How Much Does Blaze Pizza Cost?

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices

Build Your Own Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza $8.45

Are Blaze Pizza prices updated for 2021?

The Blaze Pizza menu prices are updated for 2021. Please be aware, that Blaze Pizza prices and availability of menu items can vary from location to location. About Blaze Pizza. Blaze Pizza LLC is a Pasadena, California-based restaurant chain. It was founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel (of Wetzel’s Pretzels).

What is Blaze Pizza’s menu?

Blaze Pizza’s menu comprises of pizzas, salads, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, pies, and lemonades, and other stuff. But the thing that made Blaze Pizza a huge success is their wide variety of pizzas, including their create-your-own pizza option.

How to become a Blaze Pizza franchise partner?

As of today, Blaze Pizza is still looking for partners. This is the criteria that you must need to qualify: Before you are given a chance to franchise their business, you must have a commitment to spend all of your time in the everyday operation of your business.

How many square feet does it take to open Blaze Pizza?

The typical size required by the company is 2,200 square feet up to 3,000 square feet, and you will have to add an outdoor patio. However, Blaze Pizza company allows you to have at least 1,800 square feet up to 3,200 square feet depending on the location.

How much is a blaze 11 in pizza?

11-Inch Pizzas

Build Your Own Pizza $9.95
1/2 and 1/2 Byo Pizza $9.95
2 Top Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $7.45
Simple Pie $6.45

How big are blaze large pizzas?

Blaze’s new 14-inch pizzas feature scratch-made dough and 100 percent real ingredients, similar to the current individual 11-inch pizzas, but their larger size makes them ideal for sharing.

What size pizza does blaze have?

The new pies measure 14 inches across, compared with the 11-inch version that has been the chain’s signature. The smaller pizzas are marketed as individual-sized and are custom-made to each customer’s specifications, and have been available for delivery through several third-party services.

Does LeBron own blaze pizza?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Blaze Pizza has more than 340 restaurants across 41 states and six countries. The chain gained national attention in 2012 when NBA superstar Lebron James invested $1 million in the company — which then grew to a $35 million investment.

How many people does a 10in pizza feed?

The average small personal pizza with a diameter of 8-10 inches yields around six slices. A 10 inch pizza is 78 square inches and can serve 1-3 people.

How many slices are in a 11-inch Blaze Pizza?

So Blaze Pizza, whose 11-inch pies offer six slices, is now testing a 14-inch pizza that yields eight slices.

Why is Blaze Pizza so good?

Blaze’s pizzas take such a short time to cook because they are baked in the oven at a high temperature and the crust is very thin. Even with this thin crust and quick baking time, their pizzas taste amazing! The crust can get a little burnt but the cheese is melted properly and the pizza always comes out hot.

How many slices are in a blaze pizza?

‘Each 11-inch pizza has six thin slices, and it is very easy to eat the whole pie,’ Pine says.

Can you buy blaze pizza dough?

Blaze Pizza now offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pizza Kits that you can prepare and bake at home. The pizza kits come in individual and ‘Family Fun’ sizes. The individual kits includes a dough ball, dusting flour, and up to seven toppings.

How many people does a 14 inch pizza feed?

The medium-sized pizza measures around 14 inches and serves about five people. Then, the large pizzas sometimes go over 18 inches and would solve the craving for six or eight pizza fans.

Is 11 inch pizza big?

Small pizzas average between 8 and 10 inches in diameter and will yield about six slices. Medium pizzas run 12 inches in diameter and will give you about eight slices. Large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and will offer approximately 10 slices.

How many slices are in a large blaze pizza?

Large pizzas are similar to the chain’s original 11-inch personal pizzas – made with fresh dough and real ingredients – but their 14-inch size, cut into 8-slices, make them perfect for sharing. Pizza varieties include Build-Your-Own, Meat Eater, Green Stripe, Veg Out, BBQ CHKN, and Red Vine.

Is LeBron James a billionaire?

LeBron James Net Worth – $500 Million

It’s only a matter of time before James is a billionaire. LeBron entered the NBA at age 18, and has made over $385 million in his career to this point.

Is Blaze Pizza owned by Chipotle?

Blaze Pizza is a Pasadena, California-based fast-casual dining restaurant chain that serves pizza. Founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels, Blaze Pizza was modeled after Chipotle’s made-to-order approach to serving customers.

Blaze Pizza.

Blaze Pizza in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

How much did blaze pay LeBron?

He gambled on fast-growing Blaze Pizza, reportedly paying less than $1 million for a 10% slice of the made-to-order assembly-line-style pizza chain; Blaze now has more than 300 company-owned and franchised stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

How much does Blaze Pizza pay?

The average Blaze Pizza hourly pay ranges from approximately $12 per hour for a Pizzaolo to $22 per hour for a General Manager. Blaze Pizza employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.8/5 stars.

How much does Blaze Pizza franchise cost?

To start with, it is important to point out that Blaze Pizza has a franchise fee of up to $30,000, with total initial investment range of $454,400 to $1,131,000. Every interested investor must be ready to meet up with this requirement.

How much is Blaze Pizza?

Blaze Pizza is a fast casual pizza restaurant chain known for giving their customers the choice to build customized pizzas by choosing from various cheeses, veggies, meats, and sauces. Blaze Pizza prices are pretty affordable and most can be had for around $8.

Is Blaze Pizza any good?

Not only was the service impeccable, but the knots and veggie pizza were delicious. I’ll definitely be returning. If you’re in the area, or not, and want great service and good pizza, give them a try. They’re new to the neighbor but not new to making sure customers are happy and satisfied. Great job Blaze pizza.

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices 2022 – Full Menu with Prices

The Blaze Pizza menu pricing have been revised for the year 2022 as of January 15, 2022. Please be advised that Blaze Pizza pricing and the availability of menu items might vary from location to location and from order to order.

About Blaze Pizza.

  • Blaze Pizza LLC is a restaurant corporation headquartered in Pasadena, California.
  • In 2011, Elise and Rick Wetzel (formerly of Wetzel’s Pretzels) launched the company.
  • Despite the fact that LeBron James was one of the chain’s early investors, the name ″Blaze Pizza″ alludes to the speed with which a ″Fast Fired″ create-your-own pizza may be prepared in a Blaze high-temperature open-flame oven: The whole cooking time is around 3 minutes.
  • The company Blaze Pizza had 300 stores in 42 states and five countries as of November 2018.


Build Your Own Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza $8.45
BBQ Chicken Pizza $8.45
Green Stripe Pizza $8.45
Art Lover Pizza $8.45
Red Vine Pizza $8.45
Veg Out Pizza $8.45
Link In Pizza $8.45
White Top Pizza $8.45


Caesar (Side Salad) $3.95
Tomato, Basil & Ovalini (Side Salad) $3.95
Roasted Veggie & Gorgonzola (Side Salad) $3.95
Beet & Goat Cheese (Side Salad) $3.95
Antipasto (Entree Salad) $7.25
Chicken Caesar (Entree Salad) $7.25


S’more Pie $2.00


Fountain Drink $2.10
Water Bottle $1.95
Milk $1.95

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Blaze Pizza Menu with Prices [Updated 2022]

  • Every order at Blaze Pizza is delivered in an average of 3 minutes, according to the company.
  • That’s an impressively quick response.
  • When it comes to finding a restaurant that serves tasty pizzas in a timely manner, Blaze Pizza is the place to go.
  • A variety of pizzas are available, including chipotle ranch chicken, giant pepperoni, cheesy bread bundle, two-topping pizza, DIY pizza kit, as well as salads and sides as well as beverages and desserts, as well as wine and beer.

You may go there with your buddies and have great pizzas and a few beers for less than $50.00 per person.I’ll share my thoughts on the most recent Blaze menu with you in this blog.Aside from the Blaze Pizza menu and prices, I will also provide you with the franchising information, contact information, and nutritional breakdown of the products on the Blaze Pizza menu that are now available.Blaze Pizza is a culinary franchise headquartered in California that was launched in 2011 by Rick and Elise Wetzel.

Blaze Pizza’s first location was established in Pasadena, California, in the United States of America.The notion of made-to-order is at the heart of the business, which means that your pizza will be produced using the ingredients of your choice.Blaze Pizza was an immediate success.Even NBA superstar LeBron James was one of the company’s early investors.Blaze Pizza has even been dubbed the ″new Chipotle″ by the venerable media outlet Bloomberg.

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices

  • Blaze Pizza’s menu includes a variety of items such as pizzas, salads, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, pies, lemonades, and other sweet treats.
  • Blaze Pizza’s extensive selection of pizzas, including their ″create-your-own pizza″ option, is what has made them such a big success.
  • Customers may customize their meals by selecting their own ingredients.
  • In addition to meats, veggies, and cheeses, there are more than 40 different fresh toppings to choose from.

If you are visiting Blaze Pizza for the first time, their team will be happy to assist you in selecting the best ingredients for your own personal pizza creation.All of their pizzas are produced from scratch using handmade dough that has been fermented and allowed to rise for 24 hours before being baked and served.Each of their orders is topped with ingredients that are nutritious, fresh, and tasty.Customers may choose from a variety of vegan and gluten-free pizza alternatives.

Blaze Pizza’s menu pricing are quite reasonable in comparison to other pizza places.A large pizza will cost you roughly $8 dollars.In addition, unlike other pizza businesses, Blaze Pizza does not charge extra for additional toppings on the side.And with that, let’s have a look at the Blaze Pizza ordering options.


11-Inch Pizzas

Take Two

New DIY Pizza Kits

Salads and Sides

Look at the current official prices of the Boston Pizza menu.

Drinks and Dessert

Beer and Wine

Blaze Pizza Supporting Hours

Due to the possibility of closing at 12 a.m., please double-check with the establishment in advance.

Blaze Pizza Nutritional Information

You may check out the nutritional breakdown of the products on the Blaze Pizza menu by clicking on the link provided earlier in this paragraph.

Blaze Pizza Franchising Information

Currently, there are over 300 Blaze Pizza stores in nations such as the United States of America, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. The following is the cost of setting up shop in order to operate a Blaze Pizza restaurant: $30,000.00 Also, check out the most recent Panago menu pricing.

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Blaze Pizza Contact Details

Blaze Pizza’s headquarters are located at 35 N Lake Ave., Suite 710, Pasadena, California 91101, United States of America. Call the Blaze Pizza corporate office at (626) 584-5880 for more information. You can also get in touch with the team at Blaze Pizza by filling out the contact form found on their website.

Social Profiles

Blaze Pizza has a Facebook page at Blaze Pizza has an Instagram account at Blaze Pizza’s Twitter handle is

Blaze Pizza Menu With Prices (Updated: March 2022)

  • Blaze Pizza is a quick casual pizza restaurant business that is notable for allowing their customers to create personalized pizzas by selecting from a variety of cheeses, vegetables, meats, and sauces to put on their pies. Blaze Pizza’s pricing are reasonable, with the majority of their offerings costing less than $8. Blaze Pizza, in contrast to the rest of the pizza industry, does not typically charge for each individual topping. However, although they are largely renowned for their pizzas, there are other salad options to pick from in addition to a variety of sweets and beverages. Toppings for pizzas include the following options: Veggies – Artichokes, Arugula, Bell Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Chopped Garlic Fresh Basil, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Pepperonicini, Pineapple, Sauteed Onions, Spinach, and Zucchini
  • Meats – Applewood bacon, Crumbled Meatballs, Grilled Chicken, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Salame, and Smoked Ham
  • Cheeses – Goat,

The most recent Blaze Pizza menu pricing may be found below.

View Estimated Prices in Your State


Food Size Price


Build Your Own Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza $8.45
BBQ Chicken Pizza $8.45
Green Stripe Pizza $8.45
Art Lover Pizza $8.45
Red Vine Pizza $8.45
Veg Out Pizza $8.45
Link In Pizza $8.45
White Top Pizza $8.45


Caesar (Side Salad) $3.95
Tomato, Basil & Ovalini (Side Salad) $3.95
Roasted Veggie & Gorgonzola (Side Salad) $3.95
Beet & Goat Cheese (Side Salad) $3.95
Antipasto (Entree Salad) $7.25
Chicken Caesar (Entree Salad) $7.25


S’more Pie $2.00


Fountain Drink $2.10
Water Bottle $1.95
Milk $1.95
  • Blaze Pizza was started by Rick and Elise Wetzel, who were also the founders of Wetzel’s pretzels, because they wanted to fill a void in the business that they saw as being unfilled by others.
  • They were aware that there were pizza businesses where you could personalize your pizza, but they were under the impression that you had to wait while it was baking.
  • Furthermore, they were aware of low-cost pizza restaurants that served pre-made pizzas but did not allow for much customization.
  • In addition to customizing their pizzas, Blaze Pizza allows consumers to see as their pizza is baked right before their eyes in a couple of minutes.

You might be expecting to pay a lot for this service, but Blaze Pizza pricing are really inexpensive, and you can buy just about any pizza for less than $8 at their location in West Hollywood.Visit Blaze Pizza’s official website to learn more about the company and to locate a store in your area.

Blaze Pizza Menu Prices (Updated March 2022)

  • Blaze Pizza is a manufacturer and distributor of ″rapid fire’d″ artisanal pizzas that are made fresh to order.
  • Every meal is prepared in one of their stone hearth ovens, which can achieve temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius, resulting in an average cooking time of 180 seconds for each order placed.
  • They have a selection of nine distinct pizzas to choose from, as well as their renowned build-your-own option.
  • All of their pizzas are produced from scratch with dough that has been fermented and allowed to rise for 24 hours before being baked.

Every meal is also topped with nutritious, tasty ingredients that are sourced locally.With over forty toppings to select from, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.Consequently, if you’re searching for high-quality, super-fast pizza, stop by your local Blaze Pizza location now.



Build Your Own Pizza $8.45
1 Top Pizza $6.75
Simple Pie Pizza $5.55
Meat Eater Pizza $8.45
BBQ Chicken Pizza $8.45
Green Stripe Pizza $8.45
Art Lover Pizza $8.45
Red Vine Pizza $8.45
Veg Out Pizza $8.45
Link In Pizza $8.45
White Top Pizza $8.45


Caesar (Side Salad) $3.95
Tomato, Basil & Ovalini (Side Salad) $3.95
Roasted Veggie & Gorgonzola (Side Salad) $3.95
Beet & Goat Cheese (Side Salad) $3.95
Antipasto (Entree Salad) $7.25
Chicken Caesar (Entree Salad) $7.25


S’more Pie $2.00


Fountain Drink $2.10
Water Bottle $1.95
Milk $1.95


  • It was started in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel, who were formerly the owners of a restaurant called Wetzel’s Prtezels.
  • The firm was formed by the pair in Pasadena, California, and the first facility, in Irvine, California, opened its doors in the spring of 2012.
  • The company’s first expansion was gradual, and a second site in Pasadena was opened in 2014.
  • Since then, the company has grown tremendously, with stores springing up all across the country as a result.

Blaze Pizza’s initial aim was to be comparable to other made-from-scratch franchises, such as ‘Chipotle,’ in terms of quality and taste.The name of the company was chosen to represent the rapidity with which their pizzas are prepared.They are also concerned with being environmentally friendly and emphasizing on sustainability, which is something that connects with environmentally conscious millennials.Their popularity can be shown in their quick expansion; by the end of 2014, the firm has launched 50 outlets in 15 states, demonstrating their appeal.

Another of the brand’s major focuses is the provision of fresh, wholesome, and nutritionally balanced meals.Director of culinary operations Brad Kent has a degree in food science and nutrition and is constantly aiming to provide a healthier, more delicious final product.The firm has received recognition for its success, and they were ranked second among the top 100 fast casual restaurants in the United States in 2015.Despite the fact that the business is showing no signs of slowing down, it has plans to establish a store every 5 days by 2020, resulting in an amazing 500 sites.They also have ambitions to open sites in other countries in the not-too-distant future, as well.With the phrase ″Intelligent choices for pizza, people, and the earth,″ this company exemplifies what they want to do.


  • There is a recurring motif in every Blaze Pizza location.
  • Using recycled wood and stainless steel as well as plenty of clean, comfy seating, each site is designed with a modern, urban flare.
  • To begin, you’ll need to choose a flavor: meat eater, art lover, green stripe or red vine, veg out or link in, white top or bbq chicken.
  • You may even create your own pizza by adding whatever toppings you’d like.

You’ll then be guided down their assembly-line, where you’ll be able to witness as your pizza is created by the company’s self-described ‘pizzasmiths’ at each stage of preparation.All of their ingredients are of the highest quality, and their crew is taught to be quick, entertaining, and wonderfully nice, so why not strike up a conversation with them while they prepare your order?This company is extremely sensitive to the dietary requirements of its consumers, and they provide gluten-free dough as well as vegan cheese.Along with these goods, they also provide additional options such as salads, soft drinks, and their s’more pie, a delectable pizza-like delicacy consisting of melted marshmallows sandwiched between biscuits and coated in melted chocolate.

One of the most commonly suggested items is their blood orange lemonade; make sure to get a glass to go with your meal.Furthermore, they are concerned with more than just your health; they are also concerned with your wallet, since their pricing are quite low, with goods ranging from $5 to $10.The result of having your order ″quick fire’d″ for 180 seconds in their very hot oven is a mix of: a thin, crispy crust that’s still soft in the middle; delectable, freshly prepared ingredients on top of the dough; and piping hot, perfectly cooked artisanal pizza.

How much does it cost to buy a blaze pizza?

If you operate a certified training shop, our first franchise fee is $30,000 per restaurant ($20,000 per restaurant if you operate a regular restaurant). It costs us 5 percent of gross sales to maintain a royalty fee, and it costs us 2 percent of total sales to pay for creative (promotion). Is it possible for me to get a territory in which to construct many Blaze Pizza restaurants?

How much is large blaze pizza?

Alternatively, the giant pizza may be ordered for $13.95 with one topping or $19.95 with a variety of options. There is also a special online order bargain for a big pepperoni pizza for $8.95, which can be ordered through the website.

How many slices are in a blaze pizza?

Calories Protein (g)
Calories Sort by Calories Protein (g)Sort by Protein (grams)
White Top (1 of 8 slices) 250 11
Take Two (Half Pizza) (Pizza only. Portion is for 3 slices.)
Art Lover (Half Pizza) 380 17

How much is half a pizza at Blaze?

Blaze Pizza is offering a limited-time deal at participating stores called the ″$5 Lunch Hack,″ in which you can order a half-pizza with as many toppings as you like for $5 on Mondays through Fridays until 4 p.m.

How do you order a blaze pizza?

There is a franchise fee of up to $30,000 and a total initial investment range of $454,400 – $1,135,000 for Blaze Pizza.

  1. Initial contributions ranging from $454,400 to $1,131,000 USD. Liquid cash requirements are $500,000, with a $30,000 franchise fee as the first step. Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5% to 6%
  2. On-the-Job Training: 60 hours Classroom training is 20 hours in length.

How much do Blaze Pizza owners make?

What does a Blaze Pizza franchise owner make on a monthly basis? Blaze Pizza is a major contender when it comes to starting a pizza franchise, as seen by the average Blaze franchise’s $930,000 in revenue last year.

What is a blaze signature pizza?

Using a secret formula established by Executive Chef Brad Kent (a.k.a. ″the Pizza Whisperer″), Blaze Pizza creates its fresh dough from scratch, which takes a 24-hour fermentation time in order to achieve the restaurant’s trademark light-as-air, crisp crust. Start placing your order right immediately, and you’ll be eating your next pizza in minutes instead of hours.

How do I get a free pizza from blaze?

Sign up for a Blaze Rewards account to earn Free Pizzas and to make your checkout experience even faster and more efficient.

How much does Blaze Pizza pay an hour?

Blaze Pizza Salaries

Job Title Salary
Team Member salaries – 127 salaries reported $11/ hr
Team Member salaries – 62 salaries reported $12/ hr
Shift Leader salaries – 30 salaries reported $13/ hr
Pizza Maker salaries – 26 salaries reported $10/ hr

How many slices are in a 11 inch pizza blaze?

According to Pine, ″each 11-inch pizza includes six thin slices, and it is quite simple to finish the entire pie.″

Why is Blaze Pizza so good?

It is possible for Blaze’s pizzas to cook in such a short amount of time because they are baked at a high temperature in the oven and the crust is extremely thin. Even with such a thin crust and a short baking time, their pizzas are really delicious! It is possible for the crust to become a bit scorched, but the cheese is properly melted and the pizza is always served hot.

Is blaze keto pizza good?

The dough held together well, and the texture was similar enough to a wheat crust that I may have been misled if I hadn’t known what I was looking at. The keto crust, even if I’m a die-hard carbohydrate fanatic and will almost certainly order the regular crust next time, is a game changer for pizza lovers following a ketogenic diet.

Does LeBron own blaze pizza?

During the period 2012-2017, LeBron James’ $1 million investment increased in value to a $35 million investment. James currently has a total of 19 Blaze Pizza franchises, with more on the way.

What makes blaze pizza different?

Blaze Pizza ferments its pizza dough for a full 24 hours before baking. Also unique about Blaze Pizza is that all of their crusts undergo a 24-hour fermentation process before to being baked. Blaze Pizza’s dough is created with filtered water, unbleached flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, and just a pinch of salt, and it is baked to perfection.

How much is a small blaze pizza?

Blaze Pizza Menu

Build Your Own Pizza $7.95
1 Top Pizza $6.45
Simple Pie Pizza $5.00
Meat Eater Pizza $7.95
BBQ Chicken Pizza $7.95

Blaze Goes After Big Chains with New Large Shareable Pizzas

  • New huge sharable pies from Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza went on sale Monday throughout the company’s entire system as part of a significant drive to boost the company’s digital delivery and carryout business while also capturing a greater portion of the $40 billion pizza sector. In the same way as the current individual 11-inch pizzas, Blaze’s new 14-inch pizzas are produced using scratch-made dough and 100 percent real ingredients. However, because of their bigger size, they are excellent for sharing among a group of people. Customers may create their own pizza from scratch or order one of the chef-inspired Signature Pizzas, which include the Meat Eater, Green Stripe, Veg Out, BBQ Chicken, and Red Vine. Shareable pizzas are offered only online from participating Blaze Pizza locations in the United States and Canada. They may be purchased using the Blaze Pizza app,, and delivery systems such as DoorDash and Postmates, among others. According to Daniela Simpson, General Manager of the Digital Growth Division at Blaze, ″consumers are continuing to seek for better-tasting, fresher-tasting, and more inventive solutions across virtually every food category.″ ″Traditional pizza delivery, on the other hand, has stayed stuck. Today, we’re here to shake up the pizza industry and offer customers what they deserve: a better slice of the pie. Each of our new sharing pizzas, which are delivered to your home, is created using dough that is prepared from scratch everyday, fresh ingredients, and innovative toppings. They are a fantastic value for money, and they are highly addicting. ″There is no longer any reason to compromise.″ Blaze is putting everything on the line to compete with the established pizza delivery firms across the board. Following a comprehensive launch, the company announced a series of initiatives aimed at cutting into Domino’s delivery and carryout business. These initiatives include:A new brand campaign titled ″Upgrade the Way You Pizza,″ which encourages consumers to try Blaze’s large shareable pizzas
  • a new website
  • and a new brand campaign titled ″Upgrade the Way You Pizza.″ The commercial urges consumers to take advantage of Blaze Pizza’s enhanced pizza experience by ordering delivery or picking up a takeout order.
  • Guests may receive a free upgrade to a Large Pizza when they order an 11-inch pizza on or the Blaze Pizza app from September 9 through September 12 at participating U.S. stores.
  • LeBron James makes a return in a follow-up to his viral video from 2016. ″Ron,″ Blaze’s most adored employee, will make a guest appearance in this episode, and fans will be delighted.
  • The Blaze Pizza app and online orders placed through or the Blaze Pizza website are eligible for free delivery from August 13 to September 29 at participating locations in the United States.
  • In the coming weeks, Blaze Pizza’s first national television advertisement, developed by independent creative firm Zeus Jones, will be broadcast on Hulu, Sling, Amazon, and other connected devices.
  • Online offers, like a $8.95 Large Pepperoni Pizza deal, are available at participating locations around the United States.
  • Considering that systemwide sales are likely to top $400 million in 2019, the company’s decision to grow beyond dine-in will enable it to compete in all three areas of the $40 billion pizza category: dine-in, delivery, and carryout.
  • In the next two years, it is predicted that sales through digital channels such as the website, the app, and third-party delivery would more than quadruple.
  • Blaze has 341 outlets spread throughout 42 states and six countries, according to its website.
  • It should be noted that neither QSR, Food News Media, nor Journalistic, Inc.

have confirmed the news and information included in this release.

Blaze adds large pizzas, launches ad campaign in delivery push

  • OperationsThe new pies are meant for sharing—as well as for outdoing Domino’s, according to company executives.
  • Blaze Pizza provided the image for this post.
  • This week, Blaze Pizza officially launched its bid for a greater portion of the pizza delivery industry with the release of giant pizzas, the launch of the brand’s first national television campaign, and the addition of fresh promotional support from investor and NBA superstar LeBron James.
  • The new pies are 14 inches in diameter, as opposed to the 11-inch version that has been the chain’s trademark for years.

The smaller pizzas are billed as ″individual-sized,″ and they are custom-made to each customer’s needs.They have been offered for delivery through a variety of third-party services since their introduction.It is anticipated that the larger versions will be marketed as shared and family-sized, making them more appropriate for delivery and catering orders.The fast-casual chain’s officials claim that studies showed that supper sales were somewhat higher than lunch sales in dollar volume, skewing what had previously been a 50-50 revenue balance between the two meals.

According to Daniela Simpson, head of Blaze’s digital growth section, the bigger pies will be available solely for online purchasing, however in-store requests will be handled.Similar to the 14-inch pizzas, she said that they would be advertised as takeaway and delivery alternatives, but that a group of people wishing to share one on-premise will not be turned away.A single employee will build the larger pizzas at a single station, rather than passing them down a production line like the smaller pies are.The employee will take a printout of the customer’s topping preferences and read them off the printout of the online purchase.According to Blaze co-founder Rick Wetzel, the preparation takes place on a second prep line that has been present in restaurants nearly since the introduction of the concept, albeit it has been used only infrequently until now.Blaze’s huge pies are produced in the same ovens as are used to create the smaller pizzas.

During prelaunch tests, Simpson explained that the ovens’ capacity allowed both types of pies to be baked at the same time with plenty of room left over, according to Restaurant Business.There are five typical varieties of the pie available, including vegetarian and vegan options.Simpson explained that the pies were particularly designed with a little thicker crust in order to ensure that they would travel nicely.She stated that the pizzas had been in stores for two months to iron out any issues and gather information, but she did not provide sales figures.Some locations will also offer a limited-time online special for bargain hunters: a $8.99 pepperoni pie that will compete with Domino’s normal pizza in terms of price and quality.

  • Blaze is hailing the release of the new line as a significant step forward in its newly launched campaign to dethrone Domino’s as the nation’s most popular delivery pizza option.
  • But, according to Wetzel, taking on the sector leader will not entail matching the discounts offered by the larger business.
  • According to him, a careful analysis of the two companies’ menus indicates that Blaze is already a better bargain since it does not pinch and dime customers for each and every topping option available.
  • With the new advertising campaign, the restaurant hopes to draw attention to the bigger pies available.
  • A reference to Blaze’s use of fresh ingredients and dough is included in the theme, which is ″Upgrade the way you pizza.″ It will be shown on Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon TV, among other platforms.

Providing assistance to the agency’s work In a new social media video, James plays the role of Zeus Jones.He poses as ″Ron,″ a Blaze employee who happens to be on a delivery run at the time of his interception.A stack of boxed pizzas is lugged about by him, and those who see him are applauded and given one of the pizzas at no charge.The film is an update of the viral spot that James produced for Blaze in 2016, which was met with widespread popularity, according to the restaurant chain.Pizza business Papa John’s launched an ad last Thursday that included another NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal, in a tactic that could be described as guerrilla warfare.Blaze Pizza, with 341 locations and estimated systemwide sales of $400 million in 2019, has a long way to go before it can catch up to Domino’s, a 5,876-location monster with chainwide sales of $6.59 billion.

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Lebron James-invested Blaze Pizza chain coming to Panama City Beach area

  • PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA — Blaze Pizza, one of the nation’s fastest-growing pizza companies, wants to build a location in Panama City Beach in the near future.
  • Announcing their expansion into Florida, Texas and Tennessee earlier this week, Blaze Pizza, which was formed in 2011, revealed that they had signed development agreements for a total of 16 new stores.
  • Current plans anticipate having a location available by the winter, with Pier Park being considered as a possible choice for the project.
  • Within the following several years, the planned PCB site is projected to serve as the starting point for an expansion plan that will include the Panhandle and surrounding states like as Alabama and Mississippi.

Blaze Pizza, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, has more than 340 locations in 41 states and six countries worldwide.A $1 million investment by NBA superstar Lebron James in the firm, which later swelled to a $35 million investment, brought the franchise to national recognition in 2012.Blaze Pizza is noted for its savory handmade pizzas and a customized made-to-order menu prepared with fresh, natural ingredients that are devoid of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners.Blaze Pizza is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

To produce its pizza, Blaze Pizza employs an assembly-line method similar to those of Chipotle and Subway.A franchise owner in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Kunal Patel is leading the development of the Florida project, which will incorporate the city of Panama City.Patel and his family own and operate a variety of hotel properties throughout the United States, including properties affiliated with globally ranked brands such as Marriott, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, and Wyndham, among others.They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in hospitality and guest services to the fast-casual franchise.According to Patel, his family just relocated to the Panama City region, where he believes there is significant potential for expansion in the industry.He claims that the Panama City market is a popular tourist destination in Florida.

Patel further stated that Blaze Pizza is different from other pizza establishments.’What distinguishes Blaze from other fast-casual pizza ideas is that Blaze has been completely developed with the customer in mind,’ Patel explained.″The high-quality food and great service provided by the brand will rapidly win the hearts of the Panama City community,″ says the company.Blaze Pizza’s vice president of franchise development, Ed Yancey, stated that the firm is attempting to capitalize on a successful 2020 and carry that momentum into 2021.In addition, Yancey said that ″Blaze Pizza opened off this year with incredible momentum, which our development team has utilized to push our franchise expansion efforts, as seen by our recent multi-unit agreement signings.″ We are looking forward to tapping into the wealth of potential in these regions while exponentially expanding our footprint over the next few years.″ ″Texas and the Southeast have continued to be ideal markets for our brand, and we look forward to tapping into the wealth of potential in these regions while exponentially expanding our footprint over the next few years.″

How Big Is A 10 Inch Pizza? Buy The Right Amount

  • In the event that you are a pizza enthusiast, the likelihood of you ordering pizza at home increases.
  • For this reason, determining how much pizza to purchase and how to order the exact amount might save you a lot in food costs.
  • What is the size of a 10 inch pizza?
  • A 10 inch pizza has a surface area of 78 square inches and may accommodate 1-3 people.

Our suggestions are certain to be beneficial.Don’t let them pass you by!

How Big Is A 10 Inch Pizza?

  • Approximately six slices may be obtained from an average small personal pizza with a diameter of 8-10 inches.
  • A 10 inch pizza has a surface area of 78 square inches and may accommodate 1-3 people.
  • Customers can often choose between four different pizza sizes.
  • In terms of size, a small or personal pizza is between 8 and 10 inches in diameter and makes roughly six slices, whereas a 12-inch pizza (medium-sized) yields approximately eight slices.

Another point to consider is that a big 14-inch pizza yields around ten slices, but an extra-large pie has a circumference of 16-18 inches and yields at least 12 pieces.

How Much Pizza To Order?

Many pizza establishments provide a variety of pie sizes to allow customers to create their own personalized pizzas at their leisure. Nonetheless, there are certain elements that influence the measurement.

Confirm The Number of Slices

  • As previously stated, the usual slice to pizza size ratio is as follows: six slices (8-10 inches)
  • eight slices (12 inches)
  • ten slices (12 inches)
  • twelve slices (16-18 inches)
  • and fourteen slices (20 inches).

Please keep in mind that the size of the pizza might vary depending on the company from whom you get it. As a result, it’s best to speak with the cook ahead of time and establish how many pieces you’ll be getting for each pie.

The Number of People

  • Are you stumped as to what to serve your dinner guests this evening?
  • Make a reservation for pizza.
  • Delicious pizzas are the ideal concept for catering to a large number of people since this fast cuisine is universally attractive to everyone.
  • It may be simply customized to meet the specific needs of each individual.

This means that knowing how many people will be fed prior to placing an order is vital…………………………….Otherwise, you may wind up spending more or less money than you intended.Both of these situations are humiliating.


  • Aside from keeping track of how many people are there, you must also consider their ages.
  • For example, if you’re planning to greet a gathering of 40 people, take note of how many children will be there.
  • Children are notoriously difficult to divert from their food.
  • They are more likely to be preoccupied with other activities, such as running around and not eating.

All of these considerations influence the amount of pizza you should order.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of appetite.
  • Pizza appetites range from one slice to five slices on a regular basis for the most part.
  • People’s appetites vary, of course, depending on their individual characteristics.
  • Example: Your skinny buddy Jane will eat no more than two pieces of bread, but Peter, a gregarious eater who is constantly interested in food, will never stop until he has consumed at least six slices of the same bread.

It’s interesting to note that you might occasionally find yourself with varied appetites at different times of day or night.As a result, it would be beneficial if you took into consideration the appetites of your visitors while placing a pizza order.


  • You want to serve your visitors a wonderful dinner that is free of unpleasant ingredients, but what if some of your guests are vegetarians or don’t eat a lot of processed foods?
  • If some individuals prefer sausage pizzas, and others prefer tuna pizzas, what do you do when you have a diverse group of people?
  • There will always be exceptions, therefore you should be aware of their preferences before placing your order.
  • It is possible to build a vote poll for meals or to inquire about their favourite menu selections.

The Bottom Line: How Big Is A 10 Inch Pizza?

  • Because a 10-inch pizza is the same size as a personal pizza, it appears modest and is appropriate for dinners for two or three people.
  • Everyone is concerned with their diet and what they intend to consume, and everyone has varying levels of interest and taste in various foods and beverages.
  • Pizza is, after all, a junk meal, and as a result, there must be those among us who are not enthusiastic about it.
  • As a result, if you want to have a fantastic pizza party, our suggestions for buying the appropriate number of pizza for a large gathering are highly recommended.

4 Reasons Blaze Pizza Is the Best Pizza Chain Ever

Sarah is a huge fan of pizza. Over the years, she’s tried a variety of pizza restaurants, but Blaze Pizza remains her absolute favorite.

What Is Blaze Pizza?

  • Pizza chain Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes on personal-sized pizzas that may be customized to suit the customer’s preferences.
  • Their personal-sized pizzas are not as little as the personal-sized pies sold by Pizza Hut or other similar establishments.
  • The personal-sized pizzas at Blaze are more in the range of a medium-sized pie at other restaurants.
  • The crust, on the other hand, is thin, so if you’re very hungry, you might be able to consume an entire pie in one sitting.

I normally finish mine in two sittings, but sometimes it takes longer.Founded in 2011 by the same individuals that run Wetzel’s Pretzels in Pasadena, California, Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza joint.A build-your-own and made-to-order approach to serving consumers was adopted by Blaze, which was inspired by Chipotle’s idea.Blaze operates out of facilities in the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries.

Reason 1: Variety

  • One of the primary reasons I feel Blaze Pizza is the finest location to purchase pizza is that, unlike other pizza restaurants, Blaze Pizza offers a diverse selection of toppings from which you may choose.
  • Furthermore, you may select the sort of crust you would want on your pizza, such as keto crust, regular thin crust, cauliflower crust, or high rise crust.
  • When you visit Blaze Pizza, you may customize your pie by choosing from a variety of toppings and adding them to your pizza.
  • There are a variety of toppings to pick from, so there is something to suit every taste.

If you don’t want to make your own pizza, Blaze Pizza also sells pre-made pizzas that have a pre-made list of components that you may purchase.Continue by scrolling down.

Read More From Delishably

  • A large selection of cheeses are available at Blaze Pizza, including shredded mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan, feta, goat cheese, ovalini, ricotta, and gorgonzola.
  • In Blaze Pizza, you may choose from a number of sauces to add on your pizza, including the traditional red sauce, which is similar to tomato sauce, the spicy red sauce, the white cream sauce, and the garlic pesto.
  • Additionally, there are other meats to pick from, including bacon, grilled chicken, sausage, salami, ham, pepperoni, meatballs, and spicy chorizo, to name a few.
  • If you want vegetables on your pizza, Blaze Pizza provides a large selection of vegetables to pick from as well.

On your pizza, you can use ingredients such as spinach, olives, mushrooms, pineapples, garlic, onions, artichokes, banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, bell peppers, jalapenos, and oregano, as well as other herbs and spices.Blaze Pizza even offers sauces that may be poured on top of your pizza once you have completed assembling all of your toppings.Olive oil, ranch dressing, bbq sauce, buffalo sauce, and balsamic glaze are some of the sauces available.Ordinarily, I choose a thin crust pizza with classic red sauce and toppings such as mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, pineapples, bacon, sea salt, and oregano.

The staff inform you that if you pile on too many toppings on your pizza, it will make the pizza too heavy to hold together.Although it is possible for the crust to become soggy when the pizza is heavy, you can opt to include as many toppings as you like on your pizza.There truly isn’t any upper limit.

Reason 2: Price

  • Another reason that Blaze Pizza is the finest location to purchase pizza, in my opinion, is that they sell their pizzas at an extremely inexpensive price.
  • It doesn’t matter how many toppings you pile on your pizza; the price remains the same regardless.
  • A build your own pizza costs around $11, so you can have a whole lunch for less than $15 if you include a drink.
  • I’ve gone to other build-your-own pizza shops, and some of them charge you by the toppings you choose to put on your pizza, which I find unfair.

At Blaze, it doesn’t matter if you put three toppings on your pizza or ten toppings on your pizza; the pricing will remain the same.However, if you opt for the pizzas that come with a predetermined selection of toppings, the cost may be cheaper.When ordering a pizza from a business like Pie Hut or Dominos, the more toppings you select, the more costly the pizza becomes.Also, a medium-size pizza at Dominos may easily cost $15 already, and then there is an additional charge for the drink, making it more costly than Blaze.

Reason 3: Size

  • The third reason that Blaze is the finest location to purchase pizza, in my opinion, is the size of their pizza.
  • It is stated on their website that their pizzas are personal-sized.
  • Their pizzas, on the other hand, are everything but little.
  • Their pizzas are really closer to full-sized pies in terms of size, but the crust is quite thin.

It’s possible to finish the pizza in one sitting if you’re extremely hungry, but it’s normally sufficient for two meals.For the money you are paying, the size of the pizza is more than adequate.When compared to other pizza restaurants, I believe that $11 for a full-sized pizza is really reasonable.Blaze will undoubtedly fill you up and fulfill your hunger for pizza in one sitting.

Reason 4: Speed and Quality

  • The final reason that Blaze is the finest location to purchase pizza, in my opinion, is the speed with which the pies are prepared and the good quality of the product.
  • A pizza from Blaze is advertised as ready in 180 seconds, which is equal to three minutes in real time.
  • However, they are really busy, and I usually have to wait about 10 minutes before my pizza is done.
  • When compared to other pizza delivery services, 10 minutes is not excessively long.

Other pizza restaurants might take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to prepare your pizza order.It is possible for Blaze’s pizzas to cook in such a short amount of time because they are baked at a high temperature in the oven and the crust is extremely thin.Even with such a thin crust and a short baking time, their pizzas are really delicious!It is possible for the crust to become a bit scorched, but the cheese is properly melted and the pizza is always served hot.

I’ve never had a problem with the quality of the pizza I’ve had here.The coronavirus and social distance have caused wait times to be a little longer at the facility.There are a limited number of individuals who can be in the restaurant at the same time to order and wait for their meal to be prepared.Due to the constant bustle in the stores, finding a table has become even more difficult.Previously, it was tough to locate a table.If at all possible, I recommend that you get your pizza to go.

Blaze Pizza Menu: The Best and Worst Foods — Eat This Not That

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual restaurant franchise that is dedicated to providing healthier cuisine for both people and the environment.A large variety of build-your-own pizza and salad options, as well as a range of predefined pizza topping combinations, are available at this pizza joint.In addition to using only fresh, handcrafted dough on a daily basis, Blaze Pizza does not use any artificial ingredients on its menu.Blaze Pizza, with all of its key values in place, may be a terrific alternative for anyone looking to satisfy a pizza desire.Blaze Pizza’s menu was reviewed by specialists Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, CLT, and LeeAnn Smith Weintraub, MPH, RD, to identify some of the healthiest alternatives, ranging from salads to pizzas to desserts.The results revealed that the healthiest and least nutritious menu items were identified.

11-Inch Pizza

The following are the nutritional values for one slice: 110 calories, 1.5 g saturated fat, no trans fat, 200 mg sodium, 15 g carbohydrates (1 g fiber, no sugar), 5 grams protein The smaller, 11-inch pizzas come with a variety of healthy alternatives, whether you order one from the menu or create your own unique creations.According to nutritionists, the red vine pizza is one of the most delicious selections available.Weintraub points out that the red vine is lower in salt and fat than many of the other alternatives, and Pine recommends substituting ovalini mozzarella for the standard shredded cheese for even fewer calories and fat while maintaining the great cheesy flavor.In one slice, there are 150 calories, 8 g fat (4 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 280 mg sodium, 4 g carbohydrates (2 g fiber, 2 g sugar), and 14 g of protein.Pine, on the other hand, prefers the keto pizza as an alternative.In spite of the fact that this pizza has a few more calories and saturated fat than some of the other pizzas, Pine advises eating only a few of pieces at a time.

″According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 100 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes.Because pizza has just 4 grams of carbs per slice, these people can eat more than one piece and yet enjoy something that they otherwise would not be able to eat because of their health conditions.″ A fair quantity of protein and veggies are provided, and the salt content is lower than that of many of the other menu items.OTHER RELATED MATERIAL: Your ultimate restaurant and supermarket survival guide is finally out!1 slice has 130 calories, 4.5 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 350 mg sodium, 15 g carbohydrates (including 1 g fiber and 1 g sugar), and 6 g protein.

If you’re looking for healthier pizza alternatives, you might want to avoid the BBQ chicken pizza, for example.Unfortunately, even one slice of this choice contains a significant amount of salt.In addition, the barbecue chicken pizza has just onions in terms of vegetables, which is clearly not ideal for a healthy diet.

The following are the nutritional values for one slice: 150 calories, 7 grams of fat (3 grams of saturated oil, 0 grams of trans fat), 350 milligrams of sodium, 16 grams of carbohydrate (including 1 grain of fiber and 1 grain of sugar), and 6 grams of protein The meat-pizza eater’s is just as unhealthy as the vegetarian’s pizza due to the high salt level and the fact that this pizza is exclusively topped with processed meats.According to Pine, ″each 11-inch pizza includes six thin slices, and it is quite simple to finish the entire pie.″ 7.5 dill pickle spears have approximately the same amount of sodium as one slice when the sodium content of one slice is multiplied by six.As an added bonus, Pine notes that ″the American Institute for Cancer Research suggests restricting processed meats, such as pepperoni, in order to help avoid some forms of cancer.″

Large Pizza

200 calories per slice, 5 g fat (2.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 370 mg sodium, 30 g carbohydrate (2 g fiber, 2 g sugar), and 8 g protein per slice When it comes to the larger pizzas, there are still plenty of delicious alternatives to enjoy with friends and family without compromising your health.The red vine has reclaimed the throne once more.According to Pine, ″This non-meat pizza includes 8 grams of protein each slice, which is quite a lot for a pizza without meat.″ Additionally, both the red sauce and the cherry tomatoes will provide you with an antioxidant dosage of lycopene,″ she adds.The following are the nutritional facts for one slice: 240 calories, 8 g fat (3.5g saturated fat, 0g trans fat), 500 mg sodium, 30 grams of carbohydrates (including 1 grain of fiber, 2 grams of sugar), 11 grams of protein It should come as no surprise that the very green pizza known as the green stripe is also a healthier alternative.Plenty of vegetables are strewn across the top, and grilled chicken breasts provide lean protein.″The addition of chopped garlic not only enhances the flavor of the dish, but it also provides a dosage of potent anti-inflammatory antioxidants,″ Pine explains.

Pine cautions that the calories and salt content might still be excessive, and that you should limit your serving size.The following are the nutritional values for one slice: 270 calories, 11 gr fat (5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 590 mg sodium, 31 gr carbohydrates (2 gr fiber, 2 g sugar), and 12 g protein.Because of the processed meats on the meat-eater pizza, it is also one of the worst choices in the big pizza category as a result of its size.Weintraub points out that it has the greatest number of calories when compared to the other options, as well as a significant amount of saturated fat.

1 slice has 250 calories, 9 g fat (4 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 710 mg sodium, 31 g carbohydrate (2 g fiber, 2 g sugar), and 10 g protein (per serving).The hot link is experiencing similar difficulties.When ordering these pizzas or any other pizza, Pine suggests asking for less cheese than the usual quantity or substituting vegan cheese for the regular cheese to limit the amount of saturated fat.

Pine also believes that substituting grilled chicken for the Italian sausage, which is high in salt and saturated fat, would make the hot link a healthier alternative.On the other hand, devouring around four slices of hot link pizza, which is simple to do because of the thin crust, results in 3,000 mg of salt.″A total of around 2,300 milligrams is recommended for the entire day, providing you do not have high blood pressure,″ Pine explains.

Simple Salads

310 calories, 28 grams of fat (5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat), 910 milligrams of sodium, 13 grams of carbohydrates (5 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar), and 6 grams of protein Do you have a craving for the fresh tastes of a salad?According to Pine, the typical Greek salad is one of the more nutritious selections available in the salad department.It contains loads of veggies, as well as olive oil and Kalamata olives, which are both high in healthy fats.Pine suggests that you request less cheese to lower the amount of saturated fat in your dish and more chicken to enhance the quantity of protein for a more balanced dinner.You may also minimize the salt content of the dish by eliminating the olives if necessary.500 calories, 41 g fat (16 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 580 mg sodium, 12 g carbohydrates (4 g fiber, 5 g sugar), and 19 g protein per serving.

The salad with tomatoes and mozzarella appears t

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