How To Be A Pizza Delivery Driver?

How to Become a Pizza Delivery Driver The primary qualification to become a pizza delivery driver is a clean driving record. No formal education is needed, but employers may prefer that you be over the age of 18. While the restaurant may have a designated delivery car, you are usually required to have an insured vehicle of your own.
Pizza Delivery Driver Requirements:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Valid driver’s license for the area in which you will be working.
  3. Friendly, service-oriented disposition.
  4. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.
  5. Prior experience in a similar position will be advantageous.

They are happy to train you if you show a drive for it. Even just being a driver is a flexible but good paying job. Was this review helpful?

What kind of Education do pizza delivery drivers need?

Most pizza delivery drivers do not need a formal education for the role. Most have some high school education, since drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Many pizza delivery drivers get their start by working for a pizza restaurant in some capacity and moving into a delivery role.

How old do you have to be to deliver pizza?

Most have some high school education, since drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Many pizza delivery drivers get their start by working for a pizza restaurant in some capacity and moving into a delivery role. Others start immediately with the company as a delivery driver.

What are the duties of a pizza delivery driver?

Pizza delivery drivers have a variety of important job responsibilities, including: Taking customer orders over the phone or in person Driving pizzas and other menu items to customer’s homes Ensuring the quality of the food upon delivery

Is delivering pizzas a easy job?

Delivering pizzas might seem simple enough as far as jobs go, but like any other job, there are a number of pointers to follow. First, there are some basic things that you need to do in order to ensure customer satisfaction with a quick delivery.

What are the job duties of a pizza delivery driver?

  • Deliver Pizza. The delivery driver must be efficient and deliver pizza to the customer quickly.
  • Greet Customers. Whether the driver greets customers in the restaurant or in the home,it is important to remain positive and greet the customer with a smile.
  • Take Orders.
  • Handle Cash.
  • Prepare Pizza.
  • Is it worth it to be a pizza delivery driver?

    Pizza delivery is a very relaxing and rewarding job. You get to work with plenty of great people in a laid-back environment whilst not being completely bored, and you get to spend your day making most of your customers happy (I say most because some will simply never be happy).

    What is the job description of a pizza delivery driver?

  • Making deliveries to customers in a quick and efficient manner
  • Collecting cash payments and making appropriate change
  • Cleaning the store during slow periods
  • Help put away truck deliveries as they arrive
  • Assist with food preparation when needed
  • How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?

    1. Pay & Salary
    2. How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make?

    The Indeed Editorial Team contributed to this article.The date is March 4, 2021.While many other restaurants provide home delivery services for their meals, pizza is the dish that receives the most requests for home delivery.Working as a pizza delivery driver necessitates the development of certain hard talents, as well as soft skills and a clean driving record.Knowing how much you can expect to make as a pizza delivery driver is essential for anyone considering a career in this field.To learn more about being a pizza delivery driver, read on.

    We’ll also go over the typical salary for the profession, explore employment development prospects for pizza delivery drivers, and address some commonly asked concerns regarding the work.Related: 20 High-Paying Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

    How do you become a pizza delivery driver?

    • The majority of pizza delivery drivers do not require any formal schooling to do their duties. Since drivers must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid driver’s license, the majority have completed some form of high school education. Many pizza delivery drivers begin their careers by working at a pizza restaurant in some way before transitioning into the delivery industry altogether. Others begin working for the corporation as a delivery driver right away, and so on. Some firms supply delivery cars, but others ask the driver to use his or her own personal vehicle to make the deliveries. Some pizza delivery drivers are employed as part of the sharing economy and deliver a variety of other foods in addition to pizza deliveries. It’s more common for these delivery drivers to work through an app that links them with individuals who need someone to pick up and bring their food, whether or not it’s precisely pizza. They don’t necessarily work for a single restaurant. When making deliveries, some drivers utilize their own vehicles. Delivering pizzas and other menu items to customers’ homes
    • ensuring the quality of the food upon delivery
    • collecting and processing payment
    • preparing and cleaning food prep areas
    • keeping the customer dine-in area clean and orderly
    • providing customer service are some of the many important responsibilities of a pizza delivery driver.
    • Pizza delivery drivers need have a certain skill set in order to do a good job in their position. This covers both hard and soft abilities, as well as other certifications, such as the following: Customer service abilities
    • a clean driving record
    • a high level of responsibility
    • Risk-averseness
    • communication abilities
    • math abilities

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    What is the average income for a pizza delivery driver?

    The average hourly wage for a delivery driver in the United States is $16.40 per hour, according to one source, although more recent compensation statistics may be found on Indeed.There is currently no information available on pizza delivery drivers in particular.In addition to their hourly income, many pizza delivery drivers receive tips from customers on each delivery and are reimbursed by the restaurant for mileage and gas expenses incurred while making deliveries in their own car.The geographic location of a pizza delivery driver is the most important element in deciding their hourly compensation.Related: How to Earn Money While Attending College

    Job growth for pizza delivery drivers

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not give particular statistics on pizza delivery or other food delivery vocations, but it does provide information on the job outlook for delivery truck drivers, which is a good starting point.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry has a 2 percent growth potential.Please keep in mind that this statistic does not include freelance food delivery drivers who utilize apps to locate delivery gigs because the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have data for this industry.Related: The Top Five Best Delivery Jobs in the U.S.Based on Skills and Compensation

    Frequently asked questions about pizza delivery drivers

    Several doubts arise in the minds of many potential pizza delivery drivers regarding the profession, its requirements, and other relevant variables while determining whether or not to pursue a career in the sector. Consider the following responses to frequently asked questions regarding working as a pizza delivery driver.

    How much money do pizza delivery drivers make in tips?

    • As a pizza delivery driver, the amount of additional revenue you may earn in tips will vary based on factors such as: location
    • time of day
    • size and cost of the order
    • and the number of deliveries you make.

    The average additional pay received in tips each day is $50.00. If you work during the dinner shift on a Saturday evening, for example, you’re likely to earn more than the average wage, but if you work during the morning shift during the week, you’re likely to earn less.

    Will I get to keep all my tips?

    Yes, you will be able to keep all of your suggestions.Because delivery drivers have the potential to earn more in tips than other employees, some restaurants give them a lower hourly rate than other employees.Some restaurants use tip pooling, in which all tipped staff pay their tips to a single pot, which is subsequently equitably shared among all tipped employees.The latter is more typical among delivery drivers who operate alone than among dining room waitstaff who work in a more team-oriented environment.

    Do I have to have my own car?

    This is dependent on the establishment. The majority of pizza shops, particularly the larger franchises, require drivers to supply their own transportation. Some independent eateries, on the other hand, may be able to supply a car for delivery. In the course of an interview for a pizza delivery position, this is a crucial question to ask.

    Will the restaurant reimburse me for mileage?

    The answer is yes, if you are driving your own car, your employer is required to compensate you for your mileage.The Internal Revenue Service establishes yearly minimums for reimbursement; according to the IRS, the normal mileage rate for firms in 2020 will be 0.56 cents per mile.Inquire with your supervisor about the procedure for recording your miles and submitting your totals for payment.

    Will the restaurant provide me with car insurance?

    • Whether or not the restaurant provides you with vehicle insurance will be determined by a number of circumstances, including: whether you are driving your own car or a corporate car
    • whether or not you are driving a company car
    • and whether or not you are driving a company car.
    • What kind of personal automobile insurance do you have
    • The total number of delivery drivers that are employed by the establishment

    Pizza delivery workers who drive their own vehicles are almost always required to have automobile insurance.Some restaurants provide additional insurance in the event of an accident, but the terms of their policy will determine whether or not you are covered.Some delivery drivers prefer to purchase a separate business usage insurance policy in addition to their personal insurance coverage.A vehicle provided by a restaurant is likely to be accompanied by automobile insurance to protect the vehicle in case of an accident.Ideally, review the terms of your automobile insurance with the manager to ensure that you, the vehicle, and the employer are all adequately covered if an accident occurs.

    How to Deliver a Pizza

    Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Delivering pizzas may appear to be a straightforward job in comparison to other occupations, but like with any other profession, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.First and foremost, there are several fundamental steps that must be taken in order to assure client pleasure through prompt delivery.You may then boost your chances of earning greater tips by following a few additional guidelines.However, it is equally crucial to strike a balance between the demands of your customers and your own personal safety, because delivery personnel are frequently the focus of criminal activity.

    1. 1 Before you leave the store, double-check that you have everything you need. As soon as you’re on the road, you’re stuck with whatever you’ve got, so be sure you have all of the necessities before you go. Finally, ensure that each order corresponds to its receipt so that you don’t show up at the door with something missing or the incorrect order. Also, make certain that you have the following items: If the customer chooses to pay with cash, make sure you have enough cash and coins to make accurate change.
    2. It is necessary to have at least one pen available for the customer to sign credit card receipts, but two are preferable in case one runs out of ink
    3. A cellphone so that you may contact the business, a client, or emergency services if the situation calls for it

    2 Place hot objects in a heat pack to keep them warm.Keep in mind that the consumer is unlikely to want their meal reheated in the oven once it has arrived at the destination.All hot things should be placed in one or more heat packs to ensure that they keep their heat.Make certain that they are completely sealed to prevent heat from escaping.Don’t cram everything into a heat bag in a hurried fashion.Make a point of separating hot and cold goods when you can.

    It is important to the consumer that they do not have to reheat their pizza, but they also do not want their cannoli to get melted.

    • Promotional material
    • 3 Make sure your heat-bag is secure. To begin, make sure it is on a flat surface. If the pie is not positioned flat, it is likely that melted cheese will spill over the top. To keep the bag securely in place during abrupt turns, rapid braking, rough driving, and anything else that might cause the bag to move, use seat belts, straps, or anything similar. Make a plan for where you’re heading. Even if you use a heat bag, you may anticipate hot objects to begin cooling as soon as they are removed from the oven. Before you begin your journey, consult a map or use your smartphone to locate directions. Find the shortest and/or quickest path to the client’s door so that the meal may be delivered while it is still hot to the consumer. If you have a smartphone, have a paper map with you just in case your phone ran out of battery or dies for any other reason.
    • 5Be cautious when driving. You may be tempted to press the pedal to the metal in order to complete your delivery as fast as possible, but resist the temptation to do so. Please keep in mind that being pulled over will result in a significant delay (plus ticket fines and other hassles). It’s also important to realize that receiving a large gratuity is not worth the danger of being involved in an accident. Although you should go quickly, you should also be cautious and follow the regulations of the road.
    • 6 Locate the correct address. This can be difficult, especially when it is dark outside. Keep in mind that odd-numbered buildings are often located on one side of the street, and even-numbered ones are typically located on the other. You may use the ones that are easy to understand as reference points if you don’t immediately find the one you’re searching for. For example, if you’re looking for 407 but can only see 411, 407 is most likely two buildings down the street from you. When it comes to the neighborhood (how far apart the buildings are from one another, how much parking is available), it may be faster to park straight away and walk to the correct address, provided that you are confident that you are in fact on the correct block.
    • 7 Have the pizza delivered. Maintain the level of the heat bag by holding it by the bottom. When the customer answers the door, greet them with a kind grin. Allow yourself to be patient with them, even if they are sluggish to pay, irritated with you, or otherwise less than ideal. Make sure you offer them the right change if they require it so that they do not feel taken advantage of. Maintain a positive attitude at all times, even if you’re having a rough night. Remember that you are the face of your business, and being out of sorts or irritable will deter customers from ordering from you again or from leaving a large tip.
    • When delivering packages, some delivery workers have taken to rounding the total amount up to the closest dollar in order to avoid the need to use money. Some consumers may be comfortable with this, while others may be offended by it. Assuming this is the case, address the situation as if you had made an innocent mistake and offer them a short apology such as, ″You’re absolutely correct! My apologies. The precise amount charged is $17.60 USD.″
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    8 Keep a running count of your suggestions.Note how much of the client’s payment covers the overall fee, and how much is intended for you as a personal tip when the customer pays cash.Keep in mind that if the amount was, for example, $17.37, they may just issue you a single $20 bill to cover both charges in one transaction.Keep a journal of the deliveries made during the night, noting the total money paid for each one, as well as the amount of the tip and the tender used.The same is true if they utilize a single check to pay for both the fee and the tip on the same transaction.Note the discrepancy when you balance your receipts and cash out for the night in accordance with the practices of your particular retail establishment.

    1. 1 Make a good first impression by looking and smelling well. Keep in mind that you’re representing the entire shop by your actions. Even though you may not have had direct touch with the food contained within the containers, they are likely to believe that you do. Maintain a professional image so that they will be more willing to order (and tip) from you again and again and again. Make certain to: dress in clean clothing and have a replacement outfit on hand in case you need to change
    2. Before going to work and between delivery, wash your hands, face, and any other visible skin you may have.
    3. Refrain from smoking or engaging in any other activity that may make you smell (and maybe the meal as well)

    2 Run as fast as you can to the door.As soon as you pull up to the curb, assume that the consumer is looking over his shoulder at you.Don’t waste any time.By moving rapidly, you may demonstrate to them that you are attempting to deliver their pizza while it is still hot.At the same time, don’t push things to the point that you’re unable to handle the load safely.Keep in mind to keep the heat bags at a consistent level at all times.

    Make sure they don’t drop or tilt their meal so that it doesn’t splash around and appear like a sloppy mess when it eventually gets delivered.

    • 3 Don’t forget to include a few ″extras.″ Predict the requirements of your clients. Be sure to stock up on the same freebies that you received while in the store, even if the client didn’t specifically request them. Then, when you bring the food, inquire as to whether they would like them. The following items might be used: paper plates
    • paper napkins
    • plastic cups
    • packets of crushed red pepper
    • parmesan
    • basil
    • and so on.
    • 4 Provide more services when the situation calls for it Occasionally, you may be tempted to just hand over the pizza and plan a return trip to the store to place your next order and tip. Before you proceed, keep in mind that doing so may result in a smaller tip from this particular client in the immediate future. Make a commitment to going the additional mile when consumers with unique needs want something out of the usual. For example, you may have an old or feeble customer who is unable to undertake the physical demands of carrying a single pie to their dining room table. Perhaps a fit and capable consumer has placed a large order and would want some assistance
    • nevertheless, keep your personal safety in mind while you assist the customer. If you believe that you might be placing yourself in danger if you cooperate, trust your intuition and gently refuse the request. Keep in mind that delivery personnel are frequently targeted by criminals.

    1 Always carry a backup smartphone with you.It is generally recommended that you have your mobile phone on you at all times; but, in the case that you are mugged, you should anticipate your phone to be taken.Pick up a prepaid smartphone to use as a dummy during the interview.Consider concealing your primary phone somewhere where criminals are unlikely to look for it.If possible, keep it on your person rather than in your car, as your automobile may wind up being taken as well.A lining pocket at the rear of your jacket, for example, or concealing it behind a baseball cap are both options to consider.

    2 Avoid going into potentially unsafe structures.Delivering to an apartment complex and/or neighborhood with a high crime risk requires you to remain outside the building.Make the customer come to the main entrance of the building rather than allowing them to buzz you and having you deliver to their apartment door.Keep in mind that moving inside will make you less obvious to onlookers and will also significantly restrict your possibilities for escaping.Additionally, if you believe you are in danger, remain in front of the building until help arrives.Do not follow clients into their backyards or anywhere else where you will be out of sight or unable to flee if necessary.

    3 Trust your instincts.You should keep in mind that looks may be misleading.This means that a nice-looking property in a nice-looking area may be just as hazardous (if not more so) as a crime-ridden neighborhood.If something doesn’t seem quite right, don’t fight it, especially if you’re not sure what’s wrong.Instead, acknowledge it and move on.Avoid everything that makes you feel uncomfortable and stick to what you are comfortable with.

    Depending on the situation, this might include anything from refusing to enter a residence to refusing to get out of the car and make the delivery.

    • Question Add a new question Question What is the cost of a pizza? What you’ll get will depend on the store and the sort of pizza you choose.
    • Question What should I do if someone plays a practical joke on me by bringing a large number of pizzas to me without charging us for them? Tom De Backer is an American football player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Answerer with the most points This is not an issue of yours. It is the responsibility of the pizza establishment to collect payment for the services or goods that have been delivered. And, because they were supplied in accordance with the client’s wishes, they have fulfilled their obligation. It is now the prankster’s legal responsibility to pay for the pizzas, and he or she may be required to do so if the law thus requires them to be paid for. No matter what you say or do, do not pay or receive the pizzas when you get at the front door. If it becomes essential to call the police, do so, even if it is merely to observe and take note of the happenings. It is the responsibility of the pizza shop to either establish that you did not order them or collect payment from the person who did buy them if you claim not to have done so

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    How to Become A Pizza Delivery Driver in 2022: Step by Step Guide And Career Paths

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    What is a Pizza Delivery Driver

    A pizza delivery driver brings pizzas directly to people’s homes or places of business, thereby saving their lives and the lives of others (and the lazy).When it comes to delivering food to customers safely and quickly, pizza delivery drivers must be excellent drivers.After all, nobody wants their toppings to fall out during a particularly sharp turn.Due to the fact that they interact with consumers they deliver to and take orders over the phone, pizza delivery drivers must also have outstanding customer service skills.A pizza delivery driver, on the other hand, does not necessarily spend the majority of his or her time in the car.At times, they are required to assist in the restaurant by folding boxes or processing orders, among other things.

    For a pizza delivery driver, having a valid driver’s license is the most vital requirement to have.Some pizza parlors demand their drivers to have their own vehicle as well as their own vehicle.A high school certificate and little or no professional experience are sufficient for the majority of pizza delivery drivers, despite the fact that some driving experience may be beneficial.Pizza delivery drivers make an average yearly wage of $20,519, according to

    1. They can, however, make far more money through tips.
    2. When it comes to becoming a Pizza Delivery Driver, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.
    3. How about the fact that they earn an average of $14.71 per hour?
    4. Did you know that That works up to $30,600 per year!

    Over the year 2018-2028, the profession is predicted to increase by 2 percent, creating 30,100 new employment opportunities across the United States.

    What Does a Pizza Delivery Driver Do

    Many Pizza Delivery Drivers possess particular abilities that enable them to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently.Through a review of resumes, we were able to identify the abilities that were most frequently seen in candidates for this position.We noticed that many applicants claimed customer-service abilities, hand–eye coordination skills, and math skills among their qualifications.Understand what a Pizza Delivery Driver performs by reading on!

    How To Become a Pizza Delivery Driver

    In order to become a Pizza Delivery Driver, one of the first things you should evaluate is how much schooling you will require.The majority of Pizza Delivery Drivers (211.2 percent) hold a bachelor’s degree, according to our research.When it comes to higher education levels, we discovered that 1.2 percent of Pizza Delivery Drivers hold master’s degrees or higher qualifications.Despite the fact that some Pizza Delivery Drivers hold a college degree, it is feasible to obtain a position with simply a high school diploma or GED as a prerequisite.When investigating how to become a Pizza Delivery Driver, selecting the appropriate major is always a critical first step in the process.As a result of our study on the most prevalent majors for Pizza Delivery Drivers, we discovered that they are most likely to receive a High School Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree.

    Another type of degree that we frequently find on Pizza Delivery Driver resumes is an Associate Degree or a Diploma in a certain field.It’s possible that your previous work experience will be beneficial to you as a Pizza Delivery Driver.In reality, many Pizza Delivery Driver positions need previous work experience in a position such as Cashier.Most pizza delivery drivers, on the other hand, have previous work experience in positions such as Sales Associate or Delivery Driver.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Career Paths

    Other than shaking up your job search, it may be beneficial to consider a career path that corresponds to your unique work description.So, what exactly is a professional path, you might wonder?It’s more or less a road map that shows you how you could progress from one job title to another over time.Our career pathways are very thorough, including information on income fluctuations.If you began your career as a Delivery Driver, for example, you may eventually advance to a position such as Technician.Later in your professional life, you may be promoted to the position of General Manager.

    Top Careers Before Pizza Delivery Driver

    Top Careers After Pizza Delivery Driver

    Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs You Might Like

    What is the right job for my career path?

    Tell us about your ambitions, and we’ll match you with the ideal employment to help you achieve them. Make Your Dream Resume a Reality With the help of our resume generator, you will be guided through the process of building an eye-catching Pizza Delivery Driver resume.

    Average Salary for a Pizza Delivery Driver

    Drivers of pizza delivery vehicles in the United States earn an average annual wage of $31,600, or $15 per hour.The top ten percent of earners earn more than $41,000 a year, while the poorest ten percent earn less than $22,000.Find out what your salary is worth.What kind of salary could you expect to make as a Pizza Delivery Driver?If you want to obtain an idea of how much you should be making, you may use Zippia’s Salary Calculator.More Salary Information may be found here.

    Calculate your salary

    Make use of Zippia’s Salary Calculator to evaluate how your income compares to the market.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Demographics

    Pizza Delivery Driver Gender Statistics

    Pizza Delivery Driver Ethnicity Statistics

    African-American or African-American-looking

    Pizza Delivery Driver Foreign Languages Spoken Statistics

    Find the most suitable Pizza Delivery Driver position for you.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs You Might Like

    • Jobs as a Pizza Delivery Driver with a Salary of $41K and Above Look for jobs in your neighborhood in the United States.
    • Jobs as an Entry Level Pizza Delivery DriverLittle to no prior experience is necessary.
    • Pizza Delivery Driver Positions on a Part-Time Basis
    • Part-Time Positions Available Immediately
    • In-DemandPizza Delivery Driver positions have been updated within the past 7 days on Actively Hiring.
    • Jobs as a Pizza Delivery Driver with No Degree
    • Look for employment that don’t require a degree.

    More Information about the Pizza Delivery Driver Demographics Make Your Dream Resume a Reality With the help of our resume generator, you will be guided through the process of building an eye-catching Pizza Delivery Driver resume. Find the most suitable Pizza Delivery Driver position for you.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs You Might Like

    • Jobs as a Pizza Delivery Driver with a Salary of $41K and Above Look for jobs in your neighborhood in the United States.
    • Jobs as an Entry Level Pizza Delivery DriverLittle to no prior experience is necessary.
    • Pizza Delivery Driver Positions on a Part-Time Basis
    • Part-Time Positions Available Immediately
    • In-DemandPizza Delivery Driver positions have been updated within the past 7 days on Actively Hiring.
    • Jobs as a Pizza Delivery Driver with No Degree
    • Look for employment that don’t require a degree.
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    Online Courses For Pizza Delivery Driver That You May Like

    SAP Customer Service and Service Management (CS/SM) is a service management module.Repair Orders, Service Orders, and Service Contracts in the Real World Using SAP CS and SD Project Management: Meet deadlines while using Scrum Execution of the Project Get a better understanding of how to meet deadlines consistently with Project Management Essentials, which incorporates Scrum for Continuous Delivery On Time.Mastering the Art of Customer Service: Using this practical customer service training, you will be able to delight every client at CustomerMaster Customer Service.More Pizza Delivery Driver Training Courses are available.

    Top Skills For a Pizza Delivery Driver

    The skills portion of your resume might be just as significant as the experience section, so you want it to be a true representation of your abilities.Fortunately, we’ve identified all of the talents you’ll require, so even if you don’t yet possess these abilities, you’ll be aware of what you need to improve.A clean driving record was indicated on 73.5 percent of the resumes we reviewed, but soft skills such as customer service skills and hand–eye coordination are also vital in the job of a pizza delivery driver.

    Best States For a Pizza Delivery Driver

    When it comes to beginning a career as a Pizza Delivery Driver, certain locales are better than others.Here are some suggestions.Individuals in this occupation will benefit by living in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont.Pizzeria Delivery Drivers get the highest wages in New York, with an average income of $41,968 per year.In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, on the other hand, they would earn an average of $40,633 and $40,034, respectively.While Pizza Delivery Drivers in Vermont earn an average salary of $39,658 per year, they still earn more than their counterparts in the rest of the country, according to Payscale.

    Based on employment availability and income, we found that these were the best states to live in.Our list of states was reduced to these four by looking at the median pay, cost of living, and utilizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Location Quotient to determine which states were the most affordable.1.The state of Alabama 1,409 Pizza Delivery Driver Positions are available.

    1. 1.32 in terms of location quotient The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uses the Location Quotient to estimate how concentrated a certain industry is in a single state when compared to the rest of the United States.
    2. More information on how the Bureau of Labor Statistics generates location quotients may be found here.
    3. 2.
    4. The state of Maine 314 Pizza Delivery Driver Positions are available.

    Quotient de la localisation: 0.98 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uses the Location Quotient to estimate how concentrated a certain industry is in a single state when compared to the rest of the United States.More information on how the Bureau of Labor Statistics generates location quotients may be found here.3.The state of Michigan 2,031 total Pizza Delivery Driver jobs are available.The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) uses the location quotient to estimate how concentrated a certain industry is in a single state when compared to the rest of the country as a whole.

    1. More information on how the Bureau of Labor Statistics determines location quotients can be found hereFull List Of Best States For Pizza Delivery Drivers

    How Do Pizza Delivery Driver Rate Their Jobs?

    Do you want to work as a Pizza Delivery Driver? Please feel free to share your experience anonymously. Do you work as a Pizza Delivery Driver? Please include a title for your review. Please rate your experience working as a Pizza Delivery Driver. It’s completely anonymous and will just take a minute of your time.

    Top Pizza Delivery Driver Employers

    Pizza Delivery Driver Videos

    Finding Out What It’s Like to Be a Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Working for Pizza Hut as a delivery driver was a great experience.

    Being a Pizza Delivery Driver

    Interested in working in a fun, fast-paced atmosphere with competitive pay and hours that you may customize?It’s possible that delivering Hungry Howie’s® pizza is the career you’ve been looking for.As one of the largest and fastest-growing pizza franchises in the United States, we are always on the lookout for courteous, cheerful drivers to deliver our delicious Flavored Crust® pizza to our customers’ homes.Visit one of our independently owned and operated franchise locations and fill out an application if you are searching for a pizza delivery job in your area.Being a pizza delivery driver isn’t for everyone, but it may be a wonderful side business for college students or anybody looking for flexible hours or a way to supplement their income.What does a pizza delivery driver make per hour?

    The answer is that it depends, however there is the possibility to earn well, depending on tips and how long your shift is scheduled for.Drivers for Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery services can make up to $15 dollars per hour on average.Competitive hourly rates, transportation reimbursement, and the possibility to earn tips are all part of the package we provide.There is no prior experience necessary because we provide training.

    What Do Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Delivery Drivers Do?

    A Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery driver has the chance to make people happy by bringing a freshly cooked, Flavored Crust® pizza, Howie Bread®, Oven Baked Subs, Howie Wings®, and other delicious items straight to their door, including: We at Hungry Howie’s® Pizza do not treat our drivers as independent contractors, but rather as workers who are compensated with a competitive hourly rate plus tips, with the potential to earn up to $15 dollars an hour.

    How to Become a Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Delivery Driver

    As a Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery driver, you must be at least 18 years old, have dependable transportation, possess a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record, provide evidence of insurance, and have the registration of your car on hand.There is no requirement for a formal degree, although basic arithmetic abilities, money management, and customer service experience are essential.

    How to Be a Good Pizza Delivery Driver

    Because driving is such a significant part of the work, and because you are representing Hungry Howie’s® while on the road, safe driving is essential.You must also pay close attention to the details and ensure that the proper orders are delivered to the relevant consumers.Maintaining a nice and professional demeanor is essential since it will assist you in increasing your tipping income.In addition to having solid driving abilities, it is necessary to have a good sense of direction.Fortunately, GPS and other driving applications are available to assist our drivers in navigating their way about.You’ll quickly get well acquainted with your surroundings, including shortcuts that will allow you to reach your goals more quickly.

    Communication and Customer Service Skills Required for Pizza Delivery Drivers

    While solid driving abilities and a clean driving record are required, effective communication skills are also required.Customer service is something you will be dealing with, so making sure your contacts with them are always professional and pleasant can go a long way toward resolving any issues that may develop.The ability to problem solve and interact appropriately with consumers will be extremely beneficial in your position if you are forced to deal with challenging situations.A successful Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery driver should have excellent communication and customer service skills, as well as the ability to maintain his or her composure in stressful situations.The nicest part is seeing how thrilled your clients are when you show up at their door with scorching hot pizza, wings, and other items on your menu.When you bring pizza to a family, there’s nothing quite like watching the children do the happy dance.

    To be quite honest, I’m sure the parents are doing the happy dance on the inside as well.

    Patience and Attention to Detail Key for Pizza Delivery Drivers

    When it comes to pizza delivery, the small things can make a huge impact.The fastest feasible route must be used, and any delays such as traffic or accidents must be considered in order to make it from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time.Taking good care of your vehicle and ensuring sure you have adequate petrol for each shift is another vital aspect of the job.One of the reasons Hungry Howie’s® provides car reimbursement to our drivers is to alleviate this burden.

    Is Being a Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Delivery Driver Worth It?

    Being a delivery driver for Hungry Howie’s® pizza is an extremely rewarding profession.You get to work with a lot of wonderful individuals at a rapidly expanding company with a vibrant environment.It’s never dull, and you get to make other people happy in the process.Not to mention the flexible work hours and full- and part-time pizza delivery employment offered by the company.Pizza is loved by everyone on the planet, so take satisfaction in being the one that everyone looks forward to seeing when you arrive at their door.We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, so if this seems like a position you would love and you want to be a part of our team, please submit your application as soon as possible.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description Template

    Currently, we are looking for a dependable pizza delivery driver that will convey pizzas between our restaurant and our consumers.When working in this role, you will be responsible for ensuring that orders have been appropriately completed before delivering the product to the consumer.You will also be responsible for processing cash and credit card payments.If you want to be a successful pizza delivery driver, you must be efficient, courteous, and customer service focused.Top applicants will be familiar with the region in which we deliver and will be up to date on our restaurant’s current promotional offers and events.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Responsibilities:

    • Checking orders before they are delivered to confirm that the proper items have been manufactured and that the costs are correct
    • The transportation of things to and from clients’ specified places
    • Managing cash and credit card payments at the time of delivery, if necessary
    • Following all applicable road and traffic laws
    • Maintaining knowledge of the restaurant’s promos and notifying guests of these deals as needed
    • Preparing for and reacting to client inquiries and complaints

    Pizza Delivery Driver Requirements:

    • A high school diploma or an equivalent qualification
    • A valid driver’s license for the location in which you will be employed
    • and
    • Demeanor that is kind and customer-focused
    • Excellent organizational and interpersonal abilities
    • excellent communication skills
    • Previous work experience in a similar capacity will be considered desirable.
    • Availability to work shifts, weekends, and public holidays as needed
    • ability to work overtime

    Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Example & 3 Tips

    As you might guess, a Pizza Delivery Driver is responsible for delivering pizza and other meals to consumers.A general work description for a Pizza Delivery Driver may be seen below: Pizza Individuals who are highly driven and who are capable of working independently for extended periods of time are ideal delivery drivers.The everyday tasks of a Pizza Delivery Driver involve delivering pizzas and other things to consumers who have placed orders with the company.Customers who place orders over the phone or through the restaurant’s website are responsible for ensuring that their orders are received and processed properly.It will be the responsibility of Delivery Drivers to assist in-store staff members during moments of downtime.Payscale You may see a sample resume for a Pizza Delivery Driver at the bottom of this page.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Example

    Expert Tip

    View more than 200 other professional resume samples for a variety of sectors, as well as a guide on creating resumes from our career specialists, on our website.

    Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Example (Text Version)

    • || e-mail address || phone number Customer Service RepresentativeCustomer Service Representative who works autonomously to provide clients with timely pizza delivery. A conscientious individual who possesses essential abilities in order taking, time management, safe driving tactics, and product handling, among other things. A pro at representing the organization in all events with a grin and a professional approach, as demonstrated by her previous work experience. EXPERIENCE IN THE WORKPLACE Driver for a pizza delivery service in New York City, NY from the year until the present Maintaining a positive attitude when delivering pizzas
    • adhering to company regulations and procedures pertaining to driving security and protection
    • Customer service was competent and courteous while greeting clients at the store.
    • Taken phone calls, placed orders, and helped with the preparation of pizza orders.
    • Cleaning and repair activities were carried out as required.
    • Driver for a pizza delivery service in New York City, NY Year – The year in which we were born. Quality items were delivered from the restaurant to the consumer in a timely way.
    • Preparation of everyday food items, as well as preparation of basic foods and beverages
    • Food products that have been prepared
    • Floors have been swept and cleaned
    • New personnel were trained
    • Dishes, glasses, flatware, pots, and/or pans that have been cleaned in dishwashers or by hand
    • Workplaces, equipment, and utilities have been thoroughly cleaned.
    • Controlled and maintained the functioning and upkeep of equipment
    • Excellent client service was provided
    • and
    • I spoke with customers to verify that they were satisfied with the food and service.
    • One or more workers who aided in the preparation and serving of meals were under the direction of the supervisor.

    BOARD OF EDUCATIONBachelor of Fine Arts | Mount Saint Mary College Licenses and a clean driving record

    Bonus: free resume template

    ZipJob now provides a resume template that you may use to create your own. The template is set up with an easy to read style, similar to the one shown above: clear section headers, a modern font, and it follows a reverse-chronological resume structure, as seen in the sample above (preferred by both hiring managers and ATS scans). Download

    How to write a Pizza Delivery Driver Resume: 3 Tips

    Achievements are a necessity

    When compared to your competition, your successes and differentiators set you apart. To guarantee that your CV is one that recruiters would want to read further, include your accomplishments in bulleted fashion, with a strong emphasis on quantifiable results. Anything beginning with an a, a dollar sign, or a percentage will qualify.

    Use reverse-chronological format for your work experience

    In today’s world, there are three resume forms that are often used in the United States and Canada, but your job experience should always be written in reverse chronological order.This implies that you should begin your work experience section with your most recent position at the top of the list.Your prior employment should be included underneath that, and so on.You’ll be able to maintain your most current experience at the front of your resume in this manner.It is most likely to be noticed by recruiting managers if it is placed in this location.

    See also:  What Temperature To Heat Up Pizza?

    Only include 10 to 15 years of experience

    Work experience on your CV should be confined to the previous 10 or 15 years, at the very most. There are two factors contributing to this:

    1. Maintains the focus on your most recent work experience on your resume
    2. Maintaining a focus on your most relevant experience on your CV is important.

    The positions you held more than 15 years ago will, in the majority of circumstances, not help you find a new position.In either situation, you have completed comparable activities more recently, in which case you do not need to rehash what you have already done.If, on the other hand, you have changed your career since then, your former work experience may be confusing and irrelevant.More information about suitable job experience may be found in the following article: What Does It Mean to Have Relevant Work Experience on a Resume?


    A Pizza Delivery Driver is responsible for delivering pizza to clients and assisting in restaurants.You want your resume to demonstrate how you are unique in order to help you stand out from the crowd of rivals.Have a CV that will capture the attention of a recruiter!Do you have any other questions?Please get in touch with us or leave a comment below if you would want to discuss hiring a professional resume writer.We will be able to connect you with an expert as fast as possible because we have more than 100 experienced writers on staff!

    Take a look at our services listed below.

    Pizza Hut Careers

    In a fun, fast-paced, and supportive team atmosphere, you may benefit from tips, flexible shifts, and prospects for professional advancement. Employers Can Be Found


    *Benefits may vary based on location

    Flexible Hours

    Ask the recruiting manager about the flexibility of your work schedule and whether or not you will need to work weekends. Shifts are offered on a part-time, full-time, and seasonal basis.

    Fun Team Atmosphere

    We adore celebrations and work tirelessly to acknowledge the excellent achievements of our staff whenever the opportunity arises. From time to time, you might even be able to get free or reduced pizza.


    When we claim that no prior experience is required, we mean it! We’ll provide you with all of the training you need to go on the road as fast and securely as possible, and we’ll continue to support your professional development for as long as you choose.


    There’s a reason why we refer to ourselves as family.You’ll receive a great deal of support from your coworkers, your supervisors, and the committed Center of Restaurant Excellence, both on and off the job (lovingly called the CORE.) You’ll notice a significant difference when you work with Pizza Hut because you’ll know that there are many people who care about you and want to see you succeed at every step of the way.The majority of Pizza Hut®restaurants are owned and run by independent franchisees, each of which has their own employment and benefit policies.These qualifications may differ from one location to another, and you’ll learn more about them when you meet with the recruiting manager in person.

    Why Work for Pizza Hut We’re Pizza Hut Proud

    We are quite happy of the fact that we are now, more than ever, playing a crucial part in feeding families all over the United States.That, however, is not possible without the participation of our most crucial ingredient: you.When it comes to achieving new heights, Pizza Hut has done it by sending a pizza to the peak of Mt.Kilimanjaro, breaking the world record in the process.When we became the first national chain to provide online delivery, our pizza helped to usher in a new era of online ordering.Our staff has exhibited kindness and commitment in recent months, and we have never been more proud than we are right now as a result of what they have accomplished together.

    With Pizza Hut, you’ll be a part of more firsts and will be supported by a staff that will always have your back, all while enjoying a slice or three of pizza along the way.Without you, we couldn’t accomplish what we do!The company will provide a warm welcome and a great deal of training and assistance whether you are searching for part-time or full-time work, odd hours, or have no prior experience.

    What do you like about working at The Hut?

    The team is more than just a group of people.We are a close-knit family.We are on the lookout for one another!The management team is really inspiring and encouraging!It means the world to me to be a part of a team that is dedicated to the grind and puts in the effort!My boss’s willingness to pitch in wherever she is needed, as well as the people I work with The individuals I work with, as well as the setting in which I live and work The atmosphere, as well as the ability to advance while still having a good time The sense of ″family″ that exists among coworkers This is my squad, and they are the finest team anyone could ask for, and they are the reason I show up every day.

    It is a pleasant and industrious group of folks.We complete the task at hand.The individuals I work with at Pizza Hut are the most enjoyable aspect of my job.They are also very supportive.

    1. They are folks you can put your faith in.
    2. It’s a fantastic method to meet new people, demonstrate my individuality, and advance in my work.
    3. READ MORE STORIES ABOUT HUT Quotes from a poll of team members at both company-owned and franchise Pizza Hut stores across the United States conducted in January 2021.
    4. Responses were provided voluntarily, and they may not accurately reflect the experiences of all team members.

    Becoming a Better Pizza Hut

    We have a strong commitment to equity, and we are working hard to make our company more inclusive on a daily basis.We are well aware that when everyone gets a piece of the pie, wonderful things happen.Taking pride in our dedication to diversity and inclusion, we are actively engaged in a number of programs, including Culture of Belonging training, which will assist us in creating an environment that welcomes all.

    Qualifications What You’ll Need to Be Considered, Besides a Reliable Set of Wheels:

    • You have a spotless driving record! Our top goal is your safety. In addition, you’ll require a valid driver’s license and insurance.
    • Some localities require delivery drivers to be at least 18 years old
    • however, this is not always the case.
    • Dress for success: Everything we do is non-uniform since our uniforms (which are actually just extremely great t-shirts and baseball caps that you get when you first join) were designed by team members for team members and are only available to team members. We just ask that you maintain them clean and that you arrive to work dressed in the Pizza Hut uniform
    • otherwise,
    • A great sense of direction is required. Although you’ll soon understand your service area, it’s still a good idea to know how to read a map in case something goes wrong.
    • Even through your mask, it’s clear that you have a genuine interest in providing excellent customer service. Please keep in mind that the majority of Pizza Hut® locations are owned and operated by independent franchisees who set their own employment and benefit policies. These qualifications may differ from one location to another, and you’ll learn more about them when you meet with the recruiting manager in person.

    The opportunity to work with Pizza Hut and its independently owned and operated franchisees is more than just a job; we want you to earn as much as you possibly can while also learning, growing, making friends, and having fun – all while being safe! Apply today and take pleasure in being a member of a terrific team that is bringing a lot of happiness to people’s lives.

    The “Need-to-Knows”

    Do I need to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)?

    Nothing more than a standard, legal driver’s license with insurance and a clean driving record is required!

    Do I need to provide my own vehicle?

    Yes, and we believe that driving your own automobile will be more pleasant for you. For each shift that you work, we will present you with a Pizza Hut vehicle topper.

    Can I choose how many hours I want to work every day?

    Discuss your requirements with the hiring manager to determine whether or not flexible scheduling is available. Many Pizza Hut® locations provide both full-time and part-time employment opportunities.

    How old do I have to be?

    You must be at least 16 years old in order to work as an hourly team member. In order to be considered for a Delivery Driver employment, you must be at least 18 years old depending on your area.

    About Us We Go Way Back

    We’re much more than simply a wonderful pizza joint—we’re a whole lot more.In 1958, two brothers borrowed $600 from their mother to start a pizza business in Wichita, Kansas.They were successful.We now have admirers all around the world, which is fantastic.It is with great joy that we celebrate our long heritage, dedicated consumers, and out-of-this-world innovation with our 100+ franchise partners and 350,000 team members in over 100 countries.After all, we were the ones who transported the first pizza into space.

    Come and join us as we provide a future brimming with mouthwatering pizza.The sauce has gotten into our veins!All rights retained by Pizza Hut, the year 2022.

    1. The Pizza Hut name, logos, and associated marks are trademarks of Pizza Hut, Inc.
    2. The Pizza Hut logo is a trademark of Pizza Hut, Inc.
    3. Otherwise, all trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.
    4. References to ″we″ and ″our″ refer to both corporately owned Pizza Hut locations and independently owned and run franchisees in the United States.

    Consequently, franchisees are the only employers of their employees and are exclusively responsible for all employment-related concerns in their restaurants.It is possible that the perks mentioned above are not accessible at all Pizza Hut® restaurants.Pizza Hut and its franchisees are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace environment for all of its employees.

    Here’s What You Don’t Know About Pizza Delivery Drivers

    Shutterstock Sorry, burgers, but pizza is the fast food of America.According to statistics (as well as The Washington Post), Americans consume the equivalent of 100 acres of pizza every single day on average.Alternatively, to put it in a more digestible context, we consume 350 pieces of pizza every second.Even more common than pizza pies are the brave ladies and men who deliver them to us, ideally when they are still warm and crispy from the searing hot oven.From coast to coast, we come across these unsung heroines and heroes on doorsteps and in elevators, on bicycles and in vehicles (and even on jet skis), and in a variety of settings.Beyond the quick but magical transaction in which a boxed pizza is traded for a (hopefully hefty) tip, however, we know very little about their professional struggles and accomplishments.

    An inside look at the life of a pizza delivery driver is presented here in an effort to highlight some of the lesser-known risks, challenges, pranks, and pleasures associated with the pizza delivery industry.

    Being a pizza delivery driver is ‘one of the most dangerous jobs in America’

    Shutterstock Forgive me, but pizza is the fast food of American culture.Stats (as well as The Washington Post) indicate that Americans eat the equivalent of 100 acres of pizza each day.We consume 350 pieces of pizza per second, to put it in a more manageable context.As common as pizza pies are the brave ladies and men who deliver them to us, presumably when they are still warm and crispy from the oven.Every day, from coast to coast, we see these unsung heroines and heroes on doorsteps, in elevators, on bicycles, in vehicles (and sometimes even on jet skis).But, except from the quick but magical transaction in which a boxed pizza is exchanged for a (hopefully hefty) tip, nothing is known about their professional trials and tribulations.

    An inside look at the life of a pizza delivery driver is presented here in an effort to highlight some of the lesser-known dangers, challenges, pranks, and pleasures associated with the pizza delivery industry.

    Pizza delivery drivers are ‘soft targets’

    Shutterstock Sorry, burgers, but pizza remains the fast meal of choice in America.Stats (as well as The Washington Post) indicate that Americans eat the equivalent of 100 acres of pizza per day.Alternatively, to put it in a more digestible context, we consume 350 slices every second.As common as pizza pies are the courageous ladies and men who deliver them to us, ideally while they are still warm and crispy.From coast to coast, we come across these unsung heroines and heroes on doorsteps and in elevators, on bicycles and in vehicles (and even on jet skis).We don’t know much about their work lives except from the quick but magical transaction in which a boxed pizza is swapped for a (hopefully hefty) gratuity.

    In an effort to shed light on some of the lesser-known dangers, issues, pranks, and joys associated with the pizza delivery industry, the following is a behind-the-crust look at the life of a pizza delivery driver.

    Despite ‘no weapons’ policies, some pizza delivery drivers pack guns

    Shutterstock Several large pizza businesses in the United States, including Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s, have corporate policy prohibiting workers, including pizza delivery drivers, from carrying firearms on the premises of the company.However, this does not rule out the possibility of drivers transporting weapons with the pepperoni pizza they are delivering.In the words of the Daily Caller, ″despite the limitations of most major chains, it is normal for delivery drivers to carry weapons on the job.″ The following is an argument made by Dayton police officer Strehle: ″If you’re working for $10 or $15 an hour, some drivers believe it’s worth the risk of being fired.″ In a subreddit called TalesFromThePizzaGuy, numerous drivers admitted to not just having pistols but also knives, pepper spray, tasers, and even baseball bats in case they were attacked by a customer.It is up to the individual franchise whether or not gun-toting drivers will lose their jobs despite the no-weapons policy in place.When a Des Moines Pizza Hut driver shot an armed robber who had held a pistol to his head in 2008, the company fired him (although he was given two months’ salary and counseling), resulting in a boycott by the local business community.A Papa John’s delivery driver who was attacked at gunpoint in 2015 was reassigned to behind-the-counter duties after shooting her assailant in the face, according to the company (while also receiving counseli

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