Worth It?

    Whether you operate a pizzeria or are simply looking to enhance your at-home pizza oven, investing in a high-quality model will serve you well for many years to come.Keep in mind that, aside from the ability to make pizza, these models are capable of performing a wide range of other cooking tasks.They’re great for preparing roasted meats and vegetables, as well as fresh-baked bread and finger foods like canapés.

    • Despite the fact that there are several reasons to purchase a pizza oven, the quality of the model is what is most important.
    • Using a normal oven may result in your food having a lack of texture and flavor, which is detrimental to your company’s success.
    • Commercial pizza ovens have the advantage of being able to reach greater temperatures, making it much easier to obtain the required results.

    Types of Pizza Ovens

    The majority of commercial ovens are available in one of the following varieties of pizza ovens:

    Triple Deck

    These versions have the capacity to make up to 18 12-inch pizzas at the same time.

    Double Deck

    They are intended to cook a maximum of 12 12-inch pizzas at a time in this configuration. It is possible to view this video, which will show you a Commercial Compact Double Deck Pizza Oven in action. National Kitchen Equipment provided the footage for this video.

    Countertop Oven

    This model is a small-size choice for folks who want to maximize their available kitchen space while simultaneously making around three pizzas.

    Conveyor Pizza Oven

    This pizza oven is an excellent choice for a pizzeria where pizza is the primary meal served. This one has a conveyor belt system, which allows you to transport and cook the pizza from your oven to a box or a plate without having to use your hands.

    Brick Oven

    They are ideal for cooking two pizzas at the same time and have an overall cooking capacity that allows them to prepare up to 12 pizzas per hour on a continuous basis. In addition, brick ovens make pizza that is perhaps the greatest in the world.

    How Much Does a Commercial Pizza Oven Cost?

    When attempting to identify the finest pizza oven for commercial use, one of the most important considerations to consider is the cost of the appliance.And the cost will be decided by the type of fuel used and the size of the oven.These goods are available for purchase at a range of prices ranging from $1000 to $9000.

    • You should also keep in mind that the conveyor ovens might cost anything from $5,000 to $30,000.
    • This wide price range is determined by the particular features, capacity, and size of the product.
    • A modern pizza oven of high quality that has been engineered to survive the rigors of a commercial pizzeria is usually the best option………………………………………………….
    1. As a result, it’s only realistic to spend between $5000 and $20,000, depending on the product’s capacity and the number of bells and whistles it has.

    How Long Do Pizza Ovens Last?

    With the price of a commercial pizza oven ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, it is expected that the longevity of these goods will vary.A low-cost countertop oven will not be as long-lasting as a high-priced industrial pizza oven due to the difference in materials used.Additionally, the frequency with which these equipment are utilized might influence how long they will last you.

    • The majority of commercial pizza oven models claim to have a life span of up to 25 years.
    • A pizza range, on the other hand, has an average lifespan of roughly 10 years.
    • For home variants that operate on wood or gas, anticipate these devices to last for more than 10 years because they are used far less frequently than industrial pizza ovens.
    1. Additionally, electric versions have a shorter lifespan than gas ones owing to the failure of the heating element.
    2. The quantity of usage, the kind of fuel used, the building materials used, the style of oven used (outdoor or indoor), and the price are the primary elements that influence the longevity of your pizza oven.
    3. Consequently, it is important to properly care for your pizza in order to get the most out of your pizza oven.
    4. Another advantage of purchasing a high-end model is that it has a high resale value, which allows you to recoup a significant portion of your initial expenditure.

    Commercial Wood-fired Ovens

    Wood-fired ovens used in restaurants are expensive, but they provide excellent value for money.To create this concept for your food truck or restaurant, look into the items from the following brands: Miele, Moffat, Bosch and Wisco.Considering that these items are available in a variety of features and styles, they are an excellent choice for anybody wishing to open a pizza.

    • High-end versions are often constructed of 304-grade stainless steel, which ensures a lifetime of remarkable durability.
    • A fireguard, a scraper/brush, a shovel and pusher, peels, and pizza stones are examples of things that could be available.
    • What’s more, there is more.
    1. Single belt conveyor pizza ovens are ideally suited for cooking pizza, as well as other foods such as meals, appetizers, and desserts, among other things.
    2. As previously said, there are a myriad of solutions available that claim to be beneficial to your health.
    3. However, it is critical to keep your clientele’s tastes in mind when taking other crucial aspects into consideration, such as temperature range, cooking capacity, heat up time, kind, and a variety of other considerations.

    Wrap It Up

    Please keep in mind that tabletop versions of deck, conveyor, and convection ovens are available for cooking fewer pizzas, saving money, and increasing your working space.When compared to the larger versions, these smaller cousins follow the same set of rules and regulations.More specifically, you might want to explore an outdoor pizza oven, which has the same capacity as countertop pizza ovens but is a little more versatile and mobile.

    • When it comes to saving money on power bills, wood-fired models are the best option for pizzerias wishing to reduce their expenses.
    • Additionally, it is the gourmet style and flavor that will keep people coming back for more from your pizza.
    • Hopefully by this point, you have realized that there are several alternatives to consider when attempting to acquire the best commercial pizza oven for your establishment.
    1. One of the many considerations is the price of the oven, which may range from $5000 to $10,000 depending on the size, efficiency, design, and kind.
    2. Regardless, you select a product that is both readily available and satisfies the needs of your company.

    How Much Is A Brick Pizza Oven – ALL PIZZAHOLIC

    It’s difficult to surpass the incredible flavor and texture of a freshly produced pizza that has been baked in a classic brick oven.The wood fire cooks the pizza in a flash, imparting a distinct, smokey flavor that can only be found at the finest artisan pizzerias, where it is served.Building a brick oven in one’s own backyard might be a dream come true for pizza fans everywhere.

    • It is merely a matter of asking how much it would cost to construct a brick pizza oven.
    • In most cases, the cost of constructing your own brick pizza oven is around $1,400.
    • Included in this price is the cost of all of the high-quality building materials and tools that you’ll need to construct a brick pizza oven.
    1. If, on the other hand, you want to have a professional mason construct your oven, you can expect to pay a total of around $3,500, depending on the individual prices of the contractors.
    2. In case you’re still unclear about the pricing, the materials you’ll need, or the price difference between a DIY brick pizza oven and a professionally built oven, you’ve come to the correct spot!
    3. I’ll go through all of the essential supplies and tools you’ll need to get the job done properly in the sections below.
    4. You’ll be making your own handmade pizzas before you know it!
    5. It’s possible that you’re more interested in a wood-fired oven, in which case you may read this extensive piece regarding the cost of building a wood-fired pizza oven.

    Cost Factors For A Brick Pizza Oven

    • One of the most gratifying home improvement projects you can undertake is to construct a brick oven pizza oven in your garden. In contrast to other modifications that may just enhance the aesthetic of your house, you will be able to utilize your brick oven pizza right away. If your oven is constructed properly, there should be no reason why it should not withstand the test of time and last for decades. When it comes to putting together your oven, you’ll discover that the list of materials is likewise very straightforward. The project will be divided into two major sections: Creating the foundation for the oven’s base.
    • Constructing the oven on one’s own.

    The foundation is the most straightforward component.The simplest method of constructing a solid foundation is to simply utilize concrete cinderblocks that are bonded together with grout.Then, to construct the tabletop, you’ll construct a mold out of wood and rebar, into which you’ll pour the concrete mix, which will function as the main tabletop surface.

    • Finally, most builders choose to use brick or stone tiles to surround the base and tabletop to give the structure an aesthetically pleasant aspect.
    • The second step, which involves the construction of the oven, uses fewer materials but demands a great deal more precision labor.
    • After finishing the base, you will proceed to construct the pizza dome on top of it, which will be made of high-quality ″fire bricks,″ grout, and a metal chimney flue.


    Allow me to walk you through the specific equipment and supplies you’ll need to construct your own pizza oven.

    Circular Saw

    Despite the fact that you will not be using it much, a circular saw will be required to cut the plywood and timber for the construction of your concrete mold. For less than $50, you can get a low-cost circular saw.

    Diamond Concrete Blade For Circular Saw

    Additionally, you’ll need to purchase a special diamond-tipped blade for cutting through the tiles and any brick fragments that may have been left over. This blade may be obtained for around $35 at a local hardware shop.


    You’ll just be utilizing the drill to aid in the mixing of the concrete mixture using a paddle, nothing more. You won’t need anything special for this project, so a basic plug-in drill will suffice. You can get a good deal on one for around $20.

    Concrete Mixing Paddle 

    This paddle will be inserted into the drill in order to mix the concrete in a bucket. They are available for purchase for around $15.


    As you begin to construct your foundation, you’ll want to be certain that it is correctly leveled. Levels are reasonably priced, with a single level costing around $10.

    5-Gallon Bucket

    Your concrete and grout will be mixed in a regular 5-gallon bucket, which you can find at any hardware store. They are available for purchase at your local hardware store for $5.

    Grout Paddles and Floaters

    These are used to distribute grout and concrete on a large surface area. You’ll just need a few of small handheld paddles and a pair of concrete floaters for this project. You’ll need to spend around $15 to obtain one of each.

    Total Cost Of Tools: $150


    Now, let’s go over the items you’ll need to complete your project. Unless otherwise stated, the following estimations are for an average-sized oven. Greater oven sizes are likely to require more resources and will be more expensive to build.

    Cinderblocks (For the Base): $160

    $2 cinderblocks multiplied by 80 blocks is $160.

    Brick Tiles (For Base Siding): $750

    $10 per square foot multiplied by 75 square feet is $750.

    Grout: $35

    One bucket of grout.

    Wood (For Countertop Edge): $25

    Pressure-treated 2x4s at $8.50 each.

    Concrete Mix (For Countertop): $5

    Bag of concrete.

    Rebar: $15 

    3x $5 pieces of rebar.

    High-Quality Brick (For the Oven): $200

    Approximately 80 pieces of heat-resistant fire brick at a cost of $2.50 each

    Metal Stove Pipe: $50

    One stainless steel stove pipe measuring 6″ x 48″.

    Estimated Cost Of Materials: $1,230

    The Size of the Oven

    With the cost of equipment and supplies included, the overall cost for a DIY project should be roughly $1,400 (assuming you don’t hire any workers).Having said that, if you want a larger oven, your prices might easily climb by 50% or more since you’ll need to build a larger foundation as well as a larger oven to accommodate the larger oven.In addition, you’ll need to budget for the purchase of a bigger pizza stone to utilize with your oven.

    Accompanying Renovations

    It is possible that you may need to construct an extra concrete or stone foundation for your oven base.. If you decide to handle it yourself, it might wind up costing you an additional $100 or more.

    Hiring a Professional To Build Your Brick Oven 

    If you have any previous construction, masonry, or other home improvement expertise, you might want to try your hand at building your own own brick pizza oven from scratch.What you must have in mind at all times is that the foundation must be completely level in order for your oven to be supported (if you want the firewood to burn properly).If you haven’t worked with masonry before, you may find this portion to be extremely time-consuming and difficult.

    Estimated Cost of Hiring a Professional Mason

    For those who want to engage a professional mason to construct your brick pizza oven, they will charge you for both the materials and the time they spend on the project. Assuming the price of the materials remains constant ($1,400), most professional and insured masons will charge you around $2,000 for their work. Your total cost would be around $3,400 as a result of this.

    How much is a brick pizza oven?

    Asked in the following category: General The most recent update was made on April 21, 2020.The following is an estimate of the cost of a pizza oven based on the various methods: Purchasing a portable oven will cost between $300 and $1000.Purchasing a prefabricated oven costs between $1000 and $9000.

    • Building your own clay or cement oven will cost between $275 and $350.
    • The majority of completely assembled or custom manufactured pizza ovens are constructed from kit components, but they may also have a concrete base and a custom-built cabinet as well.
    • A completely constructed oven might cost upwards of $3000 dollars (including the base).
    1. A custom-built oven can cost up to $5000 or more, depending on the size of the oven and the size of the foundation or bench underneath it.
    2. In the same vein, how much does a pre-owned pizza oven cost?
    3. The final point to mention is that, as is typically the case in the restaurant industry, the cost of the technology you choose to base your business on will be a significant consideration.
    4. Ovens with simple convection technology start in the $1,000-$10,00 range, whereas conveyor-style ovens may soon approach the $30,000 price level.
    5. In this case, how much does a commercial brick pizza oven cost?
    6. Statistics on the use of a pizza oven in general
    Oven Type Pizzas Produced / Hour Cost
    Convection 40 / chamber $1,000-$10,000
    Conveyor 80 / belt $5,000-$30,000
    Deck 50 / deck $5,000-$30,000
    Brick 80 / deck Largely varies by contractor, size, materials, and aesthetic design

    A wood-burning pizza oven has a price tag of around $800. The oven was estimated to have cost roughly $25,000 to build. It’s a staggering amount of money, and it’s one of the most costly Neapolitan wood-burning ovens available on the market right now, according to the manufacturer.

    Are pizza ovens any good?

    For the most part, pizza ovens are excellent, but not all pizza ovens are created equal.The top pizza chefs cook their pizza at exceptionally high temperatures, approximately 450C/900F.This high temperature produces the amazing flavor and texture of a genuine Italian-style pizza that is so popular today.

    • More to the point, pizza ovens can cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds.
    • Good pizza can be prepared with a standard oven, that is unquestionably true.
    • Pizza in the classic Neapolitan manner, on the other hand, can only be prepared in a pizza oven.
    1. It was customary to cook in a huge brick wood-fired oven in the past.
    2. Neapolitan pizza is distinguished by its distinct flavor and texture, which is achieved by the use of high heat and open flames.
    3. Those wishing to recreate this sort of pizza will find that a pizza oven is more than enough.
    4. It’s an absolute must!
    5. Fortunately, a broad choice of more economical pizza ovens, such as the Ooni pizza ovens, are now available on the market today.
    6. You no longer require the room, time, and resources to create a large, conventional brick wood-fired oven from scratch.
    1. The one caveat I feel I should mention is that you really do need to create your own dough for this recipe to work.
    2. Store-bought pizza bases will not cook properly in a pizza oven.
    3. They are intended to be baked in a standard oven at a lower temperature than other recipes.
    4. It would be disastrous to cook them in a pizza oven, since they would get crispy and charred.
    5. While you can use store-bought dough, I strongly advise you to make your own dough instead of buying it.

    Really, it isn’t that tough, and you don’t need any special equipment to perform it well.It’s far less difficult than most people believe!Fresh pizza dough prepared according to a Neapolitan recipe produces the greatest results when baked in a pizza oven.

    Learn all you need to know about preparing Neapolitan pizza dough for the very first time by checking out my pizza school series on my website here.In addition to providing a clear written recipe with step-by-step directions, I have also included extensive videos for each step.

    Why are pizza ovens better?

    In general, pizza ovens are preferable since they are capable of recreating a genuine Italian Neapolitan pizza in its entirety.This is the type of pizza that most people associate with Italy when they think of pizza.Cooked in a massive brick wood fired oven, this kind of pizza is considered to be the best in the world.

    • The pizza is cooked in as short as 60 seconds at 450 degrees Celsius/900 degrees Fahrenheit!
    • With the tremendous temperatures they generate, along with the open flames, they create the ideal setting for baking pizza.
    • A Neapolitan pizza is delicate in its preparation.
    1. It has a soft texture while yet being crunchy.
    2. This is primarily due to the fact that it cooks so rapidly.
    3. The high temperature also results in a significant amount of ″oven spring″ in the dough.
    4. This is what results in the light and airy, bubble crusts that rise up around the perimeter of the pizza.
    5. A Neapolitan pizza is truly a feast for the eyes and the palate.
    6. Additionally, the fact that the pizza is ready in 60-90 seconds is a plus.
    1. It makes hosting pizza parties much more convenient!
    2. At the end of the day, pizza ovens are not always superior when it comes to preparing pizza; it all comes down to individual choice.
    3. However, they are excellent at cooking pizza in the Neapolitan manner.
    4. In reality, they are the only way to cook Neapolitan-style pizza because a conventional oven does not produce open flames and hence cannot achieve the same temperatures as a Neapolitan-style pizza oven.
    5. Fortunately, there are a plethora of more economical pizza ovens available on the market these days.

    The Ooni pizza ovens are a perfect illustration of what I’m talking about.Despite the fact that they are somewhat smaller than a typical wood burning oven, they cook pizza in a similar manner.

    How long do you cook a pizza in a pizza oven?

    Pizza may be prepared in a pizza oven in as little as 60 seconds!You heard correctly, only a minute!All of the top pizza ovens are capable of baking a Neapolitan-style pizza in 60-90 seconds, depending on the model.

    • Cooking a Neapolitan pizza should take between 60 and 90 seconds, according to the experts.
    • Many people believe that this is due to the fact that the objective is to prepare pizza as quickly as possible.
    • While this is an advantageous feature, it is not the only reason that Neapolitan pizza is prepared in such a short period of time.
    1. When a pizza is baked at these high temperatures for such a short period of time, it accomplishes a number of objectives.
    2. First and foremost, the high heat combined with the open flames results in a delicate (puffy and airy) and well-risen crust that has a faint charring on the top surface of it.
    3. As a result, the flavor and texture are outstanding.
    4. Second, because the pizza is baked in such a short amount of time, the base does not have enough time to burn or get crispy.
    5. Contrary to popular belief, a crispy foundation of a Neapolitan pizza is not required for proper preparation.
    6. It should have crunchy crusts on the outside, but a soft and floppy foundation on within.
    1. The Neapolitan pizza is distinguished by the fact that it is both crispy and soft at the same time, a combination that is not found anywhere else.
    2. In the end, it produces a really light pizza that is extremely easy to consume.
    3. However, the crisp texture and slightly smoked flavor of the crusts are retained at the same time.
    4. And it is for this reason that a decent pizza oven can cook a pizza in 60-90 seconds!

    The pizza oven I use

    Ooni is the name of the firm that makes the pizza oven that I use.They provide a large selection of pizza ovens to suit a variety of requirements.Most importantly, all of them are intended for use in the preparation of real Neapolitan-style pizza.

    • They can achieve temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius/900 degrees Fahrenheit and cook pizza in as little as 60 seconds!
    • I believe it’s important to point you that I do earn a commission from Ooni for sales made through my website.
    • But, if I didn’t believe in their products, I wouldn’t suggest them to anybody.
    1. Almost every pizza recipe on this page has been prepared in my personal Ooni pizza oven, which I purchased with my own money and assembled myself.
    2. Furthermore, whatever money I make from sales goes towards keeping this website up and running.
    3. Every Ooni pizza oven is a self-contained unit that has been specifically developed for the purpose of baking pizza..
    4. The majority of them are also portable, allowing you to bake pizza wherever you are!
    5. They also sell gas-powered ones, which make cooking even more convenient.
    6. There are, of course, other brands of pizza oven available, and I’m confident that many of them are equally as good as this one.
    1. However, there are some nasty apples in the world as well as some good ones.
    2. Ooni has been manufacturing pizza ovens for quite some time, and I’ve been a customer of theirs since the beginning.
    3. Actually, I still have one of their early versions, which continues to function flawlessly after all these years.
    4. And hundreds of pizzas later, we’re still here!
    5. However, what I appreciate about the firm is that they have remained true to their mission of manufacturing high-quality, reasonably priced pizza ovens.

    The incremental improvements made with each new pizza oven that is introduced are incremental improvements over the previous one.They pay attention to consumer input and are constantly striving to develop and invent new products.

    Which type of oven is best for pizza?

    If you want to produce true Italian Neapolitan style pizza, there is no doubt that a pizza oven is the ideal oven for the job. There are two fundamental types of pizza ovens: wood-fired and gas-fired. Solid fuel is a type of fuel that is not combustible (mainly wood but also charcoal)

    Solid fuel vs gas pizza ovens

    The finest pizza oven for you will be determined by your needs and desires for your pizza oven.Solid fuel is the most genuine type of fuel to use for cooking.Gas, on the other hand, is perhaps the most convenient alternative for you in terms of convenience of use.

    • Generally speaking, solid fuel alternatives are more cost-effective in this environment.
    • Models that run on gas are often more costly.
    • Along with the gas cylinder, you’ll need to purchase other accessories.
    1. Although you will still need to purchase the wood, pellets, or charcoal required for solid fuel cooking, these are usually relatively affordable.
    2. The other element to consider is the portability of the device.
    3. Because you are not transporting a large cyclinder, solid fuel versions are more portable than their liquid fuel counterparts.
    4. If your pizza oven is just going to be used in your garden, mobility isn’t likely to be a major consideration.
    5. Nonetheless, if you plan on bringing it to parties or camping with you, this is a deal breaker!

    Why are pizza ovens so expensive?

    Pizza ovens are extremely costly, in part because they must be constructed of materials that can resist extremely high temperatures.In addition, the design of the pizza oven must be carefully examined in order to ensure that the pizza is properly cooked.Bricks, clay, and stone are used to construct a classic wood-burning oven.

    • They are quite heavy, and the construction process takes a long period.
    • Despite the fact that they are good at making pizza, they are neither practical nor economical for the majority of people.
    • Fortunately, there are a plethora of reasonably priced solutions available on the market today.
    1. Cost may be approximated by a good BBQ dinner.
    2. Despite the fact that they are diametrically opposed.
    3. An oven for making pizza has a more sophisticated construction as compared to a simple barbecue.
    4. In order for a pizza oven to burn solid fuel (wood or charcoal), it must include a hopper at the back for the fuel as well as a chimney at the front to provide the flames.
    5. This chimney aids in the creation of the draw by creating extremely high temperatures (500C/950F) and directing the flames throughout the whole pizza surface area.
    6. In addition, a pizza oven features a stone on which the pizza is baked, which is called the baking stone.
    1. These stones are often constructed of ceramic and are capable of easily achieving temperatures in excess of 500 degrees Celsius/950 degrees Fahrenheit!
    2. As an added bonus, many of these wood-fired pizza ovens are built to be extremely portable.
    3. In most cases, the chimney can be removed and the legs can be folded away when not in use.
    4. Design aspects such as this make them more costly, but they also make them far more functional.
    5. Durability is another important consideration.

    The greatest pizza ovens can survive for years, if not decades!I still have one of the very first Ooni pizza ovens ever produced (back when they were known as Unni), and it continues to function flawlessly!Thousands of pizzas and many years and thousands of pizzas later, I can attest to the excellent value for money that a high-quality pizza oven provides.

    How much does a good pizza oven cost?

    Prices for a high-quality pizza oven that can be used at home start at approximately $300.At this price, you will receive an oven that will accurately reproduce the most authentic Italian, Neapolitan-style pizza available.Cooking pizza in 60 seconds or less is possible, and they are built to survive for years, if not decades.

    • The Ooni Fyra and the Ooni Koda are the two pizza ovens from the Ooni range that I would suggest the best out of the entire line.
    • Because it is powered by wood, the Fyra is an excellent choice for individuals who want the most realistic experience possible when cooking.
    • It’s also the most reasonably priced variant.
    1. The Ooni Fyra really makes use of wood pellets, which are incredibly simple to utilize, reasonably affordable, and easy to get by in large quantities.
    2. Another advantage of the Fyra is that it is extremely lightweight and portable.
    3. It is portable, as it can be folded and brought anywhere.
    4. In terms of simplicity of use, the Koda is a fantastic choice for individuals who want the simplest solution.
    5. It connects to a huge gas cylinder in the same way that a gas barbecue does.
    6. Perfect and constant temperature control is achieved in this manner.
    1. It not only makes cooking as simple as possible, but it also makes hosting pizza parties a lot easier.
    2. Because you won’t have to worry about a fire, you can keep making pizza all night long!
    3. Alternatively, till you run out of dough!
    4. The Ooni Koda is available in two different sizes as well.
    5. There’s the regular-sized Koda 12 (since it’s 12 inches in diameter), which is ideal for cooking pizzas between 10 and 11 inches in diameter.

    Then there’s the Koda 16 (16 inches in diameter), which can accommodate any size pizza up to and including a 16-inch pie.There are many additional Ooni pizza ovens available, such as the Karu, which can be used with several fuels.It is the Ooni Karu that is the finest choice if you want to be able to cook with little bits of wood or even charcoal in the oven.

    It provides a tremendous deal of flexibility and opportunity for experimentation.There are a variety of different manufacturers available that provide similar pizza ovens at comparable pricing points as well.I cannot comment for the quality of any other products because I have never tried them.Despite the fact that I’m sure many of them are also excellent.I would also avoid purchasing a pizza oven that is really inexpensive.Sadly, there are some substandard designs available, which either don’t endure or don’t produce satisfactory pizza results.

    • Alternatively, both!

    Are BBQ pizza ovens any good?

    BBQ top pizza ovens are a popular choice among those searching for a more affordable alternative to traditional pizza ovens.I’m certain I did.However, I would not suggest them for the following reasons.

    • As opposed to a typical pizza oven, the BBQ versions do not allow flames to go over the top of the pizza as they would in a traditional pizza oven.
    • In general, the stone does not heat up to a temperature that is sufficient.
    • After all, they are intended for use on barbecues rather than in pizza ovens that reach temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius/950 degrees Fahrenheit!
    1. The result is that the top of the pizza cooks more quickly than the base, which poses a problem.
    2. As a result, if you take the pizza from the oven before the top is baked, the dough will almost certainly be raw!
    3. In addition, the pizza takes significantly longer to cook.
    4. It will not cook in the same amount of time as a typical pizza oven (60-90 seconds).
    5. Out of consideration for the inconvenience, this will result in a foundation that is significantly crispier and dryer than a Neapolitan base.
    6. As a result, I have ended up with pizza that looks delicious until you turn it over.
    1. Once this is done, the base is entirely black.
    2. Even dough that has not been burned might have a sooty flavor to it.
    3. It’s not pleasant.
    4. On the whole, it will result in a pizza that is radically different from the typical Italian style pizza.
    5. Because it is not a pizza oven, do not consider this to be a substitute for one.

    It’s not even close to being close.It is just a means of cooking pizza on a BBQ that these ovens are capable of providing.That is not to argue that they cannot produce excellent pizza, but they are, in my opinion, far more effort than they are worth.

    If you feel that the pizza ovens are prohibitively costly, I would recommend using a standard home oven instead.You can still create excellent pizza in a conventional oven; but, the results will not be authentically Neapolitan.But that’s all right; not all pizza has to be Neapolitan to be delicious!This is how I got started, by baking pizza in a regular oven with a traditional pizza stone.After a little practice, I was able to produce some very outstanding pizzas!But that was before I sampled a pizza prepared in my friend’s Ooni pizza oven, which was really delicious.

    • It was then that I knew I had to have one.

    Final thoughts on whether pizza ovens are worth it…

    In my perspective, the answer is yes!Pizza ovens are absolutely worth the money and labor it takes to build one.The majority of people enjoy good cuisine, and for me, Neapolitan style pizza cooked in a pizza oven is one of the finest taste and texture experiences on the planet!

    • You are not need to hire a contractor to construct an expensive brick oven (unless you want to of course).
    • You may get a more economical pizza oven, such as the Ooni models, if you shop about.
    • They do an incredible job of working.
    1. The fact that my pizza is superior than the pizza they had in Italy has been confirmed by several people.
    2. Pizza get-togethers are also a lot of fun.
    3. Being able to prepare pizzas in 90 seconds implies that you can feed a large number of people in a very short amount of time, saving you time and money.
    4. And everyone gets to share in your pizza-eating pleasure.
    5. (Although sharing might be difficult at times.) It’s similar to a barbecue, except that everyone is eating excellent handmade pizza.
    6. So, what’s not to like about that?
    1. It’s perfectly OK to make homemade pizza in a conventional oven if you’re still unclear whether it’s worth it to you.
    2. Continue to practice, and your pizzas will become increasingly better.
    3. If you don’t do it right away, you could regret it later.
    4. After that, I’m going to go sample some wonderful pizza!

    2021 How Much Does an Outdoor Woodfired Pizza Oven Cost?

    Not many people are aware that outdoor woodfired pizza ovens may be used for a variety of dishes other than pizza.Several are meant to be used in the same way as a conventional oven, but since they are woodfired, your stews, roasts, and other meals will have a flavor that is difficult to replicate in a modern indoor oven.Your question is, ″How much does it cost to have an outdoor pizza oven?″ ″I’d love to have an outdoor pizza oven,″ you remark.

    • Here’s all you need to know about the situation.

    How Much Does an Outdoor Woodfired Pizza Oven Cost?*

    DIY pizza oven kits are the least expensive to purchase and install when compared to other options.A compact table-mounted pizza oven may be purchased for around $550, with a table capable of supporting the oven’s weight as well as the heat generated by the oven costing an extra $250.A modest DIY pizza oven will cost less than $1000 to build in total.

    • It may take longer to heat up and be of limited utility in a tiny oven like this, but it will be an eye-catching addition to your patio or BBQ area.
    • DIY woodfired pizza oven kits that are more durable may be purchased for between $1500 and $2500.
    • Kits in this price range can be perfect for family dinners or entertaining because they are intended to heat up rapidly and maintain their heat for long periods of time.
    1. The prices shown below are for the kits only.
    2. Pizzaovens are quite heavy (about 350-400 kg), and if yours needs to be sent to you, additional shipping charges will almost certainly apply.
    3. Some kits also include optional accessories that are more expensive.
    4. The majority of completely completed or custommade pizza ovens are constructed from kit components, but they may also have a concrete base and a custom-made cabinet as well.
    5. A completely constructed oven might cost upwards of $3000 dollars (including the base).
    6. A custom-built oven can cost up to $5000 or more, depending on the size of the oven and the size of the foundation or bench underneath it.

    Choosing an Outdoor Woodfired Pizza Oven

    • A pizza oven may either be a fantastic purchase or a complete waste of money. Some of the less expensive models might take a long time to heat up and do not hold their heat effectively. When purchasing a pizza oven, be certain that you are purchasing one that you will be able to use and like. Keep an eye out for the following characteristics: Refractory ovens may be heated in 30 minutes or less and consume less fuel than a traditional clay oven.
    • Look for a kitchen with an internal space large enough to comfortably cook in. An inside space of around 850mm is deemed appropriate for a household of average height and weight. Choose a length of 1000mm or greater for entertaining.
    • An oven flue made of stainless steel will endure longer than one made of galvanized steel because it is capable of withstanding the high temperatures generated by the oven.
    • Insulation is an absolute essential. A decent pizza oven will have floor insulation that can withstand temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius or more
    • the size of the entrance is also vital. The aperture should be large enough for you to go freely through it without feeling restricted.
    • Before purchasing a DIY pizza oven, make sure to ask for assembly instructions. Some can be constructed more quickly than others
    • some are more difficult to assemble.
    • Kits do not include concrete slabs
    • however, some fully constructed kits may have concrete slabs that are 60mm thick or more. Ensure that you understand what is included and what is not included before making your purchase.

    If you choose for a do-it-yourself pizza oven, plan to spend around three hours putting it together.Some models require rendering after they have been assembled.Because of the weight of the render, it is not typically included with the kit.

    • Your instructions should outline what you’ll need to purchase as well as how to apply the render.
    • The process of applying the render might take an extra three hours or longer.
    • Many providers will include a CD with their kits, which might be useful.
    1. A CD will allow you to watch a step-by-step demonstration of how to construct your pizza oven.
    2. Make certain that you understand everything about the woodfired pizza oven you want to get.
    3. Understand what is included and what is not included in the pricing.
    4. Reputable businesses will want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and will offer you with all of the information you want.
    5. When calculating your final expenditures, be sure to account for everything, including components that were not included in the purchase price as well as delivery fees.
    6. A top quality woodfired pizza oven is a considerable investment, but you will enjoy using it, and when the oven is not in use, it will be a lovely feature in your outdoor kitchen.
    1. * The costs and prices mentioned in this article are illustrative and should only be used as a general guideline.
    2. They also differ from place to place and are influenced by market factors.

    Wood-burning ovens used to cook pizzas are damaging the environment

    Scientists have declared that the increasingly popular outdoor pizza ovens are a threat to the environment.The wood-burning stoves that are used to prepare pizza produce hazardous fumes that may pollute some densely populated metropolitan areas where the crusty delicacy is particularly popular.According to the findings of the study, it is not just pizza that might be undermining efforts to clean up the environment.

    • A similar type of wood burner is also employed by a large number of steakhouse establishments.
    • The wood-burning stoves that are used to prepare pizza produce hazardous fumes that may pollute some densely populated metropolitan areas where the crusty delicacy is particularly popular.
    • The approach is regarded as a more fashionable and genuine manner of preparing the fast food favorite all over the world.


    The study, conducted by environmental specialists from seven different nations, including the University of Surrey, looked into the emissions from wood-burning ovens in densely populated urban regions such as Sao Paulo, Brazil, among other places.However, the researcher

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