What City Has The Best Pizza In The World?

If we are talking about the places in the world to have the best Pizza, then the best way to begin is with the land of Pizza. Naples, a city in southern Italy, is famous all around the globe for its pizzas, pizzas, and some more pizzas. The city is the home of the pie itself, and choosing the best pizzeria in town is one of the most arduous jobs.
The pizza chain with the most stores in the US is Pizza Hut with 6,660 stores.

Where are the best pizzas in the world?

Here’s a snapshot of where you’ll find the best pizzas in the world; read on for the Top 10… L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples The Good Son,. Toronto Bæst, Copenhagen Pizza Fabbrica, Singapore PI, Dublin Animaletto Pizza Bar, Bucharest Pizza e Mozzarella Bar,Adelaide

Can you find the best pizza in Australia?

Melbourne’s Johnny Di Francesco won the Pizza World Championship back in 2014, which is evidence enough that incredible pizza can, indeed, be found in Australia. While most wouldn’t travel halfway around the world in order to try it, take our word for it – this pizza was well-deserving of the title.

What city has the best pizza?

It’s subjective to say this city’s pizza tastes best or that pizzeria has the most flavorsome pie.

The 50 best cities for pizza lovers.

Rank 1
City Rochester, NY
Population 205,695
Pizza Density (Restaurants Per Sq. Mi.) 4.00
Pizza Per Capita (100k Residents) 70.01

What is considered the best pizza in the world?

The World’s Best Pizza: 2020

  • L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples.
  • The Good Son,. Toronto.
  • Bæst, Copenhagen.
  • Pizza Fabbrica, Singapore.
  • PI, Dublin.
  • Animaletto Pizza Bar, Bucharest.
  • Pizza e Mozzarella Bar, Adelaide.
  • Where is pizza most popular in the world?

    Each day, approximately 1 million pizzas are consumed in Italy. Pizza here is popular both among locals and tourists who want to try a taste of authentic Italian cuisine. There are around 63,000 pizzerias in Italy, employing about 100,000 pizza makers.

    In which city pizza is famous?

    Naples is the birthplace of pizza as we know it, or don’t: The true Neapolitan crust, blistered in wood-fired oven, is softer and floppier than what most of the world knows and loves.

    What is the number 1 pizza in America?

    #1: Mushroom and Pepperoni Pie — Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano. Antoinette Balzano and Louise ‘Cookie’ Ciminieri, the current owners of Totonno’s in Brooklyn, keep their grandfather’s pizza recipe secret — they won’t even show the dough being made.

    Where is the pizza capital of the world?


    Nestled in the southwest corner of Lackawanna County, is the amazing town of Old Forge, PA. The town has been very successful in transitioning into a highly respected Mecca for Italian Cuisine and has attained the distinction of being regarded as the ‘Pizza Capital of the World.’

    Which pizza is tastiest?

    Pepperoni. Poll after poll, pepperoni always tops the list of America’s favorite pizza toppings. When it doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic.

    What is the most expensive pizza?

    Louis XIII – $12,000

    Costing a whopping $12,000, we have the Louis XIII. This is the most expensive pizza in the world! The creator behind this pizza is Renato Viola. The dough is made from the most refined flour, and it takes 72 hours to prepare.

    Which country invented pizza?

    Pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy as a fast, affordable, tasty meal for working-class Neapolitans on the go.

    What country eats the most pizza a year?

    Norway. Norwegians consumes the most pizza in the world on a per-person ratio. This small nation has a population of about 5.5 million, and they eat about 5 kg (11 lbs) pizza each annually. If you’re ever in Norway, you’ll notice there are pizza restaurants on almost every corner.

    Who has the best pizza in the United States?

    Here’s Where To Find the Best Pizza in the United States

  • Slab | Portland, Maine.
  • Al Forno | Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana | New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Una Pizza Napoletana | New York City, New York.
  • Joe’s Pizza | New York City, New York.
  • Totonno’s | Brooklyn, New York.
  • Who invented pizza?

    That did start in Italy. Specifically, baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples is often given credit for making the first such pizza pie. Historians note, however, that street vendors in Naples sold flatbreads with toppings for many years before then.

    What is the world’s largest pizza?

    The world’s largest pizza as measured by the Guinness Book of World Records had a surface area of 13,580 ft²! It was made in Rome, Italy on December 13th, 2012. The pizza, named ‘Ottavia’ after the Roman Emperor, was made by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotte from NIPfood.

    Which chain makes the best pizza?

    After a lot of research and taste testing, here’s my list of the best pizza chains across the US.

    1. Papa John’s. Here it is, the best pizza chain in America (according to me)!
    2. Domino’s.
    3. 3. California Pizza Kitchen.
    4. CiCi’s Pizza.
    5. Little Caesar’s.
    6. Papa Murphy’s.
    7. Sbarro.
    8. Round Table Pizza.

    Where can you get the best pizza in the world?

  • 571,formally Tom’s Deli
  • A Tavola
  • Adornettos Pizza
  • Adriatico’s Pizza
  • Al’s Pizza
  • Alteri’s Pizza
  • Angelo’s Pizza
  • Angie’s
  • Antonio’s
  • Aponte’s Pizzeria
  • What are the best pizza cities in the world?

  • L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele,Naples
  • The Good Son,. Toronto
  • Bæst,Copenhagen
  • Pizza Fabbrica,Singapore
  • PI,Dublin
  • Animaletto Pizza Bar,Bucharest
  • Pizza e Mozzarella Bar,Adelaide
  • Who makes the best pizza in the world?

    – Americans love pizza, and with the Super Bowl drawing near, many are probably looking to order some soon. – But which chain makes the best pizza? – We sampled pizzas from Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s to find out.

    If Your Love For Pizza Is Real, Then You Need To Visit Some Of These Amazing Pizzerias In 2022!

    • Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world today, and it is known to everyone.
    • There are a variety of pizza styles available, ranging from Chicago’s deep dish to thin crust.
    • However, the issue arises as to where one may obtain the greatest pizza in town.
    • Well, if you are a genuine pizza enthusiast who is willing to go to great lengths for your culinary passion, then here are some of the greatest pizza destinations in the globe to satisfy your craving.
    • In this blog, you will discover reviews of restaurants written by some of the most well-known food writers and chefs in the world.
    1. If you’re planning a vacation on the beautiful island of Mauritius or a trip with your literary pals to Goa and want to indulge in some Italian cuisine, here are some of the greatest pizzerias in the area.
    2. Take a look at this!

    Top 14 Places In The World To Have The Best Pizza

    • Pizzas are now recognizable to everyone, and no one is unfamiliar with them. It is a favorite of both children and adults, and here is a list of the greatest pizza cities in the globe, as well as the top pizzerias to visit while on your vacation there. Continue reading to learn about the finest locations to satisfy your pizza needs. Is it possible to find the finest pizza in the world? Well, it’s right here in these locations. Pizzana – Los Angeles
    • Pizzeria Mozza – Los Angeles
    • La Gatta Mangiona – Rome
    • Paulie Gee’s – New York
    • Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria & Pasta Bar – Grand Baie
    • Pizzeria L’Operetta – Singapore
    • Goodfellas – Goa
    • Bst – Copenhagen
    • Lamanna’s Bakery – Toronto
    • Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago
    • Pizz

    1. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo – Naples

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock If we’re talking about the finest places in the world to eat pizza, the best place to start is with the birthplace of the dish, Italy.
    • Naples, a city in southern Italy, is well-known around the world for its pizzas, pizzas, and even more pizzas, among other things.
    • Pie was invented in this city, and finding the greatest pizza in town is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll ever do.
    • However, Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, located on the old historic street of Via dei Tribunali, has won some of the most prestigious accolades in the pizza business in recent years.
    • Enjoy the luscious flavor of sizzling pizza at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, which is regarded to be one of the most treasured eateries in the entire city of Naples.
    1. Gino Sorbillo’s pizzas are so good that there are no queues to excuse them!
    2. Simply arrive early or prepare to wait in one of the world’s longest food lines in order to enjoy the world’s greatest pizzas!
    3. Italy’s capital city is located in Via Dei Tribunali 32 with the 80138 zip code.
    4. Price range: $4-$11 per item.

    Google’s rating is 4.5 out of 5.4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor Twelve Festivals in Naples to Celebrate the Italian Way of Life Website |TripAdvisor Reviews Important Information: Twelve Festivals in Naples to Celebrate the Italian Way of Life

    2. Pizzeria Mozza – Los Angeles

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock Cooking is considered an art form, and cooking pizza is considered to be one as well.
    • At Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, this art has traveled all the way from Italy to merge flawlessly with the ingredients and dough that are native to California.
    • It is well-known for its crust, which is simultaneously chewy and crunchy, sweet and sour, and brings out the greatest tastes of the dish.
    • The Pizzeria Mozza is a tiny, stylish establishment that is always packed with hungry clients.
    • Make reservations if you want to be seated as soon as possible.
    1. It is a must-visit location for everyone who finds themselves in the area on occasion.
    2. Los Angeles, CA 90036-2017, 641 N Highland Ave, between Melrose and Highland, Los Angeles, CA 90036-2017 Price range: $11-$30 per item.
    3. Google’s rating is 4.5 out of 5.
    4. The TripAdvisor rating is 4/5.

    Website |TripAdvisor reviews are also recommended.It’s time to romanticize, relish, and revisit the 25 most romantic places to visit in Los Angeles before the year 2022!

    3. La Gatta Mangiona – Rome

    • When looking for the greatest woodfired pizza in Rome, take a taxi to Monteverde and dine at La Gatta Mangiona, which is located in the town of Monteverde.
    • Giovanni Casa, the chef of La Gatta Mangiona, is passionate about pizza and enjoys experimenting with different doughs and ingredients to create new flavors for his patrons.
    • Worry not if you are not a fan of trying new flavors since La Gatta Mangiona offers a variety of conventional flavors as well as a few unusual varieties.
    • When visiting during the spring, one may also get edible flower toppings, which are very delicious.
    • As a result, if you’re in Rome in June, stop into La Gatta Mangiona and get a pizza with an intriguing topping.
    1. Italy’s capital city, Rome, is unquestionably one of the world’s top destinations for delicious pizza.
    2. Rome, Italy, Via F.
    3. Ozanam, 30–32, 00151 Rome, Italy Price range: $4.85 to $41.25 per pound Google’s rating is 4.1 out of 5.
    4. 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor Website |

    4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor Reviews Recommended Read: Summer in Rome: A Guide to the Best Summertime Experiences in the City (also available in English)

    4. Paulie Gee’s – New York

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock A excellent piece of pie in New York may be found at Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn, which is a must-visit if you are in the neighborhood.
    • Locals who grew up visiting the location describe it as ″going down memory lane,″ because the name and taste have remained the same for years.
    • Paulie Gee’s is a place where excellence is combined with creativity and innovation.
    • Without a doubt, this establishment is regarded as one of the top pizza establishments in all of New York’s eateries.
    • Vegan choices are also available at this Brooklyn pizza for individuals who choose to eat vegetarian.
    1. So, what are you still debating over right now?
    2. Order yourself a craft beer and a slice of pizza at one of the top pizzerias in New York, and then sit back and relax.
    3. Address: 60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11222-1504, United States Price range: $11-$30 per item.
    4. Google’s rating is 4.6 out of 5.

    Recommended Read: 10 Best New York Cafes To Relax In The City That Never Sleeps (Rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor) Website |TripAdvisor Reviews

    5. Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria & Pasta Bar – Grand Baie

    • If you have a strong need for Italian cuisine while on vacation in Mauritius, you are not doomed.
    • Allow Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria & Pasta Bar in Grand Baie to come to your aid in this time of crisis.
    • This is one of the most well-known restaurants in the northern region of Mauritius, and it is run by Italians.
    • This family-owned Italian restaurant specializes in wood-oven pizzas and traditional platters of pasta made with fresh ingredients.
    • It would not be an exaggeration to say that this establishment provides the greatest pizza in the entire globe!
    1. For those of you who are planning a Mauritian honeymoon and know that your spouse enjoys pizza, consider surprising them with a romantic pizza date at this location.
    2. Grand Baie, Mauritius is located on Royal Road, north of the town center.
    3. a price range of $9.99 to $27 Google’s rating is 4.4 out of 5.
    4. The TripAdvisor rating is 4/5.

    Website |TripAdvisor reviews are also recommended.10 Seafood Restaurants in Mauritius Where You Can Savor the Finest of What the Sea Has to Offer

    6. Pizzeria L’Operetta – Singapore

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock If you want to try some authentic Napoletana Pizza this summer, but Naples is too far away for a cross-country vacation, Singapore has exactly the location for you.
    • Pizzeria L’Operetta in Singapore, which has been certified by the VPNA (Verace Pizza Napoletana Association), is the greatest spot in the city to experience real Napoli pizzas.
    • The pizzeria, which is located at Gopeng Street in Icon Village, is in a fantastic position and is a popular destination for pizza lovers in Singapore.
    • If you appreciate experimenting with cuisine, come here to taste a unique form of pizza where you’ll discover Japanese elements on your Napoletana Pizza as well as traditional Italian toppings.
    • Located at 12 Gopeng Street |
    1. Icon Village, Singapore 078877, Singapore.
    2. The price range is $6-$25.
    3. Google rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars The TripAdvisor rating for this establishment is 3.5/5.
    4. Recommended Reading: Top 35 Romantic Things To Do In Singapore For Couples In 2022!

    7. Goodfellas – Goa

    • The Goodfellas in Goa, India, provides a taste of Tuscany and Sardinia without leaving the country.
    • In Benaulim, this charming pizza has a beautiful environment, making it an excellent choice for a romantic dinner for two.
    • If you are visiting Goa and are seeking for something more than local specialties, Goodfellas is an authentic Italian restaurant that you should check out.
    • The three proprietors who transformed a homey cottage into a sophisticated restaurant are the key to maintaining the restaurant’s uniqueness.
    • Do you have any ideas where these expats are from?
    1. Italy, you’re right!
    2. So, the next time you’re in Goa, make a point of visiting this incredible pizzeria and savor authentic woodfired oven pizzas with exceptionally thin crusts that are really delectable.
    3. Located at: Benaulim Beach Road, Vasvaddo, Benaulim, India 403716 $10 for two persons is a reasonable price.
    4. Google’s rating is 4.4 out of 5.
    See also:  What Is Masago In Sushi?

    4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor Suggested Reading: 10 Classy Restaurants in Panjim: Savour the Best of Goan Cuisine

    8. Bæst – Copenhagen

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock If you are looking for real Italian cuisine in Denmark, Bst in Copenhagen features a wood-fired stove that was imported from Naples specifically for this purpose.
    • The tastes, on the other hand, are a great blend of both Italian components and Danish products from the surrounding area.
    • Additionally, the mozzarella is made on-site at the micro dairy that is located just above the restaurant.
    • At Bst, you may savor classic drinks and Danish beer while also savoring a delicious slice of digestible pizza.
    • Denmark’s address is Guldbergsgade 29, Copenhagen 2200, Denmark.
    1. Price range: $30-$35 per person Google’s rating is 4.3 out of 5.
    2. The TripAdvisor rating is 4/5.
    3. Website |
    4. TripAdvisor reviews are also recommended.

    In 2022, there are ten places to visit in Copenhagen to witness the splendor of Danish culture.

    9. Lamanna’s Bakery – Toronto

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock When someone tells you to ″go big or go home,″ come to Lamanna’s Bakery for the best dessert around.
    • Lamanna’s Bakery, which is located in Toronto, is an Italian bakery that is considered to be one of the most genuine in the city.
    • Aside from its mouthwatering sweets, the establishment is well-known for its massive pieces of pizza.
    • There is no doubt that the cuisine provided at this bakery, particularly the mouth-watering pizza, is the greatest pizza in the entire globe.
    • Please feel free to share this extra-large, sliced pizza with one or two friends while you’re here at the bakery.
    1. If you dare, attempt to consume the entire meal by yourself!
    2. Wishing you the best of luck!
    3. Canada’s address is 6758 Kingston Rd in Toronto, Ontario M1B 1G8.
    4. Price: $3-$6 per pound Google’s rating is 4.5 out of 5.

    4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor Visit our Facebook page or read our TripAdvisor reviews for more information.For those looking for the ultimate adventure, these are the top ten best solo trips to Canada.

    10. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria – Chicago

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock The Neapolitan manner of cooking is more than simply a culinary style; it is, as they say, a culture, a way of life.
    • To avoid losing sight of the fundamental substance, one must do the task correctly.
    • Spacca Napoli Pizzeria is a good example of how to do things correctly.
    • Spacca Napoli Pizzeria creates the ideal atmosphere for enjoying the greatest pizza in town by baking it in an oven built by craftsmen in Napoli, topping it with fresh toppings, and playing the appropriate music in the background.
    • Take a bite out of Italy right here in Chicago, which happens to be one of the top cities in the world for pizza!
    1. Located at: 1769 West Sunnyside Avenue in Chicago, Illinois 60640-5312.
    2. Price range: $11-$30 per item.
    3. Google’s rating is 4.7 out of 5.
    4. 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor |

    Website |TripAdvisor reviews Recommended reading: Twenty-two of the best things to do in Chicago in 2022: the city with a magnetic pull

    11. Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock With some of the greatest pizzas in the world, this Phoenix eatery has been capturing the hearts of many since it opened its doors in 2011.
    • Critics have declared that Rosa is the greatest pizza in town, and it’s topped with red onion, rosemary, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a few other ingredients.
    • Rosa is available at the restaurant.
    • The soft caramelized dough, which you will not find anywhere else, contributes to the whole flavor.
    • Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix is a great place to try new things and be surprised.
    1. City and state of residence: Phoenix, Arizona, United States The price range is $21 to $30.
    2. TripAdvisor 4 out of 5 stars Recommended Reading: 8 Exciting Things To Do In Phoenix In Summer For An Enriching Vacation In 2022 (includes a video)

    12. John’s Of Bleecker Street – New York City

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock John’s pizzeria in New York City has been making history for many years and is a well-known, historic pizza establishment.
    • There is no way you can leave New York without eating the pizza that this eatery has to offer.
    • There will be a large number of residents and visitors trying their hand at making massive pizzas, which will add to your excitement even more.
    • You can confidently proclaim this to be one of the greatest pizza restaurants on the planet, and you will not be disappointed.
    • New York, New York 10014, United States of America, 278 Bleecker St.
    1. Price range: $11-$30 per item.
    2. Google’s rating is 4.6 out of 5.
    3. 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor Recommended Reading: Summer in New York: A Travel Guide for Experiencing the City During This Season

    13. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – Chicago

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock Lou Malnati’s is well-known for serving its customers deep dish pizza that is unlike anything else available at the local pizzerias.
    • The crust is wonderfully thick and crispy, just like you would want it to be, and it is delicious.
    • In addition, the toppings are never overdone, but rather just right, making it one of the world’s greatest pizza places overall.
    • This is the only one of Chicago’s well-known pizza establishments that is still owned and operated by its original proprietors.
    • Located at 439 N.
    1. Wells St.
    2. in Chicago, Illinois 60654, United States $4.75-$10.25 is the price range.
    3. Google’s rating is 4.5 out of 5.
    4. 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor Reading Suggestion: 10 Chicago Beaches for Unwinding, Partying, and Chilling Like There’s No Tomorrow (with Pictures)

    14. Pizzana – Los Angeles

    • Image courtesy of Shutterstock There was a period when Los Angeles was referred to as a city with ″bad pizza restaurants.″ Yes, it is true that there was no nice pizza to be found anyplace in Los Angeles, which was a disappointment.
    • However, circumstances have changed, and today Los Angeles has earned a spot on our list by serving some of the greatest pizza in the world.
    • Pizzana is the most well-known of all the greatest places to eat pizza in the area, and it is located in Brent Wood.
    • It is stated that the chef of the restaurant combines innovation with tradition, giving the pizza a completely different flavor.
    • In the city of Los Angeles, at 11712 San Vicente Boulevard in the United States.
    1. Price range: $11-$30 per item.
    2. Google’s rating is 4.5 out of 5.
    3. 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor Check also this related article: World’s Biggest Foods: Would You Like to Take a Trip Down Foodie Avenue Around the World?
    4. These are just a few of the incredible pizzerias and locations throughout the world where you can get the tastiest pizza!

    Book an international vacation with TravelTriangle to one of these incredible vacation places, and don’t forget to stop by one of these sophisticated pizzerias while you’re there.Also, if you know of any other fantastic venues to have a piece of pizza, please share your suggestions with us in the comments section below!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places In The World To Have The Best Pizza

    • What is the finest location to buy pizza in the city?
    • Juliana’s Pizza in New York, Joey’s House of Pizza in Tennessee, and Duetto Pizza and Gelato in Florida, to name a few of the top places in the globe to get the best pizza, are among the best places to visit.
    • What city in the globe has the finest pizza, according to you?
    • New York has been deemed to have the finest pizza in the world, not just in the United States, but also in the rest of the globe.
    • Which Italian city is known for having the greatest pizza?
    1. If you are in Italy, you must sample the original and most famous Neapolitan pizza, which is available only in the city.
    2. Naples is the perfect spot to appreciate this delicacy.
    3. What city in the United States has the finest pizza?
    4. New York, Chicago, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington, Las Vegas, and San Diego are just a few of the major cities where you can get some of the greatest pizza in the United States.

    What is the world’s largest pizza in terms of size?There has been a record-breaking pizza that was 122 feet long, 8 inches in diameter, and weighted 26,883 pounds, according to reports.Which pizza shop generates the greatest revenue?Pizza Hut and Domino’s have been reported to make the most money in every city in the globe.Both pizza enterprises have a combined revenue of billions of dollars every year.Which state has the highest per capita consumption of pizza?

    • West Virginia has been identified as the state with the highest pizza consumption.
    • There are around 1,553 pizza restaurants in the city.
    • Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, and Nevada are the states that follow.
    • Which city in the globe is known as the ″Pizza Capital of the World?″ Old Forge, Pennsylvania, is known as the ″Pizza Capital of the World,″ and there are sometimes long lineups outside of pizza establishments there.
    • It is well-known across the world for having the greatest pizza restaurants that provide the most delectable of pizzas.
    • People Also, check out: Restaurants Located in the Bahamas Restaurants Located Throughout Australia Restaurants in the country of Hungary

    These Countries Supposedly Have The Best Pizza In The World

    • Not many people anticipate these nations to be world-class in the art of pizza-making, but then again, good pizza doesn’t fall into any one category, and that’s the point.
    • Believe us when we say that the top pizza spots in the globe took us completely by surprise as well.
    • Of course, the typical suspects made it to the top of the list of the world’s most delicious Italian comfort food, but there are a few surprises within the ranks of the world’s most delicious Italian comfort food.
    • While everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a ″good″ pizza, there’s no doubting that change may be tasty at times.
    • As far as pizza is concerned, as long as it’s hot, cheesy, and filling, that should enough, right?
    1. Without a doubt, this is not the case!
    2. We’re not talking about a typical sandwich here; we’re talking about pizza.
    3. Three factors should be considered while grading a pizza: the amount of cheese (and, by extension, cheese pull), the dough (is it crispy?
    4. ), and the toppings.

    Last but not least, the toppings (which can vary depending on personal preference, but should always be cooked to perfection along with the rest of the pizza).A city like New York, which has already been recognized as producing some of the world’s greatest pizza, has unyielding opponents who will protest to anything that doesn’t originate in the city’s most populous borough, Manhattan.Pizza, on the other hand, is available in a variety of shapes and designs across the rest of the world.Some of which are unfamiliar to people in the United States.Even the way pizza is prepared in Naples differs from the way it is prepared in the United States, demonstrating that there is no one correct way to prepare and consume a pie.So, what other nations have a unique spin on everyone’s favorite comfort dish that you should know about?

    • Check out some of the different types of pizza that are available across the world.

    Rome, Italy

    • It should come as no surprise that Italy is included on this list.
    • What is remarkable is that Rome, in particular, is included, given the fact that, until recently, Naples had been the undisputed champion of all pizza creation.
    • The city of Rome, on the other hand, appears to have discovered what the people desire and, as a result, has developed its own recipe for success.
    • in the form of a fantastic slice of pizza, to be precise.
    • While Rome’s pizza fame is still in its early stages, the city has chosen a more upscale approach to creating the delicacy.
    1. The secret lies in their ingredients, which are as fresh and high-quality as it gets when it comes to fast food.
    2. Because of the city’s unusual ingredient combinations, tourists may enjoy a variety of pizza options, ranging from traditional pizza alla pala to La Gatta Mangiona’s invention, which is a pizza topped with potatoes, fish, parsley, and mozzarella.
    3. A cacio e pepe pizza may also be found in Rome, which marks the beginning of the shift from pasta to pizza topping….

    New Haven, Connecticut

    • Surprise!
    • New Haven has lately been recognized as one of the finest places to get a slice of pizza, contrary to the beliefs of many (angry) New Yorkers.
    • Despite the fact that it is very startling, the word on the street is that Frank Pepe is the place to go for a good clam pie.
    • This pizza is not automatically topped with mozzarella cheese, and its texture defies expectations by being slightly different from the traditional crunchy, crispy crust seen on New York pizzas.
    • Furthermore, the shape of this pizza is more traditional, with an oblong design rather than the conventional circular pie that most people are accustomed to seeing.

    Nice, France

    • France is typically associated with pastries and wine, but it turns out that the city of Nice is also a major producer of pizza.
    • Starting with the toppings, the pizzas here aren’t topped with traditional mozzarella, but rather Emmental or Cantal, two types of cheese that are more indigenous to the region.
    • Another advantage that Nice has over other cities in the world when it comes to pizza is its access to very fine olive oil and fresh ingredients such as basil.
    • The crust is crisp, the toppings are of good quality, and the flavors are what France is famous for – Herbs de Provence, pistou, and persillade – making this a very exceptional pie.

    Melbourne, Australia

    • The fact that Melbourne’s Johnny Di Francesco won the Pizza World Championship in 2014 should be sufficient proof that amazing pizza can be found in Australia.
    • While most people would not go halfway across the world to sample this pizza, we can assure you that it was well-deserving of the moniker.
    • At his establishment, the pizza is made in the Neopolitan style, which means it has a thin crust that crisps up when sliced into, and it is topped with some unexpected but delectable toppings such as pumpkin, gorgonzola cheese, red onion, and even pancetta.
    • Both the high-quality ingredients that went into this pizza and the obvious care and attention that was put into its preparation result in a taste that is genuinely (literally) award-winning in every way.
    • Then there’s The Real History Of Pizza.
    1. Turf Mazes are unique labyrinths that may be found all throughout the United Kingdom.
    2. Katie Machado’s biographical information (2120 Articles Have Been Publishe) Katie boarded an aircraft by herself for the first time when she was 12 years old, traveling over 9,000 kilometers halfway around the world.
    3. Taking that first journey was the spark that started a lifetime passion for writing, which has continued to be nourished by pen and paper to this day.
    4. Alternatively, a keyboard and a computer screen in this situation.
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    The direction she will choose in life became clearly evident after numerous journeys during her B.A.in English Literature.Prior to finding a home with TheTravel, she focused on independent magazines, and she has been published in a variety of journals, including Bolde, The Arts Fuse, The Silver Tongue, LI Pulse, Tattooed Heroine Magazine, and others.The following email address is: [email protected] Katie Machado has more to say.

    The 20 Best Cities For Pizza, Period

    • Great pizza is a transcending experience.
    • At its finest, it manages to be both regionally varied and widely adored at the same time, which is rare.
    • People are passionate about their hometown restaurants and local fashions, and they will ride or die for them.
    • Because of the effect of memories and the particular seasoning of each oven, no two pies are ever exactly alike, even though the ingredients are the same.
    • There are so many varieties that you may discover great pizza riffs to explore all around the world, which is even more incredible.
    1. So, which towns in the world have the finest pizza?
    2. And where can you get it?
    3. Is Detroit-style pie better than the greatest pie in Seattle?
    4. Is it possible to beat a Roman pizza with a slice from New York City?

    We’ll have to make some painful decisions in the near future.To approach this rating from the perspective that all pizza types can survive in a world where our pizza love has no boundaries, let us assume that all pizza styles are equal.When you have a list of only 20 of the finest pizza cities on the entire world, there are certain to be some blind spots and locations that have simply been left off.Please feel free to make fun of us in the comments.


    • With our first selection, we’re taking a risk and calling out Pide, a Turkish street snack that looks and tastes a lot like pizza (and is also quite popular).
    • A boiling hot fresh pide topped with spicy minced lamb, tangy cheese, and olives is a gastronomic pleasure in its own right.
    • The foundation is a leavened flatbread (similar to pita) that is on the thicker side but yet retains its chewy texture.
    • The toppings range from conventional salami to minced meats to a variety of veggies and fruits, all of which are topped with lots of cheesy deliciousness.
    • Whenever you’re wandering around the streets or shopping in the bazaars of Istanbul, keep an eye out for ″pidecisi″ or ″pideci.″ They are often small, hole-in-the-wall bakeries where pide is the main attraction.
    1. If you’re looking for a good place to taste a pide for the first time, Hocapaşa Pidecisi is one of your best choices.
    2. You may even have your pide with a fried egg on top if you’re feeling very daring.

    19. LAS VEGAS, NV

    • Las Vegas is a bit of an outlier in the United States.
    • The city does not have a distinct ″style″ that it wishes to promote.
    • Instead, it’s about how Las Vegas attracts some of the world’s most prestigious franchises, chefs, and culinary pop-ups in a variety of forms and formats.
    • That implies that excellent pizza may be found in a variety of shapes.
    • Aside from that, the rooms are enormous – every kitchen has space for a gigantic wood- or coal-fired oven.
    1. Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan is a popular topic of discussion when it comes to the greatest places to eat in Las Vegas.
    2. At the Aria Hotel, we particularly enjoy Five50’s New York-Naples hybrids.
    3. Ultimately, you could spend a month in Vegas sampling numerous types of pizza, ranging from skillfully constructed Neapolitan pies to Chicago deep dish.

    18. ST. LOUIS, MO

    • St.
    • Louis has a thriving local pizza culture, to be sure.
    • A St.
    • Louis pie features a yeast-free crust that is almost cracker-like in texture, and it is topped with gooey Provel cheese.
    • In case you’re wondering, Provel is a processed cheese made in the United States that contains cheddar, swiss, and provolone.
    1. Because you can’t properly fold a slice of pie, each pie is split into squares.
    2. An Alsatian Flammkuchen is evocative of this one-of-a-kind culinary experience (which also has the cracker crust and white cheese action going on and is found all over Germany and parts of France).
    3. Our recommendation is to seek out any local eatery and delight in one of the more distinctive pies available in the United States.
    4. Melo’s Pizzeria, on the other hand, is a great place to start if you’re in a hurry.


    • Is it true that Germany has delicious pizza?
    • Yes, Germany — and Berlin in particular — is known for its excellent pizza.
    • However, while you won’t find many American classic styles here, you will discover a wide range of Italian, Alsatian, and Turkish styles.
    • A variety of crispy flammkuchen are available at beer gardens, pide bakeries line the sidewalks, and some real Italian punks own Neapolitan pizza joints all around town.
    • In addition, It’s a diversified and delectable experience all around.
    1. In Berlin, visit the Schleusenkrug or Zollpackhof beer gardens for a delicious flammkuchen (don’t forget to order it with red onion and bacon).
    2. Those interested in sampling pide should visit any of the locations in Kreuzberg, F’Schain or Neukolln.
    3. Finally, good Neapolitan pies are the simplest to come by in the city, and can be found at places like I Duo Forni or nearly any Italian pizza business you come across.

    16. BUFFALO, NY

    • Up in Buffalo, it can be rather frigid.
    • It should come as no surprise that their pizza is thick, rich, and comforting – all of which are positive attributes in our book.
    • The crust is a little on the thick side.
    • To put it another way, it is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between New York slices thin and deep-dish thick in Chicago.
    • Whenever the cheese is served, it is always crusty around the edges in that fantastic and delectable way.
    1. The toppings are small-casing pepperoni — the fat from the sausage should always be cupped and pooled around the pepperoni.
    2. Comfort food at its finest on a cold, wintry day in the winter.
    3. For a superb slice, half-pizza, or complete pie, Bocce Club and Imperial are decent options.
    4. You’ll also discover a slew of taverns and dives serving up pieces of pizza.

    Make sure to order some blue cheese sauce on the side to go with the burgers.


    • Providence is yet another city where there isn’t a distinct style in play.
    • The abundance and high quality of pizza provided more than makes up for it.
    • Providence and Rhode Island have a long-standing Italian-American community, which translates into delicious pizza available on almost every street corner.
    • In this manageable-sized city, you may enjoy Neapolitan, Sicilian, NY slices, post-modern bakeries, coal-fired, wood-fired, and a plethora of other culinary delights.
    • First and foremost, stop by Al Forno for their Calamari pie.
    1. It’s one of the most delicious seafood pizzas you’ll ever eat.
    2. After that, stop into Providence Coal Fired Pizza for some old-school pizza with a few new-school variations on the classic.
    3. From there, the entire city of Providence is your oyster when it comes to pizza.

    14. TORONTO, ON

    • When you think of pizza, Toronto isn’t the first location that springs to mind, but it should be.
    • Let’s get this straightened up.
    • The Greater Toronto Area (GTA, all day!) is one of the world’s top food cities, and it is one of the most populous.
    • In this Canadian city by the lake, which is a melting pot of cuisines from across the world, pizza is certainly given its due.
    • While there is no such thing as a ″Toronto style″ pizza, there are a plethora of excellent pizza places serving both slices and pies across the city.
    1. A visit to Toronto would be incomplete without a stop at Lamanna’s Bakery, where you can get a super gigantic piece of pizza to go.
    2. It’s essentially an entire extra large pizza on a single slice, and it’s very delicious.
    3. ″Brooklyn-style″ dough is used, and the pizza is topped with ooey mozzarella and loads of hot pepperonis to make it a Domino’s favorite.
    4. Za’s is also known for its potato chip and maple syrup pizza, which is not to be missed.

    Trust us when we say that it is both weird and wonderful at the same time.


    • Palermo, like the rest of Italy, is known as ″the Pizza Capital of the World.″ The most popular dish here is ″sfincione″ pizza, often known as ″Sicilian″ pizza if you’re from the United States.
    • Sfincione is a pizza with a very thick crust — think focaccia thick — that is topped with a generous amount of homemade tomato sauce and heaps of melted mozzarella.
    • On top of the cheese, there may be a few olives or anchovies, or there may be none at all.
    • You’ll also find conventional Neapolitan pies, slices that are similar to New York slices, and ″quadri″ pies, among other things.
    • A filled crust, square pie is created by folding the edges over and pressing them together.
    1. It’s quite cool.
    2. Finding a delicious pizza in Palermo is a very simple process.
    3. While there aren’t as many street carts as there are in Naples, there are plenty of pizza establishments to choose from all across the city.
    4. Frida Pizzeria is a reliable choice for pies of all varieties.

    Huge platters of sfincione will be sold in bakeries and street markets all throughout the city on Christmas Eve.Follow your senses of sight, hearing, and smell to the most interesting locations.


    • To be honest, this one feels a little too easy.
    • In this case, we’re simply talking about a single pizza in a single village in the Italian countryside.
    • The trek to Caiazzo, Italy, for any fan of pizza, on the other hand, is a pilgrimage to the holy halls of the pizza gods.
    • Pepe in Grani is the home of pizza zen master Franco Pepe, who creates some of the most delicious pizza on the planet.
    • With heritage grains, his dough is a wild yeast response with a sour edge that is baked to perfection.
    1. It’s the lightest dough you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.
    2. The toppings are a pleasant surprise and a revelation.
    3. Of course, everything is fresh and in season.
    4. However, while this may very well be the tastiest Neapolitan-style pizza you will ever eat, it is only available in one location in one town.

    Still, it’s so wonderful that we gave the whole city the top-ten ranking.

    11. SEATTLE, WA

    • Seattle and Portland are both known for their tavern-style pies, which are made in small batches.
    • They’re often made with a medium-thick sourdough crust that’s covered with everything but the kitchen sink — things like pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, olives, sausage, onion, garlic, peppers, and sometimes even anchovies — and baked until golden brown.
    • The pies are substantial and hearty, and the crusts are topped with a crispy cheese edge.
    • Perfect for a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest while drinking Rainier tall boys.
    • Seattle is chosen as the sister city since it is the birthplace of Mod Pizza, the Pacific Northwest’s response to Chipotle’s popular pizza joint, Mod Pizza.
    1. It’s a low-cost, quick-to-assemble pizza that really tastes good.
    2. From there, locate a wonderful dive pub with pizza on the menu for a tavern pie and enjoy it with your friends.
    3. Even if you don’t feel like going out, Ballard Pizza Company is a reliable neighborhood company that serves creative pies by the slice.


    • When it comes to pizza, the West Coast gets a lot of flak from the East Coast.
    • Nonetheless, it has potential.
    • Mozza is in Los Angeles, and Nancy Silverton bakes one of the greatest pies in the United States of America.
    • Additionally, Los Angeles benefits from having an extraordinary number of transplants from all over the country and the world, which means that practically any possible pizza type can be found somewhere in the huge metropolis.
    • That’s a significant advantage.
    1. For a taste of Neapolitan cuisine in Los Angeles, try Mozza, Pizzana, or Cosa Buona.
    2. Visit Girmaldi’s New York City outlet for some traditional pies done in the New York manner.
    3. And don’t get too comfortable with Dough Box’s deep dish.
    4. It’s also worth noting that Pinocchio, located in Burbank, hits the old-school Italian American sweet spot in a very Los Angeles style.

    There’s also Spago, where you can get some of Wolfgang Puck’s renowned California pizza.See what we’re talking about?There are several pizza alternatives in Los Angeles.


    Tokyo is maybe the most exciting pizza city to be in right now, as hard-won Japanese culinary traditions blend with fresh local ingredients and imaginative local chefs to create a really unique pizza experience.It’s always a risky and delectable venture.A decade has passed since the introduction of Neapolitan style pizza to Tokyo’s dining scene.

    Since then, the style has been the subject of a fresh wave of creativity and invention.Fresh seafood toppings, umami-boost sauces, delicate meats, and seasonal vegetables and fruit are all served atop a perfectly crisp, wood-fired pizza dough.If you want to see what pizza can be when your imagination is allowed to run wild, check out PST, Pizza Strada, Savoy, and Seirinkan.

    8. DETROIT, MI

    Detroit receives a significant boost as a result of having developed its own unique pizza style.The Detroit pizza is a hybrid of tavern pie and Buffalo style, with a strong emphasis on the Motor City.Baked on a deep rectangular pie tin (emulating an industrial pan from a factory), the quasi-deep dish pizza is topped in an assortment of standard (American) toppings and served immediately after baking.

    The crispy outside crust, which is frequently smeared with butter or oil before going into the oven, is the secret to this dish.Before you even get to the toppings, the thickness of the dough provides you a tremendous variety of textures ranging from crunchy to soft before you get to the toppings.Restaurants like Cloverleaf, Luigi’s, Shield’s, and Loui’s are excellent places to sample Detroit’s distinctive pizza.If you can’t make it to Detroit, you can always try Little Caesar’s Detroit-style pizza, which is available nationwide.

    However, it is not exactly the same, as you can see.

    7. NEW HAVEN, CT

    When it comes to delicious pizza, New Haven is difficult to top.The pies served in the area are often neo-Neapolitan in style, enormous, and excellent.Pie parlors such as Frank Pepe have been in business for about a hundred years now.

    A century of seasoning in an oven has resulted in a flavor that is nearly hard to describe.If you enjoy pizza, New Haven should be at the top of your list of places to visit in the United States that are dedicated to pizza.Of course, Frank Pepe’s should be the first stop for everyone visiting the area.Modern Apizza, Sally’s, and Zuppardi’s, on the other hand, should not be overlooked.

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    The pies are enormous, visually appealing, and tasty.


    Sao Paulo is a fantastic place for anyone who like pizza.The traditions of wood-fired Neapolitan style pies are as old and varied as any community in New York or Rhode Island, and they may be found in every neighborhood.The culmination of this illustrious history is a plethora of delectable pizza.

    The toppings on the local scene are quite ″anything-is-possible,″ and the doughy foundation and tomato sauce are particularly Italian, thanks to the yeast-leavened dough and tomato sauce.Casteloes is one of the oldest pizzerias in Brazil, having opened its doors in 1880.Pizza is made in its ovens, which have been in operation for than 100 years, and it is a must-try.Don’t forget to try Gioconda & Helenika’s innovative and comforting pizza, which is served daily.

    Then follow your eyes and nose throughout the city, where you’ll find literally hundreds of pizza eateries to select from.

    5. NEW YORK, NY

    It’s difficult to determine where New York should be placed on a list like this.The city offers about every type of pizza imaginable.The origins of American pizza may be traced back to the city’s boroughs.

    The pizza scene is dominated by legitimate institutions such as Di Fara, Lombardi’s, Totonno’s, and even newcomers such as Lucali who are serving some of the greatest pizza on the planet.Visit all of the establishments listed above for delectable slices and full pies.After that, check out Best Pizza, Roberta’s, and Gloria’s for some delicious pizza (for a quick slice).


    In Buenos Aires, there is a long tradition of pizza consumption, and there is an abundance of pizza to be found across the city.The broad variety of toppings available in the Buenos Aires pizza scene is the most appealing aspect of the sector.In the city, you can get practically whatever you want on a pizza (including another pizza).

    The range and depth of the topping selections clearly distinguishes this as one of the world’s best pizza towns.Buenos Aires pizza establishments such as De Rosa, Sao Paulo, and Pizzeria Guerrin are all excellent places to begin your pizza exploration.Simply keeping an open mind will ensure that you are always pleasantly surprised.


    The home of contemporary pizza is, without a doubt, one of the greatest towns on the planet for a slice of the pie.A must-stop for flawlessly cooked doughy crusts with crisp edges, ultra-delicate San Marzano sauce, and spicy fresh buffalo mozzarella, are the city’s historic pizzerias, many of which have ovens dating back to the late nineteenth century.With a drizzle of spicy olive oil and a sprig of basil, you’ve got pie perfection on your hands.

    Another option is to purchase pizza from one of the many street carts that can be found throughout the city for approximately $2 per pizza.It is then wrapped/folded in a piece of paper before being delivered to your location.Like a New York slice, but with a full pizza…and it’s very amazing.

    L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is the world’s oldest pizzeria and a ″must stop″ for anybody visiting Florence.When you include Starita, Pizzeria Di Matteo, Pizzeria Da Attilio, and Cantina del Gallo, you’ve only scratched the surface of all of the amazing pizzerias in the city, and there are many more.Aside from that, keep a look out for those pizza-delivering street carts.

    2. CHICAGO, IL

    This is certain to be another another contentious selection.However, Chicago has the upper hand in this situation.Yes, Chicago deep dish pizza is delicious, but quite full and, let’s face it, not the typical pizza that people eat on a daily basis.

    It’s a pizza for a special occasion.However, unlike the Pacific Northwest, Chicago (and much of the Midwest) is known for eating tavern-style pizza on a regular basis.Thin crust with crispy cheese edges, sliced into squares, and topped with anything you desire are the basic ingredients.Together with the fact that a culinary city like Chicago offers every other type of pie you can imagine (and its citizens are considerably more receptive to tasting NY-style than New Yorkers are to eating Chicago-style), it has a distinct advantage over New York.

    Aurelio’s Pizza is the first destination for a delicious tavern pie.They’ve been baking pies for more than 60 years and have honed their craft to a fine art.Barraco’s, Candlelite, and Michael’s Original Pizzeria & Tavern are all excellent choices for a delicious meal.

    • In the mood for a deep dish, Burt’s Place and Pequod’s are two of the greatest options in town.

    1. ROME, ITALY

    There was no way a city in Italy could not take the top place on the list.Please accept my apologies, America.From Naples to Palermo and everywhere in between, Rome is home to all of the classic pizza flavors that have become synonymous with the city.

    The pizza al taglio, on the other hand, is something that makes Rome stand apart from the rest of the globe (literally, pizza by the cut).Al Taglio is an extremely rectangular pizza that is twice cooked, resulting in a mouthfeel that is both soft and hard.Next, a variety of toppings are applied, ranging from mortadella to sea urchin.If you can imagine it, the Romans will put whatever on a pizza for you!

    It is possible to buy delicious pizza by the kilo at Termini (Rome’s main train station), which is located in the food court at the back of the station.Pizzarium, Da Ivo, Pommidoro, and a slew of other pizzerias dot the streets of the Eternal City, all of which specialize in creating the pizza of your dreams.Then, once you’ve finished your pizza, head over to Gelateria Giolitti for a bit extra decadence.

    The World’s Best Cities for Pizza

    The finest cities for pizza in the globe are not always the traditional American and Italian destinations that you might expect to be competing for the title of best pizza in the world.In addition to the finest cities for pizza in the United States, there are a number of places throughout the world that are known for their own unique or traditional twists on the pizza pies.Wherever you go in the globe, whatever your favorite pizza toppings and crust choice, there is a pie waiting to be discovered that will fulfill your craving for the best pizza in the world.

    Despite the fact that pizza’s origins are in Italy, the United States has emerged as a pizza powerhouse in recent years, with heated discussions over whether city has the finest pizza style, New York or Chicago.Other cities in the United States, such as San Diego and New Haven, are less well-known for their pizza offerings, despite the fact that they are home to some of the best pizza in the world.What city in the globe has the finest pizza, according to you?What is the finest place to get a slice of pizza?

    The greatest pizza restaurants can be found all over the world, from New York to Sao Paulo to Osaka, so take advantage of a worldwide pizza tasting trip to sample the best of the best.Please ensure that your favorite city for pizza is included in the list of the world’s best cities for pizza if it is not already on the list.

    10 Of The Best USA Cities For Pizza, Hands Down

    It is yet to be discovered whether there is anything more pleasurable than sinking into a plush sofa, binge-watching three hours’ worth of Netflix, and consuming a steaming piece (read: full pie) of hot, cheesy, gooey pizza.RELATED: Pizza Hut’s Foreign Operations Have Been Extremely Weird On 20 Occasions Despite the fact that Italy has staked its claim as the world’s finest pizza destination, the United States of America will not stand down.Americans generate an abundance of delicious pizzas, from New York in the east to San Francisco in the west, and even a few surprise locations in between.

    These delectable pies draw in visitors, locals, and foodies from all over the world.In this breakdown, there is no need for a knife and fork!

    10 Providence, Rhode Island

    To begin our cheesy adventure through the United States, we’ll be stopping at the little East Coast state of Rhode Island for a while.Even though Providence, Rhode Island’s capital city, may not be as well-known as other major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and other major metropolises, the city is known for its delicious pizza.What makes the Providence pizza unique is that they are experimenting with a new form of pizza – grilled pizza.

    It all started at a restaurant named Al Forno, and it’s swiftly gaining popularity as a wonderful alternative to traditional pizza!It goes without saying that there are some traditional coal-fired oven pizzas that are well worth trying as well.

    9 Las Vegas, Nevada

    The dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip, luxurious casinos, and never-ending nightlife are the first things that spring to mind when thinking of Sin City, but it’s also fair to say that they produce a very fine slice of pizza as well.In order to fulfill that much-needed late-night appetite after an evening on the town, there are several 24-hour cafes to choose from.As well as award-winning restaurants, there are many more that will blow your mind with their culinary creations.

    RELATED: Vegas Is Overrated – Here Are 20 Places That Are More Deserving Of Our (Precious) Time Metro Pizza and Pizza Rock are two of the most highly regarded restaurants in the area.

    8 Buffalo, New York

    But while Buffalo may not have the same legendary status as New York City, the city can be just as proud of the variety of pizza alternatives available to its residents.The city of Upstate New York is known for its own type of pizza, which includes a somewhat sweet sauce, a thick crust, high-quality pepperoni that curls as it cooks, and, of course, a mountain of stringy, gooey, and extremely irresistible cheese on top of everything.There are a few different places worth visiting if you’re looking for some delicious Buffalo pizza, but none are more well-known than Bocce Club and La Nova.

    7 Los Angeles, California

    It doesn’t matter if we’re vegetarians, gluten-free, or self-proclaimed meat-lovers; whether we’re mac and cheese fanatics; coffee snobs; or wine experts; there’s something for everyone in Los Angeles.OTHER RELATED ARTICLE: 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles If You Have 24 Hours Although the enormous metropolis does not inherently foster a specific or specialized form of pizza, the city serves as more of a melting pot, bringing together variants from all across the United States and the world.Pizzeria Mozza in Burbank is highly recommended for its Neapolitan-style pizza, while Pinocchio in Burbank serves up a wonderful slice of old-school New York Italian-American fare that is sure to please.

    6 Detroit, Michigan

    Detroit is well-known around the world for one thing and one thing only: its historical relevance to the automobile manufacturing sector.That is about to change, though, as the cheesy world of pizza is experiencing a renaissance.Its own distinctive form of pizza may be found in the state capital of Michigan.

    It is comparable to a rectangular, baked deep-dish pizza, except that the outer crust is brushed with butter or oil before baking, resulting in a truly crispy crust on the outside.While the Little Caesar’s fast food restaurant produces a Detroit-style pizza that is worth trying, it will never compare to the authentic dish.

    5 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, in the United States’ eastern state of Pennsylvania, is staking a serious claim to be one of the country’s top pizza cities in the competition to become the best.However, just because Philadelphia is home to the world-renowned Philly Cheese Steak does not rule out the possibility of serving up a very good pizza pie as well.Given the fact that it is wedged between New York and Washington, D.C.

    – both of which are known for their pizza – and that it has a long history of Italian immigration, Philadelphia’s pizza expertise should come as no surprise.If you’re looking for the most mouthwatering slices in the city, Pizza Gutt in Callowhill and Tacconelli’s in Port Richmond are two of the best options.

    4 San Francisco, California

    The Windy City, also known as San Francisco, is our next destination on our way back to the sunny West Coast of the United States.The city by the bay has never been short of attractions for visitors, with attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fisherman’s Wharf, just to mention a few examples.Even without those well-known tourist attractions, San Francisco’s amazing pizza culture is incentive enough to pay a visit to the city and its environs.

    RELATED: The Best Burritos in San Francisco, California: Where to Find Them Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, the home of Tony Gemignani, the 13-time World Pizza Champion, is at the top of the list of must-try eateries and excellent slices available.We’re certain that he’d make a half-decent slice of pizza.

    3 New Haven, Connecticut

    We’re off to New England for the next stage of our mouth-watering pizza adventure.It is a tiny, mostly-university city that is well-known in the pizza world for one particular, distinctive topping: clams.Even while it is served with white sauce and gooey cheese, the clam pizza might seem a little out of the ordinary at first glance, its widespread appeal speaks for itself.

    For anyone travelling through New Haven, there’s a clear winner: Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, which is well-known for its authentic Neapolitan-style pizza.Modern Apizza and Bru Room At BAR are two excellent options for pizza lovers to try while in town.Both restaurants have earned their fantastic reputations via their amazing food.

    2 New York, New York

    There is practically no way to go more than two blocks without coming across a pizza shop in a bustling metropolis as large and hungry as New York City.If you’re looking for something to do in New York for 99 cents or less, consider getting an oily, cheesy slice of pizza that dangles over the edge of the plate from a cart.OTHER RELATED ARTICLE: 10 Places in New York City That Serve the Best Bagels Scott’s Pizza Tour can take you on a guided tour of Little Italy and the classic pizza stands that can be found around the neighborhood.

    If you’re exploring Lower Manhattan on your own, Lombardi’s is a must-stop for history buffs, while John’s Pizzeria on Bleeker St is a must-try for pizza lovers.

    1 Chicago, Illinois

    Plenty of New York pizza connoisseurs will be unhappy that Chicago has displaced their city as the number one pizza destination on our list, and with good reason.Nonetheless, when someone thinks of Chicago, one of the first things that comes to mind is the city’s world-famous deep-dish pizza, and it is this quick association that has propelled Chica

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