How Much Pizza To Order For A Party?

A good rule of thumb is to allow three slices per adult and two slices per child of a traditional crust pizza. Of course, if everyone is starving, then consider upping those numbers a bit by one or two slices.
The best way to calculate how many pizzas you should order is by following the 3/8 rule. Each guest is likely to eat three pizza slices, and the average large pizza serves around eight slices. Remember to round up to get whole numbers and order more or less based on your party’s needs.

How many pizzas should I order for my kids?

The good news is that there’s a magical equation for figuring out exactly how many pizzas you’ll need : For kids ages five and below, you should order one slice per child For kids ages 5 and up, you should order 2 extra slices for every 6 kids

How do I calculate how many pizzas I need to order?

The free Pizza Calculator will look at the number of people you’re entertaining, their appetites, and the size and type of pizza you want and tell you just how many you need to order. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get the number of pizzas you’ll need to order.

How many pizzas should I order for a party?

To prevent drastically under or overestimating how much pizza to order for a party, it’s typically best to follow the 3/8 rule: Simply multiply the number of guests by 3/8.

How many pizzas do I need for a birthday party?

Rule of Thumb

Generally, stick to the rule of ordering three standard slices per teenager or adult, and then adjust the total number of slices depending on how much supplemental food you’ll be serving on the side. If you’re planning a kid’s party, two slices per child will suffice.

How many pizzas do I need for 6 adults?

A Medium 12″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 8 slices and serves 3-4 people. A Large 14″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 8 or 10 slices and serves 3-5 people. An Extra Large 16″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 5-6 people. An 18″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 6-7

How many people does a large Dominos pizza feed?

Domino’s large pizzas are the perfect answer to feeding a hungry group. These 14—inch pizzas feed approximately three to five people who are craving the Hand Tossed, Brooklyn Style, or Crunchy Thin Crust pizzas.

How many pizzas should I order for kids and adults?

A good general rule is this: Factor in three slices per adult and two slices per child. Tip: Getting more than four pizzas?

How many pizzas do I need for 10 adults?

10 People = 4 Pizzas. 15 People = 6 Pizzas. 20 People = 8 Pizzas. 30 People = 12 Pizzas.

Is it better to get 2 medium pizzas or 1 large?

Mathematicians state that ordering one large pizza is a better deal than ordering two medium-sized pizzas. Surprisingly, one 18-inch pizza has more pizza than two 12-inch pizzas. Just to confirm the number of slices per pizza by size: Small pizza: 8-10 inches, six slices.

How many pizza slices does the average person eat?

Americans eat an average of 46 slices of pizza per year (packaged facts, New York).

What is standard pizza size?

Small pizzas average between 8 and 10 inches in diameter and will yield about six slices. Medium pizzas run 12 inches in diameter and will give you about eight slices. Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and will offer approximately 10 slices.

What is the $19.99 deal at Domino’s?

Domino’s Perfect Combo is a deal that’s hard to beat — especially when you’re looking for family meal deals to go. This combo bundles up four crowd-pleasers for $19.99: 2 medium 1-topping pizzas. 16-piece Parmesan Bread Bites.

What is the 7.99 deal at Dominos?

What is this? The popular pizza shop’s Carryout Deal offers customers three-topping pizzas for just $7.99 each at participating locations. (The offer excludes XL or specialty pizzas.) Crust availability varies by size.

How big is a Costco pizza?

A Costco pizza is 16-18 inches big and costs $9.95. The pizza has 12 slices, and each goes for $1.99.

Pizza Calculator – Find How Many Pizzas to Order

    Have a crowd to feed and need a quick, easy, and delicious meal for the party? We’ve got you covered! Enter the number of guests and calculate how many pizzas you should order.

How Many Pizzas do you Need?

  • It might be difficult to order pizza for a large gathering of people.
  • For those of you who are similar to us, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself scratching your head in frustration when attempting to determine how many pies you should get on more than one occasion.
  • Depending on the number of visitors, their hunger level, and the type of pizza purchased, you will require a different amount of pizza for your party.
  • A reasonable rule of thumb is to allow three slices of classic crust pizza per adult and two pieces per child when serving a large group.

Of course, if everyone is famished, you might want to consider increasing those numbers by one or two slices to accommodate everyone.Since the majority of big pizzas contain eight to ten pieces each pie, you should buy a large pizza for every three adults and four to five children.And this takes us to the pizza recipe itself.

The Pizza Formula

  • It took a lot of parties, um, research sessions, but we’ve come up with the ideal pizza-ordering recipe.
  • p = 3a / 8 is equal to In this case, the number of pizzas p you should order is equal to three times the number of visitors a divided by the number of people attending.
  • And don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself.
  • The good guys over at Giordano’s, who are specialists in the art of pizza making if there ever was one, recommend that a 3/8 ratio of pizza is the proper ratio to order for a gathering of friends.

That being the case, anybody organizing a party might want to check out our cake calculator to get an idea of how much cake they’ll need.

How Many Pizzas Should You Order?

The chart below illustrates how many pizzas you should order for your gathering.

Table showing how many large 14″ pizzas you should order to feed a party.

Guests Pizzas Needed
5 2 pizzas
10 4 pizzas
15 6 pizzas
20 8 pizzas
25 10 pizzas
30 12 pizzas
40 15 pizzas
50 19 pizzas

Pro Tips When Ordering Pizza for a Group

  • Here are a few things to think about before placing your order.
  • Order the biggest size available: The extra-large pizza is undoubtedly more expensive than the medium, but larger pizza sizes often cost less per slice than smaller ones, resulting in a more cost-effective purchase in the long run.
  • Look for bargains: Pizza stores frequently offer discounts and coupons, so it may be worthwhile to check around for the best deal, particularly if you are placing a large order.
  • Choosing to pick up your pizza rather than having it delivered is a thoughtful gesture because most pizza places charge a premium for delivery, and it is customary to give a big tip for large orders.

The delivery process can also be more time-consuming because the driver may have other stops scheduled before yours and is not waiting in the kitchen for your order to be ready.You should also check out our turkey and ham size calculators if you’re in charge of hosting Thanksgiving or Easter dinner this year.

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  • How Does the Type of Pizza Affect the Quantity You Require?
  • You may place an order for your entire group at Green Lantern.
  • Pizza is really popular.
  • In their lifetime, the average adult in the United States will consume about 6,000 pieces of pizza.
  • Even more mind-boggling is the fact that the United States consumes 3 billion pizzas every year — equivalent to more than 8 million pizzas purchased every day.
  • For your next party or family night, avoid the caterers and stick with pizza, which is the nation’s most popular food.

With only one rule, we’ll simplify the process of determining how many pizzas to order in this article.The 3/8 rule is a good place to start.Figure out how many mouths you’ll be serving and anticipate that each will consume around three pieces of pizza.Even if you keep this criterion in mind, you may still be unsure of how many pizzas you will require based on the menu you have chosen.We’ll answer some of the most often asked questions about how to order the appropriate amount of pizzas for your party or family gathering in the section below.

How Many Slices of Pizza per Person?

  • Estimate that each individual will have around three pieces of pizza. Remember that this is intended to serve as a general guideline, and that some people may drink more or less than this amount. For a hungry football squad, you might want to buy a few extra pizzas than you would otherwise place an order for. In comparison, if you’re buying pizzas for a child’s birthday party, you can order less than you normally would because children typically consume less food than adults. Consider the following factors when determining how many pizzas to order: The total amount of persons you’re providing food for
  • and
  • The average number of slices that individuals consume in a single sitting
  • You should consider the age of your guests, as well as their projected appetite.
  • If you’re planning on ordering or providing additional sides or snacks

How Many Pizzas Do I Need for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 People?

  • The 3/8 rule is the most accurate technique to figure out how many pizzas you should order for a given number of people. Each visitor is expected to consume three pizza slices, and the average big pizza can accommodate around eight pieces per serving. Remember to round up to the next whole number and to order more or less depending on the demands of your gathering. As a general guideline, you should order the following number of pizzas based on the number of people who will be eating the pizza you are ordering: There are five people: Order two pizzas, assuming that each individual consumes 15 pieces each pizza.
  • Ten individuals:
  • Order four pizzas because your visitors will most likely consume a total of 30 slices each.
  • When serving 15 people, order six pizzas assuming each visitor consumes three slices, for a total of 45 slices.
  • Order eight pizzas for a total of 20 persons, assuming that all 20 visitors consume a total of 60 slices.
  • If you’re serving 25 people, order 10 pizzas if everyone eats a total of 75 pieces.

It is important to note that the number of pizzas you order for your party will be determined by the size of the pie you choose.

How Many People Does a Small 10″ Pizza Feed?

A small pizza has around four pieces on average. As a result, a small pizza may serve about one adult or two children. Whenever you’re buying a tiny pizza for your family’s youngsters or when you’re getting a special topping for a certain guest or family member, go for the smallest size available.

How Many People Does a Medium 12″ Pizza Feed?

  • Medium-sized pizzas include around six pieces of pizza, which is enough to satisfy two adults or three children.
  • You can’t go wrong with ordering a medium pizza or two to share with your significant other or family members on a Friday evening.
  • You may also order a medium pizza with innovative toppings and a large pizza with crowd-pleasers like cheese or pepperoni if you’re hosting a huge gathering.

How Many People Does a Large 14″ Pizza Feed?

  • A large pizza typically comprises eight slices, whereas an extra-large pizza often contains roughly ten slices (depending on size).
  • According to the same logic that an average adult will have approximately three slices of pizza, a big pizza will serve approximately two adults or four children.
  • It is estimated that one extra-large pizza will serve three adults and five children.
  • It is advised that you buy bigger quantities of widely enjoyed toppings.

Is It Better to Get 2 Medium Pizzas or 1 Large Pizza?

  • That is entirely dependent upon the amount of people that are being fed.
  • Let’s take a look at the numbers one by one.
  • For six slices of pizza, the average medium-sized pizza costs roughly $10, give or take a few cents.
  • Furthermore, an average big pizza costs just a few dollars more for eight slices than a medium pizza.

That is, of course, providing you do not receive any more toppings.Order three medium pizzas if you’re looking to serve a group of around five individuals.If you’re attempting to serve fewer people than that, say three to four people, you can save money by purchasing two big pizzas instead of one small pizza.Now consider another scenario: if you’re going to serve 15 people, you’ll need around 45 pieces of bread.This implies that you may order eight medium-sized pizzas or six big pizzas to be delivered.In this situation, purchasing six big pizzas will result in a significant savings in cost.

  • Overall, the choice of toppings for any party or gathering will come down to personal preference and taste.
  • In the event that you want greater diversity in your topping options, medium pizzas may be the preferable choice.
  • Instead of ordering a small, you may purchase a big if everyone is on the same page with their preferences.

How Does Pizza Type Affect the Quantity You Need?

  • The sort of pizza you order is an important consideration that is frequently disregarded.
  • As a result, some varieties of pizza might leave you feeling fuller than others, resulting in you and your guests eating less slices of pizza.
  • Pizzas piled high with toppings or with thicker crusts may leave your visitors feeling full after only a few of slices, so plan accordingly.
  • In order to compensate for the greater consumption while ordering less satisfying pizza variants such as thin crust, you’ll want to order more pizzas than usual.

Especially if you’re ordering heavier pizza kinds like deep-dish, order a little less than you would otherwise.

Order Pizza for Your Entire Group at Green Lantern

  • What characteristics distinguish an excellent pizza? In our opinion, it comes with a long history of pizza-making and the use of high-quality ingredients as evidenced by Green Lantern. The origins of Green Lantern may be traced back decades to an ancient farmhouse. However, this wasn’t your typical farmhouse. An old-fashioned green light hung alongside the building’s entrance on the outside, indicating to pedestrians that the establishment offered alcoholic beverages. The lamp had been there since Prohibition. As a result, the superhero ″Green Lantern″ was created! Green Lantern is now mostly known for its pizza, but it also offers a variety of other dishes such as sandwiches, burgers, submarines, salads, and a variety of appetizers and sides. For your next party or family event, Green Lantern Pizza is the perfect choice. Among our specialty pizzas are: John’s Jumbo Supreme, which is topped with cheese, ham, mushrooms, green peppers and pepperoni
  • Tommy’s Super Special, which is topped with cheese, ham, mushrooms, green peppers and pepperoni
  • Chicken Siciliano, which is topped with cheese, tomato and marinated chicken breast with garlic butter and mild pepper rings, red onion and oregano
  • and BBQ Chicken, which is topped with cheese, BBQ sauce, marinated chicken breast,
  • Alternatively, you may make your own pizza!
  • Pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, Italian sausage, ground beef, black olives, roasted garlic, spinach, and a variety of other toppings may be found on Green Lantern’s pizzas.
  • To get pizza for your next party or pizza night, choose a restaurant near you and make an order online.
  • Are you unsure about how many pizzas you’ll require?

Follow the 3/8 rule, or simply consult with one of our pizza experts!This is something we’d be more than pleased to assist you with.

How Much Pizza Should I Order for My Child’s Party?

  • Is it in your plans to provide pizza at your child’s birthday party? You’re in excellent company! My full-time profession is that of children’s magician, and over the previous 10 years, I’ve performed for over 3,000 birthday parties and eaten a lot of pizza! The main difficulty is determining how many to purchase. If you order too few, you will be left with a bunch of dissatisfied youngsters. In order to avoid sending your parents home with boxes of pizza and eating cold leftovers for breakfast, don’t order too many items. The good news is that there is a mystical equation that can be used to determine precisely how many pizzas you will require: If you have children under the age of five, you should order one slice per child.
  • If you have children aged 5 and higher, you need purchase 2 additional slices for every 6 children.
  • If you intend to feed the parents, you should order 1.8 times the amount of pizza you normally would.
  • I understand what you’re going through.
  • Math was also not one of my favorite subjects in school.
  • Fortunately, there is an even faster, easier, and completely FREE method of determining how many pizzas you will require.
  • Magic is being introduced.

Evan’s Pizza Calculator is a handy tool for figuring out how much pizza to order.My pizza calculator takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and may even save you money:-) What do you think the average age of the children is?How many children are expected to attend the party?Will the parents partake in the pizza party as well?Is it true?No, it isn’t.

You should order this many pies:

  • Do you have an idea of how many pizzas to order?
  • Awesome:-) .and that is to book my birthday party magic show, of course!;-) There is just one more thing you need to do to ensure that it is the most enjoyable and unforgettable party you have ever hosted.
  • Weekends are quite popular, and dates tend to sell out very fast.
  • Avoid being disappointed by completing the form below to check your scheduled date before it is too late!

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  • In order for you to completely understand how our calculator arrived at its result, we give a thorough step-by-step instruction for all of the calculations or equations that you have placed into one of our calculators whenever possible.

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How Much Pizza Should You Order For a Party?

  • When it comes to party planning, there are many elements to consider, both important and insignificant, and it can be overwhelming.
  • The creation of a guest list, the selection of a convenient date, the distribution of invites, and the preparation of an itinerary are just a few of the critical chores that must be completed gracefully in order to pull off a great party.
  • The food, on the other hand, is possibly the most crucial aspect that has to be addressed.
  • As for pizza, we all know that it is the ultimate party food, with its cheesy flavor and ability to please a large audience.

So, how much pizza do you think you’ll need for your get-together?While we believe that there is no such thing as too much pizza, we also understand that you don’t want to be drowning in cardboard boxes once all of your guests have left.A big faux pas might result from mistakenly ordering too little food: failing to provide enough food for your guests is the ultimate party failure.As a result, determining the optimal portion of pizza to order for your group might be a time-consuming calculation.The good news is that there are a few factors you may take into account to make the selection a little easier.You should consider the following points before calling your local pizzeria to place your order: Also, if your order is going to be very large, make sure to notify your local pizzeria in advance.

  • Species of Party: Is this a luncheon or a dinner-only affair?
  • Is it a sleepover party for pre-teens?
  • Was it made clear to your visitors that you would be offering a proper meal?
  • Or are you getting the pizza to have as a snack while you’re at work?
  • In order to accurately calculate the number of pies to purchase, it is critical to ask yourself these kind of questions.

If your guests are anticipating a full dinner or if you have designated your gathering as a ″pizza party,″ be sure to provide plenty of pizza to satisfy their appetites.If they are only anticipating refreshments, you may be able to get away with ordering a lower quantity of goods.The following are the types of guests: As with the sort of party, the type of attendee will have a direct impact on the amount of pizza you’ll end up having to order.

The amount of pizza required to feed a celebration for the local high school football team would almost certainly outweigh the amount required to feed a 5-year-birthday old’s party.As an example, a post-meet celebration for a girl’s swim team will almost certainly require far more pizza than an after-party event where the vast majority of visitors will have already eaten dinner (or will be eating supper soon).Eating habits are highly variable, and having a broad understanding of your visitors’ hunger state and appetite can assist you in making a more informed ordering selection.a general rule of thumb Keep in mind that you should purchase three regular slices per adolescent or adult, and you should alter the total amount of slices based on how much extra food you’ll be offering on the side.For a children’s party, two pieces of pizza each child will be plenty.Furthermore, if you intend to provide sides such as breadsticks or salad, buying 2.5 slices per adult may be more practical.

  1. In any case, there will very certainly be a few visitors who eat more than their allowed part and a few who eat less than their allotted amount.
  2. It will all come out in the wash in the end.
  3. It’s usually best to err on the side of caution when it comes to proper party protocol, to summarize it.
  4. It is preferable to have a few leftover pizzas and guarantee that your visitors leave happy and with full bellies than to have starved party goers who are full of hanger at the end of the night.
  5. And if you finish up with a few too many leftover pies, you can always send a few to your friends’ homes.

After all, pizza is a delectable party treat that everyone will enjoy.

How Many Pizzas Should I Order? (Calculator + Size Recs)

Are you unsure about how much pizza to order? We created this handy little pizza calculator to help you figure out precisely how much pizza you’ll need to feed you and your friends. Whether you’re trying to figure out how much pizza to order for an office pizza party, a kid’s birthday party, a bunch of pals, or just yourself because you’re very hungry, we’ve got your back.

Use Our Pizza Calculator

  • Utilize this calculator to assist you in determining the precise amount of pizza to order.
  • Answer just three simple questions, and we’ll provide you with an immediate estimate of how many big pizzas you should order for your group.
  • How many grownups will be attending this pizza get-together?
  • How many children do you have?

How hungry are you right now?Boom.We done the math; now it’s up to you to place the order.

Slice to Pizza Size Ratio

  • When selecting how many pizzas to purchase, the size of the pizza is a major factor to consider. Let’s have a look at the different sizes. In this table, you will find the usual pizza sizes from a typical pizza restaurant, ranging from a little pie to an extra-large pizza, as well as the number of slices that are included in each size. Small pizzas are 8-10 inches in diameter with 6 slices
  • medium pizzas are 12-14 inches in diameter with 8 slices
  • and large pizzas are 14-16 inches in diameter with 8 slices.
  • Extra-large pizza (about 16-18 inches in diameter with 8-10 pieces)
  • No matter what size pizza you order, contrary to common perception, the typical pizza will always come with 8 pieces. The tiny pizza, on the other hand, is often served with 6 pieces due to its modest size. According to interviews with pizza specialists published in Pizza Today, the following are some instances of how pizza proportions differ throughout pizzerias. Joe’s Pizza in New York City serves a huge plain cheese pizza that is 21 inches in diameter and has 8 slices each slice.
  • A big pizza at Metro Pizza in Las Vegas is presently 18 inches in diameter, and it is sliced into 6 or 8 pieces depending on where you are.
  • Scott’s Pizza Tours in New York City visit over 50 different pizza places, and the normal pie is 18 to 20 inches in diameter and divided into 8 pieces.
  • Recall that the size of the pizza will differ from restaurant to restaurant, so make careful to check with the restaurant over the phone before placing your order.
  • When it comes to cutting, pizza businesses are ready to accommodate unique requests.
  • For example, if a big cheese pizza is generally cut into 8 slices at your local pizza joint, the restaurant may simply cut the pizza into more pieces to accommodate your party.
  • When buying pizza for children, this is the ultimate expert tip to keep in mind so that they can consume smaller slices without difficulty!

Additionally, you may get the pizza uncut and assemble it yourself.In many circumstances, restaurants may also serve square sliced pizza, which is a fun thing to know.In Northeastern Pennsylvania, the conventional pizza is rectangular in shape, and it is referred to as a pizza tray rather than a pizza pie!It’s also offered in cuts rather than by the amount of slices, which is another difference.In order to split a whole tray into 12 pieces, a half tray would be sliced into 6 pieces.Visit our friends at Arcuro’s in Old Forge to sample this unique twist on a traditional pizza!

Tips for Ordering Pizza For Both Small and Large Groups

If you’ve used our pizza calculator to figure out how much pizza to order for your group but are still perplexed, continue reading to learn about the variables we take into consideration when placing our own pizza orders.

1. The number of adults vs children.

When ordering pizza, it’s vital to know how many people will be in attendance, but it’s even more important to know who those individuals are. How many adults are there? How many children are there? When it comes to ordering pizza, children play a significant role because they consume far less than the average adult.

2. Appetite level.

  • Just how hungry are you right now?
  • The average number of pizza slices consumed by an adult is three, however this amount can vary significantly depending on the individual’s appetite.
  • It’s true that some individuals only want a slice of pie while others can devour half a pie, so keep your visitors’ eating habits in mind when placing your order for the group.
  • People, hunger is measured on a sliding scale!

3. Preferences, allergies and diet requirements.

  • Pizza toppings are a popular discussion subject for both large and small gatherings.
  • You should take note of the group’s tastes so that you can get enough of everything.
  • This includes pepperoni, supreme, veggie, black olives, green peppers, red onion, Italian sausage, Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, anchovies, white pie, speciality pizza, and plain cheese.
  • Other considerations include whether or whether anyone in the group has dietary limitations, in addition to the style of pizza.

Pizza establishments do an excellent job of accommodating allergy sufferers, offering gluten-free pizza, cauliflower crust, vegan and vegetarian alternatives, among other things.In addition, there are always apps to accompany your dinner, featuring Italian staples such as antipasto, eggplant parmesan, and fresh mozzarella, among others.

4. Understand how many slices are included with each size.

  • If you’re trying to decide whether or not to order several pizza sizes, knowing how many pieces are in a normal pie is valuable information to have.
  • There are many different crust kinds, ranging from crispy thin crust pizza to chicago-style deep-dish pizza, which might be useful when calculating how much pizza is needed.
  • However, the number of people is the most important factor to consider.
  • Perhaps, after reviewing your options with our pizza calculator, you find that you require 3 pizzas but would want to keep a few extras on hand for later use.

Our rule of thumb is to order a little cheese to keep on hand at all times.Visitors frequently want another slice of cake but do not like to commit to an entire cake, making this a perfect method to provide smaller portions to your guests!!Asking for the pizza to be twice sliced is yet another useful trick.Because a double cut pizza is divided into two times the number of slices as a conventional pizza, a big cheese pizza will be split into 16 smaller pieces rather than the customary eight.This is an excellent choice if you have a large group of children or if you prefer appetizer-sized amounts.

Tipping for Large Pizza Orders

  • When placing big catering orders, it is usual to leave a 20 percent gratuity.
  • Behind the scenes, there is a lot of work that goes into preparing your purchase for delivery.
  • In addition to making the pizza and prepping it for takeout, the pizza restaurant must pack it appropriately to fit the group and ensure that it has all of the necessary napkins, spices, sauces, and utensils.
  • All of this is done before the package ever leaves the building!

When placing a large order, it is common for catering gratuities to be distributed among all staff, including the driver and chef, so keep this in mind when tipping.Inclement weather circumstances such as snow and rain, as well as busy hours and holidays such as Super Bowl Sunday and NFL games, should be factored into your estimate by 10-15 percent.More information on how much to tip pizza delivery drivers can be found in our comprehensive guide on tipping, which also includes a pizza tip calculator.


The bottom line is that if you’re still on the fence about purchasing that additional pie, even after consulting the pizza calculator, simply go ahead and order it. We’ll show you how to reheat pizza the next day so that ooey gooey slice tastes just as amazing as the day it was made.

How Many Pizzas To Buy Calculator

  • In order to feed 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 people (or more), how many pizzas should you order?
  • In the event that you are arranging a party or attempting to feed a big number of people, the Pizza Calculator will assist you in determining how many pizzas to order in order to ensure that everyone is satisfied, and it will even recommend toppings.
  • Given the fact that the typical American consumes 27 pounds of pizza each year (according to Pizza Market Place), offering pizza is always a popular meal option for parties.
  • The following are some considerations to keep in mind when purchasing pizza for a big group of people (or you can simply jump to the calculator at the bottom of this page):

How Many Slices On A Pizza

  • Generally speaking, a small (8-10′′) pizza has 6 slices on average.
  • On a 12 inch pizza, there are eight pieces (medium) Large (14′′) pizza has 10 slices, and a medium pizza has 8 pieces.
  • An extra-large (16-18′′) pizza has 12 slices, while a medium (16-18′′) pizza has 10.
  • You should double-check the quantity of slices before placing your order because this will vary depending on the pizza provider.

How Much Pizza Do I Need to Order?

  • A simple breakdown of how many pizzas you would need to order for your adult guests is provided below.
  • All of these calculations are based on ordering medium pizzas with 8 slices.
  • You may get a significantly better deal on big or extra-large pizzas if you purchase them in bulk, especially when using a coupon.
  • Use the calculator at the bottom of this page to figure out how much you would need to order for various pizza sizes.

Additionally, you will receive ordering ideas for the kind of pizzas that you may like to purchase.How many medium pizzas do you need for 5 people?2 medium pizzas.How many pizzas do you need for ten people?Four medium-sized pizzas.How many pizzas do you need for 12 people?

  • 5 medium-sized pizzas.
  • How many pizzas do you need for 15 adults?
  • 6 medium pizzas, to be exact.
  • How many pizzas do you need for 17 people?
  • 7 medium pizzas, to be exact.

There are 7 medium-sized pizzas needed to feed 18 people.How many medium pizzas do you need for 20 adults?8 medium pizzas.

Approximately how many pizzas are needed for 25 people = 10 medium pizzas How many pizzas do you need for 30 people?12 medium pizzas, to be exact.How many medium pizzas do you need for 35 people?14 medium pizzas.How many pizzas do you need for 40 people?15 medium pizzas, to be exact.

  1. How many medium pizzas do you need for 45 people?
  2. 17 medium pizzas.
  3. How many pizzas do you need for 50 people?
  4. 19 medium-sized pizzas.

Pizza Sizes:

    Pizza Sizes In Inches (Small 10″ inch Pizza has 78.54 square inches (at 6 slices, each slice consists of 13 square inches)
  • A Medium 12″ inch Pizza has 113.10 square inches  (at 8 slices, each slice consists of 14 square inches)
  • A Large 14″ inch Pizza has 153.94 square inches (at 10 slices, each slice consists of 15 square inches)
  • An Extra Large 16″ inch Pizza has 201.06 square inches (at 12 slices, each slice consists of 16 square inches)
  • An 18″ inch Pizza has 254.47 square inches (at 14 slices, each slice consists of 18 square  inches (although these are often cut for 12 slices which would provide a whopping 21 square inches per slice)

How many slices per pizza size at Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut:

  • In most cases, a small 10′′ inch pizza is divided into six pieces and serves two to three people.
  • Ordinarily, a medium 12-inch pizza is divided into eight pieces and serves three to four people.
  • A large 14-inch pizza is typically cut into 8 or 10 slices and serves 3-5 people
  • a medium 14-inch pizza is typically cut into 8 or 10 slices and serves 3-5 people
  • A 16-inch extra-large pizza is often sliced into 6 or 12 slices and serves 5-6 people
  • a 16-inch extra-large pizza is typically cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 5-6 people.
  • A pizza that is 18 inches in diameter is often sliced into 6 to 12 slices and serves 6-7 people.

Pizza Toppings Ordering Tips

  • Cheese pizza is a favorite of almost everyone, and most people will eat it if their primary favorite isn’t available. Order a third to a half of your pizzas as plain cheese or double cheese if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.
  • Extra cheese, it is claimed, helps to keep pizzas warmer for longer periods of time (increasing the ″hold″ duration of the pizza). You can get more cheese if you need the pizzas to stay warm for a short period of time.
  • 62 percent of consumers choose meat toppings on their pizza, with pepperoni accounting for 38 percent of chosen meat toppings and sausage accounting for 14 percent of preferred meat toppings, and mushrooms accounting for 11 percent of desired vegetable toppings.
  • The most often requested pizza size is a 14-inch big pizza.
  • Specialty pizzas with a vast variety/combination of toppings are best ordered if you are aware of the tastes of the people who will be there. Aside from that, they may not be as popular, particularly if there are fussy eaters present, leading to a large amount of leftovers (sometimes known as ″breakfast″)
  • If you want thicker, speciality crusts or more toppings (more than 2), you may find that you need less pizza. These tend to be heavier and cause individuals to feel fuller more quickly

Should You Have A Pizza Bar?

  • Based on the number of pizzas you require, the calculator will suggest different ordering choices for you.
  • Instead of agonizing about the toppings to order for each pizza, you might want to consider having a pizza bar at your event instead.
  • Pizza bars are popular for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations.
  • If you are presenting an artisan pizza bar through a caterer, the apparent caveat to this rule is that you will not be able to choose the toppings.

Rather of ordering all of your pizzas with simply cheese, order them all with a choice of toppings so that your guests may construct their own masterpiece.At the end of the pizza bar table, place a toaster oven set to the broil setting so that customers may either heat up their pizza slices with the additional fixings or eat them as is.When it comes to the extra toppings, you may go all out or stick to the essentials.

Pizza Bar Toppings Ideas

Pepperoni Pineapple chunks
Red  or Yellow Pepper Slices Ham
Sausage Hamburger
Sliced red onion Jalapenos
Mushrooms slices Onions
Olives Sun-dried Tomatoes
Sliced tomatoes Feta Cheese
Green Peppers Goat Cheese
Spinach Asiago Cheese
Artichokes Garlic Slivers
Anchovies Shredded cheddar

Pizza Ordering Tips

  • Instead of picking up the pizzas personally, work with your pizza seller to have the pies delivered exactly when your guests are about to begin eating.
  • They will package the pizzas in insulated bags in order to keep them as warm as possible throughout delivery.
  • If you absolutely want to pick them up personally, bring along extra heavy blankets to maintain the pizza temperatures as high as possible while you’re driving to the location.
  • If you are buying more than 10 pizzas, you may want to call your pizza vendor at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that they will be able to create everything you want in a timely fashion.

Inquire about the amount of slices available for each pizza size you are considering ordering.Instead of cutting a big pizza into 10 pieces, some pizza suppliers may cut it into 8 slices.You can request that they add an additional two slices to each size in order to maintain the serving size appropriate, which is especially important for big and extra large pizza orders.

Which Pizza Size Is The Best Value

  • With coupons and requests for 16 slices instead of 14, an extra large 18-inch pizza is often the best value for money when compared to other sizes, especially when used in conjunction with additional coupons.
  • When you are serving a big number of people, giant and extra large pizzas are usually more cost effective.
  • In addition, practically every pizza shop provides coupons to make the bargain even better for customers.
  • The Size of a Pizza Pizza PriceSlicesSquare InchesPrice per sq inchSq Inch Per SlicePizza PriceSlicesSquare InchesPrice per sq inchSq Inch Per Slice Price per slice of bread Price per slice of bread (sq inches) 8″ 7.99 4 50.27 .15912.5 1.99 1.9910″ 8.99 6 78.54 .11413 1.50 1.4812″10.49 8 113.10 .09214 1.31 1.2914″13.49 10 153.94 .08815 1.35 1.3216″14.99 12 201.06 .07516 1.25 1.2018″16.49 14 254.47 .06518 1.18 1.17

Ordering Pizza For Children’s Parties

  • When hosting a children’s party or serving pizza as a side dish, request that your medium pizzas be cut into 10 slices instead of 8, and that your large pizzas be sliced into 14 pieces instead of 12 when serving pizza as a main course.
  • Children’s eyes tend to be larger than their bellies on average.
  • Maintaining lower slice sizes will ideally result in less wasted pizza when a youngster decides to want a second or third piece.
  • Also bear in mind that, despite the fact that this is a children’s party, adults will be dropping off and collecting up the children.

It’s possible that those same adults may also want a slice or two, so you may want to get an additional pizza, especially if pick up time is near to a typical lunch or supper hour (when everyone is at their hungriest).

Serving Pizzas

Consequently, you’ve planned the delivery of your pizzas to ensure that they arrive to the party still warm and fresh from the oven. The pizzas are still warm, but you don’t have any food warming lamps to keep them that way. Here are a few suggestions for keeping your pizzas warm for a longer period of time.

Keeping Pizzas Warm

  • Preparing labels or tent cards for each style of pizza can save you time.
  • If you don’t open the pizza boxes too often, the pizzas will keep warm longer.
  • If a box is labeled ″Mushrooms,″ those who don’t desire mushroom pizza will not be looking into the box to see what is inside.
  • Stack pizzas that are similar in size and shape.

In the event that your order contains (for example) four pepperoni pizzas and four cheese pizzas, arrange the pizza boxes such that only one box of each kind is opened at a time from top to bottom.Because the stacked pizza boxes will assist each other maintain heat, the pizzas will remain warmer for longer.An alternative method of keeping your pizzas warm without the use of warming lamps is to cover them with a heated blanket.Its huge size is ideal for a regular dinner table, and it may be concealed from view by using a tablecloth to cover it.

Making Self-Serve Pizza Convenient And Sanitary

  • Keep a pizza slicer and serving tongs on available for quick gratification.
  • Those pizza slices don’t always come apart as neatly as you’d like them to.
  • In the presence of a pizza cutter, a visitor may swiftly and easily remove their slice from the box without making a mess (or taking cheese off someone else’s slice), and more crucially, without having to touch the pizza itself.
  • For those who want to pick up their slices without touching the rest of the pizza, using tongs will be more convenient.

Serving tongs are available for purchase at your local dollar shop for a low price.* The calculator is predicated on the premise that pizza is the sole food item being offered, that the pizzas are standard crust two topping pizza, and that each hungry adult will consume three slices of pizza per person in attendance (with adjustments for big and small eaters).

The Right Amount of Pizza to Order for a Party

  • Is there any cuisine that is more ideal for a gathering than pizza?
  • It can easily feed everyone from toddlers to octogenarians since it is completely customisable, properly portionable, and, well, almost tempting.
  • Moreover, the fact that this miraculous treat does not require your participation and can be delivered to your home with no effort on your part (other than pressing a button) is, as previously stated, ideal.
  • Aside from ″Can I have it right now?″ the only question that springs to mind when it comes to pizza is how much you should actually order for a party.

Some people will eat only one slice, while others would eat five or six slices (although most will have somewhere in between.) Cheese is something that some individuals will only consume, while others are more daring.And, of course, the size of the pizza varies depending on where you go: A big pie can be 14 inches in diameter or 18 inches in diameter depending on the recipe.There’s a lot to take into consideration, but it’s not that much.After all, it’s only pizza – it’s not like it’s a rocket science project.A decent general rule to follow is as follows: Add three slices per adult and two slices each kid to your calculations.Getting more than four pizzas?

  • Here’s some advice: Call at least one day ahead of time to place your order.
  • Because the pizza establishment will be aware of your plans, they may coordinate the timing of the pick-up or delivery for your convenience.
  • If the pizzas are on the smaller, more personal size, or if the crust is really thin, you can increase your estimate to four slices per person, rather than three.
  • In addition, it’s never a bad idea to round up to acquire an additional pie because.well, why not?
  • Whether pizza is frozen and reheated, or when it is simply eaten straight from the fridge within a few days, it retains its delicious flavor.

Brittany Burke is a contributor to this article.Brittany is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Glamour and Dr.Oz’s The Good Life.

She like black licorice but despises cheese (yes, she is aware that this is unusual).

Your Awesome Pizza Party Delivered

  • There’s nothing better than a pizza party to get everyone together.
  • A delicious slice of pizza is always a welcome treat, whether it’s on game day, at a birthday party, at an office meeting, or on moving day.
  • Furthermore, P.Za Kitchen pizza delivery takes care of the majority of the job for you!
  • Continue reading for our greatest suggestions to make any pizza party a breeze to host yourself.

Instead of being confined to the kitchen for the duration of the meal, relax and enjoy the time with friends as you prepare your menu and determine how much pizza to order.


  • When planning your meal, consider options other than chips, dips, and wings.
  • Pizza is a favorite among everybody.
  • It’s a crowd-pleasing piece.
  • And, if you want to improve the gastronomic quotient of your menu, Roman style pizza is the new fad.

Pizza delivery is the most convenient option for a simple celebration.All you have to do is click here to place your order and then get back to having a good time.In order to make this work, you must have a range of dishes on the menu that can be readily served and left out for your guests to enjoy during the event.Plan your cuisine by following these suggestions.

  1. All of the food should be served buffet-style. It is more convenient for guests to graze and enjoy at their own pace.
  2. Make food selections that may be left out for several hours without spoiling
  3. When your visitors come, have two to three appetizers and snacks ready for them. Chips and dips, pre-made party platters, and buffalo wings are all readily available from your local grocery store
  4. but, they are more expensive.
  5. Bring out a variety of pizzas and salads towards the middle of the party, or at halftime if it’s a game day party, to keep everyone entertained. This is when pizza delivery comes in handy! Place your order before to the start of the party to ensure that your meal arrives in plenty of time. Better still, prepare ahead of time and place your purchase in advance. This is especially true if you purchase more than four pizzas.
  6. Choose alternatives that are both meat-centric and meat-free in order to suit everyone.
  7. During the last hour of the event, bring out easy-to-eat treats like brownies and chocolate chip cookies, as well as coffee and tea. If you’re throwing a game day party, start it around the beginning of the third quarter and get ready to celebrate the victory


  • If you’re hosting a party, there’s nothing worse than running out of food in the middle of it.
  • To figure out how many pizzas to order, first determine the size of the pizzas and the number of slices that will be cut from each pizza.
  • Generally speaking, you should count on 2.5 to 3 slices for adult, 1-2 slices per youngster, and 4-6 slices for people who have a large appetite..
  • P.Za Kitchen pizzas are 8″ x 12″ in size, which is considered to be personal size.

They are, however, cut into 6 squares and can serve 1 to 2 people, depending on the other items you are providing and how hungry your visitors are, so plan accordingly.Don’t be concerned if you have leftovers.Here are 5 creative ways to elevate your pizza leftovers to a whole new level.


  • Trying to figure out what sort of pizza to buy for a party may be more difficult than picking a Fantasy Football squad, to say the least.
  • Everyone has a favorite pizza that they enjoy eating.
  • There will be meat eaters and vegans in your group.
  • Then there are those who are content with a classic cheese and those who are foodies and want fancy toppings.

Everyone like cheese and pepperoni pizza, so those are usually a safe bet when it comes to ordering.Whenever you are entertaining and you are not sure what your guests will appreciate, order a couple cheese pizzas like P.Za Kitchen’s Formaggio, which is covered with mozzarella, Parmesan, and provolone cheese.You can even use them to set up a pizza bar with a variety of premium toppings.When it comes to picking what varieties of pizza to order, don’t be scared to be creative.Yes, cheese and pepperoni are standard pizza toppings, but there are many more inventive pizzas that people enjoy.Just think of the Amatriciana, which is so popular due of its thick sliced bacon!

  • Meatball Ricotta, which tastes exactly like mom’s lasagna, is another option.
  • Interesting pizza trivia: did you know that 62 percent of Americans prefer meat toppings on their pizza, while just 38 percent choose veggies on theirs?
  • Pepperoni accounts for 38 percent of the most favored meat toppings, with sausage accounting for 14 percent.
  • Mushrooms, on the other hand, account for 11 percent of popular vegetable toppings.
  • In light of these figures, order 34% of your pizzas with meat and 14% with cheese and vegetables exclusively.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, ask our customers to assist you in narrowing down your options.Even while cheese and pepperoni are always a crowd pleaser, the most popular P.Za Kitchen pizzas ordered for delivery across the United States are Meatball Ricotta and Italian Deluxe, which satisfy the meat enthusiasts while Bruschetta Rustica is our veg-heads’ preferred option.


  • A pizza bar where guests may create their own creations is also a great option. Instead of beginning from scratch, you may forgo the step of making your own pizza dough and start by ordering one of P.Za Kitchen’s Roman style Formaggio, Pepperoni, or Funghi mushroom pizzas as a starting point. Then set up a gourmet toppings bar so that your visitors may create their own masterpieces. Ideas for Gourmet Toppings: grilled onions, red and yellow bell peppers, roasted zucchini, prosciutto, spicy peppers, roasted garlic cloves, sliced grape tomatoes, Kalamata olives, chopped fresh basil, baby spinach, fresh mozzarella cheese, crumbled feta cheese, shaved Parmesan, spicy tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato sauce, feta cheese, shaved Parmesan, spicy tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato sauce

Set out all of the components on a table and encourage your guests to be creative with them. Once the pizzas are topped, bake them for 3 – 5 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or until the cheese is melted) and you’re done! Each everyone has a favorite pizza that they enjoy.


  • Don’t forget to include salads on your menu.
  • They will not only help to balance your nutritional intake, but they may also serve as main courses.
  • For those who don’t like pizza, a substantial P.Za Kitchen salad may be transformed into a whole dinner.
  • Order a couple different kinds of salads because most visitors enjoy sampling a little bit of everything.

Fresh mozzarella, roasted heirloom tomatoes, roasted red peppers, basil leaves, and creamy balsamic dressing top this traditional Caprese Salad, which is a crowd pleaser.Served with a citrus dressing, the Avocado Greens Salad with Tuscan mix, topped with avocados and other fresh ingredients such as baby heirloom tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, and tortilla strips is a light and healthy option.Try the Panzanella salad, which is made with salami, feta, heirloom tomato, roasted red pepper, and toasted bread and topped with an Asiago cracked pepper dressing, for a filling and filling salad.


  • When it comes to sweets, keep things as basic as possible.
  • The majority of people will load up on pizza and salads and will have little room left over for dessert.
  • But, let’s face it, we all enjoy a sweet treat at the conclusion of a meal.
  • Who can say no to warm chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip brownies that have just been baked?

No one, not a single one!You may experiment with different types of frosting and candy bits to make your brownies look more appealing.A simple Halloween party or children’s party concept is shown here.If you really want to go all out, purchase a Crème Cake since a celebration isn’t complete without cake.Enjoy three layers of luscious lemon cake with a mascarpone cheese filling, which is served with raspberry sauce and whipped cream.


  • Nothing makes preparing a party easier than delegating the cooking to someone else and having it delivered to the venue.
  • When it comes to party planners who are short on time, pizza delivery is always a lifesaver.
  • It is only possible to order delivery from P.Za Kitchen, which brings the flavors of Italy right to your home.
  • You may find P.Za Kitchen through your preferred third-party delivery service.

Take advantage of our delivery service to have delicious Roman-style pizzas, fresh salads, and desserts delivered to your home or business.Check out our delivery area page to discover whether we provide service in your region.


  • Are you preparing food for a large group?
  • Take advantage of our Pizza Bundles when ordering for the workplace or for bigger parties to save money on your purchase.
  • The P.Za Bundle, which includes any two pizzas for $19.99, and the Deluxe Bundle, which includes any three pizzas for $29.99, are both accessible in areas where your preferred third-party delivery app is available.
  • Put in your order now and have your pizza party sent to you!

Would you want to learn more about P.Za Kitchen?Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information.Make sure to include @pzakitchenoohzaza in your pizza party photos on Facebook and Instagram so we can see them!″Ooh ZA ZA!″ is the appropriate response.Get your pizza party started right away!

How to Order Pizza for a Large Group

  • We’ve all been in a position when we have a large number of people to feed.
  • It’s possible that you’ll be hosting the entire extended family for the day.
  • Perhaps you have guests arriving from out of town, and you need to figure out how to feed them all at the same time.
  • Or perhaps you’re planning a graduation party, baby shower, or any other type of celebration that will necessitate a large amount of food preparation.

When you find yourself in this predicament, you have a handful of alternatives.If you’re feeling bold, you can try your hand at cooking for everyone.If they’re all prepared to pay for themselves, you may all load into a couple cars and go to the nearest restaurant that everyone agrees is good for them.Nevertheless, what should you do if neither of these alternatives appears to be practical.The solution is straightforward: order enough pizza to feed the entire group.No other cuisine can compete with pizza for its worldwide appeal and ease of customization to accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences.

  • No matter how many people you have to serve, pizza can typically be made to meet everyone’s preferences.
  • The best thing is that most pizza businesses will deliver right to your door, so you won’t have to miss a single moment of your party or get-together because of food.
  • Ordering pizza for a large party, on the other hand, might be difficult if you’ve only ever ordered for yourself.
  • How much pizza do you think you’ll need for a group of people?
  • What kinds of toppings should you use to ensure that everyone is satisfied?

And what is the best way to save money on pizza for a large group?The last thing you want is for your guests to leave your party hungry because you ran out of pizza in the middle of it.Order extra pizza to ensure that no one leaves hungry.

But at the same time, you don’t want to take things too far since, while cold pizza makes for a tasty breakfast the next day, you don’t want to be on a strict pizza diet all week simply to get rid of the leftovers.It’s always wise to follow the 3/8 rule when ordering pizza for a gathering to avoid dramatically under or overestimating the amount of food you’ll need.Simply multiply the number of guests by 3/8 to get the total number of guests.However, there are certain exceptions to this rule, just as there are to every other norm.We’re here to assist you in answering these and other questions with our list of suggestions for ordering pizza for a large group of individuals.

How to Calculate How Much Pizza to Buy for a Group

  • This question might appear to be incredibly scary at first glance. After all, aren’t there a plethora of variables to consider? You must take into consideration the following: What is the total number of persons in your group
  • How many of the individuals are children
  • How many of them will only eat a single slice of the pie?
  • How many people can be depended on to devour slice after slice after slice after slice after slice

When ordering pizza for a group, all of these considerations come into play. Fortunately, there is some very straightforward mathematics that can assist you in determining the answer to this question with a reasonable degree of precision.

Simple Math to Calculate How Much Pizza to Purchase

  • To determine how much pizza you’ll need for your gathering, as previously stated, the 3/8 rule is the most straightforward method of calculation to use. The argument for that regulation is as follows: Unless otherwise specified, most medium-sized pizzas are divided into eight pieces. As a result, each slice represents one-eighth of the entire pizza. Because the typical hungry person consumes three pieces of pizza, you may calculate the number of visitors by multiplying the number of guests by 3/8 of the total number of guests. The number that is generated will be the amount of pizzas that you will need to order. If the answer does not come out to be a whole number, round it up to the next whole number. And, if you ever find yourself in question, the best course of action is to collect up your troops. It’s always preferable to have too much rather than too little of anything. After all, it will taste just as nice the next day as it did the day

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