How Much Domino’S Pizza Pay?

Domino’s typically charges $6 for a small (10-inch) hand-tossed cheese pizza. Medium pizzas are $8, while large pizzas are $10. If you add extra toppings or purchase specialty pizzas, you’ll pay more.

How much money does Domino’s Pizza make a year?

Pizza chain powerhouse Domino’s Pizza generated a revenue of 4.12 billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2020. This figure has steadily increased over the past fifteen years. Domino’s may be satisfied, but are the customers?

Does Dominos pay weekly or biweekly?

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How much do Domino’s employees make?

Domino’s Pizza employees earn $26,000 annually on average, or $13 per hour, which is 87% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at Domino’s Pizza is an Area Leader at $98,000 annually while the lowest paying job at Domino’s Pizza is a Food Service Representative at $13,000 annually.

How Much Do Domino’s Delivery Drivers Make? (2022 Guide)

The notion of pizza delivery employment has existed almost as long as the establishment of the first pizzerias themselves.And if the COVID-19 epidemic taught us anything, it’s that delivery drivers are among the most conscientious employees on the labor market.Now, you might be familiar with the fundamentals of delivery work — you’re in responsible of making sure the pizza gets to the clients on time, for example.However, how do delivery drivers get compensated?And how much money do Domino’s delivery drivers make in the United Kingdom, specifically?

  • We’ll go over all of this and more in our guide, so if you’re thinking about applying for a position at Domino’s, be sure to read it all.

How Much Do Domino’s Delivery Drivers Make In The United Kingdom?

Delivery drivers’ hourly wages at Domino’s in the United Kingdom typically vary from £4 to £10 per hour, depending on experience.However, the average hourly wage for delivery drivers is around £9.78, resulting in an annual income of over £12,000 for Domino’s delivery drivers in the United Kingdom.Because the National Minimum Wage in the United Kingdom is determined by your age, the hourly rate might range from £4.30 to £8.36 per hour, depending on your situation.On average, a delivery driver will make slightly more than the federal minimum wage.While we’re at it, how does Domino’s Pizza’s compensation package compare to those of its competitors?

  • Because Pizza Hut drivers earn an average of £9.76 per hour, the wage disparity between them and their Domino’s counterparts is minor – if not non-existent.

How Much Does A Delivery Driver Make In Tips?

Tip revenue is a source of additional income for Domino’s employees in addition to their hourly wages.The amount of money collected through tips, however, is dependent on various circumstances, including the time and day of day, the quantity and cost of the order – as well as the client himself or herself.Based on the information supplied, the following is a rough pay estimate: Every workday during his or her five-hour shift, the delivery driver makes between 8 and 10 deliveries and earns an average of £15 in tips.It’s a wonderful addition to your base wage, there’s no doubt about it.

Domino’s Pizza: Additional Benefits, Insurance & More

  • It’s important to note that the pay rates for Domino’s pizza employees may vary based on factors such as the amount of time spent working there, the actual location of the pizza business, how busy your shifts are, and other factors. In either case, obtaining a position as a delivery driver at Domino’s may entitle you to a number of enticing work perks, including: a pension plan
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid time off
  • And a performance-based incentive.

Aside from that, all Domino’s Pizza employees benefit from flexible work hours, meal savings – including, yes, even free pizza – as well as paid training and career chances.

How Many Miles Do They Drive Per Day On Average?

You should expect to travel anything from 20 to 100 miles each day on average, with some days reaching up to 150 miles per day on extremely busy days.The mileage, on the other hand, varies depending on how long you work each shift.Alternatively, if the delivery driver drives their own vehicle, the employer will normally compensate them for petrol and mileage in addition to their regular salary.

How Often Do Domino’s Drivers Get Their Salaries?

Employees indicate that they get their paychecks biweekly – usually on the second or third Thursday or Friday of the month.Although the pay period may vary from week to week, it is normally scheduled to begin on Saturdays and terminate on the second Sunday of the month.Here’s an illustration of how bi-weekly wages are calculated: If you are employed by Domino’s as a delivery driver and begin working on a Saturday during the second week of their pay cycle, you will most likely receive your compensation for that week two Fridays after that.

How Often Does Dominos Give Raises?

You should be aware that the vast majority of Domino’s locations are owned by franchisees.That implies that your chances of receiving a raise will be determined by a variety of factors, including the store’s management, your work ethic, and the length of time you have been employed there.Some employees have stated that they may anticipate an annual rise of 2 percent to 3 percent – but this has not been the case for everybody.

Pizza Delivery Drivers’ Job Description

  • The employment market is presently flooded with opportunities in the food delivery industry, which includes pizza delivery. With few requirements to get started – a clean driving record puts you one step ahead of the game– and a great deal of flexibility, it’s a perfect chance for young individuals to get their feet wet in the financial world. The following information will be helpful if you have never done this sort of work before applying for a position. It is the responsibility of this profession to complete orders in the most efficient manner possible, to ensure that the pizza reaches its destination, and to manage payments. Customers’ satisfaction with your service is decided by your ability to deliver orders from the shop to them in a timely way. That appears to be straightforward, doesn’t it? As previously stated, this role does not need any formal educational qualifications. When it comes to education, the only requirements are a high school graduation, a driver’s license, and access to a reliable vehicle in good working order. After all of this is said and done, your prospective employers may expect you to possess certain specialized talents, such as excellent driving abilities, excellent customer service skills, a basic understanding of arithmetic, familiarity with your surroundings, and the ability to multitask.

Despite the fact that they work in the food sector, delivery drivers’ primary responsibilities lie outside of the pizza restaurant – on the streets of London and in direct touch with the clients.

Conclusion: Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make Good Money?

The answer to this question is extremely subjective, to put it mildly.Despite this, many employees – both current and past – have stated that Domino’s is a firm that cares about its employees and fosters a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere for everyone.Generally, you’ll work flexible hours, and in addition to your hourly pay, you’ll also receive a portion of your tips – on top of being rewarded for mileage, which should cover the cost of gasoline and oil changes.Furthermore, they inform us that receiving free pizza is a perk of the work – which is always a plus in our book.Although this may not be the most profitable career option available, working at Domino’s is definitely worth considering if you’re searching for a method to supplement your income.

  • If you’re ready to make some extra money delivering pizzas in London, sign up with Service Club and begin searching for jobs in this area right away!

4 Things You Can Expect as an Hourly Worker for Domino’s

When it comes to the number of locations, Domino’s is right up there with firms like Walmart and McDonald’s when it comes to the number of locations.This is a multinational corporation with operations in a number of different countries across the world.At the same time, this signifies that they have a large number of employees.Some of their workers are paid on a fixed salary basis, and others are paid on an hourly wage basis.This implies that they must put up a significant amount of effort in order to keep their staff while still making a profit.

  • To learn how things operate from the perspective of hourly employees, and what you may anticipate if you obtain a job at Domino’s, keep reading.
  • The hourly pay will be different.
  • You should know that Domino’s has 400 shops that are owned directly by the firm, which is something you should know about them.
  • Although it appears to be a significant amount, it represents just 10% of their total store count.
  • The remaining 90 percent of stores, on the other hand, are operated by franchisees.
  • Domino’s franchisees have a certain amount of latitude when it comes to how much they pay their hourly workers, even if there are some parameters that must be met in order to be granted a franchise with the company.
  • This implies that each location and nation where a Domino’s restaurant is located will have a unique set of promotions.
  • The franchisees maintain the ability to determine their own compensation and to recruit and fire employees as they see fit.
  • As a result, some workers are paid more, while others are paid less, but they are never paid less than the federally mandated minimum wage.
  • This implies that the best course of action is to just visit your local Domino’s and inquire about how staff are compensated there.
  • 2.
  • It is possible that you will get paid somewhat more than the minimum wage.
  • Delivery drivers, for example, are among the lowest-paid employees at Domino’s, earning an average wage of $7.50 per hour on average.
  • In the United States, the federal baseline minimum wage per hour is set at $7.25, which means that this is somewhat higher than the minimum wage in the country.
  • However, because the majority of hourly employees work in jobs where they are eligible for tips, their monthly earnings are actually larger than their hourly wages.
  • Due to the pressure being applied by labor organizers for an increase in the minimum hourly wages paid to everyone who works for Domino’s in the fast food business, there have already been adjustments implemented across the organization.
  • However, these modifications continue to be implemented in the 400 locations that they control and operate.
  • The unfortunate reality is that when it comes to franchisees, they have complete power over how much they pay their hourly employees, and the corporation cannot instruct them to boost these rates.
  • However, given the fact that the activists have been campaigning for a salary hike for more than two years, it seems likely that they will be successful in their efforts.
  1. 3.
  2. It is a pleasant environment to work.
  3. The working environment at Domino’s is pleasant.
  4. Their staff aren’t fatigued, but they also don’t have any extra time on their hands.
  5. They have a fantastic organizational structure and business culture in place.
  6. The employees who work at Domino’s are upbeat and helpful, and they provide assistance and training to anyone who join the company, particularly younger workers and those with little or no prior experience.

The majority of Domino’s employees report that working there is truly enjoyable and that the hours fly by.Both the client relationship and the connections amongst colleagues are of the utmost importance to the organization.It is always possible for employees to request shorter or longer work hours, depending on their preferences.Changing things up is something that happens all the time, and there are no problems here.They truly provide considerable freedom to workers who have not fully committed themselves to the firm, and they reward them for this by holding them to a higher standard of accountability.

4.Job perks and perks of employment Domino’s provides a variety of perks to their hourly employees, and while they may not pay as much as some other fast food companies, these benefits more than make up for the difference.Every employee is entitled to free lunches at work, with the amount varying from one location to the next.Everyone who works at the store is also entitled to a discount, which can vary from 10 percent to 30 percent, but if the business is operated by a franchisee, the discount is only valid at that location.

  • Some businesses additionally provide a 401(k) plan, and hourly employees are entitled to paid sick leave despite the fact that they do not have health insurance.
  • Overall, the working environment at Domino’s is favorable for hourly employees in general.
  • Nonetheless, they have made accommodations for students and those who do not wish to work full-time.
  • However, if you want to expand your position inside the organization, it is doable, and your compensation and perks will increase as your position advances.
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How Much Is Domino’s Pizza? Cost, Taste, and More! – ALL PIZZAHOLIC

Domino’s is one of the most well-known pizza restaurants in the United States.In addition to their freshly prepared delivery pizzas, they also provide a variety of other meals like as wings, pasta bowls, and other dishes to choose from.Overall, the quality of their pizza is superb, especially considering the low price that you pay.Having said that, how much does a Domino’s pizza cost?Domino’s normally charges $6 for a small (10-inch) hand-tossed cheese pizza, according to their website.

  • The cost of a medium pizza is $8, while a large pizza is $10.
  • If you want to add more toppings or order speciality pizzas, the price will be higher.
  • The most costly pizza at Domino’s is $18, while the cheapest is $7.
  • While Domino’s may not be able to compete with your favorite artisan pizza on price, they are unquestionably more affordable.
  • In terms of the pizza itself, it’s extremely tasty and satisfying, and they’re continuously changing their menu, so there’s always something new to try.
  • To begin, let me explain the pricing structure of Domino’s pizza and then provide my honest judgment on the quality of their pizza.
  • It’s time to eat something!
  • In the case of Asheville, Domino’s isn’t going to be able to compete with some of the artisan-style pizzerias that can be found in a gastronomic city such as this.
  • In contrast, if you’re searching for an excellent-tasting, fast-delivery pizza that’s created with high-quality ingredients, then Domino’s is not going to let you down.
  • When it comes to the price of their pizza, it’s comparable to what you’d spend at a place like Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.
  • You can see the prices for everything on their whole menu by clicking on this link.
  • However, for the purpose of convenience, we’ve included the prices of the most popular items on the Domino’s menu in the table below: Prices are not as horrible as they appear, as you can see.
  • A small 10-inch pizza is normally sufficient to serve two people, however a large 14-inch pizza should be able to easily satisfy three hungry individuals or five people with a little appetite, depending on their size.
  • After deducting the cost of the meal from the number of people who will be eating it, the price per person will normally range from $5 to $8, which is a reasonable price.

Does Domino’s Pizza Offer Deals? 

It is one of the many things that I appreciate about Domino’s because they constantly have specials going on.A monthly coupon book is sent to me in the mail, and it’s jam-packed with offers like $5 pizzas, buy one get one free pizza specials, free 2-liter drink specials, and more!I strongly advise you to check their deals/coupons before placing your order, as you will most likely end up saving a significant amount of money.

How Does Domino’s Pizza Taste? 

There’s more to pizza than just the price, as you might have guessed from my piece on Little Caesar’s Pizza last week.They advertise $5 large-sized pizzas all day long, but the pies they serve are among of the worst I’ve ever tasted in my life.Having said that, Domino’s does sell its small 10-inch cheese pizzas for $6, which is a fairly good price in today’s economy.In all honesty, Domino’s outperforms Little Caesar’s by a wide margin.Everything about this pizza, from the quality of the cheese and the toppings to the enormous, thick dough, is enough to make my stomach rumble with anticipation.

  • Due to the fact that I had just finished a Domino’s pizza the night before, I decided that now would be an excellent opportunity to discuss the flavor.


I had the normal hand-tossed pizza, which had an excellent crust and was reasonably priced.I liked how it was thick and soft on the inside, yet crispy and delicious on the exterior.I kept all of the crusts to use as breadsticks to dip in my garlic sauce later on.For those who are interested, Domino’s also provides thin crust and Brooklyn-style (extra crispy) crusts in addition to its regular crust.


In addition, the sauce is rather tasty! I enjoyed how thick and chunky it was, as well as how flavorful it was. My own homemade sauce was superior, but considering that it was purchased from a pizza restaurant, I couldn’t really complain.


Domino’s, like the majority of pizzerias, utilizes mozzarella cheese on all of its pizzas. No idea what type of cheese they use, but it’s some of the finest I’ve ever tasted on a cheap takeout pizza, and I’m not even kidding. I wouldn’t be shocked if they used a more expensive brand of mozzarella, such as Galbani.


I ordered a small Hawaiian pizza (don’t get get me started on the jokes about Hawaiian pizza) and a small pepperoni pizza to go with it. Both pizzas were topped with fresh ingredients that were placed on top of a delicious spread. My only concern was that the pepperoni was a little too heavily salted, but that was about it.

What Other Foods Does Domino’s Sell? 

  • As other prominent pizza businesses, such as Canada’s Pizza Pizza, Domino’s also offers a variety of other delectable delivery meals, including: pasta bowls
  • Chicken wings
  • Chicken poppers
  • And a variety of other tasty options.

If you’re searching for a pizza delivery service that’s both economical and delicious, then Domino’s is the only option to consider.The high quality of the ingredients, the quickness with which they deliver, and their monthly specials make them an excellent choice for both single pizza orders and big group orders.Even if you don’t care for their pizza, their pasta bowls and chicken wings are excellent alternatives.

Could COVID-19 Usher in a Golden Era for Pizza Chains?

  • It is shown in this following set (which does not include third-party delivery) that credit and debit sales have declined by approximately 40% in total throughout the sector. When compared to the same week last year, transaction volume decreased by nearly half, but average check sizes increased by 16 percent. Also at play is a possible decline in single-person pickup or commute orders intended for a single person, such as picking up breakfast on the way to work. But let us delve a little further into the world of pizza. Sense360 compared transaction data collected during the pre-COVID period (January 1 to March 8) to data collected during the coronavirus-infected slice (January 1 to March 8). (March 9 to March 29). In the first quarter, pizza spending remained relatively stable year on year. It was stagnating, as were many other categories, as a result of an oversaturated market. The green bars depict the changing popularity of pizza during the course of the epidemic. Every region has seen a decrease in pizza spending of 3–9 percent. In addition to seeing the smallest declines, the best-performing areas prior to COVID-19 have also seen the smallest increases, suggesting that the market characteristics that favored pizza before COVID-19 are the same ones that are contributing to regional overperformance now, according to Sense360. It’s also crucial to take into account the fact that some states in the West and South Central regions were more reluctant than others to embrace social separation. They are also the markets that have transitioned away from the use of restaurants at a slower rate. Sense360 also dissected individual performance, focusing on the likes of Papa John’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesar’s in particular. In addition, MOD and Blaze Pizza were included to provide as a counterbalance to hybrid fast casuals (which, on average, generate significantly more dine-in business than the ″Big 4″ restaurants). So far, Papa John’s and Domino’s have been able to weather the storm. During the COVID-19 period, sales were actually higher than they had been the previous year for a handful of the weeks. Pizza Hut recorded a little decline, whilst Little Caesar’s reported a practically flat performance for the majority of the time period, with the exception of the last week of March. The fact that Pizza Hut is lagging behind is most likely due to the fact that it has a larger dine-in presence (about 10 percent). Since the beginning of the issue, Papa John’s has employed 5,000 new staff, the company announced on Monday. In an email to QSR, the firm said that it had donated around 200,000 pizzas to healthcare personnel, first responders, and families in need. In addition, on April 17, the company launched an unbranded social media campaign, dubbed ″hatsoff,″ in collaboration with board members and franchisee Shaquille O’Neal. ″From delivering meals to healthcare workers, first responders, and families in need, to assisting the organizations on the frontlines of this crisis, the Papa John’s family has given away more than 200,000 pizzas over the past few weeks, and we are grateful to have served millions of additional meals,″ CEO Rob Lynch said in a statement. The fact that we can keep our doors open during this time to assist our communities in feeding themselves is a pleasure and a responsibility, and we are doing everything we can to protect the health and safety of our team members and visitors.″ ″I am really proud of our staff and the devotion and hard work they have demonstrated throughout these difficult times.″ On March 30, Domino’s released preliminary first-quarter earnings that corroborated the information in this report. According to the corporation, ″all but a few of its U.S. stores″ stayed open, and domestic same-store sales increased by 5 percent at corporate locations and 0.8 percent at franchise locations from February 24 to March 22, compared to the same period last year (1 percent blended). Sales are expected to increase by 1.6 percent in the first quarter, according to the brand. While that would mark the company’s 36th straight quarter of growth, it would also be the company’s lowest quarterly gain since the second quarter of 2011. Nonetheless, it is in the green. From December 30 to January 26, comparable sales increased 9.4 percent at Papa John’s corporate stores in the United States, 7.1 percent at North American franchise locations, 7.6 percent systemwide in North America, and 4.9 percent internationally as the company attempts to turn around its fortunes. By the conclusion of the first quarter, the trend of those numbers had been impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, but Papa John’s had maintained a positive net income. Systemwide, same-store sales at North American locations increased by 5.3 percent. Comps climbed by 6.1 percent at company-operated stores in the United States and by 5.1 percent for franchised locations in North America. The number of international units increased by 2.3 percent. The only time period in which comp sales at overseas outlets fell below zero was from February 24 to March 29, when they fell by 0.6 percent. All things considered, those are outstanding COVID-19 numbers, especially when compared to a soft 2019, during which Papa John’s was dealing with consumer sentiment concerns related to its split from founder John Schnatter. MOD and Blaze, on the opposite end of the Sense360 range, took far larger COVID-19 hits than MOD and Blaze. In recent weeks, they’ve seen sales declines that are more in line with fast casual and even full-service restaurants. According to Sense360, a number of factors should be taken into consideration. For obvious reasons, consumers are more concerned with pricing per serving when purchasing from the Big Four than they are when purchasing from MOD and Blaze. Furthermore, the bigger chains appeal more to huge groups of people, whereas MOD and Blaze have long been known for designing their models around the individual-sized product. Consumers may also be more accustomed with ordering delivery and takeout from companies such as Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesar’s, according to Sense360 (historically a takeout-only operation that shifted gears in January). To add to the value, Little Caesar’s has amassed a nearly 5,000-unit empire by offering prices that are unmatched in the industry. MOD and Blaze are likewise more urban in terms of their physical presence. The results of a previous poll conducted by Sense360 revealed that consumers in rural regions tend to be more positive about the COVID-19 than those in metropolitan marketplaces. It also helps to be able to drive and park outside for contactless, curbside service, which is convenient. Another thing to keep in mind about MOD and Blaze is that they do not have a first-party delivery network, which is something that larger retailers do. This raises the question of whether they are simply depressed as a result of the channel change toward delivery that occurred during COVID-19. In order to discover out, Sense360 looked at DoorDash transaction data. According to this graphic, Sense360 discovered that there has been no major channel change toward third-party delivery with MOD and Blaze, at least in terms of DoorDash deliveries. From the time before COVID-10 to the present, the two brands have maintained a constant level of market share inside DoorDash. This shows that third-party distribution is not causing a one-for-one replacement of losses in direct transactions in recent weeks, as previously reported. Even if it were the case, the channel would be less profitable than dine-in and carryout service combined. Sense360 then inquired as to why businesses are choosing the larger corporations. It categorizes transactions into several categories based on the average size of the ticket. This investigation found that when it comes to the distribution of ticket sizes, all of these pizza restaurants are not created equal. For example, Domino’s receives more than 70 percent of their revenue from tickets that cost more than $18. Blaze and MOD each get more than half of their revenue from tickets priced at $18 or less. According to Sense360, it is obvious that the occasion set as well as the expected party size expectations varies between larger chains and smaller chains. After then, the organization calculated the net change in ticket size distribution as a result of COVID-19. It characterized this as the difference between their year-over-year change in March and their year-over-year change in February in terms of how much of their business was at the $40-plus price point in terms of ticket size compared to their year-over-year change in February. As can be seen in the chart above, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s have all been the fastest-growing chains in terms of the percentage of their revenue that comes from customers who spend more than $40 on a single order. What is it about this that is appropriate? During COVID-19, a rising number of customers are picking restaurant meals for large groups of people or storing up so they won’t have to order for a few days thereafter. It’s gradually becoming a more cost-effective option to stocking up at the supermarket, as well as a convenient solution to bridge the gap between bi-weekly journeys. Based on customers’ increased emphasis on value in recent months, restaurants should explore offering large-party discount meals to catch guests who are resorting to restaurant delivery, or takeaway, for the occasion, according to the research firm Sense360 There is a broader shift at work. Following the conclusion of COVID-19, these larger pizza companies might be in for a substantial growth spurt. However, this is especially true in the case of Domino’s. Meanwhile, Papa John’s is still striving to write its return story, while Pizza Hut is in the process of transforming its asset base into more carryout and delivery friendly locations. One thing that has always distinguished the pizza market, particularly when it comes to counter service, is the fact that it is still dominated by independents in the majority of cases (52 percent). Furthermore, the largest concept (Domino’s) only accounts for 20 percent of the market’s total value. If independents undergo widespread closures during this crisis, as it looks they will, there will be a significant amount of share-of-stomach available for acquisition. Not to mention the fact that real estate is involved. Brands such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Caesar’s will have little issue converting their conversions into lucrative off-premises sites if they chose to go down that path. Furthermore, unlike independents, they will have financial reserves to fill in the holes in growth that have been left behind. Domino’s announced in March that it had borrowed an extra $158 million to strengthen its cash situation and that it now has $300 million in cash on hand, according to Bloomberg. This chart depicts the market share of the pizza category, which highlights the available whitespace. The company has 6,126 units
  • System sales for 2019 ($MM) are $7,050
  • System sales for 2020 (estimate) are $7,700
  • And system sales for 2021 are $7,700.
  • The category’s share in 2019 is 18.7 percent, while the share in 2020 (estimated) is 19.9 percent.
  • In 2019, Pizza Hut units totaled 7.306
  • System sales totaled $5,500.
  • Sales of systems in 2020 (estimated): $5,350
  • The category’s share in 2019 is 14.6 percent, while the share in 2020 (estimated) is 13.8 percent.
  • Little Caesars Units: 4,250
  • System Sales: $3,800 in 2019
  • System Sales (estimated) in 2020: $3,850
  • The category’s share in 2019 is 10.1 percent
  • The share in 2020 (estimated) is 9.9 percent.
  • Pizza Hut units: 3,142
  • System sales for 2019 are $2,650
  • System sales for 2020 are (estimated) to be $2,700.
  • The category’s share in 2019 is 7 percent, while the share in 2020 (estimated) is 7 percent.
  • Overall, system sales in 2019 are expected to be $19,000
  • System sales in 2020 are expected to be $19,600.
  • The category’s share in 2019 is 50.3 percent, while the share in 2020 (estimated) is 50.6 percent.
  • Domino’s is, without a doubt, in the strongest position to increase unit count following COVID-19. The rationale for this is quite similar to the reason why the higher-performing markets evaluated by Sense360 were able to maintain their outperformance. To put it simply, Domino’s was already expanding. In the fourth quarter, the company opened 141 net new stores in the United States (146 new openings and five closures), and brought 351 net new sites to market worldwide (with just 31 closures). In the course of the year, Domino’s opened 1,106 locations. What’s most amazing about this, though, is the fact that Domino’s closed just 15 stores in the United States in the whole year of 2019 and has closed fewer than 100 sites in total during the previous five years combined. On a base of approximately 11,000 units, the chain shuttered 83 overseas units during the previous fiscal calendar year. When you combine that with its U.S. expansion, Domino’s had less than 100 store closures for a worldwide business with 17,000 locations. That’s very surprising given the general lack of growth in the industry’s unit count over the last few years, in my opinion. Aside from that, Domino’s was expanding its carryout business in order to relieve delivery problems caused by aggregator interference. Just as it is already paying off, this will continue to pay off in the future. In the weeks and months that follow the reopening of dining rooms, it is probable that people will stay on the defensive. Curbside will be a very effective technique in easing anxieties. On a same-store basis, the number of carryout orders placed by Domino’s increased by 3.9 percent in 2019. Overall, it was 8.1 percent favorable across the whole United States system. Carryout accounted for 45 percent of total domestic orders at the end of the third quarter. As a result, although many other chains are catching up to Domino’s in this area of the industry, the company was already a leader when it entered. In February, it introduced ″Pie Pass″ technology, which recognizes and greets customers by name on digital menuboards. They may place their orders and pay for them online, or through the Domino’s app, and then turn up at a predetermined time, avoiding long lineups. Following COVID-19, that type of block-style pickup will only grow in popularity as individuals continue to avoid seeing strangers in their daily lives. And, on the value front, Domino’s $7.99 carryout construction was expanded at the end of 2019 to include all five of the company’s crust varieties, and it is expected to continue to increase. Domino’s claims that carryout sales account for two and a half times the volume of transactions in its domestic delivery sector, and that more than 600 of its U.S. restaurants now have pickup counters. The brand now has a run rate of about 70% digital sales, with 75% of sales occurring in some metropolitan regions. Nonetheless, this has always been considered in favor of delivery. Carryout customers, according to the company’s Q4 report, are still largely calling the shop. Because of this, the company developed the Pie Pass platform, which encourages consumers to accept digital technology and the increased checks that frequently follow (smarter upsells, larger order counts). Is it possible that COVID-19 will have the effect of speeding up this process? In this case, might this result in even more transactions for Domino’s as well as a healthier, more lucrative mix of customers? Domino’s announced some significant growth ambitions earlier this year at the ICR Conference in Chicago. It stated that it aimed to open 25,000 eateries and generate $25 billion in retail sales by 2025. Eventually, the company estimates it will be able to operate 8,000 shops in the United States. To 2018, Domino’s had net growth of 6,172 locations across the whole system from 2012 through 2018. Domino’s estimates that it has the potential to open an additional 5,600-plus stores in just its top 15 cities alone. The corporation forecasted a 6–8% increase in worldwide net unit growth over the next two to three years, with a two- to three-year horizon. Take a look at how Domino’s delivery dollar share has increased over the years: Domino’s delivery dollar share in 2011 was 21.9 percent
  • In 2012 it was 22 percent
  • In 2013 it was 23 percent
  • In 2014 it was 24.4 percent
  • In 2015 it was 26.7 percent
  • In 2017 it was 29.3 percent
  • And in 2018 it was 31.3 percent.
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The essential point is that Domino’s was already on this track and may suddenly find itself with a significant amount of additional real estate possibilities on its hands. What’s standing in the way of it getting there?

Delivery Driver Average Salary at Domino’s Pizza in the United States

$1000 (3%) less than the national average Delivery Driver income ($30000).+$3K in additional funds (10 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) This is $11,000 (53 percent) less than the average wage for a Domino’s Pizza employee ($26K).″I was able to earn enough money to pay all of my bills, rent, and living expenses while still maintaining my academic performance.″ +$4K (14 percent) higher than the average wage for a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver ($26K).″Due to tips and overtime, Domino’s is a generally well-paying employer in the food business.″ Domino’s Pizza pay is $1000 (3 percent) less than the average wage in the industry ($26K).″Underpaid, has the potential to be a manager, but enjoys the freedom of driving.″ See 167 Additional Salaries for Domino’s Pizza Delivery Drivers

Customer Service Representative Average Salary at Domino’s Pizza in the United States

In accordance with the national average Customer Service Representative compensation ($28K), plus $2,000 (7 percent) higher than the average Domino’s Pizza income ($26K).Domino’s Pizza pay is $1000 (3 percent) less than the average wage in the industry ($26K).″As a delivery driver for Domino’s, you will be paid the minimum salary plus tips.My minimum wage income has increased significantly as a result of the tips.When the business is busy with a large number of deliveries, I may earn close to $30 per hour on occasion.

  • While working at Dominoes, however, there are no incentives or promotional money available to you.
  • As a result, no matter how hard a delivery driver works or how long he or she has worked for the organization, he or she will always get the statutory minimum salary.
  • Main objective is to assist the shop in maximizing profit by lowering labor expenses.
  • Other reasons include:″ Domino’s Pizza compensation is $5K (21 percent) less than the average wage in the industry ($26K).
  • ″According to my estimation, I was paid approximately what I should have been earning for the type of work I was supposed to perform.
  • As an hourly rate job that pays very close to the minimum wage, it’s not very glamorous; nevertheless, no one is attempting to portray it as a position where you can earn an incredible lot of money, so I couldn’t think of anything to criticize.″ This is $11,000 (53 percent) less than the average wage for a Domino’s Pizza employee ($26K).
  • ″Underpaid.
  • My coworkers are getting paid more than I am for the SAME amount of work that I do.″ See 76 Additional Salaries for Domino’s Pizza Customer Service Representatives

Manager Average Salary at Domino’s Pizza in the United States

+$2K (4 percent) more than the national average Manager salary ($43K) +$19K more than the national average Manager salary (53 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) +$12, 000 (37 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) ″If I had to compare it to rivals, I would say it is rather high.The salary for management positions at Domino’s does vary depending on your previous expertise, but with hard work and devotion to the firm, managers may earn anywhere from $70-$80,000 per year.″ +$24,500 (63 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) plus an additional $14K (42 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) See 71 More Salaries for Domino’s Pizza Managers

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Team Leader Average Salary at Domino’s Pizza in the United States

+$6K in additional funds (13 percent ) greater than the national average Team Leader compensation ($40K) plus an additional $20,000 (55 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) plus $51K (99 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) ″FOR THE JOB I DO, MY COMPENSATION IS APPROPRIATE, AND I AM ELIGIBLE FOR AN ANNUAL BONUS.″ +$35K (80 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) +$4K in additional funds (14 percent ) greater than the average wage at Domino’s Pizza ($26K) With a salary of $121,000 per year, the Vice President of Operations is the highest-paid position at Domino’s Pizza.With an annual salary of $12,000, the lowest-paid position at Domino’s Pizza is Call Center Representative.Employees at Domino’s Pizza make an average of $26,000 per year, or $13 per hour, on average.

Domino’s Pizza Hourly Pay

Base hourly rate on average (USD)

Domino’s Pizza Jobs by Hourly Rate

An hourly wage of $10.34 is standard at Domino’s Pizza, according to the company.The hourly wage at Domino’s Pizza ranges from an average of $7.47 to $16.25 per hour, depending on experience.Employees at Domino’s Pizza who hold the position of General / Operations Manager earn the most, with an average hourly wage of $16.03,.More information may be found here.There were no results found.Try a different search phrase or fill out our pay survey to receive a salary report tailored to your specific work title.

Domino’s Pizza Reviews

Overall Level of Satisfaction Ratings Learning and Development are two important aspects of any organization’s success.3rd, the Learning Environment General Manager of a restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa: Advantages: Interaction with customers; ability to educate new employees to perform well.Negative aspects include long hours, consumer complaints/fraud, and employing idiots who are unable to learn the work.Scams at Domino’s.Driver for a pizza delivery service in Yamanto: Pros: One of the advantages of this employment is that you may go home once you finish your work.Negatives: You are underpaid, you are screamed at by customers, the tips are a joke, and the individuals that work there speak a variety of languages, so I have no idea what they are talking about!

Continue reading more reviews

Most Common Benefits at Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza provides various pension and welfare benefits to its employees.A vast number of people of the American workforce, such as the employees of Domino’s Pizza, rely on group health insurance supplied by their employer, which is often offered by major corporations.More information may be found here.Pensions and other financial benefits 401(k) Profit-Sharing Strategy Benefits for Health and Insurance Health Insurance is a must-have.Life Insurance is a type of protection against the loss of one’s life.

About Domino’s Pizza

Ann Arbor, Michigan is the location.Food and beverage, restaurants, staffing agencies, travel, and food processing are some of the industries represented.The company was established on January 1st, 1960.Employees range from 10,000 to one million.Also known as: pizza, delivery, open late, drive-thru, and on-line ordering″About This Company″ information and logos supplied by ″About This Company″

Years of Experience

This information is based on 471 replies to a survey.

Gender Breakdown for Domino’s Pizza

Male Hourly Rate: $7 – $17 on average Female Hourly Rate: $8 – $16 per hour

Popular Locations for Domino’s Pizza

  1. Among the cities represented are Ann Arbor, Michigan
  2. San Antonio, Texas
  3. Houston, Texas
  4. Gulfport, Mississippi
  5. Detroit, Michigan
  6. Raleigh, North Carolina
  7. Seattle, Washington
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina
  9. Denver, Colorado
  10. Dallas, Texas.

Domino’s Pizza Job Listings

Companies Related to Domino’s Pizza

Hourly rates for companies in the same industry as Domino’s Pizza, listed by the number of employees.

Compare Domino’s Pizza to Similar Companies

Work satisfaction, stress, and gender at Domino’s Pizza are compared to national averages for similar firms. Domino’s Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants in the United States.

How Much Do Dominos Employees Get Paid?

What is the hourly wage for Domino’s employees?Employees at Domino’s are paid on an hourly basis, with their salary varying depending on their position within the firm.Which Domino’s pizza is the most delicious?Pizza from Dominos comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but my personal favorite is the pepperoni pizza.How much money does Domino’s make in a single day?Domino’s generates an estimated $4.5 million in revenue every day.

Which pizza size offers the most value for money?The enormous size of pizza offers the most value for money.It is the most cheap and has the most number of toppings available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do On Your First Day At Dominos?

I normally arrive at the office about an hour before my shift begins to complete any paperwork that needs to be completed. Then I spend an hour before my shift shadowing another employee to get a feel for how the business operates.

What Do You Do At A Domino’S Interview?

In most cases, a Domino’s interview will include a discussion of your CV, previous work history, and why you are interested in the position in question. In addition, you may be asked questions regarding customer service, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Which Is Better Hand Tossed Or Handmade Pan?

A precise response cannot be given because each individual’s preferences vary. In general, hand tossed pizza is a little thinner and has a somewhat more scorched crust, but handmade pan pizza is thicker and has a chewier crust.

Can You Make Good Money With Dominos?

The answer to this issue is highly dependent on the location of the Domino’s franchise as well as the amount of success achieved by the restaurant in question. While a Dominos franchisee may often anticipate to make a moderate profit, earning a six-figure income is not out of the realm of possibility.

Which Crust Is Best In Dominos?

The classic and thin pizza crusts are available from Domino’s in two sizes.When it comes to making the original crust, you need a combination of flour, water, salt, and yeast.After that, it is proofed for 24 hours before being cooked in a pizza oven.When making the thin crust, use the same ingredients as when making the normal crust, but roll it out thinner and bake it in a pizza oven instead.

Which Dominos Pizza Is Best Value For Money?

The Hand Tossed pizza from Domino’s is the Domino’s pizza that offers the most value for money. $10.99 gets you a huge 14-inch pizza, which is a good deal.

How Long Is Dominos Orientation?

The orientation at Domino’s lasts around 2 hours. It includes information about the company’s history, values, and mission, as well as information on product and service delivery. In addition, the orientation gives an overview of the Dominos franchise structure as well as the process of launching a Dominos franchise location.

Is It Hard Working At Domino’S?

It’s nothing special; it’s just like any other job.

Is Working At Domino’S Worth It?

Working at Domino’s has its advantages and disadvantages. Positive aspects include earning a respectable pay and receiving certain perks. The hours, on the other hand, might be lengthy, and you’re frequently on your feet for the whole of your shift.

Is Working At Dominos Hard?

There is no single answer to this question because it is likely to vary depending on the individual’s previous experience and position at Domino’s Pizza. In general, most occupations require a significant amount of physical effort. Some people, however, may find working at Domino’s particularly difficult because of the fast-paced and demanding workplace.

How Do You Get The Most For Your Money At Dominos?

Domino’s Pizza provides a variety of options for getting the most for your money. You may purchase a large pizza for $10 online, or you can sign up for the Piece of the Pie Rewards program and receive a free medium pizza after placing 10 orders with the restaurant. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can purchase a pizza for $5 or a calzone for $6.

How Long Is Training At Dominos?

When it comes to this subject, there is no one, definite solution. The length of your training at Domino’s will vary based on the role you are employed for and your level of previous expertise in the culinary business, according to the company. Training sessions are often scheduled for several weeks or months.

How Much Profit Does A Dominos Make?

Every year, Domino’s generates around $1.5 billion in profit.

How Do You Get Free Pizza From Dominos?

If you want free pizza from Domino’s, you may do so in a few ways. Signing up for the chain’s email club, which normally sends out a voucher for a free pizza, is one method of saving money. Another option is to place an online order for a pizza and enter the code FREEPIZZA at the checkout.

How Do You Get 10 Free Dominos Points?

For every online order of $10 or more that you place, you’ll receive 10 free Domino’s rewards points.

What Is Dominos Training?

Pizza delivery and take-out company Domino’s Pizza LLC was formed in 1960 in the United States of America. The company’s headquarters are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the Domino’s Farms Office Park, which was built in the 1960s. As of 2018, Domino’s Pizza LLC had 5,200 locations in the United States and 60 other countries around the world.

Which Style Of Pizza Is Best At Dominos?

Dominick’s is most well-known for their deep dish pizza, which has become synonymous with the company. With tips and bonuses, Domino’s employees may earn up to $10 per hour as a starting pay, with the possibility of earning up to $11 per hour in overtime.

How Much Does Domino’s Pay Their Employees

Do you know how much Domino’s pays their employees?Employees in the domino industry earn an average wage ranging from around $15,000 per year for customer service associates/cashiers to $76,013 per year for truck drivers.The hourly wage at Domino’s Pizza is between and.As someone who has processed payroll for tipped employees, I have no doubt that Domino’s is not breaking any laws in this situation.In addition to an outstanding 401(k) plan, the company offers substantial, fully compensated maternity leave, allowing expectant moms and fathers to experience their child’s first year of life with their kid.Employees at Domino’s pizza earn an average of $26,000 per year, or $13 per hour, which is 87 percent less than the national average pay of $66,000 per year, according to the company.

Dominos By Far Is The Best Pay For The Delivery Drivers I’ve Seen.

For line cooks/preparation cooks, the average hourly wage is roughly $7.63 per hour, while for recruiters, the average hourly wage is $27.39.Op, you should pull out your paystub and carefully examine it before concluding that they are engaging in illicit activity.Paying an average hourly income between $10.17 and $11.78, cashiers and customer service workers may earn between $10.17 and $11.78, according to Indeed, while pizza chefs and delivery drivers are also included.

Hourly Pay At Domino’s Pizza Ranges From.

Compensation data is derived from 5,270 data points collected directly from workers, users, and previous and present job adverts on the site. Crew members earn roughly £7 per hour, while team members earn approximately £9 per hour, according to the average domino’s pizza uk hourly wage. Credit tips or something along those lines may also be included in the budgetary allocations.

You Might Get Paid Slightly Over Minimum.

10th of May, 2010, 6:17 p.m. The average hourly wage at Domino’s ranges from around $9.45 per hour for a dough maker to $24.86 per hour for a supply technician on average. Salary information for domino may be found by job title. 13,780 dollars in wages (for 1,215 job titles) updated on March 27, 2022 On Glassdoor, 13,780 domino’s employees have disclosed their pay scales and benefits.

How Much Does Domino’s Make?

Employees in the domino industry earn an average wage ranging from around $15,000 per year for customer service associates/cashiers to $76,013 per year for truck drivers.Instead of placing a burden on their consumers, they should be increasing the wages of their employees, rather than asking their customers to cover the full cost of the delivery person’s salary, car insurance, petrol, and other expenses.In comparison to other pizza restaurants and the present industry, Domino’s gives its employees a competitive and fair compensation.The lowest-paying position in the company starts at $7.50 per hour.

Average Domino’s Hourly Pay Ranges From Approximately £8.01 Per Hour For Customer Service Representative To £14.00 Per Hour For 7.5 Tonne Driver.

In the United States, the federal baseline minimum wage per hour is fixed at $7.25, therefore this is a marginal increase.In addition to an outstanding 401(k) plan, the company offers substantial, fully compensated maternity leave, allowing expectant moms and fathers to experience their child’s first year of life with their kid.The fast food industry’s award pay guidance may be found by clicking here.

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