Who Plays Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve Adam Devine is the voice of Pizza Stevein Uncle Grandpa, and Hiroyuki Yoshino is the Japanese voice. TV Show: Uncle Grandpa
He is voiced by Adam Devine. He is a slice of pizza with pepperoni and gooey cheese. He wears sunglasses with a glare and has tiny hands and feet. He also has the ability to stretch his arms and legs to different lengths, as shown throughout the series. Pizza Steve lets on to everyone that he is full of himself.

Who is the voice of Pizza Steve on Uncle Grandpa?

Pizza Steve is a major character in the children’s cartoon Uncle Grandpa. However, he does play a few antagonistic roles on the show. He was voiced by Adam DeVine.

Why does Pizza Steve make fun of Mr Gus?

Pizza Steve is known to bully Mr. Gus in most episodes, usually by making fun of him for being grumpy or blaming everything on him. ‘Funny Face’: Pizza Steve makes fun of Mr. Gus the most while he, Uncle Grandpa, GRFT, and Belly Bag have a funny face contest.

Pizza Steve

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Pizza Steve

Pizza On the anime series Uncle Grandpa, Steve is one of the two deuteragonists (together with Belly Bag), and he is one of the main characters.In his character, he is a slice of pizza with a pair of sunglasses on his head.He enjoys partying and annoys Mr.

  • Gus with his sloppy demeanor.
  • Adam DeVine provided the voice for him, as he previously provided the voice for Sam-I-Am.
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino provided the voice of Hiroyuki in the series’ Japanese translation.


He resembles a pepperoni and gooey cheese pizza slice, to be precise. He has small hands and feet, and he wears sunglasses with a glare on them.


Pizza Although Pizza Steve is well aware that he is a failure in every endeavor, he refuses to admit it for fear of losing Uncle Grandpa’s interest and their friendship.Steve is arrogant, self-centered, and exhibits a superior complex towards his own friends, believing that he is the only one who is the best amongst all of the members of Uncle Grandpa’s RV.Pizza Steve also loves harassing Mr.

  • Gus for how uninteresting the dinosaur is, and he manipulates and lies to Uncle Grandpa in order to get his own way, which dissatisfies his own buddies, especially Mr.
  • Gus.
  • Steve also enjoys bullying Mr.

Gus for how boring the dinosaur is.Despite his arrogance, Pizza Steve has a genuine concern for people and would be there for his buddies in their time of need.


Mr. Gus:

Pizza Steve and Mr.Gus have a frenemy relationship, as Pizza Express explains it.Mr.

  • Gus is considered to be exceedingly lame by Steve due to the fact that the green grumpy lizard prefers to stick to classic and history related issues.
  • Despite this, the two would occasionally come to some sort of agreement on things.
  • Pizza Steve would normally refrain from boasting about how awesome he is while he is in the company of Mr.

Gus because he understands that Mr.Gus is aware that he is lying and probably because Mr.Gus is too lame and doesn’t joke.

Uncle Grandpa:

Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa had a close relationship since Uncle Grandpa believed Steve to be the coolest and best guy on the RV; nevertheless, other from this, Pizza was Steve’s favorite food.Apart from that, Steve would take advantage of Uncle Grandpa’s naivete and stupidity in order to manipulate him into getting Pizza Steve’s own way, and to guarantee that his relationship with Uncle Grandpa would remain for the rest of his life.

Heroic Deeds

Pizza is the topic of today’s brain game.Steve is convinced that he truly accomplished it and was successful in removing Adam securely from the gorilla cage.Pizza Steve takes a deep breath, opens his eyes, and raises his sunglasses to look around.

  • He soon returns to his calm and collected self, bragging about how good he is at video games.
  • Pizza Steve receives an apology from Uncle Grandpa, and Pizza Steve accepts the apology.
  • In exchange for some pizza, Steve agrees to take his apologies from him.
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Pizza is served to them before they go.Steve assures Adam that button pounding will propel him to the top of the video game rankings.Later on, sure enough, Adam rises to the top of the video game rankings at the local arcade, impressing the Arcade Employee with his button-mashing prowess and winning the Arcade Employee over.

Unknown to Uncle Grandpa, this is the only way he knows how, and he asks Belly Bag for his laser hammer, which Belly Bag refuses to give him because he’s still inside him. The bug shoots Uncle Grandpa but misses him, and the blast travels outside, hits a mirror, and shoots back inside, releasing Uncle Grandpa.

Pizza for the Fool Moon Steve feels that Belly Bag will be unable to inflict any further damage if he has secured the chest; nevertheless, when they both glance at the chest, they notice that it is shaking fast while Uncle Grandpa yells in panic, Steve believes otherwise.Mr.Gus is concerned that Uncle Grandpa will not be able to withstand even a day with Belly Bag, let alone 30.

  • Pizza ″Plan D″ has been developed by Steve, and when Mr.
  • Gus becomes perplexed, Pizza Steve informs him that, according to the internet, all that’s required is a single silver bullet to complete the task at hand; Steve then purchases a silver bullet from the Internet.
  • A box arrives, and a delivery guy emerges from it; he instructs Pizza Steve to sign for the item, which Pizza Steve does; the delivery man then exits the building, and Pizza Steve opens the gift.

Pizza Steve raises the massive silver bullet in the air and declares that all of their Werewolf troubles have been resolved.Mr.Gus asks him if he’s crazy since a bullet that big will kill Uncle Grandpa, Pizza, and the rest of the family.Despite the fact that Mr.Gus advises Pizza Steve not to do it, Pizza Steve shoots a bullet into the chest.Belly Bag escapes from the chest with Uncle Grandpa and races towards them, and Mr.

  1. Gus warns Pizza Steve not to.
  2. Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve how he could have done this to him, and Pizza Steve understands what he has done.
  3. The bullet zooms across the RV as Belly Bag sprints towards it, Mr.
  1. Gus can’t see and so he turns his head.
  2. However, as the bullet slides on Pizza Steve’s banana peel from earlier, it soars straight up, through the roof, and straight towards the moon.
  3. Uncle Grandpa refuses to watch as the bullet comes at him.

Mr.Gus observes Belly Bag transforming into his original self as the majority of the moon blows apart, converting it to a normal moon, and he finally comes to.

Unexpected Surprise Party: When Uncle Grandpa spoils a surprise pizza party Steve goes out and gets a baseball bat to demolish a Nuclear Pizza. Steve Pinata Monster is a fictional character created by Steve Pinata.


  • Despite his claim to be a black belt in Italian Karate, his abilities in the martial arts in Tiger Trails indicate otherwise.
  • It is stated in Uncle Grandpa for a Day that he participates in Italian Karate Classes.
  • He appears to like taking disproportionate credit for his accomplishments.
  • In spite of the fact that they are good friends, he enjoys causing difficulty for Mr. Gus.
  • He feels he is a great star, as seen in Moustache Cream, but the reactions of the general public revealed differently
  • It is revealed in Treasure Map that despite his own personal fondness for greasy food items, he has decided to abstain from eating them since he believes it is hazardous for his health.
  • As depicted in the Treasure Map, he is averse to any type of labor or household chores. His swimming in the sink was distracting everyone else while they were cleaning dishes.
  • In the episode Slice of Life with Pizza Steve following Jorts, it is shown that Pizza Steve is willing to consume different types of pizza. This is something that happens again and again in Brain Game. Because of this, it is reasonable to deduce that Pizza Steve is a cannibal. It is also shown that, although Steve claims to have many pizza buddies, he does not in fact have any.
  • Steve is adamant on convincing people that he is someone or something that he is not, even if the danger is greater than the reward.
  • Steve places a high priority on sleep, as seen by his appearance in Mystery Noise
  • Steve owns a doll named Penny Pepperoni, as revealed in the short sketches of Pizza Night with Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus, which air on Cartoon Network on Friday nights. Penny Pepperoni is only known to Mr. Gus
  • Steve cannot handle anchovies, as stated in a Pizza Night with Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus comedy
  • Steve misplaced a ″meatball,″ as revealed in Charlie Burgers
  • Steve lost a ″meatball,″ as shown in Charlie Burgers. It was necessary to perform a surgery on him in order to remove this ″meatball″ from his body. You are free to interpret this anyway you like
  • Steve has demonstrated that he is a cowardly individual in many ways. This is especially true in Charlie Burgers, when he advises them to pretend they had never met Charlie in order to avoid having to save him from being pulled into a black hole.
  • As stated in Shorts, he acknowledges that he is not a very skilled driver. In contrast to Charlie Burgers, when he wrecks the RV in Charlie Burgers’s yard but claims he drove it well and performed a fantastic parking job, in this episode he claims he drove the RV well and did an outstanding parking job.
  • In Shorts, it is shown that Pizza Steve is not particularly adept at deciphering pizza puns.


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  • Pizza Steve – Uncle Grandpa Wiki


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Licorice Pizza (2021)

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Licorice Pizza Cast & Character Guide

Licorice Pizza, the latest film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, boasts an ensemble cast of well-known performers as well as standout performances from newbies to the film industry.Licorice Pizza just broke the national box-office mark for a film in limited release, making $335,000 in its first three days of play in only four theaters, breaking the previous record of $250,000.Although the film has achieved critical and commercial success in other areas, the cast remains one of the most remarkable components of the production.

  • Platform distribution has been assigned to the coming-of-age comedy, which will be widely released on December 25th.
  • Licorice Pizza is located in the San Fernando Valley and has a name that was inspired by a Southern Californian record shop chain of the same name.
  • Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch-Drunk Love, all of which were written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, were all set in the same neighborhood in Los Angeles where he was born and raised.

Anderson is also known for employing an ensemble cast in his films, and while Licorice Pizza remains centered on the personal connection between two individuals, there is a continual stream of appearances and cameos from celebrities and movie stars over the course of the film.Licorice Pizza is set in the early 1970s and has a cast of characters that are either inspired by or based on actual persons, all of whom are interwoven into a fictitious tale that revolves around an atypical youthful romance.Some of these famous cameos steal the show, but there are also a few unexpected cameos that may be missed if the audience isn’t paying close enough attention.Listed below is a breakdown of the cast and characters in Licorice Pizza, as well as information on who the roles were based on and where you might recognize the performers from.

Cooper Hoffman as Gary Valentine

A newbie to the cast, Cooper Hoffman, portrays Gary Valentine, an adolescent actor and budding entrepreneur who is based on film director and former child actor Gary Goetzman.Cooper Hoffman is a rookie to the show.A number of the business initiatives carried out by Gary in the film were directly inspired by Goetzman’s own businesses, which included a waterbed manufacturing firm and a pinball parlor.

  • Hoffman is the son of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who has been a member of the Paul Thomas Anderson cast for many years, and Licorice Pizza is his feature film debut.

Alana Haim as Alana Kane

Gary Valentine is co-starring with Alana Haim, who portrays a photographer’s assistant who becomes Gary Valentine’s romantic interest when the two meet during a picture day at his high school.Alana Haim and Hoffman are married.Even though she has reservations about the age gap between Gary and her, the 25-year-old assistant falls captivated with him, and the two form a friendship with sexual overtones.

  • Even though she has received positive reviews for her performance, Alana Haim is perhaps better recognized for her work as a musician and vocalist with the pop-rock band Haim, which she established with her two older sisters.
  • Esther and Danielle Haim are also featured in Licorice Pizza as Alana’s on-screen sisters, respectively.
  • Haim’s first significant acting appearance is in Licorice Pizza, however she previously appeared in a tiny role in the musical Netflix special Lonely Island Presents: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, which was released in 2015.
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Bradley Cooper as Jon Peters

When Anderson asked Gary Goetzman about his former waterbed firm, he told him the story of a delivery to film producer Jon Peters, which became the inspiration for one of the most iconic moments in the film.He started off as a celebrity hairdresser, but after being romantically engaged with Barbra Streisand during the production of For Pete’s Sake, he transitioned into the world of production and became a producer.Jonathan Peters is played by movie star Bradley Cooper, who, ironically, collaborated with the infamous producer on his 2018 directorial debut, A Star Is Born, which was released in theaters on December 14.

  • In addition to voicing Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cooper is recognized for his Academy Award-nominated performances in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and American Sniper.
  • Cooper is a multi-award-winning actor who has achieved critical and commercial success.

Sean Penn as Jack Holden

Stalag 17’s Jack Holden is based on the actor William Holden, who is most remembered for his Academy Award-winning performance in the 1953 war film Stalag 17.He was also a well-known drinker, which ended in an accident that took his life in 1981.It is possible that Holden’s character looks to be inebriated throughout much of his performance in Licorice Pizza as a result of his drinking habits.

  • Holden is played by celebrated actor Sean Penn, who won Academy Awards for his parts in the Clint Eastwood-directed drama Mystic River and the biopic Milk, which is based on the life of activist and politician Harvey Milk.
  • Holden is portrayed by acclaimed actor Sean Penn.
  • Sean Penn recently starred in The First, a Hulu space drama that was canceled after one season due to lack of interest in the series.

Benny Safdie as Joel Wachs

Joel Wachs served in the Los Angeles City Council for 30 years, and when he was first elected at the age of 33, he was the youngest person ever to occupy the position.Wachs’ first election campaign is shown in Licorice Pizza, during which the legislator was a prominent opponent of a multimillion-dollar construction project just north of Beverly Hills.In Anderson’s film, Wachs is played by Benny Safdie, an independent director and actor.

  • Ariel Safdie is best known for directing films in collaboration with his brother Joshua Safdie, including the Robert Pattinson-staring Good Time and the Adam Sandler-starring Uncut Gems, which received Adam Sandler an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Male Lead.
  • While the Safdie brothers are well-known for their work as filmmakers, they have also been on the stage as performers.
  • He has frequently appeared in films co-directed by the brothers, and he will also participate in the upcoming Disney+ series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which will premiere in 2019.

Skyler Gisondo as Lance

Skyler Gisondo plays the character of Lance in the film Licorice Pizza, which he also stars in.A frequent enemy of the protagonist in both his performing and romantic endeavors, Lance is a competitor for the latter’s affections as well.Gary and Lance both have roles in a film inside a film, which is based on the novel Yours, Mine, and Ours, and they are both interested in Alana as a potential love partner.

  • Skyler Gisondo originally gained recognition as a voice actor in the popular Air Bud film franchise, while he is perhaps best recognized for his role as a supporting character in the Netflix zombie comedy series Santa Clarita Diet (also known as Santa Clarita Diet).
  • Gisondo has also acted in the Netflix thriller The Starling, which premiered earlier this year.

Licorice Pizza Supporting Cast

Tom Waits in the role of Rex Blau – Artist who performs as a musician and actor As Rex Blau, a film director, Tom Waits makes many notable appearances in Licorice Pizza, including one moment when he drunkenly prods Jack Holden into doing an impromptu motorbike stunt.When he died in 2011, Waits was recognized as a major presence in the worlds of folk, jazz, and rock music, earning him induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.In 1986, after appearing in a number of tiny roles in films directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Waits was cast as the lead in Jim Jarmusch’s Down by Law, and he has maintained an active acting career ever since.

  • Christine Ebersole in the role of Lucy Doolittle Lucy Doolittle is modeled on the legendary comedy actress Lucille Ball, with whom Gary Goetzman collaborated on the film Yours, Mine, and Ours when he was a kid actor.
  • However, despite the fact that Licorice Pizza renames the family film Under One Roof and changes Ball’s surname to Doolittle, Christine Ebersole provides a spot-on portrayal as the former I Love Lucy actress, making the inspiration for the picture quite evident.
  • A Tony Award-winning Broadway actress, Ebersole also garnered an Emmy for her performance on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, for which she won a second Emmy.

The character of Momma Anita is played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who appears in a few sequences of laid-back parenting despite Gary appearing to have virtually infinite freedom for a teenager.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Mary Elizabeth Ellis portrays the title character, who is credited as ‘Momma Anita.’ Ellis is best known for her role as The Waitress on the FX sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.Ellis has also been on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, where she co-starred with Licorice Pizza co-star Skyler Gisondo, and on New Girl, where she played one of Nick Miller’s girlfriends.Jerry Frick is played by John Michael Higgins.When John Michael Higgins portrays hotel and restaurant owner Jerry Frick, one of the film’s most disturbing images of period-accurate behavior emerges.Jerry Frick is a guy who has taken Japanese culture for the sake of his companies.

  1. Frick is shown as the proprietor of The Mikado, which was actually the name of the first Japanese restaurant in the San Fernando Valley when the film was released.
  2. In addition to his appearances in multiple Christopher Guest mockumentaries, Higgins has a regular part in the Pitch Perfect film franchise, which he co-wrote and directed.
  3. Mary Grady is played by Harriet Sansom Harris.
  1. Mary Grady is Gary’s agent in Licorice Pizza, and she is based on the mother and child talent agency that represents rising talents Don and Lani O’Grady.
  2. Recognized for her television appearances as Bebe Glazer on Frasier and Felicia Tilman on Desperate Housewives, Harriet Sansom Harris, who won a Tony Award for her performance in the part, is best known for her role as Felicia Tilman on Desperate Housewives.
  3. Matthew is played by Joseph Cross.

When it is revealed that politician Joel Wachs is a closeted homosexual, it is one of the film’s most surprising turns for those who are unfamiliar with his past.That this is the case is exposed through a devastating scenario in which the politician attempts to avoid being seen while out on a date with his boyfriend, Matthew.Former child actor Joseph Cross, well known for his part in the film Running with Scissors, plays the fictitious role of the main character in the storyline.

Licorice Pizza Cameos

Maya Rudolph as Gale — In one of Gary’s commercial auditions, Maya Rudolph makes a quick cameo appearance as a casting director, which is a nice touch.Despite being only a few minutes long, the former Saturday Night Live actress steals the show with her comments.As Mr.

  • Jack, Paul Thomas Anderson cast Leonardo DiCaprio’s father George DiCaprio in the part of Mr.
  • Jack, a waterbed salesman who appears briefly in Licorice Pizza, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.
  • This was his debut acting part in a feature film.

As Fred Gwynne, John C.Reilly appears briefly in Licorice Pizza, despite the fact that he is most recognized for his work with Will Ferrell in comedic roles.Reilly had parts in Anderson’s first three films, which is likely why he appears briefly in Licorice Pizza as Fed Gwynne.In the CBS comedy The Munsters, Gwynne played Herman Munster, who was performed by actor David Gwynne.B.Mitchel Reed is voiced by Ray Chase, an animation and video game voice actor.

  1. Ray Chase portrays B.
  2. Mitchel Reed, a real-life American DJ who appears in the film.
  3. Following that, every Paul Thomas Anderson film is ranked.
  1. Sonic 2: Carrey’s Eggman is a video game adaptation of the classic video game Sonic the Hedgehog.
  2. No matter what he says about the author, the author’s change was perfect.
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He has over 20 years of experience as a film critic and journalist.Initially working for Real Movie News in Los Angeles, Ryan later became a staff writer for ″Girls and Corpses,″ a horror genre magazine that he helped launch.In addition to his contributions to Screen Rant, he is a regular writer to Total Nerd at Ranker and is now working on an academic book about horror films.After finding early success as an indie film actor as a third-generation actor, Ryan was hired as a series regular on Logo’s ″DTLA″ in 2008.Ryan left the world of entertainment to pursue a career in academia, serving as a cinema studies adjunct at a variety of colleges in Southern California.Ryan Izay has more to say.

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