How Does Blaze Pizza Work?

Using ‘authentic fire-deck’ ovens fired up to as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit, Blaze Pizza employs precise timing and cooks pizzas for no longer than 180 seconds (three minutes), which is pretty convenient for hungry customers. Not to mention, Blaze Pizza is known for producing upwards of 200 pizzas an hour.
The model is simple but elegant and sits between fast food and fast casual. You order at a counter where you select your crust style, then the nascent pizza moves down the line with you, as you select sauces, cheeses, other toppings, and if you want, salad.
How does Blaze Pizza work? You order at a counter where you select your crust style, then the nascent pizza moves down the line with you, as you select sauces, cheeses, other toppings, and if you want, salad. You don’t go to Blaze for great pizza, you go for good pizza that’s better than other fast food options at a fair price.

How is Blaze Pizza’s Pizza dough made?

Blaze Pizza’s dough is made with filtered water, unbleached flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, and just a sprinkle of salt. This simple dough is then allowed to hang out for 24 hours to let the yeast do its thing (eating the sugars in the dough’s ingredients, then releasing carbon dioxide gas), which ultimately leads to air pockets in the dough.

What makes Blaze Pizza different from other restaurants?

But the folks behind Blaze Pizza are taking a totally different approach, offering unique and artisanal ingredients that go beyond the standard cheese, pepperoni, and supreme menu items offered at most restaurants.

How many pizzas does Blaze Pizza Cook in an hour?

Blaze Pizza’s ovens can reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which essentially flash cooks each pizza in record time. Because of this and many other restaurant efficiencies, each location can churn out more than 200 pizzas an hour.

Does Blaze Pizza have keto crust?

The keto crust is made without flour, which Blaze Pizza’s chefs have replaced with flaxseed, cheese, and eggs. The people who work at Blaze Pizza locations around the country genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs. It’s a fast-paced environment, so every shift flies by in the blink of an eye.

What is so special about Blaze Pizza?

Blaze allows you to customize your pizza, with choices ranging from cheese to proteins, from vegetables to sauces. As you work your way down the assembly line, staff assists at each step; when you get to the end of the line, your custom-built pizza is cooked in a stone-hearth oven… in record time.

Do you tip at Blaze Pizza?

All employees (excluding Shift Leads & Managers) receive tips included in their bi-weekly pay card or bank deposits. Yes.

How long does Blaze Pizza take to cook?

In fact, the pizza cooks at Blaze Pizza restaurants only bake each pizza for a maximum of 180 seconds — three minutes, to be exact — because the oven is so incredibly hot. Blaze Pizza’s ovens can reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which essentially flash cooks each pizza in record time.

What type of dough does Blaze Pizza use?

We believe in Here and Now. To us, that means fresh dough, NEVER FROZEN, made in-house each day simply from unbleached flour, filtered water, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and a touch of sugar. No chemicals. No additives.

What kind of dough does Blaze Pizza use?

The dough used for every Blaze pizza is prepared daily using filtered water, unbleached flour, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and a touch of sugar. Blaze also offers a gluten-free dough, which is vegan as well, and can provide a soy-free vegan cheese option and a variety of fresh vegetables.

Is Blaze Pizza owned by Chipotle?

Blaze Pizza is a Pasadena, California-based fast-casual dining restaurant chain that serves pizza. Founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels, Blaze Pizza was modeled after Chipotle’s made-to-order approach to serving customers.

Blaze Pizza.

Blaze Pizza in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

What is the most popular pizza at Blaze Pizza?

Most Popular Items at Blaze Pizza

  • Cauliflower Crust. #1.
  • Classic Dough. #2.
  • Keto Crust. #3.
  • Gluten Free Dough. #4.
  • Red Sauce. #5.
  • Shredded Mozzarella. #6.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza. #7.
  • Italian Sausage. #8.
  • Do blaze flames expire?

    Flames expire one year after you earn them so make sure you cash them in before they burn out. Also, remember that you can only redeem one reward per visit.

    Does blaze do free refills?

    We enjoyed the free refills from the fountain machines, which also had a station for all our napkins, straws, and silverware needs. If you are full, you can always get a to-go box and take any leftovers with you.

    Does blaze tip go to driver?

    If ordered through for delivery, the tip goes to delivery driver. If ordered through for in store pickup, curbside pickup or drive lane, then the tip goes to store employees.

    How many slices are in a Blaze Pizza?

    ‘Each 11-inch pizza has six thin slices, and it is very easy to eat the whole pie,’ Pine says.

    Can you buy dough from Blaze Pizza?

    Blaze Pizza now offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pizza Kits that you can prepare and bake at home. The pizza kits come in individual and ‘Family Fun’ sizes. The individual kits includes a dough ball, dusting flour, and up to seven toppings.

    Does Lebron own Blaze Pizza?

    Headquartered in Los Angeles, Blaze Pizza has more than 340 restaurants across 41 states and six countries. The chain gained national attention in 2012 when NBA superstar Lebron James invested $1 million in the company — which then grew to a $35 million investment.

    How Long Does Blaze Pizza Actually Cook Its Pizzas?

    When it comes to pizza, we don’t have to remind you how crucial the toppings, sauce, and dough are to the whole experience.Considering that you would believe that here is where the magic happens, you might be surprised to learn that one of the most important secrets is in the temperature and baking periods.That’s right: a few extra seconds in the oven may make or break your pizza experience.If you’ve ever attempted to make pizza from scratch at home, you’re definitely aware of what we’re talking about.If not, keep reading.

    • However, thanks to companies such as Blaze Pizza, we can gratefully leave the art of pizza manufacturing to the pros and concentrate on the finer points of pizza consumption.
    • Blaze Pizza is more than simply a fast and excellent pizza delivery service; it is a revolution in the pizza industry.
    • Blaze Pizza’s exquisite pizzas, which Zagat dubbed ″darn near flawless″ (via Blaze Pizza) and which come out of the oven like clockwork, are actually the result of true science.

    When science, art, and pizza become one

    As one might expect, with a menu designed by internationally recognized chef Brad Kent – also known as ″the pizza whisperer,″ according to Blaze Pizza’s website – and ingredients that are as fresh as they can be, it’s only natural that the oven would be top-notch.Absolutely!After all, here is the location where the magic takes place.Pizzas are cooked in less than 180 seconds (three minutes) in ″genuine fire-deck″ ovens that reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.Blaze Pizza uses precision timing and makes pizzas in less than three minutes, which is advantageous for hungry consumers.

    • Also worth mentioning is the fact that Blaze Pizza is recognized for manufacturing up to 200 pizzas each hour.
    • Although we can hear the loud scoffs coming from pizza connoisseurs all across the world because of the quick bake times, we are confident that each and every pizza at Blaze is created to perfection (or at least ″darned near″ it).
    • The doneness of the pizza, which is baked in a jiffy, is entirely in the hands of the professional Blaze oven employees, who have been properly educated to handle the high heat and give sizzling results!
    1. Do you still not believe us?
    2. You only have to ask Lebron James, and he’ll tell you all there is to know about the great Blaze Pizza.

    What is special about Blaze Pizza?

    Blaze allows you to personalize your pizza by selecting from a variety of toppings, including cheese, meats, veggies, and sauces. Using thin crust pizzas baked in a custom-built, extremely hot oven (900 degrees and 60,000 BTUs), the researchers were able to bring their creation to life in just 3 minutes.

    What type of pizza is Blaze?

    It specializes in oven-fired pizzas with hundreds of toppings to pick from, including those that aren’t often found on pizza, such as gorgonzola cheese and vegan chorizo. Entrepreneurs Rick and Elise Wetzel founded the company in 2011, and it has grown steadily since then.

    How does Blaze Pizza work?

    Your pizza is made to order at a counter, where you may choose your crust style. After that, the fledgling pizza proceeds down the line with you as you choose sauces, cheeses, various toppings, and if you wish, a salad. It is not necessary to go to Blaze for excellent pizza; rather, it is sufficient to go for nice pizza that is superior to other fast food alternatives at a reasonable price.

    Is Blaze Pizza a chain?

    Blaze Pizza LLC is a fast-casual eating restaurant company established in Pasadena, California, that operates under the Blaze Pizza brand. Blaze Pizza, which was founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels, was designed after the Chipotle idea in that it provides customers with a made-to-order approach to feeding them.

    Is Blaze Pizza expensive?

    There are no minimum order requirements at Blaze; an 11-inch thin crust pizza is $6 and you may add any number of toppings you like to your pizza. People quickly learn that if they add too many components to a dish, it will not turn out well. The typical number of toppings is between five and eight.

    Is Blaze Pizza unhealthy?

    A number of luxurious alternatives are available on the Blaze Pizza menu, all of which are extremely heavy in calories and salt. To keep calories, saturated fat, and salt under control, it is preferable to avoid the following foods: thick, high-rise crust, creamy or oily sauces, high-fat, processed meat toppings, and additional cheese.

    What is the best Blaze Pizza?

    • Red Vine is the best. The best: Keto pizzas from Blaze Pizza, which you can find on Facebook. Blaze Pizza (Facebook)
    • Worst: BBQ Chicken (also on Facebook). Best: Blaze Pizza/Facebook
    • Worst: Meat Eater Red Vine Pizza is the best, according to Blaze Pizza on Facebook. Blaze Pizza /Facebook
    • the best pizza is the Green Stripe. Best: Blaze Pizza/Facebook
    • Worst: Meat Eater Blaze Pizza (Facebook)
    • Hot Link Pizzas (Worst)
    • Blaze Pizza (Facebook)

    What does blaze mean?

    1. a fire that is extremely hot and furiously blazing. b: strong direct light that is frequently accompanied by heat, such as the blaze of television lights. the act of burning actively, especially the rapid bursting out of flame secondly, something that has the appearance of a flame: for example, the exhibition of brilliant colors; a dazzling display of brilliant colors

    Does LeBron own blaze pizza?

    During the period 2012-2017, LeBron James’ $1 million investment increased in value to a $35 million investment. James currently has a total of 19 Blaze Pizza franchises, with more on the way.

    What size is a blaze pizza?

    Despite the fact that large pizzas are comparable to the chain’s original 11-inch personal pizzas – which are created with fresh dough and authentic ingredients – their 14-inch size, which is split into 8-slices, makes them ideal for sharing. Build-Your-Own, Meat Eater, Green Stripe, Veg Out, BBQ CHKN, and Red Vine are some of the pizza options available.

    Why is Blaze Pizza so good?

    It is possible for Blaze’s pizzas to cook in such a short amount of time because they are baked at a high temperature in the oven and the crust is extremely thin. Even with such a thin crust and a short baking time, their pizzas are really delicious! It is possible for the crust to become a bit scorched, but the cheese is properly melted and the pizza is always served hot.

    What do you get at Blaze Pizza?

    • The Chicken Arugula Pizza is a delicious dish. Gluten-free crust
    • white cream sauce
    • Ovalini mozzarella
    • grilled chicken
    • mushrooms
    • cherry tomatoes
    • roasted garlic
    • olive oil drizzle
    • grilled chicken
    • mushrooms
    • cherry tomatoes
    • roasted garlic
    • olive oil drizzle

    How do you order a blaze pizza?

    There is a franchise fee of up to $30,000 and a total initial investment range of $454,400 – $1,135,000 for Blaze Pizza.

    1. Initial contributions ranging from $454,400 to $1,131,000 USD. Liquid cash requirements are $500,000, with a $30,000 franchise fee as the first step. Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5% to 6%
    2. On-the-Job Training: 60 hours Classroom training is 20 hours in length.

    How much does it cost to open a blaze pizza?

    What are the Blaze Pizza franchise fees and how much do they cost? If you operate a certified training shop, our first franchise fee is $30,000 per restaurant ($20,000 per restaurant if you operate a regular restaurant). It costs us 5 percent of gross sales to maintain a royalty fee, and it costs us 2 percent of total sales to pay for creative (promotion).

    How much does Blaze Pizza pay an hour?

    Blaze Pizza Salaries

    Job Title Salary
    Team Member salaries – 127 salaries reported $11/ hr
    Team Member salaries – 62 salaries reported $12/ hr
    Shift Leader salaries – 30 salaries reported $13/ hr
    Pizza Maker salaries – 26 salaries reported $10/ hr

    Important stuff you should know:

    If you signed up for Blaze Rewards before the end of the day on March 14, 2022, you will be able to utilize your Pi Day reward online or in-restaurant with any eligible Blaze Rewards account at participating locations if you did so before the end of the day on that day.There is a limit of one Pi Day Reward per person.Valid till the 31st of March, 2022.More information may be found in the app’s reward.

    Everything you wanted to know about Pi Day but were afraid to ask:

    What is the maximum number of pizzas I can purchase for the $3.14 pizza Pi Day reward?Each prize consists of one 11-inch pizza.Any additional pizzas purchased will be charged at the standard rate.The Pi Day prize is only good for the original dough dough that was made for the event.Specialty crusts are still subject to an additional price.

    • Is it possible to place an order online or through the app?
    • Yes!
    • and the Blaze app now provide a Pi Day incentive that you may use when placing an order through either of these channels.
    1. Remember to log in with your Blaze Rewards account when placing your purchase on and to apply the reward at the time of checkout.
    2. Including house-made gluten-free dough as well as high-rising, low-carb, and cauliflower crusts.
    3. It is only usable on original dough for 11-inch pizzas to receive the Pi Day Reward.
    4. In addition, there is a surcharge for the house-made gluten-free dough, as well as for the high-rise, keto, and cauliflower crusts.
    5. Is it possible to obtain a Large Pizza for $3.14?
    • The Pi Day Reward is only redeemable on one 11-inch pizza per purchase and cannot be combined with any other offers.
    • When will I be able to use my Pi Day reward?
    • The Pi Day award will be accessible beginning on March 14, 2022, and it will expire on March 31, 2022.
    • Where can I put my Pi Day award to good use?
    • The Pi Day award will be applicable beginning on March 14, 2022, at participating sites in the United States and at the Charlottetown, PEI location in Canada.
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    Blaze Pizza, How A Brand Remains Timely And Culturally Relevant

    Blaze Pizza, a company widely regarded as a pioneer in the ″Build Your Own″ pizza industry, has always placed a premium on high-quality ingredients, customisation, and environmentally conscious business methods.As the essential components of the Blaze Pizza brand, co-founder and chief culinary officer Brad Kent maintains a close eye on these things, which are always evolving.In today’s CEO Q&A, we’ll talk about how to keep a brand current and topical in a world when the restaurant business is being driven to innovate at breakneck speed.The present labor scarcity, digital innovation, growing costs of goods, environmental sustainability, marketing, and developing a brand in today’s hard business climate are all topics that Mr.Kent discusses candidly.

    • Gary Occhiogrosso (Gary Occhiogrosso): Please tell me a little bit about your previous experience in the restaurant business.
    • What brought you to Blaze Pizza in the first place?
    • Brad Kent: I’d want to thank you for your time.
    1. More than 25 years have passed since I began my career in the restaurant sector, and food science has always been a particular interest of mine.
    2. Throughout my professional career, I’ve devoted a large amount of time and attention to researching and developing non-thermal food preservation techniques, with a particular emphasis on using all-natural substances to improve flavor and texture.
    3. My profession has encouraged me to use my knowledge and study to create my own restaurant idea, which I am now developing.
    4. When I moved to California in 2008, I was inspired by my passion for pizza to start the world’s first mobile wood-fired pizza business in Los Angeles, which was launched in 2009.
    5. Farmers Market Pizza was the name we chose for the company, which we then promoted in local farmer’s markets across Los Angeles.
    • The following year, I opened Olio GCM Wood Fired Pizzeria, which I still own and run today and which is frequently recognized as one of the top pizza restaurants in Los Angeles.
    • My early years in the pizza industry led me to understand that there was a need in the quick-service market for a pizza concept that was committed to fresh ingredients and personalization while still running an efficient and consistent operation.
    • I decided to create that idea.
    • In order to address this need, we founded Blaze Pizza in 2011, breaking new ground as the first company to provide a DIY approach to the pizza industry.
    • The ‘Blaze Your Way’ approach we take at each of the more than 340 locations we have today has generated an enthusiastic following among consumers throughout the country who continue to fall in love with our handmade pizzas and made to order selections.

    Occhiogrosso: When creating the first Blaze Pizza menu, how did you prioritize the needs of future franchisees and operators of franchised stores in your mind?Kent: When creating the first Blaze menu, we considered the owners and operators of future franchised sites at the forefront of our thoughts.As we looked for methods to differentiate our menu options from those of other quick-service pizza concepts, we realized that it was critical to keep the quantity of dishes on the menu from becoming too overwhelming for our employees.

    • When you give customers greater control over their orders and provide customisable alternatives, you may increase brand loyalty, which is incredibly beneficial for rising restaurant companies wanting to expand their reach over state boundaries and into new markets.
    • Franchisees might incur significant costs as a result of shifting processes on a regular basis to accommodate menu expansion.
    • Because we don’t want to burden our operators with the ongoing addition and editing of signature pizzas, we’ve shifted our focus away from that and toward the introduction of new components that consumers may include into their own customized creations.
    • Occhiogrosso: Blaze Pizza is known for its ability to customize orders.
    • In what ways has the brand’s Bring Your Own (BYO) philosophy assisted in the brand’s expansion since its inception?
    • Kent: The build-your-own model has been at the heart of Blaze Pizza’s operations since the company’s inception.
    • We have been able to develop seamless processes that are appealing to prospective franchisees because of their operational efficiency and the limited number of training hours required for the staff as a result of prioritizing this functional element.
    • Through my own experience and speaking with other owners and operators, efficiency continues to be of extreme value to them.
    • Blaze’s BYO menu achieves this, and unlike many other quick-service pizza concepts, the streamlined menu gives our operators the opportunity to capture the loyalty and business of customers that may be looking for a more personalized experience than a one size fits all menu style.
    • This approach has led us to a successful 2021 on the development side, signing six multi-unit franchise agreements to develop 22 new units while also opening 14 new locations across key markets like Texas and Florida.
    • This momentum has propelled our franchise growth efforts and positioned our brand for greater success in Q4 2021 and beyond.
    • Occhiogrosso: Most quick-service restaurant brands have been making a pivot to digital due to the changes the last two years have brought us; what investments in innovation have Blaze made to adapt to this new normal?
    • Kent: As Blaze has historically been a dine-in concept, with 80 percent of its sales in 2019 coming from on-premise dining, we leaned into our strong leadership team, unparalleled franchisee collaboration, and digital innovation to navigate the challenges of 2020.
    • We didn’t hesitate to quickly pivot and adapt; within three weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic we launched a new curbside carryout process systemwide while also developing a unique QR code to deliver contactless menus.
    • As a result of taking swift action and introducing these two components, our brand experienced a 155 percent increase in digital sales and a 16 percent increase in curbside.

    More recently, we launched our newly revamped mobile app.Our digital and marketing teams took the time to learn what our customers enjoyed most from the previous app and what they wanted to see going forward, leveraging key findings from this research to implement features that directly cater to guest preferences.It’s important to note that our digital business now accounts for 40 percent of our sales, while in-store purchases make up 60 percent of sales.Digital will be critical for our growth and success going forward, knowing that customers’ desire for convenience and accessibility continues to trend.We are constantly seeking out innovations that can not only optimize operation but develop a more intimate connection with our regular and new customers.Occhiogrosso: What is it about a reduced menu that makes it appealing to potential franchisees?

    1. Kent: Franchisees enjoy it when a company stays true to its core values and does what it does well.
    2. As opposed to introducing new products to the menu that are inconsistent with the overall idea, I feel it is critical that we remain true to our heritage and the fundamentals on which Blaze was founded.
    3. Simplifying does not imply a state of stagnation.
    4. We are dedicated to the skill of pizza making and are in a unique position to provide consumers with the ability to modify their favorite pizza masterpieces without losing taste or quality in the process.
    5. When it comes to the Blaze concept, the menu is crucial to its identity, and operators are committed to keeping it as basic as possible while still providing the one-of-a-kind customer experience that the brand is known for.
    • Making operations too complicated and asking franchisees to change their menus every few months is neither logical nor cost-effective.
    • Occhiogrosso: What is it about Blaze Pizza’s strategy that appeals to customers?
    • What is it about your visitor experience that is unique?
    • Kent: When customers go into one of our restaurants and proceed to the counter, we provide them with a blank canvas on which they may express themselves and create the pizza uniquely theirs.
    1. We created the build-your-own procedure to be a fun and immersive eating experience that keeps guests engaged throughout the whole process.
    2. Guests can witness their pizza being constructed from behind the glass as it is assembled and then placed in the baking oven.
    3. It’s gratifying to see our guests’ positive experiences resonating in new markets as we grow throughout the country.
    4. Occhiogrosso: So, how does Blaze Pizza strike a balance between adhering to its core menu while still embracing product innovation?
    1. Kent: We understand that people like having a range of eating alternatives when it comes to their dining experience.
    2. Despite the fact that we have simplified our menu and promoted our build-your-own pizzas, we continue to explore for innovative ways to push the boundaries and excite our customers when they visit our restaurants.
    3. In order to be effective, we must be strategic and timely in the menu changes that we implement.
    4. While the hard seltzer craze was in full swing in June 2019, we created a dish that used the famous mango-flavored White Claw hard seltzer, which was used to replace 100 percent of the water in the pizza dough.

    ″White Claw Pizza″ was created by combining this crust with our distinctive red sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted red pepper, fresh jalapenos, and arugula to create a unique flavor combination.Pineapples were placed on top of the pizza to provide a complementary flavor to the mango dough.It was only available at 20 places for one day, but consumers were so taken with it that they asked for it to be brought back in the future.Occhiogrosso: What strategies do you use to reach Blaze’s target demographic and customers?Do you have any intentions to adjust your strategy in the future?Kent: Our consumer base has a tendency to be on the younger side, but it is also very family-focused.

    • What this implies is that our visitors like engaging with companies that allow them to express themselves while also meeting their various demands.
    • We’re catering to our consumers in more ways than one with our diverse selection of healthier toppings and ingredients.
    • It’s a strategy that has proven successful and will continue to make significant contributions to the unstoppable momentum we’ve gained in recent years.

    Occhiogrosso: What precautions does Blaze take to ensure that quality is maintained in the middle of its widespread expansion throughout time?Kent: Our clients are concerned about the quality of the food they consume and the source of the food they consume.That is the primary purpose for their visit to Blaze.We continually exceed our customers’ expectations by going to great efforts to guarantee that the ingredients we use are obtained with care and are of the highest quality possible.We must work closely with vendors that share our values and do not deviate from what we consider to be vital in order to maintain this high level of quality and customer service.

    Our cuisine speaks for itself, and we’ve continued to innovate and enhance wherever feasible in order to present our devoted customers with the greatest eating experience available in the fast-casual pizza market.It has been a crucial distinction for us since our start since we have never faltered in our dedication to using only fresh foods devoid of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners.This has helped us to gain significant momentum throughout the year, particularly in the last few months, and we have the best of the best bringing Blaze to markets when and where it makes the most sense for them to be introduced.During the year 2022, we will continue to concentrate our franchise growth efforts on markets such as the Northeast and Texas.

    1. Occhiogrosso: What are the advantages of Blaze’s menu and product offers from the perspective of business operations?
    2. We keep our restaurant operations simple since our menu is designed to give a BYO immersive ordering experience.
    3. This allows our customers to effortlessly construct the pizza that best suits their mood and appetites.

    Our crew walks each client through the many processes of creating their pizza, and then then bake it in the oven after the consumer is completely happy with their creation.This not only expedites the process, but it also naturally encourages the provision of additional customer assistance that customers may not otherwise obtain at other quick-service concepts.Additionally, it provides the flexibility for the owner and operators to onboard new staff without the requirement for the typical number of training hours.Occhiogrosso: What has been the impact of the labor shortage on Blaze franchisees, given the number of team members necessary to service a single visitor, and what has Blaze done to assist its franchise community is unclear.

    Kent: It is not just some of our franchisees who have been hit by the labor shortage; it is all of them.As a result, we are not only redesigning our marketing efforts that reach customers, but we are also putting more emphasis on team members.This involves making improvements to the music played in the stores, modernizing clothing, and providing a more comfortable setting for employees to express themselves in their work environments.Customer expression via their own pizza creations is important to us, and we want our staff to express themselves through the hard work and devotion they put in every day at Blaze.When it comes to employee recruitment and retention, a safe, fun, and friendly environment goes a long way.

    We are also constantly looking for ways to reduce the number of prep steps and new product rollouts in order to avoid overburdening our employees with too many new creations.This helps to keep our locations from becoming chaotic.Occhiogrosso: What are some of the operational alterations that must be done when new items are introduced to the list of available options?What steps does Blaze take to simplify these procedures throughout the organization?Kent: When we add a new signature pizza to our menu, we consider the following factors: sourcing and distribution, food safety, operational convenience, and price.Providing that all of those boxes are checked, we will be able to take the product into a testing phase.

    The test confirms our operational simplicity and aids in the identification of opportunities to further simplify things.One of the procedures decided upon throughout the testing process is being considerate of where the additional ingredients will be placed in the production line.We want to make sure that any new additions don’t cause a snag in the staff’s workflow and that the prep time remains short in order to provide guests with the quick service that they have come to expect when they dine at Blaze.

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    A new menu item implies a new recipe, which in turn implies the addition of new components.Our restaurants and distributors will need to receive and manage the new product(s) properly, therefore we must produce training materials for them.It consists of specifications and quality inspections, as well as safe handling and storage procedures.We also create training films and written manuals for our training teams to use on the field when they go out to work.

    When addressing regional and religious demands for our partners in the Middle East and Canada, special considerations are taken for our overseas sites.Occhiogrosso: In light of the constant media coverage of supply problems, what modifications, if any, has Blaze been compelled to make to its services, and how have its franchisees responded?Kent: Additionally, we have Marie Zhang, who has extensive experience as a panelist/advisor at the University of Southern California’s Global Supply Chain Management program, who is in charge of our supply chain operations at Blaze Pizza.Working with major brands such as Focus Brands and Yum!

    Brands, she is a tireless advocate for our franchisees, collaborating with our vendors to ensure complete transparency and the best possible terms for all of our locations.Our strong quality control system allows us to take a variety of approaches to managing a shortfall if a shop is running low on a particular item.A vetted list of ″like ingredients″ that can be produced through the distributor or local markets as a last resort, in the event of a shortage, would be the last resort in this situation.Occhiogrosso: Is there anything Blaze has done to alleviate or provide guidance to its franchisees in regards to the dramatic increase in the cost of goods that is currently taking place across the entire restaurant industry?Kent: Our overall cost of products is lower this year than it was the previous year.

    • We attribute our success to our micro efforts to collaborate with vendors and suppliers, as well as macro impacts on goods such as cheese, which have all contributed to our success.
    • A world-class staff is ready to support our franchisees and collaborate with them to guarantee that we do everything we can to guide them through the problems that the restaurant sector may confront.
    • Occhiogrosso: What does the future hold for Blaze Pizza in terms of its menu and technological advancements in the next years?

    As we go forward in the months and years ahead, we will continue to place a high priority on the quality of our ingredients, vendor partnerships, and sustainability activities.As a diverse meal that has evolved into America’s national cuisine throughout time, it is vital that we remain contemporary and culturally relevant by paying great attention to nutrition and consumer trends in order to delight everyone who dines at a Blaze Pizza restaurant.Because we will constantly strive to push the boundaries of pizza making, our visitors can expect to see new and exciting alternatives as well as the highest-quality ingredients available for them to utilize in their masterpieces in the future.Pizza has remained a cuisine that is deeply ingrained in our society.

    In order to keep this simple, long-lived, and storied product relevant and one of America’s favorite foods, innovation is a constant and necessary practice.

    Is this America’s best fast-food pizza?

    The setting is as follows: Blaze isn’t just another pizzeria; in fact, according to Business Insider, it is the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the history of the United States, thanks to an enticing recipe and A-list financiers.Early sponsors included NBA player LeBron James, actress Maria Shriver, and co-owner of the Boston Red Sox, Tom Werner, when the company was founded by the creator of the Wetzel Pretzel brand.Blaze has grown to more than 250 outlets in about 40 states since its launch seven years ago, and has recently expanded into the Middle East.It appears they were onto something.This initiative will deliver freshly produced, quick, and customizable pizzas that are better than your typical fast food to a large portion of the United States.

    • Maine, Montana, Vermont, and Wyoming are among the few states that have been left off of the Blaze map since they are less populous than the rest of the country.
    • Its business model is based on made-to-order assembly line eateries such as Chipotle, and many business analysts have dubbed Blaze the ″Chipotle of Pizza.″ However, it is more closely related to 800 Degrees Pizza (currently rebranding as 800° Woodfired Kitchen Pizza + Rotisserie), a small chain with locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Japan, the Middle East, and New York City (with a location in New York City on the way).
    • Exceptional American Bites: Philadelphia’s venerable pizza is a destination in itself The model is straightforward but attractive, and it falls in between fast food and fast casual.
    1. Your pizza is made to order at a counter, where you may choose your crust style.
    2. After that, the fledgling pizza proceeds down the line with you as you choose sauces, cheeses, various toppings, and if you wish, a salad.
    3. A very high-temperature oven is used at the conclusion of the procedure, when the pizza is cooked in about three minutes and your name is called to collect it.
    4. Because the individual pizzas are too large for most customers, the restaurants have a more sit-down feel with finer tables made of thick wood, a big café-like ambience, cozy painted murals, and self-service kiosks with condiments and to-go boxes.
    5. Visit for the following reasons: Toppings can be mixed and matched, and a thick crust is an option.
    • The food consists of: What I like best about Blaze is the limitless range of alternatives, higher-quality ingredients, the fact that the pies are baked to order, and the wonderfully nice and well-trained staff that make eating here a pleasurable experience.
    • The first thing the staff asks every visitor is whether or not they have previously dined here, in order to better explain how the establishment operates.
    • Blaze’s pizza is unquestionably superior to the national chains with whom it competes, and despite the red-hot oven, flames, and thinner crust, it is not to be confused with the increasingly popular, gourmet, Neapolitan-style, brick-oven pizza experience that has swept the nation in recent years.
    • It is not necessary to go to Blaze for excellent pizza; rather, it is sufficient to go for nice pizza that is superior to other fast food alternatives at a reasonable price.
    • The major attraction here is pizza, which is available in nine pre-selected trademark varieties, such as Meat Lovers, Veg Out, BBQ Chicken, and so on.

    Any of these can be customized, and in fact, it is actively encouraged.Another unusual feature of Blaze is that practically all of the pizzas are one price, regardless of how many toppings you choose.There are also one topping, two topping, and BYO (build your own) choices.

    • In fact, you may pick as many toppings as you like when you bring your own food, and there is a dizzying number of options to choose from, many of which are generally regarded to be ″premium.″ Dining here is either a test of restraint or a test of excess, depending on your personality, and you could come here innumerable times without becoming bored with the variations on the theme.
    • For starters, the sauce selection is dizzying, with options such as basic and hot tomato, white cream, two kinds of pesto (including basil), barbecue sauce, olive oil, ranch, Buffalo, and balsamic glaze.
    • There are eight different cheeses to choose from, 17 different vegetable toppings, and seven different meats.
    • In addition to regular meatballs, there are some interesting and unusual options such as turkey meatballs in addition to regular meatballs, roasted whole garlic cloves and chopped (this is one of my favorite extras, as it adds a richer, more complex, but milder garlic flavor), fresh ovalini mozzarella in addition to the usual shredded mozzarella, and so on.
    • There is no other fast-food pizza shop that will provide you fresh mozzarella, goat or gorgonzola cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, artichokes, and pesto at no additional cost.
    • There is also a gluten-free crust and vegan ″cheese″ alternative available.
    • The combination of a very thin crust and a hot, rapid cook results in a subtle char that is full of flavor (the attention to detail is incredible and there is a person who just inspects the bottom of each pie out of the oven to avoid excess blackening).
    • However, while the finished product has a wonderful freshness to it, the crust itself is a little boring.
    • In general, I prefer the toppings to the crust, particularly standouts like as meatballs, banana peppers, roasted garlic, and more creative cheeses.
    • However, I would avoid the chicken, which is sliced into little pieces and has a bland flavor.
    • On my second visit, I was pleasantly surprised.
    • My preference is for the thicker ″high rise dough″ option, which is available on the menu but not widely displayed, and I have only seen one other person purchase it in three times.
    • You can tell because it is partially cooked on a black metal mesh tray to prevent the bottom from burning owing to the somewhat extended cooking time.
    • Despite the fact that it is less well-known, this is an excellent secret weapon at Blaze.
    • This crust is my favorite because it has a bit more substance and a light doughy chewiness that reminds me of freshly baked roils, without being overly thick or overbearing.

    It is certainly worth the slight additional fee (less than a dollar).More: The Pizza Capitals of the United States Once again, you are encouraged to mix, match, and even combine dressings and toppings in the same way that you would with the pizzas as you travel down the line.I wouldn’t come here only for the salads, but they are fresher and better than what you’ll get at rivals, and they are generously topped with ingredients – my Caesar is topped with a generous amount of cheese and crunchy croutons.Among the beverages available at Blaze are fountain soft drinks, homemade lemonades and iced tea in bubblers, bottled beer (which may vary by location), and a small selection of desserts to choose from.S’mores sandwiches are among the most inventive of the bunch; they come pre-stacked and may be heated at home or eaten right away after a brief dip in the pizza oven.Unfortunately, they appear better than they taste, which is primarily owing to the unusual choice of substituting classic graham crackers for Scottish McVitie’s brand biscuits, which is a failed upgrade that just doesn’t taste right and leaves you feeling let down.

    1. In spite of all of this, I have a great deal of admiration for Blaze and enjoy the way it operates — the attention to detail throughout, the wonderful staff, the toppings, and the best pizza you are likely to find five minutes after pulling into a suburban strip mall parking lot in most of the nation.
    2. Pilgrimage-worthy?: No, but if you’re on a road trip throughout most of the country and want pizza, you won’t find a better option.
    3. Mmmm is the rating.
    4. (″Blah,″ ″OK,″ ″Mmm,″ ″Yum!″,″ and ″OMG!″) Preferred price range: $0.01 to $0.99 (cheap to moderate, moderate to costly).
    5. Details: There are more than 250 sites in 80 percent of the United States — and the number is expanding quickly; Larry Olmsted has been writing about food and travel for more than 15 years, and his work has appeared in several publications.
    • He is a passionate eater and cook who has taken culinary school in Italy, served as a judge in a barbecue competition, and dined with Julia Child.
    • Subscribe to his blog and follow him on Twitter at @TravelFoodGuy.
    • If you know of a unique American cuisine you think he should check out, shoot him an e-mail at [email protected].
    • Some of the establishments covered in this section gave gratis services to their customers.

    How Blaze Pizza Is Defining A New Restaurant Category

    When I go to Subway for lunch, I get a turkey sub with no cheese, all of the vegetables except onions and olives, and a little amount of light mayonnaise.In Chipotle, I’m more of a ″yeah, I understand that the guac is an additional charge″ kind of person.The appeal of both of these establishments lies in the convergence of low cost, quick service, and customization.Some consumers want to start with a menu mainstay and doctor it up, while others prefer to start from scratch and construct something from the ground up from the ground up.It is this trend of personalisation combined with speed combined with value that has taken the food business by storm, going past the sub sandwich and into salads with names like SweetGreen and Chopt (as well as my city Detroit’s own 7Greens).Restaurants serving Mongolian barbecue have sprung up to elevate your stir fry bowl to a whole new level; even frozen yogurt may be customized to your liking these days.

    While searching for a comparable notion in the realm of pizza, Rick and Elise Wetzel (the founders of Wetzel’s pretzels) were unsuccessful.Pizza establishments were either quick and rigid (such as the Little Ceasar’s $5.00 hot-and-ready pizza with no personalization) or customized and sluggish (such as the Little Ceasar’s $5.00 hot-and-ready pizza with no customization) (order ahead or sit down restaurants).The ″in between″ was a piece of land that was easily accessible for the grabbing.

    1. The Wetzels salivated at the prospect of being able to customize their food in a big-chain gourmet environment where everyone else did it instantly.
    2. At the end of the day, they decided to launch their own chain to address this vacuum, and so Blaze Pizza was created.
    3. This team collaborated with a well-known pizza chef, Bradford Kent, to make it a reality.
    4. At the moment, the company is launching a location every five days or so, and it is having phenomenal runaway revenue growth.
    5. It’s unquestionably fantastic news for the founding team, but it’s even better news for us, the general public, as a result.
    6. Blaze allows you to personalize your pizza by selecting from a variety of toppings, including cheese, meats, veggies, and sauces.
    • As you progress down the assembly line, staff members offer assistance at each stage; when you reach the end of the line, your custom-built pizza is baked in a stone-hearth oven…
    • in record time.
    • That Blaze has risen to such prominence is a testament to the basic combination of curiosity, courage, and imagination that has propelled him to such prominence.
    • Because there is no Subway or Chipotle of pizza, the Wetzels were created as a response to this perception.
    • The idea was to bake a dish that normally takes 12-40 minutes to bake at Nascar-like speeds at a fraction of the time.
    • Using thin crust pizzas baked in a custom-built, extremely hot oven (900 degrees and 60,000 BTUs), the researchers were able to bring their creation to life in just 3 minutes.

    As a result of their refusal to accept customary limits, Blaze’s founders were able to break past a roadblock (not being able to cook pizza fast enough).Continuously being interested and questioning your environment is essential to being a successful entrepreneur, according to Forbes.Everyone is so buried in their daily routines that if you can take a moment to notice something that the rest of us have overlooked, you will be able to locate your entrance point of opportunity.

    See also:  How Much Pizza For 30 Adults?

    Following the Wetzels’ discovery of a market gap as a result of their inquisitiveness, the Blaze crew was forced to exhibit incredible bravery in order to compete against the behemoths of the pizza industry.While there is, of course, enough pie to go around (sorry, had to get that out of the way), the large players were vulnerable to a new, daring approach to business.All of this effort would have been in vain if it hadn’t been for a fair dose of imagination.Blaze’s crew worked out how to shorten the time it takes to prepare and cook pizza while while embracing the trend toward personalisation.

    To date, this defying of traditional thinking has enabled them to expand at such a fantastic rate, and I am confident that it will be the key to their sustained success in the future — and in a dazzling display of splendor.

    5 things you didn’t realize about Blaze Pizza

    Students at Cal Poly and the rest of the SLO community have come to rely on Blaze Pizza, a thriving artisan-style pizza restaurant that has become a well-known favorite.There are five components of Blaze Pizza that you may not have been aware of that may enhance your next experience.These include: assembly-style ordering, three-minute cook times, one-price toppings, and assembly-style ordering.

    1. Blaze has become the fastest-growing food chain in the US of all-time

    Blaze announced in early November that it has opened its 300th restaurant, marking the company’s milestone.Blaze Pizza, which began with two shops in California in 2012, has swiftly expanded over the following six years, with operations in 42 states and five countries.Because of its great growth and popularity, the company was recently named ″the fastest growing restaurant chain ever″ by Forbes Magazine, in honor of its outstanding growth and popularity.By 2022, the firm expects to have more than 750 restaurants in operation.

    2. Ecopacking

    Whenever possible, Blaze uses packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable, and/or is created from post-consumer recycled materials. Their straws, lids, utensils, and cups are made from plant-based components rather than petroleum, allowing them to leave a lesser carbon footprint than the majority of other readily accessible alternatives.

    3. Vegan Friendly

    The dough for each Blaze pizza is made fresh every day from scratch with filtered water, unbleached flour, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and a pinch of sugar, among other ingredients.Also available at Blaze is a gluten-free dough that is also vegan.Additionally, a soy-free vegan cheese alternative as well as a choice of fresh veggies are available.On the Blaze website’s allergy area, you can access the ″Special Diets Wizard,″ which provides vegan-specific information on each item in the recipe.

    4. 100% Clean Ingredients

    Blaze is committed to providing ingredients that are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, ensuring that all ingredients used in their pizzas and salads meet health-promoting standards while also tasting delicious.They do this by using ingredients that are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.Blaze’s commitment to customer health is further demonstrated by the fact that all of the meats served are nitrate-free.The fresh, never-frozen dough that is used for every pizza is complemented by the high-quality ingredients.

    5. SLO’s Favorite Choices

    Students and families alike frequent the San Luis Obispo branch, where they frequently order a large amount of vegetables and a pesto-glazed crust.Numerous customers take advantage of the assembly-style flexibility and use both marinara and alfredo sauces as the foundation for their pizzas.Blaze finishes it off with a sprinkling of English sea salt, which helps to bring all of the great tastes together.

    6 Reasons We Love Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza at Disney Springs

    We have a new favorite quick-service restaurant in Disney Springs thanks to Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza, which has won over our taste buds.So, what distinguishes Blaze from their Disney Springs competitors and propels them to the top of our list of the most highly rated quick service restaurants on Disney property?Take a look at the following six reasons.1 – I really like the location.Guests to Disney Springs now have a greater variety of alternatives when it comes to shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities.Blaze finds itself hunkered down in the Town Center part of Disney Springs, amidst all of the bustle and commotion.

    With a short walk from both the Lime and Orange parking garages, Blaze can be found between the large Zara retail store and the bridge that connects the restaurant Homecoming, which is owned by Chef Art Smith.The fact that Blaze’s is located adjacent to a gorgeous strip of water not only makes it convenient to get to and from parking garages, but it also adds to the enjoyment of the experience.2 – Appearance that is trendy and clean Blaze’s external design is the most modern-looking pizza business we’ve ever seen on the outside of the building!

    1. The red Blaze Pizza sign can’t be ignored, thanks to its craftsman-style construction, as well as its stylish metal lighting and sign elements.
    2. We entered via the wooden stump handle and were much more thrilled with the interior than we had been on the outside.
    3. The well-organized entry to order and pay for the meal, the obvious flames from the ovens, the high wood-beamed ceilings and exposed pipes, and a wall of windows overlooking the lake were some of our favorite aspects of the restaurant.
    4. 3 – Indoor and outdoor seating arrangements Inside, take a seat at one of the numerous wooden tables that span across the dining room in what appears to be shared rows of tables.
    5. The big wrap-around deck offers plenty of shelter and protection from the elements if you want to dine alfresco.
    6. The nicest thing about dining outside is that the majority of the tables will have you placed directly over the lake, providing you with spectacular views of the water.
    • 4 – Exceptionally prompt and courteous service A Blaze menu will be handed to you by a waitress as soon as you walk through the door.
    • It’s possible to look up at the hanging menu as you approach the line, but it’s more convenient to have something in hand to look at.
    • We appreciated how quickly the waitress presented the choices to us and gave us a quick breakdown of what we should do next.
    • It totally eliminated any doubts about whether or not we were in the correct location at the time.
    • Our perception of a long queue turned out to be incorrect, and we realized why as we neared the ordered bay.
    • There appeared to be more personnel than could possibly be accommodated behind the preparing station — and everyone appeared to be doing something.

    Our order was placed in a short period of time, and we were given a pager, which we were to use to come to pick up our pizzas when the alarm went off.Pickup was simple, thanks to a well-organized service that was once again provided.Even though it was a quick-service restaurant, a few of waiters came over to our table to see how we were doing, which was a pleasant surprise.

    5 – The Ease with Which the Menu Can Be Navigated & How It Works ″How Do You Blaze?″ is the first question on the Blaze menu.You have the option of creating your own pizza or selecting one of their famous pizzas.There is only one size of pizza available — an 11-inch.Blaze uses only fresh ingredients, with dough made from scratch every day and fermented for a full 24 hours before serving.

    Choose from the classic dough, the high-rise dough, or the gluten-free dough as your initial option.We really appreciate that they provide a gluten-free alternative for those of us who have a Celiac family member.If you make your own pizza, you may customize it with your favorite sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables, and any special finishing touches.For those who like to order one of their trademark pizzas, you may choose from a variety of options including red vine, BBQ chicken, art lover, meat eater, green stripe, veg out, link in, and white top.

    • As you proceed through the order line, the personnel will ask you what you would like at each station as you proceed through the process (reminded us of something like Subway style ordering).
    • There is a center where you can get bottled beverages such as milk, juice, and so on, or you may request a fountain drink, in which case they will offer you with a cup that you can fill and refill as often as you’d like.
    • They also provide draft beer and wine, as well as wine by the bottle.
    • Salads, desserts, and a children’s menu are all offered as options.
    • Note from the editors: If you enjoy thin crust pizza, as Chad does, you’ll enjoy the regular thin crust.
    • Cindy and her children favor the high-rise option, which results in a crust that is thicker and more typical in thickness.

    Rebecca, a friend and Disney cast member, likewise raves about the gluten-free crust and expresses her gratitude for the availability of such a delicious gluten-free choice.It’s time for the most crucial part – and our personal favorite, too — the exquisite flavor!We ordered two pizzas for our group of three people, which turned out to be more than enough food for us.Because of the thin crust, though, if you’re very hungry, you’ll probably be able to finish one of these 11″ pizzas on your own.With just one bite into the pizza, you can taste the fresh dough and ingredients that were used to make it.

    We found the crust to be crisp and true to their ″light-as-air″ signature statement, which we thought was great.It was a perfect blend of sauce, cheese, and toppings, and we ate in silence for the most part (which was unusual for this group) because no one wanted to stop eating.We also ordered their S’ more Pie among the brownies and cookies available for dessert.

    The S’more Pie gets thumbs up from us.We enjoyed the free refills from the fountain machines, which also had a station for all our napkins, straws, and silverware needs.If you are full, you can always get a to-go box and take any leftovers with you.Bottom line – the freshest pizza we’ve tasted in a long time!Our experience with Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza was a success to say the least.

    We already foresee numerous trips to Blaze in the near future, as we can’t wait to try more of what they are offering!For a no obligation, FREE Quote on a Disney vacation package, please contact our travel partner Magical Vacation Planner at 407-442-0227 (407-442-0215 for Spanish) (407-442-0215 for Spanish).You can also request a FREE quote online by Clicking HERE.

    Blaze Pizza Menu: The Best and Worst Foods — Eat This Not That

    Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant franchise that is dedicated to providing healthier cuisine for both people and the environment.A large variety of build-your-own pizza and salad options, as well as a range of predefined pizza topping combinations, are available at this pizza joint.In addition to using only fresh, handcrafted dough on a daily basis, Blaze Pizza does not use any artificial ingredients on its menu.Blaze Pizza, with all of its key values in place, may be a terrific alternative for anyone looking to satisfy a pizza desire.Blaze Pizza’s menu was reviewed by specialists Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, CLT, and LeeAnn Smith Weintraub, MPH, RD, to identify some of the healthiest alternatives, ranging from salads to pizzas to desserts.The results revealed that the healthiest and least nutritious menu items were identified.

    11-Inch Pizza

    The following are the nutritional values for one slice: 110 calories, 1.5 g saturated fat, no trans fat, 200 mg sodium, 15 g carbohydrates (1 g fiber, no sugar), 5 grams protein The smaller, 11-inch pizzas come with a variety of healthy alternatives, whether you order one from the menu or create your own unique creations.According to nutritionists, the red vine pizza is one of the most delicious selections available.Weintraub points out that the red vine is lower in salt and fat than many of the other alternatives, and Pine recommends substituting ovalini mozzarella for the standard shredded cheese for even fewer calories and fat while maintaining the great cheesy flavor.In one slice, there are 150 calories, 8 g fat (4 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 280 mg sodium, 4 g carbohydrates (2 g fiber, 2 g sugar), and 14 g of protein.Pine, on the other hand, prefers the keto pizza as an alternative.In spite of the fact that this pizza has a few more calories and saturated fat than some of the other pizzas, Pine advises eating only a few of pieces at a time.

    ″According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes.Because pizza has just 4 grams of carbs per slice, these people can eat more than one piece and yet enjoy something that they otherwise would not be able to eat because of their health conditions.″ A fair quantity of protein and veggies are provided, and the salt content is lower than that of many of the other menu items.OTHER RELATED MATERIAL: Your ultimate restaurant and supermarket survival guide is finally out!

    1. 1 slice has 130 calories, 4.5 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 350 mg sodium, 15 g carbohydrates (including 1 g fiber and 1 g sugar), and 6 g protein.
    2. If you’re looking for healthier pizza alternatives, you might want to avoid the BBQ chicken pizza, for example.
    3. Unfortunately, even one slice of this choice contains a significant amount of salt.
    4. In addition, the barbecue chicken pizza has just onions in terms of vegetables, which is clearly not ideal for a healthy diet.
    5. The following are the nutritional values for one slice: 150 calories, 7 grams of fat (3 grams of saturated oil, 0 grams of trans fat), 350 milligrams of sodium, 16 grams of carbohydrate (including 1 grain of fiber and 1 grain of sugar), and 6 grams of protein The meat-pizza eater’s is just as unhealthy as the vegetarian’s pizza due to the high salt level and the fact that this pizza is exclusively topped with processed meats.
    6. According to Pine, ″each 11-inch pizza includes six thin slices, and it is quite simple to finish the entire pie.″ 7.5 dill pickle spears have approximately the same amount of sodium as one slice when the sodium content of one slice is multiplied by six.
    • As an added bonus, Pine notes that ″the American Institute for Cancer Research suggests restricting processed meats, such as pepperoni, in order to help avoid some forms of cancer.″

    Large Pizza

    200 calories per slice, 5 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 370 mg sodium, 30 g carbohydrate (2 g fiber, 2 g sugar), and 8 g protein per slice When it comes to the larger pizzas, there are still plenty of delicious alternatives to enjoy with friends and family without compromising your health.The red vine has reclaimed the throne once more.According to Pine, ″This non-meat pizza includes 8 grams of protein each slice, which is quite a lo

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