What Is The Number To Freddy Fazbear’S Pizza?

Furthermore, Is Freddy Fazbear’s phone number?, freddy faz bear is real he has loud static and he says welcome to freddy faz bears pizza we are hear and come in at night want to call him his phone number is 4-104-559-1987. Finally, What is Fnafs number?, 1 800-329-3292327 or. 1 800-329-2327. 7.)

Does Freddy Fazbear have a phone number?

THIS PLACE IS ALSO FAKE AND IF YOU BELIEVE ITS REAL YOU HAVE ISSUES. Don’t even think about calling the number. freddy faz bear is real he has loud static and he says welcome to freddy faz bears pizza we are hear and come in at night want to call him his phone number is 4-104-559-1987.

Where is Freddy Fazbear’s pizza live?

The pizzeria is located in Utah, the same state where the Novel Trilogy takes place.

Is Freddy Fazbear’s pizza a real place?

No, Fredbear’s Family Diner/Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza/Fazbear Entertainment does not exist & has never existed. The closest thing you’ll find is Chuck E. Cheese. Scott owns the rights to everything Freddy’s so someone can’t just ‘get out threre and make it real.’

What is circus baby’s number?

In the Main menu, Custom Night, Cutscenes, and though the whole entire game, you can hear Circus Baby saying the numbers 1578 in a random order, in a deep slowed down voice here. Circus Baby is seen with exoskeleton ears in extras menu, most likely to connect and support her pigtails.

Where is Michael Afton?

His appearance is now very reminiscent of his father’s Purple Guy form. Everyone around him has hidden behind their houses in dread. Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates the robotic parts belonging to Ennard into the sewer. He lies on the ground, presumably dead.

Is the phone guy the purple guy?

It has been speculated that Phone Guy is the identity of the Purple Guy that appears in the Death Minigames. The S-A-V-E T-H-E-M minigame, in particular, has the figure pursuing the player while wearing a yellow badge and carrying an object that looks similar to a phone.

Who is Gabriel from FNAF?

Gabriel or Jeremy

In the Fourth Closet, he is a little boy wears a black shirt with two lone gray stripes on it. His appearance is based on Michael Afton’s little brother from FNaF 4.

Who haunts Bonnie FNAF?

Bonnie is the only animatronic without eyebrows. (Until Mangle in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2). Bonnie makes an unusual Human-like groaning while approaching the Office. This also implies that the animatronics are haunted by the dead child victims of William Afton.

Is the bite of 87 true?

The bite of 1987 is in reference to an occurrence that happened in a fictional video game in the horror video game released in 2014 called Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is believed that the bite causes the victim to lose the frontal lobe of his or her brain.

Where is FNAF 4 located?

The game takes place in the bedroom of a child, where the player must avoid attack by nightmarish versions of the animatronics from the first and second games. The game was announced in mid-2015 under the working title Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Final Chapter.

What is the FNAF 2 pizzeria called?

Template:FFP Infobox Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, often abbreviated simply to ‘FFP’ or ‘Freddy’s’, also called ‘Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria’, Owned by Fazbear Entertainment, is the name of the fictional location in which Five Nights at Freddy’s and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 are set (technically, the two games are in different

Is FNAF real in 2021?

Blumhouse confirmed late last year that the movie would be shot in Spring 2021 and shared a Reddit link to series creator Scott Cawthon.

Is mangle a boy or a girl?

If you think about, The Mangle is male. The reason behind is that, originally Mangle was supposed to be the more friendly, and cute version, aka Toy Foxy. All the Toy Animatronic genders match that of the original. so, Mangle is male (because he is the Toy version of Foxy).

How old is Henry FNAF?


Age Unknown
Name Henry Emily
Hair color Light brown
Color eyes Black
Height 5’6

What is Freddy Krueger’s number?

What’s Freddy number? Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise was so popular that a Freddy Krueger Hotline was launched (1-900-860-4-Fred; 1-900-909-Fred), which begged fans to call and take on Freddy in a trivia challenge. Is Freddy Fazbear’s phone number?

What is the name of the pizza in FNaF Sister Location?

Circus Baby’s Pizza World, often abbreviated simply to “CBPW” or ” Circus Baby’s,” is the name of the fictional location in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. You might be interested: FAQ: Oprah Pizza Where To Buy?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place

You didn’t find what you were searching for? Take a look at Freddy (disambiguation). When playing Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place serves as the primary location, and when playing Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, it serves as the secondary site.


In terms of square footage, the pizzeria is/was the smallest in the series, with only one room. However, if you include the underground rooms, it is the second largest structure in the series, only bested by the pizzeria from the second game.



  • ″Dumpster Diver Weekly″ portion of the Catalog has some light ″animatronics,″ which may be found in the ″Trash and the Gang″ section.
  • Median Melodies – A collection of mid-size animatronics located in the ″Stan’s Budget Tech″ area of the Catalog, with the exception of Orville Elephant, who may be purchased from the ″Rare Finds Auction″ section.
  • With the exception of Lefty, who can be purchased from the ″Rare Finds Auction,″ Rockstar Animatronics are heavy animatronics that can be bought in the ″Smiles and Servos, Inc.″ section of the Catalog.
  • Posh Pizzeria – Three animatronics discovered in the ″Rare Finds Auction″ section of the Catalog. Both the Music Man and the Funtime Chica are large animatronics, whilst El Chip is a medium-sized animatronic.

Other Entertainers

  • ″Stan’s Budget Tech″ section of the Catalog has a candy-dispensing robot named Candy Cadet.
  • Drink fountain animatronics Lemonade Clown and Fruit Punch Clown were discovered in the ″Smiles and Servos, Inc.″ collection.
  • Egg Baby is a scanning animatronic that was discovered in the ″Rare Finds Auction.″
  • Prize King – An animatronic prize vending machine discovered in the ″Rare Finds Auction″
  • Puppet for Security – A mystery security animatronic that was discovered at the ″Rare Finds Auction″


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

  1. After becoming a franchisee of Fazbear Entertainment, Inc.
  2. and acquiring control of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place, the player will be able to progress further in the game.
  3. After starting out as a modest, empty facility and giving the player $100 to work with, they must personalize and grow their pizzeria into a successful commercial venture in the future.
  4. Both blueprint mode and Office mode are available for viewing the pizzeria: blueprint mode, in which the player may spend money constructing his or her building, and Office mode, in which the player spends each night performing mundane jobs for the business.
  5. Following their shift, the player is also charged with analyzing animatronics that have surfaced in an alleyway near the Pizzeria in order to determine whether or not they should be claimed as salvage.

Molten Freddy, William Afton/Scraptrap, Scrap Baby, and Lefty are just a few of the characters.They pose a problem in the Office, as they attempt to assault the player by crawling through the vents on the left and right sides of the office, despite the fact that saving all four provides a financial benefit and is essential to complete the game’s official ending.The player’s employer, who is revealed to be Henry Emily, the original founder of Fazbear Entertainment and former business partner of William Afton, reveals that the vent system has been disconnected from the main building, preventing the animatronics from reaching the children in the pizzeria and trapping them.Henry then uses remote burners placed into the floor to burn down the building, trapping himself, the player, and the animatronics within.All of them are killed except for William, who survives.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

  1. After the events of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator had concluded, the charred remnants of the pizzeria would fall into a sinkhole, leaving the site almost completely desolate.
  2. The property surrounding the sinkhole would be developed into Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, with the Roxy Raceway built over the sinkhole.
  3. It wasn’t long until an elevator was constructed to transport patrons down the sinkhole to the pizza, Recharge Stations were erected in the basement and dining room, and a Security Bot was dispatched to guard the area in front of the structure.
  4. It was decided to bring in generators and establish a high-voltage cable that would reach up to the Pizzaplex, which resulted in brownouts at Roxy Raceway.
  5. The discovery of dufflebags at Roxy Raceway reveals that staff had become aware of the risk of a sinkhole as a result of pieces of the racetrack splitting after concrete had been poured, which led to the discovery of both the cable and the elevator at the facility.

A crew was dispatched to the site to investigate, but they never returned.In the Burntrap Ending of the game, Gregory steals the upgrades from the other Glamrock Animatronics and installs them into Glamrock Freddy, allowing the two of them to find their way into the sinkhole and to the abandoned pizzeria together.They go to the pizza and face and beat Burntrap, causing the remaining restaurant to catch fire in the process.


  • Since Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, this is the first time a pizzeria has served as the primary location in a game
  • the restaurant is located above the main map, whilst the Office, as well as the rooms that surround it, are located underneath
  • Despite the fact that he does not appear in the game, a patched-up Withered Freddy appears on the pizzeria’s sign
  • the pizzeria is located in Utah, the same state in which the Novel Trilogy takes place
  • all three enemy Glamrock Animatronics in their shattered forms, namely Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, and Montgomery Gator, are summoned in random order during the sequence when Gregory fights Burntrap, and after Because Gregory needs to close a door on Chica and a vent door on Monty during this confrontation, they are unable to be shocked with a Fazerblaster or Faz Camera in this sequence, despite the fact that they are routinely impacted in other places. When this occurs, they will continue to employ their stun animations and noises, but will appear to slide across the floor towards Gregory as they do so. It is impossible to jumpscare Gregory while stunned, but they will do so after recovering, provided that they are still within striking distance.


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

  1. In the pizzeria, there is a manager’s office.
  2. The Underground Labyrinth’s security map, which includes a representation of the ventilation system through which the animatronics move.
  3. The same as above, but with the pizzeria depicted above it.
  4. In the opening sequence, the show stage is shown.
  5. The arcade area featured in the game’s introductory sequence.

Ditto, but in the Completionist Ending.The private stage featured in the game’s first cutscene.Exactly the same, except with eyes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Inside the pizzeria’s ruins, including dining table. By the stage show, you might find yourself within the ruins of the pizza. A hole leading to the basement may be found within the wreckage of the restaurant. The Blob, which is wedged between the hole and the basement, is resting.

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Other Establishments Fazbear Entertainment, Inc.Circus Baby’s Pizza WorldFredbear’s Family DinerAfton Robotics, LLCSilver Parasol GamesFazbear Funtime ServiceMinor Locations

Michael Afton

  1. Are you looking for a page that isn’t here?
  2. Try using Michael Brooks, his counterpart from the Charlie trilogy, or Mike Schmidt, his pseudonym from the first game, as a substitute for the protagonist.
  3. Afton Michael Afton (also known by the aliases Mike Schmidt and Eggs Benedict) is the primary protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game franchise.
  4. In addition to being the son of William Afton, he is also the older brother of Elizabeth Afton.
  5. The older brother, Mike, is frequently assumed to be the protagonist of the series, while many fans still feel he may be The Crying Child.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 1

  1. Michael is hired as a night guard at this site, where he goes under the alias Mike Schmidt, ostensibly in an attempt to obtain free pizza for himself.
  2. Due to the fact that William is Michael’s biological father, the animatronics believe Michael to be William and attempt to assassinate Michael.
  3. For the next five nights, Michael is forced to stay in the office, surviving on nothing but cameras, lights and doors, until he is dismissed after being caught tinkering with the animatronics, which is most likely because he was attempting to let the souls free from their prison.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

  1. He works as a technician with Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals, which includes Circus Baby’s Pizza World as a sub-division.
  2. During the closing sequence of Custom Night, when he appears to have a British accent, it has been shown that he is the player in question.
  3. In Sister Location, Michael is given specific instructions by his father to travel to an underground facility in order to locate his sister.
  4. This suggests that William Afton is aware of the souls of the children who have remained behind, and that he is aware that his daughter’s soul is housed within the character of Circus Baby.
  5. Michael puts his faith in his father and sets out to save his sister.

Upon his arrival at Circus Baby’s on the first night, Michael is greeted by HandUnit, who instructs him on how to check the animatronics’ stages and, if they are not in their appropriate locations, shock them to set them back on their stage.Ballora and Funtime Foxy are successfully shocked by Michael, while Baby is not shocked at all.During the second night, Michael checks on Ballora and Foxy, but when he checks on Baby, the regulated shocks do not work, necessitating the intervention of HandUnit to shut down the system.Baby begins to converse with him and instructs him to take refuge beneath the desk.When Michael manages to survive the Bidybabs, he crawls through Ballora Gallery, trying to stay as far away from her as possible by listening for her music.

He then makes his way to the Breaker Room, where he resets all of the systems while simultaneously playing audio to keep Funtime Freddy from hitting him again.After that, Michael departs from Circus Baby’s.On night three, Michael comes to check on Ballora and Funtime Foxy, among other things.Then he sprints through Funtime Auditorium, dodging Funtime Foxy all the way.Michael makes it to Parts and Service, where he fixes Freddy’s power module and captures Bon Bon in order to obtain Freddy’s second power module from the store.After returning via Funtime Auditorium, Foxy confronts him and knocks him unconscious.

  1. On the fourth night, Michael awakens in a springlock suit.
  2. Baby approaches him and explains that she has abducted and imprisoned him.
  3. A short time later, two technicians go into the facility and direct Ballora to the Scooping Room, where Michael is waiting.

He then had the opportunity to observe Ballora being scooped.Then he needs to survive an onslaught by Minireenas, which he does.On night 5, Michael examines the stages, only to discover two technicians who have been hung.

  1. A dead Circus Baby greets him upon his return through Funtime Auditorium and into Parts and Service, where he finds himself.
  2. She says that she is only faking and that something terrible happened on that particular day.
  3. A random number sequence is then entered into a keypad that is accessible via a flip-out mechanism on Baby’s left central faceplate.
  4. After she enters the passcode, Michael removes a chip from her upper arm plate, allowing her to speak with him after she has been scooped by the ship.

Baby is escorted to the Scooping Room by Michael.Her next directive is for him to return to the Funtime Auditorium and adhere to her rules and regulations.When Michael has finished following Baby’s directions, he will be in the Scooping Room.Her assistance to him was really part of an elaborate conspiracy to allow her to use him as a host body for Ennard, as revealed by Baby.


  1. Once you’ve completed a Custom Night on Very Hard mode, you’ll be treated to a hidden cinematic, which depicts the events that occurred after Ennard implanted himself in Michael’s body and replaced his organs.
  2. In the first mini-game, Michael appears to be a typical man, dressed in a purple shirt and blue slacks with a pair of sneakers.
  3. The folks in his immediate vicinity are all smiling.
  4. Everything remains the same in the second mini-game, with the exception of his skin tone changing from tan-pink to tan, which is a tiny alteration.
  5. The individuals in his immediate vicinity continue to wave joyfully.

During the third mini-game, Michael’s complexion appears to be a more vibrant shade of green.One of the first people he sees as he goes by has a puzzled expression on his face.The rest of the group is completely normal, simply waving pleasantly.When you play the fourth mini game, Michael’s skin gets a deeper greenish-brown color, and his eyes are now fully black as well.The final three persons he passes appear to be perplexed by his presence.

In the fifth minigame, he appears to be much more decrepit than he did in the previous minigames, and one of his eyes has a peculiar light in it.Everyone in his immediate vicinity seemed to be highly concerned.In the sixth mini-game, his complexion has turned a drab purple, and a white light can be seen in both of his eyes as a result of this transformation.In addition, he appears to be more senile and depressed than he was previously.There are less individuals in his immediate vicinity, and one of them is cowering behind their house out of terror.When you play the last mini game, he has his shoulders slumped and his skin is a dark purple tint.

  1. His current look is eerily similar to that of his father’s Purple Guy persona.
  2. Everyone around him has huddled behind their dwellings in horror.
  3. His body eventually goes into spasm and he regurgitates the robotic components that belonged to Ennard into the sewage system.

He is presumed to be dead as he lies on the ground.In the following scene, the player hears Baby’s voice say ″you won’t die,″ and Michael gets back up as all of the Ennard’s eyes appear in the sewer.With Elizabeth now free, Michael’s only remaining purpose is to ″discover″ William, although it is unclear what this implies in this context.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

He’s the primary character in the evenings’ narrative. However, he is undoubtedly one of the brothers regardless of his involvement in the mini games.

Golden Freddy ″Very Hard″ Cutscene

Upon completing the ″Very Hard″ Golden Freddy mode in Sister Location, Michael Afton, most likely shortly after the events of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, chats to Springtrap about his experiences.

Father. It’s me, Michael. I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there. They didn’t recognize me at first but then they thought I was you. And I found her. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. She’s free now. But something is wrong with me. I should be dead. But I’m not. I’ve been living in shadows. There is only one thing left for me to do now. I’m going to come find you. I’m going to come find you.
— Michael Afton

Immediately following this, Springtrap appears on the screen for a brief moment before the screen turns dark. You may notice the words ″Fazbear’s Fright″ written in the backdrop if you look closely.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

After Fazbear’s Fright was destroyed by fire, Michael decided to take on the position of manager of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place in order to pursue his ultimate objective of tracking down and killing his father.In addition to working on the Pizzeria itself, Michael was charged with recovering ancient animatronics that had emerged in the back alley, purportedly for components, and bringing them back to life.Molten Freddy was the first of these villains to appear.Springtrap, Scrap Baby, and Lefty were among the characters who appeared during the following several days.

  • As the animatronics approached Michael’s office, he lured them away using sounds to keep them at bay.
  • After Mike’s supervisor revealed that the Pizzeria was a trap for all of the remaining animatronics, Mike began leading them around the maze of vents in loops on the final night, the show came to an end.
  • Despite the fact that there was an escape route available, Henry commended Michael for being his ″courageous volunteer,″ assuring him that he knew Michael did not want to take it.

Henry then set fire to the Pizzeria in order to unleash the spirits and murder everyone in the building, including Michael.

Survival Logbook

According to the Survival Logbook, Michael is snarky, making a number of disparaging remarks regarding Fazbear Entertainment’s lack of concern for its employees’ safety and well-being.Michael is also shown to be paranoid when on the job, as seen by the fact that he sleeps with one eye open.On page six, when asked why he wanted the job, he responds that he wanted it for the free pizza, showing that his motivations for working are very straightforward.After being asked what he would like for his end of week bonus, Michael circles a money basket rather than the exotic butters that he received from Sister Location, demonstrating to the reader that he, like everyone else, would prefer a basket of cash over any other meaningless prize, demonstrating that he has his priorities straight and is an accountable person.

  • It is clear that Michael likes sketching and is highly excellent at it based on the numerous sketches throughout the book that he has made.
  • According to the book, Michael is a very hard worker who is anxious for money in order to make ends meet, which is why he expresses a desire for a tropical vacation, which is also mentioned.


The majority of his backstory is revealed through quiet activities inside retro-graphics, reading notes written in red pen in the Survival Logbook, and by deducing information from the context of the games.His mini game presence and piecing together information gleaned from the Survival Logbook reveals him to be an accomplished artist, as evidenced by the many drawings on the pages of the logbook drawn in red pen, and he has a bad habit of chewing bubblegum, as evidenced by one of the questions, which is similar to Pete’s from the Step Closer video game series.A filled-in question revealed that he is a caustic individual, as seen by the numerous clever remarks he has written about the firm.He is also physically strong, as demonstrated by his desire to exercise around the block and enroll in a self-defense class.

  • While it is uncertain whether Michael Afton intends to kill William, his primary objective is to locate him.


In Sister Location, the only thing that can be seen is the reflection of a plain, black figure in a dirty mirror, which is all that is visible.In the Custom Night mini games, it can be observed that he has a pale skin tone, darkish brown hair that appears to be combed over, and blue eyes, all of which are characteristic of him.He also had on a purple long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes to complete his look.He looks to have an extended smile, similar to that of his father William, albeit his smile is more pleasant and warm than his father’s cruel and terrifying smile.

  • As a result of his skin decaying after being reanimated and becoming a living corpse, he seems to be physically dark purple in appearance.
  • In addition, he appears to have lost his nose as well as nearly all of his bottom and front teeth.
  • His eyeballs appear to have vanished from the sockets of his now black and empty eyes.

The only indication that they are alive are the two little white glowing pupils on their faces, which are identical to those found on certain animatronics.


  • After successfully completing each of the Custom Night challenges in Sister Location on the hardest difficulty setting, you will be rewarded with a series of retro-style cutscenes that depict Michael and his decaying body, culminating in a final scene in which Michael addresses his father
  • initially, it was believed that William Afton was the protagonist of Sister Location: Eggs Benedict before it was revealed that it was Michael. Following Michael’s rotting and turning purple appearance, as well as the appearance of Springtrap after Michael’s speech, some fans were perplexed as to whether Mike was Purple Guy, whether there were two Purple Guys, whether William Afton even existed in the games, or whether Mike was springtrap
  • Michael Afton’s goal in Sister Location appears to be assisting his father, William Afton, in putting Mike’s sister back together
  • Springtrap appearing in the wreckage of Fazbe When it comes to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, Michael is highly hinted to be the protagonist, as evidenced by the voice lines for Molten Freddy, Scrap Baby, and William Afton, all of whom seem like they are familiar with the protagonist.

A page in the Survival Logbook asks about recent dreams, which is a nice touch. Mike, the night guard who writes and draws in the Logbook, depicts Nightmare Fredbear, which strongly suggests that he is the one who is experiencing nightmares throughout the main gameplay of FNaF 4. A spirit writing in faded text in the Logbook asks ″Do you have dreams?″ on the same page as Michael’s drawing.

It is presumed that Michael is referring to the Funtime animatronics mistaking him for his father when he says, ″They believed I was you.″ This may explain why Mike is continuously assaulted by animatronics during the course of the series, according to some.Given that he looks exactly like his father, a serial child murderer, it is likely that the furious spirits of children would seek vengeance on him, and/or that their face recognition systems will flag him as a criminal.It should be emphasized, however, that the youngsters continued to pursue Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith, who would not have been motivated by the same reasons as the children.

Because this moment triggered the argument over Michael being Springtrap among the Community, it’s possible that this was a harbinger of things to come.

  • In Sister Location, he is represented by a shadowy picture that mimics Rick Astley’s iconic 1987 hit single ″Never Gonna Give You Up.″ It is debatable if Michael Afton is the Crying Child or the Older Brother (called Foxy Bro) from FNaF 4. Step Closer provided new evidence to both sides of the discussion in Fazbear Frights: Step Closer. Pete, the protagonist, has characteristics with both of the FNaF 4 brothers in that he plays practical jokes on his younger brother and has a soft spot for Foxy, but he also dies in the hospital after a horrible accident and is frequently terrified by Foxy. Additionally, Pete and Michael Afton have many parallels, including the fact that Pete has nightmares and chews gum, which Michael mentions as a nasty habit in the Survival Logbook, and that they both die while still being alive within their dead bodies. More questions have been raised about Michael’s true status in the FNaF 4 family as a result of these new revelations
  • one notable idea holds that the sobbing infant was rebuilt as a robot by William and is actually Michael. This is based on the peculiar phenomena of Michael not dying after being scooped, which has been observed. Remnant, on the other hand, does not rot, as evidenced by the blueprints in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, which confirm that Remnant is the reason for Michael’s survival. The third edition of The Freddy Files series, The Ultimate Guide, documents Michael as the older brother, referring to Michael as ″The Older Son,″ and has him mentioned separately from the Crying Child on multiple occasions. Many fans, however, dismiss the material contained in The Ultimate Guide as untrustworthy because it is a direct copy-paste from the infamously inaccurate Freddy Files: Updated Edition
  • There are a few boot screens in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator that show the animatronics in the back alley, although they are extremely uncommon. It is claimed that the Afton family is represented by a billboard depicting a guy holding three puppets on one of the screens. In the puppet show, the man appears to represent William Afton, one of the puppets is a clown, who appears to represent Elizabeth, the other is a bear, who appears to represent the Crying Child, and the third is a ventriloquist dummy who appears to be an exact replica of the puppeteer, who appears to represent Michael, according to the puppet show. The elder sibling is conspicuously removed from the poster, which has led to the idea that the older brother is represented as Michael
  • this is also visible in Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Return of Michael, which is a sequel to the original game. For example, in the Security Breach silo, you can see a table with S.T.A.F.F. Bots portraying a family of five, which appears to resemble the Afton family
  • Michael is portrayed as the oldest brother, which appears to be the case. Despite the fact that a small number of fans do not believe that these specific S.T.A.F.F. Bots represent the Afton family in any way,
  • In the case that Michael is Fritz Smith, he is one of two characters who tamper with animatronics. The other is Fritz Smith.
  • It is speculated that Michael is a member of the FNaF 3 Guard.
  • Apparently, Mike has a bad habit of chewing gum, according to the Logbook.
  • Although many people assume that his shirt’s color fades away with him as he decays, a closer glance at the other sprites reveals that it’s color truly faded along with him and is merely the same color as his skin at the end
  • People believe that his soul is contained within Glamrock Freddy.


Michael’s degeneration is at stages 1-2.Michael’s degeneration has reached the third stage.Michael’s degeneration has reached the fourth stage.Michael’s degeneration has progressed to stage 5.

  • Michael’s degeneration has reached stage six.
  • Take notice of the resemblance to Purple Guy/William Afton.
  • Ennard is being puked on by Michael.

Michael gets to his feet from the pavement.The image of Michael after he has been scooped by Ennard.

Phone Guy

EyelessBonnieHallucination The deuteragonist of Five Nights at Freddy’s is a character named Phone Guy.He was formerly employed as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and he had previously worked at The Office at some point before to the events of the game.At the beginning of each night until Night 4, when he delivers his final speech, he assists the player by providing information on the behaviour of the animatronics.Players question whether or not the Phone Guy is genuinely an ally, claiming it appears unusual that he recommends that they stay and downplays the problem instead of ordering them to resign or go immediately.

  • While he may be an unwitting friend, he is the only one the player has at his disposal.


Phone Guy appears to be a little disinterested, and there is simply no justification for this.Although the player is in grave peril throughout the game, he makes every effort to assure them that there is ″really nothing to worry about.″ It is unclear if he is lying to the guards of his own free choice, whether he is required to do so, or whether he is simply attempting to make Mike Schmidt feel better.The animatronics appear to make him feel quite self-conscious and embarrassed at times, as seen by his frequent stuttering and nervously laughing, which suggests that he is concerned about the chance of someone hearing his warnings and advise concerning them.Of course, it is also possible that he is generally worried and on edge as a result of the approaching possibility of death at the hands of their enemies.


From Night 1 through Night 4, Phone Guy will call and leave a message for each of the four nights. The messages have been transcribed in full below.

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  • Player-created character Phone Guy is voiced by the game’s developer, Scott Cawthon, and it is extremely crucial for new players to pay close attention to what he has to say on their first and second nights in the game. He will provide the player with important gameplay clues as well as explanations of the game’s mechanics. Phone Guy serves as the game’s equivalent of a tutorial
  • it has been speculated that he is stuffed inside of Chica due to the presence of a second row of smaller teeth visible in her mouth, as well as the fact that Chica will occasionally make very raspy, human-like groaning noises when the player is close enough to hear them. Many others, however, believe that Chica’s teeth are merely part of the endoskeleton within the suit (since it is easy to see the same thing in Bonnie’s mouth if you look closely), and that the rasping noises are not unique to Chica, as Bonnie is known to produce the same sounds. Additionally, some believe that the Phone Guy was not put into Chica on Night 4, but was instead shoved into Golden Freddy instead. The fact that he has a limp, lifeless body that is in a position that is often adopted by dead bodies when seated would be evidence in this regard. On Night 4, it is also worth noting that Golden Freddy’s kill sound can be heard just before the phone call comes to an end. It is also possible that the Phone Guy was stuffed into one of the heads Backstage, as he instructs the player to check inside the suits in the back room, as he had always wondered what was inside them. His death is heavily implied by this, as is the fact that he was prepared to be put into an animatronic outfit or head.

When Phone Guy is on the phone with the player, it is necessary to keep an eye out for Freddy Fazbear and the other animatronics who may be there (he even tells the player this himself).If the player loses concentration, they will very certainly be assaulted and shoved into a Freddy costume shortly after receiving the message, and sometimes even before it is completed.When playing late at night, this is especially important because sitting inactive might result in Foxy murdering the player before Phone Guy has completed chatting on the phone.

In the chapter of Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi on Night 5, he makes the claim that metal possesses a life energy, and this remark comes from that chapter.In certain cases, it’s probable that this is a reference to animatronics, which are mechanical creatures that are alive yet constructed of metal.However, because the distorted speech is a stock sound, any form of relationship between the game and the sound file is extremely dubious; it is more likely that this is a coincidental occurrence.

  • Note that the texts from Phone Guy are not removed, which is another important point to consider. Because of the abundance of information provided, it is puzzling that the corporation has not either deleted or replaced them with normal legal material
  • When speaking with ClickTeam, Scott refers to Phone Guy as ″Phone Guy″ in its literal sense, meaning that Phone Guy does not yet have a canonical name.
  • The hammering sound that is released in the background during the phone conversation on Night 4 is distinct from the banging sound that is heard in-game when Foxy pounds on the player’s left door.
  • The player has the power to mute Phone Guy’s calls at any moment during the game by clicking on the ″Mute Call″ button located in the upper left corner of the screen. Additionally, this may be done in the second and third games
  • every single phone call made by Phone Guy has a shorter duration than the previous one. This holds true for the third game as well
  • the first phone call can be heard in the fourth game if it is played backwards
  • and the first phone call can be heard in the fifth game if it is played backwards.

Phone Guy FNaF2 Information Box Template Phone Guy makes his second appearance in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, in which he reprises his position as the player’s deuteragonist once more. He behaves largely in the same way as he did in the previous game, providing the player with valuable hints about the game’s fundamental concepts.


For the first time since the beginning of the game, Phone Guy appears to be really content with his job and appears to be unconcerned about the animatronics becoming hostile.This is most likely due to the fact that he was working the day shift at the time and did not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation until he took over the night watch.The only time he ever expresses a feeling of urgency in his voice is during Night 6’s phone conversation with him.The manager continues to emphasize the importance of giving the player guidance on surviving the first few nights, while simultaneously stating that the restaurant is committed to employee safety and there is ″nothing to be concerned about.″


From Night 1 through Night 6, Phone Guy will call and leave a message for you every night. The messages have been transcribed in full below.

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  • Although Phone Guy never directly mentions what he does at the company, and always refers to everyone as employees and management rather than coworkers, it has been claimed that he is the identity of the Purple Guy who appears in the Death Minigames. A specific example of this is the person following the player while wearing a yellow badge and holding an item that appears to be a phone in the S-A-V-E T-H-E-M minigame. Moreover, it raises the possibility that the Phone Guy is the murderer who lured the children away and murdered them while wearing a yellow suit. The fact that Phone Guy says things and assembling them into the Death Minigames provide more evidence in support of this idea than ever before. For instance, on Night 2, he confesses he never liked The Puppet due to it ″always thinking″, this combines over with the death minigame when The Puppet stuffs the dead children into the animatronics in which were slain by the killer himself. In addition, Phone Guy claims Foxy is his favorite animatronic on Night 3, which is a first for him. In the death minigame, when the Purple Man murders children just outside Pirate Cove and laughs as he watches Foxy stroll out of the cove to welcome the dead children, this all comes together.
  • Phone Guy expresses his thoughts on some of the animatronic characters he hears over the phone: On Night 2, he claims that he ″loved those old characters″ but never liked ″that Puppet thing″ since ″it was constantly thinking″ and ″can go anywhere.″
  • On Night 3, he claims that Foxy was always his favorite
  • on Night 4, he claims that Foxy was his least favorite.

On Night 6, Phone Guy seems to be quite anxious and may possibly be angry by his tone of speech. It’s probable that he was concerned about the use of the yellow suit in the back of the vehicle. However, it is also plausible that he was displeased with Jeremy’s presence when the lockdown was lifted. The fact that Golden Freddy is active on Night 6 is also supported by this information.

  • Even though Phone Guy tells Jeremy that he has a ″new summer job″ on Night 1, Jeremy’s paycheck is not dated until November, which means that he is not working during the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. However, it is possible that it is in the Southern Hemisphere owing to the fact that certain nations read 11-12-1987 as Day/Month/Year (which would indicate that it would be summer) as opposed to America, where it is read as Month/Day/Year (which would indicate that it would be winter). Given a result, it’s most likely a typo, as the spelling of odor (in both American and British English) is pronounced ″odour.″ Scott Cawthon may have intended for it to be Southern Hemisphere, but as a resident of the United States, his tendency would be to write in American English
  • this may also be disproven by the paycheck on Night 6, which says 11-13-1987.

The comment from Phone Guy that appears in the trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is never actually utilized in any of the games in the series.

Phone Guy FNaF3 Infobox Template:Phone Guy FNaF3 Phone Guy also makes an appearance in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, where he may be found in the training recordings of the game.A newcomer, who appears to be one of the employees of Fazbear’s Fright, is accompanying him on his journey.Because of his ″surfer dude″-like accent, the new Phone Guy is sometimes referred to as ″Phone Dude″ in the community, partly to distinguish him from the previous Phone Guy and partly to distinguish him from the previous Phone Guy.


As shown by Night 1’s phone conversation, Phone Dude looks to be in a positive frame of mind.He appears to be enthused about the attraction, and he appears to take pleasure in discovering ancient artifacts from the pizzerias.In Night 2, he enthusiastically mentions finding a real animatronic and plays an old training tape for the player, stating that he wants to play it over the speakers to add to the atmosphere of the attraction.In Night 3, he enthusiastically mentions finding a real animatronic and plays an old training tape for the player, stating that he wants to play it over the speakers to add to the atmosphere of the attraction.

  • He also jokes a lot more than the original Phone Guy, saying things like ″the fox head they found might just be another crappy cosplay″ and ″the company would have to dress the player in a furry suit to stand in as an animatronic before finding Springtrap,″ and is generally a lot less serious about his work than the original Phone Guy.
  • The original Phone Guy appears to have remained mostly untouched; however, he is much more formal and less emotive in this version, most likely because he is speaking as an educator rather than conversing with the player during off-hours.


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  • The Night 1 phone call is the longest in the franchise, lasting till 4 a.m. It is the longest phone call in the franchise. In the third game, however, this is owing to the fact that the hours and nights are significantly shorter than they were in the previous two games. Although it appears to be longer, the first phone call from the third game is actually shorter than the initial phone calls from both of the previous games
  • with Fast Nights activated, the phone call appears to be even ″longer″ owing to the shorter hours of the day. In other cases, the call is even terminated since it has lasted longer than the night.
  • Phone Dude will speak to the player for the final time on Night 2 of the game. Starting from that point on, the original Phone Guy’s training recordings will be played continuously for the remainder of the game
  • every one of Phone Guy’s calls is shorter than the one before it. This holds true for the first game as well.


Five Nights at Freddy’s / Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

The appearance of the ″Mute Call″ button’s texture. the voice of a phone operator

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

The ″Mute Call″ button has a different texture than the others.

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