How Much Does California Pizza Kitchen Pay?

California Pizza Kitchen Salaries

Job Title Salary
Server salaries – 158 salaries reported $11/hr
Hostess salaries – 78 salaries reported $11/hr
Server/Waiter salaries – 49 salaries reported $11/hr
Server salaries – 42 salaries reported $6/hr

How much do CPK servers make in California?

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Server Range:$4 – $17 (Estimated *) Average:$8
Bartender Range:$3 – $14 (Estimated *) Average:$8
Busser Range:$7 – $15 (Estimated *) Average:$10
Dishwasher Range:$10 – $15 (Estimated *) Average:$12

What should I wear to a CPK interview?

Candidates should dress appropriately for job interviews. Entry-level job hopefuls may wear casual yet dressy clothing. Management candidates should dress in formal business attire. California Pizza Kitchen looks for customer-focused associates, and job seekers should demonstrate passion for serving guests.

How much does California Pizza Kitchen pay in Hawaii?

California Pizza Kitchen in Hawaii Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Server salaries – 4 salaries reported Hawaii $10/hr
Cook salaries – 3 salaries reported Hawaii $15/hr
Hostess salaries – 2 salaries reported Hawaii $11/hr
Server/Waiter salaries – 2 salaries reported Hawaii $11/hr

How much was California Pizza Kitchen sold for?

After more than a year of searching for a buyer, California Pizza Kitchen said Wednesday that it would be acquired by the private equity firm Golden Gate Capital for $470 million.

Does California Pizza Kitchen have benefits?

California Pizza Kitchen Benefits include Dental Insurance and Health Insurance. Employees score their Perks And Benefits an average of 43/100.

Do hosts get tips at California Pizza Kitchen?

Hours were small as a hostess and I got tips. I wouldn’t suggest this to be a job for someone who is out of high school and/or not passionate about the food industry.

Why do I want to work for CPK?

Why do you want to be a server at CPK? Say you would like a job that keeps you active, and you feel you have strong customers service skills so you feel you would be a good fit for this role.

How old do you have to be to work at CPK?

Minimum Age to Work at California Pizza Kitchen: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at California Pizza Kitchen?)

What is the minimum wage in California?

Effective Jan. 1, 2022, the state minimum wage for employers with 25 or fewer employees will increase to $14 per hour from the current $13, and the state minimum wage for employers with 26 or more employees will increase to $15 per hour from the current $14.

Is CPK a good place to work?

Comparably to other restaurants CPK is a great place to work as a lower level employee. Good compensation and benefits for mid-level management. I was a host at California Pizza Kitchen for about a year. It is a good part-time job for any young teenager (16 and older).

Is CPK a franchise?

All U.S. Locations Are Company-Owned, Not Franchises. Unlike most fast-food chains, all American locations are owned and operated by California Pizza Kitchen, as opposed to franchise owners. restaurant chains.

How much is a CPK franchise?

What Does a California Pizza Kitchen Franchise Cost? To buy a franchise with California Pizza Kitchen, you’ll need to have $2,000,000 – $3,000,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $5,000,000.

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Does Beggars Pizza have gift cards?

On their official website, Beggars Pizza does not offer gift cards to its customers.

Does Beggars Pizza take Apple Pay?

The fact that Beggars is a franchise means that each location has its own set of payment procedures. If you want to know whether or not your local Beggars offers Apple Pay, you should contact them to find out.

Is there a Beggars buy one get one free deal?

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Beggars Pizza is a pizza delivery service. You may place an order directly through the company’s website. Go to the Beggars Order page to get started on your purchase.

Does Beggars Pizza ship out of state?

According to the company’s official website and Facebook page, Beggars does not ship outside of the state. There is currently no cost effective way to ship pizzas outside of the state, and they have stated that they will update their Facebook page if this situation changes.

Does Beggars sell by the slice?

Rather than selling separate pieces, Beggars Pizza sells pizzas that are specifically designed to be eaten by one person.

Who owns Beggars Pizza?

Beggars Pizza is owned and operated by Larry Garetto.

Where is the original Beggars Pizza? Where did Beggars Pizza originate?

Beggars Pizza’s first location was in Blue Island, Illinois, and opened its doors in 1976.

How many Beggars Pizza locations are there?

  • Beggars Pizza has 26 locations around the United States.
  • In the cities of Bolingbrook IL, Blue Island IL, Bourbonnais, Chicago IL, Downers Grove IL, Harvey IL, Lansing IL, Merrionette Park in Mokena IL, New Lenox in Oak Forest in Oak Lawn in Orland Park in Plainfield in Richton Park in Crown Point in Indiana, Dyer in Gary in Valparaiso in Whiting in Winfield in Indiana, you can find Beggars.
  • Beggars Locations page can help you locate a business in your area.

How much is a small Beggars pizza?

  • A small Beggars pizza costs $12.50 for thin crust, $14.50 for deep dish, $15.75 for gluten-free, and $17 for stuffed pizza.
  • A large Beggars pizza costs $17 for stuffed pizza.
  • Additionally, Beggars Pizza provides individual-sized pizzas in both thin crust and deep dish varieties.
  1. Individual thin crust pizzas cost $8.50, while individual deep dish pizzas cost $10.50.
  2. Prices may differ depending on where you live.

How much is a large Beggars pizza?

A large Beggars pizza with thin crust costs $20.50, a deep dish pizza costs $25.25, and a loaded pizza costs $26.75 at the restaurant. Prices may differ depending on where you live.

Does Beggars Pizza have free delivery?

Beggars Pizza does not provide free delivery service at this time. The official website and Facebook page do not have any information indicating that free shipping is available. Beggars Pizza delivery may be available for free through services such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash on your first order, however this is not guaranteed.

Does Beggars Pizza have a first order discount?

Beggars Pizza does not offer a discount for first-time customers. Beggars Pizza’s website and Facebook page do not provide any specials or discounts for first-time customers.

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Except for on Veterans Day, Bellacino’s does not offer a military discount to its customers. The Bellacino’s military discount is not advertised on the company’s official website or Facebook page. According to their official website, Bellacino’s has presented a free half grinder to all veterans and active duty personnel on Veterans Day (November 11) in the past.

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Bellacino’s does not have a rewards or loyalty program, which is unusual for a restaurant. Bellacino’s official website and Facebook page do not make any mention of any rewards or loyalty programs that may be available.

Does Bellacino’s have gift cards?

Bellacino’s does not provide gift certificates. On the official Bellacino website, there is no mention of gift cards.

Does Bellacino’s take Apple Pay?

  • It is true that Bellacino’s accepts Apple Pay, but only at specific locations.
  • Due to the fact that Bellacino’s is a franchise, payment policies vary from location to location.
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Bellacino’s does provide delivery in a limited number of places. If you want to know if Bellacino’s can deliver to your location, contact your local shop to find out. Alternatively, you may have your Bellacino’s order delivered to you using services such as Doordash or Grubhub.

How many Bellacino’s are there?

Currently, there are over 80 Bellacino’s establishments in over 15 different states. You may look for a Bellacino’s near you by entering your zip code here.

Does Bellacino’s have gluten free?

Gluten-free pizzas are not available at Bellacino’s at this time. The restaurant has previously offered a vegan pizza with a gluten free crust and dairy-free cheese for a limited period of time, but our most recent visit revealed that there are no gluten-free pizzas on the menu at the time of our visit.

Does Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders have free delivery?

Free delivery is not available at Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders at this time. The official website and Facebook page do not have any information indicating that free shipping is available. Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash, on the other hand, could give you a free Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders delivery on your first order if you use their services.

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Does Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders have a first order discount?

Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders does not offer a discount for first-time customers. There are no first-time customer discounts advertised on the Bellacino’s Pizza and Grinders website or Facebook page.

Kitchen Nightmares – Sebastian’s – CLOSED

  • In this episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay pays a visit to Sebastian’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake, California.
  • Sebastian’s is owned by Sebastian Di Modica, who also happens to be a part-time actor.
  • Sebastian is a self-taught chef who learned to cook from his mother when he was a child.
  1. He purchased the restaurant two years ago and has since expanded it.
  2. He has a bad temper, and his coworkers warn that pans will fly.
  3. He also has little patience for his employees, as evidenced by the fact that he has dismissed 49 individuals in the last year.
  4. When Gordon first arrives to Sebastian’s, he believes that the restaurant is in a fantastic position because it is bordered by big Hollywood production facilities.
  5. When he arrives at the restaurant, he notices that the exterior design is a touch cheesy.

Gordon is welcomed at the door by Sebastian, who informs him that he meets each and every client in the establishment.Gordon is introduced to Sebastian’s one-of-a-kind restaurant menu ″idea,″ in which diners may pick from a variety of gourmet flavor combinations.They are losing money, and his wife Nichole has put $300,000 into the business in order to keep it running.

  • Even though Gordon isn’t pleased by the photographs on the menu, he gets ″fresh″ calamari, a New York strip steak, and a pizza from server Sonja, who is also an actress on the side.
  • Despite Sebastian’s assurances that the calamari is fresh, Sonja informs Gordon that it is frozen, prompting Gordon to request a vomit bag.
  • Due to the fact that Sebastian’s pizza foundation is frozen, the ″Popeye Pizza″ is watery, and the New York strip steak is chopped into bits that look like dog chow.
  • In addition to giving Sebastian feedback on the meal, Gordon expresses his desire that he can act due to the fact that he is unable to cook and interrogates him about lying about the freshness of the calamari.
  • He acknowledges that the pizza dough is delivered frozen, which surprises Gordon, who had assumed that this was their specialty.
  • However, he explains that it is the menu idea that has made them so popular with customers.

Sebastien informs Gordon that he aims to one day sell his pizzas in supermarkets all over the world and to transform the restaurant into a franchise business model.Gordon walks into a restaurant to witness a dinner service and notices that the servers are having difficulty explaining the menu idea to the guests.In order to fully describe the menu idea and the permutations, Sonja estimates that it will take up to 20 minutes to cover all that is offered by the restaurant chain.When Gordon checks in the freezer, he finds it stuffed with frozen items such as frozen pizza dough and frozen burgers, among other things.

  1. Even the sauces are purchased; very little, if any, of the food is prepared on the premises.
  2. Sebastian wants to impress Gordon, so he sends Lou to work at another station while he takes over and demonstrates his abilities to the team.
  3. As a result of the microwaved food, he serves a salad with his hair in it, and over $300 in food is comped as a result of the incident.
  4. During his visit, Gordon notes that the wood-burning ovens are not being used at all, whereas the microwaves are being utilized regularly.
  5. Gordon informs him that 95 percent of the food is frozen, and that even the mashed potatoes are purchased from a third party.
  6. Sebastian claims to be unconcerned with the quality of the meal served.

It is more essential to him that he is able to meet with consumers, and he is still set on purchasing a franchise.Next day, Gordon gathers the team and informs them that the first major change will be the introduction of a new menu; nevertheless, Sebastian is dissatisfied with the loss of his conceptual menu.Gordon tries to persuade Sebastian that the restaurant’s specialty should be wood-fired pizza prepared in a wood-burning pizza oven.His crew will be taught how to throw pizzas using fresh pizza dough by a team of experienced pizza tossers that he hires.While they are waiting for their dinner, guests will be able to enjoy this fantastic show while they wait.

  • The remainder of the new menu is also being taught to the employees in preparation for the relaunch night.
  • Almost overnight, the restaurant is completely transformed, and a new fresh dough mixer is introduced, causing Lou-Bertha to burst into tears at the idea of being able to cook with freshly made dough.
  • Gordon pulls out a red carpet on relaunch night in honor of the relaunch as well as the Academy Awards, which are taking place that evening.
  • When Gordon announces the new menu to the workers, it is evident that Sebastian is dissatisfied with the modifications since he believes there is no individuality in the offerings.
  • Meanwhile, while the kitchen is preparing for the evening meal, Sebastian is hoovering, yelling, and screaming at his employees from the dining room.
  • As the clients begin to come, Gordon urges him that he must step up and take command of the cooking situation.

The new, straightforward menu is a success with diners, who rave about how quickly food comes out of the kitchen.Sebastian chooses to go back to the previous menu, which causes confusion in the kitchen because the two menus are in contradiction with one other.Gordon is furious when he finds that he has attempted to revert to the previous menu and disrupt the evening’s proceedings.Gordon tells Sebastian that he has never encountered somebody in whom he has so little faith as Sebastian, and that he would just revert to his old habits as soon as he leaves the room.Sebastian erupts in rage and rushes after Gordon, yelling and slapping him in the face as he goes.

  1. Gordon returns as a result of his positive impression of the staff, and Sebastian eventually acknowledges that Gordon is correct and that he must modify his ways.
  2. He returns to the kitchen and immediately begins working to turn around the service since he does not want to fail.
  3. The workforce comes together, and the food begins to leave the kitchen in a timely manner.
  4. With Lou-contagious Bertha’s excitement, the relaunch has been declared a success, and she has been hailed as a crucial part in the success.

What Happened Next at Sebastian’s?

Following Gordon’s departure, the previous menu was reinstated, replete with the perplexing combo idea.Sebastien’s closed its doors on January 20, 2008, after Sebastian issued the following email to his subscribers: Sebastian’s will be closing its doors on January 20th, 2008.We’re returning to Boston for family reasons, so please bear with us.We are grateful and appreciative of each and every one of you, not just for your business support, but also for the lifelong friendships we have formed with a significant number of you.

This is a difficult decision for Nichole and me because this was our life’s work, but without family, you have nothing, and they are in desperate need of our assistance right now.Prior to the shutdown, there were a variety of Yelp reviews.Chef Q, who appears in Season 4 of Kitchen Nightmares as the Head Chef at Casa Roma, claims that Sebastian has vanished from the restaurant, which has now been shuttered.Sebastian Di Modica and his wife Nichole currently own and operate a tree removal and landscaping business as well as a financial and business consultancy agency.Sebastian appeared as a detective in the 2013 film Angels Surround Me (Angels Surround Me).Sebastian’s was transformed into Robano’s, an Italian/pizza restaurant that retained much of Gordon’s original design.

Before it closed in 2014, they provided pizza made in the pizza ovens and offered pizza by the slice.The Yelp reviews were generally negative, with the majority of them being 1-3 stars.It was eventually renamed The Red Door, and the ratings on Yelp are overwhelmingly excellent.Sebastian’s was shown on November 7, 2007, and it is the sixth episode of Kitchen Nightmares season 1.

  • The episode was taped in February 2007, and it is the sixth episode of the season.
  • The most recent change to this post was made in February 2022.

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Hourly Pay

Base hourly rate on average (USD)

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Jobs by Hourly Rate

There were no results found. Try a different search phrase or fill out our pay survey to receive a salary report tailored to your specific work title.

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Reviews

Overall SatisfactionRatingsLearning and DevelopmentLearning and Development 3.6 We do not currently have any customer reviews for this company. Are you a member of the California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. team? Please participate in our survey to assist us in meeting this objective.


Employees at California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.are eligible for a variety of benefits.California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.employees, for example, are among the many members of the American workforce who take advantage of group health plans that are sponsored by their employer, through…

More information may be found here.Benefits for Health and Insurance Health Insurance is a must-have.Life Insurance is a type of protection against the loss of one’s life.

About California Pizza Kitchen

Playa Vista, California is the location. The company was established on January 1st, 1985. Employees: 10,000-1,000,000″About This Company″ information and logos given by the company

Years of Experience

This information is based on 15 replies to a survey.

Gender Breakdown

Male Hourly Rate: $12 – $14 on average Female Hourly Rate: $12 – $14 per hour

Popular Locations for California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Connecticut
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York City
  5. San Diego
  6. Costa Mesa, California
  7. Pasaden, California
  8. Kailua, Hawaii
  9. Boston, Massachusetts
  10. Las Vegas, Nevada
  11. Norfolk, Virginia
  12. and other cities in the United States of America.

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Job Listings

Related Companies

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. is in the same industry as the following companies, but they are not all equal.

California Pizza Kitchen Interview: Questions & Tips Online

Known by its abbreviation, CPK, California Pizza Kitchen is constantly on the lookout for individuals who can contribute to its vibrant and exciting restaurant settings.With a diverse range of job titles, including cook, server, busser, host, bartender, shift leader, and manager, the pizza company need a diverse range of abilities to staff each site in order to succeed.Each position has its own set of interview questions and procedures.Every location has its own employment procedure, and interviews are typically conducted in a different manner depending on the restaurant.

CPK searches for employees that are ambitious, driven, and have a strong sense of hospitality in every interview.

When to Turn in Applications

In order to begin the California Pizza Kitchen recruiting process, candidates must submit employment applications to the restaurant location of their choosing. The CPK management team may contact applicants to organize interviews after assessing their application materials. On average, candidates must wait around two weeks before being contacted for an interview.

How Will I Know If I Got an Interview?

If two weeks have passed and no interviews have been planned, it is probable that California Pizza Kitchen has moved on to other candidates.It is possible that applicants will be interviewed on the spot after submitting their applications in some situations.Applicants should drop off their documents between the hours of 2:00pm and 4:30pm Monday through Friday in order to have the highest opportunity of being interviewed on the spot.

Entry-Level CPK Jobs

  • It’s probable that California Pizza Kitchen has pursued other applications if two weeks have passed and no interviews have been set with the company. On the spot interviews may be conducted with applicants who have submitted their applications in certain instances. Applicants should drop off materials Monday through Friday between 2:00pm and 4:30pm in order to have the best opportunity of being interviewed on the spot.
  • Following the completion of group interviews, applicants may be invited to engage in one-on-one interviews with prospective employers. The majority of the questions in interviews are behavioral in nature, addressing topics such as staff relations and customer satisfaction. Frequently, applicants are required to react to behavioral questions like as: ″Tell me about a moment when you had to deal with a difficult customer. ″Can you tell me what you did?″
  • ″Have you ever had a disagreement with a coworker?″ What steps did you take to deal with it?″ In response to the question, ″Give me an example of a moment when you went above and beyond to make a guest’s experience unique.″

Managerial Hiring Process

  • Candidates for managerial roles at California Pizza Kitchen are normally required to engage in a number of rounds of interviewing before being hired. On many occasions, the management interview process begins with a phone screening, during which hiring personnel analyze prospective employees’ resumes. Successful applicants will then be invited to come in for one-on-one interviews in-store. The topics covered in a one-on-one interview are often stress management style and customer service. When interviewing for a position, candidates are frequently asked open-ended questions such as: ″How do you build a winning team?″ and ″How would you add value to California Pizza Kitchen?″
  • Managerial candidates may also be asked competency-based questions, such as the following: ″Tell me about a period in your life when you had to overcome a challenging obstacle. What strategies did you use to get through it?″ ″Tell me about a moment when you had to inspire a member of your team to perform better.″

Skills tests and compensation discussions may be conducted at the conclusion of the interview.

Clothing, Attitude, and Follow Ups

Candidates should present themselves in a professional manner during job interviews.Entry-level job candidates should dress in a manner that is both casual and professional.Candidates for management positions should dress in appropriate business wear.California Pizza Kitchen is looking for colleagues that are focused on the client, and prospective candidates should have a strong desire to serve others.

Job seekers should have a cheerful attitude and deliver positive responses to all interview questions.All replies should be accurate, and candidates should make use of previous job experience wherever feasible to demonstrate their credibility.Following their final interview, candidates may contact human resources departments to inquire about prospective career opportunities.

California Pizza Kitchen Host Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Could you please define your work title and major responsibilities for me?Employee at California Pizza Kitchen: I was the host – or, more accurately, the hostess.So, basically, we just met visitors as they walked through the door and made sure they were comfortable and welcoming before seating them at a table that was available.That’s all there is to it.

Interviewer: How did you find the work atmosphere to be?Employee at California Pizza Kitchen: Yeah, so it was kind of like…I mean, obviously it was a restaurant setting.California Pizza Kitchen Employee: As a result, there would be periods of time, such as 3 o’clock, when no one would go to eat, unless you were 80 years old or older.However, you…normally prefer dinnertime, and lunchtime is the busiest time of the day.

And so, they’re like, ″Well, it kind of undulates, you know.″ As a result, there are a lot of rushes and other such things.It’s been rather hectic.Inquirer: How would you explain the application and interview process to a prospective employer?Employee at California Pizza Kitchen: I recently applied for a position based only on my previous job experience, of which I had absolutely none.

  • It felt just like my first job.
  • Afterwards, I was called in for an interview, during which they just asked the standard interview questions, such as: ″What are your strengths?″ What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
  • What are your thoughts on collaborating with others?
  • When was the last time you collaborated with others?
  • ″Can you tell me how you dealt with the situation?″ So, I thought they were the most important things to ask.
  • Interviewer: What distinguishes you as a candidate from the others?
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Employee at California Pizza Kitchen: I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person on the team there.I was about 17 years old at the time.I had acquired the position because my high school friend’s father was the regional manager of CPK for the area, and I had been recommended by her.So, I believe I may consider him to be a type of reference for my excellent working abilities.

Because he had known me since I was in high school.As a result, I would say that I was the most motivated to learn because I was the youngest person in that position.I was – since I was so young, I was perhaps the most sprightly person I knew in terms of physical appearance.There were folks there who were working, and they were about the age of fifty.As a result, I was able to move much more quickly.I believe it is this characteristic that distinguishes myself.

California Pizza Kitchen to be sold to private equity firm for $470 million

California Pizza Kitchen said on Wednesday that it has found a buyer after more than a year of seeking.The private equity firm Golden Gate Capital will acquire the company for $470 million in cash and stock.If the agreement is authorized by CPK’s shareholders, Golden Gate Restaurants, located in San Francisco, would begin purchasing the restaurant chain’s stock the following month.Golden Gate has also invested in On the Border Mexican Grill and Romano’s Macaroni Grill, among other restaurants.

A variety of retail companies, such as Eddie Bauer, Express, and J.Jill, are owned by the company.CPK shareholders would receive $18.50 in cash for each share they own under the proposed agreement.Josh Olshansky, a managing director with Golden Gate, said in a statement that the company ″has a tremendous deal of respect for the California Pizza Kitchen brand.″ ″The business that the CPK team has established, together with its excellent product offerings, makes it an excellent fit with our long-term strategy to investing.″ Larry S.Flax and Richard L.Rosenfield, co-founders and co-Chief Executives of CPK, said in a statement that Golden Gate has ″a proven track record as a value-added partner to its portfolio companies, and we believe that its significant commitment and experience in the sector will benefit all of our stakeholders.″ Flax and Rosenfield did not announce whether or not they would continue to work with the organization.They did not reply to demands for an interview when reached for comment.

In a statement issued immediately after the proposed sale was disclosed on Wednesday morning, the Clinton Group, an investment firm that has been buying up shares of CPK stock in recent months, stated that Golden Gate should pay more than the business had originally requested.In the words of portfolio manager Joseph A.De Perio: ″We’re not wholly dismissive of a private equity proposal, but we want it to be at the appropriate price.″ He suggested that if Golden Gate was unwilling to pay $20 per share, CPK might consider remaining a public business and repurchasing part of its stock in order to raise the price of the firm’s stock.As a result, if the transaction is completed, CPK will become one of numerous publicly traded restaurant firms to be taken private in recent months as a result of the weakening economy, rising commodity prices, and an influx of new rivals.

  • The company, according to Nicole Miller Regan, a restaurant analyst at Piper Jaffray & Co., has done a fantastic job capitalizing on its name awareness, selling its frozen-food line, and franchising additional locations.
  • She said that the firm has also done well with new goods, such as a line of small plates such as Korean BBQ tacos, which were inspired by the renowned Kogi food truck and popularized by the media.
  • Miller Regan, in a letter to investors issued Wednesday morning, stated that CPK was facing issues as a result of its rapid expansion and shifting customer tastes.
  • ″They’re dealing with food expenses, and they’re dealing with labor concerns,″ she explained.
  • The restaurant industry is characterized by intense competition.
  • In recent years, a number of new chains have entered the battlefield, resulting in an excess of restaurants competing for a limited number of clients, according to Miller Regan.

In 1985, CPK was established in Los Angeles, California.It became well-known for creating gourmet pizzas that were rare for a chain restaurant, such as a grilled chicken pizza, which became a popular item.The firm prospered because it was positioned as a mid-priced alternative.Flax and Rosenfield sold the firm to PepsiCo Inc.

in 1992, and they relinquished control for a period of time.A series of private equity investors and a public offering later, they were back in charge, overturning choices such as a decision to substitute frozen veggies for fresh vegetables in some dishes.CPK, which has 265 sites in the United States and overseas, has been suffering from poor sales in recent months.Profit decreased by $2.1 million in the first quarter of this year, compared to $2.5 million in the same period last year.On Wednesday, shares of CPK gained $1.76, or 10.5 percent, to close at [email protected]

Didn’t pay enough

Indeed Featured review

Indeed has picked the most valuable review for you to read.The work as a host was quite simple, and I like my coworkers, but the salary was only minimum wage, with an additional $4-$5 per hour earned from tips.Because most nights’ shifts were just 4 hours long, this doesn’t add up to much in the grand scheme of things.The majority of hosts are high school students because this employment does not make financial sense if you are not enrolled in school.

California Pizza Kitchen insights

  • Based on 561 replies to a survey What individuals find appealing
  • Possessing a sense of personal appreciation
  • The ability to achieve personal objectives
    Areas for improvement

  • General feeling of work happiness


The entire staff is stressed out and overworked, and as a result, they are in a foul attitude. The training I received was inadequate, and the management was appalling. The managers were never on the same page and each had a favorite among the others.


An setting that is stressful and uncomfortably warm

poor management

Baltimore, Maryland – December 9, 2021: Hostess (Former Employee) They never recruited enough people to fill all of the positions, so we were always short-staffed. It was usually frantic and stressful, and there was little or no assistance. The discount on meals, on the other hand, was really welcome.

Typical chain restaurant environment

Working here was not only frustrating, but it was also predictable. It appeared like no one in management had a genuine concern for the staff, and the majority of customers at this store were nasty.

hectic workplace

Even when the nights are quite busy, as is likely the case at all restaurants, the servers treat the hosts like dirt just because they feel like it.Management was excellent, with the most of their attention focused on the servers.Do you appreciate your job and the people you work with?Every job experience is distinct from the others.

Tell us about your experience.Provide feedback on your employer.

Good transition job

I enjoyed this location for a brief period of time before deciding to move on. I’d been working for a little over a year and had seen little progress. My present employer has promoted me twice when I was still in my first year.

Toxic work environment

I used to work there, and the employees were really rude to one another at times. I used to work as a host, and I recall that some of the servers clearly had a cruel streak and a poor attitude toward customers. There were a few, though, that I recall fondly, but the way they treated their employees engendered hatred among the workforce.

hard work pays off

This is one of the most rewarding entry-level positions in the restaurant industry. The learning never stops and moving up the ranks is rather simple if you stay on track. All of my supervisors are kind and supportive of my plans for the future of my professional development.


Good wages and an enjoyable work environment


An environment that is just mildly stressful

underpaid, bad management

This employment was OK for part-time work at first, but after two years of begging to be promoted, I was never given the opportunity. There is just too much drama, and the minimum wage is not even being paid. There were occasions when I didn’t receive my tips.


Ignore demands for time off; there will be no breaks.

Overwhelming work environment

I requested to be a server and was assigned to host until a server job became available.A few days later, a new server came in and inquired about the table numbers assigned to me.Upon acceptance, I began working full-time, but one day was planned for 12 hours, and I was informed that all hosts are obliged to work one 12-hour day each week.Despite the fact that I notified them that I could not work for more than 8 hours due to the mental strain, they nonetheless booked me for another 12 hour shift.

I made it 10 hours before I had to call it quits.I didn’t go back after that.

Jobs at California Pizza Kitchen

Host/Hostess opportunities are available. More employment opportunities may be found here.

EH its okay

Given that this is a food service profession, dealing with clients might be challenging. While working there, even for a short period of time, the management was poor and changed on a regular basis.

Good if you’re a server or take out

Former Employee – Hostess – Florida – March 15, 2021 (Former Employee) Hosts and servers are paid the same hourly rate, although hosts receive smaller paychecks than servers. If it is not busy, you will most likely be terminated after 30 minutes. On busy days, it was beneficial since you were able to do something, but other than that, there was little to keep you occupied.


People who are kind and provide a discount

Good work place

Their workplace was pleasant, and I gained valuable experience that I put to use in future employment opportunities. While working in this setting, you will find it to be fast-paced, but also enjoyable. They are truly like a family to me.


Food at a discount, and the opportunity to learn valuable skills

stressful but good money

Former Employee – Ala Moana Park, Hawaii – December 2, 2020 – Hostess (Former Employee) Despite being stressed out at work, I was able to walk away with nice tips, and my coworkers were all kind. This was a terrific entry-level restaurant job that future places will appreciate because you received training there.

Bad Managmenet

Former Employee – Hostess (Massachusetts) – October 22nd, 2020 Ineffective management. After I passed my own training, I was screamed at in front of visitors, and they forced me to teach new hires right away after passing mine. Then I became agitated since I didn’t know how to train.

Fun, Productive, Great Work Space Environment

It was a pleasure to work there. Everyone worked together as a team. In general, the management was excellent. I was fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful individuals. They (my coworkers) were quite encouraging. CPK placed a high value on making guests feel comfortable.

good place to start

The position of Hostess (Former Employee) will be available on September 17, 2020 in Christiana, DE.This is an excellent place to begin, especially if you are fortunate enough to train with a fresh new crew.The management was the most difficult aspect.They were unprofessional and were always favoring certain people.

People who preferred to chat and hang out with their bosses outside of work were given preference over those who were dedicated to their jobs.


Hours that are flexible, as well as coworkers


Micromanagement of corporate rules

not the best place to be

It wasn’t the most pleasant of circumstances.Customers are even more disrespectful than employees.My compensation isn’t nearly as good as it should be for the type of work I do.Employees have always been treated as second-class citizens; we are not cared for in any way.

Scheduling was always adjusted at the last minute, and staff were treated as though they were disposable.It’s quite stressful!The only thing that came out of it was tips, which I accumulated over time.


Toxic workplace, excessive levels of stress, no free meals, and only brief breaks

Fun workplace

In general, I received this material really quickly. I had to leave because I was offered a better chance to work on a cruise ship, but I met a lot of wonderful people and developed as a person as a result of my time there.

Half the workers quit.

The money was quite cheap, and the tips were of poor quality.Some evenings, especially when working as a hostess, I might make 12 dollars for the whole shift.The supervisors were obnoxious and often vented their rage on the rest of the workforce.While I was there, at least half of the waiters and hostesses left the company.

The salary might be far higher, and they require better management.


50 percent off food, and the waitresses are simple to get along with.

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Cleaning the restrooms can be unpleasant, and the pay is not always competitive. It can also be a hostile workplace.

Good job

I had a part-time job while in high school. As a hostess, my hours were limited, but I received tips. I would not recommend this as a career path for someone who has graduated from high school and/or is not enthusiastic about the food sector.


    Low hourly wage, sketchy employees sometimes

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Ratings by category

Work/Life Balance had a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. Compensation and benefits received a rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars. Job security and advancement received a 3.4 out of 5 star rating. Management receives 3.5 out of 5 stars. Culture has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Ratings from women

2.4Personal Growth and Development 3.3Possibilities for Employment 2.4Support for the Entire Family InHerSight is a survey that asks women to judge the female-friendliness of their jobs. It is powered by

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California Pizza Kitchen Interview [Must Know Questions]

Congratulations on being invited to an interview with California Pizza Kitchen.We are all aware that interviews are stressful and that competition is fierce.You may, however, master the California Pizza Kitchen Job Interview with just a little bit of advance planning and preparation.In this section, we’ll go through how to answer California Pizza Interview Questions correctly and effectively.

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California Pizza Kitchen Interview Questions

Tell us a little about yourself. It is OK to speak about your hobbies and interests, but keep your remarks brief. Make an effort to concentrate on job experience that is connected to your field. Keep in mind that having relevant job experience will give you an advantage over the competitors.

  • What information do you have about California Pizza Kitchen? This question is used by interviewers to sift out applicants who are trying to gain an interview by applying to hundreds of jobs at a time in a random manner. Instead, they like to meet with applicants who have done their homework on the firm before meeting with them. The following are some interesting facts regarding California Pizza Kitchen. Information on California Pizza Kitchen Many people are familiar with CPK because of its pizzas such as The Original BBQ Chicken, Thai Chicken, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax launched the first restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1985.
  • Also on the menu at CPK are appetizing dishes like soups and gluten-free pizzas as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives.
  • CPK pizza may be found at a variety of local grocery shops, as Golden Gate Capital is the firm that owns the company. Additionally, Golden Gate Capital is the parent company of Bob Evans and Red Lobster restaurants.
  • Which of the following factors motivates you to want to work at California Pizza Kitchen? Explanation of why it is superior to the competitors
  • Assume you want a job that will keep you busy and that you will love the challenge of working under time constraints.
  • Assume you are pleased with the product and the service you have received, and that you would be pleased to represent them in a professional capacity.
  • In what ways are customer service and hospitality distinct from one another? Customer service is elevated to a whole new level in the hospitality industry. It is described as the courteous and generous welcoming and entertaining of guests, visitors, or strangers.
  • In business, customer service refers to the support and guidance offered by a firm to customers who purchase or utilize the company’s goods or services. Customer service does not involve going above and above for the benefit of the client.

What do you consider to be your best strength?If you are asked this question, the most effective approach to reply is to discuss the talents and expertise that you have that are directly related to the position you are applying for.With this in mind, go through the job description with the interviewer and convince him or her that you have the necessary expertise and skills to execute the job.

  • What do you consider to be your greatest weakness? You should not deny that you have a weakness or declare that your strengths are a weakness in the first place (I am a perfectionist, or I work too hard and neglect my friends and family). Provide an example of a weakness that is essential for the work but is not a dealbreaker if you do not possess it.
  • When you identify a weakness, be careful to include information about what you are doing to overcome that problem. Take, for example, my phobia of public speaking, which I have addressed by enrolling in a public speaking class to conquer.

Who are our most significant competitors? Cheesecake Factory, Brinker International Inc., PF Chang’s China Bistro Inc., Pizza Hut, and Domino’s are some of their most significant competitors.

What would you do if you were dealing with an irate customer? I would investigate the customer’s complaint to determine the source of the problem. If it was the product, I would offer to replace it (with the caveat that you would first consult with your boss). It is critical to keep the customer satisfied because an angry customer is unlikely to return.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up in five years? This question is asked by interviewers in order to determine whether or not you have objectives and desire. This question is also asked by interviewers in order to determine whether or not you are a suitable match for the industry for which you are applying. Some possible responses are as follows: Look for positions at other California Pizza Kitchen locations that you can picture yourself performing in five years (this will make you appear to be a long-term employee rather than someone who is always changing jobs)
  • Take a look at some of the other restaurant management positions that you could be interested in in five years. If you state that you intend to continue working in the restaurant sector, you will appear to be a good fit for CPK.
  • Declare your plans for when you graduate from college or university if you are going to be working in a certain field.
  • What makes you a good candidate for California Pizza Kitchen? Read the job description a second time and identify the abilities and experience that are necessary for the role
  • After that, compare the talents necessary for the position with your own abilities.
  • Finally, satisfy the interviewer that you possess the necessary abilities.
  • California Pizza Kitchen Interview Questions to Ask What is it about working here that you like the most?
  • What characteristics would you look for in a candidate for this position?
  • Is there anything about this role that is particularly important?
  • What criteria would you use to evaluate my performance, and what may I do to exceed your expectations?
  • Describe the portion of the position that has the steepest learning curve for you. What should I do in order to come up to speed as rapidly as possible?
  • What possibilities will there be for me to learn and develop?

California Pizza Kitchen Interview Tips

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  • Remove your smartphone from your person
  • Make an effort to learn everything you can about the firm.
  • Don’t speak too quickly or you’ll come out as anxious.
  • Don’t speak too slowly, otherwise you’ll come out as monotonous.
  • Maintain constant eye contact during the interview.

What should I wear to an interview at California Pizza Kitchen?

If you are interviewing for an entry-level employment, you should dress in a business casual manner. Do not wear shorts or jeans, and do not expose your midriff.

If you are interviewing for a managerial position, you should dress professionally or in business casual attire. Blazers and dark pants, as well as wrap dresses for ladies, are safe bets for a formal look. Sportswear should be avoided.

  • Employers will see that you are credible and trustworthy if you wear blue.
  • Using the color black demonstrates authority and is ideal if you are aiming for a senior job.
  • Red conveys the idea that you are forceful, and it is particularly effective in sales-related industries.
  • Apparently, wearing orange to a job interview is the worst color to do so since it is associated with unprofessionalism.

Does California Pizza Kitchen Drug Test

There is no evidence to substantiate the claim that California Pizza Kitchen conducts drug tests on employees. California Pizza is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace, and all candidates must accept that the use of illegal narcotics creates a harmful working environment for all employees.

CPK Interview Questions for Server

Please tell us about your past job experience if possible. Remember to include any restaurant-related experience you have, so whether you have experience serving, cleaning, dealing with guests, or any other type of restaurant experience, be sure to include it first.

What motivates you to want to work as a server at CPK? Consider the following scenario: you want a career that keeps you physically active, and you believe you have great customer service abilities, making you a good fit for this position.

What kind of greeting would you give to a customer? First and foremost, I would greet them with a kind smile, and once they were seated, I would hand them their menus and inform them of any deals that were available.

  • What would you do if you were dealing with an irate customer? Declare that you will offer them your whole attention and express your regret for any inconvenience. Mention that you would then take note of the complaint and forward it to your management, as well as making an ongoing attempt to improve.
  • Finally, state that you feel reputation is crucial and that it is critical to keep the consumer satisfied since an unsatisfied customer will not return and may even tell others about their poor experience.

What animal would you like to be if you could be any other? This question is intended to determine whether or not you are the sort of person who would be a good match for this position, so choose carefully. You want to choose an animal that is kind, clever, and quick on their feet, so look for these characteristics.

What methods do you use to deal with pressure at work? I believe I am able to deal with it well. Organizing my time and concentrating on the activities that need to be performed one at a time are two of my strong suits.

What did you do to pass the time throughout your workday? Every profession has periods of downtime, and your employer wants to know that you made the most of your downtime. Normally, I would spend my spare time cleaning. I would frequently polish silverware or assist with bussing tables. In addition, I was in charge of setting tables and taking reservations.

  • Give us an example of a time when you were late to work and explain why you were late. The majority of people have experienced situations in which they were late to work, but a smart solution is to plan ahead of time and notify your management.
  • For example, I had a sick child and I called the manager the night before to let him know I would be late because of the illness. There have been very few instances in which I have been late because I understand how important it is to be on time since the restaurant cannot run efficiently without the correct workforce.

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California Pizza Kitchen Application, Jobs & Careers Online

California Pizza Kitchen, which was established in 1985, is considered to be one of the top gourmet pizza businesses in the world. As a multinational firm with operations across the country and in almost a dozen locations outside of the United States, it provides options for both domestic employment and foreign employment.

Facts About Working at California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen requires a minimum age of 16 years old to be employed.If you want to work at California Pizza Kitchen, you must be over the age of 18.California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of pizza restaurants in California.Operating hours are Monday-Thursday: 11:00am-9:30pm; Friday and Saturday: 11:00am-10:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm.

At California Pizza Kitchen, there are a variety of positions available, including host/hostess, server, counter and take-out server, busser, pizza chef, pasta chef, prep cook, dishwasher, Dining Room Shift Leader, Kitchen manager, Assistant restaurant manager, and restaurant manager.No, the application is not printable.Visit the official website or look for job openings.

California Pizza Kitchen Employee Interview Videos

California Pizza Kitchen Employment Opportunities

The successful restaurant business provides informal, easygoing eating surroundings as well as modern, artisan meals that are influenced by West Coast lifestyles and are supplied at affordable pricing to its customers.California Pizza Kitchen, abbreviated as CPK, attracts millions of customers each year and experiencing rapid expansion as an international franchise, according to company officials.It is estimated that the artisan pizza restaurant employs close to 15,000 workers overall.Workers seeking for pizza shop employment frequently find extensive access to both entry-level and career-level possibilities through the popular chain as new sites open, including both part-time and full-time work, as new locations open on a regular basis.

The majority of the company’s workforce is comprised of entry-level positions; however, management and corporate positions provide long-term opportunities in terms of compensation and benefits packages.Due to the nature of restaurant jobs, as well as work in the pizza shop business in general,

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