How To Make Money Pizza Gift?

PIZZA BOX MONEY GIFT Sign that reads “You can’t live on pizza alone, so here’s some dough!” Arrange the cash in a circle on top of the wrapped cardboard and secure a few of them with glue dots so the whole thing doesn’t slide around. TIP: It keeps it looking neat if your keep one corner of the bills together.

How many bills do you need to make a money pizza?

We went with $2 bills and used 25 of them making it $50 total but you can use $1’s, $5’s or any other type of bill you want. You will likely want at least 20 bills if you are using a 10-inch cake board like we did. This money pizza is the perfect way to give money for a graduation, birthday or any special occasion.

How do you put money on a pizza box?

Cut a 12″ circle out of cardboard that will fit inside your pizza box (A bit smaller than the size of a pizza) Fan dollar bills out around the circle and put a small piece of repositionable tape on the back of each bill to secure. Add in some Gift Cards on top the cash if you wish.

What is Money pizza?

Money pizzas get quirky with cash by arranging a spread of bills and coins in the shape of a pizza pie, complete with a real pizza box, so the recipient doesn’t know what’s coming.

How do I give someone money?

  1. 1 Include a heartfelt note.
  2. 2 Fold it beautifully.
  3. 3 Attach it to another gift.
  4. 4 Create a money tree.
  5. 5 Add it to a surprise ball.
  6. 6 Play on the idea of ‘dough’
  7. 7 Disguise your money gift.
  8. 8 Give a money gift that suits the season.

How can I gift money?

23 Creative Ways to Give Money

  1. Balloon pop. This creative cash giving method involves a wrapped gift and balloon popping, how much more fun does it get?
  2. Toilet paper. This is the perfect cash giving option for 2020, ha!
  3. Play “Dough”
  4. The best kind of Pez-ent.
  5. Jolly jar.
  6. Embroider a canvas.
  7. Santa box.
  8. 8. Box of chocolate.

How do you wrap money for Christmas presents?

Tape bills together end to end and roll them up. Place the roll inside a small gift box with a slit cut in the lid. Add a note with the words ‘pull me’ to the end of the roll and allow it to poke out the top of the box to create a seemingly endless stream of cash.

Is it illegal to fold money?

However, the U.S. Department of The Treasury explains that while coins and folded pig dollars are legal tender, there’s nothing in the law requiring anybody to accept a donut box full of origami dollars. Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether or not to accept any form of legal tender.

How do you make a money tree out of a dollar bill?

1 Method 1 of 2: Creating a Tree with Real Cash

  1. Fold in both sides of a dollar bill, leaving a small gap.
  2. Fold all 4 corners into a triangle.
  3. Crease the folded dollar in half lengthwise to make a trapezoid.
  4. Create 2 more folded dollar bills to serve as the flower petals.
  5. Stack your folded bills and tie them together.

What is the best gift for a teenager who loves pizza?

Put your money where your pizza box is, and it’s a done deal. Welcome to the very versatile “Money Pizza Pie Gift”… Teens can be hard to buy for, can’t they? Money is always a good call because they can buy what they want instead, and no money will be wasted.

17 Insanely Clever & Fun Money Gift Ideas

We are all aware that presenting money as a gift is often a tedious experience.However, with these innovative money gift ideas, you can transform your money gift-giving from a tedious chore into something that is both enjoyable and thrilling to give and receive.Everyone likes receiving a monetary present, don’t they?

  1. Giving cash, on the other hand, usually comes off as not just a little bit dull, but also a little bit impersonal.
  2. This is most likely due to the fact that they haven’t tried these incredible money gift ideas yet!
  3. When you receive a card in an envelope, you already know what’s inside before you ever open the envelope.
  4. We’re talking about cold, hard cash.
  1. There is nothing quite like a card stuffed with cash to express how much you are loved or how much you care about someone.
  2. What do you think?
  3. Isn’t it past time to express your feelings to that important someone in your life?
  4. Try one of these innovative methods of donating money to demonstrate to the people in your life that you are aware of and concerned about their well-being.

Not only that, but they will have a great time attempting to disassemble some of these in order to get to the money within.Giving money will be more enjoyable for both the donor and the recipient thanks to these adorable suggestions!

Fun & Clever Money Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

  • Are you seeking for more innovative methods to make a charitable contribution? Then take a look at these money gift ideas that you really must try! These are excellent gifts for teenagers and for individuals in your life who already have everything they could ever want. We promise that receiving one of them will be a lot more enjoyable than receiving a standard greeting card. Also, while you’re here, be sure to go through our lists of gift suggestions. 18 Do-It-Yourself Gifts That Teens Will Actually Enjoy
  • 21 Adorable Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Gifts
  • Do it yourself projects that make for excellent gifts.

1. Nothing Says “Love” Like Some Dough (Money that is!)

Nothing says ″I love you″ quite like a present of money, especially for teens and college students (and, occasionally, for adults as well).When you want to surprise someone, try packing it in an empty pizza box.You will adore the look on their face when they open it!

  1. Use these innovative money-gifting ideas for graduation, Christmas, and birthdays to give the gift of money to your loved ones.
  2. You might want to keep some actual pizza in the back of your refrigerator just in case they truly desired a slice of that cheesy heaven.

2. Perfect for a Wedding Gift

Are you planning to attend a wedding?Create a ″stache″ jar (get it…stash?) for the pair to keep their belongings in.

  1. A few months later, the happy couple can use the jar to store cookies, as a currency jar, a candy jar, or even as a decorative item in their home.
  2. This creative present idea may also be adapted to be given as a graduation, baby shower, or housewarming gift in a different color scheme.
  3. The options are virtually limitless!

3. Money Origami

When it comes to gifting money this graduation (or birthday) season, make it a little more interesting by folding the dollars into dresses or shirts shapes.tween and adolescent girls will like this unique and entertaining concept!Give them a money outfit that has been folded for their graduation or birthday!

  1. Make simple ″hangers″ out of floral wire to save time.
  2. If you’re giving this inventive money origami to a guy, there’s also an instructions for making a nice shirt and necktie that you can follow along with.

4. Be a Star

A moment to rejoice, and the graduate is the ultimate highlight of the occasion!- Do you want to give your graduate a monetary gift?Try this strategy and see the look on your graduate’s face when they realize what you’ve done!

  1. Giving this interlocking money star to someone special will make them feel like a genuine star in their own right!
  2. This is an ideal present for commemorating those significant anniversaries and milestones in life.

5. Origami Rosette

You don’t care for origami stars or wearing clothing, do you?Instead, try making an Origami Money Rosette!With this rosette lesson, you can take the concept of giving money to a whole new level.

  1. Imagine the expression of delight on your loved one’s face when they see this!
  2. Give the recipient an unexpected enjoyable surprise by including a money rosette in the present you are giving.
  3. Isn’t it really stunning?

6. Say “Goodbye” to the Envelope

You got it: envelopes are overused and overpriced.Boring!Giving a money roll instead of unwrapping their present may be a better option.

  1. To make an easy and entertaining method to give money as a present, use a toilet paper roll.
  2. Place the money in a toilet paper tube to create a present that the recipient will be able to open and use.
  3. Tip of the day: keep the heaviest bills for last, so you may get a nice surprise!

7. A Chocolate Box of Money

Give a chocolate box of money in exchange for your time!Remove all of the chocolates from a box (by devouring them, of course) and replace them with money wrapped in the wrappers.Check out this guide to learn how to turn an empty box of chocolates into a fun and unique money present for a friend or family member.

  1. You will receive chocolate, and the receiver will receive cash.
  2. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

8. Give a Money Tree

It is true that ″money does not grow on trees,″ as the old adage goes.However, when you give someone a money tree present, money can really grow on trees!Money topiaries in flower pots make for a lovely money present idea, and they are also practical.

  1. Get the instructions for making your own money topiary, which is a thoughtful and clever approach to give them what they truly want.
  2. This is an excellent step-by-step guide.

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9. Hide it in Something Ordinary

To conceal the cash, choose an everyday object that is both ordinary and unexpected. Consider a chewing gum container or a chopstick tube as examples. Nobody will ever know that there is money hidden within! They’ll be taken completely by surprise by it!

10. Fun Money Gift Box

Look no further if you’re seeking for entertaining methods to donate money.Simply wrap a tissue box with money and place it inside.It’s a fun DIY birthday present idea that can be personalized for any occasion and is built with stuff you probably already have around the house!

  1. This is particularly useful during the winter breaks…
  2. By placing a small, heavy object in the bottom of the box, you may even keep them guessing.

11. Make Them Work For it

Trying to come up with original money gift ideas for birthdays?You will learn how to stuff money and gift cards into balloons so that the receiver has to hunt for the present.Money should be placed inside balloons that the receiver must pop in order to get the money.

  1. a.
  2. This method works great with gift cards as well, and it makes receiving them a LOT more enjoyable, especially for young children.

BONUS: Confetti Money Balloons

Do you want to make your money gift-giving a little more exciting?Money balloons with confetti are the most entertaining way to present money as a gift, since if you’ve learnt anything from this site so far, it’s that cards are really boring!Make these festive money balloons to get you in the holiday spirit.

  1. Incorporate some confetti inside your money balloons for a festive burst of sparkle that any young girl is sure to enjoy!

12. Make a Money Lei

You can give a money lei as a present to someone who is attending a luau-themed celebration. It’s simple to create and it turns out to be just stunning! Find out how to create money leis in this simple guide on how to make these entertaining and useful graduation or birthday gifts!

13.  Make a Money Wreath

If you’re seeking for unique money presents for any occasion, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! To celebrate graduation, make a wreath out of little banknotes that are coiled up to appear like diplomas, or keep it simple with ribbon for other occasions. Creating this money wreath would be an excellent gift idea for a housewarming shower.

14. Frame It

The glass should be broken in an emergency situation. A simple and entertaining method of giving any amount of money as a present.. Graduation gift frames with the phrase ″In an Emergency Break Glass″ may hold any amount of money.

15. Christmas Money Tree

Are you looking for money present ideas for Christmas? With this adorable Christmas money tree, you can take the money tree concept and make it more holiday-themed. This video will show you how to create a unique money tree that is based on Christmas. It’s almost too adorable to be torn apart (almost).

16. A Hidden Surprise

This is a money present that is a little challenging! They believe they are receiving a jar of sweets (which is a fantastic present in and of itself), but there is a concealed money stache in the centre of the jar waiting for them! Providing money as a present is a fun and innovative concept that will be a nice surprise for the receiver!

17. A Little Extra Dough

If you are searching for a creative and entertaining way to present money as a gift, learn how to add a little more ″doh″ to your gift. After all, we all have periods in our life when we could use a little additional money, wouldn’t we? Nothing could be more simple or clever than this method of donating money!

Give the Gift of Money with these Fun and Clever Money Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

  • The majority of the time, a monetary present is useful and well appreciated. For instance, graduations, wedding showers, housewarming showers, and baby showers are all examples of events.

It is true that there are instances when you want to gift something that is somewhat more personal and thoughtful than simply handing over some cash, but you simply don’t know what else to acquire for the person you are buying it for.Consequently, you end up giving them cash, which is really adaptable but also feels a little dull and impersonal for the occasion.This is a common situation.

  1. Make a decision and consider utilizing one of these unique money gift ideas to inject some life and levity into your money gifting experience.
  2. With a little time and work, you can turn it into a memorable and exciting gift that they will cherish for years to come.

More Gift Ideas from One Crazy House

  • A list of the top 12 graduation gifts for a college graduate
  • Gift Card Ideas That Aren’t Just an Envelope
  • Innovative Gift Card Ideas
  • Hilarious gag gifts for family and friends for any occasion throughout the year.

How To Make A Money Pizza

This Money Pizza is an excellent present for any pizza enthusiast. It is fully made of money, so that when the party is finished, the present receiver will have some money in their pocket to spend anyway they like.

Money Pizza Gift

Our eldest son finished from elementary school this year, and we wanted to do something fun and simple to get him excited about his upcoming junior high school years.That’s when we came up with the idea for the Money Pizza Gift.He like pizza and he enjoys money, so it was a win-win situation.

  1. The best thing is that this money pizza is both delicious and simple to prepare.
  2. We finished it in less than 20 minutes, and aside from the cost of materials, it was completely free to make!
  3. Those of you who are asking where we acquired the pizza box will be pleased to know that I just went to my local Little Caesar’s and requested them to provide one.
  4. The employee I approached looked at me strangely and stated that he had never heard of such a request, but after consulting with the manager, they agreed that I may have a box for free.
  1. It was sent to me unassembled, but it was surprisingly simple to put together.
  2. A greasy, old pizza box should be avoided at all costs since it will render the money greasy as well.
  3. You are free to utilize whichever denomination of money you like when it comes to the money.
  4. We used $2 bills and utilized 25 of them, for a total of $50, but you may use $1 bills, $5 bills, or any other sort of currency you wish to do this project.

If you are using a 10-inch cake board, as we did, you will most likely need at least 20 bills to complete the project.If you’re giving money for a graduation, birthday, or other special event, this money pizza is a great way to do so.

How To Make A Money Pizza

  • Money (we used (25) $2 notes) was required as a supply. This product looked pretty beautiful, and it was sharp and simple to use, in our opinion. It was our local credit union that provided them to us.
  • A roll or two of transparent Scotch tape
  • quarters or $1 gold coins — we used roughly 14 quarters for this project
  • a pair of scissors
  • The red paper circles were cut out of cardstock and were slightly larger in diameter than the quarters we used for the rest of the project. These were meant to look like the pepperoni on a pizza
  • however, they were not.
  • I used a 10-inch round cardboard cake board to hold the money in a circular pattern, but you could simply tape straight to the pizza box if you wanted to.
  • Pizza Box that is clean and empty — We went to our local Little Caesar’s and just requested for one, and it was provided for free.
  • Adding a little saying to the box is optional, but I created one for you that you may download, print, and use for personal purposes here
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Instructions: Begin by creating a large number of little pieces of rolled tape.This helps to move things forward much more quickly.Following that, begin taping your money on your cake board in a circular manner..

  1. You want it to have a fanning appearance (make sure all the bills are facing the same direction).
  2. It is acceptable to have to overlap the bills, especially at the end of the month.
  3. Once your money has been put to the cake board, it’s time to stick the red circles on top of the money to complete the design.
  4. These are designed to look like pepperoni, so sprinkle them on top in a haphazard fashion.
  1. After that, tape the quarters on top of the red circles to secure them in place.
  2. Finally, print or handwrite a message to be attached to the inside of the pizza box’s lid with a stapler.
  3. Give it to the person you are giving it to by placing the entire money pizza inside a pizza box and sealing the box with tape.


  • Amount of money
  • transparent Scotch tape
  • quarters or one-dollar gold coins
  • red paper circles
  • a 10-inch round cardboard cake board
  • a clean and empty pizza box
  • a little saying to attach to the box


  1. Begin by creating a large number of little pieces of rolled tape. This helps to get things forward much more quickly
  2. Following that, begin taping your money on your cake board in a circular manner.. You want it to have a fanning appearance (make sure all the bills are facing the same direction). It is OK if you have to overlap the invoices, especially at the end of the month
  3. Once your money has been put to the cake board, it’s time to stick the red circles on top of the money to complete the design. These are designed to imitate pepperoni, so sprinkle them on top in a haphazard manner.
  4. Then, tape the quarters on top of the red circles to secure them in place.
  5. In the end, print or handwrite a phrase that will be attached on the inner lid of the pizza box.
  6. Place the entire money pizza inside the pizza box and hand it over to the person you are presenting it to. •

DIY Graduation Gifts with Money

Make your own DIY Graduation presents out of money for a practical and appreciated way to congratulate your high school graduate on their graduation!

3 DIY Graduation Gifts with Money!

  • Are you looking for a quick and easy method to give money to a graduate without making it seem dull and impersonal? Look no further. We’ve put up two fun and simple ideas for our OWN high school grads over the last few of years. Enjoy! A pizza box of all things is used in the first project, which is a SUPER charming way to showcase some spending money and gift cards Oh, my goodness. I was rather pleased with myself on this one. And if I’m up to the task of completing this small yet adorable project? I’m confident that you can as well. Earlier this week, a friend of mine shared this UBER CUTE idea for a DIY Graduation present with money that she discovered on Pinterest, and I knew I had to try it! It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, is a terrific and entertaining way to present cash (which is what most people prefer anyway! ), and you’ll feel great knowing that you completely nailed one gift this year. Success! Here’s all you need to know: Repositionable tape
  • gift cards
  • scissors
  • a blow dryer (to mold the shrink wrap together)
  • a pizza box (free from our neighborhood pizza shop)
  • cash
  • Shrink wrap (optional).
  • Follow these directions: Empty pizza box (I went to Pizza Hut and they gave me a brand new, empty box for free!)
  • Prepare your pizza box by cutting a 12′′ circle piece of cardboard that will fit inside the box (it should be a little less than the size of a pizza)
  • Put one or two pieces of repositionable tape on the back of each dollar bill to hold them in place as you fan them out around the circle.
  • If you desire, you may also include some Gift Cards in addition to the cash.
  • Optional: Wrap it in shrink wrap and blow dry it to shrink it down (visual learners may see me do this in the video below! )
  • Insert a letter inside the lid of the pizza box that reads, ″You can’t survive on pizza, so here’s some dough!″

For those who didn’t see my Facebook live video this morning, you can watch it here for a fun DIY Graduation present that uses money!For some reason, I felt it would be great as a teacher present, too.Note: If you decide to present it to a teacher, make sure their school permits you to give cash to instructors.

  1. (Many schools only accept gift cards, so check ahead of time before creating your gift.)

More DIY Graduation Gift Ideas…

Picture Frame Money Graduation Gift

  • It simply took a few minutes, according to my friend Jamie, to fold up the dollars and stick them to the backdrop of this ″U Did It!″ picture frame money present for her son, who graduated last year. Here’s what you’re looking for! Jamie was short a few of bucks and had to make do with pennies for the D’s
  • an inexpensive 8×10 picture frame in their school colors
  • a gift bag or wrap in their school colors
  • and a note from them.
  • Tape


  1. To remove the rear of the frame from the frame, bend the metal tabs.
  2. To make a square out of wrapping paper or a present bag, trace around the photo insert on paper and cut it out
  3. Fold the dollars into letters as best you can to form the words ″U DID IT!″ on the wall.
  4. There are certain letters that require two bills, so having as many as you can is advantageous.
  5. If you have an extra exclamation point, you may put a quarter under it to make it more dramatic.
  6. If you have any extras, a small rolled-up diploma or grad hat in the corner would be a wonderful finishing touch.
  7. Prepare your bills by rolling them up with tape behind them to connect them to the paper backdrop – you won’t need much tape because the bills will be packed together inside a frame so that they won’t fall
  8. Replace the backdrop in the photo frame with a different one

DIY “Grad Badge” Money Gift for Her

  • In case the pizza box full of cash and the dollar bill sign don’t quite scream ″girly″ to you, this one certainly will! Listed below are the materials you’ll need: Clear tape, card stock, a hot glue gun, 2-inch wide ribbon of your choosing, and jeweled decorations (optional) are all you’ll need.
  • Detailed instructions may be found in this post on Graduate Money Gift Ideas, which includes photos of every stage. Begin by putting the banknotes together in a row using tape towards the top and bottom of each bill
  • then continue with the next step.
  • Fold a segment of banknotes into a fan for convenience. Fold each bill about four times, making sure that the folds are equal.
  • Make a fan out of them by pinching them in the centre.
  • After that, bring the side edges together and tape them together tightly. Repeat the process on the opposite side.
  • To construct a center, cut a circle from card stock and attach the circle with a little dot of hot glue to the middle of the card
  • After that, cut a label from additional card paper to which you will write your message and hot glue it to the circle.
  • Use hot glue to attach the backing to the front of the card
  • cut another circle from card stock and adhere it to the back with a dot of hot glue.
  • Then, cut a length of ribbon approximately 16 inches in length, fold it in half, and attach it to the back of the paper circle as a finishing touch. Last but not least, insert a little pin.

That’s all there is to it!Your Grad Badge has been completed and is ready to be delivered to the delighted grad!Are you looking for more excellent graduation present suggestions?

  1. Please visit HERE to purchase the Contigo water bottle, which is my personal favorite and would be ideal for storing a little amount of cash.
  3. Today is the day to get your FREE sample meals!
  4. I will never, ever send you any unsolicited email.
  1. Promise.

What Is a Money Pizza?

Birthdays, graduations, holidays, and other occurrences – no matter what time of year it is, there’s always a forthcoming occasion that calls for preparation and celebration for a friend, family member, or loved one who is far away.And you already know what it entails: presents.Having so many important people in your life is wonderful, but the pressure and frantic racing to find the ideal gift for each and every one of them may be difficult and draining at times.

  1. On every special occasion, you want to choose something unique and meaningful to show how much you value each individual.
  2. This might be something that embodies their personality, something that fits their hobbies, or something that displays that you took the time to consider them.
  3. Every party, holiday, and life event, on the other hand, makes it a bit more difficult to alter up your present ideas and come up with something unique and interesting to give.
  4. You might wish you could just give over some cash every now and again.
  1. But that’s hardly much fun, is it?
  2. It turns out that it is possible.
  3. Currently trending on the Internet is a new DIY gift idea that includes two of everyone’s favorite things: pizza and plain old cash.
  4. What exactly is a ″money pizza″?

It’s a fun and easy way to express your affection while also surprising someone with something a little more thrilling than a cheque or a card loaded with dollars.Money pizzas take on a unique twist when it comes to cash by arranging a spread of dollars and coins in the style of a pizza pie, complete with a real pizza box, so the receiver has no idea what is in store for them.Interested in putting your bills in a box for a to-go surprise that has a quirky ″wow″ factor?

Read on.We’ll cover all you need to know about money pizzas, including how to create them and who to give them to.

How Did the Money Pizza Gift Idea Begin?

  • It goes without saying that the money pizza gets its inspiration from the long-standing American-Italian favorite that has a place in every house and heart.
  • Everyone like pizza, and it only makes logical that they do.
  • Every type of pie is available, including Sicilian and packed crusts, meatball and mushroom, bacon and BBQ, prosciutto and pepperoni, and many more.

Not only is it a traditional and tasty dish, but it’s also a straightforward go-to for those times when cooking is too time-consuming or you need a quick and economical supper.Pizza is so popular in the United States that, as of 2014, it was consumed as a dinner by 13 percent of the country’s population on any given day.College students are by far the largest group of pizza enthusiasts in America, accounting for more than half of the population.When it comes to ordering takeout, degree-seeking students are responsible for purchasing and delivering 895 percent more cheese pizza than the rest of the country..And it’s not surprising.Pizza is inexpensive, easy to consume without plates or utensils, may be delivered to individuals who do not have access to transportation or time to pick it up, is good for parties or big groups of people, and can be refrigerated and reheated for several days of leftovers if stored properly.

College students are usually hungry and strapped for cash, which makes pizza an unavoidable college staple.The money pizza gift concept capitalizes on both of these factors by delivering the cash students require in the food packaging they are most acquainted with: pizza boxes.Despite the fact that money pizzas were originally created as graduation gifts for college-bound students, they may be given to anybody who enjoys pizza, currency, and cunning surprises.

 Occasions for Money Pizza Gifts

While we wouldn’t advocate giving this DIY cash craft as a present for an anniversary, wedding, shower, or other formal event, there are a variety of joyful events when a money pizza might be a welcome addition. Here are some of the best times to get a slice of pizza: Birthdays

  • On their birthday, who doesn’t like to get a gift of money?
  • When your children get older or you’ve exhausted your options for unusual gifts for friends and extended family, it might be more kind to allow your loved ones to select their own gifts for the holidays.
  • But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of dressing up cold cash as something more fashionable!

Take it to a birthday party, or deliver it yourself – it’s the perfect cover for a birthday surprise.Graduations

  • High school and college grads, whether they’re planning to continue their education or preparing to make their imprint on the adult world, can benefit from whatever additional funds they can get their hands on.
  • After all, money is already the usual graduation gift, so why not spice things up with some pizza pizzazz?
  • Your grads will enjoy a donation that is more ornately decorated after they have opened all of their envelopes and collected all of their cash.
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Parties to Say Goodbye

  • What kind of gift would be suitable to give as a farewell gift?
  • A little amount of additional spending money is great for well-wishes and a little extra boost for anybody about to go for college, moving out of the neighborhood, embarking on a lengthy journey, or entering the military.
  • Make a money pizza to send pals goodbye with a send-off they won’t soon forget.

Parties to Welcome Families Home

When you get a warm welcome, there is no better way to express your gratitude than by making someone smile. You may offer a financial boost to your college students, global travelers, study abroad students, and military family members when you welcome them into your home with a gift that will be remembered. Promotions

Whenever your friends, family members, or co-workers are about to embark on a new professional path or climb the corporate ladder, remind them of the additional funds that will be available to them by baking a money pizza to commemorate the occasion. Cutting a cake is a pleasant way to express congratulations, but cutting into a piece of money is much more satisfying. Appreciation

If you’re trying to come up with a creative method to say thank you or express your appreciation, money pizzas are a fun and interactive award to consider. Whether you’re returning a favor, acknowledging an accomplishment, or simply showing some love, this craft that pays will touch hearts and wallets alike. Mitzvahs and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

These religious celebrations of coming of age, like graduations, necessitate the giving of monetary presents. Arrive at the event with more than just a business card and cheque in hand; bring a money pizza to the ceremony! Children of this age will be particularly taken aback and will delight in peeling the bills off their ″pizzas″ in order to count their winnings. Confirmations

What youngster doesn’t enjoy pizza and having their own spending money to spend? Celebrate the successes of children by providing them with a little pleasure and money packaged in the form of their favorite meal. Finally, some kid-friendly levity is in order once all of their hard work has been completed. Holidays

  • If you’re bored of the same old sweaters, stockings, and stocking stuffers, try something different this Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Eid by ordering a money pizza delivery!
  • You may wrap your box, embellish it with ribbons and bows, and then surprise your family members by giving them with a pizza that pays for themselves.
  • All that is required is that they have a good sense of humor and that the cash amount is equivalent to the amount you would allocate for one person’s gifts.

 Who Is a Money Pizza Good For?

  • What individuals will enjoy your handcrafted gift?
  • You know when to bring out your money pizza, but who will benefit from it?
  • As previously stated, don’t use a money pizza to substitute for more meaningful gifts for newlyweds, expectant parents, or significant others on Valentine’s Day — but as long as the occasion isn’t too formal and the recipient will appreciate the creativity and a wad of cash, you can give them to anyone with a good sense of humor.

Here are some examples of folks who would appreciate a money pizza gift: Students at Postsecondary Institutions

There is no finer beneficiary than the one who started it all. Due to financial constraints, time constraints, and being all too acquainted with the sight of pizza boxes, undergraduates require money and a sense of humor at all times. They’ll appreciate your do-it-yourself contribution to their schooling. Graduates from high school

Despite the fact that they have not yet purchased their books or paid rent, recent high school graduates are on a fast track to incurring costs, whether at college or out in the real world. Starting to save now will allow them to build a nest egg for the future, and you can help them do so by giving them an enjoyable present that will help to reduce their stress levels. Teachers

  • During the holidays or during teacher appreciation week, you want to express your gratitude to educators for the positive influence they have had on your life or the lives of your children.
  • Gift cards are usually appreciated, but sometimes you don’t know precisely what they’ll like or you’d want to provide them with a wider range of possibilities.
  • Teachers, like money pizzas, are smart and imaginative individuals.

In particular, they’re appropriate as thank-you presents for primary school teachers.Co-Workers

  • Every day, you spend time with your coworkers, joking, collaborating, and commiserating over a cup of coffee in the break room.
  • A holiday or birthday may come along when you may feel connected enough with coworkers to feel like you owe them an excellent present, but not quite close enough to locate something special or pricey – this is the perfect occasion for money pizza!
  • The best part is that you can add whatever quantity you want in them, making them completely customizable.


Bosses, like coworkers, have a significant impact on your life. If you’ve got a terrific one, remind them how much you appreciate their efforts by contributing something back to their organization. A unique and joyous form of praise throughout the holiday season or on boss appreciation day, money pizzas are a great idea. Babysitters

  • Even if you already pay them to look after your children or your pets while you’re away from home, if your babysitters go above and above, you might consider giving them a bonus to demonstrate how appreciative you are.
  • Your babysitter will appreciate the additional money, especially considering they are frequently adolescents or college students.
  • They will also like the pizza package that comes with it.

 How to Make a Money Pizza Gift

  • If you’ve got your heart set on this creative, DIY cash gift idea, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s straightforward, pleasant, and reasonably easy to put together. The most enjoyable aspect is that you may personalize your pizza to fit your preferences! Here’s everything you’ll need to get started: There’s a new pizza box in town: Pick up a few of them (which are generally complimentary) at your local pizza joint when you pick up your takeout for the night. Inquire about a medium or small size.
  • A thin sheet of cardboard (for example): Take apart a cardboard moving box or cut the bottom off of a paper takeaway bag to use as a cutting board. The post office is another place where you may frequently obtain old pieces of cardboard for very little or no cost.
  • Glue dots or repositionable tape are also acceptable options. These may be purchased from a craft store or a supermarket. Due to the fact that the receiver should be able to simply peel the money off, you won’t want to put ordinary tape or liquid adhesive on the money.
  • A stack of dollars: Depending on how much money you want to donate, you can use an array of one-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, ten-dollar bills, and twenty-dollar bills. Only thing to remember is to make sure they’re very sharp and that you have at least 10 of them. As you add additional ingredients to your pizza, it will get colder in appearance.
  • Coins: Use pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters — again, in whatever combination you wish — as your currency.
  • Shrink wrap and a hair dryer: Money pizzas are equally as good wrapped or unwrapped, but if you want your pizza-shaped currency to stay in a tight packaging, pick up some shrink wrap from a craft store before you start making your money pizzas. This step is entirely optional.
  • Wrapping paper, construction paper, or tissue paper are all acceptable options. However, if you want to customize your money pizza, you may add adornments to the interior of the lid or use paper bits of cheese and pepperoni to make the pizza look more genuine by using these materials.
  • Scissors: You’ll need these to cut the cardboard and any optional paper elements you choose to include in your project.

As soon as you’ve gathered all of your ingredients, you’ll be ready to begin! It will just take you 10 to 15 minutes to assemble your money pizza from scratch. The following are the stages to take when creating your pie:

  1. Make a circle out of your cardboard that will fit into the bottom of the pizza box.
  2. Alternatively, you may decorate your cardboard foundation with wrapping paper or tissue paper to add some color if you choose.
  3. Attach your dollars to the cardboard circular in a fan form by using glue dots or repositionable tape to hold them in place. Maintaining the corners of the cardboard together in the middle of the cardboard is a simple approach to ensure that they look their finest. If you don’t want to use a circle fan of bills, you may roll them up and attach them as an outline around the perimeter and inside the pizza, using them to split the circle into triangular slices
  4. this is an alternative to utilizing a circle fan of bills.
  5. It’s time to connect your ″pepperoni″ coins to the sleeve. If you’re working with paper, you may cut out red circles to use as coin bases, or you can simply set them right on top of the bills themselves. Make use of as many coins as you like, adhering them to the wall with glue dots or repositionable tape if necessary.
  6. Optional: In order to achieve the most authentic pizza look possible, sprinkle paper shreds on top of the pizza to simulate cheese. There is no need to glue or tape these in place. If you wish to box your pizza, now is a good time to shrink-wrap it and blow-dry the folds to keep it from falling apart.
  7. It’s time to make it your own! Decorating the pizza box lid with wrapping paper, a bow on the pie or a beautiful placard reading, ″You can’t survive off of pizza alone, so here’s some dough!″ are all options if you want to go the extra mile. Once you’ve finished adding the final touches, you’ll be ready to serve your pizza.

Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Pizza Is

  • If you’re looking for a unique way to give cash on special occasions, money pizzas are a great option.
  • However, when your loved one has finished counting the notes, everyone might be longing a genuine piece of pizza.
  • Maybe you might stop for a genuine pizza on the way to make sure everyone’s tummies are satisfied as well as their piggy banks.

Giordano’s, on the other hand, has you covered.Giordano’s has been serving excellent deep-dish, filled, and hand-stretched thin-crust pizza inspired by a 200-year-old Italian family recipe for more than 40 years, and it continues to be Chicago’s favorite pizza establishment today.Every crust is handcrafted with care and real flavor – and it’s delivered right to your doorstep.Order your delivery today if you want to follow up your money pizza with a taste of the genuine article!

8 Creative (and Totally Appropriate) Ways to Give Money as a Gift

  • Money is always appreciated, regardless of whether you choose to give it in the form of crisp banknotes, a check, a Visa gift card, or an electronic transfer.
  • Giving money as a gift—or even asking for money as a gift—was always seen to be a little cheesy.
  • But times have changed.

However, this is no longer the case.″Money is a suitable present,″ says Elaine Swann, founder of The Swann School of Protocol and etiquette expert.Researchers have found that it is the most appreciated present—the one item that the majority of people desire.″ However, giving money raises a number of concerns, such as how much money can be given to family members.What is the best way to give money to a child?Is just adding money to a Visa gift card a thoughtful gesture?

And how do you go about requesting money as a gift?In the opinion of Swann, the quantity of money you present is entirely dependent on your budget, your relationship with the recipient, and the nature of the celebration.For example, you’ll probably be more generous with a cherished niece or nephew who’s graduating from college than you would be with a cash present at Christmas for a babysitter who comes in just once a year.

  1. And if you’re wondering how to offer significant sums of money to loved ones without incurring tax consequences, you may now contribute $15,000 per person ($30,000 per person if you and your spouse are providing the financial gift), before you must submit a gift tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. As for soliciting monetary compensation as a present, this is becoming more accepted than it was in the past.
  3. You should describe how the money will be utilized rather than simply saying, ″Money alone, please,″ since that is the key.
  4. ″Make your request clear and purposeful,″ Swann advises in his advice.
  5. ″Some couples may say things like ″We are planning our wedding and have everything we need,″ but they may also add things like ″We are renovating our home.″ Alternatively, you may make a birthday request and say something like, ″I’m saving for this by paying off the remainder of my college loans.″ Consider making it a worthwhile endeavor rather than a money grab.″

How to Gift Money Creatively

  • Swann believes that sending money via Venmo, Zelle, or other electronic means is absolutely permissible at this time.
  • And if you’re the beneficiary of an electronic money transfer, sending a thank-you message through email is also totally fine.
  • ″A thoughtful email is the greatest way to express your appreciation—a text may be a touch too quick, and an emoji is not the ideal way to express thanks,″ Swann advises.

More of our favorite methods to send money as a gift are included in the following list.

1 Include a heartfelt note

  • No matter how you give money as a gift—even if it’s just a Venmo—ensure that the person who receives it understands how much they are loved and cherished.
  • The message to the recipient should demonstrate that you’ve given it some consideration and that there is significance behind it, according to Swann.
  • It’s appropriate to say something like, ″Here’s to your next golf game,″ or ″Here’s a little bit to help you as you develop your garden,″ if they’re a gardener or a sports fanatic, for example.

It is the thought that matters, just as it does with any other gift.

2 Fold it beautifully

Simple origami tactics are a fun and unique way to give money as a gift. Fold your dollar bills into hearts to express your love, or a bouquet of flowers to give as a wedding gift.

3 Attach it to another gift

When giving a present, money is often the focal point; however, it is not necessary for it to be the only item you provide. You can place the money in a basket filled with sweets, beauty products, or other delicacies that the recipient would like. Alternatively, you might go one step farther and utilize money to wrap another gift.

See also:  How Big Is A Pan Pizza?

4 Create a money tree

  • We all know that money does not grow on trees, but there are ways to make it appear as though it did.
  • It is possible to create a money tree gift basket using a variety of various methods.
  • To build a topiary, you can either attach bills to a styrofoam form (make it simple to remove them without hurting the money by using easy-lift scotch tape) or connect gift cards or money to a branch or a real plant (we used a money plant for ours).

5 Add it to a surprise ball

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a surprise ball, it is a big ball of crepe paper that the receiver unravels, uncovering trinkets (and in this case, cash) along the way. All you need is a large roll of crepe paper, your money present, and a few other interesting items to complete this project (think tiny figurines, bracelets, or pieces of candy).

6 Play on the idea of ″dough″

Wrap your cash gift in a loaf of bread, a rolling pin, or even a (empty!) jar of Play-doh to make it look more festive.

7 Disguise your money gift

Alternatively, you could use the packaging from another desired gift—a box of chocolates, a tin of tea, or a jewelry box would all work well.

8 Give a money gift that suits the season

The cash may be wrapped and placed in a transparent ornament to be displayed on your Christmas tree, or it can be hidden inside plastic Easter eggs to be discovered by the receiver.

23 Creative Ways to Give Money

  • Who doesn’t like receiving money as a gift?
  • However, delivering someone a card with a $20 dollar note inside feels a little…
  • stale.

It is possible to make cash-giving enjoyable again with a little more work and a dash of imagination!Here are 23 unique methods to donate money for every event, including Christmas, graduations, birthdays, and other celebrations.Many of these ideas may also be used as creative ways to present gift cards to friends and family.

23 Creative Ways to Give Money

Are you seeking for adorable money-giving ideas that are also practical? Almost any product may be transformed into a unique way to donate money with a little imagination and planning. Toilet paper, balloons, play-doh, and Pez dispensers are just a few of the creative methods to donate money on this list, which includes many more. And, of course, everyone appreciates a present of money!

1. Balloon pop

This innovative cash-giving approach includes a gift-wrapped gift and balloon popping; can you imagine how much more enjoyable it might be? Fill balloons with cash, notes, or even lottery tickets to make a festive display! Money balloons are the ideal present for people of all ages and for all occasions! C.R.A.F.T. has all of the information you need about donating cash in balloons.

2. Toilet paper

This is the ideal cash-giving choice for the year 2020, hehe! Bonus: It’s really simple to put together and is quite handy! ″Just in case you get trash for Christmas, use this!″ write on a twenty-dollar bill stuck in the center of a toilet paper roll.

3. Play “Dough”

A container of Play Doh with some extra ″Dough″ is a thoughtful present that will be appreciated by everyone! For additional information on how to give money in Play-Doh, see this article on C.R.A.F.T. for more information.

4. The best kind of Pez-ent

What about cash and candy? Please accept my invitation! Check out C.R.A.F.T. for additional information on how to donate cash with a Pez Dispenser.

5. Jolly jar

Give cash or a gift card in an unusual way by hiding it in a mason jar filled with red Jolly Ranchers, as seen in the image below. Simply fill a mason jar with sweets and hide the gift card inside. Finish it off with a festive handmade tag that reads, ″Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!″

6. Embroider a canvas

Here’s another inventive, albeit not as straightforward, method of concealing a gift card. Make a canvas with a humorous phrase embroidered on it and attach the gift card to the back of it. For complete instructions on how to embroider a canvas, see this page.

7. Santa box

One more inventive, but less straightforward, method of concealing a gift card. A canvas with a humorous phrase should be embroided on one side, and the gift card should be attached on the other. Please see this page for for instructions on how to embroider a canvas.

8. Box of chocolate 

The moment young Johnny opens this chocolate package is something I want to witness! Using coins or dollars, fill each empty wrapper to create a delightful surprise for your friends! Take a look at Life as a mom for all of the information.

9. Holiday dough

Instead of cookies, the receiver will receive additional dough as a result of this clever poem. I don’t think they’ll be bothered by it. Do you agree? Tessie Fae offers a free printable poetry that you may download and print.

10. Peppermint rolls

Money rollers with a peppermint coating are a wonderful present for children or college students who use a laundry mat! More information may be found at Martha Stewart.

11. Scavenger hunt

  • Scavenger hunts make giving and receiving any gift or gift card much more enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver.
  • I’ve designed scavenger hunts with clues for both children and adults.
  • In order to keep extremely young children engaged, I always create visual cues, and for adults, I make up goofy rhymes.

In this section, you will find far too much information regarding putting together scavenger hunt clue games on C.Raft.(See this page for more information on scavenger hunt games for people of any age!)

12. Gingerbread dough

  • Using gingerbread ″dough″ and a poem to raise money is a wonderful idea.
  • Gingerbread men with delicious frosting are oh so nice and highly appealing, according to the poem.
  • I had intended to construct a dozen or two, but I ran out of time before I could finish.

Oh my God, what do I do?As a substitute for the cookies, I made a bow.It’s like having your own personal dish of Christmas bread!(This was originally discovered on Heart and Soul Scrappers.)

13. Secret book money

  • Place a crisp $20 cash in the pages of an excellent book.
  • Books such as Freakanomics, C.Raft, Guns, Germs, and Steel, and Where the Crawdads Sing are all excellent choices for young readers.
  • In addition, a cookbook or an adult coloring book can gift just the thing for the appropriate individual!

The difficult part is keeping it a secret from the receiver.Simply let the receiver to discover the hidden treasure as they flip through the book on their own.I guarantee that they will be ecstatic.It’s like discovering buried money in the pocket of your winter coat!

14. Tissue box

Make a money box out of an empty Kleenex box and attach a letter that says, ″Don’t blow it all in one place!″ to the outside. Thank you, Lovezilla, for your brilliant suggestion.

15. Paper bag pocket

Make a plain brown paper lunch bag into a useful money bag with a few easy modifications. Mish Mash has a comprehensive tutorial available.

16. Emergency money

Consider framing a gift card or cash with an insert that reads, ″In an emergency, shatter glass!″ as a humorous way to present it. Create my Event provided the image used in this post.

17. Raining money

Who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of money pouring down on them? Create this ingenious method of making money rain from an umbrella, courtesy of The Seasonal Home.

18. Pizza “dough”

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy getting money in the mail. Using an umbrella from The Seasonal Home, create an ingenious technique to make money rain on you.

Origami money

19. Money tree

Who wouldn’t want a money tree in their yard? The whole technique may be found on the website Then She Made.

20. Origami Christmas tree

The traditional red truck that transports a Christmas tree has been repainted and has sprouted an origami money tree! I think this is a really creative approach to contribute money over the Christmas season. Check out Jacolyn Murphy’s website for additional information.

21. Origami money heart

This is an excellent method of providing funds for a graduation. Homemade presents has instructions on how to fold an origami heart.

22. Money lei

It’s possible that a money lei is the most unique money gift idea I’ve ever seen! Head on over to Lil Luna for a step-by-step instruction.

23. Dollar bill wallet

  • Create a holder for a gift card or additional bacon by stacking two one-dollar notes together. The full instruction may be found at Crafty Journal. The holidays are approaching, and I’m confident that this list of innovative methods to donate money will be really beneficial! If you’re seeking for more creative ways to give the gift of money but don’t want to do it yourself, try purchasing one of these entertaining products that may be used to conceal cash or coins: Coin counting jar (this is a fantastic idea for youngsters! )
  • Word-finding dictionary safe with combination lock
  • an insulated water bottle with a hidden money section

Do you have any more suggestions for innovative ways to distribute cash? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Man Pays Ticket With Origami Pigs

  • Passive aggressive protest is a skill that Americans have mastered.
  • Everybody has heard of those folks who think they’re so cool for refusing to pay their bills or fines in cash and instead opting for pennies.
  • A guy from Utah paid his $25 doctor’s bill with 2,500 pennies, according to the newspaper.

One man, on the other hand, was a little more inventive.When police issued a $137 charge to a Houston man for having an expired inspection ticket, the guy became quite upset.Consequently, in order to express his unhappiness, he folded 137 dollar notes into origami pigs, placed them in two Dunkin’ Donuts boxes, and proceeded to pay the fee.(He claims that he folded the dollars into pigs since piggy banks are in the shape of pigs, but I believe he is referring to something else.) Contrary to expectations, the teller declined to accept the piggy money.

Legal Tender?

  • The guy contends that the teller is required to accept the pig money since it was legal currency at the time of the transaction.
  • A common misconception is that businesses are obligated to take any form of payment as long as it is legal tender.
  • This is simply not true.

According to the Coinage Act of 1965, ″Coins and money of the United States (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues owed to the government of the United States.Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal currency for obligations.″ However, according to the United States Department of the Treasury, while coins and folded pig dollars are considered legal cash, there is nothing in the law that requires anybody to accept a doughnut box full of origami dollars as payment.A private company’s policy on whether or not to accept any type of legal cash is entirely up to the company itself.This is why it’s allowed for companies to require cash only or refuse to take bills higher than $20.

Other Money Laws

  • Did you realize that pulling money from a bank account might result in a jail sentence? U.S. Code sections 331 and 333 prohibit defacing or modifying coins or bank bills ″with the aim to render such coin or bank bill unsuitable for reissue.″ Section 333 prohibits defacing or altering bank notes ″with the intent to render such bank note unfit for reissue.″ Tampering with coins will land you in prison for up to five years, whereas messing with bank notes will only land you in prison for six months. Weird. Did you know that the Treasury Department will repay you for money that has been tampered with? The United States Treasury will compensate you for any cash that has been destroyed or mutilated. Your only responsibility is to ship the mutilated dollars to Washington, D.C., along with a letter describing the estimated worth of the bills as well as what transpired. This worked for a couple whose dog ate five $100 notes in a single sitting. As soon as the bills went through the dog, the owners submitted the stinking bills to the United States Department of Agriculture, where they were reimbursed a year later! If you have a ticket, you may save everyone time and money by paying in cash in one lump sum. However, if you’re truly enraged, I recommend protesting with bacon instead. Other related resources include: Man pays $137 traffic ticket with 137 Origami Pigs in Donut Boxes (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (Huffington Post)
  • Make Your Own Currency, Spend 5 Years in Jail (FindLaw’s Legally Weird)
  • Woman Who Threw Bacon at Police Station Gets Charges Dismissed (FindLaw’s Legally Weird)
  • ‘Bacon Bacon’ Restaurant Closed for Smelling Like Bac

How to Make a Money Tree

  • Article to be downloaded article to be downloaded Money doesn’t grow on trees, but money trees are a delightful exception to this rule that can be found in many places.
  • They make wonderful gifts for friends and family, and they may also be used as a fun party décor.
  • Although this project requires a significant amount of time to complete, it is simple to put together and makes extensive use of standard craft products such as hot glue, plaster, and paper.

Alternatively, if you own a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch platform, you may grow your very own virtual money tree.

  1. Read More About It Read More About It Money doesn’t grow on trees, but money trees are a delightful exception to this rule that may be seen in many locations. In addition to being a kind present for friends and family, they may also be used as a fun party décor. This project is simple to put together and makes use of basic craft products such as hot glue, plaster, and paper. Although it may take a little effort, it is worth it. A second option is to purchase Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch system and use it to create your very own virtual money tree.

2 Fold all four corners together to form a triangle. Grasp each of the four corners and fold them forward to form a smaller triangle. It is important to note that each side of the dollar bill will now resemble a bigger triangle with a sharp edge on each side. It is still possible to see the portrait that is in the middle of your dollar note at this stage.

  • Promotional material
  • 3 Make a trapezoid out of the folded dollar by slicing it in half lengthwise. To form a lengthy, horizontal fold in the dollar bill, pinch both sides of the folded money together. At this stage, your dollar note will take on the shape of a long trapezoid.
  • 4 Make two extra folded dollar notes to use as flower petals by folding them in half. Continue folding the trapezoids until you have three folded trapezoids in total. Please keep in mind that each dollar bill will produce two petals, allowing you to construct a flower with a total of six petals. It’s quite acceptable if your first attempt at

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