How To Clean Bertello Pizza Stone?

Wet the surface with a small stream of hot water. Use as little water as you can because you will need to completely dry the pizza stone before using it again or storing it. Use a stone brush to scrub the pizza stone thoroughly. Wipe away any food particles with a damp rag. Allow the pizza stone to air dry or use a clean towel to dry the stone.

How do you get the black off a pizza stone?

Put a small amount of water on the stone — just enough to get it slightly wet. To get off big chunks of baked food, scrape them off with a blunt knife or metal spatula. Take the stainless steel brush, steel wool, or specialized pizza stone brush and carefully remove any stains or remaining food particles.

Why can’t you wash a pizza stone?

A pizza stone is a great tool — you just have to be a little careful with how you clean it. Because the stone is porous, it will absorb any soap or cleanser you put on it, so never clean it with anything you wouldn’t be comfortable eating.

Do you need to clean OONI pizza stone?

If you’re using gas in your ooni, you may find that you don’t need to clean it much at all. There shouldn’t be any soot build up so the main thing that you will need to keep clean is the pizza stone.

Can I use Bar Keepers Friend on pizza stone?

The first thing to do is immerse the stainless steel pizza stone in warm water. Next, mix Bar Keepers Friend with water to form a paste. Apply the paste using a soft cloth, rubbing in a circular motion, working from the center outward.

Can you dishwash a pizza stone?

Don’t soak the pizza stone in water or use soap or detergent while cleaning. Don’t place a hot pizza stone under cool or cold water. The pizza stone is not dishwasher safe.

Should I oil my pizza stone?

Unlike cast iron cookware, a pizza stone does not need to be seasoned before you use it. On the contrary, you never want to put oil onto your pizza stone because the pores in the stone will absorb the fat, and it won’t work as well.

What happens if you wash a pizza stone with soap?

Never wash your pizza stone with soap. The pores will absorb it, and you’ll be able to taste it when you make your next pizza.

How do you clean a Bertello pizza oven?

Remove all food from the bottom part of your oven by removing the racks. Then wash everything thoroughly using hot water and soap. After washing use an abrasive sponge, then rinse again.

Can you use a wire brush to clean a pizza stone?

You can buy special pizza brushes designed specifically for cleaning pizza stones. These brushes are made from stiff wire that is perfect for scraping blackened debris from the stone.

How to clean a Margherita pizza stone?

Stiff-bristled brush: Think a pan brush, produce brush or even a toothbrush. Use this to work in the baking soda solution. There are also scrubbing brushes especially for pizza stones. Your margherita pie was a major success. Now it’s time to prep the stone for your next pizza night.

Why do pizza stones cook so well?

One reason pizza stones cook so well is that they absorb moisture from the crust, leaving crisp deliciousness behind. Be careful to only use water on the stone during cleaning. Dish soap or other liquids can absorb into the stone and then seep into the pizza the next time the stone gets used. Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven – Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Gas Pizza Oven For Authentic Stone Baked Pizzas – Great Addition For Any Outdoor Kitchen: Patio, Lawn & Garden

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Top reviews from the United States

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On November 17, 2020, the United States will conduct a review.I really like the Ooni Koda 16.I purchased it directly from the manufacturer, which was $499 at the time (with free shipping).In this case, you have folks who have purchased the Ooni Koda 16 directly from the manufacturer and are reselling it for $200 more than they paid for it originally.

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We purchased a beautiful property on a rainforest mountain in the southern region of the country.(If you’re familiar with the region, we’re around 2000 feet above sea level and overlooking Ojochal.) I, on the other hand, was bringing pizza.There was no wood oven available since there was nothing to burn in the bush.I’ve been making pizza in a Viking (avoid: do not purchase) for many years, and I’ve looked into propane ovens as an alternative.Of course, the Ooni Koda 16 produced outstanding results.

My purchase was made on the website, and it was mailed to my previous US address, after which I spent a thousand dollars to have it shipped to Costa Rica.The imposto (import tax) was around $200.It was necessary to switch regulators (of course), but it only took five minutes.It was that first taste of PERFECT pizza, accompanied by a Red Stripe and a sunset that made it all worth it.

If you are familiar with pizza basics (either yeast or poolish), know your flours, understand the pizza assembly procedure, and understand the quirky ″turning the pizza every 45 seconds″ thing, the Koda will make you the best pizza you’ve had since the old Famous Ray’s on 6th Ave.opened in the early 1900s.While I’m quite sure I have the only Ooni Koda 16 in the country, if you’re in the United States, you should pick one up!On January 14, 2022, a review will be conducted in the United States.Purchase that has been verified The temperature of the oven has never exceeded 300 degrees.

  1. The experience of contacting customer service was quite unsatisfactory.
  2. Only the FAQ troubleshooting and eventually an email chain were available as means of communication.
  3. Email answers were days apart, and after more than ten days of attempting to fix the non-working pizza oven, we’ve decided to return it.
  4. A customer support phone number should be provided by this firm for troubleshooting purposes.
  5. On July 27, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.
  • Purchase that has been verified I’m new to brick oven pizza, and I’ve been informed that you need really high temperatures, such as 700 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • So I cranked the Ooni 16 Koda up to the highest setting and let it heat up for the recommended 20 minutes.
  • That was hot enough to cause wheat to ignite!
  • It was a good time at the party.
  • I turned the heat down and pulled out the infrared thermometer.
  • The next pizza was delivered at about 700 and was really delicious.
  • The use of a 12 inch pizza peel in a 16-inch oven made it simple to rotate the pizza once it was baked.
  • Every 15 seconds or so, I turned my body 90 degrees.
  • On April 22, 2020, a review was published in the United States of America.

What a fantastic piece of equipment.intelligent, straightforward, and effective In little time at all, you can make your own Neapolitan Pizza at home.Purchase the Koda 16 and not the original Koda, which is a bit too small.On May 15, 2020, a review was published in the United States of America.

Who needs to go to a pizzeria ever again, do you think?Lovely!Simply said, this is an excellent oven to have for any pizza enthusiast!5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Mamma Mia!Here We Go Again The document will be reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2020.

  • Who needs to go to a pizzeria ever again, do you think?
  • Lovely!
  • Simply said, this is an excellent oven to have for any pizza enthusiast!
  • On May 8, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.
  • Purchase that has been verified It does not come with a protective cover to keep it safe!
  • What’s the deal with that?!

Furthermore, a cover for a 16″ ooni Kuda is tough to come by!It’s fantastic how well it works!This pizza oven is fantastic!

  1. On March 3, 2022, a review was published in the United States, and the purchase was verified.
  2. Our outdoor kitchen has benefited greatly from the installation of this pizza oven.
  3. Preparation for the first pizza was relatively simple, as was the setup and burn in.
  4. It takes a little practice to bake a decent pizza without scorching the bottom.
  • The most important thing is to obtain the proper temperature and to rotate often.
  • I purchased a Ketter table to place it on and to keep the tank on.
  • It was necessary to make a minor alteration, as seen in the photos, in order for the pizza oven to be stable on top.
  • Everything was delivered in a timely manner with no problems.
  • I have no reservations about recommending this product.
  • 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product A fantastic addition to your outdoor kitchen.
  • On March 3, 2022, a review will be conducted in the United States.
  • Our outdoor kitchen has benefited greatly from the installation of this pizza oven.
  • Preparation for the first pizza was relatively simple, as was the setup and burn in.

It takes a little practice to bake a decent pizza without scorching the bottom.The most important thing is to obtain the proper temperature and to rotate often.I purchased a Ketter table to place it on and to keep the tank on.It was necessary to make a minor alteration, as seen in the photos, in order for the pizza oven to be stable on top.Everything was delivered in a timely manner with no problems.

I have no reservations about recommending this product.

Top reviews from other countries

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Formidabile!On November 14, 2021, a reviewer in Italy commented on the purchase.Everything was perfect.Amazon is always the number one choice for shipping and baking needs.

Ooni coda 16 is a formidable opponent.assemble the pizzas in the same manner as you would in the best pizzerias.5.0 out of 5 stars despite the fact that it is a little ingombrante, it faithfully reproduces the flavors and aromas of authentic napoletan pizza.On March 10, 2022, a review was conducted in Italy.Purchase that has been verified The product is indisputable.

If I had the opportunity to change my mind the next time I hear that the vettore is GLS, I would rather not forward with the purchase.5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Exceptional purchase On February 27, 2022, a review will be conducted in Mexico.Purchase that has been verified Exceptionally tasty ham.It is simple to use.Simply remove the contents from the container, connect the gas line, and you’re done.

Excellent finishes, as well as a large selection of accessories.When it comes time to meter the pizza, take your time and be careful; it cooks in 1:30 minutes and is ready to serve.Learn how to regulate your body’s temperature so that it doesn’t get too hot.The meat has turned out delicious…

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Ooni KoDa is 16 years old.On March 11, 2022, a review was published in France, confirming the purchase.The best gas pizza oven on the market, both in terms of performance and cost.In order to cook a pizza in 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds, it is necessary to prepare the fire and make braises in a wood-fired oven.Please do not use my wood-fired oven for this purpose; I have saved it for the barbecue.

  1. As an example, with the Koda 16, one sets the alarm 30 minutes before, then prepares the pizzas, and when one returns, it is comfortably warm.
  2. If the stone (sole) ever becomes damaged as a result of a little accident, the stone (sole) can be repaired by heating the stone on a hot plate until the dark stains turn white and the stone returns to its original jaunâtre color.
  3. I would strongly recommend this four-poster bed, which is both highly functional and beautifully designed, with high-quality materials.
  4. Close your eyes for a moment!
  5. 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Ooni KoDa is 16 years old.
  • On March 11, 2022, a review will be conducted in France.
  • The best gas pizza oven on the market, both in terms of performance and cost.
  • In order to cook a pizza in 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds, it is necessary to prepare the fire and make braises in a wood-fired oven.
  • Please do not use my wood-fired oven for this purpose; I have saved it for the barbecue.
  • As an example, with the Koda 16, one sets the alarm 30 minutes before, then prepares the pizzas, and when one returns, it is comfortably warm.
  • If the stone (sole) ever becomes damaged as a result of a little accident, the stone (sole) can be repaired by heating the stone on a hot plate until the dark stains turn white and the stone returns to its original jaunâtre color.
  • I would strongly recommend this four-poster bed, which is both highly functional and beautifully designed, with high-quality materials.
  • Close your eyes for a moment!
  • The photographs in this review 5.0 stars out of 5 for this product Pizza in 60 seconds or less On March 4, 2022, a review was conducted in Italy.

Purchase that has been verified This is an excellent product.Starting with the package, the forno is shipped out in perfect condition, as is the stone that will be placed inside of it.It is simple to use and comfortable.Keeps his promise to cook the pizzain in 60 seconds, as promised.

Not much to say about the baked pizza in the oven with the toppings.Excellent value for money in terms of both quality and price.

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How to Clean a Burnt Black Pizza Stone

If you’ve ever attempted to make a pizza from your favorite pizzeria at home and ended up with a crust that wasn’t particularly appetizing, you’re not alone.When pizzas are baked in a brick or wood-fired oven at a high temperature, the dough becomes crispy while the toppings remain crisp.It’s difficult to accomplish this with the traditional ovens that are present in most houses.A pizza stone is one of the most effective tools for creating the ideal pizza crust at home.

Fortunately, a versatile pizza stone can be used to cook a variety of foods, allowing you to use the same piece of kitchen cookware for a variety of different dishes.Examine the advantages of having a pizza stone, as well as how, with appropriate maintenance and cleaning, it may survive for many years.

How to clean pizza stone stains

Because the surface of the pizza stone and other stoneware is porous, it is important to understand how to properly clean stoneware.Almost any thing that you use on stoneware, such as soap, cleaning agents, or even oil, has the potential to transfer taste or odors to the stone.Aside from dish soap or cleaning chemicals, one of the last things you want to taste on your perfectly crisp pizza is them.In addition, you don’t want to waste time soaking the stone in water to try to remove burnt food from it.

If there is any water trapped in the stone, the crust may get mushy as a result.Following these simple procedures will ensure that your pizza stone is clean and ready to be used for the next meal you want to prepare on it.To remove food pieces and stains from your pizza stone, simply follow these simple instructions.

When it comes time to clean your pizza stone, have these tools handy:

  • Blunt knife, metal spatula, stainless steel brush, steel wool, pizza stone brush, and a pizza stone

Steps to Cleaning Your Stoneware

  1. Water should be applied on the stone in a little amount, just enough to make it slightly moist.
  2. Scrape large bits of baked food off using a blunt knife or a metal spatula to remove them from the pan. Make use of the stainless steel brush, steel wool, or specialty pizza stone brush to clean any stains or residual food particles from the surface of the pizza stone.
  3. Remove the stone by wiping it with a moist towel
  4. Allowing the stone to air dry entirely before placing it in a hot oven is highly recommended.

Storing Your Pizza Stone

Storage in a well-ventilated room away from the elements will keep your stoneware from being cracked, shattered, or waterlogged. Cookware lids, for example, might be stored on a rack within your oven or in a dedicated rack designed specifically for this purpose.

What is a pizza stone?

Pizza stones, also known as baking stones, are normally constructed of stone, clay, ceramic, or steel, and are available in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate different cooking methods.Moreover, because the material used to make pizza stones contains microscopic fissures and crevices on its surface, steam escapes fast, allowing the crust to remain dry and crisp while baking.It operates in the same way as a brick pizza oven does: by using a hot pizza stone that has been warmed in a hot oven, intense heat can be transferred to the crust very immediately.When the high-heat transfer is made, the pizza crust begins to cook almost immediately, producing a crisp and well browned crust.

How do I cook pizza on a pizza stone?

Following your success in creating the perfect pizza dough, you’ll want to cook it so that the crust is crisp and golden, the cheese is melted and bubbly, and the veggies and other toppings are tender and cooked through.This may be accomplished by preheating your oven to around 500 degrees.While it’s heating up, roll out your pizza dough and cover it with sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings.Sprinkle a little quantity of cornmeal on the surface of the bakeware just before you place the prepared pizza on the preheated stone to help prevent the crust from adhering to the stone during the baking process.

Lift the uncooked pizza off the surface on which it was prepared and set it carefully on the hot stone, using a pizza peel.Back into the preheated oven, slide the pizza that has been placed on the stoneware and cook for approximately 10-12 minutes.You can even cook a frozen pizza on the pizza stone if you have one.

Can I cook other foods besides pizza on stoneware?

Pizza stones, also known as baking stones, are used for more than just preparing a crispy-crust pizza. You may use the stone to prepare a variety of items that are normally cooked over a fire, in a hot pan, or in an oven that require a high level of heat to prepare.

Seared Meat

If you want to sear a piece of steak or meat, a pizza stone is the perfect tool for the job. The first step is to coat both sides of the meat with oil and spices. Placing the stone in a hot oven and, after the bakeware is hot, placing the steak on it and allowing it to sizzle for around 5 minutes is recommended. Cook for another 4-5 minutes on the other side after flipping the steak.

English Muffins

When you bake muffins on a pizza stone, you will get a wonderful crisp bake that will last longer. Preheat the oven to around 450 degrees and set one side of the English muffin on the baking stone for approximately 4 minutes, turning halfway through. Then turn the muffin over and bake for another 4 minutes, or until the muffin is a crisp golden-brown color on the bottom.

Roast Vegetables

Roasting veggies brings out their inherent sweetness, which makes them taste even better. Roasted veggies on glass baking trays frequently grow mushy as a result of the excess moisture. The caramelization that occurs as a result of roasting them over a hot pizza stone produces a deliciously sweet flavor and the right texture.


Because crackers are intended to be crisp, baking them on a pizza stone is the best method of achieving this result. Bake crisp crackers by preparing your favorite cracker recipe and placing it on a hot baking stone instead of baking it on a cookie sheet as you would normally do.


Some cookies, such as chocolate chip cookies, should be soft and moist, but others, such as gingersnaps, should be lovely and crisp to the bite.When you bake cookies on a pizza stone, getting them to be crisp is a piece of cake.You may stop by or contact our friendly staff members at Pequods Pizza if you want to learn more about the numerous varieties of pizza stones that are available, the different sorts of meals that can be cooked on them, or pizza-making methods.One is located at 2207 N.

Clybourn Avenue in Chicago, while the other is located in Morton Grove, Illinois at 8520 Fernald Avenue in Morton Grove.

How To Clean a Pizza Stone

  • If you’re a fan of artisanal pizza, you’ve probably already made the investment in a pizza stone. In addition to heating uniformly to produce the precise baking temperature for pizza dough, these specialty cooking equipment include a porous surface that absorbs moisture from the dough while baking, allowing you to get a crispier crust than you would achieve with a regular baking sheet. Pizza stone is an excellent tool
  • nevertheless, it must be cleaned with care to avoid damage to the stone itself. Because the stone is porous, whatever soap or cleaner you use on it will be absorbed, so never use anything on it that you wouldn’t feel comfortable eating after cleaning it with. Always make sure the stone is completely cold before cleaning it, as abrupt temperature swings can shock the stone and cause it to shatter. Furthermore, if you soak it in water, it will hold the moisture for an extended period of time. Following are some guidelines on how to clean a pizza stone without risking damage to it or your future pizza creations. Plasti-dip spatula (or other stiff-bristle plastic brush)
  • soft cloth
  • baking soda
  • water
  • stone brush (or toothbrush)
  1. Allowing time for cooling: Allowing time for your pizza stone to cool completely before cleaning it is essential. Once again, if it comes into touch with cold water while it is still hot, it may fracture or break.
  2. Scrape lightly: Using the spatula, loosen any melted cheese or stuck-on particles that have formed on the pan. Avoid using a metal spatula or knife on the pizza stone, since they might harm the surface.
  3. Remove any leftover residue from the stone by wiping it with a soft cloth.
  4. Make a paste by combining the following ingredients: If there are any crusty parts left, try spot-treating them as follows: 1 tablespoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon water, or just enough water to produce a paste
  5. It may be used as a scrub: Apply a tiny amount of the paste to the affected area and gently scrub it in a circular motion with your brush.
  6. Wipe the stone down once more: Remove any debris from the area using a moist cloth.
  7. Cook obstinate pieces off the pizza: If there are still chunky chunks on the pizza that you are unable to remove, place the pizza stone in the oven and increase the heat to 500°F. Cook for around an hour on the stone to get rid of any recalcitrant portions after it has reached that temperature.
  8. Allowing your stone to dry completely (for at least 1 to 2 hours) before using it again is recommended.

Accept the fact that your pizza stone will discolor over time and that certain stains will remain no matter how many times you follow the methods outlined above. However, you should be aware that those stains will not influence the taste of your meal (in fact, some people believe it may even enhance the flavor!).

Ayn-Monique Klahre is a contributor to this article. Ayn-Monique is a lifestyle editor and writer who has contributed to publications such as Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, and FamilyFun, among others. She enjoys drinking lattes, running, and spending time at the playground with her husband and children, among other things.

Do I need to clean my Ooni pizza oven?

That is dependent on the situation, but in a word, sure!When burning solid fuels such as wood pellets, kindling, or charcoal, this is especially important to keep in mind.In the course of time, soot will build up inside the oven’s components such as the hopper and the chimney, limiting its efficiency and decreasing its overall performance.The temperature of your oven may not be as hot, the consistency of the temperature may not be as constant, or the time it takes to reach the desired temperature may be longer than usual (or all three!) This is a dead giveaway that your ooni/uuni pizza oven is in desperate need of cleaning.

The other issue is that soot can collect on the roof of your pizza oven, which can be dangerous.When this occurs, it has the potential to fall into your pizza as it is cooking, giving it a sooty flavor and look.When I went on the ooni website, I couldn’t find any information regarding cleaning out your pizza oven, which I thought was strange.Perhaps this is due to the fact that they do not want anyone dismantling the ovens.However, cleaning your ooni is quite simple (and extremely pleasant), and your pizzas and pizza-making will be significantly improved as a result.

Do I need to clean my gas pizza oven?

Using gas in your ooni may result in you not having to clean it nearly as often as you would otherwise. Soot should not accumulate, and the only item you will need to clean is the pizza stone, which should be kept clean at all times.

How do I clean my OONI pizza oven?

  • In order for me to thoroughly clean my ooni pizza oven, I like to remove all of the car washing supplies from the oven. When I remove the oven, I clean everything off with a brush or sponge and soapy water before fully rinsing everything out. What you’ll need to clean your pizza oven is a simple list. Water from a garden hose (a spray cannon is optional)
  • A bucket of soapy water (plus additional soap)
  • a brush (such as an automobile wheel brush)
  • and a kitchen sponge
  • Gloves made of rubber (optional, but you will get dirty!)
  • An old table (optional, although it helps to save the old table! )
  • There must be a place to clean it (bad water will inevitably get everywhere!).

All of them are simply the resources that I happened to have on hand.Simply use anything you have on hand, but keep in mind that they will become soot-covered!I find the brush to be really useful since it readily washes out thick soot while also providing you with some additional reach.If you don’t have a sponge, you may make due with a piece of paper instead.

The hose is also quite important since it allows you to build up some pressure, which allows you to thoroughly rinse everything after cleaning.However, you could simply use a towel to wipe everything down instead of soaking it (although this will be a bit tricky).

The best brush for cleaning your Ooni

We’ve discovered that a vehicle alloy cleaning brush, such as this one from Amazon, is the most effective sort to use.When using this sort of brush, it’s important to note that the bristles extend all the way around the brush.This lets you to clean many oven surfaces at the same time.Cleaning the chimney is also made significantly easier as a result of this.

Cleaning an Ooni pizza oven using a brush that has bristles on just one side is a little more difficult when using a brush with bristles on only one side.

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How do you clean an OONI 3?

Getting the ooni 3’s shield clean is critical because it serves as a flame guide for the flames as they go through it.An early version of the Ooni 3 (it was known as the uuni back then!) is housed in the pizza oven I currently own.Fortunately, I have the ability to remove this component in order to thoroughly clean it (see picture below).On later versions, I believe this portion is secured by a bolt.

If you are unable to remove it, make sure that you get your arm into the oven and scrub it clean with a brush or sponge before proceeding.Because it is effectively the roof of the pizza oven, soot accumulates on this portion of the pizza oven.It is possible that soot will fall into your pizza if it is not maintained clean, resulting in an extremely smokey and nutty flavor on your pizza.Also, make sure to remove the hopper from the back of the oven before closing it.Disassemble it and thoroughly clean it by placing all of the components, including the grate, in a bucket of soapy water and scrubbing them.

Don’t forget the chimney!

A significant amount of soot accumulates on the interior of the ooni chimney. I always remove the chimney to give it a nice clean. You may then scrub the inside of it (ideally with a brush) from either end in order to thoroughly clean the entire length after it has been removed.

How do I clean my OONI pro?

To clean your ooni pro, simply repeat the cleaning procedure outlined above.Due to the bigger size of the ooni pro, washing it will be easier than cleaning the ooni 3.This is the only significant difference between the two models.Getting your arm inside and seeing what is clean and what isn’t will most likely be less difficult for you in the future.

Obviously, with the Ooni pro, you will have four pizza stones to clean instead of one, which will save you time.Remove each stone one at a time and clean it well, is my recommendation.Once the stone has been thoroughly cleaned, you may reinstall it and begin working on another.This just makes the operation safer by preventing you from accidentally shattering a stone.

How do you clean an OONI pizza stone?

  • You may clean your ooni pro by following the steps outlined above..
  • Due to the bigger size of the ooni pro, cleaning it will be far less difficult than cleaning the ooni 3.
  • Getting your arm inside and seeing what is clean and what isn’t will most likely be less difficult for you.

You will have four pizza stones to clean instead of one with the Ooni pro, which is a significant difference.Remove and clean each stone one at a time, is what I would propose.It is possible to replace the stone and then begin working on another once it has been cleaned.

  • You will not shatter a stone because of this.
  • It just makes the operation more safer.

Burnt cheese on pizza stone

  • Burnt cheese on a pizza stone is one of the most damaging things you can do to your stone.
  • In fact, it has the potential to shatter your pizza stone, so try to keep this from happening as much as you can when making your pizza.
  • Always make a point of repairing any tears in your pizza before to placing it in the oven.

Unfortunately, if you are unable to repair the tear, you will have to create another pizza.The toppings can be saved, but the dough will have to be thrown away!Believe me when I say that the danger is not worth it.

  • In the beginning, I had a pizza stone shatter on me because I had left a torn pizza in the oven for too long.
  • After melting, the cheese splattered all over the stone, cracking it clean down the centre!
  • No matter how careful you are, placing cheese on a hot stone results in an unpleasantly burned pizza stone that is difficult to clean!

How do you clean a burnt pizza stone?

  • Cleaning a charred pizza stone can be time-consuming.
  • But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world because it can typically be cleaned.
  • And don’t forget about turning the stone over and use the other side!

Once the scorched stone has cooled, you may wipe it with a sponge and soapy water to restore its original appearance.You should be able to clean the pizza stone quite thoroughly if you follow these instructions.However, after the stone has reached the proper temperature, cleaning it is the most effective method of removing the remaining residue.

  • I prefer to scrape any charred parts off the hot stone with the sharp edge of my metal peel, which I keep in my kitchen.
  • A metal spatula or something similar might be used for a metal peel if you do not have one.
  • However, we must be cautious not to press down too hard, since we do not want to shatter the stone.
  • After that, I use a moist towel attached to my peel to wipe the stone as well as I can manage.
  • If there are any stray charred parts left on the stone at this point, you may use the sharp edge of the peel/spatula to scrape them off again and repeat the process once more.
  • Cooking on the other side of the stone may be beneficial if there are still some scorched particles on the surface of the stone after turning it over.
  • With the tremendous heat of the oven, the underside of the oven will naturally clean itself over time.
  • Make sure you don’t overcrowd your pizza with cheese in order to avoid scorching your pizza stone in the future.
  • You run the danger of your pizza tearing or the melted cheese running down the stone if you use an excessive amount of cheese.
  • In any case, an authentic Neapolitan pizza shouldn’t have a lot of cheese.
  • As soon as the cheese begins to flow off the pizza, it will begin to burn on the pizza stone.

Also, do not put a torn pizza in the oven since it will burn.

Do you put anything on a pizza stone?

You should avoid putting anything on your stone (besides from pizza and bread! ). A pizza stone is designed to be baked directly on the surface, with nothing else on top of it.

Should I oil my ooni pizza stone?

  • Don’t use any oil on your ooni pizza stone!
  • It is possible that adding oil to the stone can result in smoke and an unpleasant odor!
  • Even worse, if you use oil to coat your pizza stone before baking, it may break when the stone reaches the proper temperature.

No prior preparation is required for your pizza stone since it will organically season itself over time as it is used to cook your pizza.All that is required of you is to maintain it clean and use it to make pizza!

Can you leave a pizza stone in the oven all the time?

  • I leave my pizza stone in my pizza oven all of the time and have never experienced any issues as a result of doing so.
  • The pizza oven is also kept in the garage, where it gets quite cold on occasion, but it has not caused any damage to the stone.
  • The most important thing to remember is that the stone should be heated and let to cool gradually while the oven warms and cools.

Any rapid variations in temperature can induce expansion and contraction, which might ultimately result in cracking of the material.Consequently, it is normally advisable to keep your stone in the oven until you are ready to bake.You will almost certainly want to remove a pizza stone from a residential oven when you are not using it if you are using a pizza stone in a commercial oven.

  • It is essential that the pizza stone is placed in the oven before the oven is turned on while using it.
  • Make sure to allow the stone to cool completely before taking it from the oven.
  • The other issue with taking the stone from the oven on a regular basis is the issue of storage.
  • You should make certain that the stone is resting on a flat surface and that no things are placed on top of it.


  • Maintaining the cleanliness of your ooni pizza oven is extremely crucial if you are using solid fuels.
  • Removing the soot buildup from your pizza oven can enhance the taste of your pizzas as well as the efficiency and consistency of your pizza oven, all of which will benefit you.
  • Using common home items, it is really simple to complete and takes only around 20 minutes.

Several folks have inquired as to whether or not it is okay to clean your pizza stone with soapy water.Several individuals have stated that it is not true, and Ooni herself does not advocate it.In fact, the only thing I could discover on the Ooni website was this response, which was located in the help area.

  • However, I have never had any problems with the stone when it comes to cleaning it.
  • My stone has never been harmed, and it has never had a soapy flavor to it afterward.
  • As long as you rinse well and properly heat your stone, everything should be OK.
  • So give your pizza oven a thorough cleaning and get ready to make some pizza!

How to Clean a Pizza Stone

  • To understand why a pizza stone may make the difference between a mediocre pizza and a superb pizza, let’s first discuss why this kitchen item is so important.
  • An oven or grill pizza stone is often built of a ceramic composite material that can endure, retain, and disperse high temperatures in a uniform and consistent manner.
  • Using a pizza stone, according to the grilling gurus at Napoleon Grills, has several advantages, one of which is that it helps to wick out moisture from baked items, ensuring that your pizza crust is light and crispy.

This instrument will only perform at its peak if it is properly cared for and maintained, which means learning how to properly clean it is essential.

How to Clean and Care for a Pizza Stone

  • The maintenance of a pizza cooking stone is rather straightforward.
  • After you’ve finished using it, allow it to cool completely before removing it from the grill or oven.
  • When it comes to cleaning a pizza stone quickly, most of the time all you have to do is wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove any food particles or debris that have accumulated throughout the cooking process.

Scrape away any stuck-on particles using a wooden or stiff plastic spatula, or a soft nylon dish scrubby, being careful not to damage the surface.Warm water and a soft towel should be used to clean the pizza stone, and it should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before using it again.It’s critical to store a pizza stone in the proper manner at all times.

  • It is recommended by the staff at Napoleon Grills that you store a pizza stone flat, either in the oven or on the grill, because this enhances heat retention and convection in the cooking environment.
  • Remember to check that the stone is still in place before you start cooking!
  • When using a pizza stone, there is no need to season it with any specific substance because the stone naturally acquires a patina via usage, which becomes increasingly non-stick as time goes on.
  • ″Seasoning″ is the term used to describe this procedure.
  • As Summer Shadforth, marketing manager of Fantastic Cleaners Australia explains, ″It’s natural to detect discolouration on your pizza stone after using it.″ That’s what happens when you bake anything for a long period of time.
  • In order to maintain your pizza stone looking as immaculate as possible, Shadforth recommends just laying parchment paper on top of it before baking your pizza.
  • Always remember to pre-heat your pizza stone in the oven before using it.
  • Using a chilled stone in a hot oven may result in uneven cooking of your food as well as a high likelihood of the stone cracking.
  • A pizza stone’s best cleaning procedure is determined on the type of pizza stone you have and how persistent the stains and dried-on food particles are on the stone.
  • The following are some more tried-and-true methods for cleaning a soiled pizza stone.

How to Clean a Pizza Stone with Baking Soda

  • Cleaning a baking stone for pizza requires a bit more effort than just wiping it off with a paper towel.
  • If you have extra food attached to the stone, Tim Hagedorn, Pampered Chef’s Food and Trend Innovator, suggests scraping it off with a nylon scraper.
  • Hagedorn recommends the following steps for thoroughly cleaning a pizza stone, which you may wish to do on a regular basis if you use it frequently:
  1. Allow for the pizza stone to cool to room temperature before using it again.
  2. Soak stoneware in clear, hot water to release any baked-on items that have formed on the surface.
  3. Remove any remaining food from the pan using a nylon scraper or a kitchen brush
  4. A baking soda paste may be made by combining 1/12 cup baking soda with 3 tablespoons (45 milliliter) water.
  5. Spread the paste over the Stone and let it to sit for 10-15 minutes before using it.
  6. Remove any residual paste from the pizza stone and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Before storing it, be certain that it is totally dry.

Cleaning a Pampered Chef pizza stone with this procedure is suggested, but it will work with any brand!

How to Clean a Pizza Stone with Salt and Water

  • If your pizza stone is constructed of a porous material, it is not advised that you clean it with soap, all-purpose cleansers, or bleach.
  • When a chemical is used, the team at Peel Handcrafted Pizza claims that it will leak into the stone.
  • In order to clean a pizza stone using salt and water (the salt works as a food-safe abrasive, which aids in removing any dirt from the stone), they propose the following steps:
  1. Don’t allow the stone to cool entirely before cleaning it
  2. clean it while it’s still heated
  3. and
  4. Fill a container halfway with warm water and gradually add salt until the salt becomes insoluble (meaning there is salt resting on the bottom of the container
  5. In a container, place the pizza stone and let the water to evaporate for a few minutes.
  6. Brass or metal brushes can be used to clean any salt residue from the pizza stone.

If your pizza stone has really persistent residue and burned fragments, you might try using a heavy-duty pizza stone scrubber from a specialized firm such as Pizzacraft to remove them.

How to Clean a Pizza Stone in the Oven

  • If you have oil stains or black spots on your pizza stone, a thorough cleaning in the oven should take care of the problem.
  • Cooking your stone in the oven for 45 to 60 minutes at the highest temperature possible, according to Chef Luca Manfè, winner of MasterChef Season Four and Donna Italia USA Brand Ambassador, is recommended.
  • ″It will practically restore the stone to its original condition,″ he claims.

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Pizza Stone

  • A stainless steel pizza stone must be cleaned in a different method than a ceramic pizza stone, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using it.
  • Chef Jessica Gavin recommends using Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser and Polish, a liquid dishwashing solution, a non-scratch pot scrubber, and gloves for cleaning stainless steel equipment, according to Jessica Gavin, a licensed culinary scientist.
  • The first step is to submerge the stainless steel pizza stone in warm water for a few minutes.

After that, combine the Bar Keepers Friend and water to produce a paste.Apply the paste with a soft cloth, rubbing it in a circular motion from the center outwards, starting at the center.Allowing the paste to rest on the pizza stone for more than one minute before rinsing it with hot, soapy water and drying it immediately is not recommended.

  • If you want to avoid scratching your stainless steel pizza stone, use nylon scrubbing pads instead of steel wool or steel scouring pads while cleaning it.
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How to Clean a Cast Iron Pizza Stone

  • In case your pizza stone is composed of cast iron, you should clean it in the same manner as you would any other cast iron cookware.
  • Cleansing a cast iron pizza stone and other equipment, according to holistic nutritionist Cassie Johnson, cookbook author, and expert recipe creator, takes only a few minutes and is quite simple.
  • Simply wash your pizza stone with hot water and a non-abrasive dish brush, sponge, or dishcloth to get it back to its original condition.

In order to remove tough stains and sticky residue, Johnson advises the following steps:

  1. While the pizza stone is still hot, place it in the sink to cool.
  2. Using a generous amount of coarse kosher salt, sprinkle the surface of the pizza stone
  3. To clean up any messes, use a dish brush, sponge, or dishcloth.
  4. Thoroughly rinse and dry using a cloth, or return it to the burner over high heat to finish drying.
  5. To clean your pizza stone, use a paper towel to lightly grease the surface with a tiny quantity of your favorite cooking oil before placing it away.

How to Clean a Soapstone Pizza Stone

  • Therefore, it can sustain hot and low temperatures for significantly longer periods of time than other materials.
  • Soapstone is a naturally occurring mineral and an incredibly dense stone with high thermal capabilities.
  • Soapstone is not porous, which means it does not absorb anything, therefore you can clean your soapstone pizza stone with soap and other cleaning agents.

Cleaning your pizza stone with soap and water before using it for the first time is recommended by the makers of the Original Soapstone Pizza Stone.Clean your pizza stone with warm water and a light soap detergent after that, and use a brush or metal scraper to remove any tenacious residue that has accumulated if necessary.Preparing your pizza stone for use by putting a thin layer of vegetable oil to it before usage is another suggestion made by the manufacturer.

  • As a result, the soapstone is more protected, and it’s also simpler to remove your pizza when it’s ready to be consumed.

How to Clean a Branded Pizza Stone

Some pizza stones come with particular cleaning instructions, while others do not. Take, for example, Jamie Oliver’s instructions on how to wash a pizza stone:

  1. After baking, remove the pizza stone from the oven and let it cool for approximately an hour until it reaches room temperature.
  2. Remove any food particles and dirt from the pan using a stone brush or a plastic spatula.
  3. When cleaning your pizza stone, use a wet towel rather than soap, and avoid soaking your pizza stone in water.
  4. Allow your pizza stone to thoroughly dry before using it again.
  • Aside from that, Jamie Oliver recommends avoiding ″seasoning″ your pizza stone with olive oil or any other thing other than water.
  • Other manufacturers provide similar recommendations on how to clean a pizza stone, as well as some extra maintenance suggestions.
  • Bialetti advises against soaking or washing a pizza stone in a dishwasher, according to the company.

When a pizza stone is used regularly, it will naturally darken and some staining may occur, according to Weber.This is a fully normal aspect of the pizza stone’s natural seasoning process and will have no effect on its performance or the flavor of your pizza.The majority of experts and companies advise against using soap to keep a pizza stone clean; nevertheless, certain brands do encourage using soap because their pizza stones are slightly different from one another.

  • To hand-wash their pizza stone grill set, which is meant to be placed directly on the barbeque, Broil King suggests using a mild detergent and drying well after each use.
  • Hand washing the hardwood Broil King pizza peel with a light detergent and warm water is also an option.
  • Natural mineral oil should be used on the pizza peel, according to the manufacturer, in order to increase resistance to moisture.
  • Check your user handbook to see if there are any unique cleaning instructions for the type of pizza stone you have before you start cooking with it.
  • Maintain the condition of your pizza stone, and it will reward you with years of delicious home-cooked pizza!
  • Claire Gillespie was the author of the original version of this essay.

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How to Use a Pizza Stone

  • Once you learn how to properly utilize a pizza stone, you will be able to change your handmade pizzas from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • A pizza stone is the next best thing when you don’t have access to a brick oven in your kitchen, as most of us do.
  • As you’ll see, pizza stones may be used for a variety of purposes.

With your oven and a pizza stone, you can obtain exceptional results in less time, with pizzas that are baked to perfection in less time.A pizza stone, like any other equipment, may be used to get the greatest outcomes if you know how to utilize it properly.By following the advice provided below, you may improve your pizza-making skills with minimum effort and with the right information.

  • We’ve outlined exactly what to do and how simple it is to utilize a pizza stone so that you may enjoy pizzeria-style meals for years to come in the sections below.

Why Use a Pizza Stone?

The primary rationale for utilizing a pizza stone is to produce a higher-quality home-cooked pizza than is possible otherwise. And, in order to understand why a pizza stone may provide a crispier crust while also reducing cooking time, we must first understand how it works.

What Does a Pizza Stone Do?

  • A pizza stone maintains heat and functions as a heat conductor, ensuring that your pizza is baked at a consistent temperature throughout.
  • When it comes to baking pizza, the appropriate temperature may make a significant difference.
  • When you pre-heat your pizza stone, it will provide a burst of heat to your dough when you set your pizza on top of the stone.

This increased heat input right at the start of cooking means that your crust will bubble up – something that cannot be achieved in a pan of any kind.

How to Use a Pizza Stone in the Oven or on the Grill

Using a pizza stone in both the oven and on the grill is a welcome convenience.

In the Oven

Use your pizza stone in the oven in the following manner:

Step 1: Preheat Both Your Stone and the Oven

Place your pizza stone on the bottom rack of a preheated oven that is not yet hot. Preheating the oven without the stone in it is not recommended. Preheat the oven to about 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the oven to thoroughly warm before waiting another 5 minutes: you want the stone to get very hot before continuing.

Step 2: Prepare Your Pizza

The dough, sauce, and toppings should be prepared at the same time the oven is preheating for the best results. The sauce and toppings should be added at the very end to ensure that the dough comes out as crispy as possible.

Step 3: Cook Your Pizza

  • Slide your pizza on top of the heated pizza stone and bake for 15 minutes (take it out of the oven first, but do this step quickly).
  • Place the pizza stone and the pizza in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese is melted.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your pizza because the cooking time will vary depending on how thick the dough is and how many toppings you’ve used.

If you have a thick crust or a lot of toppings on your pizza, it will take a little longer to cook than, say, a thin crust margarita.In order to ensure crispy crust on the bottom of your pizza, check it at the end of the cooking process.

Step 4: Serve Your Pizza

Then, using a cutting board or serving dish, transfer the pizza from the pizza stone to a cutting board or a serving dish. Enjoy!

On the Grill

If your pizza stone can be used on a grill, simply follow these procedures (provided, of course, that your pizza stone can be used on a grill; some can, but not all, so check the manufacturer’s instructions first).

Step 1: Prepare the Pizza Stone

  • Before you turn on the grill, place the pizza stone on top of it.
  • If you want to cook other meals at the same time as your pizza, position your pizza stone to one side of your grill.
  • It is critical to place your pizza stone on a cold grill so that it may heat up gradually at the same time as your grill in order to avoid it from breaking throughout the cooking process.

Close or remove the hood of your grill and check the gauge temperature: when it reaches 400 to 500 degrees F, your grill (as well as your pizza stone) is ready to cook your pizza.

Step 2: Prepare Your Pizza

While your grill is preheating, prepare your pizza foundation by stretching or spreading out the dough. Once the dough is finished and the grill is hot, add the sauce and any additional toppings. In order to avoid the moisture in the sauce soaking through to the dough, it’s ideal to prepare your pizza just before cooking it.

Step 3: Put Your Pizza on the Pizza Stone to Cook

  • To prevent the dough from adhering to your pizza stone, sprinkle some semolina or cornmeal on top of the surface.
  • It’s also possible to use a layer of lightly oiled aluminum foil on your pizza stone; simply place the foil on top of the stone with the oil side facing up and bake as usual.
  • Avoid putting oil directly on your pizza stone since the fat will seep into the pores and affect the performance of your stone’s surface.

Open the grill’s hood or cover, and put your pizza onto the pizza stone to finish cooking.Cover your grill once again and begin cooking your pizza; it should be done in 5 to 8 minutes at the most.If your dough is thick or has a large number of toppings, the baking time will be closer to 8 minutes.

  • Cooking time for thin crust pizzas with little to no additional toppings aside from the cheese is usually less than five minutes.
  • If you want to cook your pizza on the grill with the lid closed, the cooking time will be somewhat longer than without.
  • Because heat will escape via an open grill, you may not get the same outcomes as you would otherwise.

Step 4: Serve Your Pizza

Turn off your grill (if you’re using a gas grill) and carefully remove your pizza off the pizza stone. Transfer your pizza to a cutting board and cut it into slices before serving!

Caring for Your Pizza Stone

If you want your pizza stone to survive as long as possible, you must take good care of it. Because of the porous structure of a pizza stone, it produces excellent cooking results, but it also necessitates the knowledge of some basic maintenance procedures. Following are some guidelines for maintaining your pizza stone.

Don’t Use Soap

When cleaning your pizza stone, avoid using soap. Any substance may be absorbed through the pores in the stone, even soap, and no one wants to eat pizza that tastes like soap!

Never Soak Your Pizza Stone

Never give in to the temptation of soaking your pizza stone. As with soap, the pores will absorb the water, reducing its function and causing you to not get the same cooking outcomes as you would otherwise.

The Best Way to Clean Your Pizza Stone

Here is the best technique to clean your pizza stone so that it continues to function as effectively as new:

  1. Allow the stone to cool completely before beginning any cleaning.
  2. To remove any sticky parts of dough or other food, use a stiff brush (without water) or a plastic scraper to remove them.
  3. To remove any leftover particles from the stone, use a gently moist towel to wash it down
  4. If your pizza stone is particularly rough and dirty, use a medium-grit sandpaper to remove any elevated chunks of stuck-on food that have risen to the surface.

Your pizza stone will likely develop some stains over time, which is completely natural and should not be worried about. As long as you never put soap, water, or any other liquids on your pizza stone, your pizzas will always be tasty and crispy.

How to Use a Pizza Stone FAQs

Can a Pizza Stone Go in the Dishwasher?

A pizza stone should not be washed in the dishwasher. It is not recommended to place your pizza stone in the dishwasher since it will collect water as well as soap and become unusable.

Can a Pizza Stone Go on the Grill?

  • As previously stated, a pizza stone can be used on the grill in the manner indicated above.
  • Pizza stones are suited for use on both gas and charcoal grills, depending on their size.
  • If you’re using a charcoal barbecue, make sure to position the majority of the hot coals adjacent to the stone rather than immediately beneath it.

A pizza stone placed immediately over hot coals will become too hot to use for the most effective outcomes (800 to 900 degrees F).Your goal is for the temperature of the stone to be as close as possible to the temperature of the grill dome (which is usually about 350 degrees F).

Does a Pizza Stone Need to Be Seasoned?

Unlike cast iron cookware, a pizza stone does not require seasoning prior to use. It may be used immediately. On the contrary, you should never put oil on your pizza stone since the pores in the stone will absorb the fat, and the pizza will not turn out as well as it would otherwise.

Other Uses for a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones aren’t just for making pizzas anymore. Here are some inventive ways to make use of your pizza stone in addition to making pizza.

Bake Bread

  • Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a loaf of bread that is crunchy on the exterior and soft on the inside?
  • This is when the use of pizza stones is most beneficial.
  • Some individuals even believe that using pizza stones to bake bread is the finest technique to bake bread and that they should be referred to as bread stones.

You could find yourself never using a loaf pan again after creating a ciabatta or a sourdough bread on your pizza stone.

Roast Vegetables

  • When roasted veggies are cooked on a pizza stone, the taste is enhanced significantly.
  • It is possible to create crispy, roasted vegetables without getting the black particles that sometimes occur when grilling or broiling.
  • In order to roast a chicken and vegetables at the same time (as shown in the video below), start by placing the chicken on the warmed stone first, then adding the vegetables halfway through the cooking period.

Who needs one-pot dinners when you can have meals prepared in one stone?

Roast a Chicken

Roast chicken on a pizza stone is delicious: simply prepare your pizza

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