Who Owns Red Baron Pizza?

Red Baron. Red Baron is a popular pizza brand that first launched in 1976. The Red Baron frozen pizza brand is owned by Schwan’s Company and had $130.53 million in sales in 2018.
One man that has already spent an unhealthy amount of time pondering such questions is Bob Waldron – the president of Schwan’s Consumer Brands (SCB), the #2 player in the US retail pizza market behind Nestlé and the owner of three of the biggest brands in the business: Freschetta, Red Baron and Tony’s.

Is Red Baron pizza still in business?

Schwan’s, which also owns Freschetta, still has a hit on its hands with the Red Baron brand. CNBC reported last May that it remains ‘one of the country’s leading frozen pizza brands,’ raking in more than $570 million in yearly sales, according to 2017 stats.

What kind of crust does Red Baron pizza have?

RED BARON ® Stuffed Crust Pizza A crust loaded with rich, melty, mozzarella cheese in a unique rectangle shape that brings a fun twist to pizza. RED BARON ® Brick Oven Pizza Authentic RED BARON ® Brick Oven Pizza has unique crispy, bubbly golden brown crust topped with premium cheeses, robust sauce and hearty toppings.

Why did Pizza Hut choose the Red Baron?

But none of that really says why they chose the Red Baron-all it says is that they’re not trying to associate their pizza with a vicious killer, which I totally understand.

Why is it called Red Baron?

It would serve as a nickname for Cy Young winner Rick Sutcliffe, the title of more songs, a bunch of video games and even an anime series, Super Robot Red Baron. There was also a well-loved Hot Wheels car named the Red Baron which was released in 1970.

Who owns Red Baron pizza company?

Red Baron® pizza is sold by Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc., a subsidiary of The Schwan Food Company, which offers trusted brands such as Bon Appétit™, Red Baron®, Freschetta®, and Tony’s® pizza, Mrs. Smith’s® and Edwards® desserts, Larry’s® potatoes and Pagoda® Asian-style snacks.

Is Red Baron pizza made by Schwan’s?

Schwan’s currently operates the Red Baron, Tony’s and Freschetta frozen pizza brands as part of its portfolio. Brands owned by Better Baked and Drayton include Daybreak Classics, Papa Presto and Two Sicily’s.

Is Schwan’s owned by China?

It has approximately 12,000 employees. The company operates as a partly owned subsidiary of CJ CheilJedang.

Schwan’s Company.

Type Private
Number of employees 11,000
Parent CJ CheilJedang (80%)
Website www.schwanscompany.com

Who owns Schwan’s Home Delivery?

Schwan’s enters an exciting new era as an affiliate of CJ Foods. As a part of the agreement, CJ CheilJedang gains a majority stake in Schwan’s Company, and the company’s home-delivery business, Schwan’s Home Service, becomes an independent company that is 100 percent owned by the Schwan family.

Who bought Schwan’s foods?

CJCJ acquired Schwan’s and several of its subsidiaries in February 2019. Read more Aug. 10, 2020 — Schwan’s Company, a leading food producer in the United States, has announced plans to build a new 400,000-square-foot expansion at its pizza-manufacturing facility in Salina, Kansas.

Who owns digiorno?

The leader in frozen pizza, the Nestlé Pizza Division is the maker of America’s most popular pizza brands, including DIGIORNO® (the #1 frozen pizza brand), CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN®, TOMBSTONE® and JACK’S®.

Who makes Schwan’s Chicken?

The products contain soy, milk, and eggs, known allergens, which are not declared on the product label. The frozen, fully cooked breaded boneless chicken bites were labeled as fully cooked chicken strips and were produced on May 31, 2019 at Koch Foods’ Fairfield, Ohio, establishment.

Is Tony’s and Red Baron the same?

Although Red Baron pizza is one of Schwan’s top products, it’s not their only brand of frozen pizza (via Schwan’s Company). Roughly six years before Schwan’s introduced Red Baron, it purchased Tony’s pizza, a brand that exists alongside Red Baron pizza to this day (via Schwan’s Company).

Where does Schwan’s tilapia come from?


Did Schwan’s sell to North Korea?

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — Schwan’s Co, a food distributor with deep roots in Minnesota known for its gold home-delivery trucks, has been sold to South Korea’s largest food manufacturer.

Is Schwan’s food made in the USA?

When the deal closes, Schwan’s will become a unit of CJ Foods America Corp., the U.S. subsidiary of CJCJ. CJCJ currently has five U.S. manufacturing and distribution sites and will pick up 17 food manufacturing facilities and 10 distribution centers across the United States with Schwan’s.

Where Are Red Baron pizzas made?

Red Baron Pizza is a brand of American frozen pizza made by Scwan’s Company, formerly known as the Schwan Food Company, of Marshall, Minnesota.

Who makes Red Baron frozen pizza?

Schwan’s Sales Enterprises (now Schwan’s Company) — makers of Red Baron pizza — didn’t enter the frozen pizza market until 1970 when it purchased Tony’s, a Kansas-based brand, by placing an ad in The Wall Street Journal. Still, the company demonstrated a fast focus on its new category.

What is the meaning behind the Red Baron pizza logo?

Though Chuck Blomberg, a spokesman for Schwan’s, told The Wall Street Journal in 2015 that the Red Baron pizza logo celebrated the pilot’s ‘attention to detail’ and personification of ‘strength and romance,’ he also emphasized, ‘Any similarities in appearance between our baron and an actual person would be coincidental’ (via Mel Magazine ).

What is the Red Baron ™ Squadron?

To help market Red Baron ® pizza throughout the United States, the Red Baron ™ Squadron is formed. The squadron of WWII-era biplanes would serve the brand for 28 years.

What happened to Pizza Hut’s Red Baron Squadron?

By 1979, marketing efforts for the brand even took to the skies, as the company formed its Red Baron Squadron of planes, manned by daredevil pilots. But just as the pizza’s flying namesake encountered trouble after a successful run decades earlier, eventually, the squadron of planes would experience its own difficult times.

Best Frozen Pizza Brands in 2022 (Popular Store-Bought Options)

We all have great memories that revolve around a store-bought pie, whether it’s reheating an Ellio’s slice after school, sharing a DiGiorno pepperoni frozen pizza with pals after a long night out, or meeting as a family for ″french bread Fridays″ after a hard week.In fact, frozen pizza is so nostalgic, so widespread, and so popular that, according to data from the United States Census Bureau and the Simmons National Consumer Survey, roughly 203.13 million Americans will consume frozen pizzas in 2020.(NHCS).Walking down the aisle of the frozen food department may be intimidating, especially as the number of pizza brands continues to rise.However, don’t allow the prospect of store-bought pizza put you off your meal altogether.

For this article, we dug through mounds of frozen pizza stocked on the shelf to bring you every frozen pizza brand available at a major grocery shop.

Frozen Pizza Brand List

In the end, ″the most wonderful thing about being these sentient human beings is that we have been endowed with the ability to make our own decisions.″ Bryant McGill is a spokesman for reason.Choices appeal to us as humans because they allow us to feel in command of our lives.In terms of frozen pizza, we have a plethora of alternatives, and with such a large number of choices, things may get a bit chaotic in the frozen department.We’ve assembled the greatest and most precise information on all of the frozen pizza brands available to make your decision a bit easier.Please read on for more information.

Find out what your new fave is by reading on.


On the basis of sales volume, Digiorno is the most well-known frozen pizza brand available.Digiorno was the best-selling frozen pizza brand in the United States in 2018, with approximately 232 million dollars in sales.Nestle presently has a majority stake in the firm.According to a poll conducted by Statista, 8.84 million Americans eaten 5 DiGiorno pizzas in the previous 30 days, indicating that the brand is quite popular.In 1995, Digiorno introduced the first oven-ready, rising crust pizza to the market.

Prior to 1995, the firm began offering pastas and sauces in 1991, a year after its founding.″It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno,″ says the company’s tagline, which is a play on words.A variety of distinct frozen pizza crust styles are available from Digiorno, including rising crust, filled crust, hand-tossed style, original thin crust, crispy pan, and gluten-free alternatives.Each style of pizza is available with a variety of topping options, including cheese, pepperoni, deluxe, and supreme.In fact, the DiGiorno cheese loaded crust pizza was the company’s most well-known product.

Red Baron.

Red Baron is a well-known pizza brand that originally appeared on the market in 1976.Sales of Red Baron frozen pizza were $130.53 million in 2018, according to the Schwan’s Company, which owns the Red Baron trademark.From 1979 through 2007, Red Baron Pizza was supported by the Red Baron Squadron, a civil aerobatic display team based at the Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport that was created in 1979 and has been flying since.In addition to promoting the Red Baron pizza brand and raising funds for charitable organizations, the Red Barons were owned by Schwan’s Foods and flew to promote the brand on a regular basis.After making the decision to end the Red Baron® Pizza Squadron in 2007, Schwans Foods auctioned off the planes and supporting equipment.

Red Baron Pizza serves a variety of pies, including conventional pies, deep dish, french bread-style, and more.Right now, the Red Baron traditional crust is the one to purchase from their menu.

Totino’s Party Pizza.

To be sure, Totino’s is best known for its pizza rolls, but that doesn’t mean Totino’s Party Pizza isn’t a popular choice among frozen pizza enthusiasts.In 2018, Totinos sold pizzas to consumers for a total of $83 million.Rose and Jim Totino opened Totino’s Pizza Business in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1951 as a family-run pizza parlor.The firm was subsequently sold to Pilsbury, and Rose was appointed as the company’s first female corporate vice president.General Mills has acquired control of the company.

A selection of tasty toppings, including cheese, pepperoni, supreme and more, are available with Totino’s frozen pizza.


Established in 1960, Jack’s frozen pizza is a well-known pizza brand that is still in business today.Jack’s is owned by Nestle, and the company generated sales of $55.54 million in 2018.Jack’s was established in the small Wisconsin community of Little Chute in 1908.A 1949 Plymouth with one bucket seat served as the company’s delivery vehicle, and the guy who founded it, Jack, operated his pizza kitchen out of the family garage.Today, Jack’s is one of the most popular frozen pizzas on the market, and it provides a broad array of toppings to pick from, making it a great choice for any occasion.

Products that are available in several versions include the classic style, the rising crust, and pizza fries, which are similar to garlic bread and which consumers may dip into marinara sauce.Aside from traditional toppings, Jack’s also provides some unusual options like as the Chicken Supreme and Bacon Cheeseburger.Jack’s highly suggests grilling their pizzas rather than baking them in the oven, as opposed to the more traditional method of baking them.In case you’re a novice when it comes to grilling, have a look at these safety precautions to safeguard your safety!


Tombstone is a well-known store-bought pizza brand that was launched in 1962 in Chicago, Illinois.Nestle is the company’s majority shareholder.A total of $55.18 million in frozen pizza sales were recorded by Tombstone in 2018.Tombstone was founded in 1962 by Pep Simek, Ron Simek, and two other persons in the town of Medford, in the state of Wisconsin.The Simeks owned a pub called The Tombstone Tap, which gave the name to the establishment.

Today, Tombstone original frozen pizza is one of the most well-known pizza brands in the United States, and it is available in a variety of flavors.The brand provides a variety of excellent pizza types, including the Original Pepperoni, Half Pepperoni/Half Cheese, and Garlic Bread crust, among others.


A well-known brand, Freschetta frozen pizza generated $34.6 million in sales last year, according to the company.Schwan’s Company is the company that owns it.A key selling point for Freschetta is their naturally rising pizza dough, which is made without the use of artificial leaveners and without the use of preservatives.They also emphasize the use of 100 percent genuine cheese, whole-vine ripened tomatoes in their sauce, as well as quality toppings and ingredients.One of their most popular items is the Naturally Rising Crust pizza, which is baked in a brick oven.

They do, however, offer gluten-free and whole grain crust choices available.Their pizzas are topped with standard ingredients such as cheese, pepperoni, and supreme, among others.There are several interesting versions, such as the Naturally Rising Crust Canadian Style Bacon & Pineapple Pizza, that they have available.

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza.

California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is a pizza restaurant franchise that specializes in California-style pizza and serves it in a casual dining environment (that also sells frozen pizza).During the year 2018, sales of California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza totaled $33.81 million, marking the brand as one of the most popular frozen pizzas on the market.In 1985, the Beverly Hills location of the first CPK restaurant opened its doors.It was formed by Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax, both of whom were former federal prosecutors.The firm swiftly grew, building more than 250 sites across the world and introducing a frozen version of its pizzas that could be purchased in grocery stores.

In addition to crispy thin, cauliflower, gluten free, and organic crusts, CPK frozen pizza is also available in a range of topping options.BBQ chicken, cheese, margherita, sicilian, uncured pepperoni, and a white pie are just a few of the options for toppings and pizza types available.

Tony’s Frozen Pizza.

Tony’s is a well-known frozen pizza brand that originally appeared on the market in 1960.Founded in 1989, Tony’s frozen pizza is owned by Schwan’s Company, which generated $23.1 million in revenue in 2018.Tony Paglia and his brother-in-law, Dick Barlow, established the firm in Salina, Kansas, as a tiny pizzeria.Today, the company employs over 2,000 people.Tony’s Pizza offers a variety of frozen pizza options, including pepperoni, cheese, supreme pizza, and meat pizza.

Tony’s frozen pizza is renowned for having a light, crispy, and crunchy crust that is perfect for dipping.


Ellio’s is a well-known grocery brand that was named after the company’s founders.’Elio’s’ is a combination of the names of Elias Betzios, George Liolis, and Manny Tzelios, which was formed by the contraction of their names.As a result of the rectangle shape of the Ellio’s cookies, which fit precisely inside of lunchroom trays during the 1960s, they were an instant favorite in school cafeterias.Because it was available in rectangular pieces rather than the entire pie, this frozen pizza brand was great for both parents and children alike.They were easier to break off and serve on their own rather than consuming a complete pizza because they were made up of pieces of three slices.

It is available in six Original Crust styles and two Sicilian Style Crust styles, with every topping imaginable, from plain cheese frozen pizza to the supreme, which includes italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, and onions.It is available in six Original Crust styles and two Sicilian Style Crust styles.

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Stouffer’s is the undisputed king of French bread pizza when it comes to New York City.In spite of the fact that the frozen pizza brand is today owned by Nestle, it has strong roots in New York City, where frozen meals first became popular there in the 1950s.In the early 1920s, Abraham and Mahala Stouffer operated a small dairy farm in Cleveland before relocating to the city 10 years later to run a restaurant.By the 1960s, they needed to find a method for their restaurant to compete with tv dinners, so they introduced french bread pizzas as an alternative.Using a loaf of French bread that has been cut lengthwise, these thick and crispy pizzas are cooked and topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and other ingredients.

It’s impossible to top the crunch of the bread.


When Celeste Lizio’s family moved to Chicago from Southern Italy in the 1930s, it was a watershed moment in their history.She then went on to launch the Mama Celeste restaurant in order to make ends meet, and the pizza quickly became so popular that she finally began selling it frozen.Because of the success of frozen and television meals, she was able to close her business and focus only on selling frozen pizzas throughout the Midwestern United States.In addition to the classic crust pepperoni and italian sausage, the personal pie is available in nine different flavor combinations with a crispy thin crust, including the original and zesty four cheese, classic crust pepperoni and italian sausage, and even a vegetable with green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, black olives, and green olives.

Home Run Inn.

Home Run Inn serves Chicago-style pizza that is both delicious and filling.This pie’s past as a hot Chicago pizzeria helped pave the way for its frozen brand of the same name, which is still in business today.This frozen pizza is a cross between deep-dish and Chicago-style thin-crust pizza, which is a bizarre yet effective mix that delivers a powerful flavor punch.The crust is thick and buttery, and it is topped with a sweet and acidic tomato sauce and a stretchy mozzarella cheese slice.There are several other options, including hot uncured pepperoni, meat lovers with sausage, pepperoni, and bacon, and a margherita pizza topped with sausage.

Screamin’ Sicilian.

Screamin’ Sicilian’s loud and entertaining package, which includes a cut-out mustache, wins the award for the best packaging of the group as well.This newcomer has swept the shelves of our supermarkets, fighting for shelf space in the freezer section alongside all of our old standbys and beloved foods.For its exceptionally fresh and entire ingredients, including a doughy crust that is both crispy and foldable, the pizza is best recognized across the world.A big amount of pepperoni and thick slices of stretchy mozzarella are used to make the cheese, which is just what you’re looking for in a pie.New flavors have also been introduced recently by Screamin’ Sicilian, including an orange chicken pizza, which is made with whole milk mozzarella and white cheddar cheese, breaded chicken, fire-roasted red peppers and red onions, chopped broccoli, and a sweet and tangy orange sauce, among other ingredients.

Open Nature.

Open Nature, a frozen pizza brand distributed by Lucerne Foods and owned by Safeway, is a force to be reckoned with in the frozen pizza aisle.Our support is based on the tagline ″Nature has nothing to hide; neither should your food.″ On the menu at Open Nature, you can sample a four-cheese pizza and other unique flavor combinations, such as a Mediterranean Pizza made with mozzarella and feta, roasted red peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and red onions, and a Roasted vegetable pizza made with yellow and red bell peppers as well as roasted red onions and broccoli.

Newman’s Own.

Known for its ″In Crust We Trust″ tagline, Newman’s Own Pizza is the go-to pizza for every male.The Newman’s Own frozen pizza brand, along with the whole Newman’s Own food line, allows you to feel good about eating it since 100 percent of the company’s net revenues and royalties are contributed to the Newman’s Own Foundation, which supports charitable organizations all around the globe.From the classic thin crust four cheese prepared with mozzarella, parmesan, asiago, and cheddar to the mushroom trio and harvest veggies, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds on the menu.The buffalo chicken pizza and the cheese pizza with a cauliflower crust are two of the restaurant’s standouts.


Amy Berliner is the well-known and beloved Amy that we all know and adore.Amy’s Organic Foods, which was formed in her honor in 1988, has been a pioneer in the organic food industry ever since, selling burritos, mac and cheese, pot pies, and other dishes to the general public.In less than a decade, this trailblazing organic kitchen has grown to offer more than 250 goods in more than 30 countries.These products include gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian alternatives.Amy’s frozen pizzas have a hand-stretched dough crust and are available in a variety of flavors such as spinach and tomatoes, vegan margherita, roasted vegetable pizza, and cheese trio pizza with a vegetarian crust.

Amy’s frozen pizzas are also available with a gluten-free crust.Definitely try the mushroom and olive pizza, which is delicious.

Wild Mike’s.

True to his name, Wild Mike’s is passionate about one thing beyond all else: authentic tastes.A unique spicy marinara sauce and buttery pizza dough baked from scratch are among the ingredients used to make their pizzas, which are free of harmful additives.Wild Mike’s, which is owned by the Piazza family in Oregon, has been in business for more than 50 years, and its loyal customers refer to themselves as ″pizza rebels.″ The pie is available in two sizes: the super size, which weighs in at 2 pounds, is ideal for the whole family, and the fun size, which is the perfect personal pie.Each pizza is made with genuine cheese, including parmesan that has been imported directly from Italy.Each package has a variety of spice packets, including red pepper flakes and Italian flavors such as oregano, parsley, and basil, which we really like seeing.


Founded in the late 1800s by a German pharmacist with a penchant for baking powder, this Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based firm has grown into a household name for baking mixes, cereals, yogurt, pastries, and pizza, among other things.It is available in a variety of varieties, including traditional crust pepperoni pesto, veggies medley, seasoned chicken, and Dr.Oetker’s distinctive spinach (see below).

Cauliflower Crust Frozen Pizza Brands

Cauliflower is an excellent alternative to a traditional doughy crust for our gluten-free, gluten-intolerant, and gluten-averse friends.You may enjoy wonderful cauliflower crust pizza whether you have celiac disease or are simply limiting your carb intake.It is also guilt-free!After all, cauliflowers are classified as vegetables.The cauliflower is beneficial to those of us who suffer from allergies while also providing a satisfying chewiness and structure, allowing the pizza toppings to take center stage.


CAULIPOWER is the company behind America’s #1 cauliflower crust pizza, and they’re on a mission to make pizza your favorite vegetable. These frozen pizzas are naturally gluten-free and devoid of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, making them the crispiest, tastiest, and healthiest pizza available in the freezer aisle. At long last, you may have your pizza and eat it, as well.

Real Good Foods.

Real Good Pizza Co. is produced with grain-free ingredients such as cauliflower, nuts, and eggs, and each dish has 22 grams of protein and just 4 grams of net carbohydrates. When topped with ingredients such as pepperoni, natural mozzarella cheese, and beyond meat, this frozen pizza becomes extremely convenient, even on the busiest of days. –

Green Giant.

Replace your old pizza dough with Green Giant cauliflower pizza crust, which is manufactured with basic ingredients and freshly prepared to ensure that there is no prep work or clean up required when preparing anything from scratch.It’s a no-fuss crust that is delicious and easy to make.They feature a margherita pizza with cauliflower crust that is created with mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, white cheddar, and basil, as well as a pre-made cauliflower pizza crust that you can use to create your own pie from the ground up.

Cali’flour Foods.

With ingredients that are simple and fresh, as well as being keto and gluten-free friendly, Cali’flour Foods is a frozen pizza company that claims there will never be a boring piece of pizza.On top of a cauliflower crust, toppings such as uncured chicken pepperoni, classic cheese, artisan margherita, and supreme vegetable are given the royal treatment they deserve.You may also purchase pre-made crusts to use as a starting point for your own creations.A variety of pizza crust varieties, such as fiery jalapeño, sweet red pepper, and a plant-based Italian dough, are popular among customers.

In Conclusion, America Loves Frozen Pizza

Finally, there is no doubt that frozen pizza is a popular food in the United States.Frozen pizza is one of the most enjoyable foods to eat because there are so many various brands, toppings, crust types, and unique taste combinations to select from.Frozen pizza is one of the most enjoyable foods to eat because it is one of the most diverse foods to consume.With these tasty and hidden jewels, you may experiment with different pizza styles and discover new favorite toppings.

The Untold Truth Of Red Baron Pizza

JJava Designs and Shutterstock are used in this image.Let’s be honest about this.Quite perhaps, the first time many of us heard the moniker ″Red Baron″ was when we were children, thanks to a particular cartoon beagle from the Sunday comics.Eventually, as we grew older, it’s possible that we learned about the real Red Baron in history class, but it’s more likely that we heard about him as part of a bigger study on World War I.Because of this, it’s possible that a firm might use this name for a frozen pizza brand, which may be misleading.And what does eating pizza have to do with flying, World War I, or even the Peanuts comic strip, you might wonder.

The good news is that there are answers to these questions – but not always the ones you’re expecting.But first, let’s speak about pizza, since who doesn’t enjoy a good slice of the good stuff?No, honestly, according to Schwan’s, the business that makes Red Baron pizza, 98 percent of Americans consume pizza, resulting in a $50.6 billion sector for the pizza industry.

  • And frozen pizza accounts for around 14 percent of the market, resulting in an estimated $7.1 billion in revenue for the frozen pizza industry.
  • Although there are many other frozen pizza brands available, the ones that hold the moniker Red Baron have established themselves as a strong competitor.
  • Red Baron Pizza had yearly sales of more than $570 million in 2017, according to the company (via CNBC and Statista).
  • So, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, what exactly is going on with this pizza?
  • What is it about it that has kept it so popular for so long?
  1. And what is the significance of the name Red Baron?
  2. It’s past time for us to find out.

Who was the real Red Baron?

It is necessary to discuss Manfred von Richthofen before we can begin to delve into the history of Red Baron pizza and its creation.As the Red Baron (also known as the Red Knight or ″the Red Battle Flier″), a World War I fighter pilot and nobleman, he was also known by other nicknames such as ″the Red Knight″ and ″the Red Battle Flier″ (via History).The color red became associated with von Richthofen because he painted his plane in a hue of crimson that was meant to represent blood, in case you’re picking up on the theme.Beyond the paint job on his plane, it was von Richthofen’s abilities as a fighter pilot that distinguished him from the crowd.According to History, von Richthofen was credited with ″80 verified aerial victories″ over the course of just two years.This was a record not only for those who, like von Richthofen, fought for the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire), but also for those who fought for the Allied Powers (France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Romania, Russia, and the United States) during World War I.

Von Richthofen was the first person to achieve this feat (via History).Considering the genuine Red Baron fought against the United States during World War I, it’s hard to understand why anybody would want to brand their goods with his name in the United States.Getting closer, however it’s vital to remember that von Richthofen’s abilities were acknowledged by both the Central and the Allied Powers throughout the war.

  • In accordance with historical records, once he died in combat, it was members of the Allied Powers’ military that conducted a complete military funeral for him.

Pop culture and the Red Baron

Catwalker/Shutterstock As noted by History, the legend of the Red Baron did not die with Manfred von Richthofen’s death.Instead, he began to appear in a variety of diverse types of media entertainment.This featured the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz, in which the Red Baron first appeared in 1965 and quickly established himself as Snoopy’s arch-nemesis, at least in Snoopy’s view (via Schulz Museum).Because of his vivid imagination, Snoopy frequently imagined to be a World War I Flying Ace, dogfighting the Red Baron from atop his doghouse while yelling ″Curse you, Red Baron!″ ″Curse you, Red Baron!″ In fact, Snoopy’s Flying Ace comics grew so successful that when the Peanuts franchise was expanded to other kinds of media, the Red Baron was invited along for the voyage.Snoopy as the Flying Ace must rescue his love interest Fifi (voiced by Kristin Chenoweth) from the Red Baron in ″The Peanuts Movie,″ which was released in 2015.Blue Sky Studios produced the film in 2015.

Moreover, Snoopy and the Red Baron’s escapades have been the topic of songs by the band The Royal Guardsmen, who have performed them on the radio and in live performances (via YouTube).There are several of them, including ″Snoopy Vs.the Red Baron,″ in which Snoopy shoots down the Red Baron’s plane, ″The Return of the Red Baron,″ in which Snoopy and the Red Baron square off on foot, and ″Snoopy’s Christmas,″ in which the Red Baron spares Snoopy’s life in celebration of the holiday.

  • By the time a specific food business was releasing its new frozen pizza line, it’s reasonable to say that the Red Baron had established himself as a part of popular culture.
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The company who created Red Baron Pizza started out by selling ice cream

Gresei/Shutterstock Despite the fact that the Schwan family founded their company in 1948, it would be over 30 years before Red Baron pizzas were introduced to the market (through Schwan’s Company).Rather than creating cheesy pizzas, the firm, which was formerly known as the Schwan’s Dairy, got its start by selling ice cream, which is another product created from cow’s milk.According to the Schwan’s Company website, Marvin Schwan was the one who pioneered the home delivery component of his family’s business in 1952 by filling his 1946 Dodge panel van with dry ice and driving about in it.He was able to transport and sell 14 gallons of ice cream as a result of this.While it may appear insignificant, it represented a significant step forward in terms of profitability for the dairy.Soon after, they began supplying other items such as juice, seafood, and sandwiches to their customers.

Of course, this necessitated the purchase of trucks and the establishment of additional operations facilities; nonetheless, the investment paid off, and the once-local dairy has grown into a multimillion-dollar corporation with sites in eight different states.Schwan’s began entering the frozen pizza business in 1966 (via its subsidiary, Schwan’s Company).Their fortunes, however, took a turn for the worst in 1974, when a fire destroyed their corporate offices, distribution center, and ice cream manufacturing facilities.

  • Keeping its roots in Minnesota, the firm ventured into the food service market, supplying frozen pizzas to local school districts.
  • Finally, in 1976, the firm introduced the Red Baron pizza, which immediately became one of the brand’s most popular items.

Why is the pizza is called Red Baron?

Grossinger/Shutterstock That is the million-dollar question (or rather a billion-dollar question, considering how much money the pizza industry generates on a yearly basis).However, according to Mel Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, Schwan’s spokesperson Chuck Blomberg indicated that any resemblances in look between our baron and an actual person were coincidental: ″Any parallels in appearance between our baron and an actual person would be accidental.″ The pilot mascot on Red Baron pizza, on the other hand, isn’t the real Red Baron, are we right?The answer is a little more involved than a straightforward yes or no.The Red Baron pizza logo may not look like Manfred von Richthofen, but it’s crucial to realize that the moniker Red Baron had already become legendary by 1976, having appeared in a variety of media outlets, including movies and television shows (via History).Because of Snoopy, even children became familiar with the name.For the most part, the moniker ″Red Baron″ was not only well-known, but it also brought up images of a bygone time and place that was, admittedly, idealized to some extent.

Similar to how von Richthofen does not resemble the pilot on Red Baron pizza goods, Schwan’s utilized a different sort of jet for their marketing campaign from the one used by Red Baron.Yes, Schwan’s actually had a squadron that performed at airshows in order to promote its frozen pizza products (via Aerobatic Team).Stearman biplanes, however, were deployed in the military during World War II, and these were the planes in question (via American Heritage).

  • Von Richthofen, on the other hand, flew an Albatros D.III fighter jet, which had three sets of wings instead of two, and he was shot down (via History.com).

Red Baron Pizza helped sponsor 15 college football teams

Photograph courtesy of Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock Although Red Baron pizza is one of Schwan’s most popular items, it is not the only frozen pizza brand available (according to Schwan’s Company).Approximately six years before Schwan’s created Red Baron pizza, the company bought Tony’s pizza, a brand that continues to exist alongside Red Baron pizza today (through Schwan’s Company).To be exact, Schwan’s presently has five distinct pizza brands to choose from on top of their existing footprints in other culinary industries such as Bibigo, Mrs.Smith’s, Edward’s, Pagoda and Minh, among others.Thus, it should come as no surprise that more than one Schwan’s pizza brand was involved in a marketing campaign that featured collegiate athletics in 2013.(via Business Wire).

Neben Red Baron and Tony’s, the Schwan’s Freschetta pizza brand became the official sponsor of 15 different collegiate football teams in the United States.Red Baron held two contests over the course of the promotion, which spanned from September to November.One of these was a weekly contest in which one lucky winner would get $1,000.

  • For the second year, the Red Baron held a picture contest called ″Get a Taste of Tradition,″ with the big prize being a year’s supply of Red Baron pizza.
  • As part of its role as an official sponsor of college athletics, Red Baron also communicated with football fans using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, in addition to more traditional means of communication, such as radio.
  • The teams represented a total of 13 states, with one representing Schwan’s native state of Minnesota among them.

There’s also a sports arena named after Red Baron Pizza

Following a fire that destroyed Schwan’s headquarters, distribution center, and ice cream facility in 1974, the firm considered not just leaving Marshall, Minnesota, but also expanding its operations to South Dakota (through Schwan’s).However, they chose to remain and rebuild, establishing Marshall as the location of Red Baron Pizza when it first opened its doors around two years later.Furthermore, in 2015, the Marshall Amateur Regional Sports Hub (MARSH) and The Schwan Regional Amateur Sports Center were renamed the Red Baron Arena & Expo, further cementing Red Baron’s link to the city of Marshall (via Business Wire).″Because our roots are in Marshall, Minnesota, it is a great honor for us to have our iconic Red Baron pizza brand associated with such a fantastic facility,″ said Dimitrios Smyrnios, CEO of Schwan’s.″Our heritage is rooted in Marshall, Minnesota, so it is a great honor for us to have our iconic Red Baron pizza brand associated with such a fantastic facility.″ Despite the fact that Red Baron pizza was a part of a college football sponsorship scheme in 2013, the Schwan’s brand is more recognized for its backing of hockey arenas in Minnesota and the surrounding areas.As a result, the Arena & Expo was built specifically to accommodate ice hockey, as well as other ice skating-related events and activities (MARSH official website).

If there is just one sheet of ice in addition to the exhibit area during the off-season, that changes during the hockey season, when there are two sheets of ice in the arena.Additionally, the Southwest Minnesota Figure Skating club’s performance event is held at the Red Baron Arena & Expo in addition to hosting hockey games and expo booths.

Red Baron Pizza went retro for its 40th anniversary

There is no assurance that a product’s popularity and success will remain indefinitely, regardless of the sector of the food business it belongs to.Consider the fate of former favorite chains such as Beefsteak Charlie, Chi- Chi’s, and other eateries that have gone out of business.As a result, when a product celebrates a significant birthday, it is remarkable.And Schwan’s was not about to let the 40th anniversary of one of its most well-known brands pass without throwing a party to commemorate the occasion.The Red Baron pizza chain, which has been in business for more than 40 years, undertook a 40-week campaign in 2016 that included both television and social media to promote the brand (via Business Wire).The goal of this campaign, branded ″Timeless,″ was to demonstrate how Red Baron pizza has been a continuous part of family life for generations.

Beginning with a small girl from the 1970s enjoying Red Baron pizza with her family, the approximately 30-second television commercial moves on to the present day (via YouTube).With a quick change of scene, we are introduced to a teenage girl in the 1980s who is irritated by her family but yet enjoying a Red Baron pizza.Towards the end of the film, the main heroine, now an adult, is enjoying Red Baron pizza with her own family.

  • Aside from the television advertisement, Schwan’s also established a website where users could use a virtual oven dial to explore different decades.
  • It also used social media in its ″Timeless″ campaign, engaging online influencers and bloggers, in part by developing new social media channels dedicated to the event particularly for this purpose.

Red Baron introduced a pizza Baroness

The year after Red Baron Pizza celebrated its 40th anniversary, Schwan’s attempted a new marketing campaign in which the brand’s mustachioed pilot mascot was replaced with a female pilot (via Multivu).Despite some significant differences in her outfit, such as the use of aviator sunglasses rather than a leather flying hat with goggles, the Baroness did wore a long, red scarf and a leather bomber jacket, similar to her male counterpart.A deeper look at that jacket, on the other hand, indicates why Schwan chose a female avatar for this ad.Because the Baroness was created to appeal to moms in particular, her bomber jacket was adorned with patches that were associated with parenting.″Tantrum Slayer,″ ″Bake Sale Participant,″ ″Eat Your Pizza,″ and ″Where’s My Phone″ were some of the names given to them.In fact, the patches played a role in a 30-second advertisement titled ″War Stories,″ in which the Baroness swaps wartime tales with a fellow mother about her son’s service (via YouTube).

″I once had a broccoli standoff with a 4-year-old,″ the Baroness tells the mother, pointing to her ″Clean Plate Club″ insignia on her jacket.The mother responds, ″I was able to save a treasured toy from the garbage disposal.″ Eventually, the Baroness presents the mother with one of her patches when their cordial exchange has concluded.As part of Schwan’s marketing strategy, the Baroness’ patches were made available for purchase online in addition to being prominently featured in the ″War Stories″ television commercial.

  • Mothers were also urged to share their real-life experiences on social media and to use the hashtag #WingMama to identify their submissions.

Red Baron released a special pizza for Cinco de Mayo

While we typically think of pizza as having a limited number of toppings, there is really a broad range available, ranging from popular options such as pepperoni to uncommon ones such as venison and chorizo.If you already have a pizza business and want to grow it even further, providing fresh and even surprising toppings might be a fantastic idea.Take, for example, the Red Baron Classic Crust Mexican Style Pizza from Red Baron Pizza.The non-traditional pizza was first introduced by Schwan’s in 2000 for a limited time period, but the firm brought it back for the 2013 Cinco de Mayo celebrations (via Business Wire).While the Classic Crust Mexican Style Pizza has mozzarella cheese and is topped with tomatoes and red peppers, it differs from other Red Baron products in that it does not contain any additional ingredients.Schwan’s has substituted a spicy sauce for the traditional marinara sauce.

Cheddar cheese, ″Mexican style sausage,″ and vegetables such as onions and peppers were among the toppings on this sandwich.In addition to reintroducing the Classic Crust Mexican Style Pizza in the same month, Red Baron debuted three additional items (via Business Wire).The Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni brought a new spin to a popular pizza topping by combining jalapenos and chipotle sauce into the recipe.

  • The results were delicious!
  • The other two were variants on a Hawaiian Style pizza, one of which was a full-sized pie with a ″Classic Crust″ and the other of which was ″Deep Dish Singles.″ The Hawaiian Style pizza was the inspiration for both of these variations.
  • Yes, both varieties are topped with pineapple and Canadian bacon, as you would expect.

Red Baron Pizza expanded its products during the pandemic

Image courtesy of Tada Images/Shutterstock Did you know that the month of October is designated as National Pizza Month?The fact that all but 2 percent of Americans consume pizza on a regular basis (according to Schwan’s) is not shocking.Because to COVID concerns and limits, Schwan’s opted to debut two new Red Baron pizza items at the beginning of October 2020, when people were dining at home more frequently.The marketing director of Schwan’s Consumer Product, Inc., Sara Brohl, stated, ″With an increasing number of families dining at home right now, we’re offering busy and time-strapped parents with even more mealtime alternatives″ (via Business Insider).Schwan’s opted on two meal options for this product launch: one that was already popular and one that was completely new.A rectangle filled crust pizza in three flavors was introduced by the company: pepperoni, a Four Cheese mix (cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and provolone), and a Meat-Trio (pepperoni, sausage and smoky ham) (via Red Baron).

While filled crust pizzas may be regarded less conventional than other pizza toppings such as meatballs or additional cheese, they have been around for quite some time and are still popular.For example, Pizza Hut’s version of the dish has been on the market for more than two decades.Additionally, Red Baron Pizza Melts, which are similar to pizza sandwiches, have been launched by Schwan’s in addition to filled crust pizza.

  • And, as with the packed crust pizza, the firm manufactured other varieties of Pizza Melt, including Pepperoni, Four Cheese, and the Supreme, which includes onions, pepperoni, sausage, red and green peppers, and other toppings (via Red Baron).

Red Baron Pizza regularly launches new products during National Pizza Month

Schwan’s has now joined forces with food maker and distributor CJCJ Foods, Americas to form an affiliate company (via PRNewswire).That’s right, the company’s (through Schwan’s Company) ice cream delivery days in a Dodge panel van are officially over.However, this does not imply that Schwan’s is abandoning its tried-and-true formula for success.The latest Red Baron product, Fully Loaded pizza, was launched by Schwan’s, according to CJCJ Foods, Americas, during National Pizza Month for the second consecutive year.And, like with previous 2020 product launches (as reported by Business Insider), this new pizza option is available in a number of flavors.Besides the traditional pepperoni, Red Baron Fully Loaded Pizza is available in a five-cheese blend consisting of Asiago, cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, and provolone, as well as a vegetarian option.

The company has also introduced a Fully Loaded version of their Supreme Pizza, which is topped with onions, pepperoni, sausage and red and green peppers in addition to mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.Schwan’s used social media to engage the public about their latest Red Baron pizzas, as they had done in the past.They held an Instagram contest in which 100 fortunate winners would receive free pizza, as they had done in the past.

  • And, if new kinds of media gain popularity in the future, it is quite probable that Schwan’s will include them into their marketing efforts as they expand their pizza selection in the future.
  • In other words, we’re not likely to see the last of a particular ″Red Baron″ very soon.
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Who Was the Red Baron, and Why Is He on My Pizza Box?

When I’m a tired parent, I frequently find myself in the frozen food section of the grocery store, where I always encounter the same group of friendly faces.For example, there’s the green masculinity of the Jolly Green Giant; the Pillsbury Doughboy, who is an adorable little nudist; and the perfectly-bearded Gorton’s Fisherman.In the midst of all of this, there is one mascot that sticks out above the others — one who makes me question what he’s doing there in the first place — and that is the Red Baron.As an admittedly inexperienced Red Baron fan, much of what I know about him comes from the Peanuts comics, but what I do know is that he was a German fighter ace during World War One who was responsible for the deaths of many Allied troops (Americans included).That being said, how in the world did this guy wind up as the mascot for a frozen food company?It’s the equivalent of having Mussolini as the mascot for your breakfast cereal brand.

In order to find out what was going on, I decided to go straight to the source — the Red Baron’s website — and phone their customer care department.It was my expectation that the media department would respond positively, but despite everyone’s good nature, they rejected to be interviewed for this piece, which was disappointing.Even if I fail to reveal the Domino’s Pizza Tracker as the utter fake that it is, I will almost certainly succeed in solving another pizza riddle.

  • The information available online about Red Baron pizza provides little in the way of insight into how they came up with their mascot — the closest I could come was from a 2015 Wall Street Journal article about Manfred Von Richthofen, the pilot better known as the Red Baron, who was the inspiration for the company’s mascot.
  • ″Americans everywhere may purchase Red Baron frozen pizza, which was called in 1976 because the Red Baron ″was well-known in the United States as an outstanding World War I fighter pilot,″ according to Chuck Blomberg, a spokesperson for maker Schwan Food Co..″ According to Mr.
  • Blomberg, the Red Baron Pizza emphasizes Von Richthofen’s meticulous attention to detail as an aviator who personifies ″power and romanticism.″ Each Red Baron Pizza box depicts an aviator who looks more like mustachioed actor Tom Selleck than a clean-shaven Von Richthofen, though Mr.
  • Blomberg claims he is neither: ″Any parallels in appearance between our baron and an actual person would be accidental.″ It’s not clear why they selected the Red Baron; all that is stated is that they are not attempting to equate their pizza with a serial murderer, which I completely appreciate and respect.
  • All of the information I discovered on Red Baron pizza on the internet was very much the same: ″It was founded in 1976,″ ″The owner looks like Tom Selleck,″ and ″Look, we have a meat-pizza!″ lover’s A part of me believes they are completely clueless as to why they titled their pizza the Red Baron.
  1. In any case, the company was founded 43 years ago, and its founder and longstanding CEO, Charles Schwan, passed away in 1993, so it’s plausible that the secret was passed along with him.
  2. Investigating the real-life Red Baron didn’t yield any useful results, either.
  3. The Red Baron was the top ″Flying Ace″ in World War I, according to Wayne Vansant, an author and illustrator of historical graphic novels, including one about him.
  4. Vansant explained that Von Richthofen had 80 confirmed kills during the war, which was significantly more than any other pilot during the conflict.
  5. A nobleman, while not quite the same as a baron, came very close to becoming one.
  6. He also painted his plane crimson, as many pilots did at the time, as was customary at the time.

While ″Red Baron″ would become the most well-known of his nicknames, he was also known by other titles such as ″the Red Battle Flier″ and ″the Red Knight″ during his time in the military.Because of reports spreading about the Red Baron and his incredible death count during the war, he swiftly rose to fame, and he went on to write an autobiography, which was published after the war.His notoriety was heightened by the fact that his flying career was cut short when he was shot down and died in 1918 (no one knows who was responsible for the shooting to this day).When Von Richthofen was shot down over France, allied soldiers buried him and hailed him as a tough adversary, which may sound strange in today’s world.However, it was a common practice at the time.In the words of Vansant, ″World War I was the first war in which we had airplanes, and there was a certain prestige to being an airman during that time.″ They were referred to as ‘knights of the air,’ and the infantrymen were sometimes irritated by this designation since they were waging a dirty, terrible, and bloody battle on the ground, while those people up in the air were like the knights of olde.

  1. It was more or less like a joust or a duel, or something pretty similar to that.″ Because I consider myself to be a bit of an American history nerd, I recall reading stories about troops from opposite sides during the Civil War who would take a lunch break, dine together, and then go straight back to killing one another.
  2. Some of that mindset persisted into World War I, which occurred some 50 years later.
  3. According to Vansant, in the first year of the war, Scottish and German troops had a break for Christmas and rejoiced together before continuing the cruelty the following day.
  4. ) (In the United Kingdom, this story is so beloved that it has been remade on film multiple times and even transformed into a weird Christmas commercial for a major grocery store chain.) As a result, while the Red Baron was considered the adversary, he was also seen as a hero and a hero of honor.

And it’s because of this that he wasn’t a very contentious figure, and it was OK for him to appear in a children’s comic strip over 50 years after his death.I’m not sure who else would have had a greater impact on the Red Baron’s re-popularization than Charles Schulz, the creator of the Peanuts comic strip, because many people, including myself, only know the Red Baron as Snoopy’s adversary in his long-running series of shorts in which Snoopy is a pilot atop his doghouse, and the Red Baron is Snoopy’s main competitor.Benjamin L.Clark, director of the Charles M.

Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California, tells me that the first Red Baron Peanuts comic debuted on October 10, 1965, according to the museum’s website.As for why Schulz, a World War II veteran, would be interested in one of the most prominent figures of the First World War, Clark provides me with a quote from the Peanuts creator himself, taken from the Schulz Museum archives: ″As for why Schulz, a veteran of World War II, would have an interest in one of the most prominent figures of the First World War,″ Clark says.″One of my sons, Monte, was particularly interested in building miniature airplanes from World War I.

  1. And one day, while I was seated at my drafting board, he walked in with his latest model plane in tow.
  2. While we were discussing about World War I planes, I simply randomly sketched a small helmet on Snoopy and immediately had the concept for it, and I put him on top of the doghouse to illustrate the point.
  3. I asked Monte to buy me one of the World War I plane books he’d been reading, which he agreed to do.
  4. I flipped through the pages of the book until I came to the name — Sopwith Camel.
  5. That appeared to be the best option.

And it was the beginning of everything.″ Considering that Schulz determined that Snoopy would be a flying ace during World Conflict I, it only made logical to battle him against the most famous pilot of the war on either side.The Sopwith Camel was a sort of British fighter plane during the war.Needless to say, the flying Snoopy strips were a huge hit, and they continued to be used as a running humor for the rest of the Peanuts series.

Following its initial appearance, the Red Baron may be found in a variety of locations, including: When I entered the term ″Red Baron″ into Google’s Ngram Viewer, which records how frequently words or phrases appear in literature over the previous 200 years, the results were as follows: As you can see, following World War I, the number of times his name is mentioned drops precipitously, with only a few blips here and there.From 1954 through 1965, he is totally absent from the comic strip, and then, in 1966 — just two months after the first strip — he re-emerges as a significant character.However, despite the fact that the Red Baron was never seen in the strip and was only mentioned, it’s clear that Snoopy had a significant impact on the Red Baron’s legacy.While Clark points out that this was also around the 50th anniversary of the war, it’s pretty clear that Snoopy had a significant impact on the Red Baron’s legacy.Throughout the years, Snoopy’s exploits with the Red Baron would find their way onto a variety of other items, including this music box, which Clark believes is the only time you can get a clean sight of the Red Baron’s face: As you can see, he has a lot more in common with Selleck than he does with Von Richthofen, this time because of the advent of a mustache.The comic strip also served as the inspiration for a novelty album that was released a year later, in November 1966.

  1. In this case, the song was Snoopy vs.
  2. the Red Baron by the Royal Guardsmen, and it was so successful that it peaked at number two on the Billboard charts in the United States, sixth in the United Kingdom, and first in Australia.
  3. As well as the movie, there would be a video game for the Atari in 1983, which looks nothing short of incredible (I honestly watched the entire nine minutes of this.
  4. am I okay?).
  5. Despite being contained inside the Peanuts universe, Red Baron craze has expanded to other areas of popular culture as well.
  • It would go on to be used as a nickname for Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Rick Sutcliffe, as the title of several songs, as the title of a slew of computer games, and even as the title of an anime series, Super Robot Red Baron.
  • There was also a popular Hot Wheels automobile dubbed the Red Baron, which was first introduced in 1970 and is still in production today.
  • For fans of the death-obsessed Toy Story movies, this automobile may be seen in the first film, during Buzz Lightyear’s iconic ″falling with style″ moment, since it is the car that he uses to skate around the racing circuit.
  • Taking into account all of this, in addition to a war film directed by Roger Corman, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to name a frozen pizza after the late (and arguably great) Manfred Von Richthofen simply because the German pilot was an iconic figure in popular culture — even if that long dead, cold-blooded murderer had absolutely nothing to do with pizza.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get some Red Baron frozen Hawaiian pizza for dinner.It’s time to take to the skies!

Brian VanHooker

The pop culture, cuisine (particularly pizza), and long-form oral histories are among the topics covered by Brian VanHooker, a staff writer at MEL.He is the co-creator of the comic book series ″Barnum & Elwood″ as well as the comedy pilot ″The Tramp,″ which stars John O’Hurley.He also conducts a TMNT interview podcast called ″Turtle Tracks″ and has been referred to as a ″Good Guy″ by Mr.T on more than one occasion.

Schwan’s acquires two more frozen pizza companies

Schwan’s Co., one of the nation’s largest producers of frozen pizzas, is expanding its operations for the second time in as many months, according to the company.Better Baked Foods of North East, Pa., and Drayton Foods of Fargo, N.D., both subsidiaries of NE Foods Inc., were bought by the Marshall, Minn.- and Bloomington-based firm, which announced the acquisition on Monday.The financial terms of the transactions were not disclosed.The acquisition of MaMa Rosa’s Pizza, situated in Sidney, Ohio, by Schwan’s comes just a few weeks after the company purchased the company.″We are concentrating on expanding our skills and increasing our share of the pizza market in the United States.″ ″We are incredibly pleased to welcome Better Baked Meals and Drayton Foods to our family of businesses, as both companies are well-known for supplying high-quality foods to its retail, food-service, and home-delivery consumers across the country,″ said Dimitrios Smyrnios, CEO of Schwan’s.It is a privately held company.

It is the creator of numerous popular retail frozen pizza brands such as Red Baron, Freschetta, and Tony’s, which are well-known among Midwesterners for their golden home-delivery trucks.Schwan’s is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.The company’s online delivery service includes a selection of frozen pizzas from which to choose.

  • Better Baked Foods is a private label manufacturer that produces pizza, French bread pizza, and sandwich products for consumers.
  • Product lines such as Papa Presto, Zap-A-Snack, and Odyssey are available for purchase in retail locations.
  • In addition to pizza crusts, Drayton Foods produces dough balls, breadsticks, and dinner rolls.
  • Smyrnios stated that the addition of Better Baked, Drayton, and MaMa Rosa’s to Schwan’s will ″intensify our cooperation with strategic food-service and retail clients on developing and growing the pizza category, as well as satisfying customer demand.″

Schwan’s Company – Wikipedia

Schwan’s Company

Type Private
Industry Frozen food
Founded 1952
Founder Marvin Schwan
Headquarters Marshall, Minnesota, USA
Revenue $3 billion
Number of employees 11,000
Parent CJ CheilJedang (80%)
Website www.schwanscompany.com

Schwan’s Company, originally known as The Schwan Food Company, is a privately held corporation based in the United States.It has a workforce of around 12,000 people.The firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of CJ CheilJedang that operates in the Korean market.Schwan’s Home Service, which symbolizes the company’s historical home-delivery business founded by Marvin Schwan in 1952, is owned entirely by the Schwan family, which retains a 100 percent ownership stake.Schwan’s Home Service continues to function as a privately held, independently owned and operated corporation.The firm, which is based in Marshall, Minnesota, offers frozen goods through home delivery trucks, grocery store freezers, the mail, and to the food service sector, among other channels.

The firm manufactures, markets, and sells products under the names Schwan’s, Red Baron, Freschetta, Tony’s, Mrs.Smith’s, Edwards, Pagoda, and Larry’s, among others.It als

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