Where Was Mystic Pizza Filmed?

The film was shot on location in Mystic, Stonington, and Groton, Connecticut, with a few scenes filmed in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Since the movie’s opening 23 years ago, tourists from all over the world have visited Mystic and the real life Mystic Pizza restaurant made famous by the movie.

Where is Mystic Pizza from 1988?

Mystic Pizza | 1988. Mystic Pizza location: the ‘pizza house’ seen in the film: Water Street, Stonington, Connecticut | Photograph: Google Maps. The locations for Mystic Pizza can be found on the south coast of Connecticut, within a few miles of the town of Mystic itself, and just across the state line in Rhode island.

Where is the marina in Mystic Pizza filmed?

Before Mystic Pizza was filmed, a location scout for the film talked to my aunt and uncle about possibly using their marina for some scenes. Their marina is near Watch Hill, RI.

Where is Mystic Pizza in Connecticut?

The locations for Mystic Pizza can be found on the south coast of Connecticut, within a few miles of the town of Mystic itself, and just across the state line in Rhode island.

What is the movie Mystic Pizza about?

The film is about the coming of age of two sisters and their friend through the romantic lives of the three main characters: Kat Araújo (Annabeth Gish), Daisy Araújo (Julia Roberts), and Jojo Barbosa (Lili Taylor), who are waitresses at Mystic Pizza owned by Leona (Conchata Ferrell) in Mystic, Connecticut.

Where is the house from Mystic Pizza located?

The film’s plot is set in Mystic, but most of the filming locations were in neighboring towns. The building used for the pizza restaurant was a converted home in Stonington Borough at 70 Water St. After the film’s release, the real-life Mystic Pizza building in downtown Mystic was renovated to resemble the film set.

How old was Kat in Mystic Pizza?

Annabeth Gish was only 16 at the time of filming, two years younger than her character, Kat Arujo. The part called for her to kiss a 30-year-old married father. On the day that scene shot, Gish’s mom was present and gave Thomas Moses the hard stare. He says when he thinks about it, it still makes him uncomfortable.

Is there a Peg Leg Pub in Mystic Connecticut?

Also in Stonington, a little to the south, you’ll find both the local bar and the restaurant. The ‘Peg Leg Pub’, where blowsy Daisy (Julia Roberts) impresses rich boy Charlie (Adam Storke) with her pool skills, is Zack’s Bar and Grill, 201 North Main Street, toward the north of Stonington.

Is Mystic Pizza a real place?

‘Mystic Pizza’ is a real pizza parlor, located at 55 West Main St. in Mystic, Connecticut. Writer Amy Holden Jones was vacationing in Mystic one summer, saw the pizza parlor and was inspired to write the story.

What role did Matt Damon have in Mystic Pizza?

Damon’s ‘Steamer’ is the younger brother of Daisy’s (Roberts) rich boyfriend Charles (Adam Storke), and though he only appears in one scene (where Charlie shocks his family by bringing Daisy, ‘his poor Portuguese girlfriend,’ home for dinner) it’s a memorable one involving lobster mishaps and ‘green stuff.’

Is Mystic Pizza Julia Roberts first movie?

Julia Roberts is an American actress and producer who made her debut in the 1987 direct-to-video feature Firehouse. She had her breakthrough the following year by starring in the coming-of-age film Mystic Pizza (1988).

Where was Mystic River filmed?

To give ‘Mystic River’ an authentic look and feel, Eastwood chose to shoot the entire film on the gritty streets of South and East Boston.

What was the secret ingredient in Mystic Pizza?

This pizza recipe is our version of the ones served in the romantic comedy, ‘Mystic Pizza’. In the movie, Leona, the owner of a local pizza parlor, closely guards her family’s sauce recipe that’s made with a secret blend of Portuguese spices.

Is Julia Roberts Portuguese?

Roberts was born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, to Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts. She is of English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, and Swedish descent.

Is Mystic a town in CT?

Mystic, historic resort village in the town (township) of Stonington, New London county, southeastern Connecticut, U.S. It lies at the mouth of the Mystic River, opposite West Mystic. Settled in 1654, its name was derived from the Indian missituk (“great tidal river”).

How old was Annabeth Gish in Mystic Pizza?

‘It’s wrong,’ Roberts said of the on-screen fling between Gish, who was 16 at the time, and the actor William R. Moses, who was 27. ‘They would not be able to make out in a movie today.’

Who played Tim in Mystic Pizza?

Mystic Pizza (1988) – William R. Moses as Tim – IMDb.

The Idyllic Film Locations of Mystic Pizza — LocationsHub

  • In 1988, a small film called Mystic Pizza was released in the United States, and it immediately won over the hearts of its viewers.
  • The plot of the film revolves around the lives of three young ladies coming of age in a gorgeous New England seaside community.
  • It was filmed mostly on location in Connecticut, with some parts shot in Rhode Island’s Watch Hill.

The film was directed by David Lynch and produced by Steven Spielberg.Thousands of visitors from all around the globe have visited Mystic, Connecticut, and the real-life Mystic Pizza restaurant that was made famous by the movie since its premiere 23 years ago.No one is more eager than they are to experience a little cinematic magic and to sample their own ″slice of paradise.″ Earlier last month, while on a location scouting trip in Connecticut, I got the opportunity to pay a visit to a handful of the Mystic Pizza movie locations.The GPS, camera, and study notes were all in my possession as I gleefully drove to all of the spots I could fit into one afternoon.The following is a list of all of the filming locations for Mystic Pizza.

1. Mystic Pizza Restaurant

  • My first destination on the itinerary was the real-life Mystic Pizza restaurant, which served as an inspiration for screenwriter Amy Holden Jones while she was visiting the region during the summer.
  • Ms.
  • Jones was taken by the modest local pizza and the lovely New England village of Mystic, and she chose to utilize the pizzeria as the scene for her novel.

In reality, the scenes that took place in the restaurant were filmed in a separate location, on a set in the adjacent town of Stonington.(The real restaurant was too tiny and couldn’t be closed for the production because of the schedule.) Today, Mystic Pizza is still in operation and doing quite well.When I visited there during the Columbus Day weekend, there was a lot of construction going on in town, primarily to restore the walkways, which had been seriously damaged by Hurricane Irene last August and needed to be repaired immediately.The proprietors have refurbished and extended the restaurant in the last year, allowing it to accommodate two levels of seating.Customers who don’t have much time for a traditional sit-down lunch may always eat their pizzas at the counter by the front window, which is conveniently located.

  • With a beautiful view of downtown Mystic and a vibrant fish tank nearby, it may turn out to be a pleasant sit-down supper after all……………………………………
  • Posters, memorabilia, and photographs from the film are prominently displayed around the eatery.
  • They are still selling like hot pizza pies their ″A Slice of Heaven″ t-shirts (which were worn on screen by the girls in the film).
  • The iconic tag line is also prominently displayed at the front counter, where customers may place their orders for takeout pizzas.
  • Tourism in Mystic has soared as a result of the film, with visitors from all over the world flocking to the town in quest of the renowned Mystic Pizza.
  • Once there, everyone is surprised to discover that the pizzas are actually extremely tasty as well as being reasonably priced.
  • A pleasant surprise.
  • It would be an understatement to say that business is booming at Mystic Pizza.

Mystic Pizza is a pizza restaurant in the heart of the city of Mystic.Mystic, Connecticut is located at 56 West Main Street.

2. Mystic Bridge and Downtown Mystic

  • Walking down Main Street after enjoying a slice of cheese pizza and a big glass of root beer was a pleasant change of pace.
  • Many restaurants and businesses are within walking distance of Mystic Pizza, including Bank Square Books, which is one of my favorite independent bookshops.
  • After purchasing a Stephen King paperback, I resumed my trip towards Mystic Bridge, where I ended up.

Because it being the Columbus Day weekend, Main Street was jam-packed with automobiles and tourists of all stripes.Mystic Bridge, which was a functional bascule drawbridge, was raised and lowered on a regular basis to let ships and boats to pass through.At times, the traffic on Main Street came to a complete stop as a result of this.You might be wondering which sequences from the movie were filmed on or around Mystic Bridge.On their first date, Charlie drives Daisy directly past this location.

  • Despite the fact that it was only a flash on the screen, you can make out the bridge and a section of Main Street speeding by in the video.
  • Main Street today, assuming you’re traveling in the same direction as Charlie and Daisy.
  • As a side note, it is near the Mystic Bridge that Jojo lashes out at her lover Bill for changing the name of his yacht from ″Jojo″ to ″Nympho″ since she has refused to commit to a second marriage date.
  • This would be her view from where she was standing, as she was gazing down at Bill’s boat from where she was standing (below photo).
  • An appreciative crowd of visitors and passersby on the bridge applauds Jojo as she provides Bill some much-needed peace of mind (above screenshot on the right).
  • Mystic Bridge is a bridge that connects two worlds.
  • This is the main street in town.
  • Mystic, Connecticut

3. Ford’s Lobsters

  • After enjoying a leisurely lunch at Mystic Pizza, I made my way down to Noank to the next filming site on the itinerary: Ford’s Lobster House.
  • While Ford’s Lobsters was renamed ″Ferriera Lobsters″ for the film, the lobster processing facility where Kat and Daisy’s mother worked in the film was retained as ″Ferriera Lobsters.″ Remember the part where Kat takes her scooter up to Ferriera Lobsters to deliver a pizza to her mother?
  • It was a classic scene.

Ford’s Lobsters was the location for this scene.I was pleasantly delighted to see that not much has changed since the film was released.Almost everything about the site resembles what it looked like in Mystic Pizza, even down to the charming lobster hut decorated with bright buoys.Ford’s Lobsters has been transformed into an outdoor restaurant that specializes in…lobsters, of course.

  • Unknown to me, a fellow was preparing sandwiches under a white tent near the sea.
  • Even though I had a stomach full of cheese pizzas, I ordered a hot lobster roll to go with it.
  • In addition, there was a substantial jar of melted butter included.
  • Ford’s Lobsters is one of the best-kept secrets in the area when it comes to lobster.
  • Delicious lobsters served hot or cold in the open air beside the ocean, in the freshest of air.
  • It doesn’t get much better than that for lunch.
  • By the way, I inquired of the server as to whether or not he was aware that this was the location where the movie Mystic Pizza was filmed.
  • He said that he’d heard of it, but that he hadn’t yet seen the film.

Ford’s Lobster is located at 15 Riverview Avenue in Noank, Connecticut.

4. Latitude 41° Restaurant

  • After leaving Ford’s Lobsters, I retraced my steps back to Noank Road and took a left onto Greenmanville Avenue to finish my journey.
  • Latitude 41° Restaurant, historically known as the Seamen’s Inne, is located on the banks of the Mystic River.
  • It was in this structure that the television show ″Fireside Gourmet″ was filmed for several seasons.

The girls and Leona are avid viewers of this show, and they are overjoyed when Mystic Pizza wins excellent ratings on ″Fireside Gourmet.″ The Latitude 41° Restaurant is located at 105 Greenmanville Avenue in Mystic, Connecticut.

5. Zack’s Bar & Grill

  • Driving north on Route 1 into Stonington from the Latitude 41° Restaurant was a pleasant experience.
  • Historic Stonington, Connecticut, was founded as a trade center on the Pawcatuck River and now includes a variety of settlements, including Pawcatuck, Stonington Borough, Lords Point, Wequetequock, and the eastern half of Mystic and Old Mystic, among others.
  • Stonington, Connecticut, was the next filming location on my list…

Zack’s Bar & Grill is a bar and grill located in the heart of downtown.Zack’s was the ″Peg Leg Pub″ in the movie, and it was there that Daisy met Charlie for the first time while playing pool.It was also at this location that the girls steal Bill’s truck, which is loaded with fish barrels, which Daisy eventually empties into Charlie’s Porsche due to a misunderstanding between the two women.Although Zack’s Bar & Grill is closed, they continue to serve a variety of dishes, including their specialty ″Stonington″ Sea Scallops and Fisherman’s Stew.When I arrived, the restaurant was already closed, so I didn’t get the opportunity to check out its inside.

  • Hopefully, there will be a future time.
  • Zack’s Bar & Grill is a casual dining establishment.
  • Stonington, Connecticut, 201 North Main Street

6. Skipper’s Dock Restaurant

  • My journey began on Main Street, where I went south to Water Street in Stonington Borough after a quick pit stop at Zack’s.
  • This charming beach community has a Skipper’s Dock, which is located on Water Street, the main highway of this picturesque seaside town.
  • Skipper’s Dock serves as the ″Mystic Harbor Yacht Club″ in the film, and it is here that Charlie and Daisy enjoy their first date.

The interior of the restaurant is the only thing we get to view in the film.It was a shame that the magnificent setting of the restaurant was not highlighted more prominently.Skipper’s Dock is located directly on the lake and offers amazing views from nearly every direction.Skipper’s Dock Restaurant is located at 66 Water Street in Stonington Borough, Connecticut.

7. Mystic Pizza Movie Set

  • The building where the Mystic Pizza movie set was constructed is located only a few feet down Water Street from Skipper’s Dock..
  • Because the genuine restaurant could not be closed for the duration of the filming, a Mystic Pizza set was constructed here in order to replicate as closely as possible the inside of the actual restaurant during the time of filming.
  • All of the scenes that take place at Mystic Pizza Restaurant were filmed in this location.

A few screenshots of Jojo and Bill standing in front of Mystic Pizza, attempting to chat about what occurred at their almost-wedding.The shot below was taken at the same location as the one above.Even the stairs leading to the alley is still in place.The Stonington Harbor Yacht Club (SHYC) Sailing Foundation now occupies the space that was once held by the club.It was filmed in this location since the front door of the building faced directly onto Water Street during the filming.

  • The structure was refurbished a few years ago, and the entrance was relocated to the corner of the building to better serve the community.
  • The Mystic Pizza Movie Set is located at 73 Water Street in Stonington Borough, Connecticut.
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8. The Windsor Family House

  • I started my journey from the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club Sailing Foundation by driving down Water Street, turning left to pass past Cannon Square, and then turning left again onto Main Street.
  • I turned right into Church Street after a few blocks of walking along Main Street in search of the home that served as a stand-in for the Windsor residence.
  • It was at the crossroads of Church and Orchard Streets that I eventually found it.

Every sequence in Charlie’s family home was filmed here, including the opening and closing credits.And, if you recall the dinner scene, do you remember who portrayed Charlie’s younger brother?A specific now-famous actor who was then just getting his start in that part with only two lines of script was cast in the role.The home seems to be precisely as it does in the film when viewed from the outside.There hasn’t been much of a shift.

  • The ″sold″ sign that was displayed at the entrance to the driveway was another thing that caught my eye.
  • I’m guessing it will be sold shortly to a new owner.
  • Because the home appeared to be abandoned, I decided to take a quick walk around the grounds and was pleasantly delighted to discover that it is situated just on the sea.
  • The view from the garden was really breathtaking.
  • I can’t believe this point of view wasn’t included more prominently in the film.
  • The Windsor Family Residence Church Street is a street in the city of Chicago.
  • Stonington Borough is located in the state of Connecticut.

9. The Arujo and Barboza Family Houses

  • Pawcatuck, a peaceful small community on Route 1 about six miles north of Stonington, was the setting for this story.
  • I turned right onto Mechanic Street at the intersection of Route 1 (West Broad Street) and Mechanic Street and proceeded down the river until I arrived at my next destination: the residences at 187 and 185 Mechanic Street, which were on the market for sale.
  • Daisy and Kat Arujo, as well as their buddy Jojo Barboza, lived in these two nearby houses on the same block.

Kat and Daisy reside with their mother at 187 Mechanic Street, while Jojo lives with her parents at 185 Mechanic Street, which is next door to Kat and Daisy’s house.This is the scene in which Daisy walks into her house and discovers Charlie chatting to her mother in the living room.The Arujo and Barboza Family Houses are located at 187 Mechanic Street in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

10. St. Peter and Paul Polish National Church

  • The final destination on my itinerary was the Polish National Church of St.
  • Peter and Paul in New York City.
  • Unfortunately, time was of the essence and I was unable to pay a visit to the church before leaving.

This church served as a stand-in for St.Mary’s, the location where Jojo collapses during her wedding ceremony to Bill in the film’s opening scene.Uncertain whether the church is still standing or whether the structure has been turned into a private dwelling.Perhaps the next time I’m in Groton, I’ll attempt to make a point of stopping by to find out what’s going on.730 State Pier RoadNew London, CTSt.

  • Peter and Paul Polish National ChurchNew London, CT


  • A feature film called Great Hope Springs, featuring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, was recently filmed in the town of Stonington, in the state of Connecticut.
  • But I got in Stonington a few days late and missed the event.
  • More information about filming in Connecticut may be found on the Connecticut Film Office’s website, which can be found here.

– All of the pictures in the film are taken from screenshots of Mystic Pizza.All other photographs were taken by Sarah Le for LocationsHub and are used with permission.There are 13 comments.

Filming Locations for Mystic Pizza (1988), in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

  • The site of Mystic Pizza, the fictitious ″pizza parlor″ featured in the film, is Water Street in Stonington, Connecticut.
  • Photograph courtesy of Google Maps On the Connecticut coast, near the town of Mystic and over the state border in Rhode Island, Mystic Pizza has a number of locations, all of which are within a few miles of the town itself.
  • First and foremost, similar to the bookshop in Notting Hill, there is a ‘Mystic Pizza’ that served as inspiration for the location, but it is not shown in the film.

Mystic Pizza can be found at 56 West Main Street in Mystic, Connecticut.You can buy a t-shirt that says ‘Slice of Heaven’ as well as pizzas at this location, which also has plenty of memorabilia on display.Mystic is also home to the elevated bridge, where Jojo (Lili Taylor) is dismayed to discover that her prudish boyfriend has christened his fishing boat Nympho, much to her dismay.The Mystic Bridge, located on Main Street, is an actual operational bascule drawbridge.Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea, located at 75 Greenmanville Avenue, is the town’s other major tourist attraction.

  • There are more than 60 genuine historic houses on the 37-acre property that have been transferred and painstakingly renovated, as well as a collection of sailing ships and boats that are berthed at the reproduction of a whole nineteenth-century nautical community.
  • In this planetarium, which was built specifically for Mystic Seaport in 1960, astronomer Kat will give a lecture on star navigation, which will be attended by the public.
  • In the future, when all of our satellites fall offline, you’ll be grateful you learned the fundamentals of celestial navigation by looking at the stars and planets when you were younger.
  • In Steven Spielberg’s film Amistad, Mystic Seaport serves as the seashore of the fictional city of New Haven.
  • The location for the pizza parlour, where the mystery toppings are combined with secret spices from the Algarve region of Portugal, was established in an empty building at 70 Water Street in Stonington, which is a few miles east of Mystic and home to the Mystic Pizza Company.
  • The Stonington Harbor Yacht Club Sailing Center is currently housed within the building’s walls.
  • Both the local pub and the restaurant are located in Stonington, a short distance to the south of the town center.
  • Zack’s Bar and Grill, 201 North Main Street, nearer the north of Stonington, is the ‘Peg Leg Pub,’ where blowsy Daisy (Julia Roberts) charms rich guy Charlie (Adam Storke) with her pool prowess.

Daisy and Charlie go on their first date to Skipper’s Dock Restaurant, which is located a block west of the ‘pizza parlor’ site.Daisy and Charlie are dating for the first time.It is at this point that Charlie reveals that he has been expelled from law school.However, given that it is his father’s schooner that is berthed outside, it does not appear to be a huge issue.The beautiful, white-pillared home of the snobbish Windsor family, where Daisy storms out of the family supper (yep, that’s Matt Damon in his first film appearance as Charlie’s little brother, Steamer), can be found at the eastern end of Church Street.It is located at 53 Church Street, directly across from Orchard Street.

And, as always, keep in mind that this is a private residence, so please do not trespass or cause disturbance to the occupants.The location of Jojo’s wedding looks to be the village of Noank, which is located on the coast southwest of Mystic.The church, located at 78 Front Street and Bayside Avenue, is where she passes out before the wedding can take place.The spire has been demolished, and the structure has been transformed into a private residence.I used the phrase ‘appears to take place’ since the inside of the church was filmed a few miles to the west, at the St Peter & Paul Polish National Catholic Church, which was located on State Pier Road in New London at the time of filming.According to what I’ve heard, the church has lately relocated.

  1. Ford’s Lobsters, located at 15 Riverview Avenue in Noank, was renamed ″Ferriera Lobsters,″ and it is here that Kat (Annabeth Gish) drops off pizza for her mother.
  2. Daisy, Kat, and Jojo live in Pawcatuck, which is located east of Providence, on the Rhode Island border.
  3. In Pawcatuck, Daisy and Kat reside at 187 Mechanic Street; their neighbor, Jojo, lives next door at 185 Mechanic Street.
  4. More sites may be found at the Watch Hill Historic District, which is located to the south of Westerly, Rhode Island, just across the border.
  5. The Misquamicut Club, located at 60 Ocean View Highway in Watch Hill and outside of which Daisy dumps a truckload of odoriferous fish into Charlie’s Porsche, is the setting for the film.

Tim’s home is on Breen Road in Watch Hill, and the house he’s remodeling is on Water’s Edge Road, which is also in the neighborhood.

Where Was Mystic Pizza Filmed?

  • Julia Roberts starred in ‘Mystic Pizza,’ a romantic comedy-drama film that was released in 1988 and starring Julia Roberts as the title character.
  • In addition to being Matt Damon’s feature film debut, the picture was also directed by Donald Petrie, who made his directing debut as well as his feature film acting debut.
  • Aside from Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor, other famous members of the ensemble include Vincent D’Onofrio, William R.

Moses, and Adam Storke, among others.In the film, the Arajo sisters, Kat and Daisy, and their closest friend, Jojo Barbosa, are shown as two sisters who are great friends.Mystic Pizza is a small pizza business where the three Portuguese-American girls work as waitresses.They have recently graduated from high school and are looking for work.The stunning setting of the film is a key feature of the production.

  • If you’re interested in knowing the whereabouts of the locations featured in the film, we’ve got you covered.

Mystic Pizza Filming Locations

  • Filming began on October 12, 1987, and was completed in six weeks, with the final cut taking place in December 1987.
  • Despite the fact that the action of the film takes place in Mystic, the film incorporates locations from a number of nearby towns.
  • The genuine Mystic Pizza restaurant, on the other hand, was not used for the filming owing to a lack of available space and a disagreement with the proprietors about whether or not to close the restaurant for the length of the production.

The following is a list of all of the places featured in the film.

Mystic, Connecticut

  • While spending her summer in the picturesque hamlet of Mystic, Connecticut, screenwriter Amy Holden Jones came discovered a pizzeria named Mystic Pizza, which she immediately fell in love with and decided to visit.
  • She was inspired by the small business and picked it as the setting for the narrative of the three teenage waiters that she was writing.
  • The real-life Mystic Pizza is located at 56 W Main St.

in Mystic, Connecticut, and is still in business today.The restaurant also offers the ″Slice of Heaven″ t-shirt that Julia Roberts wears in the movie, which can be purchased at the restaurant.Do you remember Julia Roberts, do you?In any case, here is a VERY RARE shot of her on the set of Mystic Pizza, where she is wearing a pizza t-shirt.pic.twitter.com/jYvpbu9cpE (via Twitter) The Indiana Pizza Club (@TheIndianaPizza) 14th of October, 2020 Several scenes, including one in which Jojo is shown raging at Bill for altering the name of his yacht, Nympho, were filmed on the picturesque Mystic Bridge.

  • It was filmed in the Treworgy Planetarium at the Mystic Seaport, located at 75 Greenmanville Avenue, where astronomer Kat gives her lecture about navigating with the stars.
  • The location of Mystic Seaport was also included in Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Amistad.’

Stonington, Connecticut

  • The building on Water Street in Stonington that was turned into the Mystic Pizza restaurant and featured in the film is the same one that is today home to the New England Science and Sailing Foundation, which was used as the site for the restaurant in the film.
  • The scene in which Jojo and Bill go for a stroll and discuss about the events that transpired during their almost-wedding was also filmed in the area as well.
  • Charlie and Daisy go on their first date at the Mystic Harbor Yacht Club, which appears in the film.

Skipper’s Dock restaurant, which was used for this scene but has since closed its doors, was the setting for this scenario.When Daisy (Storke) impresses her crush Charlie (Storke) with her flawless pool abilities, the two are at the Peg Leg Club, which was filmed at Zack’s Bar and Grill, which is located at 201 North Main Street.As of December 2020, the restaurant is still in business and is a popular destination for locals.All of the scenes that take place in Charles’ family home, including the family dinner scene in which we see a young Matt Damon as Charles’ younger brother, were recorded at the Windsor Family House on Church Street in London.The structure is presently used as a private dwelling.

  • Aside from that, the towns of Groton and 730 State Pier Road, as well as Yale University, were used as filming sites.
  • The sequences depicting the three girls’ homes were all filmed in Pawcatuck, a little community near Stonington that is known for its peace and quiet.
  • The home that was utilized for the Arajo family residence is located at 187 Mechanic Street, while the house that was used for the Barbosa family dwelling is located at 185 Mechanic Avenue.
  • Aside from that, Kat works at Ferriera Lobsters, where she delivers pizza to her mother.
  • This sequence was filmed in a real-life restaurant named Ford’s Lobsters, which is located at 15 Riverview Avenue in Toronto.
  • They will be temporarily closed till the end of December 2020.
  • It was a natural choice for the site, which was known for its sandy coastlines and colonial coastal villages.

The cast and crew of ‘Mystic Pizza’ traveled to the upscale village of Watch Hill and the town of Westerly, Rhode Island, to film a few scenes in the area.An early location scout for Mystic Pizza approached my aunt and uncle about the possibility of using their marina for a few sequences in the film.Their marina is located near Watch Hill, Rhode Island.It would’ve been so amazing to have Lili there to witness the making of the movie and interact with her.— Kris Capalbo (@kristen capalbo) on Twitter on October 13, 2019.Continue reading: Julia Roberts’s Top 10 Films

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Mystic Pizza (1988) Movie Filming Locations

Marc Levitt is the location manager (or managers).

Mystic Pizza Filming Locations:

Featured in the Rewind Archive Want to visit the real-life filming site where Mystic Pizza was filmed for the movie?Click here.The REAL Mystic Pizza Restaurant, which is situated in Mystic, Connecticut, was used for the filming of these sequences.Maps provided by Google It was filmed on location in Mystic, Connecticut – a gorgeous seaside town in southeastern Connecticut – as well as Groton, Stonington, and other locations in the surrounding area.

  1. Mystic, Connecticut’s most popular tourist destination, was once a bustling shipbuilding hamlet, but is now the state’s premier tourist destination.
  2. Watchhill, Rhode Island, Pawcatuck, Connecticut, Mystic Pizza (the restaurant) drew the attention of Amy Jones, a Los Angeles-based screenwriter who was vacationing in the region.
  3. Ms.
  • Jones picked Mystic Pizza as the focal point and setting for her novel, which follows the lives and loves of three teenage waitresses working at the restaurant.
  • The filming of ″Mystic Pizza″ was place on site in Mystic and the surrounding villages.
  • The internal sequences were filmed on a set, as the genuine Mystic Pizza restaurant was too tiny and could not be closed for several months during the production period.
  • The restaurant’s set, which is located on Water Street in Stonington, Connecticut, was built specifically for filming.
  • The municipality is officially called as Stonington Borough.
  • The genuine eatery was not used for shooting purposes.

It is also in Stonington Borough, and is located at the end of Church Street, where Julia Roberts’ boyfriend (Charlieparents )’s live as well.The bar scene in ″Peg Leg Pub″ was filmed on North Main Street in Stonington, which is also where the movie was set.It is still in operation as a restaurant today.) (It’s also incredibly tasty!) North Main Street also served as the location for the scene in which Charlie’s automobile has a flat tire.During the time Julia Roberts was filming the scene, someone I work with was genuinely stalled in traffic.

  1. Noank, Connecticut is the location where Cat delivers a pizza to Cat’s mother, who lives in the town of Noank.
  2. Ford’s Lobsters is located on Riverview Ave.
  3. and is a family-owned business.

It is still in operation as of this writing.A large number of outdoor sequences were shot in downtown Mystic, on East and West Main Streets, as well as along the Mystic River, for the film.It’s impossible for me not to visit the genuine Mystic Pizza Restaurant at least once a week; I simply cannot get enough of it.The finest pizza I’ve ever had in my life!The outside of the pizza business was constructed from a structure located at (about, we’re not sure) 70 Water St., Stonington Borough, Stonington, CT.It appears to have been utilized for the interior as well, based on the quick photos taken from the inside looking out to the front.

The ″actual″ Mystic Pizza, which is located on W.Main St.on the Groton side of downtown Mystic, did not appear to be used at all, as far as I can tell.The drawbridge scene is a source of amusement for anybody who lives in or surrounds Mystic, because it is famous for bringing tourist traffic to a halt once an hour, every hour, throughout the summer months.

  1. 201 West Main Street still houses The Real Mystic Pizza, which has practically become something of a monument to the movie.
  2. Every eating room has large-screen televisions that are constantly playing the movie, and the walls are plastered with stills from the film.
  3. The movie’s theatrical poster is prominently displayed immediately inside the main door (off the bar portion) of the establishment.
  4. Finallt, the menu’s cover depicts the narrative of the business (both before and after Hollywood came calling), concluding with MP’s current motto, ″The Pizza That Made the MOVIE Famous!″ Another possible location (which has not been confirmed) was The Misquamicut Club in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, which is just a few miles away from Stonington/Mystic.
  1. My guess is that it was the setting for the scene in which Daisy witnesses her boyfriend with a female who turns out to be his sister and then puts a bunch of rotting fish in his convertible.
  2. The Misquamicut Club is a very ancient (established in 1895) and exclusive country club for the blue-bloods of Watch Hill, and it is a very appropriate setting for that particular scene.
  3. The Watch Hill Country Club in Rhode Island served as the location for the filming of the country club.
  4. If my recollection serves me well, the third site was a bar named The Eagle Pub, which appeared in the film.
  5. An imposing bridge can be seen in the distance, looming above the structure.

This occurred just before to the previously described scenario.I am confident that this structure, located at One South Main St.in Stonington, is a restaurant.The restaurant was once known as One South until it was purchased and renamed Zack’s a few years ago.The bridge is really a viaduct that crosses the train lines and leads into the town of Stongington, in the state of Connecticut.A bit of trivia about Mystic: it is not a separate municipality from the rest of Connecticut.

It is more accurately described as a community that is divided equally between the towns of Groton and Stonington, Connecticut.The ″Pegleg″ Pub has been renamed ″Zack’s Bar & Grille,″ and it is situated at 201 North Main Street in Stonington, Connecticut (just outside the borough and underneath the viaduct – the small bridge which leads into the borough).Since then, it has undergone extensive renovations.The docks on the east side of the same borough were used for the filming of Bill’s (Vincent D’Onofrio) sequences on the fishermen boat.It is believed that the Travers’ (William R.Moses) home as well as the Arujo residence were all filmed near the Pawcatuck River during the production.

The outside shots of the Noank part of Groton and the inside shots of New London were used for the opening church sequences (the church interior).The chapel that was utilized for the inside sequences of the wedding at the opening of the film is currently being transformed into a homeless shelter.The inside will be completely pulled out.

What a shame, because everything had been made by hand by Polish members of the church.The Country Club (where Daisy tosses the fish in Charles’ car) is thought to be located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.We see the Mystic Seaport’s renowned drawbridge in a scene in which Julia Roberts and Adam Storke drive away on their first date, and we realize Kat’s planetarium sequences were filmed in the Mystic Seaport’s planetarium, as well.As the camera moves to the left, a shadow of the film crew can be seen at the bottom of the picture, which is rather interesting.

The Misquamicut Club in Watch Hill is the location where Julia dumps the lobsters, as depicted in the film.The house Tim leases is likewise on Watch Hill, although it is on the other side of the river.For the shoot, we used the summer house of great friends of ours, who graciously allowed us to utilize practically all of their furnishings and decor.

I was a part of the production team for this film.The only scenes filmed in Mystic were at the drawbridge and the planetarium in Mystic Seaport, as well as an interior scene with Julia and Annabeth (Daisy and Kat) in a (very tight) 2nd floor bathroom and bedroom in ″their″ house in Mystic.The only scenes filmed in Mystic were at the drawbridge and the planetarium in Mystic Seaport, as well as an interior scene with Julia and Annabeth (Daisy The outside of their home was filmed in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

  • The ″actual″ Mystic Pizza has nothing to do with the film in any way, shape, or form.
  • Every one of the pizzas we served came from Angie’s Pizza in Groton, Connecticut.
  • The writer’s only source of inspiration is the term ″mystic,″ which has two meanings in English.
  • In addition, the wedding and church scenes took place in New London, not Noank.

Are you able to assist me?Please keep this up to current.Any links to Mystic Pizza locations that you know of are welcome to be shared with us!

Mystic Pizza (1988)

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Filming Locations

Mystic, Connecticut, United States of America Groton, Connecticut, United States of America Groton, Connecticut, United States of America This was interesting to 6 out of 6 people.Interesting?Stonington is a town in the state of Connecticut, United States.5 out of 5 people found this interesting Did you?

  1. Watch Hill is a town in Rhode Island, United States.
  2. 5 out of 5 people found this interesting Did you?
  3. Westerly, Rhode Island, United States of America (Tim’s residence) 5 out of 5 people found this interesting Did you?
  • Stonington Borough, Connecticut, United States of America, 73 Water Street (Mystic Pizza) 4 out of 4 people found this interesting Did you?
  • Main Street in the town of Mystic, Connecticut, United States (Bridge, Jojo shouting at Bill) 4 out of 4 people found this interesting Did you?
  • Stonington, Connecticut, United States of America, 201 North Main Street (Peg Leg Pub) This was thought to be interesting by 3 out of 3 people.
  • Charlie’s home is located on Church Street in Stonington Borough, Connecticut, USA.
  • This was thought to be interesting by 3 out of 3 people.
  • Connecticut, United States 3 out of 3 people found this interesting Interesting?

Rhode Island, United States of America This was thought to be interesting by 3 out of 3 people.Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.Interesting?66 Water Street, Stonington Borough, Connecticut, United States of America 3 of 3 found it interesting (Mystic Harbor Yacht Club) It was intriguing to 2 out of 2 people who saw it.187 Mechanic Street (Daisy and Kat’s residence), Pawcatuck, Connecticut, United States Jojo’s house is located at 185Mechanic Street in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

  1. 2 out of 2 people found this interesting Interesting?
  2. Interested?
  3. 730 State Pier Road, New London, Connecticut (USA) 2 out of 2 found this interesting Interesting?

(Church) 2 out of 2 people found this interesting Did you find it interesting?Located at 15 Riverview Avenue in Noank, Connecticut, United States (Ferriera Lobsters), 1 out of 1 people found this interesting.1 out of 1 people in the United States found this interesting Interesting?

Filming Dates

  • 12 October 1987 – December 1987

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Is Mystic Pizza a real place?

It was a genuine pizza business in Mystic, Connecticut that served as the inspiration for the film Mystic Pizza, which was released in 1988. Amy Holden Jones, a screenwriter, spent some time in the town during the summer and chose to base her novel about a group of servers there.

Where is the real Mystic Pizza located?

A true pizza business, ″ Mystic Pizza ″ is conveniently located at 55 West Main St. in downtown Mystic, Connecticut. Amy Holden Jones, a writer from New York, was on vacation in Mystic, Connecticut, when she happened across the pizza parlor and was inspired to write the novel.

How old was Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza?

Despite the fact that it was released in a modest manner, Mystic Pizza was a critical and commercial success, starring three relatively unknown actresses: Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor, and a then-21-year-old called Julia Roberts.

Where was the country club scene in Mystic Pizza filmed?

Many, many thanks to the generosity of the present tenants, the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club (SHYC) Sailing Foundation, who allowed us to photograph inside the building (see below) and provide us with some background information on the structure. It was never a real restaurant; rather, it was a set that was utilized for the indoor restaurant sequences in the film.

Can you eat inside Mystic Pizza?

Coronavirus News: Mystic Pizza is the only restaurant in Connecticut to be granted a special permission to expand its outside eating area. Additionally, the pizza is now permitted to put tables to the front of the building, near the doors, and on the sidewalks.

What was the secret ingredient in Mystic Pizza?

In the city of Manchester, New Hampshire. Not to mention that we made sure to take the kids to Mystic Pizza, which is located in Mystic, Connecticut and was made famous by Julia Roberts’ film of the same name. My small child has determined that the ″secret ingredient″ in ″Leona’s″ pizza is paprika, which I believe is correct.

Is there a town called Mystic?

Historic resort community in the town (township) of Stonington, New London county, in the southern state of Connecticut, United States of America It is located near the mouth of the Mystic River, directly across from West Mystic.The town’s name, Missituk, comes from the Indian word for ″large tidal river,″ which was first used in 1654.Mystic Seaport is located in the town of Mystic, Connecticut.

Who owns Mystic Pizza?

The proprietors of the renowned restaurant Mystic Pizza, John and Christos Zelepos, have filed a lawsuit against a restaurant with the identical name in a Philadelphia suburb.

Where can I buy frozen Mystic Pizza?

Go to Costco and get a frozen three-pack of Mystic pizza from the frozen section. It is the identical product that is available for purchase in the store.

How old was the cast of Mystic Pizza?

IMDb Rating: 6

Actor Age then Age now
Donald Petrie 34 67
Annabeth Gish 17 50
Julia Roberts 21 53
Lili Taylor 21 54

Is Mark Ruffalo in Mystic Pizza?

Annabeth Gish is a writer and actress. Emma Roberts is a young actress who is known for her role in the film Emma Roberts Lili Taylor’s full name is Lili Taylor. Mark Ruffalo is a well-known actor. Mystic Pizza is a pizza restaurant in the heart of the city of Mystic. Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor who is best known for his role in the film Iron Man.

Is Mystic CT a good place to live?

Mystic, Connecticut is located in New London County and is considered to be one of the nicest areas to reside in the state.Living in Mystic provides inhabitants with a thick suburban atmosphere, and the majority of residents are homeowners.Mystic is home to a large number of retirees, and the majority of its citizens are liberal.Mystic’s public schools are highly regarded by the community.

Who is the little girl in Mystic Pizza?

The cast (in the order of appearance in the credits) has been verified as full.

Annabeth Gish Kat
Julia Roberts Daisy
Lili Taylor Jojo
Vincent D’Onofrio Bill (as Vincent Phillip D’Onofrio)
William R. Moses Tim

Mystic Pizza Filming Locations

This was by far the most enjoyable experience we’ve had while filming movie locations.I (Jennifer) grew up in Connecticut, in the west-central section of the state, but the coasts of southeast Connecticut (particularly Mystic) and Rhode Island have always had a special place in my heart as a vacation destination.From the time I was a teenager, I’d been coming there, and I’d taken my daughter there when she was a small girl.The prospect of taking my grandchild there is exciting to me.

  1. We’d eaten at Mystic Pizza a number of times before, back when it was a little pizza business like the one shown in ″Mystic Pizza.″ I visited the restaurant shortly after the film’s release, but before the restaurant’s enlargement and remodeling, and couldn’t help but notice that our waiter looked quite similar to Lili Taylor (or vice versa), who portrayed Jojo Barboza in the film.
  2. She stated that they purposely hired Ms.
  3. Taylor because of their similarities in appearance.
  • If that is the case, I have no way of knowing.
  • However, her narrative is highly interesting in my opinion!
  • However, although Pat and I have only just taken up the habit of hunting out movie filming sites, I did manage to photograph one spot in Paris, France that I discovered in 1996 while filming a movie called ″A Little Romance.″ However, despite having spent my first 33 years of my life in Connecticut, I never took any photographs of any of the sites featured in the film Mystic Pizza, which was released in late 1987.
  • Prior to the invention of digital cameras and the widespread use of the Internet nowadays…
  • However, in anticipation of a trip back to Connecticut to visit my family and my new newborn grandson, Pat and I decided to shoot the filming sites for one of my favorite films, Mystic Pizza, which is currently in theaters.
  • Some of the locations were simple and clear to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Mystic – and I recognized them without having to think about it.
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Obviously, the historic Mystic River Bascule Bridge and Main Street are featured in the film, but because the whole movie was produced on location in the region, we made an effort to visit as many locations as we could to get the most authentic feel.There are a few of docks and a couple of close-up photos that we didn’t look for, but for the most part, we were able to locate every significant place.All of these places were discovered utilizing Google Street View and satellite photographs, which was the most amazing part of Pat’s job.Our usual format for presenting these places is to begin with a screenshot from the film, followed by an explanation of the scene and then an image of the actual site with a description of the area itself.We didn’t arrange them in the movie’s chronological sequence, but rather categorized them according to where they occurred in the film.

  1. As a result, multiple sequences that were filmed in the same town are grouped together.
  2. Enjoy!
  3. Jennifer and Pat are a couple who have been together for a long time.

 78 Front Street

In the film’s opening scene, Mystic Pizza waitress Jojo Barboza (Lili Taylor) is getting married to Bill (Vincent D’Onofrio), a local fisherman who works at the restaurant.In the midst of the ceremony, Jojo gets an anxiety attack caused by her dread of commitment and collapses on the altar.The exterior of the church (which is shown as St.Mary’s in the film) may be found at 78 Front Street in Groton, and is seen below.

  1. St.
  2. Joseph’s Church used to be on this property, but it looks to be a private dwelling at the moment.
  3. Located at 730 State Pier Road in New London, Connecticut, St.
  • Peter and Paul’s Church was used for the interior church shots (not shown).
  • The structure looks to have been converted into a dwelling.

70 Water Street

The genuine Mystic Pizza restaurant is located at 56 West Main Street in the village of Mystic, Connecticut, and is open for business daily.When the filming was taking place, the eatery seemed to be fairly similar to the one depicted in the film.As of today, the real restaurant has grown into the neighbouring area and has undergone extensive renovation and updating.They have a large number of images, movie posters, and televisions that are always playing the movie.

  1. It was not possible to close down the actual restaurant for such an extended length of time in order to film the movie.
  2. A structure at 70 Water Street in adjacent Stonington, Connecticut, was hired, and a set was constructed to imitate (but not quite reproduce) the inside of the actual diner at the time.
  3. Many, many thanks to the generosity of the present tenants, the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club (SHYC) Sailing Foundation, who allowed us to photograph inside the building (see below) and provide us with some background information on the structure.
  • It was never a real restaurant; rather, it was a set that was utilized for the indoor restaurant sequences in the film.
  • The front entry to the building was shown in the film looking straight onto the street, however the building has since been restored and the entrance has been relocated to the corner of the building.
  • This was done in order to prevent any damage to the building caused by vehicles departing the building from the rear of the structure (the driveway is very narrow and the building close to the edge of the drive).
  • Despite her apologies to Bill for passing out during the ceremony and for her anxieties in the scene below, Jojo is still not ready to make the commitment to marry him in the next scene.
  • Kat Arujo (Annabeth Gish) leaves the restaurant to bring pizza to her mother, and goes to an interview for a babysitting job, which takes place in the next scene.
  • During a screening of the film, it was reported that local locals gasped when Kat took a left here, because it is a one-way street that only goes to the right.

Take note that the front entrance is facing the street in this case.The entrance has been slanted today in order to minimize damage to the structure caused by trucks departing the driveway.Jojo walks via the rear door of Mystic Pizza.This site is located behind the fake Mystic Pizza restaurant at 70 Water Street in Stonington, Connecticut; however, the building that Jojo enters is different from the one that she sees in the film today.The building with the stairwell that she enters (on the left) is different today, or has been significantly remodeled since the film, without going into too much detail.

  1. In addition, it is a distinct structure from the Water Street structure that previously housed the restaurant and bar.
  2. However, as can be seen in the video below, we were at the correct location when this sequence was recorded, regardless of which building Jojo was entering.
  3. After Bill ends his relationship with her, Jojo returns to Mystic Pizza to inform everyone that she has ended her relationship with him.

Once again, many thanks to the gracious people at SHYC for allowing us to come in and indulge in our nerdy passion for a little while.Despite the fact that the interior of the building had been renovated, it was clear that this was the location of the restaurant set.Buildings across the street are visible in the film, and certain interior elements, such as the windows in this room, are visible as well.At the conclusion of the film, Tim (William R.Moses) transports Phoebe to Kat’s house to say farewell.They’re making their way up the stairwell to the pizzeria.

The following is the newly rebuilt (angled) entryway: A brief scene on Water Street, directly across the street from the fake Mystic Pizza restaurant.

Cannon Square

In the words of the Stonington-Mystic Patch website, ″Cannon Square, which is located on Water Street in Stonington Borough, is a tribute to ″the fort’s defenders.″ The Battle of Stonington took place in 1814, and the citizens of Stonington Borough battled and beat the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom.The little area is dedicated to the event and has two cannons from 1814, which were used by the town to beat the British.″ Immediately following the scene above, in which Kat is traveling to her mother’s place of employment to deliver pizza, comes this one.This place is really in the other direction from where Kat was heading when she left the pizza restaurant, but that is part of the excitement of movie magic!In the following two images, she is seen passing through Cannon Square in Stonington.

Church Street

This site serves as the residence of the rich Windsor family, whose son Charlie (Adam Storke) develops feelings for the lowly waitress Daisy Arujo (Katherine Waterston) (Julia Roberts).

 Zack’s Bar & Grill, 201 North Main Street

The Peg Leg Pub is the setting for two sequences in which the characters hang out. As of April 2011, the facility is now known as Zack’s Bar & Grill, following a series of ownership changes and renovations. We would have loved to have tried it, but they were closed on Mondays, which was unfortunate.

North Main Street (just south of CT State Road 234)

Daisy and Charlie’s first date is marred by a flat tire on Charlie’s Porsche, which Daisy drives.When Daisy advises that Charlie ″bring out the spare,″ he chuckles and adds that ″that was the spare″ in reference to the spare tire.In April 2011, several of the most notable trees along this section of road had been taken down, but others, like the one below, which can be seen behind Daisy in the screen picture above, had survived (in the distance).They decide to hitchhike because they don’t have a spare (and because there were no cell phones back in the day!).

  1. Daisy is the first…
  2. Then there’s Charlie…
  3. Fortunately, there was a little breach in the wall where the large stone next to the post could be easily identified.
  • Charlie and Daisy are taken on a journey!
  • An additional clue to the location is provided by the tree branches (all within the same couple hundred of feet).

Ford’s Lobsters – 15 Riverview Avenue

Noank is a settlement in the town of Groton in the state of Connecticut.The photographs from the scene below portray the fictitious Ferriera Lobster, where Daisy and Kat’s mother works, and are taken from the scenario below.Afterwards, Kat goes to an interview for a position as babysitter for architect Tim Travers’ (William R.Moses) daughter Phoebe, who is four years old (Porscha Radcliffe).

  1. Tim’s home is located on Breen Road in the village of Watch Hill in the city of Westerly, Rhode Island.
  2. It was built in the early 1900s.
  3. A client’s home, situated at 4 Water’s Edge Road, is the reason Tim is in Mystic.
  • He is there to work on the residence.
  • This is the view from the rear of the renovated home.
  • To get the view seen in the clip above, we would have had to trespass on private property, and because we were not in the mood to be criminals, we instead snapped this really awful photo through the trees taken from the road.
  • However, it is ″good enough″ to be able to view the specifics of the home above and confirm that it is in the proper position.

The Misquamicut Club, 60 Ocean View Highway

Upon learning that Charlie is away visiting his grandmother in Greenwich, Daisy and her friends Kat and Jojo gather for a get-together and decide to sneak into the country club for a game of tennis.The Misquamicut Club is located in Watch Hill, Westerly, Rhode Island, and is open to the public.Charlie and his sister Serena (Lauren O’Brien) depart the country club in order to find Daisy (who has mistaken Serena for a date), putting two barrels of fish into Charlie’s Porsche along the way.However, contrary to popular belief, the genuine Mystic Pizza restaurant is visible in the film, although in a very small and distant setting!

  1. Keep an eye on the bottom left-hand corner of your rearview mirror.
  2. It’s a Coca-Cola symbol for the restaurant, and it’s a small red dot on the wall.
  3. Here’s a picture of the original Mystic Pizza, taken before it was renovated: (thanks to Flickr user comtrag).
  • Compared to the screenshot, our photo is a little closer and a little blurrier, but it is still enough…
  • A humorous altercation between Jojo and Bill occurs in the following scene, which was shot on Main Street in Mystic, near the Mystic River Bascule Bridge, and is available to see online.
  • To begin, the three major protagonists are shown coming around the corner at Cottrell and Main Streets, where they will meet again.
  • At the time, the building on this corner housed Noyes Dry Goods, but it eventually became (and continues to be) a fantastic toy store called Mystical Toys, which I used to take my daughter there when she was younger.
  • Towards the bridge, the females make their way west on Main Street.
  • Bill is sailing up the Mystic River on his fishing boat, which he has christened as a joke at Jojo, and heading north near the drawbridge.

Shot from the south side of Main Street, on the east side of the bridge, looking northward.As a side aside, here’s some worthless information based on the location of this website: Bill is most likely finished fishing for the day and on his way home, because he is traveling away from open water and north on the Mystic River, which is not a good sign.Jojo speaks to the audience that had gathered following her rage against Bill for his joke about her.Photographed on the north side of Main Street, on the east side of the bridge, looking north.The Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Shoppe may be seen in the background of this photograph (which I highly recommend, by the way).

  1. The crowd is clapping and chanting for Jojo.
  2. Photographed on the north side of Main Street, on the east side of the bridge, looking north.

185 and 187 Mechanic Street / Pawcatuck River

The Arujo and Barboza families’ residences were located in this neighborhood.In addition to their mother (Joanna Merlin), Kat and Daisy also resided next door at 187 Mechanic Street, while Jojo stayed with her parents at 185 Mechanic Street.Daisy and Charlie go out the front door of 187 Mechanic Street, with the fence and Pawcatuck River visible in the distance.185 Mechanic Street is the address of Jojo’s home.

  1. The two scenes that follow are essentially the same, with the first taking place at the Arujo home and the second taking place at the Barboza house.
  2. Upon returning home from work, Daisy discovers that Charlie has already arrived at her residence.
  3. Jojo is going to meet with Bill to discuss their problems.
  • Looking down Mechanic Street from the top of the hill.
  • Jojo is on his way to the Pawcatuck River as he crosses Mechanic Street.

Mystic Pizza

The author, Amy Holden Jones, created the novel Mystic Pizza as a personal directorial vehicle for herself.SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DIR

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