What Is A Pizza Sub?

You can still order a submarine sandwich which contains pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese. Then, as always at Subway, you can add a variety of vegetables and other toppings of your choice to the top of your secret sandwich.
Subway Pizza Sub. You can still order a submarine sandwich which contains pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese. Then, as always at Subway, you can add a variety of vegetables and other toppings of your choice to the top of your secret sandwich. Try the Subway Pizza Sub today and experience the taste sensation that screams Pizza taste.

Should I make a pizza or a pizza sub?

Pizzas taste great, but sometimes they take a little too much space and time to create. If you’re tight on time and kitchen counter space, try making a pizza sub, instead! Most people love the zippy sub sandwich with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and salami. They provide the robust flavors in this family-pleasing fare.

What do you put on a pizza sub sandwich?

Most people love the zippy sub sandwich with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and salami. They provide the robust flavors in this family-pleasing fare. If you’d like, serve the crispy subs with extra pizza sauce for dipping. Here’s how to make easy and quite tasty pizza subs right in your kitchen.

What is on a pizza sub melt at subway?

What is on a pizza sub melt at Subway? Pizza Sub Melt. The Italian sandwich par excellence. Topped with marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Try it toasted for even more pizza taste! Thereof, what is on a pizza sub at Subway?

What comes on a pizza sub?

The Italian sandwich par excellence. Topped with marinara sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Try it toasted for even more pizza taste!

What do you put on a pizza sub from Subway?

The Italian sandwich par excellence. Topped with marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Try it toasted for even more pizza taste!

How do you make a Subway pizza?

Chances are, you didn’t even know that Subway served a pizza sub. But they do — on their secret menu, not their regular one. However, if you do get a blank stare when you request the pizza sub, simply ask to build your own sandwich, then ask for tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and any veggies you’d like.

How big is a Subway pizza?

How Big Are Subway’s Pizzas? On average, Subway pizzas are around eight inches, or 20.5 centimeters, in diameter. Additionally, there are between 700-900 calories in a Subway personal pizza, making it one of the high-calorie options at Subway.

What is Subway chicken Pizziola?

Imagine freshly baked bread stuffed with tender chicken strips, salami, marinara sauce and melted cheese, and your choice of tasty vegetables and condiments.

How Much Is a Subway pizza?

Now, they have more than 1,700 Subway UK locations (including Ireland) and are continuing to expand.

Subway UK Menu With Prices (Updated: March 2022)

Food Size Price
Pizza Pepperoni 6-Inch £3.99
Pizza Pepperoni Footlong £5.99
Veggie Patty 6-Inch £2.60
Veggie Patty Footlong £7.07

What is a Subway BLT?

Crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato on fresh bread of your choice. This sandwich offers a light and tasty lunch, snack or dinner. It can be served with a sauce or keep it simple and just add classic mayo and olive oil. B.L.T will be appreciated not only by the Englishmen.

What’s the best sandwich at Subway?

Best Subway Sandwiches

  • Roast Beef.
  • Veggie Delite.
  • Spicy Italian.
  • Turkey Breast.
  • Black Forest Ham.
  • Buffalo Chicken.
  • Sweet Onion Teriyaki.
  • Cold Cut Combo.
  • Does Subway have pepperoni?

    As delicious as our sandwiches are, they are even better when paired with the perfect side and drink or even adding a little something extra. With such a variety to choose from, there’s truly something for every taste.

    What is in meatball marinara Subway?

    It contains ground beef, ground pork, bread crumbs, and some seasonings to spice things up. The marinara sauce is likewise basic, containing just a small amount of onion, seasoning, and tomato puree, as well as half a teaspoon of sugar, to sweeten things up.

    Does Subway still have flatbread pizza?

    Because ‘flatbread pizza’ was apparently too long, Subway now offers new Flatizzas. The new menu item basically takes a square of flatbread (i.e. a roughly six-inch flatbread) and tops it with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and one of four topping combinations.

    How long do pizza subs take to cook?

    Place on baking sheet. Bake at a 400 degree oven for about 12-15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

    Is Subway pizza frozen?

    You can pick any veggie. I’d seen subway pizza in 2009-10 in Florida but it I assumed it was a one-time thing, but apparently not. It basically comes frozen and wrapped in plastic, the guy unwrapped it, I decided what veggies to put on and then the guy topped it with shredded mozzarella.

    How much is a personal pizza?

    Pizza Hut Menu Prices

    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49

    What is a personal pizza?

    By definition, a personal pizza should be an adequate serving for one person’s meal. While there is no definitive size, individual-sized pizzas usually range between 6 to 8 inches, says Tom Lehmann, director at the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan, Kansas.

    How to make pizza subs at home?

    Here’s how to make easy and quite tasty pizza subs right in your kitchen. Other desired pizza toppings (i.e pepperoni, ham, green olives, pepper, mushrooms, etc.) Spread sauce on the sub bread. Slice open your sub and spread your amount of tomato sauce inside, spreading gently with a spoon. Grate your cheese.

    What is on a pizza sub melt at subway?

    What is on a pizza sub melt at Subway? Pizza Sub Melt. The Italian sandwich par excellence. Topped with marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Try it toasted for even more pizza taste! Thereof, what is on a pizza sub at Subway?

    What’s inside a RWA pizza sub?

    All the pizza flavour you love rolled into a sub. RWA salami, pizza sauce, cheese and your choice of toppings. This one’s anything but flat.

    What is on a pizza sub melt at Subway?

    Melted Submarine Pizza.The ultimate Italian sandwich, made with fresh ingredients.Marinara sauce, pepperoni, and cheese are smothered on top of the pizza.Try it toasted for an even more authentic pizza flavor!Subway Pizza Sub Sandwich Still available is a submarine sandwich, which is made with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and cheese on a toasted bun.Then, as is always the case with Subway, you may customize the top of your secret sandwich with a variety of veggies and other toppings of your choosing.

    What is the new Subway sandwich, in addition to the one mentioned above?In conjunction with the debut of the new Ultimate Steak Sandwich, Subway is offering a fresh twist on its famous Steak Sandwich.The Ultimate Steak Sandwich is made out of shaved steak topped with green peppers and red onions and served on Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread with a side of ranch dressing.Aside from that, does Subway provide pizza?

    Many of the establishments are still offering the pizza sub as an item on their menu.Subway, like any other chain restaurant, has seen a number of menu items come and go, with the pizza sub being one of them.What exactly is on the Subway Club’s menu?

    With slices of turkey breast, roast beef, and Black Forest ham as a basis, you may customize your Subway Club sandwich by adding veggies, sauces, and bread of your choosing to your sandwich order.It is under the Subways Select Sub category, and it costs around $6.75 in my neighborhood.

    Super Pizza Subs

    Preparation/Total Time: 30 minutes


    This recipe makes 6 servings.This spicy pizza sub sandwich is a favorite of my husband’s.It’s the rich tastes of Italian sausage, pepperoni, and salami that make this dish so popular with the whole family.If you’d like, you may serve the crispy subs with additional pizza sauce on the side to dip them in.Hattiesburg, Mississippi resident Kathy Bennett contributed to this article.Recipe photo courtesy of Taste of Home for Super Pizza Subs.

    Every editorial product is chosen on its own merits, while we may be compensated or earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links.As of the time of writing, the ratings and pricing are correct, and all goods are in stock.


    • 6 submarine sandwich buns (about 9 inches in diameter), divided
    • 1-pound shaved deli ham
    • 1/2-pound bulk Italian sausage that has been cooked and drained
    • (1 large can (8 ounces) pizza sauce
    • 18 slices part-skim mozzarella cheese (each one ounce in size)
    • 1 medium onion, split and thinly sliced
    • A total of 36 mild banana pepper rings
    • 2 packages (each weighing 3-1/2 ounces) pepperoni diced
    • 1/4 pound thinly sliced hard salami


    Build your sandwich on the bottom half of the buns by layering sausage, ham, pepperoni, onion, banana peppers, and salami on top of the pizza sauce. Tops need be replaced. Heavy-duty aluminum foil should be used to wrap each sandwich before placing it on baking pans. Preheat the oven to 425°F and bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted.

    Nutrition Facts

    1 serving has 930 calories, 44 grams of fat (19 grams of saturated fat), 142 milligrams of cholesterol, 3029 milligrams of sodium, 80 grams of carbohydrates (9 grams of sugars, 7 grams of fiber), and 53 grams of protein.

    Delicious Oven Pizza Sub Sandwiches Recipe – Food.com

    • All of the ingredients can be adjusted to your own preference, and if feasible, use the submarine type sandwich buns that are around 9 inches long – they are excellent! bread buns that have been split in two
    • (three and a half ounce) packets
    • 1 pound thinly sliced hard salami
    • 2 pounds pepperoni cut thinly


    1 (340) g is the recommended serving size.Preparations per recipe: 6 AMT.PER SERVING percent AMT.PERFORMANCE ON A DAILY BASIS Calories: 862.4 Calories from Fat: 518 g 60 percent of total calories: 862.4 Calories from Fat: 518 g 60 percent of total calories: 862.4 57.6 g total fat (88 percent of total fat) 23.9 g of saturated fat (119 percent of total fat) Cholesterol is 185.8 mg, which is 61 percent.Carbohydrates in total: 31.8 g (10 percent).Dietary Fiber: 3 g (11% of total calories) Sugars (4.9 g, or 19 percent of total)


    • Cut 6 buns (or as many as you like, simply multiply the ingredients)
    • slice 6 buns
    • Layer the sausage, then the ham, then the pizza sauce, then the cheese, then the onion, then the banana peppers (season the peppers with black pepper), then the pepperoni, and finally the salami on the bottom half of the buns.
    • Replace the tops with new ones.
    • Using heavy-duty aluminum foil that has been generously coated with nonstick cooking spray, wrap each bun.
    • Lay out on a baking sheet
    • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbling.
    • Serve as soon as possible
    • **NOTE** Banana peppers in a jar may normally be purchased in the pickle area of any grocery store
    • however, they are not always available.
    • Delicious


    ‘All proportions may be adjusted to suit individual preferences. If at all possible, use submarine-style sandwich buns that are around 9 inches in length – they are excellent!’


    Eat This Much, your personal diet assistant

    The main information is as follows: Pizza Sub Footlong, 12″ – Subway 1 serving 896 calories 4 1 2 2 1 9 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 If you have an issue with this meal, please let us know.

    Nutrition Facts
    For a Serving Size of (g)
    How many calories are in Pizza Sub? Amount of calories in Pizza Sub: Calories Calories from Fat(%)
    % Daily Value *
    How much fat is in Pizza Sub? Amount of fat in Pizza Sub: Total Fat
    How much cholesterol is in Pizza Sub? Amount of cholesterol in Pizza Sub: Cholesterol
    How much sodium is in Pizza Sub? Amount of sodium in Pizza Sub: Sodium
    How many carbs are in Pizza Sub? Amount of carbs in Pizza Sub: Carbohydrates
    How many net carbs are in Pizza Sub? Amount of net carbs in Pizza Sub: Net carbs
    How much fiber is in Pizza Sub? Amount of fiber in Pizza Sub: Fiber
    How much protein is in Pizza Sub? Amount of protein in Pizza Sub: Protein
    Vitamins and minerals
    How much Vitamin A is in Pizza Sub? Amount of Vitamin A in Pizza Sub: Vitamin A
    How much Vitamin C is in Pizza Sub? Amount of Vitamin C in Pizza Sub: Vitamin C
    How much Calcium is in Pizza Sub? Amount of Calcium in Pizza Sub: Calcium
    How much Iron is in Pizza Sub? Amount of Iron in Pizza Sub: Iron
    Fatty acids
    Amino acids
    * The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs.

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    Pizza Steak Subs Recipe

    If you have an issue with this dish, please let us know about it. We will receive a small referral bonus for any things purchased after clicking on our Amazon links. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Zen orange is the color of calm. It’s impossible for me to miss arm day – Buff broccoli


    • A 6-8 oz. piece of prime rib that has been thin-sliced
    • 1/4 green pepper cut
    • 1 small onion, sliced
    • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
    • 1 small tomato, sliced
    • Seasoning with salt and pepper
    • Extra-virgin olive oil
    • 1 cup spaghetti sauce (optional)
    • 2-1/2 hoagie buns, divided in half
    • 4-6 thick slices of fresh mozzarella
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    1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
    2. Make a small baking dish by putting both sides of your hoagie buns cut-side up in it. Using olive oil, coat the surface.
    3. Cook the onions, garlic, and green pepper in the olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat for approximately 2 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender and aromatic.
    4. Cook the prime rib in the skillet for about 4-5 minutes, or until it is browned on both sides. Taste and season with salt and pepper to your liking.
    5. Fill the bottom half of the hoagie buns with the meat and onion/pepper mixture
    6. set aside.
    7. Place a layer of spaghetti sauce on top of the meat, followed by a layer of mozzarella slices on top of the pasta sauce
    8. Allow 8-10 minutes in the oven, or until the mozzarella has melted and the sauce has begun to boil
    9. Place the top half of your now-toasted bun on top of the cheese/meat and gently press down so that the sandwich filling flows down the edges of the roll a little bit.
    Nutrition Information

    Amount Per Serving Calories 2612 Yield 2 Serving Size 1 sandwich Amount Per Serving Calories 2612 200 g of total fat Saturated Fatty Acids (78g) 0 g of Trans Fatty Acids 97 g of unsaturated fat 585 milligrams of cholesterol Sodium is 1488 milligrams.29 g of carbohydrate 4 g of dietary fiber 10 g of sugar 163 g of protein It is recommended that you only use this information as a basic guideline because the nutrition data was given and computed by Nutritionix.As a convenience, this material is supplied without any promise that the information will be totally correct or up to date.Photograph courtesy of Mark Manguerra

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    r/subway – Is ordering a pizza sub a problem?

    Level 1No, as long as your shop has personnel who are familiar with the recipe, as well as a key to the recipe on the cash register.(At least, ours does.) Some places may allow you to order it as a hot Italian, substituting pepperoni for salami, if they don’t allow it otherwise.level 1I enjoy cooking pizza subs since they are one of the simplest subs to prepare.level 2 The same is true here.The finest meats to cook are pizza sandwiches, Italian BMT, ham, and practically any meat that doesn’t require any heating.1st grade Most establishments do not have a button that says ″Pizza Sub.″ Store choice sandwiches are available, but 90 percent of customers and workers are unaware of what they are.

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is perplexed, simply explain what you want.a second-grade education Pizza subs are more affordable than spicy Italian dishes where I live.Pizza subs are made up of 12 pieces, whereas spicy Italian subs are made up of 10 pieces of each salami and pepperoni.Cold cut sandwiches cost the same as our pizza subs, and the spicy Italian sandwich costs more than the BMT.

    4 years ago, I was at level 1.Yes, there is a drive-thru at my store.No, I believe they are enjoyable to produce.

    2.What exactly is the process through which they are intended to be made?I get varied amounts of meat from time to time.

    First and foremost, I’m an Australian, and our point of sale has a pizza sub button.In fact, one of my store’s most popular subs is pizza, which is followed by teriyaki chicken and grilled chicken.However, I’ve never heard of a hot and spicy Italian before!level 1Do not order a pizza sub as an appetizer.Tell them exactly what you want to appear on the card.

    • Bread -> marinara sauce -> cheese -> pepperoni, and so on.
    • There is no longer a genuine ‘Pizza sub’ available.
    • level 2Why does it appear on the receipt as a pizza sub if they don’t want you to refer to it as such?
    • Is there some sort of unsaid drama going on?
    • level 2We have an option for it in our POS system.

    Quick Answer: What Is A Substitute For Pepperoni

    Pepperoni isn’t the only Italian meat available. Coppa is also known as Capocolla. Chilled pig neck and shoulder roasts that have been pressed into cylindrical shapes and spiced with red pepper for a touch of heat are the inspiration for these cold-cut relatives. Specialty Salami. Pancetta. Mortadella. Prosciuttto. Guanciale.

    What is the same as pepperoni?

    In its most basic definition, pepperoni is a sausage seasoned with pepper and paprika, and it may be prepared with either pig or beef as well. The salami known as pepperoni is a type of pepperoni, but pepperoni is not a form of salami. It is possible to get salami in a variety of meats, including Soppressata, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, and other varieties.

    Can I use salami instead of pepperoni?

    Is it possible to replace salami for pepperoni on a slice of pizza? Salami may be used instead of pepperoni on pizza, but it will have a milder flavor than pepperoni, so you may want to spend some time seasoning the salami before putting it on the pizza to cook.

    What sausage is like pepperoni?

    In American pizzerias, it is a common pizza topping choice. The term pepperoni suggests that it is of Italian origin, however this is not the case. It does have some parallels to the spicy salamis of southern Italy, such as salsiccia Napoletana piccante or Calabrese salami, in terms of flavor and texture.

    What cut of meat is pepperoni?

    Pepperoni is prepared with a blend of ground pig and beef that has been spiced and flavored with various seasonings. Curing chemicals such as salt and sodium nitrate are then added to the mixture to inhibit the growth of undesirable microbes. Nitrate is also added, which is responsible for the color of the pepperoni.

    Is pepperoni beef or pork?

    In the United States, pepperoni is an uncooked sausage produced from either beef and pork or pork exclusively. Pepperoni that is composed entirely of beef must be referred to as beef pepperoni.

    How bad is pepperoni for you?

    It’s high in salt, sugar, preservatives, saturated fat, and calories, to name a few things. Pepperoni goes through a process known as fermentation, or curing, within its casing. The acidic flavor and chewy texture of the meat are enhanced as a result of this processing, however the product may be hazardous due to the high concentration of undesirable chemicals.

    What is a healthy substitute for pepperoni?

    Fruit, such as pear slices or sliced pineapple, can also be added to the dish. Reduce the quantity of mozzarella cheese used and replace it with a tiny amount of delicious cheese, such as shredded Parmesan, to save even more calories and fat while also adding taste to compensate for the absence of pepperoni.

    What’s better for you pepperoni or salami?

    Pepperoni has a greater calorie and fat content, but it also has a higher concentration of vitamins A, E, and D. Salami, in comparison to other meats, is higher in protein, the majority of B complex vitamins, and minerals. The majority of them have detrimental effects on one’s overall health.

    What part of pig is pepperoni?

    Pepperoni is a type of salami that is popular in the United States.It is produced with cured pig and beef that has been seasoned with paprika or another chili pepper.Pepperoni.pepperoni that has been packaged The United States of America is the country of origin.Ingredients that are essential meats such as pork and beef Spices are among the ingredients that are frequently utilized.460 kcal (per 100 g portion) of energy from food (1926 kJ).

    Which is spicier pepperoni or chorizo?

    The spicy sausage is a quintessential American meat snack, maybe only equaled by the delectable chorizo in terms of popularity. Many similarities exist between the two sausages, particularly in terms of the flesh and pepper-based fragrance. But when it comes down to it, the difference between chorizo and pepperoni is really one of seasoning—both are on the spicy side.

    Which is healthier pepperoni or chorizo?

    Chorizo has a higher concentration of vitamins than other meats. The quantity of Vitamins B12 and B1 present in chorizo is two times greater than that found in pepperoni. The salt and saturated fat levels are also reduced in this version. Pepperoni, on the other hand, includes higher levels of vitamin E, vitamin K, and folate.

    What gives pepperoni its flavor?

    Pepperoni’s acidic and biting flavor is derived from the mustard that is used to season it. To make pepperoni, you can add mustard powder or mustard seeds. The seeds are crushed in order to give the dish some texture. Garlic is used to temper the spicy flavor of pepperoni, which makes it a more balanced dish.

    Is pepperoni pork in India?

    If you like pepperoni, it’s probably time to make peace with the ″chicken″ pepperoni or the lamb ″pepperoni.″ And just so you know, pepperoni is defined as beef or swine sausage that has been seasoned with pepper; poultry or lamb does not qualify.

    Is Dominos pepperoni pork?

    Pepperoni is a sausage made from a combination of pig, beef, and seasonings. When coupled with Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce and various meats, the taste of this dish stands its own. It’s especially excellent when paired with our pizza cheese, which is composed entirely of real mozzarella cheese. Domino’s is the place to go for the greatest pepperoni pizza.

    Is pepperoni a tangy?

    What Is the Flavor of Its Essence? Pepperoni has a salty, spicy, and tangy flavor due to the fact that it is cured with salt, spices, and lactic acid. Although paprika, garlic powder, and sugar are common spices in pepperoni, different recipes will use a variety of spices to create their own unique flavor profile.

    Is Pizza Hut pepperoni pork?

    Domino’s and Pizza Hut, India’s leading pizza retail chains, have removed pork pepperoni pizzas off their menus, marking a first in the country’s pizza history. Domino’s and Pizza Hut, India’s leading pizza retail chains, have removed pork pepperoni pizzas off their menus, marking a first in the country’s pizza history.

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    Is pizza Boli pepperoni pork or beef?

    There will be no pork! Pork is not something I can eat. On its pizzas, this establishment utilizes beef and turkey meats! It’s a rare delight to be able to eat pizza that’s been professionally prepared with pepperoni and sausage. 20th of June, 2016.

    What meat is Dominos pepperoni?

    In order to produce pepperoni, you need to combine beef, pig, paprika, and a slew of other delightfully tangy spices, all of which come together to make it your absolute favorite pizza topping on the Domino’s menu.

    Is pepperoni good for losing weight?

    It is one of the most nutritious meat choices to include in your diet since it is rich with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat. This is especially true if you are on a weight loss quest. The 11th of November, 2019.

    What is worse sausage or pepperoni?

    Pepperoni includes 12.31 grams of total fat, of which 4.16 grams are saturated fat, in one ounce of pepperoni. Approximately 13.61 grams of total fat are contained in a serving of sausage, including 4.39 grams of saturated fat. In one serving of turkey sausage, there are 5.95 grams of fat, 1.29 grams of which are saturated fat.

    What is the healthiest meat you can eat?

    5 of the Healthiest Types of Meat Sirloin Steak is a cut of beef that is seasoned with salt and pepper.Sirloin steak is a lean and tasty cut of meat that has around 25 grams of satisfying protein per 3 ounce serving.Rotisserie Chicken and Turkey are available.The rotisserie cooking process allows for maximum taste to be achieved without the use of harmful additives.Chicken Thighs are a delicacy that may be enjoyed by the whole family.Chops of pork Fish in a can.

    Does Subway Have Pizza In 2022? (Not What You Think)

    Affiliate Disclosure: We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post.Subway is most known for the submarine sandwich, which is the fast-food item after which the company was founded.Subway, on the other hand, provides a variety of different items, such as salads and soups.You might be wondering what additional menu items Subway offers, such as pizza, how much it costs, and whether or not it is available at all locations.This is what I’ve discovered after conducting extensive research: Pizza is included on the Subway menu; however, as of 2022, not all Subway restaurants will offer pizza.Having said that, Subway serves personal pizzas that are around 8 inches in diameter and range in price from $4 to $5 per pie.

    Additionally, Subway gives the opportunity to customize a pizza sub, which is a hidden menu item that includes tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and your choice of veggies on a sub roll.Continue reading for more information about Subway’s pizza, including the pizza sub and its components, personal pizzas available at Subway, and when Subway first began selling pizzas.

    Does Subway Make Pizza?

    Yes, Subway does manufacture pizza, but it’s a specialty item that isn’t offered in majority of the company’s franchise locations.According to rumors on the internet, Subway pizza is still accessible at some locations, although it is not a regular menu item at the company.Subway franchises, on the other hand, can develop the pizza sub, which is referred to as a ″secret menu item.″ Additionally, certain Subway locations may be able to manufacture other pizza-inspired dishes, such as melts and sandwiches, upon request.

    What Is In The Pizza Sub At Subway?

    You can simply order a pizza sub from Subway as the sandwich is being assembled, which is a secret menu option.The pizza sub from Subway, on the other hand, contains your choice of bread, tomato sauce, pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese, and any vegetables of your choosing.Generally speaking, the cost of a foot-long pizza sub with cheese at Subway is $5.50, however this varies based on the franchise and area.Extra meats such as chicken, bacon, ham, and turkey can be added to your Subway pizza sub for an additional cost.

    What Kind Of Pizza Does Subway Have?

    However, while the majority of Subway stores are unable to supply pizza, a few places do provide personal pizzas.As a result, Subway’s personal pizzas have a circumference of around eight inches.A personal pizza at Subway costs around $5.50 on average, with an additional $0.50 charge for extra cheese or bacon.Additional flavors of Subway personal pizzas include cheese, pepperoni, and vegetarian pizza; they can also be personalized in the same manner that other Subway menu items may be.

    How Big Are Subway’s Pizzas?

    Subway pizzas are around eight inches in diameter, or 20.5 cm in circumference, on average. In addition, a Subway personal pizza has between 700 and 900 calories, making it one of the higher-calorie options available at Subway restaurants.

    How Are Subway Pizzas Made?

    According to claims on the internet, the personal pizzas at Subway are pre-made and frozen, and they are baked in the Subway ovens for around 85 seconds before being delivered to the customer. Having said that, you may personalize your Subway pizza by adding additional cheeses, meats, and veggies, just like you do with other Subway items.

    When Did Subway Start Selling Pizza?

    Subway began serving personal pizzas in several areas across the United States in 2006.Personal pizzas at Subway, on the other hand, are only offered in a limited number of locations.According to web sources, Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey are among the states where Subway’s personal pizzas are available for purchase.Furthermore, calling your local Subway is the most effective approach to determine whether or not the restaurant offers personal pizzas.Employees at other Subway franchisees that serve personal pizzas in-store may also be able to provide information to customers.

    Is Subway Personal Pizza Good?

    According to online reviews, the Subway personal pizza is reasonably priced and of good quality.As a result, customers have praised the fresh veggies and toppings available for the personal pizza, which are cornerstones of Subway’s menu offerings.Some customers have complained that Subway’s personal pizzas need to be cooked for a longer period of time, however this is down to personal choice.If you want to learn more about Subway, you might be interested in learning whether or not the company offers salads, whether or not it offers soup, and whether or not it offers vegan alternatives.


    A limited number of Subway franchisees are able to give customers with personal pizzas that are eight inches in diameter and available in cheese, pepperoni, or veggie varieties.It typically costs between $4 and $5 to get a personal pizza from Subway.Consider the scenario in which your local Subway franchise does not sell personal pizzas.In that scenario, you can order the pizza sub, which is a hidden menu item that consists of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and your choice of toppings on your choice of bread.

    Subway UK Menu With Prices (Updated: March 2022)

    It was in Brighton, England, where Subway launched its first restaurant in the United Kingdom in 1996.As of now, they have more than 1,700 Subway UK outlets (including Ireland) and are continuing to grow their business.There are a variety of menu options available at Subway UK, including Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, Signature Loaded Wraps, Pizza Subs, and Salads.A Subway Savers menu, which provides consumers savings and discounts on their favorite sandwiches, as well as a Kids’ Pak menu, are also available at the location.Customers may now purchase from the Subway UK menu online for delivery or pick-up, depending on their preference.See here for the most recent and most up-to-date Subway UK pricing information.

    View Estimated Prices in Your State


    Food Size Price

    Subway Subs

    Meatball Marinara 6-Inch £3.59
    Meatball Marinara Footlong £6.47
    Italian B.M.T 6-Inch £3.59
    Italian B.M.T Footlong £5.99
    Spicy Italian 6-Inch £3.59
    Spicy Italian Footlong £5.39
    Chipolte Southwest Cheese Steak 6-Inch £3.99
    Chipolte Southwest Cheese Steak Footlong £5.99
    Cheese Steak 6-Inch £3.99
    Cheese Steak Footlong £5.99
    Subway Melt 6-Inch £3.99
    Subway Melt Footlong £7.87
    Chicken & Bacon Ranch 6-Inch £4.49
    Chicken & Bacon Ranch Footlong £7.37
    Extra Cheese 6-Inch £0.30
    Extra Cheese Footlong £0.60
    Bacon 6-Inch £0.69
    Bacon Footlong £1.20
    Double Meat 6-Inch £1.20
    Double Meat Footlong £2.40
    Pizza Pepperoni 6-Inch £3.99
    Pizza Pepperoni Footlong £5.99
    Veggie Patty 6-Inch £2.60
    Veggie Patty Footlong £7.07
    Ham 6-Inch £3.59
    Ham Footlong £5.39
    Turkey Breast 6-Inch £3.59
    Turkey Breast Footlong £5.39
    Cold Cut Combo 6-Inch £2.99
    Cold Cut Combo Footlong £4.49
    Tuna 6-Inch £2.99
    Tuna Footlong £6.80


    Veggie Delite £4.30
    Grilled Chicken & Baby Spinach £5.49
    Subway Club £4.99
    Tuna £3.99


    Giant Subs £9.99
    Sandwich Platters £29.99


    Chicken & Bacon Ranch £4.09
    Turkey Breast And Bacon Melt £3.99
    Tuna £3.89


    Ham £1.99
    Tuna £1.99
    Turkey Breast £1.99
    Roast Beef £1.89
    Chips £0.89


    Drinks Small £1.30
    Drinks Medium £1.60
    Drinks Large £2.40

    You may find out more about Subway UK by going to their website.

    14 Best Subway Sandwiches to Order

    When Subway initially opened its doors, it marked the beginning of a significant shift in the way the fast food sector worked.In the previous decades, the fast food sector had only supplied burgers and fried chicken, but Subway was the first company to offer something a little different.Sandwiches.As a reminder, Subway did not invent the sandwich, and they are not the first firm to provide sandwiches in a fast-food setting.However, they took this concept and made it more accessible to the general public.They were the first customized sandwich company to expand over the world, and they have continued to expand for more than 50 years.

    Despite the fact that Subway allows you to build your own sandwich from scratch, they also provide several traditional combinations that are popular among many customers.Although you may still customize the bread, salad, and sauces for these sandwiches, the majority of the contents have already been planned for you.So, what is the finest traditional Subway sandwich combination?Let’s get started by ranking them from worst to greatest in this guide.

    Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham

    Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution, and for this reason, we will always proclaim this to be the greatest substitute!Some people find this sub to be tedious, but we enjoy it since it is so simple to adjust to our liking.Both turkey and ham provide the ideal tastes for customizing your sub, allowing you to use any salad and sauce you desire and still have an exceptional tasting sandwich every time.This is one of the most nutritious meals available, as well as one of the more affordable options.In other words, whether you are on a diet, on a tight budget, or simply want something classic, this is the sub for you.

    Steak & Cheese

    In the same manner that you like a Philly cheesesteak, you will almost certainly enjoy the steak and cheese sandwich from Subway.Despite the fact that this sub is somewhat different from a traditional Philly cheesesteak, it retains all of the same characteristics, which is why it tastes so good.You will be surprised at how clean it is to eat, and you will not have to worry about the components dropping out of your sub as you are devouring it.There is a common misconception that Subway subs are nutritionally sound; however, this is not always the case.The steak and cheese sub is one of the unhealthiest options on the menu, but it is absolutely worth it if you are in the mood for something special.

    Meatball Marinara 

    Since it originally appeared on the Subway menu, the Meatball Marinara has consistently been a crowd pleaser.It is the sub that brings in consumers from all over the world, and it is easy to understand why.When you first try a Meatball Marinara, you’ll undoubtedly wonder why no one has ever thought to put meatballs in a sandwich before, since it’s completely nuts.Adding sauces and salad to it is a pain, and eating it is a messy business as well as a pain.However, if you have a taste of that silky, delectable sauce, all of these hassles are completely worth it.

    Subway Club

    In the world of real Club sandwich enthusiasts, the Subway Club is a contentious proposition.This is due to the fact that a club sandwich nearly usually includes bacon.A Subway Club sandwich, on the other hand, does not.Instead of bacon, black forest ham is utilized in this recipe, which makes it a much healthier alternative overall.If you don’t care for black forest ham, you can easily request that it be swapped out for bacon to turn your Subway Club into a traditional club at your convenience.

    Italian B.M.T

    If you want your sub served cold, you must try the Italian B.M.T.(Bread and Butter Sub).This alternative is fresh and delicious, and it is also healthy to consume.All of the ingredients in this sub are thinly sliced, which means that there is plenty of room for you to pile on any salad and sauce you like.Also, this sub filling goes well with a variety of other breads and rolls.With the addition of salami, black forest ham, and pepperoni, there isn’t a single item in this sandwich that doesn’t taste fantastic.

    As a result, it is ideal for personalizing and making it your own!

    Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

    • As previously said, Subway isn’t always the healthiest option, and the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is a prime example.
    • However, despite the fact that this is the unhealthiest option on the whole Subway menu, it is also one of the most delicious, which is why it has been placed so highly on this list.
    • The fact that every single component in this sub compliments every other ingredient is one of the reasons why it is such a popular option.
    • It is possible to personalize it if you so like, but we prefer to order our chicken & bacon ranch melt according to the recipe.

    Roast Beef

    • If you’re stopping by Subway for a quick lunch, you might be searching for something straightforward and filling.
    • Choosing roast beef is the best option.
    • It fits nicely with the fresh breads that Subway has to offer, and the flavor of roast beef is completely timeless.
    • Basically, you may put anything you want in this sub, and it will always be clean and simple to consume.

    While it is not the most convenient option for those who are eating on the move, it will more than suffice to keep you going until the end of the day.

    Veggie Delite

    • If you are a meat eater, there is a good probability that you will never contemplate this vegetarian delicacy.
    • For vegetarians, though, this is pretty much the only choice available to them.
    • There is no disputing that this sub might be monotonous, but it can be made as fascinating as you want it to be by your efforts.
    • When it comes to the salad alternatives, you have complete freedom, and you can dress it up with whatever sauces you want to make it more flavorful.

    If you are a vegetarian, this is the ideal option because it is the least interesting of the options.

    Spicy Italian

    • If you want a sandwich with a lot of flavor, the Spicy Italian is the only sandwich you should order from here.
    • To guarantee that this sub is filled with taste, it is stuffed with a variety of meats (including pepperoni and salami) and a generous amount of cheese.
    • Although you may assume this sub to just be wonderful in its most basic form, it really becomes much better when you customize it with your favorite vegetables and sauces.
    • As a result, if you enjoy spicy foods, you should absolutely give it a try.

    Turkey Breast

    • Alternatively, if you prefer something more straightforward, the turkey breast sub is a good choice.
    • The simplicity of this sub has a certain elegance about it, which makes it particularly well suited for customization.
    • Turkey breast is a full and healthful dish that also happens to be rather tasty.
    • However, the flavor isn’t overpowering, which is why you may use any sauce and salad you like to go with it.

    Black Forest Ham

    • ″Black Forest Ham″ is the filler of choice for meat lovers who wish to consume less meat while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
    • However, Black Forest Ham comes in a close second to the vegetarian subs as far as nutritional value is concerned.
    • Due to the fact that this ham is sliced, it is extremely clean to consume, and it has the right flavor to pair with whatever sauce or veggies you like.
    • For those who want to indulge but don’t want to deviate from their healthy eating habits, this is the alternative for you.

    Buffalo Chicken 

    • The Buffalo Chicken sandwich is the next item on the menu.
    • The chicken in this sub packs a serious punch, and the addition of Frank’s Redhot hot sauce on top just adds to the intensity of the flavor.
    • You may make whatever salad you like, but we recommend tomato, cucumber, and lettuce for the most flavorful results.
    • Due to the fact that this sub is really excellent, it is simple to understand why it has rapidly become a strong favorite at Subway.

    Sweet Onion Teriyaki 

    • The Onion with a Sweet Taste There are a variety of reasons why Teriyaki is a popular choice at Subway.
    • In this sub, the chicken is sticky and sweet, and it is easy to mix it with veggies of your choosing to make it a healthy option.
    • However, there is one significant problem to this sub, and that is the fact that it is a complete mess.
    • This sub, which is topped with Teriyaki sauce and sticky chicken, is wonderful, but it isn’t the ideal decision if you have a meeting following lunch.

    Cold Cut Combo 

    • Last but not least, we have the iconic ‘Cold Cut Combo sub.’ If you want your subs toasted, this isn’t the option for you; nonetheless, this alternative will transport you back to an actual Italian deli in no time.
    • There is bologna in this choice, which has a strong flavor that isn’t for everyone.
    • Additionally, the mix of components makes this option a bit messy.
    • Despite the fact that it is not the most thrilling of subs, it is a safe choice, and for this reason, we had to include it on this list.

    Best Subway Sandwiches

    1. Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham
    2. Steak & Cheese
    3. Meatball Marinara
    4. Subway Club
    5. Italian B.M.T
    6. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt
    7. Roast Beef
    8. Veggie Delite
    9. Spicy Italian
    10. Turkey Breast
    11. Black Forest Ham
    12. Buffalo Chicken
    13. Sweet Onion Teriyaki
    14. Cold Cut Combo
    15. Turkey Breast
    16. Black Forest Ham
    17. Buffalo Chicken
    18. Sweet Onion Teriyaki
    19. Cold Cut Combo
    20. Turkey Breast
    21. Black Forest Ham
    22. Buffalo Chicken
    23. Sweet Oni

    Final Thoughts

    • So, are you ready to place an order for one of these sandwiches from Subway right this minute?
    • This list, I hope, made it easier for you to decide on which one to purchase.
    • Keep in mind that any of these sandwiches can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
    • Replace the cheese with something else or add some other toppings to create your own unique sandwich.

    Do you have a favorite Subway sandwich that you enjoy eating?What you regularly order would be great to know, so please share in the comments section below!It is possible that this website contains affiliate links.In the event that you follow the link and make a purchase, we will get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    The Truth About Subway’s Meatball Marinara Sandwich

    • Photograph by Matt Cardy/Getty Images A meatball sub is a simple, yet delightful, dish to put together.
    • For example, consider the doughy bread, the protein-dense domes of seasoned beef, and the generous coating of acidic tomato sauce that has been poured all over the finished product.
    • A sprinkling of cheese is all that is required to bring everything together.
    • It is so simple, in fact, that just a few weeks into a coronavirus-induced shutdown in May 2020, Subway decided to offer any interested fan the option to become a Sandwich Artist in his or her own home by sharing their recipe with the public (via Bustle).

    It turns out that the meatball combination specified in the recipe is rather conventional for a meatball.It’s made composed of ground beef, ground pork, bread crumbs, and spices to give it a little kick of flavor.As with the pasta, the marinara sauce is straightforward, with only a few ingredients such as onion, salt, and tomato puree, as well as half a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the dish.Even better, the fast food giant collaborated with Tastemade UK to create a film that guides even the most inexperienced home cooks through the process.

    Getting into the plant-based protein game

    • Getty Images/Bloomberg News Many people have praised this specific sandwich as wonderful, however it may not be the ideal choice for those who are watching their weight.
    • According to Subway, a footlong Subway Meatball Marinara sandwich with no other toppings other than a sprinkle of Parmesan has 840 calories when served with no further toppings.
    • Those on a tight budget, on the other hand, will appreciate it.
    • Among the few non-breakfast products on the Under $5 Menu at Canadian locations, it’s one of the most popular (via Subway).

    Conversely, vegetarian consumers have gained an additional choice at Subway in recent years, as the fast food company expanded its plant-based protein offerings through a partnership with industry leader Beyond Meat.In 2019, the cooperation culminated in the creation of the Beyond Meatball Marinara sandwich, which is a plant-based replacement to the standard Meatball Marinara sandwich.Despite being vegetarian, the sandwich manages to pack in 24 grams of protein into a 6-inch serving (via Beyond Meat).This collaboration may prove to be a wise business decision for the sandwich brand.

    Based on research conducted by Allied Business Research, Beyond Meat is one of the most successful companies in the vegan meat market, which they predict will grow to $7.5 billion in less than five years.

    News: Subway – New ″Flatizzas″ Flatbread Pizzas

    • Subway has introduced new Flatizzas as a result of complaints that the term ″flatbread pizza″ was too lengthy.
    • The new menu item consists of a square of flatbread (i.e., a flatbread that is approximately six inches in diameter) that is topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and one of four topping combinations.
    • There are four types of pizza available: cheese, pepperoni, spicy Italian, and veggie.
    • Pizzas such as the Cheese and Pepperoni are self-explanatory (they’re exactly what they sound like), while the Spicy Italian has pepperoni and Genoa salami, and the Vegetable is covered with tomato sauce, green peppers, olives, and onions, among other ingredients.

    In my neighborhood, a single Flatizza costs $3.00 to $3.50, and a pair of Flatizzas costs $5.00.The Nutritional Values for Subway Cheese Flatbread (157g) 390 calories are contained inside this recipe (from Fat – 140) 16 g of fat (Saturated Fat – 8g) Sodium is 810 milligrams.Carbohydrates: 42 g (Sugar – 3g) 21 g of protein Nutritional Information for the Subway Pepperoni Flatbread (181g) 500 calories is the calorie count for this dish (from Fat – 230) 26 g of fat (Saturated Fat – 12g) Sodium is 1340 milligrams.Carbohydrates: 43 g (Sugar – 4g) 26 g of protein Nutritional Information for Subway Spicy Italian Flatbread (Subway) (181g) 490 calories are contained inside this recipe (from Fat – 220) 25 g of fat (Saturated Fat – 11g) Sodium is 1290 milligrams.

    Carbohydrates: 43 g (Sugar – 4g) 25 g of protein Subway Veggie Flatizza Nutrition Facts and Figures (191g) 410 calories are contained inside this recipe (from Fat – 150) Fat – 17g (of which 8g are saturated fat)Sodium – 850mg Carbohydrates: 44 g (Sugar – 4g) 21 g of protein

    Cheese Pizza

    Hand-Tossed Medium $8.49
    Hand-Tossed Large $10.49
    Pan Pizza Personal $4.29
    Pan Pizza Medium $8.49
    Pan Pizza Large $10.49
    Thin N Crispy Medium $8.49
    Thin N Crispy Large $10.49
    Stuffed Crust Large $12.49
    Skinny Slice Large $10.49

    Classic Recipe Pizzas

    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Pepperoni Lover’s® Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Meat Lover’s® Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Veggie Lover’s® Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    Supreme Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Supreme Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Supreme Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Supreme Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Supreme Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Supreme Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Supreme Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Supreme Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    Supreme Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    BBQ Lover’s™ (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $13.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $16.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $5.29
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $13.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $16.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $13.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $16.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $18.49
    Chicken Supreme Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $16.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Stuffed Crust) Large $17.49
    New Primo Meat Pizza (Skinny Slice) Large $15.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Hand-Tossed) Medium $12.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Hand-Tossed) Large $15.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Pan Pizza) Personal $4.79
    Hawaiian Luau (Pan Pizza) Medium $12.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Pan Pizza) Large $15.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Thin N Crispy) Medium $12.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Thin N Crispy) Large $15.49
    Hawaiian Luau (Stuffed Crust) Large

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